Atlantis: Milo's Return (2003) Movie Script

8000 years ago,
Atlantis sank beneath the ocean.
The great crystal,
the source of its power,
was hidden beneath the city.
Robbed of the heart of Atlantis,
my people seemed doomed
to slow extinction.
But now we are reborn.
Obby, hurry.
We must get back to the throne room.
Hold on.
Once again the heart of Atlantis
shines upon us,
healing us, making us strong.
We are using the power of the crystal
to rebuild our city,
and to restore our culture to greatness.
Under the light of the great crystal,
my people are thriving again.
We have uncovered secrets
lost for thousands of years.
The city is once again a center
of knowledge and learning
instead of a place
of ignorance and fear.
- Good day, Queen Kida.
- Good day and be careful.
My father thought it better
to hide the crystal
rather than risk the misuse of its power.
As queen, I can only hope
I am doing the right thing.
How fitting.
The old king need never
shed tears again.
Obby. Obby. All right. Come on.
Show a little respect here.
I never thought the rebuilding
of Atlantis would move so quickly.
I think we only understand a fraction
of what the crystal can teach us.
Well, I know that none of it
would be possible without you.
Okay, one rock.
You know, you're getting
to look like one chubby lava dog.
What is it, Obby? What is wrong?
Queen Kida.
There are intruders
approaching the city.
Oh, my God.
They're coming through the lava tubes.
Where is the patrol captain?
I want them met with fliers.
Wait. They're not intruders.
They're friends.
Oh, it is beautiful.
Yeah. It's amazing what a little paint
and spackle will do.
Audrey, what are you guys doing here?
Just making sure you aren't
making a mess of things down here.
- Come here.
- Hey.
Ah, two for flinching.
Why, thank you.
I hope my hay fever doesn't kick up.
So, who wants to show me
around the city?
Oh, let me. I will do it.
- No, I saw her first.
- No, no. Me, me.
Boys, boys, you're both pretty.
We'll all go.
Jeez, I missed you guys.
But why are you here?
Is Mr. Whitmore okay?
Why don't you ask him yourself?
- Milo.
- Mr. Whitmore!
Not only am I okay,
but this crystal of yours
makes me feel 20 years younger.
Of course,
that still leaves me pretty old.
And this must be Princess Kida,
although, I guess,
it would be Queen Kida now.
And you must be Mr. Whitmore.
Thank you. You brought Milo to me
and made all this possible.
Come. Let us go inside
where you can have something to eat.
I guess your decision to stay here
wasn't as hard as I thought.
Save my life!
- You must try some of this.
- Delicious.
- It's great to see you all again.
- Magnifique.
- Trust me, this is great.
- Not bad.
Pepper sauce.
Never leave home without it.
Puts a little giddy-up in every meal.
Also makes a fine paint remover.
Uh, Sweet, I think this food just moved.
Then you better eat it quick
before it gets away.
Besides, when it's alive,
you don't have to swallow so hard.
Just point them head first
so they know which way to crawl.
Your grandfather would be
proud of you, Milo.
You not only discovered a lost empire,
you probably saved the world
from Rourke's plans for the crystal.
And now you're helping
restore Atlantis to its former glory.
That's quite a rsum
for a cartographer.
I just wish he could be here
to see all this,
and to meet Kida.
Yeah, well, it's great to see
everybody together again.
But something tells me
it's not just for a little reunion.
Uh, I'm afraid you're right.
There's trouble on the surface.
I already had my doctor, digger,
demolition expert, mechanic.
Each the top of their field.
But I came here for the one expert
I didn't have,
an expert on Atlantis.
But why would you need a...
Several cargo ships have gone down
in the north Atlantic.
The survivors say it was a sea monster.
We thought it might be the watchdog
at your front door.
The Leviathan?
Right. That's one big sea monster.
In the water,
that's the last thing you wanna see.
Except, maybe,
my Aunt Rose in a swimsuit.
Sweet woman, but very large-boned.
I'm glad it knew
we were friends this time.
But there could be others out there.
My father had many
such machines created.
He used the magic and science
of the crystal
to expand the borders of Atlantis.
That war nearly destroyed the world.
Well, it looks like his war
may not be over.
Then Milo and I will go with you
to the surface and end it.
Kida, you can't.
I mean, you're the queen.
The city repairs are well under way.
The counselors can handle
the everyday matters.
And I feel responsible
for what my father did.
I want to understand his decision.
And I am afraid the answers
are not in Atlantis.
Ugh, I feel bad.
You finally get to the surface
and it's so cloudy,
there's nothing to see.
Everything in your world is new to me.
The sky, the clouds,
everything on the ship.
- What is this?
- That's a life preserver.
So you wear it and it preserves your life,
like our crystals?
No, no.
You throw it to someone in the water.
Oh, so it is a game?
