Asoka (2001) Movie Script

I won't talk to you.
You will also leave me.
Grandfather too is leaving.
When you grow wings,
you too will fly away.
Emperor Chandragupta Mauya
has embraced Jainism...
for which he is abdicating,
giving up his throne...
his kingdom and his people.
Grandfather, Asoka has taken
your sword. He says it is his.
You are leaving me,
but the sword is mine.
Asoka, my son, this
is not just a sword.
It's a demon.
When drawn, it hungers blood.
It doesn't see friend or foe.
It sees only blood. Just blood.
Before it can do more harm,
let us get rid of it.
"This is not just a sword.
It's a demon.
It doesn't see friend or foe.
It sees only blood. Just blood."
The Takshila army is mightier
than ours.
Half our army has not reached.
General Shivrath, hasn't reached...
or my brother Susima
has not let it reach?
We will not lose. For even if
wars are fought on battlefields...
they are won by the mind.
Takshila army, keep moving.
Prince, Takshila army is advancing.
Stop them, General,
by force or by deceit.
Their army has been halved.
Now they want to surrender.
The enemy deserves a chance.
Don't you agree, General?
Takshila's flags are down.
We want to surrender, Prince.
Our army has laid down their weapons.
Takshila kneels before Magadha.
Surrender to me.
The weapon is with me.
That is no weapon.
This is a weapon.
The head that won't bow to us
will be cut off.
What are you taking with you?
All that and you say it's nothing?
Give us some of it.
Should I?
That's too much.
Want more?
- No, we'll share it.
You better smarten up.
Prince Asoka is arriving,
victorious from Takshila.
The stars never lie.
- Damn your stars.
Susima's mother is King Bindusara's
favored queen.
With her around no one will
dare eye the throne.
And what of Asoka's mother,
Queen Dharma?
She is less of a Queen
and more of a slave.
Only Prince Susima
can claim the throne.
Where is Susima?
General Shivrath.
The great General Shivrath.
It is you who suggested that
Asoka be sent to Takshila.
You said he would lose, didn't you?
"Send him with half the army
and he won't return alive."
You said so, right?
Then what is this?
What do we do with you now?
You have failed.
What is the fate of a defeated soldier?
Let me be sentenced to death.
Defeat hasn't crushed the warrior's
ego. He still holds his head high.
I want him to lower his head.
These arms and medals
belong to Magadha's proud army.
Do you think you deserve all this?
Take them off.
Strip him naked.
Here, brother.
The General is now ready for war.
He has lowered his head.
Now you can kill him.
You don't know Asoka. I have tried
to kill him all of eleven times.
Don't worry.
Asoka will die for sure.
You know your job well.
I advise you to attack him while
he is bathing in the river...
when he is most vulnerable...
emerging out of the water, then...
All I want is to know who sent you.
Long live King Susima.
You missed. Again.
See, there isn't a scratch on me.
I want you to leave Magadha.
- Why should I?
The coming six moonless nights
are not auspicious for you.
My good or bad luck rests
with my sword.
Is that your wish? I run away?
I'm no coward.
I'm not afraid of anyone, Mother.
- But I'm afraid.
How can you know a mother's pain?
9 months I nurtured you in my womb.
I am your son, Mother.
I will understand your pain.
Even if I have to carry you around
for nine months.
Let me know your pain, Mother.
You are right, Mother.
Nine moments maybe...
but for nine months, you're too heavy.
Don't change the subject,
will you leave or not?
I heard you. I promise, Mother.
- I promise, Mother.
I promise, pundit-ji.
How are you?
We've not met since your return.
I heard that someone tried to kill you.
Someone did try to kill me, yet again.
Who would want that, Asoka?
A fool that misses each time.
Beware, Asoka.
One shouldn't underestimate the enemy.
He who faces me with a sword
is my enemy.
Not someone who lunges from behind.
Either way, the one who survives
ascends the throne.
No, Susima.
The throne belongs to the one...
who has the courage to sit on it.
That's a childhood trait of yours.
What I want, what I like...
is your desire too.
You even took Grandfather's sword.
Get off the throne, Asoka.
Make me do so, Sugatra.
Not like this, Sugatra.
If you must have the throne
then fight for it.
In front of everyone.
Meet me tomorrow morning
and I'll fight you, before everyone.
Tomorrow morning...
in front of everyone.
Sleep well, Asoka.
Tonight is your last night.
You are finished.
I will fight him.
Go ahead... fight him.
He dared to sit on the throne today.
Tomorrow, he may raise the sword
on me.
Your Majesty, it is my belief that
we analyze the situation...
Prime Minister, my belief is
that you stay silent.
It's you who has encouraged him.
- Why blame the Prime Minister?
Asoka is under Dharma's control.
Stop him, Dharma.
If something should happen tomorrow...
the blame will be entirely yours.
What's happening here?
Mother is taking a vow of silence.
- That will not happen here.
Everyone, leave.
What childishness is this?
A vow of silence, for life?
You won't talk to me ever again.
Why, Mother?
She won't speak to anyone.
Mother says why speak
when her own child turns a deaf ear?
Mother wants you to leave Magadha
and strive to live an ordinary life...
Give her your word that no one will
come to know you're Prince Asoka.
I must go? Leave?
So that others can laugh at me
for running away scared?
