Assignment, The (1997) Movie Script

Watch you don't pee on me.
What are you doing?
- I have things to do.
- What do you mean?
I mean get out!
Have you got a light?
It's empty. Just a minute.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
My name is Du Foltiere.
Intelligence liaison officer.
I understand that you are the
Deputy Chief of Station CIA, Paris.
And that you witnessed,
by coincidence, this attack.
You told my subordinates that you
recognized the terrorist as Carlos.
- Carlos recognized me.
- Yes.
A deputy chief did not recognize
him.. but he recognized you.
We are both in the same business,
but he was wearing a disguise.
Then how are you so sure it was him?
I lit his cigarette.
He was holding my hand.
He grinned at me.
Some of the members are exploiting
the oil price differentials.
OPEC has been
very precise in its policy.
Is the conference still in progress?
I have an urgent delivery.
Do you want to live?
My name is Carlos,
and you'll do as I say.
- We've got company.
- You, sir, stand up.
How does this work?
Is it like this? Like this?
Maybe like this?
Like this!
$20 million in ransom.
The leader claims to be Carlos.
He wants the credit, and
the Austrians want a positive I D.
- Who brought up my name? You?
- No, the guy who says he's Carlos.
The Austrians want you to I D him
at the airport. Tonight, 2 a.m.
- They're gonna fly him to Libya.
- They're going to let him walk?
- They've got no choice.
- Let them do like the Israelis.
They're not the Israelis.
Let me explain something
to you, Mickey, really simple.
I'll identify him at the airport.
I'll get really close to him.
I'll make one clean shot and
that'll be the end of this prick.
- This prick has got 70 hostages.
- Fuck the hostages.
- A minimum loss of life.
- There will be no loss of life.
You don't get it, do you?
He's not going to invest
that $20 million in a pension plan.
He's going to use it to finance
his next hit, maybe against us.
- Let me assemble a team..
- There is no team to assemble.
We are out of the assassination
business. I know this is personal.
The guy made you look
like an asshole.
I can appreciate your feelings,
but it's not going down on our soil.
It's not with our nationals.
It's not our fight.
Glad to meet you, Carlos. We're not
in the assassination business now.
Come on, my fat friend.
It's only rain. Bring the others.
Is that him?
It looks like him, but I can't tell
for sure from here in this rain.
I've got to get a little closer.
You don't need a hat.
Oh, you want it. Okay.
Who do we have to thank
for this plane?
Minister of the Interior.
I'm sorry this had to happen here.
We have no quarrel..
with your government.
Excuse me.
- Pardon, monsieur.
- Do you want another light?
We were never properly introduced.
My name is Carlos.
- Eat shit and die slow.
- Henry, no!
- Don't be seen shaking his hand.
- Such language.
Shocking, really.
You see this man? CIA. Henry Fields.
How do you feel?
I no speak English.
I am Cuban.
You spoke English well enough
to your contact the street vendor.
- We are both professionals, Carlos.
- My name is Ramirez.
Illich Ramirez, Carlos Sanchez,
Carlos Martinez, alias the Jackal.
- I am a tourist, not Carlos.
- What was your target in Israel?
- The Wailing Wall? Temple Mount?
- Tourist. That's all!
Listen to me, you piece of shit!
I'm trying to be professional here!
But you are in Israeli hands now,
so don't play games with me.
You're Israeli?
You're not Arabs?
I'm in an Israeli prison.
Is that what you're telling me?
It's amazing how much
your English has improved.
There's been a mistake.
I don't know who you think I am.
I am a lieutenant commander
in the United States Navy.
I am Annibal Ramirez of the
U.S.S. Yorktown docked in Haifa.
I am not Illich or Carlos or
the Jackal or whoever the fuck else!
Call the U.S. Embassy and ask
for the Sixth-Fleet liaison officer.
- He'll confirm what I told you.
- Remarkable performance.
- I take my hat off to you, Carlos.
- I'll tear your fucking head off!
You call the embassy and ask
for the Sixth-Fleet liaison office.
And then, you fucker, you go out
and get yourself a very good lawyer.
I'm going to sue you so bad, your
grandchildren will still be in debt.
If you were an American Officer,
you'd have I D papers and dog tags.
I ditched them in an alley
just before your goons got me.
