At Cafe 6 (2016) Movie Script

Hey lady.
Do you need help?
"I already got the ticket to Xia-Men."
"Can we talk in person?"
"Stop giving me the silent treatment."
It's good.
You enjoy drinking coffee?
Actually I rarely drink coffee.
Just a habit from my boyfriend.
A long distance relationship?
Your cell phone was there and it...
That's all right.
Frankly, the distance would not be a problem.
Love wouldn't be weaken by the distance.
People would.
I used to be like you.
I don't enjoy coffee very much.
I opened this caf because...
there was a story...
that is similar to your situation.
I was in 12th grade.
I can't remember which time it is.
Got punished for causing trouble is a regular.
But that time it was different,
there was a girl with us.
Oh, wait.
I should start from earlier.
Rock, paper, scissors
"For once every week,
it's fun or die time."
Damn it.
The mole has hair coming out.
Nice drawing.
Of course.
We are the art...
Hahahahahaha...Very good.
Xin-Yi Cai.
Why is your pants
on the top of the statue?
Sir, I have nothing to do with it.
Sir, actually...
Excuse me.
They did this.
Xin-Yi has nothing to do with it.
Her name is Xin-Rui Li.
I have a crush on her for two years.
I am more afraid of her than the instructor.
Xin-Yi Cai, you can go now.
Thank you sir.
Hey, your pants.
I don't want it anymore.
You're still laughing?
What the hell are you laughing about?
"No Urinating"
The route we take after school
is the only time I can be with her alone.
I like her hair
her shoulder
her face
I like her...
Hey, what are you doing?
It's dangerous.
Min-Lu Guan.
Why are you following me everyday?
I am not following you.
I am going to Zhi's place.
Oh, you better be.
I am still not over with Xin-Yi's incident.
"It's an ability to like someone."
"it's a gift to be liked."
Lu, come here...
- Mr. Xiao.
- Wait...
Get the carrots and the scallions.
My mom said I shouldn't.
This is for your mom.
Take home and cook it.
Take it.
Where is Zhi?
Ya, where did he go?
Oh Zhi,
he is...
I washed it clean.
You can dry it now.
No way.
I went through hell to steal it out.
- And I washed it...
- You're so annoying. I told you
I don't want it.
Or let's do diary exchange.
Then I will leave you alone.
Keep dreaming.
Mom, I just passed by the market.
Zhi's dad gave a lot of...
Your instructor called.
I didn't send you to high school
to do those monkey business.
Do you understand it or not?
3 courses with a bowl of soup.
It's been the same for years.
My mom's strict discipline
remains the same for years as well.
She is a nurse
working shifts for years to raise me.
She said the life might be harsh
but it's ok
as long as I am doing well.
Hi, Xin-Rui.
Hey, Jie Luo.
There's an exam in gym class today.
Can you be on our team?
- But...
- What about me?
You can be on his team.
Shi-Hong Wang...Stop dozing off.
You guys can team up.
Damn it.
- Pretentious...
- Min-Lu Guan.
What are you doing?
Whose team are you joining?
I don't have much choice in my life.
If Zhi's not dead yet,
I will be on his team.
Can I be on your team?
Oh maybe not.
The statue incident last week
we need to work for our punishment.
Oh, ok then.
Jie Luo.
Make a move fast.
See how aggressive Jie Luo is.
I am not aggressive?
When she's on duty,
I helped her clean the whole classroom
-and taking out the trash.
- And followed her home.
And then?
You're still down here watching her.
Screw you.
The basic training is important. Here, 9.
Let's do the math with this number.
What is the square root of 9?
We just talked about square root.
This is more important than taking a dump.
A lot of students would mess up this part.
Remember this N.
And do the square root.
So what is the square root of 9 anyway?
I just talked about it.
You need to count both plus and minus.
3 times 3 equals 9
minus 3 times minus 3 equals 9 as well.
I am standing right here.
Up to the wall.
You too.
What are you doing?
This is dangerous.
You did it last time.
Here, this is for you.
