At This Late Date, The Charleston (1981) Movie Script

Distributed by ATG
A Production of
Kihachi Productions & ATG
1945: 46.9 (M), 49.6 (F)
- Bye.
- Yes.
- I'll work all night.
- Yes.
- Remember to lock up.
- Yes.
You always forgot!
When will you get
your retirement pay?
August 15.
- What?
- What do you want to buy?
Bought them yesterday.
- What did you buy?
- A 26-inch TV,
air-con, scooter, double bed.
- Double bed?
- Yes!
It'll be here these few days.
- What is it?
- You live too long!
Don't jiggle your feet!
Go to work now!
1965: 67.74 (M), 72.92 (F)
Good evening.
It's so hot!
It's so hot, and you
want to do something?
Not me.
It's so hot I got mad!
Hey you!
Who are you?
Independent delinquent.
It's so hot but you're so gloomy!
You want to...
"do something to me?"
You're not running, so...
you want to do something?
1980: 73.32 (M), 78.83 (F)
What? It isn't just now that
women live longer?
It's ever since the war!
They live 5 years more!
What? Look!
Oh, I see.
That's perfect.
- Why?
- My lover is...
5 years older than me.
She's a bar madam.
We'll die together!
Idiot! You look cool, but...
there's a rumour that
you'll go back to Traffic.
"Beep beep.
10 km over, license please!"
People also say someone
here will leave soon.
Who is leaving?
You, sir!
- Nakamachi, how old are you?
- Twenty-seven.
- What?
- 27.
It's now 73.32 years.
It was 46.9 years in 1945.
27 years more!
You were just a sperm
during the war.
That's why a parasite, tapeworm,
braided rope, bar madam.
But what do you want to say?
I mean,
being a cop is footwork!
Run all your life!
That's what I mean.
Why are you running?
How about here?
do it!
Let's do it!
Let's do it!
Let's do it!
With you pants down,
you chased a woman
whose dress was rolled up.
- Right.
- You did.
It's OK the other way around.
I see.
I, with dress rolled up, chased
a girl with her jeans down.
- Yes.
- What's your motive?
Why did you do that?
Because the sun was too bright.
No jokes!
It was night!
It's The Stranger of Camus, sir.
About time.
What time?
About time to go home.
You fool!
We arrested you for attempted rape!
By my mom and brother,
Tamiko and Maru were waiting.
Maru is...
a cat?
A dog.
Female Maltese.
Tamiko is a female cat?
She's a female, no,
she's a maid.
5 years older than me.
You'll spend the night here!
Go Riju
Yuki Furutachi
Ichiro Zaitsu
Hirotaro Honda
Taiji Tonoyama
Masao Imafuku
Sachio Sakai
Noriko Sengoku
Eitaro Ozawa
Kunie Tanaka
Mori Kishida
Kinuko Obata
Minori Terada
Ken Mitsuishi
- I hate this.
- What?
Like an elderly home.
Shut up and go inside. Punk!
Young man, what did you do?
Assault... on a woman.
Succeeded, or not?
Tight foreskin?
Tight foreskin?
she's a virgin?
Not that close...
So you didn't meet the enemy,
that is, the hymen?
You didn't get to the hymen?
- I didn't.
- So...
To dispel the heat,
I'll teach you that.
In histology,
that membrane is just
a group of cells.
In chemistry,
it's a kind of protein,
a combination of the atoms of...
carbon, hydrogen,
nitrogen and sulphur.
In biology,
it has no raison d'etre,
no reason to exist.
Usually, it just takes
10 grams of force...
to pierce through it.
But it could be difficult
for a beginner like you.
Prime Minister.
You're a law grad from Tokyo U.,
but you're not a dandy.
Education Minister,
don't praise me like that.
I just remember what I learned...
in my forensics lessons.
I'm ashamed to admit that.
still a virgin?
I feel ashamed to say this...
What minister are you?
Cabinet Secretary.
I envy you.
- Teiso? (Virginity)
- Virginity?
Mail Minister.
I envy you too.
A virgin.
You still have your cherry.
- Keep it well.
- Really?
I don't want to keep it!
I wanted to lose it tonight!
That's not right,
Foreign Minister?
It's very wrong.
We did that
in the brothel back then.
At 20, boys took a body exam for
military service. After that,
we all went to the brothel,
and lost our cherries
as if they're trash.
It wasn't gratifying.
Only a feeling of emptiness...
The student price
in Shinjuku 1-cho was...
1.5 yen.
Too much!
It's just 1.2 yen in Tamanoi.
losing it like that,
you'll also throw away
that sense of gratitude.
Foreign Minister.
How's your morning glory lately?
Morning glory?
Will it get up?
I see.
So, Education Minister...
you still have it?
I want to try it some other time.
Eels, or potions?
I'll eat something good
before sleeping.
That's bad for your stomach.
But good for a boner.
At least I'll have...
a boner while sleeping.
I'll have a dazzling dream.
you mean... a wet dream?
the semen...
is just some gas...
like this.
That's it.
But it's not liquid?
What's so funny?
Laugh at yourself.
- You are?
- Army Minister.
Sir! I hate this place!
Put me somewhere else!
So noisy!
Shut up or I'll knock...
your uvula out.
is a detention cell, right?
Yes. The so-called pigsty.
You think this is the madhouse?
- Right?
- Yes.
You guys...
Listen. I'm serious...
really serious.
We're all ministers...
of a tiny and
independent country,
That's a bit...
no, very...
funny, right?
