Assassination (1987) Movie Script

- Hi, Dave.
- Welcome back!
Glad to be back.
Six weeks. You took
your goddamn time.
I have been having a lot of fun.
- Goosing nurses?
- Not the kind I had.
Thanks for coming back
for Inauguration Day.
But you're not getting the President
to protect. Not quite yet.
You look a little shaky to me.
I feel okay, really.
You're getting One Momma.
- The First Lady?
- Don't hold it against me.
One of the hairy-chested
Hollywood types...
tries to keep wearing a jock strap.
I've been reading and
hearing about her.
Let's say that you're going to
miss the hell out of Nancy Reagan.
In any case, it's nice to be back.
- Killian, hey, good.
- Killian, it's nice to see you.
- How's it going?
- Very good, real good.
- I'm feeling good.
- Good to have you back, Killy.
- Thanks.
- Killy.
Hey, Charlie.
Hey, Killy.
Looks good.
- You know our duty.
- One Momma.
I hear she takes no prisoners.
I used to hang out with
a dame like that once.
She was a real equal-rights
nut, but it got embarrassing.
Opening doors for me, lighting my
cigarette, patting me on the ass.
Well, this is the way it will go.
Briggs, you and Weems
ride the point car.
Tyler, you and Zipper
ride the chase car...
Charlie, you ride with
me in One Momma's limo.
Here we are at the steps
of the White House.
It's a crisp 22 degrees. The President
elect has just entered his limousine.
So, it's a cold day in Washington, but
the people say the new president's hot.
Stay tuned for later details
and the president's wife.
She's coming down.
- Let's go.
- I guess we better get into action.
- Good morning, Mrs. Craig.
- Who are you?
- My name is Killian, ma'am.
- Don't call me "ma'am."
I haven't seen you before, have I?
- No, ma'am...
- I just told you not to call me "ma'am."
- I've been on sick leave.
- I see.
I'm replacing Lee Barstow as Chief
of Security. This is Miss Chang.
And I must impress upon
you, Mrs. Craig...
how important it is that
you do everything I say.
It's very important, Mr. Killian,
that you do everything I say.
Today is the first day of a new
administration, and I, for one...
am not going to be coerced
by your chauvinistic rules.
Do you understand?
I'm afraid not.
- What the hell is this?
- First Lady.
- No way.
- Tell her.
Miss Sims, you're in the chase car.
Mrs. Craig, we can't use this car.
Of course we can.
We haven't used an open car
since 1963, Mrs. Craig...
when President Kennedy
was assassinated.
Don't be an ass,
that was different.
I'm not a president, I'm a first lady,
and in the whole history of our country...
there has never been an
attempt on a first lady.
In 1815, the British laid some
grapeshot on Dolly Madison's buns.
Yes, dear, that was war.
And, as you know, war is hell.
Now, either get in...
or get lost.
Now, there's a mugging
if I ever saw one.
Mrs. Craig, it's not safe
to sit up that high.
You mind sitting back
down in the seat?
You're a real wart, Killian.
If you don't get down,
I'll have to pull you down.
Killian, these are Italian shoes.
They qualify as a lethal weapon.
You lay one finger on me, and you'll
get one in the southern hemisphere.
That wouldn't work with me,
boss. Want me to take her?
Oh, my God, my eye.
What happened to the cop?
In the crowd, he may
have been hurt.
Oh, God, my eye.
We'll get you to a hospital.
Like hell.
I'm not missing Cal's inauguration if
this eye turns red, white and blue.
Well, you're a cinch for
one of those colors.
Can somebody lend me a
pair of sun shades?
Anyone but you.
As for you, Killian, out.
You can walk the rest of the way. I'll
take care of myself. It'll be much safer.
"I solemnly affirm that
I will faithfully execute..."
"the office of President
of the United States."
I solemnly affirm that I will
faithfully execute the office...
of President of the United States.
"And will, to the best of my ability,
preserve, protect and defend..."
"the Constitution of
the United States..."
"so help me God."
And will, to the best of my ability,
preserve, protect and defend...
the Constitution of
the United States...
so help me God.
Congratulations, Mr. President.
I'm so tired that my hair
aches and my teeth itch.
