Assassination Classroom: 365 Days (2016) Movie Script

"Assassination Classroom the Movie:
365 Days' Time"
"Old Campus"
"Multipurpose Room"
Who's there?
Hey, Stranger!
Wait... Isn't lsogai
the only one with the key?
Well, you're here too,
so you're just as guilty.
You haven't changed.
What were you doing here all by yourself?
Nothing much.
Thought I'd spook the others
coming tomorrow.
See if I couldn't set something up.
So you can't come tomorrow, either.
Yeah, well.
Those government agency visits
will determine where you end up, right?
Aren't you nervous?
I just have to play the part
of their ideal candidate. Piece of cake.
You think my acting skills
aren't up to snuff?
Just beyond all that
is the work I really want to do.
I can't be wasting time
stumbling around now.
You're amazing, Karma.
Totally unwavering.
Let's go exploring.
This place hasn't changed, either.
Well, we bought it up--mountain and all.
You were the one who suggested it, right?
I didn't want some
random stranger messing it up.
That, and...
...we could turn it into a tourist spot
and then resell it for a pretty penny.
"Monthly Schedule"
Is that...
Koro Sensei's copy.
"Class 3-E, Assemble!"
Koro Sensei...
Class 3-E: the End Class.
Just us misfits--
and our assassination classroom.
S-Stand up!
Looking back, I guess
it all started that one day.
Hmm? The day the moon was destroyed?
I'm the one who blasted your moon.
I plan to do the same
to the earth next year.
Now I'm your teacher. Nice to meet you.
There are at least six things
wrong with this picture!
The feeling was unanimous.
I'm Karasuma
from the Ministry of Defense.
First, please understand that
what I'm about to say is a state secret.
Let me be blunt:
I want you to kill this creature.
We were like, "What's a Mach-20
super-creature doing in the E Class?"
That's the day we became
government-sanctioned assassins.
Blinded by that bounty and all.
We had one year to do the deed.
And our target was our teacher.
Now let's make the most
of your one remaining year!
So, like...
He'd said he was
this perfect super-creature
that even a nuclear blast couldn't kill, but...
Turns out all of his weak points
were part of his charm.
Even with this handicap, I'm still far faster!
Killing me is still a far-off dream--
Now'. Kill him'.!
Aah! Too dangerous!
Too dangerous! Too dangerous!
Those notes might come in handy.
Yeah. I'm gonna keep at it.
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Freaks out easily"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
No tolerance"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
His punches are soft"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point: Embarrassed
when recovering after a serious scene"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Subservient to higher-ups"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Metal ring puzzles freak him out"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Thinks a poor turnout means he's worthless"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Prone to motion sickness"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Can't sleep without his own pillow"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Worries about keeping up appearances"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Not quite sure what 'our soccer' is"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Heat-sensitive tongue"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Juicy stories"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Cries at clichd scenes"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Prone to dampness"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Falls for rumors"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Super strict about pool rules"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Can't swim"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
As expected, spooked by the supernatural"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Not related, but acts like a proud parent"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Gives terrible play-by-plays"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Gets testy when driving"
"Koro-Labor Union" "Koro
Sensei's Weak Point: Downsizing"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Can be captured if everyone holds him down"
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
His heart"
A veritable department
store of weak points.
Strange that he had so many.
It's just how that octopus was.
The consequence of him
really trying to become a teacher.
So he could face us.
That promise, huh?
It was so important to Koro Sensei.
Yeah, but that education of his
was like nothing I'd ever imagined.
Hey, Nagisa.
It's been a while.
Karma... you're back!
I come back from my suspension
to this octopus for a teacher.
Talk about surprised.
You took the whole
assassination thing in stride, though.
But what's this?
Are you a pushover after all?
I was thrilled when I first heard the assignment.
I got to kill a teacher!
You're the only one who thought that.
I wonder.
I bet plenty of students have
murderous designs on their teachers.
Playing favorites, acting high and mighty,
covering their own asses...
Plenty of teachers like that around:
monsters who'd make such
arbitrary demands of the government.
I thought that octopus
was another one of those.
I've certainly taken
good care of you today, haven't I?
Just to make sure... are a teacher, correct?
--And you would, say,
risk your life to protect your students?
Of course--I'm a teacher, after all.
Okay, good. Then I can kill you.
For sure.
So what's it going to be?
If you come to help, you'll be
shot to death before you can save me.
If you just let me die,
your life as a teacher is over.
As long as you're in the right,
I'll be on your side!
I'm in the right here. What's wrong
with saving a bullied student?
Is your head on straight?
Where do you get off
injuring the best student in Year 3?
If this affects his exams,
it'll be on my head!
He said he'd be on my side-and now this?
"Uh-oh. I'm going to die."
Uh-oh. I'm going to die.
Your grades are
the only thing you've got right--
they're why I've always
looked the other way.
"In here, he dies."
In here, he dies.
He let me down.
Now he's dead to me.
Koro Sensei!
I'll kill you with my own two hands!
