Asteroid vs. Earth (2014) Movie Script

Ladiesand Gentlemen
your honorable guest,
Mr. Evan Telly!
Thank you!
Mrs. Harris.
Do you know what time it is?
Uh, I do know what time it is.
I don't know why I hired you!
What are you doing?
In fact, there is 99% percent probability that
It's 4am in the morning!
What is it?
There is a meteor heading towards
earth in 10 days.
What? What's the speed of it's trajectory?
It's traveling over 7 million miles an hour.
What? Toward us?
Uh huh. Towards the gravitational
pull of our sun.
How did you find it?
Uh, luckily I have a spectroscopic
yasmin reading.
Uh it's it's off the charts.
Wait there!
Wait here.
Yeah. Yeah. Let me figure this out.
Evan Kitsias?
Evan Kitsias?
Be advised. Target is secure.
What are you doing here?
Who do you think pays for all this stuff?
I don't want to pry, Chase.
Good. Thank you.
All right. You win.
No conversation.
Taking one for the team, huh?
- Action my friend.
- No
- That. That speaks louder then words.
- Rudy. Ru-Rudy.
Damn. Damn!
As awful and annoying
this song is in English...
Who knew it would be so good in Chinese.
It's Korean.
Oh. Well I assure you Miss,
I am not here to molest you in any way.
My butt would not dare warm
a seat beside yours, normally.
But I'm am here on a,
mission of mercy.
You see that sailor.
That lonely sailor over there?
You know, I am having a really bad week.
Well, no that's good.
That's really good.
You see, my friend...
he is terrible company.
Actually he's down right dull.
Chase, uh...
- What's your name?
- Marissa.
Come meet Marissa.
He's terrible company.
But you're in a terrible mood,
so... you're all set.
It's not like he can bring you down.
Sorry about my friend, he
Whoa whoa whoa, no no.
There is no need to apologize.
I've already warned her how dull you can be.
Marissa. This is my friend Chase.
Chase, this is Marissa.
It was a pleasure meeting you Marissa.
Oh and by the way,
she's having a terrible week.
Sorry about all that.
So what's the matter with you week?
Ugh! You wouldn't understand.
Because I'm stupid or in sensitive?
I'm a deep sea geophysicist task
with mapping the Yap Trench
but I can't right now
Because of sub ductal instability due to
the reactivation of the Saipan Volcano.
I took rocks for jocks in college.
- Come on. We gotta go.
- What is going on?
It's a super cell.
I've never seen it like this.
Neither have I.
STRATCOM this is Masterson. Mayday.
We've got a shit storm down here.
This is Masterson. Mayday.
Damn! Thing's not working!
Interference in the Ionosphere.
You really think these reinforcements
are gonna hold up?
I hope so honey.
Identify yourself.
Major Sera
Opening the door.
Are you and your wife ok?
There's a situation.
Expected as much.
I know the deal.
- This just came in for you.
- Thank you.
Are you in charge sir?
I'm General Jim Masterson, and you are?
I'm Evan Kitsias, sir.
I'm the Q4 Keck intern.
I discovered the Meteor.
That's fine work son.
The planet owes you a debt.
Thanks. You can call me Telly.
I want to talk to you about
the interdiction meteor.
- That exactly what We're
- 2 minutes from Pre launch.
We need to move, sir.
Excuse me.
Did I not tell you that was the bomb.
You got this.
We have a minute and a half before
the launch of those ICBMs.
Rockets traveling 100,000 Km
Hour with 58 Megaton warhead packages?
You're throwing pebbles at a tank, sir.
Let's hope you miss
so you don't cause any damage.
You're one precocious young man.
- Major.
- Guard.
I can show you the simulation, sir.
I have a plan. It'll work.
You can't deflect it.
You can't destroy it, sir.
Have you all received the timing for
a coordinated meteor interdiction?
We reiterate our objection to deflection.
Your little friend is right.
That asteroid cannot be turned.
This secondguessing is ludicrous.
It's rather late in the game.
This launch sequence is the only way
for us to synchronize
the delivery of our nuclear resources,
What are you proposing?
We will destroy it.
Unfortunately I'm afraid
that is not gonna work.
Deflection is the only answer.
We believe only chance is to destroy meteor.
How you say?
Uh, we agree to disagree.
We will in no way interrupt your plans,
but Russian federation reserves
the right to defend itself.
General Masterson, what will you do?
United States based weapons
command will stay the course.
Thank you gentlemen.
Major. Where'd they put that kid?
Give me a moment gentlemen.
- You too Major.
- Yes sir.
How did you know the tonnage
of our weapons?
Uh, Google, sir.
Of course.
And what makes you think
the deflection will be unsuccessful?
Physics, sir.
Oh so you're a part-time
physicist now? Is that it?
I built a nuclear fusion reactor
in my garage freshman year.
High School.
Fueled by kerosene or paint thinner?
Uh, Deuterium.
