Atlantic Rim (2013) Movie Script

Representatives of a
Trans-Atlantic, are declining
Comment at this time.
Beyond the statement
issued Thursday morning
Indicating that human
error is not responsible
for the spil. But with
Increasing pressure from both
law makes and activists...
What the hell is this mess?
Sir, Herodotus has reached and
impact point.
Alright Vitale. Patch'em in.
Herodotus? Come in. This is
Quinn? You there?
Roger that Smith.
Alright. We are deep 8. On the
Go to line C double E.
What's up?
Let me know if you see anything,
Something tells me we are not
looking for a rupture in the
main line.
Really Quinn, I don't know what
the hell I'm looking for.
Well then I'm sure I'll find it.
Well hold on there Smith.
What do you see?
We are going through a debri
Lots of sediment.
There is a lot of kick up. Hold
on just a sec.
Sonar reading is showing a field
of 10 miles.
It goes deep.
Well how deep? We're on the
floor already.
Something must be off. This
can't be correct.
Quinn? Quinn you there?
[Static - Quinn on Radio]
Smith? Can you hear me?
- Hello, can you read me?
- Hello? Contact, Contact.
-Is everything ok down there?
What the hell do you suppose we
should do now?
This is Herodotus, can you read
me? Hello?
Quinn? Can you read me for
Christ sakes! Dammit!
Great. Now we're alone. In the
dark now.
What about the manual pulsar?
We're at the bottom of the
[Low Deep Noise]
A Whale?
Hold on.
Ma'am. I'm getting a different
heat reading coming in.
It's one giant mass.
Let's get out of here.
- I need a heading full power.
Get us out of here now!
- Alright. Roger that! Let's go!
Quinn? Can you read me for
Christ sakes! Dammit!
Maybe the lost power.
It's too late for maybes.
Look, I know that there's a lot
going on but we have the press
in room 3.
I don't give a damn about the
I need to know. Is this an
Of course this was an accident.
That was a 15 million dollar
machine down there. And 2
operators unaccounted for.
What would you tell the press?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
What the hell is wrong with this
I don't know. Maybe we've hit a
Alright. Alright. Go get an
operator. Move! Move! Go!
Jesus. Mary and Joseph.
No no no!
[Crowd Cheering/Horns]
[Crowd Cheering/Horns]
Admiral. Admiral. We've lost an
oil rig Sir.
What the hell you mean we've
lost another oil rig?
Sir, I know as crazy as it
sounds but we cross checked this
with NOAA and NASA
And we checked the Doppler
rating every 30 seconds and-
Take that damn thing away. You
don't need to watch a YouTube
video to know that
40 thousand ton rig doesn't
vanish of the Gulf of Mexico.
You're worse then my
Yes Sir.
This is it? Where's everybody?
It's Mardi Gras Sir. All the
streets are shut down.
Don't get a halo for Christ
sake. I had to.
As well did I.
Well then, let's talk about
something that matters.
Yes Sir.
I won't take this personally but
quite frankly I think it's all
bull myself.
Satellite goes down. Oil rig
vanishes. Shocker. What if it is
something else?
An explosion would have
registered on seismic readings.
Not to mentions higher
Elevations of carbon monoxide
and smoke. Which would have
visible for miles.
Well I'm glad to see NASA take
an interest in this.
I already have enough beads.
And you are?
Dr. Margaret Adams operations
Bureau Chief NASA. This is
specialist Stone.
Oh yes of course. Project
We felt that this would
be a good opportunity
to move project
Armada into it's 1st
live field test.
WE as in the rest of NASA?
Most of us.
Pretty big step for a radar
glitch. You have anymore
information you want to tell me?
We don't believe the rig
We believe it was scuttled.
Ok. Dr. Adams, is it?
Ok, you don't scuttle a rig. You
scuttle a ship.
Exactly. We've done the recon.
It wasn't a computer glitch. The
rig is gone.
So what do you propose?
Deep-sea dive.
Deep-sea dive?
Are you serious? That area in
the gulf is 800 Fathoms deep.
We're talking about bottom
Of the ocean floor deep.
Are these suits pressurized?
They have been tested at 400
Fathoms. No breakage.
Computer simulation shows we can
go another 1,000.
You understand that there is a
big difference between what goes
on in the simulator and
What takes place in reality,
Alright, we send in a mini.
We did.
Ok, and what did it find out?
We lost contact with it.
15 minutes it into the dive.
15 minutes.
Are these M bot pilots ready?
Gearing up as we speak awaiting
I know this cat in water is a
bit of a loose cannon.
And why do you continue to allow
him in the program Admiral it's
beyond me.
He was the 1st one to sign up
and he passed all the tests.
He is a reckless liability.
Yes. But he's the best we've
He's on board with the program,
he won't be any trouble.
Is he training?
As we speak.
[Crowed Cheering]
Singing "99 bottles of beer
on the wall"
Babe, we got to get back to
Base base base.
You know what base I'd like to
do to you?
Yeah, can you give me that for
Yeah, not the shwag though. Some
of that Cali Kush.
You really know how to treat a
[Mumbling drunk]
Squid. Yeah dude.
Let me call you back.
What did you say?
You heard me.
No no no no. It's all cool. I
just wanted to make sure I heard
him right.
- Don't do this.
- Squid?
Let me just tell you something.
I'll kick your ass so fast, you
won't know what hit you bro.
