Atlas Shrugged: Part III (2014) Movie Script

This is a story that begins
on a warm spring night...
at a meeting of the 20th
Century Motors employees.
It was a night
I'll never forget.
When the owner of the company
died, his children took over...
and brought in a new plan
to run the factory.
The plan was that everybody would
work as hard as they could,
but share in their salaries
and the profit based on need...
That is, those who claimed
they needed the money most...
were the ones
who got paid the most.
This is a crucial moment
in the history of this company.
Now remember, each of us
now belongs to the other...
by the moral law we all voted
for and we all accept.
I don't.
I don't accept it.
His words caused confusion,
but he stood there like a man
who knew he was right.
And I'm going to put a stop
to this once and for all.
I'll stop
the motor of the world.
Who is that guy?
And with those words,
he was gone.
In the 12 years that followed, lights
went out in the great factories...
which had stood as solid
as oak trees for generations.
Their gates closed as if some silent power
had turned them into lifeless shells.
The world was quietly crumbling
with no end in sight.
The high seas
weren't safe anymore.
Cargo no longer reached
its destination.
Shortages grounded airlines and it
was too expensive for most to drive.
Regulations strangled the production
of coal, gas, oil and nuclear power.
Power outages were frequent because
no copper was available...
to maintain
the transmission lines.
Taggart Transcontinental, the
largest railroad in the country,
was one of the few things
still operating.
We began to wonder, we began to
talk about what he'd said...
and thought maybe
he'd kept his word...
That perhaps he had stopped
the motor of the world.
Some even tried to look for him, but
he had vanished without a trace,
and so had
a lot of other people.
We wondered what sort of impossible
power he had to keep his promise.
All the best and the brightest seemed
to be disappearing without explanation.
Perhaps people kept asking
the question...
because they knew something had
gone missing from the world.
Perhaps this is why
we began to say it.
We couldn't help but think
of the young lab engineer...
who said he would stop
the motor of the world.
You see, his name was...
Who is John Galt?
John Galt.
Don't... Don't move.
Miss Taggart, you're hurt.
- You know me.
- For many years.
- Do I know you?
- I think you do.
- What is your name?
- John Galt.
Your name is John Galt?
Why does that frighten you?
Because I believe you.
Was it you I was following?
Where's your plane?
It's on the landing strip.
Landing strip?
On the other side of the valley.
There was no...
There was nothing.
Look. Closely.
You see that refracted image?
It's to keep out the uninvited.
I'll call Doc Hendricks.
See what you can do.
Hey, Doc.
Yeah, it's the plane.
Dagny. Are you all right?
Is that Dr. Akston?
Well, thank goodness for that.
I saved what I could
from the wreck.
The last time I saw you, I told
you you would never find him...
- and now here you are in his arms.
- In whose arms?
The man you were looking for...
My philosophy student.
The man who invented the motor.
You invented the motor?
You're lucky
you didn't break your neck.
- Is she all right?
- Appears to be.
Well, we didn't plan for this.
She'll be my responsibility.
Where are we?
Mulligan's Valley.
- That was quite a stunt, Dagny.
- What are you doing here?
I saw your plane.
I never imagined
it was being piloted...
by one of only two people
still missing from this valley.
Who's the other?
Hank Rearden, of course.
Glad you're in one piece.
Doc Hendricks will meet you.
If she's up for it, bring
her by my house tonight.
I'll arrange something.
- Your house?
- Mine, yeah.
All right.
Nice and easy.
Hi, Dagny.
I am Dr. Thomas Hendricks.
- May I have a look at your injuries?
- The neurosurgeon?
Yes. But here in the valley, I
practice other medicine as well.
Okay. This will only take
a second.
It's a diagnostic device I
developed here in Atlantis.
Every doctor should have one.
It's amazing what can be
accomplished without red tape.
Okay. Good news.
Nothing serious.
Sprained ankle,
some bruised ribs.
No sign of a concussion.
So, I would like you to stay off your
feet for a few days and get some rest.
Call me if you have
any questions.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- You're welcome.
Send me the bill.
Absolutely not. No, I...
I will pay for this myself.
- We'll discuss that later.
- Our first trespasser.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- All right.
So you invented the motor?
Let's get you to your room.
- I can walk.
- I know.
Here we are.
- Am I a guest or a prisoner?
- Well, that choice is yours.
How can I make that choice when
I'm dealing with a stranger?
But you're not.
Didn't you name the John
Galt line after me?
Yes, I did. But I named it
after my enemy.
Well, that's the contradiction you're
going to have to figure out...
sooner or later.
It was you, wasn't it?
You destroyed my line.
- You're the destroyer.
- Get some rest.
Midas invited us to dinner.
There will be some people there
looking forward to seeing you.
Why should I trust you?
The world crisis was worsening.
And as the head of state announced
that he would address the nation,
word was spreading quickly
that another giant of industry,
Dagny Taggart, had gone missing.
Meanwhile, the government
again increased its reward...
for the capture of pirate
Ragnar Danneskold.
Dagny. For a woman that just fell out
of the sky, you look pretty damn good.
Thank you, Midas.
And you... you look just the same.
Come on in.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Taggart Transcontinental.
Hear, hear!
Dagny, it's wonderful
to have you here.
Enjoy the evening.
Thank you, Rebecca.
Everyone here has a story.
- Is that Kay Ludlow?
- Straight from Hollywood.
How did you get here, Midas?
Me? I made my fortune lending people money
to buy houses and build businesses,
and I only loaned to those people
I was confident could repay me.
They called me heartless,
which I could live with.
But when they forced me to give loans
to people who could never pay me back,
I got the hell out.
Come. You must be hungry.
