Atrangi Re (2021) Movie Script

Hurry, hurry!
Hey, Rinku...
-There she is.
-Let's go!
Stop the car.
Let's go!
Hey... Rinku!
Step back
Here she comes
Like a streak of lightning
Step away...
Step back
Here she comes
Like a streak of lightning
Step away...
With no fear or care
She jumps over hurdles
Like a swirling storm
She sweeps across
Hey, MS,
does your phone have signal?
-What happened?
Does your phone have signal?
Let me get off the train first;
you need a phone.
I need to call Mandy.
This girl is in love
But there are obstacles galore
Her love cannot be shackled
Hey... move aside!
-What's going on?
Where did she go?
Come this way!
Hurry up.
Careful, my head...
One second...
How complicated is this
Tale of love
As this girl runs away
Madly in love
Like a fierce tornado
Whirling around
This magical girl
Sways and dances
As she sweeps across
Is she crazy?
Vishu, don't!
What are you doing? Let's go.
We should help that girl.
And who'll help you after that?
You have to understand, Vishu.
This is Bihar. Rural Bihar.
No federal law, only state law.
And, on top of that,
they hate "Madrasis."
-But why?
-We're doctors, man.
We should focus
on dengue and malaria.
Look at her.
Does she look like
she needs your help?
What is she doing?
Are you crazy?
Rinku! Watch it!
That bottle better not hit me, okay?
She dazzles everybody
With her colourful gait
Like a swirling storm
She sweeps across
She dazzles everybody
With her colourful gait
Like a swirling storm
She sweeps across
She dazzles everybody
With her colourful gait
Like a swirling storm
She sweeps across
My new suitcase is getting soiled.
My phone has no signal!
Keep this bag under the others.
I told you it's new!
Keep your bag on top;
otherwise, mine will get wet.
You better not damage my bag.
Hurry up; it's raining.
We're here to set up a medical camp.
We'll take your leave, Dulhayen.
Today is
your parents' death anniversary.
Let me eat the pudding first.
You can beat me up after that.
Or do you want to
thrash me right away?
So, Dablu?
Did you find the boy
she ran away with?
How would we, Dulhayen?
We haven't nabbed him
in all these years,
couldn't get him today as well.
That rascal's a ghost!
Not him, you're the bloody rascal!
He is your brother-in-law!
Doesn't my brother-in-law
have a name?
Why don't we get to see him?
You've thrashed me
so much over the years.
If I didn't give you
his name when I was a kid,
what makes you think,
I'll tell you now?
If I run away with him
another three times,
I'll hit a quarter century!
Tell me his name.
Tell me!
Tell me his name.
Tell me his name!
Tell me!
Tell me!
Tell me!
-Amma! Amma!
-Tell me!
You'll get sick, Amma.
-Calm down, Amma!
-Call the doctor.
You have two days. In two days,
go find some guy, Gajender.
Okay, Amma.
I can't tolerate her antics anymore.
We'll force him to marry this witch
and get rid of her.
Calm down. Relax. Careful.
I don't care about his background.
He shouldn't be from Bihar, got it?
I don't want any more drama!
Understood, Amma?
We will find someone.
I will start looking.
Hey, come on.
Found it?
No, man.
Search here.
You'll get such a jolt, Vishu,
you'll be stuck
on this pole forever.
Hey, I'm a Tamilian.
We need to study to become doctors.
Engineering comes naturally to us.
The call went through!
Hey, Mandy?
Vishu! Vishu here!
Where are you, Vishu?
The engagement is in a week.
Where are you?
[in Tamil] Hey, first ask me
how I am.
We decided
that you'll speak in Hindi.
Er... damn! Ask me how I am first.
-How are you?
-I am wet. Wet! Totally drenched!
Why are you getting us wet, bro?
-When are you coming back, man?
-[in Tamil] Eat this.
We're leaving for Chennai
in two days.
Don't worry. I'll be there on time.
-[in Tamil] Let it be.
-[in Tamil] Eat or you'll be hungry.
If I reach dressed like this,
I don't think
your dad will let you marry me.
But... hello...
-Time is up.
Catch this.
So scared of his girlfriend
that he climbed up a pole for her?
It's not easy having loving
the dean's daughter, MS.
He can extend my 5-year degree
to eight years easily.
It's wise to be scared.
And Mandy's a good girl.
Tell me something.
Does Mandakini also confuse genders
while speaking in Hindi?
Because you do!
Gender as in sex?
Can I answer this
after our wedding night?
But, bro...
I think you're hurrying into this.
Genuinely... what is that?
This guy.
Go there and check.
This pudding was prepared for Mummy
and Papa's death anniversary, right?
Oh, the fire has gone out.
Go, call Puttan.
Why did they have to die and
leave me here, in this damned place?
You are the ones
who killed my parents.
Now you pretend to pay your respects
on their death anniversary.
Bloody dogs!
Don't get too smart with me, Rinku!
I'm smart
that's why I'm still alive.
If I'd been a simple girl,
you guys would've killed me by now.
"Too smart."
Hey, Sandeep.
Switch the light off.
-Relax! I'm doing it.
You just take care of the cops.
I'll get everything else done. Okay?
Don't forget I want laughing gas.
-It will be arranged.
-Make sure you do!
Juttan! Come here.
What's going on, Matadeen?
What are these preparations for?
Tell me.
Cat got your tongue?
You're getting married, my dear.
Next time, you can elope
from your in-laws' place.
We've had enough of this drama.
Had enough...
I beg you.
Please don't do this to me.
Think about yourselves.
Why don't you understand?
I'm too consumed
by the fire of love.
Touch me
and you'll burn to ashes as well.
You like to see me cry, don't you?
Fine, I'll cry.
I swear on my mother,
you'll be the first one
I smother to death.
You'll struggle
for a bit and then...
it'll be over!
You can hardly breathe anyway.
And then, I'll chop the three of you
and your families into pieces!
And lastly the bridegroom.
I'll strip him and
thrash the hell out of him!
Think you can give me away
like a glass of water to just anyone?
I'm like bloody acid.
I swear I'll burn down your throats!
Hey! What the...
-She's crazy!
Fix it.
Fix the pipe.
That bugger has pissed so much
the whole place is flooded.
Switch the light off.
Switch it off! Switch it off!
There... look, over there.
