Asylum of Fear (2018) Movie Script

Two brothers,
max and tommy davis.
Have been reported missing
from the town of walstrom.
The boys' mother says they were last
seen around 1:00 in the afternoon.
She tells police the two were playing
outside in the neighborhood,
But they did not return
home that afternoon.
While searching
for the boys,
The mother discovered
max's shoes
With blood on them.
That's when she contacted
local authorities.
Have you called your family, friends?
Everyone. I've called
everyone, and i've been everywhere,
And no one has seen
or heard from them.
...and as you can see,
the town has rallied together
To help search for the two
missing davis brothers.
It has been near 48 hours since
the boys were reported missing
And authorities
still have no leads.
If you have any information
to help the investigation,
Please contact the walstrom
police department,
- Or reach out to our...
- Do they have any distinguishing marks,
Scars, birth marks, anything we
can use to identify them with?
And do you remember
what they were wearing?
Max, always wears his father's dog
tag, it's all he has left of him.
So he wears them
wherever he goes.
This just in,
we received an update
Regarding the missing
davis boys.
A torn piece of fabric
of tommy davis'
Was found several miles
from the family home,
Leading police
and investigators
To suspect potential
foul play.
Tommy has a
little scar on his left knee.
- I don't know if he'll come home.
- The search perimeter
Has been expanded
to the neighboring county,
And police have begun questioning
persons of interest,
But no arrests
have been made.
The community and all the
members of the force
Are on the look out
for the boys.
It's been a
massive group effort.
I'm positive we'll have
results shortly.
Look up there.
- Is that a light?
- You've got to be kidding me.
Hmm. I doubt they're here.
Those kids would need
balls of steel
To go into a place like
this by themselves.
And nobody's supposed
to be here anyway.
It's worth checking out.
Hey, when was this place
last running?
I'm not sure.
It's been a while.
How could two 10-Year-Olds
get into a place like this?
The front door.
This is the police.
Is anyone inside?
Max! Tommy!
The filament,
it's broken.
Ditch the bulb.
If the boys are here,
We won't be able
to find them alone.
The building's too big.
We need more bodies.
Did you...
did you here that?...
What the...
The car's almost packed.
How did you hear
about this place again?
- They called me.
- Called you?
Nobody calls you. I don't even
call you when i like you.
- Why would a place like this...
- Call me?
To do an investigation.
Dude, are you really
gonna complain?
This is a legit gig.
I had to cancel
that brown one for this,
And we're getting paid
good money for this.
Yeah, then comes your own show
on the travel channel.
And then the fame,
and then rehab,
And then "dancing
with the stars",
And then rehab again.
And then "where are they now?"
Followed by some more rehab.
Man, i know you're joking,
but i'm cool with that plan.
Are shane and nicky
on the way?
Yup, we also got
a journalist.
What? Why?
Works at some blog
and he's writing about us.
Not gonna say no
to free press.
Hi mom.
You guys seem to be taking
this one pretty seriously.
I understand that. I will
clean it up when i get home.
I'm busy.
Listen i'm...
You're going on
another ghost hunt.
Well, you know how much
we're getting paid for this.
Well, i'm sorry i wasn't as good
at football as you'd hoped.
- 20,000, right?
- Yeah.
Sounds a little
too good to be true.
But you don't just pick up
the ball and throw it,
There's a lot more
that goes into it.
I read about it
in a book!
- Seriously? Now?
- What?
And you finally got a job
that pays well,
And you still got
a problem with it.
- Here.
- What's this?
It's all the information,
i could find
On this hospital.
So, what do you think is gonna happen?
Do you think you're gonna
Walk in there, see some
ghosts, and get paid?
Why don't you tell me
what you'd like to see happen.
I'd rather see you get a real job and
quit with all this ghost bullshit.
You're gonna have to move out eventually,
and you can't afford to do that,
If you're wasting
all your time with this crap.
Well, then maybe you
should have had a daughter!
Okay, goodbye, mom.
- Thanks.
- Hey.
I'm going to finish
loading up.
