Atlantis, the Lost Continent (1961) Movie Script

When Columbus discovered America,
a series of mysteries emerged in Europe.
Here, there are two continents,
isolated from each other.
Nevertheless, developed a similar culture.
For example:
The Mayan calendar has
same principle as the Gregorian.
They use the same signs of the zodiac.
The same decimal system.
They value the silver and gold.
Use both for jewelry and ornaments.
Another mystery is the banana plantation.
Native to Asia and not
can grow from seeds.
Still, Columbus found
plantations in the New World.
Elephants that time,
did not exist in the Americas.
And yet there are drawings on
prehistoric caves in Peru.
The pyramids of Mexico and
Egypt, were built...
...with the same principle architectural.
Another example. Are
the witches of Spain...
...and the witches of the New World.
But the most significant all...
Mayan and Aztec legends are
same as the Greek and Hebrew...
...and have terrible catastrophes.
Unbelievable disaster
that destroyed the link.
The empire mother...
...civilization that has spread
on both sides of the Atlantic.
The Greek historian Plato
enunciated this theory,
more than two thousand years.
Once, another continent.
'ATLANTIS' 'The Lost Continent'.
Got one.
Look dad, there.
Come back.
Demitrius, come back.
Osiris is a trick.
Beware. Do not touch it.
By the trident of Neptune.
A mermaid.
The canteen.
Who are you?
Who can she be?
She is not one of our people.
I do not know, but what will
say by picking one of these fish?
Where is this miserable place and
what I'm doing between slaves?
You're in Greece and this is our home.
The shirt is mine.
You clothed me?
Somebody had to do.
Where are my clothes?
This cotton, scratch my skin.
Were wet, I put them to dry.
Our food is simple, come.
Sit down with us and Tell us your story.
Their food is not me try it one bit.
As you wish, my little mermaid.
I'm not your little mermaid.
I'm a princess.
Antilia Princess, daughter King Kronos.
And where is this his kingdom,
In the great sea behind
the pillars of Hercules.
Pillars of Hercules?
There is nothing beyond.
The world ends there.
You doubt my word, a fisherman?
Have you been well?
If it had come, no 'd be here.
Do not touch me.
You smell like fish.
But of course...
We are fishermen.
Now listen.
And listen up, princess.
In our land, not we the kings...
We do not have daughters of kings,
nor slaves.
We are all free men.
We treat everyone as would like to treat us.
My son and I, we rescued the sea.
And we brought her to safety.
We share our humble hut.
And we have only received insults
in return.
If our home is miserable,
our clothes and the hurt,
Our food did not feel like Princess Royal,
then browse your
accommodations with someone else.
Can you help me now.
You can help yourself alone.
Come, Demetrius.
There are fish to be caught.
Good afternoon, Petros.
You're right, Antlia?
Of course, why?
His face is pale you look sick.
Where is Demetrius?
Putting the network to dry.
I'll help you.
She's sick.
The way I'm not I have nothing to hide.
You give me my robe or
climb aboard the way I am.
Oh, you...
Beyond the Sunset Atlantis is my home.
A land of wonders beyond comprehension.
Take me there, Demetrius.
My father no longer rich.
Antilia, other riches want, you already have.
I know of one.
Cause you'll never own fisherman.
Keep aside.
You must be crazy. There
one law for those who steal a boat.
I'll go home and nobody will catch me.
Many men have tried.
Many good sailors
sailed toward the sunset.
But no one returned to tell. None.
Are you scared?
And also cautious. There
many dangers beyond the pillars.
I'd rather die than risk the
to stay in his village one day.
I'll forget this foolishness.
I'll take it back.
Okay, take me back.
There are other men, courageous,
to beg for help.
Put me ashore, for I
choose my travel companion.
Listen, Antilia.
I'll take it,
but only on my terms.
If at the time of a moon,
I do not find your land...
We will return to My land...
But that's not all.
When we return...
You become my beautiful wife, forever.
Whatever you say, Demetrius.