I was even manufacturing yellow cake
until my mom made me stop.
I don't know why.
It's all just uh... Physics, sir.
That asteroid of unknown
composition has a diameter of
1/4 the moon and probably
the mass of.04% of the Earth.
There is no physical way to stop that
with just 5 nuclear missiles
of 5,00 nuclear missiles.
It's not possible in our solar system.
You don't think I know that son?
Now you said you had a
simulation I could watch.
What's your plan C?
Move the planet.
Excuse me?
Move the Earth.
You just said that the Earth
has a mass 5,000 times
greater then the asteroid.
That would take millions of nuclear
detonations to even budge it.
Well over a trillion actually.
Uh, but maybe just a few
at the right place.
For example,
the intersection of 4 tectonic
plates setting off multiple
seismic events,
aggregating to over...
18 on the Richter scale.
And where do you propose this son?
On YapTrench.
The ring of fire.
Do you uh,
still find me precocious, sir?
Ok you guys. Here you go. Enjoy.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
That's like a quadruple.
So wait a minute,
so you're telling me that you're
the guy with his finger on the button?
You're not suppose to shout
that out in a bar.
Now as XO is more of a key really.
Rudy's on weapons now.
So he's got his finger on the
Rudy's got his finger on the button?
- We're all in danger.
- Keep it down.
We're chatting about national
security here.
The Uighurs might be listening.
Who's the Uighurs?
It's an inside joke that isn't funny.
Rudy warned you I'm dull, right?
Yeah, I guess it's getting late.
Well you uh...
You don't have to go home,
but you can't stay here.
Is that some sort of invitation?
The MPs are guarding my place in some
sort of joint forces arrangement,
But uh, I could see you home.
See me home?
Oh my.
While thank you very much.
Wow it is late.
It's so late it's early.
You feel good.
Are you for real?
You tell me.
Oh I'm terrified.
You should be.
You could be a foreign agent.
Marissa Knox!
I'm Gunnery Sergeant Luiz Zuniga.
Military Police from Koror
Hafen Naval Base.
I'm here to escort you to the USS Polk.
That's my sub.
Steady your weapon, Gunny.
I apologize, sir. But
Ms. Knox has to come with us.
I'm not gonna do anything.
Under who's orders are you acting?
Orders come directly from
Air Force Chief of Staff
General Masterson's command.
- We better go.
- Ms. Knox, please.
Come on.
What the hell?
Stop the car.
Sir I have direct orders
Now Gunny!
Excuse me?!
What are you doing with my HROV?
It's nice to see you Commander.
What the hell are your
A-Gangers doing here?
We're voiding the manufacturer's
warranty if you ask me.
Don't take my word for it.
Ask the Skipper.
You can't do this. This is my mini-sub!
Welcome to the Navy ma'am.
If you'll excuse me, Commander.
The Captain is waiting
for you on board, Commander.
Ms. Knox.
Captain Rogers.
Ms. Knox.
Have you two met?
Ms. Knox,
on the behalf of
the Department of Defense,
I apologize.
I wish I could tell you why
you are here but,
I can't.
I simply don't know.
So, I suggest we call Keck and see if
General Masterson could explain it.
USS Polk for Keck observatory,
come in.
Stand by.
Sir, we have a connection,
bringing it up now.
- Is this working on it's own now?
- Yes, sir.
- I'd appreciate it if you wait for us in the hall.
- Yes, sir.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I'm Major Sara.
Please hold for Jim Masterson,
Air Force Chief of Staff
with oversight of US STRATCOM,
United States Strategic Command.
Thank you, Major.
We're under extraordinary circumstances,
so let's skip with the pleasantries.
I'm kind of in an awkward
situation as none of
you have the security
clearance for the briefing.
I wish beyond measure
I didn't have to give.
So I must insist on your word
that this remains classified.
No one may know, not even on the Polk.
- Captain?
- Yes, sir.
- Commander?
- Yes, sir.
Ms. Knox.
General I was dragged
here against my will
under some very
suspicious circumstances.
I'd like a little bit of information
before I give you my word on anything.
Then I'll rely on your good sense,
Ms. Knox.
Telly. Please.
It's uh pretty straightforward really.
Um, an asteroid is 8 days,
4 hours from impacting...
The Earth.
How large an asteroid?
Good question.
Based on the orbital deviation in
its path and its gravitational influence
I'd probably say...
At least 200 miles wide.
Is that big for an asteroid?
I mean, it sounds pretty big.
66 million years ago an asteroid
impacted earth on the Yucatan Peninsula.
It was about 6 miles wide.
And it killed the dinosaurs.
General, have we launched interceptors
to deflect or destroy it?
Air Force Global Strike command
along with other nuclear powers,
has launched an interdiction effort.
I will most certainly fail.
Who are you, Telly?
I'm the Keck intern.
Discovered the meteor.
Continue Telly.
The asteroid is effectively
impossible to move
with the tools and time at our disposal.