Damn, i wanted to see
another conner mom breakout!
Bite me.
Make sure you don't
forget anything.
Have i ever
forgotten anything?
- Nope.
- Then don't worry about it.
Be nice to him.
- Come on, we're just playing around.
- He's fine.
Always great when you
call me, isn't it?
Always tell me about
my cousin daryl.
"Daryl plays football.
Daryl's got a girlfriend. "
Well, you know what, mom?
It's hard to play football
When you have
dancer's legs!
I swear to god, if you call me like
this, just one of these days...
One of these days
i'm just gonna snap.
I'm gonna be like, oh yeah,
conner's so cool right now,
Conner's such a nice son.
No, conner's snapping,
because i don't wanna hear
About playing
football anymore.
I'm sick of hearing it. I don't
care what aunt carol says.
- I...
- Are your richard, by any chance?
- What?
- The paranormal guy.
No, he's inside.
He'll be out in a sec.
You say that one more time...
- Shane, that's just gonna piss him off.
- I know!
I know!
- Rich said you were gonna forget this.
- God damn it!
I didn't forget it. I was just
about to go inside and get that.
Of course you were.
Listen, i'm not trying to be
too hard on you or anything,
I'm glad to see you're
passionate about what you do.
- Okay.
- I'm just worried about you.
I don't wanna see you rely too heavily
on something and then have it fail.
Especially since you record
everything you do.
I... i don't want to see you
get disappointed or hurt.
Just be careful.
Okay? I've got the nightshift
tonight, so i won't be at the house.
If anything happens, it'll be
hard to get a hold of me.
I'll be fine.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Are you zak?
- Yeah.
- Rich, nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
So, what are you writing
this for anyway?
Oh, i work for a blog
called, "you heard it. "
Every year we do a killer
halloween piece
And this year we decided
to focus on you.
People seem to buy
into this bullshit.
We lucked out finding
you guys were local.
To be honest, you're a lot
younger than i expected.
Is this an actual job?
For now.
All right, everything's
packed up.
- Even the tripod?
- Yes, even the fucking tripod.
- I was going to get it.
- All right, let's head out.
Ah, zak, there's not
enough room in this car,
Why don't you ride
on over with nicky.
I'm not even
gonna say it,
But you get my drift.
Ah, that's cute.
If you're gonna do
the whole tough guy thing,
You've got to work
on the intimidating banter,
Otherwise it just
falls flat.
Try that.
What do you guys wanna do
with the new guy?
Go stick him with someone
and have him observe.
No, i don't trust him
with nicky.
You don't trust
anyone with her.
That's very true.
He better not try
to mess with me.
You got in one fight where
you sucker punched a dude,
- And all of a sudden you're mr. Tough guy.
- Oh, i'm sorry,
- Have you ever been in a fight?
- No.
Then shut up!
So, do you believe
in ghosts and stuff?
Is that a serious question?
Don't worry, i'm not gonna reveal
all your secrets in the article.
But seriously, what do you guys
use, fishing line, photo shop?
You've been with us
all of five minutes,
And you've already figured out
all of our dirty little secrets.
I'm impressed.
I mean, i'm open to the idea,
it could be real.
I've just never
seen it before.
But who knows, maybe tonight
can be kind of special.
Hey, you can stop trying
so hard to impress me.
- You can quit the act.
- Oh, have i been that obvious?
A little.
Duly noted, don't try
to impress.
Got it.
So has a ghost ever tried
to grab your ass?
Is that a serious question
for your article?
As the gloomy sky turns darker
above their heads,
The paranormal crew steps
out of their vehicles
And soaks in the lay
of the land.
Will tonight's hunt
be to no avail?
Or will it be the night
of their lives
Trapped in the asylum
with the souls of the damned?
I swear to god, if he does
that all night, i'll kill him.
No, you won't.
Ah, hmm, ha ha ha,
laugh all you want.
I am going to make you
look good in this piece.
- Mr. Gunnin?
- That's me.
- Richard. Nice to meet you.
- Good to meet you.
- I'm glad you and your team could make it.
- Yeah, no problem.
