Atlantic City (1980) Movie Script

Look, it's Ganesh!
It's a sign from heaven.
Good-bye, little chicks
we are leaving the sticks
We are catching the train
at a quarter to 6:00
So if anyone should drop around
Won't you please tell them
that we can be found
On the boardwalk in Atlantic City
We will walk in a dream
On the boardwalk in Atlantic City
Life will be peaches and cream
There where there's
saltwater air
Brings out the lady's charms
There on the rolling chair
He'll roll right into your arms
Excuse me, ma'am.
You can't bring those bags in here.
- Oh, we're looking for Sally.
- It's a hotel policy.
She's a really great girl
who works here.
Oh, Christ!
Hi. Oh, wow,
it's really good to see you.
I don't want you here.
Get your asses out of here.
When do you finish?
You're not staying with me.
Look, Sally, we've got money.
Great. You're in a hotel.
Check in.
We will have money.
- Can you spell me for an hour?
- Yeah, sure.
- Who are they?
- My husband and my sister.
We drove across Utah.
You'd really love
those waterfalls there, Sally!
And then Colorado.
Did we ever meet some beautiful
Indians that live on a commune.
Did they have
some dynamite mushrooms!
Do you know
even the cows were wrecked?
Then we got lost
in Louisiana.
Lou, you're late again.
Peppy's very nervous.
Peppy knows he's got
an appointment.
I'm ringing this bell
like Charles Laughton...
in The Hunchback of Notre Dame:
You want that from me? To become
a hunchback ringing for you?
You want hash and eggs?
I am nobody's hunchback.
You work for me, Lou!
The cigarettes you put
in your mouth, I pay for.
I ring this bell
and you get down here.
- You got no ketchup.
- Why the hell don't you get some?
- Don't come where I work!
- I came to see you!
I don't want you following me
or any more of your surprises.
What's going on in there?
Dave, leave her alone.
Don't rough her up.
If she doesn't want us,
we can go somewhere else.
It's okay, Chrissie.
Why don't you do
some deep breathing?
Yeah, okay.
He's really a wonderful man, Sally.
Why did you do it?
Running away with her...
humiliating me like that?
If you're gonna knock 'em up, pick
somebody who can care of herself.
What do you want me to say...
I'm sorry?
These things happen.
I want you out of here.
I need you.
I don't want you here.
What about Chrissie?
She needs you.
I'm not taking care
of either of you this time.
Are you seeing someone?
Yes, someone.
You screwed me up in Vegas
so I couldn't get a job.
This is what I've decided.
After I die, I'm gonna
have Peppy buried in my arms.
Do you think I trust you
to take care of him?
You're not gonna get one nickel
to take care of him after I'm gone.
Give me a kiss, Peppy.
Little ass kisser!
What are you saying?
I said we need more dog food.
- Did you cut the coupons?
- Yes, I cut the coupons.
Shoo! Come on now, Peppy.
There were 11 money-saver coupons
in the paper.
There's 11 money-saving coupons
in there now.
Here, you want to count them?
I can't even move my hands anymore.
- I'll rub your fingers for you.
- No, you stay away from me!
Last time you shoved my arthritis
clear up to my elbow.
Let me get going. It's late.
- I'll need five more dollars.
- Five more? You want cigarettes?
You steal cigarettes.
You're the big-time thief...
Mr. Mastermind...
Mr. Ten-Most-Wanted.
That's enough!
Nothing's enough.
I always wanted shoes with...
clear plastic heels
you could see through with...
live goldfish swimming in them.
Wouldn't that be swift?
Have to walk so delicate.
You're like King Midas in reverse.
I don't want you touching my stuff.
You owe me.
Get out!
Who got you out
of fucking Saskatchewan?
If not for me, you'd be home making
jam, putting out for lumberjacks.
Get out!
You smell, you know that?
Like a can of rotten tuna fish.
I don't think you smell
of tuna fish.
Are you mad at me
for going off with Dave?
I think of this baby as being ours.
Dave and mine and yours.
Dave's got a much higher developed
soul than either you or me.
I've hardly been reincarnated
at all, but Dave...
he can remember all the way back
to ancient Egypt...
building the pyramids
and all of that.
He's had some really hard lives.
I think he's due for
a real big break in this one.
You can stay here tonight.
I am not gonna get upset!
Hi, Peppy.
- Grace says the usual.
- I know what to give Peppy.
Come on, baby.
- A dollar on 123.
- Right.
Going out of business, Lou. No sense
playing the numbers anymore.
Ida Cohen, with the six parakeets...
won $400 on eight quarters
at the casino.
Got anything for me?
- What have you got for me today?
- Got this 421.
Six bits.
Lou! 496.
Fifty cents.
Make me a winner, man!
- 3-2-1.
- Wish me luck today, Lou.
I will.
Good number, 321.
Place your bets.
No more bets.
- You looked!
- You spilled your drink!
No, you took your eyes up.
You allowed me to distract you!
Everyone, listen to me.
The players are coming
to the casino in teams.
One sits here,
one sits there.
The cards are good.
The player at the first base
spills his drink.
