Assault in Paradise (1977) Movie Script

- So you tore up
half the super sleuth.
- Half of us are
suffering in all of us.
- That sorry son of a bitch.
Got some Wild Turkey?
- Sure did.
- Hey look Jack, I'll
have your granddaddy here
in the morning.
He'll get ya out.
- What the?
- Fred!
- It's Garcia!
Steiner get me outta here!
Come on, move it!
- What the hell's happened here?
- Jesus Christ Chief,
I can't believe it!
- I'll check the back rooms.
- Here, in the middle of
town, in a police station
for Christ sake!
- Get these bodies
in back out of sight.
Clean this mess up.
- But Chief, the medical
examiner has to know but this.
- I'll handle the
medical examiner.
- Oh for Christ sake!
- That's an order Davey.
If either one of you
breathe a word about this
I'll have your ass.
Now get moving.
- Excuse me sir, phone call
for you, Chief Haliburton.
- I'll call him tomorrow.
- He said it's urgent.
- Oh, all right.
I'm sorry.
- If you ever change your
mind about mining that valley
for any reason, I want
first refusal anytime.
- Sorry, Golden Valley
is not for sale.
- Not for sale.
- No, not for sale.
Now good night.
Hal, it's late.
You want to play golf it'll
have to be Thursday, not before.
- Wait, listen to me.
We've got real
trouble down here.
- Well go on, I'm listening.
- Well, we've got real
trouble down here.
Some lunatic just killed two
of my men, here at the station.
He left a message
on the blackboard,
says he wants a million
dollars by three tomorrow
or the rich will die.
I've got us covered but I
don't know for how long.
- Oh shit.
No Hal, you did the right thing.
You get over here right away.
I'll call Barney,
T.J. and the others.
- I am the wind of salvation.
I blow gently across
the desert mother,
caress her flowers,
I am her life.
But to you, I will
be the wind of death.
Do you feel something on
the back of your neck?
No, look around very slowly.
Do you feel it?
All your money will
not protect you.
All your friends will
turn on you and then run.
You will be alone
before the wind.
All the land you
have stolen and raped
will only give you up.
It will not hide you.
It will give you up to the wind.
Others may be afraid,
in fear they bow before
your savage crown.
They do not yet see it turn
to thorns and slowly tighten.
You walk nervously in
your palace garden,
as the clouds cover the sun.
The sign says stop!
Do not pick the orchid.
But the wind does not read.
Look around, very slowly.
The wind is always the victor.
Who will you send for?
Who will stop the wind?
Who will you send for?
Who will stop the wind?
- Hey, you Nick McCormick?
I'm Inspector Davey.
- Wolf.
- I'm pleased to
meet you Mr. Wolf.
- Not Mr. Wolf, Mr.
Heller, Wolfgang Heller.
- You bet, Mr. Heller then.
- Look, at all costs,
we must avoid publicity.
Personally, I can't
afford anyone looking into
my business affairs at this
time, and I think the same
goes for most of us.
- That's a serious
problem all right.
But if we don't call in the
authorities, we're sunk.
Hey, we can't fight
the bastard ourselves.
- I know I don't have to tell
you we're scared Mr. Whitaker,
but what are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do about
our wives, about our children?
- Barney, I'm aware
of your concern.
We're all in the same boat.
I believe I've taken care of it.
- Well gentlemen,
how was the flight?
- Short.
- Palm Springs wasn't it?
Is that where you're
coming from, Palm Springs?
Oh, the car's right
out this way gentlemen.
Yes sir, it's a great
little town all right.
Do you realize we have more
millionaires per capita
than other place in the country?
That's a fact.
Beautiful scenery,
lots of fresh air.
- Thank you Carson.
I appreciate you
coming on short notice.
I'm William Whitaker.
- Nick McCormick.
This is Wolf, he works with me.
- Good, need all
the help we can get.
How was the trip?
- Short.
- What'd you find out?
- Not too much.
He's one of those typical
soldier of fortune types.
- Gentlemen, this
is Nick McCormick.
I've taken it upon
myself to call him in.
He's a professional.
- Now hold on Whit.
I thought we agreed
about outsiders.