Yo! Settle down alright.
Yo back up bitch!
Don't touch her!
No you're not going anywhere.
[Cell Ringing]
Yes Sir. Copy that.
We gotta be on deck in 10
Have a nice day ladies.
Who's a bitch now?
Damn, What time is it?
Go go go go go.
Glad you love birds can make it.
Wouldn't miss it for the world.
Yeah you should have come.
Did ya'll know they us at 800
Did you drink at Mardi Gras?
Doctor you know we don't drink.
We had like 2 beers 3 hours ago.
Why the rush?
Because there is a search and
For what?
Oil rig.
Wait. We're missing an Oil rig?
How-How do you loose and oil
I don't know but we're about to
find out.
How many where on board?
It's not looking good. About
Are we cleared for 800 Fathoms?
Sims we hit about 134.
Yeah that reassuring... [Sigh]
Aah. See you on the bots
You good?
Yeah. You?
I'm good. You sure?
Yeah. I'm fine.
Hey base, this is Red one. I am
settling into the bot.
Activating blue bot.
Activating sonar.
Boarded. Sonar.
I'm going to warm things up.
Setting coms. Coms are good.
Command center this is pilot
Blue. Commencing launch
Gage. Go. Full power. I'm alive.
All systems are go.
Looks like everything is looking
The bots are ready to be
Here comes the Admiral.
Well, magnificent Doctor Adams.
Excuse me Admiral?
Such a show.
Of course it's a show and I have
front row seats.
You took the opportunity of a
search and rescue mission ad
turn it into a show case
For some very expensive toys.
We are all on the same team
I'm trying to find the rig,
maybe some survivors.
I don't know what you expect to
find down there Doctor but
My team is not expendable. Is
that understood?
I have been with project Armada
since Inception. They are my
team too.
Alright. Check out this dive.
Olympic winner here baby.
Hey Tracy. You ready to get wet?
So mature.
Ready to get dropped. Let go.
It's always a hard hit.
Red how you doing?
Now toasty, how about you
I'm getting hotter and hotter.
5 Fathoms. 10.
How you guys doing down there?
I'm done on this side. You can
flip me over. It's oven hot. I
mean lava.
Can I get some air in here
The pressure is increasing.
We are approaching 100 Fathoms.
Approaching 150 Fathoms.
You guys it's getting really hot
in here.
Approaching 192 Fathoms.
200 fathoms.
Psi 250. 260 Sir.
What's going on guys?
Something doesn't feel right.
We are approaching 400 Fathoms.
Something is wrong. Something is
wrong. Her bot's go out.
Tracy. Copy.
Base! My bot deactivated.
You cool Tracy?
Tracy! You alright?
Too far to bank. I can't breath.
It's heating up in there.
What's the issue?
Loose cords appearing to have
some type of electrical surge.
She's gonna loose all oxygen.
Mayday Mayday I can't breath!
Sit tight. Sit tight. We are
restarting you. Keep calm
everything will be just fine.
Power cycle it.
We can't cycle it at these
Lieutenant Hendrix.
Base. What's wrong with her bot?
Get her damn bot back up.
Base! Get her fixed up now! Her
bot is failing!
She'll be back in 3... 2... 1.
She's back.
You back on. You good? You good?
Back in business baby. Whoo!
She's back on.
Close call.
She was never in any real
[Under his breath]
Thank god. Thank god.
We are approaching 500 Fathoms.
Come on you guys.
You cannot have that type of
stuff happening down here.
Ok pilots. Your barometers read
that you still have another, 700
feet to go before you
Reach the ocean floor. When you
do, your systems computer will
sync with the ship.
So you'll have our sonar
How you doing down there? Snug?
As a bug Admiral.
Approaching 600 Fathoms.
It is super hot.
And the pressure is increasing
Yeah, my ears keep popping.
727 Fathoms.
Approaching the bottom.
So once we get down there, Any
great ideas on how we're suppose
to go looking
For this great missing oil rig?
They are approaching the ocean
We just hit the bottom.
They've reached the bottom.
Ok. Take position 5. 25 degrees
from each other.
Position 5 in place.
Initializing gyroscopic
equilibrium. Reactive
matrix online.
Image and data recruiters up and
Activating external lights now.
External lights.
You guys picking this up?
What happened down here?
Oh my god.
That a hell of a lot of damage.
My god. It's a ship graveyard
down here.
Whatever happened, I don't think
they ever saw it coming.
I've never seen something like
this before.
Damn Base, there is a lot of
wreckage here.
This place got torn to shreds.
Unbelievable. I've dived damn
near 100 dives and seen
countless pictures of others
And believe me when I tell you
this, I've never have seen
anything like this before.
Earthquake maybe?
Missed by every seismic
monitoring station on the east
Then some underwater phenomenon
What kind of phenomenon?
I don't know Sir.
Well that's no damn help, is it?
Understood Sir.
Run the growbo. See if you can
detect any variance in pressure.
The bot scanners are not showing
any anomalies.
That's so bazaar.
Tectonics look normal.
Nothing is out of the ordinary.
Bull bitter. I have seen enough
damage in my lifetime to know
when it's intentional and when
It's natural. Get on the horn.
Get me subs. Carries and
Destroyers out here on the
Double. And find me Geise.
Yes Sir.
Who would take down an oil rig?
That's a damn good question
doctor. And one I hope to find
an answer to.