Give me the torch.
What torch, brother?
You dimwit!
Will you set off fireworks
for light?
Shut up, stupid fool!
Let's go.
The bridegroom is here.
Come on.
Get him out.
Be careful. Carefully!
He's our brother-in-law.
Be careful.
Bring him in.
Come here.
He's here.
What the hell!
[in Tamil] Who are you?
Why have you kidnapped me?
[in Tamil] What do you want?
I don't have any money.
[in Tamil]
Who are you? What do you want?
[in Tamil]
Why did you kidnap me? Let me go.
[in Tamil] What's going on?
Will I be sacrificed in a ritual?
[in Tamil]
I'm a journalist.
[in Tamil] If my friends find out,
they'll come after you.
[in Tamil]
Untie me!
[in Tamil] Untie me right now.
Untie me now, come on.
In all of India...
couldn't you find someone who
speaks the same language at least?
We were actually aiming
for someone else, but...
it was so dark.
We made a blunder...
a bloody blunder!
I had told you to get a torch,
didn't I?
-You fool--
-Enough! He is an Indian.
That's all that matters.
Go, start the rituals.
[in Tamil] You look like a good person.
Please untie me.
[in Tamil]
Tell them to let me go.
[in Tamil]
What are you doing?
-[in Tamil] Will you kill me now?
-Bring that cylinder here!
[in Tamil] Untie me.
"Dinitrogen monoxide." Laughing gas!
Hold him.
Why is he so still?
Is he dead?
No, he's breathing.
Still breathing.
[in Tamil] Did you steal my kidneys?
[in Tamil] What have you done?
Attention all passengers,
the train from Siwan to New Delhi
will be departing from
platform number 9 shortly.
Stop this nonsense.
Are you crazy?
How long will you keep laughing?
My life is so messed up, I swear!
And this guy can't stop laughing.
Listen to me,
my name is Rinku Suryavanshi.
I belong to Lord Rama's dynasty.
We choose our husbands!
I won't consider
this forced wedding as marriage.
You refuse
to consider this as marriage?
[in Tamil] You don't approve
of the marriage?
-[in Tamil] They forced me to marry--
-Don't you dare swear at me!
Two days...
I'm getting engaged in two days.
Was... will be...
And then I'm getting married.
Mandy will kill me.
[in Tamil] She doesn't listen anyway.
Now all hell will break loose.
Hey! Don't you swear!
I am not swearing!
I'm speaking in Tamil.
You didn't want to get married, too?
The hell no!
Go away!
How can I? The train is moving.
Listen. Listen to me.
Sit here.
Sit down and relax.
Please give him some water, mister,
or he'll die laughing.
Drink. Drink some water.
What is your name?
S. Venkatesh Vishwanath Iyer.
O Lord Almighty!
Do you have a simpler name
for us mortals?
So, Vishu babu...
forget about what happened.
You didn't want to get married,
neither did I.
You have a fiance, and
I have a boyfriend of many years.
Once we reach Delhi,
we'll go our separate ways.
Please sit comfortably,
drink some water
and continue laughing.
Take this.
Eat this; you must be hungry.
I keep a fast on Mondays.
Have been doing it since childhood.
Does your fiance keep a fast
and pray for your well-being?
Why not?
She doesn't believe in all this.
What is her name?
Is she a Christian?
Mandakini... Hindu, Brahmin.
Arranged marriage!
Love? How?
She's my dean's daughter.
Our families belong to
the same village in Tamil Nadu.
Met her in my first year
of studying medicine.
I liked her and she liked me.
That's it.
What a crappy love story!
A love marriage
with no one getting killed,
families not turning into monsters,
reputations not being ruined
and no fights in the neighbourhood...
is seen as an arranged marriage
in our Bihar.
Isn't this true?
Oh... it's an arranged marriage
in that case.
Never thought about it like that.
Let me tell you what love is.
No one is as good-looking as you.
I carry your photograph always.
I'm a Hindu girl
from a Thakur family.
And he is a Muslim guy.
Now this is a real love story!
Be careful with this, Vishu babu.
It's the first time
I'm showing this to anyone.
If you find another
love story like ours,
I swear I will be your slave.
In the last 7 years, I've eloped
with him 21 times, Vishu babu.
Got caught every time!
Got beaten up, thrashed.
But you know what,
I didn't tell anyone his name.
I trust you,
that's why I'm telling you this.
What is his name?
Sajjad Ali Khan.
I've lost my heart to you
In a flash
Our fates entwine
As someone grows distant
And I lose my heart
To this stranger
His beauty bewitches me
As love runs
Through my veins
And my heart soars
Lost in his thoughts
Listen to this melody, my love
Listen to this melody, my love
Listen to this melody, my love
Let this melody
Find its way into your heart
Let this melody
Find its way into your heart
And let our love story
Listen to this melody, my love
Listen to this melody, my love
Listen to this melody, my love
May you come to me
And never leave
And if you have to leave
Do not come to me
I merge myself with you
As my heart flutters
With passion
I merge myself with you
As my heart flutters
With passion
May you come to me
And never leave
And if you have to leave
Do not come to me
I merge myself with you
As my heart flutters
With passion
I merge myself with you
As my heart flutters
With passion
To make you mine
Body and soul
To know your heart
And erase all doubts
To make you mine
Body and soul
I look at you in wonder
As I lose my heart to you
May this bond never break
This bond of love
That we have created
I have seen
All the hues of your love
All the hues of your love
May the colours of our love
Never fade
I merge myself with you
As my heart flutters
with passion
I merge myself with you
As my heart flutters
with passion
Listen to this melody, my love
Listen to this melody, my love
Attention all passengers...
Tell me...
When will your boyfriend get here?
He's in Africa right now
to learn fancy magic tricks.
He'll be back in a week or so.
I see.
The air is suffocating;
everything else is great.
Sit inside.
So beautiful.
So, what's up?
What are you putting up?
This is your noticeboard.
-What notice?
-Lend me Rs. 500.
-Oh, brother!
How are you, brother?
You break the rules, I get blamed.
Take this.
-Get him!
-Get him good!
-Look, look, look!
-Quiet, guys.
Good morning, sir!
You have a lot of clout here.
Are you some leader?
Repair it properly.
You better sweep the place properly.
Go straight and turn left.
The last room there.
