Attack Force Z (1981) Movie Script

Get my gun, my gun!
Looks like a 24-hour roster.
Seems pretty clear from up top.
I think it's just
a watching post.
How is it, Teddy?
Oh, I'm alright,
it's just my leg that's had it.
Can you stand on it?
His kneecap's smashed.
I'm not gonna be much good
to you on this job, mate.
How's Kingo?
It's his kneecap, he can't walk.
Want me to take care of him?
I will.
You tidy up back there.
I'll join you in a second.
It's your party.
How are you?
Oh, not so bad.
Dan will look after you.
See you later, champ.
Real bastard, Teddy.
Anyway, you blokes won't
be gone so long.
48 hours, not much of
a wait, is it?
Right, 48 hours is
no time at all.
Bastard alright, being knocked
out right at the start.
They'll replace those Japs
at nightfall.
You can handle 'em alright,
can't you?
No worries.
You know me, mate.
I can handle 'em with
both hands tied behind...
Buffalo, must be a farmer.
I am a friend,
don't be afraid, old man.
You can trust me.
I don't feel right
about that bloke.
The Dutchman, don't feel right.
He's high-priced.
So I heard.
Veitch is a specialist, Sparrer.
Maybe he could have
a look at my tonsils.
Which way did it go?
Down behind those hills.
Thank you for your help.
The plane went in over
those mountains,
between those two peaks.
Did anyone hear an explosion?
No, but they're all sure
it crashed.
It'll be there alright.
What'd you do with the body?
The right thing.
Right, let's go.
Can't get a bloody
word in edgewise here.
They must be running the
Tokyo cup or something.
Oh, no, here's a go.
Eight hours to the top.
- I'd like to see that.
- You'll see it.
You wanna bet?
Listen, mate, you could've
declined this mission.
You didn't have to serve
under me, right?
I've got my reasons.
Well, don't let 'em
get in the way.
Get through?
Yes, sir.
Rainbow, sir.
You know, what's so special
about this plane then, sir?
Forget it, Sparrer,
you know I can't tell you that.
If he does and we're captured,
you know the score.
There it is again, sun on glass.
A signal?
Another one.
We're being watched through
Is that Japanese music?
Cantonese, actually.
Very good, professor.
What's all that red stuff?
It's decorations for
Chinese new year.
It's a Chinese house built
on the ground facing south.
That's gotta be the house
the Japs came from.
Let's go.
Where you from?
You speak English.
Are you Americans?
Who else is here?
Why were you watching us?
We were watching the Japanese
go away.
What were they doing here?
Asking questions.
Why are you here?
Your sister?
My uncle's cousin's
What questions did
the Japanese ask?
They asked questions.
Are you Americans?
We're Australian army.
Where did the Japanese
come from?
Bintang, they have their
headquarter near there.
Just hold it right there, China.
Now, just step down.
What'd they say?
They're trying to decide
if we came off the plane
and if we've come looking
for them.
You're not from the plane?
Found this geezer out in the
back, boss.
Don't shoot him, he's my father!
I feel like an undertaker.
This is the part
I've never really liked.
Can't leave 'em lying around.
No, I suppose not.
Something wrong?
I mean,
who is this feller, anyway?
Some sort of local
resistance leader.
He doesn't like the Japs,
that's for sure.
So what?
So he's on our side,
and he knows where the plane went,
and we're blood lucky
to have scored him.
We were supposed to make
better time with him to guide us.
He's talking to his wife.
Pull the other one?
He's talking to her spirit.
The Chinese believe
the dead can always help the living.
Look, I'm a bloody sailor,
not a mountain goat.
I don't fancy up in
this lot up there.
Hey, Veitch,
ask the Chinaman to carry something.
Would you like him to
carry your machine gun
or your ammunition, Captain?
Not my stuff, his stuff,
and no weapons.
Hey, Lin.
No, mate, she's right,
she's right, okay?
Alright, okay?
What's he saying?
He thinks you're indecisive,
Just translate,
don't interpret, eh?
