Assassination Tango (2002) Movie Script

Where do you go?
Do we need money there?
- You asshole!
- Asshole!
- Hurry up!
- Why do you let him in?
Watch it!
Why don't you let us in?
It's cold. We've been here long enough.
I don't get why they let some people in
and don't let others.
- Shit!
- They just don't let people in!
- ...something like 15-20 minutes.
- Hey, let us in!
We're here, too...
Get him!
He took the purse!
It's okay. It's okay.
Dial 911.
We can't wait.
We have to call the ambulance.
We have to call the police.
He's dead.
We have to call the police.
Yes, he's dead.
We should call the police.
Pleasure to meet you.
How's it going?
Let's go.
The car's right here.
What is you name?
My name? Miguel.
- Miguel? Nice to meet you.
- A pleasure.
- You speak Spanish?
- A little. Just a little.
Everything okay?
Thank you.
Very good.
Gentlemen, cheers.
- Cheers.
Good luck.
Cheers. Cheers.
Ma'am... It was a pleasure.
The meal was excellent.
For me?
Your son?
Who died?
The poor thing.
Thank you... Good luck.
Good luck.
Yes, Orlando.
Nice meeting you, sir.
Both for my wife and myself,
it is a pleasure having you here.
- Where is the Huracan club?
- Right around the corner?
- Are you Italian?
- No, Argentine.
Tony Manas, where is he?
Upstairs? Thanks.
- Sir, which one is Manas?
- That way.
Good, good, there, there.
Good, good. Left, left.
Very good. Combination.
- That's it, man.
Here. Three rounds.
- Who is it?
- It's me.
- Mr. Manas, nice to meet you.
- How are you?
One moment, sir.
Let's stop here for a minute.
Now you step in. Turn...
The arm! Watch the arm!
Well done, boy.
Here, sir. Guard it
with your life, okay?
It's yours, right?
Yes, of course.
"General Humberto Rojas"
The Hospital.
Miguel, can you hear me?
We're on top of things.
We even have access
to the Yankee's room.
When you step inside, you turn...
He's checking you out.
He's looking at you.
He wants to dance with you.
Excuse me, ladies. Excuse me.
Do you speak English?
- Will you call me?
- Yeah. Have a good time.
Say bye to Olga for me.
- Yes.
- I'm your daddy.
Yes, daddy, yes.
Yes, daddy, yes.
What do you want?
I want you to
fuck me good, daddy.
- More. More.
- More?
- Come, more.
- What?
Like that! Yes!
Incredible. Incredible.
- I am?
- Daddy.
Sure, sure.
Next week.
See you next week.
Good appetite.
Oh, man! Look at that precious thing.
A goddess! Look at that sweet bread.
Where is the commercial?
Upstairs? Thank you.
Are you married?
Are you married?
If I'm married...?
Behave. Have you been practicing?
I'll see you next week.
Yes. Goodbye.
Let's try to have the same energy...
...otherwise we will look like this.
I like it.
You like it?
The other leg.
- The same.
- The same?
No, no, no.
Thank you.
(The Hook)
The hook.
For you all...
Carlos Copello,
Alicia Montes.
Come on... move along.
Come on! Come on, kids!
Good morning, General.
Good morning.
You made it?
"General Humberto Rojas"
"Se Alquila Habitacin"
(Room for Rent)
OK, I've got this
one room here...
Facing the street is better...
OK, I've got this one in the front,
but there's some storage there...
Please, go ahead...
See? There's all that stuff...
No, it's OK, no problem.
I can take it away tomorrow...
- How much?
- One hundred dollars a week.
Here, this is for two weeks.
There's only one thing
I need to ask.
My mother sleeps
in the afternoons...
...please don't make
too much noise.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You can visit us
later if you want.
Are you coughing, Mom?
I'm coming.
Be happy, Mom.
I rented the room to a Yankee.
You rented? Good.
