Aspen Extreme (1993) Movie Script

Well, I'm Tired
Of The Pressure
So Tired Of The Pace
Just Wanna Grab You, Baby
And Get Out Of This Place
I've Got No Chance
Of Makin' It
Workin' Downtown
Just Walkin' Slow
And Talkin' Low
And Tired Of Goin'
Down, Down, Down
Start The Car
We Gotta Move
This Ain't No Livin'
This Ain't No Groove
It's Been A Long
Hard Road
Come On, Baby
Let's Drive It Home
Start The Car
We Gotta Move
This Ain't No Livin'
This Ain't No Groove
See The Rich
Dang Poor
Somewhere Waitin'
For Something More
Start The Car
But We're Goin' Out
With Dignity
We're Goin' Out
With Style
Lay Down That Hammer, Baby
Make Out On The Road
A Thousand Miles
'Cause I Can't Take
This Town No More, Babe
Well, Start The Car
Start The Car
Start The Car
Start The Car
Hey, Teej,
What's Up, Man ?
What's The Worst Day
You Ever Had ?
I Don't Know.
Today !
No, I Mean, Really.
Probably That Time
I Got Arrested For
Stealing Telephone Poles.
What's Going On ?
Remember That Story ?
The One About The Father
And The Daughter ?
What, That Drunk Guy ?
Did You Like That ?
Yeah, I Did.
It Was A Very Good Story.
They Rejected It.
Forget 'Em, Teej, You Know.
I Mean, Just--
And Get This.
Wilson Calls Me
In His Office Today.
They Wanna Make Me
Shop Supervisor.
You Wanna
Get Outta Here ?
I Can't. I Gotta String Chairs.
They Wanna Start Making Snow
In The Morning.
No, I Don't Mean Just Here.
I Mean, Get Outta Here.
Go Someplace Else.
Where Do You
Want To Go ?
It Doesn't Matter Where.
Who Cares As Long As
We're Outta Here ?
- Christ, Look At This Place.
- What's Wrong With You, Burke ?
Dex, Every Day People Go
Out There And Do Something
With Their Lives.
And Every Day It Isn't You
And It Isn't Me.
T.J., We're
From Detroit.
So What ?
So We're The Best Skiers
On This Mountain.
This Isn't A Mountain.
The Wings Have A Great Team.
They're Goin' To The Cup
And I Got Tickets.
Dexter, The Wings Are Never
Gonna Go To The Cup.
And I'm About To Close The Deal
With Rita Over At Sal's Place.
Oh, God, Dexter.
Just Because You Had Her,
She's Ruined For Mankind ?
I Never Touched Her.
Oh, Bull,
You Never Touched Her !
I Didn't. The Woman's
Got A Tattoo Of
Wile E. Coyote On Her Ass.
If You Never Touched Her,
How Do You Know She's Got
A Tattoo On Her Ass ?
That Is Not
The Point !
What's The Point ?
The Point Is, You're Makin'
Five Bucks An Hour Working
On 200 Feet Of Landfill.
I Got My Name On The List
At The Foundry.
Oh, God.
What ?
Is That All You Want
Outta Life ?
No, It's Not All I Want.
I Mean, I Got Plans.
What Are They ?
T.J., I Got My Wants,
You Know What I'm Sayin' ?
I Got Things
That I'm Gonna Do.
What Things ?
Things !
What Are Your Plans,
Dex ?
Why Are You Doin'
This To Me ?
'Cause I'm
Gonna Leave.
And I Just--
I Don't Wanna Do This Alone.
I Want You
To Go With Me.
Good !
Ah, So I Gotta Quit
My Job, Huh ?
You Got It.
That I Can Do.
Start The Car
[ Dex ]
Jackson Hole
Looks Pretty Cool.
It's Like 40 Below There !
We're From Michigan.
It'll Be Like Living In Miami.
- Vail ?
- What About It ?
Nah. It Looks Like The
Guy Who Designed Wendy's
Went Nuts At This Place.
Steamboat Springs ? Sundance ?
What Does It Say
About Aspen ?
"The Most Famous Of
Rocky Mountain Ski Resorts,
"Aspen Offers A Multitude
Of Employment Opportunities.
"Beware That Housing
Is In Short Supply...
And Job Competition Is Fierce
In This Playground Of The Rich."
What Do You Think ?
I Think We'd Be Like
The Beverly Hillbillies
In That Place.
Come On ! It'd Be
Like That Time We Went
To Mackinac Island.
At Mackinac, You Went Home
With A Chick From Yale
And I Slept In The Car.
- She Had A Friend.
- It Was A Cousin Who
Could've Made An Onion Cry.
That Face,
It Still Haunts Me.
Start The Car
[ Changing Radio Stations ]
[ Radio ]
This Is Khi Radio
In Aspen, Colorado.
Good Morning.
I'm Robin Hand And
It's Time To Wake Up.
Dex, Wake Up.
That Was Aspen.
Yeah, I Heard It.
It Was On The Radio.
Really ?
That's Great, Man.
Look-Look. Look.
[ Dex ]
Holy Shit !
Lifts Don't Open
'Til 9:00.
[ Dex ]
We Wanted To Get
First Tracks.
You Guys Must Be New. Come On,
I'll Take Ya To The Top.
[ T.J. ]
This Is Outrageous !
Anywhere Here Would Be Fine.
Where You
Guys From ?
Out Here To See If You Can
Be Ski Instructors, Huh ?
Why ?
About 100 Of You Guys Show
Up Every Year. Locals Call
It The Freshman Class.
You Read About Movie Stars
In Ski Magazines,
You Wanna
Move Here.
That's All
Part Of It, Right ?
Hope You Guys Are Good.
Are You Ready ?
Go !
One, Two, Three, Four,
Five, Six--
I Take My Car
And I Stand In Line
To Make A Buck
I Work Overtime
Kissin' Letters
Keep Comin' In May
I Work My Back
'Til It's Racked With Pain
Come On, 25 !
These Guys Are Good.
Yeah, But They're
Not From Detroit.
Go ! Go ! Go !
Spoke In
A Great Wheel
Like A Tiny Blade Of Grass
In A Great Big Field
This Isn't A Circus !
Stay On The Ground !
Head Back To The Sea
Where We Shout Out
At The Ocean
Hey, It's Me
I Feel Like A Number
Feel Like A Number
For Those Of You
Still On Your Feet,
Welcome To The Aspen
Ski School Hiring Clinic.
My Name Is Karl Stall.
I'm The Ski School Director.
There Are Five
Positions Open.
Where Are You From ?
[ Dex ]
Mount Brighton.
You Got Anything Tougher
Than That ? What ?
Shut Up.
Yes, I Have.
What's With These Pants ?
I Mean, Do They Got Something
Like Support Structure In 'Em ?
Everybody's Got A Good Butt.
They Must Have A Law
Against Ugly Women.
Hey, How You Doin' ?
How Are Ya ?
Look, If This
Doesn't Work Out,
If I Don't Make The Cut,
You Do--
You'll Make It.
If I Don't Make It,
You Make It, I'll Go
Back To Mount Brighton.
Forget About It, Dex.
You'll Make It.
I'll Tell You Somethin'.
