Asphalt Playground (2012) Movie Script

Look at me!
Aim... Look at me!
Call an ambulance!
Outside Paris,
a shoot-out between rival gangs
has left one person
seriously wounded.
The victim, 13,
was apparently caught
in a clash between drug-traffickers.
My name's Machine Gun
and I just turned 12.
To understand how l got here,
I'II teII you where l come from.
I live north of Paris,
near the airport.
I've never been to Paris.
l Iive in the Pink Project.
It's Iike a village
where you know everyone.
l adore my project.
It's one big playground.
I'd never live anywhere else.
This is my cousin, Isma.
He's a look-out.
He spends aII day on the roof.
This is my IittIe cousin,
Isma's sister.
Where the deaIing's done,
kids aren't allowed to go.
But Goundo is way curious.
lf something's banned, she does it!
What's she doing there?
Hand over the cash, man.
Move, kid, move...
Goundo, what's going on?
Stay off the road, ok.
Our cover's blown.
Go back to Djnba.
The kid spotted us.
Move in! Fast!
Guys, the heat!
Get down!
Lie down! Move it!
Get against the wall!
Quit shoving me!
Come back here!
That was outside!
Get up!
You're in big trouble. Move!
He's after lsma!
Come back here!
Open the door. Open up!
Open it! Shit!
The door, please!
Close the door!
l think he saw me...
Come in!
To be continued...
C'mon, don't be a drag!
ln silence, please!
He's my best paI, Mohawk.
When he was IittIe,
he had a Mohawk.
Get out your civics books.
His reaI name's RaouI.
Raoul, sit next to Maya, please.
- Why, ma'am?
- Next to Maya.
I'd caII him Mop-head now
but he won't Iet me.
After the raid,
the cops came to our schooI.
Sit down, children.
Mohawk freaked out bad.
The police are here today.
Who wants to come to my office?
That Iame-o thought they wanted him.
They're going to tell us about
minors' criminal responsibility.
- Thanks for the welcome.
- You're welcome!
Stop doing that now.
Forget him, he's a big kid!
That was crackin'...
Wassup, lsma?
Just chillin'.
How's things with you?
You won't believe what happened.
The cops from the raid turned up.
Straight up?
Even the one who chased you.
All that guy saw was my dust.
No way was he ever gonna score.
That's Ocane!
She's changed.
l'd really like to date her.
She never even eyed you.
She checked him out.
Get onto it, bro.
You have to pick her up!
Do it good, ok!
He's never seen a girly naked.
You don't even have pubes,
you virgin!
So go wow her.
You're just talk!
What'll we bet if l don't?
You touch
the history teacher's butt.
That's too hot.
That's impossible.
He's West lndian,
he likes big butts.
You know what?
lf l manage to do it,
you eat pork.
You're whacked!
That's a sin for us.
Not for your Portuguese half!
Ok, but we see you wow her.
lt's Machine Gun.
l wanted to ask if l can borrow...
the lesson
on Thales's theorem.
My dog ate mine.
l don't have it here.
Maybe l can come home with you?
On the bus?
l'll get you a ticket.
That's my cousin.
He made them laugh.
What's this dumb pick-up act?
No way,
l'm not trying to pick you up.
Her mom's waiting for us
so just drop it.
My homey!
What happened?
You hooked her?
- You have a date?
- You're eating pork!
l'm eating pork?
You're touching the teacher's butt!
You're eatin' pork, blimp,
sure thing.
Here's how lsma became a lookout
for four Iocal dealers.
Those guys go way back
and shared up the 'hood.
The cheater is called Fuzzy.
Not coz of his hair, no.
He Iisps when he taIks.
Seen that hold-up video on the Net?
The pigs really suck.
lt's a fake.
You don't buy it?
This is Wrecker.
He's part of every fight,
he loves beating guys up.
- They had hoods?
- You bet!
Burner! My funds!
This is Burner.
A totaI jailbird.
He got arrested during the raid.
He's the oIdest one.
He has a masters in gangsteroIogy
but didn't compIete the course.
Shit, he took my funds.
Hey, Fuzzy.
You're payin' for him.
The dangerous one is...
The smart one.
What's so funny?
Lucky he has no family
or he'd seII them aII.
C'mon, get over here!
Hurry it up!
What's so funny?
Hot stuff, huh? A lucky guy?
Dunno. l guess.
Put your hand in.
What's in there?
Just stick your hand in.
Tell me what's in there.
Piss off, Paki. Who's hot?
l am.
Grab what you can in here.
Don't do it.
You're in deep shit, bro.
Son of a bitch...
Yours if you work with us.
Let me do it.
Piss off, loser!
You're a lookout for us now.
Not bad, huh, you little jerk?
Goddam jungle kid!
How much is there?
These are Narcisse's sidekicks,
Manu and Mass.
We caII them Microbe and Mammoth.
Real euros, man!
They're inseparabIe.
Hey, guys, you're lookin
at lsma Montana,
prince of lookouts!
