Attack (2022) Movie Script

'We attacked the Indian Army Convoy,
two days ago.'
'It was a small demonstration
of our power.'
'The real war has just begun.'
'I call upon comrades
from all across the world.'
Echo One to Alpha Two.
Echo One to Alpha Two.
Go for Echo One.
We're right on time.
Moving towards LZ.
Copy, Alpha Two.
You're green to go.
India has profaned
our land atrociously.
It's time we sought revenge.
Element of surprise, boys.
Stay sharp.
I'm in position.
South-west alley clear.
Watch your six. Overwatch is solid.
13 minutes to extraction.
Three down.
Ghost Team moving in.
Hostiles in the alley.
Copy that.
Target locked.
Need breathing room.
He's never getting married
We're under attack!
Take the guns out!
Hurry up!
I've lost visual.
Ghost Team, you're on your own.
Break the door.
Take cover, soldier!
Go check!
Press the trigger!
Cover me!
Target is not here. Wrong intel.
We should evacuate now!
No, stay on the objective.
On me, move!
Come on now, move! Move!
Move in.
- Shoot him.
- No. Stand down.
More hostiles incoming.
We've to move, sir.
- Sir, we are..
- No.
Don't be afraid.
I'll release the switch.
- We won't hurt you.
- Don't. I'll release the switch.
Don't worry.
Look at my hand.
There's nothing.
All teams gather up.
We're moving for exfiltration.
Echo One, come in.
- Go for Echo One.
- Leave.
Copy that.
Two minutes to landing zone.
Move.. move..
- Kill them!
- Surround them! Don't let them escape!
- Right wing clear, sir.
- Ghost Team, come in.
What's your status?
Echo One, no sign of target.
Mission abort.
Copy that.
Ready for extraction.
Ghost to Delta, we are on the move.
Be advised, road is FUBAR.
Approach from east. Over.
Oh wait, wait, wait!
Oh shit!
Wait, wait, wait.
Call Technical now.
I think we got him.
- Confirm ID of the prisoner.
- Say cheese.
Target confirmed.
Rehman Gul secured. Moving out.
Well Done, boys! Jai hind!
Thank you, sir! Jai Hind!
Jai Hind!
"It's my eyes.."
"It's my eyes.."
What did you do to your hair?
Put it for a spin
in the washing machine?
Don't ask.
Where's your ID?
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, God.
No, no, no.
- I'll be right back.
- You'll miss the flight, Ayesha.
No chance.
Shit, shit, shit.
I'm... sorry.
- Welcome aboard.
- Hi.
This way, sir.
- Welcome aboard.
- Hello.
This way.
- Hi.
Welcome... aboard.
- Welcome aboard.
- Then I call dibs.
Welcome aboard.
He keeps looking here.
I know.
You saw?
I think my Keto diet
is finally working.
- Juhi?
- Hmm?
I'm the one he is looking at.
What makes you think
boys only look at you?
You wanna bet?
- Yes!
- You're on.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the captain has turned off..
..the fasten seatbelt sign.
You may now move around the cabin.
It's vacant.
- It's vacant?
- Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
I anyway just wanted
to stretch a bit.
By the way, thank you.
Thank you for not letting me fall.
And I'm really sorry
for what came next.
Purely coincidental, unintentional,
but I'm glad I did it.
I mean I'm glad
I didn't let you fall.
So, when does the flight land?
You seem in a hurry?
Important work?
No, I am flying back home.
Got a few days off
after a long time.
Why is that?
What's so important about your work?
I work for the Indian Army.
Believe me now?
Done with the stretching?
You want some juice?
No, thank you.
So, how long have you been
working as a cabin crew?
Three years.
You like it?
See, I'm from a conservative
family from Muscat,
with a middle-class
This job allows me
to travel for free and
keeps me away from
The conservative thoughts.
And you wanna know the best part?
I get to see something new,
every single time.
New people, new perspectives.
New experiences.
Life will try to hold you down,
but this journey must always go on.
It's beautiful.
Are you okay?
Is everything okay?
- Sorry.
- Does this keep happening?
Yes, there's often some
turbulence on this route.
I mean...
does THIS happen often?
Sir, the... seat belt sign is on.
The seat belt sign is on, sir.
There's a restaurant
right outside the airport.
Have a coffee with me.
Are you crazy?
Go back to your seat.
I don't even know your name.
Arjun Shergill.
And yours?
Ayesha. Full name?
Just Ayesha.
Like Madonna.
Oh, pleasure to meet you.
And you too, Beyonc.
Please go back to your seat.
We're flying into turbulence.
What about the
turbulence in my heart?
- so cheesy!
- I'll wait for you.
Just go back to your seat, soldier.
I'll be waiting, you tell her.
You have no idea how many
rules I'm breaking to meet you.
You won't regret it.
I promise.
Shall we?
"I can't survive without you."
"I feel at peace
when I am with you."
"I feel at peace
when I am with you."
"I don't care about
what the world says."
"I feel at peace
when I talk to you."
"I feel at peace
when I talk to you."
"Only when I talk to you."
"I am yours."
"Just yours."
"I am not my own anymore."
"I am yours."
"Just yours."
"I am not my own anymore."
"You dwell in me."
"I am not my own anymore."
"I can't survive without you."
"I feel at peace
when I am with you."
"I don't care about
what the world says."
"I feel at peace
when I talk to you."
"I feel at peace
when I talk to you."
"Only when I talk to you."
"I know you inside out."
"I know your soul."
"I know you inside out."
"Even you don't know
you as well as I do."
"I know you inside out."
"I know your soul."
"I know you inside out."
"Even you don't know
you as well as I do."
"It's you and just you."
"It's you and just you."
"I am yours."
"Just yours."
"I am not my own anymore."
"You dwell in me."
"I am not--."
"I am yours."
"Just yours."