I Make It, You Don't,
I'm Stayin' Right Here.
You Can't.
Why Not ?
I Couldn't Leave You
Stranded Out Here
With Women Like That.
Look At That.
Is That Money Or What ?
You'd Hurt Yourself.
-She's Comin' Over Here.
-She Is, She's Comin' Over Here.
-Say Something.
-I Don't Speak American Express.
- Tell Her You Were
In The Olympics.
- I Wasn't In The Olympics.
Excuse Me, My Friend Here
Was Not In The Olympics.
No ?
Why Not ?
Because I Won $50 In
A Bowling Tournament.
I Lost My Amateur Status.
[ Man ]
Hey, Bryce ?
Check That Out ?
What ?
She Was Staring At You
Like You're On The Menu !
Oh, Get Out.
T.J. Burke Salad,
Baby !
Look. Her Earrings
Are Bigger Than My Nuts.
[ Dex ]
Maybe She's A
Comparison Shopper.
They Pay You To Be
Ski Instructors, Right ?
Who Cares ?
Order Me Another Beer,
All Right ?
I Gotta Go
To The John.
[ Knocking ]
It's Open.
Mr. Stall,
Can I Talk To You ?
I Posted The Results.
Yeah, I Know.
I Probably Don't Know You
Well Enough To Ask--
You Don't Know Me
At All.
That's True.
But I Think You're Making
A Real Mistake Not Hiring
Dexter Rutecki.
He'd, He'd Make
A Great Ski Instructor.
How Would You Know ? You've
Only Been A Ski Instructor
For 15 Minutes.
I Just Know, You Know ?
He's A Great Guy.
Our Clients Pay $400
A Day For Private Lessons.
For That, They Expect
Ski Instructors...
To Be A Certain Type,
Have A Certain Look
Like You.
Part Of The Job Is
Fulfilling A Fantasy,
And You're The Fantasy.
I'm Afraid Your Friend
Is Not.
You Ski Very Well.
So Does He.
Skiing Is The Easy Part.
I Can't Take This Job
Without Him.
He's My Best Friend.
We Came Out Here Together.
I Can't Just Leave Him.
Please ?
I Mean...
Give Him All The Students
Nobody Else Wants. He's
Great With People Like That.
[ Dex ]
Teej, You Awake ?
I Didn't Make The Cut,
Did I ?
You Got The Job,
Didn't You ?
My Name Looked A Little
Funny On The List, You Know ?
Come On, Dexter,
There's Not Enough
Room In Here For You
To Get Paranoid.
I Was The Sixth Guy And
They Were Only Gonna Take Five.
Dex, You Skied Great,
All Right ?
Why Don't You
Go To Sleep ?
I Really Made The Cut ?
Yes !
You Know, You Might
Wanna Think About
Gettin' A Different Hat.
What Are You,
The Fashion Police ?
God, This Is Great,
Just Great.
I'm Sorry, Okay ?
I Told You To Fill The Propane !
Did I Say, "Fill The Propane" ?
I Was Excited. I Forgot.
You Were Excited, Terrific.
We Freeze To Death !
We'll Find
A Place Open.
Where ?
It's 5:00 In The Morning !
[ Dex ]
Do You Think That's
Who We Heard On The Radio ?
I Hope So.
Great. We Know Her.
Come On.
Whoa, Dex, Wait.
[ Soft Rock ]
[ Knocking ]
[ Knocking ]
Can We Come In ?
What ?
I'm On The Air.
We're Out Of Propane.
We're Freezing.
Actually, We're Okay.
We're Fine.
He's Lying, We're Freezing.
No, I'm Not Lying.
We're Completely Fine.
He's Lying !
[ Slurping ]
We Won't Stay
Very Long.
You Can Stay
Until You Get Warm.
My Name's T.J.
This Is My Friend Dexter.
How You Doin' ?
- We're New In Town.
- There's A News Bulletin.
We Were Just Hired To Be
Ski Instructors.
There's Like
100 Guys Try Out,
They Only Take Five.
Six !
There's Always 100 Guys.
Maybe Two Make It 'Til Spring.
- We'll Make It.
- Not Sleeping In Your Car
At 36 Below Zero.
And If
You're Feelin' Good,
About Ten Inches Of
New Snow On The Top Of Ajax
Will Make You Feel Great.
It's A Van.
- What ?
- You Said We Were
Sleepin' In A Car.
He Doesn't Want You To Think
That We're Ski Bums.
I Guess You Better Find
A Place To Live, Huh ?
Do You Know Where We Might
Find A Place, Like, Uh...
350 A Month,
Couple Of Bedrooms, View ?
Yeah. Missouri.
She's Serious.
We Better Go.
What Do We Owe You
For The Coffee ?
Don't Freeze To Death.
Aspen Citizen Of The Day Is
Milt Phillips, A 26-Year Veteran
Of The Fire Department.
Congratulations, Milt.
Good Job.
[ Woman ]
Every Winter We Do This,
And Every Winter I Tell You
I Don't Want To Do This.
I Get Four Weeks Off A Year.
You Get Two And I Get Two.
I Take My Two
In Aspen.
I'm A Warm-Weather Person.
The Bahamas, That's A Vacation.
Oh !
Hi, There. My Name's T.J.
I'll Be Your Ski Instructor.
But What The Hell ?
Marriage Is A Compromise.
We'll Work It Out.
I Don't Wanna Ski
With Santa.
You Didn't Want To Ski
With Hans Or Mark Either.
Daddy And I Want
To Ski, Kimberly.
Santa Will Be Fun !
I Hate Santa !
I'm Sorry.
I Wasn't Nuts About Him Either.
I Always Got Socks.
Well... Good Luck.
How You Guys Doin' ?
Ah... Okay.
We Got Donner And Dancer
And Prancer And Dumbo.
Dumbo's An Elephant !
That's Okay.
Elephants Can Ski.
I Want To Be
You Can Be Blitzen.
You're Blitzen
And You're Dumbo.
I'm Rudolph !
I'm Not--
I'm Rudolph.
Here's What We Got.
We Got Donner, Dancer, Prancer,
Rudolph, Gumby, Dumbo,
Blitzen, Sneezy, Burpy,
Chewie And Cheezy
Over At The End.
You Guys Wanna Go Skiing ?
Shall We Go Skiing ?
Let's Go Skiing.
Follow Me !
Ho-Ho-Ho !
On Donner, On Dancer,
On Rudolph,
On Dumbo,
On Prancer.
Keep Your Knees Bent.
That's It.
Stay On The Center
Of Your Skis.
Is This Great Or What ?
Yeah, T.J.,
This Is Great.
You Got To Be
Ski Instructors,
I Got To Be Santa Claus.
How's The
Suit Work ?
Like A Porsche, Man.
Had This Woman In My Class.
She Was All Over Me.
She's A Doctor Too.
You Can't Pick Up Women When
You're Santa Claus. They
Think It's Sacrilegious.
Rutecki !
Now What ?
Probably Wants To Measure
You For That Bunny Suit.
Kimberly's Mother
Said To Say Thanks.
You Did A Good Job.
A Hundred Bucks And Away !
Best Restaurant In Town.
I Can't.
Why ?