When the politicians started
making medical decisions for me,
I decided I couldn't
be a party to it anymore.
Here in this valley, I treat my patients
using my professional judgment,
not some political directive.
Dagny, we are on strike.
What happened to Midas,
what happened to Doc,
it happened to each of us.
No man belongs
to another, Dagny.
But there are those in power who
would have you think otherwise.
We honor charity
and benevolence,
but it must be provided
on the giver's terms...
Voluntarily, and not by force.
The powerful try to make us
feel guilty for our success.
And we are guilty... guilty
for sacrificing ourselves...
and for working
under their terms.
So we had to withdraw,
to go on strike.
But what about
what you left behind?
We left nothing behind, Dagny.
What... We took with us
the only real thing of value.
Dagny, this is a strike
of our minds.
So what are you demanding?
Nothing. We're not trying to impose our
values on the world that we left behind.
They're free to continue to believe
as they want, whatever they want.
But they're going to have
to do it without our help.
Hear, hear.
Ellis Wyatt.
I can't believe it.
I felt abandoned.
I finished the John Galt line to move
your oil, and you disappeared on me.
You quit when I needed you most.
All of you did.
Now you know why.
Well, perhaps, but you made a very
difficult task nearly impossible.
Dagny, I couldn't keep supporting a
system that was determined to destroy me.
Had I let 'em, they...
They'd have never stopped.
Everyone here knows that.
We know what it takes
to build something...
and how little recognition
you get from the outside world.
You deserve more.
You deserve to hear what each of
us heard when we arrived here...
Well done, Dagny.
Well done.
While the government was busy passing
the Metal Unification Act...
to try and solve the steel shortage
through greater regulation,
Ragnar Danneskold sunk several
more ships carrying copper,
resulting in more frequent
electrical outages.
Dagny, I want you to stay
for one month...
just to see it all for yourself, and at
the end, you can choose to stay or go.
But while you're here,
you gotta follow our rules.
Our first rule is that no one provides
unearned sustenance for another person.
I'll pay my own way.
I doubt it.
You're penniless.
Well, your money
has no value here.
What do you mean?
Well, here in the Gulch,
we deal in gold.
I see.
Then I'll earn my keep.
- How?
- Hire me.
I'll cook, clean, do laundry in
exchange for room and board...
and a little money for something
to wear other than this.
You... You really want
to do that?
Then you're hired.
An advance.
Where did you get these?
The Mulligan bank.
Whose house is that?
He was the first.
So he destroyed his reputation and the
family's copper mines for the strike?
That's not all he gave up.
You know that he and I
were very close at one time.
I do.
What did he tell you?
Nothing in particular,
but with his tone?
They'll be happy to see you.
Ragnar Danneskold?
Dagny Taggart.
Have you joined us?
No, I haven't.
I'm, -
A scab?
I crashed the gate.
So you are a scab.
And you're a pirate.
I, have been accused
of making the seas unsafe.
But only for those ships
carrying goods...
taken by government force
from the rightful owners.
I'm just returning
what's been stolen.
Now, if that makes me
a pirate... well, so be it.
See you around,
I'm sure.
- Hi, Miss Taggart.
- Oh. Hello.
So they're not in school?
- Oh, no. I'm homeschooling them.
- Oh.
I joined the strike because I wouldn't
put them in an educational system...
that doesn't
teach them to think.
I guess they have some great role
models around here, don't they?
Oh, yeah. They do.
And they're very happy.
- Have a great day.
- Thank you.
As the 100th anniversary
of Taggart Bridge,
America's most important
railroad overpass,
came and went
with little fanfare,
Jim Taggart continued to
intentionally mislead the public,
announcing that
the copper wire shortage...
would not necessarily affect
transporting Minnesota's wheat.
He also announced
that Dagny had died,
and that her absence would not
affect railroad operations.
Gentlemen, science belongs
to the people,
not a single individual
just because he invented it.
Every man on the face
of the globe...
has the right to share in the advantages
created by technological progress.
It is vitally important that we
maintain a positive public opinion.
We can't allow criticism of
the project at this time.
Gentlemen, we should all be very
proud to usher in this new era.
These new instruments of peace will
protect us from any and all aggressors.
Project F will allow us to keep order
in the streets and protect the public.
Mr. Thompson...
Jimmy. Sorry to hear about the
loss of your sister Dagny.
She'll be sorely missed.
Thank you.
I just want you to know...
that we really need the Railroad Unification
Act to save our transportation system.
All for one, one for all.
I mean, that's the key here.
Getting things going.
In fact, we've appointed Cuffy
Meigs to direct the initiative.
For the public good.
We need to make sure the
speech is on all the networks.
In a lot of ways,
this valley represents...
what your great grandfather,
Nat, saw in our country...
Unbridled opportunity, where
innovation is rewarded.
You see, he built the Taggart
Bridge over the Mississippi...
and connected
an entire nation by rail.
When the courts tried to stop
him, he fought and he prevailed.
That bridge
is still standing today.
True. True,
but as the country prospered,
the people gave the government
more and more power.
Those in charge saw successful businessmen
as a threat to their control,
so they simply took what was created
in the name of the public good.
So you convinced the others
to strike.
Each one was invited here.
You... You're the first person to
come to this valley by accident.
If you choose to stay,
you'll have to join us in what
we are trying to accomplish.
You have
an important decision to make.
But I love the railroad
my great grandfather built.
Good night.
Was it as difficult
for all the others?
The first night was.
Is this the room
where they arrive?
I never intended you
to occupy this room.
Good night.
Francisco D'Anconia's
copper mines,
the world's
largest remaining mines,
were closed due to a series
of explosions.
