Assassination on the Tiber (1979) Movie Script

I propose a toast to the President
of this meeting, our friend, Manfredo...
the most passionate among us,
in the Tiber Association.
That deserves a round of applause,
but with our glasses in our hands...
either we applaud,
or we drink!
Thank you.
I'm due this Presidency because I'm
the oldest member of the Association.
Even if I am considerably
older than all of you!
We nominate the honourable
Laurenzi as our Secretary.
At least he'll do some
work every now and then.
We need to crush this rumour that
politicians don't work, right?
Take me, for example: I had lunch
with the Minister at 1:00...
Refreshments at the Rotary Club
at 4:30...
Cocktails at the Embassy at 7:00...
I didn't even have time to eat!
And he's hungry as well!
Let's get down to business.
Let's discuss the issue
of navigability...
- If not, how do we value the Tiber?
- What about the land in Portuense?
What are you getting at?
That I set up this Association
just to bump up the value of my land?
You're kidding.
We're not interested in that.
So, navigability.
Let's hear the proposals.
We've lost power.
Hands off, I'm still a lady!
You're the boss of the electric
company: can't you do something?
- I can look for a candle.
- Is the power out everywhere?
- Yes, it's dark everywhere.
- Don't you have any candles?
The mice keep eating them!
He's dead!
- There's a knife in his back.
- Who was it?
- Why are you looking at me?
- You were near him.
What does that mean?
The judge was next to him as well!
Are you crazy?
It doesn't matter who was near him.
It could've been any one of us!
This is real bad.
Now we're all involved.
- It had to happen to me.
- Don't touch him!
We must call the police.
Tell his wife.
- I'll go.
- It's pointless, there's no one home.
He called me before the meeting.
- You like this one?
- Yes, yes... Very nice!
I have more inside.
We have quite a selection.
All hand made.
Finely crafted in Arezzo
and Valenza Po.
Look at this exquisite example
from Florence.
- How much?
- 220,000 lira.
- And this?
- 650,000 lira.
I'll take both, but I don't have cash,
I've got traveller's cheques.
Don't worry, that won't be a problem.
Just give me the receipt and the change
in cash, because I don't understand.
You understand this?
Marshal, of all the thieves
out there, you had to pick on me!
Marshal! Then he's...
You be careful who you take
traveller's cheques from.
How can I not trust my clients?
Besides, a German priest!
No, he's a dumbass from Italy.
I'll pick up my bike later, okay.
Yes, okay.
Come here, I'll help you kick the
habit of dressing up like a priest.
You can't arrest me,
I just got out of the joint!
- Let me spend Christmas with my mother.
- But it's June.
- Precisely!
- Listen, is this your car?
- Yes, it's mine.
- Did you steal it?
Steal it? I can't go around
dressed as a priest in a stolen car!
- Can you give me a ride?
- Yes, Marshal.
- Give me the keys; I'll drive.
- No, I'm driving.
- I'm driving.
- I won't insist, here are the keys.
Very good, Venticello. I like you
because you're a reasonable man.
Now, let's go for a ride in
this nice car and have a chat.
- Why are you spitting on it?
- I'm polishing it.
This Citroen is the bomb!
I had to make a lot of
sacrifices to get it.
I still have 200,000 to pay on it!
Is this the way to drive
in the centre?
Don't worry, Venticello,
they won't give me any tickets.
Why all the hurry?
I need to find a certain
Proietti urgently.
- Never heard of him!
- They call him The Battery.
- He causes blackouts.
- I don't understand.
I'll explain, this Proietti can cut
the electricity to an entire district...
Where can I find him?
I don't know him, I swear
on my father's grave!
- You're damaging my car!
- You get it now?
If you don't tell me where
he is, I'll destroy it.
- I don't know where he is!
- You don't know?
- You'd better tell me where he is.
- But I've never heard of him!
We'll see.
I've never heard of The Battery,
but let me make some calls.
We don't have time for that.
You have to tell me.
Look out!
The road is blocked!
Now I've got a convertible!
You want to know where Proietti is?
Why didn't you say so?
He's in Trastevere.
He runs a printing
company with his brother...
Vicolo della Zanzara, 22.
Give me your hand.
You're going to handcuff me as well?
- You can be the car alarm.
- After I told you...
- Behave!
- You've destroyed my car!
Look at what he's done to my car!
Damn him!
- Is Sergio Proietti here?
- No, but his brothers in the office.
- Venticello sent me.
- Who's he? I don't know him.
- You don't know him?
- No.
Well, your brother knows him.
I need The Battery.
I've got a job for him,
some jewellers.
We're just printers. If you need a
business card, invitations, posters?
That's a real shame...
It's a shame because I've
got 200,000 lira as an advance.
Come here.
There's no need to get upset.
Listen, I know someone who's
better than my brother...
What area do you need
to blackout?
Careful, he's a cop!
Venticello is outside in handcuffs.
- Where is The Battery?
- He was arrested 20 days ago.
- He's in Regina Caeli.
- Then it wasn't him.
Sorry, but we're closed today.
What do you mean?
We come here every day to sunbathe.
No sunbathing. There's a
police investigation going on.
- It doesn't matter, let's go home.
- I want to speak to the...
The manager is in prison!
Why are you always
picking on the poor people?
Why are the other five free,
but you arrested my father?
Just because he owns this shack?
The arrest warrant is just
a precautionary measure...
and we didn't sign it, the District
Attorney who's in charge of the case did.
Then why didn't you arrest the others?
Aren't they all suspects?
- Hello, beautiful.
- It's about time, Marshal Giraldi.
And Daddy always said you
were his best friend.
Friend? You're an asshole,
that's what you are!
Listen, kid, remember when you
were two and I was 15...
- and I used to smack you?
- So what?
- I can still do it again.
- Nico!
I spoke to your father
and he gave me permission.
You went to see Fin?