-You go; I'll be there.
-Bro, you are just too much!
Where were you?
Your phone was switched off.
Why haven't you called?
Wait a minute... Stop!
Stop! Listen to me, bro!
Listen to me! What the...
Just wait!
Vishu. Vishu, listen...
Ouch! That slipper hurt!
Try to understand.
I did search for you, man!
You were nowhere to be found.
We thought you'd left for Chennai
for the engagement.
We didn't go to the cops.
No cops.
But I'd asked around in the village.
Hey... what's wrong? Why are you...
You dog, I was forced into marriage!
Forced to what?
Oh, shit!
Everything will be okay.
Your fiance is waiting with a ring
in Chennai.
Her magician boyfriend
will be here when she calls him.
He'll be here, won't he, Vishu?
So, why don't you call him up?
He's in Africa now
to learn some fancy magic tricks.
He'll be back in a week or so.
That's what the girl said.
The problem is solved then!
Forget all this ever happened.
-Nothing happened!
-And what do I tell Mandy?
Those guys were out to kidnap you,
you rascal!
First, decide what you're
so angry about, dude.
That you got married to her
or because I didn't?
-Hey, listen--
-No, you listen!
I'm a psychiatrist. I know women.
There's no need to
tell the Mandy anything.
Did I just use wrong grammar?
Oh, my god, my grammar...
Her father will cancel
mine degree, you dog!
It's "my," not "mine."
We'll behave very normally
in Chennai.
No one should know that
this is Vishu's second marriage.
Mandy should have no idea
about our deep dark secret.
We'll keep quiet. Stay silent.
What's wrong?
If I lose my degree,
I'll chop off your hands and
make you beg on the streets!
And beg I will, bro, for sure.
Listen, if breaking girls' hearts
led to cancelling of degrees,
this Dr. Madhusudan
wouldn't have cleared high school.
Come in.
I didn't have a change of clothes,
so I wore yours.
You sit there... why...
I'm going to Chennai
with my friends tomorrow.
my engagement.
You can stay here for a while;
it's not a problem.
But you could come with us too,
you know...
That's also okay.
If you'd rather stay here...
Or you could come with us, you know.
You can stay here
or come with us, it's your wish.
It's up to you... Here or...
What do you want?
What do I want?
It's up to you.
Should I go?
You decide.
Should I not go?
Up to you.
Should I?
-Should I?
-Come, please come.
Go to sleep.
There are a lot of rooms here.
I'll find one to sleep in.
Good night.
Vishu babu!
I was a child when my parents
were killed in front of my eyes.
I've seen the greatest love story
of Purvanchal burn to ashes.
And that's when I lost
all the good people in my life.
After Papa and Sajjad, I found you.
You're a good guy.
So, all the best...
for the rest of your life.
I'll go to Tamil Nadu with you.
I bet it'll be one hell of a trip.
Oh, Vishu babu, so much drama?
Someone will see us.
So, now you're saying
my lines as well?
Why haven't you taken this off yet?
You've put it on. You take it off.
Um, that night... in the room...
-I mean, outside...
-You were dancing.
No, I had actually stumbled.
Really? Stumbling before
the engagement, huh?
Vishu babu...
You'll make a good doctor.
You don't get attached to
your patients when you treat them.
[in Tamil] Vishu, come here quickly!
[in Tamil]
This is too tight, Mother.
I don't want
such heavy jewellery.
It's hurting me!
[in Tamil] Give me a minute!
I'm used to this. I'll...
Careful! My lungi
will come off, bro!
Mandy is tying two garlands
in her hair.
I saw it.
So? They're only 20 bucks each.
Very cheap.
No! It's not about being
cheap or expensive.
I think I should tell her
about Rinku.
-What? If she finds out...
-No, no!
-She'll go crazy.
-This nonsense again?
Vishu, I'm a psychiatrist.
I know women.
It's easy to ask for forgiveness,
difficult to ask for permission.
Stop with this middle-class talk
of honesty and truth!
There's no need
to tell her anything. Nothing!
Get it?
-A 100 percent, bro!
MS, this girl... Rinku...
I'm telling you
she's very dangerous. Really.
There you are, darling!
Please come here.
Good lord!
This is what happens when
you get her to the engagement.
Help me with the strap.
Of my shoes.
Please hold my purse.
How do I look?
-You too.
-Ha! Thank you.
Why the hell are you so nervous?
I'm just teasing you.
It's best...
if you play along.
Vishu babu...
I must be the only wife in India
who is this happy at
her husband's engagement.
You're oh so amazing
And I'm so amazing
You're oh so amazing
And I'm so amazing
As hot as a summer afternoon
Yet so sweet and adorable
You need someone just like me
I'm as pretty as a flower
A mix of sweet and sour
Tell me what you're looking for
My scandalous ways
Are the talk of the town
My personal life
Is what creates a buzz
You're oh so amazing
And I'm so amazing
You're oh so amazing
And I'm so amazing
Your tantrums are adorable
You like the way I move
The way I move
I'm madly in love with you
My heart...
My heart is yours to keep
You're oh so amazing
And I'm so amazing
You are mine
And I am yours
I'm like the forbidden fruit
A complicated girl
You need someone like me
I'm a double-edged sword
A mix of good and bad
Tell me what you're looking for
I'm a mix of sweet and spicy
But deep down
There's love in my heart
Everyone will remember
The fireworks
I've set off tonight
You're oh so amazing
And I'm so amazing
You're oh so amazing
And I'm so amazing
As hot as a summer afternoon
Yet so sweet and adorable
You need someone just like me
I'm as pretty as a flower
A mix of sweet and sour
My scandalous ways
Are the talk of the town
My personal life
Is what creates a buzz
You're oh so amazing
And I'm so amazing
You are mine
And I am yours
You are mine
And I am yours
[in Tamil] Don't shout, Mandy!
Listen to me, for God's sake.
Please, it's not what you think.
[in Tamil]
What am I supposed to think?
[in Tamil]
What? What's the problem?
[in Tamil] Mandy, listen... Mandy!
[in Tamil] Look at this, uncle.
Look at your son.
Are you aware of what he has done?
[in Tamil]
Mandy, please listen to me.
[in Tamil] He is married
to that girl over there.
And now he's pretending
like nothing has happened
and is enjoying her performance.
