Astronaut (2019) Movie Script

Discovery Houston,
you're a go at throttle up.
Roger Houston,
going throttle up.
Throttling back up
to 104 percent.
All engines showing 104 percent
at this time.
New meds should help the
Transient Ischaemic Attacks.
TIA, Atrial Fibrillation,
Well you know the score.
Doctor Kumar is back next week
and I'll fill him in.
Any more dizziness?
Breathlessness, fainting?
No more driving.
You live alone?
Just moved in
with my daughter.
Keep up the good fight, Angus.
Because what's the alternative?
How ya doing, Rosie?
Can I look?
Yeah, as long as you stop
calling me granddad.
Looks so close.
Like you can reach out
and touch it.
People have been looking up
at the stars forever.
And I think it's always
for the same reason.
To see where we belong.
That's a question I've been
asking myself
my whole life.
I wish I could be
an astronaut.
You can.
You can be anything you want.
They only want
smart people.
Well, you're smart.
I got a D in math.
Hey, I wasn't very
good at math myself.
Rosie used to say,
'on every special occasion,
you make a wish.'
and that comet,
that's a special occasion.
Dad says wishes
don't come true.
He does?
Finally got his telescope
out of the shed.
That's good.
Hey don't forget you have
homework tonight.
Maybe Angus can help you out.
- Yeah, I'll finish it.
- Wait, I can help him.
Here, dad.
Should you be drinking
Your heart.
It's good for his heart,
enjoy dad!
Come here!
I've been summoned.
It's him!
Tonight in our studio,
We have the billionaire,
entrepreneur, Marcus Brown
making a very special
You've spoken about how your
father always supported
your passion to go into space.
Well, he always believed
everyone should have
a chance to achieve
their dreams.
He died recently...
And the Ventura
will honour his memory
a lottery to choose someone who
dares to dream big.
And the prize?
A two-week journey
to space
on the first commercial space
We'll pull twelve names
from the lottery hat
then the public votes
and for the winner.
Who will join six other-
ANGUS: Turn it up!
- Are you ready?
- We're ready.
The competition is live now.
So get your entry in before
midnight on Friday.
Our March the 1st launch
is coming up fast.
And I could be taking you.
It's started!
You know how many
runways there are
that are that long in the whole
Maybe two or three.
And they need that length
this ship takes off like
an aeroplane
and it's fuelled by
liquid hydrogen.
Boy, they must have done some
serious reinforcement
to that original runway.
Got to have the right road.
Some have said
you've taken risks
in order to be the first
commercial space flight.
Everything has an
element of risk.
But, safety is our first
Angus, look that this.
If you win, companies
pay you money.
Look at that.
Age requirement, eighteen
to sixty-five.
You should sign up.
It's a lottery.
It's like winning a lottery.
They need people who are fit
or in shape,
you know, they don't want old.
You could look
No, I couldn't.
Good night, Marcus.
Have a good night.
You stay here.
You wait for mommy.
Angus, don't forget
about the competition.
Bye mom!
Hey, the tutor-
- the money for the tutor.
- Hey.
Got it, okay.
Thanks, dad.
What was the name
of that doll you had
god, you carried it everywhere,
that mom bought you?
Patty, right.
Because you had to pat her
before she burped.
Dad, the realtor thinks
that we should lower
the price on the house.
Maybe I won't sell her.
It's just all the debt
Mom got into.
Aw she didn't know what
she was doing
when she did that, she was not
in the right mind.
What kind of company
sells a donkey sanctuary
to a seventy-five year
old woman,
- with dementia?
- A criminal one.
Dad, we should talk about
selling that too.
You know um,
I'm gonna take the dog
for a walk alone.
Do you have your phone
on you?
You know,
I can still walk.
Freeze thaw, huh?
The subsurface may have
some limestone.
That's what's causing
all the cavings.
You know these roads were only
meant to last
about twenty years.
I'll keep that in mind.
What the hell's he doing now?
Angus, please.
