Assassin (1973) Movie Script

That's enough!
Those bastards!
Can I get you a pillow, sir?
- Stewardess?
- Yes, sir?
Large brandy and soda, please.
- Certainly, sir. With ice?
- No, thank you.
Nuclear fallout
covering two-thirds of the continent
can be expected from a
megaton blast of this intensity.
The red-shaded areas cover
approximately 500 square miles
north of the Mongolian border.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we shall be landing
at Heathrow Airport, London.
Please fasten your safety belts,
and extinguish all cigarettes.
Captain James and his crew
thank you for travelling with us.
We hope you have
enjoyed your flight.
Our arrival time will be
20:30 hours Greenwich Mean Time.
The weather in London is misty.
Mesdames et messieurs,
nous arriverons a Heathrow Londres
dans quelques minutes...
- Control, this is Hamish.
- Yes.
I've got a job for your
department, my dear.
It concerns those leakages
from the Air Ministry.
I see. Have you discovered
the identity of the...?
Yes, it's a senior official.
John Stacy, you know the fellow.
- Used to be in the Ministry of Defence.
- I see. What do you want done?
It's a liquidation job.
I want the best.
At a wedding reception.
He's best man.
- When?
- Tomorrow afternoon.
If it's convenient.
Well, I can't possibly organise an
"accident in that space of time.
- I'd have to...
- It doesn't want to look like an accident.
- We wish to place the blame.
- I understand.
- This one is vitally important.
- Yes, I'll give it top priority, sir.
- Yes, I thought you would.
- Goodbye.
- Jan?
- Yes, sir?
Bring in the 'A' file, and ask
Matthew and Luke to come in.
I have it on reliable authority
that you're a right little raver.
Matthew has only
just returned, sir.
- Well, tell him to wipe his feet.
- Charming.
Thank you, Jan.
Thank you.
How did it go, Matthew?
Thought you'd never ask.
- No-one saw you?
- Nah.
Not even the geezer I done.
- Is something on, sir?
- Outside job.
Well, do we get to do it?
Missing the scent of
blood already, Matthew?
Just like doin' what
I'm good at, don't I?
Then keep your mouth shut.
- When's it to be, sir?
- Tomorrow.
Well, who is gonna do it, then?
...debate this afternoon,
the Prime Minister again emphasised
the Government's determination
not to waver on this question.
Another troubled night in Ulster,
when a bomb went off outside a public...
...closing time. Twelve people
were injured, one critically.
...killing a child aged six,
and injuring her mother.
Thank you.
Thank you, madam.
Thank you.
- What brings you to London?
- Business.
- What kind?
- Mine.
Thank you, sir.
Arrival 20:45. No trouble. Out.
Excuse me, sir?
- You know what your allowances are?
- Yes.
Is there anything
you wish to declare
in excess of
these allowances, sir?
- No.
- Open your cases, please.
That one.
Not much there.
I didn't know
it had to be full.
- Mathematician?
- Systems engineer.
I never got past geometry.
Too many angles.
There always are.
Well, enjoy your stay in London.
Thank you.
"The Air Ministry feel that
"these figures of
altitude and velocity
"are open to interpretation,
"and that a fuller review
of the material...
"should be given
before publication."
Aren't you coming, John?
- It's nine o'clock.
- In a minute.
- Come on!
- Set one up for me.
Well, they're half-pissed already.
"I feel that... that..."
"A fuller review of the material..."
"...should be given before publication."
"I would appreciate a
decision on this by return.
"Yours, for and on behalf of..."
You know the rest.
Will that be all for tonight,
Mr Stacy?
Yes, thank you.
It's Mr Craig's last night
of freedom tonight, isn't it?
Mr Craig's last night
as a free man.
Oh. Yes, yes.
Is anything wrong, sir?
No, no. Just tired.
Well, good night.
Good night.
- I am expected.
- Oh yes, of course, sir.
Er... If you'd care to sign?
We'll fill in the details later.
All right.
Oh, a suitcase arrived for you,
and was put in your room.
Thank you.
Oh, and this letter
was also left for you, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
...nice pair of knockers.
John's not interested
in that kind of thing!
Don't you believe it, mate.
Hello, little darling.
Would you like a drink?
You'd give her your drink,
wouldn't you, Ted?
