Athadu (2005) Movie Script

He's in the car.
Nandu, 3 special teas.
Haven't they come yet?
It seems they have left for here.
Who will serve water?
your father?
sir, he's new to the job.
Have you ordered tea for sir?
I have sir. Come on boy!
stay here till he
finishes his tea.
Hey Bloody bastard!
Bloody kid!
How dare to kill my boss!
Hey stop! I'll kill you.
Afternoon...20 minutes after the matinee
show of 'Agniparvatham'. Rainy season.
sir, I'll do any work.
Just feed me.
No need to pay me.
- Get lost boy!
He's pestering since morning.
He's asking for work.
- lsn't he saying no work?
you clear out boy...
- I was earlier working in a shop...
...selling tea...
please recommend to him.
please ask him to hire me.
Where did you work earlier?
- suryapet.
yesterday he bumped off suri.
Vanka suri.
Vanka suri?
He's a big mafia don
in Vijayawada West.
people stop drinking water
on hearing his name.
May be water problem?
First time?
Good start!
shall I take him into our fold?
First feed him.
Lakshmivilas Bank...the bank sadhu
is planning to rob...night 1 :42 am... stay here.
Nandu, you come with me.
Chanti, you watch the back.
Where's the gelatin, Manik?
Join the two wires.
Come out fast.
Open it now.
Nandu, faster...faster...
Come on move...move...
start the vehicle.
Had a nice journey, sadhu?
your man Narsing,
changed sides, that's all!.
Looks like someone's hard
earned money, it's smelling sweat.
That's for you and
this is for me, now clear out.
No problem...can withstand
another round also.
Hey, Order teas!
Where are the candles?
That s.I. will definitely kill me.
If you stay with me,
he'll kill you also.
Go...go away.
He'll not come boss.
I've killed him.
He's a one man army.
He's the new sun to
rise in the dark world.
He's an unchallenged hero.
He's the fiery hero to give
jitters to the tsunami.
If time chases me,
I'll attack it.
it chooses war,
I'll win over it.
I'm a thunder...
I'm a lightning...
I'm the fire...
I'm cool rain...
He's the ray of light
in pitch darkness.
He's the shore to withstand
the fury of waves.
Mustering courage from self,
overcoming all the hurdles...
...fighting it out everyday of life...
...he's the man of hour.
A road in the Old City...
second Namaz is in progress...
Has he come?
Watching...matinee show...
Where will you be?
Next street...Red colour Ford.
Be ready.
I'll come immediately
after finishing the job.
Don't delay.
Buy whatever you want.
Kill the bastard, got it?
Don't play with me.
How about these?
Okay... careful.
I want it to be done in 2 days.
If it is not done...beware...
What else??
Check all over the place.
Bloody killer shouldn't escape!
Look, he's going there.
Bloody! Move man!
No way I'll not move.
Won't they get tired!
They can't jump.
Greetings sir.
Did I made you wait for long?
I've been waiting for
10 years to become CM,
10 minutes isn't a
big thing, sit down.
CM is here.
Opinion polls say
he'll make it again.
He shouldn't.
powerless politician
is like a widow.- yes sir.
Every man whistles at you.
No value.
Even people like you make them wait.
- No sir...
Just for an example.
This time we must do it,
otherwise no use.
Already press has
forgotten me,
it'll be very difficult
if people too forget me.
Don't get dejected sir.
Let's buy the votes
at Rs. 1 000 a vote,
still if we can't make it,
let's supply liquor freely.
They will doze off having your drinks
and not come to vote for you.
That will be better, we can cast
bogus votes ourselves.
If we as opposition can
rig the polls,
think about what he can do
with the govt. under his control?
shall we bump him off?
His wife will become CM
in the sympathy wave.
What should we do then?
Kill me!
If a boy comes home after
failing the tenth class,
everyone at home will scold him.
After seeing the result
if he attempts suicide,
if public bring home
saving his life,
everyone at home
will console him.
In the first case, people will be
angry on him for failing.
In the second case,
there will be sympathy for
surviving the suicide attempt.
I want that.
so, there should be
an attempt on my life.
But I must survive it.
Farooq, our party election
campaign starts on the 10th.
stage manage an attempt
on my life the same day.
I'll be admitted into a hospital,
TV Channels will cover the news,
few of my supporters will
immolate themselves.
I'll campaign from
my hospital bed.
I'll give an interview
sleeping on the stretcher.
I'll cast my vote going
in a wheelchair.
Excellent! Wheelchair to CM's chair!
It will cost you heavily sir.
There are people to kill
for Rs. 1 1 16 also,
they will come from Bihar
to kill and then vanish.
But if you want to survive the attack,
we need professionals.
Don't worry about money,
get the best professional
in the market.
No need to search for him,
he's here only.
yes sir, Hyderabad has
developed very much.
We get anything we need here.
Who is he?
Not that...- He's here.
- For you sir!
Hello...who is that?
Farooq asked me to contact you.
One to him.
Hello...I'm Baji Reddy...go ahead.
Give the phone to siva Reddy.
We both are one and same.
Is it okay if I kill you
instead of him?
Good joke.
I can shoot well too.
yes, that is what we want.
Farooq must have told
you everything.
you must make the kill
but the victim must not die.
How much?- 1.5 crores.
Too much. Any concession?
shall I kill you as a concession?
Oh no! Thank you.
75 lakhs in advance & 75 lakhs
after finishing the job.
If I get caught after
finishing the job...?
What if you cheat me...?
I know only to kill
not to cheat.
Okay. I'll give it in one shot.
But it is a formality for us
to meet before the payment.
Not necessary.
It is necessary for us.
We're giving you 1.5 crores.
Can't we atleast see your face?
If you want to see the gun,
nothing wrong.
Want to see the bullet?
you'll be dead.
The payment should be
in the denomination of 1000.
seal it in a plastic cover and
put it in a red color bag.
Ask your man to take the
Begumpet local train by 9 pm.
Tell him to keep the bag
below the seat & leave.
Did he get down?- No sir.
Keep watching.
He'll get down with
our red color bag.
Follow him, know his whereabouts
and inform me.- Okay sir.
sorry.- lts okay.
What okay?- Nothing sir.
I said okay to him.
saw him?- He is not the one.
If it is not him,
it must be someone else.
you idiot! It is 1.5 crores.
It took me a day to count.
sir, the train is moving.
Keep watching & it will go away.
yes sir.- Get into the train.
Is the bag still there?
- yes sir. But no money.
He must have sat behind me
so that I won't be able to see him.
He has taken the money.
Were you reading a newspaper?
How did you know that?
Nothing new about it.
you were reading the paper and
he walked away with the money.
What do you want me to do now?
Catch a train & finish reading
the remaining newspaper.
sir...- What?
The bag is torn.
No tension boy.
Bring it here.
We'll get it stitched.
place of siva Reddy's assassination...
night...time... (watch isn't working)
I'll be in that building.
9th floor.
Rent a car from some
unknown person.
Look out for a new travel company.
- I need the license.
Advance Rs. 10000.
The meeting starts at 10:30 am
day after tomorrow.
Wait on the road next
to the building.
To crowd thronging the place,
my brothers and sisters,
party men, district leaders, media
and police, thank you very much.
We very well know how unhappy
you are with the present government.
you paid interest for the
money borrowed by them.
you paid taxes for their wrong doings.
Hail siva Reddy!
I'm happy to say that Mr.siva Reddy
will address you shortly.
He is the glimmer of hope
for the minority community.
Hail siva Reddy!
What will you do for my father?
We'll make him our CM.
Louder please.
Assembly must hear that!
We'll make him our CM.
Now father will address you.
Today I see 2 Hussain sagars here.
One is flowing under
the tank bunk,
I see the other one flowing here.
When you whistle,
heroes are born.
