Assassinaut (2019) Movie Script

(heartbeat thumping)
(mysterious music)
(baby crying)
(suspenseful music)
(gun clicks)
How can you not see?
They will bomb our cities,
burn them to the ground.
How can you not see?
(dissonant music)
(man talking indistinctly)
[Man On Radio]
A nuclear attack is commencing.
At this time, all residents
within a 400-mile radius
should seek a fallout shelter.
This is not a test.
(eerie music)
(snarling and growling)
(laser gun firing)
(eerie music)
(boy groaning)
[Sarah] You aren't a very good alien.
[Jimberly] Are you excited?
Of course I'm excited.
I've been waiting my
whole life to be this excited.
I just hope you don't die.
I mean, I hear the vacuum of space
is a really bad place to die.
People's veins explode
and their heads explode,
and all kinds
of other stuff explodes.
Well, I'll try not to explode.
That'd be good.
(mysterious music)
(Reporter talking indistinctly)
[Reporter] After traveling lightyears
to escape an interstellar war.
Upon the brutal assassination
of the president of Earth,
the vice president took
over as commander in chief
and gave the orders
to bomb the capital,
which was overrun by aliens.
This brave act was made
to save human lives
and put an end
to Nuclear Holocaust II.
Humans who sympathized
with the aliens
wore symbolic blue face paint,
and to this day continue to commit
horrific terrorist acts
against the government of...
Time for dinner.
[Reporter] These individuals' sick minds
have been warped by...
[Dad] What are you doing?
[Sarah] A dissection.
This is what you
spend your allowance on?
It's science, Dad.
I wanted to dissect a cat,
but it was too expensive.
Almost done.
Come on, you can finish it later.
It's time for dinner.
I'm not gonna say it again.
Okay, clearly you don't understand
the importance
of what I'm trying
to do here.
Oh, I understand it all right.
Wrap it up.
(drums beating)
(mysterious music)
(clock chiming)
I want to stop and
see your mother tomorrow
before you leave.
She's your mother,
and you need to say
goodbye to her
before you go to space.
Try to be in a good mood for her.
She loves
I was gonna make pork chops,
but Mr. Johnson
sold me some bad meat.
I finished my sticks.
Can I be excused?
Sure, Jimberly.
Get your plate washed
Why'd you quit?
[Dad] I didn't quit.
Then why don't you go anymore?
I wanted to be with you
and your mother.
As close as I could be.
Do you miss it?
I'm gonna miss you.
You're not gonna cry again,
are you?
It's only for like three days anyway,
it's not a big deal.
I'm so proud of you.
I'm proud of you too.
(muffled voices talking)
Hey Mom.
Who are you?
I'm your daughter, Sarah.
No you're not.
I know Sarah.
You should meet her,
she is very much like you.
I am her.
You're not.
Who are you?
What do you want?
(mysterious music)
(motor whirring)
[Announcer] Welcome to
the Hoffman Space Center.
Do not deviate from
your assigned destination.
Irradiated guests will be escorted
to containment.
If you see something, it's your duty
to say something.
Lost items will be incinerated.
(audience member coughing)
Never, in the history
of the space program,
has a child been sent
into space.
It is foolish.
For children, you golden angels,
brim with a hope that
I have rarely seen.
These children will travel
to the presidential
space station, newly constructed
and orbiting
a largely unexplored alien planet,
that one day may become our home.
They are the future.
Without them,
there will not be one.
Children, they are
the ambassadors of peace.
(audience applauding)
(door closes)
(people chattering)
Hey everyone.
My name's Sarah.
I'm Tom.
My name's Brooke.
What about you?
I'm Charlie.
Well it's nice to meet you,
So I'm really excited
about this mission.
Me too.
It's kinda cool.
Not really that big of a deal
if you ask me.
Well, we're about to make history.
Sure, technically I guess,
but my parents just say
this is a big PR stunt.
