Astonishing (2004) Movie Script

Miss, may I help you?
I want some CDs of Jazz oldies
But I don't know which ones are better
Let me pick some for you
Thank you
Miss, these are Jazz
of sixties and seventies
All classics. You must love them
I like this one
Can you find one for me?
Yes. I'll keep these for you
Thank you
Ma'am, welcome home Yes
What would you like in dinner tonight?
No, thanks. Mr. Tang and I
will dine out tonight
Hello Hello. Mrs. Tang
You're losing weight
Bye Bye
Mr. Tang, Mrs. Tang's arrived
Hello Hello
Hello, Herman
Hello, Mrs. Tang
Come in
Hubby, it's time to go
Can we go now?
I'm ready. I'm only waiting for you
What do you feel about me tonight?
Thank you
Fiona will go tonight
Give her a lift?
Could you go now?
My honey asked me to take you
I don't wanna bother you two
I'll go by myself
Don't take me like that
Clear it up. We'll wait downstairs
OK, I'll come down when done
Mandy... Excuse me
Mandy, my classmate sells red wine
He brought me
many bottles of good wines today
Wanna taste the wine with me?
We first met ten years ago?
More than that. It'll be 12 years soon
We met at the research centre that time
Research centre...
Do you know I've envied you
for 12 years?
Nuts. What do you envy me?
Bro. You're taller, stronger
and more handsome
You make more friends
and have better results in school
Remember Dr. Lo?
I do
Something's been long nagging me
What's that?
You're his pet. But he disliked me most
I don't know I'm that great
I'd like to ask you...
What do you think about me?
always keep your old friends in mind
Frankly, we're busy with our business
after the graduation
If you don't hold the annual party
we wouldn't meet for a decade
I'm a good organizer
I can't agree more
And more to come tonight
What's that?
Ladies and gentlemen
My classmates. Come over, please
Thank you for coming
to the alumni party every year
I hold the party
at different times each year...
to give you different surprises
We celebrated the birthday
for Fiona last year
This year she will
tell us what's in the party
Fiona, please
Today is the seventh wedding anniversary
of my buddies
Kenny Tang and Mandy Kwan
We wish them a happy marriage forever
Jason, please
I love you so much
Me too
So sweet
Go there to cut the cake
Kenny. You and Fiona...
What're you doing
at the research centre?
We're doing the testing
and observation of animal behaviour
We've got an assumption
Animals living together
including human...
have their respective communities
The individuals in the community
have their own identities
Such identities do not belong
to any individuals
They are enshrined by the other members
of the community
We are doing research
on animals in community
the relationship between each individual
and its identity
Do you know what he means?
I won't bother his work
Tired? Let's go home
You haven't met for long
Go on
Let me take a rest here
Kenny, what's the use of the research?
The fact is... if you can master
the responses of individuals
and the relationship
between subjects or objects
it'll help you to govern the society
What're you working on?
Research or politics?
Ask Dr. Lo, please
Dr. Lo - the snob who's long
been looking down on me?
He's the chief director
of our research centre
I made an appointment with him tonight
When did you make it?
I've never heard of that
Two days ago
When did he come?
It's hard to tell
You know his whereabouts is unknown
He'll come whenever he likes
It's hard to tell exactly
Isn't Dr. Lo your boss?
I've never seen him
Dr. Lo
Dr. Lo, long time no see
Here comes Dr. Lo
Please be seated
Get up, the others are gone
Why did you drink so much?
I've slept for a long time?
I'll go now. Everybody, bye
Kenny, thanks tonight
Mandy's drunk. Is she OK?
She's OK
She drank a little bit too much
Enjoy tonight
OK, keep in touch. Bye Good night
Has Dr. Lo been here?
Who's Dr. Lo?
Your boss
He's in the US
You're tired. Let's go home
Take care
I've told you not to drink so much
Take a nap
I'll wake you up when we're back
No, thank you
I'm up
Yes, I was not sober
I seemed to hear you calling Dr. Lo
We did talk about Dr. Lo
But he wasn't here
So you were dreaming?