The Japanese government isn't?
It's reliable?
- It...
- ...isn't!
Lots of lies, lots of deception.
- Internal quarrels.
- Also towards foreign countries.
Not handsome.
But easy to draw.
Shut up.
Or you'll smell gunpowder.
Aren't you the Army Minister?
So what?
That's also a question of looks.
A matter of physiognomy.
it's become obvious.
The problem began when the Three
Anti-Nuclear Principles were changed.
They've lied to us...
for 26 years.
We're bored,
so we set up this independent state.
It's half serious, half for fun.
An "Independence Game".
Then a "Cabinet Game".
That's how it started.
I'm the eldest,
so I'm the Prime Minister.
Foreign Minister...
should be you, Hota.
You were an insurance salesman.
Asaya, you sold stationery.
Education Minister.
Takikawa, you were a postman.
Mail Minister.
Cabinet Secretary.
You're the youngest.
You were a kimono store head.
Mochida, it's you.
With that,
things went smoothly, but...
What's wrong, Prime Minister?
During the war,
you were on a suicide squad.
Before your mission,
the war ended.
Now you go in and out of prison.
Up to now, 7 times.
After 8 times,
you're now a good citizen.
How about the Health Minister?
You like that?
I want to be Chief of Police.
That's sarcastic.
Cynical and funny!
Thinking in the same direction,
Army Minister is more interesting!
Prime Minister!
That doesn't work!
Our country is...
without war and anti-war.
And we hoist the flags
of real peace!
To hoist those flags,
an Army Minister is necessary,
Foreign Minister.
When I hear the words
of "Army Minister",
Whenever I remember
some professors saying,
"A country without military
power is not a country!"
I feel a chill.
Goose pimples! Look!
What I want...
isn't military power,
but deterrence power.
Because our country...
will be surrounded by Japan and others.
When that time comes,
we have no allies.
What to do?
So deterrence power...
means defending
against foreign invasion?
Deterrence power.
What country is it?
Where is it?
Is it... here?
Also here.
We were drifters.
Drifting here and there.
To where there is work.
We've been to many places.
Underpasses of
Sanya, Ueno, Shinjuku.
So you're vagabonds.
Now we have our territory.
And our border.
Why are you here?
we paid a state visit...
to the Diet of Japan.
Before we left,
we ate at the senators' canteen.
It was a state visit,
so we thought...
Japan would pay for our meals.
But they didn't.
What misers!
Finance Minister
was at the bicycle races.
So we got into trouble.
You jumped your bills.
No... violence.
You tried to rape someone!
Finance Minister!
I won three races,
so I stayed until the last race.
To continue my luck
I went to play pachinko.
I won all these!
Did you pay our bills?
It's 10,625 yen.
I did. So,
you can leave now.
It's very late, may I...
stay the night here?
Please open up and let me in.
Let me have breakfast too.
It's free, right?
Excuse me.
Hey kid, what did you do?
Doctor Game?
I'm so sorry for my brother.
Their treatments,
may I pay for that?
How much?
I've prepared... this.
- 10 million!
- Stupid!
1 million.
I see.
May we two talk about it?
Are you blind?
- What?
- Tamiko!
I didn't expect that!
I thought it's just 100,000!
Me too, Yumi!
- We can go to Hawaii!
- Am I dreaming?
It's vacant!
What, punk?
So the Yamatai statesmen
are leaving us?
Do you think this is funny?
This is not funny!
Any toothpicks?
You're really crazy.
Go see a doctor.
You have your insurance cards?
We don't.
- We tore them up.
- Tore them up?
"Yen" is our currency,
so we didn't tear them up.
All things issued by Japan,
we tore them up yesterday.
Tax reminders, bus passes,
pension cards,
- policewomen's...
- Policewomen?
Recruitment posters.
Stop kidding!
If they sent us draft notices,
those too.
Will they draft you old men?
You'll never know,
Japan these days...
What is this music?
The Charleston.
What is it?
I don't know why,
this is funny to me.
Executive Producers
Shiro Sasaki, Kihachi Okamoto
Produced by
Yosuke Taga
Written by
Kihachi Okamoto, Go Riju
Photographed by
Yudai Kato
Edited by
Yoshihiro Araki
Music by
Masaru Sato
Directed by
Kihachi Okamoto
What's wrong, the wipers?
My tears, I can't...
see the road.
Never mind that.
Very funny.
This is my first time.
Know the taste of your tears?
Spicy? Sweet?
Mild spicy.
What's up?
You've been circling
around the police station!
Angry with us?
Very nice morning.
What's happening in world politics?
No littering.
Put them properly in the litter bin.
Yamatai people! Yamatai people!
Hey you!
Stop the car.
- Thief!
- Thief!
Newspaper thief! Milk thief!
Now we got you!
Somebody help!
- Those old delinquents!
- Right!
You're a juvenile delinquent.
You did quite a lot.
Truancy, scribbling the walls
of headmaster's office.
Destroying lab specimens,
beating up teachers.
Extortion, shoplifting, rape.
Stealing milk and newspaper
is a misunderstanding!
Not until you tell me about
the Yamatai people.
Those crazy old men?
They live there!
- Above a bomb.
- What?
Exactly above it.
"Near the war's end, there was
an anti-aircraft artillery there."
"During the bombardment
on March 10, 1945,"
"it was hit by several
250-ton bombs."
"The artillery was destroyed,"
"but there were at least
2 unexploded bombs."
