Attack Of The 50 Ft. Woman (1993) Movie Script

hello and welcome to the Nancy cough
archer visitors center and historic
landmark I'm Donna since it opened this
visitor center has entertained and
enlightened more than 200,000 people
such as yourselves who have come here to
achieve a greater understanding of the
life of one special American woman step
this way won't you
everybody comfy good please remain
seated at all times during the
presentation keep your hands on the
and your feet flat on the floor in front
of you if you experience dizziness at
any time during the presentation simply
look away from the screen and please no
flash photography during the
presentation its annoying and a complete
waste of film
okay everybody set how do you do my name
is dr. Victor load in this modern
supersonic age it sometimes seems that
we have lost our capacity to be amazed
science has rendered the miraculous
commonplace and we have become smug in
our dominion over nature itself but I am
well aware that there are also among you
the morbidly curious who have been
attracted by the more provocative and
let's not mince words lurid aspects of
this case well you will not be
disappointed for this is I must warn you
a shocking story but it is a story that
must be told
so now prepare your minds for a new
scale of experience and remember
everything you are about to see is
absolutely true
my story begins on a day not so
different from any other I suppose it
could have happened any time to any
woman looking back now I realize most of
my days were smothered in routine safe
predictable routine it felt so much like
a life well oh that was about to change
popular prizes Silvia yes it's mrs.
Archer I'm just calling to confirm
dinner with my father if he had it on
his calendar mrs. Archer and I reminded
him when he left to meet with the mayor
can I speak to my husband please I
believe you mentioned the meeting I'm
eating out do you know when he'll be
I don't know this is our Gerry he just
said he had a meeting somewhere Thanks
you're welcome mrs. Archer bye-bye
oh hello Nancy good morning mr. Ingersol
how are you fine yourself fine thanks
well what do you think it's not gonna
feel the same coming into town not
seeing your shop progress Nancy not much
one man can do to stop it
but I figure it's best for business
least that's the way your father
explains it yes well my father's good at
explaining things I don't know what
shines brighter you or that pendant I
remember making it for your mother
I'm glad to see you wearing it she'd be
pleased thank you
well I better get back to the tail bye
mr. Ingersol bye Nancy
I think I've got a pretty good handle on
most of the things in my life I know
there are certain areas where I'm having
problems I admit that but I'm working on
them and things can change people change
when I confronted Harry he said he would
stop that he'd end the affair have there
been other Affairs this is different he
loves me he really does it's not easy
being married to the boss's daughter
that's why I have to be patient why it's
important that I make life easier easier
for him Harry
my father what about you what about me
how about making life easier for
yourself I have to go the hour isn't up
I'm having dinner with my father
he's on a tight schedule he's expecting
me Nancy do you ever get angry everybody
gets angry what do you do when you get
Nancy what do you do when you get angry
Nancy what do you do when you get angry
that's his car maybe he ran out of gas
and he left it he doesn't care who knows
let's call it a night go home have some
coffee maybe I'm not drunk
you don't have to be drunk to drink
coffee it's a free country
tell him there is no money heater to
town on it please just tell him
you're not gonna let a little thing like
this ruin the whole night are you there
comes a point in a relationship when you
start to realize what your prospects are
well we have plateaued at the most level
of things Harry and that is nowhere near
good enough for miss Parker's little
girl honey
thinking for the thing way too personal
you bet I do I have had a long time to
figure out women like that stupid rich I
have been painting their fingernails and
washing their hair since I was 12 years
Shh honey why do you put up with it
Harry why do you make me put up with it
just leave walk out she don't deserve
you anyway I'm not leaving until I can
take a big slice old man cop spy with me
so community property dumper the old man
made me sign a prenuptial Jesus all we
