Asuran (2019) Movie Script

Come on!
The stones down here are sharp.
Watch your feet.
Just walk behind me.
I can't walk in water any further.
My bombs will get drenched.
Why did you bring it?
I told you to leave it behind.
I did leave it behind.
When Uncle and you were
speaking in private...
Mother told me to take it.
She doesn't trust her alcoholic husband
to keep her son safe.
Some mother! Hold this.
- It's not her fault.
You're always on her case.
Father, it's so slushy!
Why are you making me
walk in water?
We could walk on the shore,
where it's convenient.
Yes. It will be convenient.
To those chasing after us.
Shut up and walk.
Is that a police Jeep?
Walk backwards.
Let's go.
Stop the car.
Hand me the torch.
What's a little lamb doing
alone in the forest at night?
The richest man in the village
has been killed.
Everyone is gathered outside the hospital.
The streets are deserted.
No one cares about a stray lamb.
So no one will come
looking for it?
It will take them days
to even realise that it's gone.
It's a tender little one.
It will make great curry.
Catch it!
These scoundrels are the people
in charge of upholding justice!
We should never have let him
into our village.
I should have slit his throat
the day he beat up my son at the station.
Calm down, now.
This temper of yours...
your sons take after you.
You let it get away!
Can't even catch a lamb...
Didn't know that catching lambs
is what makes a policeman.
Don't keep talking back at me
like my wife.
You let the lamb get away.
Don't even talk.
Sir! Our boss has left us...
He is always surrounded
by 10 - 15 of you men.
He even carries a gun on him.
How could you let this happen?
We just didn't see this coming.
Oh, come on.
There was a power cut.
In the blink of an eye, he hacked and fled.
He was there the whole time.
We didn't suspect anything.
I hear the elder wolf has gone
into the forest with the little wolf.
You need to go hunting.
- You want them for meat, or alive?
I want them alive.
They tried to escape by making a run--
- [Man Sobbing]
--now they're trapped in the forest.
My son is in the forest now.
That wolf cub will be
at your doorstep by sunrise.
Don't worry.
I'll have the entire family locked up.
No, Inspector.
I don't wish to file a complaint.
- This is not a case of stolen poultry.
You can't choose to
not file a complaint.
This is a murder case.
A case will be filed, whether or not
you place a complaint.
You stay out of this.
We know what to do,
and how to do it.
Before my father's funeral is--
- [Man wailing]
You just let him die,
and you're crying now?
You should have jumped in
and died instead of him.
Before I perform my father's last rites,
every male in that family will be killed.
Then you will go to prison
for their murders?
That's not for you.
I will do everything you just said.
I will come and see you
after I am done with him.
Okay, leave now.
We'll see.
Maadasami, I haven't received
any presents offlate...?
I don't go to the forest very often.
That's why.
You think I'm not aware
that your son is in the forest?
I could have you arrested.
They will kill them if they catch them.
We must beat them to it.
I'm surprised he didn't ask for money.
He needs money for his daughter's wedding.
He's trying to butter me up.
Bloody thief!
Instruct your son to start hunting.
Come in, my brother.
I didn't think this would
end in a murder.
You know how our family has grieved
for two years now.
I would have been happier
if he had brought me the head.
Okay, now where are they?
The father has taken his son into the forest.
And we are here.
What about the house?
And the farm?
We just up and left.
Fine, let's go inside.
Come in.
Keep your voice down.
Maari, I'll give you jewellery.
Can you pawn it and meet my brother-in-law
with the cash at the 117th Rock?
Don't talk as though I'm a stranger.
I will handle it.
You want water?
- Yes.
Here, keep this.
Okay, Brother.
- I'll get going.
Uncle, please don't leave.
Stay with us.
Baby girl!
Uncle must leave now to bring
your father and brother back home.
Don't you want us to return home?
- Yes.
You stay with your mother now.
- We'll be fine.
Where is the lorry headed?
Where do you need to go?
Tell me that.
I must go to the town.
- Tirunelveli town?
Yes, by the temple.
- It's on my way.
Get in the front.
I will drop you outside the temple.
Are you hungry?
You mother has packed food.
That day, Chidambaram and
his father Sivasami...
his mother Pachaiyamma
and Uncle Murugesan...
were all running
in different directions.
Vadakooraan's family members...
were trying to hunt and kill
the men of Chidambaram's family.
The problems faced by Chidambaram's family
are not unique.
Their problems were typical to
any small land owner amidst big landlords.
Chidambaram lived in
Thekkoor - the South Village.
Nearby is Vadakoor - the North Village.
'Vadakooraan' Narasimhan from the North Village
was taking over the farmlands in the south.
His younger brother Venkatesan,
recently returned from Singapore,
struck a deal with a Madras based company
to start a cement factory in their land.
Somehow, as it always goes,
when the landlords plan a new venture,
they find it necessary to take over
the small land next to theirs.
I can spare 1,600 acres.
Won't that be enough?
We need those three acres
for the factory's frontage.
We should buy that land.
Why do we have a better stature
than other people from our community?
Because we own that farm.
You want to sell it?
The cinema halls, coal factories,
fertiliser shops, textile shops...
they own it all.
And yet, to build their cement factory...
they desperately wanted the three acres
owned by Chidambaram's family.
His elder brother Murugan was determined
not to sell their land to anyone.
So, Murugan...
Didn't somebody say
he doesn't want to get married?
Now he's riding that cycle
all smiles?
he said he didn't want to
get married.
He never said he doesn't want
to look for a bride.
Hear that, brother-in-law?
Oh, be quiet!
He's finally agreed to
see a prospective bride.
Don't make him angry, he'll ride off.
- He's riding off really fast!
He doesn't care
what we say.
I think he will get married
before we even reach.
Like the solitary moon;
Her beauty is perfection.
How it ravages me!
Serve our guests.
Just for me, she got dolled-up;
Just to jolt me, she blossomed.
My son is short tempered.
I must not hide anything from you.
It's upto your daughter to change him.
She's got me bewitched!
Just for me, she got dolled-up;
Just to jolt me, she blossomed.
In an ever-moving earth;
I'm the center to his world.
I'll bind you to my scarf!
Just for you, I got dolled-up;
Just to jolt you, I blossomed.
Like pearl millet porridge;
Like my favourite dried fish.
How I'd ravage you!
Let's go to Chithra Studio
and get a photo clicked.
He looks so smart in this shirt.
- No.
He got bed-ridden for six months
after we took his baby picture.
Photos are bad for health.
What? Forgot your key?
- Yes, Father.
Go, get it.
Nephew dearest! I have forgotten
several keys in my time.
I forgot my key.
I forgot...
I'm glad you forgot.
No need for a new room.
I have some money saved.
We can buy a fan.
I've been sweating in this
sweltering heat for so many years.
It didn't occur to you
to buy a fan all this time?
Now that a wife is coming,
you want to buy a fan?
No matter who's coming
my mother comes first to me.
Don't talk that way.
Mother comes first to everyone.
But your future wife is leaving home
to be with you.
How you treat her reflects
how much you respect your mother.
Erect a wall over there
and build a room.
You can live there with your wife.
Why bother? Let's live together.
- Wait, eat some more!
You're saying that now. After the wedding
you will see what your father meant.
Pachaiyamma, I'm going to the farm.
- Yes, Father?
Your mother found two beedis
while washing your shirt.
Even alcohol is not that bad for you.
But tobacco is very harmful.
Who's over there?
Muthu... your father hasn't come?
He is not feeling well.
He's resting at home.
Even my farm is right here.
Please be mindful of that.
There is a whole stretch of
farms owned by wealthy folks.
You think we'd steal from your farm
and deprive your children?
I missed my old farm.
So I came this way for a stroll.
You will never have to worry about us.
But watch out for the pigs running amok.
That's why we're spending
the night here.
You stay safe!
How did you know
Uncle Mookkayya didn't come?
I didn't hear his bad leg dragging.
When he walks,
his slippers make a distinct sound.
They go from town to town to loot.
And you're greeting them
with pleasantries.
Who cares if they go to hell--?
Don't speak like you're an adult.
You're not old enough
to tell right from wrong.
I don't need to be old
to tell right from wrong.
Your uncle is to blame.
He's spoilt you. - If you were good to me,
he wouldn't have to.
Little brat!
- Come on, Father.
Little brother... Chidambaram!
- He's angry? What did I say wrong?
Bring him back.
Chidambaram, stop.
- I'm going home.
He's always yelling at me.
It's just our father.
A pig!
A pig!
Murugan, protect your little brother.
Throw me the spear!
Don't go there.
- Let me go, Father.
Take him home.
It's fine...
Go home.
Don't cry, it's okay...
Father will handle it.
Come on!
You obstructed a path used by
our people for ages with a fence.
You electrified it last night
and our dog died.
The point of the fence is to prevent
you people from using that path.
