Asura: The City of Madness (2016) Movie Script

I hate people so much.
The city of Annam,
where I work as a police officer,
bursting at the seams
of low-born people.
Now, in the time of redesigning
of the former US Army base,
There is this Mayor,
Park Sun-bae.
Everyone goes to their needs.
He wants to devour
the city alone.
- Of course his opponents do not hold still.
- Every day, there's nothing but war.
As for me, I'm on the
side of the winners.
The Mayor called me discreetly.
- For him, I'm like his man for the coarse.
- His hunting dog.
- I am not, no, not really.
- Who else, then? Your father?
Hey, are you really a minor?
- I am in the 12th grade of high school.
- One is probably out of luck.
Here, just stop.
- Let's go.
- Come down, closer, damn.
Read out loud.
- PST, pst. It's ringing, here!
- Now, read this.
- Hello It's Me.
- Stop the sobbing!
Who is doing this?
I'm sorry, but I will not testify
in the revision process.
The information which I have given
to the Prosecutor, are not true, all lies.
The accusation was wrong,
tell the Prosecutor that I'm sorry.
Excellent, you were very good,
- I want to kiss you!
Mayor Park Sun-bae would
be almost of his office,
After he was shown in August,
to have violated the law on
the election of public office.
In appeal proceedings,
the Court found him guilty.
The public prosecutor's Office
had a witness against him,
But this morning his willingness
to the statement withdrawn.
And now let's hear Mayor's Park personally:
- The judgment is a great relief for me.
- Justice has triumphed.
But this attack the prosecutor's office.
This nonsense please, a trial
without witnesses, what should I ask?
This is an affront.
This offended the honour and pride of
all 480,000 residents and voters of Annam.
He's right!
- Excuse me.
- Go through.
Attorney Oh, you have trouble given itself.
Do you know why the
witness has not testified?
Maybe, he could not reconcile
these lies with his conscience.
He has suddenly, without a reason,
denied his statement.
Perhaps because he craps in contrast
to you not shit on truth and law at all.
You actually think you
can fill your entire term?
Oh, the Prosecutor speak threats?
Yes! I will complete my term in honor.
That's enough! -Finger, asshole, get lost!
- My lord, everyone is watching!
- Shut up!
They attack a lawfully elected Mayor?
Do you think idiots these days,
that you have power? -Idiots?
Please, let's go now!
- This way please.
- Coming through.
- That is pretty damn lonely without you.
- Still, you'll be amazed.
- You have to wear a suit every day.
- Is it not uncomfortable?
I'll try it.
Hey, Bro! If so,
A pearl gray suit is perfect!
- Sleep a little!
- Yes!
You should call, if the witness
lands in the Philippines.
Yes, but the fat Wanker is freaked
out and wanted to not fly,
There, a little violence was
necessary, unfortunately.
Yes, of course. Has he been here
since yesterday? -Was flown today.
- The drugs had to fade away.
- Today? You've changed the plan?
Oh, everything's alright,
trust me finally.
Up tight! Stand up straight!
You think you're a man?
- You are nothing but dog-is that clear?
- Yes, Han!
For the nose.
You take care of the witness,
did you understand that? Did you?
- What do you mean?
- Oh thank you.
You should wait outside.
A guy who wants to resign,
makes a surveillance. -I knew it.
- What brings you here?
- Hello, junkie!
You want to travel to the Philippines?
I deal for a year, not anymore,
Why should I go there?
Do not lie to me, you stupid asshole,
Leave it.
- Wait, Hwang, what's going on?
- Okay the Mayor?
- Everything good?
- Huh?
You can keep everything for you moron like,
Yes? I know exactly what is going on.
- What are you talking about?
- By the witnesses.
Was he disposed by you?
Is it is not illegal to arrest me,
- without to read me my rights?
- Do not talk.
- Hwang, please! Yes listen to me, please.
- How so?
Do you think I profit from it when I do
put the muck in jail?
- Okay, let's take his handcuffs.
- Han!
Sergeant Hwang! Good day, Sir.
What was that?
Get lost! -You're helping the Wanker?
Hwang, listen to me! I'm going to tell you.
Stop, stop, Sun Mon! No!
That sucks!
Where are you Sun Mon?
- Shit, why this idiot suddenly appeared also. - Complete idiot!
- Bloody hell!
Shit, Shit, We should not do this junkie!
Where is he hiding? Shit!
Hey, junkie!
Hey, junkie? I know you're here somewhere!
Well, look at you!
What are you doing? Are you stupid?
A boy is after you!
I did everything right,
everything according to plan.
Muck junkie, bloody crap!
- I am here, all here!
- Shut up now!
Shut the fuck up, asshole!
Oh, you got him? -Stop, Sun Mon! Stop!
- What does he have? Who was that?
- He has injected heroin and fell over.
- I tell everything!
- Shut, motherfucker!
- Don't move! Put your hands up!
- Sun-mo, down with the gun!
- Don't move, get your hands up!
- Yes, Yes, put the gun away, man!
- Down the hatch!
- Don't move!
You're sick! I can handle this, Sun Mon!
- This damn madman!
- You're dead!
Stop, stop, stop!
Stay here, Sun-mo!
What a shit day.
Damn, what a shit day!
You asshole!
The one asshole gives me work,
- The other persecutes me for it.
What an assholes, what an asshole!
Stop or I shoot that bastard!
You know what? There are blanks!
Oh, there are real bullets in the gun! Last
warning. A movement and I will shoot you!
Stop stop stop! Stop it!
Turning the tank again! Come on, come on!
- Could have rather come!
- Now the fuck is finally quiet!
- Stop, stop! So you should wait.
- We must request the Kripo.
Guys, do you have it? Well let's see.
- Wait a minute. Hey, hey!
- That kind of cash!
- Sucks.
- Where did he get that?
- Hwang, fingers away!
- Hwang, let's talk about it!
What are you talking about, Han, huh? Junkie belongs
to You, and the money belongs to me, all right?
- Sun-mo, do you want a share?
- Give it to me!
- What is this damn motherfucker?
- Why do you insult me?
What? I scold you,
As much as I want! Motherfucker!
What the hell did I do, you insult me?
- Is this wrong when I say you should Nothing to steal?
- Are both idiots.
Be honest, get always a
nice tip from the Mayor.
- Or?
- Ah! That's it!
How many times have I asked you to give me
something off of it? Why do I get no money?
You can't do that, and I?
Money does not belong to you, and to him
Not, it belongs to someone else.
- Then that does not your concern.
- Don't be such an asshole!
Sun Mon, which does not scan,
I really need the money.
That belongs in our report. Not true,
I do Han, that must be!
Then die!
- Hey! Are you crazy?
- Do you think I was kidding?
- Why are you beating him?
- You bastard!
Do you stop the shit now?
Damn, stop! Stop it! Leave the brick!
Listen up! Look up Finally, damn it!