Your eye moves.
The player at the third base
triples his bets.
They have a million clever ways
of trying to cheat you.
Concentrate! Concentrate.
Go ahead.
Darling, you were late.
Did you like the music?
Marvelous music...
"Norma Casta Diva."
The chaste goddess
worshipping the moon.
Yeah, I'm beginning to like it.
Dignity, passion, size.
Can I lay a hard ten
on a soft three?
Yeah, okay. Bye.
- Forty-eight dollars and six bits.
- You're down this week.
Everybody's broke.
I got any winners?
Better not have.
I can't afford fucking winners.
Freddy, how 'bout a double sawbuck
for the case? It's a real beauty.
How am I supposed to fit my Cuban
Monte Cristos in this piece of shit?
Where are you coming from?
- Do you know a Fred O'Reilly?
- Fred's right over there.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Hi, you Fred O'Reilly?
Yeah. Who are you?
Something new, huh?
Let me see. Very nice.
- I won $300 at the casino.
- Casino.
Hey, Queenie.
Hey, man, I need a little space
around here.
Come on!
I got business!
Let's take a look.
There you go.
Very nice.
Very nice indeed.
There's been a slight dry spell
around here.
Dry spell's over.
White Christmas, perfect timing.
A friend called this a.m.
Could I help him?
Had to say no.
- Where'd you get this?
- I found it in a phone booth.
- In Philadelphia?
- How did you know?
I'll help your friend.
Not looking like that, you won't.
This is a family town.
Better get yourself cleaned up.
A nice leisure suit, powder blue.
- You don't need a tie.
- Maybe you could advance me.
You know, $200? $300?
You know I'm good for it.
This is a very tight town.
I only do business with the people
I do business with.
The people I do business with
find out I do business...
with the people
I don't do business with...
I can't do business with you.
But Boomer in Vegas said...
I don't do business
with Boomer in Vegas.
You look like a fire sale.
I've been on the road six weeks.
You clean me up,
I'm a fuckin' Prince Charles.
You won't help me?
Look, I'm cutting you in!
I sure would like
to help my friend.
But remember,
I don't do business with you.
You got a phone?
Telephone is upstairs.
Wait a minute. Let him use
the bar phone. I know the kid.
Find the place
you were looking for?
We live in the same building.
That's why I'm talking to you,
because we live in the same...
Yeah, Fred gave me your number.
Hey, Bob! Beer.
Cold one this time.
Okay, I'll be there.
- Your friend wants to do business.
- They'll bust you in the lobby.
You look like a training poster
from the narc squad.
Powder blue leisure suit.
Hey, Lou. I want you to run
an errand for me.
I'm booked up.
Who's the old guy?
You mean Lou? He used to run numbers
for the dinosaurs.
Hey, why did you leave?
Back there we started talking.
I had other things on my mind.
I was just trying to be friendly
so piss off!
Listen, I hear you're very big
in circles around here.
Where'd you hear that?
Vegas. Las Vegas.
You heard about me in Vegas?
Oh, yeah! The man to know!
Let me understand something, kid.
You're talking about
Las Vegas, Nevada?
Right, yeah.
That I was the man to know?
Lou, right?
Class dismissed.
Come on, Peppy.
Come on, you little mutt.
This ain't my dog.
Belongs to the lady downstairs.
I'm more of a German shepherd type
of guy. Isn't that right, Peppy?
Doin' the old lady a favor.
There's the building.
A shame you never saw it
in the old days, a real work of art.
They're gonna tear it down now
and build a casino.
Lou, could I borrow your apartment?
My apartment?
Yeah, just for an hour. There's
a hundred bucks in it for you.
- A hundred bucks?
- Yeah.
Let me tell you something, kiddo.
My room ain't exactly
the royal suite of Mr. Casanova.
No, no, it's not for a girl.
It's technical, business.
Who was it told you about me
in Vegas?
Well, you know, it was in a crowd
of people, your name popped up.
Tall fella?
Yeah, yeah, that's the one.
Harry Gropke.
Harry went to Vegas, I think.
It must have been Harry.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, Harry.
You know something?
I've known Harry for 30 years.
- I haven't seen him in 25.
- Yeah?
I adore attractive,
well-groomed educated women:
You mean, making the church scene?
Forget it, Reverend:
I'm not resting!
Here we are.
No strangers in here!
Dave's staying upstairs. He's from
Las Vegas. Friend of Harry Gropke's.
- I've got business to discuss.
- Not now, Grace. Later.
Where's Cookie's silver cigarette
case? It was here by my bed.
- I see you got a scale.
- Weight Watchers. Measures food.
Get it for me.
Lou, you get back here. You've got
to push the blood back in my feet.
I'll be right back.
Lou, come back!
Come in, come in.
Would you close the blinds?
I need a tablespoon.
That's great. Thanks.
Italian baby laxative.
That's what it is.
You like magic?
Pass your hand over the scale.
Come on! Go on! Do it.
That's $2,000.
Two thousand dollars?
Okay, say abracadabra.
- Come on.
- Come on, say it!
That's $4,000.
Could you stash this
for me somewhere?