So you electrified the fence
to kill us?
Answer me.
- Look...
Is it our job to inform every man
who crosses the fence?
It is our land.
Nobody can question us
for electrifying the fence.
Then nobody can question me
for taking the fence down.
The elders are here to discuss it. Quiet.
- Sivasami...
I've not electrified public property.
I legally own that property.
Would you stand by and let a pig
rampage 40 acres of your farm?
So you kill people
with an electric fence?
My land is important to me.
I will electrify it.
Who cares if your dog dies
or your people die...?
They have smashed
most of the fence-posts.
Looks like we must put up new ones.
They have always stood before us
with folded arms.
How come that fear has disappeared
after the council meeting?
Who would dare to take down
the fence at night?
Master, I'm telling you.
I'm sure it's Sivasami's elder son.
How did you manage to
do it so quick?
It takes time to build something.
Only minutes to destroy it.
You're good with the talk, alright.
If they had taken it down sooner...
Ponnamma wouldn't have died of snake bite
taking a detour to the hospital.
What about it?
You should be proud of him.
You're the reason
he is this way.
What will we do
if there's a police case?
I dare him to go to the police.
The police will lock him up first.
An electric fence!
The police won't spare him.
Come on, Father...
You fool!
Don't mind your father.
All that happens only in movies.
In the real world, those with money
hold all the power.
Vadakooraan pranced around town
puffing his chest, thinking he is above all.
Show me your arm.
My nephew has done something
to show him that we're not afraid.
We should be proud of him!
You are spoiling him.
Please stop this.
If we stand up to him eye-to-eye,
he knows only one way to retaliate.
We won't let him get away with it.
We will retaliate, too.
Those times are gone.
Unlike you, we can't fold our hands,
bow our heads and take handouts from him.
How will he give us our due?
We must fight him for it.
Why are you so afraid?
Murugan, eat your lunch.
I don't know if I should be proud
or afraid of his ideas.
We must protect that boy.
Aren't you getting late for school?
I'm not going.
What do you mean "why?"?
Sevala has died.
So what if Sevala has died?
You're not the only one
who's sad about Sevala's death.
We are sad, too.
Don't keep brooding over it.
Eat up.
Though Sevala is gone,
we still have Sevappi.
Did you just say that?
If my brother were to die,
you'd still have me.
And if I were to die,
you'd still have my sister.
Would you move on
and be happy?
No, right?
Shouldn't he speak in support
of my brother right now?
Instead he's speaking for them?
He is the man of the family...
Don't disrespect your father.
That's wrong, isn't it?
The child is upset.
Don't take anything he says to heart.
He is upset about losing the dog.
I'm relieved that we only lost the dog.
Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Isn't it obvious?
We are irrigating our field.
We draw water from it manually.
If you use a motor to draw out water,
there won't be any left for our fields.
Stop yapping away, there.
Get to work.
If you don't turn that motor off,
I will dump it right into the well.
Oh, look! The landlady has spoken.
We must obey her.
Come on, guys.
Let's see her lay a finger on the motor.
What are you doing, lady?
- Get lost.
Chidambaram, bring your brother.
Go ahead, slit his throat.
I don't care if he dies.
Took down the fence, did you?
Oh, I will get them.
Sons of witches!
You dare to touch my son?
- Mother, stop!
Let me go!
- Mother, don't.
They're beating up your brother.
You want me to stand by and watch?
He can handle them, Mother!
Come back.
Mother, don't go there.
- Murugan, watch out!
How did Mother find out
that I smoke beedis?
Did you tell her?
We can smell it from a mile away!
Do I need to tell her?
He's here. That's him.
Is your father's name Sivasami?
You need to come with us.
Which police station are you from?
- Or you won't come?
Just come.
Let's go.
- Which station? Answer me.
You will see in a minute.
- Run to our father.
Don't talk too much.
Get your hands off me.
I'm coming with you.
Keep walking.
Boy, you head home.
Take him in.
He asks too many questions.
The police have taken my son
on his orders.
Tell him to let my son go.
Your son beat up my son
in front of everyone.
You want us to greet you with folded arms
and just let you go?
You sent your men to the farm
without any notice.
If you use a motor in a well
where we draw water manually...
our crops will wither out.
We have a claim over that well, too.
It's legally registered.
- You all know this...
when we first divided that land...
the previous owner Mookkayya and I agreed
to share the well and the path.
But you took over his land
and put up a fence around it.
And I chose to abide by the agreement,
so I let you draw water from the well.
Stop yapping away.
Get to work.
He 'let' me draw water from the well...
You draw out all the ground water
using a motor to irrigate your fields.
How could he keep quiet?
He had to stop you.
Then stop me.
Who told you not to?
But he can't hit us.
Don't you have any respect?
You and your son act like brutes.
Why should we put up with that?
My son hit them because
they hit his mother.
How is it his fault?
- You never mentioned that!
If someone hit a lady
from your family...
you would hit back!
My son just lost his temper.
I will pay them a lot of money.
Let them sell the land to me.
Why should they sell their land
for this?
If they sell me the land,
I will have his son released.
I've been humiliated.
My son was beaten up.
That's not fair, Narasimhan.
He can name his price.
I will pay up.
Farming is not profitable anyway.
He agreed to pay for it.
Just write off the land to him.
We will have the case withdrawn.
That land was a gift to my wife
from her brother.
I am merely taking care of it.
Is the land more important
than your son?
Murugesan would agree.
Don't you want your son freed?
He can earn and buy other land.
Compromise, for your own good.
That land will be inherited
by my children from their mother.
Tell me anything else,
I will abide by the village council.
Sivasami agrees to abide
by the village council's rule.
You should, too.
You can't just walk away
while we're talking.
Then why the hell did you call us?
You could have sorted it among yourselves.
Fine, I will abide by it.
what do you say?
That boy hit me.
You're going to have him released?
The village council elections
are coming up.
We need their people's support to win.
Will my son be safe in custody till then?
Would we allow your son to be harmed?
Once the elections are over,
we'll burn those low-lives.
So, will you abide by it?
I already told you that I will.
I know you will.
But your son and brother must, too.
My family will obey my command.
Sivasami, Vadakooran's family has
taken our counsel.
You saw that.
Swallow your pride
to protect your son now.
You're sending a young boy?
That's not right.
He was beaten and humiliated.
This is how we want it.
Sivasami has fallen at your son's feet.
Now get the police to release his son.
Not so fast. Let him fall at
the feet of all my people.
This is not right.
I won't say anything further.
And we're his accomplice.
Don't you see the difference
in their ages?
He's the only man at home now.
Brother, you don't have to do that!
Muthu, please bring him water?
No one has the guts
to stand up to their atrocities.
Don't worry.
Your son will return home safe.
You fell at their feet
just because they told you to?
Why would you do such a thing?
You have thrown away the respect
you and my brother earned over the years.
If something were to happen to our boy,
what would we do with respect?
We must protect our son.
Have they said where he is?
He's being held at the station.
My brother has gone to get him.
Please don't tell Murugan
about all this.
He will find out anyway.
Boy, you haven't gone to school?
Yeah, because schools are open till 6 PM.
You get drunk and act like you care.
- I'm not drunk!
Mother, I'm going home.
You don't worry.
Murugan will be home.
- I know.
Oh, no!
Wait, I'll lift him.
I'll handle it.
- What happened?
What happened?
- Nothing, just take him in.
Why is your face all swollen?
- It's nothing.
I'll manage, Mother.
Let go.
Hold on to me.
Grind some turmeric paste for his wounds.
- Right away.
They hit you?
Tell me...
No, Father.
Your father knows what happens
in the police station.
My son!
Your father is so powerless.
I thrashed and humiliated his son
in front of his field-workers.
This is the least his father could do.
I'm here now. Don't worry.
I'm fine, Father.
You need to be careful, son.
I am always careful.
He is throwing up.
I'm coming.
What are you doing out here?
Pour me a jug of water.
I knew he would throw up
inside the house.
I'll clean it.
- No, I'll clean it.
You wanted to beat up the men
who shoved Mother, didn't you?
I wanted to slaughter the policeman
who took you in.
But why does this man
have absolutely no self-respect?
Do you know what he's done?
Vadakooraan said he'd let you out
only if he fell at their people's feet.
He touched every single person's feet!
Is it true, what Chidambaram said?
Answer me, is it true?
The movie is quite good.
- Yes.
Wait and see, that bearded guy
is going places.
- Can I watch the movie?
Okay, go.
- Okay.
I hit your son.
So you had me beaten up by the police.
We were square.
Why the hell did you make my father
fall at every villager's feet?
I'll kill you!
- Yes, call out to them.
Your wife, son, the theatre staff,
your henchmen, everyone.
Tell them that I hit you.
You made my father
touch everyone's feet...?
Go, tell them.