So uh,
I want us to move the Earth instead.
What exactly are you suggesting?
Well that's why you're here.
Um, we set off Earthquakes
around the Pacific Ocean.
Generating a cumulative
seismographic impact
over 18 on the Richter scale.
At just the right place,
at just the right time...
by the equator near sunset...
That's over a trillion times more energy then
any nuclear detonation you'll ever have. So
it will definitely move the Earth
out of the Asteroid's way.
You want me to blow up the Yap Trench?
No one else on the submarine,
no one else on Palau,
no one else at Woods Hole,
Scripps or Jacque Cousteau's
great-grandson knows as more
about the Yap Trench as you do Ms. Knox.
And no one knows how to operate that HROV.
So I'm putting you in charge of
the placement, timing, size
and detonation of the nuclear charges.
- Commander?
- Yes, sir.
You once served as Weps on
the Virginia, is that correct?
Yes, sir.
Lt. Rudy Marzyk is Weps on the Polk now.
He's a very dependable man.
That's good because he'll be on shore guarding
the 2 SLBM's we're off-loading
to make room for the HROV.
You will now answer to Ms. Knox
as weapons officer Commander.
In addition to your
responsibilities as Executive Officer.
Gentlemen. Ms. Knox.
Please succeed.
The Earth is depending on you.
What he's suggesting could kill
over 50% of the people on this planet.
If the alternative is all of us,
we don't have a choice, do we?
Let's get cracking.
Uh, Sir.
The sun and the moon
are entering a spring tide.
And they are aligning in a straight
line relative to Earth,
that is causing really powerful
high and low tides.
That's what the calendar tells me,
but the rest of it...
The asteroid is also aligning
with the sun and the moon.
And it's way closer
or bigger then we thought.
Or both.
Right. In addition to causing the floods
and other weather related disasters.
I'm well aware of that son.
Um, the gravitational influence
of the asteroid,
it also seems to be weakening
the Earth's cohesion.
Increasing the probability
of sub-ductal slippage.
Meaning we'll have more
Earthquakes naturally.
What's the delay, Lieutenant?
Pardon me, sir.
Did you just ask me what the delay is?
We need to disembark before low tide,
So yes, I'm asking what
the delay is, Mr. Rouse.
My men have had 8 hours
to do a 6 month retrofit
that would have taken 6 years
of testing in dry-dock just to confirm
that it was physically possible to do.
Well it looks like you're doing
a good job Lieutenant, so carry on.
It looks like my nephew just
wiped his dirty diaper all over my boat.
Sir, I can't vouch for this work.
Certainly nor for you to go pleasure
cruising with your girlfriend.
If we're lucky Lieutenant,
one day you'll feel like a jackass
for saying that and we'll both laugh at it.
In the mean time, secure whatever
supplies you need to get make this ship
sea-worthy to crush depth in 30 minutes.
If you need to make
modifications wet, do so.
But we sail in 30.
Aye aye, sir.
XO said it's good enough.
But sir it's almost wired.
XO's always right son.
Pack it up.
One of those day, huh?
You don't know the half of it.
You're gonna stay here
to watch the missiles.
I knew they'd want somebody
if this thing went pear-shaped.
How long you think before
they pick the black guy?
- Lieutenant.
- Commander.
You should call Terry.
We're not speaking remember?
I'm phobic.
- Really? It's that bad?
- Yeah.
What do we talk about?
I don't know.
Your feelings. It'll lighten the mood.
Watch my boat, Chase.
And you watch my nukes.
Captain's on the bridge!
Captain on board, come in.
On board the USS Polk.
This is Captain Rogers.
Captain it's now or never.
We're 18 feet below normal.
Make way to get under way.
Copy that.
Cast off!
Chief of the Polk.
Take us out.
Aye aye, Skipper.
All right guys. All ahead full.
All hands below deck.
Hustle up. Let's go.
Let's get down below. Come on.
All right guys, move it out.
I am telling you that one explosion,
no matter how big it is, isn't gonna do it.
I'm more worried about no explosions.
Remotely triggering warheads
at the bottom of the Trench?
On the outside chance that load, deliver,
unload, re-board, reload and re-deliver
AND trigger 2 differently timed
explosions all at once? No way.
We need to puncture the protruding
crust of the Trench
in order to pierce the asthenosphere
and expose the Earth's core.
And then with the secondary explosion,
induce tectonic displacement.
I can't manufacture time Marissa.
We won't make it.
And I can't accept that because this is
the only way that's gonna work!
You know I started diving when
I was probably 10 years old?
I'm more comfortable under
water then I am in dry land.
It's a whole world down there.
These amazing creatures that
manufacture life out of nothing.
And now they're asking you to blow it up.
I understand,
and I know how hard this is for you.
But we don't have
to go up with the Trench.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry. Just be right.
Because that's the only
thing that's gonna make this ok.
Fair enough.
Long time no talk.
Who else were you expecting?