And this.
Just take it.
What's this?
Just take a look.
I am leaving.
Xin-Rui Li.
Scores 91.
Looks promising.
Thank you teacher.
Min-Lu Guan.
Scores 23.
Bo-Zhi Xiao.
Scores 17.
Even a pig can do better than you.
Of course.
I am the winner.
Show me your forehead.
Bo-Zhi Xiao.
What are you guys up to?
We are playing slapjack.
So, dare to join us?
Not interested.
Afraid of losing?
Who's afraid?
They will snap your for head.
We will snap with this.
1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 7
Why me?
Get the rubberband ready.
Show your forehead.
All right.
Don't say we're roughing you girls.
Let's change the game a bit.
I'll let Lu have the winning chance.
The black card is the Chance.
The red card is the Destiny.
If he draws the black card,
you will have a date with him.
What if he draws the red card?
The red card stands for the Destiny,
so he is not destined to go out with you.
Stop it.
I'll go with her too.
Where are we going?
I don't know.
Hey, Bo-Zhi Xiao.
Where are you taking us?
To the bridge near the big tree.
Let me tell you.
There is...
Not a problem.
I will handle it.
I can't fix it.
You're doomed, Bo-Zhi Xiao.
Hey, what are you doing? That's dirty.
Got him.
Xin-Yi Cai.
- What?
- Come here.
Why are you taking my shoes?
I found out something important, come.
Just talk. Why are you taking my shoes?
- Here.
- Give it back.
I need to tell you something important.
Don't touch me.
Don't get angry.
What is it?
It's so quiet.
If only time can stop at this moment.
But once we get into college,
we will be seperated.
This will only become a memory.
How come?
Once we are in different colleges,
we would be in different places,
and we would be out of touch.
We can still keep in touch.
The future is full of uncertainties.
Adding the distance it's even more uncertain.
For me,
everything is uncertain.
We will know it when we get there.
You are certain you can make it to college?
I may have some bad grades.
But maybe one day I'll start catching up.
Are you being positive or just careless?
I do care.
You just don't know it yet.
That evening, next to the field,
the seed of love
seems to start sprouting in silence.
"Young and reckless."
"We've all been there,"
"like having a secret crush."
Go go go...
I didn't know Jie Luo is that good.
Go Jie Luo.
What's the big deal.
Come play pool with me.
He's good in that too.
You can try to find someone else
if she's not available.
Yi-Ren is nice too.
If it wasn't for the small difference,
I would take her already.
What difference?
The difference of cups.
You're crazy.
Where are you going?
Lu is looking for you.
What for?
He needs to tell you something important,
and ask me to tell you if I see you.
Where is he?
He is waiting for you under the big tree.
It's your lucky day.
You are transferring to another school?
Xin-Rui Li is asking you out for movies.
She is waiting for you under the big tree.
- Xin-Yi.
- Yes?
Xin-Rui is in the ice cream shop waiting.
But she just said...
Just get there now.
Where is Xin-Rui?
She's not here yet.
Did you get the place right?
Of course.
She said the ice cream shop.
You want some?
There's no point just standing.
Come and take a seat.
What do you want?
Red bean flavor?
A red bean ice, and 2 spoons please.
Got it.
2 red bean ice, and 1 spoon.
Hi, Xin-Rui.
Don't you have something to say?
I thought you are going to the movies with me.
No, not that I know of.
Zhi told me so.
You can ask me out to the movies if you want.
Why do you have to involve Zhi?
So what are we watching?
We are not watching any movies.
Batman 3.
We are not watching any movies.
Out of the Dark.
We are not watching any movies.
Apollo 13.
We are not watching any movies.
Why did you pick a zombie film?
It's great.
It's very encouraging.
How is it encouraging?
In case of zombie attacks,
try to find ways to survive.
How inspiring.
Oh right.
Are you catching up yet?
Dare watching movies without studying.
Of course I do.
I got 23 last time, and 39 this time.
Aren't you embarassed?
I will make a bet with you then.