So you didn't know first that
Sergeant Hwang had also arrived there.
But he had told us before,
That he should assist you.
- I don't understand that.
- No idea why he said that.
A detective should capture
any violent criminals.
Track down Yes, others do the rest.
It went all so fast, I had no choice.
Well, we start from scratch again.
- Does it have to be that way?
- One last time.
- On the phone, his voice sounded sluggish.
- I thought he was on drugs.
He's very dangerous when he is high.
So I wanted to get him quickly
before something would happen.
Where am I?
- You killed a cop?
- You killed a cop?
- You filthy piece of shit!
- Stop it, Han!
Listen up!
- Hello, this is Han, we have an emergency.
- An officer is injured.
Send an ambulance quick.
You're under arrest for the
murder of a police officer.
You have the right to remain silent
and the right to an attorney.
How could it happen that you three
could not overpower the guy?
But it's not my fault that
the fence is broken away.
- How far were you away?
- Four to five meters?
- Junkie has pushed him very hard.
- Has no name, idiot junkie?
- Who are you calling an idiot?
- You're supposed to be quiet.
Detective Han, we're done, you can go.
Thank you very much.
- What are you staring?
- Do I look so good? - Yes.
You're announcing to the police?
- Why?
- Because of me is He after.
- Ah, yes? Why are you really quitting?
- Is no longer my thing, that's all.
What did you run with this junkie?
Are you telling me? -Shut up, let us eat.
Has something to do with Park?
Let us be open to each other.
Do you want me to say: "I lied,
I am his killer"? Yes?
That's not what I meant.
Look me in the eyes, Sun-mo.
- I am sorry.
- What exactly?
Come on, what are you sorry?
Say it!
- I think I misunderstood.
- Yes, you can say that aloud!
I could not help it, okay?
Was it my fault? Do you think that?
- It's been yours?
- No!
Let's eat.
It is not easy to explain everything.
But if I would hesitate,
I would get in trouble.
Next week, I should begin
my work at the Mayor.
I will make a new start.
I'm still breathing.
Here're a few TV shows,
They have downloaded for you.
Should I call my sister?
- Park has sent back money.
- How much?
$20,000. And 5,000 extra.
Is it hard for you to accept the money?
No. I paid 800 as a sympathy gift.
Good. Hwang's wife is so sorry for me.
You will feel better at the same time.
Yes, I'm now in the hospital.
- Is good.
- I told you everything!
- It is about something else.
- To what for? What do you want?
I ask the questions.
Turn that off!
- The regulations require this.
- Do not film!
We have to!
Do you know the male witness,
who should testify against the Mayor?
He did not appear in court and
disappeared from the ground.
And why should I know the man?
Because you've kidnapped him
and forced him to call us.
This is a shameful slander,
A lie, nothing more.
According to the reports, that
you have met him four times.
You have drank together,
went to a motel and fucked girls.
Witness statements confirm
that he has stated that,
a detective from
West Annam area.
I've never seen the man.
His body, has been found in Malate,
On the Philippines. This morning.
- In fact?
- I'm too late.
- Enter.
- You show me.
Excuse me.
Kim cha-in District Attorney of Gyeonggi.
My name is Kim cha-in.
- Did you show him the file?
- Yes.
- And the photo of the airport car park?
- This is the highlight.
- The witness is led by junkie.
- Her informant.
That night, you have him
beaten and arrested.
Do you remember?
Okay, this is the lunatic who
has killed our Sergeant.
I wanted to skin the bastard love alive.
They are known to have a sly old,
dog behind the ears. -Well played.
Why to threaten an honest,
decent police officers,
- and without any evidence...
- you have said that.
They want to now officially
work for the Mayor?
I don't know it yet. Someone has
suggested it to me, maybe.
Stop lying.
According to police records,
you have met 22 times with the Mayor.
Is this your notice?
The processing is delayed because of the
Hwang-case. I can handle this then. What?
I can handle this for you,
but it's not hard to understand.
That is why they usually take care of
themselves, their higher animals, right?
I stand higher than the higher animals.
Coffee, please. -Man, what the fuck.
Don't goggle me!
Do not gloat, stupid wanker!
- You piece of shit!
- You shall not staring, stop gaping.
- I show it to you, punks, get off me!
- Your asshole!
So, are we now two things, we note clear?
Let him go.
First of all, you have no time,
your life ends on November 20.
Secondly, let him go, before that happens,
the recorded confession,
have you brought us
that Park has arranged the
kidnapping of the witness.
It put on, he should come up.
- Take it easy, asshole.
- You committed all these crimes,
To do a favor to park,
Finally admit it, we know it.
- Park will get away, you by no means.
- And do you know why?
Because you've done all
the dirty work alone.
If we find you, you end up for
at least 30 years in jail.
And find I'm good.
Why should we make our country that the
American Army has left,
- fall apart and not use?
- A citizen wrote on the city's website:
"Annam exploration and development will be
blocked by the Committee on development."
- He got 500 positive responses.
- Just a minute!
What a relief that the Committee
is dissolved this month.
Mr. Mayor!
Why did you call us,
If only you can speak here?
- The Mayor has the floor.
- Wait for your turn.
Listen, at the beginning we agreed,
through a business plan,
But who is suddenly vehement
on the other hand? Who is it?
After eight years we have worked
out this development plan,
- who flips it in a single day, who?
- Deputy chairman!
- May I ask a question too?
- Please!
Be honest with us, were
this eight years not,.
A certain position of power to get?
- I urge a withdrawal of this statement!
- Let that be!
If we leave this space,
This is wasted time,
and the bread tastes like shit.
What about you?
I do not understand why you
have a hard-working Mayor
want to rid so rough?
Mr Mayor, I am surprised,
- How rigorous you are.
So you want at any cost
The new development plan!
We should get the American army
to return.
- Do not listen to these idiots!
- That idiot?
- Did you really say that?
- Freestyle!
At an official meeting, you should
speak with decency and respect.
As you roar,
I got so frightened,
Since I have actually peed in my pants.
- Let us not kidding.
- Something I never experienced.
- Do not you want the job?
- You know exactly how much I want him.
I quit immediately, but they say
I can't leave before the Hwang
case has been cleared up.
- I said I'm staying as long as... and then announce.
- Pst!
What is really going on?
That's it! I think it also
sucks, this delay.
Even I think you're good, in the
next second I hate you, why only?
Things are in motion, if you don't
help further, who should do it?
You must believe me, that worries
Me too - How's junkie?
I've heard that he has come to
himself again yesterday.
- You shall not complicate things.
- Is not your style.
- I'll do my best.
- Mr. Mayor?
- Secretary Eun!
- Show it.
- No, you'll have to go back, the pants isn't completely dry in the step.
- Yes.
One question, Eun! How did you find
the joke, which I made before all people?
Well, your humor is great,
They all laughed.
- But that's not true, everyone was it not. Not true?
- Yes, yes!
Oh, if only the rest would give!