When you cast vote,
leaders are born.
If you support one
he becomes a Minister.
Otherwise a wastrel.
When you bless,
leaders live.
When they become despots,
you crush them.
you are the people but
in real mass upheaval.
When you are with me,
no one can dare touch me.
As long as you are with me,
no one can dare touch me.
What happened?- Move.
Call the doctor.
Who killed my father?
Calling control room.
We need more force.
send it immediately.
Come on, seal the North Block.
250 policemen surrounding the building.
Millions in the ground behind.
so, you're left with only 2 options.
surrender or death.
Which one do you prefer?
Have it.- No thanks.
Its alright, have it.
Tastes good.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
I'm going to Basarlapudi,
very famous village.
But you wouldn't have known that.
Do you think I saw that poster
and told you about that village?
That poster is for me.
Don't believe me?
Just a minute...I'll show you.
sathyanarayana Murthy
is my grandfather.
The great Basarlapudi, my village.
I took this photo in our
village festival 12 years back.
Forget it.
That's how my fate runs.
I always lose whatever I like.
My parents died when I was a kid.
I left from my grandfather
1 2 years back.
That's why I'm returning home.
All these 1 2 years, I was working
for a contractor in Gujarat.
When I came to Hyderabad,
I saw these posters here.
I was surprised.
They are searching me
for the past 1 2 years,
it means they still remember me.
I felt bad for making them
suffer all these years.
so, I sent a telegram saying
that I'm coming.
By now, everyone must
be eager to see me.
For the first time, I thought flight to
my village would be very good.
I could go reach faster.
Gudivada...Narsapur Express
running 20 minutes late...
Boy, which station is this?
- Railway station.
people say, you won't get
sleep if you drink coffee.
But I fall asleep as
soon as I've a coffee.
Would you like to have coffee?
I think you're joking.
2 coffees please.
Don't disturb the passengers.
It's him. The brown jacket.
I've biscuits in my bag.
They would taste great with coffee.
shit! I missed.
Quick! Round up the compartment.
He mustn't escape!
Calling all stations.
The killer has escaped.
Alert all stations.
Careful dad.
you put it?
you won't even add salt to food.
But you've decorated
the street with Rangoli.
My fiance pardhu is coming.
WELCOME should be
on the other side.
yes dad.
she has written WELCOME
in the opposite direction.
Its alright.
If it is written in that
direction, it means,
"we feel happy on your arrival".
If it is in this direction, it means,
"we feel very happy
for your departure".
Isn't it?
Instead of writing WELCOME,
ByE would do, huh?
your father hasn't understood
this concept yet?
Where are you going?
To receive pardhu.
How will you recognize him?
He would be a young man now.
she's right.
- He will recognize us. Let's go.
But you've grown old.
Oh god! you gave me a Question bank
instead of a daughter.
Mom, brother-in-law has come.
Why are you shouting?
pardhu has come.
Mom, my fiance has come.
Lalitha, hold this. Careful.
He is very tall.
He is taller than me.
your aunt.
Didn't recognize her?
pardhu, where were you
all these days?
He is like his father.
Did you ever wanted to see
us all these years?
We were eagerly waiting for you.
We are very happy now.
Thank god you've come back.
Why don't you say something?
Come pardhu.
Ward off evil eyes.
- Give it to me.
Why are you standing there?
Come...come here.
she is very shy.
Can't you recognize her? poori.
Throw it outside.
I meant the threshold
not the kitchen.
your mom brought this idol of Rama
from her parents' home.
Happiness or sorrows,
she shared them with him.
she says Lord Rama will
listen to her prayers.
Now that she is in heaven
with Lord Rama,
anything we say to Lord Rama
is saying to your mother.
That's why I brought you here.
sister-in-law, your pardhu has come.
He has come back home
after so many years.
But you haven't spoken a word.
I've been waiting for him
for the past 12 years.
Can't he wait 10 more
minutes for me to talk?
May be he is hungry.
Give him something to eat. Go.
Couldn't you bring better bananas?
What are they coming for?
To see the girl or bananas?
you talk too much.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Greetings.- Greetings.
Why did you get up?
please sit down.
We are bride's people,
we've to respect the groom's people.
It's impossible to talk to him.
Bujji, go & get betel leaves.- Okay.
Want to ask her anything?
Tell your girl to ask
him something.
she is very innocent girl.
send her to our house and
we'll teach her everything.
It's alright sit.
Why have you come here?
Bride seeing ceremony is over there.
Grow up pardhu.
I didn't mean growing taller.
I meant the mental growth.
Take it.
Considers herself a princess!
Consider you go to buy
an Ambassador Car.
There is a Benz car next to it.
Which one will you buy?
Consider you go to
buy a portable TV.
There is a big....- plasma.
There is a plasma TV next to it.
Which one will you buy?
My sister is an Ambassador.
I'm the Benz car.
she is portable TV.
I'm a plasma TV.
she is a Lifebouy soap.
I'm a Lux soap.
My beauty shouldn't
hamper her chances.
That's why I came here.
Once she gets married,
I will get a Hritik Roshan
or a Abhishek Bachchan.
Even you're unable to
turn your eyes off me.
Oh god! Why did you make
me so beautiful?
Don't worry poori.
your parents are
worried unnecessarily.
you're not so beautiful.
your eyes aren't so big.
your nose is dented
as if punched by someone.
you're not so fair.
Then, why should they worry?
you mean, I'm not beautiful.
you think you look beautiful,
because they say so.
Everyone will say Benz is beautiful
but people buy only Ambassador.
Believe me.
Just go down happily.
Let me see who says
you're beautiful.
pardhu, take a look again and say...
someone broke it with a ball.
What happened?
What is it?
she says ldly is good but
the chutney is horrible.
I see.
she says chilly powder would do.
Keep quiet.
It is not about ldlies or chutney.
Am I right?
In the upstairs...
I'll tell them.
The power went off when she
was watching TV upstairs.
"When you can conduct
such big functions,
can't you afford to rent
a generator", she says.
I ate.
Oh my god! - Headache?
What happened?
Ear pain?
What happened?
Neck pain.
What happened?
I'll tell you.
pardhu said she is not beautiful.
Is poori not beautiful?
Don't worry brother.
I'll handle the matter.
Is poori not beautiful?
Is her mother beautiful?
Is her aunt beautiful?
Aren't we living with them?
And you...?
What does he say?
He wants to know our demands.
Ask him to apologize to her.
What's your problem?
Everyone says she is beautiful.
But you say she is not.
Who is wrong, you or her?
Us.- shut up.
Apologize my boy.
We are not going to give up.
- Let me talk to him.
What will you talk?
- They are talking as they like.
stop it....stop it.
Why are you shouting?
He is a brilliant boy,
even before marriage, he understood
that girls are not beautiful.
What I mean to say is,
this is not just poori's problem.
It is a problem to
the womanhood.
Neither boy pardhu nor
a scholar like me can solve it.
so, I'm leaving it to god.
- What?
I'll count to 3.
When I say 3,
if it rains, it means
women are beautiful.
If it does not rain...?
This is cheating.
- What?
We won't agree.
- Why?
The rain must come from the sky.
Counting 3 is very short.
Do you want me to
count to 3 million?
I'm very poor in maths.
I can't count more than that.
Gentle mischievous breeze
pinched the maiden's body...
Black clouds are thundering...
And chase with angry lightning...
The shores have melted...
Flowed in spate...
In our village...
in our courtyards...
A thousand myriad hues...
The beautiful gentle rain...
Falling at the time
of happy moments...
Even the moon of the sky will
descend here to be part of it...
To reveal the secrets
behind the silence...
Calling you with affection...
With a bang in your heart...
It's a rollicking foot tapping music...
Turning the bliss into
moments of wonder...
Won't it melt away the time?
In the lap of the
magical moments...