"I am not my own anymore."
Oh, my God.
Quickly get inside!
Oh, Arjun... you woke up.
Oh, Arjun... my baby.
My baby...
Thank God.
- Where's Ayesha?
- Huh?
- What?
- Where's Ayesha?
I'll go get the doctor.
We extracted the bullet,
but the fall has injured your spin.
Vertebrae C1 and C2 have broken.
That's why you're paralyzed
from the neck down.
...and as a result you only have
slight movement in your right hand.
How long will it
take for me to recover?
Like I said,
C1 and C2 Vertebrae are damaged-
I heard you, Doctor.
When will I be back on my feet?
Let him finish.
Arjun, this...
paralysis is permanent.
How can it be permanent?
"I want you to be upset once again."
"I want to cajole you once again."
"I want you to go away once again."
"I want to call
you back once again."
"What do I make of
this silence in my life?"
"Let's get together
and talk this out."
"Tell me what's in your heart."
"This silence is killing me,
please speak up."
"Tell me what's in your heart."
"This silence is killing me,
please speak up."
"I feel like a wounded
bird's struggling inside."
"Fighting to survive,
while I feel dead outside."
"I feel like a twig
braving a storm."
"What do I make of
this silence in my life?"
"Tell me what's in your heart."
"This silence is killing me,
please speak up."
Breaking News!
We now know the terror group responsible
for last year's DG Airport Terror Attack.
More than 300 people
had died in this attack.
According to our sources,
SeT is behind this attack.
It was masterminded by Hamid Gul.
He is intrepidly running
terror camps in PoK.
Mr. Sachin. Mr. Devanshu.
We should keep politics out of this.
But the government
is doing politics over it.
The question of the hour:
What is our government
doing to protect our country?
Don't you think we
should ask this question?
I think the government
is answerable to the people.
I think the government needs to
answer all questions related to the
security of our country right away.
Everyone's here?
Let's start the meeting.
Sit, sit.
Please sit down.
What intelligence do we have on SeT?
Sir, we're in the dark about three
people in the SeT inner circle,
but what we do know is Hamid Gul has
taken over the leadership of Lashkar.
This is the only existing
photograph we have of Hamid.
We had arrested his father
Rehman Gul a couple of years back.
An Oxford-educated
computer engineer.
A modern-day terrorist.
His followers treat
him like a messiah, sir.
They are brainwashed and
trained like elite soldiers.
They have it engraved in their mind
that there will be no peace in
their land as long as India exists.
How do we tackle him?
Sir, I recommend
a full-blown operation.
That would mean war.
This isn't the right option.
I agree.
Terrorists have wised
up after our last operation.
Now they run their terror
camps in civilian areas.
We have another option, sir.
Super Soldier program.
Come on, Mr. Subramanium,
why do you keep insisting
on discussing the same old thing?
Because it's important and I
continue to believe it is going to work.
When peace talks fail
and war isn't an option,
science always comes to the rescue.
What exactly do you have in mind?
Artificial Intelligence.
An artificially intelligent
super soldier...
can destroy such terrorist
camps singlehandedly,
that too without
any collateral damage.
Looks like you watch
too many Hollywood films.
Yes, I love Hollywood films.
Do you know where the first
armed military drone was used?
October 7, 2001, Kandahar.
It was a US military drone-
1980, the movie 'Star Wars'
featured the world's first drone.
Today's fiction
is tomorrow's reality.
Not just us, but every
advanced nation in the world -
America, China, Israel,
are all working on such
intelligent soldier programs.
You will look at them and go:
"How wonderful!"
"So cool!"
But you find it hard to believe
when Indian scientists work on it.
Because of our inferiority complex,
we Feel that they're better than us.
But I have news for you.
They are not.
We come second to none.
We have young and dynamic
scientists who know this.
They are confident,
bold, and daring.
Our super-soldier program head,
Sabah Qureshi.
She has been working with
RDO for the last seven years.
And they are on a verge
of a major breakthrough.
There's no doubt in my mind,
that future wars will be..
won using artificial intelligence
and not arms and artillery.
And India has to be there first.
It's time to revolutionize
the Indian Army.
Sir, we are ready for human trials.
- We just need a go-ahead from you--
- By 'humans' you mean our soldiers?
One soldier.
Mr. Subramanium, are you suggesting
we run experiments on our soldiers?
Use them as lab rats?
Sir, we are not going to take any
steps without the soldier's permission.
And me and you very clearly know
peace talks,
border skirmishes,
surgical strikes haven't
changed anything.
What I am suggesting
will put an end to the entire terrorist
community and not just Hamid Gul.
For how long will we
resort to counteracting?
It's time we ATTACK!
It's time for one final ATTACK!
You get on with it. I'll handle him.
Let go.
Push him off the chair.
How dare you bite me!
How dare you!
Let him go.
Let go.
My son's...
Let me go.
Help! Help!
Shut up!
Zip it.
I'll kill you.
Shut up!
- I'll kill her.
- No, no.
- Let's go, bro.
- Get the things.
Stay quiet! Shut up!
- Take whatever you want.
- I'm done. Let's go.
- Give me your ring.
- No!
Or I'll chop off
your finger.
Should I chop off
your finger and take it?
Let's go, bro. I'm done. Let's go.
Oh, my God.
You okay?
Are you okay?
Are you okay, Mom?
Yes, I am fine.
I am okay.
You are okay?
Come on...
Get up.
Get up.
I am sorry, Mom.
They are physically
fit soldiers, sir.
Sabah, you are aware
of the terror around.
Situation has changed.
Sir, with all due respect,
I didn't develop this
technology for warfare.
It is meant to give new
life to paralyzed people.
If we implant this
into a healthy person,
he can get paralyzed
for life and it's...
Sabah, Prime Minister
has approved it.
I get it.
I know this is very important.