Whoo! Heads up. We got a bogie.
Incoming Incoming. I'm picking
it up on sonar.
Copy that. I got the bogie
I'm not sure what it is but it
looks pretty big.
It's getting closer. Do you see
what I'm seeing. It's something
on my monitors.
Do you see what I am seeing?
Holy crap! What the hell is
I have no idea but it's big.
It's enormous. What the hell is
I need subs. I need carriers.
Fighter and destroyers. And get
me Geise!
What is that?
Coming closer and closer.
Base you seeing this?
What is that?
This is not a vessel.
It's a whale! It's a whale!
Just a Whale.
Scared the hell out of me. A
whale. Who would have ever
Oh! Look at his head!
Sir, I just got off the horn and
everything you requested it's on
it's way Sir.
- Well get back on the horn and
tell them send everything else.
- Yes Sir.
There's something else.
Yeah. I'm getting something too.
What is this on our sonar?
It looks like a mermaid.
Holy crap! Did you see that?
Oh my god. What was that?
It look like some sort of I-I-
I don't know what the hell I
just seen.
I guarantee that's what brought
down that oil rig.
I'm going after it guys.
No no no Tracy. We don't know
what that thing is.
I can catch up with it.
Do not pursue. We have it on
sonar. We'll track it.
I'm on it,. I'm closing in.
That's our only defense. Do not
put the bots in danger.
They're still in pursuit. Do not
pursue. I repeat do not pursue.
Come on Jimmy boy let's do this.
Come on. Come on.
I don't think this is a good
time to be doing all that. Not
Alright, well do what you want.
I'm going after it man.
Alrighty then. Right behind you.
Sir, Red and Green have joined
the Pursuit.
God dammit.
In pursuit of what? I mean can
someone tell me what the hell
that thing was?
That's a damn good question.
How far behind is blue?
100 meters and closing fast.
Alright. I'm almost in range.
I'm going to take a shot.
Harpoon is locked and loaded.
Tracy. You got a shot, you do
you take it baby, take it!
Firing Harpoon.
I got this.
I got this.
I got this.
Got dammit Red, I just had that
It just disappeared from my
sonar. I don't have anything
Anybody else reading anything?
Screw it, I'm still going after
him. I'm bring this fish in.
Do not pursue. That's a direct
order. You had your chance and
you blew it.
It ain't too late. It's never
too late. I'm going to get it.
Remote trigger that thing. Shut
them down.
- Sir, if that thing reaches the
coast people are gonna die.
- Do it!
What just happened?
What? Are you kidding me?
Power off. Why? Power is off.
Bots are down.
No. Only two bots are down.
Red must be out of range.
Out of range? What kind of
remote you got in that damn
Maybe he'll catch up to it
before it hits land?
He's headed for the coast. The
entire world is about to learn
about project Armada.
Never mind. Call out the entire
fleet. Get the a battaly the
marines up and ready to be
Deployed on the east coast. I
have a damn feeling we are gonna
need them.
Send in the seals. Send in the
green berets. You need to send
Come on. Come on!
Red bot is about to come ashore.
Jesus H Crist I'd be loving to
watch the news tonight!
Listen to me. You are in great
danger. This is a US government
issue recognize robot.
You need to evacuate the beach
now! Get off the beach.
[Crowd cheering]
Red: Get off the beach now!
[Crowd screaming / Growls]
Aim high!
Sir, nothing is happening.
The bullets aren't penetrating.
Command this is fighter T1
requesting air support on all
Fire fire fire!
Keep going keep going keep
Come on. Come on.
Son of a bitch!
Red, are you ok?
You alright Red?
Activating the rail gun.
Eat this.
You guys we have to help him.
Sure what are we gonna do? We
gonna swim there?
We can't do nothing right now.
We need power!
This is insane. Red are you ok?
What's going on? Let me know.
Fill me in.
Remember your training baby. You
got this.
Come on Red.
This thing is all over my ass
man. He's gonna tear me up.
Base! Send someone in there.
He's getting Killed down there.
Base, these bots are too slow!
This thing is way faster then
We don't have a chance down
Stone, send out the jets.
- Let's get on that bird.
- Yes Sir.
- Sir.
Python and Daddy rabbit. We are
on route. Do you copy?
Patch me through the M fighter
Spitefire Daddy rabbit.
Daddy rabbit over.
I'm coming up to the target
You're clear to engage in sector
I can't believe they shut me
down. I had him in my sights.
They scrabbled fighters. They
got a lot of force going there.
As long as Red can hold up,
hopefully he can hold up. He'll
be alright.
Approaching target now.
What the hell is that thing? Oh
my god! You were not kidding
I'm coming in with a 50.
Approaching sector 77.
The 50 cal is locked and loaded.
Here we go.
Yeah, 50 caliber baby! All day.
The 50 cal is not doing anything
to this thing Sir.
Alright, Spitfire listen.
Arm a missile, come back around.
I will guarantee you a target.
You heard the man. Do as he
Alright, I'm coming in for a
straight and run.
Tame that damn target, I'm
coming in low! I'm coming in low
and hot!
[Groans & Screams]
Here's your target!
Here we go!
Fire! Fire! Fire!
I'm about to win the metal of
honor on this!
Hell of a job Spitfire.
Now, I'm going to have the MPs
arrest Captain Waters.