- We agreed T.J., not to
involve the state police,
the attorney general,
the National Guard,
or anything Federal.
But it should be
obvious to all of us
that we can't or shouldn't
handle this on our own.
Nick here comes
highly recommended.
- What guarantees do we
have that he'll succeed?
- No guarantees.
- I thought as much.
- Um gentlemen,
if that's what I can call you.
On behalf of Wolf and myself,
thank you for the plane ride.
- Nick!
- Later.
- I'll personally
guarantee your fee.
We'll discuss it on the balcony.
Don't worry about
them, I'll handle it.
What do you think we should do?
- It's what you don't
do that's important.
I don't any of those
people to talk to anybody,
not even family or friends.
I want you to adhere to the
terrorist's every demand.
I mean, no matter how
crazy it may seem,
even the ransom, you understand?
- That's no problem,
we've got the money.
- Well that's good.
Incidentally, there are
two ways in which I work.
First one is my way.
- And?
- The second one's my way.
- Don't worry about that,
we'll back you 100%.
I want you to find that
extortionist and kill em.
No trial, no publicity.
- Seems to me that you're
gonna be a prime target sir.
I'd rest easier if Wolf here
stayed in the house with you.
- That's fine with me,
I've got plenty of room.
Beautiful city isn't it?
- Yeah it sure is.
- I've helped create it and
I'm very concerned about it.
You do see my problem don't you?
I hope we have a deal.
- We have a deal sir.
- Good.
Hal will take you
back to your hotel
and there'll be a car
standing by for you.
- Good.
Something on your mind Chief?
- It's just not my
way of doing things.
I'm a police officer.
- Don't worry Hal,
you'll soon catch up.
You know this joker?
- TV reporter.
I think his name is Jackson.
- Hey you!
- Talking to me mister?
- Yes jackass you.
Get that light outta
my eyes will ya,
otherwise you're gonna
be wearing it home.
- That sounds
like a threat to me.
- It'll be a fact if
I get out of this car.
Same goes for your
pretty friend too.
- This is Cindy Simmons
Action News 13 reporting.
We're on location at the
home of William Whitaker.
We're about to interview
an unidentified man
who has just come
from the scene.
Sir, could you tell--
- Step on it.
- Hey!
- Hey wait a minute!
That son of a bitch.
He's got my microphone.
Come on.
- How far to my hotel?
- About 20 minutes.
- Nearest bar?
- About 10, give or take.
- I'll take.
Just cocktails please.
- Good evening, can
I take your order?
- Yes, scotch, large, rocks
and a tequila
sunrise for the lady.
- Certainly.
- Just who the hell
do you think you are?
- I know who I am.
The question is who are you.
- Tequila sunrise for the
lady and scotch rocks.
Would you like to
run a tab on that?
- No thanks, we'll
be leaving soon.
Thanks, keep the change will ya.
- Thanks, enjoy your drinks.
- Well, cheers, miss?
- My name is Cindy Simmons.
I'm a professional
news reporter.
You obstructed my assignment
with that little stunt
you pulled back there.
- Oh yeah, that
reminds me, I believe I
have something of yours.
- You've got some nerve.
- Nick, McCormick but
you can call me Nick.
That's yours Cindy.
Will you sit please?
Now then, where were we?
- That's just it,
we weren't anywhere.
- Okay, let's start all
over from the top huh,
from the beginning.
- Mr. McCormick?
- That's it.
- Why the meeting at
William Whitaker's house?
I mean, why all the hush hush?
- Well, it was nothing
much to it really.
Just a few of the
boys getting together
shoot a little craps, play
some strip poker, you know.
- I know that that's
a load of bullshit.
I've been investigating
that bunch for months.
- Investigating?
Investigating what?
- Land fraud.
Each and every one of
them is in it up to here.
Now there would have been
indictments by the grand jury
only the star witness
is no longer available.
- Oh bad.
- Now they don't have
any real connections
with the syndicate,
but believe me,
they operate in the same way.
Nice, respectable businessmen.
Around here they're known
as the White Collar mafia.
- Well then, the less you
know about it, the better.
- If there's something
going on in this town,
it's the public's right to know.
I'm only doing my job.
- Yeah, trouble is,
it could be a little
dangerous for you, understand?