I really don't know
I drank too much
Forget it
Sally, it's you?
Sally, where're you?
Where's Sally?
New arrival?
This new stuff is fit
for matching clothes. Get your pick
This one is good
OK, I want it
OK, let me pack it
Help this miss, please
Miss, what else do you want?
Nothing else
$1780. Thank you
Miss. Please sign it
Thank you
Sorry, miss
Your signature is different
from that on the card
Could it be?
Sorry, I picked the card from my friend
I'll pay cash. Sorry
Let me tear it
Thanks Sorry
May I speak to Fiona?
Sorry, she's not in
Is Mr. Tang in?
Mr. Tang's in the meeting
In the meeting?
Then... Forget it
Please wait...
Sir, someone's coming
Sorry. I'm late
Sorry. I was held up in traffic
Ms Ho, how's the cough of Uncle Lee?
It's better
That's fine
Good morning, Nanny Lau
Good morning
Good morning
Good morning, Uncle Lee
Good morning
Ms Ho said your cough is better now
Yes. Thank you. Miss
You called me Miss again?
We're close friends. Call me Mandy
Someone's called Mandy here
But she's off today
Let me get your lunch
You're so great
Give me one for Uncle Lee
Sorry. There're rules
for this home for the elderly
Except the staff, relatives
and recognized volunteers
all the people
aren't allowed to feed the elders
Ms Ho, I'm a volunteer here
I'm Mandy. Remember?
Miss, which elder do you want to see?
I don't mean to see anybody
Why are you so... weird today?
You come here
not to see any people? Sorry
Here's private area. Please stay away
What're you talking about?
You see...
Uncle Chan, remember me?
I'm Mandy
You remember me, right?
I'm a volunteer Miss...
Don't bother the elders. Please
Auntie Ko, your son's going
to get married, right?
Miss, please leave!
What's the matter?
Director Ko
Director. Hi there
I don't know why... Ms. Ho's weird today
She can't make me out and kick me out
What's up?
Director. I don't know
This miss seems to know
many of the elders here
I thought she was here to see someone
But she said no
Sorry, miss
Only the relatives of the elders here
can come in
The others aren't permitted to do so
You've forgotten me?
I came here with my hubby last time...
You hired me as a volunteer
I'm Mandy, the wife of Kenny Tang
We've got a volunteer called Mandy here
But she's off today. Don't fool us
If you go on like this
the security guards will send you away
You'll lose your identity
your lover and even all you own
Sorry, I thought I'm in a wrong place
OK... Go on
Hello Is Mr. Tang in?
Mr. Tang is at the office
Mr. Tang, Fiona visits you
What did you call me?
Forget it...
Where did you go this morning?
Where did I...
You've forgotten
where I went this morning?
I ask you where you went this morning?
I was going to buy you a tie
What's up?
I don't care
what you've done this morning
Please finish this priority report
right now
Dr. Lo pushed me for two days
What're you saying?
What's wrong with you all?
I've just gone
to the home for the elderly
I don't know why no one'd make me out
I came here. Sandy took me as Fiona
By the way, where's Fiona?
Strange enough
her credit card struck me. See
Fiona, are you OK?
What did you say?
Fiona, you look weird today
I seemed to be... possessed
Your hubby's got another woman
You're hooked on Fiona?
What's with you?
You're up?
I'll pick you up later
Who's she?
My wife - Mandy!
Your wife - Mandy?
Then who am I?
Fiona, if you're ill, go to see...
You're nuts! Stop!
Anybody else can forget me
but not you...
You go too far!
Go to see a doctor if you're ill
You're nuts
No way...
Sally, do you remember me?
I do. You're Fiona
Why're you so late?
No. I'm Mandy
Mrs. Tang has lent you the car
She's got a poor memory
She's mad for a good day
saying she lost her car
You want Mr. Or Mrs. Tang?