I Got A
Doctor's Appointment.
I Gotta Dump This Suit.
Good Evening.
I Hope This Meets
With Your Approval.
It's A Great Atmosphere,
Huh ?
I Wonder How Much
It Is.
Look, Like These Things
Don't Even Have Prices.
Teej, I Got A Hundred Bucks.
Bonsoir, Monsieur.
No, Thank You.
Ah, [ Clearing Throat ]
Excuse Me.
How Much
Is The Shrimp ?
The Scampi, The Mediterranean,
The White Sauce Or Cocktail ?
The Cocktail.
Seven Dollar.
Excuse Me, How Many
Shrimp Do You Get With That ?
One, The Shrimp
Are A La Carte.
Okay, Well, Uh,
I Think I'll Have
The Cocktail.
And How Many
Shrimp, Sir ?
Very Good.
Pour Vous, Monsieur ?
- You Got Beef ?
- Of Course.
What Does That Mean,
A La Carte ?
It's-- They Take The
Shrimp Outta The Shell.
[ T.J. ]
Think We Got Enough
Left Over For A Pizza ?
You Shoulda Had The Beef.
We Live In A Car.
Whoa. We Did
Not Order That.
The Lady Said To Say
It's Very Good.
It Should Be.
It's $600 A Bottle.
Ah, It's Good.
It's A Little Tangy,
I Could Get Used
To That.
How Was The Wine ?
Ah... It Was Great.
But I Think
It's Champagne.
I'm Glad
You Liked It.
I'm Bryce Kellogg.
I Knew It Would Be Something
Like That. Ow !
Congratulations On
Making The Ski School.
I'm Having Some Friends
Up To The House Tonight.
Would You Come ?
Both Of Us ?
Of Course.
Are We Otherwise
Engaged ?
I Think
We're Available.
[ Indistinct Chatter ]
I'm Trying To Keep Up
With Him.
Come On.
See Those People
Over There ?
Bryce ?
Hello, Franz.
Do You Know T.J. ?
I've Been
Waiting For You.
Are You Sure
You Haven't Met ?
Not Exactly.
But I've Seen Your Picture
On A Poster.
T.J.'S One Of
The New Guys.
I Can Tell.
Look, If I'm In The Way--
Don't Be Silly.
No, Be Silly.
[ Speaking German ]
[ Speaking German ]
Seasons Change.
Do They ?
Excuse Me.
Could I Get
A Drink, Please ?
What Can I Getcha ?
Do You Know How To
Make A Tequila Slammer ?
I Went To High School,
Could I Have One,
Please ?
Excuse Me.
How Much Do You Think It
Costs To Heat This Place ?
[ Speaking Russian ]
That Much, Huh ?
So You're New In Town,
Well, Sort Of.
I Am, Um...
He's Beautiful.
Thank You.
What Do You Do, T.J. ?
I've Got The Greatest Job
In The World.
I'm A Ski Instructor.
Ah !
And All This Time I Thought
I Had The Greatest Job.
Henry's Retired.
You're Kidding ?
Man, You're Lucky.
My Dad's Gotta Be About
Your Age. He's Still Got...
Eight Years Before
He Hits Pension.
Oh, Really ?
[ Woman ]
Are You Enjoying
This Party ?
[ Gulp ]
- I'm Tina.
- Hi. Uh, Dexter Rutecki.
Rutecki, Huh ?
That Is Quite
A Mouthful.
Yeah, I Know.
When Ah, Ah--
My Real Name Is David.
When I Was A Little Kid,
I Was Real Smart So
Everyone Called Me Poindexter.
Then I Wasn't So Smart
Anymore And They Shortened
It Down To Dexter,
Which Worked Out Better
For Me 'Cause It Lowered
My Expectations,
Which Being A Moron Now--
I Think I'm Nervous.
-Why ?
-Have You Looked In The Mirror ?
- Your Boyfriend Let You
Go Out In That Dress ?
- I Don't Have A Boyfriend.
- I Tell You
I'm Dexter Rutecki ?
- Yes.
- So, Where You From ?
- I Live Here.
I'm Bryce's Roommate.
- Bryce Has A Roommate ?
- Bryce Has A Lot Of Rooms.
How 'Bout You ?
Me And My Friend T.J.
Got A Little Place By
The Base Of The Mountain.
Oh. Maybe I Could
Come See It Sometime.
Either That Or
We Could Drive It Over.
Hmm ?
[ Grunting ]
Come On,
Back It Up.
Whoa !
This Is Great.
Very Good.
I Don't Know About This.
No, No, No.
Check It Out.
It's Got A Great View.
It's Perfect.
Whatever That
Instructor's Name Is...
Got A Full Rossi Package,
All The Rossi Gear.
That's The New 7xks,
- How Do We Get That ?
- Corporate Sponsorship.
Rossi Big Time, Super Star
Gonzo Ski Stuff.
That's It.
You Gotta Be--
You Can't Park There.
[ Together ]
We Can't ?
No, In Fact There Used To Be
A Sign Right There.
Was There A Sign There ?
I Didn't See
A Sign.
Ah, You Know, We've Been
Kicked Out Of Every Parking
Spot In This Town.
Is There Anywhere You Can
Park Overnight Around Here ?
No, Not Really.
That's Kinda How We Keep
The Local Population Down.
How Did You Get To Be Part
Of The Local Population ?
It Was Easy.
I Was Born Here.
Come On, Dex.
We'll Drive Around All Night.
I'll Drive, You Sleep.
You Drive, I'll Sleep.
Listen, About Ten Miles
Out Of Town, There's
Harder's Gas Station.
Just Ask Mrs. Harder
If You Can Rent
The Place By The River.
Tell Her
I Sent You.
Hey, Thank You.
Doesn't Look Like You Guys
Will Get To Be Locals
On Your Own.
Hey, Um,
We Don't Know Your Name.
It's Robin.
Go On.
Hey, Robin ?
Can I--
Can I Buy You A Drink
Or Something Sometime ?
I Stopped Dating
Ski Instructors
When I Was 16.
- Why ?
- 'Cause They Always Leave Town.
I Just Got Here.
Give It A Chance.
Didn't Go So Good,
Huh ?
You Gotta Be Kidding.
A Caboose ?
Be Like Living In A Cartoon !
Women'll Love It.
I Think That Robin Woman
Is Doing This On Purpose.
She Likes You.
She Thinks We're
Interlopers ?
What Is This, Scrabble ?
You're The Only One
She Gives A Hard Time To.
That's A Very Good Sign.
Come On !
It's Gonna Be Great !
All Aboard !
Hello, Everyone,
I'm Andy Mill,
And Welcome To Aspen, Colorado's
Annual Powder 8 Championships.
Teams From All Over The Rockies
Have Come Here To Find Out...
Just Who Are The Best Skiers
On The Mountain.
Good Day.
Yo !
Who Is That Up There ?
Franz Hauser
And Rudy Zucker.
What, That Guy
From The Poster ?
It Doesn't Look So Tough.
It's Not So Hard.
They're The Best Extreme Skiers
In The Valley.
Won The Powder 8
Three Years In A Row.
The What ?
Powder 8.
Town Puts It On Every Year.