I will pass the test next time.
You need to bet on studying?
Or what?
You know what.
Forget it. I am wasting my breath.
I promise you.
I will definitely...get into college.
I will get into the same college as you do.
What if you failed?
What if I made it?
If you made it,
I would go
celebrating with you playing fireworks.
That's a deal.
A pinky swear.
You are so childish.
You still did it.
Such a child.
I was just encouraging him.
So Jie Luo and him.
No way.
You like Jie Luo.
Come on.
You are getting the wrong ideas.
So you like Lu then.
Why not just be with him?
It's not the right time.
If he failed college because of me,
I will feel so guilty.
Truth be told,
you are afraid of the long distance,
I am afraid of the uncertainty.
Hey, if Jie Luo confessed to you first,
Who would you choose?
You should mind your own business.
Anyone can see that Zhi likes you.
He's really annoying.
I wish to choke him to death.
My neck feels weird lately.
You're probably being haunted.
What happened after you went to the movies?
We went home.
Nothing else happened?
What are you saying?
Can you pay attention to something else?
White panties with gray lines and color dots.
I've been watching you.
- He is asking you out.
- Stay away from me.
You are being mean.
But I like it.
Don't touch me.
My backseat is very comfortable.
Come on, get on.
- Don't touch me.
-It's very comfortable.
Who hit me?
Damn you.
Get back here.
Get on the rides.
I am right here.
Get up here, idiots.
What are you waiting for?
Forget the ride.
Just go after them.
Stop, you piece of crap.
So the entrance exam
is not a big deal.
You don't have to be too nervous.
Just need to be determined
with your will to overcome it.
The door to the college is wide open.
It will be full of wonders and excitements.
Thank you for sharing with our students
your experience of preparing for the exams.
Any questions?
Yes, Zi-Ming Lin.
Mr. Zhen-Ting.
"We challenge you to a game of pool."
Dragonball Z is getting crazier.
Ya, the saiyans are weaker than my grandma.
Right, and all those dragonball collecting...
And when they go to planet Namek...
What took you so long?
I am buying some pancakes.
The shop is not ready, I'll get it later.
Let's be clear first.
1 game only.
No way.
Best-of-five match.
Ya, we said best-of-five.
I thought it was best-of-seven.
Damn, I don't have all day.
Best-of-three the most.
Either that or I walk.
Let's go.
I want a piece too.
Me too.
You are getting nothing.
Is this your idea?
Why does Zhi want to play pool with me?
I am not that nosy.
I don't know what you're planning.
But, even if you like Xin-Rui,
you don't need to be hostile to me.
It's just about getting girls.
A fair competition.
What's that noise?
How do you feel now?
Keep running.
I thought you are good at running.
Messing around when I am getting girls.
Like being a hero?
What are you looking at?
You haven't seen it all yet.
Give him hell.
Shit, you dare show up?
Where you think you're going?
Beat him.
I am so disappointed in you.
How did I raise you?
- Hey, Xin...
- Xin what?
Is Min-Lu Guan here?
Min-Lu Guan.
Over there.
Thank you.
What the hell happened?
You promised me you're going to study.
And then you ended up in a fight.
How's Zhi?
He is still in the hospital.
You should worry about yourself first.
You know?
You are the first person I want to see.
And the last person I want to see.
Go home.
You can go now.
Thank you.
Why did you fight?
Talk to me.
Zhi was getting beat up.
When we got there,
he was already on the ground.
- So...
- So you picked up a brick and hit someone.
Who won?
Did you win or lose?'s a tie.
You are not a kid anymore.
I don't have to tell you about everything.
There's no next time.
Eat now.
My mom said we have to read it.
"How to Control Your Bad Temper."
This better work.
Bo-Zhi Xiao.
Are you all right?
I am fine.
He's the one to blame.
Only showed up after I was beaten.
I thought you were dead.
I am still a virgin, I can't die yet.
No problem.
Once you lose virginity,
I will stab you right away.
Can you two talk normally?