No workers were injured, but
no new copper was available.
You're two days late.
What happened?
- Sorry I'm late, John.
- Come in, I'll get you a drink.
But listen, I came to tell you
that I won't be long.
- Francisco.
- I'm concerned...
Dagny. It's like I can't
believe you're alive!
And you're here.
Now you know everything.
Now you understand why.
Frisco, you should know... I'm here by
accident. I'm not part of the strike.
How did you get here?
It's a long story.
The main thing
is that you are safe.
He's right.
- I'll come by later.
- All right then.
And I want to spend
some time with you.
Me too.
- I'll stop by.
- Bye, John.
Welcome back.
I'm going to stop by the power
plant to check the output levels.
Power plant?
Come on.
The motor generates enough
power for the entire valley.
In fact, it could power
the entire West Coast.
It converts atmospheric
electricity into energy...
at virtually no cost.
- Is this it?
- Yes.
I can't believe this powers
the entire valley.
No amount of force will grant
you access to that motor.
Allow me.
I swear by my life
and my love of it...
that I will never live
for the sake of another man...
nor ask another man
to live for mine.
Not yet.
Everyone has taken that oath
who lives in this valley.
Everyone except you.
Well, that's what I do.
I live for myself,
not for others,
just, unlike you, I don't believe
in abandoning the fight.
Well, we're going to have to see
which one of us is wrong.
Until then, I know you won't say
those words until you mean them...
the way they're intended.
I still don't understand why
you don't use mules, Francisco.
Mules, John? These animals
are not so friendly.
They're just as stubborn
as women.
Frisco, you are wasting an
unconscionable amount of time...
bringing your copper ore
up this way.
You ought to build a rail
line down to the smelter.
I know, but it's
such a difficult job.
Besides, the mine's output
doesn't justify the expense.
That's nonsense. You see
that pass to the east?
- Uh-huh.
- It's an easier grade with softer stone.
It wouldn't take
a lot of curves.
Maybe three miles of rail,
narrow gauge.
- You have a pen and paper?
- Here.
It'll pay for itself
in three years.
Here. Look. I might have to blast a
tunnel here, a few hundred feet or less,
and I'd need a steel trestle to
bring the track across this gorge.
We'd bring it down here.
It's not that difficult, and it would cut
off that last mile of corkscrew turns.
I could have the track laid
in three months.
Oh, what for?
Abandon an entire
transcontinental system...
to build
three miles of railroad.
If you change your mind,
I'll hire you on the spot.
Or Midas can give you a loan
if you want to own it.
No, I can't.
Not yet.
I wish I could just stay here and never know
what my brother is doing to the railroad.
Well, you would hear about it...
every wreck, every explosion,
every broken line.
And eventually, the collapse
of the Taggart Bridge.
That's not going to happen.
Dagny, nobody stays here
by faking reality.
Well, I'll get back
to my job then.
Enjoy your last week, Dagny.
Here's a question for you...
If Taggart Transcontinental
were your own company,
would you hire your brother Jim?
Good God, no. No, I wouldn't
hire him as a track worker.
I mean, he's... he's
completely incompetent.
Then why do Jim and all of his
cronies have so much power?
Why do they?
Because they promote
the idea that it's okay...
to take from one man,
give to another.
Dagny, all of your life,
you've heard people saying...
that we have to help
the less fortunate,
that the measure of virtue is...
Is not what you achieve,
but what you do for others.
You... You've heard them say...
that people have a right to a
living just because they're human.
And that's not the right to earn a
living, that is a right to a living,
which you are required
to provide for them.
Now, do you see
any common themes here?
Need of others paramount,
your needs secondary?
Their philosophy is based on how
much you sacrifice to other people,
not on what you achieve.
That philosophy can't work.
Unless you continue to work
and work and work and work...
and try to overcome all the obstacles
which they have created for you.
And no matter how much
they take from you,
they still count on your
work ethic, your integrity,
your desire to keep producing.
But I... I love what I do.
No, I know.
Yeah, so did John.
Yeah, but he refused
to accept their ideas.
He refused to put
his ability... his motor...
At their disposal.
As long as you continue
to accept it,
they will continue to exploit
your extraordinary abilities.
While Thompson and his cronies
were holed up...
in the Wayne-Falkland Hotel
in New York,
preparing for his big speech
on November 23,
Henry Rearden continued
his search for Dagny Taggart.
John, that's Hank Rearden, one
man you have yet to bring here...
One you wanted for some time.
Maybe Francisco
can convince him.
So, how was the lecture tonight?
John, what is it?
You've got something
on your mind.
I know you too well, my friend.
Of all of us here,
I know that you're the one
who's given up the most.
I'll be all right, John.
It's time to get Hank.
We're out of chocolate cake.
Oh, you scared me.
What are you doing?
Well, I told you.
I've been watching you.
I couldn't sleep.
My mind's racing. You?
Well, I have a stranger
in my house.
When's the first time
you saw me?
I remember that well.
You were standing on
the Taggart passenger platform.
You were wearing
an evening gown and a shawl,
and if your shawl
had slipped any further down,
you'd have been
standing there naked.
And you belonged there.
Not in some silk-curtained
sitting room, but there.
Among the rails.
Did you see that plane
circling the valley today?
That was Hank Rearden.
He's a good man.
Anticipating greater unrest,
the State Science Institute...
began developing crude, but
lethal, crowd-control devices.
As the Unification Board...
remained incapable of clearing the
rockslide blocking the Taggart Tunnel,
cross-country transportation
was now crippled.
So, Dagny...
Have you made your decision?
I think so.
But I'm not sure.
And it's too important
not to be completely certain.