Tell them that Sivasami's son
hit you with his slipper.
You will remember it
till your final breath.
Come in for dinner.
Let's eat, come on in!
I said, I'm coming!
Why are you constantly
talking about him?
He hit Rajesh and now he is
prancing around the village.
Should I let him go?
We made his father fall at everyone's feet
and had him thrashed by the police.
I have gotten over it myself.
Why are you still upset, Father?
If you had slaughtered him
then and there...
I would have been proud
to deal with the case.
it's gone too far!
What are you grumbling about?
I don't want his family to even
find his body to cry over.
Chop his head off,
mutilate it...
and burn it here.
Brother, wish you had taken me with you.
and burn it here.
Brother, wish you had taken me with you.
I would have loved to watch
him get hit by a slipper.
Look, Father and Uncle
shouldn't come to know.
Don't go telling people.
You actually hit him with your slipper?
Of course! He humiliated our father.
We can't spare him.
Oh, I badly want to tell someone!
I told you, you can't tell anyone--
Brother! Brother!
Brother! Brother!
Oh, no! Brother...
Brother, hold still.
Hold still...
Hold still.
Let him go, man.
Run away.
Right here...
He was right here.
He and I...
they pulled him up...
rope in the tree...
...from the other side
of the fence...
Right here.
- Boy...
I don't understand a word.
Speak calmly!
Right here.
...tied a noose around his neck...
choked him...
They had spears...
they stabbed him with it.
They had him surrounded.
Look over there.
Look in the grove...
Get up!
Where is your brother hiding?
What have you both done?
Tell me the truth!
- Let me go, man. Why would I lie?
He pushed me, I landed on this slush.
Look, right here...
I did land here, Father.
See, my shirt is still stained.
I fell here.
Could this be Vadakooraan's doing?
Don't think that way.
Let's not jump to conclusions in haste.
Look, the wire has scraped the branch.
They pulled him up from here.
Right here, Uncle.
Your son is not a little child
to get kidnapped.
He's getting into trouble
all over town.
Who would kidnap him?
Who witnessed it?
- Him.
His little brother.
Speak the truth.
Didn't your brother elope
with his lover?
We just fixed a marriage for him, sir.
You can't file a complaint for all this.
Get going.
Your son will return home in a few days
with his wife after getting her pregnant.
We have come here fearing
for our son's life.
You won't even write a complaint?
Take a missing person complaint.
Why are you sitting out here
at this hour?
I couldn't sleep, Mother.
Your brother didn't
come home last night?
Where is your father?
Uncle came and took Father away.
Over here.
Over there, sir.
Let go!
Let go!
My son!
My dear!
Where is his face?
Where is his face?
This is not my son.
Please believe me.
They claim this is my son. It's not.
- Please look for his head, sir.
This is not my son.
This is not my son.
This is not my son.
It's not him!
They are trying to make us believe
that our son is dead. It's not him.
This is not my son.
- Please go look for the head.
This is not my son!
No one can even touch your nephew.
He can face any number of men
all by himself.
How could he be dead?
Tell them, dear.
No... no.
This is not my son.
Stop crying.
Send them away.
Get her water.
We suspected them on the day
we complained our boy went missing.
The body was found in their coal factory.
We know they did it.
- You can't just say that.
Your missing boy is one case.
And this is a case
of an unidentified corpse.
Two separate cases.
- What do you mean, sir?
Till the head is found, according to law,
it's a case of unidentified corpse.
Answer the phone.
We will see.
Hope we find the head
in a few days.
Or wolves, foxes or some other animal
might end up ravaging it.
Then there will be nothing
left of your son.
Vadakooraan called.
- I'll meet him at his place.
We have lost our son.
We were preparing
for his wedding.
At least let us have his body
to perform his last rites.
Unfortunately, we can't.
The law doesn't allow it.
The sesame fields are still unbloomed;
I barely blinked, it happened too soon.
Your beautiful smile haunts me, son.
We must burn it.
I'll keep it, Father.
Spins in my head like a broken carousel, son.
The banana leaves on the back porch;
The little chicks under the thatch.
Everything speaks of your face, son.
I thought I heard Murugan calling out.
He will be back.
Our cattle chew empty mouths, son.
Your scent wafts in the breeze!
Stop, Mother.
Your love emanates from the trees!
Pachaiyamma, where are you going?
- I'm looking for Murugan.
He'll be back.
It's hot! Take the child home.
No, I just want to see.
I'll go instead.
I want to see for myself.
I will feel better.
I want to see.
- Let's go home.
Check in the bazaar.
I will.
- And near Karuppusamy's shop.
- I will, Mother.
Murugan? Is that you, son?
Are you back?
How could he come back?
They killed my child.
If you get shattered,
what will become of your woman?
Your children will get scared.
What happened?
- Nothing.
We believed that taking photographs
would shorten his life...
and ended up not taking
a single photograph!
I've already forgotten the scent of my son.
Soon, I will forget his face, too.
To outlive one's child
and forget their face...
is the worst curse for a parent.
Don't be shy, Rajesh.
Stand close to your wife.
Get closer, son.
Mother, let's go.
Come on, son.
You're going to become a father soon.
Why so shy?
What are you doing?
Your brother said to perform the rites.
- You're saying my son's dead?
Look, I am not--
- Stop yelling.
My nephew is gone.
Though I don't want to accept it...
it's the truth.
If that's the truth, you haven't done
a bloody thing about it.
The man who took away my son
is alive and well.
First, let Vadakooraan's family
observe a wake for him.
Then you can do this rubbish.
Your mother bore you for nine months, son;
Now it's your turn to bear me, son.
My sister has been so unhappy
this past year, I just can't take it.
Let's kill him.
To avenge the dead, we can't afford to lose
what's left of our family.
We have two little children.
We have Pachaiyamma.
We must protect whoever is alive.
My sister is constantly crying.
Time will heal everything.
The sesame fields are still unbloomed
Why are you sitting here
with the lights off?
Brother, I'm hungry.
Then eat.
Mother hasn't cooked today.
What else?
I want that.
Do you want a coconut barfi?
See how it rotates?
I'll go drop off my sister
at the school.
Where is your bag?
You're not going to school?
Father keeps drinking all day.
Mother is always crying
over my brother.
You keep going off to the market.
If I go to school,
who will care for my sister?
Whether you raise a sword;
Or if you wind up dead;
You will always be a majestic fire to me!
Chidambaram, wake up.
Go to Uncle Ramaiah's store...
and buy lentils, sesame seeds,
Lima beans, bird tree spinach...
and whatever is needed
to observe a wake. a world that kicks us down;
You are a fighter!
Why do you want all this, Mother?
Your brother is gone.
He won't return.
We must pray for him.
Won't vampires scatter at the sight of you?
Won't Gods descend to protect you?
The sesame fields are still unbloomed;
I barely blinked, it happened too soon.
Can I lie down on your lap?
Yes, come.
Spins in my head like a broken carousel, son.
The banana leaves in the back porch;
Mother, you're really sad
without my brother, no?
My son must have suffered so much
before he died.
I can still feel his presence
around our home.
Our cattle chew empty mouths, son.
Where are you going at this hour?
I'm going to Vengu's house.
Visit him in the morning. - He's leaving to
his hostel in Palayamkottai in the morning.
I'll be right back.
Sivappi, you can't refuse to eat
when someone else feeds you.
Son, what's in the bag?
- Nothing.
Answer me.
- I said, nothing.
Chidambaram is missing.
Have you seen him?
He must have gone to see his friends.
He told me he's going to meet Vengu.
Turns out he left to his hostel
two days ago.
He takes his dog wherever he goes.
But he's tied it up now.
The way he carried a bag
in his hand, so cautiously...
I'm worried that he may have
rolled up a bomb or something.
Don't panic. Go home.
I'll find him.
The engineer is particular
about using that land, too...
What? Are you hungry?
Sit. Eat a roti.
I'll pay for it.
Have you seen Chidambaram?
I saw him near the North Village.
For three generations now,
we've only owned rice mills.
It's time to open up a cement factory.
We can hire these people
and keep them in control.
My brother is handling everything
on his own.
If an influential man like you
were on board, it would be easier.
Discuss it with your family.
I'll think about it.
See you in the morning.
- Okay, then.
Return it at the shop
and go home.
Sir, you wanted to buy
a new sofa set.
We'll figure it out
in the morning.
Now is not the time.
It's getting late!
Go home now.
You went to sleep? Moron.
Wake up.
Start the car.
Oh, no! Master has been hacked.
- What happened?
We must rush him to a hospital.
Hurry up! Come here.
Catch him!
He hacked our Master!
He's getting away...
He's not breathing.
Don't get close!
Stand back. Don't touch it!
Get back, Sudalai.
Call the police.
You have come alone?
Where is he?
Your son has destroyed our family.
What happened?
Wake up the baby girl.