No one can go near him without
permission from a judge.
Look, Giraldi, you can't do
what you did with Tozzi with me.
I'm in charge of the Special Squad,
and you need my permission first!
- As you wish.
- Don't you dare do that again!
Don't get so worked up.
I'll ask you nicely:
can I go and talk to Fin?
You already spoke to him.
Instead of acting like a fool, why
don't you tell me about The Battery?
The Battery is flat.
He's in prison.
So this proves that he can't have
been an accomplice to the murder.
- We're back to square one.
- Tell him daddy is innocent.
Hes never hurt a fly,
and he's helped so many people.
- I know.
- You know him well.
- Make them release him.
- He can't do anything.
He can't get anyone released.
The District Attorney is in charge.
The District Attorney is a real pest.
Angela, be a good girl, go home.
We've got work to do.
No, I'm not going home
if daddy isn't there.
- You can't stay here.
- Why? Am I bothering you?
It's not about that.
We can't work with you here.
In fact, now you are starting
to bother me!
I won't stay at home alone
because I'm scared!
Let me deal with this!
Nico, remember, I'm not
staying at home by myself!
Okay, I understand.
She's just a kid.
- What?
- Your feet.
Is that better?
Listen, why did this judge
have Fin arrested?
He owed Ruffini a lot of money and we found
some bonds in a safety deposit box.
- About 20 million.
- Fin was also a loan shark?
Builder, landlord, and lots of other
nice things, none of them clean.
I get it.
Listen, Galbiati...
I'm sure Fin is innocent.
Poor guy.
Besides, if he wanted to kill
Someone, he'd do it face to face...
he wouldn't stab them in the back.
I grew up in this place.
Every time they arrested my father,
I came here to sleep.
Was your father a victim of
political persecution?
- No, he was a crook!
- I was saying...
- Did they find any prints?
- No, no prints on the knife.
Or at the electricity sub-station
by Castel Sant'Angelo.
We're dealing with an expert.
He knew what he was doing.
Sure he did! It was the
manager of the electric company.
You think it was Moretti?
Ruffini got him that job at
the electric company...
by kind request of Mrs. Moretti,
between one screw and another.
Fin told me. I'm going to
put the squeeze on Moretti.
- I'll bring him in.
- Nico...
You can't do it without
a warrant from a judge...
And, in this case it's Luciano Canutti,
the District Attorney.
Listen, without permission from a judge,
or the District Attorney...
Without permission from those
sons of bitches, can I take a leak?
- Where's the guy who died on the Tiber?
- Which one? I've got nine of them...
Three are unrecognisable,
one of them is missing a head...
I've got a head without a body,
but they don't match.
- Where do I put this one?
- The third floor, there's no room here.
I'm looking for the guy who was
stabbed at Fin's place.
We've got lots of stabbings.
It was a hell of a day yesterday!
Go ahead.
She even got upset about it.
She said it wasn't enough.
Where do I put the ones
from the massacre at the station?
At the far end, with the
coach crash victims...
But that's the last one.
Even the toilets are full.
So, the stab victim,
where do I find him?
Are you a relative?
Do you have to identify the body?
No, I'm with the police. I'm looking
for District Attorney Canutti.
How did he die?
Was he stabbed, shot, raped?
- No, he's alive.
- I don't deal with the living!
Canutti is here because
of the investigation.
That might be him over there.
I'm sorry to put you through this...
But you understand,
it's an inevitable formality.
Poor Manfredo, stabbed in the back.
He didn't deserve to die like that.
- To think, he had helped all six of them.
- And one of them is the murderer.
Well, they can't leave the country -
we've taken all their passports.
You must catch them and
arrest all of them!
Lady, there's only one murderer...
and we can't let five innocent people
go to jail because one of them is guilty.
Excuse me, but I came
to remind you...
if you asked the lady whether she heard her
husband talking about anonymous calls...
Someone who was threatening him?
I don't know, I don't remember.
He never told me anything.
But he did seem very worried.
He always had his bodyguards with him...
Sabatucci had recommended them.
- He's a boxing promoter.
- Yes, I know him.
But how come...
his bodyguards weren't there
that night?
Unfortunately, he had given
them the day off.
I'll see you in my office, where
we can discuss your suspicions...
- but for now, go home and rest.
- I'll walk you to your car.
Don't trouble yourself, Marshal.
Why would anyone want to
cheat on a wife like that?
Excuse me...
You do know Moretti's wife
was sleeping around?
I'm leading this investigation and
I won't stand for anyone interfering.
- I'm not interfering.
- Then why are you here?
I want to pay Moretti a visit
and put some pressure on him...
- If you don't mind?
- You're not going anywhere...
- Just wait for your orders.
- Meanwhile, poor Fin is in jail.
Fuck you and your orders.
What did you say?
I said I'm ready to follow orders,
like you said.
- I heard something else.
- You heard wrong.
Fuck you.
- Have they already done the autopsy?
- What number is he?
What do you mean?
I don't understand?
All the bodies here have a number.
When someone leaves, that number
is passed on to the next one.
- How can they leave, if they're dead?
- You think people don't steal them?
Okay, have a look.
His name is Ruffini.
His surname is Ruffini.
There are six of them...
- Four are in for fungicide.
- What does that mean?
- They died eating poisonous mushrooms.
- Keep looking: Ruffini, Manfredo.
Number 27. Slide me a few bills
and I'll push him up to 12.
I've got a foreigner who was shot.
We need to wait for his relatives.
Put him in with the frozen food.
Is this a morgue or a supermarket?
Angela, what are you doing here?
I told you I wasn't staying
at home alone. Well here I am!
- I told Dad when they took him away.
- What did he say?
That he's fine with it.
- What have you got in there?
- My things.
- You think you'll be staying a while?
- Sure.
I haven't got room.
I'll show you.
You want to see my home?
See how big it is?
It's a hole.