Us kids, we're just here
to be on TV
and make the party look good.
How do you know that?
My dad's friends
with the secretary of security.
My folks are pretty important people.
They said it would look good
on my resume.
Well that seems fair.
I applied and I tried my hardes
to get in.
I spend my entire life trying
to get to this point
and trying to be
the best that I can be.
Am I the only one here
who actually cares that I got in,
or is this just some kind of big joke?
It means a lot to me.
More than anything.
[Tom] Come on.
Kids, not astronauts.
What are we really gonna do in space?
Tons of amazing things.
I really wanna get a look at
the presidential space station.
It's not every day you get access
to a high security
interplanetary vessel.
This table's a downer.
(mysterious music)
(camera clicking)
(camera clicking)
(eerie music)
I've been given the responsibility
of shepherding you children
into space.
I told my superiors that
this was a horrible idea,
and I'd have no part in sending
inexperienced children into space!
But I was told I did not have
a choice in the matter.
You will die.
You will die.
Space is a last resort for
the most desperate of souls.
Why is it you children
think you should go into space?
You got something to say, honey?
Speak up!
Well, I've always dreamed
since I was a little girl
of going to space
and having space adventures.
I really wanna help change
the universe for the better.
And I wanna help those in need.
Space is a cruel hell.
Great men die in space.
I'm not a man.
When you step into that transporter,
you're signing your own death warrant.
If you're cool with that,
we can get on with it.
(air hissing)
(suspenseful music)
(machine beeping)
(motor whirring)
(machines beeping)
Good job.
You didn't throw up.
(phone hangs up)
Long time no see.
Still in the transport division.
That's an astute observation,
Address me as Captain,
I see how it is.
You think you're special now.
I am special.
I'm a captain now.
I remember when you were
just a filthy private.
Do you remember that, Jack?
During the war?
Look how far that private's
Permission to speak freely,
Why'd you put me on this mission,
You're so good with kids.
At least, you used to be.
We all have to live with
the choices we made that day.
Well we all can't live
with those choices like you do.
Please go now,
Aye aye,
Are you children
ready to see the president?
Please keep your joy to a minimum
in the president's presence,
Very well.
(mysterious music)
(suspenseful music)
(mysterious music)
(door closes)
Hey kids.
If it isn't young Sarah,
Charlie, Tom, and Brooke,
our latest and
greatest diplomats of peace.
I love you.
I love you!
Well how was the trip,
There weren't any roasted
Well that is a problem.
I'll just have to make sure
that they
bring some for you next time,
young Tom.
So, how about if I give you
a tour of the station?
Can we see the control
Of course we can,
young Brooke, of course we can.
Awesome! (laughs)
It is awesome.
Very awesome.
(suspenseful music)
(muffled gunshots popping)
(muffled screaming)
(timer beeping)
Normal people don't tick.
This is the presidential space station
calling Earth, over.
We have a bomb on the
presidential space station!
(president groaning)
Come on, we gotta get you
outta here,
I'm gonna jettison you to
a nearby planet, okay?
What about the children?
Almost there, come on,
we gotta get you outta here.
You must save the children!
I can't save...
Do it!
All right, I'll save 'em, come on.
Out of the way, out of the way.
It's all right.
(suspenseful music)
(alarm blaring)
(motor whirring)
(engines blasting)
(suspenseful music)
(fire roaring)
(timer beeping)
(alarm blaring)
[Tom] Brooke, is that you?
Why did they have to put us all
into one?
There are way more pods
they could've put us in.
You're lucky to be alive.
You really care
what pod you're in?
I'd rather be dead
than stuck in a stupid pod
with you stupid losers right now.
I resent that.
There's gotta be
a control hatch somewhere.
It's busted.
Looks like I'm gonna have
to do a manual override,
there's a malfunction
with the control hatch.
Less talk, more opening the pod!
(motor whirring)
(alarm blaring)
(water spraying)
Close the pod!
