Attack Force (2006) Movie Script

We have confirmed movement on
the west side of the perimeter.
Roger that, Dwayne.
What's your position?
Airborne in position to the
south of the surveillance area.
We have movement from
inside the compound.
Everyone stand by.
Code 1. Code 1. We have gunfire
on the ground from the east.
Chopper 1 and Chopper 2,
we have authorization.
Take down all elements
within the compound.
Marshall, we have one
escapee heading your way
on a motorcycle.
Roger that. I have a visual. He
has turned towards the north.
Air support required
I have the electronic lock.
Unloading the chain gun.
Suspect is still heading north.
Switching to rockets.
Gonna bring him down
for you to clean up, Marshall.
He's down, he's down.
On foot and still heading north.
- He's all yours.
- Roger that.
Retrieving the sequencer
was the right thing to do.
However, the Majestic
drug research program
is none of your concern.
The consequences are the same,
no matter how you look at it.
We made the treaties,
they broke them.
Now you expect me
to clean up after them?
That's not gonna
happen, you hear?
Marshall, I repeat, let it go.
We've received new orders, sir.
0800 hours to Paris.
A training mission.
Oh, well, let's go
pack our gear.
Do we stand down, sir?
- That's right.
- Sir.
Well, anyway...
I mean, I'm...
Your room keys, sir.
They come from
a really good SF team...
...and Admiral Morgan
recommended them
as replacements.
They have two days'
field training
before our next assignment.
They'll be all right.
Okay, children, let's go.
So Marshall Lawson. What do you
guys know about him?
I mean, the man walks
with an air of confidence...
...that's rarely seen
in this day and age.
What? I'm serious. He does.
Yeah, him and his girlfriend,
There's just two things you
need to know about Lawson.
One is he's a bad
...and two, he's a bad
- I hear that.
- That's the truth.
Here's to what might could be
a real good team.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers.
And if not, you can
always kill us, sir.
I'm thinking about that
You're all about to
cut your teeth now,
let me tell you something.
Grab a beer at the bar.
Just take it easy.
- Sir.
- Oh, take it easy?
Those fucking guys have no
idea what we're up against.
Yeah, well, I've got a
bad, bad feeling they're
about to find out.
Requesting permission
to leave the premises.
Can't get no love around here.
We're thinking of
going to a titty bar.
I ain't getting no love
and I'm too old for love.
And I'm too poor.
- Why don't you go on.
- We'll catch you later.
All right. Thank you, sir.
Just remember. Tomorrow, 0700.
Be here.
- Oh, yeah. On the dot.
- Right.
This place is cold. It could
freeze the balls off a penguin.
Where the hell
are we going now?
All right.
- Yeah.
- Oh, there, there.
Morning. Morning. Morning.
This is the best day of my
life. Yeah!
Oh, man. All right, I love you.
- Oh, dude.
- Oh, my...
She's the one. She's the one.
She's the one.
- Hey.
- Hello.
Any chance...? Party, later.
We've got a party
back at our hotel.
At the hotel.
You want me to go,
you have to talk to him.
- What, talk to him?
- Yeah.
See you in a minute.
Can I talk to you for a minute,
What's your pleasure?
That girl.
Treat her right.
And I'll send someone
around to collect.
Okay. Thank you.
- We got a deal.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Carl. Let's go.
Thanks, man.
- There you go, man.
- Thanks, man.
Thank you very much. You've
been so very kind tonight.
Thank you. We've got love.
You be all right by yourself?
All right.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm following new orders.
Just like you.
Come on, guys, open the door.
Jesus, guys. Come on.
Jerk off all over the
wallpaper all night.
I'm up. I'm up next.
Least I can get it up next.
At least I can get it up
in the first place.
Honey, you're with
the wrong guy.
I might not know what
I'm doing, but I can
do it all night.
Come on, guys, open the door.
All right, I'll see
you in the morning.
See you later.
Well, let's have a look.
- Check it out.
- What the fuck?
No. Don't bother.
They're all dead.
Come with me.
Oh, Jesus.
Detective Lambert, et vous?
Yeah, I'm Commander Lawson
and this is Chief Dixon.
And we're all active military.
These are my guys.
I'm gonna have to claim the
bodies and take them in
for a special autopsy.
