Atone (2019) Movie Script

[ominous music]
[indistinct chatter]
Oh, too heavy.
[woman whimpers
I need you.
No, no! [screams]
- [heartbeat]
- [gasps]
[acoustic guitar music]
What's your demon?
What's your giant?
[man drums]
Did you fight it?
And did you lose?
Lost and ragin'
Fires burnin'
God bless you.
Is this Delilah
Or is this a muse?
Now do you run
Or do you crawl behind?
Dig a grave
You've gotta choose
Temptation is sweet
But sticky like honey
Looks like love
But don't dare
you be confused
[both grunt]
Yeah, you were searching
for the land of
Milk and honey
And now
You're hangin' from a noose
Yeah, you were
searching for the land of
Milk and honey
And now you're hangin'
from a noose
[indistinct chatter]
Now she's bound you
Trimmed you hairless
You're not a man
She'll go on and
turn you loose
Temptation's sweet
But sticky like honey
Looks like love
But don't dare
you be confused
Yeah, you were searching
for the land of
Milk and honey
And now
You're hangin' from a noose
Yeah, you were searching
for the land of
Milk and honey
And now
You're hangin' from a noose
[heartbeat quickening]
- [both grunt]
- [thuds]
[calm music]
[sighs, groans]
The day won't go away, Mommy.
Grandpa said you have
to be ready at 8.
- [laughs]
- [groans]
- Okay, I'm getting up.
- [grunts]
- Come on.
- Alright.
We can't be late
and you can't be fat.
I'm not fat.
Not yet.
- I'll go get your clothes.
- Okay.
I'm gonna make you lunch.
Homework done.
Teeth, face, hair,
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
[coffee pouring]
[bluesy rock music playing]
[Clarke] What are you
doing with those thugs?
[shuts off music]
I know what tomorrow is.
It's been a tough year for you.
But at some point,
you have to stop this.
come to the church.
I'm not going to that church.
The bank called.
Your reference.
Ninety days behind, Laura.
You don't want to
lose this place, do you?
It's one of the few stable
things in Kate's life.
Kate is fine.
No, she's not.
And you should see that.
Open the door.
[locks clicking]
Ah, there's my sweetheart!
Oh, gosh.
You look more and more
like your grandma did
when she was your age.
Are you still surprising
Mommy today?
I am.
You didn't spill the beans,
did you?
But it was so hard!
Good, you know how your
mom is about surprises.
- Grumpy pants.
- [both laugh]
[dramatic music]
[door buzzing]
Girl, this is really nice.
It sure is.
I can hardly wait till Sunday.
Wonder how many
people will show up.
Probably a lot.
And you know, they're doing
such a good job with our...
Copy that.
[indistinct chatter]
[birds chirping]
[children playing
in the distance]
So, here you go.
You know the drill.
I want you to go straight home
and don't open the door
until I get there.
Hey, something wrong?
Daddy died today
one year ago.
I know.
Can I just come to the
new church with you today?
- No.
- Please?
We talked about this,
You can't miss any more
days of school.
Hey, I got something for you.
[calm music]
It's a bright color.
And it's a bright day.
Alright, kiddo.
Go ahead. Get to class
before the bell rings.
I love you.
[children continue playing]
[engine revving]
[dramatic music]
[car approaching]
- [car door opens]
- [Laura] Ugh.
There she is.
More beautiful than I remember.
- Ah.
- Laura.
You didn't tell her, did you?
No, I didn't want to
spoil the surprise.
- [chuckles]
- Surprise? What surprise?
Well, we won't keep you
waiting too long on it,
but first,
I want you to meet Xander.
Xander, Laura Bishop,
your new protg.
Former military,
former lawyer.
Heck, she might've had
your job if she didn't quit.
- [Clarke chuckles]
- Shall we?
I know. I'm fifteen
minutes behind schedule.
Well, they can't start
without you.
Well, no, they can't.
Then you're on time.
Ha! That's what
I'm talking about.
What would I do
without you, Xander?
I don't know.
You wouldn't be able to handle
all this without me.
That is true.
Do me a favor.
Will you prep her while I, uh,
get up to this deacons
meeting with Clarke?
Yeah, sure.
