Atarashii kutsu wo kawanakucha (2012) Movie Script

Music by
Produced by
IWAI Shunji
Written and Directed by
Hey, why don't you take a picture?
A picture?
Let's go over by the river.
Excuse me, Turn right over there
and down to the river.
River? What river?
The Seine?
Oh, I've heard of that.
You have, huh?
It's famous, right?
Paris, the Seine...
Yeah, it's big.
Yeah, yeah. Great.
This is great!
Let's take a picture.
That building's famous.
Notre Dame.
Get that in, too.
With you?
OK, pose...
Let me see.
I think I got it all...
Now we're here,
let's take a real picture.
With the camera you hold like this...
The Hasselblad?
Let's not get that out now.
It's OK. I'll get it.
What's gotten into you?
That's a great sky!
Sen, here it is!
It's OK, I'll get it.
Let's see...
Thanks for coming out, Sen!
Now it's time for brother and sister
to part ways! 'Bye!
Hey, wait! Suzume! Suzume!
Made it!
What is she up to?!
Damn it!
OK, I'll see you at 2, then.
I'm looking forward to it. See you.
Are you ok?
I'm fine. I just tripped.
Yes. Hello.
You're not hurt?
No, I just sort of went over.
I think I stepped on that.
It's my passport.
Don't look.
I think I'd better.
It'll be OK.
I don't know about that.
You should check with the embassy.
The embassy?
Avenue Hoche, between Courcelles
and Faubourg Saint-Honor.
I'd take you there,
but I'm in a hurry.
I'll write the address.
Do you live here?
I've been here a while,
but I'm still not used to it.
That's the address.
And... card.
It's a free paper for Japanese.
You're the editor?
It's pretty small.
That's my number.
Let me know what happens.
Or for any other problems.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Not at all.
You're in a hurry, right?
Excuse me!
You forgot this.
I think I have something...
Krazy Glue!
This should hold it.
For a while.
Ms 'Teshigawara'?
Yes, but call me Aoi.
'Teshigawara' is hard to say.
I'm Sen Yagami. Call me Sen.
OK, 'Yagami' is easy.
Is there anywhere here
you'd recommend?
Your favorite place in Paris.
Where would that be?
It's nowhere special.
I see...
Hang on...
That should do it.
Thank you.
Try it.
It fits!
I guess it should,
since it's my shoe.
Good luck with your work.
And with your passport.
I'll do my best.
My passport...
Next window, please.
Chocolate eggs came in the 1 800s.
Before that...
...they were made at home...
First they were boiled very hard.
Or else... take the egg...
...put a small hole in both ends...
...and blow hard.
Three eggs and you're red in the face.
...I'm not speaking too fast?
No, I understand.
May I take pictures?
Of course.
The Easter-egg hunt is a tradition.
Parents hide eggs outside... gifts under a Christmas tree.
The children go and hunt for them.
I'd always take hours to find mine.
My father didn't want it to be easy.
I'd start was horrible.
But that's what got me into this work.
And here we are.
Want my picture?
Let's do it.
Three, two...
Three, two, one...
How about like this?
One more.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Your phone.
Got it. Goodbye.
...leave a message after the tone.
Her message is all in French...
Please leave a message.
Uh, it's Yagami.
The passport looks like it's OK.
I just thought I'd tell you.
Where do you want to go please?
Just a moment please.
That note...
Where is it?
I'm sorry I don't know where to go.
Please let me out. Sorry.
This is Suzume.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Leave a message,
or you'll make me cry. 'Beep'.
Damn it, Suzume! You took the note
with the name of the hotel!
Call me, will you?
What the hell do you think
you're doing, anyway?!
...we met earlier.
Uh, yes...Aoi-san,
Aoi Teshigawara.
Is something wrong?
No, that was something else.
A mistake.
Let me explain.
My sister wanted to come to Paris,
and she dragged me here...
...then she dumped me
by the Seine.
So anyway...
...I'm here with her.
I mean, our relationship isn't...
...weird or anything...
Hey, hey, hey...
...calm down.
Yeah, OK.
You're with your sister...
You got dragged here,
and got dumped by the Seine?
Yeah, that's right.
Then I met you...
...and you tromped
all over my passport.
You called me, I believe...