And the RDO is backing,
I am very grateful for that,
but this is not what we spoke about.
I cannot forget my morals.
I am sorry, I can't do this.
Sabah, will you give us a minute?
What's the problem?
Just kick her out of the project.
She is the project, sir.
We can't move without her.
Then just find a paralyzed soldier,
there has to be one somewhere.
Arjun, you have a guest.
How are you doing?
I'm very busy, sir.
- Very hectic.
- Hmm.
Would you like some tea?
- Mom?
- Uh-huh?
He takes it with sugar,
one teaspoon.
Thanks, Mom.
Someone's chewing
gum instead of smoking.
I quit.
Very impressed.
What brings you here?
The last you checked
on me was a year back.
Hamid Gul.
We need to get him.
Believe me, sir,
Hamid would be dead by
now if I wasn't in a wheelchair.
But all I can say is good luck.
I'm not here for your best wishes.
I need you back.
Back in what?
With all due respect sir,
this isn't funny anymore.
And I am damn serious.
You know, we--
Thank you.
We have developed a computer chip.
And it's revolutionary.
It can change your life.
We'll implant this computer
chip into your body
and you'll be back
on your feet again.
Doctors said that the
damage is irreversible.
I won't be able to walk again.
Should I believe in
Medical science or your 'SIM Card'?
This 'SIM Card' will
not only help you walk again
it will also give you
the ability to run, to fight.
It will give you the strength
you have never experienced before.
You will be the world's
first Super Soldier.
- But sir--
- You'll get all the answers,
But, I need mine first
Why me, sir?
We need a soldier
who has nothing to lose.
It's an invasive surgery.
Survival chances are slim
Not bad.
Details of the procedure
are in this file.
Read it.
I'll wait for your call.
This guy will never change.
He used to drop in unannounced
to meet your father as well.
What was he here for?
Didn't you say that
everything will be fine?
Looks like God has finally
answered your prayers.
There are around 65 million
people in a wheelchair in the world
Our dream was to help
them get back on their feet
with the help of a
brain-machine interface.
Innovators like Elon Musk have been
experimenting on this for a couple of years.
Now what you see here
is real-life footage
of an American patient from 2016
who underwent a similar procedure.
So ours is a three-part process.
Part One: A robotic precision arm will
implant bionic chips into your brain.
The neural threads of these
chips will read your brain signals.
Part Two: A microcomputer will be placed
in your neck to decode these signals.
And third: Nano wireless electrodes.
They will be injected
into your limb muscles,
thereby completing
the brain-machine interface
by-passing your injured spinal cord.
So, for example,
if you want to move your hand.
The chip will read
your brain signal,
the computer will decode it and pass
the information to the electrodes.
Resulting in, hopefully,
the movement of your hand.
You already know the risks.
But I still have to ask,
are you ready for this?
You know what you need
to do if I don't survive this?
We'll ensure that your
mother is taken care of.
I'm ready.
Ma'am, his body
temperature is rising.
There's internal bleeding, ma'am.
He's at 102.
I need more time.
You don't have time.
Just a little more time.
He's at 105!
What's wrong?
His body temperature is rising.
We'll have to stop the
procedure or else he'll die.
Okay, pulling out the robotic arm--
No. The procedure continues.
He knows the risks.
He's stabilizing.
My head's hurting.
That's absolutely normal.
Your nervous system is
trying to connect with the chip.
It'll subside after some time.
It's... it's unbearable.
- I think we should sedate him.
- No, no, no.
The chip and the brain
need to establish a connection.
Arjun, you have to bear this pain.
Try to divert your attention.
Try moving your hand?
- Come on.
- Arjun...
focus harder.
I'm focusing.
I can't move it.
- The pain's unbearable.
- It's okay.
It's... it's okay.
Take some rest.
We can try again after some time.
My head's killing me.
Sit up.
What's this voice that I hear?
Intelligent Robot Assistant.
The 'Chip' inside you
She is your personal assistant
who'll only follow your commands.
Just like Siri,
Alexa, and Google Home.
I'm I.R.A..
neural AI version 1.1.
Deep learning at 51
Tera Operations Per Seconds.
At your service.
Would you like to stand up?
System error,
neural bonding in progress.
His muscles are still weak.
It will take him some time to adapt.
"Not just the ground,
I want to rule the sky"
"I will break everyone around,
but I won't break."
"Not just the ground,
I want to rule the sky"
"I will break everyone around,
but I won't break."
"God has gifted
me with a new spirit."
"I want to spread my wings and--"
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Are you okay?
"I won't break today."
"I just won't."
"I will break all boundaries today."
"I won't break today."
"I just won't."
"I will do the impossible today."
"I won't break, my friend."
"I won't break, my friend."
"I will do the impossible today."
Bad shot. You missed
the target by six inches.
Did I ask for your opinion?
Still bad, we need to sync 100%.
"I'll kill you or die trying."
"I'll kill you or die trying."
"I'll crush you."
"I'll kill you or die trying today."
"Nothing can stop me today."
Don't overthink, Arjun.
What do you mean?
Trust your reflexes and I.R.A.
will handle the rest.
"I won't break today."
"I just won't."
Sir, this is solid intel.
Hamid is procuring chemical
weapons in Eastern Europe.
"I won't break, my friend."
"I won't break, my friend."
"I will do the impossible today."
He's a fighter.
Connect him to the system.
No sir,
I don't think he's ready yet.
He needs more time.
We don't have time.
- Just connect him.
- Sir--
This is the government mainframe.
Restoring the body movement
was the first step.
Now comes the exciting stuff.
What exactly are we doing?
We're making you the Big Boss.
Connect him.
I.R.A. will always stay connected to this
government mainframe via satellite link.
Through which you'll have access to
government data, criminal records,
Interpol files,
intelligence, tactical skills.
