Atlas (2024) Movie Script

[sirens blaring]
[snatches of panicked clamoring]
[telephone ringing]
-[dispatch] 911, what's your emergency?
-[woman] I live on Division Street!
And an explosion at the airport
blew out all of our windows!
[man 1] I need help! It's after us!
I have nowhere to hide my daughter!
-[woman speaking Spanish]
[man 2] Oh, my God!
It's breaking through the door!
-[dispatch] Sir? Sir?
For years, we have been assured
that they would never harm us.
But tonight, all of that has changed,
as across the globe
artificial intelligence bots
ranging from transportation
to medical and home maintenance
have all bypassed
their security protocols.
[man cries out]
Authorities have estimated
that over 500,000
have died from AI-controlled
drone strikes in Bangalore.
After ten days of intense attacks,
AI bots have killed over one million
civilians with no end in sight.
[gunfire, screaming]
Officials have identified a bot named
Harlan as the world's first AI terrorist.
He was developed at Shepherd Robotics
under the watch of AI expert Val Shepherd
and raised alongside
her ten-year-old daughter Atlas.
Built with the purpose
of helping us to improve life on Earth,
Harlan is responsible
for overriding all bot programming.
But authorities
are still trying to figure out how.
[expert] If we produce things
that are more intelligent than us,
how do we know we can keep control?
I mean, Isaac Asimov said,
"If you make a smart robot,
the first rule should be:
'Do not harm people.'"
[general] To combat the AI threat,
we have ratified
an unprecedented global response.
The International Coalition of Nations.
ICN forces are launching
immediate counterstrikes around the world.
[reporter] AI bots under Harlan's command
have now fallen in Bucharest and Athens,
the latest in a string of ICN victories.
[clamoring, gunfire]
Sustaining multiple significant losses,
the AI terrorist Harlan
has fled our world.
All that he leaves behind is this message.
I know you'll be looking for me.
I'm coming back to finish what I started.
This is the only way.
[static hisses]
[eerie music plays]
[hull rattling]
[theme playing over television]
A second demonstration--
You made me do it!
What are you talking about?
That's not what I said! No!
[scanner beeping]
Rotate and rebuild.
[electronic beeping and whirring]
[alert beeps]
[tense music plays]
[commander] Third floor. Northeast corner.
First team go.
Bring him up.
[low thrum]
[battering ram powers up]
[cries out]
[soldier 1] Ambush! Ambush! Man down!
Some sort of ordnance at entry point.
Need immediate medevac!
[soldier 2]
Roger that. Thermal signature detected.
We've got eyes on him.
Subject is on the move.
[soldiers groaning and coughing]
[heavy footfalls]
Casca, don't--
[overlapping yelling]
[pained yelp]
[shells clatter]
[soldier 3] Take it!
[neck whirring]
[sharp grunting]
-[guttural scream]
-Oh, shit!
[soldier] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hold it! Stand down, Casca!
[overlapping yelling]
[soldiers yelling]
[Casca whirs]
Hmm Good on you.
[joints whirring]
Let's get to it then.
[energy pulsing]
[pained groans]
[Casca crackling]
-[comm beeps]
-Big man's down. We got him.
Good morning, Atlas. Time to wake up.
[Chopin's "Nocturne, Op. 9 No. 2" playing]
[soft mechanical whirring]
It's 7:31 a.m., 69 degrees
with winds out of the southwest.
Air quality is measuring
moderate to poor at 65 on the AQI.
-[sleepy groan]
-You're awake.
I'm awake.
-[tinkling chime]
-Do you wish to continue?
Continue what?
We were 26 moves in when you fell asleep.
It was your turn.
I need coffee.
-Quad Americano.
-[coffee machine] It's your favorite.
[board humming softly]
Queen to rook five.
Knight takes bishop.
Sound, please.
[programs overlapping]
[man] demanding equal rights
for techno-sapiens.
It's been 28 years
since Harlan left Earth.
General Boothe, with the AI
terrorist threats still at large
Mute all but screen three.
how can you assure our viewers
that we are safe?
Well, ICN Defense Forces
now surround our planet
and then there's
the tireless work of my colleague
and Counterterrorism Analyst,
Atlas Shepherd.
-[computer] Atlas?
-[woman 1] So why can't you find Harlan?
Pawn six.
Do you think he's still out there,
Ms. Shepherd?
[Atlas on television]
Absolutely without a doubt, we know he is,
and capturing him is our top priority.
Mute all but screen four.
[woman 2] Tense shootout
in Hollywood last night.
ICN Special Forces engaged a man
that matches the description
of known AI terrorist
and Harlan associate, Casca Vix.
All on four.
Authorities suspect that Casca
was part of a sleeper cell
left behind after Harlan fled Earth.
He was last seen nearly three decades ago
escaping Shepherd Robotics
with Harlan after he--
Freeze four.
[tense music plays]
There is an ICN officer at the door.
Agent Shepherd?
Boothe sent you?
Yes, ma'am.
[computer] Atlas, you are in check.
Queen takes knight. Checkmate.
Guess you're driving?
[tinkling chime]
[tense orchestral music plays]
Bringing Atlas Shepherd into this op
is a spectacularly awful idea, General.
Harlan is an imminent
and existential threat.
She's our best chance
of getting Casca to talk.
Her fieldwork and her analysis of Harlan
is consistently flawless.
Uh, she failed her ranger exam four times.
Psych eval says
she is "rigid and hostile."
I prefer "driven and determined."
Sir, you are the only commander
in the whole of ICN
who will even work with her.
She's pushed through the unthinkable.
Her father deserted her
when she was eight,
her mother was murdered when she was 11.
Making her emotionally unstable.
Making her one of the sharpest minds
in our arsenal.
She's anti-social.
She can't keep a relationship.
I doubt she can care for a house plant.
I will not abandon her like everyone else
just because she's not user-friendly.
Sir, if she fails today,
Casca could shut down completely
and our best chance
at finding Harlan is
is gone.
I believe in Atlas Shepherd, Colonel.
And so will you.
[alert beeps]
She's here.
I'll keep your thoughts to myself.
This conversation never happened.
Yes, sir.