Now, which death do you choose?
Splendid job on the premeditated
assassination starring yourself.
If I saved you at the speed of sound,
your body wouldn't hold out.
But if I moved slowly, I'd get hit.
So I tried getting a little sticky.
Damn! What can't these tentacles do?!
You can't shoot now!
Oh, and furthermore...
...letting you die is not an option.
Believe in that for your next flying leap.
It's no use. He won't die
and he can't be killed.
Not the teacher part of him, anyway.
To subject me to such perfect meddling--
and at Mach 20 to boot!
That's when I figured
I had to hand it to him.
He really was kind to us,
even as we all tried to kill him.
Last but not least!
So what's your chosen career, Nagisa?
Sir, l... I think...
I think I have a talent for killing people.
For someone with no real strengths,
I couldn't hope for
a better talent for my future.
Koro Sensei... should I...
Should I become an assassin?
Please... tell me what path I should follow.
"Staff Room"
Nice to meet you.
I'm Nagisa Shiota's mother.
Please, have a seat. You, too, Nagisa.
It's quite a trip,
all the way here to the mountains.
How about something cold to drink?
You know, you're really
quite beautiful, ma'am.
I see Nagisa takes after you.
This one here...
If he were a girl, I would have
brought him up to be my ideal.
Your ideal?
Yes-a girl this age
looks best with long hair.
I was only allowed
to have short hair as a child...
I got mad when he started
tying it back for school this year,
but it just looks
so good on him, I let it slide.
Oh, yes--future plans.
In my experience, they cannot be allowed
to be discouraged at this age.
So I'd like your help
in getting him out of the E Class.
Have you spoken with Nagisa about this?
He doesn't understand anything yet.
"Out of Order"
--You hush now, Nagisa, okay?
I see. I understand why Nagisa
came to be who he is today.
"A wi?!
"A wi?!
Hairstyles, high schools, and colleges
are not for a parent to decide.
Nagisa must decide for himself.
Nagisa's life is his to live.
He's not a tool
for hiding your own complexes.
As his teacher, let me be very clear:
Unless Nagisa wishes it,
I will not permit him to leave the E Class.
What's your deal?!
What teacher talks to a parent like that?
How dare you insult me!
You think you're so great
that you can nitpick my education plan?!
Nagisa! So all your acts of defiance lately
are because this bald bugger
suckered you in?!
Well, watch this!
I'm about to open your eyes,
all right--way open!
Koro Sensei...
Hmm. I was a bit more
forceful than I'd planned.
...what's most important is that you
make your own intentions perfectly clear.
I'll remove the obstacles.
I'll give you a new outlook on life... Nagisa.
You went crazy after you were
sent down here. Started disobeying me.
Burn it. Burn down the school--
with your own hands.
N-No, I don't want to!
Who do you think raised you?!
Made you go to cram schools?
To a private school?
Do you have any idea how much time
and money you cost me?!
Making dinner even though
I'm tired from work!
You have no clue how I've suffered!
Being brainwashed by that
clueless cue-ball--learning only defiance?!
I'm the one who made you--
made all of you!
First you must make
your own intentions perfectly clear.
My life back then
was round 2 of the "Mom" RPG.
"New Game +," huh...
All the things I experienced
in that classroom
"Monthly Schedule"
Both my mom and I had
lost sight of how to move forward.
But l...
I'm giving it everything I have
in this class now.
And before I graduate, I'll get results.
If I succeed, I'll cut my hair...
...and pay back all the money
you spent to raise me.
If you still can't forgive me...
...then I'll graduate from you, too.
I'm so, so grateful just that
you had me and raised me.
It may be extravagant,
but if you could just be happy
that your child was born in this world
and grew up fairly okay,
everything would be
tied up in a neat little bow...
Wh-Who are you?
What have you done, Nagisa?
Some undesirables
have made this their hangout,
so I recommend staying away at night.
NOW. then, ma'am...
Yes, Nagisa is still immature.
But please, watch over him warmly.
He is not trying to betray you.
He's just starting to get ready
to leave the nest, as everyone must.
Thanks to Koro Sensei, we could finally
have real mother-son conversations.
Is that so.
That's when I decided:
I'll find a path
that wouldn't make her worry.
Nagisa, what happened here
the other night...
Looking at your back, I knew:
My son was separate from me.
And graduating from me--
that was no bluff.
Somewhere along the way,
you'd found the strength to do just that.
But, Nagisa... at least stay with me
till you come of age.
Then you can do whatever you like.
But I did get to be your mother, after all.
Let me worry about you for a while longer.
In that one year, it felt like
a tangled thread
was coming undone, bit by bit.
Not just for me, but for everyone.
I never trusted teachers,
but thanks to that meddling octopus...
Well, I might have changed just a tad.
Koro Sensei messed up a lot--
almost as if he'd planned it that way.
He was a pervert, a glutton...
But he was always thinking of us,
first and foremost.
There were some things
even he could never have seen coming.
To think that Kayano had tentacles...