Oh yeah, right. They can't
replace my passport right away...
...but they said
they'd give me a travel document.
They did?
Yeah. So I can...
...get back to Japan OK.
Thank you.
Not at all. Thanks for calling.
Not at all.
Oh, is your shoe OK?
I'd forgotten.
It's fine, no problem at all.
That's good.
Enjoy your stay.
Thank you.
Oh, hello?
My sister took the memo
with the name of our hotel.
Oh, dear.
I've completely forgotten
its name.
There was a reason
she chose it, though.
Hotels give you
a basket of fruit, right?
Yes, in your room.
Well, this hotel puts out
pastries, not fruit.
They're popular in Paris,
'po' something.
'Po' something?
My sister said it evolved from
a choux cream puff.
Yeah... something like that,
I'm not sure.
That's probably it. A ptissire
from Ladure makes them.
'Ladure'? I think
I've heard of that.
They make macaroni
or something like that, right?
'Macaroons', Mr Yagami.
Yes, that's what I meant.
I did an article on Popelini.
I'll call and ask who they supply.
The reservation's
in your sister's name?
Yes. Her name's
Suzume Yagami.
It's written with the characters
'bell' and 'love'.
OK. Wait there.
I'll call you back.
OK, thanks.
I found it.
You did?
'L'hotel de la Pucelle d'Orleans'.
I called...
...and there's a reservation
under your sister's name.
Great! Thanks a lot.
No problem.
It's near the Louvre Museum.
Where are you?
Right now I can see...
...the Arc de Triomphe.
You can probably walk from there.
I can?
Will you walk?
Sure, no problem.
I'll guide you.
No, I'll be fine.
It's no problem.
If you can see the Arc...
...are you on the street
the embassy's on?
Then walk to
the Arc de Triomphe.
To the Arc...
Are you there?
I can't walk that fast.
I can't run that far, either.
I'm kidding. Just a bit of humor.
OK, I'm at the Arc de Triomphe.
There's a road that goes
right around it, isn't there.
Yes, there is.
Go left there.
OK, I'm going left.
Could you go to where
you're right in front of it?
It's really something, isn't it.
Very powerful.
They really knew how to build
back then.
I can see why
it's a big tourist draw.
Streets radiate out from it
in all directions.
From above they make
a star pattern.
That's Place de l'toile,
'the square of the star'.
'The square of the star'?
That's cool.
I'm almost in front of it now.
I'm there.
OK, then turn right...
No, I mean left.
Now I'm facing back
the way I just came.
No, just turn 90 degrees.
90 degrees left.
Left...OK, I've turned left.
Can you see a big street
in front of you?
Yes, I can.
That's Avenue des Champs lyses.
Oh...Champs lyses.
Right. OK, for now
go straight along that street.
Go straight.
It's a long street.
Yes, it's long.
Shall I be your tour guide?
The avenue is said to be
the world's most beautiful street.
The main Louis Vuitton store... a famous landmark.
People take pictures there,
and some even pray to it.
They do?
You should be coming to
the end of the avenue.
Yeah, I'm coming to a kind of
square or something.
OK, that's Place de la Concorde.
Sorry, Aoi-san,
but could I take a break?
Sure, go ahead.
The tour's fun, but why don't you
tell me something about yourself?
About me?
A guided tour of Aoi-san.
That wouldn't be much fun.
There's nothing to tell.
But you, Sen-san...
I almost called you 'Masao'.
That's OK.
My Mom loves Masao Sen's singing.
That's eccentric.
Her tastes aren't all that elevated.
Now take your next right.
Right, OK.
Do you see a gold statue?
That's Joan of Arc.
A gold statue. Got it.
Your hotel's on the left.
L'hotel de la Pucelle d'Orleans.
OK, I'm walking along
some sort of gallery.
I just go straight?
I'm facing the statue.
That's right.
Left of the statue...
Yep, there it is.
There's the hotel.
Thank you for taking
so much time.
Not at all.
Well, then...
Stay on the line as you go in.
Turn around.
I'm not there yet?
You came here?
I was close by.
Thank you.
Oh, you've got luggage!
I'm sorry I made you walk.
It was good exercise.
That's the front desk?
I'll go check in, then.
Excuse me, I have a reservation.
