Atomic Blonde (2017) Movie Script

( )
(TV clicks on)
RONALD REAGAN : East and West
do not mistrust each other
because we're armed.
We're armed because we
mistrust each other.
Mr. Gorbachev,
tear down this wall.
(cheering and applause)
("Blue Monday '88"
by New Order plays)
(grunting and panting)
- (grunting)
- (tires squealing nearby)
(tires squealing)
How does it feel
To treat me like you do?
(yells, grunts)
When you've laid
your hands upon me
- (engine revving)
- And told me who you are
(tires squealing)
- (yelling)
- I thought I was mistaken
I thought I heard
- Your words
- (yelling in pain)
Tell me, how do I feel?
(playing over car stereo):
Tell me now, how do...
MAN (laughing): James
fucking Gascoigne.
How did you find me?
Maybe you're not as good at
this spy shit as you think.
It was Satchel, wasn't it?
Satchel gave me up.
(groans, pants)
I always thought,
if I got tagged,
it would be by the best.
But you're not the best,
are you, Bakhtin?
You're the biggest
fucking cunt in the KGB.
Sticks and stones, Jimmy.
(gunshot echoing)
(ice cubes clinking)
(gasping breaths)
("Cat People" by
David Bowie plays)
See these eyes so green
(light clicks, buzzes)
I can stare
For a thousand years
Colder than the moon
It's been so long
And I've been
putting out fire
With gasoline
See these eyes so red
Red like jungle
burning bright
Those who feel me near
(car horn honks)
Pull the blinds
And change their minds
It's been so long
Still this pulsing night
A plague I call a heartbeat
Just be still with me
You wouldn't believe
What I've been through
You've been so long
Well, it's been so long
And I've been putting
out the fire
With gasoline
Putting out the
fire with gasoline.
(buzzing, ringing)
(lock clunks, buzzes)
(lock clunks, buzzes)
That's a nasty black eye.
Where's C?
Given the scale of
recent world events,
C will not be joining us.
Yes, of course.
(tape recorder clicks, hums)
(lock clunks and
buzzes, door opens)
The voices on record
are the following:
Myself, Senior Directorate
Officer Eric Gray;
Our American guest,
Emmett Kurzfeld
of the U.S. Central
Intelligence Agency;
And returning British
Operational Officer
Lorraine Broughton.
Before we begin, sir,
may I formally request
that Mr. Kurzfeld be removed
- from the debriefing.
- Request denied.
What I have to tell you, sir,
is not for the CIA to hear.
Lorraine, you are the
subject of this debriefing,
- not its controller.
- I understand that.
there, in Berlin.
And I'm here with the full
executive authority of Langley.
If it'd make you
more comfortable,
I could stand behind the
mirror with everybody else.
But it's a little
crowded back there.
(quietly): Cocksucker.
What did you say?
I didn't say anything.
I'm sorry. Did you say
something, Lorraine?
Did you hear me say something?
- I thought you said something.
- What did she say?
(Kurzfeld sighs)
do you want to play
the tape back?
(sighing): Well, then...
Shall we begin?
What happened?
(chuckles softly) Berlin.
(inhales deeply)
(long exhale)
(thunder rumbling)
GRAY : Ah. Lorraine.
Sorry to bring you in
on such short notice.
You know C.
- Yes.
- We were just going over your file.
I see your Russian is excellent.
An expert in escape and evasion.
Proficient in
intelligence collection
and hand-to-hand combat.
It's an impressive
set of skills.
Knowing the Reds as I do,
she'll need to use every
damn one of them.
I'll get straight to the point.
How well do you know
James Gascoigne?
Enough to say hello.
We worked together
- in Istanbul in '85.
- He's dead.
Gascoigne was killed last
night on a mission in Berlin.
GRAY : The West German Police
fished his body out of
the Spree this morning.
And the coroner extracted
a 7.62 Tokarev round
from the base of his skull.
Yesterday, Gascoigne met
with a Stasi officer,
code-named Spyglass.
We promised Spyglass immunity
in exchange for a
document on microfilm,
code-named "the list."
Hidden in a Swiss
watch, no less.
The list contains every
active clandestine officer,
all their shady deals.
It's an atomic bomb
of information
that could extend the Cold
War for another 40 years.
And we believe the man that
killed Gascoigne now has it.
Our sources point
to Yuri Bakhtin,
a KGB hatchet man with more
than a dozen confirmed kills.
want me in Moscow?
Bakhtin never got on the flight.
So he's still in Berlin,
along with the list.
Everyone's hunting for it.
The Yanks, the Frogs.
Soviets, of course.
GRAY : And our man, Percival.
Who's Percival?
David Percival.
He's our number one in Berlin.
(slide projector clicks)
He's your point of contact now.
Fight the power!
Fight the power...
Straight from the tit
of the Virgin Mary.
We got to fight the
powers that be
As the rhythm's
designed to bounce
What counts is
that the rhyme's
Designed to fill your mind
Now that you realize
the pride's arrived
We got to pump the
stuff to make us tough
From the heart, it's a
start, a work of art
To revolutionize, make a
change, nothing's strange...
The Jordache wasn't easy.
It's for my wife's birthday.
That's really nice.
Now, where's that fucking list?
I gave the microfilm to
Gascoigne last night.
James didn't show up.
I did my part.
I gave him the list.
You have to get me and
my family across.
It's not safe for
us anymore here.
The Russians are onto me.
No list, no deal.
In order to fight the
powers that be...
- I risked everything.
- No list, no deal.
You listen to me, Spyglass.
Without that list, why
shouldn't I take you outside
and shoot you in
the fucking head?