Some of us gotta work tomorrow.
Yes, one minute.
Thank you.
- Dad, are you ok?
- Yeah.
Do you need your spray?
Okay, okay, deep breaths, daddy.
Deep breaths.
I got you, daddy.
Well, I look forward to
hearing from you.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
You're lovely.
Dinner time, Joe.
Listen, your father,
he can stay here if he wants
but remember how sick you got
with your mother.
You never slept, you were
always anxious,
you gave up on your
teacher's degree,
your father couldn't cope.
You were left doing it all.
I'm not having you go through
that again.
You mean, you don't
want to go through that again.
Don't you dare try to shove my
father into a home.
I'm not trying to shove him
in a home,
he's said he didn't want
to be a burden.
He's not there yet,
not even close.
And when the time comes, it will
be my decision.
Not yours!
He wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for you, dad.
More complicated
than that Barn.
He can always
come back home.
Crappy stuff.
- You must be Angus.
- Yes.
Thank you for getting us
in so fast.
Oh you're welcome.
So, here are the forms
to fill out.
But, we'll see how we do.
I think he just wants
to have a trial.
As you can hear,
new fire doors
are being installed.
We're working on the teething
lunch is at noon, dinner at six.
Doesn't get hungry
until eight.
Well, he will here.
This is a lovely room.
Now, I am always in my office.
So you can come and talk to me,
Now, feel free to join in
for pat the dog and songs.
He doesn't sing.
Right, okay.
There's your bell.
You can ring any time.
And we will be right there,
right away.
Okay Dad.
Here's your phone, okay?
I'm going to call you later.
Have a good dinner.
C'mon Barns.
You shouldn't be here.
Some questions to ask the
short listed contestants.
'Why do you want
to go to space?'
Original question.
I didn't write them.
Hydrogen line is
still leaking.
We may have to push
the launch.
They'll fix it.
Nearly three hundred thousand
Twelve names.
One ticket.
Take off has to be a great show.
And finally,
submissions for the Ventura
space competition
close at midnight with already
thousands of applicants.
Twelve of those names
will be drawn
from the lottery hat, so could
one of them be you?
Nut cases.
Um, I'm not-
I don't-
Yeah, yeah,
you will.
These eggs are rubbery.
I can leave this joint
anytime I want.
Don't forget ladies
and gentlemen
the hairdresser will be in today
from 10 til 4.
I ain't got nobody
And nobody cares for me
She's a little flat
don't you think?
I ain't got nobody
And nobody cares for-
Nobody cares for-
Nobody cares for me
Snowflake is nine,
aint that devine
Won't you be mine
Thank you.
And I'll see some of you
next week.
Do you want to dance?
It does get better
you know.
Right then Len, Angus.
- Time to come in.
- Did you see the thing?
- in the pitch black,
guest residents inside now.
- I'll take care of him.
- I've got to close up.
- Night.
- Night.
I know, I know.
Do you suffer from
Heart condition?
Photo, photo, photo.
'Reasons why I should be
Ready to submit.
I don't understand.
Sorry we're late dad,
I tried calling you.
They made me stay back
for more stupid math.
Yeah, well, you'll thank
me when you're older.
Yeah, when I'm like
dead older.
Pardon me, Liz would
like a word.
Angus, are you settling
in nicely?
Oh, uh,
I really don't think I'm going
to be here for very long.
- You are very robust.
- Dad, I'll be right back.
What, you're not even
going to guess?
Guess what?
Well you said
I could look 65.
No no no,
no no no,
You entered the competition?
Oh my gosh,
yes yes yes!
Does he know?
His name is Len.
Why doesn't he talk?
Because nobody listens.
As his needs increase
we will move him from plan D
to plan B.
He's not really right
for plan C.
And then later we move him up
to Plan A.
But he um-
he may want to come back home.
It's always a shock
isn't it?
Accepting the fact that this
may be your loved one's
last home.
So how about we continue
with eighteen hundred
a week see how it goes?