"The captain at that time,"
"made a telephone report
on Apr 1, 1958."
Sounds convincing.
"The owner of the land
and house of that spot,"
"Munechika Okonogi made
a similar report that day."
- Munechika?
- Dad.
He has such a house?
- Yours?
- Yes.
He's reported as missing.
Don't mind that.
This is some kind of sickness.
- Sickness?
- He's been missing since...
December 8.
It's his 3rd time.
No, 4th.
He'll come home.
- Is that true?
- No.
He probably won't
come home this time.
He's been missing since December 8,
they've been living there
since December 8,
they may have done
something crazy,
they may have chopped
him up and buried him!
Stupid! Stupid!
Shut up!
his family is here!
- He's not his real son!
- Stupid!
Watch your mouth, idiot!
Never mind.
I'm adopted, Mr. Idiot.
Mr. Idiot?
But they're still
father and son, Mr. Idiot?
- Watch your mouth!
- The unexploded bombs.
Will they explode after 36 years?
That ever happened?
I was in the naval air force.
If the fuse is working,
it can explode.
How? By impact?
Say, a huge earthquake.
It's calm today.
Even after yesterday morning.
An earthquake of that magnitude.
What a relief.
The earthquake yesterday...
was 3 on seismic scale.
The paper says.
While we're relieved...
that our country is safe,
today is August 6.
The day of the Hiroshima A-bomb.
The family of Mail Minister...
all died on that day.
This is a sad day.
A minute...
of silence.
Jiro, let's go home.
Can't leave a patient alone.
You look painful, what's wrong?
If you have stomach ache, take a pill.
Or go to the toilet.
Shut up!
Toilet, no...
for going to the latrine,
these 36 years...
I live in pain!
- Hemorrhoids?
- Shut up!
At noon, around this day
36 years ago,
when I was squatting in the latrine,
a B29 bomber out of power,
dropped a 250-ton bomb,
the only one it had,
on our air field.
I rushed there,
my 13 men were all
blown into pieces.
I picked up...
pieces of this size,
and put them in a bucket.
This is the 8th time!
They were all kids of your age.
Your age?
Then you can't smoke!
At what age did you start smoking?
You too.
Mr. Osaku.
Please see the chief.
Bourgeois punk!
I'm a proletarian.
Someday I'll catch you
with this hand.
What's so bourgeois about me?
Where? Loan companies,
supermarkets, restaurants, grills,
pachinkos, car rentals.
Your family!
- You don't know?
- I don't.
Do you?
That girl last night,
she was paid...
1 million to drop the charges.
Do you know?
1 million? So little money?
You know?
But I haggled it to 50,000.
Good girl.
But that 50,000 is still
a waste of money.
Well then, I have scores to settle!
Go home first.
- Jiro!
- Stop your resistance!
Do you know what car you have?
Tamiko drives a small car,
- my brother a Benz!
- Oh that one!
That that that...
that one!
Let me rephrase what you said.
You want us to leave...
this house that is built on our territory...
and also this territory of ours,
before August 15.
Of course not.
This is like...
on July 26, 1945, 6 AM,
the declaration...
demanding the
unconditional surrender of Japan,
that is, the Potsdam Declaration!
You won't offer us a new place.
No compensation.
Right, madam?
Hey! You have never paid
a dime of rent!
We never allowed you to
live here in the first place!
You're wrong.
Last year...
on December 8,
your husband
Munechika Okonogi said...
may I?
"You may live here for free,
and forever."
He made a promise.
But that's not a written statement!
The law doesn't recognize
verbal agreements.
The law of Japan...
doesn't apply to our country.
You need the international law.
And my husband has been
missing since December 8!
I don't know if he's dead or alive!
Pardon me...
do you know why
your husband ran away?
That day, your husband
said this to us,
"I saw the face of
my sleeping wife."
"I got scared and jumped
out of the window!"
Get it?
This line is the border.
Your passport please.
- Passport?
- Yes.
But you don't need a visa.
I'm hungry!
Oh yes!
We haven't had lunch yet.
How about chilled soba?
Something light?
I haven't had eels for so long.
Thank you.
City Councillor,
the thing you want to discuss...
Your chief told me...
you'll soon retire.
August 15.
Mr. Terao has lots of businesses.
He wants your help
after you retired.
Thank you.
I've been worrying about
my retirement.
I'm counting on you.
Less than 10 days before that.
He has a favour to ask.
And you'll work for him.
So I arranged this meeting
for you two.
What about?
I'm looking for someone.
But murder is my thing.
If so,
consider it as a murder case.
Since December 8,
no one knows
if he's dead or alive.
December 8?
Is he...
Munechika Okonogi,
age 57?
- You know!
- Yes.
His younger son Jiro
was here last night.
What's your relation
with the Okonogis?
we have the same hometown.
The Okonogis...
are the descendants
of a noble family.
That's the reason his family
is so tired from crying.
We'll kick them in an elderly home!
A madhouse is better.
Even better...
the bomb blows them up!
You saved 950,000 yen last night?
Hey you!
- Lend me that money.
- Where are you going?
- Revenge.
- Jiro!
Is the sauce too spicy?
No. Spicy or sweet,
it's good as ever.
Hey hey hey!
The coming August 15,
let's get on a coach,
and go to a hot spring?
August 15? It's the Bon Festival!
You're Education Minister
and you don't know?
- It's not the Bon!
- Easy, easy.
- End of WW2.