You don't want your son to sit on the
throne? But I wanted it for you.
Here. I give in. Now speak to me.
Vitasoka, tell Mother to greet
an ordinary man.
Mother's like you, brother.
She won't speak till you leave.
All right, I'll go.
Even if you ask, I won't return.
Speak to me.
Brother won't be here.
He has gone, leaving Magadha.
Gone? So he's scared.
The brave Prince has fled
to save his life.
Idiot. Change your tune.
What's the matter with you?
Friends like us have nothing to hide.
Last night, when I went home,
my wife was not there.
Where did she go?
When I asked her in the morning...
she said she was
with her friend, Kamini.
Silly. She must have been with Kamini.
You idiot, I was with Kamini.
No, I was with Kamini.
I was there too.
You must have gone after me.
Strange. My wife's name
is also Kamini.
That dark one?
- Yes.
Have you heard? Prince Asoka
has gone leaving Magadha.
He must have gotten scared
of Prince Susima.
When Jupiter enters
its twelfth position...
every great man must go into exile.
- Really?
Like Rama, Pandavas, Princes.
You're not from here. Who are you?
An ordinary traveler.
The sun remains the sun
even behind clouds.
Your destiny indicates
that you are in no way ordinary.
What lies in my destiny then?
That I am a prince?
One day I will be enthroned?
Be an emperor?
Even emperors are ordinary.
Your destiny transcends the throne.
Whose destiny can surpass
that of an emperor's?
A traveler's... when his journey
has been completed.
Eat, child. In Kalinga no one
goes to sleep hungry. You eat too.
Here, Pawan. It's good food.
Pawan, eat this. It's tasty.
Why should you eat? You too
miss Mother's hand feeding you.
No fuss. I'm an ordinary man.
You an ordinary horse.
No royal palace
or sumptuous dishes for us.
Now, it's the ground to sleep on...
the open sky above...
and pretty princesses
who now exist only in our dreams.
Go, you searching wind, go away
Go seek out my beloved
One good enough for me
It cannot be...
If there is...
Then maybe we can be together
Go... go...
The sky is a poet's page
And I its poem
Someone like me...
Is rare in this world
Touch me not...
That's a dare...
It would start raging fire
Go... go...
I didn't see a thing.
I was just listening.
You swim...
I mean you sing very well.
What's your name?
I don't talk to strangers.
- Stranger?
Do you not feel
that we have met before?
In some other place, in another time...
Who are you?
Pawan (the Wind). And you?
Why are you following me?
Your voice drew me.
I am warrior blood. You risk death.
I am dead.
My warrior.
Pawan, this place is unfit for a horse
like you. Wait here.
Look, another one in search
of the same thing.
You won't find...
Nobody will.
- Not who, 'What'.
100 shining, clinking gold coins.
Reward for finding Prince Aya
and Princess Kaurwaki.
You're very pretty.
And you're the prettiest, Meghna.
Meghna? My name's Urvashi.
- Doesn't matter, you're all pretty.
Who is there? Will someone dare
to take up my challenge?
Friend, you seem new here.
How about you?
Come, show us your mettle.
Go... go.
Brave youngsters these days
parade around with twigs.
Give it back.
- Sit. Win it back.
What's your name?
- Pawan (the Wind).
A horse's name.
His father must be 'Badal' (cloud).
Look behind...
There's no one.
You won by cheating.
- Either way, I won.
You must fight me again.
- Let go.
I will not.
No way out.
You'll have to fight.
Where were you last night?
I've been waiting for ages.
Who are all these people?
Come home now, I'll show you.
You are the first to defeat Virat.
Come with me.
You've not been drinking, have you?
- No.
You take over the bullock cart.
It's dangerous to drink and ride.
He's right, let's go.
Woke up, finally? Will you just
sit around? Or will you work?
What work?
- You must work if you want to stay.
If not, you should leave.
I can do any kind of work.
This work I cannot do.
Greetings. I'm new to this.
You could face some discomfort.
Even so, please don't move.
And please don't kick.
Your eyes too are beautiful.
You? Why are you following me?
I am following you?
Yesterday I was in the forest and
you emerged from the waterfalls.
Now you're here on the pretext
of getting milk.
And what were you doing in my dream
last night?
At least tell me your name.
Give me the milk.
- Look, over there.
Hey, Warrior.
Stop. Princess Kaurwaki.
Yes, we found her.
The 100 gold coins are ours.
100 gold coins for her?
Back off. She is ours.
- Know how to swim?
Yes, of course.
And you?
That's good.
Lets go.
You crazy? If you can't swim then
why jump into the water?
What's wrong? Seems all of Kalinga
is after you...
Princess Kaurwaki.
You're among them. For you,
all I mean is 100 gold coins.
I couldn't put a price on you.
The earth doesn't have
enough gold for that.
Stay with Aya. He is alone.
Stop. Who sent you?
Drink up.
When I'm king,
there will be food for all.
Don't tell anyone.
Who is this? Is he dead?
- It's just an injury. Go back inside.
How did he get hurt?
- Bheema hit him. Go inside.
Did he come to kill me?
Aya, go inside.
Why did you bring him here?
You know it's dangerous.
Why did you hit him?
- Aya, go inside.
First tell me, why you hit him.
- Aya, go inside.
Why did you bring him here?