Twelve names
have been chosen
for the Ventura Space Trip
Competition lottery.
The short listed contestants
will take part in
a live TV interview.
Where you, the public,
vote for your-
Number three down is...
Eleven letters,
and it's 'A fluke.'
I want to watch
the news.
That's not the News.
It's the same old crap.
Around and around it goes.
And the final
three lottery winner names
for the space trip
competition are-
Give it back.
Ah, wildlife.
Hey, turn it back.
Conor Cranston.
Adrian Ciminitti.
Angus Stewart.
So those are our lucky
short listers.
Which one will you
be voting for
as they present themselves on
the live TV interview?
The winner will join Marcus
Brown and six other
paying passengers,
some who have paid-
That's the answer.
Barney's school fees...
Retirement home bills...
and I don't know something
for you.
You should've
woken me up.
Since when did you become
an early riser?
You know I saw on
the news um
Some guy named Angus Stewart
entered that space
His name came up in the lottery.
Kinda weird, same name.
Speaking of which,
I thought I'll take Angus'
telescope to him
after work today, give him
something to do there.
Yeah, he'd like that.
I'll come.
I have to go to
Dad's house.
The realtor says that they're
going to have a showing.
I'll pick up some boxes.
Can I skip math.
- No, you can't.
- What time do you finish?
- Two.
- Four.
Four it is.
Take your bar.
I forgot a file.
Take your bar.
Go away!
You won the space trip.
I didn't win
anything yet.
Go away!
You have!
What's everybody doing?
The sun is out, Angus.
Why don't you get
some fresh air?
Lucky bastard.
You really think I could, huh?
You can do it.
I knew you could speak.
Hello Mrs Williams?
And then we did more
boring equations,
then percentages, then pi...
Yeah, well you need
math Barn.
I'm going to be an
astronaut, so I don't.
That's all math
and science.
Angus didn't like math.
And he's going to be
an astronaut.
Woah woah woah, what?
Nothing, huh?
Dad, dad, dad.
Don't tell him I said anything.
It's supposed to be a secret.
Hey Barns, don't worry
about it,
I'm not going to make
any mention it.
Just take the box up
to Angus's room
and get us some coffee, alright?
Angus, you entered the
space competition?
Where's Molly?
Showing your house
to the realtor's clients.
How did you think that you were
going to get away with this?
You're eighty years old.
- Seventy five.
- And you're here.
Well, shouldn't you be
where you're suppose to be?
Doing some of your, what is it?
Listen to me,
I worked my ass off from
office boy up.
Who's paying for all of this?
I didn't mean to tell him.
Oh it's okay,
everybody knows.
But they picked you.
You're going to win
the competition.
You're going to be an Astronaut!
Angus, you're going to have
to tell them the truth.
We need to
get you ready.
Meet me in that sunroom place.
- We need to pick an outfit.
- Angus.
Excuse me?
- What about this?
- No no no,
Not the yellow.
Who is everybody?
Can I come?
We need to do something
with your face.
What's wrong
with my face?
You're too pale.
Everything alright
in here?
Look Barney, you gotta
this is a long shot,
your grandfather is frail.
Tomorrow, we rehearse.
The lift off alone
may kill you.
This is ridiculous, they want
young, healthy, thick.
- Astronaut!
- Don't call him that.
Kind of, yes, in a way.
It was completely
She saw this ad in
the newspaper,
somehow she just bought
the donkey herd,
the land, the whole thing.
Thousands of dollars,
put the whole thing on
a credit card
so I didn't even know it
was happening
until it was too late.
I just told Len about
your mother
and the donkey herd.
So I brought some
things over
and I'll finish the garage
next week.
It's a nice family, dad.
Dad, the realtor thinks we could
sell the donkeys
for a good-
Sold the house.
And that is that.
You've never even
visited them.
You know, I think I'm
going to and lie down
and take a nap.
We just sold his home.
Dad, ask him some questions
so he can practice.
I am not getting involved
in this, Barney.