Up on his tower.
Listen up!
No lookout, no business...
l control it all.
All you do is whistle.
Narcisse picked me.
You remember that?
Not scared of jail?
l won't go to jail, it's cool.
There's no money on me,
no drugs, nothing!
l just check the view from here.
lf the heat turns up...
l control it all, see.
They can't put my eyes in custody.
lsma, who's the boss?
You really want to know, huh?
What's his name?
Weird, all these questions.
Who is he?
You don't even know.
Say his name three times
and the guy'll come and ice you!
You'll be dead.
C'mon, tell us!
Yeah, c'mon.
The boss is called Gypsy.
You're the gypsy!
Got any spare change?
For my lookouts.
Gypsy has more funds
than all your people.
Let's try it. Gypsy.
- Gypsy.
- Gypsy.
l'm going.
Where to?
- C'mon, Mohawk.
- l'm stayin'.
C'mon, ok.
See you.
- Where you goin'?
- See you.
This is Djibril, lsma's brother.
The pride of the family.
We don't see him a lot
since he studies in Paris.
Don't l get a hello, pal?
How's it going?
lf he hears lsma's a lookout,
he's had it.
- Still studyin' law?
- Yeah.
A future lawyer. He'll defend us.
Defend who?
A black lawyer means jail!
- Chill.
- Ever seen a black lawyer?
- Right.
- Give us a break with Obama.
You forgot him.
lt'll never work in France.
At least no discrimination
in our business.
Your folks were boat people.
They'd like to see you deal?
Fucker! Leave my folks be!
Dealing's no worse
than selling guns.
lt's all business.
We're the artisans
of free capitalism.
And we sell dreams.
Yeah, but illegally.
Because the politicians
want it that way.
Booze was illegal in the States.
Think about it.
lf people loosened up,
you'd find weed everywhere.
Know what the real reason is?
They're scared we'll burn it all
down, scared of a revolution.
lf they take our sole means
of survival, what then?
Gotta go.
Take care. See you round.
Who does that fucker think he is?
- You counted it?
- Yes.
Everybody chipped in.
Who gave me a torn bill?
Who else? Mariama.
Oh you!
Where's lsma?
He's out. Why?
No reason.
Djibril, you're grown up.
Think about getting married.
lt's time. The years fly by.
Don't laugh, Djibril.
She's serious.
Back home, a boy your age
is already married.
Get a nice wife from Mali.
lt'll make your mom happy.
They're crazy.
l need to work.
Hold on...
Not a white girl.
Family won't matter to her.
When the marriage ends,
she takes the children.
Then when do we see them?
l have to work now.
- Mariama...
- What now?
You must control your kids.
People will start saying
you're raising them wrong.
Stop it.
Let Djibril choose his own wife.
My cousin married a Chinese girl.
A Chinese girl?
They're everywhere now.
And the kids?
Very pretty, with slanting eyes...
Who'd have imagined it?
What a loser! He won't move!
Hit him!
You lose again!
Are you nuts? Call me Aim...
Trsor! See ya.
l want a return bout!
Quiet down! Mom's resting.
l have my dance class.
So keep it down.
l'm going anyway.
Bad loser! Give me another game!
One last bout.
Wait for me.
Split! Quit following me!
l'm protectin' you.
The project's dangerous.
You? Protectin' me?
Get off my back.
Plannin' on movin' in?
Happy birthday.
Give your big teddy bear a kiss!
Happy, huh?
Mom, is Dad coming?
What is it? Can l open it?
l don't know what it is
but open it if you want.
At 1 2, you become a man.
l'll conclude with a proverb
from Mali.
"The fastest way from A to B
"isn't a straight line but a dream.'
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you, Uncle.
Make a wish, son.
And your dreams will come true.
That day, l dreamt
that my dad wouId be there
next year.
ln fact, my dad
had vanished years before.
My cousins had repIaced him.
Isma has never Iiked schooI.
He's repeated two years.
My aunt says he's Iazy.
I think he'd rather watch movies.
That's weird,
chicks do gang shakes now? Crazy.
They'll wanna fight soon.
You eyed her butt
to check she's a chick?
I love him, he's way funny.
When it's sunny,
we're always together.
We're like pals.
We have the world's hottest pepper.
Sure! Everyone knows
harissa is the hottest.
- What's the West lndian one?
- The Scotch bonnet?
The Scotch bonnet. Try that one.
Scat bonny!
Scotch bonnet!
Same thing.
l bet if we eat one now,
you'll scream before l do.
Oh, yeah? l eat 'em every day!
- Got any at home?
- Sure!
Go get 'em.
l'm gonna waste you, man.
This is good.
This is a good spot.
- Thanks, driver.
- Sure.
This is gonna blow you away.
Film it.
- ls it recording?
- Hold on...
Go ahead.
This here
is the West lndian pepper,
a Scotch bonnet.
lt's gonna burn.
Family first. Go ahead.
Family first.
l ate 100 before.
First the burn, then contractions.