It's 3:30 in the morning.
I wasn't expecting anybody.
But what do you care?
Man, I always care.
All the time. You know that.
Are you laughing at me?
Chase told me to tell you
about my feelings.
He said it would lighten the mood.
Should I have sent you
a Whitman sample instead?
How is chase?
Why are you with him?
If you don't want to tell me
It's just whatever is going on is big.
Look, maybe you should pack
your bags and get out of town, ok?
You can stay with my mom.
You haven't lost your sense of humor.
I gotta teach in the morning, man. I
You know I can't abandon my kids.
We've got finals.
- Rudy?
- Terry. I gotta go.
What is it man?
- Take care man.
- Rudy?!
Move move move!
For god sake protect these nukes!
It's probably just another tremor.
Ships absorbs hundreds of them every year.
We should be ok.
They why are there radio
transmitters on the warheads?
And you don't care if I think you
are still making a mistake?
You can tell me afterwards.
All right, at least we can put a few miles
between us and the explosion.
Let's hope this works.
What now?
The door's fails is set to lock.
Power surge must of tripped the magnet.
We're sealed in here.
Status report.
Status report, please!
Shut that alarm.
I can't hear myself think.
COB, what the hell was that?
We got a fire in the modify
launch bay in tubes 1 and 2.
The wells must have
shorted out the wiring.
Sir, not response. I'm trying.
We're getting an elevated geiger
counter and even the CRA as well.
The reactor cooling system is down?
No, sir. Launch base 1 and 2 only.
- Go check 1 and 2.
- All right. Yes, sir.
250 milliards on the dosimeter.
That's a year's worth of radiation.
I thought you said it was safer
down here then it is on the surface?
It should be, unless there something...
The W88s aren't heat shielded.
Unheated shielded missiles?
Are you kidding me?!
Base of it isn't heatshielded.
They wanted to reduce the weight.
Encased in a Trident Il it isn't an issue,
but the deuterium is
forming irradiated Helium.
The missiles are reacting?
The deuteriumtritium trigger
is starting to fuse in the heat.
It's random, but it's accelerating.
We have to get these warheads
into the water now.
Chief of the boat?
We have to flush the warheads.
Sir? XO Seward and Marissa Knox
haven't reported in yet.
But they've transported
four W88 warheads
into a launch bay that is currently on fire?
Yes, sir.
Open the bay doors Chief.
We have to launch the HROV.
Yes, sir.
Open the bay doors.
What is that?
They're gonna flood the launch bay,
come on! We gotta move!
The doors failed to open, sir.
Probably the electrical short.
Lieutenant Rouse!
Is there anything you can do to prevent an
accidental explosion aboard my sub?
I can bypass the safeties, sir.
- Do it.
- Yes, sir.
30 seconds, sir.
All right.
Now we just got to get out of here.
Let's go demagnetize that door.
HROV launch successful, sir.
But we lost the bay door.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Sir, Sonar's shot.
What are you talking about?
How long will it be down?
The boat is simply making too much noise.
The welds had been groaning
and leaving an aural wake miles long,
but now, we're almost
at a 1 to 1 signal to noise ratio.
Sir, I can hardly hear anything.
- Understood. Do what you can.
- Yes, sir.
- Nav. Fullstop.
- Aye aye, sir.
If we're dead in the water,
let's not stray from our destination.
Comms., Put me through on intercom.
Let's get department
communications back online.
Yes, sir.
Crew this is the Captain.
With the apparent death at sea of XO,
Commander Chase Seward
and civilian geophysicist Marissa Knox,
I must violate a command order
and reveal the reason
for our mission.
The Earth is on a collision
course with an Asteroid.
And while the Air Force
and STRATCOM are
attempting to deflect
to destroy the asteroid,
the USS Polk has been assigned
to serve as a last line of defense.
The plan from Air Force Chief
Masterson is to detonate
nuclear explosions in Yap Trench.
This will cause earthquakes,
over 18 on the Richter scale,
big enough to move the Earth
out of the pathasteroid.
This remains our job.
And we have to find a way.
I couldn't be the only one on board
who knew the truth.
So now we can all pull together,
and keep it together.
Everyone in the world that you love,
depends on it.
Over and out.
How we doing fellas?! Secure, sir.
What did you see out there, sir?
This cannot be good.
Let's go!
Metal! Metal!
Close it Metal!
Sir, we gotta move!
We gotta get these gone.
Let's go.
Bring it. Bring it. Come on. Come on.
Come on! Come on!
That's it. That's it. That's it.
Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa.
There we go. Back it up. Back it up.
Yes, sir!
Get these people out of here!
Move it! Move! Everybody out!
Marines! Let's go!
Everybody out! Let's go! Let's go!
Move move! Let's go!
Gunnery Sergeant.
Were all your men accounted for?
Yes, sir. We're all here, sir!
I need 2 details.
1 to guard these missiles.
The other, to retrieve the tools
and insulated cases from
the shelf that use to be
in that corner over there.