A U.S. officer in the Middle East
must travel as a civilian.
That's why I said I was Cuban,
not American.
You broke my rib, you asshole.
I'll sue you and your government.
I'm going to sue every fucking
Israeli I can get my hands on.
I'll sue Menachem Begin,
Moshe Dayan and the B'nai B'rith!
Or whatever the fuck you call it!
Yes, good.
Oh no..
- Good eye, Joey.
- Dad!
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Lt. Commander Ramirez?
Holy cow!
- Can I help you?
- Yeah, my name is Jack Shaw.
I want to talk to you
about what happened in Israel.
I'll sue the government, the guy
who broke my ribs and Golda Meir.
That'll be difficult.
Mrs. Meir is deceased.
- Then they'll have to dig her up.
- That's not exactly in my field.
- Specifically, I am with the CIA.
- You're CIA?
Does the man in this photograph
look familiar to you?
Holy shit!
That's not me. I know it
looks like me, but it's not me.
- I know it's not you, too.
- Is this that Carlos guy?
- Look!
- Joey, get down out of there.
This is the only recent photo we
have of him. Taken half a mile away.
It was taken by the Israelis.
You can't blame them for the mix-up.
I hope you're not trying
to talk me out of my lawsuit.
They kept me chained up for
two days after I identified myself.
- They knew who I was.
- I'm not here about your lawsuit.
- I'm trying to tell you..
- Can I finish?
Carlos is the single most vicious
terrorist in the whole world.
He has carried out the worst
terrorist acts in modern history.
Men, women, kids.
Kids like your boy down there.
Blown to bits.
Slaughtered in cold blood.
Did you join the Navy to protect
your country from her enemies?
Carlos is one
of her biggest enemies today.
As terrorism is a growth industry,
he's a bigger enemy every day.
Why are you telling me all this?
Most of the free world has been
after Carlos for the past ten years.
And they have come up with nothing.
There is only one way to get him.
There is exactly one person,
in the whole world, who can get him.
- How the hell would I get him?
- You'll need to think it over.
The answer's no.
I was trained as a naval officer.
You came to the wrong address.
The man you're looking for is Bond.
James Bond. He lives in England,
drives an Aston Martin. Go see him.
Admiral Crawford, this is
Commander and Mrs. Ward Scowcroft.
I know your family well. I was
with your father at the Academy.
I won't let you down, sir.
Lt. Commander
and Mrs. Annibal Ramirez.
- Annabelle..?
- Annibal, sir.
I'm glad to see we're getting some
Mexican-American officers.
I'm an L.A. boy myself.
I have a soft spot for Mexican food.
- My stomach doesn't always agree.
- We eat Cuban food.
I think your stomach
would find that more agreeable.
- You're Cuban-Americans?
- Yes, sir.
- If he can't appreciate that..
- It's okay, don't worry.
His wife asked me to mow her lawn,
so we'll always have food.
This is a coincidence. I was over at
your lovely house the other day, -
- but I had to leave suddenly and
never got to make your acquaintance.
The pleasure is mine.
- Shaw. Jack Shaw.
- Seor Shaw. Mucho gusto.
My wife speaks English.
So do I.
I should have realized you'd feel
embarrassed speaking Spanish here.
Who is he?
- A white wine and a club soda.
- Yes, sir.
Let me guess,
the wine is for your wife?
You're afraid to loosen up
in front of the brass.
How can you stand this shit?
They're all so fucking constipated.
- My wife is waiting for her soda.
- There's a fiery retort!
- How about "fuck you, pal"?
- I'd believe it, if it was louder.
You don't belong with these guys.
You belong to me.
Remember what Darth Vader said:
"Come over to the dark side."
Come over, Annibal. You have
no idea of the power we have.
I want nothing to do with you.
Get it through your thick skull.
Your country came to you requesting
help and you turned it down.
Not exactly promotion material.
Know what I mean?
Are you threatening me? The answer
is no, and that is the end of it.
Now get a life.
That pest won't leave me alone.
Jesus Christ!
- What do you want?
- What time is it?
It's 1: 15. Precisely.
It's for you.
Who the..?
Yes, sir.
Your wife and kid go to the store.
Carlos has been there first.
He's planted a bomb.
The boy you're going to see lived.
You tell me if he was lucky.