How much longer
is he gonna be, though?
I don't know. Just said
he had to finish his letters.
What, at this time of night?
Typical, innit, fellas.
- Drinks are ready.
- Pardon?
Drinks are ready.
Oh, well, it's your round, isn't it?
Well, you see...
Don't worry about it.
I'll get 'em.
Avril, darling.
Are these ours?
You're going
a bit strong tonight.
Well, it only happens once,
doesn't it? If you're lucky.
Mind you, to me, three times.
- Oh, it's tomorrow, isn't it?
- Yes.
We lose a good man tomorrow.
He hands in his freedom
at three o'clock.
Shut up. I'll get this one.
How much is it?
Ninety pence.
Or is it my last chance tonight?
Listen, darling,
have you got any food left?
Sausages, sausages,
or sausages.
Oh. Well, then I'll have a pork pie.
Just kidding.
- What did you say?
- Sausages.
- I'll give you sausages.
- Mmm!
- Hello!
- Hello.
I thought you'd arrive
in time for my round.
Timed it specially.
I didn't think you were
gonna make it, John.
He's got no option.
He's got to get me drunk tonight,
so that tomorrow's events
are just vague memories
in the back of my mind, baby.
Well, here's to your new life.
And here's your new job.
I'll drink to that.
Yes, we all will.
Take it easy, John. It's me who's
getting married tomorrow, not you.
Nice night.
They all look the same.
In whatever city you're in,
Beirut, Tokyo, New York...
they look dark.
You look older.
I'm sorry this is such a rush job.
Here's half your money.
Your instructions.
This won't look like an accident.
It doesn't have to.
We wish to place the blame
on the other side.
Oh, don't worry.
We'll have the right man
in the wrong place at the right time.
This is your target.
Don't you want to know why
he has to be eliminated?
Would it make any difference
if I did?
How many men
have you killed?
How many have you?
You don't know, do you?
They're just a mass of
faceless digits to you.
Digits that you've eliminated,
scratched, phased,
or whatever the current
euphemism may be.
You couldn't even keep count,
could you?
Do you know, one of these days
there's going to be
a minute breakdown
in your intricate machinery,
and one of us is going to come
all the way back to London
and kill you.
I think that's the most
I ever heard you say.
I don't usually bother.
A sentence suffices.
I understand you had some...
trouble on your last one?
No trouble.
I'm thinking of packing it in.
- What?
- This.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
Look, there's nothing stopping me
packing this in right now.
Oh, no?
Then why don't you?
- How's your hand?
- Healing.
This job is vitally important.
- They always are.
- That's why we got the best.
Good night.
To publish those pictures
is an infringement of security.
I shouldn't worry.
It's not your department.
You've been promoted, remember?
It's my responsibility.
It's the responsibility of all of us.
Come on,
let's have another drink.
That's more like it.
Run out.
Gonna get some more.
All right?
Don't you think
you've had enough?
No. I don't.
Is this how you spent the night
before you married me?
Only I did it alone.
You all right, Ted?
You'd like to see me
choke on it, wouldn't you?
Suit you down to the ground.
Don't like being passed over
for a public schoolboy, do you?
- No, I don't.
- You people never learn.
Years of service mean nothing.
It's what you do with them
that counts.
And what are you
gonna do with yours?
Use 'em.
Ah, yes, I can see that.
What are you gonna get
out of it all, then, John? Nothing.
Not even a gold watch. They don't
give 'em away with pensions...
I have plenty.
Don't you worry about that!
I'm not worried about anything.
I'm getting married tomorrow.
You're gonna be my best man.
Thanks for the call.
Bloody hell,
what time is it?
Time you were on your feet.
Do you know,
we thought you were dead?
- At last! Breakfast?
- Right.
- It's now 9:15...
- More coffee?
- Oh, yeah, please.
- Thank you.
Is it hot and strong?
"These are your instructions.
"John Stacy,
senior official, Air Ministry.
"Age, forty-three.
local grammar school.
"Exemplary service record.
"Married Ann Frances Howard,
"No children.
"Entered Civil Service, 1948.
"Foreign Office Under-Secretary,
"Ministry of Defence, 1957.
"Joined Air Ministry, 1961.
"Recently rejected for promotion.
"First observation, June 1970.
"Green file, August '71.