Tools and cases for what, sir?
We're evacuating this disaster zone. Ok?
We're looking for a room with a view.
And unless YOU
can lift more then I can realize,
we're only taking the warheads with us.
What's the matter?
I thought they sent me Marines?!
Copy that, sir.
You heard the man!
Double time! Let's go!
Let's move out.
- Chief of the boat?
- Yes, sir?
Status of ballistic missiles 12-16?
Missile techs?
This is the Chief of the boat.
What is the status of missiles 12-16?
Launch ready?
Sir sir sir!
Look who I found.
What do you want with my nukes?
Well, I'll be,
XO on Deck!
As the room started to flood,
the faulty welding
also caused the magnetic doors
to short long enough for us to get out.
Comms. Get me the ship.
This is the Captain.
XO Seward and Ms.
Knox are very much alive
and making a mess of my bridge.
Over and out.
Captain we have 4
live warheads on my HROV.
And I need to find that minisub.
FT, would you please.
- Welcome back, sir.
- Thank you.
I need to replicate the boost
signal on this transmitter.
I'm not taking any chances
activating the warheads.
Aye, sir.
General, we have the feed
from the Russian rocket,
We're receiving their signal.
General, we should have a good view
of the explosions from #2.
Sergei, what time is
your point of contact?
Any moment now.
There, see it?
It's approaching too quickly.
No. No. We just over
100,000 kilometers an hour.
The speed is right.
Telly, explain.
Uh, it's the asteroid that's
moving faster. Quicker,
The sun and the moon
are pulling it closer and
you need to adjust the detonation
time of your warhead, sir.
Perhaps you're right.
now! Vsorvat.
Switching to European's
rocket point of view.
What the hell is that?
- Mon dieu
- Gou shi.
My guess is that
the warhead embedded,
the detonated, and launched
the fragments to go faster.
Where the fragments heading then?
Um, I don't know, I
I'm on it.
Should we detonate now?
Yes. Blast that thing.
No! If you do, you'll destroy
the other missiles.
And there won't be a chance
to stop the main asteroid.
Switching to U.S. camera.
Adjusting for re-calibrated acceleration.
T-minus 30 seconds to detonation.
Living god, our refuge and strength...
even the wind and sea obey your voice.
Put the wind back in its place,
and say to the sea...
Peace! Be still!
Interpolating image, Now.
Uh, sir.
What is it?
Preliminary trajectory
reading indicates that
a smaller fragment will hit Earth
82 hours ahead of schedule.
Are you joking?
South China?
In the vicinity of Hong Kong,
Guangzhou, I think.
I'm not sure yet.
Well you make sure son.
You make triple sure.
General directive, all Chinese submarines
will monitor American craft
with in 500 miles of the South China sea.
Here we go.
All right.
Scientists and Government agencies of
an asteroid heading directly for the Earth.
- It has been said
- Nice and easy.
- Jesus it's heavy.
- Careful.
I got it. I got it.
It's loose.
Here it comes.
Here it comes.
All right, Gunny I'm gonna need
you to catch it, all right?
Get it Get it Get it Get it.
Yep. Yep.
Lift lift, lift.
All right, I got it I got it.
It's a boy fellas. It's a boy.
Help them carry this out,
we're gonna load it up.
U.S., Chinese,
and Russian Governments
Carefully. Carefully.
Always knows when I'm not doing
nothing just kicking it back
nothing on my plate.
Can I get a second, fellas?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
Believe me when I say
this is not a good time.
There's some sort of explosion.
They don't what
it was but, they found something.
But you gotta get out of there.
Look I am not one of your sailors,
you can't just order me around.
Yeah, that's right.
I am doing that PROFESSOR.
Things are gonna get bad.
All right? So cut the crap!
And do what I tell you!
I love you.
All right, I'm going. I'm going.
I love you too.
All right, Watch that ass...
versus Earth...
What was that, sir?
Doesn't matter.
So... What bad news do you want?
Because I have a lot of it.
Careful guys.
All right, remember we're not out of
the clear yet, All right.
Uh, General?
I- I need to show you something.
Um, the smaller fragment will
hit Earth in about 15 hours.
The larger one may be
2 hours and 32 minutes later.
That one's a planet killer
about 34 miles wide.
So you are saying that by not detonating
early and stopping the fragments,
I sped up Armageddon?
No. You would miss
the larger fragment anyways.
You did how ever speed up
the annihilation of Southern China.
But the good news is that the main
asteroid is deflecting its trajectory.
Meaning the Earth will miss it.
- If we could withstand
- That's enough son.
You don't have a lot of experience
with good news, do you?
Alert the crew of the Polk,
they have 77 hours less then originally
planned to accomplish their mission.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
- Telly!
- Yep.
Hello darling.
It's way beyond
what we can even imagine.
Sir, we have an ELF message coming in.
Sir, orders over the ELF.
What is it, sir?
It's worse.