Hey, Han, you really want junkie
The dogs?
It's not that he's back to has been
booming himself, he killed a COP!
I do not understand why you have
To get him into that matter?
- Didn't you want to see me?
- Yes.
I told you that we're not just to meet,
we are officially enemies.
I know that Yes,
but after today, I want to be with
this charade no longer around.
- What do you mean, no longer be?
- Do not let them go now!
These bastards want to betray me
and swallow even the 800-million deal.
We know that, but I believe,
they have revealed my role,
and we run the risk that
they look in the cards!
And when I later got officially
the construction contract.
- I'm lynched by both sides.
- You have no confidence.
This will make it even harder for me.
I've heard that the opposing party
Attorney Oh wants to put into play.
It may be!
Should we turn, not the Supreme
Public Prosecutor's Office?
I would do that, Yes!
When I get those 20 million in the ass
They would be there immediately!
- You say that you don't have any more!
- You really driving me crazy!
- Always, they want only money.
- It's true, I don't have any more.
- Do you know what you have spent this year?
- Stop yelling at me!
- They annoy me!
- Then build only in one zone!
How many times to have I to tell you?
For a large construction zone,
we must have patience,
If it is the building permit
for all four zones acts a lot!
Here you go.
I just wanted to say,
When the city administration finally
refuses, We can not build anyway.
You only have the strong man
because you won the appeal.
You have thought unrealistic.
My dear, with the 2-strategy principle
We are victorious.
Ah, you know nothing of politics.
I'm not pulling back.
- But the rumors about the mayor frighten me.
- Do not believe them.
If he lets you in the team,
you can see how generous he is.
What is your net pay? 2,200 a month?
The base fee is extra 4.000,
bonuses for him!
Always money, money, money! Crap!
So I'm not, I'm not doing this.
I trust you, I always do, you know 100%.
Keep your babble for you,
always the same, that sucks. Crap!
Hey! You're still grateful!
You bastard! Thank you for that!
What is going on?
Have you withdrawn your resignation?
And you reported for the
external relations department?
What do you want from me?
- Our Office is located in a quiet area.
- Come and visit us tomorrow.
- Man, you're asking a lot.
- You should hurry.
I am very impatient and
want to get the mayor now.
It is not long until November 20.
If you don't want to go to jail, get a
couple of shots for us. -Yes of course.
Everyone thought that the Mayor would lose.
But when he was re-elected,
He tried to get the building rights
for themselves. -By all means.
So the opposite side has collapsed
and has closed the ranks.
The problem is that Tae Byung-jo to the
the other side. -That is interesting.
But, Park was sponsored
by Daryl dirty money.
- Pull out a show for all?
- The guy behind me should know.
What for a sharp Park and Tae concocted?
Be honest with him, he knows that you
have withdrawn your resignation.
All recorded?
Why not?
I never received the order
to kidnap the witness.
Let's start, to finish this pig.
So you had the great idea,
Sun-mo in your place?
He wanted to be sure,
what should I do about it?
- You're real trouble in your narrow Jalopy.
- Are you worried?
Okay, I'll tell you everything.
I will provide the information
about your illegal investigations,
against the Mayor in the Internet
and on television.
Calm down, sit down.
You have no idea what I can be an asshole.
- If the situation requires it.
- Please sit down now!
I'm sick now of this thing, I'm not lying.
Is your wife's number 010-3348-4982, right?
- I have noted it to me some time ago.
- Should I send it?
No, not. -What? I can't understand you.
- Don't do that.
- Why not?
Because she is dying, damn it!
A guy like you fucks around while
his wife is terminally ill?
But disgusting, isn't it?
- Crap!
- I think not good.
Would you even press send, huh?
- As apologies to your wife?
- Why do you do this to me?
- Press already, press already!
- Well, come on! Press send. - Crap!
- You are so...
- Hold on.
Push it! -Prosecutor! Please don't!
- Press already, press already.
- Press already. Press already.
Hell, no! -Push it! Press at last.
Poor pig!
Now get up, you tough guy.
I'll record everything, certainly.
What is it?
That the kidnapping
was ordered by the Mayor.
Is everything probably faster,
If we accuse Tae and Park
because of organized crime.
We need to get him in connection with Tae.
We would have to control their movements.
To do this we need a court order,
it does not wait for Park.
To get that a number is too large.
I would say since we call
probably far too much of him.
He can drink.
And not too tight.
- Can I give you up?
- Yes, of course.
- Attorney, may I ask you what.
- Go on, you can ask what you want.
I've heard that the opposing party
Attorney Oh has brought into play.
Then you're like, his lap dog?
Lap dog? These are outrageous rumors.
- Hal You call that a question, asshole?
- He says I can ask everything, idiot.
- No, calm down!
- Go to the site.
- Stop!
- Stop it!
Come on, if you dare!
You sit down now again both.
Pull yourself together! Again, go sit down!
Detective Han!
Detectives have in the handle,
so that they can solve crimes. As we are.
So we will trust each other
and respect, okay?
- Ah, we are lifted up today!
- Do you want to die?
If you were not a prosecutor,
I would kill you!
Detective Han, I like your attitude,
you're hardcore!
- We need such men! - Yes?
- You can even kiss me at the ass.
- I have had it. Hold the fuck up!
- Crap!
Can I help you?
- No, I got it.
- Injured again?
You should be more careful.
- Still so popular with the ladies?
- Good day.
- He will be here in five minutes.
- Is that damn pearl gray?
- Silver is out, but no one wears.
- Giorgio Armani. Was on sale.
- Great, no? These lines, elegant!
- So you're working for him now?
He squeezes blood out of a stone,
he's crazy!
But I love to work for him!
I've always hated politicians,
But you get to know her, fascinating!
- And how they deal with each other, is just...
- he gives you extra coal?
- I can't believe it! Yes!
- I bought what, a beamer!
- You had to bring more them.
- She didn't want it first.
Wash it, smells strictly.
What a day! What makes your face?
Why don't you lay down?
Yes very good! This is exactly
the right thing, Yes!
This Attorney, Kim Chai-in, who is he?
- He studied law at the University of a province.
- Not exactly the hardest type.
It is not difficult to crush him.
You mean but not this particular lawyer?
Our friend Tae has such a dirty
Vest, everyone will get it right away!
He is totally vulnerable.
That's why you should stay away from him,
the construction manager is dangerous.
I don't want that.
Like me, he is my dog for a decade.
We no longer talk about the
uncomfortable stuff, let's be positive.
But you gotta refrigerate it,
he should be gone urgently.
I hate it when you give me advice.
Sounds to me, as if you place my commands.
I'm just trying to see things
from your perspective to be useful.
People never interested in the
perspective of another,
they think only to themselves
that they have their advantage.
- Except you of course.
- Yes, of course.
Wait outside.
Lady, this is now bad,
- You better go.
I'm sorry, I was on the toilet.
- Come on, give him your cell phone.