What happened?
- Just wake her up.
Pack some clothes, we need to leave.
- Why?
Where is the property document
for our land?
Tell me what happened.
What happened?
Just tell me what happened.
Your son hacked Vadakooraan.
But he was here all day.
I don't know.
I went looking for him
after she told me to.
I reached their side of the village
and saw him running to hack Vadakooraan.
Vadakooraan turned around
and saw our boy.
All his men were just leaving.
I didn't know what to do.
I flung a log at an electric pole.
It was over before
I could even think about it.
Like this wasn't enough, he flung bombs
over those who came after him.
He must have rolled them on his own.
We thought he was a school-child.
Where is the jewellery?
It's in the boiling pot.
- Where?
The large pot.
- Okay.
Is he dead?
I'm sure he is.
It was a massive hack.
His arm came off the body
and blood splattered all over.
Nephew of mine!
Your little brother has done for you
what all of us failed to do.
Your son's murderer has been killed
on the same day he lost his life.
God does exist, afterall.
I would have been happy
if one of you had done this.
I would have thrown a feast
to the whole village.
But now my child has done it.
His life is over.
Both of you grown men
have turned a child into a murderer.
Are you happy now?
Now is not the time for this.
Just take the child and leave now.
- You need to leave with your Mother.
Hey, where were you all this time?
What have you done?
I haven't done anything.
I went to meet Vengu.
You expect us to believe that?
Why did you carry a machete
to visit Vengu?
You're wearing your brother's shirt.
You bloody brat!
You think you're a man?
Calm down.
Chidambaram, get in.
Did he spare a thought
for his mother and sister?
I did.
No one needs to suffer on my account.
I know how to take care of myself.
I just wanted to see my mother once.
You are talking back to me?
Do you know what you have done?
Let him go!
- Who is this boy?
Pachaiyamma, take him in.
Leave him alone.
Why, son?
- You're always crying, Mother!
Hitting him won't change anything.
I see you're suffering
without my brother, Mother.
If something were to happen to him...
He's the only son I have left.
Should he end up in prison
at this age?
Look what he's done!
Take him into the forest.
I'll take Pachaiyamma and the baby girl...
With Chidambaram's life under threat
from Vadakooraan's family and the police...
Sivasami was desperate to protect his son
from the ensuing danger.
If he knows we went hunting, the Inspector
will ask for a share of our kill.
Didn't I tell you Maadasami's son
was in the forest.
Chop it to little pieces.
Vadakooraan has been murdered.
Who would dare to do that?
Just a kid from the village.
His alcoholic father
has taken him into the forest.
I've promised to bring the boy
before sunrise.
I'm counting on you.
You don't worry.
I will handle it.
Nothing here.
Kariyan, there's no trace
of someone having climbed up.
They must have climbed down.
The father is not just
an alcoholic, afterall.
Keep the machete
within your arm's reach.
I already have one.
I don't need this.
Take this.
You've killed a man with that.
It's gone blunt.
If there's a problem, or if you get scared,
wake me up.
Don't come close to me.
If I don't wake up,
fling a stone at me.
- Yes, Father.
They've laid out a mat
and enjoyed meal here.
He knows we're on his trail.
We can try to track them day and night,
but we won't find them.
Karuppiah, you're from his village?
Bring his dog.
Slow down, Father.
My legs hurt.
Didn't I tell you to wear slippers?
We're here.
It's freezing, isn't it?
Brother has brought me up here
once before.
To extract honey.
Remember the honeycomb
I gave you at the farm that day?
We extracted that from under this rock.
He just tied a rope to the rock
and climbed down!
He is just the bravest!
Everything is the same now.
This breeze is the same.
This rock is the same.
The beehive is the same.
But my brother is no more.
Lie down.
Keep your weapon close.
He pledged their jewellery.
Where would a goat-herder
get his hands on gold?
They wouldn't have expected us
to enter their village.
Vadakooraan's men are on their way here.
I will show you a way out
before they come.
Don't tell us where you're headed.
They hit women, too. I don't want to
betray your location.
Leave now, dear.
Take care of the child.
Take them out safe.
Watch your step.
This way...
Sudalai, what brings you here?
Your job at our coal factory
pays for your meal.
Where is your loyalty?
Uncle told us to stay here.
Where are we going, Mother?
Your father would know
where to find us.
It's just me.
Didn't I tell you to
keep your machete close?
Time to go.
Carry that, too.
Father, shall I go pick up
some resin for my sister?
Let's meet your uncle first.
Nephew of mine!
My darling boy.
- Uncle, careful!
What is it?
He was a child until yesterday.
Now he's carrying bombs around.
What can I say?
The boys of our family are fated
to become men this way.
Give me that.
Get that resin from the tree bark.
Who has been accused?
Just you and Chidambaram.
Don't know why they left me out.
They must need you out
for some reason.
It wouldn't take them long
to frame you under some pretext.
Has Vadakooraan's body been removed?
They did that overnight.
What's their statement?
Sudalai and Vadakooraan's driver
are the eye-witnesses.
You sent Chidambaram to spy
on Vadakooraan at the hotel.
Then he was discussing
the upcoming elections with his men.
They claim that Chidambaram and you
went there...
held him at knife-point and demanded
his gold chain and ring.
When a fight broke out,
you hacked him...
and ran with the jewellery.
Then Chidambaram flung a bomb
at one of the pursuers.
So typical.
They will never admit that we killed
to preserve our honour, and our lives.
They will have us locked up as thieves
to add to the insult.
Boil this resin with jaggery
for my little sister. She loves it.
Nobody saw you, right?
- No, Father.
I told Maari to meet you
at the 117th rock with the money.
He will pledge the jewels
and bring you money.
I did commit a crime, so the police
are after me. That's fine.
What about what they did to my brother?
was that right?
Why won't the police do anything
to Vadakooraan?
If the wretched man hadn't
hurt my brother...
we wouldn't have had to
run and hide this way.
You need to have money.
The police won't do anything
to people with money.
They'll smile for him sweetly
and salute to him.
Then why the hell should we
fear them and hide from them?
I'll give you one tight slap!
Asking stupid questions.
Shut up and walk.
I'll meet Maari and be right back.
Will you stay safe till I return?
Don't talk like I'm new to this forest.
Who said you're new to the forest?
But the reason you're hiding
in the forest is new.
Come here.
Stay here.
I'll be right back.
The farm owner is our friend.
Don't wander off to the roads.
- Okay.
Brother, I've been waiting
for you since last night.
Last night, the rascal Sudalai
barged into our home...
beat up Uncle Maari, the women,
and ransacked our home.
He even hit the women?
- Yes, brother.
We've admitted them
in a hospital.
- Uncle Maari saw Sudalai coming...
and sent her out the back door.
He gave her the money, too.
We don't know where she went.
Uncle was really upset
that he couldn't protect her.
He wanted me to apologise to you.
I should apologise for dragging you
into this, and causing you trouble.
Thank your Uncle for giving us
a place to stay at such a time.
No need for thanks between us.
Stay safe, brother.
My precious, pearl-eyed prettiness!
My marvellous masterpiece!
Where have gone, sweetheart?
Where have you gone?
Forlorn in your absence;
I can't seem to move my limbs.
My beautiful, beloved boon!
My home adorned with bloom!
Where are you, my dear?
Where are you?
Forlorn in your absence;
Our cattle refuse to graze.
Father, look what I found!
It's a tender rabbit.
I caught it--
- You fool!
Didn't I tell you to stay back there.
Telling the whole world
where you are by lighting a fire?
I couldn't have caught the rabbit
if I'd stayed there.
You gluttonous pig!
Will it kill you to not eat for one day?
An entire family is lying in hospital beds
because of you.
We don't know where your poor mother
has gone, bless her soul!
And you act like you're on a picnic.
Don't you raise your hand at me.
I told you, I can take care of myself.
It's not too late.
You mind your own business.
I've rolled up all the bombs I need.
You brother kept talking back,
and he wound up getting himself killed.
Now you're going to
end up dead, too.
Don't speak about my brother.
- Put that down!
You're all tough
only while dealing with me.
Did my brother spare Vadakooraan
for making you touch everyone's feet?
He went after him
and beat the hell out of him.
Instead of licking their feet like you do,
he would have killed every one of them.
If you had died instead of my brother,
the family would have lived peacefully.
His dog has caught his scent.
Let it loose.
Hey, Sevappi!
You came all the way
looking for me?
How are you?
How did you get here?
Who brought you here?
Sevappi, run away!
Get him first!
Don't stop me, Father!
Let go!
He's the one who killed my brother!
I don't want my family to suffer alone,
so I am letting you live.
Come after my son again,
and none of you will return alive.
Even after you told me that
he killed your brother...
you must be wondering
why I did nothing.
I wanted to kill him,
rip him apart.