I can not take it anymore go
to the west, we go south.
We need to find the path of the whales.
No need.
This will guide us.
He always points north.
My father would call it,
This is not witchcraft is science.
It's time to eat.
No food.
Just a little wine.
It was just a fish.
Let me fill it.
These waters are cursed,
we shall return.
I do not believe that my
Captain forgotten bargain.
Not the bargain and not
are the dolphins, is something else.
The fog... silence when there is no wind.
Everything seems to whisper for me...
Return, or never be a man of the sea.
Listen to your mind, Demetrius.
She whispers.
But there is a curse.
Tonight will be a full moon
and we did not see nothing but sea.
Are you still in its promise?
I keep it.
Let's go back then?
Not yet.
I bargain for a little more...
...neither more nor less.
The world over, beyond Pillars of Hercules?
And you find monsters in each place?
Well, I saw King Neptune.
But you do not actually saw.
Maybe not.
So I have your trust?
So believe me now, my love.
Before the moon dies, you will
in Atlantis. I promise.
No, Demetrius.
We are not in danger.
We are happy princess.
Our gods were good.
They brought him safe and well.
With his help, Surgeon.
Guards, take him on board.
His name is Demetrius?
Yes it is.
I can handle this.
It could have been born under the Pisces?
When were you born?
Which star control your destination?
The stars you can see when you're at sea.
This is the voice of a true man of the sea.
My name is Zaren.
This is Surgeon, he reads the stars.
With a boat like this,
I would be the greatest
fisherman in Greece.
You have no boats sailing under the sea?
Oh, princess...
Just in time.
Come to the surface.
Why did my father, not came to see me?
Do not you warned?
The moment that we take it.
But he is not well...
...he is waiting for you at the palace.
Tie it.
He will be judged.
What is this?
Let me go.
Let me go.
My child.
They told me you're sick.
I got sick of concern.
Even the stars say his safe return.
The star also said
that a stranger would be with me?
A stranger you are you saying?
Yes father.
A wonderful stranger.
To whom will you give
my hand in marriage.
But I had hoped you and Zaren...
I never loved Zaren and I'll never love.
But expect a child.
We are forgetting the law.
For me, you can change it.
Do not worry, my dear.
It may take a little time,
until there is better than you do not see.
But now...
Now I have a thousand questions.
Thank you for saving my life.
His face...
I had not seen before.
I'm Demetrius the fisherman.
I am Xandros, Sailor.
From my homeland?
And the others?
All strangers.
Where are they from?
I did not land know existed.
Most men of the sea like you and me,
sunk and came give this land.
We asked for sanctuary...
...but we got in return whip and chains.
How long are here.
A lifetime of suffering.
We lost account of time here.
I will not be enough to lose track of time.
These were my words,
when I was brought here.
The two standing.
There is work to be done.
Come... come.
They were once men,
healthy young men like you.
But how can it be?
They are monsters.
As they did, I do not know.
But do cruelties unbelievable.
From time to time,
they take someone without warning.
For the house of fear.
Are never seen again and turn into beasts.
Show him how.
Learn well and fast or feel the bite of it.
What is that?
The crystals grow in the crater,
capture the sun's energy.
The small ones are used to heat and light.
And the big ones?
Could destroy the world.
Come on, slaves.
No, no, no...
One moment, Highness.
Get these slaves the path.
Into the kill you, everyone.
Come on.
For your safety, dignity,
the way will be open at a time.
A gift for Princess.
Your insolent slave,
what are you thinking?
Zaren lied to us.
He put the man who saved
my life in chains.
I want it be punished.
But was I who gave
order to subjugate the Greek.
His majesty did not had an alternative.
What right have you to speak for their king.
What does it mean?
The law.
The law requires all slaves foreigners.
And you my princess, that
aspires to the throne, must obey the law.
But what about my promises.
And his word, not mean anything?
But he is a foreigner.
And they all are dangerous.
It's true princess, I consulted
the stars and they never failed.
You saw my face.
