Asphalt City (2023) Movie Script

- Cross, wake up!
Move! Let's go!
- Make a hole.
- Let's
go, let's go, let's go!
- What do we got?
- Bleeding out with a GSW.
- EMS,
coming through!
Excuse me, step aside.
Let us get through.
Let us do our work here.
Cross! Come on!
- Shot! He's been shot!
- Help my son! Help my son!
- Excuse me.
What's going on,
buddy? How you doing?
- Come on, man!
- Are you shot?
- I got shot in my foot!
I don't know what happened.
I just seen 'em running.
- Okay, I need to get this off.
Let me do my job.
All right. Where
else are you shot?
- I only got shot in my foot.
- What do we got here?
What do we got?
- He's shot in the foot.
- We got three critical
patients outside.
Come on, this is a yellow tag.
- Hold pressure there.
You're gonna be okay.
- We got
three red tags outside!
- Yo! Yo,
where y'all going?
- Let's go!
- What the fuck?
- Ma'am. Keep pressure.
- Please. I'm trying to
do my fucking job here!
Jesus Christ!
Multiple gunshot wounds.
- Where are we going?
- Straight ahead.
Next courtyard.
Straight through.
- Fucking rookie!
- I've been
waiting too long for this shit.
- EMS!
- Straight through.
Next courtyard.
- Which way?
- Next courtyard.
- This way!
Guys, I have the most
critical one over there.
- This guy?
- One confirmed gunshot wound.
- This guy right here.
- Here we go.
You're okay.
- How you doing, Bravo?
- You all right?
Look at me, we're not cops.
- Can you hear me?
We're here to help you, okay?
You've been shot. Where?
- Can you hear me?
- Shears. Shears!
You been shot, okay?
Do you know how many
times you were shot?
We're not cops. We're
here to help you.
Okay? You're gonna be fine.
Fucking shears! Shears!
- Yeah?
- Multiple gunshot wounds.
I, I can't do this
with a rookie.
You got this? I can't.
- All right, I got it. I got it.
Thank you very much.
Okay, my friend.
Hey, you got any
medical history?
Did you hear any more gunshots?
Son, you with me?
Stay with me buddy.
Stay with me.
So we just got two, all right?
Stay with me.
Hey, get the fucking
pants cut off this guy.
Hang in there.
- He's got a gunshot here!
- Okay, get pressure on it.
- Right.
- Get the pressure
bandage on it.
Stay with me buddy.
Stay with me.
Okay, so I'm gonna
have to do something
that's gonna hurt
you a little bit,
but it's gonna get you home.
Okay. Hang in, hang in.
All right, stay with me.
Stay with me.
- Oh, fuck!
- It's
all right. Hang in.
Uh, occlusive.
- Huh?
What do you need?
- I need occlusive.
- Occlusive?
- Come on!
All right, man. We're gonna
get you to the hospital.
Just hang in there.
Breathe easy.
All right. I need a board!
I'm gonna move you
over on your side.
On the count of three.
No exit.
- No pulse in his ankle.
- We're gonna put
him on his side.
No exit.
Hey, yo. Yo, let's go!
One, two.
- Three.
Are you coming with us?
- Yeah,
I'm coming with you.
- Sit there.
- Come on, guys.
- Get him in.
- We gotta
move. Get the doors closed.
- I need to set this here.
Hang in there, buddy,
we're on the way
to the hospital, okay?
Gonna get some oxygen on him.
We're gonna get you there.
Just hang in there.
Okay, buddy, I'm gonna get
this over your face, all right?
It's gonna help you breathe.
Okay? Here we go.
Tilt your head up for me.
Yeah. Oh.
You want this out
of the way? Okay.
All right, buddy. Okay,
buddy, hang in there.
What's the pressure?
- 75 over 52.
I think he's
struggling to breathe.
- Check
his lung sounds.
- Sounds absent on left.
All right, I see his
trachea deviating.
Yeah, he's tension pneumo.
- If you've got a girl to
think about, think about her.
Stay with us.
- I'm gonna get a needle.
Need to get a chest
All right, buddy, this is
gonna help you breathe, okay?
Here we go.
That's better.
Yeah, that's better, huh?
Hang in there.
Shit! I think he just coded.
Fuck, he's asystole.
Fuck! Come on, buddy.
- Start CPR.
- Come on!
Hey, come on, buddy.
Hang in there.
- Patient
in cardiac arrest.
- All right, I
need to get a bag on him.
You got him?
- Ready, go.
- We're almost
there, man. Come on.
We're almost there buddy.
- Get a move on. Get a move on.
- How far out?
- Get the mask.
Can you hear me?
- Hey, man, come back!
How long?
Keep him alive.
Hey, brother, you're
gonna get home
to see your girlfriend,
just hang in there.
Come on, keep it coming.
- Come on, man! Fuck,
we're almost there!
Come on!
Come on, man, come on,
man. Hang in there.
Hang in there, buddy, come on!
Come on, man. Fuck!
Come on. Come on!
- I usually get here
10 minutes early
and I like to ride with
partners who do too.
- Yes, sir.
- So how long
were you a paramedic?
- I rode the vollies.
- Hey, Verdis!
How you doing? You know Cross?
Just got him from Colorado.
I'm putting him in with Rut.
- Ollie Cross.
- Verdis. Nice to meet you.
- Have a good day, son.
Have him sign for Rut.
- Thank you.
- Caught a cardiac
on the last call.
Think I restocked everything,
but might wanna recheck my math.
- They make it?
- Uh, we brought him
back for a few minutes.
But, uh, nah, they
almost never make it.
What up, Rut?
- Keys.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- Mom!
- Mom!
- It's not
his fault. Please.
- Get them to get
that dog out of here.
You wanna get bit?
- I love him.
- Hey, buddy.
Just hold that
right there, okay?
- Ma'am.
Sir. Ma'am, just relax.
Sir, can we get, can we get you
to step outside with the dog?
- Step outside with the dog,
we're trying to treat the boy.
- Don't let him
hurt my dog, please!
- Ma'am, relax. Relax.
Sir, please. We need some
space to treat the boy.
Please, just step
outside. Thank you.
- Hey, the patient's
in the shower,
I'm gonna take care of this dog.
- Where the fuck are your
priorities? A fucking dog?
- Hey, it's okay. I'm
not gonna hurt you.
