At the End of the Day (2018) Movie Script

Yep, you're probably right.
I don't know what
I'm talking about.
Forget about my
degree and experience.
What's important, after
all, how you feel.
You tell me you like girls?
Great, go for it, buddy.
You like boys?
All the better.
(SIGHS) You do what you feel.
I could tell you
all about safe sex,
give you a condom, but it'd
only be a matter of time
before you picked
up some ungodly STD.
Unleashing all your carnal
cravings on whatever sweet thing
walked through the door, yeah.
But I won't stop you.
Nope, you enjoy your herpes.
What the fu...?
Lord can you give me
a little bit of grace
Oh can you hear me, it's
been one of those days
Oh oh oh oh,
please don't delay
Oh oh oh oh
Tastes like s'mores.
I like it black.
You're missing out on a
whole world of flavor, man.
MAN: Hey, nice car, man.
DAVE: Belonged to my ex.
MAN: What was his name?
Lord can you give me a
whole lot of strength
Cause I keep reliving
every single mistake
Oh oh oh oh
please don't delay
Please don't delay
Dave Hopper, my savior.
Get in here.
Look at you, big boy, look at,
you look good,
considering, yeah.
Let's go take a look at
your office, come on.
Well, show me the way.
It's a closet.
It's a start.
Uh huh, the door is
bigger than the entire room.
You stole my title.
One of the best student
papers I ever read.
How do you do it?
Well, when you're in
chapel five days a week,
you got a lot to pull from.
Most of us used to swipe
our card and leave anyways.
Until that landed
you and your buddies
in front of my
disciplinary board.
You really should not have
run from the campus cops.
I just couldn't take
another installment
of Dr. Nessey's, The Four
Voices of the Tishbite.
The tortures of the
damned, my friend.
What ever happened to him?
His wife left him for a woman.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean...
It's too soon, right?
That's all right.
At least she left
me the car, right?
And the car payments
and the student loans
- and the...
- That's,
that is all behind you.
Now you are back with friends.
So where are you staying?
Aunt Patty.
DAVE: I'm surprised
she's still breathing.
God knows I'd save your ass
God knows I'd save your ass
But there was not
much left to save
Whoa, what?
Mm, uh mm.
Yeah, I need to
report a dead body.
Gotcha, Dave.
(LAUGHS) Gotcha.
I've been waiting
weeks to do this.
What took you so long?
Good morning, everyone.
STUDENTS: Good morning.
My name is Mr. Hopper.
Welcome to Psych 101.
Now, as far as I'm
concerned the basis
for our understanding
of human behavior
can clearly be
found in the Bible,
and that's where we'll begin.
Now we're gonna start each class
by answering one question.
Any question, I will give you
my honest black
and white answer.
Give me something tough.
Mr. Uh?
Why does God hate gay people?
There it is.
The issue of your
generation, the gays.
We hear things like
it's the new normal,
an acceptable lifestyle,
and that Christians,
and others who oppose that
practice are homophobic.
Nate, I'm not afraid
of homosexuality,
I just know that it's wrong.
It destroys people and families.
I've seen it.
GORDON: Come in.
What's this?
Building a house?
Uh huh, for the
psych department.
We have a psych department?
Not yet.
We wanna get the Cash Feed
property over on Wabash,
have it ready for the fall.
Oh yeah, love that building.
Who's gonna head it?
I was hoping that you would.
I've taught like one class.
Nobody cares.
You've got real-world
You're young, you're committed.
Board eats that
sort of stuff up.
It's ridiculous,
I'm starting to think
we may not be able to get it.
Well, what ever happened to
attempt great things,
expect great things?
There's a support group, okay?
The recently deceased
owner of the property
willed it to them
as long as they
could raise money to
pay the back taxes,
and it's only rumors, I have
no way of knowing for sure,
but it sounds like
they're getting close.
Is there no other building?
(CHUCKLES) Not like that.
Not at that price or
with that history.
It's breath-taking.
It smells good
in there, Patty.
Do you need any help?
PATTY: Do you like vajatas?
PATTY: Vajatas.
Do you like them?
Fajitas, I love fajitas.
That's what I said.
Go have a seat.
Let me go check out the group.
The support group,
just check it out.
Not say anything, find out how
close they are to the money.
I don't know, Dave.
That sounds a little deceitful.
It's research.
Where do they meet?
Over by that hippie
church on Main Street.
I think.
GINA: Hi, are you
here for the group?
I think so.
Come on in.
DAVE: That's how it works.
Hey, am I at the right place?
It depends, are you gay?
It's not a trick question.
Your shirt says
you are, come on.
Hey guys, Alyssa's gonna be late
so I'm gonna lead
discussion tonight.
RICHARD: Oh, no he didn't!
Yes, right in the
middle of service!
We were at the alter-call-thing
and the pastor says to
me, with his mic on,
are you a lesbian?
RICHARD: Girl, he didn't.
And I said, I'm not here for
sex, I'm here for salvation
and I'll go find it
elsewhere, thank you.
That was like eight
years ago though, babe.
More things are much
better now, more accepting.
Some of us are changing.
I guess, let's
start like usual,
everyone says their name
and why they're here.
Rosa, can you start?
My name is Rosa and I'm
here to support my wife,
although I don't think
it's worth the cost
of a baby sitter.
And to make sure she grows up
in a less hateful
world than we did.
Hello, my name is Bruce.
And I've been a member of the
gay community my whole life.
Hi everyone, I'm Richard,
and I'm here to
love on my family.
That's what you are,
you're my family.
His family doesn't like him.
Well, I'm Kyle, and I've
been questioning my sexuality
for about four years now.
He's not gay.
I'm Mark, I'm the pastor
at the church next door.
I love people,
that's why I'm here.
What about you?
Oh, uh, I don't really...
It's okay to just
start with your name.
Right, oh okay.
Um, my name is Dave.
Just moved here a few days ago.
Uh, living with my
aunt and I don't like
to talk about my sexuality.
It's okay, we all understand.
We're really glad you're here.
We've all been there.
GINA: Erika, do you wanna go?
We can do that?
Does anyone have anything
they need support with tonight?
That little shit behind
the counter did it again.
Every time I go to that
gas station on the corner
I catch him spewing his hate!
Your god is love,
bitch, why can't you be?
MARK: It's okay.
Not gay.
I just got back from
the attorney's office,
and we're all set to
go on the property.
We just need to get the money
to cover the taxes
and it's ours!
Well, how much
money do we need?
$50 thousand in 30 days
and we're at about 10.