But anger has made me lose things
that one should never lose.
You only know your father as a farmer.
But in my youth,
I brewed liquor for a living.
I had made a reputation for myself
as the best brewer in the area.
Weddings or funerals,
good days or bad days...
people came seeking
my liquor.
So my boss made more money
than all his rivals in our region.
My boss Viswanathan...
always heeded my counsel.
Who is that?
If I told him to hire or fire someone,
he would do it.
We must keep account
of our supplies.
Isn't it a good idea to have
an educated accountant?
How can we hire a complete stranger?
He is from the younger madam's village.
He must be related to you
in some way or the other.
He is struggling for his daily bread.
We could use him for house work.
Okay... try him out for two months.
Pandi, you have been hired.
Be good.
But listen...
you said you know
the multiplication table till 16.
Even our boss doesn't know all that.
Being the most educated man
in the mill must not go to your head.
By getting me this job, you have saved
my wife and kids from starvation.
I will never forget this favour.
I'll be home soon.
Why are you doing all this?
I'll do anything for you, boss.
A meeting will be held at
the collector's office in a few days.
Inform everyone.
- Yes, sir.
Wear a tunic, man.
Put on a tunic!
So many young girls in the house.
I would wear a tunic
if I had one.
If your son has any tunics
to hand-down...
He only wears western wear.
Shirts and pants.
I'll wear shirts and pants, too.
Don't just wipe the top.
Clean it properly.
Clean the inside, too.
I'll see them at the collector's office.
- Okay, boss.
They might forget.
Clean it properly.
I've hired him
to wipe your slippers. - Okay.
Let's go to the mill.
Watch it!
You went and got beaten up.
You should have
kept your mouth shut.
They attacked the lawyer
who came here for our cause.
My brother Murugan...
amassed the public and organised
demonstrations against the bosses.
The landlords didn't mind
as long as it was about wages.
You keep going around
fighting for the people.
The prospective suitor who came
the other day... they liked your sister.
When they heard about your activism,
they just left.
Let them go.
I will get my sister married
to a good comrade.
You deserve to get beaten up.
Married to a comrade, should our sister
also suffer like my sister-in-law does?
Address your elder brother with respect.
Think you can say anything?
He's the eldest man in the family,
does he have any sense of responsibility?
He has two daughters.
At the time, some landlords cheated
our people and usurped their property...
so my brother and Advocate Seshadri
started a movement against it.
Some of the landlords
weren't happy about it.
Just in this district,
you are accused of usurping 2,500 acres
of depressed class lands using illegal means.
Sir, you cannot actually
think that is true?
You've summoned us here over nothing.
This is humiliating.
Are you the kind to turn up
when summoned over nothing?
We've been the ruling class for generations.
Why would we need their property?
Oh, yeah?
What did you rule over?
Sit back. Calm down!
- What nonsense is this?
They are trying to provoke you.
Don't give in.
Your forefathers cheated, illegally seized
the property of my forefathers.
We have submitted the evidence to prove it.
- Go ahead!
Look, Viswanathan. If you return
their rightful land, it can end amicably.
If we go to the courts
and involve the government...
there will be nothing left.
Think about it.
Our people run the government.
You know that, don't you?
One honest judge and officer
in the government will end your reign.
Sir, we worked hard
to buy this property, sir.
Did you, now?
When we borrowed money from you
for weddings or emergencies...
you made us write off
lands for pittance.
How does that matter?
We have worked hard to develop
those waste lands to farm lands.
How is it fair to ask us to return it?
Who tilled that land? They did.
And how did they get that property?
To prevent their people
from being your slaves forever...
the British gave it to them
to ensure socio-economic equality.
You cheated the people
and snatched it from them.
You have for all these years.
The future generations demand it back.
Our land is dearer than our lives.
We may die but we won't give it.
It's not even yours!
You say it's dearer than your life?
Sir, this won't work.
I'll take them to the court
to make them understand.
This lawyer will take everything
away from us.
the organisers of the temple feast
had bought our liquor.
They haven't paid yet.
Collect the payment from them.
Okay, I'll be right back.
At the time, I didn't know
his true intention.
Forget about the lawyer.
He goes wherever there is trouble.
It's the people from our village
who called him.
We should go after the man
who brought him here.
Who else, Uncle?
It was Sivasami's brother.
So what?
I'll tell you when the timing is right.
Get it over with.
I heard it's a great movie!
Wait here.
- Okay.
You've become so polished
in these two months!
The boss takes you with him
wherever he goes, you're an accountant now!
I'm happy for you.
What are you looking at?
Give me one rupee.
I don't have it.
Who asked for your money?
Write it to my account.
I can't write liquor expenses
in the mill accounts.
Save your cool accountant act
for the workers.
The kids are waiting.
Give me the money.
I told you I can't give it.
Why do you keep asking?
I've seen many men flexing their muscles
in front of a girl. I'm not afraid.
Have you forgotten who you are?
It's not good for you.
I know exactly what I am.
It's beneath me to be speaking to you.
He's hitting me!
- What's that noise?
Uncle, he's beating me up.
Save me!
- Sivasami, let go.
I've been patient,
but he is pushing me...
I should have killed you for what you said
at the collector's office...
I only spared you
because of the boss.
Oh, yeah?
What will you do to me?
Come on, show me.
- Let it go, Sivasami.
What's the problem now?
I asked him for one rupee
and he refused to give it.
If you want money, ask me.
Why ask him?
Then why are we paying him
to be an accountant?
You come to me,
whatever you want.
Here, take two rupees.
You have the right to give me money,
or refuse. Who is he to refuse me?
You made him the accountant.
Sivasami, who is he to be a middle man
between you and me?
Shall I fire him?
- No need. Let him be.
You are a good person!
Maariyamma, will you pass 8th grade?
Send me to school,
and see for yourself.
We are sending you to school!
Will you study?
I will.
- Yes?
Granny wanted to find you a bride
to get you married.
Why aren't you getting married?
Your father told you to ask me?
- No, Maariyamma did.
Shut up, boy.
I didn't!
You're lying.
- I'm lying?
- I'll whack you.
I will find a girl myself.
Focus on studies, and act your age.
Give it to me.
Take a good look at the girl.
- I did.
What does the groom do?
You didn't tell them?
- No.
You tell them.
Heard of Kamalambal Rice Mill...?
I'm all-in-all there.
His boss brews liquor there.
It's my son's recipe. He calls the shots.
No one in this district
brews better than him.
Try one sip, and you'll be hooked for life.
- Why did you bring him?
Sivasami will work
in a farm after marriage.
No need to worry.
Even if it's not a government job,
we want a groom with a respectable job.
We can't get her married to a brewer
and run from police station to court.
You went to find a bride.
How did it go?
I didn't like her.
We're going to Munanjapatti next week
to see another girl.
You take him from village to village
to be humiliated?
What can we do?
No one from our village wants him.
He is such a great person.
The whole village respects him.
Is there a man more revered than him here?
Tell me.
To hell with you both.
No one will get their daughter
married to a damn bootlegger.
Speak that way about him
and I'll kill you.
It's your fault, Mother.
You didn't think your daughter would be
the best match for your brother?
Yeah, I should get my only daughter
married to a thug like him...
and watch you get widowed, like me?
Don't you dare, Mother!
Watch your mouth, young lady.
You're touchy about him?
So what if I am?
Instead of living crouched and bowed
till a ripe old age...
I'd rather marry a real man like him
and die a happy and free widow.
Instead, you could say
you will live happily with him.
If only you'd get us married.
Why are you sitting alone out here?
A girl who rejects you
is the biggest idiot in the world.
You're the only one who says that.
They took me only to be
humiliated again.
You keep going wherever they take you
to find a bride.
Why didn't you think of marrying me?
I'll take good care of you.
Marry me.
Everything appears new to me.
Beautiful as a brinjal blossom;
Pristine and prim.
The thought of you is like a fizzy cola;
Our little games make me a crazy fella.
Mulish moustachioed man!
Filled with limitless affection.
Let's tie the knot in front of the village;
Don't be shy, meet my gaze.
Lining your eyes with Kohl;
You're agitating my soul.
Like a kite in the sky;
My heart is soaring high.
Don't be burdened with all that beauty;
Let me have some of it daily.
With that gait of yours;
Sharp as a machete.
A stealer, a brawler;
I will stick with you forever.
Beautiful as a brinjal blossom;
Pristine and prim.
The thought of you is like a fizzy cola;
Our little games make me a crazy fella.
Mulish moustachioed man!
Filled with limitless affection.
Let's tie the knot in front of the village;
Don't be shy, meet my gaze.
The sight of you in the streets;
Makes my heart dance to your beats.
'Like the replenishing Tamirabarani river;'
You're the answer to my prayer.'
Oh, your luscious locks;
Thick as a banyan bark.
Let me swing and play;
Make me a stage there.