- Dr. Shaw, is this the specialist?
- Yes, Dr. Ramirez.
Mr. and Mrs. Newcomb
are the parents of the wounded boy.
Will you do the surgery? They
tell us you're the best there is.
He's the only one.
Here's the boy's chart, Doctor.
One kidney has been destroyed.
The left lung has been perforated.
The spleen, the large intestine
and stomach lining are all torn.
There are over
100 individual pieces of shrapnel.
It's a trademark device of Carlos'.
Designed not to kill but to maim.
You're a sadistic son of a bitch.
You used those poor people. You'd
use anything to get what you want.
To get what I want?
Let me show you what I want.
There's some photographs in there
of some of Carlos' victims.
Until you came along, all we could
do was take pictures of his victims.
I told them you were the only one.
It's true. We got a good doctor..
But you are the only one
who can get the Jackal.
I'm not the bad guy, Annibal.
Carlos is.
Go talk to him.
- Take care of your mother.
- Why do you have to go?
Because I finally got my chance
to go into subs.
Why can't somebody else's daddy
go into subs, and you can stay here?
Because I'm the one they chose.
And because your dad can do the job.
Listen to me, no whining, okay?
Bye, sweetie.
Are you going to miss me?
- Bye, sweetie.
- Take care.
This is an ad hoc operation set up
specifically for your mission.
From here on, your name is Miguel.
- Miguel?
- That's security.
So your name
isn't really Jack Shaw?
Of course it is.
Nice place.
Yes, there's a toilet in every room.
- Your mother is Irish-American?
- Yes, she is.
That's how come the blue eyes.
Something wrong, Miguel?
Your father was in a Cuban prison.
Is that correct?
- That's correct, sir.
- Your mother took you to visit him.
I see
you've done your homework, sir.
Miguel, no one is supposed to know
you are anything but a student.
Don't call me sir. It's like a sign
on your forehead that says military.
- From here on out, forget the Navy.
- Yes, sir. Sire.
Okay, I've got you.
This is a satellite tracking centre.
If Carlos ever uncovers our plot, -
- he will try to find a way
to kill us first.
Carlos has two main safe houses.
One in Libya, one in East Germany.
Our satellites pass over three times
a day. The Russians know when.
So we have to assume
Carlos knows as well.
There's another fella here
I want you to meet.
Although I think
you're already acquainted.
- What the fuck is this?
- Hello. My name's Amos.
I didn't recognize you without
my foot chained to the floor.
- I hope there are no hard feelings.
- There are a lot of hard feelings.
You're going to be hearing
from my lawyer.
Outside of myself,
he's the most important person here.
We're working with the Israelis.
Amos has studied Carlos.
- He took the photo in Libya.
- Why didn't you just kill him?
Don't let this equipment fool you.
Carlos has the home court advantage.
He has three layers of protection
at all times.
Next, and most importantly,
anyone who hits Carlos -
- will unleash against himself
a fanatical wave of terrorism.
- Fanatical.
- Okay.
That, by the way, is the last
question you're going to ask.
From here on, you get information
when we want you to get it.
You don't ask questions.
You just do as you're told.
This won't be like the Navy.
We'll push you to the limit.
Fatigue, frustration, fear.
You're going to be terrified.
- When do we start?
- We already have.
What were the names on the last
three tombstones on your right?
- I don't know. I wasn't looking.
- Guillaume, Gautier, Smith.
Carlos is always looking.
Always paying attention.
Carlos is the master of the survival
techniques we will teach you.
For him there are no rules, but you
are a rules follower, aren't you?
- If you say so.
- If you say so.
Carlos is the opposite.
That's what makes it so seductive.
He can kill whomever he chooses.
He can take whatever he chooses.
It is to be, in many ways,
a superman.
If you can learn what we can teach
you, you could be one of them, too.
If you don't,
you're going to be one of them.
Another dead soldier.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- How's the porridge. You like it?
- It's okay. Not bad.
Finish everything in the pot.
- There's eight or nine helpings.
- No questions. Just do.
Remember not only the names,
but the positions of the stones.
When I call out a name,
you whirl and shoot.
- It's fucking freezing.
- Brisson!
- Can I get some gloves?
- No luxuries. Dupres!
You get comfortable,
you'll get killed. Pacquet!
