Athiran (2019) Movie Script

Are you to the mental hospital for sure?
What job do you have there?
Or.. Is it for some treatment?
Is it so, Sir?
How does it look like?
From the looks you don't seem
to have any problems
To ask whether you are a doctor
There is nothing of that kind there..
It is not a great place..
That is a Devil's fort
Oh My Saint Anthony! What a terrible cold.
That Toad is not to be seen either
Lord Bless..
His old ramshackle vehicle and Him...
Do you know the value of time?
Been standing there, I started to freeze
Doesn't this vehicle need travel that far!
What is there so much to move..
Isn't it the vehicle that is moving..
Not you, Right?
Ails m
Usually it is five days, isn't it?
If it is five, so be it..
Who is there to read..
Here have your puff and leave...
Leave fast"
Othen/vise everything will go stale.
Oh.. There..
Sir.. Sir..
The destination is reached..
Get down here..
That Avarachan is to that place..
Go along with him...
I am going this way..
Sir. Go ahead..
Who knows what would be his fate?
"If the thoughts are right"
"Then it is said to be Time.."
"For no reason..."
"You do not put me in the
middle of this sorrow
"As the net was flung on the shores..."
Who is this Westerner?
Don't vehicles go this way?
This way?
This is a deserted corner.
Who is there to come!
All that is here, is a Mental Hospital..
Vehicles do reach that place
But its quite a round about.
This is a short-cut.
On the way there is a river..
Oh My Lord..
Come on..
After the river is crossed
there is one hill
Once you cross that
there is a second hill
Come ..Come..
The only difficulty is in reaching there..
Once you reach, then that is the end..
Even if you die no one will know..
Got scared?
Need not be afraid..
Just come along..
All this you see here
belonged to some old king..
That fraud Doctor got
it all done in his name
Is he that bad?
Is it!
They are all the representatives
of netherworld!
To take care of them,
there is a Goan Doctor
And his accomplice
A perfect b...
I am the only one
who gets to see the outside world
And that too once in a week,
Wandering through lands
buying all these stuff
And feeding those people is my job...!
My fate..
So then the salary must be quite good..
Of course...a good salary
First rate kicks and stabs"
Oh My NM-
And topped with that
is that swindler Doctor's,
Ear shaming vulgar abuses..
And since all that is in English
I don't get to understand any
Be careful not to slip..
I forgot to ask you something
Where are you going this way, Sir?
To the hospital?
I am from the Medical College
After knowing the developments here
The Government has send me to find out..
What you said your name is?
Av. . Av. .
Holy Mary..
What do you say about
the treatment methods there?
The treatment methods are really nice..
That's why patients often
commit suicide there
and skeletons turn up in the nearby farms..
Anyway it's good that
I met you before reaching there
I will need your help..
"This valley sings the
tune of swaying flowers"
"as the stars above cradle"
"The mountains are yellow and bright,"
"and in the bamboo thickets are the
nightbirds guarding their honey stores"
"Me, in myself"
"Me, in you"
"or the cosmic truth"
"Who ever it be"
"giving wings to births on land
and forgetting oneself."
"This valley sings the
tune of swaying flowers"
"as the stars above cradle"
"On the path's laid with embers,
pace fast on it,"
"beyond the boundaries
strived bravely He, the limitless."
"across the mountain heights
lit up like a glowing star,"
"Spreading radiance, and
the darkness abates"
"wandering as the clouds above,
and bringing down the rain"
"and adorn like flowers
across the mountains"
"Arising in the lives
is courage at war"
"flowing like streams
and flying like birds"
"Flapping the savage wings
slowly onto mountain peaks"
"Comes the Limitless
with caution and defence."
"Birds lining up on trees
singing like a flute,"
"Rising above the waves,
gradually moving into light."
Come close to me...
How long has it been since I saw you?
Listen..Last night I dreamt about you
Why are you locked up in this cell?
Whom did you kill?
Do you know
I've to evade many eyes to reach here
Come closer, dear..
Shall I apply this..
Who is it?
Dr. M K Nair
Mooledath Kannan Nair,
Psychiatry Dept, Trivandrum Medical College
I've been asked to inspect this place..