Won't it make you forget years?
Festoon of stars will
light our home...
shining bright like
a pearl chain...
spreading the fragrance
of sandalwood...
Turning our courtyard into
a garden of flowers...
Tune of happiness in
the rhythm of smiles...
speed of light in the flowers...
Where was it all these years?
This choral music...
spread it's charm now only...
Happiness spread around
as fun and frolic...
New tunes of bliss are playing
here like fresh first rains...
The fun and frolic is
touching the sky...
It's music of love and
affection all over here...
CBl Office...Hyderabad.
....Old man's room...
Why watch movies early
morning instead of studying?
Okay, I'll find out.
How many films...?
I'm trying to find out the answer.
How many films did Krishna act?
Krishnarjuna yudham,
Krishna thulabaram,...
The question is not how many films
NTR played Lord Krishna's role.
How many films did
super star Krishna act?
Around 300 films.
I want the exact figure.
What bothers you?
My grand daughter is
answering a TV quiz.
I'll find it from some
intelligent person.
Can't you know such simple things?
Why have you come here?
He said you called for me.
siva Reddy murder case has
been entrusted to us.
Must be dealt very carefully.
Would 2 or 3 days be enough
for you to investigate?
I need 4 or 5 days to read this.
If you need 4 or 5 days to read this,
how many days will you need
to understand what you read,
how many days will you need to
investigate what you understood,
and how many years will you need
to prepare the investigation report?
I'm not trying to confuse you.
I'll do it.
What is it dear?
Kamal Hasan's first wife's name?
I'm sending 2 men.
They'll tell you.
your general knowledge is zero. Go.
Hello, it's me.
Find out which TV channel
my grand daughter is watching,
file a case against the
channel & close it down.
silly questions? Idiot.
Hi pardhu! How are you?
- It has been very long since we met.
When did you arrive?
- I saw you when you were a kid.
you've grown very tall.
- I knew you will come.
I've informed all and he too
and brought him here.
I still know your tastes.
Fish curry. Mutton curry.
you finish it off.
Till then I'll wait outside.
No thanks.
you talk. I'll stand outside.
you told me about his arrival.
so, you talk.- No thanks.
It was Giri who told me
about your arrival.
I'm not in a hurry.
Talk to him first. I'll go out.
Giri stop.
- He is a big nonsense.
you can't stop him
once he starts.
Atleast you tell him.
Wow! He remembers our names.
-You are right.
That's friendship.
you're fit for nothing.
pardhu, you haven't changed.
- He grew little taller.
you finish.- No, you talk.
After you left the village,
I stopped eating dinner.
Didn't doctor advice you to skip
dinner to reduce your weight?
Just pour your feelings.
I'll stand outside.
Okay. I won't talk. Happy?
so, what's hot, pardhu?
-You tell me.
Our villagers have got
settled in different places.
Good in studies have become teachers
and others started new schools.
Intelligent are doing
finance business.
Foolish are paying interest
to do agriculture.
Let's go out to have
a smoke and tea.
Just a minute. I'll inform my aunt.
Cigarettes for her? Not necessary.
I'll atleast inform her
about having coffee.
Okay then.
sambar is tasteless.
Hey boy, change the glass.
He has mistaken water
for sambar.
It's been very long since we came here.
Do you owe money
to this shopkeeper?
Have you ever felt sad about shekar?
But I felt many times that
we committed a grave mistake.
Why dig the past?
What he did was wrong?
you could've advised him then.
I was only 10 then.
- He was also 10.
Whatever it is, what you did was wrong.
What did he do?
Waging the age of 10.
Is it right?
Whose life? Who waged?
Who was 10 years old?
I'm not giving you any information.
I'm talking about my feeling.
Why do you feel?
Because it is an incident to feel.
What was the incident?
Why are you scratching old wounds?
Who scratched? What wound?
It happened 12 years ago.
What happened?
It's an unforgivable sin.
Then, why did you talk about it then?
When I was busy eating
the burnt stuff,
who tortured me like a belly dancer
showing little and covering little?
Tell me what happened?
Tell me what is happening?
Tell me what will happen?
I want to know that now.
I must know.
I must know about it.
Tell him.
He'll say his version
like a lawyer.
I'll say like a judge
acceptable to all.
Whatever it is,
tell it on my face.
12 years back,
in this village,
myself, pardhu, Giri & priest's son
shekar were studying 5th std.
One day pardhu teased
shekar as coward.
shekar objected to it.
so, pardhu challenged
him to a bet.
Visit cemetery at 1 2 midnight,
I will agree that you're
not a coward.
I will go. I'm not scared.
Okay. We'll keep 4 lemons
on peer sahib's grave in the afternoon.
you must bring them
back at night.
Okay sure.
We insisted not to go.
But pardhu went to shekar's
house & woke him up.
shekar alone went to
the cemetery in the night.
He took 3 out of 4 lemons
which we had kept there.
While taking the 4th one,
he felt like someone
pulling him from behind.
He thought it was a ghost.
And his heart stopped beating.
Next morning we saw
it was branch of a tree.
Fear is worse than ghost.
Where is pardhu?
sharma hasn't come
out of the shock yet.
you know shailaja, right?
shekar's sister.
she was taken to hospital
recently finding difficult to breath.
Doctors said she has
a hole in the heart.
Operation would cost 2 lakhs.
sharma trusts his god
for everything.
How will god help him
when he's dependent on priest?
Would you like to eat? No.
people come to this
temple to offer prayers,
but never offer anything to god.
Worst fellows.
shall we go to his house once?
Excuse me sir...
Who is that?
We were on the way to Rajamundry
We had a flat tyre.
Oh no! There is no shop around.
It's alright.
We will go pushing the car.
Could you please give some water?
- Just a minute.
Also bring something to eat.
We came here to help & not to eat.
Then, tell them that you're pardhu.
Why lie to them?
I want to help them rather
than telling them the truth.
Help? It is no child's play?
It is a heart surgery.- I know.
Do trees in your house bear
money instead of fruits?
Is it not enough if trees in
this house bears money?
What is that?- Money.
Money? How much?
3 lakhs. - 3 lakhs...!?
Isn't that enough?
Have you got it like that?
you threw 3 lakhs
for a hibiscus plant.
Had it been a banana tree,
would you've thrown 5 lakhs?
There is nothing inside.
Just some sweetmeat
offered to the god.
Do you've to feel so bad to say that?
I like it very much.
It would be handy on
our way back.
It's alright take it.
Let's go.- Just a minute.
If you don't mistake me,
let me tell you something.
Ask Aunty to offer prayers
everyday to the Holy Basil plant.
she offers prayers everyday.
Not just prayers, tell her to
offer Hibiscus flowers too.
It'll give boons...- Come.
Okay.- Tell her to
clean the place too.
There's lot of....dust...
Don't forget to clean it.
Where is he?
Do you know Lord Rama & Hanuman
visited priest's home last night?
surprised? It's you the Rama sans
seetha and I the Hanuman sans tail.
I know that we can gamble & drink
for 6 months if we've Rs.3 lakhs.
Now I know we can take Lord Rama
to priest sharma's home.
Why are you silent?
God shouldn't be dull.
I'm not a god.
I'm not even an ordinary
human like you.
Thank god didn't say
you weren't pardhu.
yes...I'm not pardhu.
If you weren't pardhu,
why did you give money to sharma?
Because pardhu was
responsible for their misery.
If you weren't Murthy's grandson,
why did you come to this village?
I was responsible
for pardhu's death.
Little confusing but
I've understood it.
One last question.
If you didn't kill siva Reddy,
why don't you find who killed him?
Who should I ask?
siva Reddy is dead,
so you've to ask Baji Reddy.
He's no kid to tell me
on asking him.
you can't leave it,
put police pressure on him.
police are combing for me.