Hey, Xin-Yi Cai.
Do you know how to make me recover soon?
If you can dress a bit sexier.
Go to hell.
My little Zhi.
Right, where is Xin-Rui?
She told me last week she went to Taipei
so I didn't invite her.
It looks so severe.
It's fine.
I won't die.
I am sorry.
It's ok.
Ya, it's fine.
I only have to rest a few days.
I'll wash some fruits for you.
I would rather have fried chicken and milktea.
What are you doing here?
I want to give you the scarf.
For me?
I made it myself.
Zhi and you got hurt for me.
It's my way of saying thank you.
You should give it to Zhi then.
He is more injured than I do.
In fact, I really like you.
I was thinking.
Do you like me as well? like you.
But only as classmates.
But only as classmates.
If possible,
can you like me more?
I like Xin-Rui Li.
I promised her some things.
I have to make them happen.
I don't want to disappoint her anymore.
I see.
Good luck then.
It's wonderful to be liked by someone.
But it doesn't always turn out for the best.
This is the first time I ever said
I like Xin-Rui Li.
I wonder when I would
have the courage
to tell her these words myself.
I thought you're at Taipei...
I don't know why she's not at Taipei.
But the hug is like a message.
The warmth we felt when hugging
makes each of us more clear
and certain.
We know where our hearts are.
We find our sense of belonging.
Then, the biggest obstacle lies ahead.
To get into the college.
The only way in is to study hard.
The one thing I am not good at.
I just started with less than 100 days.
It's just a desperate move.
And it completely counts on
Xin-Rui Li.
This part will definitely show up in the test
We need to find the location of F.
T equals zero.
So the vector F F(1)
equals vector zero.
F1 coincides with the point of F.
So F equals F(1).
Do you understand?
Where is F?
Do you have any problem with F?
Just...a little problem.
You deserved it, fool.
Xin-Rui Li.
It's close, 96.
Almost got 100.
There's not much time left.
Your hands.
Keep working hard.
Thank you, teacher.
Min-Lu Guan.
You scored 68.
That's quite an improvement.
Did you cheat?
Come on, teacher.
Only 68 for cheating?
Huh, wise ass.
Keep up the good work.
Bo-Zhi Xiao.
Scores 10.
This is unacceptable.
Where is he?
He's still in the hospital.
I don't have to be punished...
Hurry up, Lu, my hands are sore.
Do you know how to use it? Come on.
- Just take the picture.
- Hurry.
- My legs are tired.
- Can you do it or not.
Damn, I got it from my mom.
- I don't know how to use it.
- The red button.
- Try pressing it.
- Just press the button.
Or the one besides it.
I am pressing it.
Press press press...
- It's not working.
- I did press it...
The light is on...
What the hell are you looking at?
"The distance that can't be shortened."
"The uncertainty that can't be solved."
Lu, I found it. I got in.
Excuse me.
We are going to the same college.
Why are you so upset?
Is it that bad to be classmates with me?
I would rather be with Xin-Rui.
Stop it.
At least we got in a college, right?
Are you ok?
Ya, I am fine.
I am actually pretty happy about it.
At least I saw you work hard for it.
The desperate move
it worked.
the uncertainty
still can't be solved.
Don't worry.
Even if we are not in the same college,
I would find ways to meet with you.
I am serious.
When the long distance became inevitable,
I became Xin-Rui's satellite.
To shorten the distance,
I went into the orbit of working part-time.
I just realized.
1 cabbage is easy to move.
but 20 of them is hard.
This is the power of cooperation.
Cooperating my ass. Give me a hand.
How to make the pork floss?
It doesn't matter.
Just eat it.
Welcome welcome.
Fresh fish over here.
This is very delicious.
It lives in the river, then in the ocean.
- This one...
- Stop bragging, just wrap it up.
Damn this one squirts a lot.
Hey, how much did we make?
Why are you here?
You're covered with filth.
I bought it in a thrift shop.
This is for you.
Listen to it when you're back in the room.
I'll get going.
"Amazing songs."