It's like you have a
FASTag for tolls?
Oh, this is amazing, but...
Why is it pink?
I like pink.
But I can change
the color if you want.
How's this?
Much better.
Boys will be boys.
Stop, stop, stop.
What did you see?
Toggle back.
It's nothing.
I know what you're thinking.
Good, but stop reading my mind.
I command you.
Invalid command.
It is my job to read your mind.
Then take a good
look at this picture.
I need his address.
235, Nehru Place.
Why do you need it?
I'm taking you for a test drive.
How exciting!
Now play some music.
Target identified.
Yo, dude.
What do you want?
The ring.
Weren't you in a wheelchair?
You've packed some muscles, dude.
It's sick!
Searching "Boht Hard!"
Slang for very impressive.
I want the ring back.
Bring me his mother's ring
It comes with a
price tag of 100,000,
but I'll give it
to you for just 60,000.
Let's close the deal at 600.
That's it? Your mother's
ring is worth so little?
No, this is what you'll
need for the hospital visit later.
- Get up, bro.
- Hey!
Wait right here.
You're a dead man walking,
you bastard.
You're emotional.
Do you like jewellery?
Stop. Stop.
Hedonistic psychological
patterns observed.
Threat level high.
We should leave.
Shh, I.R.A..
I don't need you right now.
- You scoundrel.
- Don't talk, just watch.
Fine, have it your way.
I.R.A., why is my arm locked?
It was your command.
You said you didn't need me.
"Don't talk, just watch."
I.R.A., learn to distinguish between
instructions and expressions.
Sometimes an expression
can have two different meanings.
Is he mental?
Humans are so confusing.
We need to talk more.
Yes, we will,
but let's deal with them first.
Activating Combat Mode.
50 stitches required.
How did you do that?
I downloaded it from the internet.
Downloaded it?
Yes, Super Soldier can download any
fighting skill in the
world from the mainframe.
What else can we do?
Shh! "Don't talk, just watch."
Uh-oh, he shouldn't have done that.
Leveling up.
Activating Super Combat Combo Two.
In three, two, one.
And that's a knockout.
Switching back to
civilian safety mode.
Calculating damage.
12 injured, no fatalities.
Checking vitals.
All normal.
Neural bonding intact.
I guess our first
test drive was a success.
Or maybe not.
I.R.A., we have
to escape at any cost.
I can't get caught.
- You got it?
- Copy that.
- Turn left.
- Left. Okay.
No, no, no!
Are you serious?
It's my job to stay serious.
- What?
- 20 meters away.
Don't we have any other option?
This is the best option.
See that garbage truck?
Soft and safe landing.
Great. Garbage truck.
Remember, we do this together.
No hesitations.
Total sync is needed.
Initiating jump.
"We need to escape at any cost."
I.R.A., no!!!
Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to me!
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to me!
...and many-many-many
more birthdays to come.
- Thank you.
- all with me
and not on duty.
Of course.
Such a liar.
Wake him up.
Wake him up.
You said this was a minor glitch.
Then why is it taking so long?
- I.R.A. is not the problem.
- Then what is the problem?
I told you he's not ready.
I.R.A. will be restricted until
he moves on from his past trauma.
You know, the two most important
days of our life...
...are the day we are born...
...and the day we find out why?
Do you know what
were you born to do?
Do you?
Since a long time.
And what is that?
For you.
What just happened?
The chip malfunctioned
because of the head injury.
Your brain powers I.R.A..
I.R.A. shuts down once
you become unconscious.
I've been stimulating your brain with
artificial neuron signals for four hours.
Thankfully I.R.A. booted
up and came online.
What if this happens
again and you are not around?
Then you'll have
to wake up on your own.
But that dream looked quite real.
I thought I was awake.
You see,
you are our first human subject.
We too are witnessing these
patterns for the first time.
On Standby Mode, I.R.A.
acts like a desktop screensaver.
She will show you visuals
from your past memories.
But, to come out of it, you'll
have to be the one to press 'Enter'
Am I making sense?
And what if I cannot distinguish
between the dream and the reality?
deep coma.
You might never come out of it.
But relax, all will be well.
Alert! All is not well.
Just give me ten minutes.
What was the emergency
that made you break the protocol?
Please enlighten me.
I'm sorry sir, I got excited
and things got out of control-
Then learn to control yourself!
If you can't do this, we can give this
chip to another responsible soldier.
- No. I like you, Arjun.
- Shut up.
I mean it won't happen again, sir.
- Can I trust you, soldier?
- Yes, sir.
I didn't hear you.
- Is he deaf?
- Shut--
I mean, yes sir.
Tomorrow, Sabah and I'll
be going to the parliament
to submit your progress
report to the Defense Minister.
But I think you are
still not ready for Hamid.
It's Hamid who isn't
ready for me, sir.
So dramatic.
No more. Stop.
Hey, are you done?
Almost done, sir.
How much time do we have?
Sir, real RAF trucks
will reach here in 15 minutes.
We need to reach there before that.
Shit, they have a double
verification system.
Sir, we'll have to hack
into the parliament's server.
Please inform Wakas.
Wakas, come in.
- Yes, Brother?
- Deploy it, Wakas.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.
Photo ID, please.
Check it.
- You may proceed, ma'am.
- Thank you.
Visitor's parking
is on the left side.
Let me go!
Let go of me!
If you want to see them alive,
then it's better if my men stay out of your house.
Drive fast, Raju.
Meeting's scheduled for today,
not tomorrow.
- Hello?
- Sabah?
I'm getting a bit late.
- Just wait for me.
- Yeah, sir.
Hurry up.
We have orders.
Check it.
Clear, sir.
Control Room?
Officer Mehta,
I need confirmation for RAF
to be allowed inside the Parliament.
This is confirmation.
Delhi is on high alert.
So RAF has been approved
for the Parliament.