Oh! Then it's good for you
to be underground.
That's what I'm doing now.
yes indeed!
you revealed your secrets to me.
What if I tell it to everyone here?
I didn't tell you on asking me,
I told you because I trust you.
Not that...
I trust you because...
...there's no one more trustworthy
like Hanuman to Rama.
siva Reddy's place of assassination...
Killer's place of operation.
A man slated to become
next CM and one lakh crowd...
20 TV news channels...
Z category security...
20 inches gun and
two kilogram head.
pull the trigger and gone.
There are 3 problems in it.
One, the bullet wasn't
fired from this gun.
If we assume killer
had two guns,
he fired with one and
left this one here.
Two, if he fires from
this angle,
the bullet must hit his head here,
it hit the centre of the forehead.
Three, police ran to this building
after siva Reddy is shot dead.
Kumar, block the North Block.
As if informed earlier.
They could've heard
the bullet sound.
10000 watts sound...
- No one dare to harm me.
In that sound...hearing the
bullet sound is impossible.
What happened after that?
He jumped from the
building on to a train.
From here?
India would've bagged a gold
had he been to the Olympics.
Hey poori, introduce your
fiance to us. friends.
Have you forgotten me?
you gave a sweet and kissed me
when we were in class 3.
Don't you remember?
It's me...your padhu!
My parents think he's an
innocent complan boy.
They don't know he's very
complicated boy.
He's a snake appearing
like a nylon rope.
A rattle snake appearing
like a thread.
Moreover showing airs as
if he doesn't talk to girls.
When he does everything silently,
there's no need for him to talk.
When he saw everything
at the age of ten,
whatelse will he do at 25
other than watching TV.
He doesn't like a poori at home
but loves that chapathi face.
I'm driving myself crazy.
When he has such
a love story in class 3,
don't know how many padhus
and kisses he had till date?
Why should I bother about that?
What happened?
you fell down.
I know that...but how?
May be giddiness.
Now I remember.
I tripped on leg and fell down.
How can you trip on your leg?
I tripped on your leg not mine.
I'm here and you are there.
How can my leg reach there?
you can.
- How?
shall I do it?
Now I'm you...walk.
Not there...walk here.
Near the ball.
Walk again.
Third time again.
Don't worry about
falling down poori,
practice walking everyday,
you'll soon learn to walk well.
Where are the bullets?
We have marbles, don't we?
Oh god! Grandpa!
What happened to you boys?
Don't you know what to play
with what to not play with?
That was your father's gun.
If anything blocks the barrel,
it will ricochet.
Every summer he used to
go on an hunting expedition.
I think the servant didn't
clean the gun well.
A stone was left in the barrel.
such a small one.
Like the size of a marble
the boys play with.
your mother too died within
a year of your father's death.
people say time
makes us forget them.
But is he any memory to forget?
My life.
Where is the tenth?
We had 10 marbles, right?
Where is the tenth?
sir, Naidu's men are putting
fence in our lands.
Who are they?
He's Naidu, who owns
the adjacent lands.
Troublesome man.
He has been waiting long
to usurp our 5 acre land,
now he has dared to fence it.
What is this Naidu?
Just as MRO was saying you call it
fencing in English, and you walked in.
Don't act smart.
Look, when I answer him,
he calls it smartness.
If I don't he'll say I'm arrogant.
What am I to do now?
Remove the fence from my land
and put in your land's boundary.
MRO, you know he has
an eye on my land,
I don't mind if you fail
to stop such injustice,
it's gross injustice
if you supervise it.
Look Mr. Murthy,
if you feel this land is yours,
move the court,
it's a civil case,
if you come and
create trouble here,
that will be a criminal case.
If you give up vexed
with Naidu's troubles,
you'll save a lot of time.
That's the best.
It happened like this,
so the land is yours,
but the documents are mine.
I'll call police and
get you arrested.
I thought you use
only 1957 model car,
your mentality is also
the same old model.
It's difficult for you.
Go...go to the station.
Get down.
Any problem?
Naidu is putting up
fence in our land.
He would've done it unknowingly,
we can remove it later.
I'll tell him once.
Let him go, he's going
to talk only, isn't he?
I don't want him to talk
with that Naidu.
Is he any big shot?
Old man's grandson.
Came back recently.
Looks very soft.
Mr. Naidu, you are doing
the wrong thing.
I know...but I couldn't give it up.
What to do? I used to smoke
a pack everyday.
Now I've reduced it very much.
I didn't mean about cigarettes.
By any chance about the land?
Look, your grandpa went
to the sl now,
I paid him a bribe of
Rs.10000 last evening.
He'll come now and
shake hands with me,
it will surely raise your
grandpa's blood pressure,
you've to carry him then.
so, be ready near the fencing.
Naidu, you are playing with fire.
you'll be reduced to ashes.
Mr. MRO, you tell him,
this land is ours.
That means you are helpless
in this matter, right?
you can't do anything, right?
He's little orthodox.
What's this violence?
stop...why this side?
Just now I asked you,
can you help out?
I'll do it now,
if you want to see, stay back
or else go away.
Do you know the importance
of these papers?
Why are you leaving it behind?
I'll meet you in the evening,
if you are alive.
Hey stop man!
I'll pay Rs. 100000 to the
sl you paid Rs. 10000,
he'll close the case
as an accident death.
Decide between life and land now.
Kill the man! Kill him!
He shouldn't go alive.
How dare to threaten me!
Kill him...kill him.
Why did you spare him?
I want to go.
One minute...
It seems you thrashed Naidu's men.
Giri told me.
I did thrash them.
Thrashed them?
They would've come drunk.
They would've fallen
just for your push.
If I had been there,
no fights,
just one wink they'll fall flat.
That's what the talk
is going around.
What? Making fun of me?
When I'm talking to you,
why are you going away as
if listening to the radio?
Are you proud of your
fair complexion?
yes.- What?
What are you looking at?
I've been watching you
since I came here,
you are overdoing things,
not a kilogram of flesh
in the body,
What makes you so proud?
I'll cut your plaits on some midnight
when everyone is sleeping.
you'll see hell...move out!
How dare to scold me?
Leave me...Ieave me...
What will you do if I leave you?
I'll go straight to my room.
How dare to beat a girl!
Hey girl! - Bloody!
Can you do anything if you are tall?
poori, I'm telling you.
I'll tell grandpa and
get you lynched.
Leave me.
Grandpa...he's killing me.
I'll tell grandpa.
No need of grandpa.
Let's settle it between us.
How can we settle things?
you have beaten me, bloody bully!
I don't want your sorry.
Listen to me.
I'll not listen.
- please listen to me.
No...I'll not...- you needn't go to
grandpa for everything.
May I tell you...
Though you know it...
The more you get angry,
the more I love you....
Caress me...
smoothen me...
I feel pity on you...
Don't try, my dear...
I'm no more what I was...
you are the moon beam
of my eyes...
still want more...
Did I say it's enough?
What's the meaning of leave me?
Is it to mean leave you alone?
Why do you always
fall on me, silly girl?
How can I stop myself from
crossing the line of decency?
Can men ever understand a woman?
The thorns may prick
the tender rose petals...
why raise noise?
I'm in the scabel...
Don't try to take it out, girl...
If you mishandle it,
you may cut yourself...
Let whatever happen,
I'll take it...
May I teach you
the fun of love...
Is your beauty a burden
to you tender girl...
It's a run straight into
the heart to the prince...
For this princess...
I'm here for the last 25 years.
What's your problem?
He's the doctor here.
sorry....where is the mortuary?
Open the door man.
stay here. the body.
Look sir...this is the injury...
Is it okay to you?
Have you checked his belongings?
- We checked but got nothing.
I'll give him a tablet
if he doesn't get better.
shift the body to Hyderabad.
- Okay sir.
