Attack of the Tattie-Bogle (2017) Movie Script

Your destination is on your right.
- Pretty sweet GPS unit though, there. I like the voice.
Sounds kinda angry, though.
- Are we here?
- We're here.
- What's the time?
- Eleven fifty-three.
- Did I win?
- Yeah, what'd you say?
- Eleven forty-seven.
- I said twelve-oh-five.
- Devon?
- I don't remember, man. I'm probably way off.
That is a boo-yah!
- Not so fast. We're not here yet.
- What? How long is the driveway?
- Hey, Miles. Drive slow.
- No, don't do that. No!
Heavier on the gas pedal.
No, I'm still winning! Go!
- What the hell's he doing?
- Are we lost?
- No, this is it.
Ahh! We're so close!
- I think I win, actually.
- I don't think we can get there.
- Well this is your property, so I think I win.
I think that's how that's gonna work out.
I think the jury will agree with me.
- Miles, do you care where we sleep?
- Oh, hold on! Everyone!
One rule this weekend.
Have fun. Have a blast.
We're here to celebrate. Make yourselves at home.
Let's make this a great fourth, okay?
All right.
- Are there gonna be enough beds for everybody here?
- We'll make it work. Guest cabin sleeps six.
- Let's not go to the guest cabin.
- I like your pants, though.
- Thank you.
Did you notice how the stripes match my shirt?
- Sup.
- Hey, guys.
- What's in the bag?
- Four kilos of coke. I thought I'd share.
- Really? 'Cause, those look way more like fireworks, dude.
- You, uh... you do coke?
- No.
- There she is!
- But he does.
- All right. That... is a flag.
- Guys, this stuff works great.
- There it is. We got it. We got it!
- Hey!
Is anyone able to get a signal up here?
- No.
- Nope.
- What's going on?
- Phone's down.
Now I gotta go into Webster to call
the phone company. It's just a pain.
- Yeah. C'mon, Gus, go!
- You going for a run?
- Yeah!
- Go to Webster for me!
- Don't get scared!
- Hey, Miles! The guest cabin's locked!
- Yep, I'm taking care of that right now.
- Yeah, make us wait outside on this gorgeous day!
- No kidding!
Yeah! What's up with that!
- Hey, Miles!
- Shit!
- God damn it, Rob!
- Shit, man. I scare you a little bit?
Sorry, man.
- Stay right there.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!
I'm here to help, dude, hey!
Heard you need to make a phone call.
- There's only a couple carriers that work up here.
- Yep, mine's one of them.
I made a phone call.
It was like just a couple miles from here.
- Really?
- Well, what's the status, man?
- They're sending someone tomorrow.
- All right.
It's like the deep woods back here.
What is it, boy? What's wrong?
Come here. Come here. What is it?
What are you guys doing back there?
- We're just on a little adventure.
- Adam! Is that you, you little son of a bitch?
- Hey.
- What the hell, dude.
- When'd you get here?
- Man, like thirty minutes ago, bro.
- You drive straight through?
- Hell, yeah. Looking forward to this shit all year.
That's right.
You know it's every man's duty to get laid by good-looking chicks.
I don't care if they're eighteen or eighty-one.
- Well those girls are probably more like fourteen.
- Fourteen. That gives us four years to make a plan.
- You like that, Gus?
- Gus!
Gus! Come on!
- The hell's wrong with that dog?
- Come here! Come here!
Gus, come here!
Just keep walking.
He's all bark and no bite.
- Sounds like me.
- Good sir! Requesting permission to pass!
- Sorry.
- Don't worry about it.
Let's just not kill anyone this weekend.
- Nice!
What's this outfit here?
You preparing for the apocalypse or something?
That's a bow and arrow. Don't see those every day.
- Nice. That's it. That's it!
Holy shit!
- Sweet, man! Let me try that thing! Come on!
- Let's see how this goes.
- Show you how it's done.
You do know I'm an eighth Cherokee Indian, don't you?
- Really?
- Yeah.
- That's cool.
- Yep. I mean Adam did tell you-
- Oh, he's waving it!
- I'll get it, dear.
- Dear?
- And you hold the string... yep.
- And then I go...
Oh! Sorry, Devon!
- Nice, Hinman.
- Son of a bitch!
- Woo-hoo! Had to be done, man.
- Yep, in the crotch. Water.
- So who's up for a little adventure?
I think something just brushed up my leg!
Are there big fish out here?
- So... what do you do?