We need everyone at
the car wash, everyone.
Yes, please.
Uh, sorry, car wash?
Yeah, yep, a car wash.
It just seems like
a lot of cars to wash.
Honey, you have not
seen us wash cars.
- Okay?
Okay, on you.
We'll see you soon.
- All right, now.
- Okay.
Only one cookie now.
I deserve it, thank you, okay?
I'm Dave.
Sorry, I'm so sorry.
DAVE: Mm-hmm.
I had to do something
about your shirt.
So I hear you're not...
Not what?
Uh, afraid of a challenge.
40,000 in three weeks.
This shelter is gonna happen.
It's for everyone who
needs a place to feel safe.
Well, isn't that what
Good Shepherd's for?
Not if you're gay, darling.
Bruce, have you met Dave?
Yes, we have, we
met at the circle.
And Dave is new to
town, he is single,
and he lives with his aunt.
And he hasn't talked about
sexuality much though.
Oh, that's understandable.
It gets better.
Be seeing you, Dave.
Why didn't you tell me?
Do they have it?
DAVE: Did you know?
Do they have it?
- No, they don't.
- Excellent.
Not even close. (SIGHS)
Gordon, it's a gay group.
All right, that would
have been nice to know.
That would have been
great to know actually
and you know you'd think
they want it for a gay bar
or maybe some sort of sex house.
But they want it for
a homeless shelter.
Did you know that?
No Dave, how
could I know that?
And so what if they want
it for a homeless shelter?
You want those poor kids
taken off the street
taken by sodomites?
- No.
- No, of course not.
But like I said
they're unorganized.
All they have are car washes.
You haven't seen
gays wash cars.
I will this weekend.
Will what?
You're going back?
Why would you you do that?
Because what if I...
Sabotage it?
Jesus flipped over tables
and whipped sinners
to rid the temple of evil.
Desperate times, my brother.
Ha, great idea.
So who's got a question today?
Yes, Nate.
Does a person
choose to be gay?
Wow, obsessed?
Okay, well it's complicated,
but in most cases,
the psycho-social choice
can be traced back
to some kind of abuse or
negative impact growing up.
Call it a distant father,
an overbearing mother.
Sometimes it's as
simple as a gay man
has never had a chance
to be with a woman,
hindering his
sexual development.
So they're attracted
to the same sex
because they never
kissed the opposite sex?
When have you kissed a man?
I'm sorry?
I don't know, maybe you
don't know you're gay.
Maybe if you kissed a man
you'd find you really like men.
Stop it.
I ain't Patty.
Holy, clearly.
Who are you?
You must be Dave, Patty tells me
you don't know how
to please a woman.
Um, okay Frank, that
is none of your business
and it's mostly untrue.
Ain't nobody ever told you
how to be a 60 minute man?
A 60 minute man.
15 minutes a cuddling,
15 minutes a smooching,
15 minutes a rubbing...
Whoa, okay, wow.
Thank you, please stop though.
Why are you here, Frank?
I'm whatcha call Patty's
friend with benefits.
We share our Social
Security income and meds.
I give her my downers and
she gives me her uppers.
Where is she?
PATTY: Frank.
I tell you what, you
go give her these pills,
but you gotta wear this.
Um, mm, I don't...
Oh, it'll freak her out.
She's all the time
pullin' crap with me
and she'll get you before long?
She already did.
Here's your chance.
- Gonna regret this.
It's a bad idea.
Bad, bad idea.
PATTY: Frank, where you at?
Frank, I'm ready for you.
- Oh!
- Oh no.
FRANK: Gotcha Patty!
DAVE: Frank.
At night?
Woo, our first customer!
Your wash will be
for free, handsome,
but then you gotta help.
Okay, none of
this makes sense.
Show me what you got for me
I wanna see what
you got for me
I want it all like
a shopping spree
I want y'all on top of me
Show me what you got for me
I wanna see what
you got for me
I want it all like
a shopping spree
I want y'all on top of me
Watching you wine
I had to stop
And hit rewind on that ass
Caught the pause
like what's the play
I guess the time moving fast
Slow motion like juvenile
I'm a have to call
ya mom on that ass
Get 'em daddy
I don't think they gone
have a problem with that
Came from a dollar
all I needed
Was some commas to
add, Shakespeare
But we ain't tryin' to
have no drama with that
Bought a white house
like all I needed
Was Obama with that
Oh, I'm not asking.
(LAUGHS) No, no, no.
Gimme a second
I'm trying to select the
appropriate weapon, uh
Watch where you steppin'
Them snakes all around you
know they connected, uh
When I was a kid
My grandmamma told me
I can't go to heaven
So I stopped praying
Oh no, keep that
one, that one's on us.
You go ahead.
Got nothing to
lose, I'm all in
Walking the edge,
don't fall in
Enough of the lies,
don't apologize
I don't understand
are you foreign
Keep your money.
This one's on us.
This is a site, grab all
your people and log in
I'm waiting, don't care
how long it's gonna take
Watching and waiting
This one's on us.
For that first mistake
Go ahead.
Don't come up missing
Just checking the listings
I'm always aware of
your current position
I just hold out till
the perfect conditions
Coming alive
Whoa oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Heat of the night
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Now is the time
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Don't try to hide
'Cause I'm gonna hunt
you like an animal
Benefit of the doubt
We the ones
I didn't do anything.
How was the baptism?
There's no way they
made money off of that.
I don't wanna know.
So what's the
deal with the bi's?
I mean, make up
your mind already.
Am I right?
And you guys, you've
got it the hardest.
Raising that girl.
No greater responsibility.
How does it feel to know
that your support group
thinks you're not gay?
If it were me, I'd find a
place I was more accepted.
I look at you and I look at
everyone else around here,
don't near cares like you do.
Where's their passion?
I see it in your eyes.
Don't see it in theirs.
You've been here what, a year?
Still no gender
neutral bathrooms.
Must be tough.
Do they have to get
childcare or do homework?
Get their kid to school?
You know why?
They're too busy having fun.
What is it I've been saying,
for the love of God,
pick a side already.
But I'm so gay I make
circles look straight.
There's always been this
voice telling me that.
You know, inside my head, I
just don't want to believe it.
It's true.
Dude, I use the ladies room.
Hey, how's everyone doing?
funny that you ask.
I just wish everyone
would care as much as I do!
Don't act like
we're not sitting here
with a bunch of hypocrites.
Do not talk to us like that.
Bruce, apologize to Erika.
Y'all, snap it together!
Get your lives.
Do I have to remind you?
This is not who we are.