Charlie, get me the file on
a man named Reno Bracken.
Aren't you overplaying it a bit?
Came in to congratulate you,
for being on your toes.
- Accidents do happen.
- If it was one.
- Meaning?
- I don't believe it was an accident.
Did that cop report in
to his headquarters?
Not yet, but we'll
keep checking it.
Killy, are you suggesting
it was an attempt?
I only got a brief look, but
I'd swear it was this bastard.
Which bastard?
Reno Bracken.
You look at the network tapes, keep an
eye on the front tire of that bike.
You'll find it wasn't
blown normally.
If you are serious, you be careful.
It could have been you he was after.
Will somebody please...
Well, it's Reno Bracken, American
terrorist, trained in Libya.
He had a team of 11
murderous mercenaries.
For a price, he'd waste anybody.
I mean, anybody.
A king, president, prime minister.
That's when President Carter sent in a
Delta Force with Killy at the head of it.
Okay, I'll take the file.
And I'll check out the tape.
And keep clear of
Madam Battle-Ax...
while she's wearing that
shiner you laid on her.
Still shining, is it?
Like the color purple.
Hi, are those pants
going on or coming off?
Going on.
This needs help.
In the closet.
When did you take
the vow of poverty?
Meaning what?
How long have you been
calling this rattrap home?
For about 10 days.
Since my final decree.
You're finally divorced
from available Imogene?
- Yes.
- That makes my day.
And I hate that tie.
So, she got a bucket of alimony
and put you on welfare.
No, it didn't go like that.
When the judge heard she was
patriotically trying to service...
the entire United States Senate...
he even cut her off
from green stamps.
Then, why this dump?
She already looted our
joint bank account.
I've got a great idea.
Don't you ever give up?
You know what the rules are.
We don't mix business
with that other stuff.
"That other stuff"
he calls it, poor man.
It's getting late, and we're
going to be late. Get my jacket.
- You wanted to see us?
- Got a problem?
- You won't assign me back to the President.
- The President's at Camp David.
Meanwhile, One Momma is having her first
press conference, 1400, East Room.
It's an order.
Ladies and gentlemen of the press, meet
the first Lady of the United States.
Thank you.
Well, first of all, I'd like to thank the
press corps for the very warm reception.
I certainly hope the feeling lasts.
Yes, Claire.
About your dark glasses, everyone's
very curious about them since...
the rumor is that the President
gave you a little black eye.
The President wouldn't dare. He knows
I can take him two out of three falls.
Then who gave it to you?
A very klutzy bodyguard.
I mean, one more like him,
and I'd be safer in Cuba.
Is that why you missed all
those inaugural balls?
Claire, would you go out into the
world wearing this medal of honor?
Sally More, CBS.
Mrs. Craig, exactly what happened
with that explosion yesterday?
Was that an accident?
Maybe I'll let Mr. Killian
explain that to you.
Yes, it was an accident.
Tire blew out.
Then, it wasn't connected
with the First Lady.
No way whatsoever.
- Mrs. Craig.
- Mrs. Craig, please, Daily News over here.
Mrs. Craig, isn't it true
that you and the President...
haven't shared the same bed since
your arrival in Washington?
- Would you mind identifying yourself?
- Derek Finney, National Gazette.
Isn't it also true, Mrs. Craig,
that as a matter of fact...
you and the President haven't been
together since the convention?
Does the Gazette
qualify as the press?
I had the impression it was manufactured
strictly as wallpaper for local outhouses.
- Touch.
- Are you evading the question, Mrs. Craig?
No, Mr. Finney, just the
answer, because I know...
that no matter what I say, you've
already written your libelous version.
- Mrs. Craig.
- Mrs. Craig, please.
Mrs. Craig, June Merkel,
Washington Daily Tribune.
Do you intend to involve yourself in
government like Rosalynn Carter did?
Her staff cost nearly
$1 million a year.
I expect I'll stick my nose
in my husband's business...
every day and night, especially
to push the passage of ERA.
Mr. Finney.
Where'd you get that line on
the First Lady, Mr. Finney?
You fellas know I don't have
to reveal my sources to you.
But it's straight from
the horse's mouth.