What do you say
a couple of us go inside,
- You can tell us a bit about the place.
- Sure. Follow me.
Lights don't work in here.
Don't know why.
This is dr. Pender's office.
I don't think anybody's been
in here since he flipped out
And the state shut
the whole operation down.
Even in the 90's when they tried to
turn it into a general state hospital,
Nobody stepped foot
in this room.
What's with the dolls?
They live here.
I feel like these things
are, like, peering in my soul.
Are those blood stains?
This is a girl named mary's,
favorite doll.
There was lots of kids
dumped at the asylum doors.
Parents that didn't want
children around with problems.
Mary's very active,
but from all my experiences,
All she wants to do is play.
Everything that's
happened here...
Why do you think nothing
has never happened to you?
Can't say for sure.
I know everything
that's happened here.
When i bought the place i announced
that i was gonna support it,
Keep it going, and that's it.
They have no
problem with me,
I have no problem
with them.
Are dr. Pender and mary
are the only spirits
That make themselves known?
This is ashley hemming.
She was a pediatric nurse
In the children's ward.
The kids loved her.
Called her mom.
She died trying
to protect them from pender,
But he got them, too.
It's terrible.
If you have a friend that's
heard of the movie, "chucky,"
I highly suggest you
bring him to this room.
"Child's play".
- What?
- The movie is called, "child's play,"
Not, "chucky. "
Chucky was the doll.
You know what, i don't tell
you how to do your job, do i?
You don't have to.
Really? Because from the looks
of it this place is trashed.
I mean there are blood
stains on the walls,
Creepy ass dolls
on the floor,
And wheel chairs
in the way wherever we go.
- Wheel chair.
- What?
Wheel chair.
Singular. Not plural.
There's only one wheel chair
on this floor.
But we've tripped
on one almost every room.
Yeah, i know.
Richard, did you see that?
I can't believe
you found this room.
What happened in here?
It does feel
very heavy in here.
Something definitely
wants us outta here.
Is that normal?
The whole building
wants you out of here.
Well, we'll see
if there's anything...
- Shit!
- What just happened?
The audio just died.
It almost blew my ears out.
Oh, guys!
Check this out. Come here.
This thing's freaking out.
- What is that?
- It's an emf meter.
It measures the electrometric fields
that some people say ghosts give off.
Let's make sure
yours isn't faulty.
Do you still have video?
Can you film this?
- Yeah, i'm getting it.
- Do you have a lot of electricity
Going through this room?
Wiring or anything
That could give off a high
electromagnetic field?
Just these little lights.
That's not enough
to cause this.
So what does
all this mean?
Something took all
our equipment's energy,
And it's standing
in this room with us.
Oh, okay.
Do you not like us
being in this room?
Are you angry
we're in your space?
If you want us to leave
just make a noise.
- Did that just fall?
- No, that was ripped off the table.
- Did you see that?
- Yes.
Hold this.
What's he doing?
He's a sensitive. He's what
we like to call a sensitive.
It means he more attuned
to the presence of spirits
Than most people.
So, that's how
he found this room without
- Me telling him.
- Exactly.
And sometimes if an object
is linked to a specific event
It can contain
large amounts of energy,
And we call those
trigger objects.
If he picks one up,
he can see what happened
Fold out in front of him.
It's something that he learned
when he was really young,
But when his mother died
it got much stronger.
All right,
this place is huge,
So we're gonna have to split up into
two groups to cover more ground.
Zak, when we're in the middle
in the investigation,
Stick to writing your notes. No
talking to your voice recorder.
Yeah, because
splitting into groups
Always works great
in the movies.
- What? It's true.
- All right, let's log this.
We're standing here at the
walstrom psychiatric institute.
We've heard some pretty
interesting stories
About a violent doctor's spirit
roaming the building,
Who refuses to let anyone
step foot in here ever since
His own mental breakdown.
We're gonna break up
into two...
Did you hear that?
Now i thought you said we were
the only ones in this building.
- We are.
- Then who's walking around upstairs?
Upstairs now!