Uh, Sir. With all do respect,
Captain waters is our damn best
Well I don't care. I still don't
trust him. Look at the mess he
And you are exactly right. He is
Yeah but he is still in wild
card. I'm gonna have his head as
trophy on my wall.
Alright son, get us back down on
the deck.
The city is messed up man.
There's dead people everywhere.
Building are burning.
And what's your AO?
We're about to be on the corner
of Government and Jefferson.
I'm right around the corner
closing fast.
- Red!
- Yo! Red!
- Oh my god!
- You alright? You alright?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
That was insane.
What happened?
Yo man I was in the bot and I
got the thing, the monster
pinned down on the ground
Got his jaw pride wide open all
the way. I'm pinning him. I'm
shaking and I'm fighting
With him. Spitfire comes in
dude. He's got a full pay load.
The 50 Cal didn't even leave
A scratch. He pulls up sharply
come around for a second run.
Spitfire balls up and comes
In close, drops it. Nails it.
Boom! Boom! The thing is gone!
You gotta be kidding me. Thank
There's our ride.
- Alright
- Good.
Gives me time to write my award
- You didn't write that yet?
- No I did, but I just put in
in the humility aspect.
Lieutenant Waters?
Yeah. What do you need?
Oh, you want an autograph? Cuz I
just killed that big ass monster
back there.
No Sir. I'm here to arrest you
for disobeying a direct order
from a superior officer.
Yo! This guy just saved the
whole freakin' world! What are
you talking about?
He ain't going nowhere!
Calm down people.
- Are you kidding me!
- You gotta be freakin' kidding
Whoo! What are you talking
- This is how you treat a hero?
- That's enough.
Unbelievable. Unbelievable.
Just following orders.
- Let's go cuff me.
- Alright I'm coming with him
Go ahead. Cuff'em. Hook me up.
Red, this is a joke. You'll be
out before sunset.
That's enough. Just following
Orders my ass.
I guarantee your gonna be in
Siberia within one week. Watch
him be Paul Berrers mate.
Alexandra! Alexandra!
I need some help! I can't find
my daughter she's 12 years old.
About this tall. Brown Hair.
- What's her name?
- Alexandra.
Don't worry I'ma find her.
Tracy go with Red.
You got in covered? Unlock me!
Let us help him!
Get in the truck!
Alex? Alexandra?
I'm here to help you baby. Where
are you?
If you are here let me know. Let
me know.
Alex! Can you hear me?
Alexandra! Alex!
Are you up here?
Come on. Come on.
Where are you baby girl?
I'm here to help you.
[Coughing at a distance]
Can you hear me?
Alex. Alex?
What's up. We don't have a lot
of time. We got to get outta
Your father sent me here to get
you. Ok?
Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa.
You like superheroes?
I have a super hero team
outside. They sent me here to
get you.
I'm Jim. Ok?
And my super hero name is,
You know why? Cause I came to
fly you out of here.
I came to get you, but you got
to trust me, ok?
Alright, do you know how to play
piggy back?
Alright, if we don't get out of
here on piggy back really quick,
we are gonna burn to death.
You understand?
You wanna see your daddy?
Ok, I got to get you out of
I want you to close your eyes.
get on the piggy back, and hold
me as tight as you can.
Squeeze me tight, ok?
You promise?
Hold on tight.
Jump up. Come on baby.
Ah, good close your eyes. Close
your eyes.
Keep your eyes closed.
Daddy is waiting for you. Almost
there baby.
Almost there. Hold on.
Daddy is right outside.
Oh my god!
Jim is in there!
Oh my god.
Oh Alex!
Oh Sweetheart.
I was so worried about you. Are
you alright?
Oh I was so worried.
Wow Superfly, is that yours?
Yeah that's my superfly mobile.
Now you stay out of bars. This
is my goddaughter now. So you
better keep a close eye on her.
- Alright.
- Yes Sir.
Move away from this building. It
might drop. Come on.
Come on let's go.
Way to go superfly!
You guys have no idea what's
going on man.
You have no idea.
Easy! Ease you little pussy MA.
Yo! There's people dying!
Kick some ass.
[Door opens]
[Clears throat]
I'm sorry Admiral.
Review board. 0600.
Just so you know for what it's
worth. I really am sorry.
Yeah well for what it's worth,
you did a hell of a job today.
Thank you Sir.
Now get dressed.
What for?
You are going to be my date at a
tasteless political victory
Sounds like my kind of party.
Well don't get too
excited. We're gonna shake
some hands. Calm down the
Politicians. And when the clock
strikes 12, I'm going to put
your ass back in the brig.
Oh man, but I thought we bonded
over this stuff. You know that
hurts me-
You broke every rule today.
I've never been more proud.
Oh um-Admiral?
You are gonna be at this party,
Maybe you haven't looked outside
but you left me one hell of a
mess to clean up.
Have fun.
Copy that.
[Clears throat]
Red Red Red.
Jimmy Boy!
Time bomb on time out.
You outta control.
My nature. What can I say?
What's up baby?
Good job.
Hey so check it out. The Admiral
invited us to this really fancy
What's me to be the mokey play,
something-I really don't know
what he phrased it as but it's
Really cool. Anyway, I got extra
tickets. Do you guys wanna go?
We already got the invite.
And Jim's not going.
This would been the Admiral,
that's my gig.
I'm lending a hand to the Red
Cross buddy.
You know, I really think a party
is not really appropriate.