have to do is find the right angle and
we're set every day I go into that
office I find out we're a couple more
skeletons are buried just leave it up to
Harry Harry's got a handle on everything
you know what her real problem is Nancy
yeah like you said she's spoiled and
rich mm-hmm
her real problem is she actually loves
the cheese on this dog did you last
retreats I don't ask for cheese cuz I
always get cheese on my dog ya didn't
see Miss George with him not unless you
hit him in the trunk
cheese charlie
is there a peak no thing I'd like to buy
a vowel mrs. Archer
what's trouble is Archer he was out
there it touched me and forced me off
the road and then it touched me with the
what does I want Harry I want my husband
did somebody try something out there it
was big it lit up the sky like like
you've got to believe me
it was there over the highway sure we
believe you miss Archer it's just it why
don't you come on and sit in the squad
car and tell us all about it we'll get
you a nice big stone got a limit
she is screwed from the get-go you
shouldn't let things like this get to
you it causes wrinkles it's her it's not
her it is it's her it's her with a gun
and an axe and a bottle of acid
straighten up the bed will ya oh just
exactly how stupid do you think people
are mr. Archer it's deputy Spooner you
know you sir
even mr. Archer deputy huh honey
Charlie can I help you with something
deputy oh yeah
well um I don't know if you heard we had
some commotion out there you're why I've
had some trouble in the road what kind
of trouble
speech spaceship ran right off the road
Lisa that's what she said Sherry's
taking her back out to look around you
might want to think about getting home
as Roger I know their circumstances
thanks for the advice no charge no daddy
not charlie goodbye Nancy saw a
spaceship you ran her off the road
she crazy or something people who see
spaceships these are not the kind of
people who you want making important
decisions decisions about money they
need to help you're thinking something
aren't you
I'm thinking that maybe how to get home
to my poor on the stay of - our time of
need that's my girl here see this is
where it forced me off the road I say
the skid marks ms doctor but you don't
believe me well look at it from my point
of view
all I see are your tracks and nothing
else well it never touched the ground
look you've got to believe me
there what there did you see ya
why'd you call him part of the job
sheriff just job get in the car Nancy
I'll Drive you home
I was just trying to explain to this
shit into the car thanks for the call
Denby yes there won't be any tiresome
paperwork about this little incident
will there I think you ladies upset
enough as do sir
tonight Sheriff good night sir
a spaceship my god Nancy why are you
trying to destroy me I saw it I cut
short a meeting with the mayor it's at
dinner with you
the mayor Nancy then I get a call from
this female deputy come get your
daughter you're hallucinating daughter
why can't you admit for one second that
there's a chance I might be telling the
it's your mother all over again I saw
something you saw nothing I will not be
made the laughingstock of this town
what happened all the papers I signed
yesterday today there are more give the
girl a break Hamilton Harry all right
Nancy you look tired
why don't you toddle off to bed hey come
on upstairs baby your dad might have
some business to discuss
I'll be right up so how'd your meeting
go with the mayor I'll worry about the
mayor you worry about keeping her in
line and for God's sake
can't you come up with anything more
discreet than Tony's shangri-la I don't
see where what I do is any of your
business I don't care if you cheat on
your wife but I will not commit you
embarrass me especially not now when I'm
this close to getting the okay for the
zoning switch
Make A Wish Harry you're called
not that cold why did you lie to me
Nancy you said you weren't gonna see her
and that's what I was up there telling
her I had to tell her didn't I I had to
tell her face to face didn't I
I don't know what I'd do if I didn't
have you what happened well you got so
involved in daddy's business no no baby
I mean tonight
what happened out in the desert I don't
want to talk about it I
you'll think I'm crazy now why would I
think a thing like that
I saw something in the sky
see anything no no no nothing to report
hard luck Eddie
hard luck Eddie Manny what are you doing
out this way Debbie just doing my job
