Astral (2018) Movie Script

[ethereal music plays]
[door opens and closes]
Hi, Claire.
How you feeling today?
I'm feeling better
than yesterday.
That's good. You manage
to get any sleep this time?
I did actually.
Right, I'll come back later
and we'll have a little chat.
[door opens and closes]
[haunting music plays]
Is he a baby? Is he quite young?
He said to continue taking them.
- Claire?
- Sorry?
He said you have to make sure
you keep taking them, OK?
Joel, I'm fine.
Please, just for
the first few weeks, OK?
OK, I will.
[voices on TV, scraping]
[TV volume off, scraping]
[creaking and rumbling]
[stairs creaking]
[ethereal sounds]
[daunting music plays]
[strings play]
[theme music]
[phone vibrating]
[haunting music plays]
[Powell] We live in
a multi-dimensional world.
Each organism dependent on its
individual level
of consciousness
apprehends a dimension of space
extracted from time.
Yes, Ben.
So, the assumption is,
we have to separate
ourselves from the...
lesser dimensions
of other organisms?
Not quite.
Our world encompasses theirs,
although they are unable
to apprehend our wider reality.
Take the simple consciousness
of an organism,
like a snail, for example.
They're unaware
of the past or the future,
living only in the present.
Driven merely by sensation.
What about the dog?
They're conscious of the past?
Remembering where
they buried a bone.
Yes, good.
By virtue of their higher mental
faculty and simple
a dog can mentally
extract from time
another dimension of space
and so it lives in a world
larger than that of the snails.
And us?
We humans
with self-consciousness
live in a world
of three dimensions,
of space plus time.
there is a larger world still
that includes ours
as ours includes
the others and so it continues.
[Ben] So, we live in a world
unaware of a broader existence?
Exactly. We live in a
multi-dimensional universe but
are conscious of ourselves only
in a three-dimensional world.
We live in a real
physical world but perhaps
we don't know it
nearly as well as we think.
In fact, we may
scarcely know it at all.
It has been said throughout time
that man has sought to
enter this astral dimension
by means of expanding
his consciousness be it through
an out-of-body experience
or meditation, or the use of
psychoactive substances.
So, this week's assignment -
"Is there still a higher realm,
one that we cannot
yet comprehend?"
A thousand word minimum, please.
Collect them from
Corina as you make
your way out. Thank you.
[Ben] So, you're saying...
with increased awareness
we can actually see into this
astral world?
There's a lot of research
to support it, yes.
Seems a bit far-fetched.
I don't know, I think the idea
of another dimension
we can't see seems feasible.
It's more than feasible.
There's plenty
of esoteric literature on it.
What if we could access it,
like find a way into that world?
There is a theory
called astral projection.
Through it, it's thought
you can detach your spirit from
your physical body and enter
into another plane of existence.
But it's a pretty
out-there theory.
Perhaps you would each be best
focusing your attention
on actual science.
Do you think it's actually
possible then?
Theoretically, yes.
Thank you, Corine.
There are examples
of clairvoyance,
using it to contact the dead
but I guess that's where
it gets a little
more... abstract.
Well, like any discipline
it requires training
or at least some
basic knowledge.
Well, perhaps the science
of it would be a good place
to start your research
for this week then?
But I'll leave that
to each of you.
- See you all next week.
- Gareth?
Your coffee.
Thank you, Miss Richardson.
Thanks for adding
more work, Alex.
So, have you read
about this then, Lys?
- Astral projection?
- Yeah.
I stumbled across
a little on YouTube.
[sighs] You know people
that claim to astral project,
they experience exactly
the same sensations as someone,
as a jet pilot
suffering from G-LOC.
You can't be that narrow-minded?
The mind's a powerful thing. I'm
sure with a few cognitive tricks
anyone could be entertained
by the darkest corners
of their subconscious.
Besides, if you wanna believe
everything you see on YouTube
why stop at astral projection?
I'm pretty sure
there are literally pages
dedicated to proving that ghosts
and mermaids
and boogeymen are real.
You can chase the Mad Hatter, I'm sticking
with psychoactive substances for my research.
I wasn't sitting there
watching it all night.
Aww, so what else
caught your attention?