The interdiction not only failed,
but a small fragment is going to
wipe out Honk Kong in 15 hours.
2 and a half hours after that,
another chunk is going to
wipe out all the life in the planet.
That's 3 days early.
All right, let's stop
by widen up these frequencies,
start in the UHF band.
Comms. How you doing on that signal?
I believe I can trigger the count down sir.
I have the right band with
and I can amplify
the signal wide enough to reach
the deepest part of the Trench.
I just have a way of knowing
if it actually worked.
There is no mechanism for me
to receive acknowledgement
that the trigger actually
triggered the countdown.
Wait a minute! I can tell you whether
or not the signal worked.
I've got a camera feed on the HROV.
It can be manipulated to
see a countdown, if there is one.
I just have to find the damn thing first.
It's working and responsive,
it just doesn't have a homing device on it.
Never expected to lose the thing.
I'm searching every square acre.
To find it right now.
Admiral Se, since you're
already aware of the
imminent destruction of Southern China,
Why don't you move
your command inland, sir?
We need you.
I'm in charge of the Navy
for the people's republic of China.
Thank you for your concern,
but I will remain at my post.
That's what I'd though.
Godspeed, Admiral.
All right guys.
Let's get those cases covered up.
Spread the word to the vehicle behind.
Would you gentlemen please cover your cases?
- Roger.
- Copy that.
Marines on alert.
Why are they coming
towards the volcano?
Weapons, down.
No body fires unless I give the order.
Advise the rear.
Yes, sir.
Cross this ravine, and
We'll be out of the range of the volcano.
Let's go Gunny.
Let's roll, fellas.
What... the... hell?
Come on, Gunny! Punch it!
Punch it to the pedal baby.
Let's go let's go! Not today.
Go ZZ! Go!
How big was the Earthquake
in the Trench, Telly?
Uh, just over 3.8, sir.
No sign of the submarine on satellite?
No, sir. Not since itpassed
2,000 fathoms a day ago.
I don't know how these
Admirals can stand not knowing.
How long till impact?
Smaller fragment will
impact Hong Kong in 15 seconds, sir.
Would you like me to
contact Admiral Se, sir?
How big is it?
About 13 on the Richter scale.
It's not even close.
I got it.
- I gol got it!
- Here is it?
All systems seem responsive.
Running a quick test.
It'll work.
Motors., propellers, gyroscope,
all critical systems report.
A half mile up, Ms. Knox,
you remind me I owe you a drink.
How long before we get into the trench?
Locations fixed.
About 20 minutes to bring
it to the mouth of the Trench.
Another 30 to dive the last mile and a half.
Make it so Ms. Knox.
What's going on?
Someone needs to procure a boat.
We can't be on this island,
without access to base.
I can send one of them to do a
We need something with a winch.
Something to assist with the recovery
of the warheads.
And our men, sir.
You and uh you men...
You'll hike,
you'll hike down the cliff, OK?
Set a position at the breakwater
when you see the SUV crash site.
I'll pick you up in,
whatever I procure, OK?
- Maintain radio silence.
- Yes, sir.
All right guys, lets go.
Send out a message,
of the ELF transmitted to the Polk.
Alert the to the destruction
of Hong Kong and Chinese Admiralty.
Warn them to keep an ear open
for potential unfriendlies.
Yes, sir.
We didn't exactly get
Admiral Se's OK to irradiate
the waters off the South China Sea.
- Sonar.
- Yes, sir.
Is there anyway to keep
an eye out for company.
Maybe use a filter to minimize the noise?
Yes, sir. I'll try.
What is it?
Small asteroid wipes out Hong Kong,
Guangzhou, and all of Southern China.
Taking with it their
South Sea Naval Command.
We're suppose to be keeping
an ear out for any of our friends who
think that us blowing up nukes at their door
steps might be an unfriendly gesture.
How we doing Ms. Knox?
The programming is mapped and loaded.
It knows which way to go
and it can get there in plenty of time.
Did I say 1 drink?
I'll buy you a bar when
we get on top of the waves.
Thank you.
Comms. Let's try that signal and see if
we can trigger the warheads.
Transmission synced Captain.
Captain! Torpedoes in the water!
Multiple signals, I think.
I can't make bands but they're close.
Chief COB. Drop us.
- Nav 20 degrees, dive!
- Aye aye.
Skipper, dive 20 degrees.
Can you see the count down?
Did it work?
- I'm trying.
- Initiating dive, Captain.
- Got it! It's working.
- Launch your sub, now!
- Are you ok?
- Yeah.
Medic to the bridge!
Medic to the bridge!
COB, level us out.
If we keep diving the hull will crush.
Yes, sir.
Up bubble, 30 degrees.
Navigation shot, sir.
Propellers, the whole electrical
system is fried.
Even lifesupport and reactor
cooling systems are down, sir.
We can still float, can't we?
- Pressurize the forward ballasts.
- Aye aye, sir.