- Here.
It is registered in the
name of an old peasant.
And just so we three will lead
the discussions in the future.
- You've got one, I and Secretary eun.
- Yes.
We four, I hope.
- I heard you're like brothers?
- Yes!
Delightful. Oh, God, brothers in honor.
When I tell you, rest,
And you would actually do it.
- How far would you come well in life?
- Excuse me, dear Mr.
I'm getting better.
- Is the little sweet! Let's go.
- Yes.
Take care of her, right?
- There. I don't know whether she can drink it.
- Thank you very much.
Han, do you want me to kill him?
Mr. Tae?
- Are you doing it?
- Or do you not want to?
You little coward, I made just a joke.
Voice recording 001
Delete recording?
Do you want to wear a mini recorder
under your shirt? -I can handle that!
Leave him alone, know, he gets
upset easily. We share the rice?
- Why?
- You look pathetic.
Crush on me? -Hell, no, they're really bad.
- Have you ordered Chinese?
- Yes.
Are you probably quite hungry?
Great idea, now I know the
neighborhood about our secret base!
We wanted to save time and
thought, that's all right.
- You can leave any ten minutes!
- Mr Han!
How interesting, your wife's parks
half sister? You are brother-in-law!
You talked him into the hospital, right?
What should I record, he didn't
say anything about the witnesses.
Then you had to ask him of course!
Let him go. Everybody quiet.
- Yes, of course, understood.
- Keep talking.
- We should remove everything.
- What?
- We go back to the headquarters.
- Was this just Attorney Oh?
- He got pressure from above.
- Crap, you're dead ass!
He has no guilt.
Hans's brother-in-law, Mayor Park,
has let his relationships play,
and you reach high.
- But this is the best guess.
- We all need a break.
Go, pack it up.
Packed up, packed up,
pack it up, pack it up!
Grabs everything!
My husband shows me not
the account statements.
Not important, just make a
circle around number 1.
- The happy Han sitting there!
- On you, and you with pretty women.
- Yes, I love it here. What do you want?
- Something bad happened.
Junkie, the wanker,
has retracted his statements.
I didn't kill him. -I don't
even know that Sergeant Hwang is dead.
What did he die for? Diabetes?
Cirrhosis of the liver?
You pushed it, we saw that.
Ah, you have the history with
Sun-mo practiced, what?
Have you thought up this crap?
Looks like you'd have thought the crap.
Should I tell which from the warehouse?
Typical junkie, just playing around,
and cowardly others accuse.
Look, not so loud, your voice trembles.
What's he doing now?
- This motherfucker!
- He's not allowed!
Come on, asshole!
- Bastard, motherfucker!
- Stop. Calm down.
- I'm going to kill you!
- You can't!
- You'll pay for this! I get ready!
- Let him, stop it!
- What are you, why so upset?
- You did nothing wrong.
- We should have a puffer fish.
- I thought you hated cheap menus.
- Why did you do that before?
- I told you stay out.
- Anyone who believes even a drug dealer?
- You got no eggs more in his pants?
- This giant asshole! Screw junkie!
- Why do you curse so?
Sun Mon! What are you doing to survive,
what did I tell you?
Know your place and
never overstepped the limits.
Never cross the boundaries.
All right, I'll be out of now, will I?
- Sit down.
- I gotta go.
Sit down!
- Order by the Mayor.
- Come to him tomorrow.
The poor, who came from the
countryside to the city,
Have gathered there, to earn money.
Initially they were just
away into a huge mess.
But then, in the 80s,.
A new town development programme
was developed in Bundang. Yes.
How are you today? Well, today it is
called: "Bundang is better than the sky".
And now wait time,
what happens to our Annam!
A wealthy city in that it attracts
the millionaires from all Nations.
- What kind of a city?
- A rich city!
- I can not understand, what kind of a city?
- A rich city!
I, Park Sun-bae, promise to
build this city with my hands!
- You're saving for a car?
- Small gift to do so.
- Han, did I offended to you yesterday?
- I like to be treated, ass.
- Not as silly grins and plug-ins.
- Yes, Sir!
- Now I regret having advised friends to notice.
- You don't have to.
Yes I've not resigned because of you.
Oh, no? Lick me in the ass. a new era. Since you ready
for Annam, the new world city!
World of Annam
A fantastic project!
Thank you, Mayor Park, for this lecture.
- All position.
- Hey, what's happening here today?
- Daryl bat provoke an uprising.
- Why are you saying now?
When? I'm going now.
Stop! Tell me quickly everything,
So I can intervene.
- I can tell you anything.
- You know the rule of Mayor:
As few as possible must know something!
Reporter! Come on!
- I hate cameras. Hey, hey!
- Hey, camera down! No pictures!
- Cameras down, nobody photographed more!
- Stop to snap!
- We will confiscate the cameras!
- Hey!
What are the reporters doing,
Why do they stop?
If you continue shooting, is the
Hall cleared, all right? -Come on!
- Way with the camera!
- Can I go?
Sir! He says, you should hurry.
Ah, yes? That's so remarkable.
Why is your Mayor trying
to ride me in the crap?
Apparently he wants this
In the evening news?
Would you do it in front
of all the cameras?
Tell him he should do it!
- Mister, please, do what he wants.
- What are you doing, you grinsender clown!
God damned chicken crap! What is the?
- Why not, you do it yourself asshole?
- Carpet knife.
Try it now! You going to do good.
Don't touch!
- Do what you have promised.
- I won't.
I'm no longer following the orders
of this mentally ill. Over, final.
- Let's go. Well, come on.
- Wait, stop, stop immediately!
- What does that mean, damn it?
- Mr. Mayor...
- I say let go! Stop that!
- Stay calm.
How to organize such a show,
what's that?-it's good.
- What do you think who you are?
- Hey, Tae!
So you won't go!
- Stop immediately! No, don't fight!
- You shall not fight!
Stop it, stop it right now!
No hassle! Get out!
- All stop now, stop!
- Everyone stop now!
You may not see that!
- All gone, away from the Mayor.
- The cameras. Cameras, go there!
There it was! That man over there,
there is an assassin!
- I didn't do it, I didn't do anything.
- I'm fine!
I, Park Sun-bae's with you until
the end hold on, for you!
Park Sun-bae, Park Sun-bae, Park Sun-bae,
Park Sun-bae, Park Sun-bae...
- Should we stand by and watch?
- Assassination attempt on mayor's park
Who would be interested?
- We need to give an opinion.
- Someone has not done his job!
All districts are in turmoil.
This is a scandal without equal.
- You know that was a staging.
- Sorry.
You should set it to 20 November.
You should clear your place
as you have promised to do.
Mr. Oh, give me a little more time.
- Please, I get him determined.
- My God!
- I can not aim at shit.
- I want something real.
I beg your pardon.
Why are you sulking?
I am one of the team,
But as the only one knew nothing about it.