"I am here with you."
"Missing you everyday, and I ask myself"
"when can I tell you"
"Missing you everyday, from my heart"
"saving my love for you."
let's go get something to eat.
Let's go
What do you want to eat?
No idea.
Some fried rice?
Hello, is Min-Lu Guan there?
Hey Xin-Rui.
I am Zhi, he's not here.
Where is he?
He is working at the part-time job.
All day and all night.
He's working so late?
He said it pays more.
Do you want to leave a message?
Tell him tomorrow is pork chop with rice,
he'll understand.
Oh, ok.
Bye then.
Here, your pork chop with rice.
Thank you.
Min-Lu Guan.
You're having a feast.
You've been saving up and eating crap.
Why suddenly an expensive meal?
He's playing a game with his girlfriend,
called synchronzing.
Two people in different cities
doing the same thing.
That's pretty cheesy.
Hi, Ms. Li, it's been a while.
Ya, Mr. Guan, it's been a while.
How are you doing lately?
Not bad.
I just finished a tough paper.
I got a job in a caf.
What else?
And, I...
I've been thinking.
If I can have my own caf some day,
that would be great.
It would be.
And what else? should go to the class now.
Ok, we'll talk later.
I miss you.
The college life is like an amusement park.
Joining club activities, traveling,
partying, falling in love.
But I tried to keep it simple.
Just working and buying tickets.
- Working and buying tickets...
- Bye.
Where are you going?
To the heaven.
The entrance of the heaven looks
like the train station gate
Earliest train to Taipei.
And 80% of my salary
are spent on buying tickets.
My understanding of the train schedule
is better than the textbook.
The time I spent on the trains
are even more than on my bed.
Not at all.
What are you doing here?
I told you.
I will find ways to meet you.
Wait a minute.
What are you doing?
You've been working too much.
You have serious dark circles.
Do you sleep at all?
I do.
Don't worry about it.
Have a taste.
I think our cappuccino is a bit too sweet.
How is it?
Too sweet?
I think it's just right.
The sweet is overshadowing the coffee.
It can cover the bitterness.
I don't have to drink herbal medicine anymore.
You know nothing about coffee.
I'll make you some black coffee.
It will have a sweet aftertaste.
Come on, lady.
I come all the way here.
You just keep talking about coffee.
Let's go to a movie later, ok?
No more zombie films.
Who is this?
I am Zhi.
What's up?
Do you want pork chop with rice tomorrow?
What are you talking about?
By the way,
how do you know my dorm room number?
Because I am god.
I can guess it.
Then can you guess what I am about to do.
You want to hang up on me
Right, you really are god.
Bo-Zhi Xiao.
Mrs. Gwen.
What brings you here? Lu is not here.
Where did he go?
on a business trip.
What's the matter?
I can tell him later.
No, it's fine. It's not a big deal.
I just want to stop by and visit him.
Here, take the chicken soup to Lu,
and this one,
your parents asked me to bring it to you.
Ok, thanks.
I will get going now.
Ok, bye.
Another zombie film.
And it's the same one.
You really want to take the night train home?
It's all right.
I can get some sleep on it.
Well, be careful then, ok?
I know.
Min-Lu Guan.
What's wrong?
Am I important to you?
Of course you are.
So will you listen to me?
You have to eat it.
What's this?
To help you recover some energy.
I am heading in.
Take care.
Magic club...
Are you interested to join?
Mr. Zhen-Ting.
Are you interested?
I enjoy watching the magic tricks.
But being a magician...I have no idea.
How assistant to the magician?
Magic club?
Ya, to be the senior's assistant.
I used to have no feelings for magic tricks.
But after the rehearsal in these few days,
it feels kind of interesting.
Can you come to the show
next month?
I would probably be busy.
I...perhaps I can't.
Oh, I see.
Min-Lu Guan.
How long are you going to talk?
I have to go now.
Talk later, bye.
Excuse me...
Do you know where the club event is?
Keep walking and you will see it.
Thank you.