Mrs. Tang's in?
Where's she?
Sally, who's it?
So late?
What're you up to?
Fiona, what's going on?
You're like that since today afternoon
Why do you call me Fiona?
She's Fiona, not anyone else
What's wrong with her?
Mandy, it's OK
Fiona may be not feeling well. It's OK
Fiona, what's with you?
I... I'm your wife
What're you two up to?
I'm Mandy. She's Fiona! OK...
Cool down. Listen
Tonight... stay and take a rest here
I'll take you
to see the doctor tomorrow. OK?
What doctor? I'm alright!
No one said you're ill
It's you-all. You're nuts
What? No kidding!
Fiona, leave us alone. OK?
I believe someone'd make me out
I'll call my former classmates
They'd make me out Fiona...
Sally, go back to your room
My former classmates'd know who I am
I've got some friends else...
They're all here
What're you looking for?
Here. All are here
Hands off my things
I think...
tomorrow you'd better go to...
Leave me alone!
Don't touch me! Leave me be!
Forget it. Go back
I'm so sorry
Good morning
Do you know me? Yes
The mangoes are nice. Do you want some?
I'm so happy. You can make me out
I know you Someone knows me
Mrs. Tang, good morning
Sally's not with you?
No, I went to the restaurant
with my hubby
I wanna buy some fruits here
You said you know me?
You called her Mrs. Tang, who am I then?
Fiona, don't go too far!
Go to see the doctor, OK?
Miss, the bananas are fine today
Buy some. They taste good
OK. Let me see
The apples are fine today
Buy some, miss
My hubby's Mr. Tang
Mrs. Tang, how are you?
She's Sally
You two always buy from me. I know you
You used to drop by at 11 a.m.
And you at 4 p.m.
Fiona, listen to me
You gotta see the doctor
I won't see a doctor!
Don't call me Fiona!
Tell me something about your childhood
Dr. Cheung...
Fiona, you're not at work today?
Hello... Anybody there?
Anybody there?
Miss. Want someone?
There was an orphanage
set up by foreign church?
Yes. But it closed down
2 years ago in financial difficulties
Who's calling me?
Who's calling Mandy?
Shout louder!
I'm Mandy...
Mandy! It's you?
So you're calling Mandy?
Mandy, it's you?
You're calling me?
Are you Mandy?
Yes! Yes! I'm Mandy!
I can make you out now I'm Mandy...
I've made you out. Mandy
You've made me out!
You're Mandy?
Yes, I'm Mandy! I can see you now
Take your time
Do you miss my bro?
I could never believe
my bro would jump to death
Cause he's so optimistic
For some time...
I thought that
his death is linked to you
What does that mean?
One thing, bro told me not to tell you
One time, two guys beat bro up
The one who beat him up
told him to leave you
Do you know who didn't want you
to be with my bro?
You're married?
Have I seen your hubby?
No... never
What, Mandy?
Did I say something wrong?
Tell me... what's going on?
The strange things began
on the night of my husband's party
Wake up. The others are gone
Take care
I've told you not to drink so much
Take a nap
I'll wake you up when we're back
No, thank you
I'm up
Yes, I was not sober
I seemed to hear you calling Dr. Lo
We did talk about Dr. Lo
But he wasn't here
So you were dreaming?
I really don't know
I drank too much
Forget it
Are you OK?
OK. And you?
I'm OK
Hubby, close your eyes, please
Can I read with my eyes closed?
Though it's passed 12 o'clock
this gift is still for you
Guess what it is?
Let me see
It seems to be a phone. Right?
How do you know that?
How do you know I like this model?
It has a handwriting board
Thank you, honey
Where's my gift?
Yes. But the car company said
it's out of stock
We have to wait two months
Anyway, I've ordered it for you
What's the colour of it?
Your favourite... A red one!
My god
What's more...
What's more?
I've got a gift for you
Gift again?
Hello? Hello...