"Kaede Kayano (Akari Yukimura)" "Real name: Akari Yukimura.
Once a young acting prodigy under the name Haruna Mase."
Flew right under our radar.
She really was a fantastic actor.
But no matter how genius her acting skills,
those tentacles bring searing pain.
All that time, Kayano sucked it up
and kept her secret safe.
She was obsessed.
Dead set on avenging her sister--
Miss Yukimura.
Miss Yukimura died
protecting Koro Sensei.
"Aguri Yukimura" "Former teacher of 3-E and Kotaro
Yanagisawa's fiance. Kaede Kayano's older sister."
That was his promise to Miss Yukimura:
that he'd take over as our teacher.
Turns out this super-creature
"Kotaro Yanagisawa" "Genius researcher and first
to study antimatter. Aguri Yukimura's fiance."
was the ultra-strong product
of human experimentation.
Him saying he'd destroy the earth
after one last year?
That was the time he had left
before he exploded.
And here he was this brilliant assassin.
"The Reaper (Koro Sensei)" "Was once the world's top assassin, but was
betrayed by his pupil and secured as a subject in top-secret research."
He claimed he was quite the looker, too.
Never did show us
any of his old pictures, though.
But that tie
is right up Miss Yukimura's alley.
Maybe we can believe him.
I dunno...
But, Karma--
that's what got me thinking
we didn't have to kill Koro Sensei.
Not me. I thought we had to
hold up our end of the bargain.
After all,
this was the assassination classroom
that Koro Sensei built.
I don't know if it's even possible,
but I want to find a way
to save Koro Sensei's life.
Save it?
You mean, a way to keep Koro Sensei
from exploding come March?
Where do we start?
I don't know yet.
I don't know, but...
I wanna look for tons more
creepy-crawlies with Koro Sensei!
If you hadn't said something,
Nagisa, I would have.
I want to repay him.
I'm against the idea.
You say you wanna save him, but how, exactly?
Hey, Nagisa, aren't you getting
a tad full of yourself?
Here you are, the most gifted
assassin in the E Class,
and you're suggesting
we just quit this assassination?
What about the talentless students
who've still been
trying their hardest to kill him?
To put it another way,
it's like a hot woman
telling a bunch of homely ones
they should all quit trying so hard
to find boyfriends.
Th-That's not what I...
Besides, when it comes to assassination,
you're way better than me.
You saying that
just ticks me off even more.
Isn't it more like
you're the worst at understanding
how the less powerful feel?
No! That's not it!
I'm being honest with my feelings!
Do you hate Koro Sensei?
We saw that movie with him...
and had all kinds of fun!
That's just it!
That octopus put everything he had
into making a fun classroom
that wouldn't turn out lazy losers like you!
This classroom couldn't exist
if our bloodlust were blunted!
Can't you see all his hard work?
Or do you have little-kid brains
to match your body?
Huh? What's with that look?
An itty-bitty mouse like you,
defying a human?
I just...
Got something to say?
How about you say it
after beating me in a fight for once?
I'll gladly take you on. Bring it.
Q. Q Q Q. Q 'H Q. Q 'H
'an. not going off half-assed!
Why, you...
Stop that!
What the hell are you two trying to prove?!
Urgh! This guy is crazy strong...!
Dammit! Chill out already!
"A junior-high fight? Most excellent!"
That's what Koro Sensei said, anyway.
You sound nothing like him.
The class was split right down the middle.
In the end, Koro Sensei suggested
a kind of battle royale
to settle things once and for all.
Two teams, "kill" and "don't kill":
Both had their arguments,
each with Koro Sensei in mind.
At the time, we could say we'd save him,
but we had no way of doing it.
I couldn't buy into such a reckless,
pie-in-the-sky idea.
Still, I wanted to save
our beloved Koro Sensei.
And I thought you were getting emotional,
betraying the lessons
he'd risked his life to teach.
But I--
Ever since first year...
To put it simply, I looked up to Karma.
He did what he wanted
and was completely unafraid.
And yet, he was smart
and could do anything.
So I was happy when he talked to me,
and we started to hang out.
But we couldn't stay friends for long.
He could stand where he did
because he had the strength to win.
His was a stage
I could never hope to share.
He must have gotten bored,
being on my stage with me.
By the time he had gotten suspended,
we'd gone back
to being plain old classmates.
He's a harmless little mouse,
making him one of the few people
a combative guy like me
didn't have to be careful around.
But looking back,
I put that distance between us...
...because there was already a part of him
back then that made me uneasy.
I could put my guard down around him...
...but something kept me on alert.
It was hard to handle,
and before I knew it, we had drifted apart.
Now for the first time, in Year 3,
we're up on the same stage: assassination!
And we need to win
to get our own points across!
--You're going down!
--You're going down!
Now's my chance!
I'll knock you out, then take
my sweet time dealing the final blow!
That all you got?
Karma's taking
Nagisa's attacks on purpose.
Karma is a combat assassin
who values the process.
Bargaining, strategy,
how to defeat your foe...