Yes, Reverend.
That's better.
Clarke, shall we?
Do me a favor.
Will you run up ahead?
I just gotta stop at
my office for a second.
- Sure.
- Alright, thank you.
[Xander] Started working on
security for the new building
a month after you left.
They hired me to replace you so
I guess I should say thank you.
No. You don't have
to thank me.
Cameras in all directions,
That glass is bulletproof.
All doors have automatic locks.
You don't think it's
a bit much for a church?
Memphis, Tennessee.
Armed protestors
stormed a church.
Two men were arrested
for planning a mass attack
at their local church.
South Carolina,
nine dead.
Bottom line,
it's all a bit much.
Till it isn't.
[dramatic music]
[elevator beeping]
There's more?
[elevator beeping]
It's a subbasement.
Level three.
Sanctuary's the heart.
This is the brain.
In the event of
a natural disaster,
this floor alone could house
up to five thousand people.
Like a modern day ark.
State flags represent
the church's reach.
I'd like to have that wall
filled in a year.
Well, a lot has changed
in the last year.
Mark's been working hard.
We all have.
[keyboard clacking]
[telephone ringing]
[door sliding open]
Jenny, Tank.
Meet Laura Bishop,
our newest member,
Clarke's daughter.
Hi, I'm Jenny.
What happened to your face?
Oh, Mike Tyson got lucky.
[both laugh]
She's got a sense of humor.
We're gonna get along
just fine. I'm Tank.
Nice to meet you.
This is where you will
start your shift every day.
You'll primarily have
exterior patrol.
Fridays are the slow days.
Tank, do me a favor.
Get her personnel info
on file, please.
I'll be outside.
I was just telling, uh,
Rusty here about
how glad we are that
this thing's finally
about ready to get opened
here, you know?
It's about time.
Gentlemen, hope I didn't
keep you waiting too long.
Punctuality is a virtue.
- Reverend, very good to see you.
- Carl.
What do you say?
What do you know?
How you doin'?
Better be seen than viewed,
young man.
- [laughs]
- How you doin', Rusty?
- [mumbles]
- You old silver grey fox you.
Oh, I'm excited.
Can you believe that
it's only three days out
till we open our new chapter?
Let's get you back
top side.
The deacons wanted
to have a word with you.
Last thing.
Room 139.
This is where we house
the emergency exit.
It's the only way out from this
floor if the elevators go down.
This says, uh, "janitor".
Yep, hidden in plain sight.
[dramatic music]
Pray you never have to see it.
Things have
come together nicely.
Thank you.
[Rusty] I still do not
believe this move is...
But, as you all know,
I got outvoted.
Well, Rusty,
you're always slow to change.
People have lost faith.
This building screams faith.
- Amen.
- Something to aspire to.
Speaking of lost faith,
guess who's back today?
[dramatic music]
Hey, why are those guys
in military formation?
Xander's training for
opening day.
Laura, please take a seat.
Laura, these are new.
Small reference.
- You should take it.
- Hmm.
[Mark] Laura I know you
don't like surprises,
so I'll just not keep you
waiting any longer.
I also know you haven't
been around the church much
since you lost David.
That is,
since David passed away.
And we all know how much
David loved the kids
and dedicated to
the kids of the church.
- Mm-hmm.
- So we decided...
to honor David
and dedicate the new wing
to him.
[turns on TV]
[instrumental music]
From this day forward,
it'll be known as the
David A. Bishop Youth Wing.
[all clap]
That's um...
That's really kind of you all.
Would you excuse me
for one minute?
[door opening]
[door closing]
It's okay.
She just needs time to process.
Well, we can, uh,
proceed with our business and
return to this matter later.
That's a good idea, Carl.
If we could all open our books
and turn to page one.
[dramatic music]
[heartbeat quickening]
[distorted sounds]
[high-pitched tone]
[elevator dinging]
[dramatic music]
Silver, Orange,
third floor.
Yellow, Green,
second floor.
Blue, Red,
secure the conference room.
[White] Cell phones
won't work with this
high-tech security
running through the ceilings.
And because it's not due
to open for another 48 hours,
any chance of help from
the outside is virtually zero.
[cocks gun]
All floors locked down.