If everyone knows, it is
Entertainment and no politics.
It hurts the ears.
- How come?
- You shot 50 shots.
At least I've stirred up dust.
I am Secretary Eun,
the YTN news front page?
"Braver than the U.S.
Ambassador during his attack".
Who? About me? -The press turns out!
Let's see!
Oho! Yes, the second our
Han has done a good job!
Nothing to thank for, and just
because Sun-mo has given me back cover.
If he wants additional rich on you,
he has a long way to go.
Excuse me. Mr. Tae will be here shortly.
It is better not to provoke Tae awhile.
- Also the prosecutors are...
- Good, Han!
I'm easy to scare, so
do not scare me any more.
Make sure that the prosecutors
Not get a foot in the door.
Did Junkie throw it all out?
Seems he has admitted that he has
brought the witnesses to the airport.
Junkie can say what he wants, he is
The main suspect in the murder case.
Han is how innocent!
You and junkie are advised you because
of the Hwang-case in the hair, I heard.
Mr. Park, an SMS from the transporter.
- Are the crates ready?
- Yes, I have checked it.
This Chinese gangster, I want that.
Hey, Han, wait outside!
I said get out!
- But there are many eyes in Minpyung!
- One must proceed there very carefully.
Delivers the goods out tomorrow night.
Ah! There he is!
- Hello! You should come alone.
- It's an old habit of mine.
Hey, you, wait here.
Representing citizens made them deliver me,
that you have given up?
Oh, my goodness,
now you are not so reproachful.
It just went through with me,
I'm going easy on the ceiling.
But I've been thinking again.
But since you have announced it,
It is perhaps correct.
Oh, you think so, now,
that you have become a hero,
can to just throw me to the dogs?
I want exactly that. Please don't cry.
Hey! Hey! Can I give you a piece of advice?
- Not transgress not transgress.
- And I can't stand advice.
I will not advise you either. I
Take from now no money from crooks.
I will make only clean politics.
Park, you have spent so much time,
to go after other people.
But no longer, you know whether
you are a mayor or a cheater.
Good, asshole! From now on,
I will stand on the side of the opposition.
You should try to turn your damn brain
or you lose at the end maybe your life.
- Secretary eun! Mr. Tae would like to go.
- Hello! I'm not done yet!
- Park! Don't move, motherfucker!
- Stay calm!
- Her with my weapon!
- What? All right. Come with me!
- Quick, now, come on!
- But it is empty.
Come here, you bastard, I skins you alive!
- Put away the knife. Put it down!
- Shut up, no more words!
- But he threatens you!
- What? So want to kill you? Me?
You think I can't, you motherfucker?
How pathetic, can't you do more?
Now get out of here, gangster!
- Gangster? You want to be a politician?
- Get out now!
- I will show you what you've got it!
- And if someone is injured?
- No!
- Crap!
- Now get out.
- Did you see that?
- Get off.
- That was me.
- Complete idiot!
- Is he dead?
Really dead?
- No, he's not yet.
- Come on!
- So what I can too, asshole!
- Let him go! Hands off!
You're supposed to let him go, and get out!
Get up, come on. Everything okay?
- Yes.
- For real?
- Yes.
- No injury, right?
Yes, I like such crazy hotheads!
You're a real man! Yes! Come on.
- You have fought!
- Show it to us.
So it was in reality,
and I lay there, unconscious.
That's the truth, but see,
here I was, slowly came to me!
Why does the mayor not call me?
Back? Did he arrange that?
Yes, is to suppose you ask that seriously?
- Do not be naughty, that could be you to cost one 's life.
- Yes, sir!
Any reaction from Taes people?
- Get a few bodyguards and be alert.
- How is your wife, better?
Do not get cocky,
Do you really know what you're doing?
Shit, you start to annoy.
You always have to get me down.
Yes, you're still a kid.
Something I've had yesterday's
evening with the Mayor,
And he said he liked his life
long partner of this child.
- Ah, yes?
- You should know.
Now, do you think who you are,
after you drove dead Tae?
You said I should respect me,
and I tried that.
- Harder than anyone else, is that wrong?
- I said, you're supposed to turn?
Han was not jealous, otherwise you lose.
You little scumbag! -Hey, you guys!
What you're doing?
Because of you we organize
The whole circus. So join in!
I'll tear my ass!
So, folks, we're making a break.
You hear that you occasionally to
meet with prosecutors, is this true?
I'm afraid, Yes.
Well, that I will tell
probably the Mayor, right?
Or would you do that yourself?
Han, please, I beg you,
do not act like an idiot.
People come from all corners
of crawling, to protect Park.
Secretary Eun's cell phone
Has been canceled for hours.
It isn't yet, they gave him a note?
- Mayor Park has on Tae last saturday to kill.
- A change of mind? Huh?
- Did you hear that?
- Yes.
- Check it with Tae and then log.
- Yes.
- Park Sun-bae is finished without Taes money.
- Where does he get a new one now?
How long must I help you,
before my work is finished here?
- It is the end to end.
- I am the bait, I know.
Let me go when the fish is caught?
That's why you take that?
You said I should record everything.
My name is Kim cha-in,
I'm Special Prosecutor.
REF. 2016-6359.
When Han do-kyung provides us
with evidence, that an arrest.
Give it to me in writing.
Depends on the quality of information.
Secretary Eun telephoned with Minpyung,
- I have recorded.
Everything belongs to? Please identify:
- location and content of the call.
What have I given up there?
Have I made a mistake?
- Shit, I don't know.
- No, it was right. No regrets.
In the last few days is something
bothering you? -No, why?
- Because you behave like a nice husband.
- I'm nice.
- And I like it.
- After all the evil you have done.
Take the photo here for the funeral.
You won't die. We fly to Phuket,
when it's over.
Do not cry when I die,
Because you are the villain.
This bed is hell!
I will operate on me, if you want,
and then I'm going to die.
Do no harm more. Don't you know that,
I'm being punished for it?
- Do you have a Secretary eun?
- Follow me.
Here is Han.
- I think we have to go there ourselves. What is? Did you find something?
- Yes.
The man with the hat,
looks like Secretary eun.
- I will go there.
- Hey, you get up with the clothes.
- I'll go, get the camera fixed.
- Yes.
- They also fall.
- Han is best guy.
- I'm not crazy, what do you think?
- I'll go, it'll work.
- Come on, the camera.
- You said you are the bait, huh?
- Catch the fish. Come on!
- What do you expect from me?
Should I give to recognize
me as a spy chase myself up?
Come on, catch him
and bring him here.
If it is Secretary Eun, call us.
Do not forget,
What you promised.
In the meantime, we trust each other.
Just as you act, I do not trust you.
- Your insurance. Under the arrest warrant.
- Is a copy, keep it.
LIABILITY - Total exemption
Against all charges
Did you really get it legal certainty?
- This is not the case in South Korea.
- You did not know?
And why even writing?
I can handle this when the time is come.
