Assimilate (2019) Movie Script

[nature sounds]
[dog barking]
[phone dialing]
[girl] Come on,
come on, come on.
[sighs] Pick up.
Mom, where are you?
It's almost 11 o'clock.
Why aren't you home yet?
I've called you like five times.
I-I really, I don't know
what to do about this bite.
Do I go to the hospital?
What do I do?
just call me back.
[loud metallic noise]
[breathing hard]
[beating on door and shouting]
[breaking window]
[Randy] All right, can you
smile towards camera?
Uh, it looks like
you're in pain.
- Really?
- All right, whatever. Just be yourself.
- Okay.
- Relax. Shake it out.
Wait, we haven't gone over
what-what-what do I say?
Just tell them who you are.
But remember, the world's
watching so make it good.
Who I am. Right.
Who am I?
Who am I?
Oh, just a philosophy, Zach.
I know who I am, and it sucks.
Plus, the longer you talk the sooner they're
going to click away to the nutshot videos.
Ha ha.
[kids screaming]
[Randy] Hey, guys.
How you doin'?
Welcome to our town.
Podunk, Missouri.
It's not actually called Podunk.
But this is the place they were thinking of
when they came up with the name "Podunk".
It's 60 miles of forest between
here and the next shithole over.
The kind of town where people don't
even lock their doors at night.
Yeah, we're officially
too boring for crime.
What's up? I'm Randy Foster.
And I'm Zach Henderson.
[Zach] So this is what
we're going to be doing.
We're going to be flying under the radar
with these sweet little Bluetooth cameras
that have kickass
low light lenses.
And you can buy these from affiliate
links so don't be a freeloader
'cause we need cash
to get out of here.
- Yeah.
- But back to business.
So we edit everything here
on Zach's sweet rig. Up top.
And then we add some of my bangin' FX
and boom, it's on the wild, wild web.
So we can show you the
real "Multon: Uncovered."
[Zach whispering] That is the captain
of the high school football team.
Have a good day.
[Zach] The sheriff is
literally letting him buy beer.
[Randy] Um, things to do here.
Uh, you can wake up, eat, go to sleep.
It's pretty exciting.
[Zach] So yeah.
This is Multon.
All 2.5 blocks of it.
And this is our cast
of crazy characters.
Hey, guys!
- Hey, Pastor Greg.
- Hey.
We're doing a production of "Jesus
Christ Superstar" down at the church.
Oh, that sounds great.
[pastor] Are you guys
interested in trying out?
Uh, I'm...
There will be girls.
I'll see you there.
- Okay.
- Okay.
All right.
- Definitely not.
- I'm not gonna do it.
I bet you're wondering why are they
showing us this squat, boring ass building?
Well, that's because this building is the
best thing that ever happened to Multon.
High speed internet so we're not totally
cut off from the rest of the planet.
And so you can see people like
us because we're awesome.
Dude, check it out.
Spring has sprung.
Miss Bissette's got her
short shorts on. [clicks tongue]
[birds chirping]
Oh, hey, Zach. Hey, Randy.
Hey, Miss Bisette.
Come here just a second.
Do you boys see those?
Those little bugs were all over the place.
[Zach] What, uh, what are they?
[Miss Bisette] No idea.
Well, they just started
showing up last week.
[boy] Let me go!
[Miss Bisette] I'll see
you boys later.
[boy] Let me go!
Hey, Mrs. Peterson!
You're not my mommy!
So that's our, uh, resident hippie
indie book store owner chick.
She pops out a kid and
becomes Ms. PTA Zombie.
See this is the point
of our show:
to show the people of Multon
the way they really are.
- That was pretty good.
- Yeah?
Yeah, it sounded,
it sounded smart.
[kids screaming]
[woman] Great game today.
Hey, see you later.
It's really what's goes on.
- Text you. Bye.
- Hey.
- Hey, Zach.
- Hey.
Wait, what are those? Are you
guys spy-caming people?
No, uh, no.
It's-it's for our web show.
Oh, web show.
It's like TMZ kind of stuff.
- But it's more than that.
- Mm-hmm.
We are showing the world
real small town life.
Well, maybe you guys can make it a reality show
and you can both get rich and date starlettes.
- [boy] Hey, Prince.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- Joey.
- Hey, Zach.
- Hey, Joey.
How'd Kayla play, Zach?
Like a rock star.
Maybe when she gets to Northwestern
she can carry on the family tradition.
