ATL (2006) Movie Script

My pops used to always say,
"Dreaming is the luxury of children "...
...and that I should enjoy it.
He was right.
Here it is, the last year of high school
for me and my friends...
...and this is all I can
ever really see myself doing.
When you got responsibilities,
you ain't got time to dream.
I guess it's the difference between
being a boy and a man.
And down South... grow up quick.
Especially in the ATL.
This here is my 'hood.
752 Mandeville Lane.
Middle of the city, center of our universe.
Wake up, ATL, it's 6:23.
It's your boy, Frank Ski in the morning.
And we've got another scorcher planned
for you here in the Dirty South.
I'm talking Dirty South hot
ATL weather today.
I tell you what, another heat index,
another record-breaking day.
"What is your ethnic background?"
I am a brother.
Uncle George,
my mama's brother.
He supposed to be raising us...
...but responsibility was not really
his strong point.
"Bisex- Heterosexual. "
Don't get it twisted, baby.
Hey, Ant. You want a ride, homeboy,
you better act like it.
- That's my little brother, Ant.
- All right.
I call him "Jellybean. "
Hardheaded on the outside,
soft on the inside.
And that's me, Rashad.
Heir to the family business,
Swann Cleaning Service...
...and man of the house.
"How would you describe your physique?
Trim, muscular, pleasantly plump. "
- What?
- Hey, let us get a box of cereal, man.
We ran out.
Man, they always eating.
I know how much is in there too.
One bowl each.
My boy, Esquire.
He's basically my best friend.
He got accepted to an Ivy League school.
There goes four.
Check out this brother, just grinning,
jogging through campus with a white girl.
Probably running from that crowd of
white boys on the opposite page.
Either way you look at it, man, you lucky.
Yeah, man. It ain't paid for yet.
I'm gonna need grants, loans,
a job and a dream to pay this tuition off.
"Ex-blackly. "
We had to drive across town
because E went to Mount Paran.
My boy book smart...
...maybe even borderline brilliant
to these kids...
...but he's just plain old Esquire to us.
Why you always be driving in our car?
- Get out the car.
- Look, boy.
With your stupid little outfit, man.
Rashad, I'm gonna hurt him.
Man, get out of here.
- Peace.
- You mean "War," brother.
- How you doing, Mr. Sapp?
- Hey, Ben.
- Have a seat.
- Right.
I got the information you wanted
regarding the Falcon Society.
Let's have a look.
GPA is over 4.0.
Test scores are high.
Essay's strong.
All you need is a good letter
of recommendation.
You're in great shape.
I was wondering if
you could write that for me.
I'm flattered, Ben, I am,
but I'm not really the right person.
I'm sure your parents know a judge,
a businessman?
I don't think my parents
know anybody like that, sir.
Sometimes it's not what you know...
...but who you know.
Our school was a little different.
See, we in the Trey, Mechanicsville High.
Alma mater to some of
the greatest players in the city.
That's my boy Teddy right there.
He ATL for real.
Never been outside of 285.
Hey, what you doing here, man?
You must have lost your job.
Had to get my breakfast on.
Brother gotta eat.
Get it how you live, pimp.
- Brooklyn, from New y ork.
- No means no, man.
And reminds us of it every chance he get.
- Shining, ain't you?
- Can't you tell, man?
Guess you gonna fake it
till you make it, huh?
Man, these gonna be getting me the girls.
- Not without no game, it ain't.
- What up, Tondie?
- Can we talk right quick?
- Just did, bye.
Working already.
Seniors, it's almost graduation.
If you haven't done it yet,
get your cap and gowns ordered.
We were five weeks from graduation.
I had all my credits.
And all I had to do was cruise for
the next month and I'd be straight.
Please give them
a Tiger round of applause.
And one more thing.
We have a lot of sports
going on this week.
And we want to thank the people...
...who were involved this weekend.
- Everybody in a seat.
Year's almost over. Thank you, Jesus.
Y'all slackers better figure out
what to do for the summer.
My little brother wasn't exactly
a troublemaker.
- That ain't right.
- But he ran his mouth too much.
- Why ain't it?
- And he was definitely hardheaded.
I know what I'll be doing this summer.
I'm gonna be getting paid.
Ms. Jackson...
...can you please cut on the a. c.?
Man, it feel like a slave ship in here.
Air conditioning is for honors classes.
Kids who wanna make something
out of themselves.
Was you in honors classes?
Because you ain't got no a. C. Either.
See what I'm saying?
He stayed in trouble.
But I couldn't wait on him
to get out of detention.
We had to scoop Teddy.
How your sister doing, man?
I been calling her,
and she ain't been calling me back.
She trying to play me?
She seeing somebody else?
Come on, man, keep it real with me.
What's happening, Teddy?
- What up, man? You playing?
- I got next.
Party on the left, man.
You know how it is.
Now open wide, wide, wide.
Bite down on that. Cool, cool.
Hey, man. Ready?
Oh, hell, yeah. I'm gone.
Hey, man, peace.
After we pick up Teddy, we shoot on
over to the Shady Grove Country Club.
That's where Esquire works.
We expected him to be late...
...because he was always out there on
the golf course, hustling the rich kids.
Yes, yes, and yes.
Oh, my God, I love poetry.
I write in my diary every day.
Oh, really?
Let me kick something for you.
She sits there
Pain filling the back of her eyes...
Forcing them to leak...
So all I need to do is
I need to get your digits.
Your daddy ain't around, is he?
Even though her tolerance
Has reached its peak...
Now, look here, when you call me,
don't even trip, okay?
If a lady answer the phone,
that's my mama.
She staying with me
because she going through some things.
She's so soft...
She could have been
The spokesperson for cotton...
You know, that's just little things
that I like do to...
...because I like to throw stuff in the air.
These guys don't know anything
about poetry.
They're not really cultured.
- Hey, what's up, Esquire, man?
- Man...
- Hey, man.
- Will you all come on? Excuse me.
- Can't you see I'm over here-
- You reciting poetry and shit.
- Come on, man.
- Damn.
- Can we go please? Please?
- Hey, man, scoot over, man. Please?
You skinny enough. Scoot over, man!
You always sit in the front.
Sit in the back.
What the hell wrong with you,
Tiger Hood?
Black Nicklaus?
I think I miss home or whatever,
but, yo, it's so country out here, man.
It's like the flies-
Why are there so many flies out here?