- Get out of the way.
- What you want asshole, who are you?
Get lost here. -The Court is not yours.
- What a mess, go on, get out.
- Who the hell are you?
- You a COP, what?
- What are you staring at me?
- Hey! What will the bull here?
- I shoot you!
- No, stop! And you are also quiet.
- You threaten a policeman, motherfucker!
- Do you know what that means?
- Off, but quickly!
Secretary eun! -You're friends'a ball, man?
Kancha, stop!
Don't move, idiots,
or I shoot any'ne bullet in the head!
- Get up, scumbag!
- Enough!
You asshole!
Come on, I know this man,
let him go!
It was a toy gun, which was real.
Han! I beg you, he does good service.
- Bastards, you're all dead!
- No, you do not do anything!
The mayor did not approve
of that, you know.
When he finds out, we're in trouble.
Investigators are out there
on the doorstep. -Excuse me?
- That are out there and wait, I recognized one.
- Is it really true?
What do we do now?
- My gun gives me again, wanker.
- Stop it! Have you gone crazy?
- First you take us out of here, all right?
- You know where the bypass is?
- Okay, you drive there long, all right?
- But hurry up please!
- Come on, come on, get out of here, all gone!
- No, you have to go, fast!
- What is that? Should we follow them?
- EUN on the phone!
- He's leaving now.
- It sounds like someone's coming.
- All get out of here! Hurry up!
- Are you there? Where, in the alley?
There is Eun!
Stand still! Stop!
Let's hold him!
Han, what is happening?
- Have you met eun? - What?
- Where is the weapon?
What weapon?
- Where are the motherfuckers, I gotta get it!
- Wait! Han, stop!
Stop! Stop!
Where are you, motherfucker?
Fucking asses!
Hey! Me my gun you fuckers give back!
- Scumbag! Give it to me, you asshole!
- Fuck you!
Well, bastards, you get trouble.
Scumbags, right answer! Right answer!
- What a buffoon!
- Hand over my gun!
You can forget it, old man!
- I'm going to shoot the dagger now.
- Are you stupid?
- You want to shoot me?
- Honestly? Think about it!
We will die together! Bastards!
Motherfuckers, where is my gun?
Crap! Meth!
- Hey! You pigs transported Meth?
- Don't move, you fuckin' dealer.
After an unprecedented accident
were exposed to 20,000 residents of
Pangyo a methamphetamine smoke.
At 22:00, a van driver lost
ring road on the Annam.
Not in control of his car
and caused an accident,
In which four other cars were involved.
Methamphetamine in the car
was worth $ 30 million.
So you were a park secretary for 20 years?
And now you have a 30-million drug deal
arranged in your own pockets?
Park has arranged that, right?
- He's angry, our mayor, is not he?
- Not at all, he's quite calm.
- He has a few questions for you.
- What kind of questions?
You met the cursed Prosecutor?
If I had done that, I would tell you,
you know me!
Forget it!
- So, he wants to hear nothing unpleasant.
- I'm not going to annoy him!
Oh, shit! Well, let's see it objectively:
You mean the drugs incident
falls back on him, huh?
- You really make me laugh.
- You have no idea at all.
The Special Prosecutor wants
only to nail the mayor.
This time, there is no way out for him.
Quickly pull you out, go overseas
or somewhere else. -Idiot!
I mean you, of course.
What shit.
Hey, Sun Mon! If one drives a foreign
car and wearing a suit,
is your life so great?
You should not leave the mayor.
If you do just that,
you're only dog shit.
I just don't understand why you
want to be sure his hunting dog?
Let it ride! It doesn't matter
whether you understand.
US ARMY BASE district development center
So you met with the prosecutor's
office a month ago?
- Why did you say anything?
- Maybe forgot?
It was different, I was investigating in
the murder case of the process witnesses.
I was one of the prosecutors on the heels,
never mentioned your name.
Is that true?
You have asked for the witnesses,
and not mentioned my name?
- Exactly.
- AHA.
It really hurts me when I imagine
you have been betraying me.
You dirty pig! How can a
dog dare to bite his Lord?
I have heard that Junkie is
not the murderer of Hwang.
If the prosecutor thinks with the murder
of the witness, you and I would have
- to do something, who would be in danger?
- I certainly do not.
- Of course not, bastard.
- The storm will pass, what else.
No matter how strong the wind blows,
it will not upset me.
I will emerge from this
or deal only stronger.
- But they will destroy me.
- Yes, of course!
But I won't let it, why not?
Because you belong to me.
I'm going to fix everything,
can you help me here?
- Secretary Eun, how did it happen?
- Why were you arrested?
Shit, look!
- Is the mayor well?
- Yes.
Hold on, Mr. Eun fell out.
It's me, Han.
- Everything is settled.
- Don't call for a while.
I'm saying, Mr. Han,
that we should operate one last time.
Do not allow the medical
students to practice it again.
- They had insisted on the operation at that time.
- I told you there is no...
Then do it right now, damn,
I'm going to pay anything!
Journalists, whatever you ask,
I make myself any criticism.
When the wind blows you, stand like a tree.
Save them please, I'm begging you.
I stand here today before you,
and it makes me happy to do
so with a clear conscience.
It brings my heart overflowing.
- They should be damned!
- This lies of journalists!
If everything were true,
what is in the newspapers.
Our country would have
collapsed decades ago!
- Sit down.
- I like to stand.
I said, sit down!
The Declaration of immunity that
they gave me, proved to be worthless.
It looks like this:
I have listened to everything,
what you have recorded on Mayor Park.
And in the end we can use anything!
Why is it so every time?
Guarantee absolute security,
me no matter what.
Then I can bring you relevant shots.
- If I should go down with it, why should I...
- playing it!
- What do you have now?
- It's really funny.
Do not you realize, I'm the one
who is able to save your ass?
Sit down.
I thought you would understand
everything if I treat you fair.
Because the dog craps it!
That was a mistake of mine, I'm sorry.
- I've been far too human to you.
- But this is definitely the end!
You are afraid of too much Park,
that's why you don't catch him
and you will...
What is this? Away, away!
I know that your boss has been bribed,
the good District Attorney.
- You follow orders, why you do this to me?
- What are you doing?
Down with the ceiling! Crap!
- Get started!
- What for?
Do the damn thing, damn it!
Hold still! Hold him tight, shit!
More is not it enough.
Do you know what I hate the most?
Who knows? Ask your fuckin' MOM!
If you served me hot air,
because that irritates me very much.
Do not hurt your hands.
Hold him tight.
Let him go.
Handcuffs off.
Let me go, let me go, damn crap.
- You can make your shit alone!
- Back on the Chair.
Here, for you.
Now, give it to me.
- But let the guy.
- No, give it to me.
If we can not bring Park to the track,
this never has an end.
Do you want to continue
living in this hell?
Attorney, let me stop.
Park has ordered Eun, Tae and
the witness to be murdered.