"Classified restriction,
November '72.
"Red file, January '73.
"Parents deceased.
Married sister in Edinburgh.
"No other family."
The time now
is two minutes past ten...
Condemned man
ate a hearty breakfast.
You don't like my husband, do you?
We have an affinity.
We're both loners.
We don't fit into the pattern.
What pattern?
That pattern.
He was there
a long time before you.
Yes, and he'll still be there
a long time afterwards.
- In the same position.
- John's ambitious.
No, darling. All squeezed
out of him a long time ago.
That's something else
we have in common now.
A good woman behind us.
Don't forget you're
getting married today.
I can't forget about it
until it's happened.
I think you're
the only man I know
who started at the bottom,
and went down.
- Black?
- Please.
- What was all that about?
- Nothing.
- You sure?
- He's just nervous.
Don't you remember?
& I'm livin' in a world of music.
Can't think what
your digestion's like, hmm?
How can you drink
that stuff for breakfast?
Control's not gonna
like this, you know.
Can we have another coffee,
please, love?
Control isn't gonna
know about it, is he?
You're not gonna tell him.
Don't push this too far.
Oh? How far's that, then?
- Your coffee, sir.
- Ta.
- Oh, is that for me?
- Yeah. Thank you.
I can't think why you
want to see him, anyway.
Because he's the top man.
The governor,
the gantse macher. What else?
Are you enjoying that?
There he is.
Doesn't look much, does he?
Doesn't have to.
Does he?
He's a lovely mover.
I'm sorry this is such a rush job.
Don't you want to know
why he has to be eliminated?
How many men have you killed?
Five minutes
past eleven is the time,
five after eleven.
Welcome back to
The David Hamilton Show...
- Nearly ready, darling?
- Yes.
Thank you.
Stay still.
- The car'll be here in a minute.
- It'll wait.
- The groom won't.
- He can't get married without you.
You've got the ring.
Ann, I...
I know.
I've done it all
because of you, you know.
- What?
- Everything.
Better get a brush
for that coat.
Mind the doors, please!
Right, guard.
All right!
This'll do, Janik!
It's just you and me now.
No line of machine-guns
behind you.
It was an exchange, Janik.
One of theirs
for one of yours.
He was old and sick.
He could hardly cross the road.
We changed our minds.
You didn't have to kill him!
I had no choice.
You know that.
We are professionals.
We do what we're told.
Keep talking, you bastard.
Keep talking.
We carry out our instructions.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry to trouble you,
but do you have a cigarette?
I'm sorry, I don't smoke.
Mind the doors, please!
Right, guard!
"I do solemnly declare...
"I do solemnly declare...
- "That I know not..."
- "That I know not..."
- "Of any lawful impediment..."
- "Of any lawful impediment..."
- "Why I, Susan Clark..."
- "Why I, Susan Clark..."
- "May not be joined in matrimony..."
- "May not be joined in matrimony..."
- "To Edward Craig."
- "To Edward Craig."
You will now take the ring, and
place it on your bride's left hand.
"I call upon these persons
here present..."
"I call upon these persons
here present..."
- "To witness that I, Edward Craig..."
- "To witness that I, Edward Craig..."
- "Do take thee, Susan Clark..."
- "Do take thee, Susan Clark..."
- "To be my lawful wedded wife."
- "To be my lawful wedded wife."
"I call upon these persons
here present..."
"I call upon these persons
here present..."
- "To witness that I, Susan Clark..."
- "To witness that I, Susan Clark..."
- "Do take thee, Edward Craig..."
- "Do take thee, Edward Craig..."
- "To be my lawful wedded husband."
- "To be my lawful wedded husband."
"These are your vows,
"and, having taken them,
you are now husband and wife."
If you'd like to sign the register?
And sign in
your maiden name, please.
First witness, please.
Second witness, please.
Thank you very much.
Here, John!
John, come on.
As you rehearsed it.
Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Pray silence for a few words
from the best man!
Let's hear it.
Come on, now. Simmer down.
Give the poor bugger a chance.
The best man!
Come on, then.
Well, I know the speeches
will come later.
- Great.
- But I'd just like to
propose the toast
to the bride and groom.
I'd like you
to raise your glasses,
and join with me
in wishing them
all the happiness
and success in the world,
which I know they'll achieve.