No. You only throw it
if someone is drowning.
Does that not make it hard
for them to play the game?
Two weeks we crisscross
the North Sea and get nothing.
No squids, no jellyfish
and no lobster from Atlantis.
We have to be sure, Vinny.
What if raising the crystal
brought this Leviathan to life?
This could all be the fault of Atlantis.
I'd worry more about how we fight it
than who's to blame.
Last time we shot at the Leviathan,
these things didn't even tickle it.
Eh, Audrey, if you keep hitting that thing
we're gonna be "tickled"
all over these walls.
Yeah, yeah. Like I don't know that.
Well, careful. Doc Sweet's not here
to glue us back together.
This time it's my special blend.
I start with a batter
of gelatinous nitroglycerine,
dribble it on a shaped charge of TNT,
and top it with just
a dusting of black powder
and oregano.
You can't make a bomb
without oregano.
It makes a very nice "boom."
Let the lobster chew on that.
You know, I really don't think
it is a Leviathan.
The survivor called it the Kraken,
a legendary Norwegian sea monster
with arms a quarter mile long.
Nothing like what we saw in Atlantis.
But Atlantean inventors always base
their designs on real animals.
Like the giant squid.
It may not be a Leviathan,
but it could still be
an Atlantean war machine.
She is right.
No creature of flesh and blood
can bring down a steel cargo ship.
Something's got the ship!
It's ripping open the launch doors.
My cheese!
You can have it.
Get to the sub pods.
Vinny, we're gonna need that thing
out of the way.
Coming up, extra oregano.
Launch when ready.
Next time, chili powder.
That doesn't sound good.
It's pulling them down
on the starboard side.
Where's Milo and Kida?
I didn't see them launch.
Milo, are you there? Kida?
Come on, come on. Back-up batteries.
Time to back-up.
Thing off my back
while I look for Milo.
This is Milo.
We're on back-up batteries,
sinking fast, no propulsion.
- We have a major leak...
- Leaks.
Leaks. And the view port is cracking.
If the ballast valves
aren't blocked,
you can flush the water
by rerouting the pressure tubes and...
Audrey, we are up
to our rear ends in water.
It's no time for how-to books.
Okay, okay. We're coming.
- Jeez.
- Well, you'd better hurry 'cause...
We're about to hit
an undersea mountain.
That is not a mountain.
Got you covered, Milo.
Watch your right dive plane.
No problem.
Where's the Kraken?
It has disappeared.
At least it was not Atlantean.
Somehow, that doesn't make me
feel any safer.
The creature
buckled hull plates fore and aft.
We'll be lucky to get to the port
for repairs.
I'll send a launch for you.
Don't worry about us, Captain.
Just take care of the Atlantean.
There's a fishing village
to the northeast.
We'll be there when you finish repairs.
Whoa! That's your sub pod.
That's not coming out of my pay check.
Okay, let's get to shore
as soon as we can.
What's the matter, Vinny, afraid to play
patty-cake with the sea monster? Ooh!
No. I don't mind a little patty-cake.
But I really don't wanna be here
when the bombs on that sub pod
hit bottom.
I guess fishing hasn't been
too good lately, huh?
That is not surprising.
No doubt that tentacled-demon
devoured the local fish stocks long ago.
Then why is it still here?
Because it doesn't eat fish anymore.
Maybe that's why they built
the village on the cliffs.
You don't want that thing
showing up for dinner.
Not real friendly, are they?
Ew! What is that smell?
It's like rotting fish.
Why do you accuse such a thing?
I have bathed. Recently.
No appreciation for fine cologne.
Easy, Mole. She's upwind of you.
I'd say it's more likely
we're smelling all this mildew.
Everything is wet from the fog.
But you do need a bath.
Look at that.
Interesting way
of attracting tourists.
Milo, we got company.
I am Edgar Volgud,
the magistrate of this town.
What is your business here?
Nice to meet you.
My name is Milo Thatch.
I doubt there is anything in Krakenstadt
that concerns you.
And what about your town pet
that nearly sank our ship?
Your ship will be repaired
at the shipyards of Trondheim.
You should leave soon.
The roads are treacherous after dark.
I'm sure they can
start repairs without us.
We thought we'd stick around
a while and enjoy the scenery.
Trondheim has excellent views.
All the same, we'll stay.
Miss Allyson is the innkeeper here.
She'll give you rooms for the night.
A driver will take you
to Trondheim tomorrow.
I've seen that fellow before someplace.
I think under a rock.
Reminds me of a leech, a worm.
A, kind of, salamanderish...
Obby, no!
He was born in molten rock.
Wasn't Volgud that statue guy?
That would make him
even older than he looks,
which I gotta say is pretty darn old.
They say he made a deal
with the devil to live forever.
But forgot to ask for eternal youth.
This will drive the fog from your bones.