[in Tamil] It's not what you think!
I'll explain everything--
Don't talk anything!
[in Tamil] What? What happened?
[in Tamil] Daddy!
[in Tamil] What happened, my child?
[in Tamil] Vishu, what's going on?
[in Tamil]
Mother, they kidnapped me.
[in Tamil] I was unconscious.
[in Tamil] Is this a joke?
[in Tamil] We can talk about this.
[in Tamil] How dare you!
[in Tamil]
Listen to me, for god's sake!
[in Tamil] Move aside, Mother.
We'll talk about it later.
[in Tamil] You've married that girl;
now you dare to bring her here?
[in Tamil] It's not what you think.
Not what you think!
[in Tamil] I'll make sure
you don't get your degree!
[in Tamil] Just get out of here.
What on earth are you doing?
I'm looking for my bangles, man.
They were a gift from Sajjad.
Even if they weren't,
they're bloody expensive.
By the way, this chaos over here
is because of you, my dear.
Make yourself scarce!
[in Tamil] Everything is over!
What is left to discuss?
What are you doing?
Following your instructions.
If this was Bihar,
people would've showered me
with money when I was dancing!
At least give me an idli.
I feel gassy!
And sambhar?
Messily flowing
right in front of you.
You don't even know what happened.
[in Tamil] Let me go!
How dare you come into
my house after what you've done!
Get out!
Get out now--
[in Tamil] Let go of her hand.
It's okay, Vishu babu.
Don't overreact.
[in Tamil] Let go of her hand.
She will leave.
Don't misbehave with her.
[in Hindi]
We were forced to get married.
But she is my wife.
I made a mistake, Mandy.
I should've told you,
and I'm sorry for that.
[in Tamil] Are you waiting
for them to call the police?
Go and sit in the bus.
And I'm sorry only for that, okay.
Not for everything else
that happened.
Come on, Vishu babu.
Why are you doing this?
That old fogey would've let me go
after a couple of slaps.
I have a Ph.D. in getting beaten up.
My grandma
is way more dangerous than him.
Sonakshi Sinha famously said
she isn't afraid of getting slapped,
but I'm not scared of kicks,
punches, beatings--
Shut up!
Go and sit in the bus.
[in Tamil] You should treat all girls
the way you treat your daughter.
What did he just say?
No idea.
But the wedding is called off,
that's confirmed.
To become yours
And to make you mine
We will live
Eternity is but a fleeting moment
And in this moment
We will live
Your fragrance lingers on
And captivates me
Yet you slip away from my grasp
Like grains of sand
My heart chants your name
As my soul unites with yours
Drifting in the wind
Like grains of sand
Your fragrance
Lingers everywhere
Your fragrance
Lingers everywhere
MS, please get my luggage.
Madhu, please get
my luggage as well.
-It's Dr. Madhusudan.
-Vishu babu!
Vishu babu! Vishu babu!
I've made a huge blunder.
I shouldn't have danced
with you like that.
I had no idea that things
would blow up like this, I swear.
-Are you very angry with me?
What will you do now?
I'll explain everything to Mandy
that we were forced
to get married,
that you didn't even
know me before then,
that I'm in a relationship
with someone else,
that he'll come to take me away,
and that I'll leave soon.
Isn't that what we'd decided?
That we'll reach Delhi
and go our separate ways.
And will this solve
all our problems?
Will it make everything
the same as before?
Won't it?
When I have changed,
how can everything be
as it was before?
[in Tamil] I'm not upset that
the wedding got called off.
I'm angry
because I'm not upset at all!
Everything was going smoothly.
Clear the medical exam at 24,
become a doctor at 28.
Get married at 32,
buy a house at 35.
Be a good son to my parents.
Everything has suddenly changed.
You have changed everything.
I have never felt this way before
like I do now.
Never cried like a fool...
like I'm crying now.
You'll soon leave with
your boyfriend. What will I do then?
Thinking of this makes me upset.
I shouldn't be upset, right?
You get what I'm trying to tell you,
don't you?
Why did you have to come
into my life, Rinku?
You belong to someone else,
then why...
I'm not angry that
the wedding got called off.
I'm falling for you.
I don't know what to do,
and this is driving me mad.
Vishu babu...
Sajjad is here.
-What all did you learn in Africa?
Turning a dog into a man,
a man into a pig,
turning a pig into a fan...
I can do whatever you ask me to.
This hospital, those buildings,
this Punjab Siwan Bank...
I can make all this disappear
in a matter of minutes.
Rinku's boyfriend is here, MS.
Go and say hello to him.
No. Don't say hello. Say bye to him.
Tell them that I'm in surgery,
that's why I couldn't meet them.
If they need any money
for travel, give it.
Just make sure both of them leave.
And... MS, please don't make
any mistakes this time. Okay?
Also... nothing.
I've spent five years with you, bro.
"I've fallen in love with you."
I understand
how that sounds in Tamil.
Send me a message when they leave.
What do you want to eat?
I'll put it on Vishu's tab.
You can eat anything you want.
Should we get that
expensive plate of chow mein?
Even I was thinking of that!
I knew it.
Students, today we're going
to learn about the cardiac system,
and we need to focus over here.
Dr. Vishwanath,
you look pretty preoccupied.
If you can't focus, forget it.
Sorry, sir. I'm waiting
for a message. Very sorry.
Okay, the rest of you
please focus over here.
Come join us.
Delicious, isn't it?
Chow mein?
Pressure has to be regulated.
We cannot either increase it
or decrease it, okay?
Please focus over here.
So, what I was saying...
Crazy bugger!
So we need to see over here that...
-What happened?
You've just been saved
from complete organ failure.
What's wrong? Where's Rinku?
Rinku! She should've been
in a museum in France,
but she's roaming free
on the streets of Delhi!
What's wrong?
Bro, I went to the canteen...
Chow mein?
When are you leaving?
I'll just take my luggage
from Vishu's room and leave.
Meet Sajjad.
Sajjad, this is Madhusudan,
a close friend of Vishu's.
He helped me a lot in Tamil Nadu.
We were thinking of taking
the train this evening.
Vishu won't be able to meet us,
will he?
Guess he's very busy.
I really wanted him to meet Sajjad.
Should we wait for him?
-Or will he take long?
Is he very busy?
-Are you hungry?
-No, no, no...