Don't take a dump after!
lsma ain't black no more, he's red!
Get me water!
Not so tough now!
Scotch bonnet!
That day, Isma left earIy.
He didn't say where to.
But we knew who he was meeting.
What's this crap Chink music?
Gimme a break!
Not all Asians are Chinese.
l'm Vietnamese!
Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese,
you're all the same.
You eat bugs.
Cockroach eaters!
So you're from Martinique?
Your uncle's Uncle Ben or what?
Who makes your sisters' clothes?
Without us,
the world would be naked, bro!
Who makes your sisters' wigs?
Without us, they'd be bald!
They'd be playin' soccer!
We can walk around naked.
You guys can't.
Not the way you're hung.
Pin dick!
You Viets have no stars.
We have
Amadou and Mariam.
And who makes their robes?
No kiddin', you make me laugh.
Lucky the Yanks beat you up.
Only in the movies, brother.
Check it out!
Shit, guys, Paris is way cool!
Second left, 5th floor.
Ask for Loc.
l'm just a lookout.
Usually, yeah.
Go up and ask for 250 euros. Got it?
You said 230 earlier.
They're loaded.
lf they haggle, step up
the pressure. Understand?
Just do it.
You'll wait for me?
You bet, you have our cash.
What a beanpole!
He's as skinny as the street, bro.
There's 230 here. lt's 250, man.
What? No way!
- lt's 250.
- Manu said 230 on the phone.
Get the rest or l get mean.
Wait here, ok.
Make it snappy.
Djibril! Lend me 20 euros!
What for?
l'm 20 short for the coke.
No drug money from me.
You're smoking weed!
lt's 230 on the phone,
now they want 250. Crazy!
250? He's screwing you over.
l'll go.
He stepped up the pressure.
Hey, guys...
He didn't have it all.
He only gave me 230.
And he wants to deal...
What a loser!
lt's not my fault.
Hand it over.
C'mon, move it!
Hand it over, ok!
He's pissin' me off...
l'll take you home to Mommy.
You're wasted, man.
There's no one there.
There's no one there? No one?
He's totally wasted.
Listen up, everyone!
Time to party!
You feel it? You feel it rising up?
Let's go wild!
Loc's one crazy guy.
l don't see DjibriI much
but I reaIIy rate him!
He's a kiIIer,
successful in everything.
You're jealous.
Jealous of what?
He studies Iaw at the Sorbonne.
That sounds really tough.
Let me carry you.
No, it's ok!
I want to be Iike him.
You're heavy.
My guy's the strongest!
He Iives a dream Iife in Paris.
I think he has a girlfriend.
I dream of having one too.
A girl's beautiful.
Especially the breasts and the butt.
Gimme a break.
Get up!
You're already late for school!
Coming, Mom.
Calm down or l'll do no more talks.
Come in!
Sorry, ma'am, my bus was late.
Hurry up and sit down.
The Gauls lived
in a land that ran from modern ltaly
to the German border
between 1600 and 50 BC.
Want detention?
lt wasn't me, it was her!
Yeah, sure.
Where did Asterix live?
We don't cover Asterix.
By fighting the army
of Vercingetorix, Julius Caesar
conquered Gaul.
The Gauls were a nomadic people.
They had several gods.
- They were the French's ancestors?
- Ocane...
lf you like. France was divided...
l was born by cesarean,
so my ancestor's Caesar.
Cut it out!
What's going on?
my ancestors weren't Gauls
but Mandingos.
Madinka, more like!
That sucks.
Quiet, please!
All right, you can write an essay
on your ancestors.
You can thank Raoul.
She said to thank me!
Know what?
l'm gonna win that bet now.
I had to win that bet,
she was so beautifuI.
Ocane, can l have a word?
- What?
- l want to talk to you.
- So talk.
- No, in private.
Even if she's a head taIIer,
I wanted to kiss her.
Are you crazy?
Thanks, mister.
- Wassup, lsma?
- l'm cool.
How's it goin'?
Know what happened today?
He went to see Ocane.
He puckered up his chops...
and she slapped him!
She slapped your face?
She went like this.
This black guy turned pink!
Gimme a break,
you've only done it with a goat!
Get outta my space.
- Mom?
- Yes.
My ancestors were Mandingos?
On your dad's side.
My family's from Guadeloupe.
Some had green eyes.
Green eyes? How come?
Sometimes, the masters
had children with the slaves.
- We have white blood?
- A little.
Why do you want to know?
l have to write
an essay on my ancestors.
Want to see the last slave
in the family?
Meet Gran Pa Doutau,
born in 1831 .
Can l keep it? l'll be careful.
You? Careful?
Since when are you careful?
Please. l'll get a good grade.
Good grade!
All right. Now go set the table.
Good grade!
"Service suspended"... Shit!
Hey, l know you!
Don't you play for Redstar?
l used to. Why?
l saw you play last year.
This is Daouda.
He's from a rivaI project.
All the projects are enemies
and no one ever knows why.