Top shelf: Milk, juice,
maybe some cottage cheese.
A couple of beers. Tomatoes.
I don't know what else.
What kind of milk? Was it opened
or closed? What kind of cheese?
How many beers and tomatoes?
This is life and death.
The cupboard over the stove.
You've got four seconds.
Look this time.
- Name and place of birth?
- Illich Ramirez Sanchez.
- Caracas, Venezuela.
- Father?
Dr. Jos Altagracia Ramirez Sanchez.
- Must you smoke that cigar?
- Yes.
Carlos' father abandoned his family
because he wanted to be a playboy.
Your father abandoned you
when he was sent to jail.
Either way,
it's lonely boy missing his father.
Use your own experiences to create
an image of Carlos' father.
So when you talk about him
you have the same emotion.
The same love.
The same resentment.
The same sadness.
The same anger.
So who told you to stop?
- What's that?
- A transmitter.
- For what?
- Target practice. You're the target.
Jos! Bouvier!
You're dead.
- You've finished all your porridge.
- I've finished all my porridge.
You can have some more.
- I ain't eating any more shit.
- Whatever is the matter?
I'll tell you what the matter is.
I've been here eight fucking weeks!
All I've had to eat the whole time
is this shit.
I'm losing weight.
I'm shitting 3-4 times a day.
You nearly killed me
with those snowmobiles.
It's Christmas Eve, and I haven't
seen my family in two months.
And I still don't know what I'm
supposed to be learning here.
- You're acting like a spoiled brat.
- Which is going to save your life.
Acting like a tight-ass Navy brass
is exactly what will get you killed.
As a child, Carlos was fed porridge.
He hated it.
Everyone he's ever been close to
he told about that porridge.
In school he was a scrawny kid.
He felt clumsy.
- We made you feel clumsy.
- Carlos' father smoked cigars.
The cover that will save your life
is one you believe in yourself.
Ready for the next test?
Your wife has told you she was away
from the house for a week.
Now you come home together.
Walk through the house. Don't arouse
her suspicion. You have 30 seconds.
Find out if she's lying. Then we'll
answer some of your questions.
- Time's up.
- Is she telling the truth?
- She had a man over.
- How do you know?
She hasn't been here for a week?
The sponge is still wet.
There's water under the dish rack.
The milk is fresh.
From the date on it,
it was probably bought yesterday.
- Same with the margarine and bread.
- How do you know it was a man?
She might have met him at a bar.
A book of matches was thrown out.
- There was ash from a cigarette.
- What else?
I think they made love on the sofa.
The cushions were hastily turned.
I know it was a man
from the smell of cheap aftershave.
Jack, you've been fucking my wife.
Rousseau! Bouvier!
Flint! Brisson!
Not bad, huh?
The plan is to get the KGB
to eliminate Carlos for us.
Carlos knows all the links between
the KGB and terrorist organizations.
He knows everything.
If we can get the KGB to think that
Carlos is going over to the CIA, -
- they'll take him out for us.
- Why would they think that?
- Money. $50 million.
Not for revolution, for his pocket.
A new identity and CIA protection.
If we lay it out right,
they'll believe it.
- When do we move?
- Not so fast. You're not ready.
- I'd say at least two months..
- Two months? Are you crazy?
Bullshit! I'm ready now.
You give me any test you want,
I'll pass it.
I've already passed all your tests.
No wonder you haven't caught him.
You've had me training in Siberia
to catch someone in the Middle East!
- How long does it take to work?
- It should be hitting him now.
I told you I didn't want
anything to do with this.
Fuck you.
Are you looking for me, amigo?
Father! Father!
- Hey, Joey.
- Pitch it to me.
- Watch!
- Joey, get out of there!
- I hope we didn't go too far.
- The LSD might fuck him up.
It's better than being shot
in some back alley in Libya.
If he can't handle this, he sure as
shit can't handle going operational.
What's next?
Your new instructor will be Carlos'
girlfriend from eight years ago.
She's French. Her name is Carla.
She'll teach you what we can't.
- Why is she helping us?
- Carlos used her.
He put her on an aeroplane
with a bomb in her suitcase.
If it hadn't been found, she'd
have gone up with everything else.
She's about 32.
She's very attractive.
- Yeah, it won't be a hardship.