And I've only got one bed.
What are you worried about?
We'll sleep together.
You're not a little girl any more, you've
got all the right things, like a real woman.
Then you're the one who hasn't got all
the right things, like a real man.
Okay, we'll leave it for tonight,
but tomorrow you have to go back home.
I don't get it.
Look at you...
- You must have some relatives?
- Sure, my uncle.
- Then stay with your uncle.
- He's in an asylum.
Instead of being upset with me, why don't
you think about getting my dad out of jail?
- Aren't you a cop?
- I'm a cop, not a magician!
To get someone out of jail we
need to know things...
For example, if your father
was looking after some bonds?
- Bonds?
- Sure.
That's why he was so angry
with someone on the phone...
They were talking about bonds.
He even called him a son of a bitch!
- Who was it?
- Some son of a bitch!
If I arrested all the sons of bitches
in Rome, we'd solve the traffic problem!
You hungry?
You want to eat?
Bread, salami, mortadella,
spaghetti, tinned meat, jam, cheese...
- I've only got bread, what do you want?
- I'm not hungry, let's go to bed.
Go to bed?
I'm going to bed, you do what you want.
I'm sorry to call you here like this,
but I'm a very busy man.
Don't worry, Commissioner,
I'm at your disposal.
The District Attorney would like
to know more about the bonds...
- your husband left with Othello Santi.
- Fin?
That's right. Fin says he was
looking after them as a favour...
Meaning he didn't stand to
gain anything...
He was holding on to them until your
husband completed a business transaction.
- Is that right?
- I'm afraid I can't help you...
I don't know anything about it.
I never got involved in his business.
Excuse me.
Commissioner Galbiati.
What do you mean,
tomorrow at Moretti's?
The electricity sub-station
by the waterfall on the Tiber?
No, I won't allow it.
That's a direct order!
Where can I stick that order?
I won't answer that because
I have Ms. Ruffini here.
Tell her she's got the best
butt in Europe!
Marshal Giraldi sends his regards.
I'm sorry, but you're way off the mark.
Let me get this straight, you work
for the electric company, right?
An electro-technical engineer.
It's child's play for you: just pull a
lever and half the city is in darkness.
But why would I do it?
Why would I kill my friend?
- Now you're embarrassing me.
- Why?
Because there is a reason.
Your wife, Silvana.
What about my wife? She's always
helped me, even as students...
In fact, when I was failing in
my studies in Pisa...
my wife spent an entire
night discussing my case...
You may not believe it, but one
month later I had my degree!
- That's when you were engaged.
- Exactly.
- But as a wife?
- She's great!
Then I spent two years
looking for a post...
But then, as luck would have it,
Silvana met someone in construction...
- and he gave me a job.
- So you owe your wife everything?
Of course!
It was hard work...
- I worked like...
- Like an ox.
That's right.
You see, the private sector
is a closed circuit...
But luckily my wife got to
know engineer Costanzi...
that famous inventor of lights
and car batteries.
Between one battery and another,
you got the job.
Indeed, as the first in charge
and Managing Director...
But I had to work for it!
When I got home, I felt
such a weight on my head.
I can believe it.
But what I'd like to know...
- is how you ended up here?
- My dear friend Ruffini...
he founded the Tiber Association.
But I never asked him for anything!
Sure, your wife took care of that.
- How did you guess?
- Like that! Instinct!
I don't know why I'm a suspect.
I've worked all my life...
and now I'm reaping the benefits...
I'm a consultant for all the
big electricity companies in Italy...
so why would I want
to kill someone?
- Is that your wife?
- Yes. Pretty, isn't she?
- Are you ready to go to Rome?
- Yes, dear.
- Will you give me the car keys?
- Of course, dear.
Thank you, my love.
A kiss!
She's off to Rome; she has an appointment
with the Minister of State Affairs.
- Then she'll come back with a nomination.
- Come with me.
- Who do you think it was?
- I'd keep an eye on Bonardi.
- The antiques dealer?
- That's just a front...
for stolen goods,
international criminal gangs...
You didn't hear it from me!
Excuse me; I need to make a call.
I'll be right back.
I'm sorry, Marshal.
It was an accident.
Why are you doing this?
Where can I go?
- Go to the cinema.
- You've got a cinema here!
This is work.
You just want to work over Ruffini:
that's why you want to send me away.
She's coming here to tell me who the
fuck all those people are in the film.
Why can't I tell you? I shot the film,
even the projector is mine!
- Well it's my house and you're leaving.
- I'm not going anywhere.
I'll take you out like the trash!
Look at what I'll do...
- Good evening, Marshal.
- Good evening, lady, come in.
- Isn't she Fin's daughter?
- She's paralysed. I'm taking her outside.
- I'm sorry to hear it.
- Say hello to the lady, don't be rude.
Good evening!
Have a seat.
I wanted you to be the first
to see this film...
Because you're a lady.
You've got such a great personality.
And I can see that you're still
suffering deep inside.
- In other words, you're driving me wild!
- Are we going to watch this film?
Yes, let's watch the film.
- Who shot it?
- Angela, she gave it to me.
I remember, it looks like the trip
on the Tiber Fin organised last month.
Everyone in the Association was there.
We crossed the entire city by boat.
That's Fin.
- That's Bonardi.
- And that's you, beautiful as always!
Poor Manfredo was so happy;
the Association meant so much to him.
- Who's he?
- Amedeo Secchi...
and that's Giovanni Tuccimei,
one of my husband's bodyguards.
- Where were they when he needed them?
- They weren't there, he gave them the day off.
They were all friends at the meeting:
who would harm him?
- Well, some idiot did.
- It must be one of them.
The District Attorney said
the same thing.
- It could have been him, Judge Laurenzi.
- But he says he didn't.
Or Sabbatuci,
the sports events organizer.
Looks like he's organizing
the drinks here!