- -Check if the
noise came from in here.
This place is huge! How are
we supposed to find anything?
Yeah, yeah, it definitely did.
Look! This was upright
when we took our tour.
This palate must have
gotten thrown over here.
What do you see, man?
What do you see, rich?
Okay, having you guys do this,
i know the audio and stuff
Earlier was probably staged,
but i saw all of us downstairs.
Now this is a way to start out
an investigation.
Let's get the door.
Let's lift the door off.
Give me a hand with this.
Okay, let's all just take a
seat, see if anything happens.
Get a feel
for the place at night.
Are we gonna listen
to music?
Spirits can talk through
this little device.
According to
the mother's statement,
The kids were back
and forth all day
Playing a game outside
before they disappeared.
Maybe they had some friends
that ran away.
Maybe some friends
ran away in the past
And told them
a good place to hide.
They could tell us where they
might have gone, if you're right.
- Yeah.
- Let's go back to the station,
Check out any other
runaway cases around here.
You know what,
i'll call their mom,
Get a list
of their friends' names.
All right!
All right.
It's been half an hour,
nothing's happened.
Let's split up.
Conner you come with me.
Shane and nicky,
good luck.
Zak, who do you
want to go with?
Ah, where's
everyone heading?
I was thinking
the surgery room.
Play with
the trigger object.
Probably just wander
in the halls,
Need to get a better feel
of the place.
I'll probably
just head with nicky,
I mean, trigger objects
are totally cool.
It would make the story
that much, you know, creepier.
- Peter.
- What?
What the hell could be
taking so long?
I thought you were just
checking to see
If these kids had any friends
that had ever run away.
I was.
What the hell
are you doing now?
Doesn't look like anyone
they know has run away,
But there have been
a lot of missing kids
Over the last 15
years or so.
- Really?
- Yeah.
They've been spread out enough
that no one has noticed.
But a kid had gone missing
every couple of years
Within a 10 mile radius.
So what? Kids go missing.
Kids run away.
Great attitude.
Hey, i'm not saying
i'm happy about it.
I'm just saying, it's something
that happens everywhere.
Doesn't mean they're
always connected.
Maybe you're right.
- But you don't care, do you?
- Nope.
Ooh, wonderful.
Where are we?
I have absolutely no idea.
- Did you hear that?
- Yeah.
Wind or something?
We're been in here
for almost four hours,
And i have yet
to feel a draft.
What's the matter?
You don't find this thrilling?
Are you kidding me? This is totally
how i want to spend my friday night.
Well, you can't deny
that you heard that.
That was loud. I bet we got
that in the recorder for sure.
Who yelled that?
Use your brain,
Let's say you were being
shot by a crazy doctor,
What's the one thing
you'd be yelling
- Before you bled out?
- Ouch? Shit?
Dr. Pender's office.
The yell, it came from
the room in there?
It sounded like it.
No one's in here.
Is the room starting to feel
a bit heavy to you?
Yeah, a little.
What's he doing over there?
He's unscrewing
his flashlight
To the point where the slightest
touch will make it turn on.
It's just another way we can try
and communicate with any spirit.
All right, this
is an emf detector.
- Emf detector.
- Okay?
This detects electromagnetic
fields in slight variation.
Okay? So, very sensitive.
Just... you can hold onto it.
- Don't move.
- Don't move.
- Got that?
- Yep.
Me not moving.
Right here.
- Just still.
- Still.
This is evp session
in dr. Pender's office.
Oh, my god.
It's... it's an electronic
voice phenomenon.
We're just trying to catch their
voices within the white noise.
White noise?
Okay, you know what? I'm gonna
figure it out later for you.
Just for you.
Thank you.
If there's anyone
in here with us
That little red dot
on the desk means
That we can hear you.
Can you make yourself
known by making a noise?
Uh, how about moving one
of the books on the bookshelf?
- Okay, okay.
- Take it. Take it.
Got it. Got it. Got it. Okay.
Yeah, that's a strong one.
- Check that out. Got it?
- I got it.
Is there someone
in the room with us?
- What?