- Jeez, I don't know.
- It's only for a couple hours.
Look, you know the streets here.
Could you walk me?
I can't leave Grace.
Are you afraid?
I've got a medical problem with her.
- Are you a doctor?
- Doctor?
There's something wrong with
the feet. The blood don't flow good.
Why don't you tell me?
Come on.
- Wait a minute.
- Chrissie, I got a job for ya!
Got your fingers warmed up?
This is not Grand Central Station.
What's wrong with you today?
These people are going to help you.
Come on, Peppy, you're in the way.
You're fired, Lou.
Dave, this lady's got a
million things wrong with her.
Get her out of here.
This lady is almost a qualified
therapist in Nevada and Oklahoma.
She trained in Saskatchewan, Canada,
in the art of Korean foot massage.
If you leave me alone with her,
I'm gonna kill you, Lou.
Will you listen for just once?
This is not medicine.
I'm still a very important woman
in this town.
I'm Cookie Pinza's widow.
He used to deliver coffee
for Cookie.
He's my servant.
Do you know that your whole body
ends at the bottom of your feet?
You think I am just poking
your feet.
Well, when I touch this spot,
this is where your spine is.
When I touch this spot,
this is where your tummy is.
You work for that Grace?
I help her out.
She pays you?
You're her fancy man?
Are you servicing her?
Every now and then.
Wow. To be your age
and still working at it.
Mr. Stud! Mr. John!
Well, I keep myself in trim.
Monte Carlo!
The old casino is very, very slow
and old-fashioned.
Rococo elegance. But the new casino
is just like Vegas.
The croupiers are French, but the
dealers are American from Vegas.
You get your license to learn how to
deal and the world opens up to you.
It's not just cards, you know.
It's your future.
I want you to concentrate.
I hate you going back
to that oyster bar.
The world should be your oyster.
Well, I've got so much to learn.
I don't know how to count in French.
I know...
Do you think you could teach me?
Better than that.
If you'd only stop being afraid.
Deal with courage.
You're a little pearl
produced by that oyster bar.
Say that in French.
The name Capone
mean anything to you?
Al Capone? The Godfather?
Lucky Luciano, Dutch Schultz,
Meyer Lansky.
Do you know them?
You work for the people
who work for the people.
I was taken a shine to.
Pardon me, but you don't exactly
look like the "King of the Mobs."
Well, a few wrong turns,
wrong affections, some mistakes.
It's all shit now.
It's a shame you never saw
Atlantic City when it had floy floy.
Remember the song, "Flatfoot Floogie
with the Floy Floy"?
Hep cat and zoot suit.
That was the floogie part.
The floy floy.
That was something special.
Atlantic City had floy floy coming
out of its ears in those days.
Now it's all so goddamn legal.
Howard Johnson running a casino.
Tutti-frutti ice cream
and craps don't mix.
The only difference between
Christianity and Hare Krishna is...
Hare Krishna is real.
If Jesus was alive today,
he'd be very much into Hare Krishna.
- Chrissie!
- Yeah?
Do my sinuses again.
- What language is that?
- French.
Is it hard, French?
It's the language of
international diplomacy.
It's nice, French.
Your husband's a real cutie!
He's leaving tomorrow.
Have you seen my wallet?
I can't find my wallet.
We go this way.
Yes, it used to be beautiful...
what with the rackets,
the whoring, guns.
Sometimes things would happen,
I'd have to kill a few people.
I'd feel bad for a while, but I'd
jump into the ocean, swim way out.
Come back in feeling nice and clean,
start all over again.
I never seen the Atlantic Ocean
till just now.
The Atlantic Ocean
was something then.
Yeah, you should've seen
the Atlantic Ocean in those days.
Come on.
There's your hotel.
I could like it here.
You can breathe.
They used to call Atlantic City
the lungs of Philadelphia.
We stay long enough, we could be
the nose of Philadelphia.
- What room?
- 307.
Look, you go up alone.
What do you mean?
Just hand him this.
I'll wait outside.
Ain't you comin' with me?
I can't. Not the way I'm dressed.
I mean, you look sharp.
You ain't trying to set me up.
I'm trusting you.
I left a fortune in your apartment.
Look, you just give him
the package.
You wait for an envelope with the
money. There's another 100 for ya.
Can't you do it?
You better get yourself
some new clothes.
Tomorrow. Floy floy.
- 307?
- Right.
I'll be up on the boardwalk.
I got a...
I've got a package from Dave.
What, is medicare dealing now?
Come on in.
Everybody in?
Pair of fives.
Fella here wants to talk to you.
Hey, man, what's going on?
We'd like you to keep it going
if you don't mind.
There's a lot of other people
we gotta see first.
The whole East Coast
is like the Sahara Desert.
Every source is dried up.
You old "kocker" you.
Tell me.
Where'd you get this stuff?
All right. I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to offend you.
I'm trying to hold a game together.
I'm calling everywhere.
Four G's.
I know. Four G's.
Tomorrow, huh?
Lou Paschall?
Buddy. Buddy O'Brien!
That's me!
You're lookin' great, Lou.