Get the proof us, damn it!
I really can't, I'm done, I can't.
Then your dying wife can go to
jail with the hospital car,
- To visit you, lovely,.
- Don't talk about my wife!
Now calm down! Quiet, only a second! Yes.
Wet wipes, please!
Even a Chair.
So... Keep your head still.
You forgot yourself, didn't you?
Oh, it hurts. Poor Han.
- You're annoying. And?
- Does it hurt?
So now you get a very last chance from me!
My intuition as a COP tells me,
that I, very much exert to myself,
can never escape from this hell.
I'm just a terrible husband.
I'm sorry, Yun-hee.
I'm really very sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- My poor husband!
- It is so sad!
- How amazing to see you here.
- I want to condolence.
I understand your feelings,
Yes, but you should go.
- How do you know my feelings?
- What are you two whispering about?
If you're already there,
come in and have something to eat.
That's good.
This stew is made by a factory
- And transported to the whole province.
- This is a delicacy.
Can you imagine that I
visit funerals only for this?
These are the things for
which it is worth living.
Sun Mon! Don't just stand there, sit down.
- Have more.
- Yes.
I heard Yun-Hee operation is hard.
I ordered, that the head of the
clinic allocates her the best surgeon.
I really appreciate it.
- There are two types of diseases.
- You have one, but it will not kill you.
- And the other will kill you anyway.
- Do you understand what I mean?
The doctors say there is no hope for them.
You were her best husband,
that should comfort you.
What you're saying is
cold and completely numb.
Do you want to condolt or let you run?
Stop being so embarrassed, I screw it.
You're doing this just for your image,
but she's your half-sister.
Yun-hee is still alive. -That's why
I'm doing all the dirty work for you.
That should cancel each other out, huh?
- And that's why I kidnapped the witness for you.
- Shut up, damn it!
Stop it!
Ah, I lost my appetite.
When will I die?
How funny. What are you enjoying today?
- Tell me whether I will live or die.
- Everyone has to die when the time comes.
The good Eun knew that it was so far?
- Stop Han, so to speak!
- Do not provocate him, you moron!
- What's with the crappy dirt?
- I think he's exactly right.
He should ask for Tae.
- His talk makes me very nervous.
- Just trust him.
- Hey, Han, the prosecutor trust you, - I do not.
- So don't screw the thing up.
You should keep your mouth shut, damn it.
I can handle this in my own way,
so guys, damn it, get out of there.
Who the hell are you talking to?
Prosecutor Kim cha-in.
- Listen to everyone!
- We've flown.
We pack it up.
Han, piss you off on the spot,
if your life is dear to you!
- Beat it, you moron.
- Wait a minute.
If he wanted to reveal everything to Park,
he would do this discreetly.
Why does he want us to hear everything?
Now, I repeat everything I hear in the ear.
I'm Special Prosecutor Kim cha-in.
By the informer, which we have used,
we now have the evidence
For the prosecution of the murders of Eun
and Junkie and the transport of drugs.
Everything recorded.
The public prosecutor
Kim cha-in is a stupid idiot.
Doesn't he know that illegally obtained
evidence in court are not allowed?
First, we send audio files to
the three major newspapers.
If this is done, we put it on the Internet.
We do all this, and then
you are burned alive.
- So we'll all go down together?
- The prosecutor's office has a sense of humor.
He's out in the car now.
- This can not be true.
- Come on, drive away.
Get out! Come on! All out! Right away!
- All come out of the vehicle!
- Duck!
- No motion and no sound.
- Get out! Come on!
- Should we call for backup?
- Don't panic, relax!
Photographing everything Hey!
Everything recorded here
is considered proof.
- We will bring it to court.
- Understood, I take pictures of everything.
- Mr. Kim, you will not get out under any circumstances.
- Seungmi also does not.
Come on out!
What is this? Away with the camera!
- Crap!
- Come on.
Watch it, no one escapes you.
We determine for the District Attorney.
I want to make a message:
The Mayor of Annam is victim
of an illegal bugging.
- Send our people.
- Parking lot of the funeral Institute.
- Wait, Sun-mo..
- Hands off!
Not cocky, we arrest everybody.
And the perpetrators are also armed.
They say they are civil servants,
but they look like a wild gang.
Motherfucker! -Be here in five minutes.
- Parking lot of the funeral Institute.
- Can you make it in five minutes?
What do you think?
They use bugs and cameras against
a popularly elected Mayor,
and you think you get away with? Crap!
One thing I promise you now, Kim Cha-in,
This time you go with flying flags!
- Here, he answers it?
- Mr. District Attorney, say what.
- Han, what are you doing?
- Do you want to blow yourself up?
Are you crazy?
He wants to meet you, so to speak,
man against man.
- He wants me to go there?
- Han will smart, this idiot without a brain.
- I could break through.
- Wait, I have an idea.
He's inside.
How nice to meet you.
Ah! Have you tasted the stew?
Hey, you do not want to deny
Secretary Eun the respect!
Unbelievable, on Earth,
no one is so impious as our Mayor.
What an asshole, I'll crush you like a bug.
Why all the bloodshed?
Why don't you talk to each other
and clarify everything?
What a hatred in his eyes!
There are two types of people:
Wanker that can accept rationality,
and wanker who are deaf,
and do not obey, no matter how many
times you explain to them.
What kind of Wanker is our Attorney?
I hope you're not the kind
of bitch who loves it,
long lectures full of nonsense.
And I hope that these things
are no longer be used to
torment public officials.
Listen, we're all very busy people,
What do you think of it when
we simply speak openly?
Mr Prosecutor, you should not
be allowed to go there.
Where to let in, -I don't know
what you mean, we're just talking.
- They are waiting outside.
- Good!
- Name your price. I would like to buy.
- And I'm paying very well.
- They are also a public official.
- You know my monthly salary.
I'm cheap.
All I want is your confession,
that you ordered and
people have been killed.
Really? Is that more important than money?
Hey, hey, hey.
Show me a man in the world
who is not interested in money.
I've also done research.
Your boss, the Chief Prosecutor Oh,
takes money from anyone and everyone.
Mayor Park will be not to overthrow.
And if I'm going to go down,
I'll take you all.
Of course you tear your mouth far.
Our Mayor is so complacent as described.
Life is fuckin' short,
we should always be honest.
Well, how much did you think to buy me?
I'm curious, what is the level?
At the beginning of a 5,
then a few zeros follow.
So much!
- I would have to imagine more.
- I knew you would understand.
You lousy little hyena, today
you are driving me on the nerves.
You will be grateful to me,
when you receive your prize.
- You earned a commission for this.
- No, I can not accept that.
Do everything that is possible
to convince the District Attorney.
So, really, that's just
too hard for me now.
I can not always change the pages.
You have to deal with it without me.
Poor guy, I do not want
to get stuck in his skin.
- Why can we not mourn?
- We paid the food!
Clear all this up here!