...and after that battle
comes his assassination.
Nagisa, on the other hand,
is a pure assassin,
single-mindedly searching for
the one strike that will lead to victory.
And Karma takes it all, blow after blow.
If he wins like that,
even Nagisa will have to accept defeat.
I'll probably never find
another place like this again,
where your feelings
can be right out in the open.
But I will kill him...
...because I believe it's right.
That's the last of his strength!
He bit his tongue
to keep from going down!
Just you try killing me, Nagisa...
...with that talent I never had!
I'll break it all right over my knee--
and win!
All that bloodlust, condensed into that knife.
If I can just dodge that, I win!
N-No bloodlust?!
You will hear me out'.!
Nagisa used his own
best assassination skill as a sacrifice
and chose martial arts for his finisher.
All so he could end things
using Karma's specialty, not his.
Just like I did to Nagisa--he's trying
to get me to accept my defeat.
At this rate...
...I'll be toast!
A knife!
That close?
Me. fight?
I think I'd be too scared to fight.
I mean, if my life depended on it...
Uncle. I give.
I lost, Nagisa.
Hey! Listen!
That's enough!
Due to the red team's surrender,
the blue team--
the "don't kill" team-has won!
I won? l... beat Karma?
Like anyone would
approve of me using a knife
to beat a barehanded mouse
who showed that much moxie.
I couldn't stab you, and I couldn't get away.
I was backed into a corner,
where all I could do was surrender.
You beat me with martial arts,
not with a knife.
To think that was the best way to kill me...
I got slaughtered. You want
to save Koro Sensei? I'm listening.
Really? Are you sure?
Don't give me that dumb look
with that beat-up face of yours.
You look like a plague rat.
Th-Those insults sure do
trip right off your tongue, Karma...
...why don't we drop the formality already?
I don't much feel like
sticking with it after that fight.
What, now?
It feels weird to change
this late in the game.
I'll do it, then. Okay, Nagisa?
All right, Karma.
When a big decision looms,
people reveal their true feelings--
and, in some cases, fight in earnest.
But take a look at these students.
It's precisely because
they all fought in earnest
--Your attacks were awfully weak, Karma. --that they can
understand what they normally don't show one another.
--You know I was pulling my punches! --Ow ow ow! --that they
can understand what they normally don't show one another.
Sometimes conflict can be the best
opportunity to deepen friendships.
How would you put it?
"Discord and conflict
are part of education, too"?
You're the first person
lever fought like that.
If I hadn't riled you up, you wouldn't
have known your own intentions.
And if we hadn't fought
with our true intentions laid bare,
it'd've ended in us
just pretending to be friends.
I've fought with all kinds of folks...
...but I consider my bout
with you to be my best.
Ah, we were a couple
of annoying teens, after all.
An out-of-season research project
for our assassination classroom:
Hijack the space station
and steal their experiment data!
The class came around as one
to saving Koro Sensei.
Who'd have thought we'd have to
rob a damn space station
to get the research data?
I'd never flown faster
than Koro Sensei before.
We'd surpassed our teacher,
if only for a moment.
A graduation trip
that gave everyone good vibes.
You bet. And thanks to this classroom,
there's not much that can rattle me now.
Good for you.
Going by the data we'd obtained,
the possibility of Koro Sensei exploding
was less than one percent.
We figured it was as good as zero.
We were sure we'd get our happy ending.
No matter how many
assassination techniques we'd mastered,
we were still just
junior-high kids in society's eyes.
As far as the government was concerned,
our days spent in assassination
were simply buying them time.
I'll never forget what happened that night.
Is that it for the career counseling?
Yes. They really impress me, all of them.
The only big task left
is editing that yearbook.
Looks like I'll be
spending my nights here for a while.
I see.
Make it an educational yearbook.
I have to admit, we've learned so much
in this classroom you've built.
Both the students...
...and me.
--He's in a classroom alone right now.
--But how do I choose?
--He's in a classroom alone right now.
He won't be moving anytime soon.
"Anti-Tentacle-Creature International Task
Force HQ" Well done, Special Agent Karasuma.
International Task Force HQ"
You heard the man.
Tonight, just as planned...
...we move forward
with our final assassination.
Permeable Laser Satellite: 'Spear of Heaven"'
The roof and my clothing are fine--
it's just my tentacles!
Since you're alive and all,
why don't you try running away,
There's another weapon
waiting for you there.
Permeable Laser Barrier: 'Shield of Earth"'
What the--?
What's that light?
We we re naive.
We thought things could
maybe end like this, uneventfully.
They had everything in place.
Without our knowing...
down to the tiniest, most horrible detail!
Buff buff buff buff buff!
Buff it up nice, no wax needed!
Ah, that's care well taken!
There can't possibly be anything
for a super-creature like me to fear
this late in the game.
But if I could have one wish...
I'd like to see them one last time.
"Yuma lsogai: How's everyone feeling?"
"Yukiko Kanzaki: I want to see him..."