We're together because
no one else wants us
and to make sure
we're there for others
who don't have
anyone else either.
Erika, honey, we know
you've gone through so much
and have grown stronger for it.
That's why we love you.
Bruce, you keep your
close-minded hate to yourself.
Miss Gina, Miss Rosa,
you're doing a beautiful
thing with Chloe,
but that blessing was
your choice, okay?
And Kyle, poor child,
you are not gay.
So let it go, boo boo.
We still love you.
All right, good.
So, the numbers are in from
the car wash, and it's bad.
It's like $130 bad.
RICHARD: Uh-huh.
But we washed like
a thousand cars!
GINA: Yeah, we
charged $20 a pop!
But after the
accident with lights
and the sound system,
we didn't make enough.
GROUP: Kyle!
I told you I didn't touch it.
It's fine, it's okay.
Everyone had fun and people
learned about the shelter,
so that's good.
We also have the 5k next
week, so that'll help.
Speaking of which, after group
I need help making
signs, any volunteers?
Uh, I could, if
nobody else wanted to.
DAVE: Bruce kinda
told me you're not gay.
Kind of?
Well he mouthed it to
me at my first meeting.
Well that man does too
many things with his mouth.
Oh, no?
ALYSSA: Um-hmm.
Then why the meetings?
For support.
DAVE: Seems like you
do more than support.
You kinda run the place.
How long have you lived here?
I'm actually from here.
Yeah, I um, just moved
back a few days ago.
Well three years
ago, before me,
there was another guy
that ran the group, Ryan.
He was confident, handsome.
Great with people, very gay.
A little bit like you.
The shelter was his dream.
He would bring in homeless
teens off the street
and try and get them
in at Good Shepherd,
but their sponsors didn't want
the gays hurting their image.
The image of a
homeless shelter.
So he would take them
to the shelter in Orlando.
Mark volunteers there sometimes.
And then Ryan realized that
there is enough gay youth here
that we needed our own place.
So what happened to him?
One night he was
locking up after group,
some guys jumped him.
They found him the next morning.
and strangled with
a rainbow flag.
He was my brother.
That's why I'm here.
To make his dream real.
You know?
Bruce was right.
You are kinda cute.
It's too bad you're gay.
(SCOFFS) Excuse me?
You're just so refreshing.
So many new people feel the need
to overemphasize
their sexuality.
What I love about you is
you don't have to try,
your gayness just
flows naturally.
Do you have any idea
what I would do to you
if you were straight?
Your gayness flows naturally?
Not funny man, they
think that I'm gay!
GORDON: All of them?
Apparently, something about
not having to
force my sexuality.
Look Dave, this
is a good thing.
They trust you now, you
gotta keep 'em trusting you.
They want me to go to some
place called The Closet.
It's a gay bar, Dave.
A very classy place.
Should I go?
Absolutely, the door
is wide open, Dave.
Get in there and strike.
You be careful okay?
Make sure you bottle up that
natural gayness of yours.
You look so handsome.
Just like Frank.
PATTY: First
date since Samantha?
It's not a date.
Don't come back fore 10.
You might see something
you don't want to.
Yep, looks pretty gay to me.
Wow, you really clean up nicely.
You are... also wearing clothes.
Yeah, you like?
(LAUGHS) That scarf though.
- No.
- Uh.
I'm glad you came out tonight.
Yeah, uh, and thanks
for inviting me.
I haven't really been out since
Sam... left me for a woman.
He did?
Oh, Dave.
Yep, a woman.
Two timing man-whore.
I don't know, I guess
I took it pretty bad.
I feel like I must not
have been enough man
to leave Sam the only
choice of switching sides.
Most days are okay though,
but then all it takes
is seeing an old photo,
or I could be at a
movie and reach over,
but realize there's no hand.
Ah I just wish I
could hold your hand
one more time, Sama...
Sam-a-man, I used to
call him Sam-a-man
because he was so much man.
BOUNCER: Good evening Alyssa.
Hi, Jason.
Here you go.
Deep breath.
Come on.
I see what they did there.
Not as gay as I expected.
Give it time.
DAVE: How does a straight
woman fit into a gay bar?
They don't mind?
No, they don't mind as long
as I follow the
straight girl rules.
My vagina has no power here.
I mean the straight girls are
used to getting free drinks
and being the center
of attention at bars.
That doesn't happen here.
(CLEARS THROAT) Makes sense.
Straight guys can be here too.
They just need to need to know
that around midnight
that's when the party
can get a little crazy.
How crazy are we talking?
You'll see.
RICHARD: What does
that do to a person?
I've just never been
hurt that way, you know?
I saw things no one
should ever see.
Disturbing stuff.
I wouldn't wish it
on my worst enemy.
And then Frank, that
old dirty bastard.
He was downstairs laughing.
I'll never look at my Aunt
Patty the same way again.
She sounds amazing.
No, she is a dirty old witch
is what she is. (SIGHS)
I didn't want to
move in with her.
I had no choice,
I lost everything.
Well, you can always
move with me, I mean.
Mi casa, su casa.
Ooh, almost time.
I should probably get going.
No, no, no, stay
for just a minute.
ALL: And three, two, one.
Oh, are we going to wash cars.
- Yeah.
- I love this song.
Let's go
We them rebels everybody
wanna talk about
We stay up all night and
cause a riot scream and shout
Get on the floor, on the
floor, if you really 'bout it
Don't take it slow, take it
slow, everybody's shouting
Jump up and down,
wave them hands around
Jump up and down,
make it super loud
Jump up and down,
wave them hands around
Jump up and down,
make it super loud
Oh, oh, oh
Make it super loud
Oh, oh, oh
Make it super loud
Oh, oh, oh
Make it super loud
Oh, oh, oh
Make it super
loud, loud, loud
I can't even get
hit on by a gay dude.
And I was just drunk.
Drunk and dancing
like really dancing.
am putting the brakes
on this thing right now.
What if we're
wrong about them?
Wrong about them?
Who am I talking to right now?
Not Dave Hopper.
Not the guy who's world was
ripped apart by their agenda.
Not the guy who's wife was
seduced by another woman
and ruined his practice.
Totally destroyed his chance
of a normal, fulfilling life!
I wanna talk to that Dave, okay?
'Cause I'm in his corner, buddy.
I can give him another chance.
When he shows up,
you let me know.
'Cause I'm ready to help.
All right?
Just not sure we're
doing the right thing.
Sweet creeping Judas, Dave.
Stop going to the
group, stay sober,
get a grip on your
class and on yourself.