Where're you headin'?
The Pink Project but there's no bus.
They beat up another driver?
Yeah, l guess.
We'll drive you.
Fuck that.
- What?
- Pain in the ass.
Don't get pissy.
We drop him off, it's on our way.
- C'mon, get in.
- You're sure? Thanks.
Let's split.
Get comfortable.
- You're saving my life.
- Hey, we're all brothers!
Find me a CD.
- You want sound?
- Yeah.
Feel like singin'?
l just wanna listen to some music.
l'll find you somethin'.
What've we got?
Tell us.
Yeah, Aznavour's good.
You know Aznavour?
You bet.
Yeah? So sing some.
- You want me to sing Aznavour?
- Yeah.
Ok, just a quick one then.
Here we go...
Love is a gypsy's chiId
It has never known a Iaw
Love me not, then l Iove you
If l Iove you,
you'd best beware, bro!
What a tard!
He sings that!
That's not Aznavour, it's an opera!
You listen to opera, dickhead?
Yeah, l listen to it.
No kiddin'?
He's right.
That's from Carmen by Bizet.
Carmen by Bizet.
Don't get all intellectual
on my ass, man!
Carmen by Bizet, he said!
Take a hit, it'll wake you up.
No thanks.
Take a hit!
lt won't waste you.
lt will. Take a right.
The way this kid talks!
You hear that?
What is this shit?
That's how you talk to us?
We drive you, offer you a toke
and you give us orders?
You're giving me a ride
or getting me high?
Chill, ok.
Two for the price of one,
what more do you want?
Ungrateful jerk...
Back in the day...
Police! Freeze!
Get outta the car!
Your hands on your head!
- l lost him.
- No kidding?
You slipped?
Stop squirming.
Sit down and shut your mouth.
Listen up, it's simple.
Finger your pals
or take the rap.
l don't know them.
Spare me the spiel.
Auto theft is 5 years minimum.
l didn't steal anything.
l study law, l can't have a record.
Spare us the model student act.
Just give us the names
and quit protecting your pals!
l want to see my lawyer.
Don't piss me off!
Move your ass, you'll see a lawyer!
The cops' raid had changed
the stakes in the project.
And Narcisse was going to step in.
Manu, you're taking Burner's turf.
Hold on, l said l didn't agree!
This is democracy.
The hell it is!
Anyhow, that's not why we're here.
Gypsy won't supply us now.
What do we do? Lay low?
Fuck him, we don't need him.
He could ice us
for sidesteppin' him.
He wants us to stop sellin'
for 3 weeks.
How do we get
the customers back after that?
- l don't drop my pants.
- Hold on...
Just chill, man.
The cops did a raid
just last week, ok!
Gypsy's right.
We wait till it all blows over.
C'mon, they got their dealer.
They met their targets, ok.
We need to sell, right?
lf there's cash to make,
count me in.
Cash makes the rules.
We'll make a bomb
without that shit Gypsy!
Right, you make dough,
that gives you wings?
Gypsy's not playin' the same game.
He's a Mafioso.
His Yugos will slice you up.
You're way behind the times, man.
Know what? You're a gang of losers.
Go ahead, deal with Gypsy.
When he carves up your family,
don't call me!
l have no family.
So go for it. l'm outta here.
Chill, Wrecker!
Know what?
Keep off my turf
or l'll fuck you over!
Hey, Wrecker!
Call by at home later.
Shit personality...
That jerk can be a real drag.
Got a way to get the goods?
l need to find one.
Guys, this is wild!
He jacks this rig
and then finds a baby in it.
He's stuck with it.
This is one awesome movie!
Why's the kid here?
lt's cool, l told him to come over.
Come here.
Go get me a battery for my car
at the mall.
Now leg it and fast!
A Iookout in the project
is the dealers' lackey.
Isma hated that.
Who do they take me for?
Their gofer?
"Coo, look at these hands.
"They oughta be picking gold
off the streets.'
My car!
Did he steal a car or what?
Your cousin's really screwing up.
And look who with.
No license either.
l know, but what can l do?
Djibril could've heIped
but he had other probIems
to deaI with.
lt's crazy. l had to explain
the guy's job to him.
lt's incredible.
He holds you over 16 hours
and questions you without a lawyer.
Yeah, l know.
lt's an abuse of power.
Did he read you your rights?
Baby, are you ok?
Yeah, l'm ok.
l'm over here.
l got here as soon as l could.
l'll take care of you now.
No, l have to go to my mom's.
l'll see you later.
l can drop you. l have a helmet.
No, it's ok. l'll walk.
You're sure?
So you wanna play, huh?
Come on then!
Say hello to my little friend here.
You liked that?
Here we go again!
What's going on?
What's this?
What's this crap you bring home?
lt's a pal's.
Your pal doesn't take it home
but you do?
Are you that dumb?
Don't bring this crap home again,
Please, don't tell Mom.
Toe the line then.
I was stiII dreaming
of kissing Ocane.
