Assassination Nation (2018) Movie Script

[Lily]This is the story
of how my town, Salem,
lost its motherfucking mind.
[Ennio Morricone's
Violenza Inattesa plays]
Now I understand that
you may think I'm exaggerating,
that I'm being hyperbolic...
La, la
that there's no way an entire
suburb could freak the fuck out
to the degree they'd want
to kill four teenage girls.
La la, la, la
But I promise you...
this is 100 percent
a true story.
I will warn you, though,
it gets pretty graphic.
[bell dings]
-[eerie melody plays]
-[crowd] Fight!
-[sharp inhale]
-[camera clicks]
Fuck that faggot!
You're not getting it.
I'm on your side here.
-[passenger] Run, Lily!
-[softly] Kiss me.
-Wake up, people!
-[siren warbles]
[humming to himself]
-This is high school.
[handcuffs click]
-[girls scream]
-[shotgun blast]
[over megaphone]
We are all victims.
[crowd cheers]
[Lily] My name is Lin Colson,
and I'm 18 years old.
These are my three best friends:
And Sarah.
And to be honest...
I don't know if we're gonna live
through the night.
[shotgun blast]
-[gun cocks]
-["sent text message" tone]
[Lily] But let's start
at the beginning.
["record a message" ping]
You could be a
fucking porn star,
you know that?
[Lily] Actually, not here.
Because what I did that
afternoon was really gross.
[STWO "All Alone" plays]
I Want to free yourself from
your mind
I Accept the wisdom of those
around round round
Raise your spirit my friend
let it go
[young girl] Lily! Lily!
[Lily] Hey, babel Slow down.
[man] Carlie, Carlie!
[Lily] You can't run--
Stop, stop!
You can't run on a road.
Come on.
don't scare us like that.
We always say,
No going in the street
without adults."
[Lily] Hey.
[woman] Hi.
-[Lily] Um, how are you?
-l'm sorry. I'm good.
-Nice to see you.
-How are you?
We wish you'd come back to us.
I mean, she misses you so much.
Oh, no, I miss you guys, too.
I just um...
It's hard with, you know, school
and college applications
and all that.
[Carlie] But I miss you!
I know, baby, I miss you, too.
See you soon, all right?
[woman clears throat]
Well, we should...
You know, I gotta get her
in the bath, so...
But if you're ever free,
if you have a free night,
just come by for dinner.
[Lily] Okay, cool, yeah.
Sounds good.
-[woman] Yeah, good to see you.
-[Lily] Okay, yeah, you too.
So, hey, you can really see
the difference the lotion made,
[man grunts affirmatively]
[both laugh]
[woman 2] So... this is supposed
to help your digestion.
[both chuckle]
What's going on, Lily?
Just another happy day.
Have you been crying?
No. No, no. Some boy just shoved
his fingers down my throat.
-Ugh... [laughs] Wow.
-Not as sexy as it sounds.
[woman 2] Well, the girls
are upstairs.
You can...
She seems nice.
[softly] You dog.
[Blaise Moore "Friends" plays]
Liquorice and liquor
Taste of your tongue got me
feeling never sicker
[girls chatting indistinctly]
Whats up?
[Sarah] Hey, baby.
-[Bex] Hey.
-[Lily] Hey, how are you?
Good. Hey.
Wait, have you been crying?
No. No, no.
Hey, who's the rapist
on the couch with your mom?
It's too depressing
to talk about.
So, let's just let it go.
[Sarah] Oh, my God.
I'm gonna throw up.
[Lily] Whatever.
Who's Sir Rapes-a-Lot?
Okay, all the rape jokes
are making me
seriously uncomfortable.
He's very rapey.
It's true. He is really rapey.
[Sarah] It's like mace first,
ask questions later.
-[Em] Totally, Bex,
you can't even get upset.
-[text message ding]
[quivering inhale]
[phone locking sound]
What's his name?
I don't know, some guy.
I never ever let her
introduce me. Ever.
[whispered] Do you guys know
who's been sexting Bex?
-[Lily] Sexting Bex?
-[Em] Who's been sexting Bex?
Okay, fuck you. Fuck you.
[Sarah] I'm sorry.
-[dramatic grunt, fake sobs]
-[Lily] Bex, who is it?
Who is it?
[Lily] No, who is it?
If I tell you, you have to
promise not to tell anyone.
[Lily] Of course. Who is it?
Please, just be quiet.
[deep inhale]
-[softly] Diamond.
-[all gasp, squeal]
No, like football, bro tank-top,
dumb-as-shit, Diamond?
[Bex shushing]
Oh, my God. That is so hot!
He's literally
the Latino Tom Cruise.
Have you seen his dick
in a pair of gray sweatpants.
[Lily] Yes, duh.
[Em] Obviously!
[Lily] Yes!
[Bex] But it's not even a thing.
We had a lab together.
And now he's always texting me
at like one in the morning,
-being like, "What are
you doing?"
-Fuck-boy hours.
And I'm like,
"Literally nothing. I'm doing
nothing." It's nothing.
Oh, God. Bex, you're so lame.
It's nothing.
I know, right?
It's nothing...
Wait, wait. Speaking of which...
Lily, has Mark gone down
on you yet?
-[Bex] Oh!
-[Lily groans] Don't do this.
[Em] Seriously, girl,
you told me
you were gonna break up with him
unless he goes down on you.
[Lily] I know.
It's just so hard.
I don't know what to do...
Let me just break it down
to you like this.
Men who don't eat pussy
in this day and age are
straight-up sociopathic, okay?
[Bex] Oh, my God.
Am I wrong? Where's the lie?
If only it was that easy...
Em, can I tweet that thing
about guys not eating pussy
is sociopathic?
[Em] Totally.
Spread the good word, girl.
Consent, thank you.
Confirmed. Tweet!
[sent text tone]
[Sevdaliza's "Grace" plays]
Lord, grace me with
continuous power
Look, if I'm gonna have a body
like Zac Efron,
you should have a body like
whoever Zac Efron be fucking.
I heard there was a party
at Greenwald's tonight.
-[Mason] Yeah.
-But who the fuck is Greenwald?
[Mason] I think he's the tall,
lanky kid with anime eyes.
Oh, yeah? Whatever.
Who the fuck are you, Greenwald?
And where the fuck do you live,
[yelling, cheering]
She thinks she can catfish
my man with her
fucking wack-ass finsta.
Think again, bitch.
This pussy whips!
We're about to get some drinks.
We're about to get some pussy.
[excited yelling]
That's my politics.
Now go play football.
We win, baby!
[cheering, distorted
by slowed audio]
[soft opera music plays]
[received text tone]
[received text tone]
[frantic scraping sound]
[soft mouse clicks]
What the fuck?
[received text tone]
Holy shit.
Mayor Bartlett...
