Atomy (2022) Movie Script

(rain and thunder)
So I don't want this to stop
after this month... You understand?
Then it's a lie, so whatever we will
produce in the camera, it's not honest.
What people will see, it's his full
recovery. And people should see he's walking.
Where is Brandur? Where is Brandur?
I died ten years ago, this is all just a bonus.
- It's called...
- "The Himalayan Times"
"Himalayan Times"
- it's the number one newspaper.
- Number one newspaper in English.
- Welcome to Kathmandu.
- Thank you.
We'd like to hear your story and why you have come here?
All these things...
When I was around 23 years
old I was still very healthy...
But then, suddenly, I started getting weaker...
I would start pulling my leg,
It wouldn't lift up normally...
and then six months later,
it started affecting my right
hand. So it causes a lot of tension in my muscles...
Few months later, my left hand
and then, finally, my left leg.
And over a period of around three years...
I went from being a healthy Icelandic viking...
into being completely paralyzed beneath the neck.
Nobody was able to figure out what was wrong...
and then one day somebody suggested I might
have Lyme disease... Which is caused by a tick.
So I may have been bitten as
child, and it came out this late...
For my part, his illness doesn't
have too much impact on my life.
At least since he got UDPA 24/7
user directed personal assistance.
Then everything got much easier.
All my treatments are free of cost...
My main income is by teaching.
So this month, I cancelled all
my classes and my workshop...
Because he was coming...
And then in two days, maximum in
two days, he'll be able to use this room...
and we just need some more light to finish...
And yes, then we are ready
to... To get him back onto his feet!
Well, I'll write something in these books.
Let's see: "To good friends
in Nepal"... Something like that.
It can't hurt if it sounds very official...
So we'll see how high I can climb up the ladder.
I saw on the "Karolina" fundraiser website
that you have gotten the funds needed.
Yes and I've decided that if I get
stuck there by finishing all the funds.
Then I'll just do another crowd
fund: "Let's get Brandur home".
I'm very optimistic about
it, it would most likely work.
Yes, well... You know where I
live, if there is something I can do.
Thank you. Awesome.
They are rebuilding a lot after the earthquakes
so disabled activists are making themselves heard...
reminding, since the
infrastructure is being rebuilt...
...that attention should to be
paid to the people in wheelchairs.
Yes, I understand
So the the hope is that I show up in a
wheelchair and make myself seem important.
Then a journey like this, is naturally the
perfect choice to raise
awareness to this situation
and to get good results.
- Aren't you looking forward?
- Sure.
- You haven't been to Nepal before?
- No, I haven't been to Nepal.
With optimism as a weapon...
It's been working so far.
Listen, have a nice trip.
Thank you very much.
You have the books?
- Yes.
- I'll get some socks...
No, I forgot them.
...Or some mittens, something like that...
No don't ruin this moment... I'll
have someone send them to you later...
I'll bring some socks or mittens,
from my Mom, with a nice note.
Yes, that would be amazing.
And then I look forward to
see you and, obviously, the movie.
- Great! I'll be seeing you!
- Thank you. Bye!
I'm so anxious about the flight, I'm so scared of flying.
Can you put the blanket
slightly better, behind my elbow.
I'm so anxious.
It'll pass... We get to sit in the front.
A person gets cancer or a stroke and specific
parts of the brain stop functioning...
the person's personality will
change in predictable ways.
If we were to go through with it
and chip away more and more...
and you're looking for what
remains once the brain is gone...
I think if you take the whole brain out, then it's over.
And when I say brain... I mean the
spine and the whole nervous system.
What's refreshing with Rahul, is that he could
agree with me as well as disagreeing with me.
I had heard of him through orbjrn: He was...
Aw, that's not working...
...Yes, this really fun guy, the
kind who's always sharing energy.
He's learned to accumulate energy through
meditation, diet, spiritual practices...
and then he just gives the energy
away... To people who need it.
I'll pray for your feet, good luck, Ok.
...I just asked him to move.
You kicked him out.
Yeah, because I need the house and
I'm building the room for him, in my house.
You mean that Krishna Sitaula
was staying in your house?
Yes he lived three years in my
house, Just now, I moved him.
I want him to meet him because
he's such a wonderful man.
He's a very good political leader.
Because my wife is a "Sitaula", from "Taplejung".
If we do all the media engagement in the second
half... Some social engagement in this part.
Like a School and you'll interact
with kids, go to disabled kids...
Have some understanding of the society,
And you're not stuck in a hole...
And then getting therapy only.
So you have quite a... You have a political engagement...
- I want to get you out of this wheelchair!
- I'm getting bored of this life.
I want you to get that handshake,
you know, that's my dream.
My dream is to move you out of this wheelchair
and also to show people, to say: "Look, I did it!"
You understand and that's the
willpower I want to build on you.
That I think is the main concept
Yeah, I think I just gave up in Iceland.
Don't do it, don't do it.
(soft, somber music)
"He has also been mouth painting Icelandic
and imaginary sci-fi landscapes since 2010...
He is committed to working towards transforming
the lives of people with disabilities...
Karlsson has also successfully
conducted a paragliding flight in 2014.
"Frumbjrg": An innovation center
founded by Karlsson in Reykjavik in 2016
offers a home to those working on developing next
generation assistive and
welfare oriented technologies.
Her name is Indira... But in official
documents, she writes "Indra Maya Gurun".
...And she came from Gurka to
work as an activist on disability rights.
Ok now, she says. If you know the term UNC..
That's some united nations convention
for the differently abled persons.
- So Nepal signed at that convention in 2009.
- We haven't signed it yet in Iceland.
Oh? Then accepted that all their provisions
would be implemented and executed in Nepal.
She says that they have a proper law
now, for the persons with disabilities.
I think the problem about politics, I
think this is probably a universal thing.