Have you decided where
you're going yet, Zach?
Um, not really.
I'm probably just gonna keep running
my computer repair biz out of my house.
Well, that's nice.
Well, I'm sure it'll make
your parents very happy.
All right, this is getting
nauseatingly mundane and, um,
Zach, he needs some
drama for his new show.
- Show?
- Yeah.
He's got a new show.
- Look at that.
- You guys think my dad's normal?
He's secretly got five wives.
Five? I can barely handle one.
- Hey!
- Dad!
Wait a minute! Come on, Kayla.
Dog pound.
Let's be on it.
Bye, guys.
See you guys.
Dude, you have to ask her out.
I can't.
I have known her since
the fourth grade.
It'd be weird, right?
No, you've been in denial
since the fourth grade.
Dude, she's not just a buddy.
She was a buddy, I'm a buddy.
And I don't look nearly
as good in shorts.
Seriously, you just got
to grow a pair and do it.
This is your last chance.
In three months,
she's outta here.
[Zach] Uh, I'll walk you
through it. Okay, ready?
- [Kayla] Okay.
- [Zach] Okay, so you're going to want to open up your browser.
[Kayla] Okay.
And into the web address type
One nine two.
Dot 168 dot zero dot one.
We should, uh, try to hit the
Lindsey Trail sometime this summer.
Yeah. The Lindsey Trail.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, Randy would just love that.
- Oh.
- All the wood ticks and the poison ivy.
- Randy.
- Mmm, right up his alley.
Oh my, God, speaking of poisonous
bugs and ticks and plants and things,
Oh! Look where
I'm going! [screams]
Yeah, my mom
and dad got it for me.
I leave two weeks
after graduation.
It's like a live
jungle, you know.
That's awesome, Kayla.
It's going to be insane.
Thank you.
- Ah!
- Oh my... Jesus.
You goofball.
Hey, Zach.
What's up, little man? Wait, what are
you supposed to be? Some sort of monster?
I'm not a monster.
I'm a mutant.
I see.
He's a mutant.
Oh, I see it now. Okay.
- [laughing] Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- No, no.
I'm a lot stronger than you.
- You mess with me, buddy, you're gonna get it.
- Okay.
Take your mask.
You'll see him on holidays.
[loud sex sounds]
Wait for it.
[dad] Jesus, listen to you.
I don't have to put
up with this shit!
I'm out of here!
[woman] Oh no, no,
no, no! Oh my God.
My trash symphony.
[crying louder]
[cricket singing]
I saw Helen today.
She's been dating someone online,
but I'm afraid it's going nowhere.
He's in Florida and that's
just such a long ways.
Well, you can't blame her.
There's not much
left around here.
So how is Kayla, Zach?
Beautifully subtle segue, Mom.
Yeah, how is she, Zach?
She's a nice girl. Just, I'm
saying, she's a nice girl.
I know, she's a nice girl.
You're staying for
dinner, right, Randy?
Yeah, sure.
Oh, I cannot believe
you're filming us.
We are so boring.
No, you guys are the most normal
part of this messed up town.
Well, thank you, Randy.
Say, where do they make
those little cameras, Randy?
Oh, right.
The same place my job went.
- [Zach] Woo!
- [Randy] Sweet! Nailed that!
[Randy] Acapulco.
I can become a bartender.
Last week it was Monaco.
Yeah, but I love Mexican food.
Plus, we could be called
the Dos Amigos.
Ah, I can't leave my mom to take
care of my dad by herself.
Dude, I love your parents.
They're awesome.
But you got to start
living your life, man.
- Plus...
- [girl screaming]
- What the hell is that?
- [girl screaming]
- [knocking on door]
- Mrs. Bisette?
[Randy] Mrs. Bisette?
Hello? Mrs. Bisette?
[electricity sounds]
Holy Jesus.
Call the cops.
Sheriff's office.
Hi, we're at Mrs.
Bisette's house.
Something's wrong.
[phone clicks off]
They hung up.
[loud bang]
[squeaking chandelier]
[quick taps moving]
Come on, Randy.
Oh, shit.
- Randy?
- What?
Let's go.
[faint crying]
Hey, hey.
It's-it's-it's okay,
it's okay.
What happened?
Something bit me.
Something bit me.
Something bit me.
[crying] Something bit me.
[girl screaming]
Are you going to be okay?
Come on.
Whoa, what are you doing?