The Greek would be killed.
And yet I spared.
Enslave it is not the way to thank someone,
that not only saved the my life...
...and risked his own.
Princess, you are precipitate, it can...
...gain freedom in Testing of fire and water.
He would not live, you knows it.
Father, please.
You enslaved.
Release it now.
You've changed.
When I left, was strong.
You were a king.
It was you who changed.
I wish I could help her daughter, I...
The law must be obeyed.
How dare you to speak for their king.
As if the crown was his.
And in fact you have it.
Oh, Azor.
Use your sincerity.
What they did with my father.
And what I did with Demetrius.
I know child.
Come with me, your prayers
are being wasted here.
These gods are false.
They are just stones.
Such talk is heresy.
It's the truth.
Come on.
Upstairs is my daughter
home of the only true God,
who created all living things.
The true God is the moon?
Not Antilia.
His hand, created the moon...
And sent his strength
throughout the galaxy and stars.
That same hand, shaped the earth
with mountains and deep seas.
He gave life to you and me.
Pray to Him, Antilia.
He will hear your prayers.
There was another storm yesterday
night. More work for us.
Remove his chains,
it will come with me.
Wait here.
My orders are to
not leave it out of my sight.
Only men are noble through these ports.
Now this is not Greek is noble.
Nor is it a Atlantean.
The gods do not recognize
the presence of a barbarian...
...and he is one, is not it?
Yes, but I...
You will discuss with their gods?
No, the High Priest.
Wait, Demetrius.
You need to hear me.
I heard once, and I in chains. Not enough?
I do not know.
Zaren told me you had
returned to Greece and I believed him.
Until I see him yesterday.
So let me free, now.
I can not.
Why not?
His father is the king who would
give me riches, remember?
He is not the same king I left...
Zaren, became the mighty man of Atlantis.
Then ask Zaren.
He orders to kill him if know that I love.
You brought me to that wretched
land, with lies and tricks.
You accepted my proposal
making me believe I...
...loved, never to return.
And all the time knew I'd be enslaved...
...this is love, princess?
I thought my father had abolished this law.
You lie.
Do not think of nothing
being selfish desires.
At first it was true.
When you took me in your arms,
my heart became his.
Your heart became cheap princess.
He does not pay the price I paid.
Give it to Zaren. Give him your love...
...and buy back my freedom.
Even his words smell like fish.
Well, Demetrius?
I prefer the company slaves.
You close your eyes.
At the command to send open them again,
you will be a bull.
All day and all Currently, you will...
...appeared increasingly with one.
Strong, strong, strong.
Take it away.
Bring Greek.
What would you be?
A donkey with long
and ridiculous ears here?
Or maybe...
A buffalo.
With large horns.
Here and here.
But you, unlike the others,
not remember who you are.
Perhaps this is appropriate.
Think of the fun of Princess
to see you as you really are.
A filthy pig.
Bring orders my lord, Zaren.
He gives to Greek,
chance of freedom.
Why does he always takes the
best specimens of me.
But he will face Testing of fire and water.
Take it.
I'm having fun in seeing his life fade slowly.
What worries him, Azor?
Pigeons, look at them.
In the past, they gave around the coliseum,
and returned their cages.
Now they all flew for the open sea.
Father Demetrius is.
Need to prevent this.
I do, my dear.
But Your Majesty, you do not
may disappoint his subjects.
Of course.
I should not.
There is nothing that can do.
By order of His Majesty King...
Demetrius is no longer a slave.
Here, amid our vast ocean, is Atlantis.
Our powerful empire.
But no ocean is large enough to...
...our power to insure and our ambition.
In the past, this crystal was
sufficient to meet...
...our needs energy.
But we can not live in the past.
If we are to survive,
We should think ahead.
And as a monument to
future, we must extract... even larger crystal,
the bowels of the crater.
A weapon so powerful,
that in addition to Atlantis,
we can become masters of the world.
You speak without words wisdom, Zaren.
Do not listen to these words about war.