Is the jammer on?
Yes, sir.
Does RAF have permission
to come inside?
- No.
- Check it.
Greetings, Brother.
How are you?
Careful with that.
What are you guys doing here?
We are ready.
We are ready as well
Nobody moves until PM arrives.
We don't have that kind of time,
Real RAF trucks are already there.
Who's Ayesha?
Awaiting reply.
I ask the questions.
I am the boss here.
Of course, boss.
But Ayesha is occupying
too much space in your mind.
It is hindering with our connection.
So, what should I do?
Help me understand Ayesha.
Ayesha was the love of my life.
Love: An intense feeling
of deep affection for someone.
Detecting intense feelings.
Does that mean you
love Hamid Gul as well?
More than you can imagine.
You can meet him.
He is not too far away.
What do you mean?
I mean he's at 28.38 North,
77.13 East.
It can't be.
These coordinates
Are in Delhi.
Yes, Parliament of India.
Hamid is there.
Are you sure?
Affirmative. 100% match.
We have orders to go inside.
I know.
How many more trucks are expected?
I let a couple of RAF trucks
in just a couple of minutes ago.
But none of our trucks
have gone inside as yet.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
PM's here.
Come out.
Move.. move..
Move fast.
- Hamid's going to attack the Parliament.
- What?
- Hamid is going to attack the Parliament!!
- When?
Right now.
Down! Down! Take cover!
Help the forces.
Patrol One. Patrol One, come in.
Do you have the PM?
He's getting away.
These guys in RAF
uniforms are not RAF.
They are terrorists.
Back off! Back off!
Take cover!
Move, move, move.
- Get out of our way!
- Move aside.
This way, this way.
Go inside.
- Hurry.
- Emergency exit, clear.
Going for the elevator.
I have the PM.
Let's go.
Mr. Prime Minister.
Who are you?
Hamid Gul.
Breaking news coming
in right this minute.
A terrorist attack
on the Parliament of India.
This is believed to be the biggest
ever terrorist attack on India.
The stock market
of India has shut down
and there is confusion and
chaos on the streets of Delhi.
The President of the United
States has condemned the attack.
Government officials are
being evacuated as we speak.
According to our sources,
Prime Minister was last seen
entering the building to
attend the Parliament Session.
But we have no news of
whether he is safe or not.
NSG commandos are being dropped
off at ground zero as we speak.
A high-level war room has been set
up to get the situation under control.
The question of the hour is:
Who will be the
acting Prime Minister?
Okay, guys,
I want everybody's attention here.
We are short of time so let's
get straight to the briefing.
What do we know so far?
LeT terrorists attacked
the Parliament around 11 o'clock.
It's estimated that there
are around 100 of them.
They have sneaked their own arms
and ammunition inside the building.
And now have control over the entire
inner complex of the Parliament.
How many hostages?
More than 300,
including the Prime Minister.
Any contact from inside?
We've not been able to contact anyone
since 10 minutes after the siege.
Everyone's phones
have been switched off.
Is Parliament's outer
perimeter secured?
We have surrounded the
building from all sides,
and our tactical
response team is about to
take a position on the rooftop
of the Parliament via choppers.
There's no way anyone is getting out
of that building without us knowing.
Clearly, this is a
huge national emergency.
As per the Constitution of India,
the senior-most member of the...
Cabinet takes over command in the
absence of the Prime Minister,
and the powers of the Prime
Minister will be transferred to him.
And the Honorable
President has appointed
Home Minister Digvijay Saab
as our Caretaker Prime Minister.
Yes, sir.
I assure everyone that I will stay
dedicated to this responsibility.
- I request everyone--
- What?
Terrorists want to communicate.
And they are online.
Okay guys, stand by.
Patch the call.
Patching the call.
This is Hamid Gul speaking.
All your guards are dead.
And I have held your PM hostage.
I have planted enough
bombs across the building,
Enough to blow the ministers to pieces.
So, don't even try to get in.
I have just three demands.
Fulfill them and I will leave.
My first demand:
Call back your tactical team that
has been hovering over our heads.
You have ten minutes.
In exchange,
I'll release 50 hostages.
You want them dead or alive,
you decide.
Keep me.
Let the others go.
Who do you think you are?
Your VIP days are over.
I'm the one who rules this building now.
I am more powerful
than your Prime Minister.
The one who rules over this place...
rules over the entire country.
Alpha.. rappelling down.
Alpha has landed.
Ready for assault.
It's not a bad deal.
He's releasing 50 people.
Ask the commandos to come back.
They are not needed there.
I beg to differ, sir.
We don't negotiate with terrorists.
Let's send the tactical
team inside and kill the bastards.
We cannot take that risk.
Prime Minister is in there as well.
The whole cabinet is in there.
300 people who run this country.
One wrong decision and
it will all be over.
I think he is right.
He is one step ahead.
And we need time to perform
a proper army action.
We don't know where
he has planted the bombs.
If we send the army blindly,
There's going to be a bloodbath.
So you want us to accept
a terrorist's demand?
No, no. No, never.
But what if we perform
a partial extraction?
Hamid knows that there
are commandos on the rooftop.
But he doesn't know how
many of them.
So let's accept his demand.
Let him assume that
we have given up.
We will leave just
one commando behind.
He will provide us with
intel from inside the Parliament.
And then we can plan a proper
army action based on that intel.
We are getting time.
Will he release the
hostages if we do this?
He will, sir.
We are accepting his demand.
Which soldier do you
plan on leaving behind?
- Sir.
- Your squad has been compromised.
Hamid knows that
you guys are up there.
He has threatened to
blow up the Parliament,
unless you get out of there.
- Do you want us out?
- Yes and no.
Do a partial extraction.
You stay back and let
the other commandos retreat.
You need to get inside the
building and provide us with intel.
- Do you think it is possible?