- Man, I know you not gonna get into this.
- For real.
Okay, so why is there a rat on
every corner in New York City?
Why, after every sentence,
you call me "shorty"?
"Yo, shorty, shorty. " I'm taller than you.
Let me ask you this, then.
In New York City, why y'all say,
"Yo, son," after every sentence?
- I'm not your kid. I'm not your child.
- Right.
Why I gotta be your son?
- Money?
- B?
I call you "sun" because you shine like one.
- You feel me?
- Yeah, that was real sentimental, thanks.
- Oh, hell, yeah.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Y'all need anything else?
- No, we all right.
- Actually, let me get some iced tea?
- Sweet or unsweet?
- Sweet.
- She choosing, huh, Brooklyn?
Shut up.
Brooklyn! Oh, good Lord!
That ass fatter than
a swamp possum with the mumps.
- Okay, you got a point.
- See what I'm saying?
That's country.
Y'all get y'all cap and gowns yet?
- Oh, yeah, I got mine.
- I know you do.
Yo, you sure you graduating, Teddy?
Like, come on, for real, B,
just give it up. Like, come on, Teddy.
That ain't funny, man. I'm trying.
- Wait a minute.
- I'm trying.
Ain't you about
in the 14th grade now, dog?
Yeah, I'm in the same class
with your mama.
By the way, I ain't seen her lately.
You gotta tell her to come in and
check in with Daddy at the house.
I need my money on time.
Hey, don't make jokes about me, okay?
I'm sensitive.
Y'all know where that girl New New
go to school at?
Seem like she only be around
when we be kicking it.
- She ghetto, man.
- Yeah, boy, just how I like them.
You better lean back, shorty.
You know she Rashad's girl.
- Rashad.
- Now, how you figure that?
- Come on, man.
- Come on, man.
Shut up, you know you like her too.
I don't even be talking to that girl.
So why you just wave at her?
Shut up, man.
He put you out there, homeboy.
We were all at the same place
in our lives...
...trying to figure out what's next.
The one thing I did know:
These were my friends.
I could trust them.
And Sunday night, we got loose.
- That's right.
- Let's go and do the damn thing, man.
- Let's do it.
- Big old head.
Let's go.
Sunday night at Cascade.
Fine Georgia peaches and wet paint.
It was a beautiful place to be.
I'm gonna knock him out next time.
We'd been coming to Cascade
since we were kids.
What's up, man?
I had my first fistfight here,
and my first kiss.
We knew everybody...
...from the security guards
to the hottest shorties.
Rashad. Rashad!
- I know you heard me.
- Don't he know chocolate melt in the heat?
- I'm glad somebody recognize.
- Don't try to get no feel, neither.
Girl, I got grandkids older than you.
Cascade's is a rite of passage
to every kid in the A...
...but for us, it was something more.
All right, everybody,
let's get it on the floor.
Y'all looking a little rusty tonight.
Y'all better be practicing out there.
There's something wrong
with these wheels.
Ain't nothing wrong with these wheels.
You can't skate.
Inside here,
it's like all our problems don't exist.
It's the only place where
we all felt like we could be free.
Man, it's crazy out here tonight.
Oh, yeah, y'all, here we go again.
Cascade's on a Sunday night.
If you can't skate,
get your ass off the floor.
If you got skills,
then, shorty, you got to prove it.
School sucks, rent past due,
your girl left you.
On Sunday night,
don't none of that matter. could be
whoever you wanted to be here.
Can't take black folks nowhere.
Man, get off the floor.
Get off the floor.
Handle that, Mr. Referee.
Hello? Hello?
- Who was that?
- I don't know. They keep hanging up.
Star-69 them.
Excuse me, I am not a ho.
There's all kinds of characters here.
You got the Cool Cats and they crew.
You got the Fly Girls.
And the D-boys is in here too.
Somebody always dying from their clique.
But nobody matters like the skate crew.
And we were the Ones.
This year, we was taking Skate Wars.
Let's go, man.
Even when the rink was crunk
on Sunday night...
...sometimes I felt like
I was out there all by myself.
Floating above it all.
No lies, no pain...
...and no worries about
what tomorrow might bring.
Shantay, hurry up,
we got dance rehearsal.
Guess you don't know nobody
no more, huh?
No, I guess not.
I'm saying, Rashad,
you know I didn't mean what I said.
Man, whatever. That don't even matter.
Look, my mama not home.
You wanna give me a ride?
Man, your mama ain't never home.
Take care, though.
I ain't have time to mess with Tonya.
If we was gonna win the war,
we was gonna need practice.
Some of us more than others.
- We have identified the weakest link.
- Shut up, boy.
You always talking.
Rashad, get your brother.
- He might be right this time.
- Yeah, for real.
Two, three, four. Oh, goddamn.
Hey, girl, hey!
I wonder what her career path is.
Excuse me, gorgeous.
Can I get at you for a second?
I got that. Fine ass.
- So where you going?
- Boy, you know you need to quit.
You see I'm getting hot.
I'm sweating and all that.
I can't take him no more, son.
- That's it. That's it.
- And here he go.
- What happened, man?
- I'm done.
- I'm done.
- Again?
- Wanna try that one more time?
- I got this. I'm good.
Yo, Brooklyn, you're fired, man.
Quit loitering here.
Keep it moving, son. Keep it moving.
All right.
I don't know if you that good, but...
Leave your uniform before
I take it out of your check.
- Hold up, man.
- Get the hell out of here, you idiot.
- "Keep moving, son"?
- I cannot run my pizza place without you?
Man, be that way, then.
That's why you need a timing belt, bitch.
Shut up! Grow some hair on your chest!
You see what I mean?
- Watch out, man.
- See what I'm saying?
I can run my pizza place without you!
Man, pizza was invented in Brooklyn!
And my hat too.
- You gonna break your leg.
- Pizza was made in Brooklyn.
You better cool it, man.
Cool out, man.
- You done lost weight, man. Hell, yeah.
- You idiot.
I need a vacation.
Hey, quit splashing!
- Slow down!
- You gonna hurt yourself.
It's another ATL scorcher.
I heard it's gonna be hot today.
They told me the kids
are heading out to Lake Lanier.
If you're not so lucky
to head out to the lake...
...a pool is the place to be.
Head down to your neighborhood pool...
...because it is the coolest place
you want to be today.
See, that's why I love coming out here.
Look at this here.