- Drink.
- God damn right. You got that right.
Seems like you got your head on straight.
- Seriously, what would you call someone who killed him?
What would you call them? Beause it wouldn't be a bad thing, you know? So
- Call what?
- Excuse me?
- Call what?
- We're just talking about what you'd call somebody.
- We're trying to figure out what you'd call someone who killed George Bush.
Like if you killed Hitler it wouldn't be a bad thing.
So... what would you call him?
- Yeah, you'd call him a murderer.
- No, the...
- The person who kills him.
- Right. The person who kills him.
- Yeah. A son of a bitchin' murderer.
Do I have to spell it for you?
- Rob, stop it.
- Who... who are you?
- Who are you?
- Yeah, like, what's your educational background?
- Uh, a fuckin' unenlightened ignoramus
doesn't know shit about nothin'.
That sum it up for you clowns?
- Yeah, actually.
I think it does.
- You know, where I'm from
when you want to get to know somebody, you introduce yourself.
I'm Robert M. Jones.
Who the fuck are you?
- Cool it, man.
- I'm Chris. Yeah...
- Happens to be a fuckin' holiday weekend out here.
What you're saying, you know, you're being rude.
- Well we can't ignore all the horrible shit our country does.
I mean, just keep the blanket over your eyes.
- You know, I bought these on the way up if anybody wants...
Patriotic bandana.
- Hell, yeah. Damn right I do.
- One for you.
- Pass 'em out.
- Two more? Anybody want?
- Thanks. I don't really like what that thing represents right now.
- Well it is our flag, I mean.
- It's fine, just take it. I don't care what you do with it.
- Don't know if it...
what it represents to other countries in the world right now.
- What you think?
- I think it looks...
Fantastic. Looks great on you.
- It's tempting, yeah.
- God damn it, sweetheart. You don't take one I'm gonna be offended, now.
- He's gonna be offended!
- Yeah, big loss there.
- You start talking about burning flags and stomping on flags...
- I never
- and killing people this, and murdering that, yeah.
- It's easy to be this ignorant if you...
- Christ, Christ! Darlin'!
Darlin', you got your head screwed on
- Excuse me! My name is not Darlin'.
My name is Libby!
We got ourselves a sensitive Miss Feminazi on the boat here.
- Oh, come on, man!
- Who uses the word Feminazi?
- You are a Feminazi!
- Rush Limbaugh. He uses it. He probably coined the phrase.
- Hey, guys! Guys! Guys!
Let's cool it, all right? I'm sick of hearing about this stuff!
- Can we go back?
- He doesnt even know what it means.
- Feminazi.
- Who uses that word?
- Shut up.
- Turn around. Let's turn around. Let's ignore him. How about that?
- Yeah, I'll cool it. I'll cool it all right.
- Look out!
- I will.
- Ah, it's beautiful here.
- Yeah.
- How far should we go?
- The farther the better.
- Oh, a little treehouse!
- That's a deer stand.
- I didn't know Miles was a hunter.
- Uh... he's... not.
- I'm gonna climb up there.
- Uh, I wouldn't do that, actually.
- Why not?
- Because you'll fall and crack your head open on a...
- They're nailed in. They're good.
Come with me.
What was that?
Is this still Miles's property?
- Yeah, that's his deer stand.
Hey, man. Hey.
You got that jet-powered lighter on you? I saw you had it earlier.
- Oh, yeah.
- We're going out on the lake, we're gonna shoot some fireworks.
- Shhh!
- I got matches on me but, you know...
I don't think it'd work too well.
Appreciate it.
- Yeah, and try to do the fireworks, you know, in the middle of the lake
so you don't wake anybody up.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, he's really concerned about that.
- Hey you got everything?
- Yeah, yeah.
- All right, last chance.
- Fuckin'...
- Celebrate this great American holiday.
Any takers?
Hey, Robin Hood!
- Yeah?
- I know you wanna go.
- I'm going over to the guest cabin.
- All right, just the true patriots, then.
- Yeah, minus the Amerinazis.
Wouldn't have it any other way.
- Yep.
Shut the door!
- ...sugar and salt just sitting there?
- I know what you mean.
- I don't have time for this.
- OK, no it's a good hand.
- Tell me what it is.
- Straight.
- A straight?
- Bullshit.
- Show it, dude.
- Oh, yes! That...
- That is... that is not a straight.
- That...
- That's a boo-yah...
- That's the money shot right there, buddy.
- Whoops, hey!