-Should I order some?
-I don't want to eat.
I'm good.
Thank you.
-We still have to pack!
-Do you see a man sitting here?
You have to help!
No, sir.
Please get me a milkshake.
Sure, sir.
-I was so hungry.
Bro... there is no Sajjad!
Where is Rinku?
I don't know.
She might be in the canteen.
Vishu, I can't run anymore!
My scooter is parked downstairs.
Remember the times of COVID, Vishu?
When all we could do is stand
in our balconies and clap.
We used to imagine that
superheroes would save us.
We used to look for a saviour
in our time of crisis.
It's the same situation!
In a time of crisis,
Rinku made Sajjad up
and believed that
he would protect her.
This syndrome is
common among orphans.
MS, I've seen Sajjad's photo.
He didn't look like a superhero
from any angle.
He looked like a normal person.
If it's all in her mind, from where
did she get the photograph?
In that case,
who has she been eloping with?
It's sunny today; I like it.
She must've told you all about
her and Sajjad's love story, right?
-Yes, she told me as well.
And there's a small girl
with her in that story, isn't it?
My dear brother,
she is that young girl.
Then who is the woman in the story?
And who is this Sajjad?
That I don't know.
But her story is real.
That girl and Sajjad,
both of them existed at some point,
and Rinku is witness to their story.
But right now she thinks
this is her story and
that Sajjad is a real person.
In her mind, she has run away
with him many times, but, in reality,
she's been running away alone,
every time!
He could be anyone, Vishu.
Her uncle
or even a distant relative.
Are you crazy?
Who falls in love with their uncle?
Hurry up.
Here we are.
-I know who this is.
-Who? Who is it?
The story she tells everyone
is that of her parents.
The girl is her mother,
and Sajjad is her father.
Park the scooter and meet me inside.
Jesus, Mother Mary
and the Holy Ghost!
This fragile heart of mine
Overflows with thoughts of you
And wells up in my eyes
Like grains of sand
Your fragrance
Lingers on with me
And the truth is
-You stay on...
-Vishu... Vishu! Over here!
Like grains of sand
Finally you're here.
What brings you here?
Rinku... you can't leave now.
But why?
Because... we aren't divorced yet!
If you leave
without getting a divorce,
your family will throw me in prison.
Yeah, they're quite capable
of doing that.
Now what?
If we apply now, it should
come through in 40-60 days.
I'm okay with staying back,
but he won't agree.
-You can try and convince him.
Namaste, mister. Nice to meet you.
What's wrong with you?
Sajjad is sitting on the top berth,
behind you.
Behind me? Right.
Namaste, mister. Nice to meet you.
If both of you could kindly
stay back for a few days,
then I wouldn't land in jail.
If I don't get
the documentation done,
they could accuse me of killing her
and disposing of the body somewhere.
They're bloody thugs after all.
You're well aware.
Yes, he's aware.
It's great that
he has agreed to stay.
Wait, he hasn't agreed yet.
Ask him to hurry up.
The train will leave soon.
Please agree.
-He has agreed.
-Great, he has agreed.
-Let's go.
Is she alone? Is he with her?
-Let's go to Kashmir.
-We can go boating on Dal Lake.
-So he's here? Good.
You know what, I've heard
there's a vegetable market...
-...on the lake.
Both of you please wait here
for two minutes.
-I'll need to go to the washroom.
Both of us want to eat;
I'm very hungry.
There is nobody.
He is a dangerous boy!
Like the demon lord Raavan
in Ramayana,
he wants me to go after
the golden deer.
When I am after the deer,
the coast becomes clear.
And when the coast is clear,
he will come and kidnap you
and run away.
No, no, no. He is a friend.
Oh... there's no one!
There's no one.
Then you have made Raavan
your best friend, my dear Rinku.
But let me tell you...
This villain will have to kill me
before he can get to you.
The united cities
of Bihar know that
Sajjad Ali Khan is not one
to give up without a fight.
Rinku, my child,
the Ramayana has just begun.
To bring some excitement
into your dull and boring lives...
here I am!
What on earth is going on here?
They're all my patients.
All cases of OCD, Alzheimer's,
bipolar, schizophrenia.
Even if anyone else can't,
these people can surely see Sajjad.
Give him a big hand!
Now, the star of Bihar Sajjad
will make this table float in air.
Tell me. Did you notice
why Sajjad appeared the moment
you confessed your love to Rinku?
It is Rinku's guilt
that brings him back.
So, guilt.
Every time Rinku
feels something for you,
this so-called "Sajjad"
will get jealous
because Rinku will feel
like she's betraying Sajjad
by falling for you.
So, how do we use
this bit of knowledge?
no one understands
mental disorders anyway.
The poor girl kept
running away from home,
and they would keep
bringing her back.
Poor thing.
Why don't we...
Why don't we tell her
there's no Sajjad?
That only she can see him
and no one else can.
Fine, go tell her.
Dude, she'll commit suicide!
Don't you have any brains?
If we tell her that what she
has believed for the last 20 years
isn't true, she'll die of shock.
She needs to realise this herself.
Do not force her.
Let her take her own time.
Do you want the girl or not?
I do.
We should start
giving her medicines.
Medical science is our last chance.
In fact,
your last chance, my friend.
I'm out here!
MS, she's wearing my sweatshirt.
So what?
Good morning.
How are you?
Rinku, do you know that
the Chinese are now eating mice?
Yes, there's a new virus...
-A new virus.
-...from China.
But you needn't worry about that.
Ask me why.
Because we have the antidote!
Right, we have the antidote.
Give it to her now.
You know,
you should have it right away.
Prevention is better than cure.
What's this new virus now?
This one is called...
-Covid's brother David.
-They're relatives.
I don't see Sajjad around.
He has gone to shower.
Oh, there he is.
He's here.
Good morning.
Showered so early in the morning?
Why have they come here?
I told you I don't want them
coming here when I'm not around.
Especially this bratty schoolboy.
Why is he here?
What Sajjad, huh?
Sajjad, why are you sneezing
so much?
I don't know.
I'm allergic to these two.
Stop sneezing on me!
you look after Sajjad;
we'll take your leave.
-Let's go.
I don't like them.
I'll slap you!
They're ill-mannered,
bloody scoundrels!
Did you see?
The moment Rinku had the medicine,
the weirdo started sneezing.