You are going to kill
a Stasi officer?
One that's about to
defect to the West? Yeah.
Without an embassy
to look after him,
Percival has gone
somewhat native.
C : Gone fucking feral.
Berlin is the Wild West.
If that bloody wall
comes crashing down,
we don't want to be under it.
If the Russians get that list,
we're all buggered sideways.
You're Elizabeth Lloyd.
A Cambridge-educated lawyer
sent by James Gascoigne's family
to retrieve the body and effects
of their recently deceased son.
Your mission is to
connect with Percival
and do whatever it takes
to get that list home.
C : And remember, Lorraine,
this is highly sensitive.
Trust no one.
- (siren blaring)
- (indistinct shouting)
PERCIVAL : Follow me!
Come, come, come!
Quickly! This way.
Tell me you made a copy.
- I memorized it.
- Memorized it?
Every single agent on that list?
Every Wednesday, you visit
the Penny Lane brothel.
Your favorite girl is Margot.
Her real name is Maria.
All right, I'll get you across.
- You're a good man, Percival.
- Fuck off.
I just want the
list. Once I've...
- Oh, fuck.
- OFFICER : Halt!
I'll be in touch.
- Uh...
- (officer speaks German)
(speaks German)
Document. Document.
Oh, gee...
(grunting and groaning)
- (rapid gunfire)
- (officers shouting)
(siren blaring)
("Major Tom (Vollig Losgelost)"
by Peter Schilling plays)
(alarm ringing)
("Major Tom (Vollig Losgelost)"
continues, sung in German)
(grunting): Oh, I'm
so fucking late.
WOMAN (over P.A.): Welcome to.
Tempelhof International Airport.
Miss Broughton, Mr.
Percival was running late.
He sent me to pick you up.
Checked bags?
No, they've been sent.
Please, follow me.
(announcement plays
over P.A. in German)
(jet engine roaring nearby)
("Major Tom (Vollig Losgelost)"
playing over car stereo)
So... is this your
first time in Berlin?
Well, it's a remarkable
time to be here.
Wonderful music,
superb nightlife,
marvelous restaurants.
You must try the Central
Cafe for a drink.
You'll need it later.
You remember Mr.
Bremovych, don't you?
Of course you do.
Well, he's very curious
what you're doing
here in Berlin.
- (grunting and groaning)
(gun firing)
DRIVER : What the
fuck are you doing?
(gun fires, glass shatters)
(yells, groans)
(tires squeal)
(tires squeal)
What the fuck are you doing?
(tires squeal)
(tires screeching)
Welcome to Berlin.
- I'm David...
- (gunshot)
Where the fuck were you?
Don't shoot. I-I've
got your shoe.
(strained grunting)
Let me help you with your bags.
Come on. (Grunts)
Fuck's sake.
Russians are fucking heavy.
LORRAINE : Five minutes
on the ground,
- and I'm already made.
- You're not made, I hope.
- They knew my name.
- That's troubling.
- And yours.
- That's hardly surprising.
Great fucking start, Percival.
(tires screeching)
So, what was your
first impression?
Of David?
he was handsome.
Late 30s.
Disastrous Sinead O'Connor hair.
Irish singer.
- Mmm.
- LORRAINE : I asked him what the deal was with that,
and he said, "It's to blend in."
Want to touch it?
It's to blend in, in the East.
(tires squeal)
That was the Brandenburg
Gate, by the way.
I mean, how the fuck
do the suits think
that you're going to be able
to help me find that list?
As soon as you pick
up Gascoigne's body,
they'll null and void your
visa, and you'll be on
- the first flight back home.
- I'll figure it out.
(sighs) That's
Checkpoint Charlie.
My office is just back there.
I'm not here to collect
postcards, Percival.
Just drop me at my hotel.
It's around the corner.
I thought you said you'd
never been to Berlin before.
I can read a fucking map.
(chuckling): This will
just take a minute.
(tires screeching)
What are you doing?
Sending a message to
that fascist pig.
(man groaning)
Say hello to Comrade
Bremovych for me.
(footsteps echoing)
("99 Luftballons" by Nena
plays, sung in German)
(pounding and grunting continue)
- (grunts)
- (music stops)
REPORTER : Tensions are high
in East Berlin tonight
as civil disobedience
continues to build momentum.
East Berlin's youth leaders
shout out their protests
through tear gas
and water cannons.
And there are numerous
reports of police
beating peaceful
demonstrators with batons.
How does it feel
To treat me like you do?
LORRAINE : I've been
sent to arrange
the return of a British subject.
WOMAN : The body was identified
by your attach.
Yes, I believe so.
This was not a question.
It was a statement.
How does it feel
To treat me like you do?
He was your colleague?
Different department.
- Which department?
- A different one.
You have the transfer papers?
LORRAINE : You know those movies
where the picture just
starts to slow down...
- (projector clicking)
- and melt?
Then catch fire?
that's Berlin.
CORONER: The passport
number is incorrect.
I will not release this body
without the correct information.
LORRAINE : It's a simple mistake.
CORONER: Miss Lloyd, in Germany,
we don't make simple mistakes.
I'm not going to
lie, I'm impressed.
You've got some balls
breaking in here.
You should see my balls.
Then you'd be really impressed.
Hmm. I'll take your word for it.
I see you found a way to stay.
You wrote "16" when it
should have said "76."
That's right.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm here for at
least another week.
Lucky fucking me.
They won't release the body now
until they've investigated
that red-tape nightmare.
How the fuck did
you get in here?