- Danger excites me, go on.
Oh my God!
Is that?
- Loaded.
Yes, it is.
And if you make one
move I'm gonna blow your
pretty little head off.
- I'm not moving.
- Good girl.
Good girl.
You never point a weapon
unless you mean it.
See what I mean?
God almighty!
Hey I never seen so much
stuff in all my life!
- What do you mean?
- Look at it all.
Electric toothbrush,
electric hairdryer,
electric curlers,
electric toilet paper.
You got more stuff here
than a party supply shop!
Hey, also got a little puppy
in your medicine chest.
- What?
- He's a cute little fella.
- You sure you
don't need any help?
- No thanks!
I am devastating
in harvest pink.
- Devastating?
- I'm not supposed to be funny.
- Yeah, Billy Martin's wife.
Yeah dead.
Nick's coming in now.
I'll met you at the
station in 40 minutes.
- What I need is some help.
I mean, somebody that
really knows this terrain.
- I think I know just the man.
- Hey.
Okay Tomahawk, on your feet.
- Hey screw you.
- Screw you sir.
Now you listen to me tough guy.
You can sit here with that
dumb look on your face
until it rots, but the
only way you're gonna get
outta here is with me.
- Now your grandson's
bail is $500.00.
This is a list of bondsmen.
Maybe one of them
could help you out.
- Do I look like the
type that would volunteer
for something like this?
I mean, if there's some guy
running around out there
blowing away the fuzz and
ripping off the fat cat
it's okay by me.
At least in principle.
- Sit down.
When we were in Nam together
who's side were you on then?
- I was drafted, I didn't
have any other choice.
- Hey, what makes you think
that things have changed, hm?
Deputize him will ya.
Open up pal.
- Can I help you?
- I certainly hope so.
I found this early this
morning in the street.
- Still got money in it?
60 bucks.
No drivers license,
that's strange.
Hollings, Hollins
something, it's smeared.
Well, if you just put
your name and address
on this envelope we'll
contact you in 30 days.
If nobody picks up
the money it's yours.
- Oh, if no one
claims the wallet,
give it to the
police Boy's Club.
- Hey wait a minute.
McCall, that's it,
Phillip McCall.
I thought I recognized you.
I was up in Denver
when you won that
hundred meter freestyle event.
I'm Bob Steiner.
I'm the coach here for the
police Boy's Club team.
Boy you were terrific
up there in Denver.
I heard talk that you were
supposed to go to the Olympics.
What happened?
- Oh, it never worked out.
- Yeah, that's tough.
You know McCall, I've had a
couple of kids that I thought
that were really talented and
there was one in particular,
but when it came down
to the real competition,
he was just short.
He didn't have it, you know.
- I had it.
I was never short.
Good luck to you.
- Thank you.
- Hi, this is Victor.
Whitaker, I know you.
Bring one million in cash
today to Devil's Mountain.
Put money in backpack and
drop into yellow smoke
at exactly 3 p.m..
Only a madman will catch the
wind, but all should try.
The rich must pay or
the rich will die.
- He said Whitaker.
- He's extorting the
whole city through you.
Should we blow?
- Is anything else missing?
- No, everything
was as I left it.
The only thing that's
missing is Dennis.
- What is this Davey?
- On top of everything else,
we got a missing person.
Somewhere up in
the Superstitions.
It's her boyfriend, his
name's Dennis Hollingsworth.
- Nick.
- Miss Simmons, this young
lady's lost her boyfriend.
Now you could do us a big
favor by interviewing her.
- Nick!
- Broadcast the description
will ya, thanks.
- Wait a minute.
You son of a bitch.
- Here's your transmitter.
There's another
one with the money.
- Good.
Now it'll take be
about 30, 35 minutes
to get to Devil's Mountain.
I hope that guy
shows up on time,
otherwise I'll have
to set it down.
My ships only equipped
for short runs.
- Well, if you want to
back out, now's the time.
- You must be kidding.
I wouldn't miss
it for the world.
- Don't be a hero Whitaker.
Just when you see
him, drop the money,
pull back out, we'll
take it from there okay?
- All right, good luck.
- Same to you.
I want you to back him up.