It's that the politicians, they
don't want to see the problems.
Because if they see them, they
have to do something about it.
The government gives them per
month two thousand Nepali Rupees.
And then...
Can you lean me forward a little.
Sorry, I get some pain in my back.
In Iceland I get two hundred and ten thousand.
Two hundred an ten thousand.
Yeah, that's kind of the
maximum for social disability.
Ok. How much do you say the Krona to Nepali Rupee is?
It's the same.
- It's almost the same.
- 1/1.
- 1/1?
- Yeah it's 1.04.
So, you're not going?
- Do you know what M.S. is?
- Not really.
It's a neurological disease... I
get very easily tired and pained.
- Ah ok...
- Yeah...
...And then they are just offering the memory to their
dead parents, once a year. So this is the thing...
He wants to help you spiritually
to have a good thing happen.
Ah! Thank you... Dhanyabad (Thank you).
Dhanyabad... He wants your name
so he can recite your name in prayers.
- You understand now?
- Brandur.
- Brandur.
- Brandur...
...Thank you.
- Cool.
- Can't hurt.
Did you meet Salvr... Salvr.
I'm Samundra.
- Hi.
- Lots of new names.
- Hi everybody!
- Hi.
- Hi!
- Your house is amazing!
- Hi... I'm Kolpana.
- Hi!
I want to build this whole place
like a little place for exercise.
- Yeah.
- And completely free...
-So it will be something very nice you know?
And you will meet Brandur, he's my brother
and my friend and my client, everything
you know? Come!
Ah yes! There he is! There, everybody!
- Welcome home!
- Thank you! And that's him!
So you are ready? Six o'clock
tomorrow morning, full power!
- Six o'clock everyday.
- Yeah I know.
You are my assistant, yes? You are my Alert! And
she will be also working with me, with you, for you.
- Ok... Cool.
- She is my student as well
and she's also specialized on on
many nerves and energy works...
-So we are going to work together.
Cool, alrighty.
So everyday six o'clock, we start.
- And what happened to you?
- I probably got some bacteria
that got into my brain stem and did some damage there
and then I got an antibiotic treatment
and after that I stopped getting worse.
And that's about six, seven years ago.
I really want to get you out of this chair and
we go and play football together, you know... Yes!
-Girls, just one little information
Can you come?
So just remember that sometimes, I may, you know...
Attack... So you understand it is part of the therapy.
Whenever he asks, if we do, he
will be all his life on the wheelchair.
It's no petting, he needs to go to bed at,
let's say, nine o'clock. Computer shut down.
We will shut down everything.
But I think the most important:
Does he have faith? Does he believe?
That's the thing, you know, but if he
wants to recover, because he's very young
and he can stay fifty years on a wheelchair
or give us two years, we bring him back.
I promise you, I brought people
from wheelchairs, you know?
I didn't take the case like
that, I have many recoveries.
Do you really want to get out of this wheelchair?
- Hundred percent?
- Yeah.
- This is sure?
- Ninety-five percent.
What happened to five percent?
- Uncertainty.
- Ok.
That means you kind of believe? Or...
No I just realised that
there are certain privileges...
Ok... Privileges?
...with being in a wheelchair
- Yes maybe I can sit on that... You know?
- ...Which I'm willing to sacrifice.
I think It's very important.
To be perfectly honest, you know, as I say,
I've learned to adjust to this kind of life.
-Yes, I understand
-So I think... You've heard the term:
"Better the devil you know... than you don't..."
Yes, correct.
So, I've just gotten... Even the pain in my ass
has become, you know, like a constant in my life.
So it doesn't mean that I don't
want to get rid of it, I do, but... Yeah...
So I need to work on making it a hundred percent.
And we have a program and I promise you,
you will get back... But there is a program.
You will have to get out of your comfort zone.
We will take out everything
that is making you at ease.
- Ok...
- That's what we don't want.
That's the poison for you, it's that comfort part.
So my mom made you a sweater.
Aw, so sweet.
This is a traditional Icelandic sweater:
I hope it fits, it will change and adjust.
He's simple, Rahul, but something is there.
I've seen it.
Yeah... That is the... I love that...
And I feel, I'm sorry to tell
you: Doctors are a licensed Mafia.
Yeah I know... Yeah.
You know? Doctors are good for the cancer,
infections and, we know, some sicknesses
but, for these other things,
they are a Mafia... I call them that.
They don't understand the nervous system very well.
They are not from here.
(lights switches clicking)
Let's kick Brandur... Good morning!
We've got excellent electricity coming
to your left leg. It's very, very good.
All right... Yeah... That's it!
You have a great power, Brother, on your leg, I saw it.
So, let's do it again together... Lift this knee,
just take it easy... Bend it, Bend it, Bend it...
Keep your eyes closed, that's it... That's it.
Keep lifting... Keep lifting... There you are.
Keep lifting... That's it.
r, come... Take my position r.
This and this.
We're going to relax now, so here he's relaxing.
Now Brandur, I want you to push slowly, relax your left.
- How much pressure do you put in?
- Very little, he needs to push.
Very good, Brandur.
...And push...
Very good, Brother.
Very good, Brandur, You're coming faster.
That's it! Use the hip.
The day you close completely, you walk.
So whenever you are working,
especially with somebody like Brandur...
Lift, lift... You have to repeat the same sequence...
Because the brain needs to adapt to the movement.
Yeah? It's like a habit. And once he learns
the habit and the concept of that movement.
Then he will have a very easy access of movement.
Now, drop the left... Drop... Good, Brother.
Now lift the left... Lift it... Lift it... Hold it.
- Wow!
- Drop the right... Go... Go.
In most movies, they have: "People
doing these things are professionals."
Do not repeat them without proper training".
Oh yes, that is very important, yes.
So people don't try...
This is not a joke, yes... I
practiced for thirty five years.