Teams Of Two Guys
Ski Figure 8 Patterns
Through The Fresh Powder.
Whoever Makes The
Most Perfect Tracks Wins.
What Do You Say
We Win This Thing ?
To Win The 8s, You Gotta
Be Able To Ski Anywhere,
Anytime, Any Conditions.
Yeah ?
So ?
So You Gotta Do It
Without Gettin' Killed
Or Gettin' Caught.
Skiing Out-Of-Bounds
Is Illegal, You Know.
[ Man ]
They Have These Goals,
Want To Make Changes,
But They Do The Same Things
Over And Over Again.
The Definition Of Insanity...
Is Doing The Same Things
Again And Again And
Expecting A Different Result.
It's Like A Fly Trying
To Get Outta Here.
It Keeps Hitting The Glass.
Motivation's Not Enough.
You Can Have Drive,
[ Telephone Ringing ]
But You Gotta Have
A Better Strategy.
You Gotta Be Able--
Hello ?
Welcome To
The 20th Century.
What ?
You Got A Phone.
Who Is This ?
You're Breaking
My Heart.
Bryce ?
That's Better.
Are You Busy ?
No ! No, We're
Not Doing Anything.
Then Why Don't You Come
Up To The House... Alone ?
Is Tina There ?
Who ?
Your Roommate ?
I Don't Have
A Roommate.
Ah. Just Come Up
To The House.
[ Dial Tone ]
We Have
Another Party ?
She Wants Me
To Come Up.
Where's Tina ?
I Don't Think
She Lives There, Dex.
- Where Does She Live ?
- I Don't Know.
I Don't Have To Go.
It's Fine, Teej.
We're Not Married.
Go Ahead, Man.
All Right.
I'll Just Go.
I'll Say Hi And When I Get
Back, We'll Do Something.
Yeah ?
You All Right ?
All Right.
Yeah !
[ Knocking ]
Bryce ?
Bryce !
[ T.J. ]
Hello ! Hello !
Bryce ?
Hello ?
Bryce, It's T.J.
[ Knocking ]
[ Gasp ]
I'm Afraid There Isn't
A Lifeguard On Duty.
Can You Swim ?
Like A Fish.
[ Radio: Indistinct ]
[ Phone Ringing ]
[ Ringing ]
Hello, Bryce's House--
No, No, Um--
No, I'm A Friend.
[ Phone #2 Ringing ]
C-Can You Hold
On One Second ?
[ Answering Machine ]
This Is Bryce.
I'm Not Here Right Now.
Please Leave A Message--
[ Phone #3 Ringing ]
This Is Bryce's House,
A Friend Speaking.
Uh, Please Don't
Answer My Phone.
Thank You.
Uh, They Were Ringing.
They'll Do That.
Sit Down.
Ronnie, We'll
Be Having Breakfast.
Put All My Calls Through
To The Denver Office.
There's Something About Aspen
That Brings Out The Best
In People.
What Would You Like It
To Bring Out In You ?
What Do You Mean ?
Who Do You
Want To Be ?
Well, I'm Being It.
I'm A Ski Instructor.
That's Something
You Do.
I Want To Know
What You Want To Be.
It's Not A Bad Life,
You're Twenty-Five.
What Happens
When You're Forty ?
Thanks !
Nah, Forget It !
What ?
It's Just--
Well, One Time
I, Uh--
One Time I Kinda Wanted
To Be A Writer.
Really ?
I Wrote Some Stuff,
Tried To Sell To Some Magazines.
The Thing Is,
I Never Went To College So
I Never Learned How To Do It.
- Do You Read ?
- Yeah.
Anything That Isn't
In Paperback ?
They're The Only Things
That Fit In My Ski Parka.
And "Remembrance Of
Things Past." Proust.
What's That ?
Well, It's-- Maybe You
Shouldn't Read That Just Yet.
You Know,
I Had A Great Time.
Yeah, So Did I.
Am I, Uh,
Gonna See You Again ?
After You Read These.
Any Advice For Me ?
Guy's Driving Me Crazy.
He's One Of Those
Kind Of Guys.
[ Beeping ]
[ Car Approaching ]
Hey, Dex !
What Happened, T.J. ?
You Hold Up A Bookstore ?
Bryce Got 'Em For Me.
Why ? Was Your
Dinner Conversation
Starting To Bore Her ?
We Were Just Talkin'
About Writing...
And She Thought
I Should Read These.
"The T.J. Burke Show,"
Comin' At You Live !
What's Your
Problem ?
No Problem, Teej.
Just Spent The Entire Night
Watchin' The World
Championship Of Ping-Pong.
I'm Sorry
I Left You Alone.
No Problem, Man.
The Koreans Are Amazing.
They Got A Great Team.
Whoa !
Where You Goin' ?
Today's Our Day Off.
We Were Gonna Practice
For The Powder 8,
You Remember ?
Huh ?
Well, Wait !
[ Groaning,
Panting ]
We Gotta--
We Gotta Stop, Teej.
I'm Gonna
Trombone Breakfast, Man.
What Are We Doin' Up Here
Without Oxygen ?
Planes Above 10,000 Feet
Gotta Carry Oxygen, Right ?
What Are We,
Like Twelve ?
You Shouldn't Be
Smokin' Up Here.
Air's So Thin,
It's The Only Way
I Can Expand My Lungs.
This Is Beautiful, Huh ?
Powder 8.
Let's Go !
Aaah !
[ Groaning ]
T.J. ! Burke !
Burke !
Burke !
I'm Comin', T. J. !
Get An Arm Up !
Get An Arm Up !
Pull, T. J.
Pull !
[ Groaning ]
Pull Up.
Pull Up !
Get Up.
[ Groaning, Coughing ]
Dexter, Slow Down.
I Gotta Get You
To The Hospital.
We Can't Go
To The Hospital.
I'm Fine.
[ Knocking ]
How Ya Doin', Robin ? We Had
A Little Bit Of An Accident,
Not A Big Accident.
What Happened ?
He Fell Into A Crevice Skiing,
But He's Okay.
You Got Any Medical
Facilities ?
Yeah, I Do.
Just Come Sit
Over Here, All Right ?
Come On, It's Not That Bad.
Come Lay Right Down Here,
All Right.
All Right,
Let's See What We Got.
[ Groaning ]
There's A Wooden Box In
The Top Right-Hand Drawer
That I'm Gonna Need.
All Right.
Ow ! Ow !
Thanks, Robin.
I Didn't Know Where Else
To Take Him.
You Should Have Taken Him
To A Hospital.
This Is Gonna Need Stitches.
We Were Kinda Skiing
Out-Of-Bounds, And If We
Get Caught, We're Fired.
Better Off
Than Being Dead !
I Would Have Been
If It Weren't For Him.
That Was Foolish.
What, Saving His Life ?
I Know, But If I Let Him Die,
His Old Man Would Kill Me.
- This Is Real Funny, Isn't It ?
- No, He Doesn't
Think It's Funny.
There's A Reason
You're Not Supposed
To Be Skiing Up There.
[ Groan ]
No Shit !
We Were Practicin'
For The Powder 8.
Oh, Now There's Something
To Risk Your Life For,
Isn't It ?
