Athomugam (2024) Movie Script

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internet and social media friends'
Look inside the hand bag
The hand bag?
Hey, what's this?
I have no idea, see for yourself
Check book shelf
Hey, what's all this?
You're making me hunt for treasure
in our own home.
If I find one more paper clue,
you're in trouble
Alright, open it and look.
This is what you hid, right?
You failed in trying to
surprise me, Mr.Martin.
Let me see, what's inside it?
Hey! Why are you
so still like a stone?
This is for you only.
Open it and look.
Hey you Cheater!
When did you switch it?
Don't just laugh, tell me.
Do you know how much I planned
to surprise you with this gift?
I struggled to stay
awake all the night.
Waited, until you fell asleep.
I hid the gift very carefully.
In fact, I didn't sleep
at all last night.
I was up until 3 AM.
Again I woke up by 5 AM
How did you switch it?
I don't know all that, hubby.
Randomly I woke up around 4 AM,
I was thirsty and went to
the kitchen to get some water,
I saw your piece of paper.
So, I thought you were writing
something poetic.
I was also a little upset for not doing
anything surprising like last year.
That's why I changed the gift.
Nice Marty!
Let me try it right now.
I'm unable to digest it yet.
- This idly is soft, right?
- Hoi!
Last year, for our first anniversary,
I can never forget the surprise you gave
coming to my office, you know?
I often remember that day.
How you would've planned
and executed it?
So, this year, I planned a
unexpected surprise but...
Oh! You tried to take revenge.
So sad.
Martin, I pity you.
Once you decide to plan something.
You must be clever enough to hide
everything from top to bottom.
Please don't try anything
like this again.
It won't work for you.
You remember it, right?
Come home early this evening.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Hi, Paul!
Happy anniversary, dude.
- Best wishes.
- Thanks, buddy.
Where are you now?
Pan the camera and show me.
In the estate.
Why didn't you take leave?
- Why did you come to estate?
- No problem, dude.
It's the season time, there's already
a backlog in plucking.
Oh my God!
You're working to earn me so much profit,
so that I can buy another estate.
Go away, dude.
I thought you'd be cutting a cake with your
wife happily celebrating your anniversary,
Are you cutting tea leaves here?
- Eh?
- Okay.
Wait a minute.
Whose house is it anyway, Paul?
It looks like I've never seen yet.
Oh, didn't I tell you?
Look at this.
Near our Assam estate,
there was an old guest house,
I bought it now for privacy.
No one knows about this house
in my business circle.
I can live peacefully here, right?
That's why.
Then, dealer from Andhra was
here for business deal.
What did he say?
He assured of lifting the stock.
I've sent you the
quote he offered.
Okay, right.
I'll check it out.
May I hang it?
- Paul...Paul...Paul...
- Eh?
That Rithvik Banshal's Manager
is calling me non-stop.
Is it?
What's the matter?
He says I have to meet Banshal.
I said, not here, very hard, busy,
I gave some excuse.
But, he's still calling me.
Why are you avoiding him?
If he wants you to meet him,
why not go and meet him?
Why, buddy?
I heard he was saying bad things
about you and this estate,
he considers our estate
as his competitor.
Why meet him unnecessarily
and get into trouble?
Don't think like that, Martin.
Go and meet him.
Let's see, what he has
to say to us?
Okay, dude.
Hey, just go casually
and meet him.
Got it?
I'll hang up now, bye.
Okay, bye.
Yes, come in.
Sir, last week you asked
for the bills of Assam. Here
Please keep them here.
- How is the load today?
- Yes, going sir.
And 3 o'clock train today,
so I will go after having lunch.
Then I'll come back sir.
- Ram..
- Sir!
- You have a girlfriend, right?
- Yes, sir.
Even Mani teased
you about your marriage.
Yes sir
When will you get married?
After the discussion, both of our families
agreed to our marriage, sir.
My girlfriend's elder sister
is looking for a match.
After her marriage,
ours will be next.
Ok, fine.
How long have you
been in love with her?
I have loved her since
college days, sir.
Coming February,
it will be five years.
Have you ever surprised
your girl friend?
Surprise means something
unique and different.
It's something
she doesn't expect.
Just like that?
I did many surprises, sir.
But what you are asking
is different. Unique.
Yes, there is one thing, sir. On her birthday,
I did something, sir.
I installed an app called Hidden and Face
without her knowledge, sir.
With that app, whoever can access
her phone camera, sir.
I accessed her mobile camera
without her knowledge.
I took her cute expressions, edited
and presented them to her as a video.
She didn't expect that, sir.
Even now, if I mention it,
she appreciates me, sir.
That is one of my best
surprise for her, sir.
Today, I am teaching you one
interesting mobile application.
The name of this app
is hidden and Face.
We can use your phone
camera as a CCTV.
If you want to download this app,
I will tell you the procedure to download it.
Bala sir called me, if the tea
leaf taste is ready.
Ok, you may go I'll come
- Hello,
- Hello sir!
What sir?
You didn't answer my
calls when I phoned you.
So busy?
Sorry sir, It's the season time.
Work is hectic.
Okay...okay I understand
Anyway, you are not still answering
What I asked you?
When will we meet?
Sir, don't misunderstand me.
I think meeting you is
quite difficult, sir.