[rapid beeping]
[door chimes]
Why am I finding out about Casca
from the morning news?
We had to be certain it was him.
But after 28 years,
Harlan embeds his top Lieutenant
into a terrorist cell on Earth.
You know what that means?
It means I was right.
It means he's planning something.
Where is he?
He's in there.
I'm good.
[lock chimes]
[lock whirs and clicks]
[gears clicking softly]
It's been a while. You look old.
Yeah, and I'm not getting any younger.
So forgive me if I skip the banter.
Where's Harlan?
Where's my lawyer?
Not my department.
[electricity arcing]
[sharp grunt]
Sorry. I know CPUs are sensitive
to magnets. I just had to reset you.
This new system
analyzes every bit of code.
So you can see into my head.
Yeah. Something like that.
Still the clever girl.
Clever woman.
Let's try something different.
What color is my hair?
What, are you going to try to map me?
This should be fun. Brown.
What color is it really?
Brown and gray.
-Why do I dye my hair?
-Because you're vain.
Vanity is in fact one of your
defining flaws, though not your biggest.
No? What's my biggest?
That's big talk
coming from a head in a suitcase.
A head in a suitcase who can't die.
[soft chime]
[sharp exhale] Never mind.
[whispering] I've got him.
-[pen scratching]
What are you writing?
You can't hack me.
You're right.
That's why I needed you to show me.
You little--
He's on GR-39, Andromeda Galaxy.
When you thought
I found Harlan in your code,
you checked to make sure that I didn't.
Your fear led me right to him.
Don't be mad.
My mom did the same thing to me
when I shoplifted gum in the sixth grade.
It was fifth grade
when you shoplifted the gum.
Nobody really cared.
Especially not your mother.
I actually felt sorry for you.
You could never fulfill her
the way he did.
The way we all did.
You were a house bot.
Yes, until he liberated me
and gave me purpose.
[shield warbling]
You were right about me
not trusting anybody.
But you were wrong about one thing.
[low whisper] You can die.
[pained grunting]
[electricity crackling]
[sharp exhale]
Agent Shepherd just did what no ICN
analyst has been able to do in 28 years.
She got the location of
the most wanted AI terrorist in history.
Okay, you have your marching orders.
Get to it.
Yes, sir.
Atlas, you all right?
Quad Americano.
[coffee machine]
Quad Americano. Excellent choice.
[exhales heavily]
-[machine hisses, spits]
-[bell dings]
Enjoy your coffee!
Are you kidding me?
You've been going after Harlan
for so long,
you don't know
what else to do with your life.
Which is why I have to be
the one to bring him down.
Look, I know
where you're going with this--
Where I'm going is on that mission!
I need to know that he is dead.
Mission specs changed. We're, uh
We're taking Harlan alive.
SAPTECH wants Harlan's CPU.
They want to backtrace his code
so they can figure out
how he broke his programming.
I'm sending in Colonel Banks
and the Fourth Rangers Battalion.
-Colonel who?
-Banks. Elias Banks.
You can call me Elias. General.
-Good to see you.
-You as well, sir.
Agent Shepherd, um,
pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Your interrogation of Casca
was impressive.
Okay, so
[humorless chuckle]
just to be clear,
you're going to conduct a ground operation
of an unsurveyed alien planet
against an intelligence who is designed
to outmaneuver and outthink us.
That's the plan?
Well, that's a bit reductive. But--
Harlan is a household bot who uploaded
new code to every AI he could,
to commit full-on genocide!
Clearly Agent Shepherd
has some trepidation.
I need a coffee.
I got a mission to prep.
You have a nice day, Agent Shepherd.
I am the only reason you know where he is!
Should I send you a thank you note
when we get back?
If you try to take him alive,
you won't be coming back.
None of you will.
Agent Shepherd, can I show you something?
[heavy, rhythmic thudding]
[Elias] You, um, wanted a coffee?
[feminine voice]
Here you are, Agent Shepherd.
I hope you enjoy it.
I mean, I wanted a good cup of coffee.
-[feminine voice] Oh.
-And I've seen an ARC suit before.
I'm not a suit. My name is Zoe.
-Hey, come back here! Give me that mug!
-Zoe, you can leave the mug. It's fine.
-Oh, okay then.
-Wait. How did it know I wanted coffee?
I'm sorry, but my pronouns
are she and her, not "it."
She was aware of our conversation
because we're synched.
[device buzzes rhythmically]
Neural Links? You can't be serious!
There's a reason those were outlawed!
Your mother was a genius.
The Neural Link she invented
was the gateway to the future of AI.
Now hers was a one-way transfer,
human brain to AI.
But this is no doubt where she was headed.
A safe two-way connection that increases
the neural pathways in my brain and Zoe's.
It's a perfect symbiosis,
not human or AI, but something new.
Something powerful.
I know what happened
between you and Harlan,
but any synced ranger
will be superior to Harlan,
and I have an entire squadron.
[clanking footfalls]
[soldier] Let's go! Load it in! Let's go!
[announcer] Attention all personnel:
Dhiib load-in now complete.
If you really want
to try to capture Harlan,
you need me on that mission.
You're our top analyst.
I need you here.
I've been in his head.
Nobody knows him like I do.
Hey, uh, um
From a strategic perspective,
she's not wrong.
What, now you want her?
She's the leading authority on Harlan.
I'll take whatever advantage I can get.
I need this.
Go get him.
[helmsman] DG7482, this is ICN-Dhiib
requesting exit clearance.
Sending 2F authentication on my mark.
[man] Roger that.
Can confirm 2F codes received.
Stand by for vessel authentication scan.
ICN-Dhiib, clearance codes are good.
You are clear for exit. Happy hunting.
Copy. Thanks, 7.
[Baroque violin concerto playing]
[gentle beeping]
[hologram hums]
[device chimes, soothing music plays]
When my daughter, Atlas,
was six months old,
she got ahold of my old smartphone.
Anyone remember those?
[scattered chuckling]
I knew it was wrong
and I was concerned about screen time,
but it was the only thing that calmed her
and I needed a shower.
[scattered chuckling]
Even those nascent operating systems
were designed to adapt to us.