- No.
- The day we lost the war.
- What's the difference!
Men and women in the
same pool, preferably.
Hot spring, great!
I forget there is such thing.
Yes, Prime Minister?
It sounds great...
these 36 years,
many things happened.
I did many things.
Me too.
I know, Finance Minister.
Excuse me.
Nobody home?
It's you!
Attempted rape?
You call that a greeting?
- Why are you here?
- A courtesy call.
To pay my respects.
Respects or revenge?
I took the blame for
the things you did.
And I got it bad.
Hello. Yamatai here.
Is Jiro Okonogi at your place?
- Jiro?
- It's me.
- I'm Tamiko.
- Tamiko.
I'm busy. Don't call me.
Hang up.
Yes, I know.
Jiro Okonogi?
You're one of them!
Hello? Hello?
We'll shoot the spy?
Poor boy.
Yes, but we must shoot him.
I don't know about Japan,
but 36 years ago,
our country destroyed all...
Type 38 rifles.
Then use this.
Hey! Don't!
The night I became Army Minister,
I fixed a gangster in Kabukicho
with one thrust.
Army Minister,
please destroy this weapon.
The weapons of our country
are just stationery,
or DIY carpentry tools,
such as...
wooden pestle,
hammer, radish grinder,
pencil sharpener,
or braided rope.
We only have that
kind of weapons.
Braided rope?
We can hang him.
We'll tie the rope at...
What's wrong, Tamiko?
will be hanged in Yamatai!
In Yamatai?
Come on!
But they're crazy, Ichiro!
They may do anything!
Are you joking?
I'll go and see.
Yes, bye.
You're going there?
Yes. What's wrong?
If it explodes,
all things will turn to dust
within 500 metres!
You don't want to go,
then don't go!
Go back to Traffic!
"Beep beep!
10 km over! License please!"
I'll go! May I?
We'll go with pistols?
Pistols? They're old people!
Old people too.
Like the FBI...
"Reach!" Just like that.
I want to try that.
You play mahjong too much?
"Reach for the sky your hands!"
Telling them to raise their hands.
Shut up! Go get the car,
- The patrol car!
- No, idiot!
You'll agitate them.
Then my own car!
Too slow! Can you go faster?
Must be careful when riding together.
- But this is illegal.
- Illegal?
Let's take out this amount...
of insurance for Jiro?
Oh. With his father's insurance...
- this.
- Yes.
I've asked Iimuro...
- to come here from Kansai.
- Good.
Dear friends,
it's gymnastics time.
As usual,
He's still playing cool!
after the gymnastics, put your...
old newspaper, magazines
and rags at your front porch.
Brings back the memories.
- Attempted rape.
- What?
What? The cop!
- What are you up to?
- Up to?
Death by shooting,
death by hanging.
They nearly hanged me.
- Really?
- Yes.
I defected and became their citizen.
Defected? Citizen?
Yes. Labour Minister too.
You're Labour Minister?
Labouring is good.
Weeding, shopping.
Cleaning the toilet.
I've never done all that.
And changing...
their diapers.
Why are you here?
By the way,
- Foreign Minister said
something strange. - What?
When he was an insurance salesman,
he came to our house.
- Damn! A waste of time!
- Sorry.
- Not you. Hurry!
- Yes!
Bastard! That's low!
10 km over. License please.
Life insurance?
About a year ago?
Yes. An insurance salesman
came to your house,
your mother said,
"My husband already has
a 300 million yen policy."
Is that true?
Even if it is,
this amount is just
an excuse to say no.
That's not important. How's Jiro?
Oh. Labour Minister.
He's fine.
That's true.
Let's go back to the insurance.
Even if it's just half, 150 million...
- "OK"
- Shut up!
- What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
Thanks to you, he hanged up!
But something is wrong.
Check all the insurance
companies in Japan.
No way! I have a date tonight.
Going back?
"Beep beep! 10 km over!"
No! I'll go!
- Where to?
- Yamatai.
Just kidding.
The place closest to Yamatai.
Shinjuku, please.
- Cheers.
- For a hard day.
I didn't know there's
such insurance company.
It's very bourgeois, sir.
200 million for such a punk!
200 million? Punk?
The bomb may explode anytime.
No, it isn't certain if it will explode.
Still, they took out a 200 million...
for him. Stupid!
For Jiro?
I found it out today.
- Give him some black coffee.
- Yes.
Right now.
I expected this.
You've prepared it!
My wife will never do such a thing.
Forget it.
About what?
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
For the whole day, I've been
looking for the father, not Jiro!
OK. Drink your coffee.
We'll start a surveillance
on Yamatai!
But this is Saturday night!
I don't mind.
35 years. Never got late.
Never missed a day.
My record is impeccable.
I won't let Jiro...
He's just an adopted son!
His mom and brother are suspicious.
I don't care.
If this goes badly,
my retirement is ruined.
And you...
"Beep beep!
10 km over! License please!"
You want that?
I don't mind.
You're so good!
The next day. August 7.
Checking the catfish
in the morning...
is one of my duties.
It's quiet, but...
the piano string-border is broken,
intruders may come in.
I noticed...
What are you writing,
Labour Minister?
The chronicles of Yamatai.
Country of the Blooming 1980s.
That would be the book title.
My bestseller.
The blooming 1980s.
It's a micro country.
It's a sunny country!
No matter what,
please leave a record
for posterity.
Newspaper and milk.
Stealing newspaper and milk...
is also the Labour Minister's work.