It's okay. I got you.
Hey, I got you.
I'm not gonna hurt you. Come on.
There we go. Come on.
Okay, come here, come here.
Hey, come here.
- Move away! Move
out the fucking way.
Get the fuck out
the fucking way.
Let go of the fucking dog!
- Hey, man, just relax.
- Let go
of the fucking dog!
- Just relax.
- I'ma fucking kill you.
- Hey, hey. Whoa, whoa!
- Get the fuck
out of the fucking way!
- Put the gun down, man!
Put the gun down, man!
- Move away.
Move out the fucking way.
- Put the gun down, man!
- Move out the fucking way.
Move away.
- All right.
All right. All right.
- You got chopsticks, please?
What'd you get?
- Huh?
- What'd you get?
- Chicken lo mein.
Here, I think, I
think I got yours.
- What is that?
- It's whatever you ordered.
Yeah, that's chicken
lo mein, I think.
- Look at it. Does
that look good?
- Yeah.
- I don't know
the names of these things,
so I don't think.
So, you good? Good, okay.
- You gonna eat that one?
- Ah-huh.
- This is 5 Young,
sending a request through
with a landmark at
Garvey Boulevard-
- Oh, hey, man, that's spicy.
Did you get something spicy?
Here, let me see that one.
- You want this one?
- Wow. Fire.
'Cause this
doesn't have any flavor.
- Hmm?
- But you like that one, right?
- Yeah, I
guess. It's okay.
- Do you like this?
- Yeah, sure.
I mean, it's all right.
Do you want?
- Yeah.
I'd rather put a fire out
than have a bunch
of water on noodle.
- What
side you coming up on?
What side?
- I don't mind
trying something new.
You said you like Chinese food.
What's the matter with it?
- Oh, nothing.
- Hmm?
- I mean, I
live in Chinatown.
- Huh. That makes
you a connoisseur?
- No.
- I've been to Chinatown.
It's a bunch of white
guys in ponytails.
You live in Manhattan. Why
do you work East New York?
- It's where I got assigned.
- Mm.
- But I'm taking the
MCAT again in the spring.
- Well, I give you
about two weeks.
- Four-five
Young. Four-five Young.
For the unconscious female.
Myrtle Avenue, Marcus
Garvey Boulevard.
- Okay.
- Four-five Young
for the unconscious.
- Do me a favor, don't
strap down the trauma bags.
- Yeah, but-
- I don't care
about the protocol.
Just slows us down.
If you wanna do that,
do it with Verdis.
Don't do it with me.
All right?
- I don't
think you're taking me
to the fucking hospital.
You're taking me to the fucking
psych ward or something.
- Can you give me
some information?
- Fucking
bastard. I hate you.
- We're gonna take care of you.
- You fucking asshole!
You fucking bitch motherfucker!
- Okay, we're gonna
take you to the hospital
so they can take care of you.
- You ain't shit!
You ain't fucking shit!
I don't wanna go
to the hospital.
- Ma'am, what is
your date of birth?
- I didn't call you!
Who called you?
- Are you gonna tell me
your birth date?
- Who the fuck called you?
- I already told you
we have to take you
to the hospital.
- This is not a job.
- Okay?
- Anybody could do this.
Tie somebody up.
- I will jump out.
- I have to
take you to the hospital.
- I got thrown off a roof.
- There's nothing I can do.
- And I was raped.
- I can't let you.
I can't let you outta here.
- All right?
- All
right, I really need
to get some information
from you, okay?
'Cause it's gonna
help the hospital
to take care of you.
- I'ma hit you.
I'ma fuck you up!
I'ma kick you in
the fucking face.
I'm gonna fucking
sue you, bitch.
- Please, just relax.
- Motherfucker.
I ain't give no consent.
- Please, just relax.
We're almost there.
We're gonna be there
in five minutes.
- So tell me
something about you.
You don't wanna talk, asshole?
Hey, you ever been abused?
Huh? I've been abused.
When I was a little girl.
My stepfather,
that motherfucker.
Nobody believed me.
My mother gave me up.
So one time she beat me
up with a electrical cord
and beat me up so bad, I was
bleeding all over the place.
I tell her, "Bitch!
You gonna die.
You gonna die, watch,
for defending him."
And she sent me to school
just like that, bleeding.
Ever since then, I
never respected her.
I was so upset.
Sometimes I feel like
committing suicide.
But don't put that on
the records,
'cause I'm not suicidal.
Can you say something?
Paramedics. Motherfucking shit.
You look like
you eight years old,
and still sucking on
your mother's titty.
Your breath smells like
fucking titty milk.
Yeah, like fucking titty milk.
You still sucking a pacifier?
Oh, I got one. I
do, it's a, a, here.
Maybe you can put this
up your ass and smell it,
'cause you're talking shit.
You're gonna hear
my mouth all the way
to the fucking hospital.
Hey. Oh, you don't
wanna hear my mouth?
Put these two
thumbs in your ear.
And put these in your asshole.
You fucking
bastard. I hate.
You're just trying
to get fucking paid.
I'm gonna fucking sue
you, like the cops,
and then I'm fine.
I'll call 'em.
- Five, four, three, two, one.
Five, four, three!
- Get that off.
- Come on, man!
- Look, man, I'm trying.
- We got a tourniquet on
it about seven minutes ago.
We got one.
- Four-five
Young. Four-five Young.
Asthmatic. Atlantic
Avenue and Vermont Street.
Four- five Young,
for the asthmatic.
- Four-five Young.
- Got a 63-year-old male.
Difficulty breathing.
- You call 911?
- He's over there.
On the other side.
- Hey, there. What's going on?
Trouble breathing?
- Yes.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
- Is he asthmatic?
- Ah, yes.
- Yes? Okay.
When did he first start
having trouble breathing?
- About 30 minutes.
- 30 minutes ago?
Okay, I'm gonna get
the nebulizer on him.
- Yeah.
- What's his name?
- Uh, Firash.
- Okay.
Firash, we're gonna get you
something to help you, okay?
All right, Firash.
Hang in there.
Okay, Firash. Gonna
put this over you.
It's gonna help
you breathe, okay?
Here you go.
All right, take some
nice deep breaths for me.
He speaks English?
- No, only Arabic.
- Only Arabic?