Yo, Esquire, man, you are ashy.
For real. It's like somebody
threw baby powder at your knees.
You ashy too, man. What you saying?
I don't know what type of lotion
you gonna use for that arm.
You gonna need some baby oil,
some WD-40 or something.
Some car engine oil
might work for you.
- Trying to talk about somebody.
- Man, hide your wallets.
Here come Ghetto Ghetto
and her two twins.
What y'all doing?
- What it look like?
- Rudeness.
We doing nothing. We chilling.
- What y'all up to?
- Nothing.
- Walking around here looking cute.
- All right.
Y'all sure are.
- And you know something, New New?
- Nope.
No, I'm saying,
when we gonna get together?
Not gonna happen. Never.
Why don't you just let me
finish what I got to say?
I know what you gonna ask me, Teddy.
I know you. And I seen you skate.
- So?
- So that tells me...
...everything I need to know
about a man.
Well, then you should know
I'm the quickest one out there.
I be pumping it out there, baby.
I pop, pop, pop.
Exactly. A quick pumper.
Whatever, man. You want me.
I'm hot. I'm desirable.
I came over here to see was y'all going
to Big Booty Judy's graduation party.
Judy? Party?
Her mama gonna let her have a party
after last year?
Everybody out of here!
I guess. She told us
to come over here and tell folk.
Well, appreciate it, baby.
All right. Bye.
Go ahead.
- What you doing, nigga?
- Hey! Nigga, what it look like?
I'm drying my money.
Yo, why you ain't come to school no more,
Too busy making money.
I can see that.
I saw you with Marcus the other day.
Yeah, he's my cousin.
Hey, we gets paper.
Who's going into Titty City
to get the cash?
Star, I ain't fitting to put my hand
in them skyscrapers.
Look, there's gold in them hills.
What y'all doing?
Y'all think I'm stupid?
I don't wanna have to bust y'all out.
Your bust is already out.
That laugh always got on my nerves.
Shut up, okay?
We was gonna ask,
can we get a ride to Cascade's?
- Ma, please?
- Please?
Do I look like the bus?
Come on. Don't y'all see Mama
trying to take a nap?
Go on. Get me something to drink.
- Hey, Veda, get me something to drink.
- I'm Star.
You know what I mean.
What y'all waiting on?
Y'all know the routine.
Climb your asses out the back.
He's all up in her grill. I ain't lying.
Stay out of her business, okay?
Come on, now. Y'all should be used to this.
Don't be messing up my car.
It's hot as hell up in there.
- I sweated my edges out.
- Damn, me too.
- And when you gonna get that door fixed?
- When you get a job.
What, whoa, wait a minute.
Considering the fact that both of
y'all broke, those better be knockoffs.
If I hear y'all been up to no good at that
mall, it's gonna be on, you understand?
- You understand?
- Yes.
Your asses ain't too old to be beat.
- Hey, Big Ronnie.
- What's happening?
Nothing to it.
Something wrong with these wheels.
Come here. Let me take a look.
- Watch the counter.
- All right.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What you need?
- Size seven.
Where's your ticket?
I think I lost it.
- Hey, Big Ron?
- Yeah.
What we got to say about folks
who lost their ticket?
No tickets, no skates.
Sorry, hon. No ticket, no skates.
Big Ronnie, please report to the men's room
with the mop and bucket.
Overflow, brother.
Hey, give me some.
- What?
- I said, give me some.
I don't know where your mouth been.
You might have the cooties.
I might.
So you know your boy Esquire suck.
- You'd be better off with me on your line.
- No.
Why? Give me one good reason.
I'll give you two.
You ain't cute.
And you drank all my soda!
A friendly reminder,
ladies and gentlemen.
Skate Wars in five weeks, y'all.
Bragging rights for the year.
It's all on the line.
Why you don't cut across the middle
and get your speed up?
Why don't you go roll your neck at
somebody else and let me handle mine?
I'm trying to help you out.
Your takeoff is weak and
you starting to make Rashad look bad.
I don't like you. Really don't.
Man, I hope you catch up.
Nobody move...
Go ladies! Go ladies!
Hey, listen, shorty,
I want you to walk up to him.
- Yeah.
- I'll introduce you to him. Be cool.
If he asks you a question, answer.
- Don't say nothing unnecessary.
- All right.
I was so weak, my leg-
I woke up, one of my footies was off.
Cold flashes.
Look, she wasn't nowhere around.
I was like, "Man, where she go at?"
This is my nigga, Ant.
- What's up?
- Germs.
Cleanliness is next to godliness,
you know.
- All right.
- Back up.
Anyway, like I said, I went downstairs,
I'm looking, she's nowhere to be found.
So my front door's locked.
So I'm like, "Did she take my house keys?"
She must have went
out the window.
Oh, sh-
Oh, damn. Down goes Frazier.
Down goes Frazier.
Somebody call the ambulance.
There was one deadly sin at the rink... don't fall.
- Take them down.
- You just don't do it.
You may lose your footing,
slip a little bit...
...stumble at the most.
But you don't fall.
This is humiliating.
Shorties ain't checking
for a player with a limp and a cast.
How's that gonna work out for me?
Man, they working me hard out there.
- Running you, huh?
- Yeah, who next?
This is for John Garnett in the rotunda.
- Did you say John Garnett?
- Yeah.
- The John Garnett?
- Sure.
Man, you ain't understanding
what I'm talking about.
Let me show you, man. Look at this.
Had it a long time.
United Express.
That's his.
- How my breath?
- Crystal clear.
I'll have one of these, please.
Yes, sir.
- Here's your drink, sir.
- Thank you.
Good choice. You celebrating?
What makes you think that?
Well, since you took over United Express...
...the company has six consecutive quarters
in the black.
I'd say you have a lot to celebrate, sir.
- Good point.
- Ben Gordon.
- John Gar-
- Garnett. I know.
Well, you gentlemen
enjoy the rest of the evening.
To six consecutive quarters in the black.
Y'all ready to work?
Don't be looking at him.
You out of uniform, man.
Pull that thing up,
button up your top collar.
I told you to be professional.
Which one of y'all pooted, man?
Hey, DJ Drama, pay attention.
Let's go, hey!
This party is kind of cute, though.
But where the food at?
Because I'm hungry.
No, don't eat anything in here.
- That's right, I did see roaches.
- A lot of roaches.
- What's wrong with you?