No wonder you're coughing.
You're smoking!
Let's go in or
you'll freeze to death.
Let's see, let's see.
Come on, man, hurry up.
I don't have a shot.
Here goes a glass of water.
What's going on?
What happened?
I'm off to Montevideo for three days...
and then I'm coming back.
Seorita, how are you?
Very good.
Pleased to meet you, sir.
I know you. I know you.
The whole gang's here. Bravo!
- The great master.
- I've told him all about you.
And what about her?
The queen!
Yes, a little.
Don't be modest.
You're being humble, aren't you?
Humble, yes.
So, what is Tango?
It's something new to me.
I love it.
Tango is life.
- Life?
- Life.
Tango is love, it's hate.
Tango is everything.
It's a lot of thing together.
A thing of beauty.
You forgot to mention love.
It's love, I did say it. And hate.
Hey, don't interupt me!
I'm talking. I'm older than you are.
Yes, Tango is everything.
What is the future of Tango?
The future of Tango?
It's them.
They are the future of Tango.
It runs in the blood, in the family.
Their blood, their family,
their training...
They were already dancing
in their mother's womb.
They were being fed inside.
They're hot like their mother,
like their aunt, and all of us women.
Watch what you're saying.
They were born dancing.
In the blood.
It's in the blood.
And the blood runs.
There's been so many
well-known Tango dancers.
Which were the best?
And "El guila Blanca."
("White Eagle")
He was a little guy. A German.
He was really tiny.
He'd spin a lot and
make lots of turns,
and suddenly
he'd lift his leg up...
and hit me right here.
But I wouldn't stop,
I'd just go on.
I liked dancing with him,
but it hurt.
It was just a style of dancing.
It was his style.
An agressive style, wasn't it?
Maybe it's that he was tiny
and I was taller...
so he'd kick me right
you know where.
I'd dance with guys
who came from work
with dirty collars
and spotted shirts.
But I didn't care because
all I wanted was to dance,
not to go out with them.
Excuse me. What are the right moves
for a "Figure Eight"?
Show him, Carlos.
Yes, yes, here.
How do you want it?
There, exit. Yes, eight.
Eight at front, like this.
Open. There.
When someone from one neighborhood
danced really well...
and came to our
neighborhood club,
we'd fight it out
on the dance floor,
cleaning up the floor
with each other.
They also fought on the streets
every Saturday and Sunday night.
Did you fight?
Yes, when I had a boyfriend, I used to
fight for him. We'd pull each other's hair.
We women used to
grab each other's hair.
We were kinda
tough back then.
We'd fight for
the man we loved.
No, you're not getting it.
You should lead me.
You lead me.
No, not like that.
Just follow me.
What's the story about Carlos Gardel
and his plane crash?
The last Tango was called,
what was it? "Adis Muchachos."
Oh no! Don't say that!
Please grab yourself where it counts!
That's a no-no for Argentines.
- Very, very tight.
- Very bad.
It's very bad.
Grab your nuts.
You shouldn't say those words.
It's a no-no in Tango.
You see he's grabbing...
"Adis Muchachos."
- No! I'm going to smack him...
- How naughty.
He's doing it on purpose.
He's making me nervous
and I'm losing my shawl.
Very bad.
Maria, care to dance?
Of course. Excuse me.
A salon Tango has
a different feeling.
At least that's how I feel.
When I dance salon Tango,
I feel transported, like flying.
When I'm performing, I have to worry
about getting stepped on or kicked,
but salon Tango is simply
a feeling between two.
A man and a woman.
How Elegant.
- Prolijo.
- What is prolijo?
Let's make a toast.
For friendship,
whiskey, cigarettes...
and to my one true love,
the Tango.
May I dance Tango
until I die.
- Cheers.
- How good.
We're not staying, he's leaving.
I have to practice my Tango.
I have to walk every day, OK?
Like this, right?
Right, but you're a bit bow-legged.