If any of your uncertainty...
is a conflict between
your heart and your mind,
follow your mind.
That wasn't the advice
I was expecting.
Let it go until it's time.
We still have you
with us tonight.
Francisco, you'll be back
in a few months.
November at the latest.
And, John, you're not returning
to New York this time, are you?
I haven't decided yet.
You're not thinking about going
back to that hell, are you?
I am.
But, John, why?
Well, I'll tell you
once I've decided.
But everyone's here except Hank,
and he'll be here soon enough.
And Dagny, if she chooses.
Your job is done. There's nothing
more for you to look for out there.
I know.
When the rails are nationalized,
everything will collapse.
Why risk it?
They are getting serious
about the disappearances.
They suspect something. You, of
all people, shouldn't be there.
The infrastructure's
falling apart.
Just the physical risk of complex
machinery in the hands of blind fools...
You'll be taking a chance
every time you step on a train.
There's been one collision
after another.
Not to mention the weapons the SSI have
been testing to maintain the peace,
as they say.
If I go back,
it won't be for the strike.
It'll be to get the only thing
I want for myself.
There's going to be riots.
Electricity's being rationed.
Food supply chains
are being severed.
In no time at all, there'll be one train
a week, and then one train a month,
and then the Taggart Bridge
will collapse.
No. That won't happen.
Then you've made your decision.
I have.
As long as I am alive, I will not
desert a battle that is mine to fight.
You'll be back, Dagny.
And we'll be here
waiting for you.
We need to discuss the
conditions of your departure.
First, you have to give us your word that you
won't disclose anything about this valley.
You can't reveal
our... our cause,
our existence, your whereabouts
for the past month,
to anyone for any reason.
I give you my word.
Second, you never attempt
to come back uninvited again.
Have you decided?
Are you going back?
But Frisco said it's
too dangerous for you.
I don't want you to go.
It's not up to you.
You're going for my sake.
No, for mine.
Will we see each other?
Will you be watching me?
More so.
To be there the day
you decide to join us.
What if I told you
I will never join you?
- That would be a lie.
- John, the risk!
I wouldn't do it if I had
no selfish end to gain.
What selfish end?
I want you here.
I need to make sure you
can't find your way back.
You'll find
a Taggart station in town.
Don't look for me.
When you need me, I'll be the
easiest man in the world to find.
- Hank.
- Dagny?
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
You don't need to apologize.
There's something
I have to tell you.
I'm just happy
to hear your voice,
to know you're all right.
What we had together is a
memory I will always cherish.
- I'm so sorry, Hank.
- I'm happy, Dagny.
I've got to run.
Frisco is waiting.
We'll see each other soon.
Who is John Galt?
Jim Taggart scheduled
a press conference...
announcing the sudden return of
his sister Dagny to New York.
Meanwhile, several Rearden
steelworkers died defending a mill...
against a violent takeover by
government-sponsored union thugs.
At the same time,
the diverted Taggart trains...
stopped transporting badly needed
Minnesota wheat to the East Coast.
I'm not accustomed to being dragged away
from the SSI without rhyme or reason.
Dr. Stadler. Precisely.
Which makes me appreciate you
all the more.
Why am I here?
Walk with me. I have another
meeting in five minutes.
Dr. Stadler, more than ever, the government
needs to present a strong, unified front...
to bolster the confidence
of the people.
The head of state has
a grand vision for the future.
And he expects the full support
of the State Science Institute,
namely your full support
on our current project.
My full support for what?
You'll get the specifics later.
Now listen carefully, Doctor.
What I'm about to share with
you is highly confidential...
and crucial
to the nation's welfare.
"Project F"?
Why, this looks like
an instrument of torture.
Why wasn't I told about this?
How dare you use my research to
create this... this... this weapon?
I didn't spend eight years to see
my research turned into this.
I mean, I have...
Your signature, Doctor.
The public needs to know...
the tax money spent on SSI
research serves the public.
I founded the SSI to expand
the frontiers of knowledge.
This is not the time
for impractical idealism.
The motive for Project F
is not up for discussion.
Consider yourself informed,
What if I don't want
to give my support?
What if I don't agree with
this... this abomination?
Well, then.
...all operations.
In other news,
Head of State Thompson said...
there is no national problem
with aviation safety...
despite yesterday's Amalgamated Airlines
crash which killed 35 passengers.
Just do it, Eddie.
You've been Dagny's right-hand man
for years, so take care of it.
I'll be with you in a minute.
Just cancel the Comet for the
schedule for tomorrow and Tuesday.
Fire the engines to Arizona
for the grapefruit special...
and send the orders out
You'll do nothing of the kind.
Minnesota needs that line
to move the harvest.
Send the orders.
Excuse me.
Thank God.
Dagny, I thought that... You're
not sending any orders.
But Washington sent him here to
oversee the Railroad Unification Act.
Washington doesn't run
this railroad. I do.
I, -
Heard the good news you're okay.
I'm, -
I'm glad you're back. Alive.
There are some urgent... the
most urgent thing now is...
for you to go to the press
and tell them you didn't quit.
I'm not doing any press. No, you have to.
They've been all...
I'm not going to reassure the public
about the state of our industry, Jim.
What is this
Railroad Unification Act?
Well, it's a new national setup that went
into effect about three weeks ago...
which you will approve of and
appreciate and find extremely good...
for Taggart Transcontinental.
What is it?
You are aware we are in
an emergency situation, right?
The country's top priority is to
preserve the transportation industry.
The national
survival requires...
What is the plan?
What does it do?
Every railroad in the country has
been unified into a single team.
Pooling their resources.
You've nationalized
the railroad.
No skin off your back.
Cuffy, please.