[keyboard clacking]
[incredulous laughter]
What the fuck?
Fucking politicians.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
[explosion noise]
[hip hop music plays]
Who is that?
[Bex] Mayor Bartlett dressed
as a woman,
fucking masturbating.
Oh, my God!
Why do middle-aged men
who cross dress always have
the worst taste in lingerie?
I know, right?
Why is that a thing?
-Where did you get this?
-[Mason] That's not even
the worst thing.
-[Mark] What do you mean?
-Mayor Bartlett
is gonna see Mason?
I mean, like...
Dude's getting fucking fucked.
[everyone squeals]
I want to see that right now!
That's the mayor? Oh, hell no!
Fuck that shit, dude.
That's nasty.
Yo, that motherfucker's been
in the locker room with us, bro.
-[Em] You getting some memories,
-Why-- Shut up.
Why is it always the people
who are, like,
against LGBTQIAA rights
that are like, trigger warning,
-the biggest fucking faggots.
-One thousand percent.
Face swap Bartlett
for Ryan Gosling.
Wait, isn't he like
married with kids?
I don't want that.
-Yeah, but she's gross.
[scattered laughter]
Excuse me.
Excuse me, sorry, sorry.
[Bex] I am leaving my body
as a cushion.
-Excuse me, excuse me.
-[Bex] Good night.
Where you going?
[Lily] Can I still call my mom?
[whispered] Don't look.
But Diamond is eye-fucking me
so hard right now.
Oh yeah? Let's give him
something to look at.
[text message dings, echoes]
[Lily] They tell you that
if you're honest,
and you say what you feel,
then you'll get what you want.
[Lily] I don't want to feel like
I'm babysitting you
all the fucking time.
[Mark] I don't understand
what the fuck you want from me.
[Lily] The truth is,
no one wants the real you.
[Mark] Well, fuck off!
Go fuck yourself.
Go fuck yourself.
[Lily] So you stop telling
the truth.
You lie to your friends.
You lie to your family.
You lie to everyone...
who says they love you
for being you.
Because guess what?
They're lying, too.
[text message ding]
[text message ding]
[text message ding]
They only want pieces and parts.
They want to pick and choose.
They want that laugh,
with that smile.
That pic, with that confidence.
That girl,
with that willingness.
But not her. Not like that.
And to be honest...
He's perfect.
He's sweet.
He's gorgeous.
And you're lucky, so be happy.
Be grateful.
Be hashtag "blessed."
Because the whole world's
always watching.
And waiting.
And it's only a matter of time
before you fuck it all up.
I didn't know you smoked.
All the time. [laughs]
[quiet electronic music plays]
They're not, like, super big.
Or anything.
[kissing sounds]
-[rustle of clothes]
-[heavy breathing]
-[soft moans]
-[Bex] Wait--
[moaning, breathing get louder]
-[Bex] You okay?
-[Diamond] Yeah.
[music continues]
[Diamond] Well...
I'll see you in Bio.
You, um...
I mean, you can't tell anyone
about this, right?
Yeah. Yeah, I get it.
[door opens, closes]
[breathing deeply]
[horn honks]
[Lily] How are you feeling?
I'm fine.
It's like whatever, you know?
-[extended honk]
-[both chuckle]
[indistinct chatter]
[Sarah] Okay, okay, okay...
So far,
that shit is fucking amazing.
You just know they're gonna have
a press conference
and Bartlett's wife is just
gonna be standing there like
the literal human embodiment
of the gritting teeth emoji,
Ah! I live for this type
of scandal, to be honest.
Guys, the Casey Anthony trial?
Oh, my God. And we had just
gotten TiVo.
[Em and Sarah making
TiVo sounds]
Yo, remember when
Casey's nudes leaked?
Those were 108 percent
"I brutally murdered
my daughter" nudes.
[Em] Okay, she was found
not guilty, Bex. That's libel.
[Bex] What the fuck's
Casey gonna do?
Sue me and reopen
that can of worms?
Oh, my God. That reminds me.
I have a 20,000-word
Nancy Grace fanfic
in my draft right now.
I literally forget how weird
you are sometimes,
and then you just pull up
some shit like that.
No, no, no.
It's actually super legit.
Oh, my God. I love this song.
[girls] What song?
This song.
[Tommy Genesis' "100 Bad" plays]
100 had bitches in the city
All the girls, they
are so pretty
100 had bitches in the city
All the girls, they
are so pretty
Why do you want me, are
you Annie
All the bad bitches
can't have me
Why do you want me, are
you Annie
All the bad bitches
can't stand me
It's amazing how someone
so inconsequential
can make you feel
so inconsequential.
Fuck fuck-boys.
Fuck fuck-boys.
Hold your head high.
Let's do this.
[Johnny] Looking good, Bex.
I said, "Looking good today."
[Lily clicking tongue]
Am I in trouble? [sighs]
Why the guilty conscience?
[Lily] I still don't see how
the drawings are explicit.
[man chuckles] Lily, Lily...
These are pictures
of naked women
in pornographic poses.
It's not just explicit.
It's extreme.
What's extreme, the drawings?
Or the fact that
there are five billion
naked selfies online?
I mean...
I was asked to draw from life.
-And this is life.
-Well, now, no, no, no...
It's an aspect of life, sure.
But I'd argue that there are
many other areas of life
that are more deserving
of your talent.
Ooh. I disagree.
But... you're a man.
I don't expect you
to understand.
Try me.
All you're looking at
is the nudity.
But this isn't about that.
This isn't about the sex
or the porn or even being naked.
This is about everything
that goes into it.
The pressure.
The endless mindfuck.
The 10,000 naked selfies
you took before this one,
trying to get it just right.
Trying to make sure the light
hides your left nipple,
because it's slightly inverted
or it's smaller.
Or maybe your labia's too big.
But if you pull your
pelvic bone up,
and bend to the left slightly
in a low-light setting...
then you'll be beautiful.
Hashtag flawless.
Body confident.
But it's all one big lie.
You can never be.
Because nobody's flawless,
and all it takes
is one fucking asshole
to remind you of that.
One guy to say "lol"
or "she's nasty."
And you're right back
at square one.
So, okay.
Maybe it is explicit or extreme.
But it sure as hell looks
like life to me.
What... [exhales]
Okay, look.
[laughs] Shit. Lily...
You really caught me off-guard
with this one, okay?
Okay, it's obvious.
You're extraordinarily talented.
With your grades
and your talent,
you'll be able to go
to the school of your choice.
Hey, listen to me.
People are gonna take notice.
They're gonna listen.
But hey, Lily?
Right now, this is high school.
Okay? High. School.
And whether fair or unfair,
there's a limit
to what you can say.