Whatever it was, it won't be as disgusting
as the filth you undoubtedly watch.
So, you DO spy on me?
[door closing]
Never thought I'd see the day
I'd find you in here late.
[laughs] Yeah,
that makes two of us.
Interesting collection.
What's it for?
Bit in depth, aren't they?
Well, I guess if we don't challenge
ourselves now, we never will.
Glad to see you're finally
taking it seriously.
Hey, Alex. You ready?
That's my cue.
The sun sets late tonight,
do you...
wanna come and hang with us
at the Quad?
Er, no... I just wanna get
this finished, but you go.
I'll see you tomorrow then,
I guess.
[ethereal music plays]
[exhaling deeply]
[Alyssa] I haven't
even seen the first.
[Jordan] Ahh,
the sequel's better, anyway.
- [Jordan] You're up early.
- [Alex] Yeah, I know.
Got an early night, tried
that astral projection thing.
- There's a surprise.
- Yeah.
Absolutely nothing.
Bloody useless.
Told you. Wouldn't trust
anything she says,
she'll have you looking
for Big Foot next.
I don't know. I don't think you
should be messing around with that.
Doesn't matter. I don't think
I was doing it right anyway.
I was so tired,
I just sort of fell asleep.
How were you tired? All you
ever seem to do is sleep?
Well, the library session
took its toll.
You read about it and still couldn't
figure it out. Sounds about right.
Oh, so that's what
the books are about.
Yeah, yeah.
Quite interested, though.
Just thought I'd give it a go.
It's more like obsession,
seeing as you don't even
research for classes.
Well, whatever it is,
I'm clearly useless at it.
Oh, well, when in Rome.
Do as the Romans did.
When you're in Rome
you talk to Caesar.
Yeah, you're retarded, man.
- [group laugh]
- Professor Powell, dumb arse.
He's the one who suggested it.
Despite the awful misuse of that
analogy, that's actually not a bad idea.
I'm... full of good ideas.
Mr Harmann,
what can I do for you?
I've been doing some
reading on astral projections.
And I was just wondering
if, maybe,
you could help me to understand it
a bit better? If you have time.
Well, OK, what exactly
did you want to know?
Well, I was thinking
about attempting it...
But I want to know...
Dunno, I just want to know
more about it first.
Have you tried YouTube?
Actually, I did try YouTube. Yes, that
was interesting, to say the least.
But I dunno...
I just dunno where to start.
Right. Where'd you get
your reading material?
So, I spent a few hours
in the library last night,
just going through
some reference books.
Oh, yeah, they're a good place to start
but the majority are probably...
I've been asking the university
to reinvest in
more material but...
Apparently, funding's limited
for the pseudo-sciences.
Can I ask why exactly
you want to try it?
To be honest, it's something I
think you should be careful with.
Besides, the university aren't exactly
advocates for that sort of thing.
Well, it's just that since
we've working on consciousness,
I just want a more practical
understanding of our spirits.
Wow. That's how I started
on this journey.
It's a passion for growth.
I'm far from versed in it, but I have tried
it, although that was a long time ago.
- Really?
- I was fascinated with it.
It's a wonderful tool
but we need to
learn a lot more about it.
It's not an exact science.
The idea of astral travel is
rooted in most worldwide religious
accounts of the afterlife,
where they describe the soul's
journey as an
out-of-body experience.
The idea is that
the spiritual traveller
leaves their physical body and
travels in their astral body...
through higher realms.
So, when people say they've seen
a ghost, that's just
like a glimpse
into another parallel reality?
Sort of, but it's more
complicated than that.
Things like UFOs, abductions,
psychic phenomenon,
can't simply happen
in the three-dimensional world
that we know,
and yet they do, right?
So, those that don't understand
are quick to label them
as paranormal, but normality is
just an individual's
interpretation of reality.
So, astral projection allows you to
contact spirits who aren't in our world?
Amongst other things, possibly.
You don't think so?
I never came into contact
with any myself
but I certainly wouldn't
rule out the possibility.
I did read a great book
about religious
spirituality and our ability
to connect with it.
The author actually
used to lecture here.
But budget cuts
relieved her too.
- What was her name?