You know, yokels who shoot off their
mouths get their mouths shot off.
Are you threatening the
freedom of the press?
No, just you.
I warn you boys.
Y'all will be reading about this.
We better not.
The ship of state's
developed a leak.
Just make sure it didn't
come from our team.
Killian, you've been to more of
these clambakes than I have.
How did you think it went?
- Very well. You're very fast on your feet.
- Thank you.
Incidentally, how did
I draw you again?
I specifically asked
Fitzroy to replace you.
That's a coincidence, because
I was talking to Fitzroy...
about replacing you in four years.
Come on, Killy, wake up.
- Come on.
- What?
Get with it, Killy. Wake up.
What the hell is going on?
One Momma broke out of the White
House without any security.
- That's impossible.
- Sure it is.
That's why she's being held
at Andrews Air Force Base.
Marine One is picking us
up on the South Lawn.
I don't know how the
hell she got out.
- Where is she going?
- California.
John Hammond.
Jay Killian. You did well.
- Thanks.
- Where is she?
I'd approach her from the
side, she's a high kicker.
I've been there.
- Who's he?
- Pilot. We checked, he's been cleared.
You again.
No use arguing. The President's
cleared her for the flight.
I'll have a limo for you at the
John Wayne, Newport Beach. Go.
Oh, boy.
"Oh, boy, " what?
Oh, boy, am I going
to miss Nancy Reagan.
This is November Charlie 4-3-3-9...
calling Marine Operator,
San Pedro, California.
This is Marine Operator
calling Spread Eagle.
This is Spread Eagle, over.
Cappy, you old rum pot.
I'm three hours out,
and I'm on the way in.
That's fine, Miss Laramie.
I want Dad's yacht fueled and ready for two
weeks at Catalina by the time I get there.
The hell you say.
What's wrong, Cappy?
I called Dad at Tahoe,
and he said it was okay.
We're high and dry and the ways is
getting the bottom scraped and painted.
To hell with that, just drop her
in the drink and send her on home.
The fuel tanks are sucking air.
Cappy, you fuel up and buy
stores for two weeks at sea.
And you be at the house by
the time I get there...
or I'll have your guts for garters.
Washington hasn't sweetened
that temper of yours, girl.
Spread Eagle is clear.
I'll be back.
Mrs. Craig, can I sit
with the pilot awhile?
Yes, dear, you do that.
Let Wally teach you how to fly.
I already know how to fly, ma'am.
There you are, Killian,
I thought we'd lost you.
Moonlight becomes you.
It's the best seat in the house.
And the most appropriate.
All right, let's go.
Okay, let's go.
Have you been to Newport
before, Killian?
Since I was 17.
Used to go there on
summer vacations.
- From where?
- Arizona State.
After that, I spent a lot of time
there during the Nixon years...
when the western White
House was at San Clemente.
- Where are you from, anyway?
- Tombstone, Arizona.
- You ever hear of Kirk Killian?
- Yeah, Western writer.
My father.
I read a lot of his books, Killy.
He was very good.
He brought us to Tombstone because he
wanted to do some research on Wyatt Earp.
My father is buried there.
- On Boot Hill?
- Where else?
Hey, Mrs. Craig, welcome home.
Where's the boat?
She's coming down
the bay right now.
Ahoy, Cappy.
Ahoy, Miss Nervy, got the stores on board,
going to top off the tank right now.
Wait a second. Why don't you pull
alongside now, and we'll all go with you.
The hell we will.
Never mind, Captain!
For Pete's sake, Killian, I've been
climbing on and off that boat...
for the past 10 years without
so much as a hangnail.
You're not going aboard that
boat until it's been inspected.
I'd take care, mister,
she knows karate.
Pull on up.
- That's good.
- Is that all right?
- Put it on forward.
- Got it.
There you go.
Ma'am, are you planning to
go to sea on that boat?
That's what one generally
does with boats.
One goes to sea in them.
- I wish you had told me earlier.
- Why?
I have to call in a team from
the local branch of the service
to go over it with
a fine tooth comb.
That'll take hours.
Maybe days.
Damn you, Killian,
you have no right.
Yes, I do, ma'am.
But Calvin gave me permission.
He said it was okay.