Well, see ya jailberg.
- Take care.
- Later Jimbo
I agree. I totally agree. But we
just got to go for a little bit.
I don't want to go to a party.
Listen, we'll just go for a
little bit and then we go help
Jim at the Red Cross. Ok?
I don't know, 3 hours.
Ok how about 10 minutes. 10
Minutes we fly in there. We slap
some hands. We have a cocktail.
Say Hello. We split. We leave,
we're gone. Deal?
Deal. Promise?
- Guess what I heard?
- What?
That you're gonna make those
baby little hot dogs that I
You love them.
Another one please.
I'm a hero now.
Yeah. I can see that.
You impressed?
Very impressed.
You know what? Maybe someday the
Mayor will get you one.
Nice. Thank you. It's very
Just messing with you baby.
I think I'm gonna go check on
Check on Jim?
Jim is a grown man. Why are you
gonna check on him for?
Tonight is between you and I.
Not Jim, Ok?
He's a good guy.
I know he's a good guy. He's the
Yin to my yang. He's the half
empty bottle to my keger.
He's a brother from another
mother. I mean, come on.
How much did you drink?
Don't worry about it.
You-Ok I'm leaving. You have a
good time. How about that.
- Are you serious?
- Enjoy your metal.
Whoa Whoa! Trace.
You hear that?
No. What are you talking about?
That's our song.
We don't have a song.
Of course we have a song.
No we don't.
Put your drink down.
No we don't.
We have a song baby.
March in peace soldier.
Shouldn't you be shaking hands
and kissing babies?
I'm a little sick Sir, Red and
Tracy are gonna handle that for
I see.
Sorry to hear that you are a
little under the weather.
Need some help? When I was young
I did some field work at the
It changed my life.
Crap. Here comes...
You're need back in the base.
You need to come with me please.
We're sick.
It's ok. I can handle this.
Admiral, have you ever heard of
project Tortus.
Yeah, that's the experimental
sonar that detects fossilized
deposits under the
Sea. It's a banning
That's right. Only that's just
the beginning.
You Se 4 years ago sonar also
discovered something else under
the sea bed of the coast
Of Yemen and the Gulf.
Let me guess.
I read those reports, there's
nothing to indicate-
And there won't be. For Obvious
Geise, I have the highest
clearance in command, what are
you saying to me?
I'm telling you they shut the
program down.
They privatized the commission... They went dark.
However, we did manage to get
some samples.
DNA matching. Ect.
When we discovered that these
things are 100s of millions of
years old.
I mean hell, they gestate for
thousands of years just laying
their eggs in crude oil.
Crude oil?
Yes Sir. Crude Oil. Salt Water.
And the natural thermal vents
underneath the crust is
What it's needed for these eggs
to survive.
How many eggs are there?
That we know of.
Do we know where the other egg
Yes Sir we do.
Nothing but water and air.
Doppler. Radar. Do you have
anything on your screen?
Beautiful winters night.
Yeah. Awax?
We have 5 in the theater. Awax.
2 destroyers, and no SEG.
How about Sub? Anything from
At depth. In position.
Surveying. Everything looks
USS Wasp. This is Lionfish
Charlie. 2 - 7 over.
Lionfish, this is USS Wasp.
Ask him what's going on.
What's going on? Over.
We have a 38 degree drop of
pressure from the northeast to
be at Yankee Rhino. Over.
Can you confirm that.
I don't see it.
Charlie 2. 7. This is Captain
Dager. We are not seeing that on
our screens down here.
Send us the coordinates.
Stand by. We are now confirming
a large mass rising from the
ocean floor.
Collect that information. Send
it Intel. Contact command and
see if they are picking
This up too. Charlie 2.7. be
advised that we are forwarding
your Intel to command. Over.
Sir, some major activity coming
from the outside-
Lionfish? Charlie 2.7. come in.
Lionfish. Charlie 2.7. Restate
your position.
Charlie 2.7. come in.
Captain. I've lost contact with
Try another frequency.
[Crash/ Alarm Beeping]
General quarters. General
quarters. All man your battle
Oh my god.
Yes. I copy that. Copy.
Admiral. We just lost the USS
We lost transmission 13 minutes
Get Geise on the on the horn.
Tell'em we are too late.
It hatched.
[Heavy stomping & Roaring]
Like I'm playing myself.
You're know for playing your
Got me.
So when you gonna let me get you
Did you feel that?
We should check on Red. He's in
the brig.
That's on the other side of the
Alright. Let's go!
Hey Hey! You guys hearing this?
Hey! You hearing this?
Hey! Hey hey hey!
You hearing this?
Hey man, calm down in there.
[Banging on door]
Let me out! Let me out!
Hey! Hey!
Let me out man!
Let me out!
What's going on out there?
You know what, sit tight. I'm
heading to the MP station to
find out what's going on.
It sounds like battle man. I'm a
soldier. I can fire a weapon. I
can help defuse it.
Believe it or not, Airman, there
are other trained professionals
out there that know how to
Do their job. This is not the
Garret Water show.
My name is Red.
Oh, just sit tight Red.
Don't touch me you punk.
Wait. Do you know where they saw
They said near the Brig at the
other side of the base.
We gotta get back to the bots.
I know that. I know.
Yo we got to get this together
man. It's either we go. Get them
suits and get Red.
Or we - we done!
What do you want to do?!