- Nothing. I'm good.
Y'all seen Rashad and them?
See, that's what it is.
You are so sprung, New New.
- No, I-
- Yes, you are.
- You open like a can of pig feet, girl.
- Exactly.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Come on.
What you smiling so much for?
What took you so long, anyway?
Oh, you were looking for me.
No, I was just- No.
It's all right.
You know, Rashad tends
to have that effect on women.
- Who you come with?
- Crew.
- Where they at?
- They around.
This you?
I know this ain't the bitch
got you tripping on me.
- Hold up.
- Who you calling a bitch?
Bitch, I'm calling you a bitch.
Quit eyeballing me.
Please don't get hurt, you dirty trick.
- Who you calling trick?
- You, trick!
- Are you crazy?
- Don't get hurt.
- I got your trick.
- Hey, man, watch out.
- Calm down.
- Please get this groupie.
Hey, what are you, slow?
We done already went through this.
Man, we done.
It's over.
No, I'm not even gonna believe that.
All right.
Believe this.
- Thirsty trick.
- Watch your mouth.
- What's up?
- What's going on?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Don't you be "yes, ma'am "- ing me.
I'm sorry about that. For real.
You need to control
your little groupies next time.
What's wrong with y'all?
Mom found some of that
Gucci stuff in the washer.
Are you serious?
- Told your ass to dry-clean it.
- Do you understand?
- Do you understand?
- Yes, ma'am.
Anyway, she coming to get us right now.
If you want a ride,
you better stay here with us.
But we just got here.
I'll take her.
Hey, twins, get your
little thieving asses down here!
Hurry up!
Out there stealing and shit!
Get your asses-!
Y'all's asses gonna go to jail, stealing!
Some dyke's gonna get ahold
of your asses!
And all that crying
don't mean a damn thing to me!
Your asses wasn't crying
when you were stealing.
Now you wanna cry.
Hurry up and get your asses in the trunk!
Kick your asses tonight.
New New.
What's so funny?
What kind of name is New New, anyway?
I'm New New...
...because I always
rock the new, new shit.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Heard you and your homegirls
don't buy none of that new, new shit.
Your parents ain't gonna be hot
about you coming home so late?
Boy, I am grown.
Your parents gonna be mad
that you out this late?
Your parents don't care
about their little baby, Rashad?
My parents passed away...
...a few years back.
Car accident.
- I'm so sorry, Rashad.
- It's cool.
I think love is in the air.
Let me go to my request lines,
see if anybody's on.
- What's happening?
- Pull over there.
- How's everybody doing out there?
- Go ahead and give your shout out.
I just wanna send
a shout out to my boo...
...who's incarcerated, but I want him
to get some love right now.
- What we stop here for?
- I'll tell you what.
This one is going out to you, baby.
My bus come in like an hour, so...
Your bus?
Think I'm gonna stalk you
if I find out where you stay?
I mean, but- Like, for real, though... ain't gotta hide nothing from me.
Ain't like I'm Donald Trump or somebody.
This is my song.
Don't play with me right now.
This is my jam.
What? Oh, yes, hey.
You like this song?
All right, go, girl, sing it. What?
How about we listen to it
and let them sing?
See, all that is unnecessary.
I'm just kidding, shorty.
- So how do I skate?
- What you mean?
You said you could tell a lot about a man
by the way he skate.
So how do I skate?
- I don't know.
- Just be real.
You... You all right.
You got a little style to you.
You real confident, you know.
I can't believe I'm even talking to you
and telling you this right now.
You special.
Special, huh?
I don't know about that.
I wish you could see what I see.
You ain't never had real barbecue
till you've had JJ's Rib Shack.
I don't know how you living.
How you living? You ain't had
nothing till Abdullah's Rib Shop.
I know he's a pro wrestler and everything,
but he can make some sauce.
Check that out, man.
Get the door.
Ain't you supposed to be in class, boy?
Man, bell's about to ring right now.
Man, what you rolling on, 24's?
No, see, that why you
need to be in class, boy. Them 28's.
- Where your ruler at?
- Man, I need to get myself one of these.
You do.
Come on, take a ride with your boy.
- For real?
- No, boy, for play-play. Come on.
Get some of this tuna, man.
- No carbs, bro.
- Cheesesteak.
- You scared of dogs?
- No.
Watch out now, boy!
What's up, boy?
You sure you ain't scared of dogs?
- No.
- Good, then.
It's feeding time. Come on.
Back up.
You go first.
Get back in there.
What's up?
Young buck, so what's shaking?
You got a broad?
Jumping and stuff.
Hit that bowl right there.
Come here, baby.
Scare, come here.
Oh, man, look at that.
You put more food
on the ground than in the bowl.
You costing me money already.
How about kids?
Not that I know of.
You doing something?
- You know, a little something.
- Boy, you ain't doing nothing, boy.
You smoke? You smoke? You smoking?
I don't, but, you know, to each his own.
That's cool, boy. Say no to drugs.
Dare to be different.
So, what was your last
place of employment, young buck?
- Cleaning.
- Cleaning?
Look to me like the Swann Cleaning Service
about to lose an employee.
You wanna work, right?
But you know
this is grown-man business, don't you?
- I know.
- You sure?
We gonna see.
- Hey.
- Yo.
Where you been?
Out? Come here.
I know you ain't been out there
being stupid.
- I'm telling you, Ant, I ain't playing.
- What?
"What?" Don't "what" me, man.
What's up with you missing history class?
That's what.
Man, you probably caught me
on bathroom break or something.
I look stupid?
Man, I'm saying, though...
...I don't see
how the Great Wall of China...
...helps me clean the floor
at Value Village.
Man, what, you hustling?
You should know better than that.
You ain't gotta be
a dope boy to have money.
This what cleaning the floors gets you.
I been saving this for three years now.
Ever since the accident.
- Been saving for what?
- For you.
So you can get out of here.
Do something with yourself.
Go to school.
Get away from dumb-ass Uncle George.
Man, you should spend that
on some rims...
...or skates or something.
Don't be wasting that on me.
I guess just because your head big,
that don't make you smart.
Hey, I believe in you, even when you
too stupid to believe in your damn self.
- What's the deal?
- What's up, man?
- Man, I hear you holding now.
- Man, who told you that?
Why you tripping?
I known you since third grade.
Yeah, but you been out of school
for four weeks.
Man, I had mono.
Come on, man, you holding or what?