A person here.
A person there.
I had a feeling
that it's a stakeout.
At midday,
I went out and buy lunch.
I went to a nearby supermarket
with Finance Minister.
I felt that we're followed
by 2 or 3 men.
I felt that strongly.
Luckily, the Yamatai old men...
didn't notice it.
But who are these men?
I think my brother is behind this.
A plan to evict the Yamatai old men.
But what about...
that idiot cop?
I knew the police are working.
I asked them to.
Let's call it...
diversion tactics. It's necessary.
- Right, Ichiro?
- Yes.
They're working, but...
they're just a retiring cop
and a rubbish cop.
Sir! Nothing unusual!
Somebody must be
about to take action.
It's your job to find out!
someone aimless,
looking at the wrong way.
There are 3 men with
the gaze of cops.
What? And then?
You should follow them!
Stop one of them.
Make him talk!
You should know that, idiot!
But my role is...
find out who's going to kill Jiro.
I'll get there, "Reach!"
With my pistol, "Reach!"
Go back to "Beep beep!".
The next day, August 8.
Around 6 AM.
The phone rang.
Labour Minister is also the operator.
This is Yamatai.
- Jiro?
- Yes.
Labour Minister.
Get me the Foreign Minister.
Foreign Minister!
Foreign Minister!
This is the Foreign Ministry.
1 million each?
1 million?
I'll call a cabinet meeting.
give you a reply...
before 9 AM.
Labour Minister is also
the alarm clock.
Calling them in...
no, I'm calling them up.
But the Yamatai old men...
are sleepyheads.
If I leave them alone,
they'll sleep forever.
Wake up!
Shut up!
Waking them up is not enough.
They may sleep in the toilet.
7 AM.
Cabinet meeting began.
To start, Cabinet Secretary
told us his view.
Since our independence,
we refuse to take Japan's...
pension or welfare.
So our financial situation is...
deteriorating day by day.
Regarding this situation,
I think we should discuss it.
We've been living
on the bank savings...
and race winnings of
Finance Minister.
I'm really sorry.
Don't feel bad about it.
If it's for all of you,
I'd do anything.
Ever since the war, I've been...
We all know that,
Finance Minister.
There are very few jobs lately.
They all want young people.
Jobs for the old...
cleaning public toilets,
signal giver at construction.
Processing corpses
for anatomy classes.
I can't do that.
I tried it once, and
I felt like a corpse myself.
If so,
any work other than killing?
I can work for you.
You want to run away?
I can run away anytime!
You got me angry!
What the...
- What's wrong with you?
- Easy, easy.
Our country is in trouble,
no infighting please.
Please don't do the things...
they do in the Japanese Diet.
Whatever. Remember
I can run away anytime.
I need some fresh air.
Please continue, Cabinet Secretary.
there's no other choice other
than taking the 1 million?
If we take it,
it's the end of our country.
We'll be vagabonds again.
Don't forget this.
30 million yen is the
minimum for retirement.
It's common sense.
1 million? Is that right?
Forget it!
Ignore it.
By the way, it's hot last night.
We need an air-con.
I have the position of
Foreign Minister.
If we don't give them a reply,
it's a breach of international trust.
The reply is no.
Do you agree?
Please raise your hands.
When I woke up,
I had "50 shoulder".
I can't raise...
You're 69. Why 50 shoulder?
Young man.
Just show us your palm.
Oh yes.
I can run away if I want to.
What's wrong with me?
How about you, Labour Minister?
For? Against?
Raise your hand. No?
Foreign Minister replied "No".
My brother...
no, the Okonogis responded
with "Ignore".
That is, hanging up.
This also means "Warning".
August 10.
Our phone line was cut.
That noon, Finance Minister
wanted to tell us...
that her bus ticket was nicked,
so she'd come home late.
She couldn't get through.
So we knew.
The scary part...
was that she...
stole someone's wallet
and came home in triumph.
Gymnastics time.
Today is no exception.
I'll sneak in your home tonight.
To kill my brother?
No more killing.
To steal something?
- Reconnaissance.
- Reconnaissance?
Show me around.
If I say...
- What?
- no...
Kill you!
Please! Let me try again!
You may.
- But before August 15.
- I understand!
Can I have some prepayment?
I've asked someone else.
Only 5 days left.
You asked me first!
Who did it first, wins.
That night,
I went home with
Army Minister.
Perfect timing.
I want to change my clothes.
Sneaking in my own home,
and in my own room.
That's unheard of.
While I was packing some clothes,
Army Minister went
around the house.
He said he was a yakuza,
but from his walking,
his movements,
he's more like a burglar.
slept well and snored
as if the world...
had nothing to do with her.
My brother was still up.
While drinking brandy,
he's reading porn with
a magnifying glass.
Descendant of a noble family,
a posy man at daytime,
that's his true self?
Army Minister grabbed...
2 bottles of "Camus"
Napoleon brandy.
On my way out,
I peeped into the maid's room.
I swear I've never done this before.
I was glad I did.
Tamiko slept with
her legs spread.
That looked a bit sexy,
but it really wasn't.
While I was at it,
Someone opened the door,
and went in.
It's my brother.
On tiptoes, he's approaching her.
I was trying to jump in,
but Army Minister stopped me.
I guessed he must have checked.
Now he's a real pro.
He jumped and grabbed
the alarm wire.
And pulled it down.
The siren went off.
Tamiko grabbed Maru
and woke up.