- I thought i saw something.
Oh, shit!
Come on!
Come on, let's go!
Conner, wait!
If you're willing to talk,
Turn the flashlight on for
yes and keep it off for no.
Do you understand?
Are you dr. Pender?
Are you nurse hemming?
It's getting kind
of cold in here.
How do we even
know it went this way.
Do the spirits like people
inside this hospital?
Is there some kind of evil
presence in this building?
Something that wants
to do us harm?
Do they want us to leave?
Okay, something really bad must
have happened here.
Where's nurse hemming?
Then get back to work.
Doctor, why are you
covered in blood?
What are you doing?
Rich, dude check this out.
It's like zzzz.
What's up?
If only i could have gotten
it on film, can you imagine?
Thank god we found you guys. You'll
never believe what happened to us.
Rich just saw dr. Pender
electrocute a victim.
Why? What happened
with you guys?
Come on!
Did you hear what i said?
Well, she obviously left when we
went to go find you guys, so...
We've already spent
quite a bit of time here,
Maybe we should
try other places.
If you were getting a lot of activity in
these areas, there's no point in leaving.
But the room feels
different though.
The energy's gone.
Let me try one last thing
before we leave.
I have a hunch.
I was so close,
But you had
to ruin everything,
You stupid bitch.
All this work.
Years of research...
Gone! Because you couldn't
shut your god damn mouth!
If anyone belongs in this
institution, it's you.
You're insane. You'll burn
in hell for what you did.
If i'm burning in hell,
i'm taking you with me!
Okay, okay.
This... this is
my life's work.
No one can have
my life's work.
You're all dead!
It's kicking in stronger and more
frequently than ever before.
This is unreal.
He killed two security guards
when he snapped.
One over there,
and one back there.
Well, what's that?
Some dog tags.
So, what now?
I think we got ourselves too wrapped
up in the current situation,
And forgot there's plenty
more hospital to search.
Everyone knows dr. Pender was
the one who snapped.
We weren't hired
to figure out how.
We were hired to collect
evidence of paranormal activity.
Let's get back to that.
Swap out cards
and batteries real quick.
We'll split up again.
New groups though.
- New groups?
- Yeah.
Oh, don't worry.
If i hear you scream,
I'll be there in,
like, a second.
And nicky and conner,
You guys can go
explore a new wing.
Shane and zak,
one of the halls.
So, are you still
a non-Believer?
I mean, everything i witnessed
tonight is totally doable
By a fishing line.
And the noises?
Clearly you came in
months ago
And placed speakers
all over the place.
See you later.
This place is far too big.
Where the hell are we?
- Did you...
- Yeah.
Did you lead us in here?
Is there something
you wanted us to see?
Oh, my god!
Tell me what you hear.
- Mom.
- Keep doing that.
Is there anyone
in here with us?
We're not here to hurt
anybody, we just want to talk.
Can you tell me your name?
Jesus crist!
Oh! What happened?
The... the... the...
there was a man
Sitting right there.
He was burned to a crisp.
There's no one there. I saw him as...
as clear as i see you right now.
Hold on.
I got it on camera.
I know i...
It... it froze the exact
moment i saw him.
- It can't be a coincidence.
- You said he was burnt?
Scorched, scalded.
Charred, whatever.
What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
- I don't feel so good.
Oh, oh, boy, let's go.
I can't... i can't move.
You have to!
Richard, shane,
i need your help!
All right, come on,
come on. Conner.
Please, no!
Did you really think turning me in
wouldn't have its consequences?
I could have changed
the course of humanity.
A future with limitless
brain capacity.
And you ruined it!
Please doctor, do anything
you want with me,
But leave the children alone.
You took everything
from my life!
Now i'm gonna take
everything from yours!
And you can watch me start
with dear little david.
Oh, dear.
I... i don't want
to investigate this area.
Can we leave?
Yeah, of course.
You two go off
and investigate whatever.
I need to be alone
for a bit.
Son of a bitch.
Hey, guys!
Guys! Guys, let me out!
Oh, fuck!
Guys! Let me out!