- Thank you.
- Merci, mademoiselle.
Thank you, Miss Allyson?
Inger. There is a darkness
around Edgar Volgud
and that shadow has dimmed
all that was happy here.
We would leave,
but this inn is all we have.
It is no place for me
to raise my little one.
Things will not change here
until its power is broken.
"Its"? You mean Volgud's?
Or the sea monster's?
I will prepare rooms for you.
But do not cross Edgar Volgud.
And leave as soon as you can.
They gotta work
on their tourist industry.
Come on. Just follow his lantern.
- Where is that coming from?
- What is it?
It is not of this Earth.
No. That's a bird.
A very big gooney bird.
Or a puffin...
...with a very upset stomach.
No, it's voices.
I can't make out what they're...
- Where's Volgud?
- His light is gone.
We could be walking in circles.
We'd better head back to the village.
And which way would that be?
Over there. Head for the lights
before the fog closes in again.
Just a moment. Listen to the gravel.
- Not now, Mole.
- But this is decomposed granite
which would mean we are
headed for the cliff.
I'm okay.
For now.
Be careful, Milo.
I'm climbing down to you, Audrey.
Stay where you are.
Here I was, all set to take a walk.
Audrey, keep talking to me.
I said, "Thank you very much
for leading us off a cliff."
Hey, I was heading toward the village...
I guess there's more going on here
than sea monsters.
Oh, great.
Somebody's doin' hocus-pocus.
I hate hocus-pocus.
I can't reach.
- I'll have to jump.
- Don't jump.
- I'll climb down.
- There's no room. I have to jump.
Audrey, I'm the team leader,
and I order you not to jump.
Oh, that's it!
You see, you cannot live without me.
Gather the possessions
of the strangers and burn them.
What's the matter, Volgud?
You think we've got fleas?
Gee. You seem surprised to see us.
Definitely worm or leech.
Salamanders are too cute.
We'd like to hear more about
Volgud's deal with the devil.
It is an old wives' story,
a folk tale, nothing more.
Inger, we want to help.
Lives have been taken at sea,
and I suspect in this town.
I would love to let my little one
play outside again.
Long ago, the fish left the sea.
The town was in danger of dying.
A bargain was struck.
The souls of the people
for the life of the town.
- The Kraken?
- Sometimes known as the "devil fish."
The town is provided for,
but no one can leave.
And the sun has not shone since.
Folklore or not,
there is a connection
between the Kraken and this town.
Volgud hands out food
and supplies from somewhere.
Maybe a hidden cave?
I could search.
Would make a very nice boom.
Ha! The answer is
staring at you right in the face.
Regard how an igneous boulder
has been futilely disguised
as sedimentary rock.
They might as well paint a road sign.
They look exactly the same to me.
Yeah, but you weren't
raised by naked mole rats.
That would explain so much.
This is all from the sunken freighter.
There's Volgud.
- Volgud is controlling the Kraken.
- How?
Table scraps
and a rolled-up newspaper?
He's not using table scraps.
It's some sort of mental power.
Look at the workers.
They look hypnotized.
I think he uses that power
to enslave the creature,
telling it what ships to attack.
If we can rattle Volgud's concentration,
he'll lose control over the Kraken.
Tickling will be good.
Nobody can concentrate
when they're being tickled.
Or a bomb.
A bomb is a very good distraction.
Wait. Where's Audrey?
Get Audrey. I'll distract him.
What? But he's unconscious.
It should go away.
Okay, now we try Plan B. Plan Bomb.
No. Not at the creature. At the ceiling.
How about picking the target
before I light the dynamite, huh?
Get to the sub pods. We have to
stop the Kraken from getting out.
Out of our way, barbarians!
Talk to me, Mole.
We got to find that cave exit.
Our best chance to trap
the Kraken is to seal him inside.
Audrey, you doing all right?
Yeah. Now.
Ooh! It was creepy.
All cold and slimy.
Everything faded away
like I was drowning.
Hey, pay attention!
It is too dark to see.
Fire the magnesium flares.
What are you doing?
We want to sneak up on...
Jiminy Christmas! It's already out!
Stay clear of the tentacles.
No kidding. I'm gonna take a shot.
It's no good.
I can't line up a decent shot.
We're on him.
Open wide. It's chow time.
What are you waiting for?
Fire the...
Tell him to watch his aim.
He almost hit Aud...
Look out!
Shoot at the squid, not us!
Vincent has gone mad!
- His mind is a blank.
- But Volgud...
It's not Volgud. It's the Kraken.
Of course. The Kraken is the one
with the mind powers.
It is okay. I have distracted him.
Watch out! Monster on the move!
That was really strange.
- I'm down to my last shot.
As am I.
Head back to the beach.
We've got to get on dry land.
Are you crazy?
You're heading right at it!
I will distract him again.