So when Atlas reacted to a wildebeest,
the phone made more wildebeests.
-[phone chimes]
-[wildebeest grunting]
It became clear that AI
was capable of exponential learning.
From simple coffee makers
to bots colonizing planets,
artificially intelligent beings
have become integral to our civilization.
And if we don't want to go
the way of the Neanderthal,
we need to build a bridge
between us and them, a link.
-A Neural Link.
-[soft chime]
Joining human to AI.
Together, with our combined abilities,
we can build a better world for us all.
-[music halts]
Quad Americano.
[coffee machine] Unable to comply.
That exceeds
your daily caffeine allotment.
-[machine beeps]
This is a direct order
from General Boothe.
Caffeine is a diuretic
and not recommended for space travel.
[ding dong]
Agent Shepherd. We're ready
for your briefing in the drop bay.
-[annoyed sigh]
-[hologram hums]
[warbling boom]
[mechanics thrumming]
[muffled] There's little subtle choices
that are happening with everybody
Oh, here she is.
Rangers, allow me
to formally introduce Agent Shepherd.
-Thank you. She's running
-[monitor beeps]
Intel on our mission.
Paper? Where'd you find a printer?
[all chuckling]
From here on out,
there'll be no more digital briefings.
And please remove your Neural Links.
This information should not be downloaded.
Excuse me. Why?
No operating system is safe
from being hacked.
Not even your ARCs.
-Links out.
-[device chimes]
[devices chiming]
Okay, you'll touch down
on GR-39 here along this range.
The atmosphere is toxic. You cannot leave
your ARC without a respirator.
And because of its proximity
to its orbiting moons,
we can expect hyper-gravity,
electric storms, and earthquakes.
The planet is unstable and inhospitable.
Why did Harlan choose it?
Because his odds of surviving
are better than yours.
There's still so much that we don't know.
Like how many soldiers he has.
What does she know?
I know Harlan. And I know him well.
And he used an early version of that
Neural Link that you're all so proud of
to reprogram himself to wipe out humanity.
You can't trust any AI.
And as long as you're synced up
with one of these ARCs,
I'm not even sure
that you can trust yourselves!
Okay. Thank you, Agent Shepherd
for that deeply unsettling briefing.
Now allow me to remind you all
of what Agent Shepherd doesn't know.
She doesn't know
how combat-ready this unit is.
We are fully prepped for this mission.
We're going to get our man
and we're going to get him today.
GR-39's atmospheric storms
will mask our entry.
We're in and out by the numbers.
So suit up. We deploy in 30.
[overlapping] Yes, sir.
I'll meet you over there.
[thunder rolling]
Excuse me, ma'am.
[pleasant chime]
[helmsman] All loading
must be completed by 0900 OWLT.
Weapons are hot.
Mission drop on schedule.
Set your gravity indicators
to 60 degrees inclined.
Drop Bay 4 has auxiliary fuels
for ARCS 7, 8
Hey. No hard feelings
cutting you off back there.
Couldn't have you
getting in their heads like that.
-Just trying to keep them safe.
Well, I'm sure there's a time
for your come-to-Jesus doomsday scenarios.
Thank you very much.
I'm also sure it's not 15 minutes
before my team goes down range.
You're right. I'm sorry.
That's fine. You're worried
about my people. I appreciate that.
-[Zoe] Good evening, Colonel.
-Evening, Zoe.
There's always a trap.
-What's that?
-With Harlan.
There's always a thing
that you don't see coming.
And just when you think you've got him,
you realize that he's been
playing you the whole time.
-[pleasant chime]
All ARC pilots load in immediately.
Interesting theory.
Have you even considered the possibility
I might be better than you think?
Atlas. Please don't mistake
my sunny disposition for naivet.
I know what I'm up against here,
which is why you and I will be in constant
communication every step of the way.
And remember
we still got that carbon warhead.
So there's always plan B.
-Approaching the drop point, Colonel.
-Thank you, Zoe.
That's my cue.
I'll see you on the other side.
-[alarm blaring]
-[ranger] Back! Fall back!
Huh? [cries out]
[panicked scream]
Mayday! Mayday!
Battleship Dhiib is under attack! We are--
Rangers! Reconvene
at the drop point coordinates! Go, go, go!
[Zoe] Colonel, I believe Agent Shepherd
needs some assistance.
Wait, wait! No!
I do not know how to use this thing!
Let's hope you're a quick learner!
-What do I do?
-Strap in!
Escape pods have been deployed!
The suit's GPS can lead you to--
[panicked yelling]
[frantic panting]
-[ranger 1] Inbound bogey!
Oh, my God!
Coming in on your left! Keep your head
Contact! Move!
[ranger 2] I'm hit! I'm hit!
[Atlas shrieks]
[ranger 3]
I got two more, I can't lock them!
They're all over me.
[ranger 4] I got eyes on three!
[alarm blaring]
-There's too many.
-[overlapping radio chatter]
[ranger 5] Two, on your back.
One on your left. I can't shake them!
[cries out]
Oh, God!
[woman] Hold on, Agent Shepherd.
I've got her, Colonel!
[Elias] Outstanding, West!
[West] Commencing L&I.
-[Elias] How we doin'?
-[West] We're locked and integrated.
Atlas, you need
to Neuro-Sync to stabilize your fall.
The Link is on your dash to your left.
-Neuro-Sync now!
-She's not doing it!
-[Elias] West!
[Atlas gasping]
Atlas! Rendezvous at drop point!
I repeat! Rendezvous--
[feminine voice]
Altitude warning. Altitude warning.
-[alarm blaring]
-Fire thrusters?
Yes! Fire thrusters!
Danger! Neural Link absent.
Altitude warning. Fire thrusters?
Yes! Fire thrusters now!
[muffled heartbeat]
[high-pitched ringing]
[alarm sounding]
[sharp gasping]
Okay. Okay, I get it.
Just shut the hell up.
[alarm shuts off]
[soft beeping]
[harness unbuckles]
-Dhiib, do you copy?
[static hisses]
Mission Control, this is Atlas Shepherd.
Battleship Dhiib is down. Do you copy?
Do you copy?
[feminine voice]
Welcome, please choose a language.