And don't go in until I
give you a mayday, okay?
- Right.
Follow us.
- Base Station to
Scarecrow, over.
- Go ahead Base Station.
- Has everyone left
the hunt club, over.
- Right, jeeps are
heading southeast.
We're taking up the position
just beyond Devil's Mountian.
Should return destination
in approximately 20 minutes.
- Scarecrow at Base Station.
Jeeps are now halfway
point, turning northwest.
- Roger Scarecrow.
- Mount Force to
Base Station over.
- This is Base Station,
go ahead Davey.
- Hal, we're turning off
state nine onto the desert.
- Now we're shooting down
at the base of Settle Rock.
You know it?
Okay, it's your turf,
where would he be?
- Well, it's hard to say.
He could be under any one
of those rocks out there.
- Tracker.
You are so perceptive.
- Well, if I was him,
I'd do the same thing.
- Wonderful,
absolutely wonderful.
I'm glad I brought you along.
- Don't mention it.
- Hey, according to my
screen you guys haven't moved
an inch in the last half hour.
What's going on up there?
- This is Farmer,
damn near out of fuel.
I'm switching over
to the reserve tanks.
- Hold long is that
gonna last you?
- 10 minutes on the outside.
- Well, hang on for as
long as you can William.
He'll show.
- The glasses will ya?
- You're welcome.
- There he is!
He's in the yellow
smoke below me.
- Don't be a bloody fool.
Drop the money and get
the hell out of there.
- Get to the ground forces.
The money's gone, move out!
- Roger.
- Ground force one to Scarecrow.
We're in close to the base.
If he can get off that mountain
he's gotta come this way.
There he is, stop!
Nick, he's off the mountain
getting away on a bike!
- Where are you?
- Up base.
- Well, stay put,
we're coming your way.
- Get up there and spot him!
Whitaker's down about
four miles north of here.
- Nick, he's got a
good mile lead on ya.
He's heading west
towards Sutter's Ridge.
- Base Station Whitaker's
helicopter is down.
We're picking him up now.
- Roger Davey.
Well get back to Nick
as soon as you can.
- Hold it still!
- Okay Tracker,
what is this shit?
- I'll tell you
what this shit is.
I just saved your ass.
I don't see what's
so God damned funny.
This wire woulda
taken your head off.
- Wow!
- Don't mention it, partner.
- Scarecrow.
This is Scarecrow pilot.
I've lost him.
Ditched me near the river.
- Then he's probably
headed for the dam.
- He's near the dam wall Nick.
I'm setting down.
- There he is!
- Kill that son of a bitch!
- That's the only comment
I can make at this time.
There'll be an official report
at a later date, I'm sorry.
- Put the camera on Whitaker.
- You know Whit, that
wasn't too bright an idea,
switching money.
The whole plan coulda backfired.
- It shoulda been
obvious to all of us,
it was the only way to
get that money back.
Say, you know what
your problem is Hal?
You're just not a gambling man.
I'm very curious as to find
out who that Victor was.
Well, that should
be wrap for you.
There's a bonus in it for ya.
- I told you when I
took this job Whitaker,
things had to be done my way.
Now you listen to me,
you put ever man's life
in danger out there.
And as for your bonus,
you can stick it.
Just make sure Tracker
gets something.
Tell him what you want Tracker.
- I want to take a hike,
away from you and
your friends here.
- See you later.
What are you doing?
- Thinking.
I should be mad at you you know.
I don't know what
I'm doing here.
The way you treat me.
- Yeah.
- Well.
- Will you let me
do the thinking?
- Okay, for now.
- You cold?
Hey, there, what you
think you're doing?
- Getting even.
- What a way.
- Hello.
Hal, hello?
Hal, Hal, Hal are you there?
Carson, where are you?
Wolf, Wolf, report in!
Who's there?
What do you want?
Wolf, where the
hell have you been?
You're supposed to
be protecting me!
The money's in the safe.
One million dollars in cash.
Take it, it's yours.
It's in the den,
behind the big picture.
14 left,
seven right,
26 left and open.
- Whitaker, you are insane.
You try to double cross me,
you destroy your own home.
Yes, you are insane.
So another must die.
This will be your last chance.
The price is now
four million dollars.