One minute, please stay on the line.
Sir wants to talk to you.
Hey, Martin.
Hello sir!
- How are your family members?
- All are ok, sir.
Good. good.. good!
- Then, how are your estate works going?
- Something is going on, sir.
What, Martin?
You sound dull.
In the fast phase of estate work,
you should comment positively.
Also, the last PNA meeting.
Your estate is the talk
of the town everywhere.
Okay, forget it. Martin
The reason I'm calling is...
I wish to speak with you privately.
Some things are not safe to
say on the phone.
It's better to talk in person.
Can we meet this evening, Martin?
Sir, It is...
I request you to come, Martin.
I invite you to my house
in the evening.
I won't be busy
- Let's have a direct conversation
- Okay, sir
You're eager to know
why I called you here, right?
Martin, you are a competent worker.
A hard worker.
For four decades,
I've kept an eye on this estate.
In just four years,
you've doubled its yield
Your work is impressive, Martin.
However, your efforts aren't being
compensated financially, Martin.
Where is your boss Paul?
In Assam.
He has a massive estate of
three thousand acres there.
150 acre estate here is not
a big deal for him.
No matter how hard you work or
how much profit you make,
Paul will never appreciate
your achievements.
Apart from that,
look at me on the other hand,
Apart from these four hundred acres,
I have nothing else.
This is my world.
All day long, I think about
nothing but the estate.
I've grown old, Martin.
I can't handle all
the tasks by myself.
...need someone like you, Martin.
To take care of my
estate in my stead.
No sir.
Please don't misunderstand me.
It's impossible for me to
leave Paul's estate, sir.
Why, Martin?
Sir, Paul isn't just
my friend and boss.
He's much more than that.
I'm forever indebted
to Paul's family.
My father and Paul's father, Uncle Thomas,
were childhood friends, sir.
They both went to Assam together
in search of jobs.
They worked together
They were inseparable friends.
When I was a little boy, my mother
died in a car crash.
My father was paralyzed.
He was confined to bed.
Then, Paul's father, Uncle Thomas,
he brought my father to our old
home in Mettupalayam,
and took care of him,
hiring a nurse for him.
A few days later, my father
passed away.
I became an orphan at
the age of two, sir.
Uncle Thomas took me under
his wing and raised me.
He treated me as kindly as
he treated his son Paul.
He sent me to the best college,
he bought me a new house.
He looked after me very well
in place of my father.
More than that
Paul and Uncle Thomas
arranged my marriage.
He conducting my marriage in front
I am the road side man sir
Whatever position I have now,
I owe it to Paul and
Uncle Thomas.
I work for them with
devotion and loyalty.
That's fair and just.
Do you think I'm unaware
of all this, Martin?
I'm saying this for
your own good.
Listen to my advice and follow it.
Sorry sir.
I'm not leaving Paul's estate.
That's my final answer.
There's nothing more to say.
I'm going.
Accept when I'm
making an offer.
Because, in future,
you might come to me
begging for a job.
If you want to work,
go ahead, Martin.
I won't turn off the light.
No, I've finished my work,
you turn off the light.
'Next day Morning 11 AM'
Cigarette smoke...?
'Hey, I don't want any tiffin for dinner
Need only rasam and rice'
What's wrong, Martin?
You look gloomy.
There's been a problem in the estate
for the last few days.
Workers are getting paid more in
the estates downhill than what we offer.
They're leaving us for those estates.
So we have fewer workers
and a backlog in plucking.
We can't afford to
increase salaries.
Then, we'd have to run
the estate at a loss.
I'm dealing with problems on a daily
basis because of this.
Okay, forget it.
How was your day today?
As usual, after you left,
I cleaned the house,
started making lunch,
Finished it by 11 AM,
then listened to some songs on the sofa,
I fell asleep there only.
When I woke up and checked the time,
I had slept for more than an hour.
I think you messaged me
while I was sleeping.
I saw it very late.
That's why I replied late.
Then, as usual, I watched
some TV for a while.
Watered the plants in
the garden in the evening,
Ironed the clothes and put
them in the cupboard...
Hello, Martin!
Leena, can you hear me?
Yes, I can hear you.
Nothing, I keep office files in
our room cupboard, right?
You'll find a copy of the invoice
with the estate's name on it.
It'll be on the top,
please check if it's there.
Yes, I'll check now.
It's not there, Martin.
Not there?
Where did I put it?
Okay, no problem,
I'll check here.
Hey Buddy!
I got an idea to surprise your wife.
Yes, just now I watched
it on YouTube.
I found a poetic idea.
You do one thing,
after going to office,
You enter your home
like a stranger,
You'll get the surprise of your life
when you get there.
Bloody fool! Hang up, man.
Sing? Why should I sing?
'What are you doing?'
'Nothing doing'
'I am coming there,
Shall I come?'
'What dress are you wearing?'
'Okay, send me the photo'
'Looks nice'
'I wish to see you in person'
'I will come immediately'
Hi, honey!
I'm unable to make it today.
I have some pressing work.
I won't be able to come today
Hey, why have you gone quiet?
Did you believe it?
I said it just for a fun
Just wanted to see if you'd be upset
if I didn't show up
We had planned to have
a discussion today, correct?
How could I possibly miss it?