Come Pick T.J. Up
In The Morning.
He Can Stay The Night Here.
Wait ! How 'Bout
I Spend The Night,
Then T.J. Picks Me Up
In The Morning ?
How 'Bout Not ?
He Might Have
A Concussion, Guys.
You Got All
The Luck, T.J.
I Know.
[ Snickering ]
I'm Goin' To Bed.
Thank You.
You All Right ?
Hey, Thanks.
- You Want Me To Stick Around ?
- No.
- You Sure ?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, Right.
- Right.
[ Tv Announcer ]
She's Got To Put
This Ball Away.
She Mustn't Drop-Shot.
Remember, While
She's Back There,
She Wants To Keep Her
Back There.
The Question Is, When
Will She Take The Chance ?
That's It ! Oh,
But She Missed And Hit
The Top Of The Net !
What A Very Bad Break
For Yang !
Okay, Guys,
Here's The Deal.
First Kid Who Can Go
The Whole Day Without Crying,
Gets To Ski Behind
The Big Kid-- That's Me.
So, Who Wants To Be
The First One To Not Cry ?
Me !
Me !
Okay, You Get To Wear
My Magic Hat.
[ Phone ]
Hello. Yes.
Hi, Ronnie.
Is Bryce There ?
No, She's In
Philadelphia ?
'Til When ?
Didn't She
Tell You ?
No, She Didn't.
I Just Assumed
That She'd Let You Know.
You'd Think So, Wouldn't You ?
I'll Tell Her
You Called.
Yeah, Okay.
Burke ?
Franz Is Sick. I Want You
To Take The Hanson Family.
I'm Franz's Alternate,
And I'm The
Ski School Director.
If This Is Like
A Big Deal--
It's A Very Big Deal.
The Hansons Will Meet You
At The Airport.
[ Man ] That Looks Like
A Good Spot Over There, T.J.
What Do You Think ?
It Looks Outrageous !
[ Woman ]
Lucky For You
Franz Got Sick, Huh ?
Yeah. I Mean,
I Feel A Little Bad--
Don't, Man.
Franz Is A Dick.
Those Are My Clients,
I'm Sorry,
But You Were Sick.
When The Hansons
Come Back In March,
I Won't Be Sick.
Come On, You Wanna
Split The Tip ?
I Don't Want
To Split The Tip !
I Don't Know How
This Works, Franz, But
They Already Booked Me.
Then Let Me Tell You
How It Works, Asshole !
I'm Not Here For The Party.
This Is My Job,
And Some Rookie
Isn't Gonna Move In On It...
While He's Skipping
A Semester Of College.
Well, Then You Got Nothing
To Worry About, Asshole,
'Cause I Don't
Go To College.
Dick !
That Isn't Your Swing.
Nobody Was Usin' It.
And You Know Somethin' ?
You Oughta Be
A Plastic Surgeon.
Look At This.
Almost No Scar.
Well, I'm Glad You
Gave It Time To Heal.
You Know, I'm Not The One
That's Got This Rule About
Not Dating Ski Instructors.
Thank You. It Would
Have Been Nice.
That's Why I'm Here.
Could I, Uh--
Could I Take You To Dinner ?
What Makes You Think
I've Changed The Rule ?
It's Just Dinner,
All Right ?
That's All It's Gotta Be,
Just Dinner.
Where ?
Anywhere You Wanna Go.
Okay ?
Okay, Good !
All Right.
I'll See You
Later, Then.
All Right.
Okay. Bye.
[ Robin ]
I Majored In Broadcasting
In College.
I Was Gonna Be
The Next Jane Pauley.
What Happened ?
After I Graduated,
I Got A Dream Job
At A Major Market.
Where ?
In L.A.
Wow !
All They Let Me Do
Was The Traffic Report.
Then The Station Manager
Made It Quite Clear To Me...
That If I Slept With Him,
I Could Have My Own Show.
But He Was Lying,
So I Came Home.
What 'Bout You ?
Where Did You Go To College ?
Light Truck Assembly Plant,
Wayne, Michigan.
In A Way, Aspen's
Kinda Like My College.
Really ?
Are You Learning Anything ?
That I Want To Be More
Than Just A Ski Instructor,
Hmm, What ?
If I Had Gone To College,
I Wanted To Be
A Writer.
I Don't Know, I've Been Thinkin'
Maybe I Could Become One Here.
[ Chuckling ]
What ?
Is That Funny ?
It's Just That Everybody
Comes To Aspen To Be Saved.
It's Just A Place.
Oh, God, Man !
I Don't Wanna Be Saved !
What Do You Want
To Write ?
I Don't Think It's That Simple.
I Gotta Live First.
I Gotta Live
The Biggest Life I Can.
I Gotta Read Everything.
I Gotta Meet People.
I Have This Friend
Who's Been Helpin' Me Out.
A Very Bright Person.
It's Not A Person.
It's Bryce Kellogg.
She Always Gets
The Pick Of The Litter.
You Should Be Flattered.
I Know How It Works, T.J.
My Father Was A Ski Instructor.
Ol' Dad's In The French Alps
Somewhere, I Think.
I'm Sorry.
Gosh, Don't Be. I Hear
They Have Great Snow There.
[ T.J. ]
Me And My Mom
Were Out Shopping.
I Guess
I Was About Five.
This Little Kid Started
Following Us Around.
He Wouldn't
Leave Us Alone.
He Didn't Say He Was Lost,
But He Wouldn't Tell Us
His Name,
And Nobody We Talked To
Knew Who He Was.
He Stayed With Us
For About Three Days.
When His Old Man Came To
Pick Him Up, He Got Scared,
He Wouldn't Go Outside.
He Ran And Hid
In My Room.
When I Asked Him Why
He Was Scared, He Couldn't Say
Anything. He Started Crying.
He Started Staying Over
A Lot After That.
Kinda Been Lookin'
After Him Ever Since.
Who Looks After You ?
Well, He Does.
You'll Get Used To Him.
I'm Tryin' To Concentrate, T.J.
Hold It Down, Please.
Hey, When Can I
Read Something ?
There Isn't Anything
To Read Yet.
I Sit At The Typewriter,
Get Halfway Through Something
That Isn't Any Good,
Then I Just Throw It Out.
Maybe I Don't Have Anything
Worth Writing About.
I Don't Think That's True.
[ Sniffing ]
Smell That ?
Winter's Coming.
You Lookin'
Forward To It ?
Yeah ! You ?
Why Not ?
Well, I Kinda Like
The Off-Season.
Really ?
Teej ! Teej,
Check It Out, Man !
What ?
You're On The Cover
Of Powder Magazine, Man.
Check It Out,
You're A Star !
You're Kidding Me, Man !
You're A Star !
Another Season Of Paradise.
Open The Mountain.
You Take Mrs. Franks.
Yes, Sir.
Chris, You Have A
Breakfast Lesson At The Jerome.
Again ?
Cazzi. Oh !
The Mountain Masters
At Snowmass.
Corbett Is Still In Arizona.
What For ?
Your First
Private Lesson.
Thanks A Lot, Karl.
Mr. Hayward Will Meet You
At The Bottom Of The Mountain.
- [ Laughing ]
- What ?