[Labrinth x Sia
Incredible" plays]
Give me all your venom you
know I love that shit
Give me to me good you know
I wont get sick
Give me all your poison,
I'm immune to it
I'm immune to it
Give me all your venom you
know I love that shit
Give me to me good you know
I wont get sick
Give me all your poison,
I'm immune to it
I'm immune to it
I am...incredible...
I am...incredible...
I am...incredible...
I am...incredible...
[school bell ringing]
[wave of student chatter]
[Chief Patterson] Look,
I got City Council breathing
down my neck.
I got ninth graders
sharing videos
of our new tranny mayor,
making him an Internet star.
I mean, you know, everybody's
in an uproar over this.
Are you telling me
there's nothing the FBI
or anybody can do
to get these videos down?
[man over phone]
Unfortunately, sir, it's...
It's very difficult
to stop the Internet.
Do we have any idea
who's behind this?
Look, we're seeing things like
this a thousand times a day.
We just had a kid in Tulsa hack
an entire football stadium
with a jail broken iPhone
in 60 seconds.
So, hard to say
who's behind any of this.
I hate the fucking Internet.
So, I'm standing here
with Salem High School junior,
Bex Warren.
who do you think Erostratus is?
I think it was some, like,
socially conscious,
vigilante hacker guy.
To be honest, I'm disappointed.
I'm angry.
This pervert ran
on a "family values" platform.
I mean,
where do you draw the line?
The bar is so low.
So, it's just sick. Sick!
-Sir, do you think your
stance on the LGBT community
is hypocritical in light of
recent allegations? Sir? Sir?
[door slams shut]
[hum of fluorescent lights]
[man] He was a member there...
-[door opens]
[breathes deeply]
What did you do?
What did you do?
What did you do?
What did you do?
What did you do?
[man] There he is!
[hostile clamoring]
[crowd chanting] Resign! Resign!
I don't want to hurt anyone.
I don't want to hurt anyone!
[hammer cocks]
-[wet thuds]
-[gun clatters away]
[distorted voice]
[Lily] He says,
"I'm perpetually at war.
Not with you or the life
we've chosen, but with myself.
I know I'm better than this,
I just sometimes fear
I don't have the constitution
to be the man that I promised
you I was."
[scoffs] I'd be, like,
"Lol, byeeeee!
[Bex] You're bad.
What did she say back?
"Michael, your 15 years
of marriage, too late
for this conversation.
The kids and I expect
to see you at dinner."
I mean, cry me a fucking river.
[Lily] What?
This is a guy who spent
his whole life
trying to deny
LGBTQIAA people their rights.
[Lily] Yeah, but it doesn't mean
it's not sad.
I mean, can you imagine
how lonely he must have felt?
You're asking me if I can
imagine how Tranny Bartlett
must have felt?
It's different.
You had the courage
to be yourself.
Meaning what, Lily?
I had the choice
to be somebody else,
but my courage got me this far?
That's not what I meant.
All I'm saying is fuck him.
He was a hypocrite.
I have zero sympathy.
People like me kill themselves
every fucking day,
and bigots like him
aren't shedding tears.
He wouldn't mourn my death,
so why the fuck
should I mourn his, bitch?
I think you can disagree
with him and still feel empathy.
Yeah, maybe you. Not me.
[school bell rings]
[Chief Patterson] You guys
have a computer club, right?
Do they use their own computers
or the school's computers?
It's a mixture.
They meet in the computer lab.
I'd like to get a list
of those students.
You know, I'm having a hard time
believing any of our students
would be involved
in something like this.
I feel like they'd be
more inclined to go after
a teacher or a fellow student.
But not the mayor.
[phone vibrating]
I'm sorry.
Oh... It's the superintendent.
Hold on.
-Hi, Lisa.
-[over phone] Calvin,
are you by your computer?
No, not at the moment. Why?
[Lisa continues indistinctly]
What do you mean "everything"?
[school bell ringing]
[indistinct chatter]
[girl] Okay, anyone can read
anything we've sent
to each other, since...?
Since I got a phone.
Since you got a phone,
or this phone?
Well, the SIM card.
I mean, I haven't deleted
anything in, like, what?
So, what, five years?
[sharp exhale]
What have we talked about?
Jesus... what have we said?
[whooping alarm]
Baby, what did the doctor say?
He said a lot of women
over the age of 40 miscarry.
Let me just read a few
of the Pornhub videos
our principal has viewed
over the last couple months.
"Cute teen makes her pussy pulse
with orgasm.
Principal Turrell couldn't even
make amends with his father
before he died.
Like, that's really cold.
Like his wife was begging him to
and he couldn't put aside
his own bullshit.
It's like you have no emotion.
Just saying.
But the main thing we need
to talk about
are the eight nude photos
of his daughter
in his iPhoto library.
Have you seen the pictures?
They're from three
and a half years ago,
which would have made
Allison Turrell only six and
a half when they were taken.
She's in the bath,
and you can see everything.
-Disgusting! Oh, my God!
-[wild laughter]
[female student] Let me ask you,
Principal Turrell,
did your 6-year-old daughter
consent to those?
[vibrating text alert]
[man] Well, I got the email
about the school board meeting
tomorrow night?
-[vibrating text alert]
-Gonna vote on whether
to fire the principal.
[woman] There was always
something about him that
just didn't sit right with me.
-[man] Hmm.
-[phone vibrates]
You and a lot of people.
[sent text tone]
[woman] I mean, I just find
the whole thing very disturbing.
There are boundaries, Lily,
between a father and a daughter.
You may not believe that,
but there are.
I was never comfortable seeing
you naked after you were two.
You're my daughter.
Not a good enough reason.
But that's exactly what I mean.
I'm your daughter.
Why would you be weirded out?
Lily, that's enough.
All I'm trying to say...
is that nudity isn't
inherently sexual.
And it's the same thing
with these photos.
They're not sexual.
It's you guys
that are making them sexual.
Okay, just because a young girl
is naked, doesn't mean
it's sexual
or creepy Ol' pervy.
And it doesn't make him
a child molester.
Lily, give me a break.
Mom, there's a naked photo
of me on the mantelpiece
at two years old.
Do you think
that is child pornography?
Lily, I am not going to
sit here and listen to you
defend a child molester.
[Lily] But that's my point,
he's not a child molester.
He is a victim in this.
Just like his daughter.
Lily, you like to debate.
And I respect that.
You want to play
devil's advocate.
You're smart.
You don't know the first thing
about this world, sweetheart.
And you call us prudes,
old-fashioned, but I'm gonna
tell you something.
I've been
on this earth 45 years,
and if there's one thing I know,
men will be men,
girls will be girls,
and until you can
protect yourself,
I'm going to do that for you.
[stabs at plate, exhales]
[Lily] Wow.
[door slams]
You guys ever see that video
of the family
on safari in Africa?
And they get mauled
by like seven tigers?
No, Donny.
I missed it.