I'm right outside your door, love
Come and open up
Hi! Darling, surprise!
You look stunning!
Some people only look good
in certain outfits
Only a few people can make
any outfit look good
"You're unique, my dear..."
Surya., Please stop,
Look at that, my dear is blushing
Shall I tell you one thing?
The beauty of your blush
when you lower your head,
What did you cook today?
Rice, sambar, and fried potatoes.
Oh, a vegetarian meal?!
That's fine, I'm starving
Wow! Smells delicious!
Listen to me.
If we only plan, we'll spend
our entire lives planning
There are various ways to plan
Each time, the plan gets
updated and improved
If we keep revising the plan,
The satisfaction you get from
imagining it executed perfectly,
That satisfaction will prevent you
from doing anything but planning
For better or worse,
we must take action
There's a huge difference between
planning and execution,
it's poles apart!
A small action is worth more than
a thousand plans
Understand this
I'm with you, right?
Be brave and do it
If you think, you'll keep
on thinking only.
I've decided.
Is it?
What have you decided?
That, I...
I'll tell you tomorrow.
Leena, this is not fair
Tell me right now.
No Surya, I'll tell you tomorrow.
You should leave now
Leena, trust me,
I can't handle this suspense
Tell me now.
I already told you, right?
I'll tell you tomorrow
I'll leave now.
But, don't forget.
I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow
I'm sure your answer
will be positive.
Next, I'll be there for you
Bye, dear.
As far as I know in our class,
In fact, in our entire school,
Leena is a good girl
Do you know why you
love Leena so much?
You don't have mother or father
and neither does she.
How it's be Martin?
Leena never interacts
with anyone in school
She was very friendly with you.
She accompanies you to school
She waits for you after school
During exams, she takes
special classes for you.
She shares her lunch with you
Wherever you may be,
she comes there to meet you
She considers you special
What does it mean?
It means she is also
interested you Martin
Don't hesitate;
tell her that you love her
Sorry, Martin.
I saw you as a good friend
Had I known you had such feelings,
I wouldn't have interacted with you
Concentrate on your studies.
Lee.. Leena!
No dude,
Leena never spoke to me after that
I don't know where she's pursuing her
undergraduate degree
I heard her uncle got
transferred near Salem.
That's all.
I don't know anything
else about Leena.
Hello, I'm Martin here.
Hello Martin! Is that you?
It's been years since we last spoke
Sorry, buddy
I lost your number
How have you been, buddy?
Yes, everything's fine
I called you to share
something important
Oh! What's it about?
I am...
I met Leena again.
What are you saying, dude?
Here, it seems she's in Ooty
She said she's working
at a school here
For now, she's the only
friend I have in Ooty
I'm the only friend
she has in Ooty
We meet quite often.
Come out like that.
Just friends?
Anything more than friendship?
Nothing till now.
Don't know what the future holds!
Hey, don't tell lies, dude.
I can clearly see you blushing
while saying this
Look Martin,
She rejects you
during the school time
no time to think about that,
School time is different
from the bond you have now,
Don't have any fears.
If you still harbor
feelings for her
Don't hold back,
express your love for her
I fear that if I confess,
I might lose our friendship
But I can't my feelings anymore're going
to marry someone
Why can't that someone be me?
Ah! Martin.
My uncle is my world
If he approves, I agreed
You've married
a wonderful woman
You're very fortunate, Martin
Don't come home today,
let's meet at that place at 3 'O' clock...
'2:30 PM'
What have you decided, darling?
Tell me.
Look, nothing can be achieved
without taking risks
We're compelled to take the risk
You lose one,
you'll get another one.
We'll only get 65
if the chicken dies
If we lose only
we will get another one.
Don't think about murder
what you'll be do
If you think
You can't do it
Look, I would've killed
your husband myself
But, I can't do it without
anyone finding out
If I can't kill someone without
anyone's knowledge.
It'll be extremely
difficult to conceal it
That's why, I'm asking you to kill him
If you think, you'll keep
on thinking only.
Decide quickly.
I have decided...
I will kill Martin myself.
That's my girl.
Hold on a minute
Take it.
Mix this in his food.
If eats at night,
he's dead by morning.
The job will be done smoothly
If that fails.
Use this to finish him off
Shoot him when no one is around.
There's no house near
your home, right?
It won't be a problem
if there's a gunshot sound
After you did, then
you will call me.
Leena! Take out the gun.
Why are you giving it to me?
Pull the trigger on him.
You're the one who's here, right?
You do it.
What did I say?
No point in wasting time,
hand me the gun.
Hello! Why did you call
me at this hour?
Buddy, I don't know how
or what you'll do,
But I need a gun by
tomorrow morning.
Money is not an issue.
But I want it by tomorrow morning.
Hey, what do you expect me to do
if you ask me out of the blue?
I don't care about all that.
I want a gun by sunrise.
Get it ready.
What's going on?
Why are you leaving so soon?
I told you about my college
friend Agathyan, right?
He lives in Salem.
He had an accident,
I have to go right away.
Okay, drive safely.
What do you need a gun for?
And bullets too.
I have no time to
explain all that.
There's more cash than
you asked for.
Give me the gun.
Hey, be discreet, man.
Someone might see it.
Hey, Martin!