The suits or Red?
Red then the bots.
Let's go,
Sshh Sshh.
It sound like world war 3 out
Let's go.
[Gun shots]
[Tracy & Jim]
Red! Red!
Jim? Tracy is that you?
He's here! He's here.
Red, look one of those things is
outside. We got to get you out
here right now.
Where's the MP with the keys?
He took off.
Took off?
Yeah, he went back to the
station. He just bolted like a
little pussy.
Red! That thing is gonna knock
this whole building down. We got
to get you out of here.
Come on!
Yeah. It's getting really toasty
in here guys.
That's cause the whole building
is on fire Red.
Yeah, you got any other good
news for me?
Stop making jokes and figure out
a way so we can get your ass out
of there!
Listen to me Jim. You gotta take
Tracy and get out of here. You
got to go.
Get out of here man!
Jim listen to me! Go! Just get
out of here. The MP will come
back for me. I'll be fine.
I swear.
We need to get to the MP station
and get Red out.
Whoa! What are you doing?
Here's the MA.
MA! MA! We need the keys to the
brig! We have someone-
I'm not going back in there. Are
you outta your mind?
There's one of use back there.
Come on. Please!
- Come on. Help us out.
- Alright I'll go get him. I'll
go get him.
Over here Jim! We need to find
something to get into Red's
holding cell.
Tracy I got it. I got it.
Let's go.
Yo Yo yo. Tracy! Jim! I told you
to get out of here. What are you
guys doing back here?
Red stand back alright? He's
gonna bust the lock open.
Stand back. Stand back.
Get me second battalion 25th
Marine division. Get me the
seals. Get me second
Tank battalion. And get me some
artillery ready to mobilize now.
Yes Sir.
This is unprecedented and it
call for an unprecedented
solution sir.
I am not going over this again
with you Geise.
Admiral, listen to me. The
president of the United states
has already authorized
Nuclear force.
The president of the United
States is not going to authorize
nuclear strike on US soil.
Sir, you know damn well this
could happen.
We must evacuate.
This isn't your call Geise.
Get on the horn. Tell everybody
that's not in tactical to eveac.
this facility immediately.
Yes Sir.
And where are my M bot pilots?
I'm getting it now.
Yes. We need it now.
Listen. You need to get out of
here. This place is gonna blow.
It's going to be crumbling down.
Ah! Aha ha ha!
Let's Let's go Let's go! Come
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Let's go Let's Come on. Come on!
Come on!
God damn! We ain't got much
time. The Admiral has ordered an
Daddy Rabbit. Daddy Rabbit. This
is Bugsy. Come in Daddy Rabbit.
You have permission to go in
hot. Give it everything you've
Roger that. Roger that Daddy
Alright steel fingers we gotta
take care of it.
Roger that. Guns are hot. Come
in hot. Come in hot.
- Whoo! That's close!
- Is that damn thing dead?
Nice driving Wexler.
That's the way to do it.
Hopefully we got rid of it for
You know what? Time to
That's some strong strong stuff.
I wanna thank you all.
Oh my god. Thank you. Thank you
so much.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much sir.
Appreciate it.
- Here you go buddy.
- Alright guys.
Damn finest pilots the US Navy
every has deployed.
- Hurra! Hurra!
- Alright!
- Oh! Delicious.
- So now what are you gonna do.
Now that this is over Jim.
Superfly here?
After he helped slay the Titans
that almost escaped from the
bous of tartous.
What are you gonna do superfly?
I mean the way I'm feeling
right now. I might go make
a memorial for all
The people that
died today.
This is to them.
Jimmy boy you sure know how to
bring down a party.
Don't mind me, I get emotional
when I drink. My bad.
No, Don't apologize. Stop.
I'm gonna go drain the lizard.
You seriously, when all this die
down what is the next step?
With your life?
Life? Career? Me and you?
You think about that?
Alright, you listen to me and
you listen to me good Sargent.
I want that thing so shine you
- Admiral.
- Just a second. What?
We have a problem here.
But we got both eggs.
Yes sir bu there is more
The Atlantic coast sir.
Scramble a team.
Yes sir.
It's not over.
Yeah but we were drunk. And-
You know we got to tell him
We can't tell'em.
He's gonna find out so-
We can't tell him ok?
Yo. When I said we can share
things, I didn't mean
Copy that.
Copy that.
- Red.
- Yep that's me.
- Me and Tracy gotta tell you
- No we don't.
Yes we do. He needs to hear
We hooked up.
Whoa Whoa Whoa.
What do you mean hooked up?
We kissed one time. We were
A few weeks ago we...
I'm sorry.
You almost gave me a heart
attack buddy.
At least you ain't mad.
After everything we've been
through today. Everything we
Do you know how many of my
brother's girlfriends I hooked
up with?
That is water under the bridge.
As long as that is all it was.
Nothing more.
You have something else you want
to say?
Jimmy boy talk to me. It's
nothing more then that.
[Clears throat]
Well, we um-
Hold that thought.
[Cell Ringing]
Yo. We gotta go. Now!
You got this? Thanks.
Well the dinosaur is continuing
north. All under sea.
Where's the president?
He's already been informed and
is on his way.
Also, the national guard has
been deployed.
We are just trying to figure out
where this damn thing is gonna
surface for air.
What about the nuclear option
Don't be so god damn trigger
happy Geise.
Margaret, the pilots are
entering the facility now.