She tried to jump out
of the window.
Many times.
And failed.
We gave her a hand,
she finally made it.
In his underwear, Ichiro...
kept going round in circles.
The siren,
with its wire cut,
would keep on blasting.
It's said that...
neighbours nowadays are uncaring.
They won't wake up and help.
Here's the proof.
Therefore, Ichiro would...
probably run in circles
for the whole night.
Where to? Want a ride?
Now! Reach him and him!
Take this car to the station.
Fingerprints, plate numbers, etc.
- Thoroughly.
- And you?
I'll take them to Yamatai.
- Yes!
- Can you do it? - Yes!
That side! From the right!
Oh my!
Why do you take us?
I don't want my witnesses killed.
Is someone hunting you down?
Army Minister.
Tell me what happened
on December 8.
That day...
was very cold.
We went in a house,
we thought it was empty.
he's there.
Jiro's father.
What was he doing?
He hanged himself.
I see.
And the corpse?
The corpse?
- Whose corpse?
- You know who!
Munechika Okonogi.
Did you...
bury it in secret?
Who said he's dead?
He hanged himself,
but we took him down.
Finance Minister was an army nurse.
She gave him artificial breathing.
He's saved.
Oh my goodness!
But why?
We had a drink.
why do you want
to kill yourself?
Do you mind telling us?
I'm tired of running away.
Running away?
My only memory...
I have of my life,
is running away and hiding.
You mean, ever since the war?
Yes. First the body check
for military service.
Then the draft notice.
From civilian and military police.
It'd be 56 years on August 15.
This running and hiding.
I'm just a coward.
You're not a coward!
You have real courage!
Yes! That's true!
everybody went to the war.
I did, but...
it was so scary.
When the bullets came,
I pissed in my pants.
Rather than being glad
that none of these hit me,
I was glad I killed no one
during that war.
Sometimes I think to myself,
how lucky I was.
When I think I might
have killed someone,
- I got scared.
- And after...
the war?
I told you it's something
I can't get rid of.
So sometimes I feel
like running away.
I feel sorry for you.
And then?
Before dawn, he said,
"After talking to you,
I have my courage back."
"I'll try running away again."
I don't understand.
He's just paranoid.
As a punk,
aren't you scared?
I'm adopted.
Yes, but he's Jiro's real father.
You didn't know?
During one of his disappearances,
he met a woman...
and had you.
If it's true, then who's my mom?
She died after giving birth to you.
your father asked me...
to look after you.
- He said so?
- Yes.
December 8, last year.
Good job!
You always deliver.
It's the drink...
of a lifetime. Napoleon!
I could die now.
It's great!
But Prime Minister,
how about our
Three Anti-Nuclear Principles?
Finance Minister is old.
So we'll count her out.
"We won't make women."
"We won't own women.
We won't handle women."
Labour Minister is handling one.
Do you mean Tamiko?
He had to.
If he didn't, she'd be in trouble.
There's no woman to make...
because there's no woman.
At least, the handling...
Oh yes.
We can talk about that
at our next cabinet meeting.
The clothes on her...
how to say this...
she's in a nightgown.
It's... a little bit arousing.
What do you mean?
About "it"?
It's a good thing.
For a boner,
the wet dreams...
it's necessary.
The pre-war Education Ministry
was wrong about it.
If you say so...
Go in.
Maybe... you need to
change your clothes.
I have some.
Jiro, turn around.
How about us?
No no... really?
- Come on.
- But there's etiquette...
turn around.
That's the right thing.
I see.
Pity... let's turn around.
The next day, August 11.
No more gas.
Was this Ichiro's revenge?
But no one in Yamatai
made a fuss of it.
more work for Labour Minister.
Me and Tamiko,
now Interior Minister,
went to the nearby timber yard...
to buy wood on their order.
Jiro, there's smoke from your logs.
Is something burning?
August 13.
No more electricity.
Army Minister suggested
stealing it from the street lamp.
The one to climb the lamp pole
was of course...
Labour Minister.
Only you today?
He went somewhere.
It's so busy now!
What are you doing, young sir?
Catching cicadas.
Get down.
I found out who owned this car.
It's been repainted
but it's your dad's.
From the plates?
He's probably...
- Why?
- Luminol test is positive?
No trace of blood,
but someone's fingerprints.
Iimuro, a Kansai hitman.
Know him?
That's him?
No, he doesn't use guns.
You know what your dad's doing?
Tomorrow, I'll kill him for you.
5 million.
The rest, tomorrow.
Also tomorrow.
I'll kill him.
- A long trip?
- Yes.
1 year in Sri Lanka.
See you.
August 14.
A lavish breakfast.
Actually, Finance Minister's
funds have run out.
One dried plum each
to go with the rice.
Telephone, gas, electricity.
Water is next.
But you've all lived
through the war.
You're all survivors.
Now's the time
to repeat the experience.
You can do it again.
To us, this is just camping.
- Right?
- Yes.
The thing...
is what will come next, for sure.
Air raids.
Well I...
had a freaky experience
in the first raid.
The Doolittle Raid
was the first on Japan.
The Hornet bombers came...
and dropped the bombs.
B-25 bombers flew
all the way from China.
At that time,
I was eating noodles
at an eatery in Sendagaya.
And then,
the bicycle shop the next door
from the next...
You're lucky.
I think the life line
on my palm saved me.
Look. Look.
Very long, to here.
Let me...
Lots of memories.
What I meant by air raids...
is that an army, no.