I am blinded!
It's Milo's sub pod.
It's got a full load of torpedoes.
We can blow them all at once.
Let's do it!
You know, I think Mr. Squid
was a little bit hocus-pocus himself.
Oh, yeah, you won't find
the Kraken in any biology book.
The curse is lifted, the fish are back,
and the mildew
has been scrubbed away.
So if something stinks now...
What? Why you do this with your hand?
It is the fish.
For 8,000 years,
I have lived with the same faces.
It is strange to meet new people.
And each new person
has new thoughts, new ideas.
Your world has much to offer.
I hope one day my people, the people
of Atlantis, can offer as much.
There's no reason they can't.
Your people can make a difference
to the world, like we did here.
Now that there's no Kraken,
it's left to people like Inger Allyson
to raise their little ones in peace.
We can never thank them enough.
Now you can grow big and strong
and someday be the most
important person in town.
Now give Mama a big hug.
Please tell me that's not the same stuff
you fed us on the way to Atlantis.
Bet your sweet eyes it is.
Now I told you
it would keep and keep and keep.
And now it's yours
to eat and eat and eat.
That's right, Margie.
They showed me all around the city.
Yeah. It broke their hearts,
but I need my space.
Kemot was too clingy.
Careful, Mole. Obidalbedsugs aren't
used to such a variety in their diet.
It's only a few assorted silicates
I've been meaning to get rid of.
It's good for the gums.
Hey, where's Kida?
It's even more beautiful
when the snow melts.
This time there was no Leviathan.
But how do we know there are not
other Atlantean weapons out there?
Uh, not looking at the scenery, huh?
Maybe the crystal's too powerful.
Maybe it should remain buried.
But your people,
they've regained so much.
Could you put them in darkness again?
What are the chances of another
gas leak in a Chinese laundry?
So, that's my last flower shop.
But I'm thinking about buying a laundry.
So, I guess now that we know
there's no Leviathan on the loose...
Excuse me. two
will be heading back home to Atlantis.
Excuse me.
It's a laundry-slash-fireworks...
But don't be in such a rush.
Take some time to see the world.
Plane fare is on me.
That's very generous,
Mr. Whitmore.
May I have your attention, please?
That's better. It's Dr. Sweet.
There's trouble in the Southwest.
Sam's a long-time
field agent of Mr. Whitmore's.
He's best at digging up
hard-to-find objects.
Only this time,
I think something found him.
And you say he mentioned
killer coyotes in a sandstorm?
Mmm, no, not exactly.
More like a sandstorm
made up of killer coyotes
who were made up of sand.
And this is unusual in your world?
Oh, yes. More than a little bit.
But I do not understand
why you wanted me here.
Because of this.
Milo, it is Atlantean.
Where did you find this?
You'll have to ask Sam.
I can't tell if he's breathing.
Perhaps he is dead.
Oh, he's just sleeping.
After what he's been through,
I'm sure he can use the rest.
Hey. Get away, you furry carcass rats!
It's all right, Mr. McKeane.
You're safe now. Mr. Whitmore sent us.
Oh, good old Preston.
Best man I ever scavenged for.
Say, young fella,
could you fluff up my pillow?
Now how about a sip of water?
My gullet's awful dry.
- What's wrong?
- Got a little sleepy in the foot.
Would you mind givin' it a rub?
And you say coyotes did this to you?
No. 'Twernt no ordinary coyotes.
These was cantankerous sand coyotes.
'Twernt a lick of wind all day,
but I sure heard it howlin'
up on the mesas that night.
I thought I was loco when I saw them
dust devils materializing in moonlight.
Their red eyes like to burn
a hole right through my soul.
Came screamin' off that ridge
like a pack of ghosts.
I ran back to my shack
and bolted the door.
I figured I'd be safe if I stayed inside.
I was wrong.
Scratched me up like a two-sizes
too small wool sweater
on a hot afternoon.
Luckily, I had plenty of bacon grease
to rub all over my hide
to ease the chafin'.
Mr. McKeane, what have we told you
about the bacon grease?
Works better than any
of your darn fool fix-'em-ups.
I stood a better chance
with them coyotes.
- Is he going to be all right?
- Oh, yes.
We're moving him to the hospital in
Scottsdale where he'll be their problem.
So where did you find this?
- In a pot.
- What pot?
- In the crate.
- What crate?
- In my shack.
What shack?
I'm not surprised
this is where he lives.
You saw the man eat, right?
Lives like he eats. Sloppy.
Maid's day off, huh?
Quartz, silicate, mixed with local clay.
Slightly nutty to the taste.
Nothing unusual.
Sand isn't the only thing here
that's nutty.
Everything seems to have been
rubbed smooth.
Even the windows are etched.
From the sand?
McKeane said they were sand coyotes.
I see lots of sand, no coyotes.