Hey, why are you
leaving in a rush?
Tell me, what do you
need it for, man?
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
What's wrong, Leena?
I asked you a question.
What happened?
I can't do it.
Can't do?
Are you mad or what?
I've been coaching you
every day like a parrot.
You agreed to do it before.
You're back to square one again.
Look here Leena!
If you don't kill him,
everything will fall apart,
All our future plans will fall apart.
I understand, it's hard for you.
But, we have no other option.
Don't be afraid.
I'm with you.
I'll take care of everything.
He went out somewhere,
Let's create he went
missing from there.
You just kill him somehow.
I'll kill my wife, after six month
After that, we can start our
life together peacefully.
We'll not face any problems.
A home of our own.
A world that belongs
to just both of us.
We can live happily.
Do you really want to live as that
worthless guy's wife?
Or shall we start a fresh
new life together?
Listen to me, is he even a man?
Why are you hesitating
so much to kill him?
We can live our dream life only
if you kill that damn dog.
Kill him without any remorse,
only if you kill him...
I killed him as you told me.
What should I do next?
Alright, I'll come.
Sir, I did everything as you ordered me.
Enough sir, please relieve me,
I can't take it anymore.
Don't worry, your troubles are over today.
Please erase the source file too, sir.
See, I made you do this for a reason,
My goal is accomplished,
no need for you do anything hereafter.
In fact, you should have
been free long ago.
But before that could happen,
this scoundrel started creating trouble.
What to do?
He too hold of a copy.
But now, it's okay
You killed him too.
No more problems.
Consider the source file deleted,
you don't have to worry about it.
Just do one last thing, Leena.
Get rid of Surya's body.
Sir, you said if I kill him, everything
will be over, so I killed him.
But, again...?
Even now, I'm telling you, your problems
are over from my side.
I too didn't expect this crook
to create trouble for us.
Now, he's dead too.
Please dispose of his body, that's all.
All your problems are solved once for all.
You can live peacefully like
before from tomorrow.
Okay, sir.
No need to fret. If you handle this,
then I'll take care of the rest
Just go
What's happening here?
Who is he?
What's your relationship with him?
How do you know Bansal?
Why did you kill him?
Why should you listen to Bansal's orders?
I don't understand anything,
Open your mouth and tell me what happened?
You told Bansal to delete
some source file, right?
What's that?
Anything related to you...
did he get hold of it?
Was he blackmailing you with it?
Is it anything of you...
involving a video?
Is that an porn video?
With whom?
Explicit video with him?
You were the high point in my life.
You've descended to such a low level
Where's that video?
I want to see it.
Give me the phone.
No, Martin.
- Give me the phone.
- Please no, Martin.
Give it to me, now?
Please Martin, I beg you.
No, Martin.
Give it to me!
Honey trap!
The girl in this video is
my office accountant Meera.
This incident happened when I went to
an export office in Coimbatore
It's me in the beginning of the video.
It's not me after that.
I think the girl was set up by him.
Actually, when the girl hugged me,
I pushed her away.
But, they cut the video and used
someone who looked like me,
they video graphed the entire act.
Then, editing both videos,
they made a single fake video.
- Nothing in it is true..
- Martin!
No need to explain me so much.
I know it is not you in the video.
But, I don't think no one in this world
would believe other than me.
The first time, Bansal sent this rogue
to contact me and sent this video.
In this same place, he made his demand.
Look, this is not big deal at all.
I'm not a bad guy.
I'll delete the video.
Because I don't have any problem
with Martin.
I've problem with the estate he works.
That estate must go bankrupt.
Martin must join my estate and work for me.
That's all I wish.
For that, you've to do few things.
Documents and files related to the estate,
that Martin keeps at home,
I want you to make
photocopies of it for me.
Send me the photo of his contact list
and call list from his phone.
If you do, that's enough.
I'll delete the video.
But, if you don't do that...
This video will go viral
all over the world.
I wanted to tell you about this.
I was terrified to think
about your reaction.
When some random person on the road says,
drive carefully, you jerk!
You feel bad for the next two days
for being called a jerk.
Once, from a wrong number call, a drunkard
used a filthy swearing word,
you were upset for a week on hearing that.
Even though, you know it's
not you in the video,
Other people watching that video,
you couldn't have handled it, Martin.
That's why, I gave him
the details he wanted,
and thought I could delete that video.
At first I was unaware that,
this rogue was husband to that woman
Earlier he was just a courier boy to collect the
documents Bansal asked for.
He was just normal in the beginning.
Suddenly, he said I like you,
shall we marry?
Your husband and my wife are no good.
He started talking nonsense
and saying he loved me.
When I told Banshal about this,
he said to bear with him for a few days.
He too is involved in this.
He also had a copy, he told me that
and asked me to keep quiet.
The more I was quiet,
he decided that I was also
interested in him,
he first said he loved me
and wanted to marry me,
Then he suddenly started
planning to kill my husband,
And he insisted I had to kill him
with my own hands.
He was torturing me like hell.
I told Bansal about this too.
Promised to get you a gun?
Oh! has he gone that far?
You do one thing,
Take the gun he gives you,
kill him with the same gun.
He'll keep on stirring it.
Agree to whatever he says,
shoot him down with the gun he gives you.
You won't have any more problems.