Thugs or gangsters...
will attack us for sure.
How would our army
deal with that?
If we have to fight,
fight bravely.
Yes! We shouldn't...
forget the meaning of life!
At that time,
all we thought about,
was how to die in dignity
if it's inevitable.
Oh yes!
Humans die!
You never thought about it,
Interior Minister?
Prime Minister...
not just "at that time",
I feel that way.
I don't know why.
You too?
It's the fate of our
Charleston generation.
The Charleston is popular
these days.
Yes, Labour Minister.
We were all born and raised...
when the Charleston was popular.
But, Labour Minister,
what's a little bit disturbing...
is that its lively rhythm,
without people noticing,
was replaced by militarism.
I don't think so.
You all have some
sort of war allergy.
before my body aches
here and there,
when I hear
When The Saints Go Marching In,
I feel I could just die happily.
That's great. I'll go there too.
If you say,
"do it for your country",
I can understand the
nature of this country.
But not that one.
You don't understand?
"For your country" but why?
I didn't understand then.
And I don't understand now either.
"There are too many citizens,"
"we can't take care of everyone."
"Our territory..."
"that is..."
"becoming the Fujiyama..."
Politics is...
just a political party,
and the black veil it creates.
I don't want to die...
for these things.
I hate it!
I hate to hear you
talk about dying!
And you too!
It's OK, Interior Minister.
Even if they kill us,
we won't die!
Actually, it's for you
young people...
let's forget it. I'm too pushy.
By the way, radio gymnastics...
didn't come for a couple of days.
let's dance the Charleston!
We'll teach you how,
Labour and Interior Ministers.
Announcement for
the neighbourhood.
Air raid alarm that
you used to know,
an air raid alarm was just issued.
Several enemy targets...
have turned around the corner
and invading our skies.
Keep the highest alert.
It's here!
The old newspaper collector
is helping us!
Dad! It's Dad's voice!
Why haven't I noticed?
They're here!
An old man's advice.
Here's my last words.
Our country...
wants to remain the
eastern Switzerland.
Foreign Minister,
you'll settle this...
diplomatically and peacefully.
If that fails,
and we must go into war,
Labour Minister,
you'll call the police.
We're asking the Japanese
police to help us?
I've paid the first half
of my citizen tax.
Excuse me,
I have some little things to do.
Me too!
Us too!
Finance Minister, you first.
The others,
line up according to age.
Open up!
It's open.
But don't touch the door knob.
If you do,
you're invading our territory.
Electric chair is your punishment.
Shut up, old hat!
Are they dead?
They asked for it.
But you just said...
The enemy said "old hat".
This is a taboo term.
So it's a different story.
I was once...
an anti-aircraft artillery captain.
I'll shoot down a plane!
Idiot, reach!
OK! Reach!
- Reach! - Come on!
- Who's he?
Iimuro the hitman. Chase him!
When did you come?
They don't understand what I said.
Never mind.
How's your countrymen?
Are they OK?
A lot of them got hurt.
But not serious.
Because of the activity,
they're in high spirits.
the primal scream of Tamiko...
revealed that
Education Minister was down.
The wounds weren't serious,
maybe his heart has gone out...
because of the vigorous activity?
We all agreed that he's dying.
What's wrong with you all?
Your life line is long!
so sleepy.
No! Don't sleep!
Don't sleep! Education Minister.
We're all going to the
hot spring tomorrow!
Don't sleep!
Do something, Labour Minister!
Put on some music!
Don't let him sleep!
Damn you!
Prime Minister.
Is there anything I can do?
I hate the establishment,
but I like you.
I have only one favour to ask.
If his death is unnatural,
there will be a
compulsory autopsy?
Please give us one night.
That's all.
For him, we want...
a wake at a proper place.
But just one night.
Oh my!
The quake disturbed me,
I'll start counting again.
1... 2... 3...
- I was scared!
- It's OK now.
The cop called you and
said he's coming here.
What for?
He found Dad's body?
He and the pickup were
thrown into Tokyo Bay.
The earthquake just then
was in Tokyo and Kanagawa.
5 on the seismic scale.
At the same time,
in the residential area
of Higashi-Tama,
a big explosion occurred
in Yamatai House.
No information on casualties
or any other things.
Jiro too?
It's like I played a trick,
or cutting corners. Sorry.
The cop?
Good evening.
Good evening.
Hey you!
Because of the thugs you hired,
Education Minister is dead.
We're having a wake here.
- Labour Minister.
- Yes?
Let him lie on a bed.
Go upstairs.
- Jiro! - What?
- Not upstairs.
It's not ready upstairs?
It's OK with me.
to prevent the ashes
from dropping,
please offer your incense
one by one.
A wake...
is to drink, eat, make merry...
as a tribute to the deceased.
In such a nice house,
there must be something...
to eat and drink.
Yes, madam?
Thank you very much.
And this gentleman,
have I seen you before?
His poster!
City Councillor...
Terao something.
Why are you here?
No, Labour Minister.
He must have a reason
to be here.
To have the City Councillor
at this wake,
it must be...
let us offer incense
to the deceased.
Please line up by age.
The youngest first.
About the explosion just then,
luckily, there's no casualties.
End of bulletin.
You prepared this too!
Thank you! Thank you!
Prime Minister,
it should be kept by
Finance Minister?
Thank you.
Let's do this.
Let's do this.
This way to the bath and toilet.
Hot water is ready.
Beer, the fridge.