Under instructions from the Government
Oh! Don't need all this.
I do know you very well, Sir.
How, When and Where?
Who does not know you in this field?
Why do you speak this way, Sir?
I did not get you!..
In what reference do you know me, Madam?
I am Renuka..
I manage this..
Everywhere there is a person like this..
Where is the doctor?
Please seated in the office..
Mad am,
Kamala Aunty has been killed
Kamala Aunty been killed
a mun
Pleasure meeting you, man.
Sorry..A patient.
Please allow me to handle this..
Shouldn't I be introduced?
Is he new?
- Who is it?
- Walk..
You didn't tell me..
Is he with me?
Why don't you say if a new person comes?
I must know who it is!
What do outsiders have to do here?
Leave today itself..
If not..
Will kill you..
Kill and bury you..
Make a note of this
Just three days..
Won't go beyond that.
I saw the sacrificial souls at the altar
Sun had darkened core black..
Moon turned like blood red..
Stars from sky will fall on the earth
Sorry Doctor"
Please com e..
A Palatial house
but with one and half inch pathway!
Like on every Friday
chickens getting restless"
ls my situation now
There... it is kept open..
Ah.. It is me who opened it..
By the way what I don't understand is
What is there so much to investigate?
Many came...Many left
Whoever comes, there is one benefit..
Will wallow the Goan Englishman's liquor
and eat sumptuous food and leave
There.. the door is left open
That too is done by me..
4-5 months later, another one will come
There see one has come now..
From Trivandrum Medical College..
Now what is he going to investigate
Only God knows..
One to be kept open is closed
And one to be kept closed is open.
Who is it who made me!
Let me leave the umbrella here..
By the way is he really a nuisance?
From his looks he doesn't appear straight
His sunken nose, crooked eyes..
That sly look like a thief
There is something off, really..
By the looks he seems to be a trouble
Oh.. Is he harmful?
If so, shouldn'tl inform madam
Oh...oh...Madam.. Madam.
Where will she listen..
She must be flirting with
that white chap!
Where were you all the while?
What is point of me going anywhere!
A bloke from Trivandrum
Medical College has landed,
to evaluate us.
What is the point of me speaking silently"
That guy will land anytime"
Our boarding and lodging
here will end today"
He has come to close this lock,
stock and barrel.
He is inside..
- Who...
- That man is inside..
His newspaper!
Took the rig ht path
Jesus..Back stabbed
Let my tongue be cursed
Don't get misguided
by seeing all that, Doctor..
Those are not what we do here..
Benjamin Diaz..
Don't you give shock treatment here?
Actually I am not against EC But..l don't do that
My methods... are different
What are your methods?
Dr. Nair..
On facing some hard realities in life
People who have lost their mental balance
Are the inmates here
As the relatives being ashamed
of keeping them at home
They bring them and hand over to me
Of course they are filthy rich
They dump money on them
I build this
A Home for the Mind
Didn't get you!
Only an insane mind
can understand another insane mind..
Isn't it?
The inmate here
...are not patients
They are my family
Some aspects that cannot be removed
from their minds
are the main reason for their conditions.
If those aspects could be erased
Then the matter become easier
Sol erase the past!
Tell something probable..
Erase the past!
It works, Doctor..
Through hypno-therapy that can be done
Doctor, a 16th century illusionary
art started by Mesmer
was written off as unscientific then itself
A person by your name is the one
who put Mesmer into the dustbin
Yes I know
But in the 70s that was the most
acceptable method
Where Suggestibility
exists, hypnotism works
You can never hypnotize a person like me
I am someone who doesn't
even listen to his own father..
Are you attempting to hypnotizing me?
Two. .
I dozed off, didn't I?
I tried to prove you that it really works
lam not believing in
the methodology still..
- For you seeing would be believing.
That is why I cam e..
Don't think that I will fall
for these gimmicks.
I got it right when I stepped in
Nothing is ok here.
Now the onus of that being othenwise
ls yours..
First take some rest...
I didn't come here to eat and take rest
Got to take a look at everything rig ht away
So... Any issues!
No problem...
Yes, Doctor"
Please show him around..
