Assunta Spina (1915) Movie Script

Assunta lives with her father in the outskirts of
Naples. She waits for her fiance, Michele Boccadifuoco.
Raffaele, who also loves
Assunta, surprises them.
Raffaele is troubled because
Michele has replaced him.
Go, leave me alone!
Raffaele's revenge.
[handwritten note] Michele, watch Assunta, because
when you're away, she consoles herself with another.
Assunta will go to live in
Naples and work in my laundry.
Joy shines again in the
hearts of the two lovers.
In Naples, the laundry was close to
the Boccadifuoco's butcher shop.
Michele and Assunta lived happily.
It is Asunta's birthday.
A picnic at Posillipo.
Assunta is picnicking at Posillipo.
Today is her birthday.
Raffaele disturbs the
serenity of the party.
Michele grows jealous.
Teasing and flirting.
The gypsy's prophecy:
"I see blood in your future".
The mark of love and hatred, "a wound".
A mirror! A mirror!
Michele is arrested.
The trial of Michele.
The attention of the people.
The bailiff called to the
court "Assunta Spina".
No! It wasn't him! No! No!
His mother. "Wretch! You've
ruined my child's whole life!"
Look what your son has done!
And I lied to save him!
"Two years! Two years!..."
Federigo Funelli, the scribe of the
court, is interested in Assunta.
"Come on! Do not despair ..." "And if he is sent to a
prison far away? How could I continue to see him?"
"What should I do? Money? How much?
Sell everything... Speak!"
"It is not that... for you ..."
"So thank you very much!..."
Assunta! Assunta! They have decided that Michel will serve
his sentence in the Avellino prison... So far away?
"You told me that Michele could stay
in Naples?..." "Yes, it's true."
"Then I want him to stay in Naples!" "OK...
but we must speak elsewhere ...!" "Come ..."
The clerk kept his word.
The visitor's room.
But the flames of love die slowly in Assunta's
heart. She just does not feel good about herself.
They spend several months together and... Michele
continues writing letters from prison, but in vain...
Christmas Eve.
Come home! At least tonight!
It's Christmas Eve!
Good night! And Merry Christmas!
"But what are his intentions?" "He says
he will marry me ..." "And Michele?..."
"In six months, when he leaves prison...
I won't be here any longer!!"
You! You! Free? Six
months ahead of schedule!
"Back off! Back off! I am
not worthy of you!..."
The soldier leaned over, touched a small hand, cold and
trembling, and Assunta Spina appeared in the darkness.
"Who killed this man?..."
"It was I, officer."
This edition of "Assunta Spina" has been restored
from a positive nitrate from the period, tinted
according to the Caesar Film original with Portuguese
titles, preserved in the Cinemateca Brazilia in Sao Paulo
under the title "Neapolitan Blood"; It was released 60
years ago as a lavendar negative with the original titles
and preserved in the
Cinematheque Italia in Milan.
The restoration was carried out by
L'IMMAGINE Ritrovato in November 1993.
The colors have been restored thanks to the
method of No? Desmet of the Belgian Cin? Ath? Ue.
Musical accompaniment Guido
Sodo and Francois Laurent.
A very special thanks to Cinemateca Italia.
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