- Yes, sir.
- I.R.A. can guide me.
- Good.
Call back the chopper
and put on a loud show.
New channels are desperate
to show some drama.
I just want Hamid to
believe that NSG is gone.
Copy that.
And we're getting you these
latest images coming in from
the Parliament attack site,
where the NSG choppers
are retreating...
We're not sure about why
the government took this decision
but we do know that Home Minister
Digvijay Singh is in charge right now.
Check the rooftop.
Okay, Brother.
Check everywhere
Keep an eye.
Nobody is here.
I.R.A., is there a place
where I can hide?
AC vent, 3 o'clock.
Switching to Stealth Mode.
All clear, Brother.
- Hussain?
- Yes, Brother?
Release 50 hostages.
We have live footage
of 50 hostages being released.
They are rushing out of the
Parliament complex as you can see.
But the terrorists still
have control of the Parliament
with 300 hostages inside.
I've given charge of the
CCTV room to Iqbal, Brother.
Kill anyone who is hiding.
Okay, Brother.
Arjun, what's your status?
- I'm in.
- Excellent.
Now listen, can you hack the CCTV system
and give us access to the live feed?
- I am sure I.R.A. can.
- Good.
Get on it.
I.R.A., I want blueprints
of the Parliament.
Projecting 3D model
of the Parliament.
Identify camera blind spots for me.
The Metro job will
be done in three hours.
And how long will this take?
Two are online, four more are left.
Their Army will strike
before you are done.
They won't.
How can you be so sure?
Do you know the reason behind
frequent military coups back home?
Because our military knows
the government holds no power.
Their military is foolish.
They will do as
told by the ministers.
And as long as we
hold their PM hostage,
their Home Minister won't even
let the military kill a fly.
Sir, 50 hostages are out, unharmed.
Should I tweet this on your behalf?
Go ahead.
It's a false victory,
the terrorists have an upper hand.
It's subjective.
Depends on how you see it!
Guys, alert.
Hamid online.
My second demand:
Release Rehman Gul.
You have our leader
and we have yours.
It's the perfect exchange offer.
I know how slow your
government officials are.
I am giving you an hour to decide.
Everything is under control.
There is no movement
in the corridor.
Uplinking all CCTV feed
to emergency ops war room.
Stop. Stop.
Sir. Live feed.
I want every frame to be recorded.
Yeah, keep it running.
Let's plan our entry.
Give me the blueprint.
Okay, listen to me.
Now, this is the main door.
Gentlemen, what is our
decision on Hamid's demand?
We are about the hit the deadline.
We have two options, sir.
first option: Army action.
I recommend this.
We have the live feed.
My commandos will be ready
for assault in 20 minutes, sir.
Can you guarantee
Prime Minister's safety?
Chances of the PM's survival
are the same as that of the others.
Then the army won't go in.
How will we save our country if
we cannot save our Prime Minister?
I won't give the permission to attack,
Until I'm assured of the PM's safety.
What's the second option?
Second option: Negotiation.
We can offer Hamid a hefty
sum to release the Prime Minister.
And I would strongly recommend that.
Offer him money.
That's what everyone wants
Hamid is not here
to rob a bank, sir.
- He's a hardcore terrorist-
- What other option do we have?
Should we release Rehman Gul?
The most viable option
is right in front of you. Arjun.
Please give him some time.
So you want us to trust
that soldier to come good?
That one soldier has
the strength of a battalion.
And what if he fails?
Then we'll do as you say.
Hamid has made another demand.
Let me guess, he wants Rehman Gul?
I fear that the Home
Minister might give in.
This is the first time
we are so close to Hamid.
Let's crush him.
Yes, I am working on that.
But Home Minister is in charge,
and I think this guy is madly
in love with the Prime Minister.
I don't think he'll let
us attack until the PM is safe.
So, for now, you are being
ordered to just do a recce.
And quickly find a way for the army to
get in without setting off the bombs.
On it, sir.
Stop. Tripwire.
Hussain? Mallik?
Where's Hussain?
What are you hiding?
No one's coming to rescue you.
Where's Hussain, Mustafa?
He went after the girl.
That fucking skirt chaser.
Let's go.
Remote detonated explosive devices.
20 kg RDX bombs on all entrances.
You want help?
I've got you.
I've got you.
message from
Sabah's smartwatch.
What else are you hiding in there?
So, you think you can take me on?
Sir, the library.
Damn it.
Oh, shit.
Let me show you want I can do.
It's time you feel the heat.
No.. no..
Sir, see this.
Hamid too is proceeding
towards the library.
No.. no..
Arjun, don't.
Hamid's headed your way.
- Don't do anything.
- But, sir --
It will put the
whole mission at risk.
You'll expose yourself
as soon as you fire that gun.
Arjun, put the gun down.
He's coming.
Arjun, I know what you are thinking.
Don't go in.
Don't go in.
Arjun, he's coming. Don't go in.
Arjun, are you listening?
It's my order.
I am sorry, sir.
- I can't take this anymore.
- Stop him.
Arjun... Arjun, please!
Arjun, don't go in!
Don't go in.
There's someone in
the building apart from us.
Highly skilled.
Heard that?
I need to go outside.
Lock the door.
Stay safe, stay inside.
Wear this.
If anyone touches you,
just shoot him.
Be careful.
You and I.R.A.
aren't completely synced yet
Anything can happen in real-time.
I.R.A. can even shut down.
Don't worry, I will.
Someone has hacked it, Brother.
Live feed is being relayed outside.
Cut it off.
Go offline.
Pull the plug.
Sir, they cut the
live feed from the Parliament.
We cannot trust him.
I had warned you.
Sir, he will come good.
You still think so?
He disobeyed your direct order.
But it's his moral
duty to save that girl--
Don't bother.
I have been given
the responsibility.
I am in charge.