How you doin'?
Fine. I'm doin' perfect.
It's good to see you, Buddy.
Oh, here. There we are.
Hey, hey, not from you, I don't.
Go on, take it.
It's a good time for me.
Get in the chair.
I'll give you a shine.
- It's a long time.
- Yeah.
Remember the day
Nucky Johnson sent us...
to buy 100 boxes of rubbers
for the party?
The look the guy gave us!
A hundred boxes of rubbers
for two guys.
He couldn't get over it.
Buddy, you live too much
in the past.
Yeah. But them were the days.
Mrs. Matthews?
Great! Where did you find it?
I have a vision of the future:
This glorious island
of Atlantic City...
shining like a beacon whose light
was nearly extinguished.
If it wasn't for the casinos,
we'd have been dead a long time ago.
And so I accept with great pleasure
this check from all the casinos.
- Thank you, Mr. Goulet.
- You're welcome, Doctor.
I want to thank the people
whose money I had for a while.
Last night I was lucky at the tables
but on the way home...
on the boardwalk,
I was mugged by my own croupier!
Just flew into town tonight
Lady Luck was on our flight
Had a bite to eat
At Geno's down the street
And now this welcome sight
Glad to see you're born again
Atlantic City, my old friend
Be there when I bet on ten
You're not planning
on leaving town, are you?
I want to make it here. I really
like this town. I wanna be a dealer.
I think Atlantic City's
the greatest.
- Mrs. Matthews, you...
- What?
You can claim the body tomorrow.
I don't want the body!
And now you're here to stay
Remember how they put you down
There's not an empty room in town
They're coming here
from miles around
You sure came through
I'm glad to see you're born again
Saskatchewan. Area code 306...
- To Mr. Or Mrs. Peter Matthews.
- You're back upon the map again
Sally Matthews.
You sure came through
What do you mean they won't accept
the charges? It's about their son.
Hello? Dave's dead. Hello!
- I heard about Dave. I'm sorry.
- Who are...
We live in the same building.
Next door.
Come on, I'll walk you home.
I don't know what to do about his
body. I tried calling his parents.
They wouldn't even accept
the charges.
- They've got to know.
- I don't have any money.
Don't worry about it.
Come on.
I can't. I, I...
Hello? Mr. Matthews?
I was a friend of your son Dave.
My name... My name is Lou.
I'm sorry to have to tell you.
There's been a very bad accident.
Can I take your order?
Just some water, please.
The news didn't exactly break their
hearts, but at least they know.
I've been thinking about
the burial and disposal.
You're gonna need help.
I hate to bring this up, but...
when something like this happens...
there's certain things
you've got to do.
And you're new in this town.
Remember, I'm Lou Paschall
if there's anything you need.
I know your name from the mailbox.
I got a piece of your mail once.
- I slipped it under your door.
- Oh, was that you?
It was just junk mail,
but I appreciate what you did.
Coupons for paper towels.
You saved me money.
- I'm Sally Matthews.
- I know.
Thanks very much
for everything, really.
It's okay.
God, I don't know
what to say to my sister.
Look, your sister is downstairs
baby-sitting Grace... Mrs. Pinza.
Why don't you go to bed, get
some rest, tell her in the morning?
Young girls are strong.
Good night.
Good night.
You can go upstairs now.
All right, all right.
Your sister is back.
What's got into you?
- Where are my oysters?
- Relax.
Well, at least you got
your wallet back.
Last night I dreamt I came here
and Dave's body was on the ice.
- Sign this.
- What is it?
It's for your husband.
Sign here and here.
- But what...
- Believe me, it's all right.
And put down the address,
the family address in Canada.
- What did you do to your hand?
- Nothing.
- What time do you get off?
- 12:00.
Terrific. I'll see you.
Holy shit!
Santa Claus is looking real hot.
Come on in.
Everybody, hold it. Let's have
a little applause for Santa Claus.
Go ahead.
Compliments of the house.
Hey, Pops, what planet
do you come from?
I want to do something for ya.
Here, take my watch. Go ahead.
You don't want it? Take my wife!
Take my life! Take anything!
Just cut out the bullshit,
let me have the money.
You're all right, Pops.
Not bad. Not bad.
Couple of inches off the sleeves,
a little off the skirt...
and you'll look just fine.
For the tailor.
Double sawbuck?
Hey, thanks a lot!
Listen, when things start going good
for me, I'll make it up to you.
A dozen oysters, please.
- Hi.
- I took care of Dave.
The forms you signed, they were
releases to send the body to Canada.
You were busy, and the arrangements,
mail, the plane, it's a lot of work.
You paid to have his body
flown to Canada?
I hope you don't mind.
- The money! Must've been expensive.
- Forget the money. I'm a neighbor.
Why are you doing all this?
It's nothing!
Sinatra gives wings to hospitals.
We all do what we can.
- It's 12:00.
- Yeah?
I'll wait for you.
There's four extra in there.
They're really strict here. They
count the shells. I'm not kidding.
I don't really want these, honey.
We're going to lunch.
Hey, thanks!
New casino.