You ready for this?
The 5K?
No, the shelter.
Huge job.
You know, operations,
reports, finances.
One thing to own a property,
another thing to keep
it running long term.
You know? You're right.
I am?
Yeah, we don't really
have that experience.
Well, better to be
honest about that now.
Maybe we should just...
Field trip.
A what?
Field trip.
Mark volunteers at the
shelter in Orlando.
He could take us all
there, show us around,
show us how it's done.
Give us a tour.
Great idea Dave!
You betta' stretch.
Good morning, everyone.
Oh, you look amazing.
Are you ready to do this?
CROWD: Yeah!
All right, let's count down.
All together, here we go, ready.
ALL: Three,
Come on, come on
Strut up to the scene
like it's a party
Let's all move
together to the sound
Oh a heated fever
rising in my head space
Up so high I'm
never coming down
Never coming down never
WOMAN: Oh, sorry.
TEEN: Hey, I love your shirt.
- Oh thanks.
- I actually have one
- just like it.
- You do?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, it's pretty nice.
TEEN: Yeah, I do.
WOMAN: Woo, woo.
A church van?
Am I the only one afraid
we're gonna burst into flames?
Hey, if Jesus can handle
all the sexual purity
that's happened back
there on youth trips,
he can handle a
couple of flamers.
Ooh, ooh.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, gayin'
alive, gayin' alive
Ah, ah, ah, ah, gayin' alive
Gayin' alive, gayin' alive
MARK: That's good.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
What's he doing?
It's a game that Kyle plays.
You take a song and
replace one of the words
with the word gay.
Yeah, but it
has to make sense.
Right, so Bruce,
can you give us one?
Uh, yeah, let me think.
Gay you, gay me
Gay for everyone
That's the way it should be.
- Good job, Bruce.
- So good.
Oh okay, me.
No gay, but to-gay
Oh my god.
It's a beautiful gay
Don't let it get away
Okay, okay, I got one guys
Hey I just met you
and this is crazy
So here's my number,
so call me gay-by.
No, nope.
Hmm-uh, uh mm.
That was painful.
KYLE: Nope.
- Well I give up.
- It does not work.
MARK: I'm sorry.
KYLE: I appreciate
the effort.
You got anything?
You go.
Uh, mm.
Oh c'mon, this
is a safe space.
Yeah, it's a no judgment zone.
You don't wanna hear me it,
you don't wanna hear me sing.
Ah okay, you asked for it.
This is the gay,
this is the gay
That the Lord has
made, that the Lord has
C'mon, I only know church songs.
Now we're gonna
burst into flames.
Yeah, a little bit.
This is the zebra house,
where "sexually
unacceptable" teens go
when their parents or
God kicks them out.
I'm intersex, it means
I'm not biologically
male or female.
My insides are kind of a mix up.
But I was raised in
the Christian church
and I get to hear
all these sermons
about man and woman.
When I'm not strictly either.
I identify as gender-fluid,
which means that I believe
that I am both male and female.
I didn't fit into
the exact binary
that people thought I should.
That my mom thought I fit into.
That physically I should have.
The first time that I thought
something was different,
I was probably about nine.
I was in Catholic school
since I was five years old.
Actually got kicked out
for coming out as gay
at that point in my life.
When I was 11, I used
to fight with my mom
about wanting to wear
my brother's clothes
'cause I had four brothers.
I have seven siblings.
I knew back then that
something about me
was way more masculine
than just feminine.
People ask me, they're
like oh, so you're gay
and I'm like no, not gay.
It's always one of the
first questions I get
or the normal question of "What
do you have in your pants?"
I just kind of roll my
eyes and I answer people.
I'm like what does
it matter though?
My family aren't as
loving as they say they are.
Even though they say that
they do not judge others
and they love thy neighbor,
that might be true,
but just not when it's
in the family, you know?
I used to cry out to
God and ask him why,
why did, if he formed
me in the womb,
why did he choose to
form me in this way.
My mother has allowed
me back into her house,
but she's like I don't
care if you like girls,
just don't be someone
who's transgender.
Just don't mess with
your gender, you know.
That's how God made you.
You've already proven
that something's wrong
by liking the same sex.
This person that
I am, Christina
isn't this body,
it's me, it's a voice
that I hope can
speak to this world.
I love my mother, though.
She is a wonderful woman.
I think the world of her
and I'll always love my mommy.
Even if she doesn't want me
to call her mommy one day.
Just have a hard time
having to sit around
with my family as
they're all happy
with one another
and knowing that
they don't feel
that way about me.
Not knowing what they say
about me when I'm not around.
What does my mom tell her
friends and her family
that I'm doing?
I learned that she doesn't even
tell 'em that I'm homeless.
I wonder what my mom
tells all her friends.
I wonder what's her
idea of a perfect child.
And I wish that I was good
enough to be that child
worth just telling people about.
I just come to hang out
on nights and weekends.
This is, this is the only place
where I feel like I
have a voice, you know?
Like I actually matter.
I'm sorry.
Nate, Nate.
What are you doing here?
Were you following me?
So you're here with them.
How's that gonna look
to the administration?
Look, you can't tell
anybody I was here.
Is that really what
you came out here to say?
Why am I gonna tell them, huh?
Oh hey, Dr. Woodman, I was
at my afternoon gay house
when your puppet came visiting.
Oh why were you at
that gay house, Nate?
Because I'm gay.
Yeah, I'd be done.
We could help you.
Help, seriously?
I've heard a month of your help.
No thank you.
And you know what, don't worry.
I'm not gonna tell anyone
your little secret.
Can't have anyone knowing
you've been spending time
with the unforgivable.
I had no idea.
Why would you, huh?
All you do is answer the
questions, you never ask any.
I don't have any
answers right now.
But I think...
You know what, I don't
know what to think either.
But this place,
it's good and I feel
like you should stay.
PHONE: Call from
Hot Sweet Muffin.
That's rather inappropriate.
PHONE: Call from
Hot Sweet Muffin.
And gross.
It's coming from your pocket.
PHONE: Call from
Hot Sweet Muffin.
It's my aunt.
Patty, I told you, you
need to take it easy.
You know a hug
would go a lot further
than words right now.
You don't understand,
she's just always...
You know what, nevermind.
This girl doesn't
know how to have fun.
Every time she thinks
it's an emergency.
Well look, Patty, take it
easy, get some rest, okay?
Thank you.
The paramedic said
you passed out!
You all right?
Tell me something
great you did today.
Today has not been great.
Bull shit, tell me
then a small great.