I will send details.
Come alone from your
palace garden, alone.
Now face the floor and
listen to the wind.
- Push, push will ya.
Okay let's go.
- Whit where are you, Whit!
Oh my God.
- Thanks for the ride.
Hal get out here!
- Here's something
you never thought of
Mr. Hotshot professional.
Did it ever occur to
you that that maniac
has an accomplish.
- God damn you Whitaker,
don't you lay it off on me.
If you'd have paid him like
you were supposed to have done
none of this would
have happened.
You can't spend people's lives
like you spend your money.
- Aren't forgetting
yourself mister.
- You better hope I don't.
- Don't you get on your
soapbox and lecture me.
If I had to do it all over
again, I'd do it exactly
the same way because with me,
it's a matter of principle!
That's something a
man of your profession
wouldn't know anything about.
With me, it's a violation
of everything I believe in!
- I'm not interested in politics
I'm interested in doing a job.
- You're interested in
your precious reputation,
which is as expendable to
me as a teller is out there.
- Then you get another boy.
- No, never!
You were hired to do a job.
You failed.
You can't quit when your
back is against the wall
and your ass is on the line.
In that respect,
you're just like me.
- Wait a minute, we
got a war on our hands.
Never occurred to me either
that he might have had
an accomplice.
- I wouldn't bank
on that one either.
- Look, I can't go
through this again.
I'm getting my
family outta here.
- Larry come here.
Larry you stay and
fight you chicken shit!
- Mr. Owens, Mr. Owens!
- I'll tell you anything
you want to know.
Listen you gotta warn
everybody to get outta here
before it's too late.
- Go on Mr. Owens.
- It's terrible, people are
dying like flies and everything.
- Larry!
- I don't know what to do.
- Cindy, you get outta here.
And you take that
fag with you will ya!
- Yes, yes I'll hold on.
- Whitaker, those--
- Shh, it's the Governor.
Well hello Jimbo.
To what do I owe this pleasure?
Well yes, we did
have a slight problem
but I assure you, it's
been taken care of.
We caught him.
The killer is dead.
Yes Governor, yes.
Well Chief Haliburton is here,
he'll confirm it hold on.
Take it!
- Hello Governor.
Chief Haliburton.
It's just as Mr.
Whitaker explained.
I'll send you a full report.
Thank you sir.
- Well that is it.
I want out.
I've tried it your pigheaded,
privileged, principled way
and where did it get us huh?
Well you look around the room!
What do you see huh?
You've got to admit it Whitaker,
he beat you at
your own game baby.
- Nick, Nick!
Don't bail out on
me now I need ya.
I'll double your fee.
- Forget it.
- Pay him, it's over.
- I figured I'd
find you up here.
What's happening?
- How did he do it?
- I don't know but I
think you missed him.
- Yeah, but how could
anybody survive that?
I mean, the fall like that?
- Do you know I think I could.
You know this guy
really pisses me off.
- Tracker?
You know something if you
learn to keep your mouth shut
and just did as you were
told, we'd make a good team.
- This time we might
even catch him.
- Innit it nice to see all
these good people come out.
- Yes thank you.
This is Cindy Simmons,
Action News 15 reporting
at the parade route.
- Tell me where I'm
shooting darling.
God damn dumb broad!
Get down and get a shot.
- What's your name honey?
Haven't I seen you on television
- Can we get the
police on that thing?
- Sure can ma'am, sure can.
Mayday, mayday.
My handle's in my pants
asshole now get off band.
We're trying to get the police!
Mayday, mayday!
- Thank you thank you cowboy.
- She's a pretty little
thing innit she honey?
Little skinny, but boy
she's a pretty little thing.
- Will you shut up.
We're gonna get a shot outta
here somewhere along the way.
- Which tribe is
that guy from honey?
- Shut your damn mouth girl.
- What tribe are you from?
I haven't had so
much fun in my life.
- I'm gonna bust his ass.
Oh yes!
- Honey, you think that
Indian's got any turquoise?
- Right.
Well, we can't keep
it quiet any longer.
The mayor just bought
it on Main Street
in the middle of a God damned
parade with lots of witnesses.
- Get Nick, bring him back.
