Attraction (2017) Movie Script

When I was a kid.
My mother and I loved to sit and
watch like that in the night sky.
To dream that we are not alone.
What stars are the eyes of the angels.
Who looked after us.
But when my mother was
ill, none of them helped.
Then I realized that no one was there.
Silence. Emptiness. And cold.
All right, let's go.
Charl, what are you looking at?
No there is nothing.
Let's go to!
At all times, meteor
showers frightened people.
Understand that for the guests
visited the earth's atmosphere.
It was possible relatively recently.
And earlier cosmic stones, strongly
associated with "God's punishment".
Well, how are you?
Well, Che did not you tell that?
I also get yourself out, some of Albert...
And you will not say anything.
- Nothing to tell.
- Like nothing else?
How have you there, Th,
where, how, la-la-la-la.
No. Well, if I have a Romeo appeared.
I probably would have run
away from home at all.
Well yes. Only Tema sure Romeo, this
is such a car make. Do you understand?
Already we are
with you will witness
unique, astronomical phenomena.
Good morning. How did you sleep then?
- Che immediately Mironov something?
- Nothing! Do not sleep!
Who can tell me, where was the
last meteor rain so hard.
The risk of getting at once...
5 in the quarter.
In China.
- 76th.
Yul... And there you have
a scientific debate, huh?
The scientific debate, yes.
Google says China. 1976.
Properly Google says.
The most terrible event in human history.
It occurs when it is
faced with something...
Because of the meteor shower, it began
one of the bloodiest, the Crusades.
As a result of that... What Mironov?!
I am not sleeping. Speaking...
All Crusaders, about 300,000
people have died in the desert.
Yes. Yes...
- The brain!
- The brain!
And this despite the fact
that the meteor rain, scale,
It does not go to any
comparison with today.
And here we have it... not that...?
You're a fool?
There is no hope.
The debris burn up in the upper atmosphere.
Do not be afraid.
In the evening, everyone is
watching meteor shower. I could hear?
- Yes-a -!
- Well done.
By the way.
- What's this?
- Two tickets for the concert Korzh.
I thought you and I together descend.
But I certainly compared to your
"Alfa Romeo" - "Kzhum, kzhum"!
- So imagine variantik.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
All the best. Starfall evening.
- Yes-ah!
- Bye.
- Let's diary assessment check.
- Himself a good student?
I'll call.
Dad? Hello, I'm at home.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I have a couple of seconds, literally.
And you do not know where the binoculars?
Today I'll be late.
Will not leave the house.
No, we're all going to the
parking lot, but today meteorites.
And from there, everything's cool sight.
Absolutely no? Maybe there
will be some good arguments?
Ofigenski convincing arguments?
Crowded at the height of the low fence.
A high percentage of drunk in the crowd.
In my opinion a sufficient argument.
Dad, well, I'm not alone. I was
waiting at the bottom of Tema.
- Artem?
- Yes.
Especially not!
Well, not that I'll hurry, just...
The next time the stars will
fall in 50 years, I guess.
I will not go, Tm.
Comrade Colonel would not let walk?
Zadolbali have their orders.
Though it would be sent somewhere.
On a business trip.
So he left already. I saw him.
So I do not see a problem. Ready to
rescue the princess from the tower.
From the west came the dense layers of the
object. Now just to the north of Finland.
What is an object? Just saw.
- Large. The moves in our direction.
- Clear.
- Speed torn.
- How is it torn? He's driven?
Not yet identified. From 500 to
900 kilometers per hour and goes.
Strategic partners have requested?
Yes sir. They say they do not.
Lithuania and Latvia
also declared readiness.
But if this thing will not stop, they
even do not have time to take off.
Raise the hooks. Missile readiness.
And let MOE, albeit also
announced readiness.
Yes indeed, today
will be something to see.
On cloudy east of the capital,
so many have come to admire
on the Shooting Stars it is here,
on the very south of Moscow.
You go to the goat!
Send here.
As you can see, many have already begun to
celebrate, this is a rare natural phenomenon.
No nonsense... Let us so
soon double, immediately...
Tm do not.
Yes, guys will correct only the mirror...
Hey, listen, you Th doing?
Here people walk.
Hey, you Che pancake!
Tm help what?
Everything, everything, bratisha.
Op, op, op, op! Privet!
- Check it out, Che is..
- It is what?
Ticket to the VIP box.
477. 10 left.
477, you understand.
I observed visually.
- Repeat, 477.
- It's huge.
- Yuly.
- Yes?
I think we to interfere with her.
- We?
- We.
Can not you see she wants to be one.
- No, Tm.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
No, she's my friend and I
did not leave here alone.
Yes, yes...
Take it, take it. Go already tired, Lord.
I have nobody.
Kaka beauty, eh?!..
What a beauty... What
do you know about beauty.
Such an event missing.
We are located in one
of Moscow households.
And right now, behind my
back, you can see...
And still show.. Yes.
477. The aim in captivity.
477. I hear you work.
And if it is not NATO members?
How so? For a force field should be?
477. Defeat observed?
- 477. I lose control!
- 477. Eject!
Light remained there alone. I can not do.
She's a girlfriend, will wait.
You can at least call her, huh? You
are welcome. Well... Well... Tm.
Exploration almost there. After a
couple of minutes will mark what's what.
Technology also popped up.