Learned a new game.
Ah good, will
you teach it to me?
Oh it sounds bad.
What were you doing
when you got the call?
I was unraveling a
bandage and pouring salt
into student's deepest wound.
Have you seen my silk flowers?
You can't miss 'em.
I had Frank plant
them years ago.
For the emphysema?
Just wanted my flower beds
to look beautiful all year long,
no matter the season.
Except they look fake.
Most people go
their whole lives,
thinking they can
be silk flowers.
They love the beauty of summer
without the growth of spring,
and the death of winter,
or the doubts of fall.
My favorite part is the line
where the black and white meet.
It's clear, it's obvious,
there's no gray and no doubt.
I'm not so sure
doubt's such a bad thing.
I'm late for class.
So why don't I join you.
Good morning, everyone.
Carry on. (CHUCKLES)
Morning, everyone.
STUDENTS: Morning.
Let's continue with
Behavioral Psychology.
What about the question today?
Right, question.
Who's got a...
How is the gay thing
different from slavery?
Or oppression of women?
I'm sorry?
The Bible has been used to
support both of those things.
Before the Civil War,
slavery was supported
by white pastors
saying that slaves
should respect their masters.
And men have always
used the new testament
to keep women silent
in the church.
How do we know that
homosexuality is different
than these things the church
used to support with Scripture?
Nate, these are
complicated issues.
Now, pardon me.
Um, Nate, is it?
Nate, you are
absolutely right.
The Bible has been
misused time and again
to justify racism, slavery,
and the oppression of women,
even calling it God's work
and that is shameful,
absolutely shameful.
All right?
But as you start to
closely study scripture,
you're gonna find that there
has always been this tension,
this opposing narrative that
actually calls for women
to be in leadership
and denounces slavery
as contrary to God's will.
Dig in there, read it closely,
you are gonna find
it, I promise you.
However, even though some
people try to bend scripture
to fit their own
personal beliefs,
there is no narrative anywhere
in the Bible that
affirms homosexuality
or calls it anything
other than a sin.
But love is the ultimate message
of the Scriptures, right?
GORDON: Uh-huh.
If we love, then
aren't we kinda stuck
affirming our gay friends?
Nate, we have certainly
made plenty of mistakes,
and gays who think
they're Christians
have suffered at the
hands of the Church.
Which many times has failed
to treat them
with compassion,
but we all know that God's
ways are best, right?
We agree on that, we believe it.
And the greatest expression
of God's love
is to speak his truth.
Case closed.
Have a blessed day.
So what's important
to remember here.
Nate, what are you...
Hey guys, Rosa and
I wanna invite you
to Chloe's birthday
party on Saturday.
It's over on that new
place at Clompton,
with the weird
inflatable things.
Hey, are you sure you
want a bunch of old folks
attending her 10th
birthday party?
Her friends will
be there, too,
but when we asked
who she wanted,
she said her 2nd family
and that would be you guys.
Please say you'll come.
Of course, we'd be honored.
Thank you.
Okay, now to business.
We are not even close.
We need 32,000 in two weeks.
So time to brainstorm.
Give me what you got,
there are no bad ideas.
Hey, listen to this.
We find the biggest
church in town,
we have a huge bake sale
in front of their doors,
we all wear T-shirts
that say "Youth Group."
All right, I mean
who's gonna know?
I was wrong.
What about a
town hall meeting?
You know a chance to tell
people why we need this,
how it's gonna help.
We could set up a open mic,
give people the opportunity
to voice their opinion.
So they can tell us
they hate us to our faces.
I don't know about that.
Oh I don't know, I
think we have more support
than you think.
Yeah, we're running
out of options here.
This could work.
We can do a silent
auction at the same time.
Yeah, I mean if we're
going to hear hater's hate,
we might as well
take their money too.
Are you sure you
can handle that?
I don't think
we have a choice.
When's the last time
you've been out of the house?
Easily the most
emotional of all emotions
Obsession manifested but
disguised as devotion
Well I guess it's
just too soon
To say we're never
gonna make it
'Cause I been
around the world
And yeah, it's oh
so full of hatred
But there's love
We already know that
it's all we need
There's love
And I don't wanna
know where we'd be
No without love
Oh yes.
This is so good.
- Let's go, c'mon.
- Oh.
Yeah, come with mommy.
This was perfect.
Thank you.
Yeah, you want more?
No, I can't have any more.
But I have to go
to the ladies room.
DAVE: You got it?
PATTY: Mm-hmm.
That's bullshit.
Are you kidding me?
And they're just
telling you now?
No, it's just, it's just wrong.
Well, we are gonna work it out.
And we're gonna find
something even better.
Of course, love you, too.
Didn't sound good.
The inflatable place just
canceled Chloe's party!
Yeah, the whole
bullshit about not wanting
to support that lifestyle.
PATTY: You do have friends.
Patty, this is Alyssa,
Alyssa, my aunt Patty.
Hot Sweet Muffin.
So nice to meet you.
It's nice meeting you.
Is everything okay?
Uh, not really, um,
some of my friends,
well our friends
just found out their
daughter's birthday party
has just been canceled.
Oh why?
A location thing.
Well she can have
it at my house.
- Really?
- (CHUCKLES) Uh-uh.
- PATTY: Yes.
- I wouldn't wanna impose.
Oh we have a big house.
It's not real big.
That's great,
they'll be thrilled!
How many people can you take?
Three, four.
I love parties!
Okay great, we will
bring everyone then.
- All of you.
- Thank you.
This is huge, I appreciate it.
Hey guys, sorry I'm late.
All right.
Nate, what do you
got for me today?
Anybody seen Nate?
Where is he?
Hi Dave, how are you?
Where is he?
Where's who?
Nate is no longer
with us at Lakeside.
Don't tell me you didn't know.
He can't be here, all right?
How can we help
him by ignoring him?
We're not ignoring him
Dave, we're confronting him
with his need to change.
Oh for heaven's sake, look,
you've lost sight of the truth.
I told you to stop
going to the group.
You've already done
plenty of damage.
Wait, wait!
(SIGHS) Come on.
ERIKA: You know this is
a children's party, right?
Doesn't have to be.
ERIKA: Perfect, thank you.
Hey, I, um, give you a heads
up about my Aunt Patty.
So excited to meet her!
Yes I am.
What I mean is she's kinda
up there in age, ya know?
- Not really...
- Woo.
With us.
Girl, you look beautiful!
You must be Patty.
Thank you.
This is a gift.
FRANK: Sorry I'm late.
That fudge packer at the
grocery store took forever.