Also Nardelli, the music impressario.
Or that cheat, Moretti.
As a film it isn't worth shit,
but what can I say?
I understood perfectly,
you expressed yourself very clearly!
Lady, I'm used to speaking my mind.
May I remind you that my husband
has only been dead three days.
- I always get excited at the cinema.
- Well, the film has finished...
and I have to go and eat.
I can offer you some tripe.
Some Roman tripe.
- Sorry to disturb!
- You're not disturbing anyone.
The lady would like some tripe.
Go and heat some up.
- Her paralysis?
- Paralysis!
If she doesn't heat it up straight
away, I'll give her another one.
Get in the kitchen
and prepare the tripe!
- Is she an au-pair?
- No, but she's got a fine pair!
Anyway, as far as the investigation is
concerned, the film doesn't reveal much...
- as far as I can tell.
- But a cop has to do something.
You're driving me nuts!
Take the gum!
Mouth to mouth!
Here's the tripe!
Would the lady prefer it with cheese?
I'm sorry, but this
lady doesn't eat tripe!
Look at what you've done!
She was about to take the gum!
- Why did you get in the way?
- Why do you treat me like this?
Just because I've loved you since
I was 12 years old.
You're chasing after her,
and you don't even look at me!
You have to go!
You have to let me work!
Am I not like her?
I've got the same things she's got,
and mine are better!
- You really don't get it, asshole!
- You calling me an asshole?
I'll smack you, just like when
you were a kid.
You really aren't a kid any more.
I feel like I want to bite you!
Don't call me, and don't
look for me for any reason.
- I'll call you from Athens tonight.
- Take care, dear.
- What if someone calls?
- I'm away on business.
- Don't stop.
- You want me to run him over!
Don't worry, we won't lose him!
The airport.
You were right, he's trying
to give us the slip.
I saw his driver buying a
first class ticket to Athens...
- I warned you straight away.
- You know, you're good.
I'm going to put you in for
promotion to Vice-Brigadier.
- I'm already a brigadier.
- What a dumbass.
- Accelerate!
- I can't go any faster!
They're catching up!
Is it an earthquake?
I told you not to pull the chain!
You're breaking everything!
Who's going to pay for this?
- Who's going to pay for it?
- Be quiet! Can't you see I've got a flat?
Your honour.
- You really are in the shit.
- Who are you? A robber?
- A thief?
- I'm with the police.
- Police? But I'm a judge!
- I know, I know...
That's why they couldn't take
your passport.
- You were running away.
- That's bullshit.
I have no reason to run away,
as you say.
- Why were you going to Greece?
- That's none of your concern.
Actually, it is...
Because you're accused of murder.
Give me your passport.
- Park it for me.
- Did you buy yourself a horse?
- No, I have to give it back.
- Go, I'll park it for you.
Look, he landed in the shit himself
I didn't put him there.
Marshal, you've committed a grave
abuse of parliamentary authority...
- You took his passport!
- He was running away!
Laurenzi was going to Athens for a
meeting, I checked it out personally!
Well, if he was the murderer
do you think he would've come back?
- What are you suggesting?
- Like fuck he would!
Get out!
I won't stand for that kind
of language!
What do I write:
Like fuck, or No way?
Don't write anything!
What are you doing here?
Why didn't you come home for lunch?
- What do you mean, lunch?
- I don't think you understand me...
With what's happened between
us, it's like we're married...
and you can't skip lunch
without telling me, got it?
I'm sorry, but we're
still not married.
What happened last night was
just one of those things.
- I'll hit you so hard...
- Calm down!
- You want to get married?
- Yes.
Okay, let's get married.
Now you have to tell me what
the hell you're doing here?
I came to talk to dad's lawyer,
to see about a temporary release.
Then I saw you, so I stopped.
Why? Can't I do that?
Hi, lady!
Excuse me.
Where are you going?
Have you come to see the District Attorney?
- Yes, he asked me to come down.
- Did you see Laurenzi this morning...
- He wanted to split.
- Laurenzi? Yes...
He's always been a friend,
a kind person...
He even tried to court me
last year...
I guess he had a crush on me.
I know how he feels!
You're one of those men who seems to
undress a woman with their eyes.
If I could undress you with my eyes,
I assure you I wouldn't leave anything on.
Ms. Ruffini.
What's got into you?
The way she smiled at you.
The inconsolable widow!
What did you have to tell her
that was so secret?
- That's my business.
- Yes?
What are you playing at?
It's her!
Wherever I go, she's there!
You need to do me a favour.
I have to work...
- You have to take Romoletto home.
- Who's Romoletto?
Romoletto is a horse I picked
up this morning...
I can't return him until
I find his owner.
- At home?
- I can't leave him on the street.
- What if he doesn't like me?
- Don't worry, he's like a puppy!
Court in session.
Bertarelli, Franco, alias Venticello...
You are accused of aggravated
fraud, falsifying public documents,
offending a religion and possession
of stolen traveller's cheques.
- I didn't do all those things!
- Silence!
- Who is your lawyer?
- I'm innocent, I haven't done anything!
My mother's a widow,
just like my father!
Yes, okay...
I asked you, who is your lawyer?
Who's got a lawyer?
You think I can afford a lawyer?
Then we'll nominate someone for you.
Lawyer Veron!
Will you defend the accused,
Bertarelli, Franco, alias Venticelllo?
Don't worry, your honour.
I'm at your disposal!
I'm here for the defence.
I'll do everything, relax!
- Let's proceed, then.
- I'm innocent, your honour.
I was dressed as a priest because
I fell in a well and got soaked.
There was a priest's uniform
nearby, so I put it on.
- And you used it to defraud a jeweller.
- That isn't true, you tell him!
Your honour, the accused admits his guilt,
and appeals to the court for clemency.
- What a lawyer!
- Why? Do you contest it?
Sure I do, because I didn't take
anything, I was just negotiating.