- Yeah, I'll take that one.
- Hey.
- Hey!
- What's up?
- Hey, guy.
- Bullshit, that's what's up, my friend.
- Who's winning?
- Bus. I'm a bus.
- Well. That doesn't make sense because you need a B-U-L.
- You're B-U-L, B-U, B...
- Or B-O...
- B-O?
- B-O.
- Whatever.
- Had a few, then?
- It was a leaf.
- That was not a leaf.
The one before that was maybe a leaf,
but that one was not a leaf.
- Then it was a twig.
- There was some rustling before it.
- Everything's amplified in the woods.
You can't listen to every little sound or you'll drive yourself crazy.
- Yeah.
- It was probably just some squirrel who had no idea he was scaring you.
Or... maybe he was trying to scare you.
In that case I'm tempted to welcome him in here.
- Are there bears up here?
- We would know if it was a bear.
- But are there bears up here?
- Probably. Sure.
- Fuck.
We have food in here.
Let's get the food out of here.
- We don't...
- Then I will relax.
- Oh, shit.
Jesus, what the fuck is that?
- Holy shit!
Come on, come on, come on!
Oh, shit.
Come on, come on, come on!
Jump down!
Come on!
Hurry, come on, come on, come on!
Come on, get in, get in!
What the hell is that?
- I don't know.
- That's a fucking bear.
- It's not a bear.
Woo-hoo! Look at them doubles!
You see them doubles! Look at that! Boy, we could have a fight with these things!
- We should get a band going.
- Oh, really.
- No, seriously!
And we get a bass player, drummer.
I play guitar.
You sing lead.
Your song? Do you have the lyrics?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I guess I got a little...
I guess I got a few, yeah.
Hold on, just be quiet for a minute!
Yeah, you know. It's got some words to it and shit.
- Sing 'em.
I can't tell you once again
Where you been so lately
I know what's going...
- Flush.
- A flush! Okay!
Hey, can we play in the next hand?
- Yeah, you wish you were here.
I'm sure it takes a lot of skill.
- All right, guys, I'll be right back.
- Where you going?
- You're just gonna make that statement and leave? That's...
- Don't talk to me like that.
- "I'll be right back." Mysterious.
- That's great.
- There's too much testosterone at that table.
Like, not a female-friendly table. No.
- You turned in two...
- Yeah.
- So you have a flush...
Holy shit!
That's great. Who is that?
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, that's creepy.
Lindsay, do you hear that?
- Jesus.
Lindsay. Wake up.
- Them bunch of fools sound like they having some fun.
Ahhh! Holy shit, guys! Oh, my God!
Guys! Somebody call the cops!
Lock the fucking doors! Where is everyone?
Guys! Lock the fucking door!
- Calm down.
- Okay, no! Don't calm down!
Oh my God!
Holy shit!
I don't fucking know!
The other cabin!
Yeah, the other cabin! Some guy broke in! They're all gone!
- I don't fucking know!
- how does one person
- That's not what he said!
- Hey, what happened?
- Well, what did he say?
- Who was in the other cabin?
- Someone attacked
- Yes, they're all locked!
- Devon
- I think they're all locked! It's not my cabin, I have no idea if they're all locked!
- Joe...
- Who was there?
- Let him talk... we're all talking at the same time!
- Did you see anything
- Did he have a gun?
- Chris...?
- I didn't hear any gun... Brian, I don't know!
I just got...
- He came over and he attacked the other cabin...
- Joe, this just happened?
- People are dead?
- Look, if this's just one guy, here...
You can knife these guys with nothing, just...
- Shut the shade! Shut the shade!
- Take a knife.
- Take a knife?
- Take a knife!
- Do you wanna come with me?
- No. Babe, I'm sure it's fine.
- That was a weird yell.
- That's how people act when they're drunk.
- I just wanna make sure everyone's okay.
- I know you do.
- So, you're staying here?
- Yes, I'm staying here.
I love you.
- I love you, too.
- Guys, we've gotta get out of here!
- Would you fucking hold on a minute?
Pete and Lindsay are still out there, and-
- Well, we're just gonna wait here?
- I cant get out
- Someone needs to go and get the police!
- Im blocked in by Tina
Whose car is that behind Pete's?
- Uh...
That's, uh, that's Rob's truck.
- Chris, go over there.
- Well, where's Rob?
- Just play it from that top again...
- Okay, here we go.
- One-two-three-four...
It's like a big drumbeat. You hear it rumbling down underneath?