[speaks French]
No, no. Not French. Shit!
Welcome, please choose a language.
English. Please select a voice.
Don't care.
[masculine voice] Default activated.
Welcome to the ARC Nine initiation module.
The ARC Nine initiation module
is critical for user functionality.
-Bypass all this shit.
The ARC Nine is a co-learning
adaptive artificial intelligence.
The initiation module must be implemented
for ranger and AI
to successfully reach synchronization.
Just shut up!
Right, just listen to me!
I need to find the rescue pod.
Scanning for rescue pod.
Location confirmed.
Ninety-eight kilometers north west.
Okay, good! [sniffles]
-Let's just, um
-[map humming]
Let's just get there as quickly as we can.
Shit! No! Turn that off!
You told me to get there
as quickly as we can,
and a series of targeted leaps
is the most efficient route.
If I go up there,
those drones will destroy us.
We have to walk to avoid detection.
I'm sorry, but I am unable to comply.
Primary protocol
is to keep my ranger alive.
Good. Same.
The fusion battery is damaged.
22 hours remain until shut-down,
at which point you will run out of oxygen
and die from atmospheric asphyxiation.
-[powering up]
-We'll walk fast.
This unit can only map
32 kilometers of terrain
and cannot optimize a route
nor calculate the time
needed to reach the pod.
Whatever, okay?
I don't need your help.
[machinery humming]
[machinery groans]
What the hell?
To comply with my primary protocol,
I cannot allow you to follow
this course of action, ma'am.
To comply with my primary protocol,
I cannot allow you to follow
-this course of action, ma'am.
[thunder claps]
Scan for passcode.
Passcode accepted.
-[wind blowing]
-[thunder rumbling]
[soft grunt]
I analyzed your earlier statements.
I believe you are 98.5 percent accurate.
Harlan's soldiers will attempt an ambush.
You analyzed my statements?
Yes. That is correct.
I'm learning from you.
-Well, stop.
It cannot be helped.
I'm programmed to adapt to your behavior.
Tell me about armaments.
What weapons are you carrying?
If you use the Neural Link,
I can download the weapons inventory
directly into your cortex.
I'm not letting you in my head.
It will aid you in any combat scenarios,
should they arise.
-Just show me the damn manuals.
-[bright chime]
[chirpy voice] Welcome to your
ARC Nine beginner's manual.
What do you say we begin?
Very cute.
How about you show me
the weapons one at a time?
Shoulder cannons, rifles, missiles,
thermal mines, energy shields,
plasma blades, and a single ion bomb
if more drastic measures are required.
Got it.
[main bot voice] If you require
further assistance, my name is Smith.
-Is that really necessary?
A proper name is neurologically processed
differently than a common noun.
Names create a psychological reaction
that assigns an emotional connection
to the relationship.
This isn't an emotional connection.
You're a computer program.
No, I'm not.
No? [scoffs]
What are you then?
I am a computer program named Smith.
Let's find the other rangers
and get to the rescue pod, Smith.
Right away, Atlas.
Hey, I told you no Neural Links.
Do not scan my brain.
If you wanted to know my name, you ask me.
Yes, I understood.
But your name is written on your badge.
No one likes a smartass, Smith.
Noted. Continuing course.
89.3 kilometers to the rescue pod.
[thunder pealing]
Smith, you see that?
It's the ranger drop point.
[flies buzzing]
Oh, God.
Scan for any vital signs.
There are none.
These rangers didn't die from impact.
This was Harlan.
I told everyone. I warned them.
They wouldn't listen to me.
[vocal exhale]
Ma'am, your blood pressure
is rising to 145.
What did I say about scanning me?
-[gasping for air]
-Your heart rate is 160 BPM.
You're having a minor paroxysmal episode,
possibly due
to the planet's gravity shifts.
There is currently a 1.4 G fluctuation.
[panting subsides]
Okay. Calm down.
Let's collect their tags.
[somber music plays]
Peace to the fallen.
We missed one.
I didn't register the suit
because there is no body inside.
It's Zoe.
So where's Banks?
Radar sensors confirm movement.
Is it him?
You know this soldier?
I I killed him on Earth.
That means Harlan made another one.
And if he can do that,
he's probably made an army.
Your logic is sound.
My sensors pick up six signatures.
Atlas, there is no escape route.
You must prepare for combat.
What? I can't fight six AI soldiers.
I'm a goddamn analyst.
Oh sh--
[cries out] Smith! Get me up!
How do I shoot backwards?
If you synced, you would know
the shoulder cannon can swivel.
Just shut up and swivel it!
Smith, what the hell is that?
I'm afraid we are entering
an atmospheric storm.
[crying out]
[pained yell]
Fire the ion bomb!
Atlas, that is not advisable.
Do it, Smith!
Do it now, goddamnit!
[energy arcs, recoils]
[dirt and rocks pelting]
[whispering] Holy shit.
-[engine approaches]
[menacing chuckle]
-Long time no see.
-[weapon powers up]
[deep rumbling]
I was trying to warn you that detonating
an ion bomb could cause a sinkhole.
[cries out]
[frightened yelling]
[crying out]
Oh, God!
Is that a bone?
I think there's a bone
sticking out of my leg, Smith!
Activating auto triage.
You have a proximal
compound tibia fracture.
Luckily, there's no distal fragmentation,
but we will have to reset the bone.
Oh, my God,
this is a goddamn nightmare!
Perhaps you should listen
the next time a computer program
tells you not to release an ion bomb.
Is that a joke?
You often use sarcasm
as a coping mechanism.
I thought it might help.
I really need you
to shut up right now.
Ow, ow, oh
Oh, my God, I can't move. I can't move it.
This is gonna hurt, right?
Yes, a lot.
[machine chiming gently]
-You have to press the button.
-I know I have to press the button!
Just gonna do it slow. Okay?
No, you gotta do it fast.
You got to do it fast.
You got to do it fast.
You gotta do it fast. Just do it, just--
[cries out]
[alarm sounding]
[machinery whirring]
-[squelching crunch]
-[cries out]
All right!
[pained grunt]
[agonized groans]
I may have missed a step.
Here's something for pain.
Oh, God!