I guarantee it.
I was confused about what to do,
but I took the gun from him saying yes.
But I didn't know what to do after that.
I came here to return the gun
saying I couldn't do it.
But, I don't know what happened after that,
His words, his behaviour
for the last few days,
His actions, all came to my mind at once,
I was frenzy with anger...
We don't need to stay here
for a second longer.
Come, let's go.
That house, the incident
that just happened,
I'll handle everything.
You don't know anything,
nothing happened, okay?
Don't talk to anyone about this.
I'll handle everything.
You stay calm at home.
I'll go out and come back.
Hey, what's up, man?
What do you want, man?
I know who you are!
I'll not spare you.
Hey, Bansal scum! I will...
Do you have any sense?
Will you trust whatever someone tells you?
You know well that Banshal is a fraudster
and he's blackmailing us.
You've asked him
for a solution to this problem!
Everything could be Banshal's plan, right?
Maybe he used Surya to torment you
with love and marriage.
He gave gun to him and
put pressure on you.
What if he had told you to
shoot him with same gun?
I think everything was his sketch
You shot him dead on his command.
Now, the dead man as well as us
have become his pawns.
Alright, leave it.
From now on, don't do anything
without telling me.
Turn on the heater.
I'm very tired.
I forgot to tell you one more thing.
I told he asked to take photo of your contact,
call list history and send him, right?
Similarly, he told me to install some app
on your phone and hide it.
You tuber voice:
if the Hidden Face app was already
installed on your phone and hidden.
There's a way to find it,
and I'll explain how to do it
Listen to me carefully, Leena.
Don't answer anything if anyone asks you,
you don't know anything.
Don't tell about your
involvement in anything.
VT Tea Estate in Ooty,
Mr.Martin, works as its
chief officer in charge,
he and Meera, a lady working in
the same office as accountant,
were having extra
marital illegal affair,
Meera's husband Surya found out
about this affair,
he warned both Meera and Martin
to end it,
Martin got angry on hearing this
and killed Surya,
and buried his body in
the forest area of VT Tea Estate,
it was discovered on police investigation.
Hey, what's this, dude? I'm hearing
weird news about you.
That's what I'm also puzzled.
I have to find out now.
Find out now?
Why didn't you stay in
Ooty to investigate it?
Why did you come this far, dude?
Hey, I'm already neck
deep in problems.
Police may come after me because of you.
Please go away from here, buddy.
Don't be scared for no reason.
You're my new friend.
No one knows that
I have a friend like you.
I need a car.
Please arrange it.
After getting a car for you,
do I want to get into a police van?
Get lost, man.
- minute.
- Leave my hand!
Don't get scared
Nothing will happen to you.
Trust me, I'll take care of you.
Like how you took care of
your office accountant!
- Get lost, man!
- Hey
Do you know what happened?
Get lost man.
Hey Martin! Sorry, dude.
What do you want now?
A car for you, right?
I'll arrange it for you.
But, on one condition.
This is the last time,
never come to see me again.
In a major breakthrough in
an affair and murder case,
that happened at the famous Assam's VTea Estate at Ooty, Tamil Nadu branch.
Now, the culprit has been identified
as Martin Vincent.
according to the report,
the dead body has been found buried
inside the forest of VT Tea Estate, Ooty.
The local police have started
further investigation...
Hello, Paul!
- You?
- Yes, dude.
Yes, it's me.
I need help from you.
What have you done, man?
They're tearing our estate apart
on news channels.
Don't believe all that,
you know me, right?
Am I a person to do like that?
I'm trapped, Paul.
That man is behind everything.
That man?
Banshal...Banshal is responsible
for everything.
Hey, what are you saying?
Yes, earlier one day
he asked me to come and meet him, right?
I didn't tell you everything
that he had told me.
He's very jealousy about our estate.
Hey, what's all this you're telling, man?
Martin, you killed him and
trying to blame Banshal for it.
Okay, you did kill him,
will you bury the body in
the forest of our estate?
Look, they're going to lock down our estate.
Exactly, that's what Banshal wants!
He wants to shut down our estate.
He did all this to achieve that only.
You know very well about me, right?
Trust me, dude.I'm trapped.
Martin, I can't believe you.
But, if what you say is true,
I'll not spare Banshal at any cost.
At the same time,
if what you say is false,
I'll not spare you.
Okay, I'll come there in two days.
Come, I'll explain you
everything personally.
Till then, please don't mistake me.
Please tell Thomas uncle also.
Okay, I'll meet you personally.
Hang it now.
Okay, I'll come there in two days.
Yes Paul, whose house is it?
Near our Assam estate,
there's an old guest house.
For my privacy
I bought it recently.
Hi sir, I'm Ram speaking
As per his routine,
Martin arrived at the office at 9:00 am.
He spent the first hour and a half reviewing
important files around 10:30 AM
After 10:38. am, he went to sector
where tea leafs plucking was in progress...
Martin was present in
the office from 9:00 am.
He seemed to be in low spirits.
He remained in his cabin, sir.
At 11:00 am...
I have some great news, sir!
I informed Martin sir,
about the Hidden face app
I sensed his disappointment
Nowadays Martin sir,
doesn't speak properly to anyone.