Angus, what did you like
about your job?
I like to fix things.
What things did you fix?
Um, well things that you
don't really think about.
Like roads and runways.
One time, there was this runway.
That was built on a bed of
oolitic limestone.
And water eroded a hole
in the limestone
and that can happen when ground
water freezes.
Then the pipe underneath
the runway, burst
and the limestone dissolved
this process is called Freeze
thaw shattering...
Agnus, it's not relevant.
- Dad it's interesting.
- It's not relevant.
It is relevant.
A sinkhole in a runway?
You got to have the right road.
Why do you want to win this?
Yeah Angus, why do you want
to win this trip?
I've always wanted to go.
I mean, always.
I mean, since I was younger
than you.
Just imagine, Barney,
you go up into space,
and you turn around
and there's earth
Nothing's holding it up.
And it's so magnificent
and beautiful like a gorgeous
How many people have that
and why am I doing it now?
Because I ain't gonna get
another opportunity
and I'd be a damn fool to let
one this pass.
You're ready.
Let's have some music.
I'll do it.
You need to make a wish
on the comet.
- head to head
to win the one
free ticket to space.
Never give up on your dreams
is what I say,
so here's a song to dance to for
those lucky short listers.
I get tongue tied
just looking in your eyes
and I go speechless
when you say you want
a little kiss
and I am struck dumb
when you say you wanna
give me some
It's just like three words
can do for you
Now there are things
that I'd like to say
to you baby
but I won't
words get caught up
in my throat
when I see that body dancing
across the floor
Lordy Shorty
can't express
What that booty
and that woah
Doing to me
Got to have it
Angus, I get it.
One last hurrah.
But we can send you
on a cruise.
Nice, warm.
Does Molly already
know you lost your job?
How did you know?
A lot of good men
lost their jobs.
What happened?
What did you do?
It's complicated.
You have to get yourself
a lawyer.
You know if I win, I'm going
to be drowning-
You're not going to win,
you're more likely
to get yourself-
- Molly will kill me.
- Hey, hey, hey
we're not talking about me,
we're talking about you.
Number one,
I can help you.
And most important,
don't tell Molly anything,
not yet.
Night, Barn.
Hey, cmon.
If Angus wins tomorrow,
I know someone at school
who can do fake IDs.
Fake IDs?
Where the hell am I sending
you to school?
Just a drivers license.
Help him dad.
this has been your dream
for 25 years.
Why is this journey so important
to you?
Soaring first through
the atmosphere,
the upper atmosphere.
Then when we get through
everything's quiet,
everything's still
and you're looking down
back at earth
and you begin to see where we
are in the universe
And you begin to see
where we are in relation
to the universe.
You see everything that's
possible for us in the future.
Kinda takes your
breath away doesn't it?
Angus, cmon,
let's go!
Contestants, enter.
Listen, I am nervous,
I am not comfortable with this.
Let's just forget this, okay?
You're too shiny.
- Close your eyes.
- Ok, not too hard
because it goes into the lines.
Alright, Angus.
- August 20th 1953.
- No, 54.
- Cmon keep still.
- Okay, I'll remember that.
If I win they're gonna
want proof.
We've got that covered,
cmon, head up.
Alright, now remember
don't blab.
Just keep it simple,
straight to the point.
I know, I know how
to do it.
I've done press conferences.
Yeah, that was like
a hundred years ago.
- Are you finished?
- Yeah, yeah.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
Okay, let's go.
August 1953...
uh, 54.
Let's go Angus!
Yeah Uggggg...
- Dad, he's okay.
- Let's not do this.
No, no, I can do it.
Dad, he's okay.
- Okay Barney, relax.
- He's got to try.
Sir, can you stay
with the group please.
Excuse me, sir.
Sir, can you please make your
way to the building.
- Sir.
- Yeah.
- Now.
- Yeah, sure.
- Sorry.
- No worries.
So your blood pressure
is a bit low.
Do you faint?
No, never.
You on any medication?