You're lighting a flame;
To a heap of cotton.
It will be fiery, it will be sweet;
You can't put this fire out.
Maariyamma, watch your step.
We're all getting pricked by thorns, too.
Just go, Mother.
Carry her if you want.
We won't turn around.
What do you want at this hour?
Need a pair of slippers.
Master left it at his mistress's?
Slippers are only meant for the boss?
They're for Sivasami's wife.
You don't need that kind of trouble.
I'll decide that for myself.
Make me a pair.
- Size?
If I don't have the right size,
I can't do it.
About this size.
Use bull's skin...
to protect her feet from thorns.
Okay, okay.
It must feel soft as a feather.
Use layers of lorry tyres in the sole.
Does it have a heel?
Here, do it yourself.
Okay, okay...
Get to work.
I ask these questions
Maariyamma has so much affection for me.
This is the first time
I'm doing something for her.
It has to be perfect.
I understand.
To let her know
how much I like her.
Wear it. You will never
get pricked by thorns again.
Beautiful as a brinjal blossom;
Pristine and prim.
The thought of you is like a fizzy cola;
Our little games make me a crazy fella.
You see these slippers?
My man got it for me.
Is it nice?
- It's great.
Don't be shy, meet my gaze.
Come here, Auntie is crying.
What is it?
Tell me.
Just come, Uncle.
Why would you do such a thing?
Your elder brother sent her to school
claiming it will change her destiny.
And you bought her those damned slippers.
She is naive. She didn't know
wearing slippers would cause problems.
What were you thinking?
Now my daughter is suffering.
What happened?
Pandi, who works in the mill...
It's okay, it's okay...
- Yes!
How does it feel to walk
with slippers on? - It's nice.
So you're wearing slippers?
Yes, Sivasami got them for me.
Take them off.
Take them off.
Let's go.
You wear slippers and walk around town,
and I am supposed to let you?
You wretch!
Take them off.
If you like my slippers so much,
take it off yourself.
Arrogant witch!
Will you take off your slippers,
or shall I strip your davani?
Don't do that, Brother.
Let's just take it off.
Take it off.
Place them on her head.
What are you looking at?
- No, no... I'll keep it.
Don't do that. Take it off.
- Do it, you wretch.
It really hurt!
It was so humiliating.
Brother, please let us go.
- I'm not your brother!
Me? Your Brother?
Place it on her head.
Keep it.
On her head.
Keep it.
Let's just go, Mariyamma.
Everyone's looking.
Keep walking.
Don't turn.
Keep walking.
Don't hurt her, Brother.
Are you taking a stroll?
I did not cry in front of them.
Even now, it's not his blows
that make me cry.
So many people just stood by and watched.
Not one person questioned him
for beating me up.
Wear slippers, will you?
- Maariyamma!
What made him feel
so powerful to hit me?
Didn't you laugh when Sivasami hit me?
Please don't hurt her.
We will never wear slippers again.
I asked you to take off your slippers
and you told me to do it?
Pick it up.
Run away now.
You will not take it off your head
till you cross the village.
All my classmates saw it.
How will I go back to school now?
Don't do this...
I'm warning you.
You don't want to mess with me...
You will beat us up
if we wear slippers?
Try beating me up.
Go on.
I'm wearing slippers.
Hit me!
- Mani, bring your auntie here.
Untie him.
What's going on here?
He beat up a school girl.
- I told you already.
You come to me with your problems.
First hear me out.
Whatever it was, you should have
come to me.
You can take the others.
He stays.
Maariyamma is coming.
Let him apologise to her.
How dare you?
I showed you kindness,
and you've forgotten your place?
He paraded a young girl around town
with slippers on her head.
And you're hitting me?
He beat up your fiance.
You hit my family member
in front of everyone. Is it the same thing?
He hit our men.
You should have beaten him to death.
Though I was his trusted aide...
I understood how he perceived me
only that day.
I considered him my family.
- At least you understand now.
The mill owners are in a meeting.
I think they will attack our homes.
Oh, let them come.
I'm waiting just for that.
- Keep quiet.
Get to work.
What if they actually come?
- We will handle it.
Keep quiet, Sivasami.
Get going!
he needs a man with your courage
and the ability to brew like you.
That's why he let you
rub shoulders with him.
He treats you like family
and buys you presents on festivals.
But that's only as long
you remain inferior to him.
You have shattered that belief today.
By hitting Pandi you have
asserted your position as his equal.
He must be fuming!
Now he will show you
his true colours.
He will see my true colours, too.
Stop seething in anger.
All this time you were seething
from the other side.
Now don't start seething here.
Be patient.
You must approach this calmly.
Keep your weapons at ready, boys.
- Okay.
We won't instigate violence.
But we must be prepared to hit back.
Stop fighting your personal battles.
Do whatever is within your capacity
to solve our people's problems.
But first there's something
I need to do.
- Nothing.
Go ahead.
Go on. Keep going.
I'd like to see who would bother you.
Go on.
They hit you when you
send your children to school.
They hit you when you
draw water from the village well.
If you buy a land and build a house,
they burn it down and kill you.
If you keep quiet and obey them,
they won't hurt you.
The minute you try to prove that
you are their equal, they will hit you.
We need to change this.
To change this,
we need land to our name.
This gentleman doesn't know
our plight, does he?
How can we afford to buy land?
Why should you buy land, madam?
You are the true owners
of most of the property you toil in.
The British gave it to you.
Not all the landowners
have snatched your land.
But some of them have.
We must reclaim it.
Our forefathers bequeathed the land
in their names.
How can we reclaim it?
Even if they do give it back,
we don't have the money to farm in it.
You tell him.
Uncle. Those lands belong to our people.
Only we have the right to buy or sell it.
People from other communities can't buy it.
- And if they did, it's illegal.
So we are looking for the original
documents in the registrar's office.
Once we get it,
the property is ours?
Have the people ever got anything
without fighting for it?
We will organise protests
when we get those documents.
Your rightful land will be yours again.
It is not enough to clap.
When we call you for the protest,
turn up with your family.
Comrade, our boys are filled with hope
for the first time.
They feel that we needn't be
submissive, like our parents were.
That hope is the weapon
that will bring the change, Comrade.
This will gradually
turn into an insurgence.
All we want is justice.
Put these up near the school.
Pechimuthu, go to Mettu Street.
Really? Me?
They hit us the last time
we went to stick posters.
They hit you?
- Yes.
We'll go put up these posters now.
Let's see who hits us.
Don't pick a fight with them now.
That depends entirely on them.
Maariyamma, get home safe.
- I will.
Two of you go with them.
No matter who says what,
you must not respond. Understand?
The SI has granted permission
but the Circle Inspector didn't respond.
Forget about him.
We will manage.
Who put these up?
I don't know, sir.
'Give our lands back to us!'
They were just
whispering in small groups.
Now they're bold enough to
put up posters in the market?
Sivasami's presence has emboldened them.
They want permission for the lawyer to hold
a public awareness meet on land grabbing.
What did you tell them?
- I just took their letter.
I'll do as you say.
Let them organise the meet.
Before the meeting begins...
arrest that lawyer at the railway station.
The police have arrested our lawyer
at the railway station.
What do we do now?
The people have gathered here.
So what if he's not here?
You speak to them.
What could I possibly speak about?
Speak about the things
you have always told us.
Comrades, thank you joining us today!
My eldest was going around
organising protests until now.
Now he's taken my younger son too!
I wonder how this will end.
Granny, what's wrong with protesting?
Don't try to act smart.
Go study.
You keep quiet!
Out of the 1,519 acres...
We should plant some of our men
in the crowd. - We could.
But all our men wet their pants
at the sight of Sivasami.
We can remove him from there.
Not a problem.
I'll make sure our men blend in.
I told you, we should kill him
when the time is right.
Now is the right time.
We must reclaim it.
- Brother...
The Police Act has been enforced.
Large gatherings are forbidden.
This is an awareness meeting
for land grabbing of depressed classes.
But you don't have police permission.
- We submitted our request at the station.
They gave us permission.
It's way past sun down.
Why are you chatting outside the house?
I didn't know you were
granted permission.
Sivasami, bring a copy of the permit
from the station.
No, there is a copy at home.
Bring that.
Take my bicycle.
Meetings, protests, riots...
whatever it takes to reclaim our land.
We shall not back down.
I want Sivasami's whole family
to be wiped out.
Burn them all.
Brother, this is wrong.
This is a personal matter,
don't make it a community conflict.
Then we will never be amicable with them.
Get lost.
Do as I say.
Give me a pillow.
Looks like it might rain.
Sleep inside.
Come in.
Who are you people?
The next time you gather without permit,
I will have everyone locked up.
They have arrested the lawyer
who worked for our cause.
They have turned the police against us.
It's obvious that they are scared.
This is the first of our victories.