You know, I've been in
Berlin a long time,
and I think I know every doorman
of every decent shithouse,
borderline decent flophouse
both sides of the wall.
Well, then you must
know Spyglass.
Never met the fellow.
He was James's.
What do you know
about this woman
who's been following
me since Tempelhof?
I'd say that you're
an attractive woman
and you should do the math.
You know, if I was
to follow you,
I mean, properly, you'd
never fucking know.
There's a knack to
it, isn't there?
It's like walking a tightrope
or playing the bagpipes.
You can either do
it or you can't.
(inhales deeply)
Knock yourself out.
(bells chiming)
(watches ticking)
I'd like to purchase a watch.
I need access to a
network in East Berlin.
Come back tomorrow
before closing.
REPORTER : East Berlin is on
a short fuse again tonight
as Communist Party officials
struggle to maintain order.
GRAY : How well do you
know James Gascoigne?
He's dead.
- You need to be careful.
- GRAY : The coroner extracted
a 7.62 Tokarev round from
the base of his skull.
LORRAINE : Soviets.
GRAY : We know who Satchel is.
GASCOIGNE: You need to run.
(gunshot echoing)
(door creaks quietly)
GRAY : You expected
to find the list
in Gascoigne's apartment.
You realize you were
late to the party.
Percival, the Russians...
Everybody must have already
ransacked the place.
But the list wasn't
our only problem.
Before I left, he told
me one last thing.
This is exactly why I didn't
want the CIA present.
Spyglass revealed that this list
would expose a double agent
by the name of Satchel.
C : I want Satchel,
dead or alive.
This traitor has been a thorn
in our side for years.
He's a black eye to the Crown.
And the single biggest
intelligence leak
in MI6 history.
You expose this
bastard, Satchel,
and we'll hang him for treason.
You might find yourself taking
tea at Buckingham Palace.
LORRAINE (over speaker): So
no, I wasn't just looking
for the list in
Gascoigne's apartment.
(tires squealing)
(car doors opening)
(men shouting in German)
LORRAINE : Percival
and I seem to have
a different definition
for collaboration.
(speaking German)
GRAY : What's that
supposed to mean?
LORRAINE : He was the
only one who knew
I was going to
Gascoigne's apartment.
And if I knew he was going
to call the police,
I would have worn a
different outfit.
All I wanted
Just to see my baby's
Different outfit?
Blue eyes shine
This time I think
that my lover
- Understands me
- Understands me
If we have faith
in each other
Then we can be
Strong, baby
- (grunting, groaning) - I
will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your
preacher teacher
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
I will be the one
who loves you
Till the end of time
(grunting and groaning continue)
If you are the desert,
I'll be the sea
If you ever hunger,
hunger for me
Whatever you ask for
That's what I'll be
(grunting and groaning continue)
So when you remember
The ones who have lied
(men groaning inside)
Who said that they cared
But then laughed
as you cried
(grunting and groaning)
Beautiful darling
Don't think of me
Because all I ever wanted...
(officers shouting in German)
My love is always
telling me so
- Heaven is a kiss and
a smile -(gunfire)
Just hold on, hold on
- (grunts, screams)
- And I won't let you go...
- (panting)
- I will be your father
I will be your
I will be your preacher
Hey! Halt!
I will be your father
I'll be your daddy, whoa
I will be the one
who loves you
(grunting and groaning)
Till the end of time.
(gun clatters on sidewalk)
REPORTER : With repeated calls
for change on the streets
and the protesters growing
ever more confident,
time is running out for the
East German government.
Popular opinion has it
that the Communists'
claim to leadership
can't be upheld much longer.
And if rapid change
is not forthcoming,
today's relatively calm protests
could be seen as the
calm before the storm.
It's not just new faces
that are called for,
but perhaps a complete
demolition of the wall.
(German punk rock song
playing over stereo)
(lock buzzes, clicks)
Let me take your coat.
Make yourself at home.
Fucking hell.
PERCIVAL : You want
a pair of jeans?
Help yourself.
(Percival coughs)
Your library includes
Larry Flynt?
Champion of free speech.
What have you found on Bakhtin?
Look, if Bakhtin wanted the
Russians to have that list,
he would have given
it to them by now.
We just have to wait for
him to make his move.
We can't afford to wait.
This is your city, Percival.
Or do you only know
doormen and bellhops?
So, what did you find in
Gascoigne's apartment?
Some Deutsche Marks,
empty passports, travel visas
and a picture of the two of you
together a few years back.
Did I not mention
that we were friends?
- No.
- No?
No, I must have forgot to.
Get your coat, love.
We're going for a walk.
PERCIVAL : Look, we're all
exposed by that list.
(Percival coughs)
And saving the world
is cool and all that,
but my main objective
is staying alive.
I've been head of Berlin
Station for ten years.
You've got to know
that I'm the only man
in this town that can
help you get that list.
Yes, I've read your file.
I've also read your dog file.
So let's cut the crap, shall we?
This whole hungover,
act, I'm not buying it.
I trust you about as far
as I can throw you.
"It's a double pleasure
to deceive the deceiver."
Niccolo Machiavelli.
It was on your shelf.
Oh, my God, I think
I fucking love you.
That's too bad.
If Percival was telling
the truth about Bakhtin,
I needed to figure out
what the Russians knew.
Zwei drei vier, one, two
three, it's easy to see
But it's not that
I don't care so
'Cause I hear
it all the time
But they never let you know
on the TV and the radio
She was young, her
heart was pure
But every night
is bright she got
She said sugar is sweet, she
come rappin' to the beat
Then I knew that she was hot
She was singin', don't
turn around, oh, oh
Schau schau, Der Kommissar's
in town, oh, oh
You're in his eye,
and you'll know why
The more you live, the
faster you will die
(quiet, indistinct chatter)
Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?