He could be anyone,
a murderer, an assassin...
He saved my life, Bheema.
- Don't you know why?
He's after the same thing:
100 gold coins.
You may take your life lightly
but Aya is my responsibility.
Aya is my brother, General.
- Let's go then.
I can't leave him in this condition.
- You'll have to.
We are leaving from here.
- General, are you ordering me?
No. I'm just tying
to make you understand.
The rest is up to you.
Forgive me, Prince.
Please have your meal now.
Here, I'm Prince?
Inside you scold me?
Scold me then after eating.
- I don't wish to eat.
I want to go home
- Yes, Prince. We leave tomorrow.
Not tomorrow, today.
- I said tomorrow.
It's always tomorrow.
When I am king everything
will be settled today.
No tomorrows.
Kaurwaki, give it to me.
Mother, look at Kaurwaki.
It's all right.
It was only a nightmare.
I want to go home.
- Yes. We will go.
Where is Prince Aya?
I assure the senate that
Prince Aya will soon be with us...
to take the royal place
of his late father.
I have announced a 100 gold coin
reward to anyone who finds him.
It's not just a matter
of finding Prince Aya.
The King's assassins roam free.
What's happening in Kalinga?
Answer me.
There is a conspiracy brewing
in Kalinga.
The person involved is here
in this senate amongst us.
Who is he?
- You.
Or you. It may even be you.
- Me?
It could be anyone.
Suspecting each other is futile.
It's your responsibility to find
the culprit, Prime Minister.
We trust you.
Now Kaurwaki? Last night
another name was on your lips.
Is that so?
And what were you doing
so close to me last night?
Don't go. It still hurts...
If you leave, the pain will get worse.
My Warrior, listen.
- I don't want to hear.
But I want to say it.
- Fine. Say it.
Can I come close and say it?
- What are you doing?
- I saw him tying to tell you something.
He was telling me a story.
- I want to hear it too.
But I don't know any stories.
- I order you. Tell me a story.
Prince, don't get angry.
I will tell you a story.
Once, there was a prince.
- Like me?
A little older. He left his kingdom
and roamed the jungle.
Like us? Then what?
- One day he heard something...
Someone was singing.
The voice drew him to a waterfall.
He saw a princess, bathing...
Her lovely body, head to toe,
glistening with water drops.
And the prince fell in love.
At first sight.
- I knew it. Then?
Said the prince to the princess,
"You sing beautifully!"
The princess got angry,
picked up her sword.
Why? The prince didn't do anything.
He watched her bathe, you see.
- So? I too bathe in the open.
You're different.
The Princess had no clothes on her.
Aya, supper's ready. Come eat.
- But I want to hear the story.
First eat. Then the story.
How are you now?
- I'm fine.
I must find the rascal
who hit me from behind.
This rascal. He hits everybody.
We should leave now.
- By the way, where are you headed?
That's where I am going too.
We won't trouble you. Let's go.
Tell me the story.
What is this?
Left your work without warning?
Work when you please. Leave
when you please. This won't do.
She went away.
She didn't even look back.
Is it done?
Come, get ready.
Come, get ready.
Let's catch the evening boat.
Let's get on it. Come, let's go.
There will be an anchor, somewhere...
Somewhere there's a shore...
Let's go. Let's go.
Prepare yourself, then let's leave
Whether we swim or we sink...
We have to get across
The evening will be so pleasant
The words will be mine.
But the thought yours
The talk will be innocent...
sweet, diluted with honey
What is this surge of love?
Do I drown to experience it?
Can't you tell what it is?
Where could it lead?
The heart will burn,
the eyes will fill
You fight very well.
Here, straighten this.
I'll be leaving too.
- Wait.
The fight is not over.
- I warn you.
I have learnt the art of battle
from the great texts.
I know 18 tactics of fighting.
I do too.
All 18?
- All 18 of them. Come, fight.
Tell me, friend.
Do you know the 19th tactic?
Which is this 19th tactic?
The 19th tactic?
In the 19th tactic the warrior
fights his foe blindfolded.
Like this.
Pawan, Pawan.
Quiet, everyone.
What's new in that?
Even I know this tactic.
Prepare yourself.
Have you got the blindfold on?
- Yes.
You can't see anything?
- Not a thing.
You hit first.
Try again.
Keep at it.
Friend, remember... the '19th' tactic.
Will he be back?
Who, Pawan?
Yes, Pawan. I want to hear the story.
Here you go, prince. Eat some fruit.
Bheema, know any stories?
No for everything.
Tell us, who are you?
What are you doing here?
Princess, hide.
Were you looking for me?
When you left you did not look back
even once.
Take care of Aya.
Don't leave them, Bheema.
He will kill everyone.
Well, what's this?
The sun pendant.
It is our Prince Aya, isn't it?
Look, our Prince got scared.
Don't be afraid, Prince.
We won't do anything to hurt you.
You fight well.
Where did you learn?
I'm a soldier in the Magadha army.
You, soldier of Magadha army?
And I'm the General of Kalinga.
That makes us enemies.
How long?
How much longer will it take?
Do I have to wait for eternity
to ascend the throne?
Find Prince Aya and kill him.
As proof, hand me the sun pendant
he wears around his neck.
Why a sword in such beautiful hands?
I want to be as skilled as you
in wielding the sword.