They're here, come on.
RICHARD: Oh come
on, Miss Patty!
Don't get your vintage
Chenille all snagged up, girl.
What is he doing here?
PATTY: I needed my uppers!
Okay guys, remember this was
thrown together last minute,
so we have to appreciate
what we have, okay?
ALL: Surprise!
ROSA: You guys!
GINA: This is too much.
ERIKA: This is just right.
And I'm Frank, Patty's
friend with benefits.
When I go walking
With you downtown
You brush up against me
Now tell me if that
ain't good enough
to make the dead part of
your anatomy come alive!
DAVE: Frank!
Get that feeling
I get that feeling
And you know what that means
When I'm driving and
you lean in close
I've always been
a firm believer
that you plant it where
the woman wants it.
DAVE: Frank!
Well I get that feeling,
get that feeling
Yeah, you give it to
me, get that feeling
Oh I get that feeling,
get that feeling
And you know what that means
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Take me to church
You are sleeping
at half past three
But I know you know, girl
A man's got his needs
So I get that feeling,
get that feeling
Oh, I get that feeling,
get that feeling
Oh, I get that feeling
And you know what it means
I lose control
I done lost control
Done lost control
I done lost control
ROSA: Chloe?
MARK: Your town
hall meeting is a go.
It's Friday night at my church.
I thought that was
kind of a bad idea.
People might not like you
shoving the gay
agenda in their face.
Seriously, the
radical gay agenda?
The only agenda I have
is to love the unloved.
Those kids who get
kicked out of their homes
in the name of religion
or moral superiority.
They don't even know
what love looks like.
They're labeled an outsider,
or a queer, or worse.
I like to imagine
what would be possible
if we chose to love
rather than label people.
ALYSSA: He did these himself?
He and his ex
did them together.
Oh, well they'd look
great with some color.
I thought you left.
Oh, I was going
to, but Aunt Patty
invited me to stay for dinner.
PATTY: Isn't
that be nice, Dave?
Yeah, very nice.
Could I borrow you
real quick, Patty?
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
DAVE: What are you doing?
I've seen the way
- you look at her.
- Shh.
It's not a good time, okay?
It's complicated.
PATTY: Samantha?
Don't say her name, please.
She's a lesbian!
(GASPS) Look at how
progressive I am,
having a lesbian for dinner!
Or does she swing both ways?
Isn't that what you young
men like these days?
So, Aunt Patty, Frank
seems like quite a catch.
He keeps me young.
You two ever hook up?
Oh, no.
We do have sex though.
This was a great idea.
Dave never told me you
could cook like this.
I don't talk about
my personal life.
He talks in his sleep, though.
You should hear him
talk about Sam...
Okay, we won't talk about Sam.
Oh, how long have you
two known each other?
Um, we've known each
other a few weeks.
No, I meant you and Saman...
This broccoli is so good.
No, I've never met Sam.
Just know what little
Dave has told me.
Oh, I thought by the
way you said the name,
that you had known h...
- No, never net him.
I don't,
I don't think,
I don't think that's how you...
- Got it.
You okay?
They were such a sweet couple.
And then that tramp
ripped Dave's heart
right out of his chest
and pounded on it.
DAVE: What'd I do?
No, the silk flowers,
they always stay colorful.
Oh yeah, something
about the emphysema,
real ones make it worse.
I love that woman.
You're lucky to have her.
(INHALES) So lucky.
Good night, Alyssa!
Dave hasn't had this much
fun since Samantha left.
Who's Samantha?
My ex-wife.
Say that again?
Samantha is my ex-wife.
And by wife you mean
a gender neutral term
for your male partner?
You lying bastard.
Wait, wait, hold on, hold on!
I said she was a man because,
I've never talked about
anything like that before.
And I didn't think
that you would believe
I've lived as a straight
guy all those years.
I didn't.
That shit happens
all the time,
why wouldn't we believe you?
I don't know, I'm an idiot.
My therapist says I
need to work on my past
by giving people
a second chance.
That's good advice.
Shut up.
I will not,
let you get me this mad.
- I'm sorry.
Yes, you are.
I am a phony posing
as a phonyless
Mr. Hopper?
Oh, yeah?
Sorry, Taylor,
read the scripture.
Do not be fooled.
Those who sin sexually,
worship idols,
take part in adultery, those
who are male prostitutes,
or men who have sexual
relations with other men,
those who steal, are
greedy, get drunk,
lie about others,
or rob these people
will not inherit God's kingdom.
I am a phony posing
as a phonyless
You know, absolutely,
you will be the very
first person I call.
Of course.
All right, have a
good day, goodbye.
Have a seat, Dave,
you're making me nervous.
I'm done.
You're done for the day or?
Forever, I'm done.
This is because of Nate?
Why does this mean
so much to you?
Because, Gordon, Nate matters.
Things we do matter.
The things that we
say, they matter.
Think about this, Dave.
- I have.
- Have you?
Where you gonna work?
Where are you gonna go?
To your girlfriend
who thinks you're gay?
Your crazy Aunt Patty?
We have to stand
for the truth, man,
because nobody else will.
Love speaks the truth.
That's the only
way we can fix him.
He's not broken!
Dave, have you thought about
who your new friends really are?
The scriptures are
very clear on this.
They're right there next to
the idolaters and
the adulterers.
This is who you're
supporting now.
You want to talk to
me about support?
(SCOFFS) Okay.
How was I supported when the
church turned their back on me
after Samantha left, huh?
When I heard whispers and
those Christian parents
who boycotted my practice
because, according to them,
I allowed my own
wife to be perverted.
That's not okay.
So let's talk about
this list of sinners.
The cheats, the
greedy, the idolaters.
When I look at Erika,
Bruce, Kyle, and Nate.
I don't see the people
who have anything
to do with that list.
I see,
I see a love I never saw here.
So you can keep your
psych department.
It actually sounds really nice,
this place you've found.
I'm sure it feels good.
And I'm sure you think it's
some new kind of enlightenment.
But it's not real, Dave and
I can't go there with you.
I can't ignore the truth.
There's no love without it.
Good evening.
Thank you for
coming out tonight.
I would like to introduce
my good friend, Alyssa.
(SIGHS) Thank you again for
spending your evening with us.
For those of you
who don't know me.
My name is Alyssa Cane.
My brother was Ryan Cane.
You all know the story.
We are here tonight to
finish what he started,
so that such hate would never
be a part of this town again.
So we are launching
a Zebra House
at the Wabash property
down the street.