And you had an operation
Well, four years ago
on my back.
Well, if you lose a few
pounds, could help.
That's what everybody
The last
refueling test,
the pressure valve kept blowing
the booster LH2 tank.
Construction guys say
the water table
is higher than we expected.
If water is leaking into
the inspection tunnel
it will form ice and damage
the vacuum seal...
Can you refuel
the spaceship?
Look, if we sent
the robot in
to inspect the pipes...
It's the only way to be sure.
Okay, I'll get back
to you.
Ready for
the big test?
They should be so lucky
to have us, eh?
I mean, I've seen the others and
they're pretty old so
I don't see how I'm not going
to win.
Good luck man.
Contestant slate.
Three, two, one.
My name is Angus Stewart.
Is that okay?
It won't be long now.
Are you going up?
- Yes.
- Wow.
You must be excited to
get onto the short list.
Oh, I never thought I'd
have an opportunity like this.
Listen, um, is the old runway
the same runway
that they used for the old
Yeah, yeah it is.
I mean, they've extended it
of course.
And they're still
fuelling from inside the hanger?
Oh, no, outside.
Where are they laying
the hydrogen lines?
To the space plane?
Oh, under the runway.
What did they do with the
subsurface to the runway?
They covered it up
I presume.
Angus, these things can be very
nerve wracking.
No, no, no, no,
I'm not stressed.
I've done a hundred press
I just wanted to shake
the hand
of our most mature contestant.
May I ask,
does your spacecraft weigh
1600 tons?
It weighs exactly that.
And is that exact, exact?
It is precisely exact,
- That's a lot of weight.
- Indeed it is.
How does that work
How much limestone
is there left
under the runway?
You can rest assure that
it's mostly sandstone under-
We have the top
engineers working
on the project.
And our winner will be
in safe hands.
Don't you worry.
Provided that they check
with the stress loading
on the runway.
With the all-up configuration.
Thank you for bringing
this to my attention.
At least it's good to know.
We'll pass your concerns along
to our people.
Thanks again.
Good luck, Angus.
Have we fixed
the hydrogen line?
We're almost there.
You know what, I like
him, Angus Stewart.
He looks a hundred.
He could be a favourite.
Let's hope not.
Did it start yet?
Is he doing okay?
Let's go Angus.
If I was chosen?
I'd start a scholarship
For the underprivileged.
Because not everybody
gets a chance
to achieve their dreams.
And that's what this trip
is all about that.
A once in a life chance
to dream big.
Well done.
Thank you.
Angus Stewart,
you're next.
Over to you.
So, our last
is Angus Stewart.
Hello Angus.
Angus, you are our oldest
You may be the first civilian
grandpa in space.
How does it feel to be
in with a chance
for the trip of a lifetime.
Providing that the 'experts'
have done
their job properly,
and the geologists have checked
out this area properly.
And uh-
providing that the um-
He's too tense!
He looks a little drunk.
- runway itself has
sufficiently reinforced...
- Yes.
- So that
there's not a great deal of um-
Right, yes,
so, Angus.
You were a civil engineer,
clearly you knew a lot of stuff.
Tell us why you should
be chosen?
Why do you want to go?
There are hundreds of thousands
of people out there right now
wishing they were sitting
where you are.
So, why should
the public vote for you?
What makes you that special?
I always wanted to be an
- Yes, and?
- I...
Damn, he's excited,
I think he froze up.
No, no, no.
C'mon Angus,
say something.
What should I do?
- Oh no.
- Is he okay?
Is he okay?
God, I knew this was a bad idea.
At least he's shut up.
Get him out of there.
Was it a TIA?
Yes, it was.
And he's going to need
a lot of rest.
I can't believe you put
him into that competition.
He wanted to go.
How did he even
get picked?
His name came up.
We fudged his birth date.
- You lied?
- It wasn't Dad's fault.
I was trying to help him.
How could they even
a frail man like that?
The comet would have
made him all better!
- It can fix things.
- Barney.