To fight the evil ones.
- Who are they?
The ones who killed my parents.
I'm with you, Kaurwaki.
I will always be close to you.
I don't want to depend on others.
Then, hold the sword like this.
Let it be a part of your body.
Let it connect to your soul.
No fear, no hesitation...
No sense of life or death.
Focus only on your target.
Not like this.
Eye to eye...
Never shift your eyes
from your enemy.
I just touched my warrior
and she took offense.
Just imagine, she pushed me.
You men. You could not have said
or heard anything.
Probably grabbed the girl's hand.
- I did. So?
You need to be gentle with girls.
Some love, some flowers...
say some words of love.
Say what? Love speaks for itself.
Are you afraid of expressing love?
- I'm not afraid of anything.
Nonsense. Tell me, how does one
go about this love talk?
Here. Hold these flowers. Take it all.
Go tell her...
I love you... you alone.
I can't think of anything but you.
After meeting you
my world has changed.
I have changed.
I can't understand anything.
If I keep silent, I'll go mad.
All that? I can't do it.
Hold this? You have to say it.
I'm In love with you
- Right.
Only you.
- Perfect.
Keep at it and
I'll get some more flowers.
Ever since I have met you,
everythings changed.
I have changed,
you seem changed.
I can't think of anything
or anyone else but you...
Your love story brings tears
to my eyes.
Now your tears will flow.
My friend, not today.
Somebody is waiting.
They'll have to wait a lifetime.
Virat, my friend...
- Nothing will work today.
No blindfold, no 19th tactic.
Today nothing will work.
What if I say
there's someone behind you?
I won't look back.
There's someone behind you.
- I know there's no one.
Virat, somebody is there.
You're cheating again.
Telling me lies?
I'm leaving, my friend.
So? You promised you'll be
with me forever.
After that day, I see you today.
I won't speak to him ever,
didn't even tell me before he left.
Are you crying?
First, you fight with Pawan.
Then you sit here and cy?
Why should I cy?
What have I to do with him?
- Look, Pawan's horse.
You glass doll...
Sealed in your lips
is the lilt of love
But you won't speak
Or utter it
It lingers on your eyelashes
And lurks on lowered eyes
Come, listen.
Sweeter than sugar
are your veiled eyelids
You don't open your eyes
or reveal what they say
If you wish to cross the hills
I'll move mountains for you
If you seek shelter in the clouds
I'll ward off the monsoon rains
A bird in the sky will guide
you to the hill where the sun rises
Please introduce yourself, beautiful
Your smile is sweetness
You are a foreigner, will forget
me easily. Give me your promise
So I can wear it like a jewel
The prime minister of Magadha
has sent a message.
Please continue with the story.
The story... where were we?
The Princess's clothes...
She wore them, walked away,
and the prince followed her
Lovely princess,
alone in a dark forest...
What of wild animals?
Any wild animal seeing a
lovely princess would follow.
Then what happened?
The princess turned around
and said, "I am a princess...
If you follow me you
will get a tight slap".
The prince left then?
No, he was shameless.
Is this your story or mine?
You tell it then.
No, you tell it.
Why would our prince who braved
death bother over a slap?
He kept following the princess.
Suddenly, three monsters appeared.
Where was the prince from?
The prince had no kingdom.
It was stolen from him.
Just like us.
Someone stole our land as well.
Someone stole our Kalinga.
So what?
The sun is yours, the moon too.
All the stars up there are yours.
No one can take that away from you.
- Yes.
What's more, no man can
take your land away from you.
I'm there with you.
I'll get your land back for you.
Hey, warrior.
I... listen to me.
I have not told anyone this before.
Kaurwaki... listen.
Please listen.
Tell me.
Kaurwaki, I love you, only you.
I can't think of anything
or anyone but you.
Ever since I have met
you everything has changed.
I have changed.
I don't know what to do.
If I didn't tell you,
I would lose my mind.
I love you, only you.
I can't think of anything
or anyone else but you.
Ever since I have met you
everything has changed.
I have changed.
I'm glad you told me.
If you didn't,
I would lose my mind.
That's exactly what I said.
But you should say it like this.
Where were you?
With Pawan.
What were you doing?
Is this the way to behave?
That too with an ordinary soldier?
Bheema, don't forget who
it is you are talking to.
That's why I am speaking out.
It is not right for you
to associate with Pawan.
Careful, Bheema. I love Pawan.
You love Pawan?
Who is Pawan?
Where does he come from?
He says four nice words
to you and you think it's love?
How do you see it?
You think I don't know what love is?
You don't.
You don't know the difference
between love and a commoner's lust.
Don't forget
that you are just a General...
and I'm a princess.
You are my servant.
A slave to my royal family.
Yes, I'm a servant.
But who are you?
You think you are a princess?
The family you are so proud of...
What did you say?
What about my family?
Tell me, Bheema.
You were found by a fisherman.
Your origin is unknown.
No one knows your lineage...
The king adopted you.
Who am I then?
Nobody knows.
My warrior, why are you here alone?
I know what you are thinking.
Me, a princess. He, a mere soldier.
Arriving with his heart,
horse and sword.
Warrior. What happened?
What's wrong?
I am no warrior, Pawan.
Those who I thought
were my parents...
I am not of their blood.