Okay, can you tell him to
take some deep breaths for me?
- All right, I got, I got him.
I got, I got him. I got him.
- You're good there.
- Please.
- Okay. Okay, all right.
- Please, do something.
Help him. Please!
- Physio. Tube.
- On this guy?
- Yep.
- He's agonal.
- Sure is. Go at it.
That's right, he's agonal.
- Hurry up, Cross.
Ready, Cross?
- Almost. Yeah.
- Tell
me that you're ready.
Tell me you're ready.
Tell me you're ready!
- Please help him!
- Yeah. Ready.
- Go!
- Come on.
Can't get through the cords.
- All right. Resus.
- He's gonna die.
- He'll die if you
don't tube 'em.
Go, go, go!
- Okay.
I can't get through the cords.
- Right, give me the
scope. Give me the scope!
- Allah!
- You see the cords?
- Yeah,
they're clamped shut.
- Wait. Wait, wait.
Do it. Go, go!
- There.
- All right,
you're not finished.
Listen to the stomach
and the lungs.
- Okay.
- Fucking
dumb hick.
I just wanna thank you, Cross,
on behalf of every
dog in New York City
that you've come here to save.
Am I lying? Am I lying?
- Oh! Fuck!
You fucking piece of shit!
- What the fuck?
- Where is he?
- Maybe take a deep breath.
- Oh, you found it.
I thought you might
wanna keep him.
What's wrong?
- Get rid of it!
I said get rid of it!
- Come on, motherfucker.
'Cause he can't
take a fucking joke.
No, he can't. Come on.
- Cross! Cross!
- Bitch, come on. Come on.
- Cross, stop!
- Boss, I told him.
I told him. He was
fucking with me.
- Get the fuck in here!
Clean that shit up!
I didn't see this
coming from you, Cross!
Emergency Medical Service.
Not dog fucking morgue!
- You looking at med school?
- Yeah.
Tried to get in last
year back in Colorado,
but uh, I didn't do
so hot on the MCAT.
- But
you're still trying.
- I'm supposed to.
That's why I don't
have a second job
and I'm living with
two Chinese lunatics.
- Hm.
- Helps me save money.
Gives me extra time
to study. Supposedly.
- Study, study, study, study.
All right. Give me one.
Try me.
- All right.
Okay, here we go.
"A colony of smooth
strain bacteria is grown
on a culture containing
an experimental drug
that cleaves nucleic
acid base sequences
wherever adenine is
paired with uracil.
Which of the following processes
will be directly affected?
Is it, A, transcription,
B, translation,
C, transformation,
or D, transduction?"
- Okay, so give me another one.
Just give me the next one.
Give me one more.
- Okay.
- Smart ass.
Come on.
- "Reactions with alkalies
often result in a mixture-"
I'm gonna get a bag on him.
You want me to get
the pads on him?
- Yep.
- All right. Pads set.
- Stop CPR.
I'm clear. You're clear.
All clear.
- Clear.
- Clear!
- Clear!
- No, he's still V-fib.
I'm clear. You clear?
All clear?
- Clear. Clear.
- All clear.
We got rhythm.
- Yeah, he's got a pulse.
- We've got ROSC.
- Good job, man.
Sir, how you doing?
Can you hear me?
Yeah? You're doing
great, all right?
- Welcome back, my friend.
- What's the
last thing you remember?
- I was finished having lunch.
- Finished having lunch?
What'd you have for
lunch? You remember?
- Pork chops, French fries.
- You might have to
cut down on the fries
and the pork chops.
- You're doing great, all right?
We got you in the
back of an ambulance.
We're going to the hospital.
- You sleep okay?
- Yeah, I guess.
I mean, it's a little tricky
getting used to the nights.
- Yeah.
When you froze the other night.
- What?
- With the gunshot patient.
- I- I didn't freeze.
- Oh, okay.
Was that the first time
you saw somebody go?
- No, I was with my
mother when she passed.
- Yeah. That's how it
starts for a lot of guys.
Seeing someone they care about
taking their last breath.
- Yeah. I found her in the bath.
Wasn't really much
I could have done
by the time I got the door open.
But I was just a kid,
I couldn't even pick
her up out of the tub.
She cut her wrist.
- Well, you can't save everyone.
Not even with all the
toys and the training.
Sometimes they just
go away anyway.
You're not gonna get all
weepy on me now, are ya?
- Sh, sh, sh.
Remember, you're dying.
- Okay, dying.
I got it.
How does it feel
seeing someone die?
- What's going on?
- Look, she over here.
- Oh boy.
- I'll
let you have this one.
- Ma'am. Ma'am?
- Ma'am.
Can you get up?
- Ma'am?
- You been drinking tonight?
- Can you hear me?
- Huh?
- Ma'am?
- Hmm?
- You okay?
- You unconscious.
- What's going on?
- Nothing. I was sleeping.
- You're sleeping?
- Yeah.
- Can we get you up, ma'am?
- Why?
I'm gonna stay
there, I'm asleep.
- No, you're at the laundromat.
- Can you get up?
- What happened?
- Wait, I don't wanna fall.
- You want your walker.
- You're too skinny.
- Ready?
Let me help you up.
Watch your head.
Come here. One, two, three!
- There we go. There you go.
All right, let's
get you walker here.
- Can you get it from there?
- Yeah.
- Here. Can you stay up?
- You okay?
- Yep.
- Okay.
- Get your stuff and go.
- You ready to go?
- No.
I got my clothes washing there.
- She bullshit.
- You have your
clothes washing here?
- Yes!
- She have no clothes here.
- Yes, I do.
Don't tell me I got no clothes.
What's this? That's mine.
- I don't think these
are your clothes.
- Yes, they are.
You saw me putting
them in there.
You saw my panties.
They all in there.
- Okay.
- She crazy, man.
- Well, you can't,
you can't stay here.
You can come with
us to the hospital.
- Go!
- Or do you wanna go outside?
- Hospital. What should
I go to the hospital for?
- Do you wanna go with
us to the emergency?
- Uh, I think so.
- Or do you wanna?
Or you gonna go find
somewhere else to sleep?
- Go!
- I'm feeling good.
I'm feeling very good.
- If you're not doing laundry
here, we, you can't stay here.
- Take your shit and go!
- I have the right to stay here.
- It's a place of business.
- I'm a citizen of the
United States of America.