Please come, Sir..
Thank you..
If anything odd shows up,
I will report
One patient.
Just one patient.
Just one sentence
is enough
That will end
Sir, May I hold the bag?
Morning, Professor..
Come in, come in..
How was sleep?
Did you sleep well?
What do I say.
To meet my son and daughter
I started from New York to Chicago.
I had to wait three hours in JFK
Flight was late..
Then the journey..
Five and Half hours.
How do I sleep?
Did not sleep a bit!
Who the hell are you?
I am P.Subramaniyam lyer..
I am so glad to meet you, Man..
Do you have any difficulties here, Sir?
Schaden Freude
Schaden Freude
Please tell me the meaning of that..
Doctor, shall we..
By looks it appears you know
You don't know..
Schaden Freude
At least tell me
And where are you going?
If he doesn't know, he doesn't know
Schaden Freude
Why did you tear off?
He writes letters to home
ls there any law that says
no writing letters to home?
There is no body in Professor's home..
Wife and children died in a car
accident in Chicago
Years ago
This is Hussain Bala..
A painter
You saw me coming, isn't it?
I didn't meet you on the way.
Were you hiding somewhere?
Hussain doesn't speak with anyone.
Though he has been here for 4 years
He has never stepped outside
He has that special power ..
Sometimes draws events that are
yet to take place
This is what he drew yesterday"
Sir, shall we..
Now, Sir, did you get
Unlike what is being spoken outside,
there is no issues here
Please com e..
When you see the rest too,
hope you will be convinced completely.
Sir, where in Thiruvanathapuram
are you from?
My mother's home is in Thiruvananthapuram..
If I tell you about them, you may know..
If you've come to guide me..
Then do that.
This way..
What is the noise there?
I didn't hear anything"
You must have felt so..
This is a mansion build by the Britishers..
Even though it has been
about 6 years since I came
I have not seen everything here
Please come...
Where are the rest of the patients?
I will have them assemble in the hall
Don't repeat the show
that you put up downstairs
Stay quiet
Whatever is asked
Just stay silent
If you are facing any problem,
You can speak to me openly..
Anna Maria
I am fine here
Nothing is lacking here
This place is better than paradise
Vadakeddath Kamala Laxmi
Sir, if you face any problem here
Let me know
What happened on your forehead?
Five patients are being treated
is what you said..
If I were to say there is a sixth person
Would you be able to deny that?
It is not that way, Doctor"
The sixth person is not a patient
She is my daughter
Whoever it be, I got to meet her
And right now..
So... Any issues!
Not at all
She is autistic
Who said Autism is an illness?
It is a developmental disorder..
Is that why the girl is locked up?
It is complicated
I shall explain
It ain't necessary..
Is that needed, Doctor?
I won't suggest that.
Open it UP"
He woke up... Ah..
I will support.
When she knocked you out,
it was day
Now it is night
That is the only difference
Sir, she is a martial an expert
She has killed 4 people and is here
Sir, you haven't lost any part
of your body"
FonunatenAnyway nothing to be afraid of..
Hot rice porridge is here
Have it and go to bed
Car will come early morning
And you may leave straight
to Thiruvananthapuram
it is very cold and raining outside
So I will be here to pep you up.
For what? give a company for you..
No.. that is not needed
By the way is it because you think I mind
What to do!
0k.. if it is not needed, so be it..
Well then learn the hard way
Day One
From the moment I stepped in here
Somethings odd have caught my attention
Quiet mysterious are the things here
Quiet ancient and unscientific
are the treatment practices here
While getting acquainted today
Benjamin attempted at hypnotizing me
Without giving an inkling of
what is happening, I dozed off
Is very strong
and dangerous too..
Why did he lie about
Nithya being his daughter?
Is anyone here?
This is the first time
a doctor has come here
Did anyone see you coming here?
I am Lakshmi
I have been locked up here
Someone is coming..
She needs to be rescued from here
at the earliest
Othen/vise" Benjamin..
She was not like this
After coming over here,
Something has happened to her
That he only knows..
You need to discover that
How did Nitya reach here?
Open it..
But Sir...
Is that needed!