It's just a frozen rock made
of ice and dust.
It can't fix anything.
- I have to go back.
- Dad, no.
- Dad, it's over.
- It's not safe!
That's right,
it's not safe.
No, no, no, Molly
you don't understand.
No, I do understand.
You had a dream to go up
and now it's over.
The runway is not-
MOLLY: You're too old.
Alright, folks, I'd like
to ask you all to leave.
Angus, let's get you
back in bed.
There we go, cmon, let's have
a lie down here.
Your dad has to relax.
Cmon, goodnight everyone.
I don't want to go,
I want to stay with him.
No you're going home.
Why didn't you tell me?
told me to execute
a dodgy trade.
Everybody in banking bends
the rules.
I don't care about
I screwed up, Mol.
May 2nd 1972.
Mr. Stewart.
Thank you for your application
to be a mission specialist
on the space shuttle.
Unfortunately you have not
been selected
in your bid to become an
astronaut on this occasion.
Hey Angus,
I wanted to come and see you.
Tell you in person.
It was a medical concern.
You know when I was young,
I wanted to marry,
have four children,
live in a castle.
Oh, and of course,
I wanted to go to space.
That was the last wish
on my list.
I suppose one out of four
ain't bad.
You have a lovely family, Angus.
Anyway, the vote's in,
they chose the boy.
I know, I figured.
And Angus, it's best to not say
anything to the press.
Leave it up to us.
One, two, three.
It's okay.
What do you want?
You go.
I'm taking you home.
Sit down.
You know, your mother wanted
to go to space too.
You remember that?
I was a shared thing.
One day, I decided to remind her
of the day we first met.
And I just hoped that it was
a day that she would remember
who I was.
And she did, and she smiled.
I didn't call you on the day
she died.
Because I was too busy
losing her.
A life well lived,
is long enough.
Was yours well
lived daddy?
I got you, didn't I?
He wouldn't leave.
He looked so happy
when he went into that
space interview.
I mean I was worried sick but
He looked so happy.
Well, you know, take-off
probably would have killed him
Ground water freezes,
then the pipe underneath
the runway, burst.
And the limestone dissolved.
What you doing?
You know, Angus knew everything
about rocks,
soil composition
you name it he knew it.
My mother always said, he was
a brilliant man.
He still is.
Still is.
So the big day
is almost here.
Not a good time for
the head engineer
of the Ventura to quit
Elisa Adamison, head
of communications
and one of the passengers
Everything is absolutely
on target
and going ahead as planned.
I am so excited to be
a passenger
and to be apart of this
wonderful opportunity
to travel into space,
on the first tour-
Are you in my old
house yet?
I'm in!
What am I looking for?
There's books.
The paper that
you're looking for
should have a title, like,
"The Erosion of Oolitic
Limestone in reference
to civil engineering."
- I can't see any.
- All right um-
Just look for the maps.
Maps, map, um.
Ooh, maps, there's
a lot of maps.
Is there anything
in there that says
Solid drift map for the
Springfield area.
Northwest Territories.
Barney, think,
Oh, I think I found it.
Can you see
the old airfield
where the new space center is?
- Yes!
- With all those
curving squiggly lines?
Are there any near the space
Yeah, there a ton.
Alright there's an index
at the side of the map.
Look down the list,
it's going to tell you
everything that's there.
Oh, it says...
Two separate oolite beds have
been identified
in the study area.
There's oolite!
There's definitely oolite.
Okay, we got
to tell them.
Was just looking for Oolite.
Exhibit A.
Erosion in Oolitic Limestone
with reference to Civil
Thank you very much.
Then the pipe
underneath the runway, burst.
And the limestone dissolved.
It's live.
Are you going to see
the donkeys?
Uh, you wanna come?
I can't.
Then the pipe underneath
the runway, burst.
And the limestone dissolved.
First of all, the hydrogen
refueling line has been fixed.
and if there is Oolite
it is so far down
it doesn't matter.
Anyway the line is running
through layer of sandstone.