- No.
- All right, that's what's up.
Hey, Ben.
Oh, hey, Mr. Garnett.
Nice to see you again.
My buddies and I, we lost our fourth.
Afraid of a little weather.
You play?
That's my partner.
Oh, damn.
So your family's from the city, Ben?
You're not
a Mechanicsville hood product.
No, not me, sir.
You wouldn't catch me in a place like that.
That shot on 17 was about 200 yards.
Hell of a game, man.
We whipped their asses.
Yes, we did.
Oh, man.
Oh, no, no, sir.
- It was my pleasure.
- Oh, no, don't be silly. You earned it.
And if there's anything I can ever
do for you, you let me know.
Well, actually, there is something
you could help me out with.
Talk to me.
I could use a letter of recommendation.
And she had the nerve to step to me.
- She know she lucky too.
- Forget her.
The question is, what happened
when Rashad gave you a ride, nasty?
- "I'll take her. "
- Nothing happened.
- You lying.
- It's all in your grill.
That's him right there. Come on.
Men, grab your ladies.
Ladies, grab your weaves.
It's about to be on. Y'all got
three minutes till couples' skate...
...and four weeks till Skate Wars.
But until then, hold this.
Man, I got that good...
...the bad...
...and, man, the ugly herbal.
- I gotta smoke something.
- Hey.
Man, I don't understand
a word that you been saying.
What you want, man?
Well, well, well.
So we meet again.
What's up, gorgeous?
You tell me.
You're the one that's shining.
Oh, you know, that's how we do.
But you look mighty fine yourself.
Oh, thank you.
So do you wanna hook up or what?
Yeah, you know, like...
...if it set up all right.
You know, I be real-
- Stepped on that shit.
- Yeah, boy.
This thing's off the chain, tonight, man.
I got shotgun.
Hey, whoa, whoa.
- What are you doing?
- Come on.
Come on, Brooklyn.
- You heard me call shotgun.
- Come on, man.
All right, you see up in here, right?
You see it, right?
It's like a goddamn
Negro clown car up in here, man.
Come on, get your ass in the back, man.
That's real.
- Damn.
- Come on, I don't like him, man.
He never sits in the front.
Now he wanna sit in the front.
- Sit your ass over.
- Shut up.
Hey, man, what you doing?
- Ain't you gonna wait on Ant?
- He say he got a ride.
That tickles.
That's my belly button, baby.
Yeah, yeah. I know.
Good, baby.
You're getting closer.
- That's strong, baby.
- What's up? What's up?
- Was it a good idea to keep my money?
- No, no!
Shut up. Come on. Get up.
Come on. Come on.
don't you know I graduated with a 3.68?
Lord, I'm parched.
Let me get my drink.
This supposed to be my family,
my blood cousin.
- Give me the money. Give me the money.
- All right.
- It was only 100 dollars.
- That's it?
Shut up.
Shut up.
You better not tell my mama.
Come on, baby.
That empty space right there on the bar,
that's for this year's trophy.
Don't even worry about that.
A little confident, aren't we?
For good reason. You like the pole?
You wish.
What's this?
These are fly. You did these?
Yeah, but it was just
me fooling around, though.
This ain't somebody just fooling around.
This is good, Rashad.
Is this me?
- My mouth is not that big.
- Hey.
It's artistic expression.
And I'm sensitive about my shit,
so I'd appreciate it...
Thank you.
But for real, Rashad... got talent.
I don't know.
- Like you can't have no talent.
Be real with me. Come on.
Be real with me. I'm serious.
All right.
Well, when I was younger,
every Sunday... pops used to give me...
...the comics out the of Sunday paper.
I guess I kind of had this dream...
...that one day I could be the one...
...who drew the comics
in the Sunday paper.
- That's it.
- You still can.
What's happening, Uncle G?
How you doing this morning?
Get myself some orange juice.
Good morning, brother.
- Good morning, Uncle George.
- What's happening?
What is y'all so happy about?
How come you here grinning?
You just grinning.
Grinning, like you
a new man or something.
No, Rashad's a New New man.
He got some cutty last night.
Shut up.
You got some booty
in this house?
I told you I don't want
no company in my house.
I told you I don't want
them fast girls in my house.
No females in this house, that's the rule.
There's a one-bowl rule in effect.
Okay, Uncle George.
One bowl.
What is with you?
I ain't gonna lie.
- I got some cutty last night.
- Stop lying.
You ain't got no cutty.
With your little scrawny ass.
If anybody gets some cutty,
it's supposed to be me.
I gets the booty here.
I gets the drawers.
I gets the booty. I gets the trim.
I'm the one supposed to be getting cutty.
I'm a grown man.
I get the cutty, not y'all.
Understand what I'm saying?
Uncle George. Me.
Well, I guess we see
who didn't get the cutty last night, huh?
Give me my cereal.
I hope your little weenie fall off.
You say something?
- No, man, let me see this.
- See what?
This thing gonna make
her neck turn green.
Man, shut up, man.
It got the 14-karat stamp on it.
I don't know how you bought that.
You never bought a girl anything.
- So what, man?
- You need to watch it, Rashad.
This girl got your nose wide open.
Let you tell it.
Yeah, it ain't even like that.
She real, man.
He bought a cheap-ass necklace
for New New.
I was about to buy her some shit, man.
- Yeah, right.
- We gotta go, man.
It's my first day, B.
K.K. Soul Food.
I'm with my people now, homey.
Free collards. Free collard greens.
Why you blocking, man?
That's what I'm talking about.
Who this?
- New New.
- Shut up, man.
- What you want?
- I need a ride tomorrow.
I got you.
You got some gas money?
Hold on.
- Who this?
- It's New New.
Y'all need to find something to do,
because y'all ain't funny.
- I love that.
- Hold on.
- Yo.
- Who's that?
- Teddy.
- Hey, how old is he anyway, 30?
Hold on. Hello?
My bad, man.
I just wanted to see what was popping.
Hey, y'all going to the pool tomorrow?
I don't know.
I gotta take Esquire up to Sandy Springs.
Teddy? Teddy.
If you don't get off that damn phone
and clean them dishes...
Hey, Ma, I'm 21 years old, man.
Still getting on the phone?
I never feel comfortable
on this side of town.
Man, kind of how I feel
about our neighborhood.
I don't see what this cat making you
drive all the way up here for.
He invited me to dinner, fool.