What ? What ?
Relax. It's Just That He's
Been Through Everybody Else.
Good Luck, Dex.
I Had Him Yesterday.
Mr. Hayward !
You Him ?
Probably Yeah.
Dexter Rutecki.
Mort Hayward.
Where The Hell You Been ?
I'm Boiling Here !
How Do You Ski,
Mr. Hayward ?
Shitty !
Okay, What Would You
Like To Work On Today, Sir ?
What Do You Think ?
You're Too Tense,
Mr. Hayward.
Relax. Push Out !
You're Pushin' Into Me.
- Oh, Shit ! Nooo !
- Push Your Feet Out,
Mr. Hayward !
Aaah !
Snowplow !
Snowplow !
Just Sit Down !
Sit ! Sit Down !
[ Honking ]
Bail ! Bail !
Where's Your Student ?
Last Time I Saw Him,
He Was Running A Stop Sign
On South Aspen Street.
Did He Get Hurt ?
No, He's Fine.
He Called Me From
The Hotel Jerome Bar.
Do You Think
This Is Funny ?
We're Not
Curing Cancer Here.
We're Teachin' People
How To Slide Down Hills
With Sticks On Their Feet.
I'm Sorry.
You're A Professional
Ski Instructor, Rutecki.
I'm Suspending You
For Two Weeks...
So You'll Have Time
To Think About That.
Serious ?
Yes, I Am.
[ Indistinct Chatter ]
Jake, This Is
Dexter Rutecki.
[ Jake ] Irish, Huh ?
[ Dex ]
Actually, I'm From Detroit.
[ T.J. ]
Come On, Let Me
Take You To Dinner.
You Took Me To Dinner
Last Night, T.J.
And I Want To Take You
To Dinner Tomorrow Night.
What Are You Gonna Do
When The Season Ends ?
Take You To Mexico.
[ Robin On Radio ]
Khi's Lost And Found
Is Looking For...
A Ten-Inch Dachshund Who
Answers To The Name Sasha.
Sasha Is Wearing
A Cashmere Sweater
And A Gold Collar.
Please Don't
Step On Her.
What Do You Think ?
It's Good.
Yeah ?
Really Good.
But I'll Tell You Something.
You Write Something Like That
For Somebody,
You Better Be Willing
To Go All The Way, Baby.
Maybe I Am.
Can I Talk To You ?
Teej, It's My First
Beer Of The Day.
Give Me A Break.
It's Not About The Beer.
It's About Tina.
Tina ?
What About Tina ?
Do You Know
What She Does ?
I Haven't Asked.
Maybe You Should,
You Know ?
Maybe You Shouldn't Tell Me
How To Pick My Friends.
I'm Pretty Good At That.
I Picked You,
Remember ?
[ Ringing ]
Hello ?
Hi !
Bryce ?
- Can I Explain ?
- Oh, You Don't Have To.
- Look, Uh--
- Things Are Different Now.
- Can I See You ?
- No. I Have To Go.
[ Dial Tone ]
[ Bryce ]
You Don't Hate Me, Do You ?
No ! But You Went
To Philadelphia !
Someone Has To Make Money
In This Family.
Where Are You Going ?
I Have
A Private Lesson.
I Know.
I Hired You For The Day.
I Figured You'd Be Mad
And I Wanted To See You.
And It Worked !
[ Man ]
Thank You.
[ Bryce ]
2Nd-Year Instructor, You're On
The Cover Of Powder Magazine.
Your Picture's On The Poster.
You Could Get Used To That,
Couldn't You ?
Come On, Bryce, They Took
Like A Million Pictures Of
All The Guys In The Ski School.
I'm Probably The Only One
Who Had His Eyes Open.
Would You Like
To Come Up For A Drink ?
Bryce, This Was A Really
Nice Day, But I Just--
I Just Want To Talk
To You. That's All.
About What ?
About That We Used
To Be Friends Once.
Maybe We Could Be Again.
I Miss It Very Much.
That's All.
Oh, Just A Drink.
Just A Drink !
Come On.
It's Very Simple, Dex.
It's Just Something
I Can't Do On My Own.
Why Not ?
Because My Mother's Comin' In
From Des Moines Tomorrow...
And If I Don't Pick Her Up
At The Airport...
All Of A Sudden
I Don't Love Her Or Somethin'.
You Give This
To A Guy Named Steve.
He'll Know What You Look Like.
What's In It ?
That's The Wrong Question, Man,
Because It Don't Matter.
But Let's Just Say It Did
And The Police Bust You.
They Gonna Give You
A Lie Detector Test.
But You're Gonna Pass.
Know Why ?
'Cause You Don't Know What's
In It.
You Are Completely
Full Of Shit, Jake.
It's A Shitty World,
[ Clicking Tongue ]
How Much ?
Thousand Bucks.
All I Gotta Do Is Give This
To A Guy Named Steve ?
Hey, If I Wasn't Busy,
Man, I'd Be Doin' It Myself.
[ Sighing ]
I'll Do It.
Is That Clock Right ?
Yeah. Waitin'
For Someone ?
Kind Of.
Hey, You Know A Guy Named,
Uh, Steve Something ?
Stevie Dee, The Stever,
Or Something Like That ?
No, Never
Heard Of Him.
[ Door Opening ]
Are You Steve ?
'Fraid Not.
- Got Some Coffee For Me ?
- Black ?
Get Another One ?
[ Sniffling ]
Maybe He's Steve.
You Steve ?
- Steve Who ?
- Steve Who ?
I Don't Know
His Last Name.
Hey, How You Doin' ?
[ Cigarette Lighter Top
Snapping ]
[ Whispering ]
Oh No.
You Okay There, Cowboy ?
Fine ! I'm Fine.
Anybody In There ?
[ Toilet Flushing ]
I Don't Know What
You Two Guys Are Up To.
You Want To Frisk Me, Go Ahead !
I Got Nothing. Go Ahead.
You Sure
You're Okay, Pal ?
[ Man ]
Is The Bitch Really Smart ?
[ Bartender ]
She Looks At You With
These 4,000-Year-Old Eyes.
The Other One, Of Course,
Is The Dumb As Stone.
That's To Be Expected.
What Do You Got ?
A Red One And A Black One.
[ Man ]
You Dexter ?
Why ?
I'm Steve.
We Might Have
A Little Problem.
[ Door Opening ]
Can I Talk To You ?
'Til The End Of This Song.
Look, I Had A Private Lesson.
All Night ?
- Were You With Bryce ?
- Can I Explain This ?
If You Were,
It's Explanation Enough.
Yes, I Was.
She Hired Me For The Day.
Oh, And You Have
A Speech Impediment ?
- You Can't Say No ?
- She's Just Someone
Who's Taken An Interest...
In My Work,
All Right ?
She's Tryin' To Help Me.
To Be What ?
To Be More Than
Just A Rivet-Head
From Detroit, Michigan.
You Will Always Be
From Michigan, T.J.
Whether You Ever Make
Anything Of Yourself
Is Completely Up To You !
And So Far
It Isn't Much.
But It Might Be.
Oh, Yeah, The Writer.
How Romantic.
Goes Real Well With
Being A Ski Instructor.