- The President gave you permission?
- Yes.
He knows better than that.
Come on, Killian, have a heart.
This is Dad's place,
I used to live here.
I practically grew up on that
boat. She's perfectly safe.
- Are you all right, Mrs. Craig?
- I think so.
I'm okay. Will you look at that?
How's that for the
luck of the Irish?
Briggs, get on over there
and see if anybody's alive.
Tyler, call Fitzroy,
tell him what happened.
Poor Cappy, I've got to go see
if there's something I can do.
I'm sure your friend,
the captain, is dead.
We're in luck. Fitzroy says the
Vice President's in Los Angeles.
We have air force Two for the turnaround.
Rendezvous John Wayne Airport, one hour.
- You and Briggs stay here.
- You'll have to go without me.
- Can't do that.
- The President's ordered us home.
- Especially you.
- The hell with that.
It's my belief that somebody
just tried to kill you.
That's ridiculous.
You're overreacting.
What happened down there
was a tragic accident.
It's not the first time a boat's
blown up while taking on fuel.
A gasoline-powered boat, yes,
but your boat was a diesel...
and they don't explode
without some help.
They're sending you in a
helicopter back to Washington.
Lee Barstow and his team
are going with you.
She's called the President from
the plane. He's not too happy.
- I don't give a damn.
- I'm not too fond of her myself.
- Killy.
- Yeah?
I have a great idea.
- I'll bet you do.
- Your place or mine?
Your place.
That's wonderful.
What happened to you?
You just outlasted me.
- You enjoyed last night?
- I never slept better in my life.
Did I miss something?
Sailor, you didn't miss nothing.
Charlie, get some clothes on.
That's not what you
said last night.
Why don't you move
in here permanently?
I don't want to die
from a terminal orgasm.
Hello. Hi, Tyler.
Yes, he's here. Finally.
- Where are you?
- I just got in from the coast.
- Did you find out anything?
- You bet.
The first thing I did was hire
a diver to check the boat.
It was in 10 feet of water, so
he had to go to the engine room.
There was one explosion, came from the
keel, up, C-4 plastic, not limpet.
I called Dr. Hoxley at the
Orange County Coroner's office.
He said that Captain Ogilvy and the cook
were killed by shrapnel and debris.
There was no water in their lungs.
Okay, better get some sleep.
Right. One other thing, Sandy Ott
identified the barnacle man.
Who is he?
His name was Pritchard Young.
No one seems to know anything
about him around here.
- I'll be talking to you later.
- Right.
The yacht was definitely
blown up premeditatedly.
Then there's no doubt someone
is trying to kill One Momma.
Do you think this is
Reno Bracken's own idea?
No, not a chance.
This is big.
The highest, I'm afraid.
Thanks for a really nice night.
I think you deserve two
in a row, don't you?
And I'll get even
better after the wedding.
Nobody mentioned marriage.
This is the number-two man
to Bracken, Pritchard Young.
Senator Bunsen of Hawaii wants to see
you in his office as of right now.
That was Fitzroy.
Seems like Bunsen wants to see me.
The Presidential Advisor and
Chief of Staff? We got trouble.
- Aloha.
- Aloha, Senator.
Spoken like a native, brother.
Been to my islands?
What do your friends call you?
Just Killy.
Killy, I'm afraid we've run
into some stormy weather.
Doesn't matter whether the
First Lady is right or wrong.
She doesn't like you.
She's colored the
President's point of view.
I didn't mean to plunge the new
administration into the abyss of despair.
That's very funny.
The fact is, with my seniority...
I should be attached to the
President, not the First Lady.
That's true, but not
possible right now.
I've had a few run-ins with the iron maiden,
and she doesn't forgive very easily.
- Shall I slit my wrists?
- Madam prefers castration.
No, thanks.
I've had a few tilts with the lady.
She's a very difficult woman and a
bad influence on the President.
Somebody else feels like that.
I don't follow.
I think somebody's
trying to kill her.
- I've thought of that myself.
- No, Senator, I'm serious.
That's pretty unlikely...
but coming from a man
with your experience...
I would say it's a fact.
I'll look into it. Meanwhile,
you stay away from her.