It is the fate of Atlantis rule the world.
The gods are not saying
we are a race of masters?
And it's not a matter of
conquer or be conquered?
Conquered by whom?
I will answer you.
One country alone can not be
no enemy to fear.
But together with other countries,
may represent...
...a force against the our existence.
Atlantis can not take that
risk, we must attack one by one,
our only chance to
survive is to attack and soon.
No. No. No.
Let us sit down.
You have weapons that
can repel any invasion.
Any imaginary invasion you can conceive.
The most important is that
deliberately isolated.
Atlantis of the rest the world.
We should share our
advances to all mankind.
The humanity of you
speech is good for one thing.
A country that depends on slavery to exist,
should disappear.
Noble governors Atlantis.
Come before him, was written in the stars...
...what a great fisherman come to our land.
This prophecy was fully met.
It was also written that he would overthrow.
Atlantis with its command.
The fact of the barbaric achieve...
...survive Testing of fire and water,
is a warning that we will be
conquered by barbarians.
Unless we conquer first.
I cry for war.
We Mountains say, war.
Also the sea.
War for the River.
And for those of science.
And for the animals.
And you, priest?
Let there be war.
Equal to others.
The bees are gone.
Every morning of my life,
I woke with the birds singing.
Now only silence remains.
Perhaps the instinct
which drives them away.
But they feel something.
Something bad.
A strange breeze lifts every morning...
Loads and dead leaves for the open sea.
The insects are facing dangers to survive.
Even the seeds feel change the earth.
The nature feels that the end is near.
Man is the only
not realize that the warnings.
The princess wants to speak, Demetrius.
I do not wish to speak with her.
You'd better talk.
I'm here to repair the debt I have with you.
Tonight, a fishing boat
will depart from the north of the port.
Be there.
A boat that takes the mark of the king.
The captain will waiting for you.
He will take you to your
boat on the pillars of Hercules.
You'll find your way there.
If you suspect betrayal, can rest easy.
The words I spoke at our last meeting,
were words of anger.
Forgive me.
Thanks, Antilia.
No need to thank anyone.
His farewell was very fast.
She loves him.
I wish were true.
I'm leaving.
Antilia told me in confidence.
You want me to stay?
Remember that Atlantis is about to die.
Nobody will be spared.
And the last day are numbered.
But not a holy man can predict the future.
I have not always been my son a priest.
At the time of Atlantis was a noble land,
I was connected with science.
But I closed my eyes,
when she began using...
...knowledge for evil.
And false gods in place of
scientific studies.
Therefore, we will die.
The true God will destroy Atlantis.
But why do you is, Azor?
Because I I blame the heart.
We create wonders
for the good of humanity.
And we make them into monsters.
The crystals catch the heat of
sun's rays and keep the energy.
They look identical, but
have different functions.
This is the model of original invention.
His purpose...
Create, heat, light, comfort and life.
Now see what done with him.
That urn...
Zaren, wants to build a
thousand times more powerful weapon.
When she's ready
he will conquer the world.
Why you got me this regard?
You can warn the world.
His own people when he comes.
But that defense, we we?
And if I stay...
I can do against Zaren plans.
Now, nothing. But tomorrow
might have a chance.
Can not wait until
tomorrow. The boat leaves tonight.
Use this to dress
protect it from the weather.
Goodbye, Azor.
God, you look for my son.
With all my calculations,
I reached the same conclusion.
The next full moon, you
must go to the conquest.
Give me some time to complete the crystal.
It is the only date that the stars favor you.
He'll be ready.
The man, Demetrius, would see you sir.
Have him enter.
You need my help.
Why do I need the help of a slave.
Excuse my rudeness.
A free man.
And also a man who knows the waters...
...and land that you unknown.
I can take their boats saved,
beyond the Pillars of Hercules to sea.
I can show the places within the darkness.
Why the change opinion.
Others prefer slaves die, to help us.
I tasted the comfort this city can give me.
His friends in prison will call him a traitor.