May I ask Benjamin Sir's permission?
Open, Man..
Sir, I will lose my job..
Whether you open or not,
you will lose your job..
Then isn't it better to open
How lovely you look!
Why did I cry?
Look, don't believe anyone here..
If you need anything...
Let me know
I have got some thing"
Shall I get that.
I will be back soon
Shall get that thing..Now..
- Take a look - Where?
Dr. Kanan Nair
Doctor, notice the brightness
on Nitya's face..
This will not harm
Rather it is good for her
So long the problem was the Father's
method of Treatment!
Now thatl am here
Sister" Need not
There are others who need the medicine
If you didn't understand,
then just ask him..
Doctor, did you fall for his performance?
It isn't difficult to establish
who Nitya is..
And that is his motive too..
Five years..
It took me five years
In five years..
I erased Nitya's memories..
Now whoever tries it will not come back
This confidence is good
But he is smart
Unlike the doctors who came before him
There is something different in his eyes
If his report goes negative
Not just Nitya
Everything will go off our hands
For someone who came from somewhere
What is his business here?
I am not saying this to worry you
Be wary of him
Do you recall Jayanaryana Varma
of Nadakkal Kovillakath? (a lineage)
That is my elder brother"
This is Nitya..
My elder brother's only daughter
Oh s.. Thampuran (Noble)
Yes, we have met once..
He had come to discuss
his daughter's condition
He was very upset"
I told him that skills like martial arts
will be of great help to these kids
Autism is not a disability
It is a..
Different ability
Don't underestimate them..
My brother has left us..
There is no one in the house..
If anything happens to him,
To leave Nitya here
ls what my brother had told me
before his death
My brother's notings about Nitya is in this
These are the documents of the
property assigned in Nitya's name
Including this Bungalow in the High Range.
You can use it for Nitya's treatment
To trust and handover
her in this condition,
I do not know anyone else, other than you
Doctor, you must bring her up
like your daughter.
Nitya.. Nitya..
It is on my asking
that you have been brought here
The thing you gave me when you had left
I have kept it safe..
Now when will you give, what I had asked
I have felt that it is him who has
understood my daughter more than I have
The deficiencies others found
in them were their similarities
Nadakkal Nobles lorded over the
land called Edanad..
As a continuation of that lineage came
Elder brother Balarama Verma,
younger brother Sekharan,
Younger sister Lakshmi and me
Elder brother who's being
disabled by birth...
...and Sekharan who was
not blessed with kids,
The opposition to me for being
the custodian was natural
But my daughter who lost her
mother at birth
Was stamped mentally retarded
And was demanded to be abandoned
By elder brother and Sekharan
Opposing them, I brought her up
Standing by me, were younger sister Lakshmi
And her only son Vinayan, that's all..
The time I spent for
Nitya turned into years
As time passed with the realization
of my efforts going in vain
I discovered it
Gathering back the confidence
that was ebbing
I wore the martial dress for my daughter
The changes in her surprised everyone..
The Nadakkal ground get prepared
for Kanhika Thirunal Nitya Lakshmi
We have been watching Elder
brother's expertise over the years
It is not to see this
they are all assembled here
Isn't it been some time
That a sick girl is being trained
in to this an
Let her come
The Master...
What all has he trained his daughter into
Let the world know
Call her
Princess Nitya
Ones who are mentally sick
are not to be pampered and spoilt
Rather got to be chained
Principles and Techniques..
Martial arts is for men..
Isn't it?
Steps been learnt
Grace is also mastered
Common man will applaud for any gimmicks!
Isn't that their habit!
On the compact arena, techniques
are to be known
Got to fig ht
can you?
In Nadakkal Martial training there is no
room for mischief..