Thank you all for coming to this event
I would like to invite a volunteer up stage.
Anyone would like to try?
Don't be shy.
Hi, mister, you are right on time.
Here, come give me a hand please.
- Why are you here?
- That is a quite a bouquet of flowers.
For your girlfriend?
Let me help you decorate it.
Here, it is a box.
Take a look.
A regular box.
Check it through.
Now, put your flower inside the box.
Trust me.
And then, I need you all
to count to 3 with me
1, 2, 3
Where is the flower?
It didn't work out.
Pay for the flower then.
Of course.
But I need another favor.
I have 2 scarves here.
And now I need to make a knot.
Have you played this game before?
Still angry?
The trick is about interactions.
He is just doing it for the effects.
He is not trying to embarrass you.
Don't you think your outfit tonight
is a bit too sexy?
And the last part where you dance with him
do you have to...
-hug and lay in his arms?
- I see.
- You get it then.
- You are getting jealous.
- Jealous.
- No.
You're jealous.
Fine, if you say so.
Come on...
Don't be upset.
Let me show you a trick.
I never made it work
but I can show you.
Do it.
There are 3 little balls.
And now
they become 1.
Give me your hands.
Hold it...
and blow it
and open your hands slowly.
This is the first time I pull this off.
What do you think?
Do you feel like you've changed?
What do you mean?
You are more cheerful
than before.
Then maybe I am.
What's the difference?
Meow meow.
- What?
- Meow meow.
Meow meow.
How much is it?
About 7 or 8 thousand dollars.
7 or 8 thousand dollars!
7 or 8.
Wanna bite me?
Cute ears.
it's yours
what would you name it?
I will call it
Little Lu then.
What do you think?
So you guys already...
did that?
So you get to the 2nd base,
and try to go for the home plate?
What the hell are you talking about?
did she ask you to be responsible?
Can we change a subject?
I've always wanted to ask you.
You've been working so much
and getting so exhausted.
And then you just
had a kiss.
Frankly, I think it's kind of dumb.
I've made a bet with the roommates.
A long distance relationship like this
can't last over 6 months.
But I know you very well,
I bet you can endure it.
I am not enduring anything.
Yes you are.
Zhi, you've been after Xin-Yi for years.
Aren't you tired?
I am not like you.
- I am playing catch and release.
- Fine, you're very good at it.
Why are you studying English now?
Because I would need it in the future.
Need it in the future?
What do you mean?
There is a professional cafe in Seattle.
I would like to go visit.
Do you want to come with me?
There was a Seattle cafe on the road.
It's close
I am kidding.
Not funny.
So you...
really are going to Seattle?
I thought when you graduated,
you will move back to Kaoshiung.
Then we can
be together everyday again.
And we can open a caf together.
I wasn't planning to go back once graduated.
I want to go abroad and see the world.
How long would it take?
The world is only so big.
You can stay home and watch
Wonders in China
or the Discovery Channel.
Uh...National Geographic.
Why are you so serious?
I mean it, Lu.
I want us both to go to Seattle.
So let's go
and work on our English, ok?
I am not here to practice English with you.
Do you think we will stay at the same place
for our entire lives?
It is important to plan the future.
Can you listen to what I am saying?
And give it some serious thought.
Instead of just
making a joke and get by with it.
Don't you think you've changed?
We're different since the beginning.
But I haven't changed.
Studying English.
Do you want to be a foreigner?
Here's something you should know.
The exam tomorrow is calculus, not English.
It's none of your business.
Of course I know the exam is calculus.
Then why are you reading English?
Do you think I've changed?
Ya, you've become much more stupid.
Preparing for the wrong exam.
Do you think
that if I buy her a cat
she would stop being so upset.
brother Lu
after you have a girlfriend
you have become so generous.
What the hell are you saying?
Oh, mom.
How's the school?
I am studying for the exams.
After the exam, when you are free,
come back home.
I want to talk to you about something.
You can tell me on the phone.
Well, it's family matters.
I can't make it clear on the phone
I'll wait until you're back.