Burger King casinos. McDonald's
casinos. Pizzeria casinos. Jesus!
Where I work they rake in
over a million bucks a day.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You like the casinos?
You go to them?
No. No, I don't like them.
They're too wholesome for me.
I mean nuns, for Christ sake,
standing in line. Boy Scout troops.
People blowing their...
their welfare checks.
It's too much nickel-and-diming.
All that money you carry around,
that's no nickel-and-diming.
It quiets the nerves.
Why do you live in the same dump
I do when you could afford a palace?
Well, I...
To tell you the truth,
I stay there for Grace.
When they tear it down, I'll take
Grace someplace and head to Miami.
You like Miami?
I'm thinking of going to Monaco.
Oh, Monaco!
That's the place with that Kelly
girl from Philadelphia. She's queen.
Yeah, they have a casino there,
very elegant.
No women dealers yet,
but I'm hoping.
Only now I'm learning about music
and I'm gonna start reading books.
Developing some style. Learning new
languages because I want to travel.
You thinking of leaving
Atlantic City?
Not for a couple of years.
I've got to develop my blackjack.
I'm gonna deal my way to Europe,
to Monte Carlo.
A regular Princess Grace!
- Catch of the day?
- No fish!
No clams, no mussels, no oysters,
no shrimp! I want meat!
Lamb chops and pork chops
and liver.
Bring us a menu.
And, waiter...
more wine... the same.
I don't want anything that swims.
- Cigarette?
- Yeah. Oh, no. They're too strong.
- Can I see that?
- Sure.
It's nice to have money
to have things.
This belonged to Grace's husband,
Cookie Pinza, a personal friend.
Puligny-Montrachet 1966.
I'll do it.
Teach me stuff.
Like what?
What you know.
- You want information or wisdom?
- Both.
I'll think about it.
The smartest man in the world was
on a quiz show winning everything.
You know how they finally
tripped him up?
He knew everything under the sun
except his Social Security number.
He could have had the world.
What's yours?
I don't have
a Social Security number.
Everybody's got
a Social Security number.
You pay income tax?
You still got your fingerprints?
- Well, sure.
- Let me see. Oh, my God!
- You don't have any fingerprints!
- What are you talking about?
I got fingerprints.
I got lines...
You wanna go back to Saskatchewan?
I mean for the funeral.
Look, I haven't been back there
for ten years.
I'll stake you to a round-trip.
You can come right back.
Thank you.
Then you should send a tribute.
Make a nice impression.
Let me tell you, never let them
badmouth you at a funeral.
Miss, I want these roses,
all of them.
- All of them?
- Yes.
Make a nice big wreath, hmm?
A card?
- Just over there.
- Thank you.
How many are there?
Six dozen.
Would you like them sent?
To Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
"Moose Jaw"?
It's near Medicine Hat.
"Business prevents my being with
you on this sad occasion. Sally."
And miss, send flowers...
nice ones...
"To Dave from Lou and the boys
in Atlantic City."
- You got that?
- Yes.
Keep the change.
- Thank you.
- Shall we go?
This is going to be the biggest
social event in Moose Jaw in years.
I've got to go.
- I hope I didn't...
- No, no, no.
I've got friends waiting.
I should have told you.
We're fixing up this house
I'm moving to... a new place.
Can I see you later?
I've got a class.
Well, it was a nice lunch.
Yeah. Thank you.
- Thanks.
- See you.
Why did they have to kill him?
Let's get away from here.
- Dave was a nice boy.
- He was a shit!
But you married him.
Look, you would marry anybody too
to get out of Saskatchewan.
Don't be mad at me.
I'm sorry.
I'm not mad at you.
It's just...
I'm late and everything.
You want to go to your friends?
Come on, I'll take you.
Okay, stop right here.
This is the place.
See that kid on the roof?
He's in my class.
Come on in.
- Hi, Sally.
- I know I'm late.
I'm sorry I'm late, really.
I know I'm over two hours late.
Forgive me, okay?
Lou, Bernie. Bernie, Lou.
Come see my room.
It's great.
This Bernie...
you living with him?
There's ten of us living here.
We're all dealers, would-be dealers.
- Bernie's baccarat.
- Fancy game with the shoe, huh?
- Very elegant, Bernie.
- I'm elegant too.
Oh, that's Agnes.
She's roulette.
You learn never to split a ten.
A ten is dynamite with a two card...
but after that
it can be your tragic flaw.
But it's not just
dealing the cards.
You have to know how to surrender
and how to wash the deck...
when to burn it, how to pluck chips,
share the box, stuff like that.
- When do you take your test?
- Three weeks.
- I'll be making $20,000 a year.
- No kidding.
Yeah. 30,000 with tips
if I'm really good.
Hey. I'm gonna hang on to you.
Be a gigolo.
What about Grace?
She came down here during the war...
beauty contest.
Oh, for Miss America?
Nothing like that.
More like Miss Pinball Machine.
She came, she needed protection.
I protected her.
She was this teenager.
You protected her for 40 years?
Well, she got married
along the way...
Cookie Pinza.
But I don't want
to talk about Grace.
Do you love her?
I watch you.