Okay? You gotta respect me.
And you Chinese-
- Take your shit and go!
- Stop it. Okay?
You think you're the
owner of everything.
- Don't come back.
- You own your ass
and your dick.
That's all you own.
- This not homeless shelter.
- You have nothing else.
- Okay.
- All right?
- Let's go. Let's go outside.
- You fucking crazy Chino, man.
- You're just
gonna let her go?
- You crazy, man.
- I'ma burn you.
I'ma burn you.
Chinese mother flower.
- Just go. Just go.
- You suck your dick.
- I'm gonna call the cops.
- And yours. And yours.
- Okay okay. Go, go, go!
- Fuck you,
and I see you later.
- Another successful
medical intervention.
- Suck my dick now?
- Do something.
- Suck my pussy, and
let's go out, okay?
- Come back and
take all your shit and go!
- Got
all your things here.
- Not my stuff.
- Pick it up!
- I'm not gonna pick it
up for you. I'll help you.
All this yours?
- Beer. Alcohol.
- All right.
- All me. Yeah.
I don't want my. Alcohol, this.
- Just gonna
let her walk away?
- That's it.
- Okay.
- That's garbage.
- She's just gonna come back.
- Suck my dick, you two.
- No dick to suck here.
- All right, you wanna
suck it, come outside.
- Disgusting.
- Come in my car.
A hundred dollars.
- I'm gonna call the cops.
- I'm the fucking
police. Call the police.
I'm my own fucking police.
I'm the police of the world!
You motherfuckers! Bye!
Love ya!
- All right.
- Well, next time we'll
bring her back a squeegee.
Squeegee, squeegee, squeegee.
So tell me if you
think this is funny.
There's a pedophile.
He's walking a,
a 6-year-old girl
out into the woods at dusk.
And uh, she says, "Mister,
I'm getting scared.
It's getting dark."
And he says, "Think
about me, selfish,
I gotta go back alone."
- That's a good one. I
heard that one before.
- Yeah, but you laughed.
You think that's funny?
- It's still good. Yeah?
- Is there something
wrong with you?
- No.
All right, I got one.
This 8-year-old boy
gets to the house.
He knocks on the door.
A little old lady
opens the door.
She says, "Oh, sonny,
you must be a pirate."
He says, "Yes ma'am,
I am a pirate."
She says, "Well,
if you're a pirate,
where, where are
your buccaneers?"
He goes, "Under my
buccan-hat, you buccan-bitch."
- I like, I like that one.
- Hey man. Didn't you
say 10 minutes early?
- Yeah. Fuck you.
- I'll see you outside.
- See this guy?
- Yeah. On the bicycle?
- I always feel like
just opening the door.
Crack! I
don't like these guys.
- Oh, you
brought back up.
- Nancy, this is Cross.
Cross, Nancy.
- You got it?
- Where's Sylvie?
- You're not seeing
her until you pay her rent.
So you got it or not?
Thank you.
- That's the welcome party.
Hey. Hello.
How are you?
- Good.
- Where are you gonna take me?
- This way.
- Take me to play somewhere.
- Yeah.
- So you're
the new partner?
- Yeah.
- I'm the most recent ex-wife
and mother of his only child.
Nice to meet you.
- How many
wives has he had?
- I lost count.
- Okay, good.
- Loves his daughter
though. I'll give him that.
- Bravo.
- Watch what happens.
- How long, how long
have you guys lived here?
- Five years. Two
just Sylvie and me.
How long you been on the job?
- A few weeks.
- Few weeks?
- Yep.
- Hm.
How's your girlfriend
deal with it?
- Oh, I- uh, I don't
really have a girlfriend.
I mean, there's a girl, but.
- Oh, I see.
Busy saving the world,
not much time for,
uh, personal stuff.
- I don't know about that.
- I know about that.
I know all about that.
Excuse me.
Oh, I haven't told him yet.
But um, I talked to the lawyer,
and he said we're
well within our rights
as long as we stay
within state lines.
- It's a
rainbow hopscotch
- Yeah,
let's see your hopscotch.
- This
side or that side?
- It doesn't matter.
Whatever you wanna do.
I got a magic trick for you.
All right. You ready?
- Yeah.
- All right.
I love you. So happy to see you.
- Me too.
- Let me see that.
It's pretty. Where'd
you get that?
- From Mommy's friend.
- Hey, darling, Daddy's
gotta get back to work.
What am I doing?
- Helping
people get better.
- That's right.
This is Cross.
- Hello.
- He's a goofball.
Will you go show
him your hopscotch?
- Yes.
- See if he
can hopscotch.
- Oh, wait.
Gotta do that again.
Let's go hopscotch.
What you got? Ooh!
Look at you.
- Yeah, I
could stay on this.
- Yes? Like this?
- Yeah.
- So you're seeing somebody.
- Hey.
- Hey, darling.
- Run around.
- Daddy's gotta go.
All right. I love you.
Mommy's waiting for you.
- Okay. Bye!
- Bye, darling.
- Bye!
- Hang on.
Hi. What's up, buddy?
You wakey-wakey? Hi.
He's still tired.
- Yeah.
Hey, buddy.
- Are you gonna say
hi to Mama's friend?
Huh? Here.
- Bless you.
- Bless you.
- Bless you. Hey.
- Hi, buddy.
- Hey.
- Hi. What do you think?
- Four-five
Young. Four-five Young.
Dysp breathing, fever, cough,
at the Brownsville Nursing Home.
East New York Avenue, Rockaway.
Four-five Young.
- How we doing?
- Hi.
He's right over there.
It started yesterday afternoon
and it's getting
worse and worse.
- What's the history?
- He has advanced Alzheimer's,
heart disease, chronic
pneumonia, and incontinence.
- My lungs are bad.
- Yeah?
- They are.
- You got a DNR?
- No, he doesn't have a DNR.
Let me go bring
his chart for you.
- I'm dying.
- Sh, it's okay.
Sir, we'll take you
to the hospital.
- We'll transfer
him to a hospital
from this fucking nursing home.
He'll be right back.
Pulmonary edema. He's got
an ocean in his lungs.
I know what you're thinking.
Is it worth it?
You and I both know as soon
as we get him to the ED,
they're gonna intubate him
and he probably won't ever
breathe on his own again.
- All right. Ready?