Can you hear me or not?
Yes, I hear.
- Armor, Comrade Colonel.
- Do not.
Look there. You understand, the
devil knows what this piece of iron.
And here's good news.
With you will go to the
deputy parliamentary group.
- What?!
- It is necessary to...
He wants to inspect the crash site.
Attention world
agencies in these moments,
It focused on the events
in the south of Moscow.
We managed to get through to
the deputy of the State Duma,
Michael Poleskinu. Who plans to
personally inspect the scene.
Mikhail Petrovich, where you
are and that still going on?
Right now, I
move to the crash site.
We do not have any reasons for any claim,
that we are dealing with a kind of
object of extraterrestrial origin.
However... If the facts are confirmed. I
think this contact go down in history.
Girl take!
Julia! Look at me! Julia!
- Where are you going prsh?
- The door was opened, quickly!
Julia, do you hear me?!
Julia is not disconnected!
- Come on, come on, come on!
- Quiet. Carefully!
Attention all!
Of course not safe. You
never know what's inside this thing.
Maybe there is a nuclear reactor, and
we will have a second Chernobyl!
Why did you choose to contact?
It was a collective decision?
No. I volunteered, and the Ministry
of Defence has kindly agreed.
Hello Hello? You hear me?
Have you already driven jammers?
You can stop wherever
there is a connection?
I live really.
Mikhail Petrovich. Can you hear us?
Unfortunately, the connection was broken.
I remind you that about an hour ago.
In the capital Chertanovo,
it was an emergency.
In homes fell unidentified object.
The number of victims of this
tragedy, yet to be established.
At this moment, the representatives
of the Atlantic Alliance,
negotiate with Moscow.
Counting also get access to the
site of the object falling.
Experts fear the witnesses
to confirm the words of
that everything that happens, it may
be something like an alien invasion.
And yet, from around the world,
comes about bringing in full combat
readiness of the armed forces.
Meanwhile, the streets adjacent to the
place cordoned off by falling object.
Representatives of the Defense Ministry,
have so far refrained from comment.
But local residents reported that
the contract to a strange ball
tactical groups.
Observation of the object, and
are fighting helicopters.
Radiation in the normal range.
No danger to people. End communication.
I conduct surveillance.
End communication.
On the position. We empty.
- There are visual movement?
- Do not watch.
There is a contact.
I see. The object under control.
Well? It's time for the opening speech.
Goode 'Evening.
I Mikhail Poleskin.
Member of inter-factional
parliamentary group.
This is representative
of the Defense Ministry.
And... Responsible, so to
speak, for the sector, Lebedev.
- You Lebedev?
- Lebedev.
And... We are ready for
fruitful cooperation.
The first step which is already laid.
In the course of our assistance
to your successful landing.
Welcome to our land!
Do not. Sharp movement is not necessary.
Ready to open fire.
- As you were!
- There aside.
Report to all the details.
It can be subjective. What
you saw, felt, thought.
They asked not to approach. They
said that we can avoid casualties.
If you give them a complete
recovery, leave the planet.
What do you mean - "say"? Words?
Not sure, but I understood.
What language do you speak to them?
In Russian.
What do you mean - "to avoid victims"?
This is a threat?
I do not think. They
are not very emotional.
And who else, had heard
this conversation?
There was a deputy with you.
Yes. He's in intensive care.
He has a pacemaker.
There's the whole complex electronics
around the ship refuses.
I'm sorry, but what prevents us
to carry out the assault right now?
Yes. I support. Shot down as they once. That
means with ends exactly will be no problems.
If we do not break them, may
be and there were no casualties.
You're proposing?
Wait. Keep watching, and nothing more.
Now the main thing is not
to provoke aggression.
We'll wait.
Third day
account of all news agencies,
It focused on the events in Moscow.
For the object of an international
group of experts observes.
The UN Security Council expressed concern
associated with the incident in Moscow.
The representative of the United States,
called for the immediate provision of
general access to the site of
the alleged crash of an object.
However, a resolution
was blocked by Russia.
She came?
- Julia?
- Oh, hello.
- How are you?
- My head hurts.
Yeah... So, Julie. These look.
The bandage knowingly removed.
Lie down more. I have to call your father.
At a distance of
about a kilometer from the object,
erected defenses.
The surrounding streets
are closed to traffic.
Local residents evacuated.
Nevertheless, many have refused to leave.
People say they are afraid of looting.
So. The victims of the
incident began to 232 people.
Dozens reported missing...
- Tm.
- You're the doctor allowed to stand?
You gave?
A little, well, what are you doing?
I'm with you. Always I will be there.
Do you hear?
Sit down.
Thank you, Tm.
Andrej, I lead.
The doctor said generally normal.
If the head is spinning or just
get sick, immediately to him.
Thank you pulled.
Only if you had not... She
would be there was not.
Glad to.
In the news said 200 people were killed.
Truth or lie?
It's a war, huh?
Depends on how they will behave further.
Who are they?
Good question.
And what will happen to us now?
In the city curfew. After 9 years
of age, one does not go anywhere.
After high school, once back home.
It's clear?
Yes sir.
Yuille, you know, right
now I have things to do.
I can not always keep an eye on you.
You told me you can, once in
your life, and take help.
Just help?!
You are welcome.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
Well, hello, grandparents.
How many times asked: "Lyuba". Well,
I do not like this word, well...