Gives A Little Credibility.
Works Great With The Ladies.
But Writing Isn't Putting
Words Down On Paper...
To Make People Feel Things
That Aren't Even True.
I Meant Every Word.
Aspen Citizen Of The Day
Is Aspen Ski Instructor
T.J. Burke.
So, Ladies, If You
Live In A Big House And
You Got Lots Of Money,
He's Available.
Good-Bye, T.J.
You'll Fit Right In.
Trust Me.
Dex ? Jesus.
[ Honking ]
[ Grunting ]
Get Out ! No More !
[ Dex Screaming ]
Get Out ! Get Out !
Get Out ! No More !
Dex, It's Me, It's Okay.
It's T.J.
Oh, Teej,
Oh, I Screwed Up.
What Happened ?
They're Gonna Kill Me.
They're Gonna Kill Me.
Who, Who Is ?
[ Whimpering ]
They're Gonna Kill Me.
They're Gonna--
They're Gonna Kill Me.
I Thought I Could Make Some
What'd I Tell You
About Those People ?
I Thought I Could Make
Some Money.
Just Get In The Van.
[ Indistinct ]
What Happened ?
Tina's Friends.
I Thought I'd Make Some Money.
How Much Do You Owe ?
Ten Grand.
This Guy's Gonna Kill Me,
The Next Time You Leave,
I'll Expect You To Say Good-Bye.
A Friend Of Mine's
In Trouble.
I Need $10,000.
Is That An Apology ?
This Isn't Easy For Me,
You're Doing Just Fine.
I'll Pay Ya Back.
- How ?
- I Don't Know.
It Doesn't Have
To Be This Hard, T.J.
Do You Know That ?
Ha, Who Are You ?
A Friend Of
Dexter Rutecki's.
He Owes You Ten Grand.
Now You Leave Him Alone.
This Is Exactly Like The Time
I Found The Boomerang.
- I Found The Boomerang.
- Whoever, T.J. We Got Over It.
Dexter, We Were 11 Years Old.
Yeah, Well,
We Were Friends.
I Thought We Were
In This Together.
So Did I.
I Am Sorry.
I Will Pay You Back.
It's Already
Been Paid Back.
- That Guy Was Gonna Kill Me.
- Yeah, So Now He's Not !
So Now You Leave ?
I Would Have Done
The Same Thing For You !
It Wouldn't Have
Happened To Me !
Wouldn't Have Happened To You ?
No !
Oh, But It's Just That
T.J. Burke's So...
Live Every Night Banging
An Uphill Bitch Gigolo Punk !
Watch Your Mouth !
Think You're Just Gonna
Screw Your Way Outta
The Working Class, Huh ?
Don't Push Me.
Take A Look At Yourself.
Take A Fuckin' Look
At Yourself, Huh ?
Is This What You Want, Huh ?
Is This What You Want ?
I'm Tired Of Picking Up
After You.
You Don't Have To
Pick Up After Me.
[ Engine Starting ]
[ Snorting ]
[ Robin On Radio ]
And Aspen Citizen Of The Day
Is Steve Kemper.
He's A Ski Instructor
At The Aspen Ski School And
Part-Time Bartender At The--
[ Radio Off ]
[ Robin On Radio ]
Ed Goulow Is 31 Years Old Today.
He's An Aspen Mountain Lift
Operator, An Avid Fly Fisherman,
Artist And Entrepreneur.
[ Indistinct Noises ]
[ Noises Continue ]
Robin ?
Great. Lovely.
What Are You Doin' ?
What's It Look Like
I'm Doin' ?
No ! No ! Put It--
- Okay, Get Up.
- No.
- Yes.
- No !
Ow ! What's Your Problem ?
Shit !
Robin !
Just Shu--
Oh ! It's Freezing !
Good !
God ! What Are You Doing ?
I'm Getting You
Outta Here.
Why ?
'Cause We're
Going Jogging.
I Don't Jog !
I Can Drag You Behind My Car !
It's Your Choice !
Now Shave !
Why Are You Doing This ?
'Cause I Met These
Two Guys Once And They
Were Best Friends...
And I Kinda Liked Them
But I Hate What's
Happened To Them !
Now Wash !
You Wanted Your Stronghold
You Wanted Some Peace
You Wanted Exemption
From Longing
You Wanted Fine Clothes
And A Powerful Engine
But Most Of All
A Sense Of Belonging
So You Did What You Did
And You Were Only A Kid
Now Your Actions Rise Up
To Haunt You
All Those Promises You Made
All You've Taken In Trade
You Gave Away
The Best Inside You
But What Else
Could You Do
The Streets Are So
Lonesome And Empty
The Best Inside You
Nobody Blames You
You Come From
The Land Of Plenty
The Best Inside You
But What Else Could You Do
The Streets Are
So Lonesome And Empty
Could I Talk To You ?
Well, I Missed Ya.
How Ya Doin' ?
I'm Okay.
How You Doin' ?
Good !
That's Good.
I'm Gonna Go Home.
To Detroit.
Put My Name On The List At Ford,
Maybe Get Your Old Job.
I Just Don't Wanna
Go Back Empty-Handed And
I Wanted To Ask You A Favor.
Well, I Wanna Win
The Powder 8...
And I Want You
To Be My Partner.
I Want You To Ski With Me.
I'll See Ya.
Shall I Call You ?
All Right.
I'll See Ya.
In The Mornin'.
[ T.J. ]
Remember This Place ?
I Will Always
Remember This Place.
Been A Hell Of A Ride,
Huh, Teej ?
Yeah, It Has.
Let Me Ask You
A Question.
When We First Made
The Ski School,
Did You, Uh,
Put My Name On That List ?
How'd You Get It Past Karl ?
I Just Told Him That
If He Didn't Hire You, Then
I Wouldn't Take The Job Either.
I'll Tell You What,
How About I Open 'Em,
You Close 'Em.
[ Beeping ]
You Give Me Like,
Say, 20 Feet ?
Then You Drop In.
I Tell You What, Teej,
I've Been Following You
Around This Town For Two Years.
There's No One
I Would Have Rather Followed !
Today You're Gonna Follow Me.
Try And Keep Up.
[ Roaring ]
[ Roaring ]
Avalanche !
Dexter !
[ Telex Machine Clicking ]
This Just In From The
Forest Service. "An Avalanche
Late Yesterday Afternoon...
"Has Claimed The Life
Of Aspen Local Dexter Rutecki.
"Rutecki, A Former Aspen
Ski Instructor Was Swept
Into The Class-Five Slide...
"While Practicing
For The Powder 8.
"His Partner, T.J. Burke,
Was Treated And Released...
For Minor Injuries
At Aspen Valley Hospital."
For Minor Injuries
At Aspen Valley Hospital."
For Minor Injuries
At Aspen Valley Hospital."
Hey, T.J., Come On.
Take The Day Off.
I Gotta Clean Out
His Locker.
You Know There's
A Reason No One's Ever
Skied That Mountain, Burke.
I Should Have Called In
For The Avalanche Report,
But I Didn't, All Right ?
Guess Dex Would Say
It's A Little Late For That.
Go Home, T.J.
Get Some Sleep.