Your brother was hacked
while making his speech.
We don't know who they were,
where they came from...
They were seated with the crowd.
Brother! Brother!
Who did this?
We didn't know their men were
hiding in the crowd.
Lift him up.
They even hacked the children.
You will be fine, Brother!
You're going to be okay.
- Take the others to the hospital.
Save the others.
Hurry up!
They've burnt our village down!
Don't go in there!
It's all burnt to coal.
I was worried I wouldn't get to
see you before I die.
When the house was on fire,
Grandpa threw Mani out from the window...
but Pandi threw him back into
the burning house.
It really hurts.
What kind of life did you want
when we got married?
Talk to me about it.
I will listen to it
and die happily.
Go to your positions.
You both, stay here.
Rise! Against all odds;
Those at odds - Off with their heads.
Rise! To hunt them down;
Hunt them till they howl in pain.
Rise! To agitate, to annihilate;
Make them tremble in fright.
Rise! To trample, to rattle;
Let their wicked blood splatter.
Lock yourselves inside the room.
Drop your weapon, Sivasami!
Come on, face me!
Please, Sivasami!
I have eaten your food.
So I am giving you a chance.
Go inside.
Or I'll kill you too!
I'll handle it, go!
Sivasami, listen to me...
I've come here for the men
who burnt my family.
Anyone who tries to protect them...
I'll slay you, too.
Rise! Against all odds;
Those at odds - Off with their heads.
Rise! To hunt them down;
Hunt them till they howl in pain.
Rise! To agitate, to annihilate;
Make them tremble in fright.
Rise! To trample, to rattle;
Let their wicked blood splatter.
Sivasami, don't!
- Please let me go.
What is justice? It's yours to profess;
What is the origin? That's your quest.
Don't kill me, son.
I've been like a father to you.
Rise, Asuran! Rise, Asuran!
Rise, Asuran!
Off with their heads.
Rise, Asuran! Rise, Asuran!
Rise, Asuran!
Make them howl in pain.
Rise, Asuran! Rise, Asuran!
Rise, Asuran!
Make them tremble in fright.
Rise, Asuran! Rise, Asuran!
Rise, Asuran!
Let their wicked blood splatter.
There was nothing left for me
in that village.
I didn't wish to surrender to the police.
I was roaming around aimlessly.
Life gives everyone a second chance.
I got mine when I met your uncle.
Who are you?
Eat up.
If you give me some work,
I won't feel like I'm accepting charity.
Why are you so late, brother?
Granny kept asking for you.
This is Sivasami.
I brought him to help us out.
Let him sleep on the porch, okay?
I was a brewer till then.
Your uncle showed me the ropes
and made me a farmer.
Vadakooraan asked to buy your land, too?
Yeah, he wants all the farmlands
to be only his.
He is very insistent.
My wife thinks we should give it to him.
I think he wants my land
so that he can take yours, too.
It's not just my farm.
It's Pachaiyamma's too.
The kindness your uncle and mother
showed me, gave me a new hope for life.
There is a young lady in the house.
You have opened our doors to a stranger?
Would anyone marry her?
Won't you keep quiet?
I should keep quiet?
Shouldn't we look at
getting you married soon?
How long must your brother
support you?
Your granny is not wrong.
Yes. Who would marry her
when a stranger lives with us?
I don't want to trouble anybody.
I will leave.
If you leave, will the villagers
stop talking?
What choice do I have?
You marry her.
Forgive me for not telling you
about this earlier.
My intention was not to cheat you.
The police are looking for me.
Helping me could jeopardise
your sister's future.
I will leave right away.
Wait a minute.
Brother, a man who would do this
for his parents and siblings...
would go any length
to protect his wife and children.
I don't care where you're from
or what you did.
I want someone like you
to be the father of my children.
Until you decide that you want me
to be the mother of your children...
I will wait.
You surrender?
- Yes, your honour.
You have committed so many murders!
It was a communal riot, your honour.
His family was targeted in the attack.
Whatever he did was self-defence.
He is surrendering now by will.
Since it was a communal riot...
and since it was not a premeditated murder,
I was given a light sentence.
Fifteen days in judicial custody.
Next hearing on 7.06.1962.
After serving my sentence,
I married your mother.
When I was a child, I used to
come sleep here if I got scared.
I felt like my mother
was close to me.
I won't need this place anymore.
After you children were born,
I started getting over my loss.
I started leading a normal life.
I felt an urge to destroy their family
after your brother was murdered.
But I wasn't prepared
to lose my family again.
So I remained calm.
Chidambaram always thought of his father
as an alcoholic, a good-for-nothing.
He began to understand his father.
Lakshmi, your father is here.
I knew you would come.
He's so violent!
Where do you think
you get your temper and guts from?
I will speak to the lawyer
and find out how to get him off the case.
I'll go to the court in the morning.
Meet me there.
I will see you tomorrow.
Father, when will we go back home?
Soon, baby.
Obey your father.
Be a good boy, okay?
Okay, Mother.
Let's go.
Put this around your head.
I'll see you.
Lakshmi, don't trouble Mother!
Come on.
Why should Mother be here?
Let's send her to Auntie's house?
Maari and his family are in a hospital
for letting us into their home.
If she goes to Auntie's house,
they will be in trouble, too.
We have to fend for ourselves
at times of trouble.
Then let's take Mother with us?
If we are attacked,
at least she'd survive.
We don't want the whole family wiped out.
That's why we've split
in different directions.
You people worry about graveyards
only when a death occurs?
You don't persist and protest
till there is a solution.
You've come to bother the lawyer
with a corpse on the crate.
Let's go.
Hello, Sivasami!
What brings you here?
Who's the boy? Your younger one?
Yes, sir.
- You've come to put him in a school?
I'll come.
What now?
- Vadakooraan...
The man who murdered my son...
- Yes, go on.
...he hacked the man.
He's gone.
It's fine.
Their men are looking for us everywhere.
It took us three days
to get here unseen by them.
How old are you?
- Sixteen.
You rushed in.
Everyone in my village knows
that Vadakooraan killed my brother.
But the police didn't file
a case against him.
You filed a case too,
but you couldn't get him convicted.
Shut up.
- No.
He's right.
Tell me.
Mother cries everyday,
hoping for justice...
There was no one to comfort her.
I killed him so that
she will be at peace.
Wait outside.
Don't talk like a big guy.
Sir, my name is also filed
in the case.
Can you prove that it was just me,
and he had nothing--?
Don't talk like a fool.
He's safer with you by his side.
If you go to prison for murder,
who will guarantee his safety?
You think the dead man's family
will forget about it?
If you really want to
save your son...
both of you surrender
at the court tomorrow.
Isn't he too young for prison--?
He is only sixteen.
They will take him to
Thatapaarai Juvenile Home.
The superintendent there
is part of our movement.
I'll put in a word.
He will keep your son safe.
What are you thinking about?
You have given me this assurance.
Nothing to think now.
Please talk to them.
Hey, big guy!
Go, eat. Bring your father safe and sound
to the court tomorrow.
Let's go!
Just submitting a petition
to the government won't do.
You need to fight.
No point doing this again and again...
Everyone knows of your ability
to track footprints.
I'm supposed to believe
you couldn't find that alcoholic?
He seems to know the forest well, too.
I will catch them soon.
Maybe you spared him
because he's one of your kind. - Oh, no.
Even if you serve them on a golden platter,
a dog will lick it's food.
You're calling us dogs?
Since your brother has helped
my father in the past...
I have gone against my conscience
and done jobs for you.
It's out of loyalty
that I'm not killing you now.
If you had told me before
I would have hired someone else.
You're telling me now?
You bought him time to escape?
A lot of our people work for you.
Use them for this job.
That's not for you to say.
I know whom to use
and how to get it done.
Boss, it's me, Subbiah.
Sivasami's wife is at the court.
Then I'm sure he will bring his son there.
Stay put.
Case No. 201, 212.
Robert and co.
Muthukumar. Father's name?
- Muthiah Pandi.
Why have you handcuffed him
in here?
Sir, he's tried to escape four times.
Then take him outside
the court premises.
Come here.
Where is Sivasami?
He told me to come here.
He will come.
- Father, buy me slippers.
How much?
- 3 rupees.
One pair for my boy.
Does it fit?
It fits.
Murugesan, what are you doing here?
I'm meeting someone...
- Go ahead.
He's definitely coming.
Where is he?
- He's coming.
They will call us now.
He will be here.
Have all our men come?
Stay alert.
Don't let him get away.
You're still carrying the bomb?
Throw it in some ditch.
We're here on duty.
Why are you here?
You think I don't know
why you're here?
Don't throw it.
Vadakooraan's men are here.
- Hello, sir. Eat with me.
My client needs to surrender.
He is getting delayed.
Let him come, sir.
I'll wait.
Groundnut for 4 annas, please.