Please, no!
Richard, what are you doing?
- Thinking.
- Rich, conner passed out,
And there's some really creepy
shit happening in the morgue.
- The morgue?
- I tried to walkie you, but you forgot to pass them out,
- I can't move him on my own, i just need to see if he's okay.
- Let's go! Let's go!
Let's see if we can
taunt this doctor
Into giving us a visit.
What? You think he's
just chilling in here,
Taking a nice little
ghost shower, huh?
See, this is why
i don't like you.
I knew from the minute
i saw you that you
Were gonna come
into this investigation
With us just thinking
this was a joke.
Thinking that we probably should be
locked up in a hospital like this,
For something that we
believe to be true.
God, tonight alone
i have seen more evidence
Than we would normally
capture in a year,
And you witnessed it all.
But you...
You're just gonna
write this story
Making us out to be clowns,
Only because you
are too in denial
To believe what is
happening to us is real.
So, you know what?
You can just fuck off
Because i don't give
a shit anymore.
Write that in your article.
Look, the things
you've shown me tonight
Have completely changed
my perspective.
Okay? I'm not gonna
lie to you.
I came in here
thinking exactly that.
But all this other stuff
that i've been saying
Is just to make
myself feel better,
Because to be
honest with you,
I am on the verge
of shitting my pants.
I don't know how you guys stand
to do this over and over again,
Because i can honestly say after
tonight i'm fucking retiring.
- Okay? Make you happy?
- Okay.
So let's continue this investigation
and let's spy on some naked ghosts.
It's the female locker room,
I hope so.
All right.
Do not show fear.
It will be drawn to you.
There's something dark here.
Whatever is here
feeds off that.
It wants you to be scared.
You have to keep your cool.
Your life depends on it.
Now as calmly as possible,
Tell me what happened here.
We heard noises,
so we came in here,
And conner said
he saw a burnt man,
And so we checked
that compartment
And we found
the burnt clothes,
And that's when he said he
felt sick and he passed out.
- Nicky?
- Yeah, what?
We need to find
shane and zak,
And get out of here.
- But, conner.
- No, no, no, no, no. Shh.
I don't know
what else to do.
- You know i love conner too, but right now we're...
- What?
Right now,
we're all in danger.
If conner were here,
He'd want us to be safe before
we worry about him, wouldn't he?
Wouldn't he?
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
The great doctor pender.
Why don't you come
in here with us, huh?
I hear all these stories
about how terrifying you are,
But you haven't
proven it to me yet.
Why do you guys
yell at them?
Not them, just pender.
You can't show fear
with bullies.
I learned that
from rich years ago.
Whatever you say.
Hit plenty of
other people in here, huh?
Well, let's see how strong
you really are.
Hit me right here
in the face.
It's not like i've never
been in a fight before.
- What the fuck?
- What happened?
I swear to god something
just touched my neck.
- -Oh, jesus christ,
you scared the shit out of me.
We're getting outta here.
This investigation is over.
What do you mean?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait,
why are you crying?
Hey, what's going on?
Conner's dead.
It's not funny, man. I thought
we were being professional.
I'm not being funny.
We found him in the morgue.
We're leaving.
I'm not kidding, man,
this is amateur humor.
Conner, don't even
bother jumping out.
Conner's dead!
Conner is dead.
Something killed him.
It tried to attack
nicky in the morgue.
We're getting out
of this place now.
Zak, call the police.
How did he...
He was electrocuted alive.
He was electrocuted.
Like a patient
i saw in my vision.
My phone, it's dead.
The video camera says
the battery died here, too.
Did you hear that?
What'd it say?
Let's go!
Can't help.
- Who needs help?
- What's your name?
Do you need help?
Nurse hemming.
I saw what happened to you
and the kids in the basement.
You saved one boy though.
I recognized him in
the newspaper article.
Your sacrifice
wasn't in vain.
We need to go.
Is that normal?
She's trying
to lead us somewhere.
Something tried to lead conner and me
to the morgue and look what happened.
- Sorry.
- Rich, what are you doing?