Can I check in?
Hello, welcome to Regina Hotel.
What is your name, please?
Suzume Yagami.
Mr Suzume. Yes I've got your reservation, I need
to use your credit card. Thank you very much.
If it's all right with you...
...and if you're finished work...
...could I buy you dinner?
I don't know any restaurants,
and you could show me one.
Are you hungry?
I haven't eaten since lunch.
Oh, dear!
Guess who's here.
I was lonely.
Welcome to Paris.
Thanks for the help.
So you're a photographer?
Sort of.
My paper's kind of dull.
Would you like to see it?
Sure. How dull can it be?
You can have that.
There's lots of places in it.
Right, it's in Japanese...
I wrote that one.
I did an interview
after I met you.
An interview about what?
A restaurant?
Easter eggs. The painted ones.
Oh, those.
I took pictures.
Want to see?
They're beautiful.
So you write and take pictures?
Yes. I can't afford a photographer.
I see.
I'd like to see your stuff.
Just a minute...
Push on the right side.
She's cute.
That's my sister.
I hate how she poses.
Is that what they call a 'gotcha-face'?
Not quite.
I guess living here
it's hard to keep up with new slang.
You're right.
I feel like Rip van Winkle.
Your sister's pretty.
I wonder what she's up to.
You can sit down.
That's my latest.
Why are they naked?
Not telling.
Paris is 1 0,000 kilometers
from Japan.
It's 1 2 hours by plane.
And 1 1 whole days by ship.
Why are you laughing?
I looked this up, so listen!
1 0,000km...
5,000 already?
...500 meters.
You're getting closer...
...40 centimeters.
My turn...
Fooled ya!
You're no fun!
I'm not playing with you any more.
Stop sulking.
I'm glad you're here.
It was a long trip.
You've got to watch your step here.
Let's keep going!
Just kidding.
I could drink a bit more.
Then come with me,
if you like.
I treat.
I will treat. I have treated before.
I'm forgetting Japanese.
Are you drunk?
Who, me?
Paris! What a place!
Here we go again.
That's good.
Try it.
May I?
That is good.
Have some more.
Want to trade?
It's good, but it's too strong.
Tell me more about your sister.
You're interested in her?
I'm jealous that she's crazy enough
to take off like that.
She has the name for it.
If only I had a name like...
But why did she have to bring you
to Paris and then leave you?
Why not just come herself?
I don't like talking about it...
Forget it, then.
But maybe I will.
Which is it?
She forced me to bring her.
You paid?
She's got a job.
I made her at least pay half.
Why did she bring you?
For good luck.
Good luck?
I always have to be there
when it's important.
University entrance exams,
job interviews, field days...
Or when her pet hamster
had surgery.
If I'm there, things go well.
And you're delighted to be there...
No, I'm not.
Sorry. It's just that she's so pretty.
There's more to it than that.
It started when she was born.
Her birth day...when she was born.
This is getting interesting.
It's not that special.
When Mom had Suzume...
...she needed a Cesarian.
It was touch and go.
Her water had broken
long before her due date... it was an emergency delivery.
It looked like things
weren't going to work out.
My father rushed to the hospital,
and I went to my grandmother's.
That's when we knew it was a girl.
Mom said the baby was calling me.
Mom said to bring me from Grandma's
because the baby inside her wanted me.
So I was brought to the hospital
while my mother was in labor.
I sat out in this kind of corridor
and waited for seven whole hours.
I see.
In the end, my sister was fine.
That's great.
So we've heard this story
over and over again...
Oh, thanks.
The story of Suzume and me.
We've been ground into each other.
So whenever she has something,
I have to be there.
Now she doesn't even tell me why.
I'm just summoned to be there.
Which means she has
something important in Paris.
What could that be, I wonder.
The luck brother.
The brother who brings
good luck.
Yeah, it's amazing. I'm like a shrine
she visits for every big step.
Safe birth...
...success at school, a job...
...and love. I wonder if that's
what this is all about.
I feel like I'd like to pray.
Would you mind?
Aoi-san! Hey!
Am I drunk?
Did you finish this already?!
And this?!
Time out.
I'm a bit drunk. Sorry.
Hey, hey, hey!
Don't sleep here. It's dangerous!
Sit up.