yeah well you ain't got no cleaner yeah
this year's my man you slinging hang out
here tonight Eddie
like what it's something unusual
this here's the desert girlie girl what
you call unusual don't mean much around
here did you see something or not I seen
plenty I've seen hailstones as big as
you here I seen lightning shoot up the
ground up into the clouds and I heard
stuff too when the wind gets tangled up
in impera lines it makes the wire sing
like a crazy woman in love 30 years out
here hey ain't nothing unusual to me
thanks a lot Eddie
yeah don't mention it sure don't mention
what what do you figure she saw well
could have been some kid in a hot rodder
jet or helicopter over from the air
I suppose that could have been something
else like what like a spaceship suppose
it was a real spaceship II saw it
genuine flying saucer I saw pictures of
one in Life Magazine all lit up like a
ferris wheel when that be something a
real spaceship landed right here
do you know what that mean I sure do
over time a whole lot over time
who is that well as glasses anew I like
them principles of accounting and
management that's new too the girls got
a plan for the future you don't have any
future you can take night courses from
now you stop being pretty and you still
won't have any future not with Harry
Archer well maybe that's not the way I
see it you don't see anything past the
end of that beautiful little nose I
think Harry only wants what I want he
doesn't have the imagination to want
anything else he doesn't love you
he hates me you talked to her like this
didn't you chip chip chip away making
her feel smaller and smaller this is how
you talk to your wife and this is how
you talk to your daughter isn't it it's
one thing to be smart it's another thing
to be smart all the way around the buck
you've still got a way to go is there
anything in particular you want yes I've
well I'm anticipating some changes once
I take care of the mayor and the boys on
the council things are gonna point
pretty quickly so so the word to the
wise don't get in the way what could I
do for you nothing but how he might try
something he can't stop me but he can
interfere with me you tell him to keep
his head down and his uninspired
thoughts to himself why don't you tell
him yourself I already had but you get
more of his attention than I do anything
else I have an emergency set of tips to
do you take care of him and there might
be a couple of bucks in her for you down
the line
who knows a word and the owners here you
could be promoted to the first chair ah
maybe I want more than first chair and a
couple of lousy bucks don't want more
than you got coming to you you'll end up
with nothing at all
I suppose it's all over town what is
last night's fiasco
what exactly happened last night do you
like the garden I try to keep it as nice
as my mother did but it's hard I don't
know how she managed it's a gift I
suppose Harry told me you had an
experience my son an experience it's a
nice generic term accurate without any
messy details I like details asked Harry
or my father or the sheriff I'm asking
you if I tell you you'll just get the
face the face the poor Nancy face I've
had just about as much of that as I can
take I'm a pretty good poker player why
don't you give it a try
I saw something in the sky the spaceship
is this how it started with my mother
Nancy you're not your mother but is this
how it started I mean seeing things
acting crazy there's a big difference
between acting crazy and being crazy do
you believe I saw something don't say
that you believe I believe I saw
something you always call me on it when
I try to squirm out of one of your
questions now it's your turn
do you believe me
how'd you get away with that see Nancy
told you about her little old close
encounter just what do you want me to
say mr. Archer that she's insane because
she saw a UFO that she's incompetent
maybe it runs in the family
like mother like daughter I'm late for a
meeting I can't help but think that
under the circumstances it would be
better if Nancy were to spend a little
time you know inside someplace I always
thought men like you vanished with the
dinosaur in the woolly mammoth but here
you are biggest life amazing is that a
scientific opinion it's a very
unscientific very female opinion excuse
why'd you call dr. Cushing I thought you
might want to talk things out I was
worried about you you think I'm crazy
well you have to admit that's quite a
story you've got that it's true great