How are you, dear?
Specifically, yes, I have
called thee, that I have not ran?
No. Father do you like
to Krasnodar evacuate.
Say thank you, I am repulsed.
Oh, it's a classic.
He has such a feature.
In any unclear situation, out of sight.
Finally, by the way, it has not
been decided. Maybe more will go.
Oh, to submit to where you want.
I do not care already.
Yuille what your password wai faille?
And I'm here sfotkala plate.
It is necessary to post the long overdue.
In general, nine nines.
But if officially, I do not know.
In our barracks, Comrade Commandant
distributes password from wai faille,
Only for good behavior.
Excuse me. I have to go.
Well, go, go. Voyuy with its newcomers.
You better get it.
Thank you for coming.
Hey, Yul. Transport cast a spell.
- I beg.
- Che, so it will be now? Cool. Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are you?
Guys. I understand how you hard.
We have all lost loved ones and friends.
But despite the bitterness of loss,
you can not give in to anger.
You can not.
People have been waiting for
thousands of years... contact.
With an alien civilization.
And wait!
We have no idea what morality the aliens.
What do they think about life, about death.
Understand whether the pain of loss.
If they do not understand why
I have to explain to them.
Why should we, some contacts to establish?
Why can not we just kick
them out of here, huh?
Because this is a unique
opportunity for all of humanity.
The chance to die?! Give
your home some freaks?
The chance to understand
something about ourselves.
Find out who we are. Maybe even...
Find your house.
I know all about myself. I'm at home!
And I imagine them to not call!
Yul, I...
Yes, if they do not,
everything would be fine.
And the light would still be alive!
Guys. Look. Video "VKontakte" posted.
Come here, Python.
Come on, bunt ago.
- Yes Wait, wait. Right now, there still will be.
Nits. As the house at home.
Almost yard views.
Listen, the whole world cast a spell.
Let's see how much they gain
when these ghouls climb further.
You Th, really think of Cardona us climb?
And why do you think they come from?
Do you hang out in the stairwell?
Well, let this thing... Well...
Repostnut all this video.
Make demotivators. Well, somehow
Empty wave on the networks.
- Brave guys, well done.
- Julia?
Only and can post, retweet
and put the Huskies.
Listen, my friend, for the
language of your watch, huh?
- Sit down.
- Che sit?
Telke his'll say, "Sit down. "
It is not the calf. That's my girl.
- Yes?
- Uh-huh.
And I think that chick.
That's my girl, okay?!
I love her, do you understand?!
Or you again have to repeat it?
I love you. Is that clear?
Get out.
- Che do something going?
- A Th you suggest?
Go back to prove who is
the boss in the area?
- Yes.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
America, Europe.
Yes, no, we have come,
and there is a cordon.
Well, in the sense that if there are
not warriors, I would and he went.
We can not just sit and wait.
After what they have done.
We must not, Tm.
Of course. And we will not.
There is a move that even
the warriors did not know.
Curfew in half an hour. Guys, We reach.
Come on.
Purification old.
About 20 years ago, was closed.
My father worked here.
Although some benefit.
In short this plan.
We go inside quietly and gently.
We find their - take away.
Find the others - look.
Who knows what they're muddy.
The main characters of themselves do
not build. Rus, you especially true.
You must me more top five.
Tm, I said that I will give, then give.
Come here.
"Outcast-one: Star Wars Stories. "
Guys, go.
You are here more dangerous.
- Tm, I said, I'll go with you.
- Sit down. Sit down, sit down.
If Th - ori. We quickly.
In the course empty.
- Tm!
- Che are you yelling?
Subject. Tm, go here.
Che, such as a bomb?
Along the way there dropped.
I understand the love of all things. "
"But this is happening! Such beauty!"
"It is unrealistic simple. Let's
go back already soon, eh?"
- Julia!
- Go to the top!
So. Let down.
It Che for...?
In the course of the armor of some sort.
How to ours.
Creature something where did?
In nature, we bring down!
- Tm, and with this it?
- Oh, leave her. Helps!
Let's throw.
Come on, come on, come on. Faster.
Turn on the light.
One, two...
Flew home.
Well. And what now?
Can it give the military?
Let's leave here tomorrow,
we shall understand.
And right now, all sleep.
Okay, Google. You're a medical behaving?
- I...
- With lessons you can blame?
I really need you.
It's just a plague!
And I told humanoid type.
Even in our water system found. And
throughout the galaxy a trillion planets.
The probability of living 99 and 9.
All simply attached to,
that suits them...
Calmed down? Now let's think Che do.
A doctor should be.
True? And I would have thought of myself. It can not
be a doctor. Will be picked up by the military.
You do not understand?
Well, how would it...?
He saved me. I told him to be.
Visible fractures seems to be no.
Blood is needed, I lost a lot.
- Our?
- Well yes. He is breathing our air.
Anatomy And he is the same.
Hence blood can be identical.
However, there is a chance it would be
like... to ruin. But do not pour, just die.
You're fast, huh?
Daddy's friend from the CDB.
He treated me when they arrived.
Igor Semenovich, hello. This is Julia.
Do you remember you told me to dial
if I have a headache will be again.
Yes. It can be right now? Skipping
to order a machine to us?
Thank you.
Sfotkatsya him, I'll kill
you, you understand?
Hey, wait, where are you?
