Atlantis (2019) Movie Script

2025, Eastern Ukraine.
One year after the war.
Are you ready?
- Yeah, let's shoot.
- Let's.
Three, eleven.
- Ready?
- Ready!
- Time?
- Three, fifty-nine.
Okay, let's do it separately.
- Ready?
- Yes!
Four, eighteen.
- Ready?
- Yes!
- Time?
- Three, twenty.
- Awesome!
- Good job, Ivan.
- So? Let's make it harder.
- Yes! Let's go.
From the center to the right,
from the center to the left. Ready?
- Ready?
- Yes!
Hit it, you bitch, fucking hit it!
- Ready?
- Ready!
Task! First, third, seventh, fifth.
Go random. Go, you motherfucker!
No worries.
From the right to the center,
from the left to the center.
You start from the right.
Are you fucking ready?
- Yes.
- Damn it, are you ready?
Ready? Go fucking hard,
come on, you piece of shit.
Holy fuck. Fuck!
Second, sixth, eighth target.
- Random order. Got it?
- Got it.
- Fuck
- Come on! Shoot!
Piss off! Are you fucking nuts?
- Are you?
- What?
- You can shoot me in my vest as well.
- Easy-peasy.
Cunt. Shell-shocked!
Fuck! Damn it!
Sit down, chill.
Does it hurt?
It fucking does.
Will you even go to work tomorrow?
I'm fed up with fucking
work and the workers.
They just walk around looking at me
as if I was some kind of monster.
Talk behind my back.
I went to war and
thought something might change.
No fucking way.
They are still die-hard Soviets.
They want a tsar to come
and solve all their problems.
At first, I wanted to shoot them all,
but then I realized
I'd better disappear myself.
Are you losing it again?
I'm so messed up, I don't remember
when was the last time I slept.
Pass me the jar.
Shitty bullets again.
They're regular bullets.
- Hey man.
- Hi there.
I messed up last night. I'm sorry.
Never mind. It's my fault.
- How are you?
- Crappy, haven't slept again.
Can't get myself together,
I need to quit the factory,
I'm going crazy.
And go where?
Maybe go somewhere as contractors?
To shoot again, at least there's
some point in it, unlike here.
Aren't you shell-shocked enough?
More blood? More death?
Fine, let's get back to work.
What kind of work is that?
A lick and a promise?
I've worked here for forty years,
haven't seen anything like that before.
Good for nothing.
Who welds like that?
You used to weld like a man!
Do it over again!
And don't spare the electrodes,
the seam should be thick.
I'll come back to check on you.
You, your fathers and your grandfathers
worked long and hard
to produce this living
for your families.
You produced quality steel,
that was sold across the world.
You delivered the old Ukraine.
But the times are changing.
Everything has a beginning
and an end.
Today, is my sad task to tell you
that this great works are gonna
be closed for reconstruction.
Yes, I understand your concern.
But there's no choice.
New times are upon us.
New technologies make
the old way redundant.
These new technologies
provide new opportunities.
And together, we propose to work
for a new future.
A competitive Ukraine,
a bright Ukraine.
So let's just not glorify the past
Yes, there was the heroic spirit
of the past.
Let's harness the new technologies.
Let's celebrate
the new future together.
So, thank you. Let's drink!
What new technologies?
They'll just shut it down!
They will...
- You're right.
- No one will invest into this.
In the US, they don't close
their plants, you know.
They are just eliminating the
competition, whatever they say,
it could still be profitable. You see?
It could be.
We just have to stop stealing.
Metal is exported, and brings
foreign currency to the budget.
And we have to pay off the debts
which are higher than GDP.
Can you imagine
what this could lead to?
Our grandchildren won't be able
to pay off these debts.
In two years it will be a desert here.
Did they pump out
the water from the mines?
No, they didn't!
The water in the river is already salty.
You can't drink it anymore.
I suggest we go to Crimea.
I'll go there myself,
the bridge there has collapsed,
they've got a lot of work to do.
And what? You'll take it
apart and sell the metal?
Nineteen kilometers of bridge!
It's all because of your friend,
Are you happy they're shutting down the
plant? Is this what you fought for?
Is that the reason you killed people?
How many lives have you got
on your conscience?
He was fighting to protect you!
Me? Did I ask you to protect me?
Was my life bad? I had a job.
Now I don't. Fucking bastards!
You work alternate weeks,
here is your itinerary list and a pass
should the patrol stop you.
They put checks here
and here on the border.
Sign here. Safety training passed.
And here to state your liability
for the vehicle.
You'd better get back by daylight,
as there are almost
no civilians in the zone,
if the car breaks down,
it will take a long time to get help.
You'd better fix everything yourself,
you have a tool box,
and pour the remaining
water into bottles.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Good afternoon, have you got a pen?
Here you go.
What we gonna do?
- Take care.