Cell signals are jammed.
Whenever you're ready.
Let there be night.
Between 2014
and 2016
from our collection...
Oh, great.
[Clarke] Reverend, what's
going on with your lights?
I paid the
over-expensive light.
What's going on?
One of the grunts
probably tripped a line.
Security system's
still in tact, though.
It's on a different circuit.
Control, this is Alpha.
Trip back ups, please.
I need all doors unlocked.
[loads gun]
[intense music]
Mark, get down.
- [grunts, thuds]
- [man] Sarah!
- Are you okay?
- [Xander] Stay there.
Go on, do something!
Baby, are you okay?
Shaw, what is going on here?
- Baby.
- [Xander] Guys,
I need you in that corner.
Quickly, please, quickly.
Xander, are we alright?
Open the door.
I don't know
what's going on here,
but I'll let the police
deal with it.
- [dramatic music]
- [heartbeat]
[chain rattling]
[grunts, thuds]
Were those gunshots?
No. I know gunshots.
Those most definitely
were not gunshots.
[light powering on]
Where are you going?
This woman still got in here.
You swept the whole place?
Yeah, but she got past me.
You better find her
before Black finds out.
Come on, man, I got this.
Just check.
[cocks gun]
I hope this doesn't
have anything to do
with our new hire.
I've always questioned
your intelligence.
Thank you for
providing the answer.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Gentlemen, take it easy.
Xander, do not
jump to conclusions.
I can vouch for Laura.
Clarke, we cannot afford
to turn on each other now.
Just relax, please.
Now, we have a system,
a protocol,
and it is gonna be infallible,
right, Xander?
It's the best money can buy.
[door rattling]
Control, come in.
Control, where are you?
I know your minds are
flooded with questions.
Questions that,
with patience, will subside,
as I do not relish
in indecisiveness.
[Xander] I don't know who
you are or what you want.
I'm Xander Worth.
I'm head of security.
I know who you are, Mr. Worth,
and I know who you are not,
so spare me the macho rhetoric
and understand
you are not in control
of anything.
My name is
Reverend Mark Shaw.
I'm the head of this church.
Now, y-you seem like
a reasonable man.
Whatever it is you want,
just let me know,
and you and I can
work this out.
And you, Reverend,
my favorite reverend,
from the impoverished streets
of Memphis, Tennessee
to the powerful pulpit
of Bethel Community Church.
Listen, genius.
Reciting facts you can find
on any online bio about this man
doesn't exactly infuse us
with a sense of
shock and awe that
I'm sure you were going for.
How's that for shock and awe?
[indistinct chatter]
Now that your mouths are closed
and your eyes are open,
we'll make this simple.
Sir, what is it that you want?
Harming us will achieve nothing
but more hurt, more bloodshed.
I'd like to come up with a
reasonable resolution with you.
One that we can all live with.
always with the silver...
should I say, golden...
Ah, I believe that relationships
require a give and take
as well as trust
to be fruitful.
So given the abrupt
beginning to our relationship,
let me start first by
offering some goodwill.
How kind.
I will allow
one person to leave.
They will be allowed to
wait in the delivery area
until our purpose here
is complete.
When we leave,
they'll be allowed to leave.
How do we know you
won't kill 'em once he's out?
If you cooperate and
simply follow my rules,
everyone will make it
outta here alive and well.
If not,
well, you made that decision.
Please confirm.
You have one minute.
And oh, one person.
Any more than that,
and you will have
revoked my goodwill.
[Carl] Oh, baby,
it's okay, it's okay.
W-We're gonna get
you out of here.
I promise,
we'll get you out of here.
She leaves.
She goes.
Yes, Carl,
that's a good idea.
Women and children
always go first.
There's no kids here.
Sh-she goes.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- No, baby.
I'm gonna follow her out.
- I'll duck behind her,
- [cocks gun]
by the time they see me,
I'll be all over 'em.
They're not gonna shoot her.
How do you know
they won't shoot her?
And how do you know
how many are out there?
Easy, Clarke.
You said you heard a gun.
There's two of them
down there.
How many did you see?
There might've been two,
but I only saw one.
Right, she saw one.
I don't think it's a good idea.
It's not smart.