It's pretty cool.
[soft electronic music playing]
[sent text tone]
[dog barking in distance]
[sent text tone]
[keyboard clacking]
[received text tone]
[sent text tone]
[keyboard clacking]
[message received tone]
[message received tone]
Hey, Principal Turrell.
[Sarah] What do you have
to hide anyway though?
Excuse me?
Have you seen her...?
I mean, like a million nudes,
super gross porn history,
super pervy texts,
and, like, life-altering
shit-talk about almost everyone
at this school.
And my family.
[Em] Fair enough.
[Bex] Me too.
[Sarah] Me three.
My iPhoto looks like
a fucking snuff film.
[all laugh]
-[Lily] I love you.
-Hopefully nudes...
[sarcastic laughter]
[girl 2] What are you doing?
[Bex] Looking
at Turrell's hack.
[Lily] One hundred
and forty-two thousand
downloads, that's like...
three times the size of Salem.
[scoffs] I'm sorry, but I just
don't have, like, any sympathy
for people
that get their shit hacked.
[Lily] For real?
Yeah, I mean,
there's two types of people
in this world, you know?
Like, the people
that have come to terms
with privacy is just dead.
And, like, you know,
then there's the old people
that are still trying
to fight it.
I guess.
[girl 2] I mean,
the Internet is amazing.
Like, this guy in Minnesota,
he's like 42, whatever.
But basically he subscribed
to my Amazon wish list
and now legit he just buys
me shit all the time.
I don't know. I guess he just
really likes my Insta, you know?
Like, he likes that I'm real
and, like, I'm cool,
-and, you know, I'm a free soul.
-[girls stifling laughter]
It's really sad,
because basically
90 percent of people
are just so sad and lonely and
have such an unfulfilling life.
If I'm, like, inspiring people,
you know, and my life is so cool
and, like, people connect
with me on such a level,
then, like, basically my job
for the day is done.
[Bex, stifling laughter]
But what's that got to do with
people's shit getting hacked?
-[phone vibrates]
-Oh, hold on.
I gotta get this. Hi, baby!
[Em] Bye, baby!
[Sarah] Um... Okay...
Come here.
Yeah, come here.
I love a little
Princess Leia hair.
[whispered] Carrie, if you're
listening, we miss you.
[administrator] The thing
to do is to go out there
and speak from the heart.
Tell the board and the parents
what being principal
has meant to you
for the last nine years.
Tell them you understand
their concerns.
And resign with grace.
Dude, what are you doing?
-[Lily screams]
-[Lily] What the fuck!
-Oh, yeah, got you now, bitch!
-[Lily] Help me!
-Got you now!
-[wild laughter]
-[Lily gasps]
Oh, my God! You piece of shit.
You should have seen
your fucking face.
You piece of shit.
It was a fucking joke.
Oh, my God. Priceless.
Hey, come here. Come here.
You should have seen
your stupid face.
What are you doing tonight?
Em and Sarah might be having
some people over.
Oh, yeah? That's what I heard.
Hmm. Look at you.
Yeah, am I invited?
Guess I can ask.
See you there.
[tense music playing]
[hostile clamoring]
[clamor continues]
I know I've met
a lot of you before.
But in light
of the circumstances...
[woman 3] Please, let him speak.
Thank you.
I'd like to just
introduce myself to you.
And tell you
why I became a teacher.
-[man 1] Because you're
a pedophile!
-[crowd] Yeah!
I grew up not far from here.
In a neighborhood
that didn't afford the same
opportunities as Salem.
The schools were underfunded,
the teachers, by and large,
didn't care as much, and...
Up until I was a sophomore
in high school, I never even
dreamed of going to college.
I was shy and,
to a certain extent, lost.
[man 2] We don't need your
fucking life story,
just fucking resign!
[yelling, boos]
[man 2] We fucking trusted you,
and you betrayed that trust.
-[man 1] We saw the pictures!
-[man 2] We gonna stand here
-and listen to this man?
-I will not walk away
from these students.
I will not resign!
[man 2] What the fuck?
This piece of shit!
-[Turrell] Just listen--
I will leave it to you,
my community.
My community of peers,
I leave it in your hands.
[man 2] Lock him up!
-[crowd takes up chant]
-[crowd] Lock him up!
No matter how salacious
the details are,
I invite you to look
at the context of who I am
as a person.
-Lock him up! Lock him up!
-I am not the monster that you
think I am!
[man 2] Lock him up!
[crowd continues chanting]
Lock him up! Lock him up!
-[glass shatters]
-[Allison screams] Mom!
Kid molester motherfucker!
[chanting continues]
There's no way
the hacker's a student, okay?
He's probably just
some like 20-something,
disgruntled-ass loner IT dude
who jacks off to Fight Club
in his mom's basement
like every night.
Oh, my God.
Brad Pitt's abs? I can't.
[boy] Why would he come
for Turrell?
[Em] Motive's irrelevant.
What's the motive behind
300 mass shootings every year?
There is none.
People just burn out,
want to take down
their little universe.
I just had this scary thought
that, like...
we're all characters on The Sims
and none of us know it.
[boy] Porn taught me
how to fuck.
But that's the problem.
You think it taught you
how to fuck...
It didn't.
This is why every guy I meet
on Tinder wants to choke me
on our first date.
[scoffs] I learned how to eat
pussy by watching porn.
[girls laugh]
Just by looking in your eyes,
I can tell that you don't know
the first thing
about eating pussy.
Guess you'll never know.
What about you, Mark?
[Bex] Like eating pussy?
[clears throat] Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
Is that true, Lil?
I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
[whispers] You are such a bitch.
I'm not a bitch. I'm a feminist.
[Mark] Do you think it's cool
to be a slut?
Keep going.
It's fucking obvious
that you said something to Bex.
Keep going.
I don't know about, like,
me going down on you.
Yeah, about the fact
that you haven't?
What, do you think it's cool
to fucking tell your friends?
Let me ask you something, Mark.
You think if I never went down
on you, you might mention it
to Mason?
Matter of fact, I wouldn't.
I'd just bring it up to you.
I'd be like, "Hey, Lily,
why don't you suck my dick?"
Hey, Mark,
why don't you eat my pussy?
Because I'm really fucking angry
at you right now.
[scoffs] How fucking convenient.
[Lily] Mark was the first guy
I ever had sex with,
that I ever snuck out
of my house to meet,
that told me I was beautiful,
that I was smart.
Fuck you, Lily!
Fuck you.
-[Lily] That he missed me.
-[Mark] You think you're so
fucking cool. Huh?
All the fucking time
in your little fucking skirt
and your little fucking panties.
[Lily] That he wanted me.
Outside, dancing with Sarah,
with your tits out
and your ass out,
you look fucking ridiculous.
[Lily] That he loved me.
