Atlantic. (2014) Movie Script

...wake up.
Look at me.
I'm leaving.
I need you to be strong.
Watch over the village for me.
And if you feel lonely...
...imagine you are flying.
Like a bird.
Out over the ocean.
It will be quiet there.
I'll be there with you.
...causing temperatures to fall... the mountains...
...the temperatures by region are...
Agadir, thirty degrees...
Essaouira, twenty-six. Safi, twenty.
Al Jadida...
Who are you?
You who live beyond the horizon.
Why do you have
such power over me?
I feel you in the wind.
Your spirit.
Salaam aleikum.
Aleikum salaam.
- How are you?
- Good. You?
- Good. Thank God. And you?
- Good. Thanks.
Is that a windsurf board?
- And that's your sail?
- Yes.
I never saw one up close.
Can I have a look?
It's light.
It's beautiful.
Can I ask you something?
Where are you from?
Near Essaouira.
- Essaouira?
- Close to Essaouira.
You came from Essaouira
on your board?
Isn't that very far?
That must
have been an adventure.
You must be hungry.
I'm going to
roast some nice sardines.
You want to join me?
- Do you live here?
- Yes.
I have a small place
behind those rocks.
My fishing rods are down there.
- You're a fisherman?
- Yes, I have a net, my rods.
Come have some sardines with me.
There's all kinds.
Whiting, sole,
a lot of sardines.
- You don't set lines?
- No, the net's enough.
Here you go. Fresh tea.
- God bless.
- Thank you.
What a wonderful day.
Look how clear it still is.
Here, my son. God bless.
Did you hurt your hands?
Is that a wound?
It's nothing.
It just needs to dry.
Show it to me.
Show me.
That looks bad.
Don't worry,
I've got what you need.
Here, my son...
Tomorrow you won't feel a thing.
Open your hands. Don't be afraid.
Give me your hand.
- God bless.
- What is it?
A cream we put on
when we go out to sea.
It cure wounds.
Like your blisters.
Give me your hands.
Don't be afraid.
- Open your hand.
- Careful.
Don't worry, it won't hurt.
- Just a little.
- Enough.
Tomorrow they'll be dry.
- Is that Casablanca?
- Where?
- Yes. Casa. Dar El Beda.
- Dar El Beda.
Are you going to Casablanca?
- Further north.
- You're going all the way?
Do you know
it's a military zone up there?
The Spanish patrol the ocean.
There's no place to pass.
I'll go around the zone.
Around the zone?
That's a long way,
across the open ocean.
You'll need wind.
Three hundred kilometers.
Three hundred kilometers?
You'll need strong wind.
There'll be wind.
I wonder what it's like... be old.
I keep dreaming about you, Wisal.
I miss you.
Where were you?
I've been waiting forever.
Come on.
Where were you?
You put a second line again?
I knew it.
I knew you would
put a second line.
Come on board.
You speak to your
father like that?
If you carry on,
I'll throw you overboard.
No, no... I'm kidding.
Stop... my cast.
Take it easy.
Are you crazy?
- Is that all?
- That's all we got today.
Look how close they are today.
- Where?
- Over there.
Come on, push.
It's stuck.
What's happening?
The tire's flat.
What are you doing?
- Nothing. Were you asleep?
- Yes.
Can we draw on the sand?
- Not right now, Wisal.
- Get up.
Another time.
- Come on...
- Another time.
- I was looking for you.
- I was on the ocean, I just got out.
You're covered in sand.
- What's happening to you, Fettah?
- Nothing.
Wait, I'll brush it off.
- Let's go.
- No.
Come on, we're going.
Come on, we'll draw another day.
Alright, I'm going.
We're going now. Let's go.
Rest your head.
What are you doing here?
Let me take you to your bed.
I want to sleep here.
Today, I'll reach Casablanca.
I wish you could see what I see.
Salaam aleikum.
Aleikum salaam.
How much is it?
- How much?
- Fifty dirhams.
- Salaam aleikum.
- Salaam aleikum.
Salaam aleikum.
Not at school, little brat?
I'm not a brat.
- You going to play in the water?
- No.
- Liar, you are going to jump.
- No.
You're gonna fly.
Do you want to buy a hat?
This one is nice.
- How are you, Yves?
- Good, how are you?
- Ciao, bello.
- Ciao, Marina.
Hey Jan.
How are you?
It's been a while.
I looked for you this morning,
but you weren't there.
- I was fishing.
- With your father?
- Is he well?
- He's OK.
It's the new model...
Next year's.
- It's perfect.
- I sailed it twice.
- Beautiful board.
- Yeah, awesome.
80 liters. It's perfect.
- Four-two.
- Four-two?
- Should be OK.
- Not bad, huh?
- Is that OK?
- That's cool.
Like that.
- So you're coming?
- Maybe.
- Wisal... go home.
- No, I want to stay with you.
- Go home.
- But I want to stay with you.
I feel you.
Every move you make.
You're restless today.
Something's going to change.
What are you doing?
Dad... I was looking for you.
Jan and his girlfriend
are staying with us.
They'll pay us a thousand dirhams.
- You have your computer?
- Yes.
Yes, Dad?
Ask them if they want tea.
Mr Hakim.
- Are you well?
- What a pleasure.
Are you well?
Thank God.
This is Alexandra,
my girlfriend.
Nice to meet you.
Do you want a fork?
No, thank you.
- A plate...
- I'm fine, thank you.
A woman in the house.
I'm going for a walk.
You go for a back loop,
but it's not the same.
You have to go straight...
...and then you turn.
Then you pull in the sail.
- You good, brother?
- We missed you. You good?
- You good?
- Everything alright?
How was Hawaii?
As usual.
Full of Americans.
You brought along great weather.