What Clarke?
Your daughter's gonna save us?
I have a plan.
I'll handle it.
Why don't one of us go?
Just in case it
might be a ruse.
[tense music]
[gun cocking]
- [Xander] You ready?
- Be careful.
Come on,
let's get her out of here.
Come on.
Are you sure?
I'm the head of security
for a reason.
[cocks gun]
It's gonna be alright.
Come on, it's gonna be okay.
Just keep your faith.
W-What happened, Xander?
[doorknob rattling]
[door opening, closing]
[door opening]
[ominous music]
Can I just come to the new
church with you today?
[dramatic music]
[door opening]
Hold it.
[Laura pants]
We're going downstairs.
You let me find my little girl,
I'll let you live.
- [screams]
- [thuds]
- [gunfire]
- [thuds]
Where's Sarah?
No, no, no, no!
- [blow landing]
- [both grunt]
Calm down, old man.
Alright, Xander,
get off of him. Relax.
Relax, old fella.
Follow rules, Mr. Worth.
Are you one of those
"Do as I say,
not as I do"
type of fellas?
You didn't have to kill her.
You didn't have to
break my rule.
She didn't.
He did.
I find the consequences
of one's sins is
rarely borne by that person.
It's really borne by
the people around them.
And Mr. Worth's
sins of deception
was felt by that poor woman.
Well, since that was
an utter failure,
let's proceed to do
what we must do
to leave here alive, hmm?
There's a laptop there,
under the table.
Please open it.
Not you.
You are the treasurer and CFO
and have access
to all the accounts.
So you will transfer
all the funds
to the bank account that is
open on the terminal page.
[dramatic music]
Wait... wait a minute.
He doesn't know how to do that!
Yes, he does.
The bank account reads what,
[keyboard clacking]
Ten million,
four hundred thousand.
And in the pastor's fund?
Please tell me there is
no pastor's account.
We set up an account.
A pastor's account,
that would not technically be
income to the Reverend
nor the Church.
And the Reverend
spends from that account.
How much?
4.1 million.
Now, please execute
this transaction.
- [clattering]
- No!
No! No!
We can't give him the money.
Don't you understand?
are you speaking out of
concern for the
lives of your sheep
or the loss of your luxury
home, car, boat, and
- apartments for your mistresses?
- You shut your mouth!
Do you hear me?
Shut your mouth!
You son of a gun.
This isn't some mafia family,
this is a church!
You have a board.
And you two sicken me.
I thought your toys were
paid for by your books.
Books? [laughs]
Has anyone checked
his book sales?
And I thought you were
the real thing.
Simply enter the two account
numbers in the first field.
Enter pound total into
the second and press enter.
Give him what he wants.
Confirming the funds.
We need that money.
- It's there?
- It's there.
[distant gunfire]
[tense music]
- [grunts]
- [gunfire]
- [grunts]
- [clanging]
- [both grunt]
- [blow landing]
- [both scream]
- [thuds]
[both yell]
Your turn.
[blow landing]
[distant gunfire]
Guess those weren't
gunshots either.
Lets get our boys and bail.
Not yet.
- [radio static]
- [Laura] Hello?
Kind greetings.
Who do I have the
pleasure of speaking with?
A witness.
Someone who wants to go
along with her business.
But first, I need something.
Well, that presents us
with a problem.
A couple of my friends
seem to be missing.
Have you happened to see them?
Well, if I have?
Then they should
return to me unharmed,
and we can
consider your request.
And if I haven't?
Then they should
return to me unharmed,
and we will
consider your request.
And if I don't?
Then you don't.
I guess we're at an impasse.
Since our paths are
bound to cross,
can I have the
pleasure of knowing
who it is I'm speaking with?
And give away the
element of surprise?
I hate surprises.
That sounds like we have
something in common.
I will see you soon.
Not before I see you.
[dramatic music]
Find her.
- Bro, she's not worth it...
- Find her.
[gun clanging]
Attention, team.
There seems to be a
loose end we need to clip.
Find her.
Kill her.
Black out.
[loads gun]
- [cocks gun] Who are you?
- [screams]
Shannon. HR.
I heard the shots so I hid.
Where's Cindy?
Y-you mean Sarah?