Do remember.
Find time to come home after the exams.
Yesterday, I asked him to buy chocolate.
So I bought it.
I want the dark one, not the milk one.
Dark chocolate.
Milk chocolate.
Dark chocolate.
Dark and milk chocolate.
Nice one.
Last time, he wanted some black soybean milk.
I used the same trick.
A girl is crying and she's asking for you.
A ticket to Taipei, hurry...
It's too late, the train is moving.
What do you want?
I am looking for Xin-Rui Li.
Are you ok?
Is everything all right?
Did you get hurt?
Only the purse was gone?
Yes, just lost the purse.
How much money was in it?
It doesn't matter.
Why not?
Because you are here.
Did you report to the police?
I'll go with you together, come on.
I did, it's already been some time now.
So...what do you want me to do now?
You have no idea what to do?
How would I know if you don't tell me?
Come on.
Say something.
Why are you being so quiet?
What should I do if you keep saying nothing?
Actually, there's nothing to be said.
And nothing to be done.
I just have to be by her side quietly.
I have only realized that
later on.
All she needs is me being there.
I thought I was there
but it was only my own imagination.
If I had a cell phone that can reach her
would these things never happened?
Long distance relationship is hard.
You want to solve it all by a cell phone.
It's not that easy.
Hello, Xin-Rui
Let's have some chicken rice tomorrow, ok?
What's wrong?
Are you feeling down?
Oh, do you have time this weekend?
Oh, I see.
But on your birthday
I think...
Having a cold shower to be tough.
And got a fever with headache.
It makes sense.
Bo-Zhi Xiao.
Are we bros?
If so, go to Taipei with me.
"Do you believe in destiny?"
Typhoon rarely affects Taichung City.
But the huge scale of Typhoon Webber
is inevitable this time.
The rain in Taichung keeps pouring.
The trees behind me on the sidewalks
are all bent down by the wind.
The northbound lanes
of Provincial Highway 26...
To all passengers,
we beg your pardon,
the tickets before 23:30
are all sold out.
The tickets before 23:30
are all sold out.
Thank you.
Damn, how come the rain is warm?
And it's also yellow.
You peed on me.
What the hell.
thank god you didn't get a cat.
Why is that?
Can a cat swim?
Oh my god.
"Welcome to Taipei County."
I am so tired.
Take a look.
Where is that kitten?
Someone bought it today.
Oh, it's feeling cold right?
Get over there.
Damn, you really know how to share
after sharing your exam experience
you try to share other's girlfriend as well?
- Xin-Rui, this is...
- This is his boy friend.
You can beat it now.
- What's wrong with you?
- Get out of here.
I don't like your tone.
Zhen-Ting, please go now.
Come on, let's step aside.
Tell me if anything happens.
Just beat it, will you?
He gave you the cat?
Don't be like this, Lu.
Is it still called little Lu?
Here, this cell phone is for you.
Happy Birthday.
So you...
"Xin-Rui calling."
Our cappuccino is really too sweet.
When did it happen?
You and him.
You don't want to talk about it?
The problem between us is more important.
Don't be like this.
Then how can you do this to me?
I've worked so hard just hoping
that the distance wouldn't be a problem.
It's not about the work or the distance.
Then what's the problem?
The long distance
only surfaces our differences.
What differences?
Our thoughts,
our values.
But we were ok before, weren't we?
The reality can make us more mature.
Yes, the process might be tough.
it can't be refused or denied by working hard.
What did I refuse?
What did I deny?
You denied the reality.
You refuse to acknowledge our differences.
What does that suppose to mean?
The fate of long distance relationship
is not favoring you or me.
I saw your hard work.
But I really tried.
I really did.
- I know you tried.
- I really tried.
That's why I never blame you.
I just figure out things earlier than you.
That day
the tape I gave you.
What did it say on the sticker?
I am here with you...
lam here with you...
Do you understand the meaning of it?
I am here with you.
Right, I didn't notice you are helpless.
But did you see my effort?