Arrest him if you have
to, but get him back here!
- Look out!
Where's that beer Jay?
I had a beer.
You want a beer honey?
- Look I ain't got
time for no beer!
I'm gonna waste your ass Indian!
- Will you shut up!
- Slow down, you're
going much too fast
for safety honey!
- Broke my ass!
- Charlie, you
remember when I was...
I was the best of them all!
- Roger Charlie,
we're coming in!
- For crying out loud.
- God damn, I'm gonna shoot him!
- Darlin I wish
you'd quit smoking.
Have you ever, have you
ever seen your lungs?
- Hello.
- Whitaker, the time has
come to pay the wind.
Bring the money to me this hour
at the base of Devil's Mountain.
Do not think you
can cross the wind.
You will be alone
or you will die.
- I'll be there and I'll be
alone, you disgusting bastard.
- You got the
Scarecrow, come on.
- Tracker, where
the hell are you?
- Yeah, we're about three
miles out on the old desert
highway, what do you want?
- Is Nick with you?
- Hey slow down, here's
comes the chopper.
- Nick, all hell's
breaking loose in town.
You've gotta come back.
- Hello Tommy?
It's Whitaker.
I'm fine, thanks.
Hey listen, are you still
interested in that land deal?
Golden Valley, I've got
to make a deal right away.
I need three million cash.
Well, I know it's worth a
hell of a lot more than that
but I've got myself in a jam.
Now can you handle it?
Thanks Tommy.
- Base station to
Farmer, come in Farmer.
Nick, he's heading south
towards Devil's Mountain.
I've got him on my screen.
He won't answer me!
- Scarecrow to Farmer,
Scarecrow to Farmer.
- Sorry Scarecrow, I've
got to do this alone.
- We're airborne, give us you
position we're back you up.
- Oh no Nick, Victor
belongs to me.
Now over and out.
- Come in Farmer.
Come in Farmer.
Come in Farmer!
Whitaker answer me dammit!
- Nick, he's not moving
on my screen now.
He must have landed.
Southeast corner of
Devil's Mountain.
- Victor, Victor!
I've got the money, do you hear!
Come down and get it.
Here it is Victor!
Just come and get it!
Go back!
He's mine, he's not
yours, he's mine!
- Get us up there pilot.
- Hey Victor!
Come on, come on down.
I'm gonna make you a rich man!
Come on.
Come on Victor.
If you want it,
you're gonna have
to take me too.
- Go around behind him.
Don't go until I tell you, okay?
- I told you, he's mine!
He's not yours, he's mine!
My money.
Where's my money?
Answer me you son
of a bitch, tell me!
Money, what'd you
do with my money!
You give me that money!
- They're both dead.
Now what?
- Well, it seems to me it's
gonna get hotter than hell
around here next
couple of hours.
Maybe you and I should
disappear partner.
I mean before the Feds
turn up and starting asking
a lot of embarrassing questions.
What do you say?
It's like this, a man in my
profession spends his whole life
just looking for
the one big score
that's gonna take him out
of this racket forever.
- I think I know that you mean.
- You're not really
an Indian are you?
- Well who are you partner?
- Excuse about it.
Governor, Governor, what
position will the state take
regarding the citizens
involved in this incident?
- As far as the
state is concerned,
let me say that the Attorney
General needs several more days
in order to complete
his investigation.
The grand jury
will hear testimony
and I as Governor,
personally guarantee
that indictments
will be handed down.
That's all I can
say at this time.
- Governor, what
about the Chief of Police,
will you replace him?
- I'm sorry, that's all
I can say at this time.
- Thank you Governor.
This is Cindy Simmons
reporting, Action News 13.
- Will arriving
passengers Fred Gordon
please go to the nearest
white courtesy phone.
Arriving passenger, Fred
Gordon, please go to the nearest
white courtesy phone.
- Well, guess I better
take care of one of these
heavy bags.
Okay partner.
- Westers Flight 15 from Denver
now arriving at Gate 10.
- Well, it's been different.
Anything left to say?
Well now, there you go.
We'll do it again some time.
- Would you care
for a drink sir?
- Oh yeah, a
scotch, rocks, tall.
And a tequila sunrise
for the lady please.