Atmen (2011) Movie Script

Ever welded before?
- Yes.
Yes? What kind?
Autogenous, electric arc?
- Yes.
Come here.
Weld this together.
Fasten your seat belt please.
Fasten your seat belt I said.
Look through the job
offers this weekend.
I want to hear from you on Monday!
Kogler back from furlough.
Open your mouth.
Bend over.
Get dressed.
Hey, you can't take a shower now!
I forgot my glasses.
- Dimwit.
Werder Bremen's pretty weak this year.
- Yes.
Good night.
Kulovits, that's enough.
You have to get up early.
Good night.
Boys, come on!
Move it!
The metalworking job didn't work out?
You don't want to leave?
Or what?
Are you scared?
Light on or off'?
- Good night.
Time to get out.
Hey Kogler, let's go!
What is this?
Job offer.
Are you serious?
- Kogler ready.
Be back at the detention
center by 6 p.m.
Kogler, don't forget your timesheet.
Morning. Ticket please.
- Kogler.
I see.
If we say your shift
starts at 7, that means
you come in early enough
to be able to start your shift at 7.
You should be used to getting up early.
Come on.
Shoe size?
9 1/2.
See if this fits.
Don't you have a watch?
Come on, come on, come on!
Do you have a CDL?
A what?
- A commercial driver's license?
No license at all.
You're kidding me.
What did the personnel office say?
I don't know, nothing.
I'm not the welfare office.
But you are 18?
- Yes.
At least you know that.
You have the 2 rental coffins?
- Yes.
And the wreaths for the cemetery?
5 of them.
- Good.
And Gunther, there's a can of ashes too.
Wikal? What's his name?
Wiskal Otto 5/3/1948.
What are you waiting for'?
Get in!
Other side.
I need 2 more for the 10 o'clock shift.
The weekend or the whole week?
- Whole week.
Who with?
If I say I need 2, it's any 2.
Who do you want'?
I don't care, just not the tall guy.
I can't write "don't
care" in the roster.
What about you, Rudi?
Yes, whatever.
Good boy.
The right corpse in the right case
at the right time and the right place.
And be on time tomorrow.
I wish I had your life.
- Be my guest.
Stand there, he won't bite.
It's not your first corpse, is it?
I told you, Gunther. You owe me a beer.
Ockermuller Bertram, check.
4/21/2000, check. 11/16, check.
Wait, he's a Christian.
I don't believe this.
What, it won't go in?
- No.
Let me try.
Get rid of the cart.
Where it was!
- To the left around the corner.
You're one of the real
tough ones, right?
We'll see how long your
trial month lasts.
Well, how was it?
OK I guess.
Your coworkers too'?
What do you have to do?
Do you do things right from the start...
I just have to watch for now.
Otherwise everything's OK?
Your hearing is scheduled for the 17th.
With Steidler as presiding judge again.
If you have any problems
with your job, say so
and we'll find something else.
You can't afford to blow this job too.
It's your parole at stake, not mine.
The asshole will turn me down again.
Then this time look at him
when he talks to you,
and answer his questions.
Why do you think they call it a hearing?
You can't not give a
shit your whole life
and then wonder why it sucks.
Hey, wait.
Roman, wait!
What are you doing?
Roman, get back in here right now!
Can you lend me 1 euro?
You've got a lot of nerve.
You should have thought of that before.
No, work it out with him.
I'm not your babysitter.
Yes, and your police
registration papers.
The district office.
No, where you live.
I don't know where it is in the
16th district. Look it up.
All right.
But you like it
and you still have all your fingers?
You have to...
Get dressed.
So how do you like handling corpses?
Come on, come on.
Faster, I want to go home.
I recommend breathing
through your mouth.
Good morning.
2 new ones for you. Anything going back?
Come here.
Now what?
What are you doing?
Lift him onto the cart.
Open the clasps.
Smooth move.
- Why?
Say something next time.
Like what?
Kogler is getting this one,
is that what you mean?
Screw you.
You try.
Pull him hard, he's not
coming out on his own.
Up on top, the last one.
Why are you even building out there?
- It's not that...
How did you choose undertaking?
What did he say?
Through an ad in the newspaper.
At 18 I would have thought
of something better.
Better than what?
Next stop: Wien Sudtirolerplatz.
She's not dressed yet.
Kogler Christine.
Clothes will be brought by relative.
Like I said.
- When was that?
- When is it dated?
Last week.
Call them.
- What do you think I'm doing?
It's me, Schorn.
I am. What about you?
We've got a Kogler
Christine with no clothes.
The 15th, yes.
Kilo, Oscar, Golf, Lima, Echo, Romeo.
All right.
She stays here.
Never seen a naked lady before?
What's wrong?
Then sitting is no good.
Come on, stand up.
Stand up straight.
Breathe in through your nose
and out through your mouth.
In through your nose,
hold it, and out through your mouth.
Come on, in through your nose,
out through your mouth.
Deeper, the air has to get
all the way down there.
In --
and out.
In --
and out.
In --
and out.
Gentlemen, it's 8 o'clock.