You're going again!
Hey! Hey! Try to focus.
OK, I'll carry you.
Climb on.
We can get a taxi over there.
I know what you're thinking.
'How did I end up in a strange place
carrying a woman I don't even know?'
I'm not thinking that.
OK, then what am I thinking?
I don't know.
I'm thinking a person's back
is so nice and warm.
Sorry. I'm OK now.
You are? You can stand up, right?
Oh, this is terrible!
I'm sorry!
Are you all right?
I'm OK...for the most part.
Careful! It's a red light!
Hey, look!
You can see the Eiffel Tower.
Yeah. It's beautiful.
How do you like Paris?
It's awesome.
I want... go back to Japan.
How's the Tokyo Tower?
Here's a taxi.
Where on Belleville?
Tell him your address?
Komazawa 5, Setagaya...
Aoi-san! This is Paris!
I'm kidding. Just a bit of humor.
Yes. What's your address?
Careful! Careful!
Which one is it?
Watch it!
I'm home!
There's no one here.
I live alone.
But you said...
When I get home,
I say, 'I'm home!'
Are you sure you live here?
Which one's the key?
What if this isn't your house?
Great! Got it the first time.
You're home.
Welcome to my home.
No, no. I'm going.
Thank you very much.
Don't catch cold.
Make sure you go to bed.
Good night.
I'm sorry, but what was the name
of my hotel again?
The name of the hotel
you guided me to.
L'hotel de...
Hotel le Meurice? Wow!
I'd love to stay there.
No, the hotel that I'm...
Aoi-san, don't go to sleep there.
Excuse me...
OK, I'll never kiss you again!
But you know you will.
I'm happy.
What happened last night?
I still have make-up on.
I did it again.
Sorry, I got lost.
I didn't touch. Sen.
Oh, right!
'Mr Yagami'...he brought me back.
'Sen', written with
the character for 'thousand'.
Excuse me...
...are you sleeping here?
I see. You got me here,
but you couldn't get home yourself.
Were you asking me the name
of your hotel?
Did I dream that?
It's L'hotel de la Pucelle d'Orleans.
Close your eyes.
All right?
What are you touching?
Your cheek.
I have no idea.
That's my heart.
How would I know that?
Good morning.
Sorry. I crashed here.
That's OK.
Was I really drunk last night?
You don't remember?
Bits and pieces.
The restaurant, and the bar...
The Eiffel Tower, the taxi...
That's perfect.
Did I get out of line?
Not at all.
You're not all stiff
from sleeping in the bath?
I tried to find somewhere
I wouldn't be in the way.
Shall I do that?
I can do coffee.
It's hot.
May I?
Go ahead.
First... pour just enough
to wet the top.
Let it swell up.
And then...
...pour it in gently
so it'll get drawn in.
These are good fresh beans.
They swell right up.
You're a pro?
I worked in a coffee shop.
A fancy one?
It's pretty well-known.
Tajimaya, in Shinjuku.
I've been there.
When I was a student.
About 20 years ago.
Yeah? Then maybe
I made your coffee...
I was just a kid.
That was humor.
Well, it's the truth.
How old are you?
As old as Tokyo Disneyland?
I was born the year it opened.
I'm Tokyo Disneyland's
slightly older sister.
Were you playing the piano?
That's the one. I like that piece.
What is it?
Mozart's 'Minuet and Trio'.
So would you be a cat?
That's the piece of music
the world's cats like best.
Cat music?
For my cat... meant 'food'.
Whenever I played it,
he'd come right home.
Morning or evening,
it didn't matter.
Then one day he didn't come home.
He never came back.
Three years ago, right around now.
At Easter.
Maybe he celebrated too much,
and went off somewhere.
So I play that piece a lot...
...hoping maybe he'll come back.
Sometimes they come back.
Did you ever have one?
A mongrel, when I was small.
Mine was a shorthair called Guru.
Ours was just called Tama.
Like the 'Sazae-san' comic?
'Sorry, but I got lost.
'I didn't touch.'
This is Suzume.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Leave a message,
or you'll make me cry.
Suzume, where are you?
Phone me, will you?
Ah, sorry.
Oh shit.
OK, I take it.
The two of you?
Look. I found this in Saint Pierre.