If anyone comes to claim,
hand over it to them.
Is it your first visit
to the mortuary?
Me too!
Next you.
Wait...that's it.
you next.
Not there....
you are...?
I'm Anjaneya prasad.
- Me!
Did you play chess
without knowing him?
you should know to play chess,
you don't need to know Murthy.
I'm Murthy, please tell me.
I'm from Central Bureau of lnvestigation.
- What?
Is it any new insurance company?
I need a small help from you.
What can I do sir?
parthasarathy...? - My grandson.
I want to meet him once.
she'll get another one for me.
Call pardhu here.
Grandpa is calling you pardhu.
What if we take pardhu's finger prints,
and check it's presence in
the place of murder.
Why will he give his finger prints?
Let's take it secretly.
Why to take risk sir?
What if he turns out
to be the killer?
Not only that murder, may be
he had killed siva Reddy too.
The gun found there may
have his finger prints.
Who knows?
Don't take chances.
Are my visiting cards there?
There's only one.
sprinkle powder on it
and bring it here.
No need of signature.
I didn't expect to
get you so easily.
sathyanarayanamurthy's residence,
Break Time!
same residence...
10 minutes later...
Why are you perplexed?
On seeing a CBl officer where not
even a constable can come.
Why you are here?
A long story but I'll make it short.
Opposition Leader siva Reddy was killed
40 days ago, you may know that.
His killer ran away in a train,
nobody had seen him.
But the sp who chased him
saw him from behind.
so, when the train stopped
in Gudivada station,
sp fired at him seeing the
shirt he was wearing.
But instead of the killer
an innocent man lost his life.
We couldn't get his details,
but the compartment and seat
where his body was found,
we got this reservation
form from the Railways.
In it...'s written like this.
you are pardhu, aren't you?
Why someone else was
sitting in your seat?
When I got down in
Vijayawada for water,
the train went away.
I travelled by road from there.
I don't know who sat
there after that.
Before you got down
in Vijayawada,
did you find anyone suspicious
in the compartment?
I mean someone getting
into the train hurriedly,
spending long time
in the bathroom,
or tensed up always.
I didn't observe much. try to recollect.
you want it now...?
No...I don't want you to tell now,
you can call me whenever
you remember it.
I don't have your phone number.
No problem,
I'll give you my card.
you can call me as soon as...
He's a real man.
Men hit with anger
or with strength.
He hit dedicatedly.
Like building a fort...Iike breeding
new varieties of Rose plants...
Very carefully...he hit with rules.
He's man, my boy.
you've been calling him
a man for last few days.
If he's a man,
are we eunuchs then?
Just say yes,
I'll break his bones and use it
as fertilizer to our plants.
If we are short of fertilizers,
let's take loans,
stay away from him, boy.
you'll lose honour.
so, you say I can't beat him.
shall I kill him then?
Day after tomorrow there's
a festival in village,
everyone will visit the village,
he'll also come.
But he'll not go back.
There will be four sumos
waiting near the lake,
as soon as he crosses it,
we'll bump him off.
Luckily if he crosses it,
three more sumos will be
waiting near the hillock,
if he manges to escape
from there also,
I'll keep 5 sumos waiting for him
near the sugar cane fields.
Why so many vehicles?
To attend any marriage?
you need weapons to kill,
why do you need sumos
and Qualis vehicles?
What do you want me
to also then?
Do you want me to
get drunk like you?
Do you know how patient a Tiger will
be before pouncing on a deer?
so, how patient should we
be to hunt the Tiger itself?
Near hillocks and lakes...
Why don't you kill him
near the temple?
you'll get Goddess' blessing too.
No need of so many vehicles, boy.
petrol prices have also gone up.
All of you go in one vehicle.
Hey stop the noise man.
Did you see how dangerous
the silence is?
The more you are silent,
the murder will be so violent.
Take off your hands.!
Isn't he Bujji? - yes.
What is his name?
- I don't know.
Will you come to kill without
knowing his name too?
Hey man!
Don't consider it a heroism
to beat my brother-in-law?
If you have guts beat Bujji.
Who is he?
Me...Nagasamudram Bujji
Come here...
What sir?
We are talking and you are...
Are you thinking why we
have come in one car?
Look around you.
Who are they?
so many to beat one man?
Is it too many?
He has come....
Oh My god!
He showed just his
other side to Naidu.
Bujji's chapter is over today.
Come on run away boys!
Hey No! This is not fair!
I'll not accept.
Hey I paid you Rs. 500!
I'll repay you tomorrow.
No use fighting him. Get her.
What is this?
Take her.
Why are you forcing me?
Dare to touch her.
Our family respects women.
What's all this?
What's all this nuisance in public?
Any man going to temple
will offer prayers.
Nobody will go to fight.
Already we have troubles
with Naidu.
Do we have to get beaten up
by his brother-in-law too?
He didn't get beaten up,
he beat them.
He irritated him...
Is he a little boy
to irritate and pacify?
What are you thinking?
Are you planning to run away
again if I scold you?
I'll break your legs.
Why are you laughing?
Have food.
Give me.
What's this?
Nothing, little bruises.
you are hurt severely and
call it little bruises.
I'll feed you,
spice will burn your wound.
Is her presence disturbing you?
Foolish girl! she doesn't know
to eat even if I feed her.
you eat.
you had food in the afternoon.
Did you add ghee to the food?
This chutney was prepared
by your aunt, it'll be delicious.
What son?
Is it for grandpa scolding you?
Have the memories of your running
away from home come back?
Why didn't you come all these
years if you were so sad?
I never knew home
would be so good.
If I knew it, I would have
come long back.
Come on eat.
What did you do then?
I thought of giving
kerchief to wipe off his tears.
Isn't it little too much?
That's why I didn't give.
you talk all this with us only.
you turn into a statute
on seeing him.
What to do?
He's so handsome.
He'll see you if you
too are beautiful.
Am I not beautiful?
For locals you are okay,
but he's from Gujarat.
Got it.
you want North lndian style, right?
Listen to me fully.
Why do you insist on
living alone in winter?
Hey Boy come to me...
I'll be the warmth of fire
in the cold...
Look at me once...
you'll lose nothing...
Is kiss sour to you?
Talk to me...
If not fight with me...
show interest in me...
you are torturing me
in my dreams...
I'm squeezing the
pillow in anger...
Dreams are in your head...
Don't say it and try
to come near me...
I've let down my shyness...
Am I not beautiful?
I'm watching your ploys on me...
I'm watching the rain of colours...
Do you like me so much?
I said everything,
still having doubts?
Come to my dream...
there's much to show you,
wanna see it?
A bud in the stem...
you are treasure house of tricks...
I was a home bird till yesterday...
Today I'm on cloud nine
because of you...
Don't make romantic
conversations with me....
I've heard it, my dear.
If you get any mischievous
idea on me...
I'll not say no to you...
I lose breath in your arms...
stay in my heart..
Have you come dressed
to kiss me?
Take it.
Give me fifty more,
I've to return empty.
Why to go empty?
Wait for ten days, I'll join you.
Goes empty...
Did you bring train I asked you?
- I bought it.
It's waiting in the railway
platform, go and get it.
Are you doing well?
I'm fine.
No Bp or diabetes.
you said you'll come on saturday,
but have come on Friday.
Give it to me.
I'll spend night in the station
and come tomorrow morning.
I didn't mean like that.
Remove your hand.
Don't get angry...please come.
please sit.
shall I arrange for your bath?
No, I'll jump into the well, fish out
my body later in the evening.
Why do you get angry
for everything?
Why shouldn't l?
There are so many cars here,
can't you send one to pick me up?
We didn't knew your arrival...
- shut up!
Why are you arguing with me?
- Me?
Eating like a buffalo...
What is son?
Oh! father-in-law!
When did you come?
Just now father-in-law.