- Yep.
- One, two, three.
I used to work a double shift.
I was with FDNY and
a private outfit,
and my mainstay was an
air-conditioning business
with my cousin.
So I'd do the 7:00 to 7:00
day, 7:00 to 7:00 night,
then go straight to
knocking wallboard out,
putting in insulated duct.
By the time I'd get
home, I hit the rack,
like, man, boom, just crashed.
A coma.
And my wife would
wake me, shaking me,
telling me I wasn't breathing.
But I think she was
fucking with me.
Wake me if I stop breathing.
- You got it.
- 2F?
- Yeah, 2F.
- Hey, yeah.
- Hello, EM-
- Hey. I called.
Check my wife please.
- What's going?
- I think she fell or something.
She doesn't look really good.
- What happened?
- Four-five Young, 10-85.
- What's going
on? What happened?
Did you hit your head?
Do you remember?
- Two of you arguing tonight?
- Nah, we didn't.
- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure, man.
- She fell?
- That's what she told me.
- Okay, just relax. Just relax.
So what do you, what is the
last thing you remember?
- Where'd you, where'd
you hit your head?
Where does it hurt the worst?
- Ma'am, you remember
what happened?
- You say you fell, right?
Where'd you fall?
You remember?
- The stairs.
- Was she, was she unconscious?
- A little bit.
Sir, could you just.
Sir, please. We're trying
to get her to relax.
- Let my partner help your wife.
- That's fine. You focus on her.
- He's trying to help your wife.
- I'm trying to talk to her.
- If you just wanna step
into the other room?
- That's all I'm doing.
- We're trying to help her.
- Do me a favor.
Just, you make me
a little nervous
being so behind me, okay?
- I'm cool, man.
I'm in my house.
- I'm just trying
to take care of your
wife, all right?
- Can you just give us...
Sir, we're trying to
ask her some questions.
Could you just step into
the other room or something?
- What is all these
questions about?
What you are? Cops?
- We're just trying
to help your wife.
No, we're not cops.
We're just trying-
- That's exactly
what I'm saying.
- To help your wife.
Sir? Sir?
Sir, could you just
give us a second-
- I'm cool, man!
- While we talk to her?
I know, but just
give us a second
while we talk to her!
- Stop looking at me.
Look at her and help.
Just do your fucking jobs.
- Yeah. That's
what we're trying to do.
- I'm getting really
pissed right now,
'cause y'all asking too
much goddamn questions
and not getting her help.
Let me.
Here, just sit back
and relax a little bit.
- Don't look at
me. Look at her, all right.
- Could you just
give us a second?
- Okay.
- Where
you going, man?
- Sir.
- Where are you going?
- I'm gonna
get her to the hospital.
- What is this for?
What is this for?
- We're gonna take
her to the hospital.
- Well, that's not gonna happen.
- Come on. Just
stand over there.
Just get out of the way.
- That's not gonna happen.
- Hey, hey! Knock it off!
- Motherfucker.
- NYPD! What's going on?
Get the fuck out.
- What?
- Get the fuck out.
Get him out, get him out!
Get him the fuck out!
- It's all right.
- What the
fuck y'all doing? Yo!
- We'll take you
to the hospital,
and they'll check you out.
It's all right. It's okay.
Rut! Rut, hey, hey!
- Got a wife-beater pussy bitch.
You pussy bitch. Right?
You sorry pussy bitch!
- Rut!
- Who you talking to?
- Rut, hey!
Hey! Rut, Rut!
- Come on, motherfucker!
- The fuck are you doing?
- Let's get him downstairs!
- Fuck off, man.
- What are you doing? Come on.
- Fucking wrong, yo!
- You good?
- We'll take care of you.
Let's get the ice
pack on her hand.
From the minute Putin-wannabe
bitch opens the door,
he's already been
threatening with us.
Every time the wife
tries to tell Cross
an answer to one
of his questions,
this guy's overbearing on
top, threatening to us,
while he's telling her
to shut the fuck up
in Ru, whatever.
Over and over. That's what's
going on the whole time.
Then the second I got up,
this fucking guy gets on me.
Cops rushed him.
Just, he was, engaged me,
I was a little
fueled-up at that point.
I go to the door.
Captain, please. I go.
I only went to the door.
The next thing he does,
he's trying to kick me.
- How did that happen, Rut?
- I didn't, when Cross is
asking her medical questions-
- Rut, it's-
- He just keeps
fucking threatening the wife.
- It's not a good
look when the medics
make their own fucking
patients, okay, Rut?
You pushed a cop, Rut.
You pushed a fucking cop, Rut.
- I didn't try to hit a cop.
In fact, I didn't.
- You did!
- The cop was, you know,
pulling me off from the guy
who was trying to
kick me at the door.
I didn't. I didn't
actually hit the cop.
I got the guy that
took a kick at me
'cause I was motherfucking
him at the door,
and then the cops and I got
into it for two seconds.
- That's not what the
report says. Okay?
The cop was assaulted.
What can I do?
- So you're benching me?
- Get the fuck outta here.
- You know,
I'll have to go down
and get a psych
eval at some point.
- That's
with a therapist?
- Anytime
anything happens in the field,
they send you downtown
for a debrief.
You know, you're having
nightmares, insomnia, all that.
After 9/11, they sent
a whole army of shrinks
to all the stations.
- You were there, right?
- We got there at least
a couple of minutes
before the first
tower went down.
You know h- how, you've
seen it on television?
So it just looks like
a lava flow or someth-
I mean, it just
sort of melts down.
That's not what it was like.
It was more like this thing,
like clack, clack, clack.
Every floor crashing
into each other,
just clack, clack, clack, clack.
I mean, you could
really feel it falling.
So we went around
the clock, and then
I went back to work
three days later.
I mean, what else
was I gonna do?
Well, I guess I could've taken
that fancy doctor's
test you're taking.
Nancy's leaving.
She met someone.
And they're, uh, taking off.
Upstate somewhere.
Taking Sylvie with 'em.
I mean, I would h-
have her weekends,
and then now it'll be holidays.
Maybe it's for the best.
Get her outta the city.
She'll have a better life.
Hey, don't kill
anybody while I'm gone.
- You don't like metal?
- We got a
foul odor up here.
- Yeah,
guys, it's, uh,
second apartment
door right here.