Give me Bull Nuke, EDEA.
Do it now! We haven't got much time.
Yes, sir.
Oh god.
You can do this. Come on.
You can do this Rudy.
Oh no.
COMM. Engineering.
Sir, Air Mach is reporting in.
- Patch him though.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, you're connected.
Lieutenant Rouse.
This is the XO.
Captain Rogers is dead.
I'm the acting Captain.
Engine and bull nuke are dead too, sir.
That makes me acting nuke Engine,
I can't even make popcorn
in the microwave.
The hull is breached.
Agang sealed it off but
the reactor bulkhead won't hold.
What the hell is that?
Quiet on the bridge!
It's mores code, sir.
- Surface or die.
- COB?
We're zero bubble for now.
If we keep on taking water
without the power to pump it out...
You're saying that our
2 choices are to sink?
Or let our anonymous friends blow us up?
Well we can't surface even if we wanted to.
And either way we fail to deliver
the second round of nukes into the trench.
This is still Captain Rogers command.
And that's not the way he's going out.
You said all the breaches were all aft?
What's the integrity of the forward hull?
Sound and watertight, sir.
Seals are holding at mid-ship.
9 minutes, sir.
Rouse, you're gonna love this one.
We're blasting this ship in 2.
We're rigging 1 pound charges at 18 inch
intervals around the entire hull.
And I'm riding the aft
section into the Trench.
I appreciate the offer Lieutenant,
but that's not happening.
It's my fault the welds gave away.
No it's not.
And I'm sorry about all that back in Palau.
It's my fault the Chinese found us.
And it's my fault the Captain is dead.
That's insane Lieutenant. Stand down!
You don't have to do this.
What's the matter anyway?
We're all gonna go when
all these things blow.
I never liked you much anyway,
The feeling was mutual, sir.
All right.
On my mark,
I will initiate the countdown sequence
on the warheads.
Is everyone ready?
Yes, sir.
Mark! Go!
Get to the bridge and buckle in!
- Patch me through the ship.
- Yes, sir.
Ready, sir.
Onboard the USS Polk.
This is the Executive Officer.
With the passing of Captain Rogers,
I will be assuming all duties
and responsibilities
as commanding officer
on board the USS Polk.
In 60 seconds...
We will be blasting the Polk in half.
Everyone to forward stations now.
This is your Commanding Officer
over and out.
Sounding General quarters. Captain.
Torpedoes in the water Captain!
Bastards are early.
Below the boat.
Detonate the charges.
See ya on the other side.
Anchors away.
Come on, Rouse.
Yeah. Of course I miss you.
Pay attention son.
- I love you.
- I love you too, mom.
Mom? Terry?
Tell my mom I love her, OK?
All right, I gotta go.
It's such a surprise to see you, sir.
Are you saying I'm a sight
for sore eyes, Luiz?
You didn't think I'd come back?
Let's just say I was worried
you'd get a better offer, sir.
Speaking of better offers,
sounds like you got through.
We kept trying but weren't able to.
Too much metal interference.
Actually I did, Gunny.
I was speaking,
With Terry.
He teaches Philosophy in Chicago.
You know,
with everything that's going on...
We know.
Let's get back to work.
All right, Gunny.
All right Marines!
Let's get these warheads out of the drink.
2,600 feet below sea level
and climbing, sir.
45 seconds until the detonation
of the aft section.
11 minutes until the HROV blows.
Hang in there everyone,
and won't be long now.
4,200 feet.
2,000 feet.
30 seconds.
1,800 feet.
You're all amazing.
Captain Rogers will be proud
of each and everyone of you.
1,500 feet.
20 seconds.
200 feet.
100 feet.
And we're breached!
How are we COB?
Well for half a boat skipper,
I'd say we're pretty good.
5 seconds to detonation.
Thank you Marissa.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
Maybe the hull couldn't take it, sir.
Bottom of Yap Trench is
miles below crushed depth.
Even straight out of dry-dock
the Polk couldn't handle
that kind of pressure.
Is there any chance that 1 blast
could reach the core?
I don't know.
Maybe my calculations were all wrong.
What's that noise?
Could be the warhead?
Anything on the geiger counter?
We wouldn't have time to
wonder if it was the warhead.
How long ago was Hong Kong
hit by the asteroid fragment?
About 2 hours ago according
to last report.
Get back in your seats!
Sir, we've lost Chinese contact.
I think their sub just blew up!
What the hell happened?
It was the echo of the asteroid
fragment hitting Hong Kong.
It caused a tidal wave 2 hours ago,
but it just got here
Ah geez.
Nav, where are we?
Can't make it out, sir.
GPS isn't making sense.
COB, what's our velocity?
Can't say, sir.
How long till the HROV detonation?
Evacuate the building!
Everybody out!
Everybody out!
Telly what's the reading?!
It just 16, sir. It isn't bad enough!
Stay still. Stay still. Stay still.
Navigator, any idea where we are?