"Dear, sleep"
"My sweet, sleep"
"My prosperity, sleep"
"Dear, sleep"
"Dear, sleep"
"My sweet, sleep"
"My prosperity, sleep"
"Dear, sleep"
"Sweety, swinging in the cradle"
"Like the pearl in the oyster"
"My dear baby"
"I will always adorn you and fondle you"
"I'll put a bindi on
your beautiful forehead"
"Seeing your smiles"
"ls very lovely"
"if you cry, it is darkness in my heart"
"In the throbbing kettledrum of my heart"
"There is no rhythm"
"There is not enough tune
to put you to sleep"
"O small bud, growing on my flower tree"
"Bloom slowly, the spring is waiting"
I am stepping into more hazards
Today's murder attempt
is a warning
One thing is certain
They have started getting scared of me
Kanhika Thirunal Nitya Lakshmi
Do you remember anyone in that picture?
What happened in that house that day?
You know who did it, Nithya!
Excuse me..
Nitya is here
Take her to the room
Hmm.. Come on..
Sorry Sir, it is bed time
Here punctuality in sleeping
and rising is mandatory.
Why are you looking unwell?
Are you sick?
Temperature isn't there!
These are just stress..
A little relaxation is enough
Are you always like this?
Don't you laugh a bit?
Benjamin Sir has specifically asked me to
take care of all of Doctor's needs
Just consider you are on a vacation here..
For any of your needs..
I am available
By the time you leave here Sir,
All your misgivings about us
would have been altered
Thereafter you will be writing
a good report
lam sure
Then why those files
Hand them over..
You are dealing with a wrong person
People with greater guts have come here
They have not returned
Record that too..
Listen carefully to what I am saying
That person who has come,
must not be seen here tomorrow
That is it
Oh..My...Electricity has gone
Oh...The wind and rain
of yesterday had me feel
that electricity will go today"
Oh. Jesus..
You are so compassionate
Bless.. Bless..
What to Bless..
A mansion bigger than a central jail!
Must have been born to some beggar,
a dirty guy...!
Jesus... Protect me!
Good morning, Sir..
Yesterday that guard
Carried you like a rice
sack and dropped you here
The way he carried and left you,
I thought you were dead
Are you looking for the file?
Move a bit..
That file has goddamn nothing in it
After being tortured,
"I was tortured", Would
anyone note in a file?
This is really silly, Sir
If you intend to walk out from here,
Decently shake hands and must leave
Wasn't that how the doctors
who came earlier did!
Why needlessly seek...
Was there a visit to the Police station
with the file yesterday?
Come with me, Sir
Isn't that Police station a branch office
of this mental asylum?
The policemen there live on the Crumbs
offered by Benjamin Sir
Don't show stupidity...
You being a Government employee,
nobody will do any harm
That guard scared you with an unloaded gun
He is one of the Patients here
Oh my Jesus!
I bluffed and ruined my livelihood
So Sir, neither have I told you
anything nor have you heard anything
Please come
2nd Murder Attem pt
This time,
the intention was definitely to kill
Nithya's Medical records are also lost
I can't leave Nithya to Benjamin's cruelty
Aworld beyond these walls
She got to know exists
Through me, she must know!
That mark hasn't still gone!
Do you remember how it got caused?
How many beatings I got, that day
It is to remember me
Until this mark fades,
you will never forget me
Attention Deficit Disorder
Doesn't allow attention on anything,
But will be hyperactive
That is Jeevan
Once he decides to get something
He will go to any extremes!
They both are good friends
A long period of closeness!
Nithya is his life
For her too
Hussain is ready for the treatment
Yeah coming
Almost forgot
Didn't get hurt much!
Dogs can't know that you are a doctor!
Please join me in the
evening if you are free
Don't tell anyone
...Tell only me... Okay
Only me...
Sir, changes taking place are good
But be wary about few guys
By the way.
When I walk like this,
I see Heaven and Hell
Am I in Heaven or Hell now?
You are at the end of both
Don't doubt
Sister, take Nithya to the room
She is my girl
You think I am all wrong, isn't it?
No Doctor,
Nothing like that
Handle carefully
lam someone who took
pan in the '62 China War
A battalion burning down totally,
I had to stand watching
That day even I was to die
But got rescued by an Assamese Sepoy
He is still with me
He is my guard now
Combat Neurosis
It's also called Shell shock
Many who have fought in a
War are affected by this!
Something that can never
be erased from the mind!
A Mental Shock
Slowly it turns into Neurosis
Unwanted thoughts got to
be taken out from the mind
It was on this Guard, my first Experiment!