No paw prints either.
- Looks like the crate's...
- Missin'?
Dang blame it! I know just what
varmint done took it too.
It'd be that shifty-eyed, back-stabbin'
rattlesnake Ashton Carnaby.
He runs a tradin' post outside of town.
You best be careful.
He's slicker than
a sweaty toad in a rainstorm.
Let's look around a little first.
We don't know for certain that
this Carnaby guy took Sam's crate.
No, Obby! Stay! Stay!
- Oh!
He's a Brazilian iguana.
Eats just about anything. Trust me.
There are pieces here that
are hundreds of years old.
Oh, look, an antique.
How are people to use these things
if they're locked behind glass?
It's for protection.
I know what the spear is for.
But why is it in a glass case?
No, the glass case is for protection.
Wouldn't the spear be better
protection than a glass case?
Yes. No!
It's there to protect from someone
who might want to steal it.
Why would someone want
to steal a glass case?
Calcified limestone
more than 25 million years old
from the Cenozoic Era.
Hydrated aluminum silicates
with basalt
found primarily in the southern
Colorado River Basin.
Milo, it's just like an Atlantean guardian.
Well, not exactly.
It's been modified by Noshoni design.
Either way, I am buying it.
That's what I like to hear.
Because I want to sell it.
The name's Carnaby.
Now, that painting's of Crystal Guardian
who crawled from the earth
with weapons of blue fire.
He was a great teacher
and healer of the sick.
Or so the legend goes.
How much is it?
Well, that's a museum-class piece.
I'll bet there's a museum-class price
to go with it too.
It is rare, and I've had offers.
Is this enough?
- Kida, that's a lot...
- Sold! One Crystal Guardian.
So, Mr. Carnaby, where exactly
do you get all of your artifacts?
Well, uh, here and there.
But the older pieces are
100% authentic, I assure you.
Oh, I don't doubt that.
Well, we're looking for a crate
that may have been taken
from Sam McKeane.
Who are you people?
We're associates of Sam McKeane,
and he's asked us to help locate
the missing crate.
Uh, can't help you.
McKeane has a tendency to tell stories.
I think he gets lonely
out there in the desert.
So you don't know anything about it?
If McKeane lost a crate of pottery,
that's not my problem.
What in the Red Rock River Valley
are you doin'?
Sampling the bowl.
It is very nice.
Would you like some?
Well, that could have gone better.
Does it strike anybody as odd
that Carnaby knows the missing crate
contains pottery?
Because I never mentioned
what was in it.
You are right.
I don't trust that Carnaby.
Don't like him one bit.
Didn't like his attitude.
Didn't like his shifty little eyes.
Eyes are the windows to the soul,
you know?
How would you like to gaze
into the windows of my soul?
Hey, didn't we just pass that guy?
Perhaps they are brothers?
Twice is a coincidence.
But three times?
I think someone's trying
to tell us something.
Hello. Can we offer you a ride?
It's a long walk to anywhere.
My name is Chakashi.
And, yes, a ride would be welcome.
Oh, he's Brazilian.
I'm familiar with all nature's creatures.
This one is also known to me.
You wouldn't happen
to have a twin or two, would you?
There are many Noshoni men
who walk alone in the desert.
And we look all the same
to the eyes of outsiders.
Ah! Crystal Guardian,
our great teacher and protector.
He revealed many secrets
to the Noshoni.
The path of the stars, the time to plant,
how to heal themselves.
And like Crystal Guardian
we will also protect our
sacred beliefs from outsiders.
Those who would plunder
our lands to betray our secrets
will answer to the ancient
forces of the desert.
A sandstorm?
Where did that come from?
We are followed.
There are ancient powers
that will make certain
our secrets are kept,
and you, more than anyone,
should understand this.
They're trying to drive us off the road.
I just put in that windshield.
- He's gone!
- How? Where could he go?
People, we got bigger problems.
They're in here with us.
No. Dust doggies, go away!
Ugh! This is just great!
The intake's got a 30 torque tolerance
that's been blown
and the combustion valves
need a new ring slip.
I didn't quite get all that.
I build these engines from scratch.
I fend off lava dogs
who eat the distributor caps.
And nobody told me I would
have to deal with dust storm coyotes.
If they got sand in the manifold, I quit!
Did you get it all that time?
Every word.
We have returned.
We are back at the trading post.
Chakashi said there were
ancient forces at work.
Make a note to stay on their good side.
Better, yet,
no more picking up hitchhikers.
Hey, I told you people to leave.
We have a couple of questions.
I've already answered your questions.
Pet iguana. Eats anything.
Meaning you might be on the menu.
How do you know that
the missing crate contains pottery?
I don't. I...
And what do you know
about an old man
who calls himself Chakashi?
I know I got a shelf full
of painted rocks of him inside.
Of course. Chakashi.