They took her.
You let 'em?
I don't... [sighs]
I'm not good with guns.
You never told me your name.
Laura Bishop.
Clarke's kid?
What a welcome back, huh?
I don't remember you.
Laura Bishop.
So, I guess it's true
what they said?
Former secret
operations soldier,
or something,
settled down to be a mom.
You know, I wanted to hear...
Oh, God.
The little girl.
Where is she?
Where is she?
- The little girl.
- I-I don't...
Are you with them?
No! No.
I don't believe you.
Look at them.
And now, look at me.
I saw dudes with guns,
so I hid in the supply closet.
Why'd you come out?
I'm afraid of the dark.
We are gonna get
out of here, right?
I am.
You can find your own way.
No, we am.
I don't have time for this.
Do not follow me.
[dramatic music]
Alright, lads.
Eyes on third floor.
Third room on the left.
Check it out.
That didn't take long.
Time for phase three.
[door opening]
[heartbeat quickening]
[door rattling]
Phase three?
There's only two phases.
No, there's always
been three.
But I couldn't share
until I secured the first two.
I said let's go.
I'm sorry, brother.
You hypocrite.
You wouldn't have helped
me if I told you the truth.
You're a liar.
You think I'm gonna go
to jail because of you?
Well, believe me, I'll blow
your brains out right now.
Put the gun down, friend.
You've been a strong soldier
since our days over in Baghdad,
but for the greater good
requires a greater sacrifice.
Or, kill me.
Because I'm not leaving.
Your wife will have
enough to be okay.
Brothers in arms.
I need you to help me
finish this, man.
- Ooh-rah!
- Ooh-rah!
[guns clacking]
It's like...
people with guns,
and like...
I'm like...
I'm really scared.
I'm gonna go up there,
and I'm gonna keep
looking for my daughter.
No, no, no, no, no.
I have to come with you.
- No, Shannon, you can't.
- No, I have to come with you.
No, no, Shannon.
You can't go with me. No.
But-but, we're friends.
No, we're not friends.
We are not friends.
I'm going this way.
Take care of yourself,
Are you cranky 'cause
the David thing?
'Cause they're naming
a wing after David?
- You don't know anything
- Wait.
- about my husband.
- Please don't.
Don't even bring his name up.
I'm-I'm sorry.
I-I didn't...
I didn't mean to upset you.
I just was trying to
figure out what was wrong.
D-did you wanna talk about it?
No, I don't wanna
talk about it.
It seems like you might
wanna talk about it
because I remember one time
when I was like, really little...
He died on this day
a year ago.
My daughter's trapped
in this building.
There's a bunch of
gunmen going around.
My dad thinks I'm crazy.
And I'm being shot at, and...
Shannon, I'm tired.
I'm really tired.
- I gotta go.
- Wait.
[Shannon] You're like
a real-life soldier,
like a "take a cyanide pill
when you're in trouble" kind.
Did they call you 007?
- Shannon!
- Okay, okay, I'm sorry.
Where are we going?
[dramatic music]
Maybe, uh...
she's not here?
I was so worried about you.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Why weren't you in school today?
Papa told me about
Daddy's surprise,
and I wanted to be
here with you.
[calm music]
Come here.
A little too tight, Mommy.
Oh, sorry.
Alright, so,
we're gonna
get out of here, okay?
- Okay.
- Ready?
- Mm-hmm.
- Let's go.
- We can't leave Xander and Shaw.
- Papa?
Maybe you didn't notice
the gun-totin' bad guys?
I did.
Well, we'll get the police
and let them handle it.
What if it's too late?
It's not.
Your grandpa is strong
and he can handle himself.
Come on.
He's gonna be fine.
Police are gonna be here
before you know it.
Come on.
- Laura.
- Look!
We're leaving and you can do
whatever you wanna do.
[intense music]
I gotta get out of here.
Where are you going?
If I don't make it,
she stays with her uncle.
- [gunfire]
- [all scream]
No, Mom, no!
- Mom! Mom!
- Go, we gotta go!
We gotta go, come on.
Take her!
[loads gun]
[gunfire continues]
- [both thud]
- [clicking]
[Carl] You know what
really bothers me?