- So glad we rushed here.
We rushed over here
for a dead body.
Oh, that's the good stuff.
Have at it.
- You're not going?
- You're the rookie.
- What the fuck is that?
- You're gonna be fine.
- The fuck is that?
- Vicks VapoRub.
- Get the fuck off me.
- What's wrong with you?
It's so you don't puke.
Your mother never used that?
You believe in heaven, Cross?
You believe in that shit?
I don't know if I
believe in heaven,
but I believe in hell.
You know, a fly can smell
death sooner than we can?
It's the only smell you
can never get used to.
- Ollie? Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Is something wrong?
Hey, you can talk to me.
I'm worried about you.
- Hey, I'm trying
to study in here!
Thank you.
Hey! Could you please do
that in the other room?
Hey! Hey!
I said I'm trying to
fucking study in here!
Okay? It's a very
important exam.
Please, would you do that in
the other room? Thank you.
- Do you know
how many days it's been?
17 days. Not one thank you.
Most of the time
they say "fuck you."
I'm losing faith, like,
in humanity, you know?
I'm losing faith.
Come on, come on.
Speak, oh, there you go.
There you go. Yeah.
No, no, no, wait. Just relax.
Hey, wait, wait,
no. Come on, wait.
- Fuck!
- Ma'am, you had
an overdose, okay?
We're trying to help.
- Fuck!
Fuck you!
- We're doing our job, ma'am.
- Ow. My hair!
- Ma'am!
- Fuck me, okay. Fuck me.
- Yes!
- Just relax!
- I can't
hear another fucking thing.
Ma'am, just relax, please!
We're just doing our job.
- Fuck you. Fuck you!
- You don't call,
you don't write.
Don't send me flowers
- Hey, man.
Welcome back.
- Thanks.
- Four-nine Henry.
Correction, we're
going to hospital 14.
Category M.
- At least I'm
back in our old apartment
now that they're upstate.
- How's it feel?
- Like
a double amputation.
- I don't suppose
you're looking for a roommate?
- Yeah, what,
you wanna talk and cuddle?
You couldn't afford
it anyway, Mr.
"I'm going to med school.
I can't afford time
for a second job."
- Well, that's
definitely true.
- Four-five Young.
Four-five Young. For the OB cop.
- Yeah, Four-five
Young, send it.
Uh, show us 63. I got it.
- Oh, you bet you got it.
- How much?
- Eight.
- Okay. There you go.
Thank you.
- Muchas gracias.
- Is that a pregnancy?
- You ever caught a baby?
- No.
- Well, maybe you get lucky
and she'll deliver in the bus.
Don't worry. Mama and
baby do the hard part.
- Hey, how's it going?
- Don't know.
I heard screaming
about 10 minutes ago.
She's pregnant. That's
why I called you guys.
The door's locked. I
can't get in the room.
- It's locked?
Yeah. Hello?
Should we wait for PD?
- EMS! We're here
to help you, EMS.
- Okay, come on. Come on.
- She's got a
pulse. She's pinpoint.
- All right,
I'm gonna get this dog shit
out of her arm.
- Let me get the Narcan.
- Shears!
- Ma'am?
Ma'am, can you hear me?
Ma'am, I need you to wake up.
- Stay with Mom. I'm taking
this kid down the hall.
- What?
- Is there a restroom
down here?
- Wait, is, is the baby okay?
Ma'am, just relax.
Just relax. Just relax.
My partner's got-
- Where's my baby?
- The baby, ma'am.
Ma'am, ma'am, just relax.
- My baby. My baby.
Just relax. Just relax.
Ma'am, just relax.
It's all right.
- My baby!
- My partner's got
the baby, okay?
He's gonna take
care of her, okay?
Ma'am. Ma'am, just relax, okay?
Let me see your arm.
Just relax.
Can you answer some
questions for me?
- Where's my baby?
- How long
has the baby been out?
- Where's my baby?
- Do you know how
long the baby's been out?
My partner's got the baby. Okay?
He is doing the best he can.
All right?
- My baby!
- Just relax for me.
You've lost a lot
of blood, okay?
- Where's my baby? My baby.
- We got the baby.
We're gonna take
care of you, okay?
We're gonna do the best we can.
All right. He's taking
care of the baby.
Just relax. Okay?
I need to get an IV in you.
- My baby.
My baby.
My baby. My baby's dead.
- Ma'am.
How much did you just use?
How much did you just use?
I need to know.
- I'm clean. I'm clean.
- Ma'am!
We found a needle in your arm.
How much did you just use?
You gotta tell me, okay?
You have to tell me.
- I- I- I needed
something for the pain.
- You needed
something for the pain?
- But I've been clean.
- Okay. You've been clean?
- I've been clean.
- All right. That's all right.
- My
baby. It's all my fault.
- Did you use anything
else besides heroin?
- No. No, no, no.
- Did you use anything else?
- No.
- Okay. All right.
Let me get this around
your arm right there.
- The baby's dead.
- Do you remember
how many minutes
the baby was out?
- My fault. It's my fault.
My baby. My baby.
- Ma'am. Have you
been tested for HIV?
Have you been tested for HIV?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- I got it. I'm positive.
- Okay, all right.
And you've been taking the meds
so your baby wouldn't
get the virus?
- They don't work.
- How do you know
that? They do work.
You should have
been taking the meds
so your baby wouldn't
get the virus.
- My baby. The
baby, the baby's dead.
- Hey, guys, what's going on?
- 30-year-old female.
She just gave birth.
She's, uh, 32 weeks pregnant.
- Where's the baby?
- She took some
heroin for the pain.
- Where's, where's the baby?
- So I gave her two Narcan.
She's HIV positive.
Hasn't been taking her meds
and, uh, she lost
a lot of blood.
I got an IV set up.
- Are you fucking serious?
- I'm gonna go
check on my partner.
I'll be right here.
- Where's your partner?
- He's got the O2 tank.
- What the
fuck is going on here?
- Where's my baby?
- Hi, ma'am.
How are you feeling?
- Excuse me? Where is he?
- In there!
- Hey! What's going on?
How's the baby?
- Stillborn. Baby's dead.
- Yo, what the
hell's going on back there?
Come on, guys. Where's the baby?
- Just tell, tell
them we're taking Mom.
- Guys, where's the baby?