The bodies are mine.
They are under my jurisdiction.
Okay. Listen to me, young man.
I'm gonna have somebody
in your government
call you immediately
and explain who has
jurisdiction over these guys.
Do you hear me?
Just keep an eye on your watch.
Within about 20 minutes,
you're gonna be told
who gets the bodies.
Dwayne, find that titty bar.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- What's your name?
- Reina.
Maybe you can help me
with something, Reina.
Some buddies of mine
were here tonight.
You see who they were
hanging with?
Can't have you
upsetting the girls.
Just making small talk.
Why don't you make it
somewhere else?
Look, I was just asking her
a few questions.
I'm looking for some buddies
that were here tonight.
I'm sorry about your
trouble, but the police
will take care of it.
Yeah, well, the police
ain't working fast enough.
I guess the police will handle
it, then.
- What do you got?
- Just like you figured.
Massive physical trauma,
but also traces
of a new drug, CTX.
Apparently, it's the
new party drug.
We've had several
overdose victims recently.
What now?
I don't know, man. I just
needed some time to think.
You okay?
My team, they're well-trained.
Real well-trained.
Whoever did this, or whatever
did this, they're good.
It was brutal.
Yeah, well, that might be...
...but it was an assassination,
that's for sure.
Revenge for some past
Could be. I thought of that.
It could be.
Revenge is a two-way street.
I had local police
arrest the club owner.
You wanna check him out?
No, I'm going
to Majestic headquarters.
Access denied.
ID, please. This is a
restricted area.
I'm sorry, commander,
but this area is now closed...
...even to someone
with your classification.
That's very strange
that they would have
pulled my clearance
and not told me about it.
Commander, I need you
to step aside.
I'm sorry, commander, I need
you to vacate the facility.
Did Robinson tell you why
they revoked your clearance?
No, not really.
Okay. When and where?
Caf, east side of the
building. Twenty minutes.
I'll see you there.
Didn't I tell you
to stay out of sight, Aroon?
And didn't I pay you
to stop people from
looking for me, Lambert?
I can't help it if the U.S.
military is taking an interest
in your activities.
How was I supposed to know
that Uncle Sam...
...would send in
some of his finest?
Those boys were having fun.
You know, the irony is
that Marshall and his team...
...weren't even looking
for you.
Those boys were looking
for some R and R.
And they found it.
Your girl Reina,
she had a little too much fun.
She might have got a little
out of control, I suppose.
Well, then, it's a little
out of my jurisdiction.
Can you get me out of here?
Lambert, this is still
a U.S. military investigation.
Just trying to help.
Get the fuck out of here
before I have your
French ass kicked out.
I just heard about your team.
I'm so sorry, Marshall.
If there's anything I can
I really need to know who did
Very impressive record.
I like to think so.
Head of the biochemical
research program
in Western Europe.
Top-secret research.
You're a top dog, Aroon.
Be all you can be.
Why not?
Your partner didn't mind.
Yes, well, Tia's a
very special girl.
Besides, they'll need her
for the cover- up.
Although, if she's not
careful, they'll probably
make her the fall guy.
We've been monitoring this area
for more than six months...
...because a top-level
Majestic researcher went AWOL.
Let me ask you something.
What's the story with Majestic
and drug movement?
They control the
CTX research program...
...but Werner wants everybody
and everything to stand down...
...until we know what's
going on. Yeah?
Hello, Robinson.
Listen to me,
you arrogant little prick.
I don't understand any
of this fancy research
you're fucking with.
But what I do understand is
Three of my boys got murdered
and I want to know why.
Wrong place, wrong time?
Your girl Reina was a little
We found this
in the hotel room,
and this in your club.
The autopsy confirmed
significant traces
of this chemical in
the three dead bodies.
Your boys must have liked it,
Listen, asshole.
I want to know what's
going on in your club.
And what's happening
to the people around here.
Are you making me an offer?
Sure. Either you tell me,
or I shoot you so full
of this shit that it'll
make you talk,
or it'll kill you.
I'll handle it. Yep.
I need access to an armory.
- I'll see what I can do.
- You know the weapons I like.
I gotta deal with Robinson
You have no idea what
you're dealing with.
So fucking enlighten me,
because right now
you are dealing with me.