I'd have done anything.
Even something dumb.
Hey, you! l'm talkin' to you!
- Do l know you?
- Shut up. Gimme your bag!
- No!
- Hand it over!
Let go!
Let go of it! You crazy or what?
Let go of her!
Stay out of this, bro, ok?
Let go, l said!
What is this?
You just slapped me!
That wasn't planned.
l thought
this was supposed to be easy.
You suck, man.
And you owe me 10 euros.
Goddamn giraffe!
You're such a jerk.
That's 10 seconds of echo!
The first verse, l said.
Echo on the first verse.
Trust me, that much echo
will screw up the bass line.
Who's fundin' this?
Quit hasslin
and gimme the damn bass line.
Try these.
They're way phat.
A bit too small.
Too small? What's your size?
These are 6 and half, ltalian.
You take one size less.
They're from Marrakech, man.
And they're ugly.
l like them.
Hey, let him decide.
Don't call 'em shoes.
You can't wear those things.
What's the price like?
We'll see later.
He's buyin' them?
They should be free!
Shut your mouths,
you goddam sewer rats!
We're workin' here.
Chill, Daouda.
Put the boxes away, ok!
Wassup, Jo the Taxi?
Try wearin' a pair of flip-flops,
they'll help you relax.
Wassup? Watcha doin'?
You're dumpin' me in the shit, man.
No, l don't decide,
it's not my call.
Tell me, how long d'you need?
What? A month?
Are you crazy?
l'm not gonna wait a month!
What do l do with my 3kg?
Listen up...
Listen up, motherfucker,
you son of a bitch whore!
l'm screwed! Forget you know me!
Any deal we had is off!
We're through!
Only Mandingos never meet up.
When l find you,
l'll eat your balls, shithead!
No one does this to me,
Son of a bitch!
The bastard's dumped me in it!
Shit, my 3kg of coke...
Chill, we'll find a solution.
l'll call you. Take care.
That was fun, huh?
lt went pretty well.
The food was good too.
Just how do l look now?
lt's Dad's way of showing he cares.
lf he cares,
he respects my principles.
l'll find an internship on my own.
That's your problem.
Be grateful
and forget your dumb principles.
They're not dumb.
They are.
l want to succeed alone.
l don't need a helping hand.
That's your right.
But you'll waste a year.
You'll make it without any help?
That's not how it works.
So no one cares about potential?
l'm not saying that
but that's how society is.
You don't get it.
l'm in custody, you get me out.
l need an internship.
Who comes to my rescue? You.
A black guy can't make it
without a helping hand?
l don't want any help.
Definitely not a white person.
lt's because
l'm white that
l don't get to meet your folks?
That's different. Drop it, ok.
No, let's talk about it for once.
ln my folks' culture,
you only introduce
the girl you'll marry.
Stop saying that!
Give me a break, ok!
lt's been over a year now.
Tell them about our culture!
My ass is between two cultures.
Mine isn't too white to fuck!
Don't talk like that.
Know what? Just go...
Go home to Mom.
The fancy miss
who lives in an apartment
that Daddy and Mommy bought
is lecturing me?
Like a social worker?
You're talking crap now.
Get out!
l'm not talking crap, you are!
You piss me off!
You spat on me...
l don't need your pity.
Men of today, warriors of yesterday.
One has a hat, the other doesn't.
One has a big nose,
the other has a tiny one.
One has a moustache,
the other doesn't.
He has tiny ears...
Calmly proceed
to the emergency exit.
Aim, leave your things. Hurry.
You know her?
Yeah, she's my mom.
That's when l feIt something new
inside of me.
I must be in Iove.
WeII, I think so.
You come here a lot?
l come every Saturday.
l never saw you before.
l come now and then.
Are you coming next week?
No, l'll be at my dad's.
We're going to the French Open.
To the final? You're lucky!
Yeah, l hope Nadal
wins again this year.
He's your favorite?
He's the world's best player.
Look, Mom gave me this.
lt's Gran Pa Doutau.
He's one of the last slaves.
But not anymore...
- Who is he?
- My brother.
No, my other brother.
He's awake!
l'm going.
Your pals are dumb.
Sorry about last time.
Are you on MSN?
No, but you can give me your cell.
My dad's getting me one.
Pierre Smard Middle School
Poor work and bad behavior
Frequent absences
Little cousin!
How's tricks?
Good. Wassup?
Nothing much.
Seen lsma?
See you round.
Say hi to your mom.
l should've said,
"Isma's screwing up,
"he even stoIe a car."
Instead, I said...
Have your balls ever ached?
Don't make fun of me.
l'm not making fun of you.
- What's her name?
- Why?
You saw a hot chick
and walked like a cowboy after?
Her name's Ocane
but l'm not into her.
She's white?
Yeah. Why?
No reason.
l have to go.
lf you're into her,
be honest with her, ok?
l'm not into her!
"Ocane, how can l lay
my words at your feet
"With your breath of roses sweet...'