Close the pod!
What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
Where is everybody else?
What are we gonna do?
We have to find them.
We're on an alien planet
in the middle of nowhere,
with no adult supervision.
Normally I'd say
we have a good time.
What if nobody finds us,
Are we gonna have a good time then?
They'll find us.
Actually, statistically speaking...
Okay, I don't wanna hear it,
Yeah, shut up about your
stupid facts.
Let's just all calm down
and take a minute
and figure this out.
(mysterious music)
My calculations are correct,
one day on this planet lasts
about as long
as four days on Earth.
Better be some sunscreen in
that kit.
You fix it?
Really good with computers,
aren't you?
It's a gift.
(machine beeping)
That way.
What is it?
It's a distress signal.
Looks like a couple miles away,
it's probably other survivors.
Then we better go find them.
(mysterious music)
Why would someone
do something like that?
Like what?
Like try to murder the president.
She's so nice.
Not all of the universe thinks
that way.
Well they should.
She's a pretty cool lady
if you ask me.
Politicians are not cool.
They just sit around all day
and have lunches.
Cool people drive big cars
and blow stuff.
You don't become
the leader of the most
powerful civilization in the universe
without stepping on a few toes.
He was just a sad,
crazy man with a death wish.
I wouldn't worry about it.
(mysterious music)
(creatures cawing)
(wind howling)
(eerie music)
[Brooke] A transmission device.
(static buzzing)
It is so good to see
your sweet little shining faces.
Such monuments of joy.
We're so happy to see you.
You need to come find me.
[Sarah] Where are you?
I know you can do this.
I know you can do this.
I'm typing in the coordinates.
Thank you.
(static buzzing)
Thank you.
(mysterious music)
Why do you kids have no
Why do you kids have no faces?
What are you?
What are you?!
Where's my cat?
I miss my cat.
[Sarah] Sir, please,
can I get you some pain relievers?
No thanks.
I been sober for 12 years.
[Sarah] Mister, you need
medical attention immediately.
Your head.
Stop that.
How else are we supposed
to know if he's dead or not?
Okay, he's clearly dead.
Have a little respect.
The dead shouldn't die if
they want me to respect 'em.
Poor guy.
(mysterious music)
Are you all right?
I just wanna make my parents proud.
[Sarah] You will.
[Charlie] Where do we go?
To the president.
(intense electronic music)
[Tom] I'm gonna die.
[Brooke] No you're not.
[Tom] I'm so gonna die.
[Brooke] No, you're not.
[Tom] I'm gonna die!
[Sarah] Tom, you're not.
[Charlie] I am.
[Sarah] What do you know?
[Charlie] It's inevitable, really.
Okay, both of you just shut up
or go and die already.
That thing's worthless.
If I had time I could take it apart
and augment the coils
to improve the signal,
it might work better.
Man, you're a nerd.
No I'm not.
You are by definition a nerd.
I bet your mom was a nerd
and your dad was a nerd
and your whole family bloodline
was just a big bundle of nerds.
No they're not!
My parents weren't nerds,
they were both Olympic athletes.
Then they must be
really disappointed in you.
(suspenseful music)
Shut your faces and listen to me!
We're all in a terrible situation
and you guys are
just making it worse.
Okay, what we're gonna do
is we're gonna keep on walking
until we find food or other survivors.
And if we don't find food
or other survivors,
we're gonna keep on walking.
And we're gonna keep on walking
till we can't walk anymore,
and then that will be
the end of it, you got that?
Now shake hands and make up.
Sorry that I broke your stupid thing.
[Sarah] Come on.
(mysterious music)
All right, let's go.
(muffled rock music)
Congratulations, you're not
dead yet.
And I'll drink to that.
They should not have
brought you here.
I mean,
there's beauty in the madness,
but no children
should have to bear witness
to a world like this.
Do you have any food?
[Brian] I got some.
We're very hungry.