This is the man you want
for questioning?
I think he is
the main trouble-maker.
Pipe that down.
It's alright.
He's just telling me
why there's nobody here.
The Nips executed everybody.
The monks?
Nothing's sacred.
Japs, Japs!
One got away, boss.
Veitch has gone after him.
Okay, we're movin'.
We're not waiting
for Veitch?
Can't afford to,
he'll have to catch up.
Lin, it's yours.
You from aeroplane?
Very important.
You must come
to home of our leader.
He reckons we got
another two hours to go,
provided the Japs haven't
picked up our tail.
You think they're
on to us then?
They'll soon know
we're here if they don't already.
We've been leaving enough
of a trail.
Listen, Kelly,
I'm sorry about starting...
Where's sodding Veitch?
Hope he turns up,
we're gonna need him.
Don't count on it.
I wouldn't either.
You think I'm
makin' a mess of this?
No, I don't.
In and out, never let
'em know you're there.
And there's dead Japs
scattered all over the island.
Automatic weapons.
And Chinese throwing knives.
I request permission
to take hostages.
What happened here?
You will tell me who
killed our soldiers.
What happened here?
I don't know.
It was an American
from the crashed plane.
He is going to Lin's farm.
Tell him full marks.
We couldn't have found it
without him.
It's not over yet, mate.
Now, we're after a man
who was on that plane.
Roosevelt, sir.
No, just a man.
Now, it's very important
that we get him out,
and if we can't get him out,
make sure he's dead.
If he's not dead already.
Well, if he survived the crash,
Japs have probably got him.
Well, in that case,
we'll just have to get him back.
We're gonna attack 'em, are we?
- All of us.
- Hang on.
There are people moving
about down there.
Ours or theirs?
Shit, that was clever.
How'd you do that?
Why would they blow it up?
Does it make any sense that
they may have destroyed it
to hide something from
the Japanese?
There's only one way to find out.
He says there's a village
on the way to the plane.
Do you want him to go
and ask around?
We'll all go.
The children shouldn't know
the answers to his questions.
There are two survivors.
Are they being brought here?
Yes, to this farm.
Do not bring the survivors here.
Take them straight to Bintang.
You know what to do.
Come, we must hide you.
This is where we used
to hide the Dutch.
I do not speak Mandarin.
I speak English, so do you.
You taught at the American
mission school in Bintang.
What are you looking for,
I am looking for American
survivors from the aeroplane.
Your father is bringing
them here.
My father is in the south
with my uncle.
Understand me.
I am a soldier.
I am a kindly man.
But if you make me fight
against women, I will.
I cannot help you, Excellency.
If you insist I will give this boy
to my soldiers for bayonet practice.
You will not harm the children.
Take them outside.
Are you aware that
your father has become a traitor?
That he is an enemy of
our Emperor?
No, Excellency.
You will tell me when
your father will bring
the Americans to this farm.
My father's in the south.
It's hot.
You know about these
American survivors.
Are you going to tell me?
Where are they now?
You must know.
They are mad men.
They have done terrible
things to my soldiers.
I'm sorry.
Where are they?
I know nothing of this,
When will the Americans
arrive at this farm?
Mister soldier...
I will tell.
What will you tell?
I know about the Americans.
You are foolish to
persist with this.
The Americans are not
coming here now.
They are going to the coast...
...and then to the harbour
at Alexishafen.
Forgive me, sister.
They are bound for Alexishafen.
I assume they are
after a fishing boat.
One of them spoke our language.
He sent us back to
destroy the plane.
To make it appear there
were no survivors.
Want a bit?
All the time, sir.
We still going to
that wreck, sir?
That's the orders.
Gotta check it out anyway.
Well, how'd you go?
He says they
know nothing,
that they haven't been
to the plane.
He's lying.
They had American cigarettes.
There was a pilot's headset.
Tell him he's got
five seconds to come clean.
He asked if you know
who was on the plane.
You tell him I know, only me.