You think you're any different
than any fucking whore
on Instagram?
Do you think anyone cares
about what the fuck
you have to say?
[Lily] He was the first guy
who ever made me feel good
about being me.
You should have
some fucking self-respect.
[Lily] And the first guy
that I ever wanted to hurt back.
[Mark] Don't cry, don't cry.
I'm sorry, okay?
Hey, you shouldn't cry.
I'm a little drunk.
[received text tone]
[Mark] You're fucking beautiful
when you cry.
-[kissing sounds]
-[heavy breathing]
[instrumental music playing]
[door opens]
[woman] Hon, when are you
coming to bed?
[man clears throat] In a bit.
I have some stuff to finish up.
Okay, well, uh,
just don't forget that
you have to take Carlie
to dance in the morning.
Oh, right, yeah.
I'll come to bed soon.
Okay, love you.
[door shuts]
Love you more.
[soft moaning]
[distorted audio]
We're gonna start
with tweets here
in which you used
the hashtag "we are legion."
That would seem to insinuate
that you're a member of the
hacker group Anonymous.
[laughs] No, I'm not.
No, I just-- I'm a supporter.
A supporter? Why?
'Cause they're bad-ass.
And they can do shit that, like,
no offense, but the police...
[clears throat] police can't do.
Do you think this is a game?
Ruining peoples' lives,
do you get your kicks from this?
Look up at me
when I'm talking to you.
You know,
it just occurred to me...
You ought to be careful
going after this guy.
Why is that?
I'd think about whether or not
you have anything to hide.
[Patterson] Is that a threat?
It sure sounded like
a threat to me.
Look, I'm just playing this out
to its logical conclusion.
-[phone vibrates]
-[text message ding]
[officer] Your conclusion
is coming real soon.
[phone dings]
[laughs loudly]
[more text message dings]
Looks like half of Salem
just got hacked.
[phone slides across table]
[message dings continue]
[Patterson sighs]
[text message ding]
[received text tone]
[Lily moaning on video]
[received message tone]
[received message tone]
[received message tone]
-[received message tone]
-[Lily sobs]
[Bex] But how did it start?
I was babysitting for him.
And afterwards,
he'd always give me a ride home.
The only guys that have
ever been into me
were like dumb 16-year-olds.
In the car rides home, he'd...
ask me all these questions that
I've never been asked before.
And he'd listen to what I'd say.
And we never actually hooked up.
There was one thing
that happened...
where he put his hand
on my thigh one time.
And I just melted.
Then I freaked out.
You know, 'cause of...
Carlie and Rose and just
seeing them all the time, and...
I quit babysitting.
Then one night he texted me.
And I wrote back.
But you're 18
and he's, like, 40.
I know,
but I really liked him, Bex.
[softly] He has kids.
-I'm not a bad person, Bex.
-I know, I know.
I love you.
I love you, too.
No matter what.
No matter what.
Have a good day!
[Lily] I read this quote
from this writer whose name
I forget.
[phone clicks]
But it said something like,
ten percent
of the population is cruel.
[received text tone]
And, like, ten percent
is merciful.
[received text tone]
And the other 80% can be
swayed in either direction.
I'm also pretty sure that
that writer has never seen
a WorldStar fight vid.
Or 4chan or Twitter.
[loud grunt]
Or had their best friend
share their nudes with
her boyfriend, and in turn,
the entire fucking school.
[Johnny] Yeah, fuck Diamond.
I can't fucking believe
he sucked Bex's dick.
It's disgusting.
I'm still gagging.
I used to share drinks
with that fucker.
But it is scary to think about.
Because you don't know
who's who.
Or how easily
they can be swayed.
And at the end of the day,
nothing unites us
like a good tragedy.
[athlete 1]
Did you hear when he's coming
back to school?
I give him, like, five days
before he commits suicide.
I would.
And the worse it gets,
the more entertaining
it is for you,
this high school,
this bullshit town,
and the rest of the world.
Can I go to the bathroom?
[Johnny] He's being a little
fucking bitch.
We should do
something about that.
I'll drive.
-I'm in.
-Come on, man.
I'm fucking in.
[athlete 2] Me too.
-You in? Yeah?
-Let's fuckin' do it.
What about you?
You fucking in?
You in?
How about you fucking pussies,
you in?
-Teach Diamond a lesson?
[athlete 3] Let's do it.
[Johnny] Hey, gentlemen.
[clears throat]
What do they call us?
Slay 'em High Killas!
[Johnny] I'm sorry, I'm
sorry... What do they--
What do they call us?
[athletes, louder]
Slay 'em High Killas!
What do they call us?
What do they fucking call us?
Slay 'em High Killas!
Fuck these pussies!
Fuck these faggots!
[Lin] 'Cause it's all
just a movie, right?
[Lily] Hey, what's up?
Come here.
I want to ask you something.
Do you have a birthmark
on your back?
You sure about that, Lily?
[laughs] You're lying.
You're fucking lying.
Show me.
[metal bat dragging
on ground]
[sharp clang]
[cheerleaders scream]
[bat clatters]
[bat continues rolling]
[gasps] What the fuck!
-What the fuck are you doing?
-[Mason] Stop fighting.
-Get the fuck off of me!
-Stop fucking fighting, Lily.
What the fuck are you doing?
[Mark shushing]
I want to tell you something.
When I looked through
all the photos
in Nick Mathers' leak,
I started to think to myself,
"This girl looks
pretty fucking familiar."
[Lily] Don't do this.
What do you think, Lily?
-[Lily sobs]
-Look familiar?
-[Mark] It doesn't, huh?
-[voice breaking] Get off me.
-[Mark] That's what I thought.
I thought there's no fucking way
this could be Lily.
-My little Lily.
-Get the fuck off me.
I just wanna make sure.
So turn around,
be a nice little girl,
and show me.
Show me
you're telling the truth.
-Show it.
-Get the fuck off me.
All right.
[Lily gasps]
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
-Hold her down, hold her down.
Oh, look. Hold it, hold it.
Yup, there it is!
-[Lily sobs]
Turn her face around.
Let me get her face
in the fucking shot.
Is it wrong that
I'm actually enjoying this?
Didn't you used to
fucking babysit his kids?
-Get off me. I don't know.
Get off me!
-[Mark] You listen to me.
Now you listen to me.
You fucking humiliated me.
Now it's my turn
to humiliate you.
I'm going to show
the whole fucking world
what a dirty whore you are.
Stop fucking crying.
Stop fucking feeling sorry
for yourself.
There's gonna be no sympathy
for you.
You brought this
on your fucking self.
[Lily sobs]
Let's get the fuck out of here.
[Lily continues sobbing]
[Mark] The world's gonna know!
[camera shutter clicking]
[clicking accelerates]
The weird thing is,
you don't know how
many people have seen it.