Dressed as a foreign priest,
and asking for the change in cash.
Lawyer, what do you think?
- Nothing, your honour.
- Christ, he's a good talker!
One moment, please.
Excuse me, your honour.
Marshal Giraldi, with the Special Squad.
He's the officer who
apprehended the accused.
Now I'm really in it!
Him, and the lawyer!
I made a really big mistake...
It isn't true that Venticello...
I mean Berterelli, there...
He's innocent.
The traveller's cheques weren't stolen.
He was just dressed as a priest
to try and get a discount.
You get it?
If you ask me, he's innocent.
- You can let him go.
- No objections from the accused.
Taking the Marshal's statement
into account...
the defendant, Franco Berterelli,
if there is no other reason to detain him...
- may be released immediately.
- Absolutely not!
- The defence categorically objects!
- Let's go, or he'll get me a life sentence!
How can I thank you
for getting me out of jail?
- I didn't do it because you're nice.
- Then why did you do it?
You have to come with me
to Sabatucci's gym.
- Does it have to be me?
- This way they won't think I'm a cop.
Get off!
I'm not an armchair!
We'd better get off here, then.
Stop, thief!
He stole my wallet!
Go ahead and search me.
I didn't steal it.
- You tell him, Marshal.
- Police, he's with me.
Close the doors and take this
bus to headquarters!
Marshal, we need to take the tram.
- Can you give me the wallet?
- What wallet?
The one I put in your pocket.
God damn you!
A bit of overtime.
It's my mother's birthday tomorrow.
It's a good thing his address
is in here, so I can return it.
- What's in it for me if you return it?
- You'll get a slap.
- Robinson, you want an orangeade?
- Robinson? I'm Venticello.
- Buy yourself some crisps.
- He's an old timer, they call him dumbass.
Remind him of Berandeo, the Argentinian
champ who reduced him to that state...
and he becomes a beast!
A herd of elephants couldn't stop him!
Listen up, this is my friend,
Nico the Pirate.
- He's looking for a job.
- What can you do?
I can do a bit of everything,
as long as I get paid.
Marshal Giraldi! Have you
decided to train in this gym?
Come here.
You dumbass, every time you open
your mouth you land me in it.
What did I say?
Gargiulo, just go fuck yourself.
We've got nothing to hide.
- Well?
- I'm leaving, I can't stay here now.
See you round.
Listen, all my cards are on
the table now...
I want to know if your
boss, Sabatucci...
supplied two bodyguards for
Ruffini, and who are they?
They're over there.
They're good kids.
- If you need anything else?
- That's okay.
- Were you Ruffini's bodyguards?
- Yes.
Did you ever have to intervene
while you were doing your job?
No, it all went smoothly.
Not quite everything.
Listen, I don't want to say it...
Because I'm not a grass.
But one night,
a week before the murder...
It must have been around 10.
I was on guard at the villa, by the
swimming pool, just outside his study...
as I always was,
when Mr. Ruffini was at home.
Mr. Sabatucci arrived, he didn't
greet me cordially, like normal...
He looked nervous,
He went directly to the study,
where Manfredi was waiting.
Perhaps he had an appointment.
Sabatucci greeted him coldly.
Ruffini asked him why...
and Sabatucci said he had to talk to him
about something very important.
Manfredo saw me outside and
he drew the curtains...
but they were talking so loudly
I heard everything they were saying.
You're right, but when we
bought the land at that price...
I got planning permission to
build a sports centre...
But you're building twelve houses,
three pools, and six tennis courts!
Of course! What would I earn
from a sports centre? Peanuts!
- But this way...
- This way, nothing!
I don't want any part of it.
Be careful, Manfredo. I'm warning you,
if this goes to court, I'll kill you!
You know, you should have
mentioned this before.
There's a poor guy in prison
who has nothing to do with this.
But Sabatucci could also
deny everything.
There he is.
Hows it going?
Watch out, because Sabatucci
doesn't mess around.
- I don't mess around either.
- I'm not involved.
Don't worry.
Are you Marshal Giraldi, the one
who's investigating the Tiber murder?
You must be Sabatucci,
the prime suspect.
Are you here to investigate?
To look around? Ask questions?
Well, you're wasting your time. I told
the District Attorney everything I know.
Did you tell him about the
sport centre along the Tiber?
And the houses,
the swimming pools...
The tennis courts?
Look, don't worry about it,
and take it easy, while you still can.
- Want some orangeade?
- No.
- You know who that was?
- No.
That was Berandeo.
Remember him?
- How many cards?
- I want one.
- Look, the shop is closed.
- I know.
Who are you?
I'm Marshal Nico Giraldi, born in
Tor Marancia, 3rd of March 1941.
- So you're Nico, Scratch's boy.
- You knew my father?
Scratch? They even talked
about him in South America...
They said he was a thief
with square balls.
- He died tragically, on the battleground.
- He died saving a friend.
I was that friend.
You're Frascatano.
Frascatano, you owed
my father 5000 lira.
I read it in his diary.
I'm taking it.
Tell us what you need?
What I want to know...
Most of all...
Who the antiques dealer is here?
I think it's that gentleman.
Yes, but I've got nothing to say.
I told Canutti everything I know,
in the presence of my lawyer.
- What do you want to know?
- As much as possible...
To save my friend who's in jail.
But it has to be Bonardi who tells me.
I'm sorry, but I can't help you.
Ruffini's death hurt me as well!
We had business together.
- How many cards?
- Pass.
I get it.
Good evening.
- Son of a bitch.
- You've got it wrong.
We don't know these assholes.
- It's nothing to do with us.
- They look Calabrian to me.
You really are something!
Three against one, and they
couldn't take him down.
Just like his father.
- Look at the state of it!
- There were three of them.
- They almost killed me.
- No, you can't die before we're married.
So it's okay for me to
die after we're married?