That's your body telling you
it needs a fix.
Takes too much to keep
the blood pumping.
Quit looking at me, dammit.
That's the last of it.
No more guarantees after this.
You're lucky you're kids,
you know,
or you'd owe me big time.
I don't give handouts to anybody.
Thanks for the food.
Don't ever thank me.
Left Earth years ago
because everyone was too busy
thanking each other all the time.
It's just manners, Mister.
Manners are for the rich.
Otherwise everyone would treat them
the way they deserve to be treated.
Can I have a cigarette?
Hell no.
I got five left.
I got five left andI'm gonna smoke
every last one of 'em.
You got your whole life to smoke,
get cancer, and die,
all right?
Wait your turn.
I wanna smoke
and get lung cancer now.
Have you gotten in contact
with the president?
Well we have her coordinates.
She's alive.
Well hallelujah!
President's alive.
What's your point?
So shouldn't we go out there
and try and help her?
And save her, or at least try
and find other survivors.
In a bit.
She's going to die.
Maybe she will.
But I just survived
a brutal space explosion.
And I made a promise to myself that
if that ever happened,
I would take the rest of the day
[Sarah] Commander,
she's going to die
if we don't help her!
Then why don't you go be
a big girl and go save her?
I'm not gonna stop you.
Pretty cool, huh?
Got that off a dead guy,
in China during the 40-year fire.
Have you ever killed anyone?
Think a man like me goes
through life not killing anybody?
I killed.
Kill from time to time.
(eerie music)
You kill when you have to.
Who was your first kill?
Was it a grick?
You weren't born
in the right decade
to use that type of language.
(lighter clicking)
Killed my father.
What for?
He wanted me to become a man.
Be not afeard.
This isle is full of noises,
sounds, and sweet airs,
that give delight and hurt not.
Sometimes 1000 twangling instruments will
hum about my ears,
and sometimes voices too,
if I had waked after long sleep,
will make me sleep again,
and then, in dreaming,
me thinks the clouds would open up
and shower riches upon me.
And then I woke,
and I cried to dream again.
All right, girly.
You wanna go save the president?
We'll go save the president.
I just need to finish
my cigarette first,
and you, stop asking me questions.
(insects buzzing)
Shooting is life.
Come on down, honey.
Show me what you got.
Not you, back Lou Berry,
come on down, raspberry,
get your ass over here right now!
(gunshot bangs)
Now it's your turn, come on.
(gunshot bangs)
Well well well.
Looks like you got some competition.
(machine beeping)
[Computer] Inedible.
Once we stock up, we move on.
What kind of fruit was that?
What I tell you
about asking questions?
(machine beeping)
[Computer] Inedible.
Place is creepy.
(machine beeping)
[Computer] Inedible.
[Sarah] Are you okay?
Do I look okay?
Do I look okay?!
[Sarah] Not really.
I'm outta cigarettes.
At least I don't have to quit.
It's way better
for your health anyway.
I do not need
a public service announcement
from you, okay?
Thank you very much.
(mysterious music)
Well look at that.
Who wants to go fishing?
[Tom] Fudge!
[Brian] Don't do that.
(mysterious music)
(machine beeping)
[Computer] Edible.
Come on, y'all.
Like you mean it, dammit, come on.
(mysterious music)
(machine beeping)
[Computer] Edible.
(mysterious music)
(suspenseful music)
(eerie music)
[Mom] Sarah.
(suspenseful music)
Who are you?
[Sarah] I'm your daughter, Sarah.
[Mom] No you're not.
I know Sarah.
You should meet her,
she's very much like you.
Who are you?
(eerie music)
(muffled rock music)
Is something wrong?
It's taking everything
I have right now
to not tear you to pieces.
(suspenseful music)
An alien parasite has entered my
Through my eye.
My brain and my nervous system
have been compromised.
I want nothing more
than to hand you my gun
and have you send me
to my place amongst the stars.