Yes. So I will show you
an exercise.
You should put this coin
between your knees.
Hold it tight.
You walk kind of like this.
Walk. Walk.
Very good, very good.
Manuella, Manuella.
Remember, my friends...
"Adis Muchachos."
- Miguel.
- Did you follow him to the hotel?
Yes, all the way. We'll be waiting
for him in his room. It's finished.
The latest news!
Here's your coffee, sir.
Today's a special day.
No, it's just another day.
- Flowers.
- Yes?
- What's your name?
- Jos.
Good bye, Jos.
Good morning, sir.
I have to deliver these
flowers to you.
Flowers? Who are they from?
From your old friends, the boys.
- Who are you?
- Me?
Yes, who are you?
I'm nobody.
Jos! Jos!
Jos doesn't exist.
What is it? What happened?
Nothing... nothing. A heart attack.
One, two, three,
Madam! Help! Madam!
What is it?
What's wrong with him?
What happened?
What's happened to him?
I thought they'd do it tonight?
I'm also surprised.
I don't know what the fuck happened.
The Gringo went crazy.
Quiet! Quiet, huh?
Stay there!
What happened?
What happened?
We'd better not
speak for a while.
I'll call you if I
find anything out.
I don't think you'll find anything.
I'm also working on it.
Go ahead.
But if anything goes wrong, you'll pay.
We'll be in touch. Bye.
We're at the scene with
the housekeeper who found the body.
Madam, you are the General's
housekeeper, aren't you?
Yes, sir.
You were there during the crime
and found the body?
Exactly. I saw blood.
And there was a wound
straight to his heart.
What was the
gunman saying?
He seemed to be
really out of it.
He looked very strange.
Had the General received any
death threats recently? Was he afraid?
Honestly, I couldn't say.
Are you frightened now?
Yes, because the man saw me.
Look at me when I'm talking, you shit!
I want to know
what Orlando's involvement is.
I want to know about his family.
About the money.
I want to know his contacts.
Who's paying you?
Sir, I'm in charge
of this case now.
- I'm chief of police...
- I know perfectly well who you are.
But this is not police business.
You are out of
Federal jurisdiction.
I want to be alone
with the prisoner.
Everybody out! Go!
I don't have all day!
What the fuck happened with you people?
Why did you take so long?
Take it easy, Miguel.
You know how these things are.
Have a seat. You want to sit?
Look, I have a gift for you.
They bought you some stuff.
Do you want to see?
What they bought for you?
Let's see, look what I have.
Do you want to check.
Look. What do I have here?
Do you want to open the candy?
Can you?
Let's see. Need a hand?
Want to put lipstick on me?
I'll put it on by myself.
Okay. Put it on me.
You don't want them anymore?
Are they good or not?
Do you want to buy more?
And this?
Excuse me.
Come in.
tell me about Charles Edward.
Charles Edward?
I don't know who he is.
He spent the night with you.
The American.
The American.
I don't know what to tell you.
I didn't learn his name.
Can you help me
with any information?
I met him. He took me to a hotel.
I spent the night with him.
And what did he say to you? You must
be able to give me some information.
He wanted me to
call him "Daddy."
And tell me,
is he your Daddy?
What do you mean?
And you don't know his name.
He was my Daddy.
Go on. Let's go.
Let's go.
Do you want to
carry the flowers?
What is it?
It's a dream. Sleep!
Never happened,
This never happened.
Hello! Hello!
Get me the fire department!
I mean, the police!
Urgent! Urgent!
Come here a minute.
I want to show you something.
I wanted to show you my mama.
She's an old lady. Poor thing...
I'm taking care of her.
She's sleeping.
Very good, yes.
Are you in a hurry? Don't use
that door. Use that one. It's better.
- I'm going to Montevideo, OK?
- OK.
I'll be back.
Fine, this is your house.
Three days, yes, thank you.
Sir, could you please
step out for a minute?