9:00 Lineup,
You're Late.
Let's Go.
Just, Uh, Gettin'
His Things Together,
So I Can Send 'Em
Back To His Mom.
I, Uh,
Can't Find One
Of His Gloves.
Well, I Just Came By
To Tell You I'm Very Sorry, T.J.
I Know You Loved Him
A Lot.
Things Happen, T.J.,
To Everyone.
Didn't Happen To Me.
Yeah, It Did.
You Know, I Was Afraid To
Come Out Here Without Him.
It's Not Your Fault.
Take Care Of Yourself,
Okay ?
When The World Is Black
All I Know
I Could Draw You A Map
With My Eyes Closed
It's Five Miles Long
[ Changing Channels ]
Are You Going
To Get Dressed ?
[ Music Off ]
T.J., Please, We Have
Guests Coming Over.
You Got A Big House.
There's A Lot Of Room.
You Know You're Very
Depressing Lately.
Why Don't You Put
The Cashmere Sweater
And The Black Pants On ?
You Look Beautiful
In That.
He Was My Best Friend,
Oh, Was He ?
What Does That Mean ?
I'm Sorry He Died.
I Am.
But You Wanted More
And He Didn't.
And Now You Have It.
[ Sighing ]
You ?
If You Want.
'Til When ?
Until It's Over.
Then What ?
Then We Change Partners.
Just Like That ?
We're The Same,
No, We're Not,
[ Sighing ]
Mr. Burke ?
I'm One Of The New Guys
They Just Hired, Todd Pounds.
That's Gonna Disappoint
A Lot Of Kids.
[ Chuckling ]
Yeah, Well, They Make You
Do This When You're New.
I Remember.
Well, I Just Wanted
To Meet Ya.
Nice To Meet Ya.
They Say You're The
Best Skier On The Mountain.
I Don't Know.
I'm Planning On
Being That Too.
Well, I Mean,
Second Best, Of Course.
If You Don't Mind.
It's A Big Mountain,
You Have A Partner For
The Powder 8 This Year ?
You Want One ?
I Was An Olympic
Hopeful Up In Oregon.
I Ski Pretty Good.
I'm Not Lookin'
For A Partner, Todd.
You Know If We Win,
People Will Say
We're The Best Anywhere.
I'm Not Lookin'
For A Partner !
I Was Just Askin'.
See Ya Later,
Mr. Burke.
[ Man Shouting ]
Hey, You !
I Got A Renegade Goin' O.B.
We're After Him.
T.J., You Son Of A Bitch.
What Were You Trying To Do,
Make The 11:00 News ?
I'm Supposed To Fire Anyone Who
Skis Out-Of-Bounds, Even You.
So How Am I Supposed
To Handle This ?
Any Way You Want To.
Stop Blaming Yourself
For Dexter.
I'm Not.
I Just Miss Him.
But This Is A Good-Time
Business, T.J.
Maybe You Should Take
My Picture Off The Poster.
It Would Be Better
For Both Of Us If You Could
Straighten Yourself Out.
Can You Do That ?
You Were The Best Skier
On The Mountain.
Skiing's The Easy Part,
[ Sighing ]
[ T.J. ]
Hey ! They Tell Me You're
The Best Skier On The Mountain !
Hey, It's Mr. Burke !
How You Doin' ?
Pretty Good.
Where Have You Been ?
You Got A Partner
For The Powder Race ?
Do You Want One ?
You Kiddin' ?
Me And You ?
Me And You.
[ Announcer On P.A. System ]
Conditions Here At
Aspen Powder 8 Championships:
Temperature In The Mid-30s.
The Sun Is Shining...
As Our Competitors
Warm Up At The Summit.
[ T.J. ]
All Right, I'm Really
Crankin' These Down.
You Marker Out,
We Don't Win It.
- What If I Crash And Burn ?
- You Won't.
Hey, Burke !
[ Announcer
Continues Indistinct ]
Try Not To Kill Him
Too !
[ Helicopter Whirring ]
[ Announcer ]
The Vail Team Is Putting On
Quite A Show Here Today.
And The Competition
Is Close.
Mccarthy Buries--
Tough Break...
For The From Vail, Colorado.
Reigning Powder 8 Champions
Franz Hauser And Rudy Zucker
Are Up Next.
This Aspen-Based Has Won The Powder 8
For The Last Three Years.
They're Going For An
Unprecedented 4th-Straight Win.
Hauser And Zucker,
Probably The Strongest...
Powder Skiers In The World.
Their Rhythm Is Perfect.
The Turns Both Round
And Intersecting Precisely.
[ Cheering ]
This Team Is Gonna Be
Very Hard To Beat Today !
What A Run For
Franz Hauser And Rudy Zucker,
The Reigning Powder 8 Champions
For The Last Three Years.
And It's
A Perfect 10, 10, 10 !
An Unprecedented 4th Title For
The Team From Aspen, Colorado !
What The Hell's
Goin' On ?
Don't Worry.
Hey, Bill !
We Haven't Gone Yet.
It Was A Perfect Score.
Nobody Beats These Guys.
What Is This ? You Tell 'Em
Down Below We're Goin'.
Even Though This Event
Has Apparently Been Won,
There's A Team From The Bottom
Seed Demanding To Compete.
T.J. Burke And His
Skiing Partner, Todd Pounds,
Of The Aspen Ski School.
All Right, Listen, Todd,
No Matter What I Do,
You Follow Me.
All Right...
If I Can.
You Can.
All Right.
[ Announcer ]
...After His Partner Was Killed
In A Training Accident.
I Want You To Watch
These Guys Now, Okay ?
[ Helicopter Whirring ]
[ Announcer ]
This Is Unbelievable.
Burke Has Led Pounds Off Course.
They've Skied Off The Back Side
Of The Mountain, Out-Of-Bounds !
[ Cheering ]
They Have Just Gone Off
Of Our Monitors--
Yes ! Yes !
[ Cheering ]
[ Cheering ]
Whoo ! Whoo !
[ Cheering ]
They Have Won
The 11th Annual
Powder 8 Championships !
All Right, T.J.
So How Does It Feel ?
It Feels Good.
I Think Dexter
Would Have Liked It.
I'm Sorry...
For Everything,
For All Of It.
I Just Wanted
To Tell You That.
Before You Left Town ?
I'm Not Leavin'.
I'm Stayin' Right Here.
Why ?
See If I Can Become
A Real Writer.
Well, I Think You
Already Are One.
I Read Your Story
And I Think It's Great.
And Because I Love You.
Look At The Fool
You Have Been
They Drained The Pool
While You
Drowned In The Dream
They Bought Your Beauty
And Your Soul
Then Softly
Sold It Back
What They Stole
So Look Into The Mirror
Do You Recognize
Is It Who You Always Hoped
You Would Become
When You Were Young
When You Were Young
Sometimes Your Lack
Of Sympathy
Gets Hard To Explain
So When Your
Masquerade Comes
You Just Paint
A Little Powder
You'll Be Okay
So I Look Into
The Mirror
And I Recognize
It Is Who You Always Hoped
You Would Become
When You Were Young
When You Were Young
When You Were Young
When You Were Young
You Were Young
You Were Young
You Were Young