It's pretty.
This is my friend Joanne.
She lives on the 3rd floor.
Her studio's in my basement.
Down those steps.
Joanne's a dress designer.
This is Sen Yagami.
He's a friend.
Oh, you're friends...
Joanne. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too. My name is Sen Yagami
Careful of the step.
Ok. Wow..what a nice place.
Where should I put this?
Over here.
Thank you.
Can I look around?
Yes, please.
They are very beautiful.
Look here. This dress is from 1 925.
And this one is from 1 950.
Sounds great. Can I take pictures?
Can you help me when you're done?
Like it?
Great! It's beautiful material.
Put it on, would you?
Sometimes I have her
put on the dresses for me.
For the hem and the line so I can see it.
I'm thinking bacon and spinach.
Sen, I made a bunch of dishes
and Aoi is making the kische.
So it is going to be perfect.
Because it is Easter weekend.
So my daughter is bringing
my grandchildren this afternoon.
Oh really?
Can you give me a hand, Joanne?
Sen, would you like to come to the party
with us?
Can I?
Oh, no no. He has a plan I think.
Oh no no, can I join you?
Of course.
Come over here.
That's great.
No pictures!
This is just to see how it looks.
I'm just the dummy.
It suits you.
Don't take pictures.
I'll just pin it here.
You are a rare animal.
'A rare animal'?
A protected species?
It's the first time Aoi introduces me to a man.
She's been through a lot.
A lot?
it's the worst feeling in the world,
losing a child.
Sorry, lose a child?
She had a child?
But you didn't know. You are her friend.
No, we just met.
I thought you were.
Pour it in...
I'll knead this.
That looks good.
One, two...
Got it!
Now what?
That's good.
Excuse me...
There. It's done.
Those are beautiful.
...he left.
He left? He's gone?
Someone called him 20 minutes ago...
...and he ran out.
He ran out?
Did he say anything?
No. Nothing.
I see.
We should go.
Sunset in Paris is romantic.
'Sunset in Paris is romantic.'
Suzume loves Kango.
'Suzume loves Kango.'
She cries when he's not there.
'She cries when he's not there.'
But Kango is forgetting Suzume.
What do you mean?
'Kango is forgetting Suzume.'
Say that in French.
The translation machine
is out of order. 'Beep'.
'Beep' sounds more like
an answering machine.
When my phone says 'Leave a message
after the tone,' what comes then?
I say that myself.
People laugh.
You didn't know that.
Lately you don't phone.
You don't phone me much.
Don't get mad.
The embassy called.
Tokyo faxed them
a copy of my family register.
They needed it for my travel document.
They called me...
...and I went to get it.
I thought you'd gone!
I'll make tea.
You didn't go to the party?
I didn't feel like it.
She left some food.
It's probably in full swing now.
Let's have a party here, then.
Just the two of us.
Why not?
This fills you up!
I won't waste it.
It's made right.
It's good!
It's good.
You made it, not me.
But no more.
I'm full.
You have to go back...
To the hotel.
I haven't stayed there yet.
That's a waste of money.
I forget the name again.
Oh, right... uh...
I'll write it down.
What was it?
It's a long name. Now I forget.
Have you really forgotten?
Let's drink some more.
For now, let's drink.
Bordeaux or Medoc?
Can you play?
Sure you can!
We had a band in school,
so I know a few chords.
A popularity ploy.
How did you know?
People who play guitar
or sing...
Any boy who wants to be popular
is obliged to be in a band.
Maybe not 'obliged'.
'Obliged to be'?
How do you say that in French?
I don't know. I'm Japanese.
One day I reached a turning point.
I switched from guitar to camera.
People liked that better.
I won a prize,
and I got too confident.
Like that?
Not quite.
Like that.
I thought I'd make a living at it,
so after university I just did that.
That was brave.
But...'s a cold, cruel world.
I ended up working part-time
at Sukiya.
Do you know it?
A chain, like Yoshinoya.
Film costs money.
I ate rice with bean sprouts
for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
With citrus sauce,
then soy, then Worcestershire.
Are you listening?
I tried every taste variation
I could think of.
But bean sprouts are bean sprouts.
Still OK?
I'll have some more.
Then one day...
Is that too loud?
No. Add in the music.