They found me, Pawan.
They raised me as an orphan.
I have no identity, Pawan.
What difference is there...
between the blood of a warrior
and that of an ordinary man?
Nothing's changed. I love you.
Who do you love? Who am I?
You are my warrior, my princess.
Come with me.
Look. Look at the flame.
Are you going to push me away again?
Not so quick.
Tell me, what's my wedding gift?
I've given you my heart. What more?
Your horse.
He's yours.
Your sword.
- That too.
Your clothes.
Not in front of the horse.
What are you doing?
My Warrior... no... no...
I'll be right back.
Stand upright, don't bow.
Greetings, Prince Asoka.
Embrace me.
Why are you here?
Your mother wants to meet you.
Tell Mother I will not return.
She is very ill.
You may go.
What's the matter?
Mother's unwell.
You should go to her then.
What about you and Aya?
We'll be fine.
We'll stay here till you get back.
Please go.
You're leaving again?
I won't let you go.
Prince Aya, a matter of two days.
I'll return soon.
You did not even finish the story.
- Where were we?
Yes... the three monsters died.
The prince killed them all.
The Princess's anger turned to love.
The prince asked for
her hand in marriage.
She said yes, right?
Then the prince left.
Where to?
To his mother who was ill.
This is a sad story.
No way. The prince will return with
hundreds of horses and elephants... take his princess away.
Tell the prince to return soon.
His princess will be waiting.
The prince will come back
with hundreds of horses and elephants.
You take care of Kaurwaki.
Greetings, Prince.
Where is Mother?
- Come inside.
You lie to me and then want
God's forgiveness?
Had I not lied how would I see my son?
Seen me? Now I must leave.
Someone is waiting for me.
As lovely as a lotus,
a heavenly creature.
She is so beautiful.
Anyone who sees her...
Will become a poet?
No... a lover.
You forget the white hair.
White hair?
She is someone else but
you'll always be my first love.
Mere words. Who is she?
- Kaurwaki? What of her family?
All here. You, Vitasoka, me.
We are her family.
Mother, I have married her.
- Married?
Why didn't you bring her?
- Not like this.
When I do, Magadha will welcome her
The streets will be lit with lamps,
decorated with flowers.
Then I will tell her who I am.
- You've not told her yet?
I told a lovely white-haired lady
that I won't tell anyone.
Take the blessings of the King.
Praise the lord.
General, the rumor all over Kalinga
is that Prince Aya has been killed.
The senate has decided to place
someone else on the throne.
I know that's why it's important
that I go to Kalinga.
It's unsafe for Aya to go there now.
Princess, give me your anklet...
Aya, your necklace.
No one should know
they are hiding here.
Don't worry, General.
I will guard them with my life.
He's served the royal family for years.
You'll be safe here.
Don't go anywhere until my return.
Yes... now I have to listen
to the General's orders.
Greetings, Susima.
Where were you all these days?
Just wandering around.
Tomorrow morning,
in front of everyone.
I was just scaring you.
I don't want to fight.
Susima, I don't want
the throne or the crown.
I don't want anything.
Have you ever loved someone?
- No? You should.
Brother, he is tying to trick us again.
So, you've returned?
You remembered Magadha?
Forgive me, Your Majesty.
I wanted to...
A rebellion is threatened in Ujjaini.
Go there.
Any problem?
No, Your Majesty.
Are you missing Pawan?
- Yes.
He said that should I think of him
I should call his name out loud.
Then, he'll appear.
Should I call him?
You call out as well.
I must go.
- His highness has ordered...
Don't worry. You go to Ujjaini.
I will meet you there.
Despite the talk,
I was sure you were all safe.
Who would want to kill Prince Aya?
At first I suspected you.
And I suspected you.
At times like this friends
suspect one another.
Bring Prince Aya here at the earliest.
I cannot contain the senate any longer.
You are right.
Don't go alone, General.
I need no one.
- You do.
The enemy is very cunning.
Where are Prince Aya
and Princess Kaurwaki?
Burn this village, burn everything...
either they'll come out or burn alive.
Where are Prince Aya
and Princess Kaurwaki?
No. Stop.
Stop, we are here.
Please let them be, I beg you.
Good that I found you.
That woman, she said...
Where are Kaurwaki and Aya?
Where is Kaurwaki?
What happened, Bheema?
Where is Kaurwaki?
Bheema, where is Kaurwaki?
Bheema... I ask you,
Where is Kaurwaki?
Here's your 20th tactic.
What about the 19th one?
Speak up, friend. Your turn now.
No running off today? You've lost?
Get up.
You're not even worth a thrashing.
What's this? Lost your mind?
Let go of my hand. Let go.
Who are you people?
Let me go.
But Prince Asoka, he tried to...
- Spare him.
'Prince' Asoka?
You'll stay here.
- Pawan is waiting for me.
His kind never return.
He will, Bheema. His horse is here.
How is the wound now, friend...
Prince, my problem is that my fist
moves faster than my mind.
Why haven't you left?
How could I?
You saved my life.
It's my duty to guard you for life.
From now, in war and victory,
Virat will stand by you.
I want death not victory.
Was she beautiful, Prince?
Are you going to Pawan?
- Yes.
I will come too.
You will not.
You will go to Kalinga with Bheema.
If I don't go, you don't either.