What is the status of the bots?
Red suit has sub stained some
minor damage. No functionality
has been lost
But it took a little beating.
A few digs. The damage is minor.
It's not a problem.
What's going on?
One of those monster has broken
onto the surface.
I have direct orders from the
Admiral to move to phase 2.
This halo, it's an experimental
interface designed along the
side of your training.
It will link with your central
nervous system inside the Armada
It will grant you greater
response time, control, and
agility while piloting.
Is that safe?
It's only one way to find out.
Now, You may experience some
discomfort. At least initially.
But as your central nervous
system acclimates to the
intrusion. Moving inside
Your Armada suit will feel like
just like moving your actual
You will begin to sense what it
sense. And react to stimuli as
Alacrity as your actual
response times.
And how much faster is your
response time to the actual bot.
Your response time will be
exactly like your body.
As fast as you can think, that
bot will move.
- Say wor.
- Wor.
So, Who's up 1st?
You kidding me? Let's rock.
Ok guys. Remember what I talked
about. The initial integration.
You're going to feel a pinch.
So get ready for it.
Stay calm inside your gear.
We're gonna go in 3.
[Scream/ Groan]
Oh my god!
[Heavy Breathing]
How are you guys doing?
I'm fried.
Good. Everybody looks good.
Alright. Let's see what you can
You gotta be kidding me.
Yeah man, I'm ready to rumble.
Very good Red. Very nice.
Good. Tracy?
Much faster response time.
Very good.
Very nice. Excellent. Very good.
You guys getting integrated
into this well.
Get the robots ready.
We are picking up something on
Ok guys. Training is over.
What's going on?
Creature has landed in
Let's go.
This might be a funny question
but uh-How do I get to New York
in this thing?
Just got word from Admiral
Hadly, the creature is at the
Man, I thought we've to be
waiting around for a while.
I'm glad you all find this so
Oooohhh! You better believe it
Jimmy boy.
Cut the chatter you two. We have
a job to do.
Admiral the bots are not
prepared to handle this type of
We got tho give them time to do
their job Geise.
General Banning is ready to nuk
these things now.
Oh I'll talk to General
Banning, You can't just throw
down a nuk on
Manhattan and pretend it's over.
It's not.
[Street Performer Signing]
Ladies and Gentlemen. Ladies and
Gentlemen. Get out now! Get out!
Get out! Death is coming.
[Growling / Stomping]
Move! Admiral.
- The creature just landed.
- Yeah. We see it.
Admiral. We need to position the
USS Virginia right away.
Stone, what is the ETA on the
25 minutes.
What's the status on the
Active. On it's way from North
[Gun shots]
Alright. Patch me into their
Your live.
Is it Lieutenant?
Now we'll see if 10 years and
500 billion dollars is worth
it's research.
What actually really worth it.
You better hope so,
Alright guys, you are
approaching the target.
Approaching target zone.
Holy crap! Did you see the size
of that thing?
Oh my god, he's killing the city
All your systems are
operational. You care cleared
for weapons hot.
Yes Ma'am!
I'm on your 3.
Roger that. I'm on your 3.
Climbing up 22 degrees.
Climbing 22 degrees.
Admiral It's - It's bigger then
anything we've seen before.
Unfortunately it looks like
there are a lot of civilians on
the streets still.
Well we should prepare a bomber
just in case.
Stand down Geise I'm fully aware
of your recommendation, but if
you want to stay in my war room
I suggest you keep your clam
shut. Capisce.
Understood. Sir.
It's me. We're not getting no
play here.
The Admiral is going to loose
New York one way or the other.
I think it's time we implement
the Trojan horse.
Yes sir.
It's massive. It's 3 times. 4
times bigger then the other one
Stay focused.
Whoo! I think I can smell it's
stank as breath from here.
Nothing is working.
Nothing is penetrating.
Dammit. I'm out.
Are you kidding me?
Did the city get evac?
No Admiral. The bridge just got
too tangled.
Mom you need to get out of
there. Get dad. Get everyone.
Everyone is gonna die.
Get out of there.
You need to get everyone out
The creatures are killing
Something is happening. I got to
get out of here.
We gotta take this thing end to
end. We got no options.
There you go.
You wanna rock?
Huh? Huh?
Come on. Come on. Get in there!
I think we have a problem you
[Heavy Breathing]
I felt that.
I can feel the pain in the suit.
What did he mean by pain in the
It's an off shoot from the bio
mechanic Admiral.
The suit absorbs shocks, mass
interferences, tactile controls.
Is it simulated?
It's pressurized and within the
suit combined with the
exoskeleton mechanics
It should be enough to protect
the pilots.
So, what are you saying here
that if the suit gets hurt, the
pilot gets hurt?
Yes. But on a minimum level and
the pilots are safe.
Has this been tested?
It hasn't been field tested.
- Beat that you son of a bitch!
- They got it. They got it. They
got it. They got it.
Come on! Get back up! What's a
matter with you.
Come on Red you are tougher then
Red, Are you Ok?
I don't know how much more I can
take of this.
Red! Man up!
Let's go!
[Clears Throat]
You boys done?
Sorry mommy.
Alright, that's what I thought.
Don't give me any sas.
Has the target been neutralized?
I'm certain Admiral.
What is their fuel?
They're at 40%.
40%. Alright guys your fuel is
running low.