you might want to think about getting
away get some rest
a sanitarium like my mother it might be
just what you need what I need is a
little proof of what I saw I just wish I
could make you go out there so you could
see for yourself and if I don't see
anything what do you mean I'll go out
there with you to try to find this thing
and if we find it or any part of it
you'll get a public apology from me your
father the sheriff everyone but right if
we don't find anything you promise to
sign yourself up for a little supervised
relaxation I saw something
I'll Drive
any particular search pattern in mind no
you just want to poke around between
here in the Pacific Ocean
and through through town we'll go into
the hills then we'll take the long way
back to the house on the old country
road and if we don't say anything do it
all over again
it's mr. and mrs. large figure they
patch things up
getting late am I supposed to just go
quietly come on I'll take you to dinner
you want to stay out here with the
scorpions all night look Nancy I don't
know what went wrong but I told you look
at it
it's real you didn't believe me nobody
believed me but it's for sure cares as
long as you see it my father
honey did your mother call you that or
was it somebody else it's not sure it's
a sweet name suits you you must be very
sweet to have such a sweet name you and
I should talk I could have lunch dan we
how'd you get up here
it's our secret
baggage why do I always fall for guys
with so much baggage come on let's get
you some coffee
come on let's go you're a paranoid old
man I think the stress is getting to you
is that the sort of line you've been
feeding her you're an amateur I don't
know I've had a pretty good teacher get
out I'm sorry doctor she's resting oh
yes good resting she still doesn't
remember what happened here does she no
but it'll come back to her it will
that's how hysterical amnesia works it
burns off a little at a time like a fog
and then she'll be able to tell us
everything well physically she's alright
but I do want to talk to the emergency
room doctor about her blood tests is
something wrong I don't think so but the
hormone levels indicate that the tests
were running properly but she's all
right I mean you said that she's not
talking about seeing things or anything
that would indicate she has any kind of
you know problems like a breakdown can
you conceive of keeping your mouth shut
for five minutes
you don't care a better condition as
long as she can still sign your paper so
you can keep the money moving around
Nancy dr. Cushing it could you please
give me a ride back into town go on back
upstairs Nancy you need your rest I need
to get away from here everybody here
thinks I'm crazy well I'm not crazy I'm
not gonna let you spirit her away before
she can tell us what you try to do to
her in the desert please she's going to
tell me everything that happened aren't
you Nick
I don't remember anything you see don't
try to force her to lie for you Harry
please don't fight don't worry Nancy I
can handle him like you handled her
mother you really don't know when to
shut up do you you went through her
money like it was yours and ended up
making her life so miserable there was
anything left for did to accept kill
herself don't you talk about my mother
that way and don't talk about me that
way I am Here I am in this room I am I'm
a person I am NOT a chair Harry what is
have been get away from her
you'll get away from her gentlemen
what's happening to me
dr. Cushing I'd like you to meet a
colleague dr. Victor Loeb doctor I
warned you about bringing in anyone from
the outside Nancy's condition you may be
able to see to her mental condition but
you're not qualified to look after her
physical well-being dr. Lopez come with
me doctor I'll just wait out here
I'm afraid Harry wasn't very specific
when he phoned just what is mrs.
archer's condition unique don't make any
sudden moves Nancy I'd like you to meet
dr. Loe he's here to help you doctor
Loeb I'd like you to meet Nancy Archer
this is impossible that certainly takes
a load off my mind I thought I had a
problem 24 hours ago she was a normal
sized woman you know the hormone levels
levels are anomalous but they couldn't
account for that I'm not that of course
you're not I don't care what caused it I
just want someone to fix it we must get
her to a controlled therapeutic
environment I have a private clinic it's
very secluded that's why a hairy
sanitarium no I'm staying here mrs.