Zdrastye. B gyemotologiyu.
Igor Semenovich said, just take in the VIP.
Without registration.
We were there.
Here, here, here.
And if you noticed?
I'll tell you, it was you all came
up and forcibly dragged me here.
After serving for me?
And I give you a kiss.
Wait a minute, well... It's
as if treason it turns out?
All. Come on. At times, two, three.
- What?
- Three!
The door is closed, the light is cut down.
Yes Yes.
- Finger.
- What?
Like this. Well, in theory it should work.
Well. His second positive blood group.
Well, this is according
to our classification.
But when you consider that it
refers to the humanoid type...
Come on, I have two.
Lie down. Ah... Sit down. Yes, sit down.
So I need. In parallel
vein to insert the needle.
Then find a vein at an angle of 45.
- 45.
- Yes, if already, eh?
I am right now, second. All. One
two Three. No. Stop, stop, stop...
Are you kidding?
Come on...
- Julia.
- A?
You go, you need to sleep.
Do not worry you. I'll sit with him.
Everything will be okay.
No photos and status only. Type
"I treat a stranger. " I got it?
- Yes, what are you doing, I - the grave.
- Tomb no Wi fi and 4G.
Chick, cigarette butts.
No heat, no radiation, no heat.
Absolute symmetry. Some
spherical horse in a vacuum.
- Do not know yet.
- Oh well.
Judging by the movement of
water masses and air fronts.
Ship attracts water. Like a magnet.
Are they us starve to take that?
According to our version, the water
needed for the regeneration of the object.
External damage to the ship
resulting in the fall,
already eliminated about 30%.
Fragment of equipment turned
out to be at our disposal,
It has the same properties. But the
purpose is not able to determine.
- Weapons?
- Or, ship the item.
In the CPT people already gather.
In the online information catapulted that
we hide the scale of the loss of water.
As if the boat does not start swinging.
Well, then you decide. Connect
your mayoralty, television.
And let each hour provide monitoring.
For our part we already solve.
By PPC drove water trucks. The perimeter of the
area of organized distribution of water.
And your this element
or fragment thereof.
What do you think to do?
- I propose to return.
- To return. Them?!
We do not know their intentions.
And now, our main task,
minimize the possibility of an open...
I think you recommend as a good tylovikov.
And not as a specialist in
extraterrestrial cultures.
- Let go?
- Where?!
In the rear.
So. I ask, please, no offense, Colonel.
We are not here on a first date.
In the general case.
The offer is good, but
nothing will not give.
Maybe they know everything about us,
and we have nothing about them.
So, this is your element...
The only thing that we have.
What are you doing around here, Russell?
- Yes, it's there it's...
- What?
How to communicate with him
to build something, eh?
Theoretically, there is a
universal sign language.
Do not be afraid.
To get!
It's lingrekonstruktsiya.
He knew a few phrases
of language structure.
And I said: "Major race".
I - Hekon.
Well. Very nice.
I am pleased to.
This is a complementary expression.
Used as a rule,
when we first met. I - Google.
By the way. If interesting.
- Yes.
- Capture.
- Late. Conjugation has been completed.
- This is the transfer of genetic material.
In short, you do it is now never snimesh!
I realized!
You Che arrived here.
Che are you doing here?
I think in the case of humanization.
They wanted...
Bring new technologies.
Thus, to help humanity.
The correct direction of thought?
Really soak all want, is it?
- This is a difficult question.
- Stand!
I need to go back.
Find Shilka.
Get dressed.
A word of thanks, he already learned?
Thank you, it is a form of gratitude.
She is grateful to you.
Because you saved her.
You think you saved the
enemy and you feel bad.
If I say thank you, you will be fine?
Now wali.
What's to blame?
Dumps, screwed, uleptyvay the fuck out of my
garage and off this planet. Do you understand?
Che you look at me?
He is our "superior race. "
How else gets to his.
Theoretically, as it were,
yes, but if you ignore...
You zadolbal already clever.
Respected. I appeal to you.
Dear, stop.
Well, simple. Where do you go then?
I just go.
Documents to present,
then go wherever you want.
What are you talking this obdolbyshem?
Gruzi ego come on.
So. Hold. Then he'll take. Yes, hide!
Pancake. It is incomprehensible crap.
Do not cut.
Think about how much
you can lift the dough,
if this thing on the online auction put.
Guys. Check out.
Count. It is in general
a fig does not weigh.
Yes I am the avatar, count?
It is something like the exoskeleton.
And the size of a human.
Take this garbage!
Pulling the hand!
I keep!
More of a challenge!
Yes, you got cuts, Che you yelling!
Fuck you and your alien!
More resist. Yes they are a
hundred times stronger than you!
Kopec you soon understand everything!
Fuck, fuck you.
- Let's get out of here!
- Dont touch me!
- Take things and wali.
- Rus, so you leave it.
Leave me alone!
- Well, Rus!
- Che good?!
- Calm down!
- You think you are the most intelligent?
Yes, you'll be the first.
You'll die first! I got it?
- Go home.
- Calm down.
With damn-what do we do?
- Surrender.
- Who?
- Bath Yulin call, let them decide.
- Yes, okay, good.
A Th you suggest instead? Sell?
- Che..
- I'm calling.
Ale, Valentin Y.? Good morning. It Artyom.
No, no, she did not with me.
It should be one piece...