A shelter for Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual,
and Transgender teens could go
when they have no
other place to turn.
We understand this is a
new concept for our area,
and you might have
some questions
and we're here to answer them.
As well as ask for
your financial support
because we can not
do this without you.
Thank you.
With that, the
microphone is open.
Hi, I'm Nate.
I've been to a place like
this before in Orlando,
without that place, I
wouldn't be here today.
It saved my life.
Thank you.
I'm not really good with
mics, I'll just stay here.
That's okay.
I don't get the whole
gay thing, I never have.
But, that doesn't mean
it's not a real issue.
These kids, they don't
deserve to live on the streets
because of something
they can't control.
I'm in your corner
for a hundred dollars.
Thank you.
I'm here as a woman
married to a man,
the way it should be.
You all seem nice, but
I can't support you.
I wish it was
different, I really do,
but I can't change
what the Bible says.
I know you'll
think this is hate.
But I don't hate you.
I love you.
I just can't stand by
and let you ruin the
sanctity of marriage.
Oh for the love of God.
Mrs. Waters, thank you
for your comment really,
and even though tonight
we're not talking
about marriage equality,
I want to personally
apologize to you
that it's destroying the
sanctity of your third marriage.
Oh, no she didn't.
I've been learning in
class about black and white,
and this is certainly a
black and white issue.
It's a perversion, an
unnatural lifestyle
that leads to destruction.
My Bible is very clear
when it says we need to separate
ourselves from such evil.
Look, I'm sorry, ma'am.
But it's the truth.
Your brother was an abomination.
It's the truth.
1 Corinthians 6:9, 10.
It's in the Bible.
That, that's enough.
That's enough!
That's not love.
That's not God.
Mr. Hopper?
What are you doing?
You know this kid?
Yeah, he's my professor
at Lakeside Christian.
He taught me that.
You, you taught me that.
Everything I just
said came from you.
I don't understand.
Have you been playing both
sides the entire time?
GINA: I'm gonna get a
little more mean about this.
I'm just saying you guys
are being way too nice.
All I'm saying is
that from now on
maybe we should be a
little bit more careful
about who we let in.
Preacher, you need
to pray for him.
I will, Richard, I will.
ROSA: How are you not angry?
MARK: Calm down.
ROSA: I'm not gonna calm...
If you tell me to calm down.
You son of a bitch!
Are you even gay?
Oh my god.
KYLE: I knew it, I knew it.
What about the car wash?
That was you!
And he blamed him.
- Come on.
- That was Dave?
Piece of shit.
KYLE: You see.
I told you guys.
I don't know what to say.
You'd better
figure something out!
You know Mulberry had
a same-sex homecoming
couple last year?
I was raised in Mulberry.
A gay kid growing up in the
south in the 50s and 60s.
That was not easy.
I had my share of
slurs and beatings,
but I was one of the lucky ones.
My parents always accepted me.
And it made things better.
Oh things are much better now.
We got over Stonewall.
We got over the AIDS crisis
and the lies they told about us.
We can even marry now,
which is something
I thought I would never
see in a lifetime.
But I have been living
in a dream world.
One where, well,
everyone is changing
and getting over their fear and
accepting us as just people.
But tonight, (CHUCKLES)
Tonight pulled up emotions
I had buried for decades.
Words that killed me as a kid.
Words that will kill
every kid in that room.
And I'm tired of
living the dream world.
I'm gonna speak up
and I'm gonna fight.
And thank you, David,
for reminding me.
I believe that the
way we treat people
who we disagree with the most
is our true test of our faith.
So, I won't hold
this against you.
I will.
- Absolutely.
BRUCE: You can
forget that idea.
Me too, really.
Get a life.
PHONE: Call from
Hot Sweet Muffin.
You sure he ain't gay?
PHONE: Call from Hot.
I'm coming.
I never thought you
cared about that thing.
I don't care about that thing.
I care about what it says.
I'm not sure I follow.
People like you
care about that thing.
Care about the answers.
You spend your whole life
reading it, studying it,
down to every last syllable.
You obsess with it,
but you miss what it's about.
There's a lot in here
I don't understand,
but I do know what it's about.
Mystery is God's way of
keeping humans humble.
Sounds like a
complicated way to live.
Maybe you've done
that to yourself.
DAVE: How much do you know?
Why didn't you stop me?
That's not my job.
You're a grown-ass man.
My job was to love you.
And give you a place to stay
when you had no place to stay,
when nobody wanted you.
I really messed up.
Really hurt some people.
Well, go make it right.
DAVE: I don't even
know where to start.
Come here.
There's this thing the Jews do.
I'm not Jewish.
your boy, Jesus was.
They don't start their day
in the morning the way we do.
They start at
sundown, before bed,
and reflect upon their day.
At the end of the day,
for the past 60 years,
I've asked myself
who did I love today?
You say you don't
know where to start.
Start with love.
Who did you love today, Dave?
Have you seen
any of these yet?
Read 'em to me.
I need to hear your
laugh one more time.
Thank you for showing
me what love is.
Hot Sweet Muffin got
me huffin' and puffin'.
Thank you for listening
when no one else did.
Patty, you made me
believe in people again.
You were the first person
I felt actually saw me.
You made it okay
for me to be weird.
You're pretty popular, Patty.
PASTOR: I think
we all remember
the first time we met Patty.
And if you were like me,
the first time you
met her you were,
well you didn't know exactly
what to think of her.
If there's one thing
Patty taught me,
it was what living and loving
without labels
actually looks like.
And that reminds me
of 1 Corinthians 13
that's sometimes referred
to as the love chapter,
if I speak in the tongues
of mortals and angels
but do not have love, I'm a
noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.
Oh yeah, I've been embracing
the colors more lately.
The place goes to
auction next week.
We'll all be there.
You guys don't have a prayer.
Yeah, it's kind of
more of a statement.
Why are you here, Nate?
I was kind of hoping that
you weren't going to be here.
DAVE: Sorry to disappoint.
I need to tell you a story.
Before I came out to my mom,
I had it all
perfectly planned out.
I rehearsed different
responses depending on
if she'd hit me or hug me.
I mean I really didn't
have a reason to be scared,
she was always supportive
of other gay kids at school,
but my friends said that
she would be different
with her own kid, you know.
One day I just, I went
off script and I said it.
I told her I was gay.
So she kicked you out?
She hugged me.
Told me that she loved me.
We both cried.
That's my favorite
memory with her.
So what happened?
She got this job in Orlando
and things started
getting rough at home.
So she started going to this
counselor on her lunch break
to work on her issues,
I guess, she said.