- What won't be a hardship?
Doing it. Fucking her.
Our way in is through another girl,
Agnieska. She's the key to the trap.
The KGB will be watching her.
If she's convinced, so will they be.
You'll then ask Agnieska
to do a bank transaction.
You're not cheating on your wife.
You're fucking for your flag.
Close your eyes
and think of England.
The thing about Carlos is, he
doesn't lose himself with a woman.
Lovers are different to him.
He might have a use for them.
So he has to seduce them properly.
Make sure they're so crazy for him
they'll do anything for him.
It is not pleasure for him.
It is a sick kind of conquest.
He'll do anything.
He's the perfect lover.
He doesn't do it to please you,
but to excite you.
To make it dangerous for you..
The danger is very sexy
to a woman.
He could kill you in a second,
but instead he makes you come.
It's like he makes you born again
the way he wants you to be.
There isn't a thought in your brain
that he hasn't put there.
Not a feeling in your body
that he hasn't put there.
You understand?
Take off your clothes.
Just like that?
Look.. I don't want to know
your name or anything about you.
I'm not here to be romantic.
I'm here to help you kill him.
- I hope that's what you'll do.
- It is.
Take off your clothes.
- You're smaller than him.
- Really..
That's what he would have done
if I'd said something like that.
What's wrong with you?
Aren't you a man?
- I'm sorry.
- Shut up.
Come to me.
Come, kiss where you hit.
Kiss where the blood is.
Smear it on my lip so I taste it.
Now go down on me.
Don't let me come. Control me.
It's got to be when he wants it.
The KGB has set up
a surveillance on Agnieska.
Agnieska has received word
from Carlos -
- telling her to come and meet you.
You will convince her you're Carlos.
Ask her to handle some banking, so
the KGB will know Carlos is Ortega.
When they see you with a CIA agent,
they'll know Carlos has turned.
Unless this Agnieska sees
through me. She was his lover.
- She wasn't his wife.
- Carlos excites her.
She wants to believe you as a child
wants to believe in Santa Claus.
- Where do I meet this Agnieska?
- Libya. That's where Carlos is.
Jack doesn't know we're having this
talk, and I don't want him to know.
You're going to feel more alone
than you've ever felt in your life.
You'll think your heart's
going to jump out of your chest.
You'll suspect everyone.
I want you to be prepared for that.
Nothing prepares you.
You mustn't panic. You feel
the fear and you get rid of it.
Splash some water on your face
and look in the mirror.
But when you do, make sure
it's Carlos you find there.
Then everyone else will see Carlos.
If anything goes wrong, -
- only Carlos can get you out.
- Ricardo Moran Vargas?
- Yes.
- Your business?
- Oil. The petroleum business.
One sound and you're dead.
Carlos, when is he coming here?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Don't play games with me.
We know you're going to meet him.
I don't know any Carlos.
I'm telling you the truth.
This gun has a silencer.
There will not be any noise.
- Now, talk.
- I don't know any Carlos.
I just came to visit my girlfriend.
This is her apartment.
- You're lying.
- I swear I'm telling the truth.
Nice ass. Turn around.
- What are you going to do to me?
- Have some fun. Then..
I'll get something to eat,
because I'm famished.
You bastard.
- I haven't seen you for two years.
- I wasn't sure I could trust you.
And that cafe in Paris?
That grenade didn't prove
you could trust me?
That cafe in Paris
was a long time ago.
Yes, but when I heard from you,
I came all the way out here.
I've been here for 24 hours.
Are you listening to me?
You're different.
Tell me, who gave you permission
to go out?
You'll never change.
You'll never trust anybody.
I just wanted to go out
and get something to eat for us.
I have everything I want to eat
right in front of me.
- What do you think he's doing now?
- Practising safe sex, I hope.
Oh, my God!
Now, let's eat.
- What are you doing?
- Getting air. Don't be nervous.
- What do we have to eat?
- I found caviar and pat.
- You didn't like the food I left?
- I couldn't eat a bite of it.
I don't blame you.
- Who smokes non-filters?
- What?
- You don't smoke non-filters.
- What are you talking about?
- Non-filtered cigarettes!
- Listen..
I ran out of cigarettes, and I
bummed a cigarette at the cafe.
- You bummed a cigarette?