We need to get help,
you said it yourself.
Do you realize how much energy it took
for her to show herself like that?
She took all of our cell phones'
and our cameras' energy.
She said truth. There is
something she wants us to see!
She also said the word trapped,
and that dr. Pender is coming.
Conner is dead. Your friend is dead.
We need to go get help.
I just... i can't explain it,
but i need to follow her.
No, rich, just please
don't go, okay?
Just come with us.
Just let it go.
No, no, no,
i will not!
I'm fucking tired
of being told to move on!
My entire life
i've been able to see things
That other people couldn't.
I've been given a gift
that no one understood.
Then my mom,
the one person
Who may have had
some answers for me died.
I don't care what my dad says,
i don't care what you say,
I don't care
what anyone says,
I have this gift, and i'm
not letting it go to waste,
So i'm gonna do everything i can
to help, because something in here
Wants my help.
Look, i know this
means a lot to you,
Really, i do,
But there's some things
that are just bigger than us.
Just think about conner.
Let's get out of here, and take
care of that first.
Not everyone needs
to talk to the police.
Leave me behind.
I just have too strong
a feeling about this.
Damn it.
- Fuck!
- No one is going with him?
Look, we have to go
get help, okay? Okay?
Oh, fuck.
God damn it.
No, zak, stop!
What happened to don't
try to impress her?
At this point do you really think
i'm still trying to impress you?
Before i was, i was trying
to impress you,
But this shit
is real to me now, okay?
So go get help
And we'll talk
about this over dinner.
Stop! Everything is locked.
Yeah, cause we told nathan
to lock us inside.
- Well, we are never going out of there.
- No shit.
The place is built
to keep people inside.
God damn it!
If they had actually
run away,
They would have been
home by now.
Most runaways don't actually
stay gone this long.
Especially at that age.
I don't know what
to tell you, man.
We're in the town
of walstrom,
- Aren't we?
- Yeah, why?
Call the mom. There's one
thing i want to ask her.
Hello, yes,
this is officer masich.
My partner wants
to ask you a question
About your missing children.
Hello, ma'am, sorry,
again about the time.
There's just one thing.
Your statement said,
The boys were playing a game
before and after dinner.
On the night of
the disappearance, right?
What exactly
were they playing?
Thank you, very much.
What the hell, man?
They ran away. I have an idea
about where they might have gone.
Shane! Shane!
There's nothing over here.
Doc! Doc! I don't want to
take these pills anymore!
Doc! I don't want to take
these pills no more, doc.
I don't want to take these
Come on, doc.
You can't escape!
You can't escape,
they're spying on you.
Oh, no. He's coming.
He's coming.
You can't escape,
you're mine now.
We can't escape this body now.
He's coming.
He's coming.
He's coming.
Nothing bad was ever
supposed to happen here.
We only wanted to help
our patients.
Oh, shit. Oh.
A lot happened
in these rooms...
But this is not the worst
area of the hospital.
Oh, no way.
Nurse hemming?
Let me show you.
The kids need help.
I don't know what you went
through, but rich told me
You tried helping
the kids.
Rich! Rich!
Oh, come on!
Okay, think, think, think.
Would i...
Dr. Pender?
Is that you?
You're gonna have to do a lot
more than that to scare me away.
Flickering lights!
Why don't you treat me
like a man,
And hit me!
Okay, um, oh, god.
How did they do this?
Are... oh... if there's someone
in the room with me,
Can you please
make a noise?
If you're the nurse,
or one of the patients,
Can you please
make another noise?
Are you one
of the little kids?
Can't show fear.
If you're the psychotic
asshole murderer,
Dr. Pender,
make yourself known.
You fuck!
The fuck
did you do that?
Oh, fuck.
Somebody fucking help me!
Oh, fuck.
Fucking help me.
What the hell.
He's coming.
Don't let him get you.
He's coming.
Dr. Pender...
dr. Pender?
Oh, yeah.
That's it.
That's it. Oh!
We are close, david.
Very close.
You're going to help me
change the world.
There. Now, once i can see
the left frontal lobe...