You should not have with him so.
Show. Can you drive?
Not in vain.
Well, let me jump. Just the
matter is urgent. I'm serious.
Yes, I understood.
Thank you.
Citizens of the
water is provided from the calculation,
five liters per person.
What are giving so little?
I have children at home.
Those who wish to
free hotel rooms available.
With all conviniences.
You have to bring down!
The people of darkness.
Well, at least the water began to give out.
Good morning, Comrade Major.
Colonel Lebedev here? Valentin Y.?
Not yet arrived.
Che's going on here? You
Che stood something, eh?
Che got up here, well?
- Remove the machine.
- A Th wrong?
Where the security zone. Distills.
- Right now we leave, commander. What are you doing.
Get out of the car right now. I
will not go anywhere. Che you rude?
- This is our area actually.
- Stand.
- I did not touch.
- Quiet.
Right now we leave, commander.
No Bey!
What are you doing?!
Tosa! Anton!
Come on, Tm, take it.
Do not cut down.
Citizens disperse!
- Tm, get in the car.
- I said, I take away!
Disperse immediately!
Citizens who leave the area!
The garage will meet!
Small groups. Do not panic.
We pass on the subway!
In case of non compliance,
force will be used.
What are you doing, huh?
Do not touch them.
Father, where are you climb? Go Home.
Yet people, eh? Good!
He ordered. Article wanted?!
Alive? Come on, get up.
Do not jerking. It will hurt.
Shields have closed!
Good morning, Valentin Yu.
Right now I will go.
Well. Che wanted to say?
Wait, well.
Yes, just missed by you.
Like not strangers.
So, to sit on the family.
Talk, drink tea and?
I still do not understand here. Tolley is too
early to talk to you. Tolley's too late.
Yes, later.
Correctly Julia said.
Do not you hear a damn.
You are the king of Moscow, right?
Look at you here.
Toy soldiers, toy cars, airplanes fly.
Fence built a beautiful, huh?
Horses are even.
By Yulia no longer coming.
In the water.
Well, Che stood up, let his hand.
Narik. On the street caught.
My God. The circus with horses.
Fragment was
detected, presumably being a part of,
so-called plates.
Where are you going? No jerking.
Who is the mysterious object,
It is at the disposal of
the Ministry of Defence.
Whose specialists continue to study...
You Th, cut down or what?
Vas. I've got a moron without fingers.
Che to do with it then?
Is registered as unknown.
Warriors give, let him understand.
Hello. Comrade Colonel. I've
got a friend were detained.
High a. In a funny hat, an old overcoat.
You can see?
I'm Julia Lebedeva. Daughter
Valentine Yurevich.
So what. I know your needs it?
Actually, yes. In the event
of declaration of martial law,
all government functions transferred to
the bodies of military administration.
However, while the perimeter
of the commandant, Valentin Lebedev,
refrains from commenting.
Julia Valentinovna.
Yes, you have the strange
familiar, Julia Valentinovna.
He's just Peter.
- Yul!
- Come on come on.
- Yul!
- Yes, you wait!
Stop! What happened to your face?
It's okay, Princess. Healed,
I will even more beautiful!
Tm, I'll call my father, he'll pull out.
Fuck it. I do not need handouts from him.
Tm, can you hear me?
It is necessary to me.
I want to talk with you!
Exit we shall understand!
Want to talk. Let go!
And tell your commandant.
Soon everything will change!
Soon our entire neighborhood will be!
On all ears will stand!
Do you ever react
somehow, when you turn to.
Fewer questions will be.
You do not know what to say?
I do not know - smile.
It helps real.
Something like that.
Come on, will bring you to your perimeter.
Shilka here anymore. It took the
men with guns. I have seen.
Without "Shilka" this, that,
the ship is not allowed?
The house is far away. 47 light-years. It is
necessary to make the transition to compress time.
Without Shilka Sol not
survive the transition.
So you take away his
"Shilka" and dump once, right?
Want to help?
I can help. Different things.
The same shoot.
Evaporated. Let's go to.
I do not know, our
camera will be able to pass it.
But the naked eye can see the color change.
About half an hour ago, we noticed that
the object has acquired a red hue.
While we were not able to obtain comments
from the Joint Information Center.
But though I doubt that
even the experts can tell
about this phenomenon, something definite.
For young people. This approach.
Far from going?
I'm Julia Lebedeva. Daughter.
Report, please, father,
that I should talk to him.
And it does not take a tube.
Colonel Lebedev daughter came.
First you have to get a pass. Because
without it, we're not gonna get.
And find out where it is,
this is your figovina.
He's in a meeting. He calls you a free.
Tell him, please, that I am pregnant.
What month?
The third.
Comrades officers, please leave the room.
All leave the room.
- Who is this?
- One of the possible candidates.
In what sense?
Accurate data, who is
the father, not yet.
Have provodity kspertizu DNA.
Yes, Hariton?
- Definitely not.
- Definitely not. I have.
You're in the army, Haritosha?
- I did not serve.
- So tomorrow,
you go to the border. Homeland guard!
On the submarine.
And do you think this, "Che Guevara",
in the colony of the right brain.
Well. Let the baby orphan.
- Nothing. Somehow he brought up.
- What if again will not work?
Well, Dad.
So stop being angry, please. I beg you.
I was very nervous. And me in my position,
In no case can not be nervous, you know?