We'll put another team on her. I'll
give the President your point of view.
- Thanks.
- I'll be in touch.
Loudermilk called with
some screwball message.
Don't "okay" me. What does it mean?
There are 897 steps to the top
of the Washington Monument.
"1600" means 4:00 p.m.
So, why the
cloak-and-dagger routine?
When we were going through our divorce,
Imogene bugged all the telephones.
It was the only way to have
a private conversation.
Okay, Killy.
Find out anything?
I don't know, but I found
a cockroach in my phone.
This might be more private
than anything else.
I have to go on leave for a few days.
I want you to take over until I get back.
What's up?
I wish I knew. Listen, let's keep
using this system in the meantime.
Be talking to you.
- Yes?
- Killy, are you on a rest cure or what?
Why, Senator Bunsen ordered me
to take a week or so off...
at One Momma's suggestion.
Senator Bunsen doesn't run this office,
neither does Madam Battle-Ax. I run it.
That means you should consider coming
to my office for a powwow at 8:00 a.m.
- Short layoff.
- You mind sitting down?
One Momma is going
to make a speech...
in front of the student body at
Washington-Lee University...
in Lexington, Virginia,
tomorrow afternoon.
Our Barstow team is her security. She'll
be flying out on Marine One chopper.
Isn't it awful we missed her?
Jokes, Miss Chang.
This mission may not turn
out to be so damn funny.
I'm sure that you're all aware...
that we maintain a sky watch on the
roof of the old executive building.
To shoot down any aircraft that
invades White House air space.
All right, we keep an arsenal up
there, rockets, with two-man sentries.
Right after midnight, those sentries
were taken out with tasers...
and four rockets were stolen.
Are you guessing Reno
Bracken took them?
For security reasons, the flight
will proceed from the White House...
to Round Hill, Virginia...
then over to Winchester.
And we turn south...
to New Market, which is down here.
Then Staunton, down here...
and then finally to
Lexington, Virginia.
Isn't Robert E. Lee buried
right there in the chapel?
He is.
We have over 200 miles...
where the bad guys can get loose one
of these heat-seeking missiles.
Any ideas?
You'll have the usual pair
of gunships on perimeter?
They won't go for the gunships.
Instead, we could use Marine One
as a scout ship with ammonia guns.
Which are what?
Only monkeys and man emit
ammonia in this way...
and it can be detected
from long distances.
Gives us early warning.
Aren't we risking the First
Lady's life in a chopper?
She won't be on it then.
Let me explain.
I should have known it would be you.
What the hell is going on?
I'm sorry, ma'am, I felt...
No, not you, let him tell me,
and don't call me "ma'am."
Majesty, somebody
doesn't like you...
and they're going to try
to shoot the bird down.
We thought you'd be
safer on the ground.
Would you mind getting
in the car, please?
My horoscope said it was
going to be a rotten day.
And you've just made it that.
Honestly, with your sense of paranoia,
shouldn't you see a shrink?
If you feel the same
way tomorrow, ma'am...
I'll even let you
make the appointment.
How do you like Lee
Barstow and his team?
About the same.
Male arrogance,
invasion of privacy...
using security to push me around.
But he's more of a gentleman
than Mr. Killian.
I was raised in a
poor neighborhood.
- How can you stand him?
- I've got a very strong stomach.
Killy, the red barn up ahead, we have
a positive reading on the sniffer.
Take a defensive position.
Bet that was Bracken.
We'll still get that
son of a bitch.
Seems this time I was mistaken.
You might say that.
I suppose you'd like an apology.
Screw you.
Well, that won't be
necessary, ma'am.
Hey, Killy, you're not falling
for that bimbo, are you?
The First Lady can be many things,
she can be a dipsomaniac...
or a kleptomaniac, she could
even be a nymphomaniac...
but she can never be a bimbo.
are your salmon swimming upstream?
Just having the last word,
Killian. Thank you.
- Senator.
- I have no time...
- Make time.
- I don't like your tone.
You said you'd call me after
speaking to the President.
The President has taken you off the First
Lady's protection. I agree with him.
These terrorist attacks are aimed at you.
Anyone in your vicinity is in danger.
You ought to play the ponies,
Mr. Killian. Your hunch was right.