Oh, miss hemming.
You're about to witness
The trial run that will
change the world of medicine.
Have you lost your mind?
I beg your pardon?
Oh, my god.
Have you been performing
These experiments on all
of our patients?
Is that where the scars
are coming from?
Who are they?
Lab rats.
Test subjects.
I'm trying to find
a way to increase...
I don't care what
you're trying to do.
You let him go.
I will not.
Not when i am
this close.
Oh, my god.
She just doesn't understand
my brilliance, david.
She can't see the light at
the end of the tunnel.
What i can do for the world.
- Stop!
- What?
Let the boy go.
- Jesus.
- Please don't hurt us.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm here to help you.
Don't worry, you guys.
How long have you been here?
I don't know. We were
playing this ghost game,
And this guy,
he kept us here.
Okay, come on. I'm not gonna
hurt you.
Come on.
Okay, all right.
I have friends in here
trying to get out, as well.
Now i want you both to run
as fast as you can
And find the front door.
If it's not already open,
find a good hiding spot,
And wait.
A man is gonna be here soon
and he'll open it.
Then i want you to run out
as fast as you can,
And get help.
Earlier in the night,
Our friend conner
was found dead.
I've also found two boys
locked up in a hidden room
Inside dr. Pender's office.
I had the night
completely wrong.
The spirits were not
trying to hurt us.
They were trying
to help us find the boys,
And get them and us
out alive.
It wasn't an angry spirit.
It was...
What are you guys doing?
I thought i told you to run.
Who are you?
I said, who are you?
Does anyone know
you live in here?
David, i know all about you.
You do?
I know you used to live here
as a child, right?
Nurse hemming
took care of you.
She was my mommy.
She was a mother
to a lot of people.
And i know that the doctor
took your mom away from you,
Didn't he?
You kept all these things because
this is the only life you know.
Are you hurting people
who come here
Because you think they want
to destroy your home?
Not my home.
Mommy's home! You and your
friends can't take it!
- What?
- I won't let you destroy my mom's home!
She was a good mom,
Wasn't she?
She was the best mommy.
And you just wanna
give other kids
The chance to have a mom
as good as yours, right?
I want her to help all of the
boys like she helped me.
But can't you see
you're hurting them?
What happened to the other
little boys before these ones?
Oh, they're sleeping.
Mommy's taking care of them.
You like to play trucks?
If you really wanna
help these kids,
You need to let them go.
It's an, look...
How can mommy
take care of them?
They have their own mothers.
No! No, i want only
my mommy.
No, please come back!
You let them leave.
She's their mother, she wants to
help all of us!
- Why are we going here?
- Richard showed me something earlier today
About a psychiatric hospital,
where some doctors went nuts
And killed
a bunch of people.
The kids like to play some game
that sounds a lot like that.
So, they might
have come here.
Isn't that a long shot?
Listen, we're in the same
town as that hospital.
The kids like to play some
messed up murder-Doctor game.
Didn't you ever have some
spooky place near your house
When you were growing up, that
you couldn't stay away from?
Yeah, sure. That didn't mean
i'm gonna run off there
And spend any length
of time there.
Huh. Look at that.
No! No! No!
It's all right.
Stand back.
Stand back.
What's happening, boys?
What's going on?
I don't know.
This guy took us.
I'm sorry. We were
supposed to play doctor.
It's okay, it's okay. You're not
in trouble. Where's the man?
- Are there other people in there?
- He's up there.
- And he's hurting people.
- I'll be fine. Ellis, call for back up
- And medic support!
- And then i'll call your mom.
where are you?
Oh, my god.
No, wait!
Why are you doing this?
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Help! Here!
He's half breathing.
I still feel a pulse.
Let's get him down!
Oh, my god.
There's a man upstairs with a
gunshot wound in his shoulder,
Arrest him, he tried
to kill richard.
- Please.
- All right, i got this.
Oh, christ.
Put your hands
where i can see them!
Dr. Pender?
Hands where i can see them!
We won't ask again.
No dr. Pender,
please don't!
Come on!
Come on.