I told Sarah that
I'd be the first to go.
You have all we got.
Why not just let us go?
Oh, there's plenty left.
I have all you have...
do you mean money?
Ooh. [laughs]
[coughs] Oh.
Oh, sorry, Rev.
Please forgive me.
My manners have escaped me,
but it is laughable
that you believe
you will solve your problems
here today with money.
No, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
Your problem's much deeper.
Your problem lies at the very
foundation of this building.
I don't understand.
Tell you what, Mr. Shaw.
If you're able to answer one of
three questions correctly,
you live.
If you can't...
he dies.
Please tell me,
who is Jonathan Waters?
You're asking me
about one person
of about 250 million people.
I don't think
that's a fair request.
Mr. Shaw, I'll be generous.
Every person I will ask about
is a member of this church.
So again I ask,
who is Jonathan Waters?
We have over ten thousand
members of our church,
young man.
Very well.
Mr. Waters is a member here
who lost his job
two years ago
at an aircraft company.
They say he was too qualified.
In other words, too old.
He lost his home
and has reached out
to this church
every day for
the past three months,
and he has been unable to
secure an appointment with you.
A homeless member
that has paid ties
in this church for twenty years
can't even get time
with his pastor?
That, Mr. Shaw,
is who Mr. Waters is.
Don't let that soak
in quite yet.
Tell me who
Frances McAdams is.
I don't know.
Frances McAdams is
a member that attended
this church for five years.
Her son was snarled by the
horrible beast known as heroin.
And when the youth's pastor
tried to get you to help,
you told them,
"Next week."
Next week turned into
next year, and now,
there is no tomorrow.
[inhales sharply]
You don't know what it's like
to run a church of this size.
And you have no idea
what it's like to
walk a mile in my shoes.
You're right.
I don't know what it's
like to drive a Bentley while
being supported by someone
who can't afford gas.
I don't know
what it's like to live
in a 10,000
square-foot home
with my wife
and one child, no.
I grew up in an
1,800 square-foot
home shared by five people.
And no, I do not know
what it's like to wear suits
that cost more than
my members' full wardrobes.
I don't know what it's like
to use my members' money
to house your mistresses,
you're right.
Do you think this is easy?
What, am I not supposed
to live well?
After workin' my
whole life and sacrificin'
to build this church?
And its ministry?
So you can sit there all pompous
and judge me for what,
bein' successful?
Let me ask you somethin'.
- [dramatic music]
- Where are you
when I tend to the burdens
of my hurt flock?
When I'm at my wit's end,
and I suffer their pain
and their strife?
And their darkness,
and I have no one
to talk to,
nowhere to go?
Because I suffer with them.
I bear their burdens with them.
Where are you?
So you're gonna judge me
for my success?
For my possessions?
Well, you don't have the right
to judge me, young man.
You don't have the luxury.
Why don't you go ahead
and cast that stone?
You waltz into my building
with your criminal element,
totin' your guns,
killin' our people,
stealin' our money.
And you have the audacity
to point your finger
and call me the bad guy?
You mentioned building this
building, this new building.
Perfect transition to
my last question, Mr. Shaw.
Who is Dolores Gentry?
I don't know.
I can't possibly know
the name of every member
of my congregation.
It's impossible.
"The one who enters by the gate
is the shepherd of the sheep.
"The gatekeepers open
the gate for him,
"and the sheep listen
to his voice.
"He calls out his own sheep
by name and leads them out."
I am not God.
Finally, an admission
worth notation.
You are not God.
He owns the heavens,
not you.
Dolores Gentry
is not just a member.
She left you this land to
build this building, and yet,
you did not have the time,
the decency to
fill one wish for her.
Just to hold her hand
and pray with her.
She was dying, and you were
being paid to be a celebrity.
Dolores Gentry was my mother.
[tense music]
- [gunshots]
- [grunts]
[distant gunshots]
You know what, Mr. Shaw?
[loads gun]
I think it's time we
finished this discussion...
face to face.
You know this is
all your fault, right?
After all that money
I spent on security,
you told me this church
would be impenetrable.
- Hey.
- Now look at us.
You lay this at my feet.
Who do you think
you're grabbin', huh?