Sorry Captain.
We've been in the dark
without sonar, now
all the digital systems are shot.
COB, what about that geiger counter?
It's working, sir.
But it's not picking anything up.
Must of been blown clear.
Comms? Your systems working?
One minute, sir.
I think I can feed our Marine band VHF,
up through our SSI excess system.
Now systems only blown on our side,
so if I can feed it up to our UHF SATCOM,
we will be back in business.
Do so, and get me Keck Observatory.
USS Polk to Keck Observatory, come in.
Sir, I got them, he's on the UHF band.
It's Chase Seward aboard the Polk.
He's the acting Captain now.
Rogers is dead.
It's the Polk.
You have to take this.
Of course, yes. Thank you, Major.
This is General Masterson.
Sir we detonated one series
of warheads in the Trench.
Was it enough?
No, it was insufficient.
Only registered 16 on the Richter.
Does that intern have any ideas?
The boy is dead Commander.
Commander there's gotta
be something else we could try.
Maybe the strategic
air command can detonate
more nukes along the Pacific.
Saipan volcano!
If we place one of the nukes
that's still on Palau
into the cone of the Saipan volcano
We would have punctured
the protruding crust of the Trench
and placed it directly towards the core.
- Proceed, you have my permission.
- Yes, sir. Thank you.
That could work.
Rudy, come in.
This is Marzyk.
- Chase is that you?
- Rudy?
You're not gonna like
what I have to tell you.
About the asteroid?
How you doing with that?
I kinda figured you'd be 30,000 feet
and climbing by now.
Well that was the plan
but there's a new plan now,
and there's not much time
to make it happen.
Do you still have those packages?
You're not gonna like what happened
with your packages.
I got 4. 4 still in the drink.
We lost 3 good men.
Trying to protect that payload.
Well I'm sorry about that.
Rouse, Rogers, and all of engineering
didn't make it down here either.
You're not gonna like
what is left of your submarine.
I'm gonna put you on
with Ms. Marissa Knox here.
Can I pick'em or can I pick'em.
Hey, what she doing?
Saving the world, sport.
Hey Rudy, you remember me?
Now is he as dull
as I warned you to be?
Much much worse.
So Rudy this is what I need you to do.
You need to deliberately
release one of those nukes
into the cone of Saipan volcano.
Do you hear me?
Is there anything else you need?
Round trip plane tickets?
Yeah you have to do it in the next
49 minutes or the world is gonna end.
Copy that.
One way tickets.
Tell Chase, uh...
It's been an honor to serve
with his as his wingman.
But he's gonna have to find a new recruit.
Thanks Rudy. Thanks for everything.
We got a change of plans.
What change of plans?
We gotta detonate these nukes,
inside Saipan Island volcano.
Saipan? Are you serious?
That's right.
Sir, you do know the war
of Saipan never ended?
That is true.
The last imperial soldiers
were not captured until
1951. 6 years after we dropped the bomb.
So many Japanese held off for so long.
The island is still one big boobie trap.
So let me get this straight?
We're suppose to cross a battle field,
cover with 70 years old munitions,
climb up a volcano, and drop a bomb?
Hoorah Marine.
Hoorah, sir. Let's do it.
We have enough power
to initiate a launch sequence.
Just barely.
I want you to get
the coordinates from Keck.
Come up with a firing
solution in case Rudy...
In case we need a back up plan.
Watch the weight on those things guys.
Set it down here. Be careful.
We have to get to
the base of the volcano,
and plant these nukes in a natural Trench.
Let's go!
Hold! Hold!
Don't move.
This is it.
They're landmines in the sand.
Ok? So move carefully!
Pay attention.
Let it go.
No man.
Let it go!
Gunny I said let it go!
I'm not dropping it!
Everybody! GET DOWN!
- Dammit!
- METAL!!!
What the hell did you do that for, Metal?
I'm done.
I'm sorry ZZ.
Keep going. Keep going.
Just in case.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
I'll never forget what you did.
Know that.
Our Father in heaven,
hallowed by your name.
You kingdom come, your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Amen, Private. Amen.
Let's Move!
I need you to clear the bridge, please.
You heard the Captain.
Thank you. God bless you ma'am.
- It's been an honor, Skipper.
- The honor was mine.
Thank you.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe none of it's worth it.
But what is worth it is the commitment
that we put into each other.
It's do the little things.
That's what counts.
That's what makes a world of difference.
It's our job.
So I guess that makes me dull, huh?
You guys! Lava!
No! No! No!
Come on, come on, come on!
- Terry!
- Rudy?
Is that you?
Who else would be calling?
I'll see you on the other side.
Oh god.
You dull S.O.B.
Leaving the exciting job for me, huh?
Come on.
Therefore we will not fear.
With the mountains,
shaking the heart of the sea.
Though it's waters rage and foam.
Though the mountains
tremble with its tumult.
The God of Jacob is our refuge.
You know what?
You're not dull at all.