We did a comprehensive
ground survey.
My granddad
thinks something
is wrong with the Ventura
And I believe him.
And everybody else should too.
The last thing we need
is some old man
sowing doubt three days
before lift off.
No one's going to
listen to him.
What if he's right?
So, what did the firm's
lawyer say?
What happens next?
Basically, I get two
meetings with the lawyer
and then I'm on my own.
I don't have a hope, they're
going to bury me.
Oh my God.
I'm on my way.
- It's dad.
- What's going on?
Can we hurry please?
Where did you get that?
A friend.
I am so sorry.
We were hoping to find him
before you arrived,
he could not have gone far.
You lost him?
Not lost, misplaced.
What the hell kind
of a place is this?
A pretty crappy one.
Angus did cause some chaos
with the residents.
Yes, but what he
actually did do...
And he lied his way through
a national competition.
He's gone to tell them.
Tell who what?
Marcus, the runway,
Enough with the oolite!
- Oh my God.
- Angus knows!
The Ventura is in trouble,
we need to help him.
There he is.
There he is,
there he is.
Angus, stop!
Dad, stop, get in.
I'm going with you.
We just have
to stop them.
Okay, stop this, okay?
Just stop!
What if you're wrong?
This is a massive company.
They would have done survey
after survey, test after test.
This used to be a runway
for Christ sake!
Do you have any idea how
many roads I've built?
I'm telling you this
is not right.
Dad, are you
absolutely sure
that there is oolite
in the region?
That there is oolite under
the runway?
You're gonna have to give
me more than just a hunch.
Give me one example of such
an implausible scenario.
Tell them about
the Titanic.
It hit an iceberg.
It was an unsinkable
ship and it sunk.
The Challenger?
That was a freak accident.
No it wasn't,
the O Rings.
They knew before they went up
that there was a problem.
Dad, if Angus thinks
something is wrong it is!
Okay, everybody shut up!
Shut up!
Right now, what we need to do
is go and tell them
that Angus knows that something,
Get in the car!
Good luck dad,
cmon, let's go.
He's come to visit.
Has he?
Does he have a pass?
There it is.
I recognize you.
You're the one who's posted
that video?
About the runway, right?
I posted it.
It was interesting.
No visitors after hours.
Hey, listen.
I worked at a bank.
At the millennium we had
to call in
all the old guys out of
retirement just in case
there was a bug that we didn't
know how to fix.
That's true, he was there
for weeks.
Oh yeah, I remember that,
In case the computers crashed,
or something right?
I can't let
you in.
Excuse me.
This is oolite.
It's a very light weight mineral
It's found all over this area.
Now the space plane,
weighs hundreds of tons
And I don't think the runway
is stable enough to take it.
My dad knows everything
about roads.
And runways.
Do you remember
the O rings?
The Titanic?
it hit an iceberg.
The unsinkable ship sunk.
Now imagine if you could help
this man potentially avert
a potential catastrophe.
If you could help him stop it,
and you didn't.
People could die.
You, only you.
Thank you very much.
- In you go.
- Good luck dad!
Go get 'em Angus.
Bye Dad,
we're right here.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, could you tell me-
Excuse me, I'm looking-
Could you tell me where Marcus
Brown's office is?
- Are you suppose to be here?
- Uh...
- Sir?
- I'll be right with you.
I'm looking for Mr. Brown's
office, Macus Brown.
- Sir.
- You know, oh jeez.
- Oh dear god.
- Angus.
There is oolite
underneath the runway.
The hydrogen line has leaked
and it is not safe.
And you are the expert
who found the flaw
that nobody else did.
That's exactly who I am.
We have several
hundred engineers
who have been working
on this site.
'Safety is our first
priority, ' right?
Angus, this base
this community.
These things matter to Marcus.
I know that you have
acquired this site
because the runway is basically
prepped and in situ.
And I know you cut corners
because you needed to be
the first commercial space
craft, no matter what.