Dwayne, meet CTX.
CTX, meet Dwayne.
So how does it work, this CTX?
Could you give me five?
I have orders to
shut you down.
All military drug-testing
programs have been canceled.
- If I were to ask you why?
- You don't even need to ask.
Aroon's defection has
caused a serious breach
in our CTX program.
So we're talking about
chemical warfare.
Chemically-induced warfare.
So who do you work for?
Someone who doesn't like
a lot of questions.
She does have access to
seemingly unlimited
Russian financing, though.
And that's one of the
reasons I don't like asking
a lot of questions.
Why here?
When you experiment,
you need to test.
When I was in the Army, I had
access to as many guinea pigs
as I wanted.
Soldiers. For research.
You have no idea how
many soldiers gave up
their lives for science.
It was funded by the military.
Once I went AWOL, I still had
to perfect the formula...
...and that meant testing it.
On who?
John Smith.
Jane Doe.
Innocent people
as your guinea pigs?
It's amazing what types
of corruption you
can buy these days.
We cannot get caught
in the spotlight.
But what we can do
is limit the damage.
And in a couple of months,
it'll all blow away.
Okay. No questions asked.
- Not by the wrong people.
- Like Marshall.
That's why you're gonna
work with him.
All you have to do is to make
...he does not unnecessarily
compromise our agenda.
Now, you seriously think
I can help you in this?
If you work with me on
this one, I'll make it
worth your while.
Look, I know that
you and Marshall are close.
But he can't give you
the career you want.
Not the opportunities
a young, gifted,
vibrant biochemist
really deserves.
So this is what
it's like?
What's that?
Making a deal
with the devil himself.
Have you had
contact with him?
No. I worked with him.
I taught him everything he
Except how to resist
I decided to introduce CTX
to the club scene.
New party drug.
Has an exquisite high.
Very pleasurable.
Instantly addictive,
but very...
- Lucrative?
- Yes.
But when one doesn't
have CTX for a while... becomes a bit
of a lethargic mess.
Traces of CTX lodge
themselves in your system
and become dormant.
They gradually change
your DNA.
And under the right
they can be triggered.
Especially in situations
involving conflict
or aggression.
And that's what I think
happened to your boys.
They probably got a bit
carried away with Reina.
She mistook their libido
for aggression and, well...
Spare me the psychology.
When your body is suddenly
flooded with adrenaline from
the CTX, you become
a bit like a wild animal,
fighting for survival.
You become a killing machine.
You have no morals.
You have no humanity.
And that's what the
government was
and is interested in.
A drug that makes soldiers
mindless killers...
...right up until
the point that they die.
- And Tia knows this?
- Of course.
CTX was our baby.
We developed it together.
Robinson and Werner kept the
whole operation very hush-hush.
It was to be their big step up
through the ranks.
We want to talk to your boss.
I don't think she'll
be interested
in that conversation.
We'll see about that.
Where is she hiding?
Where is she?
I'm doing you a favor.
If you were all
to arrive there,
she'd kill you instantly.
You think the U.S. Army
is just gonna
walk away from this?
Even if they did, I
would hunt you down
and kill you myself.
Well, it's already too late.
A large quantity of CTX
is going to be released
into the city's water supply.
Everyone within a 100-mile
radius is either going to be
addicted or dead.
You got it all wrong, Aroon.
Oh, you're going to
regret that, soldier boy.
I don't think so, guinea pig.
Revenge is a two-way street.
Watch him.
I'm going to get a medic.
Need a light?
- We're being followed.
- Who are they?
I don't know.
I'm about to find out.
I think they might be
Robinson's boys.
Can I help you?
Why's that?
Well, because
you're following us.
I'm not following you.
You know what, man? I bet you
if I reach in your pocket...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- What is this?
Well, see now, Naval
I'm disappointed.
You lied to me.
Tell me something.
Should we be cooperating
with Robinson and Majestic?
None of that stuff works.
So you're telling me
Tia is our only option?
That's right, baby.
That's right.
Tell me what you know.
It's Majestic.
They're putting together
another strike team.
We've got to try
and persuade Tia to join us.
Sir, this will turn ugly.
I think the ship already
sailed on that.
It's still containable.
We need to contact our
people, bring them in
for their own protection.