Hello? Hello...
Speak. You've woken me up. Speak
Miss Mandy Kwan, how do you do?
Maybe you'd feel weird
Who is this I after all?
That's not important
Cause I'm going to say something
very important to you
Maybe you think
you've got all the blessings now
But let me tell you...
There's an end to the fate of everyone
Your happiness starts from
your recalling
of the unhappiness in childhood
lt'll end
at your very happiness
Your husband has another woman
You will lose everything
including your identity
Come up. Or you'll catch cold
Don't cry
Tell me. What makes you so sad?
Do you have...
another woman outside?
Of course not
Why do you ask such a question?
Did you hear any rumour?
Sorry, it's my fault
Why do you say sorry to me?
I'm busy and leave you alone at home
So your mind is messed up
I do wanna stay more time with you
But my research is in its last stage
Dr. Lo keeps an eye out for it
I don't wanna lose here
By the way, Director Ko has replied me
Who's Director Ko?
My buddy
He's the director
of a home for the elderly
You always grumble
at the loneliness at home
and want a job
He agreed to let you
to be a volunteer in his institution
You'll help the elders
What's the matter? You don't wanna go?
Forget it if you don't want to
It's OK
It's OK now
Don't be nervous. Mr. Ko is a good man
Come in
Director Ko, how are you?
You must be Mandy
You're so lucky to have a good hubby
I've got a very good wife, too
Don't make fun of my wife
The dinner is on you On you
No kidding. Please sit
I'm Mr. Ko, the director
of the home for the elderly
How are you?
Please take care of Mandy for me
Mandy, let me tell you the procedures
Thank you
Excuse me. I have to receive a call
Go on, please
That's OK
Be right back
Mandy, when would you like
to start working?
Any time
What the hell?
Didn't I tell you not to call me today?
Say. It's nothing. Bye
Who's it?
Fiona. She wanna see me
All set?
Yes. All set
Let's go OK
Dine with me next week
Bye Bye
Like it? I've asked the car company
It's out of stock
We have to wait two months
Anyway, I've ordered it for you
Hi, Mandy
Hi What's up?
Excuse me. Talk over there
Wait a moment
Mandy, the research centre
sent me an urgent message
Drive my car back home
I'll take the car of Fiona
See you tonight. Bye
Follow the red car. Quick!
Miss, sorry. Maintenance. No Entry
The lift's over there
Get there to take it
Sorry, miss
Miss, sorry... Did I hurt you?
Sorry. Please take the goods out
I wanna get in
Miss. Let me take you to the doctor
I'm OK...
No, miss, do you want a security guard?
Hey! Anybody here?
Open the door!
Sally, it was a blackout
Kenny? You...
Miss Mandy Kwan, how do you do?
Maybe you'd feel weird
Who is this I after all?
That's not important
Cause I'm going to say something
very important to you
What's going on? I'm so worried
Sally, where were you
during the blackout?
There were no blackout
I watched TV at my room
No... there're one!
I shouted to you. Did you hear me?
I didn't hear you shout to me
Sally, go to your room. I'll take over
What's up? Nightmare again?
No! No...
It couldn't be a nightmare
Today afternoon...
What's wrong in the afternoon?
Why didn't you ask your hubby...
what he did with Fiona
that day afternoon?
I couldn't ask that
I don't want Kenny know
that I tailed him
He'd be not happy
Sally's in her room
Only you and I are here
Tell me. What's just happened?
I was waiting for you here
Suddenly, there was a blackout
I don't know why
there came a queer
calling but no one spoke
Then the TV set played the DVD by itself
Let me show you the DVD. See
A man in this DVD spoke to me...
I don't know what he was talking about!
Where's the DVD? It's gone?
It was over there!
Yes. I've put the DVD here
Trust me
What DVD? Is it important?
It's the man in the DVD who spoke to me!
I... Mandy
Mandy... You must trust me!
Calm down, please?
I'm scared...