Good night.
Switch the TV off. Good night.
What's up?
- Important call.
It can wait till tomorrow.
Good night.
What's so funny'?
Breathe in through your nose
and out through your mouth.
Don't touch me.
What's your problem?
All right, Roman, wait here.
And you two, in your cells.
Move it!
- It's me, Kogler.
Where are you?
At the detention center, where else?
Is my mother's name Christine?
- ls my mother's name Christine?
What brought her up?
- She's dead, isn't she?
Is she dead'? Yes or no?
Why are you here so early?
You've got the 10 o'clock shift,
didn't anyone tell you?
All alone?
I need the number for Ms. Margie Kogler.
Rennbahnweg 14.
In Vienna?
- Yes.
Write it down or be connected?
Would you like to write down
the number or shall I connect you?
Connect me please.
Anything else I can do for you?
Thank you for calling 118811.
Have a nice day.
Hello ?
Change uniforms, we need
suits, home pickup.
Hello ?
Can you help me'? Please.
Who tied it for your trial, your lawyer?
Or were you too young
for a tie back then?
Where is Mr. Hefer?
Slipped disk.
It's always the same,
no one will admit it.
Look around.
Now they want us to work till we're 65.
Let's change the subject.
- You're right.
What can you do?
Maybe it's better than
a protracted death.
I always say...
Good morning.
- Good morning.
Right, left!
Down in back.
Don't fall asleep.
Spread out the sheet.
In there.
What are you waiting for'?
I'll be leaving now.
Her daughter-in-law should be here soon.
Are you squeamish?
Put out your hand.
What's wrong?
What is it?
Young, that's all you are.
Go on, touch her.
What are you going to do?
Come on, show me what you've got.
At 80 I could still take you on.
Fuck you!
What's going on here?
Fuck off.
What happened?
- Fuck off I said.
Where's your tie?
Forgot it.
I'm coming!
Good morning, Maleschitz.
Sorry I took so long.
Schorn, Vienna Mortuary.
My condolences.
Do you want us to
take the deceased away now?
You can bring her clothes
to a customer service office later.
She's not wearing clothes?
A nightgown.
That will never do.
We can dress the deceased here
if you like.
I'm not going in there.
You just have to tell us what we need.
Well, I don't know...
Anything dark.
I think she had a gray outfit.
We'll find something.
We're doing it here.
- In the bedroom.
How long will it take?
Because of parking.
How long is your permit?
Just half an hour.
Look in her wardrobe. A gray outfit.
We should be done by then!
Put on your rubber gloves.
This one?
- Yes.
You'll manage, won't you?
- Yes, of course.
Come here.
If you have a cell phone, you can
wait in the car and I'll call you.
Come here.
Get me stuff to wash her,
a tub of water, towel, face cloth.
Excuse me, where is the bathroom?
Straight ahead.
Maybe you'd like to sit down after all?
No thanks, I'm better now.
It's just...
I always have to do everything.
It's tough, I know...
It's his mother after all.
Set it down there.
Find me some underwear and stockings.
Look in the dresser over there.
What good is having children?
If you die alone in the end anyway...
Can you help me with her blouse?
Pull it down.
Just pull it down.
Collect the wash things
and put them away.
Would you like to see the deceased?
When's your thing again?
For your parole.
- The hearing.
How should I know what it's called?
And do you think they'll give it to you?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Probably depends on the judge.
Sure, blame it on other people.
Hell is other people.
Hell is other people.
It's really true.
Drop me off up here.
Put this in Wesnik's box for me.
See you tomorrow.
- See you.
He can't talk right now. What is it?
You're kidding?
I'm already on my way back.
What about Juranek?
And what is it?
We just have to pick him up?
Come on.
- No!
Fuck off!
Fuck off, you bastards!
You stumble?
Fuck off!
Why don't you bury him right here?
Go ahead!
You'll hurt yourself.
I'm sure it's just...
What do I do with her?
Tell her to shut up.
You shut up.
What did you say?
- Mr. Kogler.
What did you say, kid?
Can you give me a hand, Mr. Kogler?
Good, I thought so.
But stay close by.
How old were you back then?
And the guy you murdered?
I didn't murder him.
He died at the hospital.
What's wrong?
He's still warm.
Want to switch sides?
That's OK.
Good evening.
Coffee, cold drinks, sandwiches?
No thanks.
Or give me a beer too.
Keep the change.
Thank you, sir.
Have a nice trip.
We're late, Kogler. What happened?
Mass fatality incident?
We were about to start a manhunt.
Feet apart and bend over.
Stand up.
Did I say to get dressed?
Again, harder and longer.
What did you drink?
Come on. I've got a 0.2 reading.
What did you drink?
A beer.
Well, well.
Are we allowed to?
I asked if you're allowed to.
Then why do you do it'?
Must I write you up
the day before my vacation?
Look at me when I talk to you!
Should I write you up'?
You grew up in an orphanage, right'?
You've never really been outside.
- Yes.
Windows on the inside too?
See you tomorrow.
You can go.
No one else is dying today.