I would have sent a car
if I knew you were coming.
No need of car.
I would've come at your call.
Looks like you are going out.
- To the fields.
Come early, it's very hot outside.
- Okay.
Bless me father-in-law.
He's old but great.
What was I saying?
Eating like buffalo...
Have you started your
fight on arrival?
Don't accuse me like that brother.
Do you think I love to scold
my wife on arrival?
Already it's five minutes
since I'm here.
you'll never change.
Forget about me,
it seems pardhu is here.
He came just as you'd come.
Isn't there any difference
between me & him?
son-in-law is like season,
comes and goes away.
Grandson is like a tree,
once here always here.
Uncle, when did you come?
Just now.
How long are you going to stay?
It's summer, so I'll stay for
two to three months only.
sorry dear, I missed
your engagement.
It seems the groom is average.
people said.
Kittu, he's pardhu.
Why is he so tall?
you got married after he
ran away from home.
Thank god, they didn't postpone
honeymoon after his return.
What did you study?
If you'd thought like this while studying,
you'd have got a degree.
That's why, never neglect education.
It means knowledge
is like wine,
the more you drink,
the more strength.
Why are you stunned?
Don't you know English?
Divine doesn't mean
wine or whisky.
It means great.
Are they interpreting
like this now?
They will interpret like that only.
Come.- But where?
I'll tell you. Come.
They ogle at me.
simply wink at them.
They will get stunned.
They are after me after
I winked at them.
Do you like anyone of them?
Then why did you do that?
To know whether they like me or not.
One of them is ready to marry me.
What do you want me to do now?
The other day you hit Bujji.
Hit them now.
I don't know who they are.
The one smoking cigarette is Anji.
Next to him is Nalla seenu.
The fatso is subbu.
Why are you staring at me?
Now that you know who they are,
go & beat them.
How can I beat them just like that?
you don't have to beat
them just like that.
I'll pay you Rs. 30 for
beating those 3.
Will Rs. 50 do?
Coffee.- Where is the saucer?
Removed it because it's second coffee?
Tomorrow, will you pour
coffee in my hands?
Where are you going?
- To get the saucer.
What do you want me
to do with this?
shall I hold it like this
till you come back?
Give it to me.
- Why are you getting irritated?
Me? - Or do you mean me?
What are you doing?
Give that to me.
There is saucer too.
saucer, Cup, Coffee.
Is it enough?
shouldn't the coffee be hot?
I'll bring you hot cup of coffee.
Use your brain.
I'm going for a jogging.
This paste is giving lot of foam.
Why don't we get such
pastes in our village?
We do get it.
But we should ask for
shaving cream instead of paste?
Brother, take it fast.
The ball fell between the sacks.
- Move.
Take it.
you are very strong, dad.
Look at my muscles.
How are they?- Very tight.
Touch it.
It hard as our school table.
- Hit me.
Its alright, hit me.
you hit me.
My hands are paining.
Do you also want to hit me?
Hit me....
Hit me...
No uncle.
I'm not hitting him.
Instead I want him to hit me.
you don't worry.
Hit me.
Feeling shy?
Or is it respect?
All three.
you city boys are very soft.
When I was in your age,
I can break a wall.
Just hit him once, pardhu.
He won't leave you till then.
showing mercy on me?
My body is a stone.
Hit me.
Why are you turning that side?
CBl Office...Anjaneya prasad's room
...Tea time...
We forgot to investigate
some things in this case.
siva Reddy came to
the meeting at 10:30.
He was on the dais at 10:45
- No sir.
He came on to the dais at 1 1 :10
and addressed the gathering.
siva Reddy came to
the meeting at 10:30.
He started to address at 1 1 :10.
The bullet hit him at 1 1 :13.
police surrounded the
building at 1 1 :20.
The killer jumped on to
the train at 1 1 :25 & escaped.
He started to address at 1 1 :10.
The bullet hit him at 1 1 :13.
police surrounded the
building at 1 1 :20.
The killer jumped on to
the train at 1 1 :25...- No thanks.
Why did he risk to jump
on to the train?
He could have taken the road.
The police surrounded
the building by then.
The bullet hit him at 1 1 :13.
police surrounded the
building at 1 1 :20.
There were 7 minutes in between.
He had time for a cup of coffee & go.
- you're right sir.
But at the same time,
an accident took place on that road.
yes sir. There was an accident.
Road where a car and tanker collided.
This is the road.
A petrol tanker from this road
hit a car taking U-turn.
stop the car.
Go back.
Corporation has put a barricade to stop
heavy vehicles from entering this road.
somebody cut the barricade.
Find if a petrol tank was parked in
front of any house a day before murder.
Hari, have you found the travel
agent the car belonged to?
yes, I've found him.
- Bring him here.
you said you'll hit him.
Are you going to hit him
with this rope?
This isn't just a rope, dear.
If you tie it here,
it is loin thread,
if you tie it here,
it is a noose,
if you tie it here,
it is a holy thread.
If you tie there...?
- He'll fall.
What I'm going to say
should remain a secret,
it must be between you & me.
He'll come inside.
Will walk straight looking
at the window.
He'll get stuck by the rope
and will fall on the bed.
He'll cover a rug and sleep.
But I've taken away the
bed spread & the screws.
since there are no screws,
when he falls on the bed..
...first the cot will break.
Then he'll fall on the floor
and his bones will break.
Then he'll scream like hell.
people will bring a doctor.
Doctor will say he has
broken his hip.
On hearing this, your grand father
will shout "Oh my boy".
your mom will shout "pardhu..."
your sister will shout "Brother-in-law..."
Darling...- It my wife.
Where is my husband?
He went down just now.
He never stays put in a place.
Did you see your uncle?- No.
she pushed me really hard.
Where is he?
Why do you open the windows?
Mosquitoes will enter
into the house.
you never listen to me.
He is not there.
That's why I came here.
He is going down.
- Not again.
I've been looking....- For me?
Hot coffee in a cup & saucer.
He is not speaking.
Let's take him to pardhu's room.
It is very spacious.
Oh no!
put him here.
put him here.
Why have you put him here?
put him on the bed.
since he exercises everyday,
he is able to bear the pain.
I won't tell anyone.
He is trying to say something.
Quick. put on the bed.
Everything will be alright.
What are they?
Where did you get these from?
This cot's screws, aunty.
Where is Ravi?- lnside.
They both say it is him.
The one who parked petrol tanker
and the one who hired car are the same.
I'll close the door.
I'll close the door.
I'll close the door.
screw lose.- For whom?
The door.
Can't you open the door?
Why make me open it?
Went to bed so soon?
He has no feelings.
I heard some noise.
It's mine.
It was pricking my head,
so I kept it there.
It was suffocating.
Do you think, to open this door,
I opened the windows & tried to
open the doors with the hair pin.
I never said that.
you don't have to say that.
your looks are enough.
you look at me like
a police looking at a criminal.
That's how my looks are.
When you look at my friends,
you give some heroic looks.
I'm not giving any heroic looks.
But you are exposing
like the heroines from evening.
stop showing off.
I can't bear that.
you don't have to break your head.
If I keep this behind the door,
don't have to look at this Miss lndia.
What is it?- A chair.
What for?
Everything here are lose.
I meant the screws.
The door will not open
if I keep it behind it.
Why the chair?
Instead nail the door with
some piece of wood.
If that is not enough,
inform grandfather to remove
the door & build a wall.
Then, you don't have to
look at my face.
I'm crying but you never
tried to console me.
Actually poori...
No. Don't console me
after I told you.
If you really like me,
you wouldn't have stopped
even if I told you to do so.
you never liked me.
But I was after you
all these days.
I called you "fiance"
so many times,
but you never showed
any love for me.
Not now.
you are tall & handsome.
you can speak English.
Any girl will fall for you.