I'm scared still
I don't know where it went
Don't be scared
Why don't you go to bed?
I'm scared still
Why? Tell me
I fear that you'd... have another woman
I fear that I'd no longer
be myself suddenly
Everything's OK. Don't think that
Listen. Go to bed early
I'll take you to the doctor
What doctor?
My good friend Dr. Chow
He's a psychologist
You think I'm psychotic?
No. I don't mean that
You do!
Do you know I'm so worried today?
See Dr. Chow
Forget that he's a doctor
Take him as a friend
I'm worry about you. Be good. OK?
OK, I'll see Dr. Chow tomorrow
Don't go with me. Cause...
I don't wanna bother your work
Don't be like that
I'm worried if you go alone
You really think that I'm psychotic?
Of course not
Don't worry. I'm fine
Got it
Sleep, please
Come in
Mrs. Tang
Hello Hello
Call me Mandy Mandy
Kenny's called me. Please take a seat
Kenny, your wife's arrived
Don't worry. OK. Bye
I'm so sorry. Kenny told me...
to call him after you'd arrived
As his friend
I couldn't but promise him
And he did it out of the care for you
Make yourself comfortable in your seat
You look very tired. Need a rest?
I'm not tired. Thank you
Tell me your story
What do you want?
Tell the story of your childhood
When I was a kid...
I feared to talk with others
Everybody thought that I'm autistic
I grew in an orphanage
No one knew when my birthday was
The nun of the orphanage
gave me the name Mandy Kwan
Before that
no one knew who I was
Someone adopted children
from the orphanage
I recall that there was a kid
He had been called Mickey Cheung
Then, after the adoption
he came to see us
He said he was no longer Mickey Cheung
Cause his adopted dad had changed
his name to William Lam
He left me the phone number
He said when I felt bored
I might call him and chat with him
I remembered his phone number so well
I thought I could keep it
in mind for good
But soon
when I did wanna call him
I found that I'd forgotten it
When did you leave the orphanage?
When did you meet Kenny?
Around 19
He did treat me well
But I had a boyfriend at that time
You're not very happy these days?
Tell me. See if I can help you
I don't wanna say anything
It doesn't matter
Tell me what you wanna say
I think it's enough
I gotta go to the home for the elderly
Go to the home for the elderly?
Yes. I serve as a volunteer for it
OK. Talk to you later
Bye Bye
We've arrived. Get off carefully
Granddads and grandmas, uncles and aunts
I bring you a new friend today
Hello, everybody. My name is Mandy Kwan
You may call me Mandy
From now on, we'll often meet
Isn't it good?
Good. Everything's on you now
Thank you
Listen to her
Being a volunteer
in the home for the elderly
I think that I'm very happy
The sadness after watching
the DVD is gone
But I can never figure out
why when I woke up
everyone around me forgot me
Even my hubby took me as someone else
The strangest of all
I've become Fiona for no reason
And Fiona's become me
Only before you, I'm Mandy
So strange?
I don't lie
You don't believe me?
Tell me once more
What did the old man in DVD say?
He said Kenny is in love
with another woman
Your husband'd have another woman
And I'd lose everything
Including your identity and name
If what you said is real
I bet someone plays the tricks
And this guy...
has arranged everything around you
No, my hubby mustn't do that!
I don't mean your hubby
Why do you think that I mean your hubby?
If I can make you out
that means, someone else can
In fact, before I met you
I'd tried to find someone
to prove my identity as Mandy
But after the marriage with my hubby
I seldom contact my friends before
Cause my social contact is few
I don't even go to bank
I do everything on internet
All my friends are Kenny's
Maybe I think too far
I think that your strange encounters
may be linked to the death of my bro
What do you mean?
I've said nothing
Excuse me, miss
Smoking is not allowed here
Sorry. I'll smoke outside
Wait a moment. I smoke outside
You're all devils!
Mandy, where are you going?
All want me dead! Mandy...
Don't move
Why am I here?