Stoli on ice.
(song stops abruptly)
(piano playing "As
Time Goes By")
I'm not speaking German tonight.
So, you're British?
Very impressive.
This can't be your only talent.
Talents can be overrated.
A dedication...
a loyalty is very
rare these days.
Everyone here is
searching for something.
What are you looking for?
Well, when all's said and done,
wouldn't you say deep down
we're all just searching
for the same thing?
WOMAN : I leave you alone
for only a moment,
and already you are
attracting admirers.
Monsieur, three is
not always a crowd,
but tonight it is.
French women.
What about the British?
Maybe we could make some
sort of, uh, arrangement.
We haven't seen each
other in a long time,
and we really need to catch up.
Ladies, Berlin is a small place.
I'm sure our paths
will cross again.
You looked like you
needed saving.
Well, I appreciate
the gesture, Miss...
Delphine Lasalle.
Pleased to meet you.
So, what do you do, Delphine?
I'm a part-time translator who
really wants to be a poet.
Maybe a rock star.
My friend owns a club nearby.
Want to come check it out?
- Now?
- Sure.
I can't.
Well, I'll give you
the address anyway.
Come meet me there
tomorrow night?
Will you come?
You're relentless.
(clamoring, cameras clicking)
David Hasselhoff's in town.
Lucky us.
Berlin is truly doomed.
(bells chiming)
(watches and clocks ticking)
Your watch is ready.
It's on the counter in
that plain envelope.
I think you'll find my
contact very useful.
("Cities in Dust" by Siouxsie
and the Banshees plays)
WATCHMAKER (over speaker):
Your watch is ready.
It's on the counter in
that plain envelope.
I think you'll find my
contact very useful.
REPORTER : East Berliners stormed
the West German embassies
in Czechoslovakia
earlier this week, as
the Czech government
has begun to wave the refugees
through checkpoints
with few questions.
One has to ask how long the
East Berlin government
- can hold on...
- (news broadcast fades)
You were running out of time
Under the mountain,
a golden fountain
Were you praying at
the Lares shrine?
But oh
Oh, your city lies in dust
My friend
LORRAINE : Bakhtin and the list
had not yet surfaced
in the West.
I needed to meet my new contact
and see what I was up
against in the East.
(dogs barking in distance)
You should have applied
for a visitor's permit.
What kind of work do you do?
Legal affairs.
If you do not
return before 6:00,
you will be arrested.
Do you understand?
I understand.
(dog barks, whimpers)
Right now I'm not
feeling very confident
about this story of yours.
Why not use Percival's
connections in the East?
He told me...
to trust no one.
(phone beeping)
(door closes)
(door opens)
Go there.
(door closes)
(Russian dialogue playing
over theater speakers)
(Russian dialogue continues)
(fire alarm ringing)
(indistinct chatter)
(grunting and groaning)
(Russian dialogue continues)
(grunting and groaning)
(grunting and groaning continue)
(gasps weakly)
(door opens)
(door closes)
(chatter in German,
siren blaring)
(fire alarm continues
ringing inside)
(gasping, panting)
(door closes)
(footfalls on stairs)
You are late.
And you were followed.
I'm late because I was followed.
I lost them 20 minutes ago
near the Palast der Republik.
You're as good as
your reputation.
Are you sure this is the
best place to meet?
Keep your enemies close.
I'm a permanent
fixture for them now.
The Watchmaker says
there has been great
interest in this list
on the black market
the last few days.
- Any sign of Bakhtin?
- No.
This Satchel character
has people worried
on both sides of the wall.
What kind of network
have you assembled?
There's a lot of, uh,
dissatisfied youth
on this side of the wall.
They're like a...
If you find the right spark...
(bottle cap pops off,
clinks on ground)
Keep talking.
(bells chiming)
(door closes)
I am interested in
selling a watch.
What are you selling?
It is extremely valuable.
Finest quality and...
filled with secrets.
Would you mind if I
inspect the merchandise?
Fuck yes, I mind.
Just tell potential buyers
Bakhtin is open for business.
(tape fast-forwarding)
BREMOVYCH (over tape): Ladies,
Berlin is a small place.
I'm sure our paths
will cross again.
(tape fast-forwarding)
LASALLE (over tape): Sorry.
You looked like you
needed saving.
(tape fast-forwarding)
My friend owns a club nearby.
Want to come check it out?
We got the message
I heard it on the airwaves
The politicians
Are now deejays
The broadcast was
I didn't think that
you would show.
Stoli on the rocks?
You pay attention.
I look for pleasure
in the details.
The politics of dancing
The politics of...
Speaking of which...
I have been dying to
ask you a question.
Aha, is this message
The politics of dancing
The politics of
Ooh, feeling good
Let's go someplace quiet.
The politics of moving, aha
Is this message understood?
(panting, moaning)
Why the gun, Delphine?
You're not as well-disguised
as you may think.
I know who you are.
You're Lorraine Broughton, MI6,
and you're here because of
the death of Gascoigne.
(Lasalle grunts, gasps)
What do you know
about Gascoigne?
But if someone is killing
Allied officers,
shouldn't we all care?
Whatever is in that list has
people willing to kill for it.
(uncocks gun)
This is my first assignment
with the French intelligence.
I've only been here a year.
(Lasalle takes deep breath)
I'm scared, okay?
I got into this because
it was exciting.
But it's never been
like this in Berlin.
You should have become a poet.