- Thanks.
Good afternoon!
You can't go any further,
de-miners are working there now.
You've got water? Come again?
- There will be an explosion.
- Roger.
Let's step aside.
So? Have you found any?
We've covered about a hundred
meters today,
found about four AT mines, seems
like the whole field used to be AT.
I see, the Russians probably thought
we'd be attacking them with tanks.
Come on, pull over here.
I'll take the can.
- How does it work?
- I'll turn it on. Some mud.
So, have you found only ATs
or something better?
No, lots of ATs here, as you say,
and we've found also POMZes,
PMNs, fifties, nineties,
and we try to destroy everything
we can, here or elsewhere.
It'll take 15-20 years, at least.
I see. Did they leave
a lot of PFMs here?
They did, the boys found
about fifty in the woods
and went on to destroy them.
Can I go round somehow?
Yes, there's a road
to the left, go there,
we cleared it, make sure
to go down it, don't digress,
then you'll get to the highway
and see for yourself where to go.
- It's full.
- Yep.
- Okay, buddy, see you.
- Take care.
Good evening.
I'm sorry to stop you,
we're stuck, and have been here
for three hours, we can't get out.
- Hi, what's wrong?
- The engine is dead.
- Where do you need to go?
- To the town.
So, I'd have to pull you all the way?
- Do you have a rope?
- I do.
Let me see, your vehicle is heavy,
I hope it doesn't break.
Great, hook it up to me,
loop it over you, I'll pull, okay?
Let me get in the car with you,
I'll show you the way.
Call our guys,
tell them we've set out.
It's nice that you are warm in here
because we've been standing
like that for over three hours.
No cars, we got awfully cold,
and the vehicle has just been repaired,
but it broke down again.
In less than a week.
No wonder, with the roads like this.
Something's dripping over here.
It's rattling so much.
It's an old horse,
but still going strong.
Put it over here.
- Hi.
- Good evening.
- We got tired of waiting for you.
- We thought we'd never make it.
This is for you, this is for us,
your signature.
Nina, Vitaliy, come here,
we need to work.
Help me. Grab his shoulder.
Let's work.
A body is delivered.
The body's dressed in a green jacket,
with a plastic zipper
and plastic buttons,
also green.
The cloth is wet,
the whole area is covered
with grayish soil,
there are numerous tears in the cloth
of different shapes and sizes,
black fleece sweater,
with a zipper,
two pockets,
the pockets are empty,
sweater material is wet,
also covered with a layer
of grayish soil.
A T-shirt, wet,
color is hard to detect,
the front and the sides
are severely damaged,
the cloth of the T-shirt disintegrates
during the examination,
military type pants,
dark and light green,
a label on the left leg,
Snizhne 16.03 11:45.
The cloth is wet, covered with dirt.
Patch pockets on the sides button up
with green buttons.
The pockets are empty.
Black underpants,
wet material, dirty,
not damaged,
black boots, black laces,
black soles, size 43.
How long will it take?
I'm running late for the base.
Just two more minutes.
Just a little more.
Socks in the boots, synthetic black,
foot bones inside.
After taking off the clothes,
the corpse is of proper stature,
in a state of advanced
mortem changes
in partial skeletonization
and mummification.
Oval head,
skull is deformed on the left
half of the brain,
dark hair in the right
frontal-lobe section.
How long was he there
in that state?
A year, maybe a year and a half.
Depending on the conditions.
A layer of soil on the front
surface of the neck.
The mouth is open,
soil and...
And six bullets,
caliber seven sixty two,
in his oral cavity,
they are covered with soil, wet, dull.
- He is a captive sniper.
- Why do you think so?
The bullets, caliber fifty four,
light with a steel plug,
when the sniper was held captive,
after intense interrogation,
they would put bullets in his mouth
one after another,
make him swallow,
and when he had a mouthful,
they'd just finish him with a club
and then bury him.
Perhaps that's what happened.
No injuries in the neck area.
- Right hand is missing.
- Anything else to photograph?
- No, that will do.
- We'll be heading home then.
- Fine, good bye.
- Good bye.
Right hand is missing,
left arm and hand are missing.
Joint surfaces are wet,
the cartilaginous part
is preserved, dense.
Lift him up.
Skin is missing at the back.
Soft tissue is missing all the way
from shoulder blades to pelvis,
the bones are wet, dull,
covered with mucus and mold.
A skull fragment
of rectangular shape
came with the body,
12 by 9 cm,
fine-tongued edges,
dark brown on the inside surface,
light yellow on the outside one.
The external examination is over.
We are moving on to the internal one
and the injuries. Get ready, Vitalik.
What a job you have,
only dead bodies every day.
Actually, not every day,
sometimes it takes a month
or more to find one.
Aren't you tired of it?
What did you do before the war?
You won't believe it,
I was doing a degree in archaeology,
so I can say I'm following
my profession.