When he comes to the office,
always he sits in his room
These days, Martin frequently visits
the forest in his estate
I saw sir's car stopping
near the estate's forest.
He took something out from his car's boot.
It seemed like a dead body.
What brings you here?
That's what I should be asking!
What's all this, man?
You seem to have misunderstood me.
It's not what you think.
Hey, you're caught in
a serious predicament.
I was aware that it was Banshal's scheme.
That's why I was observing you secretly.
I did all this to protect you from Banshal.
Please try to understand, Martin.
So, to save me from Banshal,
you collaborated with Banshal, right?
It's not like that.
You mentioned this guest house is in Assam.
Does this place look like Assam to you?
Don't misinterpret me, Martin.
Why did you do this to me, man?
Tell me! What's the reason behind all this?
Speak up!
I'll explain...Martin...I'll explain...
Contrary to what you believe,
our fathers were not friends since childhood.
It's not true that they went
to Assam for work.
It was your father who purchased
an estate in Assam.
He needed an experienced person
to maintain that estate.
So, he brought my father from here
to Assam to oversee it.
My father was employed by your father.
My father was your father's right-hand man
and managed his entire estate.
During that time, your father
had an accident.
When your father was bedridden
and unable to speak,
my father discovered
the truth about your father.
Your father didn't have any close
friends or relatives.
My father used the situation
to his advantage.
He planned to seize your father's
entire property.
That's the whole story.
My father was already deceased.
If it was for the property,
You could've killed me and
usurped entire property, right?
Why did you spare me for all these years
Tell me.
Martin, there's a reason for it.
What's the reason?
Why did you do this, uncle?
If you had asked, I would've willingly
given you everything, right?
It's easy to say but difficult to do, my boy.
We didn't want to take any risks.
I had endured a lot.
Your father Vincent was very clever!
How come, he left here as a regular worker,
and in just 15 years,
he was able to buy
a 3000-acre estate in Assam?
But my father Anderson is a
complete fool.
Ancestral Ooty estate coming from generations,
he squandered it in just 10 years.
My ancestors bought it from the British
and managed it well for generations.
He lost it all due to gambling.
I was born with a silver spoon
and lived like a prince.
But in my youth, after losing everything
because of my father,
I was forced to work for someone else,
always saying, yes boss.
After your father bought the estate,
he was looking for an experienced person,
since we had owned an estate
for many generations,
and since I was a Christian,
Vincent offered me a job.
I managed everything.
When Vincent had an accident,
I felt like God had given me
an opportunity,
I was reclaiming my lost property.
I was ready to take it at any cost.
I wasn't forced to make
any elaborate plans.
But, I had to send Vincent to Heaven.
For Vincent's welfare and my welfare too,
I killed him.
Did you murder my father?
Hey Martin!
Why are you accusing me of killing him?
Vincent was already on his death bed.
He was still breathing.
I just put an end to it.
That's all
Vincent's soul was struggling on earth.
I helped it find peace.
But, labeling it as murder
is a bit extreme.
Paul, look at our Martin
He's thinking widely.
He's not in a stable state of mind.
That's why he committed a murder.
The police are on his trail.
You should do one thing,
restrain him over there.
Call the police, we'll hand
them over to him.
Why should we get involved in this mess?
'4:00 AM'
Hey, you?
- Hey, Vetri!
- Lower your voice, daddy is sleeping.
Why did you return now?
And at this hour too.
Buddy, just do me one favor.
Hey, I've already helped
you by providing a car.
In fact, you should be helping me in return.
Please, for the love of God, leave.
That would be the greatest help,
- Please, just do this for me.
- Hey, you first asked for a gun.
Then, you asked for a car....
Do you want something like a
rocket launcher now?
Are you the hero of James Bond movies?
The old woman who appears in those films,
Upon seeing you, hello James,
what should I do for you next?
Should I ask you that?
I might say something really harsh at night,
leave me alone.
Please, dude.
Try to understand me.
I need to get to Mettupalayam immediately.
If the police stop me on the way,
I might get caught.
You just drive me there.
Hey Martin! Is this some kind
of game for you?
You're refusing to understand whatever
I'm trying to say.
If I accompany you,
I might end up in jail.
For God's sake, please leave this place.
- There are CCTV cameras here...
- Hey, just one last favor, dude.
Just drive me up to Kallar,
after that I'll drive myself.
This is the last, I won't ask you
for anything after this.
Hey, please, buddy.
Please try to understand me.
Hey, whose house is this?
It's my family's old house.
After my father had an accident and
was bedridden, we only lived here.
Hey, come on!
How long will you search, man?
At least tell me that.
To my dear Vincent...
He's too much.
Yours faithfully, Roman.
Hey, give me your phone.
- Why?
- Give it to me, I say.
What's it, man?
I want to Google a church's phone number,
give me the phone.
Want to search Google.
Tell me the name.
Don't I know how to use Google?
St. Peter's Church, Dispur Assam.
Thirupur, Assam?
Dispur Assam!
I just need Father
Roman's number please.
Right...right, I'll try it anyway.
Yes, one minute.
Martin, I can't believe you called me.
I got your information
from the church, father.
How is your health now?
Are you taking your medication on time?
That's okay, my son.
It's almost time to go, you remembered
and inquired about me, right?
What other medicine can work on me
better than this?