The place where we live...
I watch you.
- Through my window?
- You saw me?
I figured maybe
somebody was there.
Did you know it was me?
You were just this guy
across the way.
Why do you use lemons?
The fish smell.
I'm embarrassed.
I thought maybe it was for some
other reasons I didn't understand.
I even went to a supermarket
to look at lemons.
It's just to get the smell off.
It's nothing weird.
What do you do
when you watch me?
I look at you.
You take off your blouse,
then you run the water.
Then you take a bottle of gold
perfume and put it on the sink.
Then you slice the lemons.
You open a box of blue soap.
You run your hands under the water
to feel the temperature.
Then you take the soap
in your hands and...
Are you Dave Matthews' wife?
Look, are you a cop? I told you guys
I don't know anything about him.
- Let's have a look in the bag.
- What are you talking about?
- The lady said...
- Let go of him!
Hey, you. Relax, old man.
This is none of your business.
You don't want to get hurt.
Are you all right?
Maybe you should go lie down.
I don't wanna lie down.
I didn't protect you.
Where the hell have you been?
Men were tearing the place apart.
You go out,
you don't even tell me you're going.
You okay?
What the hell are you wearing?
That girl buying your clothes now?
Miss, I warn you,
stay away from him.
Oh, Christ.
- Did he let that happen to you?
- I'm all right.
You shut up, Grace,
you goddamned old lady.
If I'm an old lady,
what does that make you?
I'm her lover!
You wanna know his nickname
in the old days? "Numb Nuts."
Men had names like "Legs"
and "Bullets" and "Cookie."
His was "Numb Nuts"!
Lou, open this door.
- I know you're hiding in there.
- Chrissie? Chrissie!
- Oh, my God.
- You didn't protect her.
What's your life worth?
Cookie had more manhood
in his toupee...
than you've got in your fat frame.
Open this door!
Chrissie, are you okay?
Chrissie, look.
Are you all right? Are you hurt?
It's me. Chrissie. Okay, look.
It's gonna be okay.
Lou, open the door, please.
I'm sorry.
You're a wonderful man.
Sometimes I forget to tell you
how much I love you.
Chrissie, listen to me.
You're all right. You're okay.
Just take it easy.
You're going to be fine.
You're all right.
That's it. Come on.
- Oh, my God.
- Why didn't you call the police?
My husband, Cookie Pinza,
said never call the police.
Honey, it's not the first time,
let me tell you.
When a bad element from New York
had my husband killed...
on the boardwalk,
Lou ran away.
He ran away then...
so he runs away now.
What did they want?
What are they looking for?
- Why did you come here?
- To see you.
- Don't give me that shit.
- She's a good girl!
Why did you come here?
To sell some dope.
We needed money for the baby.
There's nothing wrong with dope.
Dope belongs to the whole world.
Where did he get it?
Some people told us
about a drop in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia's a nice place.
What did he do with the money?
I don't know where the money is.
He went out with that old man.
- Dave went out with Lou?
- They took my scale.
Hey, I want to talk to...
Hey, Pops, what...
This is the last batch.
Five G's. Take it or leave it.
Pops, I'm a little tapped right now.
I can give you four G's...
give you the rest later,
all right?
I'll take it.
Call Fred at the Club Harlem.
Tell him you're dealing
with Lou Paschall... that's me.
Tell him to tell those hoods
to leave the women alone.
What they're looking for,
I got.
Lou, I'm gettin' compliments
on the suit, Lou.
You look sharp, Buddy,
real sharp.
In three weeks,
you'll become dealers...
and you'll learn a painful truth:
Everybody hates you.
You stand in the way
of a million dollars...
the player hates you.
You know enough to cheat
the casino... the casino hates you.
The TV camera over your head
tapes your every move...
and yet you are alone.
The players, the floor manager...
the eye in the sky...
they all watch you.
You're alone.
Mr. Shapiro wants to see you.
Mrs. Matthews, how you doin'?
Come on in.
Come on.
How are ya?
Sit here. Go on.
Your husband had a record.
I hadn't seen or spoken to him
in eight months.
I know that, and I understand that,
and this is very unfair, but he...
I don't even know why he was here.
I know that, and you know that,
but they don't know that.
- "They"?
- The SEC...
the Gambling Commission,
the tax people... they don't know it.
We just can't afford to have people
with your connections working here.
I'm gonna tell you something.
I feel you have misled us, Sally.
Sally, right?
Mr. Shapiro, please. I've only got
three weeks of class left, I need...
Look, I am entirely on your side
in this situation...
but this is a very important job...
and I feel that I just have
to let you go.
I'm sorry.
Would it have made any difference
if we hadn't been married?
Marriage is not the point here.
We have to be very careful
of our people and who they know.
If this guy loved you, he would have
shown up sooner or later. You know?
So love is the point here.
- They fired me.
- What?
Six weeks of classes down the tubes,
just like that.
- Can you loan me 50 bucks?
- I don't have it.
I thought we were friends.
Listen, I saw your sugar daddy
down there at the tables.
- Really?
- Borrow from friends with bucks.
Can we talk to you?