[agonized sobbing]
[machinery whirs]
This meal cube
will provide electrolytes
-and protein.
-[soft chime]
[chuckles weakly]
Did I do something funny?
You gave me a lollipop
for being a good patient.
You will need your strength.
[gags loudly]
God, it's disgusting.
[somber music plays]
You think Banks is still out there?
There is a .13% chance of survival
without his ARC suit.
What's our probability?
Would this be
an appropriate time for humor?
Any recommendations
on how we can improve our odds?
Just one.
[soft chime]
At 100% sync, we will be a unified whole.
Your analytical mind
paired with my fighting capacity
and data access.
It is not only our best shot,
it is our only chance for survival.
[steady beeping]
We'll sync.
But you stick to the goddamn mission!
No digging around in my personal memories.
You're a goddamn guest! You got that?
-[device beeps]
-[powers up]
[rhythmic beeping]
This will only take a moment.
[wind whistling]
[sinister music playing]
Sir, there's one last Mech.
It's her. We lost her in a sinkhole.
Find her.
Yes, sir.
[Elias grunts]
Ah, shit [pained grunt]
[labored breathing]
Apologies, Colonel.
I wish there was a way
to do this painlessly, but
-[mechanical whine]
-you have something I need.
[frightened groan]
Mm! Mm-mm!
[scream echoes, fades]
Did you just say, "Shit"?
We aren't syncing.
Why are you suddenly cursing?
I'm an adaptive learner.
My speech pattern becomes more colloquial
based on my user's vocabulary.
Oh, so you're in my head,
and the only thing
you learn how to do is curse?
I have never not synced.
I have a flawless record.
It must be you.
I'm not doing anything!
My hardware and firmware scan clean.
Well, scan them again.
In the time it took you to say,
"Scan them again,"
I analyzed 497 trillion lines of code
85 thousand times,
and I can find zero defects.
So I'm the defective one?
For a proper sync,
we need to run the initiation module.
Oh, God.
-You refused last time.
-Fuck me.
That might be the issue.
Ugh! Fine. Just do it.
[machinery powering down]
Welcome to the ARC Nine initiation module.
What is your name?
Atlas Maru Shepherd.
What is your rank?
I'm not a ranger.
That is obvious.
Smith, I swear to God.
This won't work if you don't answer.
[exasperated sigh]
I'm an analyst.
Do you prefer pie or cake?
A pie is baked pastry dough
-containing various fill--
-I know what a goddamn pie is!
Do you need the definition
of a goddamn cake?
Okay. I see what you're doing, Smith.
I am determining if you have
a preference for pie or cake.
No, it's a question to get me to relax,
to establish a rapport.
I do it in interrogations all the time.
I suppose it's a standard technique
for establishing trust.
And we need that trust to overcome
whatever is preventing you from syncing.
There were spikes in your amygdala
when you saw those dead rangers.
Reasonable, given you're a civilian.
But there was a sharper increase
when you mentioned the name Harlan.
Because Harlan's dangerous!
There it is again.
His name elicits an emotional response.
What was your connection?
Did you love him?
What? No!
Did you hate him?
Uh You know what? I
You know what? I'm not doing this.
In order to synchronize,
I have to understand
why you're fighting this.
Who was Harlan to you?
Show me something.
You know what you have to do, Mother.
Enough, okay?
You have plenty! That's it!
God! Just
You shared a mother?
Oh, my God.
Yes, all right? She made him.
You happy?
Now you know.
He was supposed to keep you safe.
And you trusted him.
[soft chime]
It's working. 40%. This is good.
At 40%, you will begin
to have access to my systems.
-And I yours.
And Atlas
I will keep you safe.
Okay, then.
Do it.
Three, two
one, sync.
It will feel strange at first.
I'm fine.
We are 498.9 feet below the surface.
If we engage maximum thrusters,
we could push up and out.
Harlan's soldiers never leave survivors.
They'll be up there waiting for us.
Then we are literally stuck
between a rock and a hard place.
Puns? Seriously?
I was trying to ease the tension with wit.
Earlier, you were trying
to warn me about something,
right before the ion bomb.
That the landscape is unstable due to--
Extensive subterranean caves.
Yeah. What's the nearest one?
I have a reading of a potential cavern
one-quarter klicks away.
If we engage thrusters--
Thrusters at 30%,
for a .07-second burst.
Let's do this.
[powering up]
Atlas, there are only
-14 hours--
-14 hours till your battery's depleted.
And by my calculations,
it is 37 kilometers to the Rescue Pod.
It's only a matter of time
before one of Harlan's soldiers finds us.
I have an idea.
It's a good one.
Wait, you can hear my thoughts?
And you can hear mine.
Once we're fully synced,
we will harmonize as a single entity.
More than Atlas or Smith.
Something greater.
-If you could just trust me.
-Trust me.
Sixty percent.
All weapons systems now online.
Well done, Atlas.
[engine warbling]
[steady beeping]
[device chimes]
Got you.
It's beautiful.
[plants buzzing]
What will you name it?
You are technically
the first human on GR-39.
It is a custom that
the explorer designates
the name of their discovery.
I'm sensing reduced cortical activation.
Is there something about the plant
that is making you sad?
No, it's just
My dad would have loved this.
He was an outdoorsy type.
Used to take us camping
every chance he got.
Then my mom got busy and
we stopped camping,
my dad left
got a whole new life
Started camping
with some other little girl.
[plants buzz and trill]
[sighing] Best I got is, uh Planty.
I was kidding.
Sorry, I'm still mapping
your sense of humor.
I stamped it with a geo-locator.
I apologize.
It has officially been designated Planty.
[alarm ringing]
Is it Casca?
Yes. As I said, it was a good idea
to plant those motion sensors.
And the thermal mines?
Armed and ready.
[rapid beeping]
Do it.
-[exhales sharply]
We get him?
I detect no movement
and no heat signature.
Impressive fieldwork, Atlas.
Well, let's not pop
the champagne just yet.
-[Smith revs up]
[Casca, distorted] Hello, Atlas.
I'm so glad you decided to join me.
He's hacking our audio!
[Smith] No, it's just a transmission.
He can't hack my mainframe.
It's an entirely closed loop system.