The Noshoni wind spirit.
We gave a ride to a spirit?
You can't really believe
in that superstition.
Well, we were just attacked
by a pack of phantom coyotes
in a sandstorm.
The same restless spirits
that came after Sam McKeane.
And whoever has that
crate of pottery.
Save it. I'm not superstitious.
I smell old pottery.
You had the crate all along.
It's rubbed smooth.
Just like the inside of McKeane's shack.
Well, there's no way you could prove it.
Sandstone, heavy red oxides, basalt,
encrusted with the same silicate
found in McKeane's shack.
Well, so what?
McKeane found it in the desert
and then while he was in the hospital,
I found it in his shack.
That is called stealing.
That's called commerce, honey.
Besides, McKeane's the only one
who knows the location
of where the pot came from.
Judging from the high alkaline content,
I would say it came from a cave
on the south face of the Mogollon Rim
15 miles north of here.
He's good. Dirty, but good.
Well, you know, maybe I didn't
take things seriously enough.
There are a lot of old tales
and mysteries out here in the desert.
And the coyotes you encountered
are a good example.
I thought you didn't believe.
Well, I sure don't want to end up
like McKeane.
So maybe if the pot's returned,
that'll settle these restless spirits.
I, Gaetan Moliere, have done it.
I have found the subterranean gateway
that is the very threshold
to the unknown!
- It's just a hole.
- A hole?
Look at the lines in the basalt.
The beauty of the erosion.
The poetry of the clay.
This is not a hole. It is a tunnel.
I don't care what you call it.
Just tell me it's big enough to hide in.
'Cause we got company.
Inside! Quick!
I will save us!
Holy cats!
None of this should exist.
Not in the same place.
It's a blending of every culture
from Idaho to Peru.
Noshoni, Aztec, Mayan, Olmec.
My people were here.
Crystal Guardian was an Atlantean.
His teaching influenced
all these cultures.
A little bit of Atlantis goes a long way.
Carnaby, that old pot can fit
on any of those ledges.
What is that?
Sorry. It was me.
Hold on. That was not me!
Oh, about the pot.
It looks like I'm going to be keeping it
along with everything else in here.
That home-made prairie grass
mixture makes a good sleeping gas,
wouldn't you agree?
Carnaby, you snake!
Naturally, I can't let you go free
to tell the world about my discovery.
I mean, where's the profit in that?
What? Carnaby!
Nice nap? Hope the rocks
weren't too uncomfortable.
Oh, no. This particular aggregate
is very nice. One of my favorites.
You will not
get away with this.
Mmm, let's see.
I trap you and your friends in this cave
and then I take
all the treasure for myself.
Well, I think I'll get away with it.
I knew there was something shifty
about you. Didn't I say so?
I said, "I don't trust that Carnaby.
Don't like him one bit.
"Don't like his attitude.
Don't like his shifty little eyes."
And don't forget.
The eyes are the windows to the soul.
That's right. I said that too.
Well, you and your friends
will have a long time
to discuss how you feel about me
while I'm gettin' rich.
We have found evidence
of my people here.
We cannot let him destroy it.
Mr. Carnaby, obviously we've had
some sort of miscommunication here.
I don't see any reason why
we can't work something out.
Save your breath, junior.
You're gonna need it.
Happy trails.
It's no use.
If there was only some way
to cut these ropes.
- Obby!
- Obby, come on, boy. Wake up.
Wake up!
That's it. Okay. Enough!
No! No! Get the ropes! The ropes!
Good boy.
No! Take care of the dynamite first!
Yeah, yeah. Right, right.
You've managed to be more trouble
than I expected.
I'll just take care of you myself. Oh!
Oh, now you done it.
Gone and made us mad.
What is this?
Anyone out here got a doggy bone?
What happened to Carnaby?
He is with us now.
You seem like good people. I'm sorry.
The secrets of the ancient ancestors
must remain a secret.
You will not be allowed to leave.
Chakashi, we also carry a great secret.
Thus, we can keep yours as well.
What is this secret?
Prove to me that it is as great
as what you see around you.
We can't.
Very well.
You have decided your fate.
If you had
told me your secret
I would have known
I couldn't trust you with mine.
Hmm. It was a trick question.
Must be the coyote in me.
Kida of Atlantis,
you and I are not so different.
Your people touched the corners
of the globe, teaching and healing.
Doing great good.
But they also did great harm,
almost destroying the world
and themselves.
My father feared the temptation
to abuse our power would be too great.
So he hid it away.
The secret you carry
is neither good nor bad.
A strong leader must have the wisdom
to know when to share that knowledge.
It would be wonderful if my people
did not need to remain hidden,
to have them walk
the surface of the world again.
It is your choice.
That was impressive.
I would have been
more impressed
if Chakashi had dropped us off
on the ground.