The body was booby-trapped.
Well, there goes the neighborhood.
Back up, they're coming through.
Why kill the kid?
All he said was the people
upstairs weren't getting it on.
Well, maybe somebody up there
doesn't like the news.
But why kill him?
If I were you, I'd
worry about Bracken.
Yeah, I need a change of address.
- You need a food taster.
- Are you volunteering?
I'm going to reassign you
to a new surveillance.
I want a 24-hour watch on One
Momma's secretary, Polly Sims.
- Have a heart, Fitz.
- No crap, Killy.
- That's an order.
- What about my seniority?
That will get you the day shift
with Charlie Chang to cover.
Just in case Miss Sims goes
somewhere that you can't.
And I get the moonlit nights in
huggermugger heaven, I suppose?
I'm only trying to keep your ass
out of the war zone for a while.
- Where do you think she's going?
- National Museum of American History.
How do you know that?
Because that's where they exhibit
all the Inaugural Ball gowns...
from Martha Washington
to Nancy Reagan.
And today, One Momma is
gifting them with her gown.
She went into the ladies room,
came out, she left her bag in there.
Go back and keep an eye on the bag.
So, you made me.
What the hell are you up to?
It's been fun on the merry-go-round,
but I'm running out of tickets, ma'am.
Please, don't call me "ma'am."
Okay, but what are
you up to this time?
I'm running.
You know I can't let you do that.
Yes, you can, you must.
I know you were angry when they
assigned you to watch Polly...
but I ordered that because
I'd soon be playing Polly.
And you're the only
one I can trust.
You arranged this?
I had to. I was desperate.
Please, bear with me.
Leave your car here,
and come with me in mine.
Just sign for one room.
You know what the media
could make out of that?
For God's sake, Killian, you
don't think I'm making a pass?
For crying out loud.
I guess not.
A married couple will
attract less attention.
They'll be looking for a single
woman. Sign for one room.
You're right.
You can't just disappear.
You're the First Lady.
I'll call Cal, he'll cover for me.
Till when?
Till the Secret Service find
out who's trying to kill me.
I don't like saying this, but
has it ever occurred to you...
that the President might be
the one who wants you dead?
- It's your life, you're betting on it.
- I know that.
Will you help me?
Okay, I'll do it.
Thank you.
But you're going to
have to do as I say.
Starting now, you make no telephone
calls to anybody at any time.
I don't see why.
It's either that or else.
If you say so.
- You ever handle a gun?
- I've done skeet shooting.
I want you to keep this with
you in case you need it.
It's loaded, the safety's on, all you
have to do is pull back the hammer...
- and then the trigger.
- It looks awfully little.
May be little, but it shoots a .410 shotgun
shell that will take a man's face off.
I'm going out to make
a telephone call.
There's a phone right here.
Internal phones can
be listened in on.
If you're calling about money
and stuff like that...
I've got $25,000 in
traveler's checks.
In whose name? Mrs. President?
My maiden name, Laramie Royce.
That's smart.
Charlie, don't have
a lot to tell you.
I'll call you again
Thursday, 897-10.
Roger that information. 897-10.
But don't hang up on me.
Damn you, Killy.
- Get dressed.
- What?
It's Pritchard Young,
the number-two man. Get dressed.
- That was really horrible.
- Yes, but necessary.
We've made it to Pickett's Charge.
15,000 men were killed here.
Now it's 15,001.
- Charlie?
- Where are you?
Don't ask questions, just listen.
One Momma's running for cover,
and I'm going with her.
About your car, I paid a guy
$100 to drive it back to DC.
He's going to leave it at
the Watergate parking lot.
I'll call you again,
Wednesday, 897-12.
Wait a second, are you
trying to melt that iceberg?
Charlie, consider who she is.
Mister, did anyone ever tell you...
that your wife looks sort of
like the president's wife?
Her head is big enough
without any help.
Greyhound again?
- You ever ride a motorbike?
- Of course.
I don't think $6,000 is such a
bargain for a pair of used bikes.
They'll never look for
you on one of these.
How do you like me as a redhead?
You look like a cross between
Little Orphan Annie and Lassie.
That's not very nice.