Dagny, under the act,
all of the gross revenue
will be turned over...
to the Railroad Pool Board
in Washington...
where it will then be distributed on a
more modern principle of distribution...
What principle?
You know...
You know, we're fine.
This is good for business.
You know, we're doing...
We're doing great.
We'll finish this later.
Are you seein' what
I'm seein' up there, boss?
The electrical wire's
been compromised.
Switches are out.
It's not my fault!
Look, you're on your own.
- Operations.
- Is this Eddie Willers?
Hey, it's not my place to tell
you, but nobody else will.
- We're about to have a disaster
on our hands. - Who is this?
I'm a lineman in your California division.
Let's leave it at that.
They tell me it's orders
from the Unification Board...
and to mind
my own damn business.
What's your name? It doesn't matter.
I'm outta here.
Good luck.
Thompson's PR people were heavily
promoting his big speech,
predicting it would be the
most-watched broadcast in history.
You tell that little con artist I've
already got the rail offsets fast-tracked.
I just...
It is a complete disaster, Jim.
What are you talking about?
What disaster?
Your Railroad Unification Plan.
- We're going over a cliff.
- What?
The board has hijacked
all our rolling stock.
The harvests are rotting
in Minnesota.
And we don't have the copper wire
we need to keep the lines running.
That's not true.
They prioritize the projects
vital to public welfare.
Some will just have to
wait their turn.
Well, you tell that to the family
that's about to run out of food.
No, no. Don't...
Don't be so dramatic.
What are you thinking?
We are the last railroad
that can move the harvests.
If we don't get trains out there, the
East Coast will run out of food.
So what do you wanna do about it?
You're the problem solver around here.
Yeah, I am.
And what if I woke up one day
and just said,
"I'm not gonna find
a way today"?
What if I just left?
Hell, you've been gone for a
month doing who knows what.
Who do you think has been taking
care of business around here?
No one.
Yeah. I need you to check this
one again, Eddie. Will you?
I'm on it.
Thank you.
What is it? Did they
release the rolling stock?
There's a very important dinner
tomorrow night at the Wayne-Falkland.
I promised the boys
that you'd be there.
Seriously, Jim. A dinner? Do you
have any idea what's going on here?
Thompson's inner circle
will be there. Why?
We're gonna talk about
shipping the harvests.
You want to be in on
that decision, don't you?
They're gonna decide how to
save the harvest at a dinner?
If you really want to help your
farmer friends, now's your chance.
They're our customers, Jim.
Listen, it's formal,
but don't overdo it.
It would please them.
Tell me you're joking.
Nobody, not even Dagny Taggart,
will deny that there are times
when it's necessary...
to sacrifice the parts
for the sake of the whole.
What parts are we talking about, Mr.
Well, the sickly parts,
of course.
Like Minnesota.
They have to be sacrificed
in order to save the whole...
The entire system.
Sacrifice Minnesota?
Well, yes.
We have to keep cross-country
routing intact...
in case we need to move
troops between states.
You understand. Balance
peacekeeping with the recovery.
To keep order.
You cut off Minnesota,
you cut off the supply of wheat.
You might be able to
sacrifice an arm or a leg,
but you cannot save a body by
sacrificing its heart or its brain.
Well, we're depending upon...
the local farmers in the
Northeast to pick up the slack.
We're counting on it.
There aren't enough local farmers
to feed a population that size.
You know, Miss Taggart,
it's a great responsibility...
to hold the decision
of life or death...
over millions of people...
Sacrifice thousands,
if necessary.
But we must have
the courage to do so.
We have to be practical,
- Public welfare is one...
- Pipe down, Jimmy.
Of our biggest...
Cuffy, there's trouble
in California.
There's talk of seceding
from the union.
Oregon's overrun by gangs.
They've murdered
two tax collectors.
Excuse me.
Cuffy's right.
Let's move the rail stock
from Minnesota.
Eddie. What?
How long ago?
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
- Excuse me, gentlemen.
- Dagny?
- Da... Dagny, where are you going?
- Sit down, Jimmy boy.
We're droppin' Minnesota.
- Jeff.
- Miss Taggart.
- What's the matter?
- Switching signals are dead.
I got four inbound trains,
two outgoing, all frozen.
I can't get 'em out
of the damn tunnels.
We can't seem to find
the breach in the system.
I'm telling you, Miss Taggart, there's just
no guidelines for this kind of emergency.
I'll take care of it.
Eddie, where's
the systems engineer?
Can't find him.
Call Chicago Southern.
Tell them to get their systems guy
out of bed and get him down here.
- Tell them I'll pay whatever it costs.
- I'm on it.
We'll make
our own guidelines, Jeff.
Get all of our nonadministrative
people out here... all of 'em.
Section hands, track walkers,
whoever's in the terminal...
- I want them here now.
- Here?
I'm responsible. Get every source light
and lantern you can lay your hands on.
Then get some red and green
cellophane and tape.
Lanterns. Get going.
- Yes, ma'am.
- What are we doing here, Miss Taggart?
We're going to move the trains.
By hand. I want you to put a man
with a light at each switch.
That could take all night! And all day
tomorrow, if that's what it takes.
But these trains will move.
Excuse me.
Bring it in! Hey, hey.
Come on in, guys.
Hey, listen up, guys!
I'm Dagny Taggart.
The instructions you are about
to receive come from me.
The men who issue them are
acting under my instructions.
The tower director will assign
the switchmen to their posts.
I count on each of you...
to get the trains rolling
and to...
Something wrong, Miss Taggart?
Go ahead.
Assign the posts.
Let's do this.
Let's go!
Hey, I can see the signal!
It's workin'!
It's actually workin'!