We will make your spine strong...
So you can... more or less balance
yourself. So you won't collapse.
That's good... Good, good, good... Get the left down.
That's it... And, move the other way... Come
on, come on... Push! Lift! Lift! There...
Lift, left, push, push, full power!
Let's go, Let's go... Quicker and quicker and quicker
Let's move it... Come on, Let's go... Let's go Brandur!
r, the feet.
Come on, let's go... Let's go...
Full power! Full power!
Come on, come on... Left down, left down...
Ok, Relax... All right.
Bring the arm down, relax your hand, very good Brother.
You are sweating! Finally!
From Iceland to here: Sweat! Yes!
So sweat means, he's working!
Yeah he's home.
Yes! Yes...
We're getting all the pizza out!
It was very interesting, you
know. You ask Rajendra, you know...
Brandur, I was bringing this toilet...
And I said it's a present for my Brother...
It's a present from me...
And one of our Brothers said "Anyways, you
will get 2000 Euros, so that is nothing"...
Its's amazing, huh? This is... You know...
People don't believe that
everything is free... It's amazing...
People always have this idea: You
have something else in your mind.
It doesn't matter if it is in Nepal or the West...
Everywhere it's the same, it's amazing to think that...
They always believe... "How can you give for free?"
- But when did we have anything?
- Yeah.
We never had anything...
I give him the work, you know, the day he walks,
that's the greatest present that I would ever have.
Yeah sure.
And maybe my Teachers would say:
"Yes, that's why we trained you for"...
He's trying to wrestle... He's losing.
...Losing to a quadriplegic...
I thought it would take about a week to create
that movement but we did it in two hours.
So that's a great result, thanks to r and...
Today, we started at six and slowly, slowly...
So tonight I will try to put him to sleep at nine
You know, no wi-fi, no internet, no computers... we can get his brain into rest.
In eight months, he walks...
But we need to keep the same rhythm.
If we do it... Eight months.
But... The question is that: Are we ready?
Because I will be here for this one and a half
month, Then Brandur will be out of my hands.
He could hire a personal trainer
to work with him, you know?
Then why is it not being done?
He needs to do it.
Is there anybody here on the
team, that would be with Brandur?
The girl who has the back problems...
-She probably will continue.
- Yeah...
- And...
- Yeah, Ok.
- It's the only one, yeah.
Yeah, Ok.
So you didn't have this pain before the accident?
The pressure: This created a movement, So that
means your right leg is shorter than your left.
- Ok.
- Ok? So can you tolerate a little bit?
Because this is a muscle that's been pulled,
that's why you have the pain going down.
- Yes - So if I realign it, look
here, that's where the knot is, See.
- This is where the block is, there.
- Yeah.
That is actually pulling the
full nerve, this is the sciatic.
And this is pulled, so I can just clear it now for you.
But it's going to be painful for about one minute.
- Ok?
- Ok.
Take a deep breath and relax all
your muscles, completely, that's it.
Go up, go up, there you are.
All right, bring it down and back...
Relax, relax all your muscles
...the clock, how do I fix the clock...
Relax, that's it,
Now move your back, just move
and feel, rotate your shoulders,
Feel the difference before and now,
What do you feel? I don't feel like the...
- You don't feel the pain?
- No!
I give one more treatment,
whole your life, problem is gone.
- Oh my god!
- I promise you this.
That's why I say the "Science" is limited.
Relax your body completely...
It's healed.
That was the hip joint, it
was completely loose, see that.
Yes? Because the hip joint
was shifted, so now it's balanced.
Oh my God!
I will be running as small
class for you guys as a present.
Just to understand the human energy "atomy".
You have learned the physical "atomy". But there
is something called the human energy "atomy".
Why do you get angry? Why do we feel all these emotions?
Where does it come from?
How does it relate? This technique belongs
to... I don't want to use the word "shaman"
because they never called themselves
"shamans"... Tribal people. And how they use it
in the world of understanding of human behaviour...
Because if you understand that method,
you will understand how he's functioning
I would love to...
Because I understand him, I
completely understand him.
But you also have to understand
that Brandur loves attention.
We already understand that!
So that also doesn't mean he's looking for a
helper, he's just looking for somebody to have...
Yeah, for example. You have
to be careful with that as well.
Like I don't give him the attention,
I go for the work, you know.
Now if my work finished, I will do my things, you know.
But during my time with him, he has to be serious.
I'm coming from that time to that
time and the other times I'm off.
You can talk with me but I'm off. I have my things to do.
So he has a routine, you know,
That routine, he has to respect.
(cars honking)
I have no expectations...
And I don't want anything, I have enough
food, my father is helping me with that.
I'm sure I'm going to die, I don't know when but I will die.
So... I just need some food, it's nice. You
look at my house, It's a present from my dad.
He said: "You help others..."
because I was living in a little room...
I had no bikes, I had no cars, I had nothing...
And my Father is from a quite
wealthy family in Switzerland.
So he said: "Ok, your suffering is
good, but you have your wife and two kids.
And I can't see you dragging them down... So, you
help others, I help the one who helps others."
It's like the film called " The life of the Pi"...
You tell the true story and they don't believe it, so
he gives another story and they believe that better.
I was adopted and... You know... Somewhere...
I came in contact with body work...
You know, as a very young boy,
you know... That was in in 1977...
When we were in Thailand.
For me to... study body work... My
father asked me this question, I remember
he said: "Why do you chose
this field? At such an early age?"
Of course the only answer that comes
to my mind is "To be able to help people".
That's it, just warm it up... Keep the heat.
If it is a lot of pain, you let me know, Ok?
I'm going in.
Ok... Relax completely again, take a deep breath... Ok.
OK... It's good, it's good. You see, that's
what I want. I want all of his leg to react.
And this is the nerve that is blocked on him.