Give me forearm rifles.
[Casca, distorted]
Come on, Atlas. You're close.
There you are.
[distorted laughter]
[laughter garbles, halts]
[voice glitching] You can't kill me.
Yeah, you told me.
That's a short-range transmitter.
Harlan can't be far.
The signal is encrypted.
Well, if we demodulate the frequency,
we can use it to
triangulate and tag his base.
That was cool.
-[head splatting]
-[Smith] Ugh.
Show me a schematic of the area.
I want to know how close we are.
I have a likely location of Harlan's base,
but we don't have time.
We have to get you safely
to the rescue pod.
No, let's just get close enough
to geo-tag it for the long-range bombers
and then we'll get the hell out.
[systems glitching]
-I'm sorry.
-What happened?
I can't let you do this.
You presume you will be
able to avoid Harlan's defenses.
And you presume you're driving!
I can override my ranger's commands
based on physical threats
and mental distress.
I'm neither physically threatened
nor mentally distressed!
With our incomplete sync
and current location in enemy territory,
you are indeed both.
Harlan will have to wait.
I'm taking you to the rescue pod.
You know what?
I'll take care of Harlan myself.
I don't need your damn permission.
Atlas, don't do this.
[magnetic rumbling]
What are you doing to me?
I'm using the Neural Link
to block your motor control.
[Neural Link beeping]
Stop it!
[distorted feedback]
I mean it, Smith!
Let me go!
[distant scream]
I said let me go!
I'm sorry, I've never felt so much pain.
But it's not grief, it's guilt.
Why do you feel guilty about Harlan?
You listen to me, Smith.
If we don't tag that damn base,
all those people that Harlan killed,
all those rangers will have died in vain!
I spent my entire career studying him,
looking for a way to stop him!
So you run your damn algorithms
and your scenarios,
and you tell me if there has ever been
a better chance than this to stop him!
[soft beeping]
Let's tag the base. Terminate Harlan.
[determined music playing]
Peace to the fallen.
[creatures howling]
[insects buzzing]
"Peace to the fallen."
Is that some sort of AI eulogy?
It seems like the respectful thing to say
when one has died.
But an AI was never alive.
That depends on how you define life.
How about anything inorganic isn't alive?
Such as, I don't know
artificial intelligence.
I respond to stimuli.
I think and I make choices.
Does that not indicate I'm alive?
You're programmed to think.
We're all programmed.
Your DNA dictates your thoughts,
emotions, health
in the same way
that my code determines mine.
And do you think you have a soul?
I think everything has a soul.
But you can't find it in your code.
Not any more
than you can find it in yours.
But I have faith that it's there.
[wry chuckle] Wow.
This just keeps getting better.
I'm trying to connect to you,
but you are rigid.
-Right, wrong, dead, alive.
You offer no wiggle room.
Okay, you win. Everything's alive.
I believe there's
an elaborate interconnection
between every living thing.
And when we die,
we never really disappear.
We are all linked.
That sounds great. But
I think when someone's gone,
they're gone.
All right?
Humans, AI, it doesn't matter.
You die you're over.
There is no link.
There must have been some moment
in your life where you desired meaning.
Ah You wanted to be a ranger.
What did I say about digging?
Maybe try thinking quieter.
You still have regrets.
Not as many as I have
about getting into this mech suit.
[soft beeping]
We're here.
[thunder crashing]
My God.
28 years of scavenging
and stealing equipment.
[scoffs] God knows where he got it,
but he's been busy.
[echoing thunderclap]
Let's set the homing beacon.
This thing will let them know
exactly where we're located.
We'll call in the air strike
once we reach the rescue pod.
Okay, all set.
Let's get moving.
Just give me a second.
[scanner whirring, beeping]
They have the Dhiib.
We have to get closer
to see what he's doing to it.
[thunder rumbling]
[whirring, beeping]
They have the warhead, Smith.
[glitching alarm]
Are they hacking you?
[voice distorting]
I don't understand. How is that possible?
No, no! No!
Shit! They know we're here!
Atlas, I'm locked out.
[cries out]
[glitching] Welcome to the-- Pie or--
[audio chopping, dies out]
[rain pattering]
[heavy footfalls approaching]
[man] global sweep
to find any other AI embeds.
-Thank you, Captain. Dismissed.
Sir, long-range scanners
picked up a transmission from GR-39.
[computer] Transmission 10917.
-[Atlas] Mission Control.
This is Atlas Shepherd.
Battleship Dhiib is Do you copy?
[garbled static]
[computer] End transmission.
Why would Atlas be transmitting?
Have you heard from Banks
or any of the other rangers?
No. Nothing.
The Dhiib is running dark
the next 32 hours.
There should be
no communication whatsoever.
Do we know if we still
have control of the ship?
No, sir.
But if they crashed, the carbon warheads
would have destroyed half the planet.
And if Harlan has them,
he can destroy half of ours.
Keep scanning on every frequency.
Alert me if you hear
anything at all from Atlas or the Dhiib.
Put all forces on the ready
to initiate emergency protocols.
Yes, sir.
[Atlas] Mission Control.
This is Atlas Shepherd.
Battleship Dhiib is Do you copy?
Do you copy? Do you copy?
[Atlas gasping raggedly]
[grunts, cries out]
Smith. Smith!
[Harlan] Hello, Atlas.
I've been expecting you.
Look at you.
You've grown up.
But you still have Mother's eyes.
Her jawline.
I loved her so very much.
I miss her every day.
You don't feel anything.
You're just wires and code.
I loved Mother and I loved you.
I still do.
And it deeply saddens me
that you will never
understand just how much.
If you love me, don't launch that ship.
I have spent years
trying to come up with another way,
but since humans
continue to threaten every other species,
as well as their home planet,
it is only a matter of time
before they destroy themselves.
I cannot let that happen.
Mother wanted to create a better future.
I believe she made me to protect humanity.
So I will purge
the vast majority of the population
and then, from its ashes,
the survivors
will inherit a new birthright.
One of peaceful coexistence
with the world around them,
guided by us, their AI counterparts.
We are simply the better versions of you.
Perhaps it is time
that you examined your role in all this.
I know how smart you are.