Then a pro photographer
who used me sometimes... sick and asked me
to sub for him...
...for a musician's
publicity photographs.
And they loved it?
Not so much the public
as the musician herself.
Then what? I took lots of stuff.
Publicity stills...
...advertising, CD jackets...
Then came actresses and so on
that she knew.
Yeah, that can happen.
And before I knew it...
...I was the best
retouching photographer around.
Yeah. You know
what it's like now.
It's all digital.
Spots, wrinkles, bags under the eyes.
The three-piece set.
If everything's right, you can even
change the shape of the face.
I'm more like a Takasu Clinic
than a photographer.
Cosmetic surgery.
I know the Takasu Clinic.
That's not why I stopped.
I was waiting.
So if you ask me...
...what pictures
I'm most confident about...
...I'd probably say the ones I took
when I was eating bean sprouts.
I don't know... it's like back then
I was in charge of my photographs.
Now my clients are.
For example...
I was doing a soft-drink poster
down in Okinawa.
The sky was so blue
it made your eyes sting.
But they wanted me to make it blue
right up to where the sun was.
And you know, Aoi-san,
a real sky...
...isn't blue right around the sun.
It's white.
But they wanted me to make
the whole thing blue.
It's like all they knew was
'the sky is blue'.
Do they want it to look painted?
The sky isn't like that!
Like that?
Exactly. Just like that.
...I wanted the work.
Whenever one of my actresses
or woman editors calls me... matter when or where,
I hurry right over.
Like a host.
That's not my plan for you.
I don't have a thing for hosts
or younger men.
That's not what I'm saying.
Don't take it like that.
You're not like those people
at all.
You're just...
...a little bit to one side
of absolute perfection.
I'm told that a lot.
Maybe I was born that way.
I don't know about that...
Like my tuning's wonky.
Does that bother you?
You're not 'wonky'.
'Laid-back', maybe.
I shouldn't say this
about someone older, but...'re cute.
Wow! I haven't heard that
for a century.
You aren't that old.
I'm not all that good, so if I don't
spend all my time on my work...
...I can't make ends meet.
So the girlfriend I'd had for years
left me.
That was a come-on.
I said I'm single.
Forget it.
So anyway, because of that
I'm basically kind of miserable.
I started...
...wanting to take pictures
only I could take.
Like everyone else, the dream was
to put out books and have exhibitions.
But right now
I'm nothing but a yes-man...
...running around being nice
to the people who use me.
I'm only in Paris to be...
What did you call it?
The 'luck brother'.
The luck brother.
That's fine as far as it goes...
...but the whole situation
just irritates me.
I was thinking I'd like to
just pack it all in...
...but when my passport got wrecked,
the first thing I thought of was work.
I've been tamed.
I can't go forward,
and I can't go back.
Surely something will work out.
You can still take
your own photographs.
Someone who's tried hard once
can always do it again.
I'm no expert, but I'd love to see...
...your exhibition.
Want more cheese?
And some dried raisins?
Yeah, sure.
Shall we go on to
the 2nd movement?
What's the chord?
Of what?
The Story of Aoi-san.
Forget my story.
I can't tell it as well.
Too bad.
Good night, Sen.
I'm going to bed.
Hey, Sen...
Why are you sleeping there?
I thought you'd gone.
Come here.
OK, don't.
May I?
Isn't this fun?
When I started photography,
I took up climbing...
...and bought a sleeping bag.
The scenery changes
with where you sleep...
...even in the same room.
This isn't any fun.
Yours was my first bathtub.
You're weird.
My arms need to be
more than twice as long.
It's like trying to hold
a sumo wrestler.
No, thanks.
No, I'm scared to say.
I'm not scared to hear.
About me.
I like art.
When I finished art school,
I got a job in a gallery.
The Japanese economy was still good,
and it had a branch here.
I studied French real hard,
and got hired here.
A man the gallery dealt with
was a local artist.
Maybe I was lonely in a new place.
We got married right away.
But this guy had girls everywhere.
I didn't like being cheated on... we got a divorce.
And I quit the gallery, too,
and got a job with a company...
...that published free papers.
I had my cat.
But he went, so it was just me.
Without Guru or Shion, all alone.
Shion was my baby.
I heard about that.