- It's dead. It's stillborn.
We're gonna take the mother.
- You always treat a newborn
- Yeah, take your protocols
and stick 'em up your ass.
We got Mom. Your partner's
in with the baby.
- That's not the protocol.
- Get with your partner.
These guys and their protocols.
- Pick her up.
- One, two, three.
- All right.
- We're going
first. We have the baby.
- Fucking cavalry.
- Un-fucking-believable.
- One, two, three.
- Doing good?
- Yeah.
- Okay. All yours.
Where we at?
- How you doing?
- What have we got?
- She's HIV positive.
Uh, she just gave birth.
- One, two.
- Three.
- Can we have a
report when you get a minute?
- Yeah.
All right.
- What's the patient's name?
- It's, uh, Nia Brown.
- Date of birth.
- It's 8/24/91.
So we got a call
for a pregnancy.
Uh, she told us she
was 32 weeks pregnant.
The baby was out
when we got there.
- Gene Rutkovsky?
- On the scene?
- There was a problem
with your last call.
- A problem
with our last call?
- Sorry, just give
me one second.
- Out of service.
- Are you being serious?
- You can head
back to the station.
- Hey, what's going on?
- We've been restricted.
- Why?
- The baby lived.
- I don't know what
your partner said,
but you're outta service.
You can head back
to your station.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
I was with the mother.
She was my patient.
- I need you
to focus on the truth.
Did you and Rutkovsky
compare notes on this event?
- No, we didn't.
- Why not?
- Because he
wouldn't talk to me.
- You were
with the mother?
- Yes.
- And you
never saw the baby?
- I did for a moment.
- Was it breathing?
- I don't think so.
- Did
you look closely?
- Wasn't my patient.
- Did you ask
the mother about the baby?
- Yes.
- What'd she say?
- She said that it was dead.
- Did you ask
anybody else about the baby?
- Yes. Rutkovsky.
- What did he say?
- He said that
the baby was dead.
- When did you ask
Rutkovsky about the baby?
- When I went to
get the O2 tank.
It was with him.
- Where was he?
- He had taken the baby out
of the room and down the hall.
The bed was covered in blood
and the mother was
coming back from an OD.
He needed a safe place to treat.
- When you asked about the
baby, did you look yourself?
- Rutkovsky's the senior medic.
- I did not ask
you who was the senior medic.
What I asked you was when
you asked about the baby,
did you look yourself?
- Yes, it was
covered in a towel.
- So you let
him do whatever he wants,
even leave a baby to die.
- I let him treat the
most critical patient.
I thought that he would know
whether a baby was
breathing or not.
We've got the baby, okay?
We're taking care of it.
Just relax. All right?
We're gonna get
a blood pressure.
- My baby. My baby.
- We've got the baby.
We're gonna take
care of you, okay?
We're gonna do the best-
- My baby's dead.
- I'm only gonna ask
this question one time.
Tell the truth now or your
case goes before the board.
Did Paramedic
Rutkovsky intentionally
withhold treatment?
- No. He made a mistake.
Rut. Rut.
How you doing, man?
I told them it was a mistake.
Rutkovsky. You're up.
- Get the fuck away
from me, hero boy.
- We've got the baby.
We're gonna take
care of you, okay?
We're gonna do the best we can.
I need you to relax.
How many weeks were you?
How many weeks were you?
- Are you sure
- Yeah, I'm sure.
I got your back.
- My baby's dead
- Ma'am. Ma'am, ma'am.
- Where's my baby?
- Ma'am.
He's taking care of
the baby. Relax, okay?
- I'm
trying to save him, man!
Hey. Hey, back up.
- Hey, get the fuck back.
Get the fuck back!
- Back up!
Back off! Get the fuck off!
- Hey!
Hey, hey, get the fuck back!
- Watch it, man!
- Don't fucking touch me.
Don't fucking touch me,
and fucking do your jobs.
Roll him up right now.
Get him out of here.
- Don't fucking push
me, motherfucker.
- Hey!
- Don't you fucking touch me.
- Don't fucking touch him.
Move, man. We're
trying to come through.
Get the fuck out of the way!
- Yo, I swear to God, bro.
He's not gonna go.
- Get the fuck out of the way!
- Where the fuck you going?
- Be hell of a lot easier
if you moved the
fuck out of the way.
- You ain't going.
- Bro, it's my business, bro.
- Get the fuck off me, man.
- Do your job!
- Let me do my
job, motherfucker.
- Go, go, go, go, go!
- One all.
- One all.
Back the fuck up!
- Hey, hey.
Get the fuck away from the
ambulance. Go up front.
Hey! Lafontaine!
- Don't fucking touch me.
- Get the fuck out of here!
Get the fuck out of
here! Doing our job!
Do your job!
Fucking do your job!
- Let's see what
you got, my man.
You got something? Got
something good in here?
Oh, come on. I know you do.
Yes, you do.
Shit. Yeah.
That's some Mexican mud.
That's what that is.
How long do you
think he'll last?
Fuck him.
Fucking drug dealer.
Think you're an angel?
Really? Well, I ain't Jesus.
I'll tell you that.
Come on. I won't tell nobody.
- I'm good.
- Have a drink.
It's good shit.
- I don't want a drink.
- Don't you get tired of
being good all the time?
Where you from?
- Glenwood Springs.
It's in Colorado.
- You're from Colorado?
You know what it is to
shoot a horse, right?
It's a mercy kill.
When these doors close,
we're not pawns anymore.
We're not even
kings. We're gods.
We decide. We decide.
You think I'm gonna save some
piece of shit's fucking life?
That's how it was with
Rut, wasn't it? You know.
- That's not how
it was with Rut.
- Oh, you believe that?
You- you-.
You really don't
know shit, do you?
You think
these people like you?
You think you're saving people?
You'll learn. You'll learn.
Come on!
What are you mad at?
What I'm saying is stop
being so sensitive.
That's all I'm saying.
Jesus, tough room.
If you don't wanna talk,
we don't have to talk.
We could just sit here and.
Seriously, man, if you got.
Be careful about
sitting on a high horse
or thinking you're
gonna actually
save people, you know?
'Cause if that horse-
- Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
This is what you fucking
want from me? Huh?
Shut the fuck up!
- Okay. All right.
- Ollie! Ollie!
Ollie, stop! Stop!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You hurt me.