- Michelle Collins.
It's definitely the sort of thing
I think you're looking for.
But with your attempts,
I can't really tell you
how to do it. I can only
describe how I did it.
And that's not to say
it would even work for you.
No, of course. But just
any help would be great.
I need a decent house party
tonight. You lads up for it?
I'm up for it.
- You?
- Sure.
- Are we keeping you from something?
- Just emails.
- [phone rings]
- Yeah, that doesn't...
- How about you two?
- How about us two what?
- House party tonight.
- Without a doubt. I'm in.
Alex, are you going?
Erm, sorry, I don't think
I'm going to be able to make it
tonight but I'll talk to you
later, OK?
- What's up with him?
- Maybe...
found himself a girl.
Well, I'm definitely
up for tonight.
- Good. It's a date then.
- You wish.
Right. Yeah.
No, I don't care but this
is because of what you did.
You had an opportunity to say
something and you never did.
Right, but you've only started with all
of this now in an attempt to fix things.
Look, Dad.
Look, alright,
you've said your piece.
No, I never said
it was your fault!
But listen you're supposed to be
the one person
I can come to about everything, and the
fact that you've hidden it from me
for so long is
what hurts the most.
No, no, it's simple. She's dead.
Yeah, and you've left me
to deal with that on my own.
No, that choice was yours.
You know what, I'm done.
21 seems a bit late
for all this, Dad.
It adds a lot of questions.
A lot of questions.
[haunting music plays]
You know maybe I'd have
understood how you felt
but it just feels like you've
left me out of everything.
[Joel] You were so young.
I didn't know when to tell you.
You can't...
You can't do this. Not now.
Look, Alex...
No, no, you waited way too long
for this.
You can't do this to me now because you're
only doing it to try and fix things.
I thought things
were getting better.
[keyboard tapping]
[electro music plays]
- You alright, girl?
- Yeah, can I just get through?
Please? Thanks. Sorry.
[phone vibrating]
Hey, Alex, it's Alyssa.
I know you weren't planning on
coming to the party tonight
Well, I just wanted to see
if you changed your mind?
Call me when you get a chance.
[phone vibrates]
[haunting music plays]
This is all
I really have to give you.
You wanna do this?
[Powell] The first thing you need to
do is find somewhere comfortable.
But you don't want to be tired.
You need to lay on your back
and rest your eyes.
You will get urges to move,
ignore them.
Concentrate on your breathing.
You are tricking the brain to
think that the body is dreaming.
This activates body paralysis,
a transitional state between
wakefulness and sleep.
But when this happens
you can separate from your
paralysed physical body.
And undertaking this I,
I always choose to consider
the following verses.
I am at total peace.
I am connected
to all that exists.
[both speaking] I am empowered
to travel wherever I wish to go.
I will be protected mentally,
physically and spiritually.
[slow drumbeat]
[phone vibrating]
Sorry, I ended up
crashing early again.
Just getting up now.
I've got some news.
I'll see ya in a bit.
No, no, you guys probably
won't believe me, anyway.
OK, bye.
[Ben chatting]
Hey, I did it.
I swear. I could actually see
myself out of body.
Please, don't tell me you're still
going on at this astral thing?
Well, there's no need to
go on about it because
I've perfected it.
I'm a genuine projectionist.
You can't perfect something
in a night.
Film it.
See if you could actually
move something in a room.
You can't move things.
I mean, your physical body
vibrates at a different density
to your astral body,
so you can't affect things
from the astral world.
Then how is it that a
poltergeist can move stuff then?
They're not physical?
A poltergeist is a just a subconscious
extension of someone present in the room.
They show the same physical
characteristics as that person
but do it in an
unseen dimension.
Although they operate in the same
space, your astral body is immaterial
and can't have any effect
on physical matter.
I thought you only knew
a little bit about it.
Wow. Am I the only
sane one here?
OK, Let's assume for a moment
that there's actually
something to this.
Why not find a way to prove it?
A spirit's an energy source,
OK, then why not use
something designed to detect
energy. Like a...
like a weighted pendulum?
- [Alex] What's that?
- It's essentially a body of mass,
suspended by a piece of string
designed to detect resistance.
