Atlantis (1991) Movie Script

Forget one by one
the everyday sounds.
All these noises...
...all these symbols of a life
that has become modern, urban.
Forget this glass-and-metal
Forget this asphalt...
...that every day
takes us faster, further.
Welcome to the world of Atlantis.
The original world.
A world that is magnificent,
mysterious, harmonious.
Man was born there.
Man grew up and matured there,
as a prince heir.
He trained his senses in this world
with no gravity...
...this world free of all chaos.
The love, the tenderness, the rhythm,
the grace, the spirit.
Many gifts offered forever
by that sea, beautiful and generous.
Forget one by one the memories
of our numerous generations.
Forget everything you know.
Dive a few million years earlier...
...when life,
this wonderful idea...
...was about to become a reality.