But no one looks at me.
Why not?
Forget about others,
did you care to see me?
Did you ever consider
me as a woman?
What are you talking, poori?
Have you ever told me that
I look good in these clothes?
I wish to. But it won't look good.
Did you notice the clothes
I'm wearing?
Do you think I'm blind?
Tell me the color of my long skirt?
Don't look down. Just tell me.
What is the relation between the two?
Who said you are not beautiful? said that.
I was just...
Don't lie that you were joking.
That wasn't a joke. It is true.
Then, I didn't know that
you were so beautiful.
I'm the same even now.
But I'm not.
We see moonbeam everyday.
Only sometimes we feel
it is beautiful.
But it's the same everyday.
The change is not there.
It is here.
Didn't get me, right?
I broke the wall because
someone ogled at you.
I hit him, just because he...- Bujji.
I hit Bujji.
How do you want me to
express my love?
I'm not like others.
I don't know to live.
Only now, I'm learning to live.
still didn't get me?
you were worried
why the door hasn't opened.
On the other side of the door,
I was waiting for the door to open.
That's the difference between us.
yes true...
I like you...
This minute...
I realized the truth...
The screen of chillness
will vanish now...
you know, don't you?
Do you've to ask
what you know already?
Why don't you come out
before I ask you?
Is it enough if I whisper
into your ears?
Heart may refuse to
accept your rejection...
Though you drive it away,
it refuses to accept no from you...
you may come every time
you see me...
you may arrest me
in your charm...
I think it's wrong to be so
stubborn in spurning me...
you may lose something
if you don't allow me to be alone...
My heart will not hear me...
you know, don't you?
Do you've to take the risk
knowing it very well?
I'm running through a storm
to an unknown destination...
I've no time to admire
the beauty of flowers...
Did I ask you details?
I just asked you to hear
my heart beat...
Move away...
don't follow me blindly...
Accept me...
I'll be your life partner...
you can't impound
a wild stream...
you know, don't you?
Do you've to drown
me knowing well?
serve them tea.
For whom?
someone has come
to buy the farmland.
Are we selling the farmland?
How can we conduct marriages
without selling the farmlands?
We need 10 lakhs for
your sister's marriage.
so, they are selling 5 acres.
3 lakhs for an acre.
It is close to the water canal.
yield will be around
40 bags of rice per acre.
you are in great need of money.
I can't give you more
than 2 lakhs per acre.
He can't give.
Just because we need money,
you are asking for low price.
That's how it goes.
They buy for pennies
and sell it for dollars.
Never mind if you don't
understand the joke.
But we need the money
within a week. Understood?
I'll give you full cash as soon as
you sign the documents.
sure, he will.
We are an educated family.
We put only signatures.
If your grandson also...- yes...
He will also sign.
It is not only about signing,
but there shouldn't be
any problem in future.
If he is angry on me for buying
the land at low price...
I can't believe you
selling the land...
Got the stamp papers?
yes. But I would like to stop
the deal right now.
Leave me. I can't buy your land.
- He can't.
What happened?
I don't know whether
he didn't like me or my rate.
But his grandson is not
interested to sell the land.
please leave me.
you could've told us before
if you were not interested.
you didn't have to dishonor us.
Why are you still standing here?
As long as he is in this house,
no marriages & no birthdays.
you were celebrating
pardhu's arrival, right?
That will be the last function
in this house.
We don't care who he is.
Who is it?- pardhu.
What is it?
I want to talk to you.
Whatever you did in the morning,
isn't that enough?
you threatened him showing
your finger, didn't you?
If he buys the land,
will you hit him?
Considers himself a big shot!
How much do you want?
How much do you want to
conduct Lalitha's marriage?
10 lakhs.
Will you give it?
Till now, you've lost
too many things.
I don't want you to lose
your land too.
Chanchalguda Jail...where sadhu
is imprisoned for past 8 years.
I was going through your file.
you killed a local leader
in a meeting.
A murder took place recently
very similar to that of yours.
The murder of opposition
leader siva Reddy.
Can you help us?
A professional has done it.
How can you say that?
Telescopic gun.
shot on forehead.
What would be the price?
1 or 2 crores.
so much?
Instead of this job, one such job
will make us settle in life.
Where will they hide
so much money?
In bank.
In bank...?
Even you didn't suspect we'll
deposit in bank, right?
It's true.
All the leads in this
case are dead ends.
An accident occurred near the place
where siva Reddy was murdered.
A car & a petrol tank collided.
The strange thing about this is,
both the vehicles were
hired by the same person.
It is him.
He also died in the accident.
Our case now stands at this point.
He will not kill.
He worked for me.
He plans only the escape.
Murder is done by another one.
Who is it?
How will he look like?
He is very tall.
How would his eyes look like?
Like that of a tiger's eyes
which is on a hunt.
Very angry & focussed.
But you'll not get him.
We searched everything but one.
From 15 days prior to
the siva Reddy's murder,
find out if any individual account has
been deposited with 1 crore & above.
Banks don't reveal such
information to strangers.
Bribe them.
In lndia, you can get
anything with bribe.
How to get a loan of Rs. 1 lakh?
First you must close
the previous loan.
The new is to close the old loan.
Why did he come here?
My grandson pardhu...
- I heard he has come back.
I'm very happy to know that.
He gave me a cheque.
I'm calling from
Tanuku Manjeera bank.
I've received a cheque
from account no 791849.
The customer is a
close friend of mine.
Check the balance & tell me,
I'll pay him the cash.
We can do the transfer later.
A bank in Hyderabad.
The bank is so good, sir.
The girl also looks good.
They are inside.
The name is Nandagopal.
Account no: 791849.
He is operating the
account for the past 2 years.
Any details about the
person who introduced him?
We inquired the address in the books.
But it is fake one.
How much is the balance?
- 1 crore.
Any recent transactions?
10 lakhs was transferred
to another bank recently.
Which bank?
- Tanuku Manjeera Bank.
Name?- prasad.
Not your name.
- Nandagopal.
Going to office?
No, to Tanuku.
When did you come?
your question is a waste.
you saw me coming, didn't you?
Know the time from
the clock up there.
I'm Dattu.- Did I ask your name?
What can I do for you sir?
A right question.
Want to check your accounts.
Who gave you this 10 lakhs cheque?
sathyanarayanamurthy who lives
in Basarlapudi village,
his grandson gave this cheque.
What is his name?
- parthasarathy alias pardhu.
791849 Nandagopal.
But it is written as parthasarathy here.
I didn't check the signature properly.
since I knew him...
Will you spurn me?
Will you refuse me?
Will you say there
are people around?
Can't you come to me now?
Beau, don't know the
way to reach me?
Will you just keep watching me?
Avoiding me...
Will you say no time?
Are you really not
interested in me?
Beau, is love sour to you?
Is closeness sin?
Won't you hear your heart?
I'm calling you beau,
why don't you respond positively?
Why are you after me?
Why don't you stop when I insist?
If you've eyes,
can't you see the beauty?
If you've a heart,
you can find the way.
Don't say no...
O Maiden, just thinking about
you is not enough...
There's no guarantee that
future holds no troubles...
Don't call me...
My thirst will not quench
till I have you...
you can't bear the pain
of Cupid's arrows...
stop your mock fight
with me, my dear...
O mischief girl,
I've heard your call...
Are you hesitating still looking
at my innocent gestures?
Come to me...
you are embarrassing me...
What's your real problem,
tell me girl?
you'll not stop...
Will you accept if
I give myself easily?
If you take chances blindly,
won't I go mad, my dear?
O Boy, why don't you accept me?
Why are you still spurning me?
Do you have to pester me
so much in public, my dear?
Hari, you go this side.
Ravi, you go that side.
Check the first floor & the back yard.
Did you get him?- No sir.
search the back yard.