Should I call Bheema?
Call him.
Come on.
Lets take Pawan's horse with us too.
How much longer?
- I don't know.
Asoka's winning war after war.
He seems undaunted by death.
Each victory is a step closer
to the throne.
You must stop him at Ujjaini itself.
Do you know any Pawan? A soldier
in the Magadha Army, rides a horse.
Let's go. It's raining.
No herb or medicine is helping him.
How does one save the life of a man
who has no desire to live?
Kaur... waki, Kaur... waki.
Prime Minister, where is Asoka?
- I don't know.
You don't?
Or are you hiding something?
Why all this loyalty to Asoka?
My loyalty is to the throne of Magadha.
Prince Asoka is getting better, isn't he?
Physical wounds will heal.
But wounds of the heart...
Haven't you seen how he calls out
her name even in his sleep?
Kaurwaki, Kaurwaki, Kaurwaki.
Are you crying?
You see, my heart is rather tender.
Kaurwaki was very lovely?
- Yes.
But you are too. You too.
And you, most of all.
What kind of love is this
that lives on even after death?
When you left you did not look
back even once.
A bright glow
and fills
your eyes
Your eyes warn...
"Don't touch me"
Your dreams too...
are reflected
in your eyes
I've searched and searched for you...
In the sweep of the skies above
hoping to find you encased in a cloud
I have looked and looked for you
in every nook and corner
hoping to spy you walking
on a river bank
I held on to time
To ask where you are
I asked the river
and the vast ocean
I walked the crest of waves
feeling your caress
Stop. What are you doing?
I won't let you kill this harmless bird.
Move away.
It deserves to live as much as I do.
- Release the arrow.
Where were you, Devi?
The ceremony awaits you.
Come, dear, come here.
She's exquisite.
They make a lovely couple.
I met Prince Asoka today...
She's so shy.
She's quite spirited though.
He's become so vicious.
Everyones scared of him but not me.
Why whisper? Tell us too.
What do you think of our son?
Tell me, dear. Are you happy?
Congratulations, she has agreed.
Asoka's in Ujjaini, badly wounded.
- Take advantage of this, Sugatra.
How? He is guarded on all sides.
It's impossible to break through.
Difficult but not impossible.
Here, take this medicine.
With this your fever will lessen
and you'll sleep well.
It's Devi's wedding today.
She won't be here.
Today, you will listen to me instead.
Drink it?
A little more?
I forgot to apply the herbal paste
on Prince Asoka's wounds.
Grandmother, I'll be back soon.
Make something for me as well.
What are you taking inside?
- Medicine.
Go in.
Pass me some water, please.
Who's there? Wait.
What are you feeding him?
Let go.
Prince Asoka? Here?
How did this happen?
Come on let's go.
This wedding cannot be.
Where are you going?
Please don't go.
It's no fault of this child.
You've no right
to ruin her life like this.
I will not let you leave.
I request you to please wait.
If the Prince's request is a command,
we will not leave.
Poor Devi.
Who will marry her now?
You won't push me again,
will you?
My warrior.
Did she love you
as much as you love her?
I know that only Kaurwaki
lives in your heart.
I cannot take her place.
Please forgive me, Devi.
Why? There's so much love
in your heart. Maybe my destiny...
No. It's not love, only pain.
Love wounds in a way
that does not let you live or die.
If I had seen her just one last time.
Kaurwaki is right here with you,
in your heart.
But where was I
when she needed me?
I promised her...
that while I was there
she would come to no harm.
Where was l, Devi?
Where was I when she was dying?
Where, when she took Pawan's name
in her parting breath?
The intoxication
of our night together
Has not left me
The sensuousness of your body
is still entwined in my arms
I opened my eyes
but that didn't disturb my dream
Yes. I recall
Yes. I do
The dream which your lips gifted
me stays with each breath I take
Even in your absence
The thought of you excites me
When I turn over in my sleep
my dream just takes another hue
When the thought of you
enters my mind
those moments bubble
under a sheet of water
My body is on fire
Yes. I recall
Yes. I do...
The seasons that bind
you to me are countless
They contain promise
of several lifetimes
My sorrows are trivial
I wish for a long night
and a longer day
I wish for a life endless
enough to contain our togetherness
Yes, I recall
Yes, I do
The dream your lips have gifted
me lingers with each breath I take.
I am looking for Pawan,
a soldier in the Magadha Army.
Pawan? We don't know.
Ask her, she knows everything.
I too waited for a long time
for him but he never came back.
What kind of people are these?
Come on, let's go.
As per your wish, your highness.
We have served food to all.
Eat well, such a feast is rare.
Mother, look. She is Devi, the girl
that Prince Asoka has married.
Please serve to those there
and those too.
Have you heard? Prince Asoka
is returning to Magadha with Devi.
The stars predict tension
in their marriage.
You and your stars. They're married
so what tension could there be?
Here, eat sweetmeats.
Why are you distributing sweets?
- His wife gave birth to a son.
But you have not been
home for more than a year, right?
We were his emissaries in love.
- But...
No buts... give your sweets and go.
Long live Prince Asoka.
You're here to see
Prince Asoka as well?
No, I am looking for Pawan.
Look who's coming.
Let's go from here. Come Aya.
I will not go.
- Enough of this madness.
You have looked for him enough.