"Madam, you'll read my letter
with your lips."
Mom! Why don't you ever knock?
What for?
What if l was naked?
l've seen every bit of you, sonny.
Present for you...
- From Dad?
- Yes.
A phone! Just what l wanted.
Let me see.
He's spoiling you.
Just wait.
Mohawk's gonna be way jealous.
He's going to be jealous.
Going to be.
Look, earbuds too.
Tidy up in here.
I knew Dad
hadn't bought the phone for me.
Mom had.
She's the worId's
most beautiful mom.
I Iove her so much.
Aim Kant-Trsor?
lt's lsma.
- What d'you want?
- ls Narcisse here?
You needed a deal. l have one.
You do?
So what is it?
A guy who has coke to off-load.
lt's watertight.
He has 3kg. l have his number.
Who said we need coke?
You said
Gypsy had cut off your supply.
Gimme the number.
What's the guy's handle?
His name's Daouda.
That's his partner's number,
the cousin of a homey.
Hear that, guys?
Our little carjacker's
gonna take your place.
Come here.
We have a real hot shot here.
First a car, then a deal.
We just need babes now.
What do you want?
My cut.
Worse than you, Manu.
You never asked for nothing.
After two months,
he wants his cut.
Kids today, bro.
l brought the deal.
This kid has balls.
You're good.
You're hot, huh?
- Why'd you hit me?
- Coz you're hot.
You're here to get your cut, right?
l brought the deal.
l never asked you anything.
You said you were looking
for a deal.
You listen in now?
So how do you know?
l hired you to listen or to watch?
To watch.
You wanna be a hot shot?
l dunno.
You dunno?
He doesn't know.
Refresh his memory.
Are you a hot shot
or not a hot shot?
l'm a hot shot!
- l'm a hot shot!
- You a hot shot?
You have balls?
You should've said so sooner.
Manu, check it out.
lf it's a dud,
you're fucked.
Hurry it up!
With the poem in my backpack,
l was sure of myself.
I'd Ioved "Cyrano"
and I hoped she had too.
l'm gonna hook her today.
She'll come over and say,
"Machine Gun, you're so cute."
And, wham, we'll lock lips.
wait for my signal
before running your 60 meters.
ln alphabetical order.
Melvin, get ready.
l need the bathroom.
Go on, but hurry.
Always at the last minute...
Let's go, Melvin.
That's good Aim. 9 seconds 06.
"How can l lay my words at your feet
With your breath of roses sweet
"At dawn,
l seek the pathway to your heart
"How l'd like to walk
by the water with you...'
- Bastard!
- Bastard yourself!
Son of a bitch!
You won't make me eat pork!
The whole thing's a bet.
Want me to tell everyone
your mom's a junkie?
What's going on here?
You're at school!
You don't fight here! Come on,
let's sort this out.
She's not a junkie, she's sick!
Nothing to say?
Go apologize!
Sit down.
l won't apologize.
You have no choice.
Go say you're sorry.
What d'you want?
Sorry about what l said.
l didn't know your mom was sick.
All right.
Where're you goin'?
Stay if you want.
l admit it, l screwed up too.
You love Ocane?
C'mon, admit you love her.
What'll you do now?
No idea. She won't talk to me.
Get her a present.
Babes like presents.
l have to see her outside school,
like last week at the library.
So go back there.
No, she's at her dad's in Paris
to go to the French Open.
So go there too!
Seats for the final cost 100 euros!
Don't worry.
lt'll be my treat.
Gimme a break...
l'm serious,
to make up for what l did.
lt'll be wild!
Sorry, Mrs. Comassi.
He has problems with discipline,
unjustified absences...
Well, lsma?
Where do you go all day?
Answer me!
Djibril and Djnba never messed up
the way you do.
You're killing me!
Wait till your dad gets home!
Wassup, lsma. Babysittin' now?
Shut your mouth, bro.
You'll get me busted.
- Why?
- l can't do my lookout's job.
Narcisse'll murder me.
lsma, you on vacation or what?
Get outta here!
Move it!
Wait till we grow up...
He'll still be bigger.
Where were you?
- Look at me. Where were you?
- Right here.
You're a lookout, ok.
So get your pretty mug up there.
- You get it?
- Yeah.
Thought it was some kind of game?
Narcisse wants you Sunday.
Your deal's goin' down.
lt worked out?
- Bring 'em along.
- What?
Your balls, baby!
1 1 sharp
or l'll smash your teeth in.
Mr. Constant, please.
You're Mr. Comassi?
You're half an hour late.
l'll check if he can still see you.
Have a seat, please.
Mr. Constant,
Mr. Comassi just arrived.
All right.
He'll see you.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Hello. Have a seat.
Hello, sir, l'm sorry l'm late.
Your application is good
but l'm only seeing you
because you've come so far.
l always ask a question
that may seem stupid.
What are your main qualities?
l'm hard-working, obstinate,
rigorous, meticulous.
l like challenges
and surprising people.
Why pick corporate law?