I wanted to protect you,
but I can't.
You have to run.
You have to run, please.
You wanna know something?
You wanna know something?!
It feels good.
It feels good.
It feels good.
(suspenseful music)
We have to go.
It's the commander.
What about him?
He's sick now.
He's dangerous.
We have to go!
(suspenseful music)
It's a supply pod!
[Tom] What are we gonna do?
We're gonna have to kill him.
But he's our friend.
Not anymore.
Brooke, what are we gonna do?
How should I know?
I don't know,
you're the smart one,
use your brain or something.
A torch.
I can fix this.
Give me that hose.
Give me that pilot light.
Do you have any tape?
[Tom] He's getting closer!
I can see that, you dick!
I need a light!
(lighter clicking)
(suspenseful music)
Burn in hell.
Oh shit.
(somber music)
I think we lost him.
[Sarah] Let's split.
Brooke is dead!
She died doing the only thing
she was good at.
Why did I have to be
so mean to her?
Brooke was a hero.
A hero.
She died trying to save us,
and that's why we're here now.
Let's all take a moment for Brooke.
A true hero
of science and bravery.
(somber music)
The president's close, but I
keep getting
some kind of interference.
I can't get her exact coordinates.
How close?
Half mile radius at most.
Look, we can search the area.
Shouldn't be too hard to find the pod.
Let's meet back here in an hour?
[Sarah] All right.
(mysterious music)
(machine beeping)
(suspenseful music)
(Tom shouting)
[Sarah] No!
(somber music)
Come on.
(suspenseful music)
(Charlie shouts)
(Charlie screaming)
(dissonant music)
(serene music)
I thought you were dead.
[Charlie] I know.
(woman shouting)
Well well well.
Who would've thought you
two kids would've made it?
Where are the other two?
What do you think?
This hasn't been
a good trip for any of us.
Broke my leg a while back.
They're just gonna have
to cut it off.
It's starting to rot.
You got any pink caps?
(pills rattling)
You're full of surprises, kid.
Need any help?
I don't need your help.
(gunshot bangs)
Why did you do that?
[Charlie] To put her out of
her misery.
You killed her.
I had to.
No you didn't.
There's things
that you can't understand.
I was sent here on a mission.
When I was a kid, I went to
the country
to visit my grandparents.
My parents were working
the fuel plants in the city.
This one day, I woke up early
and I went outside to play.
Had a small net and I was trying
to catch butterflies in the meadow.
The sun was warm and
there was this cool breeze
that made it feel like heaven.
They launched the bombs that day.
I saw fire rise up miles to the sky.
I heard one deafening sound
and felt heat
from flames from miles away.
It was the beginning
of Nuclear Holocaust II.
I never saw my parents again.
The president of Earth gave
the order to drop those bombs.
She destroyed the only
form of life I ever knew.
It's not that simple.
She didn't do...
She did.
You don't have to do this,
What else am I supposed to do?
You're my friend.
It's too late.
[Sarah] It's never too late.
(suspenseful music)
Okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
Come on.
(gunshot bangs)
(suspenseful music)
I have a med kit,
I can help.
It's too late for me.
No it's not.
I'm so proud.
You are a true astronaut and hero.
I need you to do something for me.
You have to trust me completely.
[Sarah] Of course I trust you.
You're the president of Earth.
Yes, president.
But so much more than that.
I don't understand.
Within me is a time pod.
A time pod.
[Sarah] What is that?
Within the time pod,
is the true leader,
passed down from generations
through the world for eons.
It leads our species on.
(dissonant music)
Cut me open.
Take it, the pod.
You must.
[Sarah] I can't.
You have to do it!
Whatever it takes,
you must get the pod back to Earth,
or all that we've ever known will be lost.
(mysterious music)
No, but you'll die.
It's all right.
Do it!
Keep doing it.
(creatures cawing)
(mysterious music)
(intense electronic music)