Don't even say it as a joke.
Listen, Nico, the horse has to go.
I don't want it in the house.
Why don't you give it back?
I can't remember where I found it.
I put an ad in the newspaper.
Okay, but I can't spend all day
looking after you and the horse.
But he's so gentle.
He's starting to like me.
- You should be ashamed!
- It wasn't me, it was the horse.
It means he wants to go for a walk.
Come on, let's go.
That's great, Sabatucci.
I'm fine.
How are you?
Maybe you can tell me about
those three men you sent after me.
I didn't send anyone!
That isn't how I do things.
Yes, I read it in the papers
this morning.
I'll tell you that my esteem
for you has doubled...
And, if you meet me
at the airport in an hour...
I've got something important
to tell you...
So important you'll be able
to arrest the murderer.
No, that isn't how it happened.
So you're denying that a week
before the murder...
you were at Ruffini's house
and you threatened to kill him?
Marshal, if I asked you to come here,
it certainly wasn't to hear my confession...
Quite the opposite.
I'll start by telling you that I did
go to Ruffini's house that night...
but he didn't argue with me.
He argued with someone who
was already there.
You called me here at
this hour to tell me this?
Wait! I haven't told you that
we're looking at a round million.
Who can guarantee we'll
get the planning permission?
- I guarantee it.
- Giuliano's been here for a while.
We've already discussed it.
You know he can fix everything.
We're talking about a lot of money!
40 percent for you, 40 for me,
and 20 percent for Bonardi.
20 for me?
What do you mean?
No, we split it evenly.
You already conned me once
with that phony Caravaggio...
But that isn't the end of it.
I sold it in Switzerland...
But if it goes badly,
It will be a lot worse for you.
The Caravaggio turned out
to be fake...
You can draw your own conclusions.
As for me, I didn't accept
Ruffini's proposal...
I don't like getting mixed up
in dirty deals.
Why didn't you come out
with this earlier?
You see, Marshal, one can have regrets for
talking, but never for keeping quiet...
And, as I was present when
Bonardi threatened him...
Then, when you heard I was
there that night...
I wanted to talk to you,
to try and clear things up.
I get it.
Would you be willing to testify?
Sure, this afternoon, when
I'm back from Florence.
- I'll be waiting in my office.
- Okay.
Marshal Giraldi...
Going against my orders, your private
investigation has seriously damaged our work!
What have I damaged?
I went to Sabatucci
because he called me...
to tell me about that incident
with Bonardi, the antiques dealer.
You should have told me immediately,
instead of going to the airport.
We would have made sure Sabatucci
didn't blow up in his plane.
The District Attorney is right.
Why? Did I make that plane explode?
Did I put a firecracker up Sabatucci's butt?
Get out!
And Fin?
When are you going to release him?
Fin is fine where he is.
He's still the prime suspect!
- There are no other suspects.
- So you think Fin did it?
He was heard threatening Ruffini
during the meeting, isn't that enough?
- Nico, there's a witness.
- Who?
You'll find out.
For now, stay out of it.
You listen here: who tried
to kill me at the sub-station?
Who sent those three men
with knives?
Who put that bomb on Sabatucci's plane?
Fin, who's in prison?
He may have accomplices.
Someone who's living with you!
My Angela?
You're suspended from duty!
I'm being suspended?
What do I write?
I won't write anything.
You're a good swimmer!
- Will you pass me my robe?
- Right away!
Here's your robe.
You got my call.
Thanks for coming.
I need to talk to you in
private; it's a delicate matter.
I like delicate things.
Your belt came loose!
Listen, aren't you afraid,
living here all alone?
I heard you fired your bodyguards.
Is that wise, after
everything that's happened?
The murderer might come after you.
They kicked me out of the force.
You could hire me as your bodyguard.
- You think it's necessary?
- Sure, with a body like yours.
And they're dropping like
flies around here...
Your husband, Sabatucci,
the antiques dealer...
I went to his shop two
hours ago...
I found him hanging from a beam.
It wasn't a pretty sight.
- You want a banana?
- No.
- A piece? The tip?
- No.
I'd like to know why you asked
me to come here?
To continue the conversation
we had at my place...
- Or for something else?
- I have very precise suspicions...
I didn't mention it before because I didn't
want to tarnish my husband's memory.
Your husband was a real son of
a bitch when he was alive!
Unfortunately, it's about drugs.
My husband was in business with Nardelli:
he's the one who threatened to kill him.
I'll tell you the truth,
Sabatucci lied to you...
I was in his office that night,
so I saw and heard everything.
Bonardi wasn't there...
My husband wanted to discuss the building
of a new sports centre with Sabatucci.
At some point Nardelli
arrived, shaken up.
- Manfredo!
- Enzo, what's wrong?
You don't know?
You don't fool me!
Do you mind, dear?
My husband asked me to leave
and I obeyed...
But, as I was concerned about
Nardelli's behaviour, I listened in.
You even got your idiot
servant to say you weren't home!
You'd better calm down, or I'll
have you arrested for trespassing!
- I should leave.
- No, it's better if you stay.
I want you to hear everything
I have to say to this lowlife!
You're the lowlife!
I'm fed up with your dirty dealings!
But you were okay with it when
it was my neck on the line.
Watch your back,
because I'll get you!
Stop it!
Unfortunately, my husband had
associated himself with Nardelli...
who was bringing drugs into Italy,
and selling it at his parties.
Seems like most of the Tiber
Association were as dirty as they come.
That's why I stayed at home that night.
It's like I imagined it...
A little argument, sure,
but certainly not murder.
What's going on?
Excuse me for a minute.
- I have to tell you something.
- Why are you shouting?
Did I interrupt your romantic conversation?
Look, I'll throw you both in the pool.
What romantic conversation?
Let me do my job, she's loaded!
I'll get a job with her!
Go home!
No, wait.