Come here.
Where are you going?
- To give my husband his lunch.
If he slips past us...
we'll be in serious trouble
with Vadakooraan's brother.
Then we won't get any money.
Not even a fly can get past you, sir.
Well said.
Don't let him appear in the court.
Go to the gates.
Not here!
Bring my file.
That man is a magistrate, not a lawyer.
He won't wait.
I gave them clear instructions.
- They will be here.
He took me for a fool?
He will come, sir.
Give me that file.
I don't ever want to see his face.
Why have you come here?
You have it all under control.
You don't need me. - No, sir.
The situation wasn't favourable
in the court.
Don't come in.
Just go away!
That magistrate was my junior.
You made me beg him.
You've become a big shot.
You don't need my help.
If I believed that,
I wouldn't have come back here.
They somehow knew
that we would be coming to the court.
They started surrounding us,
with their machetes.
I didn't want to throw bombs
in the court premises, so we left.
Please help us out of this mess.
What should I do?
I own farmland.
That's been an eyesore to them.
I will give them the land.
Please ask the Inspector to mediate.
I don't want a case against my son.
The magistrate said
you wanted to talk to me.
Narasimhan's murder case.
- Sir, accused is the minor.
That is the why,
the problem is in case...
Is this a court?
Speak in Tamil.
Why do you speak incorrect English?
Sorry, sir.
The victim was an influential man.
Okay... but why did you try to
catch a guy who has come to surrender?
Why are you so invested in the case?
Sir, Vadakooraan's family
is hunting down the boy to kill him.
They will do anything for their honour.
It is my duty to save him, afterall.
That is the why--
- They want Sivasami's land.
Don't they?
If he had given it when they first asked,
two lives needn't have been lost.
Ask them to call for the village council
to discuss this.
How can we do that?
They have two options.
Either they take the deal
and end this amicably.
Or in an attempt to kill Sivasami's son,
and all the men in that family will die.
Make sure the witnesses sign.
- Fine.
The document has been signed.
You can't breach the council's order.
We will do as you say.
What do you say?
We already told you.
We agree.
Tell us your decision.
Sir, thousands of their people
are workers in our farms.
And our people pay for the temples
in the village.
You're making us sit face-to-face
with them to settle a dispute?
Be quiet.
We came here to bury the hatchet.
You don't go sparking more issues now.
We will abide by
the village council's ruling.
Look, people...
this was all the property he owned.
He is renouncing it
in atonement for Vadakooraan's death.
Is property a fair compensation
for a human life? No.
Narasimhan died because he hired
men to murder Sivasami's elder son.
In all fairness, you should be the ones
giving compensation to Sivasami.
To save his son, he is writing off
his only property to your name.
You need to close the case, too.
- Yes.
Sivasami agrees to have
committed this murder.
No one shall bother Chidambaram anymore.
Then ask him to fall at the feet of the
village council and ask for forgiveness.
He should write off his property
and fall at your feet, too?
If he does, you'll close his case?
- I can't do that!
Then tell them.
My son won't fall at anyone's feet.
Ask him to just appear
before the council.
You want him to appear
while the police are around?
So they can make their arrest?
Don't talk like that, Murugesan.
Would I do such a thing?
You're a policeman.
How can I trust you?
There's no need for that.
We will remain calm,
but the police won't.
We can't take responsibility
for his safety.
Ask Sivasami to surrender.
The land cannot be legally registered
under our name.
Yes, we know. Under whose name
should we register it?
You can register it to
our helper Sudalai's name.
Son, where are you going?
I'm talking to you.
Where are you going?
I'll just take a walk.
Your father told you to stay here.
I want to piss.
Don't go far.
Thank you, sir.
Don't cry.
You're doing this for your son.
Don't cry.
Okay, I'm off.
They made the deal
without any hassle.
Yes, I'm suspicious too.
We must be wary.
Till you surrender...
keep your son safe.
Do something.
Drop off Chidambaram
at a safe place.
Then meet me at my house.
Must you leave now?
Spend the night
and leave tomorrow morning?
No, dear.
I must leave immediately.
Just have a word with him
before you leave.
Tell him to attend school regularly.
I will.
He was uncontrollable even
with you around.
If the priest is here,
let's ask him to say a prayer.
May the deity protect our family!
You said he would be here.
I told him to wait here.
He never stays put.
Keeps moving around restlessly.
Priest, where is he?
He just went to piss.
Murugesan! Murugesan!
Where did you go?
I've been looking everywhere.
Why should you look for me?
You've already taken my land.
This is not the time
for such talk.
Here, please take this.
I don't want your property.
- I have been with them for years.
I sacrificed my arm for them.
They have done nothing for me.
How can you trust their word?
While you were writing off your property,
they caught Chidambaram.
Your son has been taken for slaughter
at the same place he killed Vadakooraan.
Gather our people.
Don't hack him yet.
I want to beat this little brat to death.
Venkatesan, why are you
thrashing a little boy so badly?
You stood by and watched
while my brother was killed.
Now watch this too.
- You're violating the council's order.
If we abide by it, what about
our family's honour?
He has to die.
This is not just your problem,
but the community's.
Then we will not stand up for you.
Thrash him.
If you disobey us
you will be ostracised from the village.
People of the village, stay out of this.
Let that family deal with the consequences.
We have nothing to do with this.
Rise! Against all odds;
Those at odds - Off with their heads.
Rise! To hunt them down;
Hunt them till they howl in pain.
Rise! To agitate, to annihilate;
Make them tremble in fright.
Rise! To trample, to rattle;
Let their wicked blood splatter.
Overcome fear, imbibe dissent;
Ascend the peak, leave no stone unturned.
Rise, Asuran! Rise, Asuran!
Rise, Asuran!
Off with their heads.
Rise, Asuran! Rise, Asuran!
Rise, Asuran!
Make them howl in pain.
Rise, Asuran! Rise, Asuran!
Rise, Asuran!
Make them tremble in fright.
Rise, Asuran! Rise, Asuran!
Rise, Asuran!
Let their wicked blood splatter.
You dare to enter our neighb--
This many-faced serpant is vicious;
Time after time, the clouds are raining ashes.
Let him go.
I tried to walk away from this
time and again.
Raise your sword of justice!
Rise! Against all odds;
Those at odds - Off with their heads.
Rajesh! Rajesh!
Give me that!
Rise! To hunt them down;
Hunt them till they howl in pain.
Don't let me die, Uncle!
Please don't let me die.
- Bring the car.
Rajesh! Rajesh!
Go away, son.
How could I go alone?
Do as I say. Leave.
Don't worry about me. Go now!
No, Father.
Let us go together.
Ask your men to let my son go.
I don't care if I die.
Don't let him get away!
Father, please get up.
Stop, stop, stop!
We haven't come here to fight.
Let our men go.
Murugesan, if you didn't come to fight
why are you carrying spears?
He hired men to kill a little boy.
You people are standing around
watching it like a dance show.
And we must not carry weapons?
It's a conflict between two families.
They killed, then we killed.
We have resolved this in the council.
You lost only one family member.
So many men have died here.
Is that our fault?
Who breached the deal?
Look what they've done to a little boy.
They almost killed him.
Murugesan, you're turning a personal matter
into a communal conflict.
That's not right. - All those men
beat up our boy, you did nothing.
Now you're questioning us?
How do you know we didn't ask them?
You honestly think this is a family conflict?
Then let it go.
Or if you want this to be a conflict
between our people, we are prepared.
You know I wouldn't say that!
The two villages
made a decision that day...
because of which the rivalry between
Vadakooraan and Sivasami's families...
didn't turn into a clash between
those two villages - those two castes.
Take good care of the baby girl
and your mother.
You are all they've got now.
How can I handle everything
the way you did?
You will, son.
Everyone in our village
knows that Vadakooraan killed my brother.
The police did nothing to him.
Why should we go to prison
for their murder?
Besides, this was my mistake.
Why should you go to prison?
I will go.
Did we go through all this
for you to end up in prison?
Vadakooraan owned all the farmlands
in our village.
They could live off it
for ten generations.
And yet our few acres made him so angry.
That is their mistake.
Uncle, I want honey candy.
Please take the baby...
I'll be back.
The police and courts didn't even help us
get your brother's body.
That was their mistake.
Brooding over your brother's death,
we neglected you and the baby girl.
That was our mistake.
Sivasami, we are up next.
You saw injustice being committed.
You fought it in a way you felt was right.
But this is not the only way
to stand up to them.
If we own farmlands,
they will seize it.
If we have money,
they will snatch it.
But if we have education,
they can never take it away from us.
If you really want to win against them...
Study hard and become a powerful man.
But when you have the power,
don't do to anyone what they did to us.
It's easy to deepen hate.
But we must rise above it.
We were born in one soil.
We speak the same language.
That's all we need
to come together.
Okay, Father.