Archer Nancy don't you want the security
I'm staying here
yes I think home treatment would be less
stressful for everyone and you don't
have to worry about the money anything
you want you can have just ask my father
you were supposed to get her into that
sanitarium of yours that's why I called
you she didn't want to go you should
have talked her into it under the
circumstances Harry any argument with
Nancy would be very one-sided what meet
a girl like that you said she began to
grow after becoming agitated
clearly it's stress-related but the
blood levels indicate some kind of
hormonal imbalance
terrific you've discovered a new kind of
PMS the situation is serious Harry
you're telling me the human body wasn't
designed to grow that large I'm
concerned about the strain do you mean
like on her heart she could have a heart
Harry try to understand right now your
wife has the blood pressure of an adult
it's all boilerplate Nancy you don't
have to look at them how am I supposed
to sign these we don't have to you use
the paint to sign the cardboard then I
take your signature and I reduce it and
put it on the documents now I've spoken
to the lawyers about it and they tell me
that under the circumstances it's
essentially legal blow them up what if
they can reduce my signature they can
enlarge those contracts get a billboard
painter or something I want that fine
print six feet tall well I simply will
not have the details of my business
pasted on the side of a barn for the
world to see then you better find a new
business cuz I'm not signing them until
I can read them I'm sure it's very
stressful perhaps you ought to what I'm
sure to go back in there well I mean go
back in and rest I like being out here
looking at the Stars
of course you do we all like the stars
are very pretty but you have to take
care of yourself you have father I'm not
a little girl
no no you're not but you need your rest
you have to protect your strength so
that the doctors can make you better
you me make me like I was before
yes just as you were before now isn't
that what we all want I'll go back in
the stable good in a little while
that'll be fun
good night father
Jesus she's big I mean big how'd she get
so big
something that UFO Pollock stop or
hormones oh I cannot get over how big
she's the doctors think being that size
puts a strain on her heart she gets
dizzy probably the altitude
I think she might have a heart attack I
doubt they'd be surprised if she keeled
over like a mighty redwood little stress
some anger some aggravation timber
she looks pretty healthy to me better
than she did on that a roof poor thing
we could sell the carcass to Ringling
Brothers maybe you shouldn't try to be
so funny I'll time
come and look at the Stars with me
are you alright I mean do you feel okay
otherwise my heart starts beating faster
than normal
would you like to feel it no no that's
okay I'll take your word for it
the doctor said it's alright as long as
I don't get too worked up it's an
important thing to remember about not
getting too worked up otherwise I feel
just fine right well I guess I'll turn
in good night Nancy I was wondering
about something wondering about what
about what would happen if I were to
tell the sheriff how you took me out to
the desert and simply left me there what
do you think people would make of that
that's not what happened
suppose that's what I tell them happened
suppose for once people believe me
instead of somebody else you wouldn't do
I know you too well you don't have the
nerve maybe I've changed
go inside Harry are you sure you already
go inside and don't make any plans for
dinner tomorrow night you and I have a
lot to discuss
will your father Lee joining you he has
a meeting with the town council tonight
it's just for Harry and me do you want
to check the position of the truck make
sure it's where you want it if it isn't
I'll move it myself later I suppose you
could the world is my dollhouse dr.
Cushing you seem to have made a certain
adjustment to your condition I'm not
saying the old Nancy still isn't in me I
can hear inside rattling around in a
dark bumping into things always
apologizing but less and less listen les
they've all gone Nancy would you mind
coming outside for a moment I'm due for
a stretch first can I give you a lift
uh no thank you how can we grow as women
if we can't trust each other
doctor what are you doing doing I'm
really taking up so what's in this
amazing colossal spike oh just a vitamin
soup with a mineral supplement chaser
doctor vitamins and minerals as I said
and and a very mild tranquilizer valium
or that stuff they use on racehorses
there's no need for this well I disagree
the situation is difficult enough
without running the risk of anxiety on
her part I have the husband's authority
and the permission of her father what
about my permission it's really for your