A winter thunderstorm?
It's strange, all right.
Started early this morning.
But I guess you had your share
of weird weather in the Southwest.
It was okay. Except for how
I keep finding sand everywhere.
I could go for some warm weather
about now.
Maybe get a tan.
Sorry I missed it.
Oh, no, you are not.
There were dust doggies everywhere.
But I did find this very tasty bowl.
Well, Mr. Whitmore, Kida and I
had better be going because...
Atlantis is waiting.
- I know. Just as well.
- What?
Oh, we had break-in last night.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
But it burns me that
someone could waltz right in here
and steal something right off my wall,
an ancient Norwegian spear.
Kind of a fancy old letter opener.
What you needed was
a glass case to protect it.
He must have come
in the middle of the night.
By the tracks I found,
he had some kind of dog with him.
The real strange thing is,
near as I can tell,
there's no sign of forced entry.
Whoever it was
knew exactly
what they were looking for
and helped themselves.
With this Spear of Destiny,
shall I, Odin, king of the northern gods
end this world.
Why would someone take an old spear
when there's so much
other junk around?
Don't get me wrong.
It's all good junk.
I'm more interested in these
scorch marks on the floor.
Like lightning struck here.
It cannot be the lightning.
See for yourself.
There's no hole in the roof.
No black powder. Not explosives.
Fire did not fall from the sky in Atlantis
like it does here.
I do not like it.
Yeah, me neither. Mr. Whitmore,
I'm thinking that it wasn't
any ordinary spear, was it?
Do I own anything that's ordinary?
Regardless, I do have a good idea
who took it.
The man's name is Erik Hellstrom.
Son of a gun was a fierce
competitor of mine.
Built a shipping empire
with cruise liners.
When he bought the biggest
dang castle in the old country
and named it Asgard,
the press dubbed him
"The Modern Odin."
Yeah, he liked being treated
as a god, and he lived like one
until the stock market crash
sank his company.
He lost his money, his power,
and, I think, his mind.
Hadn't heard from him
till he phoned last week
desperately trying to convince me
to sell the spear to him.
Raving about Ragnarok.
What is Ragnarok?
Doomsday in the old Norse myths.
But why did Mr. Hellstrom
want the spear?
Seems to me I remember something
about a spear
in the Shepherd's Journal.
- I found it. Gunokneer.
- Gesundheit.
No, no. Gunokneer was the name
of an Atlantean spear.
The spear Hellstrom
stole from Whitmore
was the same spear,
an Atlantean spear.
Weapons of Atlantis
contain untold power.
If the myths are right,
that's an understatement.
At Ragnarok,
the final night of the world,
Odin will use the spear to summon
the forces of chaos and destruction.
He's going to use the spear
to bring about Ragnarok.
- Armageddon.
- Judgment Day.
The end of the world.
The end of Atlantis. Of everything.
My father foresaw this.
Your father was trying
to save his empire, Kida.
This guy's just frosted
'cause he's in the poor house.
It's Iceland, you see?
So if Hellstrom is going to be stopped
it looks like you're going to Iceland.
Why can't Ragnarok be in Miami?
You know, a nice, warm place.
I'm never gonna get a tan.
- Kida?
- Milo.
My father knew the power of Atlantis
would be abused like this.
As king, it was his responsibility
to do as he saw fit.
Perhaps it is the same with Hellstrom.
Yeah, but Hellstrom
gave himself this crown
and he isn't trying to save anybody.
And that's a big difference.
We ought to be nearing Iceland.
And that name ain't just for show.
With any luck,
this weather will lighten up.
We should not be flying
in such a storm.
We'll crash.
We are too high above the dirt.
You know, the weather hasn't let up
since Hellstrom stole that spear.
- I wonder if...
- Coincidence, Milo.
Take over, Vinny.
I mean, come on.
The old gods affecting the weather?
Well, there was that Indian wind god,
spirit, whatever, Kraken.
Yeah, the Kraken might have
been a god. Maybe not.
Oh, Vinny!
And that big Atlantis crystal,
that was kind of like a god.
All I'm saying,
we see a lot of strange stuff.
I'm just being open-minded.
Well, you let go of my plane that way
and I'll toss your open mind
right into that soup.
But we are over land now.
Good solid land. Yes.
Relax, Mole.
We've been over Iceland for minutes.
The land's as solid as...
Uh, you're gonna want
to take a look at this.
Hellstrom's castle?
What did you call it?
Asgard. Home of the gods.
This is the power of the spear.
That's what I call, "Home Improvement."
Look out! We'll crash! We'll crash!
Relax. We're not going to crash
into any mountain.
Unless it stands up.
You missed us.
That thing could have
been a god.
Buckle up! We're going down!
Piece of cake.
Oh, my beautiful land.
Mmm! My lips!
I am sorry for
your flying machine, Audrey.