The bride and groom!
Bride and groom!
Got a telegram.
I'm sorry, love.
- Excuse me.
- Yes, madam?
- Where's the ladies'?
- Just through there.
Yes, sir?
A brandy and soda, please.
Say "when", sir.
Twenty-five, sir.
Thank you. Thank you.
Do you have a light?
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
- I always mean to buy matches.
- Yeah.
You all right?
You sure?
Look, um...
can I get you something?
Dry Martini, please.
You mean a real one,
or straight out of the bottle?
Straight out of the bottle.
- Barman.
- Sir?
Sit down.
- A Martini dry, please.
- Very good, sir.
- Hope you don't think...
- Hmm?
Well, you must have ladies
coming up to you all the time,
asking you to buy drinks.
No, I don't,
as a matter of fact.
- Twenty, sir.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
People think London's
a very friendly place.
It's not. It's...
cold, and...
It's all right if you've
got a lot of friends,
know loads of people.
When you're a stranger
in one room,
just a gas fire,
and no telly,
it can be very lonely.
Do you know what I mean?
Yes, I know what you mean.
You're a very attractive man.
Thank you.
- Hope you don't mind.
- Hmm?
I hope you don't mind
me talking like this.
No, not at all.
I need somebody to talk to.
Well, fire away.
Can't talk here.
Where, then?
I'll just finish my drink.
Excuse the mess.
The other girls
are going away.
Can I get you something?
No, thank you very much.
Well, I'll just...
I've only been here
for three weeks.
You don't say a lot, do you?
No, I don't.
Do you live in London?
I didn't think so.
A stranger can always
tell another stranger.
It doesn't matter
where you are.
A crowded street,
a pub...
You can still be alone.
Sorry I was so long.
Keeps telling me his life story.
What time is it?
Er... Just after three.
Look, I wish you'd stop
all that pacing about.
It gets on my nerves.
There's nothing you can
do about this.
You can't stop it.
You can't take it over.
It's nothing to do with us.
We've been warned, just to
keep us in the picture. Just in case.
Anyway, they'd never send
you out on a mission like this.
Too dangerous.
You enjoy your work too much.
That's the difference
between you and him.
To him, it's just a job.
To you...
Shut up!
Just shut your poxy mouth.
This one really has
got you, hasn't it?
How does it feel to be a married woman?
No different than it felt
from being single.
After all, we have been
living together for over a year.
Have you got your new place yet?
Oh, yes, we put a down payment
on a flat in Kensington.
Ted's promotion came through
just at the right moment.
Yes, it must have.
Such a surprise.
We never expected it at all.
Nor did anyone else.
- It's a lovely cake.
- Yes, my grandmother made it.
We've still got
the decoration from ours.
Two figures in a horseshoe.
How long have
you and John been married?
Eight years.
- Come on.
- Hmm?
They're taking another photograph.
It'll be a lot better now.
With you.
Can I see you again?
I'm leaving this evening.
I don't often stay
in the same place for long.
Will you be coming back
to London again, then?
Can I see you, then?
- Do you do a lot of travelling?
- Mm-hmm.
That's what I'd like to do.
Go lots of places,
see lots of people.
You can be just as lonely.
Haven't you ever
settled down in one place?
I tried it once.
I stopped work.
That was a long time ago.
Where will you go from here?
- It depends.
- On what?
What do you do?
I'm an engineer.
Do you enjoy it?
It's a job.
Are you ticklish?
Oh, come on.
No, thank you.
How did you do that?
I got cut.
It looks bad.
It's healing.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
Is it painful?
It can be.
Does it affect your work?
Don't leave yet.
Stay a little longer.
I can't.
Look, I'll make some coffee.
No, thank you.
Please, stay with me.
- Please stay.
- I can't.
Look, leave it, will you?!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Good luck.
Stone me, by the time
you're lined up on the geezer,
he could have
called down mortar fire.
It's accuracy,
not speed, that counts.
Sometimes it's both.
Like that.
- Yes.
- Control, this is Hamish.
- We've made an error, I'm afraid.
- What?!
We've got the wrong target.
You realise it's a bit bloody late
to find out about that now?
Yes, well,
I can't help that, can I?
Now, you're certain
there's no mistake?
There's no mistake.