own good Nancy you're the one who looks
like he's adding a little anxiety doctor
mom maybe you need this more than me
Nancy I don't like nails nice try you
ready ready go
how'd I do
that's good
gone away I like the smell of got away
yeah it's good smell
oh mama hates it she doesn't think it's
a lady life aroma of course she's pretty
much giving up trying to make a lady out
of me
she thinks law enforcement is unfamiliar
I tell her it's the only job with any
future in this w old town deputy that's
w old town page yourself no disrespect
it's just a woman doesn't have too many
options here if you know what I mean
yeah I'm supposed to do
sheriff have you ever been in love I'm
just curious
but what about how it is with somebody
like mrs. Archer on mr. Archer I mean it
doesn't make sense to me ask us none of
your business
he isn't very nice to her charlie I just
don't understand the way it is women
like that don't they know but they're
getting into I mean can't they see you
know I figure it's like it is with old
hard luck Eddie little prospector who's
in your every month after he drinks up
his government check
he's been going out to that desert for
as long as I can remember looking for
gold looking for silver looking for
uranium punching holes in those
mountains till they whistle in a
windstorm and he always comes up empty
how's he doing because if he stops
looking he's got to explain to himself
what he's been doing the last 30 years
if he quits
he makes itself a fool for trying as
long as he keeps going least he's got
hope maybe the next claim will pay off
for the one after that comes a point
with hopes all there is so yeah hold on
all past the point when common sense
tells you you should let go can get that
way with people too
you keep on giving and giving because
they need so much and then maybe if you
give a little more they'll be satisfied
it's not love no Charlie that's not love
that's the thing people call love when
they don't want to feel like they've
wasted their lives
welcome home like the outfit it's
something well
I have dinner waiting on the rooftop
California chardonnay not too pricey
when you buy in bulk Cheers
isn't this romantic you bet
for lovely night yeah
each star seems so close close enough to
touch close enough to hear you whisper
when was the last time you and I sat
down like this Matt dinner we've never
sat down like this and had dinner I mean
in general you and I as a couple lots of
times we don't talk enough hairy talking
knew no I mean really talk this thing
that's happened to me I think that it
could bring us closer together if we
give it have a chance
sure what do you want to talk about
Harry have you ever thought much about
Gulliver's Travels know what Gulliver's
Travels the book Gulliver's Travels
that's right I can't say as I have I
have quite a bit I started to think of
myself as Gulliver suddenly surrounded
by all these toys and playthings and
I've begun thinking about the
possibilities exactly what possibilities
are we talking about here Adventure
Harry new dimensions new horizons leave
the manicurists and the cocktail
waitresses down in the foothills Harry
and look up you don't want to get rid of
me who said anything about getting rid
of anybody you don't want me in some
sanitarium or a zoo
think about it Arry you'd be the envy of
every man alive there are pleasures
waiting for you that no one has even
dreamed of imagined love on a scale of
you're thinking about it I can tell are
you crazy you are crazy will you suggest
Jesus Nancy this is sick unnatural and
sick and freakish who precisely are you
calling a freak you I'm calling you an
immense mistake and an enormous pathetic
freak I'm trying to share something with
you Harry I'm trying to save our
marriage by suggesting the you and I
what did you expect me to do get a wet
suit and a flashlight
you are sad before now you're just a big
joke if you do have one honey Parker
knows about being a real woman insect
tick health you landscape and you plane
to a West doorknob bunnies better in bed
than you ever were
she's even better than your cousin Vera
Vera killer but first I'm gonna pop your
head like a little Concorde right
little past your curfew in it just
thought I'd stop by and see how you were
doing I'm doing like I'm usually doing I
got your little surprise such as tada
oh look it's now what happened got you
wonder my Banga spade they're gonna
write the matter I'm gonna make you want
me gonna find out how spoonful bats over
a table back up
yeah this thing is bigger than both of
us it's gonna stop
wanna make you
don't wanna see you burn it gotta stand
got you under my observation I've got
you under my skin Beauty to over bow
crazy cuz I'll be reading you
we're gonna get
hey there the Sycamores they can alright
sir leave me number Bank the water
Farley Carissa me
human beings are no better than they
ought to be hey it was just an opinion