Man, this is John Garnett.
The millionaire.
If he want me to cook dinner, I'm with it.
- Hey, man, that's 31 Canterbury.
- Right here?
Hey, man, go ahead and push the buzzer.
...yes, may I help you?
It's Benjamin- It's Benjamin Gordon
for John Garnett.
...yes, Benjamin. John's expecting you.
Come on in.
Ben. Right on time.
- Always, sir.
- Come on in.
I talked to some friends
at the Falcon Society.
This should help.
Thank you.
One thing you should learn
early in this life:
It's not always what you know.
Sometimes it's who you know.
Yes, sir.
You'll be fine.
- You hungry?
- Oh, I could eat.
Well, dinner's almost ready.
I'd like you to meet my daughter.
She's going to Brinton next year too.
Erin, honey?
Come down to dinner.
- You hear me?
- Yes. I'm coming.
Have sons.
I just wanna say again,
I appreciate this a lot.
Oh, well, just do well.
You'll be fine.
- Here she is.
- That shirt is just so cute.
- Dad, I already ate.
- That's all right.
Come here.
Erin, I'd like you to meet Ben.
- This is her friend Holly. She lives next door.
- Hi.
I gotta go. Bye.
Strange chick.
Erin, nice to meet you.
It's always a pleasure
meeting new people.
It's nice to meet you too.
You're not telling Rashad.
Wow, you even talk different.
You're not telling him.
Oh, I'm telling him. Please believe that.
You're not saying anything to him...
...and I'm not telling my dad about you.
If I tell him where you're from,
you're done.
- Is that a threat?
- Call it what you want.
I gotta tell him in my own way.
I knew it. Because Rashad was
telling me how "New New is this"...
...and "New New's so real. "
- I am real.
- You ain't shit.
Excuse you?
How did you even find Cascade?
What, you go buy you a 99-cent ghetto
handbook to show you how to keep it real?
The salad fork goes on the other side.
I'm from the Trey.
You from the Trey? That's funny.
- Well, my dad is.
- I never read that.
- He never talks about it.
- I don't blame him.
Are you serious?
He's a sellout.
You really wanna be ghetto.
Believe me, you can have
the piss in the hallway.
I'll take the Picasso.
You got a Picasso in your house!
You need to lower your voice. Shut up.
I bet when you go to Brinton,
you won't be all up in here...
...doing all that New New stuff.
I'm not going to Brinton.
- I'm going to Spelman.
- Oh, you going to Spelman.
Well, your daddy seems a little confused.
Yo, what happened?
She took care of me in the parking lot.
- No.
- Yeah, that right.
Here come your boy.
Hey, yo, Ant.
What up, big time?
Hey, man, I heard you got that fire.
How come I'm the only one that ain't
getting blessed? Hook me up, man.
Fine, nigga, what you need?
- Whatever, man. Whatever, nigga.
- Right. Exactly.
Hey, where Esquire at?
I don't know, man. I ain't seen him
since I dropped him off Saturday.
- I ain't seen him either.
- Rashad. Rashad.
Rashad, Ant just got arrested.
- Come on, they got your brother.
- Get up!
- What the hell going on?
- Let's go, man. Let's go, man.
- Anton Swann.
- Right here. Right here.
- Swann.
- That be me, sir.
- Swann. Front and center.
- Oh, man.
I got a gun, man.
Come on, boss. Let me be out.
Thank you, man.
It's all part of the game, young buck.
Now all you got to do is
put a little overtime in, you know.
We get the books square,
you be good.
You have to get in the house
before your brother get hurt.
Where he coming from?
I think he's coming right about now.
What you doing with my
brother in your car?
You got him trapping?
That's what's happening?
- Get out.
- Hey, hold up, hold up.
What you reaching for?
You ain't fitting to do nothing.
With your bitch ass.
Bust a move, then.
- Thought so. Anton, get your ass out the car.
- You don't know-
Watch your rabid ass, man.
- Get in this house, man.
- Get off me.
Both of y'all get in the house
before I take off my belt.
Whatever, partner. You know me.
Come get some. Get in the house.
Nobody told y'all light-skinned dudes
ain't in style no more?
- Get off!
- You out your rabid-ass mind, homeboy.
Man, get in your room, man.
Man, I ain't playing with you, bro.
Man, you ain't nobody's dad!
You heard what I said.
What you gonna do?
I'm gonna leave.
- You think you're a dope boy?
- Hey, hey!
- You tough, huh?
- Get up. Get off of him.
You all right?
What the hell is going on here?
Old dumb-ass here
got arrested for selling weed.
You better get in your room,
like he said.
I ain't gonna have y'all tearing up
my house.
Come on, man. Let me talk to you.
Look here. Now, I know
you might be a little upset...
...but let's be grown folks
about this thing, all right?
Now, you may not wanna hear it,
but that boy gonna do what he wanna do.
A few extra dollars
in the house ain't gonna hurt.
I can't believe you, man.
Look, hey, hey, hey.
I got a mortgage to pay every month.
- You know the water heater done cracked.
- What that mean?
You just gonna let your nephew
ruin his life over a few dollars?
What kind of man is you?
I'm the same kind of man
took his sister's two kids in... they could stay together.
Take us-? Hey, we took you in, man.
- What?
- Hey, be clear, this is my daddy's house.
I been running things here
since I was 15.
- You just been getting over.
- Getting over?
You best...
Yeah, right.
I ain't never wanted none of this.
Pushing a damn broom the rest of my life.
I'm 41 years old.
I'm a grown-ass man.
You see a decent car sitting
out in that driveway?
You see women rolling through here?
- That's your fault, man.
- Hell, no.
Because don't no woman want no man
with two dumb-ass kids and no money.
A janitor.
Shit, I'm a janitor. A janitor.
Yeah, I should've just let
y'all's asses go to foster care.
Then I wouldn't even be in this mess.
- Hello?
- Hey.
Can you meet me somewhere?
- Hi.
- Hey.
Why are we here on old people's night?
They from College Park.
How you know that?
Every side of town got
their own way of skating.
They got, like, a little bounce to them.
That's Chicago. And that's Detroit
all day long, right there.
You talk to Esquire today?
Ain't seen him all day.
Nothing, I was just...
I kind of have something
I need to tell you.
If it's bad...
...I don't even wanna hear it.
Got enough shitty news for one day.
What's wrong?
My life's a mess right now.