Dad broke out of prison.
- That's impossible!
- I swear, he called me...
I know where he's hiding!
He says he wants to kill everyone!
It's going to be a massacre!
Don't come any closer,
or I'll kill you!
Fin, don't shoot!
It's Nico!
- Don't you recognise me?
- Sure I do, that's why I'm shooting!
You're a cop, a traitor.
You're here to arrest me!
Don't shoot!
I'm here as well. Don't kill him,
I have to marry him!
Did you hear that?
Fin, you really are stubborn, why did
you do a crazy thing like this?
- Crazy?
- Sure...
- You're making it worse for yourself.
- I don't care.
- I'm not staying in jail if I'm innocent.
- He's right.
Did you threaten to kill Ruffini
that night or not?
- What are you talking about?
- We have a witness who heard you.
- Yes, it's true: I called him.
- What did you say?
It was about those bonds.
I was furious with him!
You're a liar!
A coward!
You can't leave those bonds
here without warning me!
20 million...
Where do I get that?
I'd have to sell my daughter to pay you.
Look, when you come here tonight
I swear I'll throttle you!
- Tell me the truth, did you do it?
- Fuck you!
- Just give me your word.
- They're things you say when you're angry.
But you don't actually do it.
He told me he had been
forced to take those bonds...
That's why he was in trouble.
In fact, I called his home straight
away, to see if he sent them.
- But his wife wasn't there.
- When you made that call...
- are you sure no one heard?
- No one.
- Give it some thought.
- I was alone...
Hold on...
Now I think about it...
Hi, Nardelli.
Here already?
I came earlier, to make sure I get
a seat next to the President.
Well, let's go!
He must have heard me.
He had been there for a while.
So he's Canutti's star witness.
- What are you saying?
- I know what I'm trying to say.
He wanted to sit next to
The President...
- Then the widow was right to accuse him.
- You think it was him?
I'll have to try again.
But now I've been suspended
from the force, damn it!
Hold on, Nardelli doesn't know me,
so I can still get to him!
- Someone's coming!
- Who is it?
God! The police!
Stay here.
Fin, come out.
Don't be a fool.
And you, Nico.
We know you're in there.
We followed you.
Come on, don't be stupid!
Don't start shooting! Let them
arrest you, I'm going for a swim!
This one is very nice!
But I don't have cash...
- I've only got traveller's cheques.
- Don't worry.
What are you doing?
He's a Paraguayan priest!
- No, he's a dumbass priest!
- I can't work around here!
The times we live in!
You can't trust anyone!
You want me to find a music
cassette and three back-up singers?
I know three faggots who sing like
queers in some bar in Testaccio...
I can ask them.
- Have you got the tape?
- No, I'll take care of my singer!
Do you need the headphones?
I'm telling you, he's the bomb!
I heard him in rehearsals...
I was blown away!
As I'm sure all of you will be,
my friends!
For the first time in Rome!
Nico 00 and the Ricotta Sisters!
Keep on dancing!
We're gonna slide across the floor!
Keep on grooving,
until you just can't feel no more!
Just keep me hanging on!
See that woman,
she's really got just what it takes!
The way she moves me,
I know one day it's going to rain!
Get down!
Get down!
Just keep me hanging on!
Get down!
Get down!
Just keep me hanging on!
I want you, you, you!
I want you, baby!
Not bad.
He reminds me of Rocky Roberts.
- Don't you think?
- Yes.
By the way, he told me
he wants to talk to you.
He'll probably want a record deal.
Send him to my office.
To be honest, I thought
you wanted a record deal.
I don't give a shit about singing.
If you make a living singing,
you'll die whistling.
But you were successful.
You made it to the final...
and you could even win
the festival.
Today they clap their hands,
tomorrow they piss on you.
Then what do you want?
- Can I talk?
- I'm listening.
I want to earn a lot,
doing little work.
And how can you earn a lot
doing little work?
How can you earn a lot
doing little work?
With gear.
- What gear?
- Come on, you know.
- With drugs!
- Drugs? You're crazy!
Why are you telling me this?
You put on a show in the Orient...
We'll go to Turkey.
What are we going to do?
Sing for the Turks?
Look, I can hide at least
10 kilos in my stage equipment.
- We'll split it 50/50.
- Just think about your singing career,
and don't come here
talking about these things.
You can trust me; I'm not like
Ruffini, your old business partner...
who ripped you off.
That's enough.
I'm tired of this.
The only reason I won't kick you out
is because you've made the finals.
There's no need to get upset.
I'm here to do business
and you treat me like this?
Go on, get back on stage.
I'll see you in Turkey.
And here we are for the final
of the Seventh Rock Festival.
The three participants in
this dramatic conclusion are...
Alex, Vivianna, and Nico 00!
Let's start the final challenge
with Nico 00...
Where is he?
There's no singer.
You can only hear his voice!
Guys, it's a con!
They tricked us, it's just a recording.
Let's get our money back!
They're treating us like fools!
What's going on?
Where's Nico?
What's going on?
I don't want a clown for a husband!
Have you got it? I've had enough!
All I need now is them drooling over you!
Just let me sing!
Why am I the one who always gets hit?
Please calm down!
It's just a technical hitch!
Well, isn't that great?
Now you've really hit the bottom.
You even got yourself arrested!
- What did you hope to achieve?
- I wanted to sing...
- Can't I sing?
- That wasn't singing!
You were miming along
to a cassette!
If my stupid girlfriend
hadn't turned up, we'd have won!
And you made a real mess!
- What were you doing there?
- What was I doing there?
Trying to get an innocent man out
of jail, and find the real culprit.
And you dressed up like
a joker to do that?
Look at you!
Look, to be a joker you need a heart
this big, feeling, and two big balls!
That's what it takes...
And if youd left me alone I would've
brought Nardelli here, and left.
Why are you so sure he
killed Ruffini?