Let call.
I can find comfort,
silver and gold.
Do not accept bargain with slaves.
He will bring us disaster.
You must excuse My impetuous astrologer.
The deed is done.
Go ahead, Demetrius.
Let me see you change,
the face of the world.
What do you think,
Well sir, it is known that none of our ships...
...never returned from sea.
They must have sunk in
treacherous reefs...
...the pillars of Hercules.
In reality we do not We...
Any knowledge just speculation.
The chance of this map to be
sure is quite large.
I would like others to see if it is correct.
We shall soon see.
Your dog traitor.
Your a traitor.
Remove it.
Your dirty traitor.
Your dirty traitor.
You pig.
I accept my payment now.
Of course, Demetrius.
This is a sample my generosity,
maybe I need the their services again.
I would not trust in Greek.
He lies with all your breath away.
Take care of the stars, Surgeon,
and leave these matters in my hands.
I trust those who put
welfare above the honor.
Another warning.
I measure all the lava the day.
It is growing alarmingly.
The devastation round this island.
It's starting to bother this dormant volcano.
Waiting for beginning of the end.
When will the end, Azor?
Soon after the next full moon.
Soon after Zaren and his warriors,
are ready to conquer the world.
But if Zaren fails, this
conquest will never happen.
Zaren sir, wait impatient.
You should be here before that.
Look. Another backwardness.
There is little time and slaves are lazy.
They can not help myself.
Must tell me.
What can you do?
'But you, a wise man,
must show me the path.
There is a limit to the man work.
These men arrived at its limit.
They need to rest.
Our priest has a splendid alternative.
But I have a even better.
Escort them to the dungeon.
This is going to heal others.
The dungeon is not the answer, Zaren.
Listen to the man who was already a slave.
What is your alternative?
Put me in charge.
So what you gonna do?
Build a camp here. Far from the dungeon.
The slaves rested before
starting the work day.
Remove his chains, unplug
guards, take decent food.
Ridiculous. Why me
would these advantages.
You have no choice.
Very good.
Of course, my services will not be free.
You know my generosity.
You may be right
they will receive something.
But if you fail.
I'll have success.
I'm awake, Xandros.
The others are waiting.
They believe that Demetrius
did not betray his friends.
We'll help with your plan.
I was thinking.
Would you like to do something
to help you.
There is nothing that can.
Nothing that anyone can.
Slowly destroying man's mind...
Until no more human.
And in the end, I shall
transform, like the others.
Come on, we can not wasting time.
I want to help him, while I still can.
Remove the chain.
Rotate to the bottom.
The volcano waiting.
Destroy the crystal.
Before the full moon.
Before Zaren, know.
Come lava.
Crystal damn.
Damn, damn.
Zaren, its end is near.
Come on.
I want to be your Demetrius wife.
I love you.
Take me away.
I can not.
Your boat awaits secret.
Let's leave Atlantis and never return.
I was wrong, Demetrius I know.
Not so, Antilia believe me.
What then?
I can not tell you.
Not yet.
Very good.
Let me here if you want.
But must leave Atlantis sooner.
Once you're done
their task, Zaren will kill you.
This is a risk I gotta run.
Please, princess skirt
now, the sun will rise soon...
...and he needs rest.
Trust me Antilia.
Volcano liquid.
Covers more, covers more.
Come lava.
Faster, faster.
The day will soon arrive.
Faster, faster.
Destroy the crystal.
Faster, faster.
There, there.
No. Over here.
Hurry, go with others.
We must close entry.
There they are.
Let's get them.
Kill them all.
Do not let them get away.
Where's Greek?
Can not be far off.
Find him.
Get rid of.
The end is coming.
The harbor.
Get the boats.
Rabble cheeky.
Dared to invade my palace.
Follow me.
No. No.
We're stuck here.
Do not go there, the sea
is boiling because of the lava.
Come, come here.
And Atlantis disappeared.
But free men, wise.
'They brought the culture of Empire Mother'
to the four corners of the earth.