And it was a success
He is my living proof
That man is ready to do
anything for me now!
Even a Murder
Without any guilt
What actually happened to Nithya?
Do you believe she did that?
I don't know anything about the killings
Then why have you been, all these while
torturing Nithya under the
pretext of treatment?
I have an uninvited guest
A Fox
I hate uninvited guest, Doctor
Can I also join?
Sheep don't hunt
They are to be hunted
You finish, your poison
Come on Jack
You left this in my room!
You don't speak, isn't it?
"Like the seventh colour of yonder rainbow
"A magical beauty on your soft cheeks"
"Today in my path, your tender footsteps"
"In your musical notes,
this silence is eloquent"
"The earth and the sky
echo the twilight tunes"
"And the witnessing black
clouds give blessings"
"0 coral rain, will you shower"
"Will you veil her today"
"She is a white full moon
in her beautiful flower-like rays"
"I stood waiting to see
the stars scattered by my dreams"
"Like the seventh colour of yonder rainbow
"A magical beauty on your soft cheeks"
"Searching for your soul,
unsearched by anyone"
"Embracing desires unseen by anyone"
"I'll come as a shadow wherever you go"
"We'll spread our wings
and go searching for shores"
"Will you give consent with a sweet smile"
"Will you come as my mate,
removing the railings of your heart"
"When we join together
today in the boat of time"
"A thousand enchantments
spread their wings allover me"
"She is a white full moon
in her beautiful flower-like rays"
"I stood waiting to see
the stars scattered by my dreams"
This is all your fault
You should have finished him then
Are you scared of him?
What a shame!
How dare he hit me!
Can you do anything or not?
"The brighter the light,
The darker the shadow
What is this 21?
Who else do you remember?
Achu Aunty..Achu Aunty
Who is Achu Aunty?
Haven't I told you several times..
Not to fight like this
What was the need to pull her hair?
I am fed up convincing people
This guy..
Should not be spoken to...
Lock him in doors
Wayward !
Move you, Useless!
Showing the same behaviour as his dead dad!
Girl, leave me
Leave me
Come on...
Stay there
Where is dad?
As many as the dreams and desires we have,
That many are the eyelashes we have..
So when you intensely desire something
An eyelash just falls
Then what you do, dear?
You take that eyelash, hide it in your palm
Without exposing the sky
Come straight to dad
Then dad will take it from you
And fulfil your desire!
Now release him
Let the credit of killing Thamburan be his
Everything you see around
you is all fake, Nithya
Benjamin is not your dad
He is no one to you
Many truths have been hidden from you
This ain't the place for you to live
I will take you from here
Just forget that
Didn't you attempt that once?
She needs her Papa
Listen carefully to what I say
I will take Nithya
Listen carefully to what I say
Never make promises
that you cannot keep
Got it!
Doctor, Please come upstairs quickly
Jeevan, leave her
Don't come closer
- Don't come close.
- I say leave her
I Will kill her
No one will do anything to you, Jeevan
Son, don't do any blunders!
Is it for this you took the knife from me?
Don't come closer, I will kill her
Kill, Would you?
If you can, go ahead. Do it!
Kill her
Don't come closer...Don't
Didn't I say, don't come close?
Don't come closer...
What do you need? I will give you
I want her
She is mine
...mine only
I cannot leave her any more
If she doesn't want you...
You..Don't you ever..ever do this
What are you doing?
He is a Patient and You are a Doctor
Will you stop?
- mine..
- Take him away
Benjamin, don't give her away
I will not let go of her...l won't
Shut up
I will not let go her
She is mine only
Shall not let go her
Shall not let go..
She is mine
Only mine
I won't.
Hey, This... my Hospital
And that.
...Is my patient
Can we leave?
Did you see Nithya?
She is not around
Do you know where she is?
So you know where she is
Where is she, Doctor?
Where is Nithya?
I am asking you, where is Nithya?
She is not around
Didn't I tell you to rescue her from here?
Didn't I?
Where is Nithya?
Doctor, if you are done here, you may leave
Here there are only 5 Patients
And among them Nithya...
Where is Nithya?