You could have them saved
on your computer right now.
You can look them up
after I leave
and share them with
you want to.
My entire life,
every room that I walk into,
every job interview
or first date,
I'll have that sinking feeling
in my stomach.
So I made a promise.
If I ever found out
who did this to me,
I would hurt them
as much as they hurt me.
[students cheering]
Is that the right thing to do?
I don't know. Don't tell me
it's not justifiable.
It's not like
I fucking killed her.
[phone dings]
[dinging continues]
[dings come faster]
[dinging continues]
Fuck me!
[Lawrence] Lillian.
I can't-- No, I'm sorry.
I can't do this right now.
Lily, come back here.
[Lily] I can't do it right now.
[Rebecca] Lily?
[Lawrence] Lillian.
[doors slamming]
-I want to ask you a question,
-Let's not do this now...
I just want to talk to you.
I want to ask you a question.
And I want you
to be honest with me.
-Lily. Lily, look at me.
-[softly] Jesus,
please don't do this, please.
I want to know the truth.
Is-- Was that you in the photos
on Nick Mathers' phone?
-Lily, look at me. Lily?
Look at me.
-Please, don't do this.
This is a simple question
I'm asking you.
I am begging you.
Don't do this.
Is that you
in those photos? Lily?
Lily, I just want
to know the truth.
Is this you?
Did you do this?
[voice breaking]
Stop, stop, stop.
Just stop. Please stop.
I'm your mother. I--
You-- you are my daughter.
I have spent 18-- Look at me.
I have spent 18 years
raising you.
I just want to know the truth.
-Is that you in those photos?
Answer the question, Lily.
-It's you.
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you?
How could you do that?
-Now get up. Get up.
-No, please don't make me
do this.
Get up right now! Come on.
-I don't want to go.
-[Lily] I love you! I love you!
-Please, I'm so sorry.
I love you!
-[Rebecca] Get up. Stand up.
-No, Mom, I'm gonna get up.
-Stand up! Go.
Dad, please! Please, Dad!
-It's not possible.
-Please let me stay!
Don't do this.
Don't do this,
don't do this, don't--
[door locks]
[Lily pounding on door]
Mom, you've gotta let me in!
[Lily] Mom, please!
-[pounding on door]
-Please let me in! Please...
I'm sorry.
-I'm so sorry.
-[both sigh]
Oh, no way.
That's Lily fucking Colson, dog.
Holy shit.
Big fan of your work.
Salem's own little porn star.
Check it out,
we're on our way home
from work, look who we found.
Lily fucking Colson,
Salem's number one slut.
-Say what's up, Lily!
-[Lily] Leave me the fuck alone.
Say hi, baby. Say hi.
-Can you blow us a kiss, Lily?
-Leave me the fuck alone.
I know she likes to use
her mouth. I don't know
what the problem is.
-Leave me the fuck alone...
-Come on, Lily,
blow us a kiss, baby.
[Lily] Leave me the fuck alone.
Leave me the fuck alone.
-What's that, bitch?
-Leave me the fuck alone.
Leave me the fuck alone.
You think any man's
ever gonna wanna fuck
that nasty pussy of yours
after Googling you?
Your life is over.
You ought to just...
take what you can get
where you can get it.
You know what I'm saying?
-So come on and get it, bitch.
-Fuck you.
Bitch, don't make me get out
of this fucking car.
What the fuck are you doing,
We got them Salem bitches
on the motherfucking run!
Oh, Lily, we got you now, baby.
Dude, she's fast as hell.
Where the fuck you think
you're going, Lily?
Hey, the harder you make me
work, the harder I'm gonna
make you hurt, bitch!
Stupid bitch.
[vicious clang]
[wagging, sputtering]
[frog croaking]
[Ennio Morricone's
Violenza Inattesa plays]
So here's the thing
that really bothers me.
Who sees
a naked photo of a girl
and their first thought is,
"Yo, I gotta kill this bitch"?
Turns out,
way more people
than you'd think.
And I know we're all, like,
a little desensitized
to violence.
And mobs.
And, like, violent mobs.
Were you sorry
when my husband's dick was
in your fucking mouth?
But when 17,000 people's
texts and emails get leaked...
Slay 'em High, motherfucker.
[students chanting]
Slut! Slut! Slut! Slut!
...and the police and FBI
do nothing about it,
shit gets really fucking weird.
-[crowd cheering]
-[leader] Here we come, Salem!
Can you hear me?
An act of terrorism
has been committed
right here in our town.
Let's kill the fucker!
And the police,
the government, the media
are either powerless
or complicit.
And the rest of the world
is laughing at us,
taking pleasure
in our humiliation.
That ends right now!
[cheering intensifies]
We will no longer be humiliated.
We will no longer be helpless.
We will root out this terrorist
by any means necessary.
If the government
cannot establish
law and order,
then believe me, we will.
Take Salem back!
Take Salem back!
[crowd chanting]
Take Salem back!
Take Salem back!
[chanting fades]
[door opens, creaks]
[yelps, cries out]
-[leader] Marty?
Marty, calm down.
-[leader] Calm down.
-I can't, I can't.
All right.
Marty, we are just going
to take the hood off, okay?
Here we go.
-That's good. Good.
-Please don't hurt me.
Please don't hurt me.
Marty, Marty...
So we all saw
when Chief Patterson's
information got leaked...
We saw your police interview.
We read the transcript.
I mean, you basically
told 'em you did it.
No, no, I didn't.
-I didn't do it,
I swear. I swear!
-Kid, no.
-Do you remember what I said?
-I was just fucking with them.
-I was just fucking with them!
-Marty, do you remember
what I said?
[sobbing] Yes.
-No... lies.
-No lies.
-[rush of water]
We know that
you're behind this, Marty.
We know it.
[coughing, gasping]
I swear.
I swear, I didn't-- I swear!
You didn't do it?
Well, somebody did it, Marty.
And if it wasn't you,
then who was it?
You need to give us a name.
Marty, who did it?
-I don't-- I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know for sure,
but I think it's Lily Colson!
Say that name again.
Lily Colson.
You don't know for sure?
No, no-- I was monitoring
data traffic and I saw
her IP address.
Data was off the charts.
I swear, I swear.
I think-- I-- It's her, I swear.
-You better not be
fucking with us, Marty.
-I'm not.
Let's get him cleaned up.
My name is Marty Kolker.
And I can no longer
hold back the truth.
[mouse clicks]
[audio sped up, distorted]
-[Marty crying out]
-[sounds of stabbing]
[Marty screams]
-[woman on TV] Supervise the
next round.
-[man 1 on TV] Right.
[received text tone]
[man 1 on TV] I win?
-You wear a dress on our date.
-[man 2 on TV laughs]
[woman on TV] And if I win?
So do you.