- With coffee I need a cigarette.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
The nearest cafe is two blocks away.
A cigarette wouldn't last that long.
You bummed a cigarette in this
apartment. This door was a signal.
Wasn't it, you bitch?
Who did you meet with?
- I'll kill you! Who was it?
- The French Secret Service. DST.
Get out!
Carlos, we have to talk.
There's been a shooting tonight.
A shooting?
What kind of intelligence is this?
How the fuck could you not know
she was working for the French?
They didn't tell us about it.
We didn't tell them about you.
You were beautiful. The Russians
must be convinced that was Carlos.
Work up a scenario for the girl.
Carlos would have killed her.
The Russians saw the DST. They
know they were there to get Carlos.
The French made it perfect for us.
The KGB now think you're Carlos.
You fucking maniac!
Jack, I killed four men.
- Annibal..
- Just a second!
- I don't like killing our allies!
- Policemen get killed. It happens.
I'd rather have you feeling guilty
than them feeling guilty about you.
You did what you had to do. Carlos
couldn't have done any better.
Agnieska betray me?
I don't believe it. This woman
was so in love with me -
- that if I asked her to suck
my uncle's dick she would do it.
- She was seen, Carlos.
- Where is she now?
They've taken her to Paris.
I want that bitch dead.
You handle it. Hit her in Paris,
right under their fucking noses.
- When?
- Leave now! Right now!
Don't forget to leave Europe
through London.
Something else troubles me.
You're the only ones
who knew about this safe house.
So which one of you
was her contact?
I know it wasn't you, my friend,
we go way back.
- Is this seat taken?
- No, go right ahead.
- I'm going home to my family.
- This is not the time for this.
I'm not asking you, I'm telling you.
I'm going home.
You said we can't move again
till he leaves Libya.
- He might stay there for a year.
- No, he won't.
He's going to make a move in Europe.
I'll confirm our connections.
A pack of Marlboro, please.
What are you doing here?
Buying cigarettes.
What are you doing here?
Excuse me. I only wanted to know
where I can get a newspaper.
Idiot. Right in front of you.
Never address me in public.
Wait for me by the phone booth.
Excuse me. I asked if you knew
where I can get a newspaper.
You make the slightest move
and I shoot.
Now walk to the restroom
very carefully.
Tell me what I want to know,
or you're dead.
I don't know..
Who you are?
Get out of here, now.
I won't let you die here.
I still have a lawsuit against you.
My dear boy..
My dear boy.. I am dead.
Please God,
don't let it all be for nothing.
- Get out now!
- I'll get you some help.
Shaw. I was wondering
what the status was of the account.
Is it still open?
It's off. The director wants
an operational review board.
- He asked me about a newspaper..
- Shut up.
You should have shot him,
but you didn't have a gun.
There wasn't anything you could do.
It was a password. Anything you said
would have backfired.
I had the same thing once. "Awfully
warm for this time of year."
The reply was, "Yes, but not
as sticky as two summers ago."
"Not as sticky as two summers ago."
Anything else, he even hesitates, -
- I shoot him.
I shot him. Just like the Jap
was going to do to you.
Bad luck for Amos.
Bad luck for us.
You and me, we're out of here.
- Just like that?
- I'm not the Madam, kid.
I'm just one of the whores.
So are you.
- Dad, you're home!
- Hi, Joey.
Look who's back.
Come on, I've got stuff to show you.
Stop it.
Annibal, stop it.
- What is it?
- You've been with another woman.
What the hell made you say that?
You're different.
I was on a submarine. There aren't
any women on submarines.
- Okay.
- This is nice to come home to!
We didn't have shore leave.
You can check with the fucking Navy.
I don't need to check.
And don't talk to me like that.
Where are you going?
Have you started smoking again?
Yeah, I'll be doing heroin soon.
- You remember what to do?
- Keep my eye on the ball.
And who's the guy that wins?
Whoever has the most fun wins.
Tyler, I'm not talking just for fun.
You go out there and you focus.
- Hey, pal, lighten up.
- What did you say?
Lighten up. It's just a game.
He's just a kid.
He's my kid,
so why don't you go fuck yourself.
- What the fuck are you looking at?
- I might be looking at a dead man.
- Annibal, let's go sit down.
- Annibelle, that's a lovely name.