"Tomohito Sugino: This'll never end otherwise"
"Yuzuki Fuwa: Let's suck it up and wait for now"
"Meg Kataoka: If we read into what Mr. Karasuma
said, the laser fires on 3/13. There's still time."
"Yuma lsogai: Let's think on it"
"Kotaro Takebayashi:
Where are the troops? How many?"
"Manami Okuda: And our approach route!"
"Masayoshi Kimura: Recon team, moving out!"
"Taiga Okajima: Me, too!"
"Sosuke Sugaya: me,too. "
"Ryunosuke Chiba: Me!"
"Koki Mimura:
OK, the boys will check the mountain."
"Sumire Hara: Leave town to the girls"
"ltona Horibe: I want to tune up my drone."
"Taisei Yoshida: Then come over"
"Ryoma Terasaka: Terasaka Gang assemble!"
"ltona Horibe: You don't have to come"
"Ryoma Terasaka: ARGH! Shut up!
If I say I'm coming, I'm coming!"
"Kirara Hazama: I'm not"
"Ryoma Terasaka:
"ltona Horibe: Muramatsu, bring food.
So what if it tastes nasty"
"Takuya Muramatsu: K"
"Takuya Muramatsu: K"
"Hinata Okano:
I'd like to get a little exercise in"
"Yuto Maehara: Right?"
"Hinata Okano: Can you get away?"
"Yuto Maehara: You bet!"
"Yuma lsogai:
Just enough that our monitors won't suspect!"
"Shock!! The Hidden-Monster Menace!"
"Rio Nakamura: The news is ridonk"
"Hinano Kurahashi:
Even though Koro Sensei's not evil at all..."
"Ritsu: Attachment" "I've calculated our
ideal entry route. See attached file."
"Sosuke Sugaya: Thanks!"
"Ritsu: You're welcome"
"Yuma lsogai: OK, gang!
Get that map and route into your noggins!"
"Karma Akabane: lsogai"
"Karma Akabane: If we get onto the mountain..."
"Karma Akabane: If we get onto the mountain..."
"Let me take it from there"
"Karma Akabane: If we get onto the mountain..."
"Let me take it from there"
"Karma Akabane: If we get onto the mountain...'
"Let me take it from there" "Please"
"Karma Akabane: Let me take it from there"
"Yuma lsogai: Yep, it's all yours"
I'm up a creek here.
That's what everyone
the world over must be thinking.
But I'm a Mach-20 monster, sorry to say.
And luckily for me, I have quite a bit to do.
"Japanese History: The Bakufu"
I hate to toss out any of these photos...
I'll just have to take the plunge
and supersize this thing!
Kunugigaoka Command Center"
Three hours until
the Spear of Heaven is fully charged.
Shame we'll be
destroying him so completely;
what a waste of rare test samples.
All in the name of world peace...
Can those kids make it through?
What is it?!
An intruder on the mountain!
Seems they've gotten past the police line!
L-It's a mob of monsters!
What a nightmare!
I can't tell how many there are!
Think you can mess with us?
Nice teamwork, you three.
A sniper-and they've
spotted us all! Location--
This squad's taken care of, Karma.
Okay -
Squads C and D have gone missing!
I need a status report, pronto!
Okajima, I'm there.
Another fifty meters.
What the--?!
How many of 'em are there?!
Hey! Lemme down!
Hey! He's still moving!
You damn brats!
Finish him off right, you dumbasses!
You can keep your show-off high-fives!
I could tell by the sound.
You've come so far, class.
Koro Sensei!
That's the light from the laser...
I see. So they'll be firing
the killing laser just before midnight.
Koro Sensei, let's find a way out of here!
We'll be your hostages--
or whatever it takes!
There's no stopping that laser now,
not when people know I'm out there.
Did you know all along
that it would come to this?
Even if I don't explode,
you can't expect all these nations
not to be afraid of a creature like me.
Sooner or later,
they'll want to snuff me out.
It's only reasonable.
So what if time's up?
It's just one percent!
That's a risk we'll take--and gladly!
Why won't the government
and the rest of 'em hear us out,
when we're the ones
who've been closest to you?
Like we can shut up and take this...
Next time I see those goons, I'm gonna--
Terasaka, all of you...
Let me give you some advice.
As you go through life,
the mighty current of society
is bound to get in your way,
and there will certainly be times
things don't go as you'd hoped.
When this happens,
do not look to society for a cause.
Do not renounce society.
Frankly, you'd be wasting your time.
Instead, just say, "That's life!"
and muddle your way through
with frustration.
Once you're past it, consider:
If society's swift current
is tossing you around,
how should you
be swimming there in its midst?
You should have learned how,
here in the E Class,
in this assassination classroom.
You don't always have to
stand and face it head-on.
You can run, and you can hide.
If it's not against the rules,
you can try a sneak attack.
You can use unconventional weapons.
Stay determined--
not impatient nor discouraged--
and with repeated trial and error,
you're bound to reach
a splendid outcome eventually.
That's because each and every
one of you is a top-tier assassin
who can do just that.