Or a rock star.
(Lasalle chuckles)
So you made contact with
the French operative?
I believed she had
information I could exploit.
Nothing more.
KURZFELD : And did she?
Did she have any
information, Lorraine?
There is something I
need to tell you.
It has to do with your
friend Percival. He's...
("Voices Carry" by
'Til Tuesday plays)
Because I know...
GRAY : Did she have any
information, Lorraine?
Oh, he tells me tears
are something to hide
And something to fear...
KURZFELD : Did she
give you information?
She gave me nothing.
And I try so hard
to keep it inside
So no one can hear...
BAKHTIN : David fucking Percival.
Keep it down now,
voices carry...
Are you following me?
Maybe you're not as good at
this spy shit as you think.
(grunts, yells)
That was for James,
you fucking prick.
Now, give me that fucking list.
GRAY : We needed to get
you a message, Lorraine.
We're several days into a
mission without a single lead.
And plenty of distractions.
You have to be reminded
of the course at hand.
Oh, I received your message.
KURZFELD : That's quite a view.
70 miles of barbed wire,
310 guard towers, 65
anti-vehicle trenches,
40,000 Soviet-trained, heavily
armed frontier troops.
All that, and 5,000 GDR citizens
still had the brass
balls to escape.
You've got the MI6 so worried
they called the CIA to
talk sense into you.
Eric Gray called me.
Of course he did.
I don't have to remind you of
how fast the clock is ticking.
If this thing gets out,
a lot of good,
hard-working folks...
brave men and women are
going to show up dead.
You and I included.
I swear to God, the
last few weeks,
I dread even waking
up in the morning.
I understand the severity
of the situation, sir.
And the time imperative.
Listen, I didn't climb
all the way up here
just to give you some
rousing pep talk.
So I'll cut to the chase.
Last night, you met a woman.
Delphine Lasalle is
out of her depth.
Given the climate, I'd hate
to see an executive order
come down the line that
falls in her disinterest.
Her disinterest?
What do you mean,
her disinterest?
Don't insult my
intelligence, Lorraine.
You know exactly
what I fucking mean.
Hope you get a snapshot.
Next week, this will be a
whole different picture.
(phone buttons beeping)
(line ringing)
DISTORTED VOICE (over phone):
Central has been compromised.
(click, rapid beeping)
Stronger than reason
Stronger than lies
The only truth I know
Is the look in your eyes
The look in your eyes...
(phone buttons beeping)
(line ringing)
PERCIVAL : Meet me at the Rough
Trade Bar at Oranienstrasse.
We need to talk.
Just like a knife
My favorite weapon
Is the look in your eyes...
(laughter, indistinct chatter)
PERCIVAL : Look at all
these hedonists.
It's like a beautiful woman
gone wrong. I fucking love it.
Word is Bakhtin has resurfaced.
Cops found him with a
homemade lobotomy.
Either way, we have to
deal with Spyglass.
Thinking it through, he doesn't
have much time over there.
Our priority is the list.
- We can't make mistakes.
- Come on.
He's hardly the most
trustworthy person I ever met.
(chuckling): Or the
fucking brightest.
Wait. You said you
hadn't met him.
I lied.
And he claims to have
memorized the entire list.
He's ready to make the jump.
GRAY : You believe he committed
the entire thing to memory?
Had I known earlier, I would
have prioritized Spyglass.
His knowledge made him
as valuable as the list.
I could have grabbed
him at any moment.
Instead, Percival
kept it a secret,
putting us in a
precarious position.
(bells chiming)
PERCIVAL : Look, the
KGB are going to have
some very angry bastards out
there looking for Spyglass.
We can't trust any of the old
usual methods.
It's not that difficult
to drive across the
border these days.
It is when you're wanted
like Spyglass is.
We have to walk him
across personally
to ensure his safety
in plain sight.
We'll use the demonstration
tomorrow at Alexanderplatz.
That's insane.
All those protesters will
make a great distraction.
Spyglass is my guy.
We're going to do it my way.
But we use my contact to get
all our papers in order.
All right.
We have a deal?
(sighs) I'll take that as a yes.
(groans, sighs)
You see...
I received a call
from David Percival
that evening, Lorraine.
He said he had the list.
PERCIVAL : I'll need a
little time to wrap it up.
GRAY : And he knew the
identity of Satchel.
Oh, I'm very close to Satchel.
And no one thought to tell me?
(both chuckle softly)
(grunts) Fuck.
You brought a lot of friends.
I heard Bakhtin had
a little accident.
I heard he slipped and
fell on an ice pick.
Berlin's a cruel mistress.
Especially for
traitors like Bakhtin.
Oh, don't be such a
fucking Communist.
You've got a problem.
Yeah, I know.
You have the fucking list.
We've been in the trenches
long enough to know
that at times like this Berlin
has its own set of rules.
I can give you information
that will keep the balance.
Now, are you in or out?
(thunder rumbling)
Percival's trying to set me up.
Are you surprised?
Not really.
These relationships aren't real.
They're just a means to an end.
When you tell the truth,
you look different.
Your eyes change.
(both chuckle)
Thanks for the warning.
What do you mean?
I mean, I better
not do it again.
'Cause it's going to
get me killed one day.
("Behind the Wheel" by
Depeche Mode playing)
(announcement in
German over P.A.)
(dog barks)
My little girl
- Drive anywhere
-(Dog barks)
- Do what you want
-(Dog barking)
I don't care
I'm in the hands of fate
I hand myself
Over on a plate
(video game music playing)
Well, I am impressed.
I thought Merkel here was
just a good bartender.