You could use a silk wire,
it'll heighten sensitivity
and given a little bit
of energy and it will swing.
Actually, that might work.
All you've have to do is touch the
pendulum during an astral projection.
Yes! Right, I may know a trick
to recording it on your webcam.
I could help you set it up although
I expect my cut once it goes viral.
Say... 70%?
69? [all laugh]
Is that the pendulum thing?
Yeah, I looked it up online
they gave like
a basic idea of the design
and then I just borrowed
a couple of things
from the science department.
Looks legit. Alright I set the laptop
up to record though its own webcam,
so literally just click
on it when you want to start
but make sure you turn it off
when you're done.
Shit eats space.
Break a leg.
[Alyssa] I'm just saying
he's been really distant lately.
I honestly think you're reading
way too much into this.
I just wanna make sure
he's alright.
Why don't you just tell him
how you feel?
Yeah, great idea.
How about this?
Hey, Alex, you going to class?
Oh, by the way, I'm secretly
harbouring feelings for you
It's a start.
No. He's got his own problems,
Just this argument I overheard.
He was having it with his dad.
About what?
Just their relationship,
I think.
I've never seen him
get so upset before.
He didn't even know
he lost his mum.
How long were you
standing there for?
Long enough.
Hey, maybe that's what his obsession
is with this astral stuff.
- Really?
- Yeah, Professor Powell
did say that people actually
use it to contact spirits.
Maybe he's just genuinely
interested in it.
Please, it's reading.
When has he ever
been interested in that.
Ever since he's started with this damn
astral stuff he's been acting so weird.
He barely even
texts me back anymore.
[unsettling music plays]
[Alex mutters]
[Alex whispers]
Mentally, physically,
[exhaling deeply]
[static glitches]
[Jordan] Just remember
the camera was on.
Some things are impossible
to unsee.
Just play it.
Yeah, go forward.
- That's it. Stop.
- Where?
That. Go back.
Stop. Play it from there. Watch.
That's all it does?
- Sure there wasn't a draft?
- No, I shut the window.
Bit early for you guys,
isn't it?
You wanted proof? Jordan helped
me to record it last night.
Just looked through the footage.
The pendulum moved.
- Have a look.
- Let's see it then.
That's it? Wow. That's...
definitely worth the wait,
thanks, Alex.
Bit of a stretch
to call it proof though.
No, the pendulum moved. That's ridiculous.
Then it doesn't matter what I do.
Oi, I swear, I was outside
of my body
looking down at myself.
I got up.
I walked past the pendulum.
I stuck my arm out to move it.
There. More proof.
I only pushed it once.
Wait, this was later.
I was asleep. Look, I was rolling around,
the pendulum shouldn't have moved.
[Alyssa] Maybe
there was a draft?
That's what Jordan said,
but I shut
the window, plus that
would debunk the first time.
Astral attempt number two.
The time now is 10:46.
[Alex sighs]
[Alex exhales deeply]
[Alex muttering]
[Alex exhales deeply]
[eerie music plays]
[static glitches]
[static glitches]
[static glitches]
D'you see what I mean?
It's weird, right?
- Yeah.
- So, that must be me?
Nah, doesn't make any sense.
- Surely you can't record your own spirit?
- Well, what else could it be?
[eerie music plays]
You alright? You're in late.
Yeah, I had a few things
to take care of.
I'm gonna go to bed. Night.
[door closes]
- I'm going to bed.
- And?
- [Ben] Night.
- Dickhead.
[door closes]
[eerie music plays]
[erratic strings play]
[door opens and closes]
What happened to you?
It's stupid, I fell off that damn chair
this morning putting something away.
It's your bloody fault I thought
it was the only one there.
I wasn't here this morning
I had an early lecture.
That's weird.
What is?
I could swear last night
I saw something standing
in the living area when
I went to turn the lights out.
- Really? Like what?
- [Ben exhales]
I don't know. I mean,
it looked like a person but
when I went to turn the lights back on.
There was nothing there.
That's it.
It's ghosts. It's the only
plausible explanation.
No, Ben. I'm telling you
something was there.
[ethereal music plays]
[slow heartbeat]
[mechanical cranking]
[child laughing]
[low whispering]
Why are you two
talking in the dark?