Now, you know the liaison.
Now, you worked with her.
She wouldn't endanger
the program, right?
You trained them.
They've worked together before.
They're close.
I can't guarantee you
Just a friendly visit.
- Your idea, or hers?
- Does it matter?
She might cut out your
Just like Robinson and Werner
cut out yours?
- Only for a little while.
- I'm sure.
First, they need you in the
trenches, with Marshall
and his grunts.
I wouldn't be there
if it wasn't for you.
Oh, come on.
The right deal will come
along and you'll be
a defector someday.
Not as a fugitive from the law.
Now, I may not have
my own dentistry
or retirement plan,
exactly, but I am doing
what we love to do, Tia.
Well, enjoy it.
Because it ain't gonna last.
Oh, yes. Of course.
I forgot. Marshall.
You remember the excitement
when we first sequenced
the CTX formula?
You and I,
we complement each other, Tia.
Work for me.
Work with me.
So do I take it that's a no?
Of course, you realize
there will be consequences.
- Were you followed?
- We were followed.
- But we took care of that.
- Good.
If words gets back to Werner
that I'm talking to you guys...
I don't think you'll have to
worry about Werner.
He might not be happy
about our personal thing,
but he knows who sent
me here, and he knows
why I'm here, so he's
not gonna say nothing to me.
My entire fucking team's
wiped out,
so you know what would be
really helpful right now?
If you stop feeding us this
bullshit and give us
decent intel that we can use.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
Why do you think I'm here?
I'm very sorry
about your team.
I'm sorry for your men.
But you know what I think
would be very nice?
If you'd realize that
I'm on your side.
You know Aroon's escaped.
He knows you're onto him.
And I know he's gonna
follow through with his plans.
If that's the case, I'll
brief your team on what kind
of weapons will work
and what won't.
What will you
do about Werner?
Forget it. I'll go to
the admiral myself.
Believe me when I tell you, he
will give us carte blanche
for this mission.
They're Lambert's cops.
Let's have some fun.
Hey, guys, they are onto us.
Let's call for backup.
It is unfortunate you
could not have persuaded
Tia to join us.
She would have been
a great asset.
Yes. I'm sorry to have failed
in that regard.
Don't be ridiculous.
Nothing can stop us
from reaching our goal.
Tia and Marshall will be
relentless now.
They'll do all that they can
to hunt us down.
First, they have to find us.
Be assured, Marshall will
use all of his resources
to do that.
It will be too late. Right?
You want me to
go ahead with it?
I'm surprised you
haven't already.
It was your idea, after all.
- It's fairly radical.
- Brilliant.
We are forced to react now.
Consider it done.
CTX will enter the city's
water supply within an hour.
It'll spread very rapidly.
Most of the population will be
addicted come, say, dinnertime.
Where is the other body?
Detective Lambert, phone.
The undercover agents
are dead.
- All three of them?
- Yes, sir.
You wanted to see me?
We've had traces of CTX show
up in the town's water supply.
Do we know where?
My intel is tracing
the readings back
to the source of the CTX.
Good, that is worth knowing.
How much time we got?
Current measurements predict
15,000 people
will be fully addicted to
CTX in the next 12 hours.
I'm afraid Werner and Robinson
will let this happen
and make us the scapegoats.
Marshall's not gonna
let that happen.
He's got a new team together.
Tell Marshall I'm having
his armory brought here.
Thanks for the decent intel.
You're welcome, soldier.
What are we doing here?
It's my place.
I have two agents here
to brief us.
Admiral, you
wanted to see me?
- Do I need to be worried?
- Not in the least.
- Everything's under control.
- Everything?
Are you keeping me
informed of everything?
Admiral, I can handle it.
Handle it?
At the end of the
day, none of this
will ever have happened. Okay?
I never liked the CTX program,
or Werner and Robinson.
- Who handles the case locally?
- Detective Lambert, I believe.
I want to talk to him.
We're gonna have to start
kicking over some trash cans.
Our low-orbiting recon has
determined the parameters
of their activities.
It includes the outskirts of
the city, as well as...
Marshall, don't shoot.
We need her alive.
Nice timing, Dwayne.
Dwayne, get me the injured
out of here, ASAP.
Get me a cleanup team in here,
Got the Wicked Witch of the
North here. Try to secure her.