Look, that creates the major impact. Look.
Yeah, yeah.
So what he does: He pulls, Ok?
And this is the nerve that controls the
Hamstring muscles and all the calf muscles.
And also the thigh... So...
- There it is.
- He's reacting very good.
That's what we want: him to shoot.
He will have some pain and I love him.
So this is the nerve that's going
to make him walk. It's this one.
Once this is active, we have it.
If he does this, I think we
will make him walk in ten days.
And I love him.
Brandur? Can you bend your knee?
Right knee, and lift towards you?
Good Brandur, relax... Excellent Brother. Can you
lift it, lift, lift... Good Brother. That's it!
- Rela... Very good!
- Wow!
- Lift it Brother.
- Shit!
- Yes.
- Wow.
Come on! Look how she is.
He has never done this before!
That's what it is. We're going to open his
leg. Come on Brandur! Let's get up! Yes Brandur!
Brandur, lift your right leg. Come
on! Move! Move! Pull! Pull... Go!
Go! Go! keep doing! keep doing! Good! Go faster!
Faster! Come on Brother, that's it! Keep doing, Brother!
Hey you are going! Go! Go for it! That's it,
keep doing! Don't stop. Keep going! Keep going!
Keep doing! Go!
There you are, Ok, relax now a little bit.
That's all we want... Yes... We've
got the knee, we've got the hip.
He will walk... I assure.
She got tears, she got tears,
yes. He will be fine. He will walk...
"Aum Namah Shivaya!"
What do you say in "Sherpa" language to greet?
- Humm?
- "Tashi Deleg".
- "Tashi Deleg".
- "Tashi Deleg".
And any other language?
Right now, I'm starting cupping...
It's a very old system, it's
originally from India, South India.
But it got lost. It was started from the Gypsies.
And Gypsies were the ones who carried it.
The Chinese were the ones who preserved it
They preserved. The Indians lost it. They
kept the Yoga but they lost everything else.
Take a deep breath. Now give the
full power! That's it: Ok, let's go again.
OK! Right down! Left up! Full power! Come on! Move!
Full power! Full power... Come on!
Bring it down! Let's move! Let's move...
- Brandur!
- Hello Rishi!
How are you today? Everybody's face is smiling and...
Yeah, they like seeing me tortured.
I think you feel like you are in a dream, right?
- Yeah, kind of...
- Kind of, yeah...
It's a goo way to...
We all are the same, except Rahul, I think.
Because, he has this belief already, right...
We will call Krishna "Dai". Because he needs to meet him...
Look at that!
You've become the Yoga ball...
I hurt something, something happened... Ahhh...
- Huh?
- At the bottom of my spine.
There was a split of the L4 disk.
So we managed to get it back. But the connecting
tissue around his L4 and L5 was compressed.
His sacrum and coccyx are very
weak. And he has no hip muscles.
He is not the strength that we think. And we forget
that his muscles and bones are not functioning.
So due to that, sometimes we go and we
get excited with him. Because we love him.
But we forget sometimes, you know.
These are the highest "Brahmin" in Nepal.
They are the most respected "Brahmins".
So they come whenever we need support...
It's like a way of blessing...
And removing all these obstacles... So that
the medicine works, the therapy will work...
Everything works to clear that
atmosphere that is around you. Yeah?
(calming music)
...The way he accepted me as a
Brother and Family member, yes...
- It was already a healing moment for me...
- So it's the final...
We're talking about you.
Yeah, very nice... Yes.
I did some some googling, I feel better after
- that - Ok! What did you google?
What did it say?
- Well, a spinal disk dislocation...
- It takes six to ten days to recover.
There you are...
OK... That's it, that's it, that's it... Hold it.
Now... Push.
Keep doing, keep doing... And bring it slowly down.
Relax for a few seconds. So you see that: He has the
capability and Brandur will
bring the hand up straight.
He will do it!
His brain is breathing, but it's breathing towards me.
It's not breathing towards the downside.
It's lucky that Brandur is not with
my teacher, my shamanic teacher...
There was one kid who feel from a roof... Also,
from our tradition... He could not move...
His arms didn't want to move, there was a panic. I
tell you, they used something called "Fire therapy"...
The fire was coming closer and
closer... There was fear, panic...
So he got burned, got quite a bit of strong burns.
But the child automatically moved
and everything went back to normal.
Somewhere I think you are wasting
the money of the government.
And you are not helping the
staff that is taking care of you.
I feel it's not helping at all.
And that will not make you happy,
it will just make you more "down".
"I don't want people to come
and feed me, that's not the idea".
"I want people to tell me to pick up and try to
"eat." You know? So you need motivated people.
I think, this is my idea. I can see
that your movement is excellent.
So what you start here, now, you should not
stop. That's the concept and I trust r.
A hundred percent.
I can see that if you stay like
this: All that you have you will lose.
Yes, you will be able to tell
people. People will listen to you.
But the story is: There is a man that's so
intelligent... And you will lose, you will lose Alma.
I have a feeling you will lose Alma... Because
Alma needs touch, she needs physical feelings.
I know one thing: Brandur can move. If he
is alive and not dead, I know he can move.
So I believe that there is nothing impossible.
But if you believe that it's not possible...
Even if it's possible, it won't work.
You just need to say: "I'm going to
kick my ass" And that's how it works.
It's like the army training, a little bit,
sorry some people don't like the idea.
But that's the only way to kick their butts. It's to move.
Yeah I agree.
Otherwise they will be stuck,
they will never cross that river.
There is a guy in there: "Cross! Cross! Move!
Move! You can! Yes! Yes! And the guys just cross."
-So I think that's what makes us change.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Quick! Quick! Quick!
Faster! Faster! Brandur! Go! Go...
Go! Ok, battery down.
It was a good moment Brother.
We had a full normal movement!