The better she gets
the worse Sajjad will feel.
Do you get it?
I want the one behind it.
No, that one.
That one's raw,
I want the one behind it.
The virus has reached Ladakh now.
Is Sajjad on the tree?
-Can't you see him?
-Of course I do!
-Sajjad is on the tree.
-Are you all right?
-Did he fall from the tree?
-Are you hurt?
Very good.
Sajjad! What happened?
It's been a month.
When will she get better?
Soon, bro.
I'm a psychiatrist.
You're a good-for-nothing
"Vishu, science is our last hope."
Science is useless!
I know it's not working out
the way we--
As soon as we give Rinku medicine,
this guy starts coughing,
sneezing and falling off trees!
And then Rinku starts
caring for him all the more.
I saw--
Which medicine will make her realise
that Sajjad doesn't exist?
Wait... you'll finish it.
Don't drink from the bottle.
See, there are many kinds
of patients.
Yeah right!
And I landed up with
the most difficult patient
and the worst bloody doctor!
-Who? Me?
-Shut up!
How am I the worst doctor?
I'm trying to help you here.
Hey, Vishu, wait!
Listen to me, bro...
Someone stop this guy.
Come here.
-Sajjad doesn't exist. I do.
-I love you.
it's very delicate.
-Sajjad doesn't exist. I do.
-Vishu, come back. I'm telling you...
-Sajjad doesn't exist. I do!
-...there will be trouble.
-I love you!
Vishu, please listen to me.
We'll get thrashed.
You've brought a girl to
a boys' hostel, for god's sake!
-You should...
Damn it!
I love you.
What happened?
Have you taken the medicine?
Yes, I have.
Have you been drinking?
Where is our dear friend?
He's down with fever.
He's sleeping.
Oh! Fever!
I'm a doctor; let me check.
The fever isn't high.
He'll be fine.
I'm so amazing
You're oh so amazing
She danced so closely with me...
Marriage over!
I said never mind.
I wasn't keen anyway...
because I wasn't in love.
Guess I've never really known love.
You're the one
who has experienced love.
The kind of love that makes
a girl run away from home.
The kind of love
that burns your soul.
Love that kills you
but doesn't let you die.
You're the god of love!
In comparison, what's my love?
I'm so drunk
So are you
Let's take this chance
To say what's in our hearts
Let me say this while I'm tipsy
And ask you to...
Love me little-little
Love me little-little
Love me little-little
Love me little-little
My dear-dear
Come near-near
Forget your fear-fear
Let's say cheers! Cheers!
My dear-dear
Come near-near
Forget your fear-fear
Let's say cheers! Cheers!
This feeling is healing
There's no dealing with this
Let's get high...
Love me little-little
Love me little-little
Love me little-little
Love me little-little
I've been trying to
Reel you in for so long
Now I'm tired of
Sitting around and waiting
I don't want my youth
To go waste
Come, let me whisper to you
How I feel
Why do you look away from me?
Love me little-little
Love me little-little
Love me little-little
Love me little-little
Hey, you're too drunk right now
Don't get carried away
My lover is standing right here
But you don't seem to care
Let me go
Come to your senses
Throw this bottle away
I tell you...
Love me little-little
Love me little-little
Love me little-little
Love me little-little
Sajjad, I made a mistake.
Listen to me.
Where are you going? Sajjad!
You saw that, didn't you?
She kissed me!
Did you see? Did you?
MS, did you see?
that girl kissed me.
-She's the one who kissed me, MS!
-Kissed you?
The medicine's working!
She kissed me, MS.
-Kissed you.
See what he's doing, Vishu.
Come here quickly.
She kissed you.
-How did I miss this?
Sajjad, come down.
What are you doing?
Committing suicide!
You haven't left me with any option.
Nobody dare come up!
Why are you so upset?
I was a little drunk,
and I kissed him.
"And I kissed him?"
Look at me! I travel around
the world and meet so many women;
foreign, exotic women are my fans.
Do I go around kissing them?
Vishu, explain it to him!
To whom?
-Sajjad of course!
-Oh, Sajjad...
Sajjad, I'm sorry, please come down.
He's just a friend.
It was just a friendly kiss.
-"A friendly kiss"?
-"A friendly kiss"?
Lord, why did I have to
witness this?
Save me from these people,
these monsters...
evil people!
What are you waiting for, Vishu?
Tell him we're just friends!
I don't want to be your friend.
Maybe we could've been friends
when I was 20 or 21.
But now, at this age,
I want to be in love with a girl.
See this? See!
He wants to be in love!
Do your parents know
what you're up to in school?
No interest in studies.
He's just a quack,
and he wants to compete with me,
does he?
Can he... can he can spit out fire?
Like I can?
Can he pull out a rabbit
from his pocket?
I can.
Ask him to name one thing
he can do that I can't.
Ask him right now or I'll jump--
No, wait! I'll ask him.
he wants to know
if you can do anything
that he can't.
Tell me, Vishu!
I'm not sure about what I can do...
but I do know what he can't do.
-Are you out of your mind?
What are you doing, Vishu?
Tell him to try and stop me.
-What is wrong with you?
Stop it, Vishu. Stop!
If Mandy's father finds out...
Let go, Vishu.
Let's go back to the room.
Have you lost your mind?
-Someone take him to his room.
Tell him to stop me if he can.
Sajjad, come and stop him.
Vishu, please don't do this.
Vishu, please don't do this.
No, Vishu, please!
-Promise me you won't...
-I promise. Promise.
-Is he hurt?
Sajjad, tell him to stop!
Tell him to stop me if he can.
Vishu, why are you doing this?
It's my fault.
-Vishu, please...
-Stupid fool!
This will hurt tomorrow.
Get the first-aid box!
-Take him to the emergency room!
-Call someone.
-Hurry up!
What happened last night?
Nothing much.
You just smashed 25 beer bottles
on your head.
Nothing much, apart from that.
And the loonies are back!
Are you crazy?
Why would you do something
like that last night?
I've also messed up your life
ever since I've arrived.
Eat this.
What happened last night
wasn't right.
I told Sajjad
that Vishu is a very good boy
and that he doesn't feel
that way towards me.
I'm the one who was drunk
and got carried away.
Let's forget about all that.
Sajjad is here to apologise.