Get her into the Majestic lab
and in interrogation, ASAP.
Dwayne, give me a hand,
would you?
So, what's the intel?
We have confirmed reports
of primary victims...
...those most vulnerable
to the infection.
Sadly, more of these will
just pinpoint Aroon's base
and the CTX lab.
How are we gonna
deal with them?
The way we always do.
Let's go to the armory.
Marshall, I have
these just for you.
These Nanographite blades
were built for a man
with your kind of
fighting skills.
They are of the strongest
substance known and will
extend to fight as
fast as the reflexes
of the person using them.
Now, they're assimilated
to your body.
They should balance
the reflexes of someone
addicted to CTX.
They'll come in handy.
I think this is a lot
bigger than any one of us
could have ever imagined.
I still got a few tricks
up my sleeve.
I'm glad somebody does.
I'm gonna check it out.
What the fuck were they
It's just really a shame
it turned out this way.
- What's the story with Tia?
- Tia's good.
That's my girl. I trained her.
She has a lot of special
She has a lot of special
She'll work out good for us.
We're fucked, aren't we?
I don't think so.
You think we have a chance?
I do.
Are you losing control
of the situation?
They're in a secure area.
Nothing should endanger
the program.
We are all in danger
until they are dead.
Unless we can bring them to us,
on our terms.
You got a plan?
Well, see, we're kind
of between a rock
and a hard place.
We had to come in here
to get stuff we needed...
...but as soon as we accessed
the building, Werner knew.
So we got trouble.
I'm starting to think
we should call for backup.
Unfortunately, it's not going
to be backup that comes.
It's going to be a strike team
to take us out.
Oh, shit.
Okay, guys.
Get your teams up and out.
I've got something to do here.
Let's go.
So, what have we got?
The old transit holding center
has gone online, sir.
Which means
they've occupied the building.
Send in a strike team.
Soft entry.
- Morgan's onto us.
- But he's not the problem.
We're talking mass hysteria
if this gets out.
Let's make goddamned sure
it doesn't.
Well, Reina. Here are your
choices: talk or die.
I hope you do the right
thing because enough people
have died already.
Where is Aroon's base?
Reina, do you hear me?
I'm running out of patience.
I will never tell you
This time you really
pissed me off.
You killed all of my best men.
That wasn't nice.
Now, you know
what this will do to you.
Now, I'm going to give you
about three seconds.
In three seconds,
if you don't tell me...
...I will kill you.
Just like you did to my men.
Not so tough after all.
- She did the right thing.
- He's a very good listener.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- Sir?
They're gone.
Let's get out of here.
Damn it!
The lab has been
completely wiped, sir.
We have a shitload
of weapons missing...
...and technology
unaccounted for.
Who code-accessed the
The liaison, Tia.
And Marshall Lawson.
- You know him, right?
- Oh, yeah.
He's a headcase.
Does what he wants.
We had to transfer him out.
Where are they now?
We are using a tracking device
as we speak.
Wait right there, sir.
This area is restricted.
Can I help you?
Detective Lambert.
Local police.
These are undercover policemen.
My guys.
The autopsy showed up
a big amount of a substance...
...and the rumor is that it was
developed by the military.
And you have evidence
to support this?
Is three dead bodies
not enough?
No. I don't think
I can help you.
You're wasting my time.
This is not military business.
Take it up with my superiors.
You bet I will.
Are you sure this is secure?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
I set it up.
You don't think we
should call it in?
Let's get there first.
Well, we will call in
when the time is right.
So, what are we going to do?
We're going to send in
our best A-team.
I've gone to a lot of
trouble to teach my number
one finest who's
infected with CTX
and who's not.
You know that.
Once they know
we've made them...
...they will be killing us
real quick.
It's either them or us.
First come, first serve.
It's off the A88. Just east.
Can I talk to you?
Yeah. Talk away.
In private?
Clean the slate.
Find the bitch
and take her out.
Robinson, yeah. Go ahead.
We got them.
Safe house on the
edge of town.
Make sure you get
it right this time.
I pray we're making
the right decision.
Can I trust you?
I certainly hope so.
You know I care for you.
I know.
Me too.
Identification, please.
Hey. I'll cover the back
on my own.
Your team, cover the front.