Tell him that.
Don't shoot.
Tell him that only he and I
know what we're talking about
and that no one else must know.
Tell him that things aren't
always what they seem,
but he must trust me.
I promise, I'll tell him
when the time comes.
We have to go.
What do you suspect, Veitch?
Shaw will tell them...
Doesn't matter.
That the men are being taken.
It doesn't matter, we can.
But they're not.
We sent a message that
they should go to Bintang.
Was it right to lie?
Sure, you did the right thing.
We should send
the other children away.
You find a safe place.
I can get to Bintang.
Thank you.
I only did what I had to do.
My father will look there,
it is our message place.
I told him to go Bintang.
He says there's no point
in carrying on.
Why not?
He says there's no one there.
The hill people rescued
two men from the plane.
They asked that
the plane be destroyed.
Well, where are they now?
They're being taken to his farm.
Well, what are we waiting for?
Let's get back down the mountain.
I have visitors for you.
We have been expecting them.
What's your name?
Chien Hua.
Let me have a look at
your hand, Chien Hua.
It's alright.
You are a strange man, Veitch.
You're all strange.
I guess we are.
It's the price.
Price, what do you mean?
The price on our heads.
Take Sparrer, for example,
the one with the radio.
He's worth 10,000 guilders.
- For his head?
- Yup.
I don't understand.
We're zed men, Chien Hua.
We've given the Japanese
a hard time,
and they've gotten to know us.
The higher the price,
the more damage you've done.
Who's done
the most damage, Kelly?
No, this is his first time out.
What's your price, Veitch?
Were you born on this island?
Yes, you?
No, I haven't been here
for at least...
You've been to
Sembaleng before?
Sure, my father was a
trader in the islands.
I had an uncle,
Peter Van Kruyten, here.
You knew him?
He helped hide
the Dutch soldiers in the mountains,
and the Japanese caught him,
and put nails in him.
You know, crucify?
Yeah, I heard about it.
Hey, who are you?
Who are you?
Ed Ayres, American government.
Who's he?
Oshiko Imoguchi,
Japanese government.
What in the hell are you
doing with him?
We were on our way to
Port Moresby.
We were shot down.
Yeah, I know.
We were sent in to get you.
Nobody said anything
about a Nip.
Who is he?
I've already told you
who he is, soldier.
Now, who are you?
I'm Lieutenant Jan Veitch.
Got here pretty quick,
Yeah, I ran.
Very funny.
You are on your own, Lieutenant?
Most of the time.
What's that?
It's a note from
his daughter.
The survivors have been taken
to Bintang on the coast.
She's gone there with Veitch.
Kelly and the others
haven't arrived yet.
Not to worry.
They know how to take care
of themselves.
You go back to sleep.
Don't go.
Tell me something,
what does your name mean?
Jan Veitch?
Nothing much, really,
just that my father was Dutch.
Names don't always have to mean
Chinese name do.
I know, Chien Hua.
Vivid bright, it suits you.
Are you a married man, Veitch?
I was.
Where's your family?
Up the hill with your father.
Your real family.
My mother also.
I like your hair like that.
What will happen tomorrow,
We'll take those men and go.
What about you?
I don't know.
You should knock.
I knew you were here.
How'd he know you were here?
Because you love Jan Veitch.
Do you like me, Chien Hua?
He's only a child.
You didn't waste
any time, did you?
I wouldn't say no to
another one of those.
Thanks, mother.
Oi, you've been doing alright
for yourself there, sir.
I do not want you close to him.
As you wish.
War does not change our Chinese traditions.
It does not change anything.
You should be very proud of
your children.
I'm sorry, father.
Let's get back
on the job.
The job?
Do any of you know
who we've been after?
His name is Imoguchi,
Japanese War Ministry.
Used to be a military
attache in London.
He's a deserter, is he?
More like a defector.
I knew he was a...
That's funny, I didn't
have orders to shoot you
if he brought trouble.
I did.
Hell, I wouldn't be
in this outfit
if I'd known it was
a stinkin' Jap.