Jeez. A lesson, really? Now?
But you know, for you to try
so whole-heartedly to save me...
I'm so happy, I've been
holding back tears this whole time.
I mean it.
By the way, Nakamura,
your footsteps were awfully gentle,
even during that pitched battle.
And... do I smell something sweet?
Sharp ears and a sharp nose...
It's been exactly one year
since the day the moon exploded, right?
As I recall, Miss Yukimura
made today your birthday.
Feel free to praise my skill
in getting this here in one p--
Hey'. I'm talking'.!
But... it's just...
It's my first sweet anything in a week!
Ew, you're drooling!
Come on, guys-Jet's get singing!
And... go!
P Happy birthday to you, P
--Man, this is some bullshit-- P tooo
youuu! P "P happy birthday to you! P
P Happy birthday, dear Koro Sensei... P
P Happy birthday to you! P
This is more than enough.
C'mon, blow it out, Koro Sensei!
--There's just one, so make it count!
--A far greater reward than I deserve.
Happy birthday.
"Kotaro Yanagisawa"
The time is ripe.
Let me give you the gift
of the world's cruelest death.
Sir... you know who I am, don't you?
"Reaper 2.0"
"An assassin and the Reaper's sole pupil"
Farewell, my teacher...
You never did see my face...
...did you?
If there were another with my skills,
the scope of my assassination work
would widen considerably.
So when he volunteered to be my pupil,
I took him in and trained him.
This was a man who admired power.
And so power he was taught,
just as he'd desired.
To cultivate loyalty, I showed him
the absolute gap in our power as well.
Mmm. Doesn't work, does it?
If you don't want more risk in your work,
first master the skills you've been taught.
It's not so much that I was lacking.
I just didn't understand
anything back then.
Your student probably
just wanted to be seen-by you.
You were my first student, and I...
I wasn't seeing you.
Run away!
There's something I forgot
to mention in my earlier lesson:
Even an assassin who's
cleverly avoided all head-to-head battles
is sure to have a number of times in life
when he or she must fight
with every last ounce of strength.
In my case...
...that would be now!
Still fancy yourself a teacher,
eh, guinea pig?
Then let's put you to the test.
Don't you see why we chose
this moment to make our move?
You'll protect them, right?
Isn't that what a teacher does?
--What's this?!
--Where are the kids?
Koro Sensei!
Koro Sensei!
Put the target with his students
and this was bound to happen.
Wrong answer, kids.
Deciding to show up here
tonight was a bad move.
How does it feel?
What's it like,
seeing your despairing students
being a hindrance
to their dear, dear teacher?
Now do you see it?
Your greatest weak point?
Koro Sensei's greatest weak point--it was...
--That's preposterous!
This isn't a question
of right answer or wrong!
They risked life and limb to try to save me,
and overcame obstacles to meet me here!
That process, those hearts--
they're the greatest gift
a teacher could receive!
They're not a weak point,
and they're not a hindrance!
They' re my students!
And I'm proud
of each and every one of them!
What's more...
...protecting one's students
is a teacher's natural duty!
Yes, yes, very good.
Now, let's continue.
Better protect those
sweet students of yours.
You fool!
Run, Koro Sensei.
I'll buy you time--
just hide somewhere and recover!
That's a former tentacle-user for you.
Retained that kinetic vision, I see.
Stop, Kayano!
I'd regretted it all this time.
That it was my fault
the class learned the truth.
That I snatched away
the fun times we'd had together.
So at least... let me protect you... your student!
You were right!
Thanks to your actions,
the class got to learn
what was truly important!
Don't worry, Koro Sensei.
You can do it if you try.
You know who taught me that? My sister...
"and you!
I get to have both sisters
die right in front of me?!
What a couple of troublemakers!
Maybe I should've kept her
as her sister's stand-in!
Too bad I'm not interested
in some holey bitch.
There we go!
When you're beside yourself,
your emotions twisted,
your whole body goes pitch-black!
You couldn't be at full power otherwise.
In other words,
this is the destructive creature
showing his true colors!
And as for this full-bore fury of yours...
In showing his true power,
2.0 will negate that, too.
Now for his final attack.
Let's get away from here!
Now, while his attention is elsewhere!
If we stay, we'll get
tangled up in this for sure!
Running away is
a perfectly sound battle tactic!
What?! A white light?
No--his tentacles are still black.
No... it's yellow.
All my colors...
all my emotions... all my past...
All my life, all mixed together...
...into pure-white energy.
My Pupil...
...may your graduation,
at least, be peaceful.
Sh-Shit! If that thing
only liquefies tentacles...
What's with the flowers?
I just picked a few for decoration.
Thought a soothing skill like that could,
you know, come in handy.
I can get rid of them if they're in the way.
No, leave them. You've got a good eye.
Better than mine.
Oh, good! Then I'll
bring in new ones every day!
You could...
...but you ought to be studying
chemistry daily instead.
You couldn't kill a mosquito
with what you know now.