Sufyan, how are you?
How's your wrist?
It's OK.
You had good waves here, right?
Flashy colors, your harness.
Let's go.
What is it?
How much love?
How much pain?
You OK?
I broke my mast.
I can give you my board.
Great start.
Her eyes...
She has your eyes.
Wisal... I looking for something
that will never return?
Am I seeking something
which is long gone?
Tomorrow temperatures
will fall further...
...especially in the mountains...
It will be cloudy
in many parts of the country...
The temperatures by region are...
You're up early.
Fettah, that photo in your room...
Is that your mother?
Jan told me she drowned.
How old were you?
What was her name?
Shall we go?
Who is she?
What has she come to tell me?
...she brings you back.
- Alexandra.
- Yes.
Do you remember we saw them?
This is my cousin Rahma...
What is this feeling?
This longing.
She will leave.
Go with him to where
I cannot go.
You come and you go.
You wash away everything.
...cloudy weather...
in many parts of the country...
The temperatures by region are...
Agadir, twenty-four degrees.
Essaouira, twenty-two.
Safi, twenty-three.
Al Jadida, twenty-two...
Three hundred kilometers
of open ocean.
To Europe.
- Guzma-han.
- What are you doing?
- Just cooking.
- Just cooking?
- Sufyan's not here yet?
- I haven't seen him.
- Stop it. Let me cook.
- Smells good.
You think so?
Go clean the vegetables.
That's Sufyan's job, not mine.
You never help me...
There you are.
- Look at you.
- Stop it.
How elegant.
- He's trying to impress Alexandra.
- Ah, that's why.
Are you jealous?
Why would I be jealous
of someone who's leaving tomorrow?
Salaam aleikum.
Welcome, guys.
- Can I have some tea?
- Of course.
- Welcome, guys.
- Thanks, brother.
- You look gorgeous.
- Thank you.
Did you smoke a little too much?
Thank you.
They shot some crazy videos of you.
Check out this bottom turn.
Fettah, look.
Where's Alexandra?
She's not coming?
I don't know.
I think she went for a walk.
- Are you OK?
- I'm OK.
- Everything OK?
- Yes.
No problem.
Where were you?
You look "belle".
- "Beau"...sorry.
What's going on?
I'm going.
- What?
- I'm going.
Excuse me.
- That's too much...
- It's OK.
- But it's too much.
- It's OK.
Good night. And thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome...
This is the two thousand...
Give it to Fettah.
Thank you.
Say goodbye to your dad...
...maybe see you in 6 months.
That's cool.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Fettah, I'll leave you the five-three.
- I don't need it.
- No, but it's...
You can fix it,
you'll have a new sail.
- That's cool.
- OK?
- Bye, my friend. See you next year.
- Alright. Thanks.
- Did they pay you?
- Let go.
Here. That OK?
- And me?
- Let go.
We went for long walks...
She would take off her headscarf.
I remember
her long black hair...
...floating in the wind.
Southwest is that way...
The Southern storms are coming.
Are we out of fuel, Dad?
There's still plenty.
Leave it.
Let it cool down a bit.
Tell me, Fettah... old are you now? Thirty?
- Thirty-two.
- Thirty-two?
I have an idea.
Let's set a date...
...and invite everyone over.
We'll have a barbecue.
We could invite Mourad.
OK. Stop it. Wait.
He became angry...
He hit her.
- Look who's here.
- How are you, Auntie?
- Fine. How are you?
- Fine.
- And your health?
- Fine, thank God.
- Everything OK?
- How are you?
We're OK.
And you?
- We're OK.
- And your father?
- You painted the yard again?
- Yes, for the holiday.
- Here's fish for you.
- Thank you.
- That's all we got today.
- It's plenty.
May God give you even more.
- Shall I make some tea?
- I'd love some.
- How are you?
- Fine, you?
- It's been a while.
- I've been working a lot.
I missed you.
Did you paint the walls again?
- You're always painting.
- The holidays are coming.
- It's been a long time...
- What can I say?
- Have a seat.
- She's painting too?
She's covered in paint.
How is your father?
Is he well?
He's tired, gets up early.
He takes his boat
out to Essaouira...
He's very tired.
There are no more fish.
You know your father.
He can't stop working.
- Can I ask you something?
- Of course.
It's about my backpack.
I'd like to make...
...three holes in the bottom.
Here... and there.
Three holes?
If it's possible.
If you have time.
I'll pay you.
Fettah, stop it.
When do you need it?
In two days.
Salaam aleikum.
Dear Auntie...
How are you... oops...
- How are you?
- Still alive.
Will she forgive me?
Salaam aleikum.
Such a great day.
You came, as promised.
- How are you?
- Good.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
Go get your jembe.
- Come on.
- Thanks.
Thanks for inviting me.
Let's play.
Let's go.
Good wind, huh?
It's great.
Are you coming?
Come on, let's go.
I saw her change...
She became quiet.
Why did she do it?
- How did you get in?
- Through the door.
Through the door.
What are you doing here?
What's wrong?
- Are you angry with me?
- Are you leaving?
I want to go with you.
- I want to go with you.
- Stop it.
I want to go with you.
Stop it.
I want to go with you.
You know what we'll do?
- We'll go to the beach, OK?
- No.
We'll go to the beach.
I'll make the biggest drawing
I ever made for you.
We'll do it together, OK?
This way.
I am going to do the eye.
- What are you drawing?
- The eye.
It's going to be huge.
- I'm going to change the tail.
- No. No.
Come sit with me.
- Leave me alone.
- Come.
I'm tired. Stop.
Do you want
to look at the stars?
Look, I closed my eyes.
Can you see
how beautiful she is?
Shiny, like a mirror.
Can you see yourself?
Can you see me?
I am here.