I gave you a push,
a nudge in the right direction.
And you're the one that
called attention to this.
You're the one with all the
bling and the cars
- and the money.
- Yeah.
You're the one that's
supposed to keep us safe!
You're delusional, man.
You're delusional!
[Black] I'm tired
of listening to you.
He's delusional.
- Shut up!
- [grunts]
It's now or never.
Shut up!
Shut up!
- Shut up!
- [yells]
- Ahh!
- [tense music]
- [both grunt]
- [thuds]
[both grunt]
[breathes shakily]
I'll get you Shaw.
I'll kill Bishop, too.
I know this place
better than anyone.
Your price?
My life.
Don't worry,
I'll protect you.
[gun clattering]
[screams, whimpers]
[dramatic music]
- [screams]
- Shannon!
- Come here.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!
I'm so sorry.
- Wait, Laura.
- Let's go.
No... Laura?
Don't leave me, don't leave me!
No, come back!
[door closing]
I'll get you out of here.
Let's go.
[elevator dinging]
Go, take her. Take her.
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
You can't run from
the imposters.
I'm ready.
Are you?
[door opening]
- [whimpers]
- Come on.
- I'm trying.
- What about Papa?
You're a quitter.
You're quitting on him.
You're quitting on me.
You're a quitter.
You're safe, alright?
I have to get you out of here.
I just need you to do
this big girl thing for me.
I promise you.
I promise you.
And I need you to run
till you see the police,
and I need you to...
don't stop.
Come on.
Do this for me.
Please, come on.
Come on. Baby, come on.
I love you so much.
- [gunfire]
- [shouts]
[door creaking]
No, no.
- I'm sorry.
- [distant gunfire]
Please, please.
[door creaking]
[wind howling]
[door closing]
[lock clicking]
[tense music]
[gun clatters]
Stand down.
I'm bringing in Shaw.
I'll bring you Bishop, too.
I just need your word
I leave here alive.
We got a deal?
You're a strange fella,
you know that?
You were willing to help me
catch him just to save yourself?
Everything I do is
about survival.
Have a seat.
Yo, Mark.
You're fired.
Man fired the man.
So the question...
[clears throat]
about what it is I want
has been lingering in the air.
I think it's time now
I provide you with an answer.
You will never profit
off another person,
betray another person,
and I will make sure
no one will ever mistake you
to be a god.
How you plannin' on doin' that?
By confessin' our sins,
He is faithful and just.
He is the atoning sacrifice
for our sins.
But not just ours, Reverend.
But the sins of the
whole world.
So you want me to
atone for my sins?
So you actually do
know the scriptures.
Yes, Reverend.
I want you to atone
for your sins.
I want you to look into
that camera over there,
and tell your flock.
Atone for your sins.
[dramatic music]
Or we all die.
You're gonna give
that choice to me?
You are sharp.
Very smart.
Only you can't die a martyr.
Martyr has to die
with no choice.
A true martyr dies
with faith in everything
that he believes, no options.
You, son, have a choice.
So if you want to die
out of the grandeur,
that's on you.
You think this is
about me, hmm?
Isn't it?
Looks like you have run
out of places to hide.
I think you took a wrong turn.
I know where I am.
But more importantly,
I know where you die.
I hope you know
how to use those.
[guns clattering]
[both grunt]
[blows landing]
[both shout]
- [yells, thuds]
- [glass shattering]
[both shout]
- [blow landing]
- [grunts]
[blows landing]
Come on, Laura.
[Black exhales]
- [grunts]
- [gunshots]
[thuds, grunts]
You think this is
about me, hmm?
Isn't it?
I mean, you come
in here pullin' triggers.
Killin' my people,
took all that money.
Spittin' judgements at me.
You have the means
to the money.
You have your own agenda,
and you're usin' your
poor mother as justification...
[slams table] You don't
know anything about me.
You think that money was for me?
It wasn't for me.
Right now,
there are groups
that actually care,
receiving anonymous donations
that will total $14 million.
So how could it be about me...
when I never planned
on leaving alive?
This timer stops
only once you confess.
This land
belongs to the blood
of my ancestors,
and this building will not stand
as long as you're pastor.
I'll quit.
You'll quit.