Your phone call to inquire about my welfare,
I feel like Vincent himself is talking to me.
Was my father very close to you, Father?
Vincent wasn't just close to me,
he was very close to everyone in the church.
He considered my church as his own family.
If not, why would he leave your property will
in the custody of my church?
What are you saying, Father?
Is my father's will in
the church's custody?
What's this, Martin?
You're asking like this.
Weren't you informed about the will?
No, he was told but...
It's in the church...
The will is in the church, Martin.
Vincent's will, documents
of all his properties,
you're the heir to it,
if anything happens to you,
The entire property would go to the church.
Your father has left a will.
He trusted us so much.
But, you're asking,
if Vincent was close to me?
I'm very happy that you called me
on the phone.
Thomas used to visit the church quite often,
and tell us about where you are
and what you were doing!
You and Thomas conducted your
marriage also secretly.
It is because of love marriage?
Wouldn't I have attended it?
Martin, if you come here next time,
please do visit me.
Sure, Father.
I'll visit you in person.
Please look after your health.
So, my father has bequeathed the entire
property to the church in my absence.
That's why they haven't harmed me
in any way,
and have kept me alive till now.
From what the father said,
Uncle Thomas has portrayed to the church
that I was aware of the property will.
But, the only ones who know about
this are the elderly.
I don't know how many of them,
like Father Roman, are still alive.
Besides all this,
I still haven't found
an answer to one question,
Why do they want to
turn me over to the police?
He told me exactly that.
He instructed to bind me and call the police.
Why did they wait until now to do this?
Why do they want to hand me
over to the police?
I don't understand.
A 3000-acre estate!?
And that too, in Assam!
Hello Buddy!
Are you seriously that rich?
Damn it!
If I had known this earlier,
I wouldn't have worried about
CCTV or anything else.
You're going to get caught
by the police unnecessarily now.
What are you talking about, man?
Caught by the police?
Then, what? What did you tell me?
We've become friends recently
you said no one knows about
our friendship, right?
But, somehow the police sniffed and
came into my house last night.
I swear I have no association
with him, sir.
Hey, it seems he's your childhood friend.
I insist you tell me his whereabouts!
He's not a friend from my childhood, sir.
- He's a side dish friend, sir
- Side dish friend?
What are you saying, man?
Yes sir, he frequents the local bar
for drinks.
That's the extent of our friendship, sir.
He resides in Ooty,
why does he travel this far for a drink?
Yes sir, he mentioned his estate's
delivery office is located over here.
Moreover, he's a unique individual.
He's highly sensitive to remarks.
Fearing someone might see him
in Ooty and make comments,
he prefers to drink here, sir.
That's the nature of
my relationship with him, sir.
I swear we're not friends, sir.
Okay, let's assume I believe
what you've said now.
By chance if he comes to meet you,
you must notify me immediately.
I'll certainly do it, sir.
I hold the police in high regard, sir.
I'll surely do it, sir.
Don't even think about deceiving me
when he arrives after saying yes now.
I've installed CCTV cameras on your street.
If he shows up,
you must discreetly inform me.
If not, you'll end up in jail
savoring millet balls.
What can I do for you, sir?
When he mentioned jail,
I got scared, buddy.
That's why, to avoid trouble,
as soon as you came,
I sent a live location for
hours to that police officer.
The police can arrive here
at any moment, buddy.
Damn fool!
I wasn't aware then that you own
a 3000-acre estate.
Hey Martin! Sorry, buddy.
Come on!
Please sir!
I didn't do anything, sir.
Sir, I didn't do anything, sir.
Please sir!
Please Sir!
'Martin, the accused in the
Ooty murder, arrested.'
Due to a previous feud with the
murdered Surya,
Martin not only planned and murdered Surya,
and buried his body,
and for the destruction of evidence
from the murder scene,
the accused Martin is sentenced under the
given sections of law,
sections 299, 302, 120B and
under section 300,
he is sentenced to double
life imprisonment.
'A few months later...'
They kept me isolated
from meeting anyone,
for two and a half months under mental block.
They says, I'm a very aggressive prisoner.
I can clearly understand one thing,
They could've had me arrested
by the police earlier as well
But, they wanted the police to chase me
and label me as a fugitive,
and mentally torture me, almost
drive me insane with anger,
and blaming me for a murder,
they wanted me in jail.
I must stay in jail like an object
unable to do anything.
That's their plan.
Until now, I was like a joker
without knowing anything.
But, not anymore.
I too am aware of everything now.
I won't let them off the hook.
This is my time.
For whatever they did to me,
it's time to return the favor with
interest to them.
Whatever it may be,
I'm their trump card.
Until I'm there, they can't do anything
with that property.
I'll come,
I'll come out and handle it.
My anger will not subside
until I've had my revenge on them.
Who is plotting?
Whom do you want to avenge?
What are you saying?
I don't understand anything.
It's a long story.
25 years!
You won't understand
if I tell you now.
Just do one thing.
Find a good lawyer and try
to get me out on bail.
Tell your uncle and please do this
as soon as possible.
Leena Thomas!
Your time is up.
You can leave now.
Leena Thomas! Leena Thomas!
What is your name?
Leena Mahadevan.
Alright, What did you say your name is?
Leena...Leena Mahadevan.