And I do not understand
what is happening.
You are angry. And it is not necessary.
Come stepped out of here!
- Came out.
- Go, go, Haritosh.
You can go now.
I do not understand.
He Che, in my clothes?!
And you che, sorry for what?
Not strangers actually.
Che had not said?
Che, was led real, huh?
So you think it's all funny, huh?
That you are joking, right?
Do you think I have the time, here's
this nonsense stand here and listen?!
And when was the last time, so
attentively listened to me?
Interested in what I have in life happens.
Would you answer?
Valentin Y...
We have a dish of the city fell.
If you certainly noticed!
But you're not up to it. You need
to arrange any hrenotel here!
Interesting. And when they fly
away, what excuses will be?
- This is not a swan.
- This is not a swan! Turn on the alarm!
Warning! All
personnel to take...
A Th I wonder? You
always had to spit on me.
Even when my mother died. Not
given to say goodbye to her.
He lied that she gets better.
I just really wanted it
to happen not on your eyes.
And I thought you did
not ask what I want?
Maybe I wanted to spend the last
months of her life, by her side.
Close to the only person who understood me.
And not diskach camp.
I'll never forgive you. I got it?
The first group, to block the road!
For thorns do not produce!
- Stretch spikes!
- Yes sir!
The second group, to block
the main entrance! Hurry!
Humans do not produce!
- Andrei.
- I!
- Julia home.
- There is!
- That to Kamchatka.
- Yes, Comrade Colonel!
Che stood up?
- Serve the galaxy.
- It too.
Collect the thorns. We produce car.
- Julia did not call?
- No.
- Wow.
- Wow.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- You like it?
- Everything is fine.
Che, boys? As armor will give?
Forget. Himself leave.
Che then do Tm?
To defend the motherland.
And here it is right.
- It was necessary to add aluminum chips.
- Well no. Ponty already.
Gasoline and oil. Classic.
Che Tak cases.
Hi, Tm. How are you, let you go?
Oh sure. As a general amnesty.
Hey, Yul, I'm sorry, I was there...
The department is not in itself was.
To talk like?
- Yes, but... Tm, I can not...
- Let me come with you?
We've got such dvizhuha started.
You'll like it.
Tm, I can not now.
A realized. Father. Clear.
Well, you want to see, come.
Love you.
So far, Tm.
I need to quickly get on
the plane to return Shilka.
Yes, you brake. We do not care right
now for perimeter does not get there.
Tell me the name of
his father's military.
Normal person are you?
One week all in Moscow, has a corruption scheme
Mutish? Before the night without options.
What is there to do?
Thin as a rake. You have a need to do?
Or do you eat it... photosynthesis?
Let's go to.
Well. Something like this.
Charl. Hi Hi. It's Charley.
This creature, it suffers, it hurts.
Yes I know. She has years to fig.
Dad says it's time to put to sleep.
Causes the...?
Kill. But I can not.
Charl family member.
We have it even with my mother bought.
And now it is not.
You like to think of my mother,
so you make a creature to suffer?
No, on the contrary.
- Well... I do not.
- What for?
And you where I'm looking, but
with feelings napryazhenka?
The sense of touch and
sight is the same as you.
I'm not talking about those feelings.
Love and hate need to
overcome the fear of death.
When there is no death, no
need to love, not to hate.
Ofiget. I do this in my
status I'll write, okay?
Yulechka, and you do not want
me to present to the young man?
And... of course.
Hariton, to Luba.
Lyuba, to Hariton.
Yeah, a rare name.
Years to fig. It's time to put to sleep?
I'm sorry, what?
Quietly, quietly.
Luba. He just from Peter, you know?
And once it was a cultural capital.
You Che done to her?
It Shilka.
If he's around, you can live forever.
Charl. Charl, come here.
Healthy eyes.
My dogs...
What are you... Immortal?
I. Michael, tell us
about the first contact.
What exactly happened there.
The tragedy of the world scale.
We hoped to find a reasonable, sane beings.
With whom it would be to engage
in dialogue. Share technology.
And faced with the ugly creatures.
At the first opportunity, attack me.
- Do not get stuck.
- What is it?
A dangerous thing.
30 minutes and he'll go look wet aliens.
Mmm! It's delicious, thank you!
To your health.
What for?
But this is not funny.
Eat, eat, then jumped?
With dad already met?
- Well yes.
- So how is it?
He was scared.
For his daughter, for his house.
I understand it.
Do not worry, Lube. I marry him I'm not.
Therefore, a blessing to the wrong address.
Well, nothing.
And here is the Pope. On his armored train.
- Where's she?
- Do yourself.
Valentine, she's a boy.
I do not think that...
Get away.
How well without you
there was something, huh?
Why are you doing it?
- What?
- Inhale. It hurts.
Do not you of FIG?
We have a tradition.
Whenever any superior race,
trying to destroy humanity,
we all begin to smoke,
hoof to quickly discard. Do you understand?
We do not want to destroy you.
You are your own harm.
I urgently need an interpreter to space.
Do you like it here?
No I do not like.
- And where is like?
- Over there, where the slide.
Just can not go there now.
Why, do you think?
Well... There's also this thing.
Hard? Let us help you.
Of course. In five liters is not dragged.
That take less. And the soup is
cooked, it is necessary to go back.
It is not hard? Of course hard.