It takes one small thing,
and you know this
that is overlooked in the rush
to success,
that one small thing will cause
a disaster.
Oh dear God.
The vacuum pipe
surrounding the spaceship's
hydrogen line has not been
sealed properly.
We fixed it.
The hydrogen leaked
and it froze the surrounding
ground water.
What happened to the porous
limestone underneath?
We re-enforced the runway.
But did you account for
the all up configuration?
The weight of the ship
and the passengers?
and if you're off by even one
the ice can press on the
limestone underneath.
Enlarge the cracks.
In a hole so big that will
swallow the entire spacecraft
and all the passengers in it!
Okay, listen, if there
is a problem.
And it is as you say it is?
- How do you suggest we fix it?
- Oh come on.
He's been retired for
twenty years.
We can't go listening to
- who has an opinion.
- Bill-
Listen to me.
If you move the hydrogen lines
to the other end of the runway.
Where the assembly area
is that may work.
and then all you have to do
is re-lay the runway.
Yeah, that's all.
Do you have any idea how much
that's going to cost?
Yeah, well then
just take the chance
and create the sinkhole
and let the Ventura project sink
with it.
My father said that this
mission couldn't work.
I spent twenty five years
of my life
trying to convince him and
everyone else that it could.
And now we're here.
From now on, our boundaries
are limitless.
Every human could eventually
have the chance
to see our place in the universe
from space.
And that's just the beginning.
I believe we were meant
to explore
and we are going to do it.
I totally agree
with you sir.
I just want it to start
We are going ahead
on schedule.
And we will launch on time.
Okay, the map is here.
Documents are here,
just take a look.
Thank you, good luck.
How far down is the Oolite?
How far down is the hydrogen
How'd it go, dad?
I told them.
I don't know if they heard me,
but I told them.
Well, at least you tried.
What do we do now dad?
Something I should have
done a long long time ago.
Sorry I haven't
visited before.
What's your name?
Oh, Patty!
Make sure that every one
of them gets a good home.
'Reason why I should
be chosen.'
Marcus, do you remember
the millennium bug panic?
Those old computer guys
they were the only ones who knew
how to fix the things.
Marcus, your father believed
in your dreams,
but I think, he just wanted to
make sure you did it right.
Call the press.
You're the rocket man.
Looking for Angus?
Let's play a game, shall we?
A clue, you're cold.
Warmer, warmer.
Another clue.
They have long furry ears.
Oh, sizzling.
Good luck, gorgeous!
What does it mean?
It means you have
to do this.
You're friend told me
I might find you here.
You're the man who saved
the mission.
Wasn't the right road.
What you put in your personal
The reasons why you wanted
to go.
I said the same thing to my dad.
Lord help us,
all the old folks
are gonna want to go up now.
Imagine the insurance.
Imagine the publicity.
Safe travels.
Final passengers
This is as far as
you're allowed.
Okay Angus,
have a great flight.
Thank you so much
for this.
I'll take the next one.
You, enjoy the ride.
Time to fly.
For luck.
You know I have
to do this.
I know, you do.
Safe trip daddy.
Safe flight.
The astronauts, now
boarding the spacecraft.
Astronaut, on board.
I'll be watching you.
That's yours now.
You earned it.
Launch escape system,
Close out crew are in position.
Let me do it.
No, we'll miss it!
Turn up the sound,
turn up the sound!
After a major
technical glitch,
jeopardized Marcus Brown's
billion dollar bid
to become the first commercial
passenger space flight
finally the delayed
inaugural voyage
of the magnificent space plane
All system nominal,
go for launch.
T-minus 30 seconds.
T-minus 10.
Nine, eight, seven, six-
Ventura is go
for full power.
Go, you son of a-
Ventura is airborne.
Keep going...
Apparently, comets
can bring prosperity, happiness-
It's two AM guys.
- I've got school in the morning.
- Shh!
Stop, stop...
- Angus!
- What?
- Hey!
- Woo!
I made a wish, look,
we're here, yeah!
I made a wish!