The night of the meeting
of the Tiber Association...
This is the table,
and the dead guy was sitting here.
He arrived earlier to sit here,
and stabbed him in the back...
the moment the power went out.
And poor Fin, with his belly,
he was sitting here...
It would've taken him half
an hour to get there and back!
Yes, but the fact remains: Fin threatened
Ruffini two hours before he was killed.
- Why?
- He was upset about the bonds!
We all say stupid things
when we're upset!
And when he returned the bonds,
they made their peace.
And then he went to call home...
What an idiot!
- What are you talking about?
- What an idiot!
- Is it something I've done?
- No, it's me...
Angela, come here.
Sit down next to me.
What is it?
Look, I'll play it again.
I'll put it in reverse.
Now forward.
Watch Mrs. Ruffini's foot.
You can see it better now.
Now I've got it.
What are you playing at?
You put your tongue in my mouth!
- I'll marry you, if you want.
- Like I'd be seen dead with you!
Come on, let's go.
My love.
It's me, honey.
My love.
I didn't hear you come in.
The door was open.
- I'll get changed.
- So soon?
I thought you wore a bra,
but they stay up all by themselves!
- What do you want?
- Behave!
Remember how I dealt with those
three goons you sent after me.
- Don't bust my balls.
- I don't understand you.
Leave immediately,
or I'll call the police.
Look, I am the police.
There's no problem here.
The only thing that upsets me
is that I didn't let you screw him.
I could give you another 10 minutes, because,
even if you don't get a life sentence...
you'll get 30 or 40 years.
Yes, when your fiance gets out,
she'll be drawing her pension.
We have no problem admitting
our relationship...
Alberto Ruffini was a good for nothing,
and you know this all too well...
- I cheated on him, and he deserved it.
- Sure he deserved it...
He was a cuckold and happy.
But I got it wrong...
I got it wrong when I watched that
film of the trip on the Tiber.
I should have noticed you two
flirting with your feet.
- It would have saved a lot of trouble.
- Is it a crime to cheat on your husband?
Heavens, no.
But what seems a little much,
if you ask me...
is cheating on your husband,
killing your husband...
taking your husband's money,
and cashing in his life insurance policy.
That's almost a million.
Why do you need all that?
- I trust you have proof?
- You gave me the proof.
The other day, you told me you
were at home when it happened...
but that night your husband
called home and you weren't there.
Where were you?
I'll tell you...
She was on board a 132 driven by
her husband's bodyguard...
the gentleman present here,
Amedeo Secchi...
who drove her to a pre-agreed location
just 400 metres north of Fin's place...
on the opposite side.
Arm-in-arm, like two lovers
looking for a quiet place...
they went to the stairs,
where Eleonora removed her raincoat,
underneath which she already
had on some diving gear.
Then she went to the river bank.
At that time...
It must have been around 9:30.
No one could see you in the dark.
He put on his gloves, and she got
ready for a nice swim across the river!
And she's a good swimmer.
I've seen her.
In the meantime, Amedeo drove
to the sub station at Castel Sant'Angelo...
where he had set up the blackout
of the entire district.
It was child's play for him because, before
he was a boxer, a bodyguard, a pimp...
hed been an electrician
for five years...
according to information gathered
by the police.
In the meantime, the great swimmer,
aided by the current...
had made it to the other side,
and reached Fin's place.
She made her way up,
so no one could see her...
from the service ladder at the
back of the shack, near the boats...
that leads up to the dressing rooms.
I know Fin's place well,
I went there a lot as a kid.
And I also know about those
cupboards at the back...
where the lady went to hide,
that open on to the river on one side...
and on the other side lead to the lounge
where the meeting had just started.
I don't know why
I didn't think of it before.
With Eleonora in the cupboard,
and Amedeo at the sub-station...
they were ready.
At the agreed time,
that is, 10:30...
Amedeo flicked the switch,
triggering a blackout.
The moment it went dark, the lady
assassin came out of the cupboard...
and knocked off her husband
with such force and precision...
that the guy didn't have time
to utter his name!
They were all talking,
and they didn't notice a thing.
So Eleonora went back out through the
cupboard, and exited through the back door.
She retraced her steps,
and went back down the ladder...
to dive back into the river,
and make her way back across...
still swimming along with the current.
She had all the time in the world...
because it would take at least half an
hour to fix the problem at the sub station.
She swam back two or three
hundred metres to the other side...
where her lover was waiting.
He got her in the car, and drove
her home to wait for the bad news.
Not bad.
You put those TV thrillers to shame.
I think you're the one who's
watched too many TV thrillers.
You'll need proof to confirm
what you're saying.
I haven't finished.
You also blew up Sabatucci's plane,
fearing he was going to accuse you.
But all he wanted to do was accuse
Bonardi, to save you.
And you hanged Bonardi.
Now you're also accusing me
of murdering Bonardi!
And why? Because he sold
me a fake Caravaggio?
You really are something!
Yes? Now you're getting
ahead of yourself.
You bumped off Bonardi because
he knew what you were up to...
- and he was blackmailing you.
- You're crazy!
Tell that dumbass he can only
speak when the chickens take a leak.
- Now I think you're exaggerating.
- No, now I've had enough.
We're talking too much.
Let's go.
Amedeo, watch out!
- Hello, Garbialli.
- Yes, it's me.
It's Nico.
Listen, I solved the case.
Make it a big silver plate, because
I've got two of them to put on it.
It's Giraldi, he caught the two murderers.
The case appears to be resolved.
Send him my compliments.
That's great, Nico.
Canutti is here, he sends his compliments.
Tell him to go fuck himself!
The Marshal thanks you,
and sends his regards.
I'm sorry my wife couldn't come; she's
having lunch with the Prime Minister.
- I hope your marriage is as
happy as mine! - I hope not!
Let's take a photo!
One with a kiss!
Look who's here.
He came to see us!