Have you taken your medicine, Rinku?
I forgot. I'll have it later.
I'll be right there.
Wait a minute.
Come in.
See, he has got a goat for you.
A goat?
Vishu, drink fresh goat milk
and you'll be fine
in a couple of days.
Tell him
Gandhi used to drink goat milk.
Of course.
So did I, every time
I got thrashed by Grandma.
Madhu, what are you waiting for?
Take the goat from Sajjad and...
tie it to this stand.
You know how to milk it, right?
Or should I teach you?
I'll manage.
These flowers are for you, mister.
Okay! Okay...
Yes, I should've stopped you
last night, but I...
I'm a little possessive about Rinku.
We've been together for so long,
so obviously I am.
But Rinku told me
you took such good care of her.
You could've abandoned her
at Siwan station,
but you stayed with her...
and didn't leave!
You refused to leave!
So, my gratitude...
But kissing...
-Kissing is banned.
Vishu, for all that
you've done for Rinku...
For that, I... no, we...
we want to give you a gift.
Vishu babu, drink this milk.
-In front of them?
-Oh, really!
-So it's filled to the brim?
How did you like the gift?
Sure, I like it.
Where is it?
Where is what?
The gift...
Didn't you hear him?
To thank you
he said he'll make the Taj Mahal
disappear in broad daylight.
Three hours in a bus?
Waste an entire day!
Oh, what fun!
Unbelievable, how 400 years ago
this man blew up billions
all for love!
Tell these guys
to inform all the tourists,
Magician Sajjad Ali Khan
is about to perform!
Yes, sir.
Madhu, Vishu, gather everyone
and tell them Sajjad will make
the Taj Mahal disappear.
Will all this vanish too?
We'll pay you 500 bucks to
stand there for ten minutes, please.
It's only for ten minutes.
All you have to do is clap.
Aunty, please...
stand there for ten minutes.
-No, I don't want to.
-Aunty, please... please.
-Move aside. Let me click a photo.
-Hear me out...
As soon as we clap,
you clap as well.
Okay, fine.
Follow my lead,
clap when I start clapping.
-I want to go to poop.
-Please be quiet, child.
Aunty, we're giving you
500 bucks for such a simple job--
Get lost!
My son wants to poop,
and you're spouting bullshit!
What's with the new stunt?
What are we even doing here?
We've come here
to see a magic trick.
Why have they got us here
for the magic show?
Not us. You!
Basically, she wants Sajjad to
like you and for you to like him,
that you two become friends. Right?
But why? What can that do?
Because, then,
she'll have both you and Sajjad.
she wants two birds,
one in bush and one in hand.
She doesn't want
to lose either of you.
And, my dear friend, you're
the bird in the bush right now.
Sajjad's the one in hand!
Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal.
But it is Sajjad Ali Khan
who will make it disappear.
This extraordinary monument,
which is a symbol of love,
will vanish before your very eyes
into thin air without a trace.
But don't worry. Don't worry.
It will reappear
just as magically...
because where else will lovers
from all over the world go
to renew their vows, isn't it?
Please give a round of applause
and welcome
Sajjad Ali Khan!
Rinku, your medicine.
Good job.
Now, wait and watch.
An emperor used his wealth
to laugh at the love
we paupers offer.
But today, on behalf of
all the poor lovers in India,
I will make this monument disappear!
Here we go. Praise the Lord!
-Wow! I can't see it at all!
-It just vanished!
See... the Taj Mahal
has indeed disappeared!
It really has vanished!
I've never seen anything like this.
Look... the medicine is working.
Vishu, the lawyer had called.
The divorce papers are ready.
Both of you can take a look--
My hero failed.
My father had failed.
Will my hero fail as well?
Vishu, I know
Sajjad's magic failed today.
The Taj Mahal didn't disappear.
I know.
Then why was everyone clapping?
I gave everyone 500 bucks.
Told them to clap
when they see the girl clapping.
Tell me why, Vishu.
Because you're my wife!
The divorce papers
are yet to be signed, Rinku.
We haven't signed them yet.
And till you sign them,
you're my wife!
So, how is it possible
that, when the wife claps,
the husband doesn't?
I will clap every time you clap...
and make everyone clap as well.
Come down, Rinku!
-What's wrong?
-What's wrong, Rinku?
Rinku, get here!
-Be quiet, please.
Rinku, get here!
Be quiet.
-Rinku, get here!
-Please shut up!
You've changed your hero, Rinku.
My magic didn't fail.
It's your belief in me
that has failed.
Nothing has changed,
not you, not me...
I can still make the clouds
thunder when I snap my fingers.
You're the one
who doesn't see me anymore.
You don't think of me anymore.
Now that you've found that boy,
you don't need me anymore.
You want Vishu, not me.
Where will I go if I can't stay
in your thoughts, Rinku?
I'll cease to exist
if I can't stay with you!
Sajjad! Sajjad!
-What are you doing, Sajjad?
-Let me go.
-Drop the knife, Sajjad.
-Leave me!
Open your eyes, Sajjad.
Where do I go,
if I can't be in your thoughts?
I've made a mistake, Sajjad.
Let's talk.
Where do I go
if I can't be in your thoughts?
Somebody please help!
Sajjad, please.
This is my fault. Sorry...
It's my fault, Sajjad.
Please forgive me, Sajjad.
Let's talk... I said I'm sorry.
Open your eyes, Sajjad.
Please don't leave me and go,
Wake up, Sajjad...
Please get up.
Please save him, Vishu.
Please save him.
I can't lose him...
I made a mistake.
Sorry, Sajjad.
Please wake up.
I made a mistake...
Sajjad, please open your eyes.
Please save him, Vishu.
Please tell me he'll be fine.
Please wake up, Sajjad.
I made a mistake.
Tell me he'll be okay, Vishu.
-Let's end this matter now, Vishu.
-Things will only get worse.
Listen to me.
Don't do this, Vishu.
Tell her the truth.
This will complicate things.
Listen to what I'm saying, Vishu.
What is it?
This is a golden opportunity, Vishu.
We'll stay inside
for a couple of hours
and then we'll tell her
that Sajjad has died,
that we couldn't save him!
It's the correct thing to do, Vishu.
Bro, this won't affect
her psyche negatively.
It's a natural death.
She'll forget him
in a couple of months.