Just tired of being lied to.
I keep trying to think of
what my pops would do.
Can't come up with nothing.
Hey...'s gonna be okay.
Hope you right, shorty.
I'm starting to think this is our song.
Oh, yeah?
Too bad we didn't bring our skates,
though, huh?
Hey, babies, how y'all doing?
All right, now. Be careful, babies.
Oh, man, is that the twins' mama?
- Man.
- Ms. Gayle is a hot mess.
I was gonna wait till Sunday,
but I got something for you.
Thank you.
Watch yourself.
It's beautiful.
- I'm glad you like it.
- I love it.
It's time we had a brother-to-brother talk.
Or to put it delicately,
a talk about the birds and the bees.
At 13, girls are just like comic books...
...loaded with adventure,
easy to understand...
...and don't cost more
than a quarter to take out.
In this house, we never
discussed our problems.
We just watched Good Times.
It seemed like the answer to everything.
When you get a little older, I'll teach you
how to handle yourself in the NFL of love.
My pops always told me
to take care of my little brother.
I hope I got through to him.
Here we go. It's gonna be
a long night for some of y'all.
We got the Warriors, the Preps
and the Ones in the house tonight, baby.
Look, you see them boys
practicing their moves.
Tonight we break out the secret weapon.
Y'all remember how?
- I'm gonna break it down. For real.
- I remember, I got it.
No, no, no, like this here:
So... And... And?...
- You got a crick in your neck?
- Hell, no. Come on, man.
- Watch what I'm about to do. Hold up, man.
- Watch.
- Before you mess us up again.
- Watch.
- What's up, y'all?
- Hey, what's happening?
- Oh, you wanna hug me.
- We gotta go.
- We gotta go. Ma's coming.
- See you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
I just bagged the shorty
that work at the snack bar.
Free hot wings. Let's go, baby. Come on!
- Well, hell, yeah. Come on.
- What? We ain't gotta chase no chicken.
Priscilla, it's Janice.
I have some disturbing news
to share with you.
Shut up!
What they call this, Star?
Damn, who is you?
He a retired rapper or something.
He do got a attitude,
but his car is cute, though.
- I like that. Let's touch it.
- Okay.
Let's go.
- Bambi's like a ghetto tale.
- How?
Moms gets shot in the head.
She ain't doing nothing.
Pops is never there.
House gets burned down, insurance reasons.
And out of nowhere, she pregnant.
Father's never there,
you know what I mean?
You feel what I'm saying? House
burned down, he meets a girl, then-
- Dad, how did you-?
- Let's go. Erin, get up, now.
That's your fault, man.
How you gonna let him take your girl?
See, if she were with me-
Oh, you gonna shush me now, huh?
Why you ain't shushing the old man?
See, now you wanna get buck, man.
He gone, now. He gone, fool.
Get in.
- Yo, what's up?
- Where you going?
- It's all right, it's my dad.
- It's your daddy?
Is he still with your mama?
Keep it up, hear?
Keep it up. Lie to me again.
Lie to me again.
What'd you say?
Get back down here!
How could you humiliate me like that?
You were supposed to be over at Holly's
house getting some rest before practice.
Baby, you been lying...
...about where you been going
and who you been with.
What if something happened to you?
I'm sorry, Mom.
Why can't I pick my friends
and choose things in life for myself?
Because you're not making
very good choices, baby.
I mean, you got a lot of
good opportunities to choose from.
Like what? Going to Brinton?
Oh, baby.
Spelman is a great school,
but your father and I just-
- But what?
- Well, we're saying...
...look at some other choices,
some other options.
- What?
- Keep talking to Mother like that...
...and your lips will beat you
to the hospital.
You know how lucky you are?
Yes, Daddy.
I do know that I am very fortunate.
Thank you for being a great parent.
But I knew if I were to ask to go over there,
you would've had a heart attack!
You damn right! You know why?
Because I was that guy.
I know what he wanted from you.
And it wasn't them big-ass earrings.
Why do you always think somebody
always wants something?
I work too hard.
I don't wanna see you go down-
I don't have to explain myself.
Why? If you don't have to explain,
I don't have to explain.
Because I said so!
You better go to bed now.
Okay, wait a minute, wait a minute.
Let's just calm down...
...and collect ourselves,
and talk about this in the morning.
There's nothing more to talk about.
End of conversation.
Yo, man, you all right?
Just checking on you, man.
You knew, huh?
All this time.
That was the same car
from the Garnett's house.
That's foul, man.
- Look, man, I'm sorry, I-
- Hey, hey, hey.
Man, get out.
- But just hear me out, man.
- Bounce.
I don't wanna see you, talk to you,
kick it with you, skate with you.
Nothing, man.
- Come on.
- You still here?
I'm gone.
What you gonna do with it, man?
- Hey- What up, man?
- Yeah.
And the rest of y'all niggas, man,
get the fuck off my porch.
- What we do?
- Man, you heard me, homes.
Hey, you ain't gotta tell me twice.
- Yeah, well, bust a move then, partner.
- Was it me?
Man, I think it was your breath.
It usually is.
Whatever, man. You always eating
those sunflowers, you country.
- Hey, hey.
- I'm tell- It's the A-Town.
Hold it, now.
- John.
- Yeah?
Not like playing golf, is it, boy?
Look, sir, this is fun...
...but I came to talk to you.
- What about?
I came to give you this back.
Did I make an error somewhere?
No, I made the mistake.
Not being honest with you before.
What about?
I live five blocks away from Cascade's
on the south side.
- You said you went to Mount Paran.
- I do.
I use the club address
to go to school in a better district.
So you're just a liar?
My parents can't afford
to send me to private school, sir.
So you knew Erin before you met me?
Yes, I knew Erin.
- But I didn't know you was her father.
- You expect me to believe that?
- I got your game, Ben.
- My game?
I don't play games, Mr. Garnett.
That's one thing I do not do
is play games.
I'm too busy trying to make it out.
I figured you knew that,
coming up on the south side.
As far as the letter, I just thought the letter
would give me a better shot, that's all.
We'll never know now, will we?
You can let yourself out.
You know, I read in this article...
...where you said being a CEO
didn't make you a proud man...
...being a proud man made you a CEO.
But a proud man doesn't hide
where he comes from.
Be careful.
See, with or without that letter,
I'm gonna make it.
And I won't forget Mechanicsville, Georgia,
made me who I am.