You smell like a Stasi officer.
Shave off that moustache.
Use that soap and cologne.
It's from the West.
You can't take anything
from the East.
LORRAINE : Merkel will
give you some clothes.
Right this way, Mr. Spyglass.
Oh, little girl...
I'd rather not be
The one behind the wheel
Pull my strings
Watch me move
(crowd chanting indistinctly)
I do anything
(chanting continues)
It should have been easy.
The plan was sound.
Whatever went wrong did so
because someone wanted it to.
Someone from the inside.
GRAY : Were you betrayed
by a fellow agent?
KURZFELD : You mean Satchel?
Would that be unheard of?
Per your request.
You won't be needing that.
It will be worse if
they find it on you.
Everything else ready?
Yes. Everything you requested.
SPYGLASS : I'm ready.
What do you think of his shirt?
I wouldn't be caught dead in it.
But for him, it's perfect.
Stand over here.
Now look like a free man.
(camera clicks)
Berlin peace leaders
have organized a demonstration
this week at Alexanderplatz.
(news broadcast
continues indistinctly)
Did he tell you I
memorized the whole list?
SPYGLASS : I realize I may not be
as valuable to
some people and...
some people may even
want me dead, but...
what choice do I have?
You're no good to me dead.
And I've never lost a package.
I know.
(door opens and closes)
(Percival sighs)
Hey, hey, hey.
It's his family.
This was not part of the plan.
Part of mine.
PERCIVAL : I'll take
the wife and kid.
You just have to
deal with Spyglass.
I don't know if I have
enough passports.
Your old golden boy.
(crowd clamoring)
(crowd chanting indistinctly)
We have to go.
See you in the West.
Good luck.
(chanting continues)
(chanting continues in distance)
This was never part of the plan.
It was part of mine.
(silenced gunshot)
Stay low.
(Spyglass groaning)
In here.
LORRAINE : I need to
deal with this now,
or we'll never get across.
I don't want to die.
You're not going to die.
Stay here.
(distant chatter in German)
(elevator motor whirring)
(whirring stops, doors open)
(man yells in pain)
(grunting and groaning)
(man yells in pain)
(grunting and groaning continue)
(Lorraine yells)
(grunting and groaning continue)
(pained grunting)
(grunting and groaning continue)
(man coughing)
(both grunt)
(man groans)
(man grunts)
(man shouts in German)
(grunting and groaning)
(man yelling in pain)
(both grunting)
(grunting and groaning)
(distant chatter in German)
SPYGLASS : Two more.
There's two more.
(grunting and groaning)
(shell casing clanks on floor)
(body thuds)
(man shouts in German)
(gunfire continues)
You need to stop that bleeding.
Search for anything.
Alcohol, rags.
(footsteps approaching)
(gunfire continues)
(grunting and groaning)
(Spyglass yells)
(Lorraine yells)
(man grunts)
(grunting and groaning)
(grunting and groaning)
(gasps in pain)
(grunting and groaning)
(man yelling in pain)
(both grunting loudly)
Am I a bitch now?
(Spyglass coughing)
(both panting)
(Spyglass coughs)
(distant door opens and closes)
Get in.
Get in!
(engine starts)
You need to work on your German.
(horn honks)
It's horrible.
("I Ran" by A Flock of Seagulls
plays faintly over radio)
- (man grunting)
- What the hell?
(silenced gunshots,
people screaming)
(tires screech)
(engine revs, tires squeal)
I walk along the avenue
- (groaning)
- I never thought
I'd meet a girl like you
Meet a girl like you...
(tires squealing)
- (gunshot)
- (Spyglass grunts)
- You hypnotize me through
-(Tires screeching)
And I ran
I ran so far away
I just ran
- I ran all night and day
-Fasten your seat belt.
Couldn't get away
- (tires screech)
- (Spyglass grunts)
- (horn beeps, tires squeal)
- A cloud appears
Above your head
A beam of light
- Comes shining down on you
- (Spyglass shouting in German)
(truck horn honks)
(audio distorting):
Shining down on you...
(tires squeal)
Aurora borealis
comes in view
Aurora comes in view...
(birds squawking)
You all right?
We have to go...
(tires squealing)
(jaw cracks)
(gasps) It's so cold!
- Open your door.
- My foot is... it's stuck!
(gasping, coughing)
Just breathe.
(water burbling)
(long exhale)
- You need a break?
- No.
(tape recorder whirring)
GRAY : So...
Yes, I-I think I
understand everything.
You made your plan.
And you failed to get
the high-value asset
safely across to the West.
You sent me into a
fucking hornet's nest.
I was made by the KGB
from the moment my feet
touched the ground.
Maybe even before.
But then you knew
that, didn't you?
You had your doubts
about Percival,
and you used me to
shake him down.
Ready when you are.
(siren blaring)
(siren continues in distance)
(dogs barking in distance)
Hey, hey... Whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa. It's me. It's me.
He's dead.
Spyglass is dead.
And you are alive.
They're all listening to me.
They knew.
The KGB knew everything.
I need to get across.
Well, I expected more
out of the Brits
- than a royal goat fuck.
- I know. We're sorry.
Oh, no, wait. You lot don't have
your own private
Stasi agent, do you?
Not one with a
photographic memory.
KURZFELD : We need to
get with Broughton
and get on the same page.
We need that list...
Now more than ever.
She made it out.
You know, a beautiful Italian
girl once said to me, "David..."
you can't unfuck
what's been fucked."
Women are always getting in the
way of progress, aren't they?
REPORTER : What no one in Germany
believed possible has
happened tonight.
The wall is coming down.