Stacy's been cleared.
You must stop your assassin.
I'll try, but it may
be too late already.
Get your boys onto it.
Kill him yourself, if you have to.
- You understand, don't you?
- I'll do everything I can, sir.
- Do that.
- Yes, I'll call you back.
Not long now, then.
Matthew and Luke to Control's office.
What does he want now?
- Hang about.
- Hmm?
As I said.
"Accuracy, not speed.
I've still got the edge on you.
Don't count on it.
Matthew and Luke to
Control's office, right away!
All right, darling, we're comin'.
What's it all about, then?
We've got the wrong target.
I've just heard from the Ministry.
They say they're very sorry,
can we call it off?
Bit bloody late, isn't it?
- That's what I said.
- Typical.
- The assassin?
- Already gone.
You know the place.
You know his route.
You must stop him,
at all costs.
Kill him.
It must look like an accident,
and I must have proof.
Leave it to the old firm.
I have no choice.
There, isn't that him?
Yeah. That's our boy.
Oh, give us a drink.
I only want a drink.
- Want a...
- Quiet!
Oh, forgive me. John,
we have to be off in a moment,
but I just want
to say thank you.
Well, you know
how grateful I am.
- I know.
- For both of us.
I know.
- John?
- Yeah?
Excuse us, Sue.
Come on, my son.
Where you hidin'?
We haven't got
much time left, you know.
- Come on.
- What?
Just keep your cool.
I'm not at all certain
this is the right route.
Look out your side.
There he is.
Now, don't lose him this time.
All right!
They're a lovely couple,
aren't they?
Bloody hypocrites.
Just because you don't agree with them
doesn't mean they're wrong.
You don't agree with anyone.
I don't see why we had to
go there in the first place.
Because it's a house-warming.
You can't have a house-warming
without people.
Anyway, I don't know why
you're complaining.
You got through
a whole bottle on your own.
Ah, shut up, will ya?
I'm surprised you're
coherent enough to speak.
Just drop the subject, will you?
Right, let's get him.
Slow down!
You're going too fast!
Lovely. Here we go.
If you wanna drive this car,
you can drive the bloody thing.
Look out, Tom!
- Stop.
- Oh, my God!
What a liberty.
He's ours.
Drive on, Tom, for God's sake!
Let's see what the elders
have done with him.
Yeah, he's dead.
Now, then...
- Come out all right?
- Lovely.
Why the hell didn't you tell me?
Can't you trust us to do
a simple job of liquidation
without putting a watchdog
on our heels?
Why didn't you recall him
when we recalled our man?
What use is he to you
if you can't reach him?
I mean, what the hell do you
expect me to do about it now?
There's no time left!
Matthew, come in.
Matthew, if it wouldn't
be too much trouble,
- I'd be extremely...
- Matthew to Control.
Target topped in
terrifying traffic tragedy.
I've got your proof.
Did you get the back-up man?
What back-up man?
For Christ's sake, stop him!
This job will turn me
into an adrenaline junkie.
I thought you carried it
all off splendidly.
Thank you.
They look happy enough, anyway.
This morning, Ted said...
He implied
I'd held you back, work-wise.
That's not true, is it?
Not at all.
I'm not that ambitious.
I think they're just about ready now.
Looks like they want me to
get the car round.
Oh. Wait, I'll get my bag.
We're not gonna make it.
You've heard of a hearse.
This is a His 'n' Hearse!
Well, goodbye, John.
- Look after everything while I'm away.
- I will.
I'm sure the Ministry won't
grind to a halt without me.
Oh, I shouldn't think so.
And thank you.
Thank you for everything.
If I said anything last night
to upset you, I'm sorry.
It's forgotten, Ted.
Thank you.
The air tickets.
Here is the Six O'Clock News.
An Air Ministry official,
John Stacy,
was shot dead this afternoon
while attending
a colleague's wedding reception.
The Arabs have again
accused Israeli guerrillas
of making raids
across the border into Palestine.
In Ulster, a bomb has exploded
in a shopping centre,
killing a child aged six,
and injuring her mother.
The violent death this afternoon
of John Stacy,
a senior official
in the Air Ministry,
has already had widespread
political repercussions.
The Home Secretary was unavailable
for comment about the murder,
but it was stated,
from an official source...