With all due respect, sir,
it made you who you are.
Might help your daughter
to know that too.
Come on.
Holler at your boy, man.
I made them come... you wouldn't kick my ass.
Man, come on, dog. Damn.
Man, we friends, man.
We boys. Hear him out.
I just wanted to say sorry.
And if it mean anything to you,
I gave the letter back.
What you do that for?
- Hope you ain't think it was for me.
- It was for me.
I didn't want it like that.
Hey, look, man.
We about to go to Cascade.
Now, tonight is our night.
You already know what it is,
I mean, we're like the Yankees, baby.
We're like-
We're like the Bulls in the '90s.
We're like the Lakers.
No, not the Lakers.
But we're a dynasty.
When we're out on that rink,
nobody can touch us, man.
Nobody. Let's go.
No. I'm gonna let y'all have it.
I don't skate no more.
Oh, man, you acting like a female, man.
- Hell, man.
- Yeah, whatever.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment
you've all been waiting for.
Skate Wars is here.
I just got word Rashad Swann
ain't here tonight... the Ones are not in competition.
Damn. This sucks, man.
- It really sucks.
- Hey, man, my arm is skinnier.
No, no, no. Your arm ain't skinnier,
your face got bigger.
- Hate to put it to you like that, man, hey.
- You laughing, and we're gonna lose.
I ain't been down here in a while.
Love what you've done with the place.
Yeah, looks like you really let
your little partners piss you off.
I don't wanna talk about it.
Boy, I just came to tell you
there's some lemonade upstairs.
Best batch I ever made too.
Now, that's good.
Now, look, I ain't trying
to get in your business...
...but, I mean, I do know
a little something about being pissed.
I mean, it's all-
You know, it's all just feelings, man.
From females to friends to funerals...'s all about the feelings.
I just want you to recognize
the difference...
...between what you feel
and what's real.
That way you don't look back on life
with a bunch of regret.
- What's happening?
- This Ant?
- No, this ain't Ant. Who is this?
- Is this little big brother?
What the hell is you calling my house for,
The streetlight's on
and our boy ain't come home yet.
I'm gonna have to get out here
and go find him.
Hell is you talking about?
My brother ain't your business no more.
Like hell. Y eah, and he ain't
into me for two G's either.
And I ain't about to put some hot shit
in his chest, you know what I'm saying?
You better stay away
from my little brother, partner.
Boy, stop.
What's up, Ant?
I ain't heard from you in a while, boy.
Boy, where you been?
No, no, I- I'm cool.
I mean, I'm cool.
It's just taking me a minute, that's all.
But I'm gonna straighten everything out
as soon as I get that money.
Remember what I told you, right?
- Yeah.
- What'd I say?
- It's grown-man business.
- It's grown-man business.
Got your ass.
Scared as hell, man.
- Goddamn, Carl Lewis, where you going?
- Come on, man, please.
Please what?
What? What? Please what?
Boy, you're shaking like a stripper.
Tighten up.
I'm so disappointed in you this evening.
Look at me when I'm talking to you, boy.
I know that ain't who I think it is.
- Little big brother.
- Get in the car, Ant.
I told you to leave my brother alone.
- Y'all so funny.
- You got a problem, you deal with me.
- Nigga, who the hell is you?
- He owe you some money?
- Here you go.
- Oh, shit.
- Yeah, I'm tired-
- That was so disrespectful.
You done hit me in my mouth
with some goddamn money.
You don't get it, do you?
I'm his daddy now.
Get out the way.
Pleasure turns to the pain...
Of the lessons learned from the strain
Of the questions burned in my brain...
About whether love is humane
In its touch.
These thoughts are like salmon...
Swimming upstream
In the tears of your deceit...
Fighting the current hurt
That kills more than is created...
By the chaos of our intertwined emotions...
Chaotic because the anchor
Of Eros' arrow...
Has been plucked from the vessel
Of my undying infatuation...
Separation not as simple
As the distance between us...
My mind no longer possessed
By the demons...
That had been the overseers
Of my enslavement to your lies...
The seeds of these lies
Rooted so deeply...
They have cracked the foundation
Of what we once shared...
Allowing the faith in us I had sealed inside
To gush out like a river...
Ripping the image of our future together
From my thoughts...
As violently and as brutally
As if it were a child being taken...
From his mother's arms...
I'm left surrounded in darkness...
But I refuse to be swallowed by it...
My loneliness like the night air.
Invisible to the eye, obvious to the touch...
In its cold uncomfortableness...
...yet if I could do it all over again...
I'd do it in the same skin I'm in...
To lay down and let love die...
Just stay down and let love lie...
No, no, not I
I'll stay 'round and let love fly...
Even though I have seen
Its darkest form, deceit...
Nothing else could taste this warm
Or feel this sweet...
So you gonna stay mad at me forever?
It ain't even about that, bro.
I mean, like, when you was a baby,
I couldn't walk for you.
And I can't walk for you now.
I'm sorry.
- Rashad, I'm not gonna be messing up.
- Hey, Ant.
I love you, regardless.
I can teach you everything
under the sun...
...but I can't be a man for you.
You gotta figure out
the best way to do that yourself.
We didn't win Skate Wars that night.
But I got something better.
I got my friends, I got my girl,
and I got my little brother back.
Teddy finally graduated from high school.
He even opened up his own spot.
He call it "Gangsta Grills. "
But see, that's what I wanted, though.
Okay, well, hey, if that what you want,
I got my money, we straight.
- That's right.
- There it is.
Brooklyn finally found a job
he could keep.
Esquire got a mysterious
letter of recommendation...
...for the Falcon Scholarship.
Guess Garnett ain't so bad after all.
My boy's in the Ivy League.
Hey, get back up and try it again,
baby girls.
Skateman says get back up, try it again.
- Get out of here.
- We know how to skate, okay?
- We getting up.
- This is so embarrassing.
Twins, well, they still at Cascade
every Sunday night.
Ghetto fabulous.
Uncle George quit dealing
with them dating services...
...and went to church
and got him a real woman.
She's nice.
New New finally convinced her parents
that Spelman was right for her.
I'm glad she's close.
My little brother let go of all his
dope-boy ambitions...
...and finally got it together.
I'm proud of him.
As for me...
...I never realized I was dreaming
all along...
...because I was always drawing.
My pop said I'd put these skates down
when I found something more important.
I think he was right.
This is the beginning.