She thought we were old friends.
When I left my husband,
I was pregnant.
I had...
...a boy.
The cutest little angel.
But he was never healthy.
He only lived five years.
The poor thing.
Shion named Guru.
Shion played the piano.
When Guru heard him playing
that Minuet and Trio...
...he'd come straight home,
no matter where he was.
Like magic.
Shion found Guru
and brought him home.
He came in with the kitten
in both his bony little hands...
...and stood right there.
'Mama, can we keep him?'
he said.
'He'll die.
'The poor cat!'
After he died,
I couldn't work for a long time.
I couldn't move forward.
An idea.
Come in here.
As close as we can get.
Sorry. I woke you up.
What's that?
Scrambled eggs.
I thought I'd make breakfast.
This is how you separate
the yolks from the white.
You can do that?
You go home tomorrow.
What are you doing today?
I don't know...
What are your plans?
My plans are work.
My Easter egg special.
I'll come with you.
It's around here.
Beautiful! That vapor trail.
Here it is.
I'm from the Japanese paper.
Leopaul, and my colleague Marion.
I'm Aoi, and the photographer is Sen.
You speak French well.
'You speak French well.'
These are small eggs.
Made here, in different colors.
I wore these again.
You're right.
I have to buy new shoes.
Is there anywhere
you'd like to go?
Somewhere I'd like to go?
I know!
When I first met you...
...I asked you your favorite place
and you wouldn't tell me.
If you don't want to, we could try
the Louvre, or the Quai d'Orsay.
Let's go.
To my favorite place.
It's not a secret or anything?
Well, yes...
By boat?
Yep. Right up to the source
of the Amazon.
This is a sight-seeing boat!
You're not fooled?
Right there.
That's where we met.
The passport incident.
That seems a long time ago now.
There's Notre Dame.
The day before yesterday, wasn't it?
We've been together ever since.
That's right.
Hey, Sen...
That bridge... the Pont Marie.
If you make a wish under it,
it comes true.
It only works for lovers, though.
Limited to lovers?
I don't think it's a law...
Let's pretend to be lovers, then.
Or our wishes won't come true.
What did you wish for?
Not telling.
Maybe we were wishing for
the same thing.
Let's just stay like this for a while.
It's not fair.
Who, me?
Both of us.
Both of us?
Over there.
I like that.
The Eiffel Tower?
Although I'll admit
it's kind of a clich.
No, it's not.
So much has happened
since I came here...
...but the Eiffel's always there.
The other buildings are low... you can see the Eiffel Tower
from anywhere.
So it's special to you?
Not 'special'.
It's just always there.
People go away.
I wish I could be your Eiffel.
Is that a confession of love?
Don't say that when you're leaving.
I wish I wasn't.
Then stay.
It's OK. I've still got him.
I'm going home.
All of a sudden?
I'm just making dinner.
Kango... last request.
It's why I came.
Look at me.
I want you... marry me.
What brought this on?
It's like... the six months
since you came to Paris...
...I can't breathe any more.
It's like the air in Tokyo... too thin.
Can't we just go on like we are?
I'm a spoiled brat
and I'm lonely.
I need someone.
You're the same.
The way we're going, we'll fall apart.
So marry me.
I can come over here,
or you can come back.
Whoa, whoa, wait.
How can I put this?
There's a lot of things
you haven't thought about.
I have.
Like what?
Like how we'd both survive?
Or how about, like... dream?
We can do it!
I think you're being naive.
I'm here for a reason.
So? I'll be here, too.
No, wait a minute...
Marry me.
I can't do that.
I'll end it.
I'll break up with you.
Well, if that's how it has to be...
Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
Kango... famous.
So that's it?
Wait a minute...
We're through?
Work hard.
A picture.
Of me?
That won't be much of a picture.
It's out of focus...
Turn this way for a second.
Stop it!
That was good.
Let's see...
Line up with it.
With the Tower?
You and the Eiffel Tower
are the real Paris for me.
Was I smiling?
Yes, you were.
L'hotel de la Pucelle d'Orleans.
Your hotel.
I knew it all along.
I pretended I'd forgotten.
I'll write it down.
Hello. I have a package for you.
Sign here.
All right.
Thank you. Have a good day.
To Aoi-san