The boy in your house
is not your grandson.
His name is Nandu,
a professional killer.
We're searching him in connection
with the murder of siva Reddy.
Inform sl to come to TB.
you grandson died in the train.
His body is in the
Gandhi Hospital Mortuary.
What happened?- He escaped.
I knew it.
Until someone else told us
that he is not our grandson,
we didn't know it.
They made rangolis
on his arrival,
prepared variety of dishes,
and even shouted at us.
But now, he made us
all look like fools.
We should check one's identity
rather than welcoming him.
He came home after 12 years.
We thought he was pardhu.
He could be a postman too.
Thank god, police arrived
after the marriage.
If they had come
a little earlier...?
A ruined marriage & our
daughter with a broken heart..
..and she would've remained
a spinster all her life.
How could you say
that so easily?
If the marriage had
been stopped...
We spent 10 lakhs for the marriage.
Our fate, Lord Rama visiting sharma's
home & a devil coming to our home.
He may have killed our pardhu also.
- Who knows?
For a guy who killed siva Reddy,
pardhu is nothing.
you're right.
If police were late, he would've
killed me for suspecting him.
you're right.
He is a cheat.
He pointed a gun on Naidu's head
and threw him out of your land.
you will never know
what he had done.
10 lakhs were spent on
your daughter's marriage.
you didn't sell the land.
your wives didn't sell the gold.
Krishnamurthy never
applied for a loan.
Then, how did this marriage take place?
He gave the money.
He gave a cheque of
Rs. 10 lakhs to grandfather.
Did anyone of you know this?
you don't.
But you feel as if you had spent
the money & conducted the marriage.
That is why you call him a cheat.
priest's house got electricity.
His daughter got operated.
They are a happy home now.
Who gave money for all these?
It is him.
He gave them 3 lakhs.
I'm the witness.
Did anyone of you know this?
sharma considers him as Lord Rama.
But you call him a demon.
He didn't know that.
you don't have to worry anymore.
since the truth is out,
he must have fled by now.
He who doesn't have the courage to say
the truth does not have the right to lie.
I've the courage.
I came here to tell you
that pardhu is dead.
But after seeing her, I thought
of saying that pardhu can't come.
But after seeing you all,
I couldn't even say that.
I lied.
I only lied.
But never cheated anyone.
What's the difference
between the two?
Hiding the truth is a lie.
It's cheating to
make a lie a truth.
I lied that I was pardhu.
But I never tried to
become pardhu.
That's why I bore your insults.
I bowed to your love.
Though I tried to escape
from the police,
the reason for my coming back is,
I'm answerable to
2 persons in this house.
One, it is you.
The other person is...
I came.
I've explained.
Now the verdict is left to you.
They asked you different
questions down there.
Why you lied? Why you did that?
And so on.
I'm just asking you
only one question.
Will you answer me?
some stranger was shot by
the police in the train.
Instead of simply walking away,
why did you come to his house?
Why did you solve their
land problems?
Why did you give money for
their daughter's marriage?
Why did you bore their insults?
Why did you fall at this
old man's feet?
That's why, you're my pardhu.
My pardhu.
I will never ask you anything.
I should have questioned you
when you threw Naidu out of our land.
I should have questioned you
when you gave me a 10 lakh cheque.
I didn't question you then.
so, I don't have the right
to question you now.
I bought this for my son.
But it took his life.
And now it will save your life.
someone said you are a criminal.
But now I say, fight.
Come here if you win.
If you don't win,
let the truth not reach me.
What I need now is not lies or truth.
Only memories.
I've many now because of you.
That's enough.
I will also come.
I will come back.
Navasamaj party office...
partymen celebrating victory...
phone for you.- Later.
Farooq's men.
Who is it?- you know me.
Why did you phone me?
Who killed siva Reddy?
I don't know.
you know.
I really don't know.
parcel for you.
Who permitted you inside?
I sent the parcel.
Give it to me.
I recorded your conversation with me
about siva Reddy's murder plan.
That's the cassette.
If you don't tell me the truth,
I'll send the original cassette to CBl.
How much do you want?
Ask me what I want.
After finishing the deal with me,
you spoke to someone else.
Who is it?
What did you tell them?
This isn't a library to be quiet.
speak up.
I'm asking you for the last time.
If you don't tell me now,
you'll have to see me.
you very well know that
after seeing me, you'll see hell.
Will you tell the truth
or you like to see hell?
I'll tell you the truth.
I received a phone call after yours.
The call was from your friend Malli.
How much did he ask?
- 1.5 crores.
Give me 75 lakhs. I'll do it.
Just a minute.
I'll give you 2 crores.
But you should kill him.
If you like the offer,
meet me in my guest house.
Where is Malli?
Kill him if you want to.
I'll not stop you.
Once I become the CM,
I'll make sure you're safe.
Give me the original cassette.
sorry Baji Reddy. I lied.
I didn't record our conversation
which we had on that day.
What about this?- Empty.
But I've recorded our conversation
which we had now.
What took you so long?
The phone was dead.
Why you shot him?
How much?
Why did you do this to me?
I've no personal vengeance
against you.
And no love too.
We both used to kill a person.
We are not blood brothers
to die for each other.
We neither have any quarrels
between us to kill each other.
I didn't think about that, Nandu.
If I plan your escape,
you give me 50 lakhs.
If I kill him,
Baji Reddy will give me 2 crores.
If I kill him & trap you,
I'll get 2.5 crores.
That's all.
you've committed
a grave mistake, Malli.
Actually, whatever we do is wrong.
Think of doing the wrong thing
right is still worse.
Killing is not wrong.
Killing your enemy is a war.
Killing your friend is a crime.
Killing your betrayer is justice.
you committed the crime.
I'll do justice.
you're late, Malli.
you were a bit too hasty, Nandu.
I don't like good men like you to live.
pratap Reddy son of Late siva Reddy,
was elected from Kandukur
constituency with huge margin.
By winning 175 seats,
Nav samaj party is all
set to form the government.
Baji Reddy leads the race
for the post of Chief Minister.
Hail siva Reddy.
Long live pratap Reddy.
What do you want?
Home or Revenue or Finance.
I need the photo of the
man who killed my father.
By the time you take oath as CM,
I'll chop him into pieces.
Forget about all that.
sir, someone named Ravi from
CBl has come to meet you.
Ravi, did you kill him?
What about the cassette?
sorry sir. I'm Anjaneya prasad.
I'm Ravi's friend.
He could not make it here.
Is he not in station?
- He is in the jail.
Interrogation is on.
you were very much worried about
this cassette. so I brought it here.
Kill him if you want to.
I'll not stop you.
Once I become the CM,
I'll make sure you're safe.
That's not my voice.
somebody has imitated my voice.
Listen again.
I really don't know.
parcel for you.
Who permitted you inside?
Good mimic, he imitated your
secretary's voice too very well.
Even videos are rubbished
as graphics.
Courts don't accept
these Tehelka tapes.
Even if they accept,
by the time the argument is over,
neither you nor I can survive.
I agree, but siva Reddy's son
waiting outside,
he's the problem.
young man!
He isn't as patient as the court.
He'll fire a bullet on
hearing the tape.
Baji Reddy, you'll become CM
if siva Reddy dies,
but you'll become a criminal,
if you kill siva Reddy.
How could you miss
such a simple logic?
of pardhu's ashes... gave me everything,
...a home......a grandfather...
...a love...
But I couldn't give you
anything in return.
Not even a cup of coffee.
I've assumed your name.
I'll ensure to keep
your name fair.
That's what I can give you.
siva Reddy's killer died
in an accident.
The schemer who planned it
committed suicide.
There's only one man left
in this case.
What's the news pardhu?
say sorry to your grandfather.
I think you may not
need it in future.
pardhu alias Nandu, Basarlapudi...
To home...