You need to leave.
- Fuck!
- You need
to fucking leave!
- How many
people did you rob today? Huh?
- Are you crazy?
- You don't even remember
the people that you
robbed, motherfucker.
I get you. Now you're
a big man, right?
Beats up old ladies.
- I don't beat up old ladies.
- With five
of his fucking friends.
He sells crack to
fucking 10-year-old kids.
- I don't sell crack to no one.
Get off me!
- 10-year-old kids!
- I don't know you.
- You a man?
Hit him. Give him a lesson.
- Get the fuck off.
- Give him a spanking.
- Get
the fuck off me!
- Hit him. Hit him.
- Fuck off.
- This is your chance.
This is your chance. Hit him.
Oh, look he does. He wants to.
He wants to.
- Get off me me!
- He wants.
- Shut up.
- Oh!
- Get off!
Get the fuck off of me.
- Oh. Oh, oh.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You gonna hit me?
Come on. Come on.
- You piece
of fucking shit.
- Hit me like a man.
You gonna hit me?
Hit me!
I said.
Come on! Hit me
like a fucking man!
I'm proud of you.
That was beautiful.
- Can I get
you something else?
- Uh, I'm still
waiting for my friend,
so, uh, I'm okay
for now, thank you.
Yeah, no, no, no,
no. Go, go, go.
- Why don't you take
a look at the menu?
I think the waitress is
about to kick me outta here
if we don't order.
- I never liked Chinese
food. I was being polite.
- We can go somewhere else.
- I'd prefer that.
- Let's get outta here.
I've been studying for the MCAand, uh, I had to take
the test yesterday.
- You know, I never asked you
what happened after
the investigation.
- Nothing much. I got
a formal reprimand.
Burroughs said I
was unobservant.
- Fuck Burroughs.
Fuck 'em all.
Fuckers wanted to
put me behind a desk.
Administrative? That
was never gonna happen.
- It was fucked-up
what happened.
You made a mistake,
but at least
everybody's all right.
- Big fucking mistake.
- It was, but hey, it could
have happened to anybody.
- You listen to this character.
You know, some of us do
this for a living full-time.
It's not just a pit stop on
the way to a medical degree.
So just maybe don't
make a mistake
fucking with me.
- What are you talking about?
- What am I talking about?
They were gonna put me out
to pasture no matter what,
whether I fucked up or not.
We walked into that shelter,
you see the junkie with
a needle in her arm,
her baby drenched in HIV blood,
set up for a miserable
fucking life.
I mean, it's not that
complicated, Ollie.
I chose not to treat.
Don't pretend you don't
know what I'm talking about.
You're out here for
two minutes, you know.
It's the job. They're dying.
It's us, the dead and the dying.
It's the job.
We carry the misery
and nobody gives
two shits about it.
Not the department,
not our wives,
or whatever the fuck you got.
Because, you know, why,
uh, why should they?
But me, I was fucking done.
I did what I thought was right.
If you can't admit what you see
in front of your eyes, then.
- Then what?
- Then you're a coward.
- And what are you?
- Are you a coward?
Are you a coward?
- What does that make you?
- Are you a coward?
- Huh?
- Are you a coward?
- What does that make you?
If I'm a coward, you're
a fucking murderer.
- You're a good guy.
You were a good partner.
See you later, Cross.
- Fuck!
- He's at the corner.
There, the corner.
- Sir. Your son had a seizure.
- His mother
is looking after him.
He should be fine.
- We should take him in.
- Tried to
fix him so many times.
- Sir, I don't think
you understand.
Your son needs
medical treatment.
- God will take care of him,
better than me, better than you.
Cross! Cross!
- How's Rut doing?
- I don't know.
- I've known Rut 15 years.
I don't believe he'd
try to kill a baby.
But he was up on that edge.
We all work in the darkness.
You don't gotta
let it inside you.
Look out for your
partner, Cross.
That's all I'm saying.
- Gotcha.
- Four-five
Young. Four-five Young.
Man on the roof. Bushwick
Avenue, Jefferson Street.
- It's Jefferson Street.
- Four-five Young.
For the jumper, up.
- That's Rut's place.
- Yo, get, get the bag.
Get the bags. Let's go.
Wait. Wait.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Who is that?
Who is that?
- Listen. Look at me.
Look at me.
- Get off me.
- Stop.
- Let me go!
Let me go!
Fuck! Rut!
Rut, man! No!
- Hey no, wait. Wait.
- Please! Fuck!
Rut! Rut!
- I got him. I got him.
I got him. Go.
- Rut! Oh, fuck!
Rut! Rut!
No, man! No!
Oh fuck. Oh fuck.
I'm sorry.
- Listen, Ollie, you need help.
I can't help you.
Please don't call me again.
- I don't know if
you remember me.
I was one of the medics
when you had your baby.
I came here because I wanted
to tell you what happened,
so you wouldn't think
it was something else.
I wanted to tell you the truth.
- The truth?
You thought she'd be better
off dead than with me.
Don't lie.
You had no right to take
my baby away from me.
- I know. I'm sorry.
- I had been clean.
That's why I was here.
- Yeah, I
remember you said that.
- So where's the other
one that took her? Huh?
He too scared to come up here?
- No. He's dead.
He killed himself.
- They hadn't told me that.
- Yeah.
How's the baby doing?
- She's with my mother
until I get back on my feet.
- You know, you
start doing this job
because you wanna help people.
Sometimes you just end up
doing the complete opposite.
That's what happened.
And we were
very, very, very wrong.
I don't expect you to
forgive us for that.
I'm really glad the
baby's all right.
- Me too.
- Rosario!
Go save my daughter.
Go save my daughter.
- EMS. Stand by.
- Rosario!
- What are you doing?
Cross! Wait for the all clear.
Where, where are you going?
- Save my daughter!
Just save my-
- Cross!
It's not clear!
- All right.
Just relax, okay? I got you.
It'll be all right.
All right. Here we go.
Here we go. Here we go.
All right. I got you, okay?
I got you. Just breathe.
There we go. Come back to me.
Come on. Come on,
come back to me.
Yeah, come on. Come back to me.
Hey. Can you hear me?
There. There you are.
There you are.
Hey, just relax. Okay?
Just breathe, I got you.
- Thank you so much
for saving her.
- Of course.