Son of a gun.
Who's John Galt?
When the Rearden steel mills
fell silent...
after Hank's disappearance,
the Unification Board called him
a greedy, selfish capitalist,
while Thompson promised to announce greater
reforms to get things back on track.
At the same time,
Cherryl Taggart, Jim's wife,
learned she had married a fraud.
Jim Taggart was not the man
she thought he was.
Hey, Jimmy.
Yeah, I just read
the article about Cherryl.
Yeah, that's... No, that's not my fault.
Right. Right.
I had nothing to do with it.
It's tragic. I just...
Say, your sister's gonna
help Thompson, right?
Yeah. No, I'm gonna...
I mean, she is.
I'm gonna get her to be on
stage with him.
All right... yeah.
It's gonna help
the underprivileged.
That's something
you should know about.
You're always so damn
anxious to hide the fact...
that you come from the slums.
I'm a genius! I'm gonna have more money
than you could possibly imagine.
More than those grubby mechanics,
Rearden and my sister.
Whatever they do, I can undo
just like that. Just like that!
Like snapping a spine.
- Now you want to break spines?
- Oh, God, I never said that.
You know I never said that.
That's not what I meant.
What is... What's the
matter with you?
- What's the matter with me?
- What's the matter with you?
I came to apologize. There's no
reason why you should forgive me.
I just learned the truth
about you and Jim.
I know it's you
who runs the railroad...
and you who built
the John Galt Line.
Can you forgive me?
Of course I forgive you.
Thank you, Dagny.
You might want to dial it down
just a little bit.
Mr. Thompson sits between
science and industry.
Dr. Stadler, please.
The chair
on Mr. Thompson's left.
Miss Taggart, to the right.
Twenty seconds.
Am I a guest or prisoner?
That choice is yours.
In 10...
Didn't you name
the John Galt Line after me?
But I named it after my enemy.
Well, that's the contradiction that
you're gonna have to figure out.
I won't be a part of this.
You won't?
It's not just for the press, Miss Taggart.
It's for the audience also.
- Dagny, for Christ's sake!
- Cherryl deserved better.
Get her back here! Is anyone with
a brain left in this country?
- Dagny! - Ladies and gentlemen,
Head of State Thompson.
Good evening,
my fellow Americans.
Tonight, I can't...
Ladies and gentlemen,
Mr. Thompson will not
speak to you tonight.
His time is up.
For years, you've asked,
"Who is John Galt?"
You've asked that question
in despair and resignation...
as factories closed,
goods became scarce,
jobs disappeared.
Your lives are becoming
more difficult...
as the life force of your world
is draining away.
You have asked that question
without expecting an answer.
I'm here to answer it.
This is John Galt speaking.
Mr. Thompson won't tell you the truth
about the crisis in your world.
I will.
Have you noticed that as everything
around you seems to decline,
one thing still grows?
It is the power of your rulers.
None of their plans
and directives...
have solved your problems
or made your life better.
The only result has been their
increased control over you...
at the cost of your freedom.
Do you know why?
You gave them the power.
They called for your sacrifice,
and you thought it was noble.
They said if you worked
for yourself and your family,
that you were selfish
and uncaring.
And they made you feel ashamed.
They denounced the leaders of
industry as greedy exploiters...
The Ellis Wyatts,
the Hank Reardens.
And again, you agreed.
And then you ask,
"Why did they and others
like them disappear?"
I took them from you.
Their achievements flowed
from their creative minds.
Once they understood that the
attempt to control their work...
was an attempt
to control their minds,
they left.
The people on strike
worked for themselves,
for their own vision
of what was possible.
When they recognized
the honor they deserved,
they rebelled against the guilt you
wanted them to feel for their success.
You counted on them
to keep producing,
to keep thinking...
Even as you denounced them
as selfish.
I showed them they were being
punished for their own virtues,
and I showed them
how evil that is.
I made it my mission
to help these heroes say no.
All evil needs to win...
is the consent of good people.
They have joined me
to freely produce,
trade, cooperate
and compete in a place...
where the rights of all
are protected.
Do not try to find us.
Do not try to bargain
for our return.
Get out of our way.
To everyone within
the range of my voice,
you now have a choice to make.
If you decide to support the notion
of sacrifice enforced by the State,
your game is up.
Your world
is in a downward spiral,
and you will ride it down
to destruction.
But if you share
the values of our strike,
if you believe that your life
is a sacred possession...
for you to make the most of,
if you want to live by the
judgment of your own mind,
not edicts from the State,
then follow our lead.
Do not support
your own oppressors.
Stop letting the system
exploit you.
Form your own communities on the
frontiers of your crumbling world.
Your rulers hold you
by your endurance...
to carry the burdens
they impose,
by your generosity
when you hear cries of despair,
and above all,
by your innocence,
which cannot grasp
the depths of their evil.
The world you are living in
is the world they wanted.
Leave them to it.
Those who have left you are
eager to build a better world,
a world of freedom
and opportunity,
a world based on mutual respect.
In that world, you will
rise in the morning...
with the spirit
you knew in childhood...
The spirit of eagerness
and adventure...
and the confidence that
the world is what it is...
and is there
for you to discover.
In that world, you will
not receive alms, nor pity,
nor forgiveness of sins,
but honor, respect and justice.
Don't let the fire go out,
spark by irreplaceable spark,
in confusion and despair.
Be sure of your path.
The world you desire can be won.
It exists. It is real.
It is possible.
It is yours.
Come on, let's go.
Did that just happen?
Stop that damned buzzing noise!
Go to regular programming.
Somebody has the courage
to tell the truth.
"Be sure of your path. "
Is that all you have?