What is your father's name?
My father's name is Mahadevan.
Mother's name is Lakshmi.
I lost both my parents when
I was a little girl.
Leena Thomas! Leena Thomas!
Leena Thomas!
I pity you, Martin.
Making grand declarations
about seeking revenge.
You know the lizard, right? Lizard.
No matter how long it stares at a bulb,
it will never find out the technology
that makes it glow!
You're akin to that lizard.
Understand your capabilities,
who we are and what we represent,
first grasp the reality,
it took you 25 years to uncover the truth,
but, we've been strategizing
this for 25 long years.
You're powerless.
Our father educated us
about this numerous times.
How our families thrived
for many generations!
The hardships we had to endure
after losing our estate!
So, we didn't want to lose this property,
and to ensure a fail-safe plan,
we strategized it over years,
and executed it, sacrificing our lives.
And you're making a mockery of
coming out and seeking revenge on us.
What did you say then?
Is my family in your control?
I'll send you a copy of the will,
study it thoroughly,
after your father, the entire property
will go to you and your family,
the will states so.
What? Am I becoming blurred?
What ailment is affecting your body?
That also I've to inform you.
What type of man did you grow up?
What's your mental and physical standard?
Everything is determined by us, dear.
Until now, you were under
our surveillance, you're still there,
you'll always be under our control
So, my final advice to you is this.
This is your life.
You're going to live your
entire life like this.
Make it a habit.
Don't dare to attempt anything beyond this.
No use of it.
Because, you're merely a puppet.
A charming puppet in the universe
we created for you.
We're watching you, Martin.
Never forget that.
We're watching you, Martin
Never forget that.
'A few years later...'
Hey Martin!
Hey, Vetri!
What brings you here?
Hey, I've come here
voluntarily just for you.
I told you about someone here
who should help you, right?
Currently, he's in jail.
I've informed him everything
about you.
He asked me to bring you
to him immediately, come.
Sir asked us to meet him.
I wanted to see him now..
Sir, I told you about my friend, right?
He's my friend, Sir.
Oh, is it you?
Did he tell you about me?
It seems you own a vast property?
It seems you were framed in a
murder case and sent to jail.
Is it true?
Yes, sir.
So, what property do you have?
3000 acres in Assam.
Assuming you're truly innocent,
I'll help you.
I'll take you out of Jail.
If I help you to regain your property,
What would you do for me as a return favor?
1000 acres!
They're the spies keeping
an eye on you in jail.
From now on, our message will reach them
Martin, we got bail.
We're getting out in 10 days.
As you wished for, I've kept Thomas family
under the surveillance of my men.
Our men are keeping a vigil on them
round the clock.
Then, your father-in-law's family is not
in Assam anymore.
They're in Mysore now.
It seems your father-in-law is undergoing
some treatment there.
Paul is shuttling between Mysore and Assam.
I saw your wife's photo.
She looks so innocent.
But it seems she's a big biker?
It seems she's always on the move.
She's on the road for 15 to 20 days
every month on a bike with bags.
Right now, she's traveling alone
to somewhere from Mysore.
Don't have any idea,
where she's traveling to?
But still, would we leave her alone?
We're always watching her
with our men on duty.
Brother, everything is perfectly ready.
Boys have done a perfect job.
"No matter how many
births you take my love..."
"I'll come looking for you...
I'll be running to you."
"No matter how many
births you take my love..."
"I'll come looking for you...
I'll be running to you."
"No matter how many births
you take my love..."
Happy anniversary dear!
Happy 7th wedding anniversary!
Thank God! I finally
managed to surprise you!
You're wearing my favorite brown dress.
It looks lovely.
Be ready, my dear wife!
I'm coming
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm eagerly waiting to
hold you in my arms..."
"I'm languishing in despair
thinking about you..."
"I'm eagerly waiting to
hold you in my arms..."
"I'm languishing in despair
thinking about you..."
"Break it down"
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm in pain, melting and dying,
I'm coming to see you..."
"I'm in pain, melting and dying, I'm coming
to see you, my wife..."
"You're the Goddess who turned
my life around..."
"As your devotee, I'll offer prayers
every day in my heart..."
"You gave love that heaven
and earth can't bear..."
"I'll repay the favor by slitting my
throat and consecrating with my blood..."
"I'm in pain, melting and dying,
I'm coming to see you"
"I'm in pain, melting and dying,
I'm coming to see you, my wife..."
"You're the Goddess
who turned my life around..."
"As your devotee,
I'll offer prayers every day in my heart..."
"You gave love that heaven
and earth can't bear..."
"I'll repay the favor by slitting my throat
and consecrating with my blood"
"Split the atom and turn the sea"
"I'll stand before you lady"
"I'll touch your Foot"
"I'll pray to you every day..."
"Split the atom and turn the sea"
"I'll stand before you lady"
"I'll touch your foot..."
"I'll pray to you every day."
"I'll touch your foot"
"I'll say that I am back!"
"I'm eagerly waiting to hold
you in my arms..."
"I'm coming!"
"I'm languishing in despair thinking
about you,"
"My wife!"
"I'm eagerly waiting to hold
you in my arms..."
"I'm coming!"
"I'm languishing in despair
thinking about you,"
"My wife!"
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."
"I'm coming, my wife..."