[sent text tone]
[received text tone]
[sent text tone]
[upbeat fight music plays]
[Em] When I grow up, I wanna be
a director and only make
male rape revenge films.
Like Deliverance?
Ew, no. That's gross.
I want it to be sexy.
Like, if someone
remade Straw Dogs,
but instead of
Susan George getting raped,
Dustin Hoffman gets raped.
[Bex] Why hasn't Nancy Meyers,
like, made that already?
If life were a movie,
this would be the obligatory
girl shaves her head scene.
Actually, no,
that would've happened,
like, last week.
This would be, like,
"girl burns this motherfucking
town to the ground" scene.
That would be dope.
Girl, I'm glad
this isn't a movie, though.
'Cause if it was,
you would definitely
die at the end.
Why the fuck do I gotta die?
'Cause the slut's
gotta go, baby.
"'Cause the slut's gotta go."
Fuck you, guys.
What the fuck?
[Lily] What?
Are you guys
seeing this right now?
[Em] What now?
Marty Kolker uploaded a video.
[Marty on phone]
My name is Marty Kolker.
I'm not Erostratus.
This wasn't my idea.
But after Mayor Bartlett's
information was leaked,
I started to monitor
the amount of data
being uploaded
and downloaded
from each IP address
in and around Salem.
There was one that stood out.
Lily Colson's.
I then confronted her
about it at school.
What the fuck?
She not only admitted
to being behind the hack,
but she also said
that if I didn't help her...
She said that
if I didn't help her,
she would release
all my personal information,
as well as my father's.
I'm so sorry.
I was scared. I didn't know
what else to do. I'm so sorry.
Why would he say that?
[Bex] No, this is fucked up.
[Lily] I don't even know
how to do this.
How can he just say that
without showing any proof
that that even happened?
[Em] Did he just
make that shit up?
Or is, like--
Is it really coming
from your house?
[Bex] Oh, shit.
[Sarah] This isn't good.
Everyone's tweeting about it.
How many people
are gonna believe this?
How many people are gonna
think that I did this?
Did Mom set the alarm, Sarah?
[Sarah] Uh, I don't know.
[Em] I think I should go check.
Did you set the alarm?
[Nance] I think so, why?
I feel anxious. I don't know.
[Nance] You... You want a Xanax?
[automated voice]
Zone Four arming.
Cannot arm.
[Em] Mom, what's Zone Four?
[Nance] The glass sliding doors.
[keypad beeping]
[automated voice]
Zone Four arming.
Zone Six cannot arm.
[thumping, cracks]
[breathing heavily]
[Nance] Sarah?
Is everything okay?
Uh, no, not really.
Well, can I help?
No, it's fine.
[automated voice]
Bypass Zone Four.
[Sarah] Em?
[gunman] Quiet.
[gunman whispering]
[automated voice]
Zone Six arming
Zone Six cannot arm.
[in a hiss]
I know your mom has guns here.
Where are they?
[gunmen whispering]
I know you both hate me
right now.
And you probably
just saw that video,
and you believe it.
That I really need you to know
that it's not true.
Because I wouldn't hurt people
like this.
And because of everything
that's happened, I know you're
not gonna to believe that.
But... I thought you should
hear it from me directly.
I didn't do this.
I-- I wouldn't wish this
upon anyone.
And I know that I've made
some mistakes, but I'm...
I'm not a bad person.
I miss you a lot.
And I really just want
to come home.
[Em crying out]
[Em] Mom!
[Sarah] Mom!
[distant screaming]
Mom, please! Mom!
[Sarah] Please, Mom!
[twig snaps]
[hiss of nail gun firing]
-[muffled screaming]
-[nail gun firing]
[nail gun firing]
[Sarah screaming]
[multiple nail gun hits]
[Em] Mom!
[Sarah] Mom!
[both girls sobbing]
-[guns hot]
[phone vibrating, pinging]
[whispers] Fuck!
[phone vibrating, pinging]
[phone vibrating, pinging]
[gun clicks empty]
[magazine clicks, clatters]
[phone pinging repeatedly]
-[typing sounds]
-[sent text tone]
[clamor outside]
[man] Yeah!
This is it!
[cheering, yelling]
Good people of Salem!
Good people of Salem,
did I not promise you justice?
Look at this! Look at this!
Look at this! Bring her up.
Bring her over here.
Look at her.
Look at her!
Come on out.
[Em and Sarah screaming]
Look at these bitches!
[Richter, over megaphone]
Bring her here, bring her here.
Bring her to me.
You think you can fuck
our Salem?
What about you? Are you sorry?
Are you sorry?
Are you sorry
for what you did to this town?
You're going down,
do you hear me?
You hear me?
[crowd chanting]
Traitors! Traitors! Traitors!
Traitors! Traitors!
Good people of Salem,
you know what these girls did.
You know how
they ruined our town.
Are we gonna sit back
and let them get away with it?
[crowd] No!
Are we gonna take back our town?
[crowd] Yeah!
We're good people!
We're good people!
We're good people!
We're not going anywhere, Lily.
You can hide all you want.
But we're gonna
fucking find you, bitch.
We're gonna find you, bitch.
Lily Colson!
Take Salem back!
[chanting continues
in distance]
[frantic knocking]
Thank you, thank you,
thank you...
[Nick] Quick.
We have to move.
They can't see us here, okay?
You can't be here.
[sobs] They killed Nance.
They killed Nance,
and they took Sarah and Em.
And they're gonna
come for me!
Everything's gonna be okay.
Okay? Let's go upstairs.
I can't move.
Come here. Up.
Come here, come here.
[continues sobbing]
Take a deep breath.
I'll be right back.
[gunshot, cheering]
[truck engine starts]
[more gunfire]
[tires screech]
[Johnny] Get him!
Help! Help!
Hi, hey.
You're okay.
They probably just took them
to the police station.
We're gonna help, okay?
I promise.
I'm so scared.
I know.
The whole fucking world
has lost its mind.
[between breaths]
I don't know...
It's okay. I can do it.
Lily, Lily.
I can do it.
It is gonna be okay.
[whispers] You are safe now.
I'll take care of you.
I will protect you.
God, you're beautiful.
Kiss me.
[Lily winces]
You fell in love with me.
Did you think
I was in love with you?
That's why you did this.
I would never ever
do something like this.
Tell the fucking truth.
All this pain and chaos, Lily...
[Lily gasps]
[breathing shortens]
And I never even
got to fuck you.
No, no, no, no...
Kiss me.
Kiss. Me.
Don't hurt me.
First, we're gonna kill you.
Then the Lacey sisters.
And then...
we're gonna kill
that slut Lily Colson.
Hey, pussy. Get over here.
Tie her up, let's go.
I'm so sorry, Bex.
[voice breaking]
No, no, no, no...
[Bex sobbing]
Please don't do this...
I don't have a choice.