If that speech doesn't do Thompson
in, I don't know what will.
It's not funny. The American
people need government.
And I think that one of the rarest commodities
in this country right now is courage.
I think we saw
a lot of it tonight.
If we didn't cut it off, it'll look
like we authorized that speech.
You damned fool! Would you rather
them think we didn't authorize it?
- Muzzle those commentators!
- Look. Galt is one man.
I don't know who the hell he thinks he is,
but he needs to be arrested, humiliated!
- Oh, the public's not gonna believe that!
- No, no, no, no.
That speech was way over their heads.
You know what?
Galt was right about one thing. The
public can't think for themselves.
They have to be controlled.
What do you propose
we do, Floyd?
He just gave you the answers.
- What more do you need to know?
- Dagny, I'll make him a deal.
Good night, gentlemen.
Dagny, thank you
for speaking your mind.
I just want you to know
that you can trust us.
We're not your enemies.
We've made mistakes.
We're only human!
Find him, and then
we'll make him a deal.
I don't think he's someone
who's open to a deal.
You just be careful
with this, okay?
Everyone's open
to cutting a deal.
She's one of them.
Just watch her. I think she
may be able to help us, huh?
You got it.
Mr. Thompson stated,
"There is no cause for alarm. "
He urges the public not to draw
any uninformed conclusions,
to preserve a sense of broad-minded
tolerance and discipline.
Says Thompson, "We must regard it as
one viewpoint in our forum of opinion.
The truth has many facets.
We must remain impartial. "
No. No.
- We want Galt!
- Yeah!
- We want Galt!
- We want Galt!
We want Galt!
We want Galt!
We want Galt!
We heard it on the streets.
We heard it online.
We heard it everywhere.
The people wanted Galt.
Who's John Galt?
I am John Galt.
I am John Galt.
I am John Galt!
Oh, my.
Are Thompson's days numbered.
Who is John Galt?
I have to tell you,
as I'm watching this myself,
I'm thinking,
"Scream it! Shout it!"
But that would be the way I would
do it... in exactly the wrong way.
Because nobody would hear it,
and he'd look like a mad man.
somebody says the truth...
and says it the way
it was supposed to be said.
Power comes from the vision,
not the volume.
We want Galt!
I want it stopped.
We want Galt!
We want Galt!
Bring me Dagny Taggart.
We want Galt!
We want Galt!
He doesn't need
to commit to anything.
I just need him to know that
I'm ready to meet his terms,
whatever they are.
I really can't help you.
We have tried,
but we cannot find Mr. Galt.
Now, we've placed...
What Mr. Thompson means to
say is, we hope he's alive.
Miss Taggart,
I am a peaceful man.
I simply want to help him.
What if someone not as amiable as Mr.
was to locate him before we did?
I'd just hate to think...
Now, Floyd.
We're also offering
a substantial reward.
I wouldn't know how to help you.
Think she's lying?
She knows where he is.
We want Galt!
We want Galt!
John Galt represents today...
the sentiment of millions
and millions of people...
who are sick and tired
of the endless wars,
the attacks
on our civil liberties,
the abuse of what's happening
in the economy,
the poverty that is coming.
And those are the people who are
speaking out, and they needed a voice.
John Galt, in many ways,
is that voice.
I was so afraid.
I had to warn you.
You don't need to explain,
but you were followed.
I don't think so.
I made sure...
You know, one thing they're good at is
snooping. They'll be here any minute.
- Then let's get out of here right now.
- No. No.
From now on, you have to make them
think that you are on their side,
- that I'm your enemy.
- What?
If you do, I have
a chance to survive this.
They need me alive, but they wouldn't
think twice about hurting you or worse.
And I couldn't stand that.
If I hear of it, I will kill
myself and stop them right there.
Convince them that you hate me.
You must. Do you understand?
I do.
So you lived here, all
these years, like this?
more like this.
The motor!
We have to hide it.
It's all right.
Mr. Galt!
Open up, sir.
All right. Don't be afraid.
It's okay.
Mr. Galt!
- That's him. That's John Galt.
- Get out!
Stay where you are, sir. Ma'am,
I need you to back up, please.
Right there.
We need to see some ID, please.
I'm Dagny Taggart.
He's the one.
- Both of you, please.
- He's the one we've been looking for.
Mr. Thompson is waiting
to speak with him in person.
Tell you what. I'll cooperate if
you get this woman away from me.
- Is that room clear?
- Miss Taggart, thank you.
You can step outside.
We'll handle things from here.
I'll be expecting my reward.
Miss Taggart, Mr. Thompson will be
very grateful for your efforts.
Mr. Galt.
It's an honor, sir.
What are you looking for?
Just to be certain that you're out of
danger, sir. The men'll just be a moment.
- Am I under arrest?
- No, sir.
Our orders are to escort you
safely to Head of State Thompson,
where your presence is needed.
- It won't open.
- Mr. Galt, sir?
It's locked. Would you mind
unlocking that door, please?
- There's no key. - Sir, I have orders
to search the entire apartment.
- It would be helpful if...
- Go right ahead.
No amount of force will grant
you access to that motor.
Allow me.
"I swear by my life
and my love of it...
that I will never live
for the sake of another man...
nor ask another man
to live for mine. "
We got nothing.
We need to go.
We want Galt!
We want Galt!
Well, well.
John? So you're the young
fella that started all this.
I'm tickled pink to meet ya.
Just tickled pink.
I'm Thompson.
How do you do?
Make yourself comfortable.
You're... You're an important man.
Yeah, that was
some speech you made.
You've done something
to this country.
I don't know what or why.
But... people seem to want
what it is you sell.
Now, I may not agree
with everything you say,
but I'm always willing
to change my mind.