Actually, you could wear Medusa's
snakes and still look good.
Why thank you, Killy.
I thought you were immune.
No, it's just that when a sign
says, "Keep off the grass"...
I keep off the grass.
I obey the rules.
Can we change the subject?
I'd like some answers.
I guess I owe you that much.
Derek Finney was murdered because
he asked you a question.
A simple question.
Yes. Everybody knows that your
husband, the President...
was a hero when he was
in the Air Force.
When his F-111 had a flame-out
over Atlanta, Georgia...
rather than bail out and risk the lives of
a lot of people, he rode the plane down.
You checked records?
Yes. Especially the
hospital records.
And because of the crash,
and as a result of the injuries....
Cal was my first lover.
We met at UC Berkeley.
In politics, a bachelor
has a poor future.
Calvin needed a wife, otherwise he'd
have been passed by as the candidate.
He's a good man. I've
always had faith in him.
I wanted to help,
so we got married.
We made it as romantic as we
could politically, nationally.
Yes, you two did clown
it up for the public.
It was agreed that once Cal was
safely in the catbird seat...
I could do as I pleased.
I could either go along
for the joyride...
or get a discreet divorce.
That ties it up. That's the hitch.
There's no hitch.
It's enough of a hitch for them to chase you
across the country, trying to kill you.
Don't you see? If you
divorced the President...
he wouldn't stand a chance of
being reelected. But as a widower....
Cal would never hurt me.
How could he possibly have
known where to find us?
- You okay?
- I'm still shaking.
Is he dead?
I don't know, and I'm not going to
risk your life finding out. We'll go.
What a relief.
I'm glad to see the
back of those bikes.
You folks have a
good night's sleep.
What are you grinning at?
The way you jumped up there, you would
have thought you sat on a snake.
I didn't want to get you all excited.
I don't need Secret Service.
Was it exciting?
No, just heavy.
Goddamn you. You could've
lied just this once.
I did lie.
You weren't just heavy,
you felt like a ton.
You are an insufferable ass!
And since you like to be top
dog, you take the top bunk.
I was wondering about where
you got your name, Lara.
Was your mother
reading Dr. Zhiyago?
No, it was nothing like that.
My father was making a movie in Wyoming
when my mother went into labor.
He had to drive her 70 miles
into Laramie, where I was born.
So, they dubbed me Laramie, which
eventually was whittled down to Lara.
Good night, Killian.
Good night.
- It's going to be an historical day.
- Why?
First Lady returns to the city
of her birth, Laramie, Wyoming.
You're right. It's the first time I've
been back since that fateful day.
Is that trouble?
- Could be.
- Is it Bracken?
Damn right.
- Why are we stopping?
- Some sort of emergency, sir.
We're getting off the train.
Get in there.
Here, take this.
How'd they know you
were on this train?
- You call anybody?
- Only Cal.
- You dumb little...
- Watch it, Killian.
You've been reporting our
whereabouts to the President?
After all, he is my husband.
I trust him.
What are we going to do now?
We'll hitchhike.
Get in.
Good morning, Chief. Thank
you for picking us up.
That goes for me, too. That's
real nice of you to pick us up.
Do you speak English?
Do I look like some
goddamned foreigner?
I'm sorry.
Of course, I speak English.
Also Crow, French and Spanish.
I'm a native-born
American Indian...
not some half-breed
immigrant like you all.
Why all this "mmm-mmm"
and the war paint?
Tools of the trade, tenderfoot.
Your husband said
I could use the...
The can and phones
are around the side.
And that crazy Kickapoo
ain't my spouse!
We'll take this one.
My nose tells me somebody's
hot on your tail.
What makes you say that?
You didn't ask how much.
If I was a white man, I'd overcharge
you for a mistake like that.
You're pretty smart.
A dune buggy can go
cross-country. $2,000.
I'll throw in a couple
license plates.
What about that nose, Joe?
Don't worry. It didn't get this long by
poking it in other people's business.
Mama, give the man $2,000.
Bracken's probably figured out we got
off the train back there in Lodgepole.
He'll be looking for us
on all the main highways.
- Where the hell are we going?
- We're going to take the back roads.
Once we get to Nevada,
we'll be home free.