Vishu, please understand;
this is our last chance.
Where is Vishu?
Where is he?
Sajjad is fine.
You can go and meet him.
Someone who looks deep
Into your eyes
And quivers on your lips
Like an unspoken word
Someone who can read your mind
And has an intimate bond
With you
Someone whose warm breath
You feel on your skin
And who meets you in secret
Someone who you dream of
And who loves you back
Someone who you dream of
And who loves you back
Someone who pulls you close
And tugs at you playfully
Someone who claims you as his
Is what I want to know...
Someone who claims you as his
Is what I want to know...
Who is he?
What does he look like?
Who is he?
What does he look like?
I know I'm not the one
I'm not the one
You are in love with
In love with...
What are you doing?
Trying to get stronger.
You think you can do that
in one day?
I have to leave for a show.
I'm going to Japan.
I have a magic show
for sumo wrestlers.
I'll pull pigeons
out of their butts!
The divorce papers will
be ready by 10 a.m. tomorrow.
Sign them and...
Make three copies of each set.
Keep them ready.
Keep them ready.
Right after Dr. Dwivedi called,
I submitted your application
for fast-tracking.
You know I'm well-connected here.
This way.
Get up, boy.
Please sit, madam. Please sit.
I'll mark my attendance
and be right back.
Please sit.
My horoscope today says
Saturn has overpowered Jupiter.
I shouldn't sign
any important papers today.
I'm a staunch believer.
Plus, it's Tuesday.
We shouldn't sign
important documents on Tuesdays.
Really? Is it bad luck?
Bad! It's very bad luck!
I'm having a streak
of bad luck anyway, madam.
Doctor, please come here;
you have to stand in queue.
Oh, no the planets
are not aligned favourably now.
It's inauspicious to sign on
any document before 5 p.m. today.
It'll take only two minutes.
My horoscope warned me
against it, Vishu.
It's not a good time
to sign documents.
Even you shouldn't sign
on your patients' reports.
They will die.
Let them.
Done. Please sign.
Justice Tripathi, you look like
you believe in astrology.
Please tell me,
when the planets are not aligned,
we shouldn't sign
any documents, right?
That, too, on a Tuesday!
It all depends on Jupiter, actually.
Sign here.
Come with me and sign the papers.
I will. Let go of my hand.
I'll go with you.
I will sign the document.
I'll go with you.
Let go of my hand.
Please take me to IMS Hospital.
Hurry up!
What the...
What do you want?
Why don't you sign
the divorce papers and leave?
I don't want to!
I like it when you say,
"You're my wife."
What about Sajjad?
He's not my husband.
But he's your lover, isn't he?
He keeps me happy.
He's there whenever I call him.
He leaves whenever I want him to.
He gives me a lot of love, Vishu.
He has never asked me
for anything in return.
His love is different
from the other boys'.
No one can compete with him.
He does exactly
what the girl asks him to.
Then go to him!
But I like you as well.
Does Sajjad know about this?
I don't know how,
but he knows everything!
Isn't that amazing?
So, you want a husband and a lover?
What's the big deal if,
in this entire country,
just this once,
a girl has a lover and a husband?
Why did I have to end up
with this very girl?
Now that you have,
it can't be helped!
By the way, what's your problem?
He hasn't ever touched me, Vishu.
Neither have I!
Go ahead.
Have I stopped you?
I'll get into trouble
if I touch you.
Then I'll spend the rest
of my life competing with Sajjad.
Then I'll have to suffer!
Why will you suffer, Vishu?
Both of you have
very different roles.
I'm getting off
at the next junction.
You go to the hostel and get ready.
Divorce or no divorce,
you're getting married today.
-But, Vishu--
-What did you say that day?
"I'm the only wife who will dance
at her husband's engagement."
Now I'll be the only husband who
will dance at his wife's wedding!
Come on, hurry up.
Hurry up!
Get up.
Get up!
Let's leave.
Vishu has lost his mind.
He was talking nonsense.
He's saying he'll...
Sajjad, are you seeing this?
Are you out of your mind?
Why dance in front of the horse
when there's no groom sitting on it?
Now you realise
there's no one on the horse?
And what about the entire movie
that you've played out for us,
which we can't even see?
What are you talking about?
Everyone is laughing at you.
They've been laughing at me
for a while now.
You can see there's no one
on the horse, right?
Of course, everyone can see that!
Go ahead and call Sajjad.
Ask him to sit on the horse.
And how do I do that?
Everyone is on their own trip!
No one bothers to listen to me.
You're oh so amazing
And I'm so amazing
What happened?
Call Sajjad.
Make him sit on the horse.
Sajjad has left.
To Japan.
This is a new one, MS.
Sajjad has gone to Japan.
Fine, let's go to Japan.
Let's go to Japan.
Japan? How?
Just the way Sajjad has.
Let's go.
How do we go to Japan?
Not the airport, bro.
The railway station is nearby.
Sajjad will be wherever
you want him to be.
It's almost 2:30 p.m.
I'll wait for you right here
till 5 p.m., Rinku.
You can either make your lover
your husband and leave,
or come and make your husband
your lover.
What if Sajjad isn't here?
He'll be there.
You'll find him sitting on the left
bench on platform number 9.
Is there a sweet shop nearby?
-Yes, there is.
-And a clothes shop?
New clothes and sweets?
There are many shops.
Come on. Come sit here.
You know,
your mother was braver than you.
She wasn't scared of anyone.
Not scared of the world
or her family members.
But you aren't as brave as her.
You know, she climbed on
to the back of an elephant
and declared her love for me
in front of the entire city!
And you...
You haven't even been able
to tell me about your feelings!
Do you recognise her?
This is you.
You were this age
when you loved these candies.
Then you grew up.
You grew up and
Siwan became too small for you.
You wanted to run away with me
every time, every day.
But, my child,
all I could offer you...
were a few candies.
I don't have much else to offer you.
I'm leaving.
You have found your partner.
That rascal is brave enough to
look after someone as crazy as you.
Yes, my child?
When will you be back?
I won't be back, my child.
The candies are over, my child.
Please show me that magic trick,
which you would show Mummy.
Catch them!
Don't let them escape!
Move away.
Mummy! Papa!
Do I look okay?
My wife is back.
My wife is back.
My wife is back.
My wife is back.
Is this a "friendly kiss"?