I am here with you.
I am fucking here with you.
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
"You're not here."
He's been like this for a while.
What should we do?
There's nothing we can do.
Min-Lu Guan.
It's the last chance for taking the exam.
Are you going?
Let's go.
"The Funeral of Mrs. Guan."
The host paying respect to the deceased.
Please take a bow.
The family returns the salute.
Guests paying respect to the deceased.
Please stand by your positions.
She's been ill for quite some time.
I told her to take care her health.
Her face is getting pale lately.
She kept saying it's fine.
She's been to the doctors
and it turned out she didn't.
When the doctor found out,
it was too late.
She only has her son.
Let's help her take care of him.
What's up?
"A new message."
"Lu, sorry to hear about your mom."
"Be brave."
She's not the only girl in this world.
Be positive and let it go.
It's just life.
All the shitty things would pass eventually.
Would you stop blabbering?
I am not blabbering.
I am comforting you.
Shut up.
Why are you acting like this?
You are not alone.
Please just shut up.
Shut up.
Just shut up.
"3 months later."
1, 2, 3, 4
Rooster and rooster,
hen, and hen,
chicken and chicken...
I lost to a chicken.
Do I need to drink this one for you?
No need.
I will drink for Min-Lu Guan too.
Speaking of Lu,
where is he?
I told you to call him.
I called like a dozen times,
he wouldn't pick up.
That's impossible.
I called a dozen times too.
If he didn't show up, he's going to die.
Move over.
Hey, hurry up.
Xin-Yi, I am going outside for a while.
Why aren't you coming in?
I only want to see you.
You got a minute?
I wanna show you something
Yes, now.
Why aren't you coming in?
I have something to do.
Where are you going?
I am going too.
No way.
Why not?
You will be the third wheel.
Damn it.
Fine, I'll stay here then.
I'll be waiting for you.
Don't stand me up.
A pinky swear.
What? Are you still kids?
I've imagined it for a long time.
I finally make it happen.
We should do this a long time ago.
Of course.
This is
our first promise.
I forgot about it, if you hadn't mentioned it.
I won't forget it.
So you guys must have talked a lot.
This is how people are.
As the time goes, and looking back,
all those fights seemed nothing.
Just that during the moment,
it's hard to keep calm.
It's only different thoughts and positions.
The difference between these things
can result in totally different choices.
Life is the process of endless choices.
I didn't expect to hear
such a story today.
I am feeling a lot better.
You were still crying when you just got here.
Well, I was having a fight.
You feel better now?
Much better.
Just different thoughts and positions.
And I realized,
we all have similar adolescence.
But different lives.
Well said.
I have to go and face my own life now.
Thank you.
Good night
"Similar adolescence."
"Different lives."
"To Xin-Yi Cai."
"For once every week,
it's fun or die time."
"Bo-Zhi Xiao."
I stood you up anyhow.
This letter,
please read it calmly.
I never feel like I am a weak person.
Even though I am raised by a single parent,
I never feel sorry for it.
But I can't forgive myself
of my mom's passing.
When we get older,
we will change.
And you look like...
you forget to get old
do we still have a chance?
If we can grow up together,
things might be different today.
Of course.
We can go to school together
And leave after school together.
Having dinner together.
If we have any problem between us,
I would still have a chance to solve it.
It's beautiful.
That night
under the beautiful sky full of fireworks,
I saw the most beautiful face of Xin-Rui.
I held her hand all night.
She didn't refuse me.
She said it was a familiar feeling.
A sense of belonging.
You know, Zhi.
You have a familiar face as well.
If possible,
I would like to ask you for a favor.
Xin-Rui once said,
if she could own a caf,
that would be wonderful.
Can you help me with that?
You can open it anywhere.
Just don't make your cappuccino too sweet.
"Good bye"
Are we bros?
If so,
take good care of yourself.
You know
how much I want to have a chance
to grow up with you together.
Studying and fooling around together.
Getting girls together.
But life
is so hard.
Min-Lu Guan.
Little Lu