The wall is down.
MAN : People here have lived
with the wall since 1961,
and I think now it's time to...
break the wall down, you know.
REPORTER : The wall is crumbling.
The sledgehammers
in the hands of men
not born when it went
up tear into it.
And behind it,
the East German soldiers
tried to stop the tide.
Water cannons were brought out.
But the West Berliners
were determined.
One West Berliner
sprayed champagne back.
PERCIVAL : You know, if I was
to follow you, I
mean, properly...
you'd never fucking know.
REPORTER : It is the moment.
Berliners have
waited 28 years for.
Even the East Germans
seem exhilarated.
A symbolic breach
in the structure
that cost hundreds of lives
and separated friends,
families and lovers for decades.
LORRAINE : I found a
French UHF device
in my coat after Spyglass died.
I now believe it was
Percival who planted it.
Made it look like Lasalle.
(knocking on door)
Why are you here?
You need to leave Berlin.
Well, when I didn't hear
from you, I got worried.
How naive can you be?
We chose this life, Delphine.
This only ends one way.
What are you talking about?
He set us both up.
You have to leave while you can.
(door opens)
(door closes)
(line ringing)
PERCIVAL (over phone): Yes?
Don't underestimate
me, Percival.
Oh, Lasalle, listen
to me very carefully.
You have no idea who
you're dealing with.
- You set me up.
- You... (sighs)
Come on, now. This is the game.
I know your secrets, David,
and I can play this game
better than you think.
("Voices Carry" by
'Til Tuesday plays)
(fireworks popping)
I'm in the dark, I'd
like to read his mind
But I'm frightened of
the things I might find
Oh, there must be something
he's thinking of
To tear him away
(song continues over radio)
When I tell him that
I'm falling in love
Why does he say
Hush, hush...
LORRAINE (over speaker):
Percival is trying
to set me up.
LASALLE (over speaker):
Are you surprised?
LORRAINE : Not really.
These relationships aren't real.
They're just a means to an end.
LASALLE : When you tell the
truth, you look different.
Your eyes change.
for the warning.
LASALLE : What do you mean?
LORRAINE : I mean, I
better not do it again.
LORRAINE : 'Cause it's going
to get me killed one day.
LASALLE : There is something
that I need to tell you.
It has to do with
your friend Percival.
- He's...
(recording stops,
"Voices Carry" resumes)
Because I know all
the trouble I'll get
Oh, he tells me tears
are something to hide
And something to fear
And I try so hard
to keep it inside
So no one can hear
(grunting and groaning)
Hush, hush
Keep it down now
- Voices carry
- (gasping, groaning)
(grunting and groaning)
Hush, hush
Keep it down now
Voices carry
(Lasalle coughing)
Hush, hush
- Keep it down
now -(groaning)
Voices carry
- (yells in pain)
- Ah, ah
(yells in pain)
(pained sobbing)
(grunts, yells in pain)
- (buzzing)
- (crowd singing nearby)
(grunting, gasping)
(buzzing continues)
(Percival sobbing
in pain, gasping)
(buzzing continues)
(crowd continues singing)
I'm sorry, darling.
(yells in pain)
This is the game.
- (pained grunt)
- (panting)
He wants me...
- (buzzing continues)
- (crowd continues singing)
- Hush, hush
- (Percival grunts)
Keep it down now
Voices carry
Hush, hush
Keep it down now
Voices carry
(knocking on door)
Oh, hush, hush
- Shut up now
- (door bangs open)
(gun cocks)
Voices carry
Oh, hush, hush
Keep it down now
Voices carry
Oh, hush, hush
- She might
overhear... -Fuck.
REPORTER : Celebrations continue
in the streets tonight.
From the moment the first wave
of East Germans
crossed into Berlin,
they have been showered
with champagne
and cheered by a
crowd of thousands.
It is clear this will be one of
Berlin's most dramatic days.
East Berliners are overcome
as they cross the border
that has been closed
to them for 28 years.
West Berliners are chipping away
at the wall that scarred
their city and scaling it.
(panting quietly)
("99 Luftballons" by Kaleida
plays, sung in German)
REPORTER : There is no more
interference from the police.
Unified, Berliners lay
symbols of peace.
Thousands of them looking
east and chanting,
"Down with the wall."
There's only one
question left to ask.
Who won?
And what was the
fucking game anyway?
MAN (over TV): And
I was thinking,
the wall will never fall.
Germany's peaceful revolution
is probably the political
and cultural story of 1989.
We're going to take a quick
break, but we'll be back
with an in-depth look
at the number-one
musical controversy of
the year... sampling.
Is it art, or is it
just plagiarism?
Don't go away.
("99 Luftballons" continues)
To win, first you have to
know whose side you're on.
PERCIVAL : In our line of work,
that's right up there
with black holes
or "to be or not to be."
You fight the good
fight, and then one day
you wake up and you
realize that all you were
was Satan's little helper.
(crowd cheering,
fireworks popping)
(fireworks whistling
and popping)
PERCIVAL : Ironic.
The news will tell them there
will be no more secrets.
But you and I, we both
know that's not true.
The world is run on secrets.
- (air hissing)
- (gasps)
Whoever has that list has power.
And without it, you're just
another fucking target.
(camera shutter clicking)
PERCIVAL : So, what
have I learned
after all this time?
After all the sleepless nights,
lying to friends,
lovers, myself?
Playing this crooked
game in this crooked town
filled with backstabbers
and four-faced liars?
I'll tell you what I've learned.
One thing and one thing only.
I fucking love Berlin!