Miss. Calm down, please
You were in a coma for one day
Cause you've got
no identity evidence with you
we can't inform your family
Where's my friend Candy?
Where's my friend Candy now?
You meant the girl
sent here with you yesterday?
Sorry. We failed to save her
The cops'll do your testimony soon
I'd like to remind you
that we've checked your body
We found that you're pregnant
Please change her clothes
into a patient one
Let me take a rest
Why're you here?
Actually... I'm so sorry
Tell me. Where were you these days?
Would you have a drink with me?
No, I gotta go home
A moment only, I beg you
Just stay with me for a moment?
I just know you share
the same taste with Mandy
You both like lemon tea
You remember?
Tell me, where did you go these days?
I don't know
if I've lost the memory or not
These days went like dreams
Even I can't figure out the truth
I can't tell true from false
You know what I mean?
I know
Have you seen a doctor?
Even a doctor can't help me
I think you gotta go to see a doctor
I said a doctor can't help me
But you can't go on like that
I know
So, tell me what to do now
Tell me if you need my help
I'll help you if I can
You always treat me well
I can't hear you. Sorry
I said...
You really love Mandy?
I do love Mandy
Why do you ask that?
One day, if...
Mandy leaves you suddenly
you can never see her again
what would you do? Tell me
We're always friends
I take I've never heard what you said
Sorry, I wanna go back home early
Talk with me tomorrow. Bye
Why do you do that?
Do you know Mandy's got your baby?
I love you
Can you make it?
Can you make it, Mandy?
You're a fool! Fool! Fool!
Can you make it...
I won't blame you
Help me...
You're a fool. Mandy!
Can you make it...
We therefore come to a conclusion
What most people say it is true
it is true
whether it is by itself true or not
To shatter most people's illusions
is like swimming against the tide
Those who do not recognize
something everybody recognized
will end up a tragedy
I therefore declare
my project ends here
Because I'm planning another project
My objects are the offspring
of objects of this experiment
What's the difference between
the 1st and the 2nd generation?
You and I are waiting for the answer
Dr. Lo, I wanna quit
Kenny Tang
you're an outstanding researcher
You ought to know
the one at work is not the real you
Don't let emotion fail you
Remember how we met?
I do
We met at a lift failure
In the lift...
only you and I
At that time, you had a boyfriend
But after I first met you
for three months...
he died
We met...
all because of Dr. Lo
The death of your boyfriend
is also arranged by Dr. Lo
Starting from the orphanage
Dr. Lo has been observing you
He did a lot of testing
According to the findings
you're a sample of most ordinary people
So he picked you
as the object of the experiment
It costs us a lot of time
manpower and money...
to control and confine
your social contacts
The objective is to conduct
a research on the response
of an ordinary person
to facts and illusions
I've made you suffer
Look at the birds
They're flying cheerfully
Fly with Mandy
She loves you so much
Kenny, fly with her!
I beg you
She really wants to fly
So you can see me now?
She said she loves you very much
You should be with her
You have to be tender towards her, OK?
You must love Mandy tenderly
Why don't you love Mandy?
Fly with her! Quick, fly with her...
She's waiting for you. Fly together
So high
Fly if you don't fear
Get up, the others are gone
Let's go home
I've told you not to drink so much
We gotta go. Bye
Where's Fiona? Where's she?
Walter's sent her home
And we gotta go now
Kenny, thanks tonight
Mandy's drunk. Is she OK?
She's OK
She drank a little bit too much
Enjoy tonight
Keep in touch. Good night Bye
Has Dr. Lo been here?
Who's Dr. Lo?
Your boss
He's in the US
You're tired. Let's go home
Before I fell asleep
I did hear you calling Dr. Lo
He even held a stick
Could it be?
You must be dreaming
I was not dreaming. It's real for sure!
But I'm sure you were drunk
and were dreaming
There's no one called Dr. Lo
And no one holds a stick, OK?
Honey, nightmare again?