- Clear.
- Clear.
You sent in a team
without my authorization?
I had to make a split decision.
I think it was the right one.
You seriously underestimated
Marshall and his abilities.
We've got a secure call
coming in for you, admiral.
Who is it?
Won't say. But he's on
one of our secure walkies.
Patch him into
the speakerphone.
Done. You're on with him now.
What can I do
for you, Marshall?
I'm flattered,
really flattered,
you recognize my voice.
You're the only one
to pull a stunt like this.
I'm assuming the strike team
is dead.
Yeah, that's a good
Tell Werner he needs to get up
earlier than that.
Aroon's base has been located
in a small village
somewhere outside of
Bordeaux called Bastia.
I can handle this.
Marshall, tell me
when and where.
All right. I'll send
you an encryption with
the gory details,
but suffice it to say
that I'd like my
favorite A-team
to shoot in
here right quick.
And we're going to do this
the old-fashioned way.
It looks like we'll be
working together after all.
I'll provide the intel
and the training,
you give me the men.
Order B company to mobilize.
Let's move out.
If we maintain
the element of surprise
while the sections enter
and search the village,
then I will lead the attack
force and push forward
towards Aroon's base.
Any specifics that the Army
should know about?
Watch for the rapid pulsation
in the eyes.
If you see that, you have no
Because of the CTX, they are
pumped full of adrenaline,
giving them almost superhuman
strength and reflexes.
I say again, they are animals
out to kill you and your men.
What about containment,
We believe
that the perimeter's secure,
and we will be able
to stop any breaches.
Oh, I'm pleased to hear that,
But if this fucks up,
if the world goes down,
you're going to have
to go down with it.
Well, in that case, maybe we
could take Werner with us.
He can report back to you
everything we're doing.
How's that?
Good idea.
Well, I'm...
I'm not dressed.
That's okay. We'll put
camos on you and give
you a machine gun
and let you come with us.
Detective Lambert
for Admiral Morgan.
Sir, you've got a call
for you.
You said to call you
with information.
I am here at the cathedral.
This is where
you need to send your troops.
You know it's out
of my jurisdiction.
It's okay, we're on it.
Okay, salut.
Troops are on the outskirts
of Bastia, admiral.
Section one in position.
Section two in position.
Section three in position.
This is Marshall.
Go ahead, admiral.
Our intel tracking tells us
they have gone to ground
in an old church.
I have those coordinates, sir.
And Marshall, my troops are
still deployed in the village.
I can't send you any backup.
From here, you and your guys
are on your own. Good luck.
Copy that, sir.
Let's check out the
Okay, don't move.
Just a few questions for you.
Leave us alone.
Who is at the cathedral?
I don't know.
Watch their eyes for CTX
Quiet, don't move.
Check the eyes
for changes in dilation.
- Tell me or I'll kill you.
- Go fuck yourself.
They're on CTX. I can see it.
Don't move.
Let's head to the cathedral.
The eyes, check the eyes.
Check their eyes.
Get up.
This one's okay.
Let's go, men.
He's okay. Let's go.
Let's go.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
Gotta be something
to make you hang back.
Right, let's just keep up
with Marshall.
He'll be fine.
We need to rely on
our instincts to get
out of here alive.
- So, what is it, soldier?
- Aroon's lab.
Gotta be somewhere
around here.
- Let's take a look.
- Okay.
- CTX?
- Yeah.
It's still unrefined.
It needs to dry out
to get its powder form.
How much is all this worth?
Enough to get scared.
Real scared.
Shit. He fucking did it.
It's the city's water supply
- And?
- He's contaminated it.
Effective enough
for a hundred-mile radius.
We're splitting into fours.
A- team goes left...
...B-team goes to the right.
Let's go.
I told you there'd be
Dwayne, lead the B-team.
Yes, sir. Let's go.
Nobu, let's move.
Fuck it!
Let's go.
I lost everybody, sir.
They're all dead.
So, now you've come
to kill me, Marshall.
But as you know,
revenge is a two-way street.
Maybe you'd consider
joining forces?
I see, of course not.
You're a military man,
a man of honor and integrity.
That's too bad.
In that case, you will all die.
I promise you.
Nobu and I will
take this bitch.
Dwayne, watch the back door.