But she changed.
Seemed distant.
Questioning if I was
really gay or not.
Started to sound a lot
like you do in class.
One day, she came home.
I need you to watch this.
NATE'S DAD: Honey, come
on, let's get this started.
NATE'S MOM: Nate, honey,
I want to tell you something
before I say anything else.
I love you.
NATE: Yeah, yeah, I know.
know you've been gay
since you been a little boy.
NATE: Yeah, so you
know by this point
that it's not a choice.
NATE'S MOM: It is a choice.
NATE: No, it's not a choice.
NATE'S MOM: In that
case, you have a choice now.
You could either get
help or move out.
I can't support your lifestyle.
NATE: Mom, it's not a...
It's who I am.
NATE'S MOM: My baby
was not born a queer.
NATE: I don't know
where this is coming from?
the Bible, from God.
NATE: No, you
didn't say this before.
You weren't like
this, you loved me.
You loved me.
I still love you.
No, no, that's not what...
NATE'S DAD: Get back
you son-of-a-bitch!
NATE: What is wrong with you?
There's something
wrong with you.
NATE: There's
nothing wrong with me.
You're a disgrace.
NATE: I'm not a disgrace.
NATE'S DAD: I can't
believe that I have said
that my son is a disgrace.
It's not true.
I came here to tell
you that I forgive you.
You're not a disgrace.
I forgive you.
DAVE: You're not a disgrace.
We're here for the auction.
CLERK: You're early.
We wanted to be early.
CLERK: Fill one of these out.
- Okay.
- Auction starts at three.
Thank you.
This is the gay,
this is the gay
That the Lord has made,
that the Lord has made
Goodness gracious
gay balls of fire
Oh, I heard it
through the gay-vine
Yeah, girl.
Been living most our lives
living in a gay-ster's paradise
You're so gay, you probably
think this song is about you
You're so gay
You probably think
this song is about you
Don't you, don't you
Yeah, that's what
I'm talking about.
CLERK: How can I help you?
Hi, I'm here for the auction.
You're early.
GORDON: Mm-hmm.
Fill one of these out.
Thank you.
Um, thank you.
Auction starts at three.
Thank you.
GORDON: I don't
see your picket signs.
ERIKA: And who
the hell are you?
Gordon Woodman, the Dean
at Lakeside Christian.
You're the son-of-a-bitch
who used Dave.
Send that kid to
the meeting too?
From what I hear, Mr. Hopper
kinda did that to himself.
You're so gay
ALL: You probably think
this song is about you
Don't you, don't you
725 Wabash.
Can I say something?
But that's not how it works.
That's not how this works.
Okay, so we're
probably not gonna get
what we came here for today,
and we've all been through
way more than we should have,
but I know we're
stronger because of it.
I love you all.
Well, I'm inspired.
Let's just start the
bidding at 19,000, shall we?
We'll start the
bidding at 10,000.
- $10,000, do I hear 10,000?
- Here.
do I hear 15, 15?
15,000, do I hear 20, 20,000?
AUCTIONEER: $18,427,
do I hear 20, 25?
$50 thousand.
WOMAN: 52,000.
52,000, going once.
- 62,000, going once.
- For God's sake.
$100 thousand.
thousand, going once.
$100 thousand, going twice.
DAVE: Hold on!
What's he doing?
I don't know.
Excuse me.
All right, can you?
Okay, thank you.
All right, I know
none of you want
to hear anything
I have to say now,
but just give me one moment.
All right.
I know that I have caused each
and every one of you
some sort of pain.
And I am deeply, deeply sorry.
I've always measured my success
based on having all the answers.
And that arrogance has
caused a lot of pain.
Today, the only thing I know
is that I don't
really know a lot
about anything, life,
love, struggle.
I saw all of you as broken.
You were never broken.
I was.
I believe we were at sold.
Oh, uh, 200,000.
AUCTIONEER: $200 thousand.
You can't be serious.
You can't even pay
your car payments.
DAVE: Call it a
gift from Aunt Patty.
David, don't do this.
The bid is at $200 thousand.
thousand, going once.
$400 thousand.
AUCTIONEER: $400 thousand.
$400 thousand, going once.
$400 thousand, going twice.
$400 thousand, sold.
Hey, Alyssa.
Hey, could I have a ride?
That was really nice
what you did back there,
but we're not okay.
Yeah, I know.
But Patty left you something.
It's at her house.
Get in.
Come on, it's inside.
One more thing.
You gotta put this on.
This is getting weird.
It's not weird.
Almost there.
Stay right here.
DAVE: You can
take it off now.
I don't know. I'm
kinda getting used to it.
DAVE: Just take it off.
She wanted to give me Frank.
The Ryan Home?
DAVE: Yeah.
(CRYING) The Ryan Home?
DAVE: Ryan's dream, here.
Is this real?
DAVE: Patty
left me the house,
she said fill it with love,
you're the most
loving people I know.
The Ryan Home.
Hell yes.
It's perfect.
I won't disappoint her.
I promise.
Hey look what I made
for my favorite people
in the entire universe.
All natural, chocolate
chip cookies.
The most important part
about being a 60 minute man
is step three, the rubbing.
A lot of guys don't
understand that,
so let me show you what I mean.
Oh happy gay, oh happy gay
Oh happy gay, oh happy gay
The LGBT, oh happy gay
I said the LGBT
ALYSSA: Charley?
I'm Alyssa, come in.
Glad you made it.
Let me show you around.
Dave, this is Charley.
Charley, I'm glad you're here.
Nice to meet you.
Welcome home.
Hey Jesus can
you hear me now
It's been awhile
since I came out
I was wonderin' do
you love me the same
You see I've loved
you since I was young
Tried to be the greatest son
Now I'm wonderin' could
they love me the same
'Cause I know that
I could never change
I tried so hard and
brought so much pain
And I just wanna be
loved for who I am
I know that I
could never change
I tried so hard and
brought so much pain
And I just wanna be
loved for who I am
I just wanna be loved
For who I am
Hey Jesus can
you hear me out
I just want to love
like everyone else
I was wonderin' since
you made me this way
Do you want me
to fall in love
To know what it's like
to love someone else
In the most intimate way
'Cause I know that
I could never change
I tried so hard,
brought so much pain
And I just wanna be
loved for who I am
I know that I
could never change
I tried so hard,
brought so much pain
And I just wanna be
loved for who I am
I just wanna be loved
For who I am
Hey Jesus can
you hear me out
I just wanna love
like everyone else
I was wonderin' could
you love me the same