We have to find it.
What? Why?
It might have rabies.
[Zach] Come on!
[Randy] Dude, where'd it go?
[Zach] Right there!
Get it! Get it!
[Randy] I'm trying. I'm trying.
Get down.
What the hell is it?
That's, I think it's a rat.
Pastor Greg?
But why do you have
to go away so much?
But I'm just so tired
of being left alone.
I miss you so much.
- Hey, assholes!
- Shit!
Leave them alone.
Shut your mouth.
All I was doing was
buying some beer.
You had to put it online.
Listen, we got something to
do so we're just gonna go.
I don't care!
My dad took my Xbox!
- I don't care about your Xbox!
- Shut up!
All right, all right,
let's calm down.
- Shall we?
- What the hell?
I was just playing with them.
Remember what it was like
back on the team, Josh?
Well, back on the team I
remember we could take a joke.
- Let's go.
- [Josh] Go on.
- Get out of here.
- Come on.
[Zach] Thanks.
Well, you might have funny
videos, but nobody likes a snitch.
Listen, we have something
we need to show you.
[Zach] What was that?
Are you gonna be okay?
Come on, let's go.
I'm sorry, I don't even know
what this is. What is this?
It bit Mrs. Bisette.
Okay, then why didn't she
come to us herself?
Come on, Pastor Greg is going around
throwing rats in people's houses. Done.
Mmm. Okay.
You know what?
Leave me out of your
bullshit web series. All right?
If you guys want to become
Hollywood assholes,
Photo shopping this
nonsense, whatever.
But leave me out of it.
And for that matter, leave
Pastor Greg out of it as well.
He's a good man.
I'd ended up in juvie
if it weren't for him.
Got it?
Yeah. Got it.
- [Zach] How could Josh not believe us?
- [Randy] Because it's insane.
We're saying that Pastor Greg is
throwing rats into people's houses.
Yeah, but the video is crazy.
I mean why would
Pastor Greg do it?
I don't know. Let's ask.
[eerie noise]
What the hell is that?
Come on.
[religious music]
[door slams closing]
[clanking noise]
Pastor Greg?
Can I help you boys?
[clanking noise]
That's you.
I don't think so.
No, we saw you.
Look Pastor Greg, we do not want
to get you into any trouble here.
You boys aren't going
to get me in any trouble.
Your mom is a slut.
And your dad is a junkie.
Jesus Christ, what kind
of person says that?
No need to raise your voice.
Is there a problem here?
No, we're cool.
[door squeaks open]
Dude, what the hell was that?
I don't know.
[Zach] I think we should post
this stuff on our channel.
I mean Josh didn't believe us,
but maybe somebody will.
Oh, shit.
No service. You?
So we were wondering if you had seen
Pastor Greg around your house last night?
Okay, we think that he's the one who
threw the thing at the house that bit you.
Oh, I wasn't bit.
Do you see a bite?
I'm sorry, I-I could have sworn that
you were sitting in your closet.
No. No, we have a video.
We saw you screaming.
Uh, uh...
[loud noises]
What-what was that?
[loud noises]
You can come to my
bedroom with me.
Both of you.
- Holy shit.
- Dude.
What the hell was that?
Wait. Hold on. Something
was going on in there.
Yeah, no shit.
First Pastor Greg, now her.
Here's what I don't get.
Who heals that fast?
Randy, look.
- What are we doing?
- We're just looking around.
- What's that?
- There's a guy in there.
He's tied up to the bed.
Oh! Go!
- [gasps]
- Oh! Go!
You two should not have
been looking in her window.
This is none of our concern.
That's not the point, okay?
She's being weird, Mom. Look at that.
It, but it wasn't just her.
It's Pastor Greg was acting like a freak.
Everyone in the church was just like
sitting there acting really weird.
Maybe it's like mass hysteria or
something, something in the air.
[dad] Look, I know this town is boring
and I know you can't wait to get out.
It's not about that.
[dad] But you're not gonna make
anything better by imaging things.
It just is what it is.
Look, either the entire
town's going crazy or we are.
[Randy] Look.
Is that...?
That's his tat.
But how are there two of him?
It's my dad.
He's been acting
really strange.
I don't know, it's...
He was fine a few days ago,
but now it's like, it's like
there's no feeling in him.
It's-it's like he's-he's
acting like my dad.
Look, I know that this sounds crazy,
but it's like he's a different person.