If only I had seen that smile,
I might have been able to guide him
to an entirely different life.
The tentacles asked me
what I wanted to be.
I wanted you to acknowledge me.
I wanted... to be like you.
Now I can understand how you feel.
If we meet on the other side...
let's study together.
So we won't make the same mistakes.
No one shouted for joy.
Koro Sensei?
Let's lay her down.
No, don't, Nagisa.
I don't want her to have
too much contact with germs in the soil.
Huh? Wh-What's this?
Kayano's blood and somatic cells.
I gathered them up
before she fell to the ground
and stored them
in a sterile membrane I made
with compressed air.
I'd set aside the tentacles
meant for protecting you.
Those were the only ones
I didn't use for fighting.
Now to string all these
cells together, one by one.
more accurately...
I've been improving my skills all year long--
so if the same thing happens again,
it won't have the same tragic ending.
Some cells can't be repaired,
so instead I'll leave gaps
and fill them with my mucus.
Within a few days, her own cells
should regenerate and replace it.
I'm a tad low on blood.
Type AB donors, please!
The wound's closing up--
without a single stitch,
without leaving a single mark.
Now, once her heart starts working,
she'll come back to life.
I can say this now, but if your bodies
were ever torn to pieces,
I was prepared to put them back together.
As long as I'm around, that is.
As long as the teacher... properly seeing his student.
Did you save me... again?
As many times as it takes.
Your sister would have done the same.
The important thing
is not repeating your mistakes.
Aguri? Did I do a good job as a teacher,
during this treasure of a year
that you gave me?
As Koro Sensei collapsed,
he seemed unusually satisfied...
...and unusually frail.
What kind of an assassin
would let a dying target escape?
Don't you see?
It's killing time.
Fun times...
...are bound to end.
That's what a classroom's all about.
The swelling light of the laser
told us eloquently, cruelly,
that it was right on schedule.
We had no time to hesitate.
"March 12"
We have to decide this ourselves.
We could choose to stay out of this
and leave it up to fate...
Show of hands:
Who doesn't want to kill Koro Sensei?
Okay, hands down.
Who wants to kill him?
They were always with us:
our guns, our knives... and our teacher.
This is our answer.
We are killers. Our target is our teacher.
We were all painfully aware
of what we had to do to our mentor
for us to graduate
with our bond still intact.
"Koro Sensei's Weak Point:
Can be captured if everyone holds him down"
You can't move like this,
right, Koro Sensei?
Exactly so, Nakamura. I am worried
about your weak grip, though.
We didn't give
much thought to the reason--
that we were doing it to kill him.
He'd praised us, scolded us,
and nurtured us all year.
Now we all took firm hold
of our teacher's tentacles.
Your heart is under your tie, right?
Who's going to...
You guys, please--
Please... let me.
We got no complaints.
You're the head of this class, Nagisa.
Nagisa, you can stab down through my tie.
The very day I received this tie,
I managed to put a hole in it.
I left it like that.
This, too, is an important connection.
Ah, but first, I have to say
my goodbyes to these teachers.
Miss Irina, are you sure
you don't want to join in?
This is your chance at that bounty.
I've gotten enough already.
So many ties, so much experience--
from you and the children both.
This assassination... is the bond
between you and those kids.
And Mr. Karasuma-
You, too, have made these students
what they are today.
Please continue to offer your guidance.
You may have caused me
no end of trouble,
but this is one year I'll never forget.
Farewell... Koro Sensei.
"Old Campus"
Now then, class, it's about that time.
Twenty-four hours
wouldn't be enough time for me
to say my goodbyes to each of you in turn.
We can't talk long... so instead,
"Roll Book"
I'll take attendance one last time.
Please look me in the eye
and answer in a loud voice.
Once you've all responded, you can kill me.
N-Nobody left early, did they?!
If someone didn't respond now,
of all times, I'd kill myself!
Just do it already!
"Koro Sensei's Weak Spot:
Disorganized when it really counts"
All right:
Karma Akabane.
"3-E, #1: Karma Akabane"
Yuma lsogai.
"3-E, #2: Yuma lsogai"
Taiga Okajima.
"3-E, #3: Taiga Okajima"
Hinata Okano.
"3-E, #4: Hinata Okano"
Manami Okuda.
"3-E, #5: Manami Okuda"
Meg Kataoka.
"3-E, #6: Meg Kataoka"
Kaede Kayano.
"3-E, #7: Kaede Kayano"
Yukiko Kanzaki.
"3-E, #8: Yukiko Kanzaki"
Justice Kimura.
"3-E, #9: Justice Kimura"
Hinano Kurahashi.
"3-E, #10: Hinano Kurahashi"
Nagisa Shiota.
"3-E, #11: Nagisa Shiota"
My young assassins...
Sosuke Sugaya.
"3-E, #12: Sosuke Sugaya"
You who are about to
cut down a single life...
Tomohito Sugino.
"3-E, #13: Tomohito Sugino"
Surely you know better
than anyone the value of life...
Kotaro Takebayashi.