God, in this awful rig,
I won't have a face left!
$1 million is a lot of
money for near misses.
Terror is a very expensive game...
Get on with it, or I'll
hire a hit man to hit you.
You've got a big mouth, Senator.
Big enough to swallow a
short-fused grenade.
Now, don't ever try to mug me.
Killian, I've been thinking.
That we're heading into a trap?
Well, if Bracken's been getting
information about what we're doing...
he's going to know we're coming
here and be waiting for us.
Well, I'd rather you were here because
I've sent for part of my team to meet me.
Isn't that rather exposing
the First Lady to some risk?
Lamb for the slaughter?
What a way with words.
Couldn't you put it another way?
What about "worm
wriggling on a hook"?
Forget it. I'll take the lamb.
Who did you say was coming down?
Loudermilk and Miss Chang.
God, Daddy'll have a fit.
God, Daddy, you look good to me!
Things are that bad?
It wasn't the yellow
brick road. Daddy, I'd...
And you'd be Killian.
- Yes, sir.
- Harry.
- I think we ought to get under cover, sir.
- Sure thing.
You have a very
grateful father here.
- How about a drink?
- Sure.
I'll get it.
- The usual, Daddy?
- Thank you.
Is something bothering
you, Killian?
Yeah. I'm concerned
about this whole thing.
I heard a rumor that you
didn't like people very much.
You seem friendly enough to me.
I never met a man I couldn't corrupt,
but you might be an exception.
- Now, how about...
- Damn it, Daddy, don't start.
Killian's staying at the White
House with me and the President.
Now why all this sudden affection?
Didn't Killian expect....
You called and talked to
your father about all this?
Why the hell don't
you go on the TV?
Easy, Killian. I'm the
only one she could trust.
Any idea who is
responsible for all this?
Without a doubt. Chief
of Staff, Hector Bunsen.
My big problem is proving it.
Why would Hector...
want to destroy my daughter?
Well, he knows the
President is impotent.
And he knows that your daughter
might divorce him in a year or two.
And as a divorced man, he wouldn't
stand a chance for reelection.
But as a widower,
he'd be a shoo-in...
and Bunsen would continue as
the man behind the throne.
Yeah. My son-in-law
is nobody's stooge.
We have some visitors.
That's part of my team.
It's good to see you, Killy.
Same here.
Come on over and meet Mr. Royce.
What's new on Bunsen?
He's still in Washington
under Fitz's hawk eye.
Did Fitz take out a warrant?
That won't help.
This is agents Chang
and Loudermilk.
- How do you do?
- Meet Mr. Royce.
- Sir.
- How do you do? Sit down.
Why won't getting a warrant work?
You're dealing with a
very powerful satrap.
And even if you had all
the proof in the world...
he'll take it to the highest court
and embarrass this administration...
into total obscurity.
What would you do?
I might take him to the dirty
tricks department of the CIA.
They give great heart attacks.
Charlie, get Mr. Royce
in the house.
Cover me.
Looks like Bunsen
hired the right man.
You're damn right he did.
Senator Bunsen, Joshua Paul, FBI.
Would you come with me, please?
Good morning, Senator.
You son of a bitch!
Gentlemen, ladies...
as you've known for some time...
Chief of Staff, Senator Bunsen,
has been in failing health.
It saddens me to relate that
yesterday he died in his sleep.
The President wants me to tell you how
grieved he is at the loss of the Senator...
and how much we shall
miss his statesmanship...
here in the White House,
as well as up on the Hill.
- Is the rumor true?
- Which rumors?
You're assigned to guard the
President now that you're fit again.
- It's the other rumor that's true.
- I don't understand.
The rumor that I'm going to resign
from the Service. That's true.
- Oh, no.
- Yes.
I'm going to miss you.
It won't be for long. I'll be out there,
in Nevada working for your father.
My father?
- He hired you away from the White House?
- That he did.
That low-down, conniving, wicked...
See you in Tahoe...
Au revoir, Killy.
Don't call me "ma'am."
Now, you're sure you never had
a roll with that tootsie?
No, Charlie. No tootsie rolls.
And there'll be no googly
eyes after we're married?
Nobody said anything
about marriage.