It lasted only five seconds,
but we had a great, great move.
I have a feeling: Very soon...
That there will be a miracle.
That he will do something
that is surprising to all of us.
Up! Up... Right! Right... Go! Go...
You see: Our health, you have to
understand... And that includes Brandur...
It includes myself, I think it's the whole world...
We believe that we have the
capability of making ourselves sick...
and we also have the option of the cure. It's in my hands.
It's not in the doctor's hands, it's not on anybody hands.
The medical science, they can help us
with repairing bones, deep infections...
But when it is in the last stage.
But everything that is before
the damage, we can take care of it.
Each time I'm working with Brandur, I'm
looking at everybody who is next to me.
What is their mentality? how is their behaviour?
What is in their heart? How is their movement?
How is the expression on their face? I also see
that some people have no interest of working.
You understand? So there is no Love... If you
see that you don't have love towards others
that means you don't love yourself.
This is sure, then we can see it very easily... on others.
Do you understand that? Ok?
Relax your mind completely, Alma.
And just focus into your face.
The moment you feel the
warmth, raise your right finger.
Very good Alma, I want you to focus on
that heat and make it very very hot, Alma.
Focus onto your third eye, I'm going to open the heat.
When I open, you will see a light on your third eye.
Just focus, I'm opening right now...
My head had already starting
rocking before. you said it.
Yeah... Like I have already explained
to you in the very beginning in Iceland...
You are a very special person and you
are very powerful in energetic systems...
From my own experience, from what I have
seen. Then yeah, I believe this completely...
I believe all of it.
I don't have a special power, I just love her
and I believe in the electricity that I have.
So Alma is a battery that has low energy...
And I am a battery that is full of energy. So what I just
do is I transform a little
bit of my electricity to Alma.
There is no magic... It's just
being simple and being truthful.
I think this is the base of the word of "healing"
So I would call myself: "A human electrician".
I'm so cold!
Yes, it's very normal! So for forty
five minutes, Alma will be shivering.
So she will have a shivering sensation because all
the electricity is flowing well in her body system...
And she will freeze... Actually, she
will freeze, she will get colder and colder
and then she will feel better, because it
will go down. Cold means transformation.
All that we know about "consciousness"
from Religions is becoming obsolete...
Only Zen Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism seem to have
been touching upon a bunch of different concepts
which are now emerging
from the science of Neurology.
It's just been a few months since they discovered
that electric fields are also means
of communication within our brains.
You can cut communication between this part
of the brain and that part of the brain...
But there can still be information moving
in-between, simply as an electric field.
In Buddhist philosophy, there
are five elements of Nature.
In the West: There are four only. In here, the
five colours represent five elements of Nature.
They are: Air, Water, Space or Sky, Mud and Fire.
And the prayer wheels, they have a
Buddhist prayer: "Om mani padme hum".
They believe that it helps them to get Nirvana.
The main aim of Buddhist life is to get Nirvana.
Our problem is that we have a long time,
we have many Lives. So what
happens, we become very lazy...
We say: "I do it tomorrow... The day after"
tomorrow". So people start forgetting the moment.
Be in this present, right now
Pain is your teacher. "Sukha" is not the
teacher. The lightness is not the teacher.
Lightness is the pleasure but you
do not get results from the pleasure.
Where you get the results, is
from "Duhkha": It's from pain.
Kick! Kick! Lift! Kick! Kick! Lift! Kick! Lift!
Ok. Hold it. So... Yeah. Just try
to see if you have the full thing.
- You want to go for it again?
- Yes!
- Yes, so let's...
- Yeah!
Yes Brother! Ok, come on!
- Hh!
- Move! Move! Move...
...Faster! Faster... Lift! Lift...
Faster! Faster...
Ok, hold it. That's good.
Happy Holi!
(upbeat, Nepalese music)
This is simply my favorite Holiday ever.
- Isn't it?
- Yes.
Let's be here every year.
M.S. and alcohol is like...
I understand you.
She is expecting a long and difficult hangover.
Yeah, a few days maybe.
- Long and what?
- Difficult.
I get hung-overed for... like... Two or three days.
So I'm going to feel very bad.
Well, that's in Iceland, maybe it's better here.
Yeah, I hope so.
My diagnosis is that he had a mild stroke.
Then I feel that Brandur, somewhere became lazy.
You understand? Lazy in the sense
that everything came easy for him.
Brandur wasn't... Although he's capable of studying...
He had no patience for sitting and studying
and... He only wanted to learn a few select things
For instance, as a child, it started that way, he
said: "I see no purpose in learning writing "letters".
It's plenty enough to know how to write "numbers".
And the subjects he didn't enjoy, he
didn't learn and so he failed at them.
The guy put my beard on fire
in the middle of class, one time.
It was... not funny, but he found it to be hilarious.
Both of us were rather lazy
and not ready to be responsible...
we ended up repeating our first year of high
school and found ourselves in the same class...
Got to know each other
better and started hanging out...
We were inseparable during that time, around twenty...
I realised that Danes are fine, Swedes are...
Swedes are boring, all these
geezers are really boring...
It's the Icelanders you meet here who are the most fun!
That's good.
So there isn't much of a purpose to come here...
to "Roskilde" other than
experiencing getting wasted...
Uhhh! Prejudice Alert!
Shush, No! Getting wasted in a different climate.
Yeah... When the boys decided to make a documentary
about us Icelanders going to the "Roskilde" festival.
Yeah... There was no seriousness in
him. He was a really bright guy but...
He had no objective other than playing around.
-But I mean, he has someone really solid
in his life, someone great: His mom...
who is a really a fantastic and sweet person.
He had been at the University for
a few years, trying this and that...
He ended up in Physics and
thought he had found his place.
One cannot know how it would have gone. He
got so ill that he couldn't stay in class.