I really think we should talk.
Sir, please don't bother
the players.
You're selling something
I believe belongs to us.
I'd like return of the item and
the money you received for the item.
Hey, man, there's
a game going on here.
And I'd like to know
how the connections were made.
Kid got my name in Vegas.
Harry Gropke sent him to me.
When you come to Atlantic City,
I'm the man to see.
Come on. We know who you are.
You're nothing, mister.
Hey, there's a game
going on here.
Sir, you can't disturb
the players.
I think we should
continue this outside.
- No.
- Let's go.
You're playing with Dave's money.
I'm owed it.
Madam, please. If you're not playing
you'll have to leave the table.
- Sit down and be quiet.
- You're buying me roses.
I'm fired from my job, I'm supposed
to sit here like some Vegas bimbo.
Mister, I got hoods
beating the shit out of me.
If I'm beat up for money and drugs,
I want the money and drugs on me.
Don't touch the suit.
- You're like Dave gone senile.
- Madam, you'll have to go.
- Look, I trusted you.
- I'll take care of her.
Look, he took my money.
Make him give me back my money!
But I want my money!
You see that man over there?
- Where?
- In the blue suit?
- So?
- He only wants a blonde next to him.
What do you mean?
No, strictly for luck.
Nothing will happen.
If he loses, he'll be
too depressed to do anything.
If he wins,
he'll just talk about it.
- You pimp!
- What?
- What do you think I am?
- I was trying to help you!
Help me? You're trying to whore me.
Get your hands off me.
- You'll have to leave the casino.
- Leave me alone!
If you're gonna arrest somebody,
arrest that guy down there.
He's the one pushing drugs.
Leave me alone!
Somebody get my money back.
That guy took my money.
Let go of me!
Get me my money back!
This woman is not allowed
in the casino.
I don't want to be in the casino.
I want my money.
You let these punks in here,
you won't let me in here?
This guy beat me up.
He wrecked my house. Let go of me!
- Come on!
- I'm very, very sorry, sir.
This woman has just been fired.
She's very upset.
On behalf of the hotel,
I'd like to give you reservations...
for the Camelot Room,
also the Superstar Room.
Get your hands off of me!
Let go of me!
Let go!
I can walk out by myself.
Get your hands off of me!
Will you get your hands...
Let go of me!
Let go!
Let go! Are you happy?
Okay? I'm out!
Hey, stop! Wait!
Where did he just go?
Thank you.
I need your help.
My father, he's escaped.
He's on your bus. He's the old guy
with the white hat and trench coat.
- He's not right in the head.
- What do you want me to do?
Could you please get him off
the bus? He needs his medication.
- Yeah. Leave it to me.
- Thank you.
We made a little mistake.
We've oversold the bus.
So one of you is gonna have
to get off.
You were the last person
to buy a ticket, sir.
- Come on, old man. Come on, sir.
- What?
We've oversold the bus, sir.
I'm afraid you have to get off.
You got plenty of seats.
Yeah, but they're reserved.
I'm sorry. Come on, sir.
Jeez, I mean...
- We got a schedule, sir.
- Is there another bus?
There's another bus coming
right behind, sir.
Can't hold up all these people.
That's it. Come on, sir.
- Your daughter will care for you.
- I got no daughter.
- Let's not be naughty.
- Come on, Pops.
This woman is not my daughter.
I talked to Jimmy and the kids.
You can have your own room and TV.
And Jimmy won't play his stereo loud
if you won't smoke in the closet.
I made love to this woman today.
Daddy, please!
I held her in my arms,
and I made her happy.
- Let's not be naughty.
- It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be all right.
We'll take good care of him.
I'm dangerous!
People come to me from Las Vegas.
I know Bugsy Siegel.
I was his cellmate.
I want that money.
It belongs to me.
You have money. I've seen it.
Don't give me that shit.
- Listen, I don't have it.
- Give it to me.
Hey, old man.
Hey, foxy grandpa.
It's over now. I want the money.
You know what I'm talking about.
Give me the money.
Give me the money now.
You bitch!
You slapped me! You slapped me,
you stupid bitch!
The money. Money, money!
Come on, get outta here.
Get in the car!
I can't believe I did it.
Am I bleeding?
Did he cut me?
I can't believe I did it. I really
did it! Did you see me do it?
I'm all right.
When I saw that knife on you,
I pulled the trigger. Bam, bam!
- Did you see the look on his face?
- Get rid of that gun.
- I protected you.
- Stop pointing... Get rid of it.
- How much?
- A quarter. Can't you read?
Lady, it's the first time I've been
out of Atlantic City in 20 years.
A thousand dollar bill?
I'm sorry.
- Here.
- Here's a hundred.
I'll lend you the quarter.
Thank you, madam.
A room for me and my mother.
And we want some drinks.
Bourbon, Coke.
No, wait. Make that champagne,
peanuts, crackers.
The expensive kind.
The French kind.
Got it?