Well Satan's my friend, I met him down on the street!
- Yeah!
- Fuck! I can't get reception.
- Rob could. Is his phone here?
- Hey, yeah, lets, everybody, lets find Robs stuff.
His keys, his phone, his
whatever, his jacket.
- Or Tina. She's not blocked in either.
- You guys, Tina was in the other cabin.
Her keys are probably with her.
And Rob probably has his cell phone.
- We can't wait for them to get back.
- Well, whose keys are these?
- Those are Pete's.
- He's blocked in.
- No, that side of the driveway's open.
- Oh, you think we can get out?
Guys! It's Pete.
- Get in, get in, get in!
Hey, where's Lindsay?
- Pete!
- Shes back at the tent. What?
- Pete! We need your car. Okay?
- Uh... wait. No. Brian, where
- What's going on?
- This guy came and attacked the other cabin.
He came in and he started...
Killing people.
Joe was there.
- What! When!
- I dont know. Joe was there.
Right now! Joe was there
...and he's the only one who made it back.
- I have to get to Lindsay.
- What... what are you...?
- Wait!
- Who's going with you?
- Some... I don't fucking...
- I'll go, I'll go! Ill go with.
- Fine, I'll go to. Here, take this.
Does anybody else wanna go?
- No.
- If we're gonna do this we gotta do it right now.
I think everyone else should stay here.
We'll be safe until you guys get back.
- Come on!
- Come on, come on, come on, come on...
Go forward. Go forward.
Brian, Jesus Christ, hurry up!
- They're completely fucked if whoever hears that.
- Well we need to get somebody out of here!
- I can't believe they're doing it that way.
- Look, we're gonna get back really soon.
So just have somebody here at the door when we get back. All right?
- Come on! Lets go!
- Just get Lindsay!
Come on, come on, come on, come on!
Okay, okay, okay...
You're good, you're good, you're good...
- Get in, get in!
- Look out!
Oh my God!
What are we gonna do?
- It's not that big.
- Brian!
Oh my God!
Oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God...
Oh my God! Come on!
- Dammit!
- Okay.
- Hey, babe. What was it?
Lindsay! Stay where you are! We're coming!
- Okay. Should we get out and move them?
- No. We're fucking stuck!
- Okay. Try reverse. Try reverse!
- Come on!
Come on!
We're gonna have to push. Come on.
I'll drive, you push. I'll drive, you push. Okay.
Okay, okay, okay
Okay, what are you doing?
- We're gonna have to go in reverse. Okay?
- Okay.
- Let's go. Ready?
- Yeah.
- Go!
Keep going, keep going!
- Come on, come on, come on...
- Stop!
What? What!
- You gotta go slowly!
Let the wheels catch.
- Okay!
- We have to get into a rhythm. Are you ready?
- Okay. Yes!
- Go!
Stop! Are you fucking kidding me?
- What!
- Slow!
Don't rev it! You gotta get some traction!
- Okay! Lets go!
- Ready?
Come on!
- Okay.
- We have to go on foot.
Get out of the fucking car.
Katie! Get out of the fucking car! We gotta go!
Come on! Get out of the fucking car!
- Okay, okay, okay
- Katie, come on! Come on! We have to go.
Come on. Come on! I'm sorry. We have to run-
- Fuck.
- Pete, what...?
Look, which way is it?
- I don't even know what fucking direction I'm facing anymore.
- Well...
Well just...
We have to pick a direction.
- I think it's this way.
- All right.
- God dammit!
- You all right?
- This is totally unfamiliar.
- Okay. What now?
Pete, what now!
- Shhhh! Keep your fucking voice down! I don't know.
- Hey, hey... This place is obviously wrong.
We've gotta go back the way we came.
Let's go.
- Pete?
Oh my God...
Oh my God...
- See anything?
- Couple sets of lights. Not sure if they're Adam and Rob, though.
- Well keep checking.
- They've been gone way too long. They should've found Lindsay by now.
- Think they're dead?
- Fuck!
- What are we gonna do?
- Hey...
What is that?
- Oh, shit! No... no!
No. Shit!
She's not here.
- Look, we should head back.
- Lindsay!
- Pete, she probably ran, man.
- Let's just keep on going.
- She's gotta shes back at the cabin.
- Lindsay!
- We should head back.
- Pete?
- We can't see, man.
We gotta get back.
- You guys go back, then. Im gonna keep going.
- What, without a light?
It's pitch black.