[chaotic strings play]
[phone rings]
Yes, please, send him through.
- Dr Leafler.
- Hello, Alex.
Please, call me, James.
Have a seat.
Thanks for seeing me.
I really wasn't sure
what to make of your call.
I understand from your emails
that you've experienced
a shadow person.
Well, it's, a little more
than a singular experience.
I mean I woke up,
the other evening, last night,
just in the middle
of the night...
So it felt like a dream.
But it was so real,
I keep seeing things.
And now even my flatmates,
they're seeing things to.
I have to be completely
honest with you,
I don't usually
meet with people this quickly.
Why am I different?
In a word. That pendant.
- This?
- Yes, I've only seen one like it before.
Coupled with your name.
Perhaps I should explain fully.
I've spent years trying to better
understand the shadow people.
I trained some years ago
and the basis of my
psychological training
was at a facility in Kent.
I'd been assigned a patient
who had been
exhibiting signs of psychosis.
I believe that patient
was your mother.
So you... you treated my mother?
You're the reason she came home.
You're the reason
she was released early.
Alex, please understand,
Your mother's condition
was coupled with these visions.
This is unlike anything
we'd seen before.
This is a joke. I mean...
It's got to be a joke.
[laughs] What you expect me
to take advice from you?
Given what you've put
my family through.
How dare you.
Sorry, what...
What exactly is it
you want from me?
Another experiment?
Some remorse for what you did?
I understand much more now than I
did back then, please know that.
[Alex sighs]
I recognise that you're upset
but I maybe the only person
who can help you now.
I believe this is only
going to get worse.
[door shuts]
[eerie music plays]
[chaotic strings play]
[drum beats slowly]
[slithering, crackling]
[crackling intensifies]
[intense whispering]
- Lyssa?
- Hey.
Hi. What are you doing here?
I was wondering
if we could have a chat?
Yeah, yeah, come in.
What are you doing?
Nothing. I just thought
I heard something outside.
[Alyssa scoffs]
Just some weird things
have been happening.
Like what?
been seeing things. Anyway.
Yes... What do you
want to talk about?
I've been wanting to talk to you
for a while now.
Alex... I like you.
And that I don't...
Sorry, I've been useless.
I've had so much on my mind,
I feel like I'm going crazy.
You're a big part of my life and
I love having you as a friend
and I don't want to lose that,
I guess, that just kind of
- scares me.
- But that's not gonna happen.
We have and always
will be friends.
- I hope not...
- Let's just see what happens.
It's new. We'll just see
where it goes and then
if it becomes uncomfortable
or anything, we'll just
go back to being friends.
[low drumming]
[eerie sounds]
[unnatural creaking]
[monster screams]
What the hell?
OK, this is gonna sound crazy,
But I swear...
there is something in this room.
There's something in this room,
There's something in this room.
[phone rings]
Yes. Thank you, please do.
Hello, Alex. I'm so glad
you came back. Please, sit down.
I need to apologise about
yesterday, it just came as a shock
But I understand that you couldn't
have known what would happen.
Thank you, Alex.
I'm sorry for your loss.
This is very new to me.
My father only just told me
about everything.
I understand.
Look, I have to be honest.
OK, I wouldn't have
come back by choice.
It's just that things
are getting worse.
And I don't know what to do.
Did something happen?
I'm just seeing these shadows
more and more often.
It's a plague and it's
affecting those around me.
And then yesterday
I saw something different.
- Look, I'm not crazy.
- What do you mean different?
Well, it was just a different
shape from the others.
It was like a human
but with the head of a ram.
Alex, if this is spiritual...
then I'm afraid there isn't
much more I can do for you.
- No, no, you said! You said!
- I know what I said.
I know what I said but things
are more complicated now.
Listen, I need to do something.
There's nothing I'd be able to do.
I don't know enough about it.
OK, well, what the hell do I do?
You need to find someone
who understands this.
As a professional I've always
remained sceptical,
but it would seem these
shadow people have something
of an historical occurrence.
I guess your attempt
at astral projection may have
opened a gateway that was
perhaps otherwise,
meant to stay shut.