The business world
has always attracted me.
Corporate law is the area
l did best in...
Thank you.
Before you, l saw another student
as brilliant as you,
just as meticulous,
with the same boring spiel.
There was one difference.
Do you know what?
You know very well...
My color?
Sir, l know very well
what you're getting at.
A difference for you maybe
but an advantage for me.
When the last guy applied
to his friend's father's practice,
l was cleaning toilets.
lf society keeps pushing you
to make you fall,
you get back up
and dodge the next blow.
lf you're from the projects
and top of your class,
you've dodged a few pitfalls.
But that's not all.
A: l am more likely to stay
unemployed than the guy before me.
B: l've always known that
and you won't discourage me.
So have a good day, sir.
- Sit down.
- l have an internship to find.
Listen, Mr. Comassi,
l was referring to your tardiness.
By attributing such thoughts to me,
you were fooled
by your own preconceptions.
You can leave your papers
with my secretary.
And don't be late on Monday
to start your internship.
Goodbye, Mr. Comassi.
Thank you, sir.
See you on Monday.
l need you.
Knock first. Now get out.
lt's important.
Get outta my room!
You're a drag. Ok, l went out.
You didn't knock. Out!
Hey, it's just a bedroom!
lt's mybedroom!
And l'll slap your face
if you don't get out!
Lend me 200 euros.
l'm not Bill Gates!
This whole act...
Get out now. Go play.
You're useless, l swear.
Hi, Dad, how's it going?
Did you have a good day?
l have a question. ls it good
to help a friend to do something?
So helping someone helping a friend
is two times more good.
l don't have 200 euros.
l didn't want 200 euros.
Just a second.
And it's twice as good,
not two times more good.
l don't like butter with Nutella...
You get jam then.
lsma, put Nutella on Goundo's toast!
- ls this ok?
- Yes.
Wassup we waitin 4 u
- Mom...
- Yes?
Can l go to Nordine's?
You have work to do.
Wait here for your dad.
Mom, Goundo's too noisy!
Can't lsma take her outside?
Take your sister out
but keep an eye on her.
Ok, Mom.
Stay here, l'll be right back.
How's it goin', guys?
l need a quick word.
- Watch Goundo for me.
- No way!
Don't hassle me.
Please, only you can save me.
You're crazy, man...
Here, this is for you.
Nordine's gonna watch you, ok?
l'm runnin' an errand for Mom.
You shouldn't do this.
Won't be long.
Why don't they get out?
Shut up.
- Daouda?
- Manu?
Gimme the bag.
- 100 grand like we said.
- The coke.
- lt's good.
- Wait a second.
No need to count it.
Take the bag.
We leave first.
lt's ok.
Shit, my leg!
Let go of the bag!
Let go!
Waste the fucker!
l'll find you!
Why the spiders?
Know what they are?
lt's a stamp to prove you bought it.
Don't listen to him, kid.
lt's Spiderman's potion!
You can climb walls with it!
Police! Freeze!
How'd it go?
We're made, man!
We're made, man, no sweat!
We fucked 'em over big time!
You're a hot shot now? Here.
Five big ones.
We'll see about the rest later.
You're gonna count it?
Think l'd screw you over?
No need to play the lookout
for a day or two.
Have some fun.
Take your girl to EuroDisney.
So who was right?
Gypsy can go fuck himself, right?
You did good, Narcisse.
Show me what's in the fuckin' bag!
Holy shit!
Look, it's EuroDisney!
No way, that's the Sacr Coeur!
Think, stupid.
lt's EuroDisney.
That's a church.
EuroDisney's bigger.
EuroDisney's like a church.
He's crazy!
You gonna kiss Ocane?
Beat you to the top.
You'll get all romantic...
No way! l'm not like you.
Ticket inspectors!
Slow down!
Those two over there!
Come on.
You're sure?
You want to get in or not?
Can l help you?
The toilets?
The toilets are over there.
They're not this way?
No, over there.
Come on...
- Nice try!
- Thanks.
l have an idea. Come on.
Excuse me, are these two with you?
We're with them! She's just kidding!
Un, dos, tres, no stress!
She's kidding! We're with them!
Game, set and match to NadaI.
lt's screwed.
l had an idea!
Forget your Moroccan ideas!
l'll eat pork, ok.
The bet's over.
But the French Open isn't!
Where're you goin'?
Why are you here?
l keep trying to call you.
Give me my keys.
Can l talk to you?
Go on, now you're here.
l wanted you to know...
All this time without you...
has shown me
how important you are for me.
We often tend to impose
rules on ourselves,
wasting energy building cages
to shut ourselves in.
But to be happy,
we have to break free of them.
Have you finished?
l'd like to hear an apology.
All that
is worth a thousand apologies.
l'm not stupid, Djibril!
l laid my heart bare.
That means nothing?
You think what?
You can come here,
make a speech and then we screw?
Hear me out, Lola.
Don't touch me!
Get out!
C'mon, stop it.
Stop it...