It's too late for that.
[keyboard clacking]
[inaudible dialogue]
You will confess
live to your members
and to the world.
And then this stops,
and I bid you farewell.
I, Reverend Mark Shaw,
to not up-upholding
the standard
entrusted in me
by the Christian church,
loved ones, and my creator.
To my wife, Jenny,
[inhales sharply]
I have not been faithful to you.
I broke our covenant.
[inaudible dialogue]
And I know that the
revelation of this news
is gonna cause
great harm to you,
to my son.
I'm truly sorry
to my church members.
I have allowed
earthly possessions
to cloud my spiritual calling.
I came to believe that
the measure of my success
was measured by
the things that I owned.
Honestly, I started to
worship my own shine,
and I am ashamed of that.
Truly ashamed.
And when you trusted me most,
I turned my back on you.
And there's no way
I can make amends for that.
[exhales sharply]
The events that have transpired
on this godforsaken Friday
have caused much harm.
But most of all,
I didn't uphold my
[exhales deeply]
to God.
And I got nobody to blame
but myself.
[breathes deeply]
I don't deserve the title
of Reverend.
May God forgive me.
Let me go.
No, I'm not letting go.
[intense music]
Laura, I'm too heavy.
Come on, you gotta try.
You didn't fail me.
You did everything
you could humanly do.
- David, you're slipping. No!
- Find God.
The world needs you.
I need you.
- You can't do this alone.
- [grunts] No!
No! No!
Can you please stop
the timer now,
You remember my name.
Lowly janitor.
I remember you.
Please turn it off.
I won't.
I want you to know that
out of all the lives
that were destroyed today,
yours means the least to me.
Hello, Bishop.
And here I thought
you were no longer with us.
I told you
I was gonna see you.
- [screams]
- [gunshots]
[intense music]
[guns clattering]
[both grunt]
- [blow landing]
- [grunt]
[thuds, grunts]
You just won't die.
Protects the heart, right?
I thought... I thought
you didn't know how to shoot.
[breathes shakily]
Lucky shot.
No such thing as luck.
Shh, shh, shh.
That you're a hero
and my friend.
[dramatic music]
Oh, my God.
Come on. Get up,
we gotta go.
Laura, that you?
I'm your daughter.
- Come on. We gotta go.
- I can't.
- I'm too heavy.
- No.
I just never could lose
these last ten pounds.
I'm not leaving you.
Laura, sometimes...
sometimes you just have
to have faith.
[beeping continues]
[beeping continues]
[Laura] Many people turned
away from the church
after Shaw's confession.
I was angry, too.
For a while.
But in the end,
I chose to remember him
as he was
when I first heard him preach.
He was somethin'.
That's why nothin',
and I mean nothin' in God's
world happens by mistake.
Everything's for a reason.
Nobody ever promised us
that life would be easy.
If life were easy,
there'd be no value in it.
So the key is to pray for
the knowledge of God's will,
nothin' more, nothin' less,
nothin' else,
and the power
to carry that out.
- Faith and action.
- [woman] Amen.
I'm here to tell you
no one gets to the Father
but through the Son.
Life is not
about the destination,
- it is about the journey.
- [calm music]
And sometimes the journey
can seem bleak, dark, hopeless.
It can feel like it
has no meaning.
And that's when you turn to the
one who gives all meaning.
And that one is God.
May you find Him right now.
Y'all remember to be
grateful this week.
See how you can be of
maximum service to God
and to your fellow
brothers and sisters,
and rejoice in each day.
And I'll see you all
next week, same time.
Thank you.
[Laura] Not a day goes
by that I don't think of
everyone who lost
their life that night.
My dad's smile is forever
etched in my memory.
He made me promise
to take care of Kate.
That's the easiest promise
I've ever made.
I have lost
a lot of people dear to me.
Some people wonder
why we should live
if we're destined to die.
But the challenge
is to live
so a part of us never dies.
Morning, sunshine cupcake.
[sighs] Morning,
sunshine Kool-aid.
I'm healing
physically, mentally,
and spiritually.
I'm a work in progress,
but I'll be ready
to take on anything
that the world has
to throw at me.
If you ever find yourself
in need of help,
I know a good woman.