You know, he has the same face,
and-and-and-and the same voice, but he's...
He's not the same inside.
Am I losing my mind?
- No.
- No.
We've seen the same
thing all over town.
[Zach] There's a bunch of people
that are acting different.
How about your mom?
I don't know. I mean I haven't
seen her since this morning.
We need to go to the police.
We talked to Josh.
He didn't seem too amused by it.
Our credibility ain't so hot
after we posted our web show.
Nobody believes us.
Okay, well will you
guys come with me?
To help me find my mom and to get
Joey and-and you can record it,
you know, with your cameras and then
we can get people to believe us.
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, that's a really good idea.
[Zach] All right, stand up.
We're going to put this camera on you.
[Kayla] Evening.
Hey, Mrs. Fritz.
Nice night.
[doll voice] If you'll be my
friend I'll show you... Oh...
[quick high-pitched voice]
[doll voice, laughing] Children want
to see everything that's goin' on.
[laughing] 'Cause we
got a lot to say.
[laughing] Hey! Knock, knock.
- Who's there?
- [high-pitched voice mumbling]
Anybody home?
[laughing] Get it?
Anybody home? [laughing]
Knock, knock.
- Want to hear another one?
- Dad?
What are you doing?
Everything's fine, Kayla.
Um, uh, Kayla, I need to use
the restroom real quick.
Yeah. Yeah, use
the one upstairs.
[Zach] Okay, great.
[whispering] Mrs. Shepard?
Mrs. Shepard?
[loud thump]
Mrs. Shepard?
[metallic noise]
Mrs. Shepard?
My mom says hi.
She's good.
[moaning sounds]
Where's Zach?
Oh, he's probably just,
he'll be down in a second.
Mrs. Shepard?
Mrs. Shepard?
[gasping] Joey.
[whispering] Daddy's scaring me.
- What are you doing up here?
- I thought Mommy was up here.
She-she has this liver disease.
[dad] Where's Zach?
[Kayla] I'm sure
he'll be right back down.
He should be here.
Uh, I mean it's just like,
he's just going to the bathroom right now.
It'll take him, just give
him like a second.
And he'll be back.
He's probably...
- He's going to the bathroom.
- It's not...
- He's going to the-he's going to the bathroom.
- He's going to the bathroom.
Hey, Zach, did you fall in?
Joey, go to your room and hide.
I'm going downstairs.
[knocking on door]
[dad] Zach?
[banging on door]
[dad] What's taking
so long, Zach?
Just a minute.
[banging on door]
Uh, just a second!
[banging on door]
[dad] Zach?
[banging on door]
Why are you in here?
Um, I'm actually really sorry. The,
it was the, uh, first bathroom that I saw.
[Zach] We really
have to be going.
Excuse me.
Zach? Zach!
- We have to keep going.
- What happened?
What happened?
What happened?
- You don't want to see it.
- Would you look at me, please?
You don't want to see it.
Give me your phone.
[knocking on door]
[dad] Zach?
- [Randy] Oh, Jesus.
- [Kayla cries]
- Kayla, I'm so sorry.
- [crying]
They're killing people now.
Oh my, God.
Oh my, God, wait,
Joey's in there.
We have to go get Joey.
We will. We will.
Pastor Greg and the
Sheriff are in on this.
[Kayla crying]
Jesus Christ.
You swear that this is real?
- 'Cause if you guys are punking me...
- It's real.
[door squeaks open]
There's absolutely
nothing up there.
He must have moved her body.
You saw it! You
saw it on the video!
Why did you kill her?
Calm down.
Look, I do need an explanation
as to what is on that video.
Is there a problem, officer?
You-you're not my mom.
I'm sorry, Deputy Haywood.
We've been dealing with Kayla's
mental illness for some time now.
There was a video.
Just like their show.
You know I would have expected more
professionalism from you, Josh.
[Josh] Sorry for
the disturbance.
We'll be on our way.
No! No, no, no.
Come on, Joey. Come on.
I want to go with Kayla.
He wants to come.
Come on.
Just come with us.
It doesn't matter what he wants.
He belongs to me.
What are you?
Go to your room.
There is no way in hell
that I'm going anywhere.
I am your father.
You have to do what I say!
You're just gonna let her go?
Yeah. You know, I think
that is gonna be best.
[door closes]
Yeah, you all played me for a fool
with that little freak show back there.