I'm begging you.
This isn't you.
You're not like this.
Please don't do this.
[exhaling sharply]
You want to kiss me, Daddy?
You want to touch me, Daddy?
You want to fuck me, Daddy?
You promise to be gentle?
I promise.
[Nick shrieks]
Damn it, Lily!
I wasn't gonna hurt you.
Open the fucking door, Lily!
[pounding on door]
Lily, it was a fucking mistake.
Open the fucking door.
Open the fucking door, Lily!
Open the door.
It is not what it looks like,
Lily. I didn't kill him.
What the fuck are you doing?
Open it up.
Open the fucking door, Lily.
Goddammit, Lily,
I wasn't gonna hurt you.
I have lost everything, okay?
I have nothing.
Open the door right now
or I'm leaving.
I need you to open the door
right fucking now!
Right now!
Open this fucking door,
you little shit.
Open the fucking door!
-[lock pops]
[knife slashes]
[head bumps floor]
[straining, gasping]
[whispering] I'm so scared.
I don't want to die here.
This isn't you, Diamond.
I'm not gonna do it.
I'm not gonna tie her up.
The fuck is wrong with you?
Look at your life.
She-- She ruined it.
She humiliated you.
She didn't humiliate me.
You did.
Tie her up.
No. Fuck you.
You're not a hero,
One of you motherfuckers
grab him.
Bring him out in the street.
Let's hang this bitch.
Let's get this show
on the fucking road, boys!
[Richter over loudspeaker]
Patriotic citizens.
Anybody with information
leading to the whereabouts
or capture of Lily Colson...
will not only be looked upon
as a hero amongst
the good people of Salem
but will be
most handsomely rewarded.
What the fuck?
[Richter over loudspeaker]
Beware, we're gonna find you.
It's not just me looking.
It's the town. It's the FBI.
So you best do the right thing.
Make it easy on yourself.
I'm telling you.
She didn't fucking do this.
You tell that to the FBI.
They confirmed Marty's story
about the amount of data
that Lily was uploading.
Then why aren't they here?
[tires screech]
Who the fuck is that?
Lily, he's gonna kill you!
You sure you even know
how to hold that thing,
little girl?
What are you gonna do?
You gonna kill a cop?
[Em] Lily!
You aren't allowed
to shoot a cop.
[body thuds]
Eml Sarahl
[Sarah whimpering]
[Lily] Are you okay?
[Em] Yeah.
Are you okay? Are you hurt?
-[Sarah] I love you.
-Are you okay? I love you.
I love you both so much.
[all crying]
They killed her.
They fucking killed Nance.
Where's Bex?
-[engine starts]
-[Johnny] Let's fucking go!
[tires screeching]
[engine revving]
[Johnny, indistinct]
Let's go!
Slay 'em High, motherfuckers!
Film this shit.
We gotta show everybody.
-[athlete] Yeah!
-[Johnny] Spin those tires.
Slay 'em High,
all right, boys?
Don't fuck around! Finish it!
Keep going!
-[horn blares]
-[tires screeching]
[all yelling]
Dude, they're fucking crazy.
I'm gonna take
these bitches out.
Fuck this! Fuck!
If you wanna surrender,
we'll stop shooting.
Fuck you, cunts!
[weapons cocking]
You're good?
Son of a bitch.
Okay, all right,
I-I surrender. Don't shoot!
[pistol clatters]
Don't shoot, please.
[Lily] Get on your knees.
-Get on your fucking knees!
Don't kill me, please.
Pl-Please don't kill me.
Bex, I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry, please.
Please don't kill me.
God, please, Bex.
Please, I'm begging you.
Don't fucking kill me.
Look-- Look, it was
fucking stupid,
all right? I know.
All right?
I'm sorry for everything.
I regret everything.
I got carried away. I'm sorry.
Please don't fucking kill me.
Please don't fucking kill me.
Let's go.
Thank you.
[Bex] Mm-hmm.
You okay?
Uh, yeah.
[Diamond] You okay?
[Bex] Yeah.
Thanks for not murdering me,
I guess.
-You're welcome.
You should go.
Yeah, I should.
I mean, uh--
Not all men.
[Bex] I don't know What
I'd do without you guys.
My name is Lily Colson.
I'm 18 years old.
And I don't know if me
and my friends are gonna live
through the night.
This entire fucking town
wants to kill us.
And they may say that
it's because they thought
I was behind it
or that I'm a whore,
I'm immoral, I'm a homewrecker,
I deserve it, I have it coming.
Well, guess what?
I didn't hack anybody's shit.
I didn't do it.
And I don't know who did.
As for being a whore,
a homewrecker, immoral?
It doesn't hold a fucking candle
to your righteousness.
That's the real sickness here,
your righteousness
and hypocrisy.
It's the simple fact
that you can't live
by the rules you set,
yet you still pretend.
This is your world.
You built this.
If it's too strict,
tear it the fuck down.
But don't look at me.
Don't take your hate out on me.
I just got here.
[distant gunfire]
And I have no clue where to go,
because from the moment
I arrived, all I was
ever given were orders.
Open up.
Cross your legs.
Spread your pussy.
[pop song fades in]
Speak softer.
Scream louder.
Be quiet.
Be confident.
Be interesting.
Don't be so difficult.
[woman vocalizing]
Be strong.
Be an angel. Be a whore.
Be a princess.
Be anything you want to be.
Even the President
of the United States
of America.
Just kidding.
Fuck you.
You still want to kill me?
Rape me?
Stab me?
Shoot me?
Let's go.
Rally your fucking crew.
Grab your guns
and hide behind your masks.
You want to do this
in real life now?
Give it your best shot.
'Cause you've prepared me
my whole life for this.
You may kill me.
But you can't kill us all.
[gunfire continues]
[Anohni "In My Dreams" plays]
In my dreams
You don't love me
In my dreams
You can hurt me
[helicopter passes overhead]
In my dreams you don't want
Don't want
Don't want the best for me
Hurt, hurt, in my dreams
In my dreams
You don't love me
In my dreams
In my dreams
You don't love me
In my dreams
You can hurt me
In my dreams, you don't want
Don't want
Don't want the best for me
Hurt, hurt, in my dreams
In my dreams...
[song fades]
[man] The charges include
cyberterrorism, murder,
invasion of privacy.
A life sentence
is an absolute certainty.
[Lawrence] Jesus.
Come with me.
[Lawrence] I just...
I don't understand,
you know,
Why you would
do something like this.
People's lives
were ruined.
People lost their lives.
Your sister almost killed.
Well, why would you...
Why would you
do something like this?
I don't know.
For the lulz.
[upbeat marching band music]
[marching band ends]
[electronic pop]
[woman vocalizing]
[electronic pop instrumental]
[woman vocalizing]
[vocalizing continues]
[song ends]