We burned up most of our fuel
just getting here.
Ok guys we never had a chance to
go over this but you'll find a
control panel on your left
Gyroscope. It is your may wep.
Your may lay weapons activation
panel, press it now.
Near the left gyroscope. Copy
Whoa! I got a war hammer. I'm
Hey Blue, how you liking that
sword there.
Hell yeah, now we talking.
Alright. Let's do this together.
Let's rock and roll.
Please allow me.
Oh, don't forget. This makes 2
Red. Red, are you ok?
Oh my god.
Yeah I'm alright.
That thing took you down hard
I'm almost out of fuel.
Yeah same here. I'm low on fuel.
Almost out.
Get me the secretary of defense
on the horn.
Yes sir.
I need the secretaries office
It's me.
It doesn't matter sir. I can
save 10 million bodies for one
This thing has to be nuked right
now. We have no other options.
Absolutely Consider it done.
Yes sir.
USS Virginia prepared for
Get over here.
Who the hell are you talking to?
I um-That was General banning
Admiral. The USS Virginia is in
theater and we need to act now.
We have to nuk these things.
That is a bad Idea.
That is not out call sir.
Are our troops still engaging
the enemy?
Until there are no more options.
Well then you get back on the
horn and you tell him that I'll
Have that them in 30 minutes.
Sir, I don't think we have that
kind of time.
The bots will be directly in the
line of fire.
God dammit Geise we gotta give
them a chance to do the job.
Admiral. The USS Virginia has
been cleared nuks hot.
I see the creature on my radar.
What's the plan now? What are we
Some jackass just ordered
a nuclear strike. So if
you can't kill it,
Get the hell outta there.
We need to stop that nuk.
Oh my god.
I have family in New York.
I'm gonna fly and intercept the
missile. Use my jamming device
to stop the detonation... What is the elevation
detonation. For the missile?
That nuk is going to detonate.
At an elevation of 550 meter.
It will be there in
less then 5 minutes.
Alright then there is no time to
You gonna pay for that one.
Take this.
How am I looking?
Interception in 2 minutes.
Listen Red it's gonna be super
super close.
I won't like it any other way.
Come on baby. Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Your sick.
Shut up.
Quiet down, the both of you.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on bot! Come on.
Now. Now Red. Your in range!
Fire Now!
We jammed that sucker!
We Jammed it!
That's the way to do it.
What the hell just happened?
Your bomb's been jammed Geise.
So sit down and spin.
Yeah. There we go.
Alright guys, you gotta watch
your flying.
Come on Red. Get down in there
Shut off the Armada suits.
Shut off the damn Armada suits!
Forget it Geise.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
What the hell is going on here?
Well Geise, I see you've
officially lost your mind.
Shut up Admiral.
This is about National Security.
Don't talk to me about national
This is above the ambition of
weak and selfish men, Geise.
Nothing more.
Look we couldn't shut them down
if we wanted to. They are too
far out of range.
Don't give me that. So call a
I tell you what. I'm gonna give
you till the count of 5.
Then I'm going to shoot the
Go right ahead.
You think I'm scared of a little
coward like you?
Ever shoot a man Sheldon?
You know what the secret is to
shutting somebody? Sheldon.
Never hesitate.
You son of a bitch.
Well, that didn't go exactly as
planned on my mind.
Admiral, we got to get you to a
Negative. It's just a flesh
I'm not going anywhere until my
pilots are successful.
Good work Wexler.
You should have dropped the nuk.
You don't know what your doing.
How they doing?
Not so good.
Take that.
Come on. You don't have no more.
Tracy! Status on blue?
11% and dropping.
It seems like the Nero feedback
has become to great. She must be
disconnected soon.
If she's not disconnected what
does that mean?
She's gonna die.
I'm getting on a chopper.
I'm going after her.
Margaret, what's the status on
Tracy. Come to baby. Come to.
You alright?
Jim, we need you to take Tracy
to safety.
Listen to me. Her Neuro feedback
has become too great.
It's gonna be alright. I got
Get that halo off her.
I'm gonna taking this thing to
space and I'm going to blow this
nuk up.
[Grunts/ Groans]
Ok let's go. You and I.
Red core is failing.
Oh god. Alright. Red. Red. Your
power is draining rapidly. You a
power drain somewhere.
Don't worry about me Margaret.
He's doing what I think he's
He's taking it to outer space.
I'm fine.
I'll see you on the other side.
They're coming to get you baby.
Hold on hold on.
Oh god he's gonna detonate the
I'm here. You ok?
Anything broke?
No, I don't think so.
Ok, come on.
Well, let's get the hell out of
here. Knuckle head Banning has
ordered a second nuk.
Where the hell is waters?
Let's go bitch! Let's go.
You don't need to do this.
Not this way Red.
Who's got it in them? Huh?
Oh my god.
[Alarms Beeping]
Here he comes. Incoming!
Is he dead?
Red! There he is!
Red. One piece?
Yeah man.
You hit too hard to
have a concision... Hard head Red.
Those are some heroic as movies
you did there Bro Bro.
I'm proud of you.
Hey tell me this, Did we get'em?
You got'em alright.
That's good. That's good.
What do you say the 4
of us go to a local
Drinking establishment and
get 4 shots of tequila.
1st round in on me son.
Jesus, you know how to make a
- Running and gunning.
Running and gunning.
- That's what my mom says too.
Yeah boy!