Mr. Ayres.
Paul Kelly, Captain Kelly,
Australian army.
We'll be taking you on to
We have rendezvous with a sub.
You know, Captain,
the first lesson for a young officer is
never make promises in wartime.
We'll be taking you out tonight.
How badly is he hurt?
Mainly his leg.
What about you?
Something wrong in here.
Well, it's gonna be
a bit of job getting you out.
How many men do you have?
- And who's in command?
- I am.
It's vital that we get him
out of here.
He's a very valuable commodity.
You're going on to Washington.
You know that?
Mm-hm, I'm to deliver him
to Port Moresby.
Counting on intelligence.
It's not gonna be easy,
we've only got canoes.
My apologies, Captain.
We have been tricked.
This island was a peaceful place
until that areoplane crashed.
But the aeroplane did crash.
And now we have these people here.
A strange American with
a mysterious Japanese prisoner...
...and a handful of soldiers
from the sea.
We formed this group to oppose
the Japanese when the time came.
Is this not the time?
Seems they're trying
to decide whether we're winning
the war or the Japs are.
Trying to work out which
side to back.
We cannot help these men escape.
The Japanese will kill us all.
My friends...
How will you
leave without the community?
I don't know yet.
You know what your father said
about war not changing anything?
He's wrong,
it changes everything.
We might never have met.
Is that a good thing?
What's the situation?
I don't think
they'll give us away to the Japs.
Some are with us,
and some aren't.
They're taking a vote.
Shit, this isn't
the time for democracy.
That's a price quote
considering what we're supposed
to be fighting for here.
By the way,
the Japs found our canoes.
Those of you who do not wish to
help should return to your homes.
But those of you who choose to
stay must stand by your decision.
The fisherman will stay with you,
we believe it is time to act.
Sounds like
they'll stay with us.
Why is it good?
What have we ever done for them?
Aren't they supposed to be
on our side?
But now we're on theirs.
Now look, it's alright for us.
We arrive, we wreak havoc,
we leave.
But they stay,
they're left to face the music.
Well, we could always just...
Well, your orders were
to get him out of here
or make sure he's dead, right?
Knock him off, boss.
Shoot him,
grab a fishing boat, and go.
And who'll do it?
I will.
So much for promises,
young Captain.
I'm taking him out, understand?
No, I do not.
Now look, we kill him,
that's one death.
But if we don't,
it's a massacre.
Now you get hold
of yourself, Danny.
I came here to do a bloody job,
and we're all gonna do it.
Excuse me for interrupting.
There's something I have
to say to all of you.
Now, you know that
we have a Japanese with us
and that we need your help
to get him away from here.
But he is not a fighting man.
He's trying to bring peace.
He could help end the war.
I will not tell you
that we are your friends
or that the Japanese
are your enemies,
but I will tell you that
the war has come to this island
and that you must choose a side.
I don't know what sort
of world our victory
will make for you,
but you do know yourselves
what kind of a life
you've had under the Japanese.
The choice is yours.
Nice one, boss.
Doesn't matter
what you tell them, right?
Dead right, Dan,
except I meant what I told them.
But I would've done it
the other way,
because I did not come
here to lose.
They wish to talk to you.
Kelly, the boat is
straight ahead.
I must go back.
Get down, get down.
Get that radio off, Sparrer.
I can get it back, sir.
She ain't just a radio.
That's an order,
you get that radio off.
- Is there a body?
- Yeah, over there.
- I'll hang on to the radio.
- What for?
I'm stayin' here.
You think she's worth it?
It's not on,
you're coming with us.
Wrong, I'm stayin' here.
Leave me some ammo along
with the radio.
I'll cover your back.
I need every round I got.
See you around, Veitch.
Veitch, what happened?
Haven't they got to
the boat yet?
Not yet, but they will.
Why aren't you with them?
I'll take the gun.
Veitch, you should've
gone with them.
Chien Hua.
Vivid bright.
I think we made it.