Whisky, over there.
Brandy, the study.
Bring them up! Thanks.
please cook for us, madam.
Mahjong room is there.
Karaoke, there.
This... is home invasion!
Gang robbery!
- I'll call the police!
- Go ahead.
Is it OK to let them know
why you are here?
But if you don't mind,
go ahead.
Instead, let's play some mahjong.
Don't cry.
He died happily.
We're with him.
Dancing the Charleston.
He's not in pain.
He died smiling.
You're wrong, Jiro!
did you do such
a thing that night?
That night?
Attempted rape?
Don't. Not before the dead.
sad to see that!
Don't cry like that
before the dead.
Always the dead!
It's bad for the dead.
No... I say no...
Was it him?
Just a discharge of gas?
Oh come on!
Nagging and mumbling!
I've been listening.
You knew it?
Only I didn't know it...
when that cop held my hand,
I was scared!
Will you...
"Beep beep!
10 km over! License please!"
We got you!
1 Fan, 2 Fan, 3...
8 Fans!
Me, only 3 Fans.
Only 10 Fans for me.
Prime Minister.
This has been bugging me.
I really want to say this.
What is it?
I wasn't...
army nurse.
I know.
You know I was an army prostitute?
Yes. I know that.
you're now Finance Minister.
Your workload was others' double.
I think,
from now on,
your joys should be...
others' double.
I'm back.
My turn! Everybody's doing fine.
We now have 5 million.
You should get more.
- You don't have any compensation.
- Oh yes.
Then we'll...
have 20 million.
We're going for a walk.
No. Labour Minister is busy.
Don't just sit here.
We'll run away before dawn.
Then take the coach to a hot spring.
Get the coach ready,
Hot spring?
Men and women together!
I know a rental car park.
Oh yes! Loan companies,
supermarkets, restaurants
grills, pachinkos, car rentals.
- Ours?
- Let's go!
Let's go!
Education Minister.
I have something to do.
Don't disturb...
the young people!
Army Minister!
I won't!
I know it's a wake.
Sorry to disturb you,
but may we come in?
You take over.
I'm old. And I'm tired.
Do it good.
Sorry to get in your fun.
Please listen to me.
Thanks. Thanks.
You're Ichiro, the family head.
And Masako the widow.
- Widow?
- Yes, widow.
And also...
City Councillor Terao.
Good you're here.
It saves me time.
I told him to come! Hurry up!
I was about to win!
OK then.
I'll skip to the conclusion.
Those 3 people...
are important witnesses...
for the murder of
Munechika Okonogi.
I've got a car.
Let's go.
- Too quick!
- You're kidding!
I'm his son,
why would I kill him?
Is this saying popular?
This is the modern times,
up until now...
I don't understand.
And I'm his wife.
This wife simply...
abandoned her husband like
an old shoe. I don't understand.
This is Camus?
The easiest part...
is the one who's trying...
to share the pie. Mr. Terao.
What? How dare you!
How dare I? Then show me the pie.
I win!
10 Fans!
Loan companies, supermarkets,
grills, pachinkos, car rentals...
Not only those.
You make grenade parts...
in your factory in Gamagori
and sell them to Southeast Asia.
Is that true?
So you're a merchant of death?
Wait. The round is not over.
So you guys...
need millions of operation funds?
I made a lot of investigations.
I did them!
widow Masako,
you've been involved...
with Terao since you
were a schoolgirl.
What does that have
to do with murder?
What does...
You stole my lines!
You, and your world...
are in a peculiar condition.
This Camus is fabulous!
But what's bugging me...
is something
I don't understand.
I'm now asking you about that.
The important witness,
Munechika Okonogi, his corpse
was found in Tokyo Bay.
The assailant is Iimuro the hitman.
The world-renowned Japanese
police are going to risk anything...
to arrest this man!
Nice job, idiot!
By the way, where's Jiro?
raping someone?
Time to go now.
Wait a second!
The Yamatai folks.
How about their crimes?
Home invasion.
Robbing 5 million.
Playing mahjong, what is...
A cheque of 25.62 million,
30.62 million in total!
What date is it?
- August 14.
- No, August 15.
I'm now retired.
Thanks for...
everything, idiot.
Take over.
Think carefully,
and finish the job. OK?
Get my retirement pay,
give it to my wife.
And you, sir?
I'll go missing and join Yamatai.
Prime Minister.
How about Chief of Police?
It's vacant.
Navy Minister...
is more fun!
But I can't swim!
By the way,
where's Army Minister?
He went out.
Here! This way!
Here it is!
Excuse me! Coming in!
The front?
Or the back?
Army Minister is sleeping.
He's tired.
He worked a lot.
- Let him sleep.
- This way.
Prime Minister.
There's no driver.
Oh yes!
I forgot that!
What to do?
You... are...
Why are you safe?
When he stabbed me,
there were old newspaper,
magazines and rags wrapped...
on my belly.
And I swim better than fish.
He's our Navy Minister,
Prime Minister!
Yes, the right choice.
Now we have both army and navy.
let's go!
Let's sing "Red Shoes"!
Now, Chief of Police
of Yamatai...
will lead this song!
1, 2...
The girl with the...
red shoes...
was taken away...
by a foreigner.
She got on a boat...
in Yokohama.
She was taken away...
by a foreigner.
Now she has...
blue eyes.
She's now in the country...
of the foreigner.
When I see red shoes,
I think of this.
When I see foreigners,
I think of this.