- Oh, shit.
The bear bag.
- What?
- There's a flashlight in the bear bag!
- Okay...
- Help me up!
- Oh, shit! Be careful.
- Oh, shit! Jesus fuck
- All right... all right...
Be careful, man! Shit
You got it?
- Yeah.
- See anything?
- No.
Oh, shit!
Eddie, run!
Son of a bitch!
- Adam and Rob?
What the hell?
- Jesus Christ!
- Hey!
Fucking guitar, man, watch out!
Fucking clown!
- Hello?!
- Guys!
- Maybe I need to...
- Anybody home?
Why the fuck are the outside lights off?
- I don't know. Let me light the way.
Why are the outside lights off...
- Oh my God...
- Shit! Look, man, I might hit another one...
- Guys! Guys! Guys!
Shut up!
- You shut up!
- No, seriously, hurry and get in here!
- Hey! Wake up, assholes!
- One! Two!
- One... three!
Come on, Gus!
- Come on, Gus.
- Come on, boy.
- Get in.
Shit! Christ!
- Rob! Fuck
- Get in, you fucking
- Get the fuck
Fucking son of a bitch!
- Oh my God, are you okay?
- The hell's it so dark in here for?
You guys having a satanic ritual, or what?
Well, I wouldn't put it past this guy.
Hell, yeah.
Better watch this guy right here.
I'm sure he has plans to do something like that.
- No! Turn the-
- Why the fuck is the couch right here?
- Off.
What, is everybody asleep?
- Jesus Christ. Just listen to me. People are dead.
- Wake 'em up!
- Hey! Not everyone's a partier.
You know that, Adam. Around here anyway.
- Oh my God.
- Where's the beer at around here?
- I'm not... I'm not kidding.
A guy just walked over there and started killing everybody.
Kill what?
- Killing the people in the cabin. They're dead.
Six people are dead.
Did you hear?
- Yeah?
- No, did
- Who cooked this fucking chicken?
- People are dead in the other cabin!
Okay, what are you talking about?
- How do you know this?
- If you don't believe me, go take a look.
You're full of shit, dude.
- No shit?
- Yeah, no shit.
- Like, when did this happen?
- It just happened over there like an hour ago.
A guy came into the other cabin and started killing people-
- A... a guy?
- Dude, what?
- Where the fuck is he?
Who came and killed
- We dont know where he is!
And can I ask why everybodys, uh hunkered down here like a bunch of pansies or something?
Why don't we go kill this son of a bitch or something, were talking about this.
- No. No ones going anywhere because Katie
Were not gonna go anywhere.
Katie and Brian went to go get help.
We're gonna wait here until it arrives.
- Really you know what?
If he comes at me, I know what I'm gonna do real fast.
Knock his head off.
- Rob. No. Dont be a hero.
- There's five of us against one of him.
- That's exactly right.
And I saw this motherfucker shoot a bow-and-arrow earlier.
- No, you guys are drunk!
- Joe, you could stick a couple through his heart, right?
- You're out of your minds.
Just go have a beer.
Go have another beer. Go have your seventeenth beer for the day.
- Okay! Okay okay okay okay
No no no no no no...!
- You guys!
It's Lindsay!
- Let me in!
Jesus Christ! What the hell is it?
- What happened? What did you see?
- They're dead over there!
I was all by myself!
Oh my God, I thought everybody was gone!
- Calm down. Shhh!
Just tell us exactly what you saw.
- Where's Pete?
- He went looking for you, with Devon and Eddie.
- When?
- Half an hour, maybe.
- Lindsay, listen...
...we sent Brian and Katie in Pete's car to go get help.
When they get back here with the
police, well go find those guys.
- Pete's car?
- Yeah. We watched them drive down safely down the...
- Pete's car is stuck in the driveway!
- Are you
- It's on these trees! Its blocking the whole driveway!
- What?
- Are you sure?
- Did you see Brian and Katie?
- Well... they might be fine.
They all might still be fine. We don't know anything.
- Except that nobody got to the police.
- Uh...
Well maybe we can take Rob's truck. Do you have your keys?
- They're in the ignition.
- You won't make it.
It's completely blocked.
The trees and the car
- youd have to move them both.
- Fuck.
- Chris.
- Fuck, fuck Fuck!
- Chris, it's okay. Dont worry about it.
Don't worry about it?
- We're gonna get out of here.
- Don't worry about it. Yeah.
Because these guys are gonna help us get out?