(shell casing clinks on ground)
(wheezing, groaning)
(Percival gasping)
You didn't have to kill her.
You what... what...
you suddenly decided
to develop a conscience
after all you've done?
Have you noticed how
everyone you get close to
ends up fucking dead?
You gave Bremovych the
details of the plan.
You went to the KGB
to take me out.
You were too fucking
scared to do it yourself.
Too smart, more like.
If those KGB pricks
had done their part,
I'd be on my way to a hand
job with the queen by now.
I've read that list,
And you feature heavily.
Turns out you've been
a very naughty girl.
Spyglass was a
liability to us all.
I couldn't risk
leaving him with you.
Where's the list, David?
I don't have it.
It's en route to MI6,
where it belongs.
(Percival groans)
(yells in pain)
(gasps, grunts)
Are you going to lie
till the very end?
(gulps, gasps)
Truth and lies.
People like us don't
know the difference.
No, we know the
difference, David.
We choose to ignore it.
Isn't that right,
Comrade Satchel?
So that's how you'll
make it work.
"It's a double pleasure
to deceive the deceiver."
Well played.
(shell casing clanks on ground)
(fireworks continue
popping in distance)
You killed David Percival?
MAN : All the paperwork is
in order for the bodies
of James Gascoigne
and David Percival.
GRAY : You killed our
head of station,
an officer of the Crown.
You'd better have hard proof
and a damn good explanation.
Who are you to judge my actions?
I'm your superior.
(Lorraine chuckling)
My superior.
This was never about
stopping the war.
It was about saving your ass.
You couldn't bear the
embarrassment of the sins
that we committed
in the Cold War.
And I was stupid enough
to give my life for it.
Yes, well, that's
your job, isn't it?
I did my job.
Despite your best efforts
and your incompetence,
I succeeded where you failed.
I uncovered your
traitor, Satchel.
Brought him the only
justice he deserved.
A bullet.
Percival meeting with Bremovych
the day before
Spyglass was killed.
- (click) -BREMOVYCH (on
tape): Maybe we could make
some sort of, uh, arrangement.
PERCIVAL : You got to know
that I'm the only man
in this town that can
help you get that list.
impressive. Dedication.
Loyalty. They're rare
things these days.
PERCIVAL : "It's a
double pleasure"
to deceive the deceiver."
(tape fast-forwarding)
We have a deal?
What about the British?
LORRAINE : Do you trust Gray?
- No.
- What about C?
C is an arrogant lapdog
who understands
precisely fuck-all
beyond the edge of his desk.
Percival was Satchel.
Where's the list?
Where's the list, Lorraine?
I don't know.
(C sighs)
Oh, bollocks.
The prime minister
is going to have
a difficult time with this.
We're choosing to bury
this one, Broughton.
Your mission never took place.
This conversation...
never happened.
I'm putting you on leave,
effective immediately.
We'll start the next
decade well rested.
What should I wear...
for my tea with the queen?
("London Calling"
by The Clash plays)
London calling to
the faraway towns
Now war is declared
and battle come down
London calling to
the underworld
Come out of the cupboard,
you boys and girls
London calling, now
don't look to us
Phony Beatlemania
has bitten the dust
London calling, see,
we ain't got no swing
'Cept for the ring...
("Fastidious Horses" by
Vladimir Vysotsky plays)
(song continues,
sung in Russian)
(Bremovych chuckles)
(glasses clink)
(sets glass on table)
("Fastidious Horses" continues)
(chuckles quietly)
(gasps quietly)
(silenced gunshots)
("Fastidious Horses" continues)
(silenced gunfire)
(man groans)
- (silenced gunshots)
- (man yells in pain)
(man mutters in Russian)
(shell casing clinks on floor)
(song ends)
(Bremovych gasping weakly)
Did you really think I was
going to give you that list?
Before you die, I
want you to get this
through your thick,
primitive skull.
I never worked for you.
You worked for me.
Every false intel I gave you,
a rip in the Iron Curtain.
Every piece of
intel you gave me,
a bullet in my fucking gun.
I want my life back.
(body thuds)
("Under Pressure" by Queen
and David Bowie plays)
- (elevator bell dings)
- (sighs)
Mm ba ba de
Mm bum ba de
Mm bu bu bum da de
Pushing down on me
Pressing down on you
No man ask for
Under pressure
That brings a building down
Splits a family in two
Safe travels.
Puts people on streets
Mm ba ba be, mm ba ba be
De day da, ee day da
That's okay
It's the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends
screaming, "Let me out"
Pray tomorrow gets me higher
Pressure on people
People on streets
MAN (over speaker): Estimated
flight time to Langley:
11 hours and 37 minutes.
Cleared for takeoff.
KURZFELD : Let's go home.
That sounds good.
Let's go home.
I'm glad it was convincing.
People on streets
Ee da de da day
People on streets
Ee da de da, de da de da
It's the terror of knowing
what this world is about
Watching some good friends
scream, "Let me out"
Pray tomorrow gets
me higher, higher
- High... -
Pressure on people
People on streets
Turned away from it all
Like a blind man
Sat on a fence
But it don't work
Keep coming up with love
But it's so slashed and torn
Why, why
Love, love, love, love, love
Insanity laughs
Under pressure,
we're breaking
Can't we give ourselves
one more chance?
Why can't we give love
that one more chance?
Why can't we give love,
give love, give love
Give love, give
love, give love
Give love, give love
'Cause love's such an
old-fashioned word
And love dares
you to care for
The people on the
Edge of the night
And love dares you
To change our way of
Caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure
Under pressure
(song ends)
(tense electronic music plays)
(music fades)