Cool that. Previously, there
generally no one steamed.
Now all just talk about us.
These... Journalists complete.
And throw the ball. Thank you.
So you want to always be, huh?
Well... something always will be.
Because the military situation. And
it's not a request. You are required.
Well, it's a simple question.
Why are you standing here with a gun?
People have to protect something?
It's hard to say what?
Do not worry, we will not last long.
We were looking for. Change is necessary.
Do not worry.
Will kill you all one by one.
You mark my word!
I'm not a politician. Therefore,
I will say in a simple way.
I do not like what's going on.
And it's not who does not like.
We just do not do anything.
And what are our options?
We can blame somewhere,
we can endure it all.
And we can stand up and
say: "This is our land. "
"This is our land!" That's
all I wanted to say.
Listen, it does not... it's not...
Rags-then where are you?
They're in it in the closet.
Turn away.
But... I too... turn away?
- You?
- Yeah.
It is generally Dad.
Speaking... Well, he's
just come in half an hour.
Can you somewhere, I do not know...
hang out in the subway?
There's just more crowded,
as it were, and safer.
No, I do not think, I
do not expel, just...
I have a better idea.
Why so much pain? Max?
Well, how do you?
An unusual, interesting, electric pulse.
Over here no one would look for.
Concert during martial law.
When that will be more?
- Otorvmsya?
- Otorvmsya?
Che are you standing? Undress.
Wow, Tema. Look, it's yes. But...
There's nerves. You understand.
No, no, no, no. Brake. Infa is.
You're doing fine!
Almost like a man.
I am the man. We are
a branch of one tree.
- I do not hear you.
- Give me your hand, I'll show you.
In short, count! Who saw right now!
Where are we?
It is my house.
It is almost the same as yours, but
there is no death for a long time.
Often, you're on a first date,
to his home dragging the girls?
You first.
We are not allowed to come into contact.
On Chertanovo fall, it does not touch?
We do not want you to have noticed.
The ship hit the meteor shower.
Masking out of order.
- And then we have shot down.
- Yes.
If anyone tries to get on the ship,
Saul will destroy him.
We can not allow our technology to hit you.
And what, you're there
all ready to die for this?
It's... It's protocol.
Well this is your refund "Shilka".
What's next?
We'll just fly.
People. Curfew. We need to roll up.
But I want you to know. Many
of you lost loved ones.
Many of you are eager for revenge...
It's here.
Not hate. Now
this is particularly important.
Well. All?
It's unhealthy. Do you remember?
And I wanted to understand. Like this.
When the smoke?
When you die.
And you are not the FIG?
- Yes?
- How are you?
Can meet?
- Tm, I can not.
- Ahh...
Or rather not so I do not want.
Listen. You are a good guy. I just...
Yes Yes. I drop dead, I know. But
apparently not enough... drop dead.
But... is not Che. Do not worry.
Everything is fine.
Yes? - Well, of course. I
understand everything. Not a fool.
You like it?
Well done.
I'll explain everything.
Do not, Tm!
- Do not do it, Please!
- Rus!
- Yes?
- Do not. You also asked for!
I did!
- No! No let go!
- Quiet, quiet, quiet.
Take your hands off me!
Do not, Tm!
Do not do it, Please!
Quietly, quietly.
I always knew you do not like it.
Quiet, quiet, quiet.
- Net!
- Quiet. No ori.
I tried to understand, and Th
is do you want something, eh?
Che More to do for you?
Please, let go. No!
Stay in place.
And you is not need anything.
You just traded me.
- Look at me!
- Tm, he is not a man!
What's wrong?
Always to.
Tema, he is not a man!
Give them this thing, and
they will fly away, please!
They just need to fly!
Do not people say, huh?
They are not as we thought.
They are better than us, Tm!
- Che drive?
- In place of the stand.
- From another galaxy?
- From this.
Constellation Gemini.
And we're out of Chertanovo.
What's even better than I do?
Rus! Rus!
Breathe! Rus!
Tema, patrol!
Help him! Help!
Shilka not resurrect the dead.
Stand! Arms lift so that I saw!
Tm Che do?
- Collect all.
- Yeah... Yes... All...
And these creatures, kill Ruz.
All right.
To her.
All go. Let's go to.
We Roos in a garden walk.
All my life together.
We were once sent to the camp.
We were 10 years old. Minor really.
And there is a stormy river, open.
All were afraid to jump.
Well, I decided to show
off in front of girls.
I run and jump.
There for the wild.
Suffered immediately,
it reduces legs, cold.
And Rus, behind me jumped.
He swim Those guys do not
know how, but still jumped.
Fuck knows, Che in his head was...
He did not think too much.
You know Ruz.
As a result, I had to pull out.
A day later bellow it.
And today I lost it...
Here, many of its lost!
I have a brother, cousin.
Son of a hospital.
Thank threshold.
From a nine. Until now,
the body is not found.
And they finally did Che?!
Fence set!
Wires fastened!
Military caught with machine guns.
And to protect them, not us!
Yes that's right. Yes.
Yes, to hell with them...
They ordered. Yes?
We Che themselves at the
order not put things?
Put things!
Or disperse to their homes?
And we will wait for the
more someone will be killed!
Satisfied with this option?!
And remember.
We do not attack anyone.
We do not need someone else's!
- It is our Earth!
- It is our Earth!