Easy come, easy go.
Look at the bright side. We're alive.
But we're not exactly
getting a warm welcome.
Maybe I'll give him a present.
Oh, great. More hocus-pocus.
I bid you welcome... the Hall of Odin.
Listen, Mr. Hellstrom,
you've caught some bad breaks
but there's no reason
to take it out on the world.
I know you.
It's the spear.
Its power is one of destruction.
It will destroy you... All of us.
Ha! I know you.
You're the trickster, Loki.
You seek the power of my spear.
- No.
- You'll not trick me.
Stop, Mr. Hellstrom. My lord, Odin.
I know the power of your spear.
The same power
almost destroyed my father.
Of course. Brunhilde, my daughter.
My Valkyrie.
You've come to rule
the new world at my side.
No. I am not your daughter.
But I do care about you.
Neither man nor god
will stop Ragnarok.
I cast thee out of Asgard
to your doom.
Do not drop me.
You could lay off the clairs, you know.
I cannot help it. It's the crme filling.
Mole, we need you up here.
Go away. I am praying.
Mole, we got one chance.
We need you to dig.
- Mole stays.
Oh, fine. I will come.
It is always Mole
that must save the day.
Hey, watch it.
Don't make me sorry I saved you.
A good thing
that you are not any skinnier, Milo.
Perhaps you should eat more clairs.
Get on with it.
You know, I'm not used to this going up.
As a digger, I dig down,
deep into the earth.
See, of course you may have noticed
I am rather afraid of heights and...
You see?
You are a warrior born.
My Brunhilde, my daughter.
I am not your daughter.
I am Kidagakash, queen of Atlantis.
What have you done with my friends?
I cast them out, Brunhilde,
into the abyss below.
It could not be helped.
We must go, daughter.
The chaos lord of fire
must be awoken before sundown.
Today must be Ragnarok.
Yes. Let us leave. Quickly.
What do you see?
He's using the spear
to carry them to the volcano.
What else is out there?
His 100 foot bodyguard.
And I see our only way out,
this big wooden door.
If we can find a way to open it...
Just call me the doorman.
So we can get out,
but we still can't go anywhere.
Heh! We are trapped.
What are we to do, ride this door
down the stairs like a ski jump?
Oh, no. No, no, no. No!
I believe that we should all lean.
Move over, Mole. I'll pilot this thing.
- Move over where?
- Everybody lean left.
Mole, your other left.
Pull me up!
No, Milo.
We could use you like a rudder.
Yeah, he's gonna have a limp
after that one.
Hellstrom, you must listen to me.
- My father...
- Yes?
No. My real father.
He hid away this power
so it could not be used for destruction.
It was to be used for love,
for life, for all that is good.
Hellstrom, stop this madness.
I beg you.
Use this power to heal the world.
that's exactly what I intend to do.
I, alone, am destined
to remake it and rule over it anew.
To begin again, I must destroy what is.
No. You cannot.
You'll not stop me, Loki.
Say your goodbyes to this world
and herald in my new order.
Even at the end, the forces of darkness
would thwart the king of the gods.
You're not the king of anything,
You're a boat builder.
Shoo, birds. Shoo.
There now. Ragnarok approaches.
It is I, Odin, who shall stand triumphant.
You really think you're still in charge?
Those two are done taking orders.
And the fire lord will set the sky ablaze.
And the earth will become as ice
as a new age dawns.
So, Milo, you got a plan?
Eh, just thought I'd ask.
Wait a second. I do have a plan.
Now a little heat.
It's working.
Oh, now they're ticked.
- The spear!
- I will get it!
Vinny, we need another bomb.
I'm fresh out.
- Kida!
- I'm all right, Milo.
My Asgard! My kingdom! No!
Give him a while.
Let him mourn his kingdom.
Then we'll get him to a hospital
where maybe he can be helped.
And as for that thing,
I'm thinking you should put it in a safe.
Like now.
Maybe with some chains,
and locks, big ones.
I have a better place for this spear.
I learned many things from your world.
Most of all, I think,
I now know my father better.
My father was only protecting us
and the world above
when he hid the heart of Atlantis.
I understand that now.
Kida, you can't hide the crystal again.
I mean, it would...
Sorry. Sort of ruining
the moment there. But...
But my father was wrong.
He thought mankind
would use the power of the crystal
for destruction.
But look around you.
The Heart of Atlantis
has let us rebuild our city.
And I saw how the knowledge of Atlantis
touched a tribe of surface people
and made them
great healers and teachers.
The brightest light is worth nothing
if hidden in a cave.
I do not want the legacy of Atlantis
to be the destruction of its civilization.
Let us share our light with the world.
What is that light, Queen Kida?
Is it a crystal?
No, child.
It is the sun.
I think I swallowed my gum.
The world was
never the same after that day.