Jesus Christ! I mean gee,
really, I should take
- you both in for filing a false police report.
- No, you don't,
You don't even see what's
going on right in front of you.
I don't-you know what I see?
I see what you're doing to that girl.
Okay? Don't be those guys.
Tell me that that all felt
right in there, Deputy.
Josh, how's the Sheriff?
You know what, Zach?
I don't have time for this.
We need him.
Dude, this is way bigger than
this Podunk sheriff's department.
We need to get Joey.
[car starts]
We get our parents,
then we get Joey,
and get our footage uploaded.
Once people see what's going on
here, they'll send people to help.
And we get the hell out of here.
We'll get him.
Come on.
I don't get it. I'm trying to upload my
footage, but there's still no service.
Randy, do you got anything?
Kayla, what about you?
[banging noises]
You know what? Just
Randy and I should go in.
I'll see if I can find your mom.
Thank you.
Does anyone ever
work in that barn?
[banging continues]
Hello, boys.
Where's mom?
We should, uh, get out of town pretty
quick. There's some weird stuff going on.
What are you talking about?
Oh, God.
Where's Mom?
Everything's fine.
- What did you do to Mom?
- It's not him.
Come on, we need to go.
What are you doing?
Wait! No, no, no!
No, no, no! No, no, no!
- Hey!
- No!
[quick taps running]
[Zach] What was that?
Oh, shit!
Not funny.
Dude, turn the light.
[quick taps]
[faint groaning]
Who's there?
[faint groaning]
[groaning gets closer]
Randy, are you okay?
[moans] I think
something bit me.
Are you okay?
Oh, shit!
- Where'd it go?
- [quick taps]
Randy, be careful.
What? What is it?
What the hell?
[squishing noises]
Oh, shit!
No. Mom! Mom! Get off her!
[woman screams]
[loud thump]
Get off!
that wasn't me.
I had to kill her.
[woman] No!
Come on. You guys, we gotta go!
They're coming back. Come on!
Oh, let's go.
[Kayla] Come on, hurry!
[Randy] Look at that.
What happened?
We gotta go.
we gotta go, okay?
[nature sounds]
[Randy] How do we know it's him?
I mean we don't,
but who else is there?
You got a shitty
poker face, Randy.
What were you going
to do with that?
Come on.
[door closes]
So we know we're
all right, but...
All right.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, my God.
[Josh] Yeah.
So one of those things bit
me, but I kept my eyes open.
We are going to need
to take it with us though.
What? Why?
Oh, you're still filming, right?
- Yeah.
- So we take that thing and the footage to the FBI.
That'll get them
to move their asses.
I'm sorry though.
I should have believed you guys.
What in the hell are they?
[Zach] I don't know.
Do you guys think
they might be aliens?
Here's what we do know.
First they bite you.
Then they turn into you.
[Zach] But not right away.
It's more like a copy.
And they act like an animal.
And then they, they...
Well, maybe they bite you to get
your DNA and then they clone you.
You know, but the clone, it doesn't
have any of the original memories so
it has to like find you
and just-and just take them.
There's someone out there.
- [Zach] What?
- [Kayla] What do you mean?
Oh, shit!
Oh, my God.
- All right, get down, get down!
- [Kayla gasps]
[animal-like moan]
What the hell was that?
You should call for backup.
Let's just get out of here.
Get it!
Randy, he's here for you! Move
away! Move away! Go, go, go!
[Randy] Where? Where? Where?
They're here!
Josh? Josh?
Randy, stay away
from that window.
There's too many!
[Kayla] They're surrounding us.
They're surrounding us.
Oh, shit!
[Zach] Whoa!
Hang on!
[Zach] Hang on!
They're gonna flip us!
Hang on!
[Kayla screaming]
[Kayla] Go!
[all screaming]
Oh my, God.
No! No!
[Zach] Don't! Don't! Josh, no!
No, Randy!
Of all the towns on this planet,
you guys chose this shithole to take over?
God, you're a bunch of idiots!
But you know what?
You can have it.
Fuck this! Over here!
Fuck this!
Come on, this way!
Zach, Zach, we gotta go.
We gotta go. Come on.
I'm okay.
They're still blocking
the signal out here.
There's a delivery van
at my mom's shop.
You know, we could go get it and get-and
get Joey and just get out of here.
And in Springfield,
they'll have service.
We can just upload
our video there.
Come on, Kayla.
Slow down, slow down.