He has this charm, which gets
people believing he is more than he is.
I can easily imagine that other people who
know him less or don't know him at all...
They maybe approach him completely differently.
I can imagine he gets more attention from people.
I think people listen to him more
since he got ill. More than before.
He is willing to use this to get
what he needs and do his thing...
But I also believe that he has
had enough of people pitying him.
So for him to entertain himself: What
he does is he tries to go into his mind.
Try to teach, because at least he can be useful.
But by doing that, he's forgetting himself...
So energetically, I think this
is connected with the Father.
So somewhere, he has an issue with his dad.
He didn't learn that fire, on him.
If he had that fire, he could have
recovered already a long time ago.
"Sometimes, one is the leaf, floating down the river...
And sometimes, one is the riverbed itself."
Now I'm only the leaf.
If I say... For forty years of my work up to now...
We have brought a minimum of
ten people out of their wheelchairs.
Walking. Very nice... One was from India.
Completely smashed, I think I did talk about it.
So Brandur's case for me is easier.
Brandur could even get up next month, we don't know.
Maybe ten days... It's like... He needs to click himself.
How was your mind in the evening? In the night?
- There was nothing special?
- No it was...
- He was pissed.
- He was pissed off?
Pissed off with what? Just life? In general? Yeah?
In his mind, I'm like his father.
It's good to have it during the therapy.
But we also have to beware that once
I take that role, then I can't help him.
I saw a tear... And an emotion in you.
And it was just on the way out, nobody saw it... I
was... Ok, I got the point, it's time to give him a break.
It's like a bad connection sometimes...
So, it's like I send four signals
and only one gets through
but, you know, that "one" gets through at least.
So I think, when we started... It was
like I had to send maybe fifteen signals...
...before one got through.
So what I imagine, with continued exercise
is that eventually, every signal will get through...
Brandur has been disappointed so often, he has taken...
A year ago, he spent three
months at the physiotherapy
clinic and dedicated himself 150% to the exercises.
He worked out like crazy, but the
progress was... pretty much nothing...
But a few days here with Rahul... Just wow,
what has happened, what he's gotten up.
More control and movements, strength
and his muscles all coming back somehow.
I think a miracle can happen here.
He's going to make insane progress
if he keeps it up for a year or so...
it will be great to see Brandur after a year.
She's asking for that strength, to satisfy Brandur.
That's what's she's asking me, she's
saying "please help me to gain more power."
But to give her power, the only one is Brandur.
What I can do is I can give more of confidence levels...
You know? But the enthusiasm
and the movement, it's Brandur's...
Not only for him, but also for her.
- They'll be pushing each other forwards.
- I think it's very beautiful, yeah.
So now, bring it up, bring it up... Look how it is...
- He can control completely the right knee.
- This one is very good.
So if Brandur was a case, like one month
from the moment he had this kind of crisis...
Then it would be much easier.
To treat an issue is easy, but to
treat a habit, it's very, very difficult.
- For seven years - It's seven years
of being in a certain state of mentality.
This is were the problem is.
Full power Brandur, come on,
let's go! Let's go... Excellent Brandur!
Yes, you can see the stick is bending well!
...Let's go! Let's go! Come on you can do this...
...Come on, let's go, let's go Brandur...
...Come on... Full power...
Yes! You can take a deep breath,
You did well! Yes fantastic...
See this one is good, now we have this one.
That's another muscle, that's the "triceps".
(soft, quiet music)
Hold! Hold! Full power, Brandur! Hold it!
Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! Don't give up! Hold it! Hold it...
Keep the power! Keep the power! Keep the power!
Now slowly go down with the breathing out.
Fantastic Brandur.
Fantastic brother. Very very satisfied.
It's a full force... It's a full cobra!
He has done so much.
He did so much... We are very proud of you.
So we had him on the cobra...
With his chest up! We had a nice seven inch
to ten inch. You had a very good position.
That's it Brother! Come on! Come on Brandur!
Yeah! You're doing well!
- Alma?
- Yes.
- Are you Ok?
- Uh?
- Are you Ok?
- I'm getting sick.
- Oh no! Jesus Christ!
- Shit... Not now...
I'm going to blame you all... You've all been sick.
We all got it here.
Now you gave it to me.
- Oh my God!
- Wedding "Sarees"!
There are some, you know, small hand-cuts...
It's yours.
You want to try it out?
Yeah! Of course I want to! Oh my God...
- I love your boobs! Looking good!
- I know.
Yeah... I want to invite you and
you and Vanida to the wedding.
Thank you so much! We'll come!
I'm trying to make them alive, I'm trying to make them
truly live this life and have a meaningful life...
So when you go, you have no regrets.
When I work, I'm not working
on Brandur, I'm working on myself.
So if there is somebody out there, I will be
very happy to train, but I need that "Will".
I need that force, I need that power!
Hello, there's r! Look! The goat!
You see, now, here, he prays for the soul of the goat...
There is a prayer there, that's happening.
My heartbeat is like...
I can't watch it.
But this is how it is.
Brandur is getting dressed...
And this, she cannot remove, so the day
that that this will come out of her neck
is the day that the husband passed away...
So this is such a promise, you can
see that. This, she can never remove...
So this removed, means you are divorced.
So this is the main thing, so without
these beads, you don't get married in here.
Oh shit, is this Brandur?
The prince of Nepal!
The bride is coming... Ok, she's coming... She's coming!
Heel up from the ground! Only then, go down. Up and down!
Very good Brother!
So this sequence never stops until the end of
the work. Every-time, we have to do this one.
Because this is the muscle that
separates him from coming together...
That's an explosion of... This is nothing!
Look at this one, this looks crazy, look at me!
Look at it here. It's "Rahul Prahdal"
you know. Look here, I look like a mafioso.
And these are all my feedings, my programs.
This is all about my work, my
music so they write everything.