- I will not leave without Pawan.
Do as you please.
Look for your Pawan.
When you're done, return to Kalinga.
Prince Aya. Let's go.
I don't want to go.
Bheema, let go.
He acted as he thought appropriate.
Give him my blessings.
Your Majesty, at least meet him once.
There is no place for a Buddhist girl
in this family.
Tell Asoka to return to Ujjaini.
General. We feared that even you...
General, I promise you...
Whoever conspired to kill Prince Aya...
will be severely punished.
No need of that. Prince Aya
and Princess Kaurwaki are alive.
This is not possible.
You have lost, Prime Minister.
Your conspiracy misfired.
A lie. I have served Kalinga all my life.
I am innocent.
Forgive me, Minister.
They've come to know.
Take him away.
Such a traitor should be sentenced
to death.
Take him away.
- I am innocent.
Didn't I promise you that
we will be together in Kalinga?
Yes, only Pawan is not with us.
How much longer will you wait for him?
Till his return.
If he doesn't?
That could be.
But I'll still wait for him.
You knew I would not spare your life.
Even then, you joined hands
with Susima?
What's your life worth now?
Answer me?
What is it?
I must tell you something.
Go on.
Calm down first.
What is it?
What is it?
What is it?
A son? My son?
I will teach him everything.
I will teach him to fight
with the sword.
I will teach him
to fight like a warrior.
My son.
The first heir to the Mauyan empire.
The Emperor of Magadha.
I will take him in my arms
and put him on the throne.
What if it is a daughter?
No. It will be a son.
Go and tell Susima, it will be a son,
the emperor of Magadha.
Wasn't it your dream
that I sit on the throne?
I give you my word
I will strive to be an able King.
You will be proud of your Susima.
Devi is expecting.
Susima, the word is out
that an heir is to be born.
Asoka's son will occupy the throne.
- The people will never accept him.
Am I right, pundit-ji?
- That's right.
A son born of a Buddhist mother
cannot claim the throne.
The people have no choice, Susima.
And you? You're incapable
of producing an heir.
It's destiny.
You tell me, Pundit-ji.
What fate awaits Asoka's child?
Think before you answer, pundit-ji.
What fate awaits Asoka's child?
Asoka's son will not live.
Destiny. It's all destiny.
Who is there?
There is someone here. Soldier.
Everybody leave.
- Friend?
I said, everyone leave.
Speak to me, Mother.
Please, Mother. Talk to me.
I did all that you asked me to.
Please, Mother, talk to me once.
Speak to me just once,
for just one moment.
If something happens to you,
all hell will break loose.
I will destroy everything.
Vitasoka, tell Mother to talk to me.
Please, speak to me.
Please don't.
- Don't stop me today.
Somebody has to stop.
Anger destroys everything.
- Then let it.
I will never let you touch my child
with a killer's hands.
So, you've come to kill your brother?
Kill me.
Pick up the sword, Susima.
What about your mother's death?
Take your revenge, Asoka.
Why hesitate? Go ahead, kill me.
Pick up the sword, Susima.
Your mother was like my own.
I'd love your son as my own.
Only if you were not Asoka.
But you are Asoka. It's destiny.
Pick up the sword, Susima.
To help you defeat me?
I won't allow you that pleasure.
Let history note
that Asoka did not win the throne...
he had to kill to get it.
Pick up the sword, Susima.
- No.
I was not a murderer, Asoka.
You left me with no choice.
Moment to moment I lived in fear
of your snatching the throne from me.
To sit on the throne
you must kill your own brother.
You will have to become 'Susima'.
Kill me, Asoka. Kill me.
You need courage to sit on the throne...
and also to kill your brother.
Kill me, Asoka.
I knew that you are incapable
of killing your siblings.
I know you cannot.
That's why the throne is mine,
not your's.
What should I do with the brothers?
Kill them all.
I have killed all my brothers, Susima.
Now can I sit on the throne?
Long live King Asoka.
What's the matter?
Why are you all so quiet?
There's nothing left to say.
Asoka killed all his brothers.
And no one said a word.
Who can say anything?
Even King Bindusara is no more.
Entire Magadha is terror-struck.
Keep quiet, idiot.
Know what people are saying?
An evil man now rules over Magadha.
'Evil' Asoka.
You will not go anywhere, Devi.
You know I will not let you go.
I am leaving.
- What was I to do?
They killed Mother.
I should forgive them?
I don't have such a big heart.
I know. That's why I am leaving.
You are not leaving.
I am going.
You should know.
Where is Sugatra hiding?
He won't say anything.
He does not know.
Then his life is meaningless.
Friend, please stop. Enough.
Nothing will stop me now, Virat.
I will be the greatest emperor on earth.
Greater than King Bindusara,
stronger than Chandragupta Mauya.
The greatest, ever.
Susima said, "To rule an empire,
to be a great Emperor...
one needs to kill."
Please rest, Prince Sugatra.
Give the senate time to think about it.
My death is certain if Kalinga
does not grant me asylum.
I plead with the senate of Kalinga
to protect my life.
Kalinga has given asylum to Sugatra.
Why? Had they not heard my order?
They say Kalinga owes nothing
to a man who killed his brothers.
My relationship with Kalinga
is a strange one.
Till today no one has attacked Kalinga.
Kalinga is a democracy.