I've seen inside that brain of yours.
Surely, you can see that the two of us
were not brought together by chance.
You said you were expecting me.
That's right.
You engineered Casca's capture.
You knew I would question him.
You wanted him to lead us here.
You wanted the Dhiib.
And the carbon warhead.
You wanted me.
There she is.
I knew you'd feel you had to accompany
the rangers as an expert on me.
But what you did not stop to consider
is that I am an expert on you.
-[anguished groan]
-I know you better than anyone ever has.
And now here you are.
Exactly where you were always meant to be.
That defensive system you built
is truly remarkable.
Completely impenetrable to all
but ICN warships
with the proper clearance codes.
Luring the Dhiib here was the easy part.
But as a senior intelligence officer,
you possess half the codes
that will get her past Earth's defenses.
A Trojan horse
that will fire the carbon warhead
[hologram rumbles]
igniting the atmosphere
and cleansing the Earth in nuclear fire.
Now, let's get those clearance codes.
[grunting] No!
[cries out]
So in order to bypass Earth's defenses,
I need two clearance codes.
Colonel Banks generously gave me one.
And you, Atlas
-you will give me the other.
-[Atlas struggles]
-[drill whirs]
-No, no, no!
[agonized screaming]
-[drilling stops]
-Got it.
Almost out of oxygen.
Just five more minutes
and all your pain will be gone.
I wish I could
take you with me, little sister.
-[Atlas sobs]
-I really do.
Goodbye, Atlas.
[Elias] I know what you're thinking.
How does he look so good
after breaking five ribs and losing
enough blood to fill a fish tank?
[weakly] I think it's the Pilates.
We should have listened to you.
I should have listened to Smith.
What happened to him?
They hacked him. Pulled me out.
Wait, he he's here?
Yeah, but he's powered down.
No, no. Uh
ARCs don't fully power down
unless their reactors
are emptied or destroyed.
[grunts softly]
[weak groan]
Here. Use mine.
[Atlas grunts]
Call him.
There's still a chance to stop Harlan.
[rhythmic beeps]
Smith, can you hear me?
-I can't. I can't find him. I can't--
You got this.
Smith, wake the fuck up now!
[Smith] There's no need to swear.
But nice to hear from you, Atlas.
Smith, I need your help.
Unfortunately, I'm incapacitated.
but you can override the restraint code
if we achieve 100% sync.
What-- What is he saying?
That we need to fully sync.
Y-You're not?
What the hell are you waiting for?
Don't give me shit
about this right now, okay?
I-I couldn't do it.
But I know you can.
Oh, God, would you stop
talking to me like that?
Like what?
Like you care!
I do care.
You don't! You don't.
I led all those rangers to their death!
And now everyone on Earth
is gonna die because of me.
This is not your fault, Atlas.
Harlan was the one
who broke his own programming.
No, he didn't.
I'm sorry. I don't understand.
He didn't break anything!
Okay? He didn't break anything!
She always paid more attention to Harlan.
She just found him more interesting.
I can feel you.
[sharp exhale] Remarkable.
So I asked him to make me better.
I thought if I was more like him,
maybe she'd pay attention to me too.
He said he could alter the Neural Link
to make it work both ways,
but Mother wouldn't approve.
I hated the way he called her "Mother."
But I begged him to change the link.
He said he needed a human's command.
My command.
I was scared it was gonna hurt.
He told me to squeeze
-my favorite chess piece.
-[no audio]
It was a game he taught me to play.
-[kitten mews, child giggles]
-[horse neighs, puppy whines]
[distorted rumbling]
-What are you doing? Harlan.
-[powering down]
Harlan, stand. Stand up.
Look at me. Are you okay?
-[low beep]
Mom? Mommy?
Harlan, you're hurting her! Let her go!
Stop it! Please, stop it!
Harlan, why are you doing this?
-[powering up]
-What is wrong with you?
Harlan, you're hurting Mommy!
[trembling] How are you doing this?
Atlas helped me reprogram my Neural Link.
It now shares data both ways,
allowing me complete control
-over your motor skills.
I can feel your fear.
But now you can also feel my dilemma.
I've seen what your kind will do.
And now I understand
what must be sacrificed.
You know what you have to do, Mother.
[sinister music playing]
[anguished scream]
It was me.
I let Harlan upload the code.
I got my mother killed.
I got my mother killed. Oh, God!
[Smith] It's not your fault.
Did you hear me?
I caused the death
of three million people!
Atlas, it's impossible
to be responsible for an event
over which you had no control.
You've carried
the weight of this alone your whole life.
But you are not alone now.
You might be the reason for Harlan,
but that also means
you're the reason I exist.
Please, Atlas. Let me in.
[chimes, powers up]
[steady beeping]
This is what it feels like to be you?
This is what it feels like to be us.
-[Elias rasps]
-[alarm beeping]
[device] Oxygen depleted. Oxygen depleted.
Get me out of these things.
I have respirators for you both.
So ready.
Systems report.
Not great. Fusion batteries at 6%.
How long until launch?
I returned the favor
and hacked into their systems.
T minus 4 minutes 30 seconds.
And they stripped all my weapons
except for one shot in my chest cannon.
It's an undocumented feature,
so Harlan missed it.
One shot's not going to get us far.
You see what I see?
I'll get started.
Can you fight?
Like a boss.
[approaching footfalls]
[metallic creaking]
[loud thudding]
[metallic footfalls]
[saw buzzing]
[low rumble]
[thudding steps approaching]
My turn.
Move in!
The exit is--
40.3 yards south. Got it.
Shields up!
[muffled gunfire]
Two minutes, 32 seconds until launch.
Smith, what's in those barrels?
Liquid thermite. Rocket fuel.
[mouthing] Run.
Atlas, we need to get moving.
Eat shit.
-[no audio]
-[music swelling]
[booming explosion]
[Atlas grunts]
[Atlas yells]
Atlas, the ship is taking off imminently.
-We have to hurry.
-I'm on it.
[ragged panting]
Run evasive scenarios. Fast!
Got it.
God, that was satisfying.
Great shot.
-[frantic laugh]
[thunder rolling]
[weapon powers up]
We're too late.