You just missed her.
She just left.
Did you want to try?
I'm done anyway.
Ms. Kogler?
Mommy, can we buy this?
- Constantine, put that back please.
- Put it back!
So how are you?
What do you do?
Diving instructor.
In the summer in the Danube,
in the wintertime
it depends.
Seychelles, Mauritius, New Zealand.
I'm going down there again next week.
To Mauritius?
- New Zealand.
Is that in Australia?
You're lucky.
Next week it's supposed to
get cold again here.
Do you dye your hair?
NO, why?
Short hair suits you.
I should have my hair done again too.
How old are you now?
Where did you get my address anyway?
Child welfare office.
And the phone call
this morning was you too?
Should we go?
I thought you wanted to buy a mattress?
I should get it, right?
Makes you feel like never getting up.
What are you doing here?
Helping someone carry something.
Do you realize what time it is?
I have the late shift this week.
Daddy, who is that man?
An acquaintance, Roberta.
I think that's us, I'll go see.
Is that her?
Daddy, who is that woman?
- Just a sec, Roberta.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Come on Roberta, we have to go.
Where are you going with that?
Just to the bus stop.
Is that your mattress?
Yes. My old one is all worn out.
And who is the man?
Which man?
In front, is he your boyfriend?
Roberta, call mommy and tell her
we'll be a little late.
About Monday,
wear a dress shirt.
Hi Mommy, we'll be a little late.
Do you have one?
- No.
Daddy said "a little".
Can you get one?
I don't know, maybe.
Not maybe. Borrow one from someone.
It makes a good impression.
We're taking home a
lady with a mattress.
Mommy wants to talk to you.
I don't know.
20 minutes, half an hour. Why?
What do you want me to do?
I know what we said,
but it ended up taking longer.
Yes, sorry, because
of my stupid kitchen!
Daddy and Mommy are fighting.
No, I don't think so.
She can stay with me tonight.
Yes, McDonald's!
No, Roberta.
We're not eating at McDonald's.
It's over here on the right.
I can't talk right now.
- My pleasure.
Don't forget the shirt.
Just put it down anywhere.
But it's still wet.
That's OK, it's laminated flooring.
What about the old one?
I guess I'll put it in
the basement for now.
If you want, I'll help
you carry it down.
No, leave it.
I've still got time.
- No thanks. I'll do it later.
Or I can unwrap the new...
Forget the fucking mattress!
Why did you give me up?
Why did you give me up?
It was the best thing I did in my life.
Kogler, telephone!
Same here.
Do you need something?
Could you look up a name for me?
Martin Stuppek.
What about him?
- Nothing.
Just wondering where he's buried.
- Yes.
With two p's?
I think so.
Martin Stuppek.
Born on 4/26/1992,
died on 2/4/2006.
Jedlesee Cemetery,
row 14, section 2.
Have a nice weekend. Bye.
See you Monday.
That's my hearing.
Then see you Tuesday.
Write it down?
- Should I write it down for you?
Yes please.
what are you going to do
if they let you out'?
Come on, come on.
Isn't there something you want?
Everyone wants something.
What about you?
A little Ducati Monster.
They don't have a big one?
Very funny, on my salary.
The big one is for dreamers.
You gotta wish for what you can get.
You know?
I thought you got that anyway.
I thought you were a diving instructor.
Or is this just temporary,
until you go to New Zealand?
Look at me when I talk to you!
That's better.
When your mom says so...
Were you ashamed to tell me?
What was so good about it'?
- What?
You said giving me up
was the best thing you ever did.
What was so good about it'?
Can we talk about something else?
About what?
The children's home?
Juvenile home?
What do you want me to say'?
That I was a bad mother.
You talked to child welfare.
Don't they have files?
You know what?
Do you smoke a lot?
Not so much.
Let me have a puff.
I used to smoke 40 a day and more.
But not while I was pregnant with you.
Not a single one.
Good girl.
Yes, good mommy.
And you don't mind the dead bodies?
I couldn't do it.
Someone has to do it.
Do you wash and dress them too?
I suffocated you with
a pillow back then.
All I wanted was to sleep,
but you screamed your head off.
I took a pillow and
held it over your face.
I didn't even press that hard,
but after a while
it was quiet under the pillow.
Now he is dead, I thought,
now I can't sleep for sure.
I was so furious at you.
Then I pinched your nose
and breathed into your mouth,
like with one of those first-aid dolls.
And at some point you were back again.
The next day I took
you to child welfare.
What do you think of your mom now?
Then I took off my shoe.
And then?
Then I hit him with it.
Show us.
But slow and easy.
We have time.
What's wrong?
Then he let go.
Then I got up and ripped
the sweatshirt off of my head.
Good, then do that.
And what about Stuppek?
He was sitting there on the floor.
Was he injured, was he bleeding?
I don't think so.
He was holding his head.
And you,
what did you do then?
Hit him again.
I didn't hear you.
Then I hit him again.
The defendant states
that he hit the victim again.
How many times did you hit him again?
How many times?
I don't remember.
Translation: Kimi Lum