It's time for all the news
and all the headlines:
Here with the 11:00 report
is anchorman Bob Wilson:::
And the award-winning
Channel 7 News Watch team:
Good evening: Violence has struck
again tonight in Atlantic City:
Fear and confusion now reside
in the otherwise peaceful resort:::
After the brutal murders
of two underworld crime figures:
City law enforcement officials
are being sought for comments:
News watcher Connie Bishop
is standing by:::
With a live eye-cam report
from our sister city:
Bob, it's the second night of
violence in this normally quiet:::
Yet generally swinging casino
capital of the East:
Police Chief Allmond is the man
with the answers and he's arriving:
Chief, is there any connection
between tonight's murder:::
And yesterday's brutal slaying
in Park Mobile?
- We're tracing a new lead today:
- You sound angry:
I'm damn angry! If the mob has come
to Atlantic City, they're dead!
They'll have to answer
to me personally!
So these are
mob-connected slayings?
There's no mob slayings
in Atlantic City:
Let them kill themselves
somewheres else: Not on my turf:
- Chief, are there any witnesses?
- Connie, please: Thank you:
There you have it, Bob:
No clues, no witnesses:
No one's really sure how
the killers got away: Bob:
Thank you, Connie:
We'll have more from Atlantic City
as this dramatic story unfolds:
Is this the stomach?
Is this the baby?
It feels nice.
I came here during the war.
Betty Grable look-alike contest.
The boardwalk filled with hundreds
of Betty Grable look-alikes...
from all over America
selling war bonds.
On the boardwalk
in Atlantic City
Life will be peaches and cream
You never went back home?
I met some boys. Lou.
Cookie Pinza,
who I later married.
Atlantic City became my home.
You oughta fly home.
I'll treat you to the ticket.
You will?
If you can get a seat belt
around that.
I never use seat belts.
I don't believe in gravity.
We both lost our men
through a shooting.
I don't mind that Dave's dead.
It just means he'll be
reincarnated sooner, that's all.
You mean Cookie's coming back?
Sure! Everything comes back.
You know,
you look after people good.
I never had to look after anybody.
I was a princess!
I like that...
making the news.
Who was Bugsy Siegel?
The meanest, the coldest.
- And he was your cellmate?
- I gotta be honest.
- I was in the slammer on a D & D.
- What's that?
D & D. Drunk and disorderly.
They brought Bugsy in for ten
minutes on the way to Leavenworth.
Man, was he pissed off.
He didn't even know me.
And that's all?
I never killed anybody in my life.
I never thought you did.
But I did tonight.
You saw it.
Yeah, I saw it.
Some champagne?
You got all those young guys.
You could still see them.
I'm an old man.
Is this a proposal?
Anyone ever take care of you
like I did?
You feel safe?
They got nice weather in Florida.
They've got great food in France.
But I got a lot of friends
down there.
I'll buy you new clothes.
I'll show you off.
Show off what?
You know. Just let the boys see
how well I turned out.
I've never been to Florida.
An update on that double murder
in Atlantic City:
News watcher Connie Bishop
is standing by: Come in, Connie:
We've had a break: A witness came
forward who described the gunman:
This is a police composite
of that man:
Hey, that's me! That's me!
Anyone with information should call
the Atlantic City hot line:
We'll stop on the way down
and buy all the newspapers.
This story's gonna be big
all over the country.
"Gangland slaying rips apart
Atlantic City."
All calls will
be kept confidential:
France is very nice.
WNBP Channel 7, Philadelphia:
Grace? Grace, is that you?
How dare you wake me up
in the middle of the night!
Where the hell are you?
I have a pregnant child here.
You're supposed
to make me feel safe:
Did you see the news? The two hoods
that got killed? Guess who did it.
Where the hell are you?
Grace, did you hear what I said?
The murderer they're looking for...
that was me.
What do you mean?
Don't kid me. You must be kidding.
You're going soft in the head?
That was you?
- Those are dangerous men:
- I wish you could be here.
I wish I could too:
Will you tell me where you are?
No, I can't tell you where I'm at.
Who is with you?
Is it that girl upstairs?
I'm alone.
There's nobody here. Just me.
All alone.
Will you shut up and listen?
I can hear someone around there:
I know you're not by yourself:
And I have had it:
You get back here within
five minutes or you are fired!
- I'll talk to you later.
- I'm not amused any longer:
Good morning.
It's light out.
Jeez, I'm thirsty.
- You want some juice?
- No.
Want me to go out
and get something?
No. I'll go get it.
Why don't you rest?
No, I'd love to go.
But I'm...
I'd really like some pizza.
I know it sounds crazy. I'll go.
I love pizza.
I'll get it.
We'll flip.
You win.
Want any money?
You'll need these.
So, what do you like...
anchovies, mushrooms?
No anchovies.
Me neither.
Don't forget
to ditch the car soon.
You saved my life.
Sunrise Semester, New Jersey's
University of the Airwaves:
Today we will be discussing
the great wines of France:
Have you ever considered a trip
to La Belle France?
Let's start with champagne:
Three centuries ago, a monk
by the name of Dom Perignon...
Call me a taxi
back to Atlantic City.
I did that.
Yeah? I'm sorry, lady.
You've got the wrong...
One thousand?
Why not?