Like you said.
I make all the decisions henceforth.
Oh hero!
I know you are here.
Switch your walkie
to frequency 463.65.
I think it's time we know
each other a little better
You already know what I can do.
You'll soon know who I am as well.
What are you trying
to achieve from all this?
You think you can save your country
by killing a couple of my men?
And then what?
A promotion?
A medal of honor, maybe?
A happier ending?
Let me describe your ending to you.
Your body will be lying
here among the other dead bodies.
And It won't even take two days
for your country to forget you.
You're making tall claims, kiddo.
Don't bother about my ending,
yours is going to be a tragic one.
Why don't you show yourself
if you are that confident?
Why are you hiding?
You sure you want that?
You might wet your pants again.
November 25th, 2010, remember?
You are the same soldier!
How wonderful!
What a pleasant coincidence,
I am so happy.
It's not a coincidence.
You owe me your life.
Come on then, let's settle this.
I'm already on it.
Well, there's a call.
Sukrut, you talk to him.
Yes, sir.
I told you not to do it!
Didn't I?
I told you not to enter the parliament!
Hamid, just forget what happened.
Government of India
has an offer for you.
We'll give you a safe passage
and 10 million dollars to
let the Prime Minister go.
What do you think?
You think you can just
buy me off like that?
- Are you on speakerphone?
- Yes.
- State your name.
- Sukrut.
- State your name.
- Pritam Singh, MP Uttar Pradesh.
P...P...Pritam Singh.
You are responsible for his death.
You, come here!
Come on.
State your name.
State your name!
Wait, we are ready
to accept all your demands.
You have no other option.
But first, you have to
hand that commando over to me.
Else, I'll shoot the Prime Minister
next. Got it?
Okay, we'll take care of it.
You call that a negotiation?
That man is capable
of doing anything.
Release Rehman Gul immediately.
This is wrong.
I am sorry sir, but I won't
take orders from a terrorist.
It's my order.
You don't get it, sir.
This is sending a wrong signal.
This will only encourage
others to follow suit.
We'll cross that bridge
when we come to it.
You are to do as I say.
This will save lives.
You are putting the future
of our country at risk.
And I will not stand
by and let this happen, sir.
- Then resign.
- Sir? Sir!
I won't change my decision.
Don't forget that I am
the acting Prime Minister.
I won't let my country
surrender under my watch.
The Indian Army does
not negotiate with terrorists.
NG, you are in charge here.
Call me when you need army action.
Sir, what about that soldier?
Ask that soldier to surrender.
Right away.
Arjun, come in.
- Sir.
- My hands are tied.
Surrender to Hamid immediately
So we're throwing our hands
up before a terrorist now?
How dare you blame us?
Your shenanigan to save
that girl got a minister killed.
In battle, when a fellow soldier dies,
we don't surrender
We keep fighting for
his honor and sacrifice, sir.
Handle him, Subramanium.
Our soldiers have become
quite high spirited these days.
Listen, Arjun.
Hamid can kill more people
just to prove his point.
We are past the deadline.
And we are being forced to
release Rehman Gul to stop him.
Go to Hamid and end this.
I repeat, just end it.
Yes, sir.
I know what you are thinking.
You won't follow the orders.
I guess you didn't hear him.
"Go to Hamid and end this."
That is the order.
We go in and end Hamid.
Okay. But what's the plan?
Just read my mind.
Found him! Stay there and Don't move!
On your knees! On your knees now!
Hands in the air!
He killed Hussain!
We should shoot him right away!
Don't move!
You killed Hussain.
You're a dead man now!
Initializing stimulation.
89 hostiles confirmed.
High-grade weapons.
Locking target.
- don't walk with pride.
- We need to engage.
- No, I.R.A.. Let him get closer.
We attack in 3, 2 --
Chip malfunctioning.
I.R.A., no.
So I'll be wetting my pants, huh?
Body resistance going down.
Look who they sent to rescue you.
India's savior!
Arjun, come in.
- Arjun?
- I.R.A. has shut down, sir.
No signal.
Hey, Mr. Paradise!
Let's go. It's time
to go back to your country.
You okay, sir?
May I have a word with you?
Sir, they cannot control Hamid.
If things go south,
all the blame will fall on you.
Why will they blame me?
The blame always
falls on the PM, sir.
The job you are "acting"
for is a tough one.
You'll be the first
one asked to resign.
Let Subramanium make
all the decisions henceforth.
You might have to shift the
blame while talking to the media.
Take my father to Rawalkotla
and release him at the airport.
Give him a satellite phone so that
I can talk to him as he travels.
We'll discuss the rest once
he is out of Indian airspace.
What a surprise!
You okay?
Come with me?
We are also seeing these
patterns for the first time.
Arjun, come on you're dreaming
I.R.A. is like a screen saver
It will show the visuals
from your past memories.
Ayesha, will you marry me?
my last demand.
I want a safe passage
to get out of here.
A GAR airline flight leaves for Ecuador
from IG Airport in 45 minutes.
Keep it ready for us at Gate No. 47.
We will leave from here in our cars.
Once we leave the Indian airspace,
I'll disarm the bombs
via a remote detonator.
Touch the doors before that
and all the bombs will go BOOM!
So do we have a deal?
Speak up, Uncle.
We have a deal.
I won't call back.
Usman! Khalid!
Get them out of here.
Keep moving!
Is it done?
It is ready, Brother.
What's the passcode?
My birthday.
My brave warrior!
What are you doing, Brother?
Father will reach
Rawalkotla in 20 minutes.
And we'll be at the airport.
You have the briefcase, right?
Use this switch in case
you need to detonate it sooner.
Are you confident that
no one can defuse it?
100%, Brother.
There are six blasting
caps and six firing circuits.
No one can defuse it
in less than 20 minutes.
But you can?
Of course, Brother.