Its ready
"Schadenfreude - the emotion
of pleasure in other's misfortune"
Didn't I tell you to leave this place?
Those people shut up in that box
Have not seen the outside world!
Death is certain
Ours is some unwanted lives,
The feeling of belonging came up
Only after seeing Nithya,
There is nobody to come enquiring about us
But Nithya dear, shouldn't face that plight
Doctor, somehow got to trace her
Lord, free me from the hands of my enemies
Lord, take me back from
the hands of savages
Oh Jesus, protect us
Hey Man
Not that way
I am here
Come on
Mad am,
Are you going to put down Nithya?
Burn all these
Rig ht away
Oh!! What is this!
Do what is told to you..
Kamala, don't lock
What the hell are you doing?
Come Doctor, up
Trust the Shadow
Only the Shadow
Look into your shadow
Wake up, Doctor
It was all your fault
You had a choice
To leave the place
But you..
There are other patients too here
Why only Nithya?
She is my treasure
Little Princess!
If it had not been her you wanted"
I would've given you
You are not listening to me, Doctor
She is gone..
I built all this for her
You think that I am Insane, don't you?
I am different
Insanity is my favourite sin
I shall free you from
the burden of memories
It's a Wonderful experience
Welcome Home
Where is the doctor?
He is inside
Sir, Please come
We are coming from Thiruvanathapuram
For the Inspection
This is the Order for
transferring the Patient Nithya...
...belonging to Nadakkal Kovilakkam
He is Dr. M K Nair
Mooledhathu Kannan Nair
Head of Psychiatric Department
Medical College Trivandrum
Dr. M K Nair
Mooledhathu Kannan Nair
Psychiatric Department
lam Dr. Kannan Nair
Head of Psychiatry, Medical
College Trivandrum
This is the last time I
am going to tell you
Put it in this
One man impersonating me came here
and took away the girl
named Nithya, isn't it?
Now tell me
If you know the person who had come...
Do you have any id or photo?
Some clue
Sir, can you come with me?
Why did you bring me here?
5 days back, he escaped from
Medical College Psychiatry Cell Ward.
To say it in local parlance,
Nithya's cousin and fiance
That is...
Nithya's Dad Jayanarayana Varma's
Sister Lakshmi's son
Is this Vinayan!
Here is his box, his Hat, his Coat
His recorder too
I suspected him then itself
That he is up to mischief!
These are mine
Don't you guys have the habit of
reading newspaper here?
It had appeared in all the
newspaper in big fonts!
Come on guys, give me a break
He had delusions
Seeing things that did not exist
Huns himself, creates wounds on ownself
Why all that...
His dead mother Lakshmi speaking with her
Oh no!
It was a clear case of Schizophrenia
And you, being a Doctor
After seeing a person with so many symptoms
You failed to diagnose that he was mad!
A London Degree from the white man's land
Army Medal
As if that is not enough,
Grandma's Hypnotism!
But Sir, that man seemed to be quite normal
He mastered it
While under treatment too,
He seemed really normal to many
Excuse me Mr. Kannan Nair,
Patient is a Doctor's responsibility
Your irresponsibility
Don't place it on my head
In case if anything
happens to that Princess
You can neither claim her guardianship
Nor any right over the properties
of the Kovilakkom
This Palace which you are enjoying
living in now, 500 acres of land,
Movable and immovable properties,
Your Pets and including your Wheel chair,
You will have to surrender all
this to the Government
And move back to Goa
Hope you understand the seriousness
of this case!
Nithya is gone along with a murderer
Not one...
But four!
All the heirs to the Kovilakam properties
Without letting a drop of blood spill
He is dangerous
Not allowing anyone to come between
Nitya and him.
Let him have the credit
of killing Thamburan!
Hey get away!
Dead end! Haven't got any clue!
We will... We will definitely get
No one knows him better than me
He wasn't meant to be limited
in that name
To be a partner in loneliness...
To add hues to memories
to share imaginations be the never ending love be the word - MINE
The him she got as a boon
With what name to address?
For her...someone who is everything
He... Athiran (Limitless)
Vinaya..You keep running
Whatever limits you keep crossing