- Hey, easy, easy!
- Bastard!
- Let him go, Kancha!
- What is the motherfucker doing here?
- I've got a skull!
- Do not make a theater, please!
Why did you call?
Doesn't matter now, Han, just leave them,
because we have to talk, okay?
I'll be completely honest with you,
please believe me.
I won't lie to you, please, sit down.
We both know, without Senior
Prosecutor, Oh you are nothing.
I could change that.
I could make you a prosecutor
or even a general attorney.
As an aspiring man, do you
want to be at the top? -Park!
You are boldly looking at things,
- Do you think I am so easily seductive?
You want to bury me,
that's why you're here.
Would I do anything to live on?
To gain your favor and your kindness,
so that you may save me,
I would like to make you a little sweeter.
Your eyes, mayor,
Are not eyes that are trusted, huh?
You doubt my sincerity?
That's too bad.
Park does not want to be
with Kim Cha-in at all?
Did you see the situation?
If we do something wrong,
they will kill us all.
- He is the Prosecutor, you don't beat him!
- Park defeated everyone.
Yes, of course, because he sacrifices a different
in each time. Who will it be this time?
You killed Eun, right?
I asked you a question!
God damn shit.
Yes, it was me, and?
Do you know why I'm in a shitty
situation? Because of you!
You convinced me!
Now I can flee anywhere,
is involved in the knitting.
Hey, Sun-mo! He will use and
take advantage of us, all our lives.
Do you see what condition I am?
Do you want me to be shot like
a dog in the Philippines?
- Allow me, get out of here, now.
- Okay, Sun-mo, Yes?
- Are they fighting each other!
- Kim cha-in is not behind of us.
You act like you know everything,
but you have no idea!
Do you know what Park told me?
"The traitor is Han, erase him out."
- And he was right.
- He wants you to do that?
- Stop asking.
- Can you shoot me, really?
- Clear.
- Then pull the trigger, motherfucker!
- Hey!
Stop, stop! Don't move, damn it!
You want to shoot me?
Hey, Sun-mo, you can not do that at all.
How naive you can be. -You think
I can't do this? Should I do it?
Go on, asshole. Shoot!
- Crap!
- Stop it!
- Finally, cowardly scumbag.
- I will.
Pull the trigger now, damn.
- Finally you're going to shoot?
- Let go, asshole!
You disgusting little bastard.
Coward. What a shit.
I'm sorry, okay?
- So I'm sorry?
- I'm sorry, Yes.
You're completely nuts.
Oh, shit!
This is all your fault, you know that?
What should I do?
My brother, you must never trust
this asshole, do you understand?
Now let go already!
Okay, that's enough.
Our conversation was recorded with
the permission of the Korean court.
You will shortly receive a summons.
You trick me out? All the
people I know in South Korea,
Who are professionally concerned
with the judiciary, are wiser.
- Let through me, damn it!
- Come on, we're going back!
Get out of the way!
Let's get out.
This way, quick, quick. Move along!
Park, if you do a public prosecutor,
you get lifelong!
Weapons out. -You think you're so smart,
but they thought the matter not to end.
We could tell them they
can just cut off one arm.
In Minpyung the apartments being
vacated by foreigners, you know that.
The guys here, who live there, have
carried out a terrorist attack against me.
- And we haven't managed to stop them.
- Are you totally crazy?
Such a bad luck for you that
you were here today, I'm sorry.
No warning shots, firing at the man.
What did the prick say? Come on,
shoot, do not be afraid!
Hey, what shall we do, what do we do now?
Easy, take it easy.
You're a fool, a shit!
- And what should I do now?
- You shot me?
Everything will be fine,
you're not dying brother.
I'm on my ass, right?
No, you idiot, I'm saving you.
I will not let you down. Hell, no!
You can me kiss my ass, old bastard.
- Sun Mon, die, no, no, no no.
- No, damn Sun-mo, not, not!
I finish you, prick!
Oh, shit, I have no desire for this filth!
Stop it! You're supposed to stop, right?
- I'm a Korean Prosecutor.
- You're a shit on your knees!
I'm bleeding!
I made a serious mistake, Yes.
Okay, so, we shake our hands.
Take your hand away, damn it,
or I'll cut it off you!
- Down the hatch!
- What is now?
Do you recognize my honesty now?
- I do, there's such a thing as a last chance.
- But not for me!
- Mr. Kim Cha-in, watched. My right arm! Come on, cut him off.
- What?
You shall cut my arm off, moron,
touching him. Touch!
- Cut off!
- But, I can't...
Give me that. And now hold on tight,
- Shit, you look exactly, Kim cha-in.
- Stop! Mayor, no, don't!
- Shut up!
- Stop, stop, stop!
- Why do you want to hurt yourself?
- It is enough.
I will be loyal to you, I swear it.
I say this not to save myself.
Keep your arm and your world of Annam also.
You want to be loyal?
Let's see if you can
become one of my people.
End the life of this woman. Kill them.
The movies.
The camera is running.
Please, don't.
Mayor, do I have your Word?
The shouting of this dirty slut
gets on my nerves, make them cold!
- Yes!
- Who was that? Who?
- Han do-kyung.
- Han?
Is that you, Han?
- Is your conversation with Sun-mo ended badly?
- Yes. I killed him.
What a shit! It's all because of you, Han!
You were like brothers, and the Prosecutor!
Enough! Get out of there.
You want to kill me? Yes,
he is a real monster!
Park Sun-bae, now finally come out!
Come on, all gone! Get out!
Now what? Is the ammunition run out?
I'll kill you one way or another!
- And what? How do well?
- Don't touch me, motherfucker!
Hey! Now listen to me, all right?
And look, as I clean up here,
Mental health idiot!
Young lady! Where have you hidden yourself,
Where are you? Oh, there!
All right, asshole.
Hey! Park Sun-bae, we
fight man against man!
- What do you think who is opposed to you?
- Dirty pig!
I'd love to kill you,
but there's so much to do now.
And you'll have a lot to do.
Call an ambulance!
An ambulance!
I gotta get back to the hospital!
Mr. Special Prosecutor Kim! Listen to!
We need to think about how
to get rid of this mess.
We want to get clean out
of this matter, huh?
Please call an ambulance!
- Careful, careful!
- You stupid pig! What do you think?
I'm shot! I'm bleeding!
I can explain this.
It was revealed that Han is the
murderer of Sergeant Hwang.
He has been convicted, and
then he is completely nuts.
Unfortunately, you were shot,
and I am also a victim.
If you call an ambulance right now,
I will testify to your story.
What a pleasure, I can see
that you are just like me.
- You're really annoying.
- Now it's your turn.
I'm very afraid of you! -Do you know
what your problem is, brother-in-law?
Oh, Yes, I have a lot, I know.
So a wretch like you should be
better not as short-tempered.
You can lick me in the ass, fuckin' bitch.
I knew it would end, but
unfortunately you could not change it.
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