I made it, so I can defuse it.
Good job.
Well done.
Thanks, Brother.
Brother? Brother?
- Mustafa.
- Yes, Brother.
Jihadists are treated
like kings in heaven.
You are going to heaven, my brother.
This bomb has to
explode at any cost.
The army will try to get in.
Make sure there's a bloodbath.
We have only broken their backbone.
Now it's time to kill India's spirit.
God willing, soon.
- Goodbye, my friend.
- Goodbye, Gul.
Inform General Singh that
Hamid is leaving the Parliament.
Let's ambush him at the airport.
- But sir, under whose authority?
- Mine.
No more negotiations.
Let's kill that bastard.
Yes, sir.
Get in, everyone. Quick, go.
They are moving.
What's wrong?
You can't stay here.
You want to leave me?
I have already left, Arjun.
I am gone.
But still..
I am here only to
tell you how much I love you.
We have spent very
little time together,
but those were the most
beautiful days of my life.
I know you've been through a lot.
But believe me, you have
a beautiful future ahead of you.
But now, you need to let go.
You need to let go.
It's synchronising
Will you do that for me, my darling?
I love you.
You know I love you more.
Life will try to hold you down,
but this journey must always go on.
Machine Voice
Welcome back, Arjun.
Path is clear.
NSG deployed at the airport.
30 minutes.
It's all we have. Take a detour.
Clear all civilians from
the airport radius. Over.
Airport in sight.
Army personnel on standby.
Snipers in place.
Bomb active.
- 20:24 seconds to the blast.
- What?
Can we defuse it?
Not possible.
We don't have time.
Then we need to get
the hostages out of here.
Survival chance is zero.
This is a chemical bomb.
Sarin gas, affective radius 30kms.
- Shit-shit-shit-shit-shit!
- Come in for Arjun.
Sir, Arjun's comms are on.
- Arjun, come in.
- Where's Hamid, sir?
We'll be ambushing
him at the airport.
We don't have that much time.
He activated a chemical bomb
before he left the Parliament.
Sarin gas.
I repeat sir, it's Sarin gas.
Half of Delhi will
be dead in 20 minutes.
- What!
- Intercept Hamid now!
Intercept the car!
Intercept it right now!
- Where's he?
- Check for Hamid Gul.
We need a positive match.
No one shoots!
I repeat no one shoots!
Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
I am Nitaraj Swammy, MP.
They told us to go to the airport
or else they'll blow up this vest.
No bombs.
Hamid is not in the car, sir.
- Hamid is not in the car.
- Hamid is not in the car?
Then where is he?
- Move on! Move on! Move on!
- Arjun, it was a decoy.
Hamid never left the Parliament.
Sir, that's impossible. Sir.
Hamid is not here.
He wouldn't stay here
after activating the bomb --
Wait, wait, wait.
The drilling.
I.R.A., the Parliament blueprints.
What's that?
It's a tunnel,
made by the Britishers.
Where's the exit?
No exit.
The Indian government had sealed it.
But looks like there
has been a breach.
Go, go, go!
Sabah, you have 15 minutes.
Get the hostages out at all cost.
Quick, go.
Arjun, did you get Hamid?
No, sir.
He set us up.
They drilled a hole from
the underground metro site
To the old tunnel
beneath the Parliament.
It must have taken
them months to do it.
This has been his plan all along.
Negotiations, Rehman Gul, airport safe
passage were nothing but delay tactics.
He was buying time
to plant a chemical bomb
while we waited at the
airport for him like fools!
I.R.A., scan CCTV for Hamid.
Sir, I found him.
Arjun, get him.
He has a remote detonator.
And that's our only hope.
Copy that.
Send backup.
Send SOS to the Army Chief.
He needs to set up a
20km perimeter in the city
and initiate emergency protocol.
Stop, stop, stop.
Stop. Stop.
Back off, everybody. Back off.
Hamid moving towards Safdarjang airport
25 kilometres away.
What is this gas?
It's 26 times more
poisonous than cyanide.
When the bomb explodes,
it'll spread all across Delhi.
People will die as soon
as they breathe it.
evacuate the city then.
We have less than 15 minutes.
Mass evacuation is impossible.
Emergency responders
won't be able to do anything.
Prime Minister?
There's a bomb here. Back off.
10 minutes to blast.
We need to look for an alternate route.
A short cut.
Re-calibrating route.
Take a right.
- Go.
- Yes, sir.
Bike engine on fire.
Emergency flight request
has been cleared.
Airbus Argus B-12
is ready for takeoff, sir.
- Airstrip is clear.
- Hurry!
On it, sir.
Sir, someone's on the runway.
- What?
- Someone is there.
Go, go, go. Hurry!
Take off right now.
Take off!
Engine on full throttle.
Taking off.
Now! Take off!
Take off.
35 seconds to the blast.
Press red switch to disengage.
Remote signal lost.
Is that all?
This wasn't the main bomb.
Then what was it?
Everyone, ready?
Sir! The hostages are coming out.
Get them into safe perimeters.
Yeah, move! Ambulance,
doctors, everyone. Get them there.
What about the gas bomb?
It has been deactivated.
How do I stop it?
Cut the red wire exactly when I say.
- There are two red wires, I.R.A..
- The top one.
In 3, 2, 1... cut!
Deactivation sequence initiated.
100% sync.
Sir, we have the Prime Minister.
Well done, Arjun.
I knew you could do it.
Thank you, sir.
What about Rehman Gul.
We have taken care of that.
He was fighting for his land,
we offered him the sky instead.
That's great.
Permission to go home, sir.
Permission granted, my soldier.
Permission granted.
Sir, shall I
tweet from your account?
Yes, post it everywhere
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Tell everyone that I saved our country.
Hail Mother India!
Hail Mother India!
Hail Mother India!
Hail Mother India!