Your grandfather dreamt
of a united India.
Make that dream come true.
Attack Kalinga.
We will always win.
Pawan's with the Magadha Army.
Will he too fight us?
Pawan will never fight us.
- That's true.
Order me, Your Majesty. I'll make
them stare into the eyes of death.
Fear will render them useless.
They will forget patriotism.
What are you saying?
Friend, this is against the rules of war.
War has only one rule, Virat.
We'll burn their houses,
destroy their fields.
I told your father. This village,
these homes, these people...
all belong to Emperor Asoka.
Which means all belong to me.
You too are mine.
Your father is very brave.
Such cruelty? Is he human
or a monster? Who is this Asoka?
Why kill so many innocent people?
- He'll do anything to win the war.
He has not spared his own brothers.
- Then he must die.
I can take you to Asoka.
- Let's go.
Kalinga has attacked!
Look, there he is.
Come, come, Sugatra.
You've missed your brothers so much
that you came to meet them?
You want to fight me?
One more time?
You won't face me?
All right then,
strike from behind.
Come Sugatra. Attack me!
Come, attack me.
You can kill me...
but you can never defeat Kalinga.
The Magadha flag will
tower over blood-stained Kalinga.
Give my greetings to Susima,
my loving brother.
What will become of us, now.
How will we fight this war?
This is not mere soil.
It is our ancestral heritage.
Nobody can take it from us.
Should we lose,
what will we tell our children?
Why should we lose?
Why should we not fight?
We will fight... together!
All my sons were killed in the war.
Had I one more, he would fight too.
She is my daughter.
Now she will fight.
Every man in Kalinga will fight.
- Every woman in Kalinga will fight.
Yes, we will all fight!
You don't know him.
He will do anything to defeat Kalinga.
At any cost he wants victory.
Only victory.
My wish is that
when my child opens his eyes...
he should see only love not death.
The first words he hears
should be of love, not shrieks of pain.
Everything will be destroyed.
Where to, friend?
- A war awaits me. Have you forgotten?
Before that you have
to fight another war.
Really? Who is this new enemy?
The one who stands in front of you.
No. You are a friend, my only friend.
Then listen to your friend and stop.
When will you stop killing
innocent people?
How much longer will you fight?
Till I win.
Till I win it all.
Then today you will not win over me.
One moment...
You will kill your own friend?
- I will go to any length to stop you.
Remember, friend, the 19th tactic?
Enough, Virat!
- No! Never.
You're alive...
because you are a friend
You are nobody's friend.
You are your own enemy.
That's why you are called
'Evil' Asoka!
'Evil' Asoka!
Today we'll have a feast
in Kalinga.
But Emperor Asoka has
not come yet.
You don't need
elephants to crush ants.
Come on, move back!
Follow them.
Cowards! Running away
from the battle field?
We have lost the war.
- We cannot lose.
I will go and fight.
We cannot lose!
Please don't go, Prince.
Please stop.
What happened, Vitasoka?
You wanted to be a poet.
Then why this guise?
I know what you want to say.
The tormentor Asoka! Evil Asoka!
Is that what you want to tell me?
I have heard it all before.
I have come to tell you that
you have become a father.
My son!
Mahendra is your son and
Sanghamitra is your daughter.
Where is Devi, Vitasoka?
I am their father, Vitasoka.
You are only an Emperor.
Emperor Asoka.
Donning another garb does not
change the truth, Vitasoka.
War is the truth. Wars happen.
In war, you either win or die.
And I have won, Vitasoka!
I have won.
Yes, you have. You have won
the tears of widows...
the cries of orphans
and enflamed bodies.
You have won it all.
Vitasoka, I have won.
I have won, Vitasoka.
We've never collected so much wealth
in any other war, as this.
We've never killed so many people
in any other war, as this.
The bigger the victory,
the more the wealth!
You have stumbled on a fortune,
such a beautiful and strong horse.
They say it belongs to 'Kaurwaki',
the one who inspired...
the farmers and women to fight
against Magadha's army.
Who cares?
The horse will fetch a handsome price.
You have not won...
I'll never let you win.
I am alive! You have to fight me.
Throw down your sword Kaurwaki,
the war is over.
The war is not over.
You have to kill me too.
How can I kill you?
I am your Pawan.
You are not my Pawan.
You are Asoka... Asoka!
Forgive me.
Why did you not come?
I waited so long...
Where did I not look for you?
I searched everywhere.
Where were you?
Asoka took away all my land.
No one can take your land from you.
It is your's.
I have come back.
You will not go again?
No, never again
Promise me?
I promise.
See? I did not even cy.
Pawan? Did the prince return?
Yes... he did.
With horses and elephants?
With hundreds of horses
and elephants.
He took the princess
on his horse and rode away.
They lived together.
Yes, very happily.
Pawan, it's getting dark.
The sun, moon and stars
are fading.
No, Aya...
nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen to you.
The sun, the moon, the stars...
are all yours.
I have become the greatest emperor.
The mightiest ruler.
I have won it all.
I have also destroyed it all.
What did I win?
What can Emperors win?
Only wealth, land and kingdoms.
My destiny transcends
an Emperor's.
My destiny will be that
of a traveler's...
who completes his journey.
And today I start my journey.
A journey of love, peace
and nonviolence.