Get the fuck out!
Don't touch me!
Lola, calm down.
Get out!
Calm down!
Just get the hell out!
Just go, will you?
Get the fuck out!
Let go! You're hurting me!
Stop it!
Calm down, will you?
Just hear me out!
l love you.
Hello. Strawberries for Nadal.
Go on in.
Brilliant idea!
We're the kings of the world, pal!
Let's go talk to her.
- Having a good day?
- Yes. And you?
- Can we have one?
- 20 euros.
- ls this 20 too?
- lt's not free.
Let's find Ocane.
Chill, we'll find your Ocane.
- Crazy stores here...
- The place is huge!
C'mon, Ocane has to be this way.
Too many people. The game's over.
lt's this way, ok.
lt's over. He won.
There's a press conference.
She's a fan of his
so she'll be there too.
And you can dump your luggage.
You can carry it for sayin' that!
lt's really heavy.
Yeah, it's my luggage!
Let's try this way.
No, this way is better.
Go on.
Hello. Can l help you?
We want to see Nadal.
Strawberries for him.
Sorry, boys, l don't think so.
Maybe he isn't here.
We didn't do all this for nothin'.
We have to get in at least.
You're still here?
Ok, come on in.
See that bench there?
Go sit down.
- Are you expecting?
- No.
Too busy.
One last photo.
Look at me, Ocane.
What's he doing there?
By the way, l found an internship!
What? l can't hear you, baby!
Just a second.
l found an internship
and we're going to see my folks.
My love!
lt that true?
You saw the champ?
He looks big on TV but he's tiny.
C'mon, you're a midget yourself.
Look who it is!
lt's lsma and Nordine!
You two guys are total wackos!
Wanna try it?
Who takes the bike?
Give it here.
Go on, Machine Gun.
Climb in.
Hold on tight, it's a rough ride!
Yeah, on the bridge.
Yeah, l'm with him.
You're a drag. No way!
She'll probably ask about a wedding.
- A wedding?
- Yes.
A Muslim wedding?
Just a traditional wedding.
All right.
Look, that's my little brother.
lsma, right?
Stop the cart!
What's up?
A text message.
He gets text messages now!
Let me see.
- From Ocane!
- What does she say?
- lt's not for you.
- l helped out.
l was on the big screen.
He's a star!
She wants to see me!
- See the little kid?
- He's cute.
That's my cousin.
He's called Machine Gun.
Life's beautiful!
Guys, run!
Grab him!
Jump, guys!
Piss off!
Grab him!
What are you doing? Stop!
Stay the hell outta this!
Why did you grab the kid?
Who the hell cares!
They screwed us over.
The fuckers'll have no choice now.
They play tough,
we send 'em the kid's ear.
You're a lookout
for Narcisse up here?
You little shit!
Look at me!
Just look at me!
l'm lookin' at you!
Don't go near Machine Gun again!
Ok, Djibril!
Go home right now, ok!
Know where Narcisse is?
Sunshine, cocktails...
Take this.
l need some snatch, bro.
l heard Spanish chicks
are total pornstars.
Narcisse, where's my cousin?
What? l don't even know him.
He was with lsma. He got kidnapped!
No shit?
There's no morality now.
l mean, you lay off the kids.
l'm sorry about your cousin.
l'd beat up the guys if l knew 'em.
Yeah, cuz.
But, sorry,
l have to pack for a trip now.
l'll call the cops.
What is this, bro?
lsma told me everything!
That's how it goes.
No one forced your kid brother.
He brought us the deal himself.
We'll work this out.
Why're you gettin' so wired?
Come here, shithead!
You wanna call the pigs,
You wanna call the pigs? Look at me!
You wanna call them? Answer me!
Answer me!
You wanna call the pigs?
Look me in the eye!
You gonna call the pigs?
You're spittin' at me?
Open your mouth, shithead!
lt's Gypsy callin'!
What do we do? lt's Gypsy!
Stop bustin' my balls!
Screw fuckin' Gypsy!
Throw him out!
Get the hell out!
No pigs, motherfucker!
Freeze! Drop the gun!
Drop the gun.
You want to screw me?
Want one?
l guess that means no.
l let you handle the project
and how do you thank me?
You shit where you eat.
Only pigs do that.
Move and you're orphans.
Turn round.
lf you want your cousin back,
move your ass!
- How's it going?
- Good.
Sorry, they're jerks.
l have your money.
The kid.
Don't worry, kid, it's over.
Go with your cousin.
See you soon.
See you.
Let's go, guys.
Fuck you!
Look at me!
Look at me! Talk to me!
Look at me!
Aim... Look at me!
Call an ambulance!
Outside Paris,
a shoot-out between rival gangs
has left one person
seriously wounded.
The victim, 13,
was apparently caught
in a clash between drug-traffickers.
They say that
when you stop dreaming, you die.
But l don't want to stop dreaming.
What's your dream?
To be a beatboxer
or like Obama!
Obama! All right!
Future president, no sweat!