Take a walk, Tinkerbell.
Play some ball. Get with the team.
Annibelle Ramirez.
He's all yours.
Little League.
It's a tough game.
- What are you doing here?
- It's showtime, sweetheart.
He's planning another attack.
He's on his way back to East Berlin.
I need some time to think.
I nearly killed somebody today.
- I don't know about this anymore.
- Baseball dads deserve no better.
I heard he was way out of line.
You think Carlos has turned sweet?
Don't tell me about Carlos.
I know exactly who Carlos is.
I'm saying that maybe there's
something more important to me.
Like getting back to being me
and not some fucking maniac.
You want to get back to being you?
Then finish it. Kill him.
When he's dead, it's over with.
You're walking around with his face.
Sooner or later,
one of the bad guys will see it.
Next time there won't be any Amos
to take a bullet for you.
Help me get him, because you'll
never know if he'll come after you.
Listen to me, I don't
have any family or any friends.
The only people that ever mattered
to me were the ones that I killed.
And you. Yeah, you.
I created you. I won't just
let you walk away like that.
You didn't create me.
You infected me with your poison.
I know that the kid in the hospital
was a set-up.
You're going to get him for me.
Goddamn, you're going to get him!
Or I swear to God
I'll make sure he knows about you.
I'll use you
and your family for bait!
- You do and I'll kill you.
- You want to try killing me?
You want to know who Carlos is?
Look in the mirror.
You've got a Carlos problem.
That's the guy you've got to get.
That's what it's all about.
You and your family or the Jackal.
You're not going back to those subs.
It's changed you. You need help.
- Maybe a stress disability.
- Shut up.
No. I want the man I married,
not the animal who's standing here.
Where is he? Because I don't want
to be married to who you are now.
The kids deserve their father back.
I deserve my husband back.
- Whatever it is about your job..
- What do you think my job is?
What do you think is out there?
A nice world with shopping malls,
Little League and ballet?
People are killing out there. I'm
one of them. I've murdered people.
Not with a missile from a sub, but
so their brains splattered on me.
And they weren't even the enemy.
They were allies.
But I couldn't blow my cover.
I've killed men. I let a friend die.
I betrayed everything
I've ever believed in.
And you were right.
I fucked other women.
You know what's worse? I've made
you and the children a target.
There is someone that will kill you,
if I don't kill him first.
That's my job, Maura, and if you
don't mind, I'm late for work.
Thank you.
Not till he's dead, Jack.
Don't blow it, comrades.
- Carlos, you will come with us.
- Who are you, KGB?
What's the problem?
We have an agreement.
You thought we were from your friend
at the CIA? Henry Fields.
- Henry Fields?
- Get dressed. You, don't move.
Go ahead, but you'd better
have a good explanation.
Give me my pants!
That's what was going on in Libya.
The CIA and the DST.
They're trying to set you up,
and you're falling for it.
- I'd like to know your sources.
- We have proof.
You'll be pleading for my
forgiveness before this is over.
Okay, you want to go?
Let's go.
I want to be interrogated.
I demand to be interrogated..
I've got you, you piece of shit.
- Who are you?
- I'm you, motherfucker.
Now you eat shit
and die slow, amigo.
Hi, you want a light?
"Awfully warm for this time of year,
isn't it?"
"Not as sticky
as two summers ago."
- Jesus, I'm sorry.
- He's getting away. Go after him.
Fuck him. He's not going anywhere.
It's over, we won.
Jack, I had him.
Come on. Lift up.
You did it. The Russians bought it.
They think Carlos is a traitor.
His terrorist days are over.
No place is safe for him.
His friends will give him up,
and when they do, we'll be there.
- Maura, we're going to be late.
- They're waiting in the car.
I'll call you back.
I promise. Okay, goodbye.
- Maura.
- Okay, I'm coming.
How does one begin to comprehend
a tragedy like this?
An officer returns home after
six months of hazardous duty.
He and his family are off to church,
and in an instant they are no more.
Our minds cannot grasp
the horror of this tragedy.
There is only faith.
An undying faith in the Almighty.
Even though we cannot see it,
there is a plan.
Now you're free.
Bonjour, Monsieur Mendoza.
Special delivery.
It's going to be hot today.
Dad, come on.
SubText: NoRMITA.326