"3-E, #14: Kotaro Takebayashi"
Ryunosuke Chiba.
"3-E, #15: Ryunosuke Chiba"
...because you've studied...
Ryoma Terasaka.
"3-E, #16: Ryoma Terasaka"
"3-E Class Schedule"
Rio Nakamura.
"3-E, #17: Rio Nakamura"
...and really thought this through.
Kirara Hazama.
"3-E, #18: Kirara Hazama"
Rinka Hayami.
"3-E, #19: Rinka Hayami"
Sumire Hara.
"3-E, #20: Sumire Hara"
As I fostered you all...
Yuzuki Fuwa.
"3-E, #21: Yuzuki Fuwa" fostered me.
Hiroto Maehara.
"3-E, #22: Hiroto Maehara"
Koki Mimura.
"3-E, #23: Koki Mimura"
So please...
Takuya Muramatsu.
"3-E, #24: Takuya Muramatsu", now...
Toka Yada.
"3-E, #25: Toka Yada"
...reap me with your finest bloodlust.
Taisei Yoshida.
"3-E, #26: Taisei Yoshida"
If I could help nurture these 28 souls
as they move into the future...
Autonomous Intelligence
Fixed Artillery--Ritsu.
"3-E, #27:
Autonomous Intelligence Fixed Artillery"
...I would be so happy, I could die.
ltona Horibe.
"3-E, #28: ltona Horibe"
It was a really... really fun year.
"Be happy"
I'm so happy... to be killed by you all.
From one traveler to another...
...a yell--
for all of life!
This is it. I have to kill him.
I'm shaking...
Don't kill me feeling like that.
Calm yourself. Smile.
The wind blows
And presses on my shoulder
Ah, the road I must follow
Now lays ahead of you
The wind blows
Goodbye, Koro Sensei.
And leafs through my yearbook
Yes--good bye.
Ah, it was all so glorious
Gratitude, parting regrets--
I put all of my emotions into my blade.
You understood us better
as though thanking him with all my being,
Than anyone else
Surely what you taught us
Will keep guiding us on our way
The cherry blossoms, the cherry blossoms,
the cherry blossoms
Flutter to the ground
"Congratulations on your graduation."
Our time:
Ceaselessly brimming with emotion
We knew this, and yet we remained
Looking at the sky, not moving
Parting time:
Thank you--we loved you
We feel your cheering at our backs
In this journeying song
Our time:
Our school, growing distant now
Precious friends, teacher of life
It was all there
Parting time:
And so we graduate
To serve as our thanks, we give to you
This journeying song
Soon it would be midnight--
graduation day
at Kunugigaoka Junior High.
We'd graduated from our
assassination classroom a little earlier.
Now, then...
Have you found
what you'd like to be, Nagisa?
Koro Sensei...
I'm going to be a teacher.
I'm not fast like you,
or invincible like you,
or smart like you...
But I want to be a teacher like you.
That's good. It suits you.
"Staff Room"
Behind the scenes
of national administration...
That's rather restrained for you, Karma.
You know how politicians
were useless during the last quake?
I can't deny that.
But the country wasn't paralyzed--
it kept functioning remarkably well.
The bureaucrats pulling strings
in the shadows must be pretty great.
So that's what I want to be.
Got a problem?
No; that's you to a tee.
Hey, Karma...
Let's go outside for a sec.
Adding "assassination"
as a subject was all it took
for us to have all kinds of experiences
we never thought possible.
And because that teacher taught me,
I decided to become a teacher myself.
Having that teacher around
made me who I am today.
Now we're all working hard,
following our own paths.
Without that one year,
I doubt that would've happened.
We all turned out
just like that octopus wanted us to.
Oh, why not?
They're cleaning the place tomorrow.
Not that you'll be here.
It kinda sucks, not being able
to show him what we've done.
Way to quit while
you're ahead, Koro Sensei.
I'll just borrow this, Koro Sensei.
Stay strong... sir.
Of course!
You too, Karma.
We better get going.
Nagisa? What're you doing?
I'm locking up!
Be right there!
"Until the day I can see you again"
We are the E Class.
We'll always be the students
of the assassination classroom.
Another day, another class bell rings.
Turning pages overflowing with nostalgia
I look up at the sky: the moon is smiling
Today, too, the path we left behind us
Will be wrapped in more warm memories
We'll always guard our memories of you,
of this classroom
Another day, another class bell rings
Those bygone days nudge us forward
With that 365 days' time still in our hearts
Today, too, we'll venture out to tomorrow
Today, too, we'll venture out to tomorrow
"Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry"
"Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry"
So this is my new wallet, eh?
Until the day we can see you again--
beneath this sky
Don't forget (We won't)
The memories will never fade here in our hearts
Those bygone days nudge us forward
With that 365 days' time still in our hearts
Today, too, we'll venture out to tomorrow
I do hope you can kill me--
before graduation, that is.
"Roll Book"
"Gokuraku High School, Class 3-5"
Take your seats--
let's begin.