It's just that the events
took place during our lifetime,
and not thousands of years ago,
it's like you are digging up
your own history.
And what brought you here,
to the war?
I joined as a paramedic.
It was almost the end of the war.
We had a lot of injured,
we took out only the ones
who could make it,
and now we have to go back
for the ones we left behind.
It must be hard.
How do you get through it?
It's hard, but I'm trying
to look at it another way.
We let the dead
say good bye to their relatives,
finish their life story and their war.
It's important.
Are you at least
getting paid for this?
Getting paid?
This is our own volunteer project,
we are looking for funding.
Basically, I work alternate weeks,
you can count on me,
if you need help.
That would be great. Thank you.
Found a body
of an unidentified person,
partially mummified,
partially skeletonized.
The body is dressed in a military
uniform of Russian standard,
label "Russia" on the right sleeve,
St. George's ribbon
on the right chest pocket,
religious stripe on the left sleeve.
Kevlar helmet
on the head.
Attached to the waist on the left side
is a homemade knife,
on the right side, there is
a damaged gun magazine.
Brown boots
with tied shoelaces.
Soft tissue on the right and
left facial bones is missing.
Pack it up.
Mummified body
of an unknown person,
dressed in military uniform
with pixel olive color pattern,
the chevron of the Armed Forces of
Ukraine is attached to the left sleeve,
under the olive-colored T-shirt
there are two metal
military dog tags.
Right chest pocket
is damaged, empty.
A cell phone is found
in the left inner pocket.
First aid kit
found in the left pants pocket,
black boots with tied shoelaces.
Soft tissue of the head,
left hand and the lower
third of the left
and right leg are missing,
the bones are bare.
Let's pack him into the bag.
Put it over here.
The bones
of an unknown person are
found in a plastic bag.
Namely, they are:
skull with a detached lower jaw,
spine and ribs,
right and left shoulder blades,
right shoulder bone,
left shoulder bone
with a fragment of cloth, "Donbas
People's Militia" is written on it.
Pelvis bones, buttocks,
right lower limb.
- How are you feeling?
- Fine, I'll be fine.
Here, rub this under your nose.
We've all been through it.
Good afternoon.
Here are the documents.
Boys, come on.
There is the registration number.
- I see.
- Signature here.
This is the statement
from the morgue.
Signature here.
And here.
- Is that it?
- Yes, the rest is for us.
When's the next one?
We are waiting for the results,
but no sooner than in a week.
Let me tell you,
forty seven
sixty nine
dash three hundred forty nine
dash thirty one.
- Okay. Later.
- Good bye.
Let's go, Sergiy.
Good bye.
Here is your itinerary list,
it goes through the check point.
They've filled up the vehicle
with water, it will be here soon.
- Good.
- Take care.
- Hello.
- Hi. Do you remember me?
Yes, of course.
How are you feeling?
- Better, thanks.
- Good to hear.
- Let's talk in the car.
- Sure.
Thank you for rescuing me that time.
If it weren't for you,
everything could have turned out
really badly for me.
Be more careful next time.
There are a lot of mines
still scattered around here.
Not only mines.
My organization deals
with ecological monitoring
in such dangerous zones.
And I want to say
that due to the war
this territory became completely
unsuitable for living.
Everything will change, with time.
Hundreds of flooded mines,
destroyed factories?
They've polluted all the water.
The changes are irreversible.
Water can be delivered, distilled.
Yes, it can, but it's not profitable.
I think the only way out now
is to leave this place.
So many years of war,
just to leave?
It took you ten years
to clean this territory
of the poison of Soviet
propaganda and myths.
But now you have to clean
the water and soil.
That will take decades,
even hundreds of years.
My stay here will end soon,
but my organization operates
in many countries.
We always have vacancies.
It's an opportunity
for you to go abroad
for a while,
or start a new life in Europe.
I can't answer right now.
I understand that.
These are my contacts.
You have time to make a decision.
Call me, when you do.
I am very grateful.
Okay. Thank you.
What is it? Something serious?
- Yes.
- Can we make it on our own?
- Nope.
- I see.
Our engine is jammed.
We need a tow car.
Not far from the farm.
About two kilometers from the bridge.
Okay, we're waiting.
Have you been living here
for a long time?
Yeah, for a while,
I like it here. It's quiet,
no one bothers you.
But that's not how it used to be?
I used to live like
all ordinary people,
and then everything
suddenly ended.
That's why you went to war?
At first I just wanted to die,
then I witnessed one death,
two, three,
I nearly died myself.
Then everything changed.
I realized that I had to keep living.
Why don't you leave here?
What's the point?
It will be harder to live
among ordinary people.
You can't trick yourself.
You either take yourself as you are
or you just disappear.
I am fine with it.
In fact,
this is a real reservation
for people like us.
You might be right.