- You made music?
- I made an album!
You made an album?
I made a whole... It became very famous.
I had never sung in my life
but it became very, very famous.
I made it like this: "Pani Jindagani..."
It says: "life is like water, it just carries on", you know?
Yes? It really... Well.. It was a crazy time.
Lock your elbow! Lock your elbow!
Lock your elbow! Fantastic Brandur!
Now go down again. Down, down...
No, I don't want to.
- You don't want?
- No
He wants to...
Ah, he wants to stay... OK.
Ok, hold it. Ah yes! We'll have
you crawling very soon, baby!
Yes, that's it. This is something new for him.
Yeah! We got the magical moment! Well done Brandur!
Shitty tree...
No, you're doing great, sweetie.
...And I've met all kinds of wonderful people
here. Got to know this great culture that you have
and I am very excited and I
hope to come here many times
as I have learned that Nepal is at a turning point. You
have only gotten a new constitution a few years ago...
So it will be very exciting to see over the next
decades how this is going
to affect Nepalese society
and it's art culture.
(somber music)
- Please.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry I didn't get up.
My wife here was a Professor in College.
Ah, Ok?
Just now, retired from College.
- What did you teach?
- Political Science.
Ah, Ok, of course.
I'm very honoured to meet both of you. I'm
very interested in learning about politics.
You know he is our hero. He is
actually the one who brought peace...
and you know, you can read a lot about him.
Yeah I read a lot about you on the internet.
He's actually our hero from Nepal, we are able to
rest today... I think we are able to rest in peace
because of... my Brother, that's what I believe.
I was the government
negotiator of the peace process.
On the government side, I was their negotiator,
to bring the Maoists in the mainstream
that means in the political
mainstream, the democratic system.
Yeah, that's incredible.
Now they are in the parliament,
they are in the government.
- Yeah.
- Correct.
I was the President of the draft
committee of the constitution also.
The constitution that's now in Nepal, I was
the President of it's drafting committee.
- Ah ok?
- In the parliament.
I met a woman named Gurun, who is in a
wheelchair. She played some role in that process.
She was telling me a little bit about it.
I brought a gift for you,
from the President of Iceland.
- We brought you this book.
- Thank you, thank you very much.
- Inside, he wrote...
- He signed and...
So these are pictures of...
Thank you very much, and you'll
convey my thanks to Mr. President also, ok?
I will do that, yes.
One year. My guarantee: I make him walk. This is a 100%.
Now he can do this...
- "Daniabad"
-Twenty seven days...
You should center in one point.
Correct, yeah.
- In one thing!
- In one thing, correct.
- Because God is One.
- God is one, correct.
There is no "Two", there is only One. In this universe.
To activate all the nervous system,
you have to go into the third eye.
If, all the time, you concentrate
yourself here, a little single point.
Yeah... I think over the past years,
I've been distibuting my mind, all over
- to try to...
- Too many places...
Yeah... I want to understand everybody
and everything, maybe that's my problem.
I should have prepared a question, I...
- Yes! That's why I said to you...
- I know..
...He is the hero of our country because
I thought you will forget the main topic.
I will tell you one thing, it's
something very interesting...
People come to me... I'm sorry, I'm not proud about it...
People come to me and say: "Please Rahul, Help me".
So these are the people I have seen up to now. Ok?
Now I have a case that is
mentally and physically challenging.
For me it is interesting for my study.
How do I change a man from this "stuckness"
of his own concept into his physical body?
So it's actually a great study for me... It
is not only for Brandur: It's also for me.
Now push! Push! Brandur! Come on! Let's
go! Let's go! Let's go Brandur! Let's go!
That's it! That's it! That's it! Brandur! Excellent!
Look at what he can do. Watch! Watch! Watch! Watch...
Watch! Look! How far he can move now, with a twist.
He's controlling the full stick!
Wow, that's amazing!
Like he said: "95%, I am ready. 5%, I am not".
So from my point of view: 5% he was ready. 95%
he was not ready, so it was exactly the opposite.
But now I feel, He's now on about 70%,
he believes in. 30% are still remaining.
Hi, welcome home!
- Hello!
- She doesn't have a leash.
Myrra, come here! come! come!
- She's peeing everywhere...
- Oh my god...
Katla... Katla!
...And down... Up!
...Do the arms?
Come here.
Well done.
- What's up?!
- Hey! Hello!
Hi! how are you?
- Very good and how's Brandur doing?
- Very good... We also have Logi.
- Working out?
- Yeah, we're working out!
- Uh?
- Yes.
Ready for the physical?
I'm already doing it.
Fantastic Alma, I just finished my
morning exercises with the students.
- ...So tomorrow, I'm leaving to Paris.
- Ok.
And then, the day after tomorrow,
I fly to somewhere in France.
Ass coming through... coming through.
Now, I'll start, I'll try to flip to my stomach.
I find it really nice to wake up this early,
It makes the day so much longer and... Yeah...
So I came home and I assumed I
would go to the physiotherapy clinic...
I could go on my own but my physiotherapist is sick...
I want to be stronger in my body and also in my mind...
But the M.S. disease is very unpredictable...
I could have an attack at any moment
and it could damage something...
...But I'm not entertaining these thoughts.
I signed up for a Yoga teacher
course... Which I failed because...
I started... but failed because I couldn't afford
it and I wasn't really committing 100%... It was...
I didn't really know what I was doing... But...
But I'm happy with myself having at least gone
there and tried, stayed with it for a bit...
And then all sort of stuff, I started going to
"FabLab"... For a time... and that was great.
...Trying to find the creativity within.
But you know, I haven't done anything
like this, for myself, for many years...
And I decided that I'm going to start to do "the work" now...
I'm going through a big "transformation" these days...
Because I don't know who I am...
People ask "So, what are your interests? What do you do?"