They key's under the flower pot.
And then inside, it's
under the cash register.
Go ahead.
[woman screams]
[boy screams]
[girl screams]
[girl screams]
No, no, no.
[Tyler] I just want to go home.
It's okay, Tyler.
You're just gonna
feel a little pinch.
[Tyler] Okay.
[Tyler screams]
[woman] See?
Now that wasn't so bad.
And now I'll love
you even more.
[Tyler cries]
Stop! [crying] Please, don't
do it! I don't-I don't want it!
[screams and cries]
[child cries]
[heart beats]
Joey, run! Joey, Joey! Get out of
here, Joey! Joey, run! Go to the cabin!
Go! Yeah, go!
Joey, go! Run! Joey, go!
[car tires screeching]
[engine revving]
Get in! Come on!
Go, go, go! Go, go!
- [tires screeching]
- [Kayla] Come on! Go, go!
[crying faintly]
Joey got away.
That's great.
I told him to go to the cabin.
But he got away.
Let's go get him and get
the hell out of here, okay?
[crickets singing]
[donkey neighing]
Oh God, you got bit.
No, no, no, no.
When I get replaced
is it going to have my feelings?
Is it going to have my memories?
Will I remember you?
Don't think like that, Kayla.
Because we are gonna make it.
Yeah, but it'll find me.
It found Randy.
We are going to make it.
We're gonna get help.
We have everything
recorded on our phones.
We can show them
what happened here.
We're gonna stop it.
Zach, come on, we
gotta get it! Come on!
Come on, it's gone.
No, it's-Zach, you were bitten,
we have to-if we can't...
Let's-let's go to
the cabin. Get Joey.
- Get down!
- Shit.
Keep going.
[monster-like scream]
We have to go. This way.
[monster-like screams]
Get down!
Oh, my God.
We're not gonna make it out.
Zach, we have to go get Joey.
We can't.
I'm sorry.
But Kayla, if this spreads there won't
be anyone else for us to call for help.
But we can make it
to the cable company.
If we can get there, we can upload
our video straight into the backbone
of the internet to the entire world.
They can't block that.
So we get the message out.
[distant screams]
Come on.
Let's go.
[branches breaking]
Come on.
Down here, down
here. Come on.
[distant monster-like scream]
Hello, Zach.
I thought I might find you here.
We used to go fishing here.
Do you remember?
I remember.
We never caught anything.
Why did we do it?
'Cause catching something
was never the point.
Where's Kayla?
We lost each other.
[Randy] Right.
Kayla never did know
the woods like you and I.
Did she?
We'll find her together.
Just like old times.
Yeah. Just like old times.
We went through it all
together, didn't we?
I don't know what I would
have done without you.
[monster-like scream]
[monster-like scream]
Zach. Zach.
Zach, Zach, Zach, look at me. Zach,
look at me. Zach, look at me. We got to go.
We got to go. Okay?
We gotta go. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
[door opening]
Right there.
We can make it to that door.
[monster-like screams]
Are you ready?
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
[door closing]
[Zach] This way.
Can we just upload
from one of these offices?
No, we need to find
the main trunk terminal.
It's on the front, right there.
Right here.
[monster-like screams]
Hey. Hey. Hey, we gotta go.
[breathing heavily]
- We gotta go. Zach, we gotta go.
- Okay, go.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
There, come on. Come on.
[Zach] Go, go, go, go, go.
[monster-like scream]
[computer noises]
- Bring up the footage from your phone.
- Okay, yeah.
- Upload the footage onto the terminal.
- Okay.
Okay, where? YouTube?
Facebook? Vimeo?
[banging gets louder]
Come on. Come on.
That's it.
What? What? What?
Get footage of you
talking on screen.
Hey, Zach.
[Kayla] Got it.
Do you trust me?
Take a deep breath, okay?
[video on background]
The kind of place where people don't
even lock their doors at night.
I'm Randy Foster.
And I'm Zach Henderson.
[video playing]
[Kayla's mom]
I know. See you later.
...what we're trying to do:
show the people of Multon
the way they really are.
Ah, who I am. Right. Okay.
Here we go.
Who am I?
Who am I?
[door closing]
[Kayla cries]
Oh, God.
[Kayla] What?
That... That's not possible.
They're everywhere.
We weren't the first town.
We were the last.
[Zach on video] Pastor Greg?
Pastor Greg?
Can I help you, boys?
[song ends]