[atmospheric noises]
He said there was nothing
he could do.
What the hell do I do now?
Well, is there nothing
we can do?
What about clairvoyance?
How is that gonna help?
Well, maybe if I can figure out
what it is.
I'll know how to get rid of it.
[haunting music plays]
So, which if you
would like to go first?
[Alex] Me, I'd like to, please.
First off, if you could shuffle
the cards in any way you wish.
Place the pack face down
on the table.
Now, if you could cut the pack
at any point you wish.
I'm now going to
lift three cards,
which will be relevant
only to you.
I will explain the meaning
on each one as they turn
and their relationship
to each other.
The Hanged Man.
This card signifies change,
sacrifice and abandonment.
It's about letting go
of your past
to reveal a new
spiritual beginning.
The Tower.
This card reveals
a sudden change coming.
Abandonment of the past
and unexpected events.
You brought something
here with you.
Michelle, your book, it stated
a section on banishing spirits
with a case study.
I wish I'd never written it.
That case study is the reason
I don't do it anymore.
[Alex] I need your help.
[Michelle] Please, leave.
Let's just go.
Thank you for your time.
Let's go, Alex.
[loud bang]
Trust me. That was not me.
I need you to sit down.
I've never done a reading
like this before.
These cards represent
a very dark change in your life.
There are spirits around you
looking for a way in.
You saw them?
Yes, and our only choice
is to banish them.
There is one,
more powerful than the others.
It seeks only destruction, it won't
stop till it gets what it wants.
- We need its name.
- Why?
Most religions
have names for them.
The Bible refers to them
as demons, spirits,
and fallen angels,
although I use the term loosely.
We need to find its name
to understand its weaknesses.
[books clattering]
This can't be. You can't affect
things from the astral realm.
You attempted astral projection?
Yeah, I only wanted to look
into that world to find my mum.
your mother is not here now.
But something else is.
It's looking to break you down and it's
getting stronger and more powerful.
It's feeding on your fear.
[Michelle sighs]
Stay here.
The Quran refer to
these spirits as Jinn,
a spirit from an
unseen dimension.
you'll have to do
as you did before.
- Yes.
- No.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, that's what started this.
- It's gonna make it worse.
- No, it won't.
No, I can't. I...
Alex, please trust me.
It won't make it worse.
- No.
- Alex, listen to me.
Its power...
Please, listen to me.
Its power...
I can't, I can't.
Its power is that it can
affect this world.
But it is not stronger than you
in its world.
You have to cross over
and demand its name.
With that we can cast it out.
So, we're supposed to
just sit here and watch?
Yes, but we can
combine our energies.
[Michelle sighs]
[Michelle] Alex?
I need you...
to stare into the candle.
[Alyssa] It's OK.
Stare into the candle.
Consider your thoughts.
And focus your energy...
[voice echoes]
..into the flame.
The light of God surrounds us,
the love of God enfolds us.
May the presence of God
watch over us.
The power of God protects us.
Wherever we are, God is,
and all is well.
Let's begin.
Don't believe everything
you're about to see.
Follow my lead.
And focus yourself
on positive thoughts.
[Michelle] Place your finger
on the planchet.
We acknowledge your presence.
Tell us your name.
Alex. Demand its name.
It's alright.
- I demand you...
- [banging]
Give us your name!
What is it?
It's not possible, it can't...
- What the hell is it?
- It's not just a spirit...
Alex, end your projection!
Art thou, Asmodai?
[Alex speaking in tongues]
[Michelle speaking Latin]
[unearthly crackling]
- Your face.
- Don't believe it.
These are tricks of the mind.
[Alyssa] Alex.
Return your dark spirit to
the depths from which you came!
Counter all negative thoughts
and actions
that are being directed to us.
Eliminate the enemy's power
to do any evil to us.
In Jesus Christ's name,
I pray he lives and reigns
with the Father
and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Alex, come back.
Alex, you OK?
[knocking on door]
- Alex.
- Erm.
There's someone
I want you to meet.
Hello, Mr Harmann.
- I'm Alyssa.
- Please, call me, Joel.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Come in.
That's very good.
Perfect likeness.
It's pretty good.
You, OK?
[ethereal music plays]