It. Our. Earth...!
It is our Earth!
- Please stand.
- Get out!
Stop! Where are you going?!
- Where are you going?!
- It is our Earth!
You are welcome! We are the same people!
We have no right to kill!
We are the same people!
It is our Earth!
Key from the garage Give!
- Handlebars, Pete.
- Where are you going?
- I'll catch up.
- Where are you going?! Subject?!
Little time.
I can still stop. We need to let us go.
- You do not understand?
- Useless.
That's an order.
Said guard, they will be protected.
Bad luck to you.
It was necessary to Finland fall.
Silently sitting.
Forgive me. It was not to be.
You should not have come flying.
I have something to say not clear?
We end the conversation.
Yes, okay, good.
It is our Earth! This
is our Earth! This is our land!..
First-twelfth. First-twelfth.
We've got people.
Many people.
Citizens. Immediately disperse.
This closed area.
Immediately disperse. This closed area.
Sergey Ivanovich.
All. Go.
Yes. Talk.
How many?!
With Lebedev me connect.
What do you look, eh?
What are you looking at me?
Stay! Stop immediately!
That's an order!
Stand still!
You for whom the devils?
Citizens. Stop illegal actions.
Your actions are illegal.
All ahead!
Against you would use force!
Come on!
Serried ranks!
Right flank! Closer! Five steps forward!
Hands take away.
Comrade Colonel.
The body of experts sent.
There's one more thing it was.
With them.
You've done Che, Yul?
I'm done? Maybe you've done?
Minutes of the protective space defense.
Missile Defense.
Paranoid! That you shot them down!
Who are you?
If you get close, it ends today.
Sol will blow the ship.
- We all will die. And they and we, you know?
Why do you believe him, but I do not?
Because he's with me even talking!
He is not a man! We
do not know who it is!
I am human? Can you hear me?
Why are you all talking about what to do?
Why do not you even try to understand me?
- I'm trying to understand you.
- Then give us a chance.
I know what to do. We know.
- Lebedev.
- Valentin. How it all seriously?
It means so. Listen to me.
You are there on the spot.
Act as he sees fit.
Under my responsibility!
Half an hour you have.
And what will happen in half an hour?
Half an hour will be morning.
Always ready for use.
You Th crazy or what?!
You're going to shoot?!
You fool!
Do you realize what's going on?!
Forgive me. I really want to help.
Just I was once lost.
I'm afraid.
In short, Dad. I'll do everything.
- Julia!
- Get away from me!
I would like to die. What is the difference
a minute earlier or a minute later.
Dad. Just trust me, okay?
Car keys. Fast!
Come on!
The keys!
Behind me.
- Tactical group to me!
- There is!
Get out!
They Che, already gathered to blow up?
- No. Sol waits. He will wait until the end.
Comrade Colonel. Let the question?
- Yes.
- Indeed we shoot?
- Order which it was?
- Ready-to-use.
- So get ready.
- There is.
- Neither of the application.
- There is.
Must have time.
Love you!
Set aside. No jerks. Observed.
Lower your weapons!
What are you doing with it?
What do you do with it?!
Water carries
out the regeneration of tissues.
With whom am I saying?!
I - Sol. Small ship study.
With me you can talk.
She is...
She will live?
Not for long. 70 or 80 Earth years.
- And he?
- Hekon had to exist forever.
But he gave his life to her.
This is not an accurate translation.
Why did he do it?
From my point of view, a
chain of random events.
With an extremely low probability.
You call it fate.
Is he one came? Where are the others?
Others do not know where he went.
Your planet is forbidden for public visit.
- Why?
- Extremely aggressive social environment.
Although close to the ideal
climatic conditions.
Four billion of violent deaths.
Over the past 5000 years.
During the same period, about
15,000 major military conflicts.
Prior to the complete depletion of resources and
extinction of mankind is not more than 600 years.
And you as I look, all
plan to live forever, right?
We plan to observe.
Contact with undeveloped civilizations,
only accelerates their destruction.
Hekon wanted to gather information and
prove that you are ready to meet.
The result of the mission was negative.
So what? No further attempts will not be?
There is a factor that can
make the change forecast.
That's her. Her decision
not amenable to analysis.
I do not understand why she saved Hekona.
And why Hekon decided that
she must live for him.
This is not an accurate translation.
I will now review the
results of the mission.
On this depends our common future.
I have to pass the rest of
what is understood Hekon.
I understand... What?
Maybe there's something more
important than immortality.
This is an accurate translation.
all looking for the dream, we go home.
dive deep.
In a circle of strangers
again fall to take off.
expunged letters and wish to forgive.
weather-beaten lips, we lose ourselves.
Turning comfort tired bored.
As people in the photo,
I'm tired of being alone.
Do not melted butter,
but I embrace you.
I'm back, I'm happy
Throw open the windows wide open.
Wake me up by the wind.
Let the city noise.
Our meetings are so rare.
Throw open the windows wide open.
Wake me up by the wind.
Let the city noise.
Our meetings are so rare.
On TV for a long time will tell
about the heroic victory over the aliens.
And while scientists will
puzzle over water engines.
People buy buckwheat. In
preparation for the next invasion.
No one will see the point.
After all, the truth is that a stranger,
from the distant cosmos, he believed in us.
More than we ourselves.
People say they can not live as before.
I... just can not!