It's always the same answer: "I don't know".
I love coming here. It helps my mental health
a lot because I'm not on the job market.
I haven't been on the job market for a while...
And its very hard to be home and not do anything.
I don't like it, I try to stay active...
Nothing happens unless you make it happen.
I love Brandur with all my heart
and all my cells and atoms...
But somehow I couldn't be the person that I was in
the relationship because I couldn't give anything...
I just was there...
I just was there, like a ghost.
I realised that I had to go into intensive self-work
and work on things that I had never worked through,
All sorts of things. All the way from childhood...
So I started seeing a psychologist which
was great and then moved back to my flat.
(soft, piano music)
I spent about two months... Watching
daily news and twice, three times a day...
I would check the latest updates
and watched videos and studied...
So I got to know why they are creating
thousands of different cryptocurrencies,
But I... I'm starting to notice it, I check way to
much... I close facebook, go and do something else,
five minutes later, I'm opening facebook
again... Just to check. Are there any messages?
I, sometimes, feel like it's somehow the purpose of
existence to check if someone
is trying to contact you.
I feel like it's a responsibility,
for me, to have to answer.
I'm really fortunate. I've gotten a
group of Dutch people in my home:
Iris and Niels and Anatine who is their child.
They came... Iris is a physiotherapist,
she studied with Rahul a long time ago
and she took me through a very strict training.
I could never have done this without her. To
be able to stay disciplined through it all.
Yes, that's it... Beautiful... Beautiful...
Ok... Give me three of these movements and we're done...
Perfect, I feel a lot of activity in
your lower back... This is excellent.
There has been some drama in his personal life, so
emotionally I think he was having a really hard time.
He needed to overcome some boundaries...
We had a really good talk,
where we talked about the future
and about... how the commitment
is from his side... into this project...
And before, he refused to go back to Nepal,
but then, that night, after that talk
he decided that he was going to go back to Nepal.
And I think for him, that was a really big change.
So Nepal has been very hard on him the last time...
And I think he was afraid of going
back into that same experience.
And he talked about being really scared of breaking,
whatever that means for him in his interpretation.
But I think by his decision of
going back to Nepal this spring...
He actually jumped some boundaries
that he wasn't able to push himself past before...
The insight of the day is that we are not
our thoughts... We are not our feelings.
I've been experiencing it a lot during the break
up, there have been thoughts coming to my mind
which are in conflict with
things that I know to be true.
- Did you miss this chair?
- No.
- Two months of uncomfort, for you.
- Fuck.
Oh, that's nice.
So I'm going to show you all the movement of the shock...
Yeah? And we are going to also
connect his brain stem with his tailbone.
We will connect it.
When we came, there was always
fog, clouds and smoke and noise...
Now, everything is so clean, the
air is lovely, it's all quiet and calm.
We have it pretty great in this lockdown.
In eight months, he walks...
...But we need to keep the same rhythm...
...If we do it... eight months...
I never came in Films. Many wanted
to film me, Now, I challenge Brandur...
Why did I challenge him? Because
I know the mentality of Brandur
And I cornered him, I cornered him with this film.
This film is a big mistake for him. I
would say, if he had planned something.
Now, I challenge Brandur. That's what I did.
So now, how is it going to go. I will see it!
Brandur has no way to escape. He has no way to escape.
Either he gets up or he faces the consequences.
"I have no doubt, he can recover, but how his
mentality is, that I cannot give guarantee..."
"I can give guarantee on his physical body. The
way he is going now, if he continues like this..."
"I don't want him to go into this part in his mind,
where it is maybe possible, maybe not possible..."
"Don't hang in there, go 100%,
what is the worst that could happen?..."
"There is no worst, you only will benefit,
So why not think in a positive way?..."
"So this is what I want to feed Brandur, from
my point of view, it's a very light case..."
I feel like I'm in the "shame corner"...
There has been a build up of grandiose
expectations, surrounding all of this.
All this process... And a whole lot of people have put
a whole lot of energy in getting me back on my feet...
And... Things haven't gone as fast as many have hoped.
And it has been quite the
"emotional roller coaster" for me...
To have people coming in and participating
with... certain ideas of "saving" me or... Yeah...
...Perform a Miracle...
To have lost all my strength, little by little and...
...To cope with that... I looked at the worst
case scenario, that I was just going to die...
and I tackled it somehow: "Ok, I'm going to die".
And then once that stopped distressing me too hard...
then I managed, somehow, to live a decent life...
It was all a bonus, all these moments... But...
I think I didn't realise at the
time, and still don't fully realise
for the renouncement which was attached to this.
And... What I get out of this whole
adventure is a certain "Will to live".
That... I don't want to die, at all.
I am going to try to live as long as I can and I
hope that I'll live long enough to get to walk.
And regain as much of my movements as I can.
Yeah. Towards all the people who have put so much
work into this... I do experience some guilt.
I could have done better. I
didn't commit enough but then...
Something happened when I went
to Nepal the second time around.
I felt a calmness in it... And...
I know that I am trying to follow the
program. No matter what other people think,
I am...
I am trying to learn how I function,
so I can squeeze more from myself.
And lead myself in the right direction
and avoid bad habits and all that.
But, on that note, I can comfort myself because I know I
haven't given up and I don't worry that I might give up.
I am going to continue, no matter who comes and goes.
I will continue to look for people who can help me.
And I have learned a lot by having people coming in,
who show up with lots of energy and then burn out.
Because they encounter the
great difficulty of dealing with me.
But... But... Yeah, I keep going forward... And...
It will come in the end.
(upbeat, uplifting music)
...The spine is already functioning in a stronger way...
...You see he's going straight now...
This is already a great improvement...
...Down... And relax your face completely, OK...
No mouth reaction, breathe in, breathe in..That's it...
There you are.
(music fades)