Theresa Theresa
Oh bang Oh
the path not even close
okay okay is everybody all right
you gotta cost me your arm in here for
somebody he's on something you have got
to believe me
mrs. Archer I can see that where's my
Oh Indian Miss Archer it's good see up
and about where's Harry
don't you worry miss Archer will find
him for you I know where he is he's with
that woman Nancy Nancy stop I'll stop
when I find Harry I'm just looking for a
little closure that's all Nancy don't do
I've tried dr. Cushing I've really tried
to be all modern and adult and post
feminist and look what has gotten me
well now I'm taking matters into my own
hands what did she do if she finds Harry
fall him up like a used Kleenex good
all right everybody get into the squad
car I'm gonna call the National Guard in
the State Police this is not a good
Harry Harry you tell me love me you know
I do I know you do but I want to hear
you say it tell me you love me
gentlemen excuse me Hamilton Cobb but
yes well no that isn't
I Hamilton invent your little girl for a
dead woman she sounds awful healthy
all right dead she's not only alive
she's bigger when you try to do kill her
with a girl I'd do anything right
somebody around here's got I thought
they got balls
don't be stupid your whole damn life
you're better than they are
you're smarter than they are and you
know more than you think we all do
miss me
I don't suppose you want to hear my side
of this
you think they're gonna do quick captain
maybe you protect work
that's gonna happen sir nothing
it's not until we get past the city
levels then what sir
nobody just stop
all right big one now you got nowhere to
doesn't seem right firing an
air-to-ground missile at a woman don't
think of her as a woman think of her as
a target that's what I always do
give the sick
here you talk to me you're her father
talk to her
all right Nancy I think you've made your
point I want you to stop embarrassing me
in front of all these people how dare
you talk to me that way
it's humiliating you treat me like such
a child you don't care about me you
never cared about me
you just need my name on some paper so
you can hide more money see that's all
you care about you don't love me you
didn't love my mother in this town all
you're interested in is how much you can
steal from it you got a gun why don't
you do something
what post sheriff nobody fires until I
say fire
what do you think you're doing
you and I have to talk about what that's
how we're gonna be partners from now on
equal partners get out of the car ah you
know it's funny the things men will talk
about in bed we'll talk about anything
to keep from saying they love you
they'll talk about work and about money
about substandard construction and
bribes and kickbacks when all the girl
really wants to hear are those three
little words now what are you one start
the car
dr. Cushing what do you think actually
happened here tonight I don't know I
doubt we'll ever know but I think Nancy
finally got Harry all to herself I
believe if we were really going to be
honest about this we'd all admit to
being victims of a very unrealistic and
limiting idea of manhood you're right
that's where all the anger all the
hostility comes from we've been cut off
from the old definitions of masculine
and feminine and that causes the basic
insecurities that we all feel as men in
the modern world you can see what I'm
saying can't you frankly in my opinion I
don't know what the hell are you talking
about I'm not hostile I'm not insecure
and I don't have any problems with my
manhood never did so whatever the
trouble is the one thing I do know for
sure is it's not me but you can
recognize the destructive patterns in
your life and you're ready to change
Oh destructive panic and said it lets
destructive patterns can be a real bitch
right you got whatever you do definitely
avoid those destructive patterns I
really wish you'd make an effort to
participate these sessions are for your
own good I'm participating did you just
hear me now participating you just don't
get it do you
why can't you understand it's not just
me that's changed it's a whole new
universe Harry and it's up to you to
catch up with us maybe you'll figure it
out maybe I hope so
otherwise otherwise try again again
Harry perhaps you'd like to share some
of the personal experiences that brought
you here why don't you mind your own
you're blocking Harry keep your nose out
of a2 pal okay I think Harry has a lot
of shame issues that he needs to work on
I think what Harry needs is a cold beer
that's what Harry needs maybe we should
do that trust exercise that'd be a good
way to show Harry how we all feel about
him don't touch me don't ever touch me
understand Mary I really believe you're
putting down that chair would be a good
way to start the healing process
I got him hooked up intervention is a
sign of love yeah