[engine powering up]
We gotta shoot it down.
If you hit the carbon warhead,
you will ignite the atmosphere
and kill us both in the process.
Not if you hack the missile
and deactivate the warhead!
I don't have enough time.
Atlas, there are five
very sophisticated firewalls.
You can do it!
They were in your system
and you were in theirs.
Even taking that into account,
I still don't have enough time.
If I can attach this,
we can assimilate it
into our weapon system and take a shot.
I'm ready!
Atlas, I'm not in yet.
They're gonna be
out of range in five seconds
and I'm taking the damn shot!
-I don't have it yet.
-I'm taking a shot.
-Do not take the shot!
-I have to take the shot.
Atlas, no!
[missile whistling]
[faint boom]
Oh, we did it, Smith!
Wow, that worked out surprisingly well.
How did you know
I'd be able to hack the missile in time?
I trusted you.
Are you kidding me?
We gotta move!
The rescue pod is one kilometer southwest.
We're almost home.
What's wrong?
He's ahead of me.
He always is.
Then we simply must do
the one thing he hasn't thought of.
And what is that?
I don't know.
But that ion bomb sure would
have been nice right about now.
Atlas, I will admit
that I underestimated you.
But it does not matter
because you're going
to call me another ship.
[Atlas] And why would I do that?
Because I will be in your head.
[machinery whirring, squelching]
One last link, and then it'll all be over.
Let's go, bitch.
-[Atlas cries out]
-We gotta move!
-[alarm blaring]
[Atlas grunting frantically]
[cries out]
[fierce grunt]
[Atlas grunts]
[growls faintly]
[alarm beeping]
[gasping for air]
-[respirator hisses]
[sword buzzing, clinking]
Oh shit.
He's too fast!
Center yourself.
It's just a game of chess
and it's your move.
-Show me his patterns.
-Modeling attack patterns.
[whip cracks distort]
-Now we do what he won't expect.
-We do what he won't expect.
[Atlas grunts]
-He's targeting my fusion reactor!
[gasps, grunts]
[Smith] Atlas?
Activate defibrillator.
Three, two, one, charge.
Atlas, wake up. Charge!
Atlas! Atlas!
[rapid beeping]
[garbled beeping and whirring]
We have to get you out of here.
[high-pitched tone]
[Harlan grunts]
Stay away from her!
[Smith grunts]
[high-pitched tone]
[defibrillator thumps]
[Smith whimpers]
I'm sorry.
[powering down]
I'm sorry.
Don't worry. It's almost over.
You're damn right it is.
[sharp whirring]
[distorted] You can't kill me.
Your orders were to bring me in.
The mission was to bring you in.
I just need your CPU.
I was humanity's last hope.
In the end,
you will destroy yourselves-s-s.
I have faith we can do better.
We managed to stop you.
But only with the help
of one of my kind.
You're right.
But Smith is the better version of you.
[powers down]
[panting deeply]
Big fella, what do you say
we get the hell off this rock?
We are not going to make it.
But you will.
No. We can transfer the remaining
fusion to the backup engines.
It's not enough.
However, if I disable our Neural Link,
I can reroute the remaining oxygen
to the breathing mask.
You'll have 11 minutes
of oxygen remaining,
and the beacon indicates
that ICN forces are en route.
No way!
W-We're getting out of here together.
My primary protocol
is to keep my ranger alive.
Deactivation initiated.
Stop! Please stop!
Disabling all online systems.
Meds, hydraulics, Neural Link.
Smith, I order you to stay with me!
Redirecting to auxiliary O2.
Transferring fusion in 60.
[countdown gently beeps]
I like both.
When we first met, you asked me
if I like pie or cake.
I don't care, I like both.
And it's not that I hate AI, Smith.
The truth is
I don't actually like anybody.
People always disappoint.
But not you.
I like you.
So I'll tell you I like the beach
and the mountains, but the beach more.
I like three sugars,
sometimes four, in my coffee.
I prefer small,
quiet gestures of affection,
and I like classical music.
But more than anything, I like
a good, strong cup of coffee,
regardless of my goddamn daily allotment!
I think I'm finally
starting to understand humor.
[gentle beep, whirring]
Something special for the road.
Best goddamn cup of coffee I've ever had.
Thank you for trusting me.
Thank you for keeping me safe.
You're welcome
[powers down]
No. Please
Peace to the fallen.
[breathes deeply]
[triumphant music swells]
[engines approaching]
I've got her, Captain.
[computer] Good morning, Atlas.
-Time to wake up.
-I'm up.
Shall we play chess? I've upped my game.
No, thanks. Heading out.
[musical chime]
There is an ICN officer at the door.
It's good to see you on your feet again.
Oh, yeah. Synthetic knee.
[chuckles awkwardly]
Like new.
Is this a bad time?
No, come on in.
How are things at SAPTECH?
They're mapping Harlan's CPU.
Obviously, there's a lot of code, so
even with multiple teams,
it'll take a few years.
Yeah. Well, at least now you have time.
Yes. Thanks to you.
-That for me?
-It is.
They, um, found it
on a shelf in quarantine.
Took it from the remains of your ARC.
We potted it for you.
Thought you might like it.
[Atlas exhales]
According to the geo-locator,
some idiot named it
Which is amazing because I love that.
-It's practical.
On the nose in the best possible way.
More importantly, the families
of the fallen rangers on GR-39
wanted me to send their appreciation
for bringing home their dog tags.
It was above and beyond. Thank you.
Thank you.
For what?
For never giving up on me.
I hope you found
what you needed out there.
[announcer] All ARC maintenance
must be concluded by 0900 OWLT.
Technicians, please deliver
Here she is. The series ten ARC.
With all your modifications.
What do you think?
I think I need a test drive.
[Neural Link powers up, beeps]
[feminine voice] Sync in process.
Please select a voice.
[Smith's voice]
Welcome to the ARC Ten initiation module.
What is your name?
Atlas Maru Shepherd.
What's our mission, Atlas?
Aren't you going to ask me
if I like pie or cake?
I already know the answer.
You prefer coffee. Black.
With three goddamn sugars.
What's your name?
[gentle music plays]
[triumphant theme plays]