- No. We're gonna be fine.
- We're not gonna be fine.
- Chris!
- We're gonna be fine.
- You just keep repeating that. We're gonna be fine.
- You guys, they probably got out the car and walked by foot.
They could be to a phone by now.
Yeah, right.
- Rob, where's your phone?
- Chris, Rob's got a phone.
- He's got a phone?
- Rob's got a phone.
- Does it work?
- Were gonna call somebody.
- Getting anything? Rob?
- You guys, call 911.
- Nothing.
- Call 911...
- Rob, are you getting anything?
- Nothing.
No service, man. Nothing.
- Just keep trying.
- Means no!
- Well fuck, keep trying!
- Look, I'll have to go across the road to get a signal.
- No.
- I need a bodyguard, man.
- Rob, no...
- Come on, Joe. You're with me.
- Rob, stop!
Listen to me. You can't go.
- Can't go?
What are you talking about? Sit around here and get killed?
- Rob, Joe stay Listen to me... stay here.
- Look, you guys can sit here and die.
Break something...
Run around with your hats on. I don't give a shit.
- Joe, stay here!
- You ready?
- Yeah.
- Are you ready?!
- Rob... Rob!
The motion light. Over the edge.
Let's get out of the open. Go through these woods.
No no no no way, man. No way.
Straight ahead.
Now, Joe!
Now, now, Joe...
Right here.
- Turn your flashlight off.
- Shit.
- Back.
911. What is your emergency?
- Hello?
Sand Lake, Wisconsin.
Uh, shit! The city, uh
I don't... the city fuck
I don't know the city.
It's a major fucking emergency, man!
I said it's a major fucking emergency! God dammit, I don't know!
Fuck... Thompson Road.
Thompson Road! It's...
You son of a bitch.
- No good?
- Lost it, man. Fucking lost it.
Fuck, dude. I'm sorry I got us into this shit.
- Get down!
Take him.
Take him, Joe.
Give me one of those throwers. Now!
- How long have they been gone?
- I don't know.
- Twenty-three minutes.
- What, are they going slow?
- Rob doesn't know slow.
- Yeah, but Joe's with him.
Maybe they're just being cautious.
Oh you son of a bitch! Keep on running!
- Rob! Wait! Maybe we should stop!
Rob, he's probably dead.
Could he still be running?
- Fuck.
- What is it?
- Man's not made of straw.
Hes got a brain in his head.
There are a lot of times deer-hunting...
You can stick a deer good. I mean real good.
Good blood trail. Then all of a sudden - BAM!
They make it to water. They can survive.
At least improves their chances.
- Got a signal?
- Let's keep moving.
Let's keep moving!
- I see it.
- Yeah.
Might have found something here.
There a phone in here?
- Hell if I know.
They don't make 'em like this anymore.
Taking this.
- Oh, shit! Rob!
- What?
- Look at that. Up there.
- Maybe they got a line in there.
There's a fire. Do you see anybody?
- Hold up.
- Hello?
- Check it out.
- Hello?
- Hey! Take it easy. Take it easy.
- Hello? Anyone here?
- Hey, right there. Joe, Joe right there.
There's a phone.
- Oh, yeah.
911. What is your emergency?
- I'm calling to report an emergency on Sand Lake.
No, I don't know where Im calling from. Please listen to me.
People have been killed.
At a cabin owned by Miles Crowe.
It's on Thompson Road.
No - I don't know who it is.
We injured him but we can't find him.
Yes. There are people still there.
Yes, they are safe. They are inside the cabin.
- What if they come back? What if they're not dead?
- Are you kidding me?
If they're still alive, they're doing the exact same thing that we're doing.
How long is it gonna take to get that boat started?
- Take me five seconds but we gotta get it untied.
- The keys down there?
- Yeah, we left it down there.
- Let's go.
Come on.
- Okay, we're doing this fast.
- Okay.
- Thank you. Okay.
- So they're on their way?
- Yeah.
- Did you guys drink all this beer?
- Cut! You all right?
- Yeah.
- You roll your ankle?
- My forearm slammed into the cement here.
I can't... see real well.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine. Start over.
- No no no! Stop!
- Shit!
- Yoo-hoo! It's burning my pants!
How you like me now?
- Get some drums.
- Yup
Better up.
If I can keep it up.
- You know what would be better there, though, like
A bass solo. Rather than guitar.
- All right. Leave that out. Go! Roll! One!
Drink a beer!
- Yep.
That was good.