Now, you don't... you don't expect us to
agree with everything you say, do ya?
No. Yeah.
You want something to drink?
Get him something to drink.
Well, the world's in a hell of
a mess, just like you said.
On that, I do agree with you.
Sit down there, Floyd.
Sit down.
Thank you.
what do you have to say?
I didn't ask to speak with you.
Yeah, but we have
a lot to discuss.
I'm offering you a deal.
I'm always open to a deal.
I knew it!
I knew it!
I told those theorizers of mine.
I'm always open to a deal with
anyone who has a value to offer me.
Well, then, hell,
write your own ticket.
What are you offering?
Anything you want.
Such as?
Well, your terms, of course.
Listen, I am certain...
that you are a man
that can make things work?
I'm ready to give in. I'm... I
am willing to amend the system.
I told you what to do.
Get out of the way.
Wait a second.
Now, now, now,
I said "amend. "
I didn't say "abandon. "
That's just out of the question.
You see,
I am offering you
Wesley Mouch's job.
Now, there's nothing
bigger than that.
You're free to do
anything at all.
You don't like regulations?
Well, repeal 'em.
You... You want higher profits,
lower wages? Decree 'em.
You want special privileges?
Grant them.
You don't like the unions?
Dissolve 'em.
You play it any way you want,
but... just think about it.
In Washington, everyone's gonna
want to be your best friend.
You're gonna have power.
Wait. Now, what? What? I'm offering
you the best job in the world.
What is...
What is wrong with that?
But that kind of job
shouldn't exist.
No one should have
that kind of power.
I can't figure you out.
Get him out of here.
And take that idiot
Taggart with you.
- SSI?
- Yes.
We want Galt!
We want Galt!
Get him out!
Once standing as a monument
to American individualism,
the Taggart Bridge had finally
surrendered to regulation.
Dagny! Oh!
Did you hear? The Taggart
Bridge collapsed.
Listen, Frisco, I'm ready.
"I swear by my life
and my love of it...
that I will never live
for the sake of another man...
nor ask another man
to live for mine. "
Let's go, slugger.
Ragnar has his helicopter
standing by.
Secure him there.
Project F?
What the hell are we doing here?
This was never my intention.
John, this is not my fault!
You might want to leave, Jimmy boy.
This is gonna get ugly.
No. I want to be here. I wanna... I
wanna see this. I wanna see him break.
Okay. Your choice.
Cuffy? Stand by
to initialize power.
Get this straight.
You are going to help us.
Agree, and all this goes away.
You understand?
Suit yourself, genius.
Of all people, not him!
I want no part of this.
Then get out of here before I
make you trade places with him.
Go on, go!
I'm here on behalf
of Mr. Thompson.
You wouldn't disobey an order
from Mr. Thompson, would you?
No. You're...
You're Dagny Taggart.
Then on direct order
from Mr. Thompson,
you are to let me in
No. Dr. Ferris said I wasn't
supposed to let just anyone in.
You need to make a decision.
Listen to me very carefully.
This is about your life.
If you die, you won't know
what you're dying for.
If I die, I will.
Either you let me in,
or I shoot.
- Now decide.
- I'm not supposed to decide.
I'm just an average guy.
I'm not supposed to make
decisions about my life.
- Two. - I haven't said I won't.
I haven't said I will.
- Three.
- I'm only following orders!
Make sure it's okay in here.
All right.
Let's go. Let's go.
Had enough?
I understand you're some kind
of electrical engineer.
So tell me, Mr. Galt,
in your expert opinion,
how we doing?
I think Project F likes you.
Do it.
Do it!
- What's the matter?
- What's the problem?
- What?
- How the hell would I know?
- Well, find someone who does!
- Hey, watch your tone.
Come on.
Replace the fuse,
and the machine will work.
This is ridiculous!
I won't have it!
I won't have it!
Do it! Do it! Hey, hey.
Jimmy, calm down!
Come on. Come on!
We'll be back,
you son of a bitch!
John! John!
John! John.
Damn it! Damn it!
I swear by my life!
John, come back to me!
Come back!
Damn it!
Damn it.
You're... You're alive!
Thank goodness.
You're here! I'm back. I'm back.
I love you.
I'm okay.
- John.
- Hold him, hold him, hold him.
Okay. I got him.
I got him.
Give me your arm. Give me your arm, John.
Go ahead. I got it.
We got ya. We got ya, John.
We got ya.
We got ya.
We're almost there.
We're almost there.
Come on.
We're almost there.
Okay, careful. Careful.
Hang in there.
I got the door.
Grab my hand.
Get in! Get in!
Midas is waiting on the other side
of the trees. Don't worry about it.
We've got one more man to pick up.
We'll see you soon.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Chopper 2.
We are airborne.
You're cleared
to head back to Atlantis.
Dr. Hendricks
is standing by.
Tell John he's in good hands.
Just lie still.
Lie still.
Who's Ragnar talking to?
He's flying
the other helicopter.
We tried. We couldn't stop him
and the others from coming.
Don't worry, John.
We've got your back.
What do you mean?
Wh-Where's Ferris?
What do you mean, tied up?
Hello? Hello?
What the hell is happening?
I need you to know,
I never wanted to leave you.
You're my forever.
It's the end.
It's the beginning.
In the name
of the best within you,
do not sacrifice your sense
of life to an enemy...
that would claim
your precious mind.
Do not let your fire go out,
spark by irreplaceable spark.
Do not let the hero in your soul
perish in lonely frustration...
for the life you deserve, but
have never been able to reach.
The world you desire can be won.
It exists. It is real.
It is possible.
It is yours.
This is John Galt speaking.